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					April 16 - 22, 2009
                                                                          San Gabriel Valley                                                                                     S.G.V. EXAMINER                    A1

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    Volume XIII, Issue No. 16                                               STRIVING FOR JOURNALISTIC EXCELLENCE                                                                               April 16 - 22, 2009

                                     Wal*Mart Sponsors Fashion Show
                                     By George Ogden                     Aronsohn, the Store Manager
                                        Recently the Woman’s Club        and Wedad Talkington, Market-
                                     of West Covina had it’s annual      ing Manager for their generous
                                     Luncheon Fashion Show “You          donations in making this fash-
                                     Light Up My Life”. The event        ion show a success.
                                     was held at the Pomona Valley          The next event for the
                                     Mining Co. in Pomona.               Woman’s Club is their Inspira-
                                        The fashions were presented      tional Luncheon "Finding Joy
                                     by Wal-Mart of Baldwin Park.        in the Journey", Tuesday,
                                     A number of Wal-Mart execu-         April 21, 2009, donations are
                                     tives attended, including Irene     $20.00 which includes tax and
                                     Rojas - Commentator and Cus-        gratuity.
City agrees on stadium      / B1     tomer Service Manager and              Social Hour 11:00 a.m., Lun-
      Youth                          Raquel Sears who is their as-
                                     sistant manager.
                                                                         cheon 11:30 a.m. Speaker is
                                                                         Mary Lynn Garns, Vocalist
                                        The attendees were wel-          Sandi Griffiths (formerly on the
                                     comed by Chairman Nancy             Lawrence Welk Show). This
                                     Anzolone and Co-Presidents          will be held at South Hills Coun-
                                     Sue Kreger and Nancy Hippach.       try Club Dining Room. For
                                        There were a number of fun       Reservations or more informa-
                                     fashions that were modeled by       tion please call 626-338-2451.
                                     Marla Altman, Salley Denistion,                                          Models Rose Marie Schlagler, Gloria Vargas, Marie Miller, Salley Denistion, June Higa, Marla Altman
                                     June Higa, Marie Miller, Rose                                            and Sandra Taylor.
                                     Marie Schlagler, Sandra Taylor
                                     and Gloria Vargas. The ladies
GCCC awards LDS’s            / A2    hit the catwalk to the music of
           INDEX                     Jay Munns.
                                        There were some great raffle
                                     prizes and 55/50 drawings at the
  Around The Valley       B6         event.
  City Notices            C11           The proceeds from the event
  Classifieds             C11
                                     benefit the various programs for
                                     the Woman’s Club.
  Financial/ Consumer B4
                                        There was a great lunch
  Legal Notices            C2        served.
  Letters to Editor        B2           Special thanks to Gracie
  Senior Activities        B6        Abell and her family and Wal-
                                     Mart of Baldwin Park Marc           Salley Deniston

Glendora Rotary Continues
To Support EYE-DAS

                                                                                                              Rose Marie Schlagler                June Higa                              Marie Miller

                                                                                                              Easter Bunny and LA County Sheriff's
                                                                                                              Deputies visit hospitalized children
                                                                                                                The Easter Bunny and Los          when he hippity hopped                 the Easter Bunny have included
                                                                                                              Angeles County Sheriff's            through Children's Hospital Los        the City of Hope National Medi-
                                                                                                              Deputies visit hospitalized chil-   Angeles on April 9. This is the        cal Center in Duarte and Long
                                                                                                              dren The Easter Bunny, ac-          fifth year Special Victims Bu-         Beach Memorial Medical Cen-
                                                                                                              companied by detectives from        reau personnel have partnered          ter-Miller Children's Hospital.
                                                                                                              the Los Angeles County              with "The Easter Bunny Foun-              Over 100 children and their
                                                                                                              Sheriff's Department Special        dation" to bring joy to hospital-      families were the hoppy recipi-
                                                                                                              Victims Bureau, brought smiles      ized children throughout South-        ents of the Easter Bunny's visit.
                                                                                                              and Easter toys to children         ern California. Previous visits by     The Easter Bunny (Sergeant
                                                                                                                                                                                         Charles Gates) was assisted by
                                                                                                                                                                                         Sergeant Al Fraijo and Detec-
                                                                                                                                                                                         tives Mike Silva and Denise
                                                                                                                                                                                         Escobedo-Fuchs. Sergeant
                                                                                                                                                                                         Charles Gates has performed
                                                                                                                                                                                         his Easter Bunny role for the
                                                                                                                                                                                         past three years.
Gene Morrill. Glendora Rotary president, presents a check for $1,000 for EYE-DAS to Ida Fracasse,                                                                                           Sergeant Gates said, "The joy
EYE-DAS founder, on behalf of his service club.                                                                                                                                          we see in the children's faces is
   Glendora Rotary has sup-          of visual diseases such as macu-    group is a family of individuals                                                                                heart warming, but the true joy
ported EYE-DAS (organization         lar degeneration has struck         bonded together by a common                                                                                     is far greater to be able to be a
for the visually impaired of San     more people and families the last   thread of hope and the sharing                                                                                  part of this annual event."
Gabriel Valley) by assisting in      few years than in almost a de-      of needs and solutions to help                                                                                     For further information about
purchasing several CCTV’s            cade before. These individuals      individuals maintain their feeling                                                                              this story please contact Spe-
(closed circuit televisions).        want and need support to as-        of independence as long as pos-                                                                                 cial Victim's Bureau at (562)
Through their generous annual        sist them in both coping with       sible. We must never allow that                                                                                 946-7960.
commitment Glendora Rotary           and adjusting to retain a degree    thread of hope to be broken and
helps extend the needed work         of independence in the face of      EYE-DAS and its members,             Deputy Mike Silva, The Easter Bunny (Sergeant Charles Gates), Children’s Hospital Children’s Pro-
of EYE-DAS to the visually im-       these devastating illnesses.        supporters and volunteers are all    grams Coordinator Albert Garcia, and Deputy Denise Fuchs. Picture by Sergeant Al Fraijo. All LASD
paired and blind community.          EYE-DAS is dedicated to doing       dedicated to that objective.”        personnel are assigned to Special Victim’s Bureau. (Special Victims Bureau investigates sex crimes
   It has been said, “When the       just that. EYE-DAS support                                               against children).
times get tough, the tough get
tougher!” When such facilities
as the Gene Beckwith Memo-
                                     Glendora Woman's Club Presents
rial Low Vision Center at the
Foothill Presbyterian Hospital
                                     "Magical Spring" Fashion Show
become casualties of the eco-           The Glendora Woman's Club        with Eileen Schlim from Chico's         Fashion Show tickets
nomic climate, organizations         will present its Annual Fashion     providing the commentary. At         are priced at $25 per per-
such as the EYE-DAS must at-         Show and Luncheon titled            the piano will be well-known         son, with proceeds benefit-
tempt to fill at least part of the   "Magical Spring" on Tuesday,        entertainer, Jay Munns.              ing local philanthropy, ser-
needs lost to the visually im-       April 21, at the clubhouse, 424        Also, an assortment of gift-      vice, and charities projects,
paired community. “ That is          N. Glendora Avenue. The social      wrapped opportunity baskets          said club president Donna
why,” states Ida Fracasse,           time will begin at 11:30 a.m.,      will be on display for those         Henderson. For ticket sales
EYE-DAS founder, “ ongoing           followed by the catered lun-        wishing to purchase raffle tick-     or more information, call
donations from our major ser-        cheon by Ritz Catering at noon.     ets at the show, according to        628/335-0412.
vice clubs, businesses and in-          A preview of spring fashions     ways and means vice president        Glendora Woman's Club members planning the club's annual Fashion Show are: project
dividuals are even more critical     from Chico's of Claremont will      and project chair Carolyn            chair Carolyn Cunningham, Club President Donna Henderson (holding information flyer),
and appreciated. The increase        be modeled by club members,         Cunningham.                          ticket sales chair Mary Hanna, and membership vice president Gerry McIntosh.
                                                                                    The San Gabriel Valley              Examiner
 A2          S.G.V. EXAMINER                                                       NEWS                                                                                                           April 16 - 22, 2009

Turning Old Magazines                                                          LDS Given Youth Recognition Award
into Paper Gems                                                                   GLENDORA — Youth of the
                                                                               Glendora Stake of the Church
                                                                                                                                                       to give a new look to the sev-
                                                                                                                                                       eral project sites.
                                                                                                                                                                                          three 20-foot dumpsters.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Each of the recipients of the
                                                                               of Jesus Christ of Latter-day                                              The endeavor was part of a      youths' effort were over-
                                                                               Saints are the recipients of the                                        weekend of spiritual uplift dur-   whelmed by the outpouring of
                                                                               Glendora          Coordinating                                          ing the annual Youth Conference    love and donation of hard work.
                                                                               Council's Youth Recognition                                             sponsored by the Glendora             Rev. Luff Johnson, pastor of
                                                                               Award for March, 2009.                                                  Stake and was supervised by        Loraine Avenue Baptist Church
                                                                                  Julie Thomas and Mike Slagle                                         several adult leaders..            praised the young people for
                                                                               accepted the award for more                                                As it turned out the several    their service and Christian out-
                                                                               than 150 LDS youth in Glendora                                          projects required about 15 tons    reach and lauded them person-
                                                                               who volunteered in a daylong                                            of gravel, 10 cubic yards of       ally at the youth conference.
                                                                               service project to beautify sev-     Julie Thomas, Mike Slagle          bark, 1600 square feet of sod,        He expressed gratitude as
                                                                               eral homes for needy families,       and presenter Robin Merkley        and 200 plants, as well as ma-     well from the Baptist congre-
                                                                               as well as re-landscaping the        award from the Glendora Co-        terials for two new sprinkler      gation for remaking the grounds
                                                                               grounds of a church, not of          ordinating Council.                systems. Materials and supplies,   at their church.
                                                                               their faith, the Loraine Avenue         The young people took as        all donated, cost more than
                                                                               Baptist Church.                      their cue the popular television   $5,000.
                                                                                  Robin Merkley presented the       program "Extreme Makeover"            Debris hauled away filled

   GLENDORA — Making pa-
per beads out of news papers
and magazines is an old craft
which started way back even
in the Victorian era where
women would sit in drawing
rooms and make paper beads
out of wall paper and scrap
paper, they will then fashion
these paper beads and make
them into curtains. I guess
there was a lot of idle time back
then. This old craft of rolling
strips of paper into beads has         school necessities such as pa-
become popular again.                  per, pencil and crayons. Paper
   On April 22nd we are cel-           Beads or Paper Gems as I
ebrating National Earth Day, and       would call it is not just for kids
what a great way to get every-         anymore-you can turn them into
body involved specially the kids       elegant, fashionable one of kind
in bringing awareness that ev-         conversation piece jewelry.
ery little thing we do to contrib-     Visit us at Glendora's Earth Day
ute in making our world a bet-         Festival on Saturday, April 18
ter place is a good thing. Mak-        and see finished jewelry. We
ing paper beads is something that      will also be showing anyone
everybody can do and materi-           who will be interested in learn-
als are already available in your      ing the craft how to make it and
home; old magazines or cata-           turn them into wearable art. If
logs, dowel or toothpick and           you don't have time this Satur-
glue. If you don't have the pa-        day you can visit us at our store
tience to make it, Aubrey's            in 1200 E. Route 66 #101 in
Beads, your local bead store           Glendora. Aubrey's specializes
have some ready made paper             in teaching beginners jewelry
beads in different sizes and col-      making class. You can see some
ors all hand made from the Phil-       of our work at http://
ippines.                      and if
   Aubrey's Beads contributes a        you want to share your work
portion of the sale of paper           on paper beads visit our blog at
beads to buying school supplies
for needy children in the Philip-         For directions and hours
pines who cannot afford to buy         please call us at 626-914-7183.

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                          You’ll also get an agent dedicated to helping you
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                          discover why State Farm is trusted by more
                          drivers than any other car insurance company.

                          Kyle A. Cline, Agent
                          Insurance Lic. #: OD16727
                          1275 E Route 66
                          Glendora, CA 91740-3779
                          Bus: 626-335-0815

                                                                                         fine mediterranean cuisine - restaurant, bakery and
                                                                                                  flavored hookah - beer and wine
 ARROW DENTISTRY                                                                                                           Family Owned
 BRACES & IMPLANTS                                                                                                          Restaurant
     Now with Digital X-Rays                                                                            765 W. Route 66
                                                                                                       Glendora, CA 91740
                  (90% less radiation)
                                            ALL DENTAL                                                   (626) 335-8111
                                          SERVICES UNDER
                                                                                Open - 7 days a week              Catering available
                                             ONE ROOF
                                                                                Lunch 11:30 - 4:00P.M.            Banquet Hall - 240 occupancy
                                                  HIGH TECH                     Dinner 4:00 - 1:00A.M.            Weddings/Birthdays/Anniversaries
                                                     *Damon Braces
           FREE                                   *We Cater to Children
  Orthodontic Consultation                         *Cosmetic Dentistry
Metal Ceramic, Invisalign Braces                       *Root Canals
   Cleaning, X-Rays & Exam                          *Crowns & Bridges
                                             *Extractions, Dentures & Plates
       1 Hour Bleaching
                                                      *White Fillings
    Do-It-Yourself Bleaching                    *Fresh Breath Treatment

  Mon-Fri DR. SANTOSH                       SOLANKI Saturday
 9am - 6pm  MOST INSURANCES                ACCEPTED             9am - 1pm
  1135 E. Route 66 @ Pacific                 9755 Arrow Route @
            Plaza                                 Archibald
          GLENDORA                          RANCHO CUCAMONGA
626-650-1111 909-476-6666                                                                   Bakery - Variety of Mediterranean Desserts
                                                                                       The San Gabriel Valley                Examiner
April 16 - 22, 2009                                                                                                                                                              S.G.V. EXAMINER                 A3

FREE Floral Show in Covina The Love Of Money
   COVINA — Carroll Leese,                                                                                                                                                              Their days are fraught with
floral instructor and judge in the                                                                              I recently read an article                                                          conflict,
Norman Edwards' Floral Design                                                                                about the life and death of                                                 Struggle, pain and worldly
Method, shows students how to                                                                                Howard Hughes. It told of his                                                           cares.
create a simple floral expression                                                                            many triumphs, but also                                                      They cannot trust their
to members of the Friendship                                                                                 showed a most unhappy and                                                            fellowman.
Garden Club as they prepare for                                                                              insecure recluse, who died                                                They are leery of each friend.
their 60th Annual Spring Flower                                                                              alone, friendless and in need of                                           Unsure of the love of family,
Show, Tuesday, April 28, from                                                                                physical care. It seemed obvi-                                               While assets, they must
1:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Covina                                                                              ous that money did not give him                                                        defend.
Woman's Club, 128 S. San Jose,                                                                               true friendship nor security but                                          Great fortune can leave a sad
Covina.                                                                                                      caused him to be leery of the                                                            trail.
   President Pat Anderson in-                                                                                motives of other people and iso-                                            Corrupting those it leaves
                                                                                                             lated from the world.                    LINES FROM LORIE
vites the public to the FREE                                                                                                                          By Lorie Pope Pauly                           behind.
SHOW which includes formal                                                                                       When we read the newspa-                                              Robbing offspring of initiative,
                                     Carroll Leese, floral instructor, demonstrates to students.             per or watch T.V., it seems that
and miniature arrangements, flo-                                                                                                                                                        So very often, we will find,
ral specimens, and potted plants                                                                             the love of money is causing         they are being cheated out of         That wealth produces loneli-
                                     rangements that are judged by       and Donna Henderson of
for which ribbons are presented                                                                              havoc in our society.                their due inheritance. It seems                     ness,
                                     visitors.                           Glendora.
by the judges. There are also                                                                                   Corporations and banks are        that it is a rare will that leaves      Envy, jealousy and hate,
                                        The show is under the direc-       For information call 626 332-
non-competitive informal ar-                                                                                 failing because of unwise            everyone happy about their            Demanding its full payment,
                                     tion of Jane Glenn of Covina        8707 or 626 335-5733.
                                                                                                             money decisions and greed on         share. All the above, prompted         With a price tag much too
Great Wall of Glendora By Miracle Workers                                                                    the part of those who have been
                                                                                                             placed in leadership. Banks are
                                                                                                                                                  the following poem:
                                                                                                                                                      THE LOVE OF MONEY
                                                                                                                                                                                        Jesus said, if we seek first,
By Lynda Siminske.                   property. He drained a 15                                               being robbed. Our courts are             "The love of money is the        God's Kingdom and righteous-
                                                                         control channel and water from
   Steve Chan, general contrac-      square foot pool of water 4 feet                                        backlogged with cases of fraud                root of all evil",                         ness,
                                                                         Monrovia Nursery. In less than
tor and developer, Chan Con-         deep from Baldy Vista channel                                           and embezzlement. A wise man            The Bible so clearly states.        When we get our priorities
                                                                         six weeks (minus 8 days of rain)
struction Incorporated, and his      (flood control channel), ter-                                           once said, "If you want to find        It leads souls to destruction.                  straight,
                                                                         the yard was restored and is
five brothers who work with          raced down to the channel                                               the culprit in most any dishon-       There is no room for debate.            Then, we will be truly
                                                                         beautiful. Steve and his work-
him, just completed a miracle        floor, removed at least 50 years                                        est maneuver, follow the money           If your god is mammon,                        blessed.
                                                                         ers tented the yard and their
restoring the hundred feet of        of debris from the channel floor                                        trail." How true, is that state-      You'll find that fickle, he will     For, money, itself is not evil.
                                                                         valuable equipment during the
Lynda and Bill Siminske's back-      and earthen walls, and began                                            ment!                                                 be.                      It's a necessary tool.
                                                                         rainy days. They arrived early,
yard that had been washed away       building a very powerful and                                                When there is a death in a          He doesn't care one fig for       But, if we love and worship it,
                                                                         stopping only for lunch and
sometimes slowly and some-           strong concrete brick, more                                             family, the real personalities and                   you.                  That's when we become the
                                                                         worked until dark. Each day,
times quickly over a five year       inside bricks concrete, and                                             characters of the beneficiaries        Unknown to him, is loyalty.                       fool!
                                                                         any messes were cleared com-
period. Perhaps you remember         rebar wall in some areas up to                                          comes forth. I know of one            Just look around you on this
                                                                         pletely. The six workers hauled
an article in the Examiner over      15 feet high. Concrete rein-                                            family that is being torn apart                     earth,
                                                                         six heavy wheelbarrows of dirt,
a year ago entitled, "What Would     forcement was used on each                                              because some of them feel that          At the lives of millionaires.
                                                                         brick, gravel, and cement from
you Do?" Engineers and con-          side of the wall and dirt and       the street, down a long drive-
tractors have been sought, but       gravel were brought in and          way, and down a ramp they
none were found. A few came          dumped in front of the wall and     made over steps to the back of
but thought the job was too dif-     compacted many times to re-         the swimming pool area. Their
ficult. After five years, a friend   store the original area of          job was Herculian, and the
shared Steve's name and in less      Siminske's yard.                    Siminske's want to say
than a week he figured out the          When they began, the exist-      "Thanks" to Steve and his crew
difficult and sketchy blueprints,    ing end of the property was         and share with you the great fete
and work begun.                      very weak, eroded, and under-       they accomplished by inviting
   He was able to use mini-trac-     cut by the last five year's run     you to see their "Great Wall of
tors and dirt movers and did not     off from heavy rains in the flood   Glendora."
have to use any other neighbor's

Workers of Chan Construction Incorporated, with Steve, (third from left in yellow shirt) general
contractor, enjoy a moment of fun in their 6 weeks of hard work repairing a mammoth construc-
tion job on Baldy Vista.

                                                                                                                         S. Grand
                                                                                                                     150 S. Gr and Ave.
                                                                                                                      (626) 852-9283
                                                                                                                     *Coffee 99¢ with Meal    Kid’s Menu 99¢
                            White Goose Down                                                                                 *Senior Breakfast - $3.99
                          Comforters and Pillows                                                                           *Early Bird Breakfast - $4.99
                                                                                                                    *Hand Made Burger & French Fries - $5.49
                                                                                                                            Lunch & Dinner start at $5.99
                                                                                                                        All Dinners include Soup or Salad, Potato, Veggies & Bread.
                                                                                                                                  Free Dessert after 4:00PM - Dine In only

                                                                                                             Teriyaki Chicken                                           Pot Roast Beef
                                                                                                                                                                        Roast Pork
                                                                                                             Liver & Onions                       $5.99                 Baked Chicken              $6.99
                                                                                                             Chopped Beef Steak
                                                                                                                                                                        Chicken Skillet

                                                                                    The San Gabriel Valley              Examiner
A4       S.G.V. EXAMINER                                        SPONSORS                                                                                                April 16 - 22, 2009

        Glendora                                     Glendora Kiwaniannes Donate to Glendora
        Jewelers                                     High School's Virtual Enterprise Program
     We buy Old Gold                                 By Joan Hallidy
                                                        Glendora high School stu-

      and Diamonds                                   dents from Thomas Marason's
                                                     Virtual enterprise class were
  Customed Designs Ring Sizing                       guests recently at a dinner meet-
                                                     ing of the Kiwanis Club of
  Watch and Jewelry Repairs Done                     Glendora Kiwaniannes.
                                                        The Virtual Enterprise Pro-
On Premises by Master Watch Maker                    gram at Glendora High is of-
         & Master Jeweler
                                                     fered through the Regional Oc-
                                                     cupational Program (ROP) and
     Tue-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat 10 a.m.-5 p.m.;
                                                     allows students to set up their
                Closed Sun & Mon
                                                     own virtual business. This
               144 N. Grand Avenue                   year's business, Infinity tours,
        Located in Von’s Shopping Center             is headed by a corporate staff
     (626) 914-4538                                  composed of students who ap-
                                                     ply for their positions, are cho-
                                                                                          Glendora High School students from Thomas Marason's Virtual Enterprise class are pictured
                                                                           sen by their
                                                                                          following their program for the Glendora Kiwaniannes and accepting a $100 donation from club
                                                                           c l a s s -    first vice-president Mary Jane Bettfreund, center. GHS project officers Craig Cassell, Peter
                                                                           mates, and     Dimaculangan, Alexis Mendoza, club president Bettfreund, Randy Sirkow, Ian Aparano, and High
                                                                           then apply     School teacher Marason.
                                                                           to become                                                                            a $100 check from the
                                                                           support        high school teacher Marason,        throughout the country and re-    Glendora Kiwaniannes in sup-
                                                                           staff.         with a resulting corporation in     lies on contributions and         port of the school program.
                                                                              E a c h     which students fill all positions   fundraisers for support.             For more information about
                                                                           year, this     found in the real world com-           Following the presentation,    the Kiwaniannes and their ser-
                                                                           process is     pany. Officials noted that the      the club's First Vice President   vice       projects,     visit
                                                                           guided by      class is involved in competition    Mary Jane Bettfreund presented

                                                                          Character Counts
                                                                          — Para-
                                                                          mount El-
                                                                          School in
                                                                          Azusa is
                                                                          its six Stu-
                                                                          dent Char-
                                                                          acter Traits
                                                                          on murals
                                                                          painted by
                                                                          liaison aide
                                                                          The traits
                      Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm                        trustwor-
                      Saturday 10am - 4pm                                                 Principal Victoria Avila, artist Leticia Rosas-Naranjo and students Diana Fernandez, Andrew Martinez,
                                                                          thiness, re-
                      Closed Sunday                                                       Andres Hooper and Bella Munoz. Principal Avila says the traits are the basis of ethical behavior and
                                                                          spect, re-      the murals are designed to display the traits in pictures that elementary students can understand.
                                                                          ity, fair-      ness, caring and citizenship. Funding for the murals was provided by a grant from KV Martco.

              Helping 68 Home Owners by                                                                                                                             SGV
           “Giving Away” $2,997 Furnaces for                                                                                                                      Examiner
            $941 With Off Season Central Air

                                                          YOU CAN BUY A NEW
                                                     $2997 FURNACE
                                                                               FOR ONLY


                  (626) 723-3959
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