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									MARTIN Hans-Peter
From:          policat@policat.org on behalf of Paulina Novo             Sent: Wed 6/22/2011 3:30 PM
To:            MARTIN Hans-Peter
Subject:       Message from FoosSovCap Network on the CAP Amendments

Dear Hans-Peter Martin,

Message from FoosSovCap Network on the CAP Amendments
This is a letter from the FoodSovCap Network, we are a broad range of organizations who are concerned with
the future of food and agriculture in Europe. As in other regions in the world, the number of people and
organizations that are working towards a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable food system is growing. Many
of them are actively engaged in building a viable alternative to the current food production, distribution and
consumption - from the bottom up. This new system of food and agriculture is firmly grounded on equity, the
universal right to food, good governance and transparency.
FoodSovCap started by building the European Food Declaration which has collected over 2.500 signatures,
from which a large percentage of them are organizations.
Based on this principles we work together across Europe to follow closely the processes of the CAP. We ask
you that in the next days you vote in favour of Food Sovereignty and we request you to support / reject the
following amendments:

The Parliament report (by MEP Albert Dess) and related amendments submitted to the plenary vote on June
23rd hold many proposals that can help achieve the above goals but also include proposals that can be an
obstacle to achieving these goals.

Therefore I ask you to take in account for your vote the following vote proposals on 6 key issues:

Capping of payments per active person and per farm – The vast majority of CAP subsidies go towards large
farms which already benefit from economies of scale. This puts further pressure on small farmers or new and
young entrants into farming. In a context of rising rural unemployment and loss of farmers capping will allow
much required redistribution of funds to maintain and create jobs. Please support Amendments 19 – 20 and
reject amendments 10 and 11.

Greening payments – Industrialised agriculture is increasing in Europe, causing greenhouse emissions, loss of
biodiversity and pollution. There can be no more legitimacy for CAP payments unless they help farmers shift
towards low input ecological farming. All payments must therefore be based on compulsory greening. Please
support Amendments 8 – 23 – 29 – 35 – 36 - 40.

Market regulation and food chain– Rising food prices for consumers and volatility for farmers have highlighted
the failure of Europe to ensure fairness along the food chain. Market and production need to be regulated
(supply management) to achieve fair and stable farm prices. The market power of agro-industries and retailing
sector in the food chain should be reduced in favour of farmers and consumers. Please support Amendments 5
- 12 – 16 – 24 - 28.

Supporting small farmers – Across Europe, small family farms are the heart of rural communities and local food
production. They also have many benefits for environmental protection and help maintain a vibrant
countryside. Yet they are under threat from large scale farming and low farm prices. To ensure their
maintenance, support for small farms should be mandatory for all Member States and fully paid from the EU
budget. Please support Amendments 4- 21 - 34 and reject amendment 1.
Supporting European Plant proteins - – Europe’s huge imports of soy for animal feed cause deforestation,
greenhouse emissions, loss of wildlife, land grabs and ruin indigenous and rural communities across South
America. Growing plant proteins in Europe for European livestock will decrease these problems, reduce fertilizer
use and improve soil fertility in Europe. In addition to mandatory crop rotations, with proteins and legumes,
CAP must support grazing systems and measures which encourage self-sufficiency in plant proteins. Please
support Amendments 35 – 36 - 39.

Food security – The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and many other UN bodies have identified
that food insecurity is due to unequal access to food rather than to lack of food production. 1/3 of food
produced in developed countries is wasted and 1/3 of agricultural products are lost after harvest in developing
countries. In addition, there is massive use of land for agrofuels and for grain to feed animals – to fuel high
consumption of meat and for cars in Europe. If we address this, there is no need for a 70% increase in food
production to achieve future food security. Rather we need a shift to resource -efficient farming, a shift away
from meat overconsumption in Europe, a shift towards a CAP which respects the right to food. Please support
Amendments 18 – 25- 35 and reject 3.

Yours sincerely,
FoodSovCap Network

With members across Europe and based in Brussels, Brussels

Paulina Novo

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