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					                                                                BGCA Survey

Which of the following applies to your household? I have...                  How many years have you been a member?

                                                                Response                                         Response
                                                        %                                            %
                                                                 Count                                            Count
a Family Membership                                41.8%           51        1                      4.2%             5
a Two-person Membership                            23.0%           28        2                      5.1%             6
a Single Membership                                 9.8%           12        3                      6.8%             8
a General Membership                               18.0%           22        4                      5.1%             6
formerly been a member                              8.2%           10        5                      2.5%             3
never been a member                                 1.6%            2        6                      4.2%             5
                                                        Total          122   7                      5.1%             6
                                                                             8                      2.5%             3
                                                                             9                      0.8%             1
                                                                             10 or more years      63.6%            75
Do you plan on joining this year?                                                                        Total         118
Yes                                                91.9%          113
No                                                  4.9%           6
Other (please specify)                              3.3%           4
                                                        Total          123


Depends on my financial situation
we're moving
maybe, new resident
I will make a dontation as in the past several years.

Rank the following in order of importance to you, with 5 being most important and 1 being least important

                                                                                                                    Rating       Response
                                                 1              2          3            4            5
                                                                                                                   Average        Count
Pool                                             17              2          6            3           80              4.18          108
Social Events                                    10             22         31           34            7              3.06          104
Building Rental                                  34             28         25            9            7              2.29          103
Tennis Courts                                    34             21         19           15           12              2.50          101
Playground                                       20             20         34           21            7              2.75          102
Other (please specify)                                                                                                              2
                                                                                                                         Total         109

Do you feel that the BGCA pool and community building:                           Have you ever rented the building facilities
                                                             Response                                                            Response
                                                 %                                                                   %
                                                              Count                                                               Count
help protect and enhance property values in    94.1%           111               Party                             19.0%            22
have no effect on the property values in the    5.9%            7                Wedding Reception                  0.9%             1
                                                     Total          118          Scout, church, or youth            6.9%             8
                                                                                 Never                             73.3%            85
                                                                                 Other (please specify)             3.4%             4

                                                                                                                         Total         116

                                                                                 Family reunion for 10 -15 years
                                                                                 waiting to hear about a 2010 rental
                                                                                 violin recital
                                                                                 Creative memories party

Compared to similar community centers in the area,how would you rate Brighton Green facilities on the
                                                Below                                                          Response
                                                             Average      Good    Very Good       Excellent
                                               Average                                                          Count
Affordability                                     1             24         27           25           13           90
Size/Capacity                                     4             33         30           20            2           89
Appearance                                       16             42         21           14            1           94
Facilities (kitchen, restrooms, furnishings,     19             43         21            7            1           91
                                                                                                       Total          94
                           BUILDING RENTAL AND MAINTENANCE (cont.)


only a member to show support for community
We no longer use the facilities
We join our pool because it is our community. However when others visit I am ashamed at the condition of the pool area, the stained
          concrete, the chain linked fence and the bathrooms.
I am a senior citizen now, when my children were young we lived at the pool every summer
No longer attend social events, but this is important for young family members. No longer live in the neighborhood, but family was very
           active in the '60s, 70s, and 80s. I was active in the BG Garden Club, member, president, etc. We played tennis, attend
           pool parties, children used playgrounds, etc.
Really do not use the facilities, but like to support our community.
I do not like the change in the policy that does not allow over 21 years children living in your household to have seperate memberships
Supporting community efforts....volunteer as well as neighborhood watch
We have lived in BG since 1971 and will always support the community though we do use the recreaction area when grandchildren visit.
the mildew smell is overwhelming in the building and has to be masked when doing an event. The bathrooms, although the mention
        was made that they were renovated, have a long way to go before being up to par.
never use facilities except to votehave no basis for comparison
I think one improvement that would have the biggest impact in appearance of the entire complex would be to do something about the
        stain on the roof. Not sure if a good cleaning and Zink strips would be enough, or re-shingling the front with anti-fungus shingles
        and zink strips is the answer. I am not aware if this has been discussed before or not. I wish the gold letters on the brick
        entrance walls to the community stood out better. I remember the wonderful effort to replace the old ones years ago and these
        are truly nice letters. Just wonder if there is any such thing as gold reflective paint that would stick to the letters so at night they
        would shine from headlights. Anyone work for the Department of transportation? It there was a substance they would know.
No opinion, not familiar with others
Not able to compare with others but rate BG good except restrooms have always needed improvement.
Haven't been in the facility for twenty years and so have no comment.
The updated bathrooms are great. I'd love to see the community center building look more updated (I helped paint it two summers ago,
           but the overall look is still dated). I think a new sign/logo would give the place a fresh look and be more updated (right now it
           looks very 1960-1970ish). Maybe that would help make it more attractive to new residents. I just wish more people would join the
           BGCA and make it the vibrant, fun place that so many people have told me it used to be.
Should also have "don't know" as an option.
haven't compared
Bathroom can be 'stinky' at times, especially during summer
It's the community of people and the access to the community center that makes BGCA great.
don't rent it
We are not familiar with any other community.
No experience with others
insufficient information to rate other areas

Are you a member of the pool?
Yes                                                74.4%           87
No                                                 25.6%           30
                                                       Total           117

How often do you use the pool?
Daily                                              25.7%           26
2-3 times a week                                   36.6%           37
2-3 times a month                                  20.8%           21
Never                                              16.8%           17
                                                       Total           101

Would you prefer to have:
A lane line devoted to adult swimmers              37.2%           32
A fifteen minute time period for "Adult Swim"      64.0%           55
                                                       Total           86


Have adult swim only if it is crowded--it helps generate sales in the snackbar.
My opinion shouldn’t count. I don’t participate enough to influence this decision.
A lane line for adult swimmers might be tricky because of slides, basketball, etc. The 15 min adult swim is more workable
In my mind, this would be the most beneficial change.
I'd like to see more lifeguards on actual pool duty rather than having 2-3 at the gate. I think one at the gate and more at the actual pool
        would make parents of younger kids feel better. Right now it sometimes seems like there isn't enough guard
        coverage--especially in the diving well.
Use the pool when grandchildren visit -approx. 3 or 4 times a year.
When our children were at home, we used the pool daily.

How often do you use the following:
                                                  Daily        Weekly       Monthly       Yearly         Never
Volleyball Field                                    0              9           11           14             77          111
Playground                                          2             17           21           17             53          110
Basketball Courts                                   0              9           10           10             82          111
Tennis Courts                                       2              4           13           16             75          110
                                                                                                            Total           115


We have small children and use the playgroud daily during the summer and monthly during the winter.
We have used the playground in the past, but our children are older now. I think the volleyball court gets good press. We are not
        basketball players. I think more could be done to enhance the use of the tennis courts.
use the playground when grandchildren come
The Volleyball court seems to be very popular and an asset to the community bonding. My perception of the B-ball court is the goals
       are broken, but I have not noticed them lately. The kids love the Playground, though the drainage still seems an issue at times.
        I know French drains were installed at one time. The tennis courts are nice, but tennis doesn't seem as popular as it was years
        ago. Love the arch bridge.
When my children and later my grandchild were little we use these facilities a lot.
Only in the summer
Only in the summer
bring grandchildren
I think keeping up the playground is critical for getting young/new families in the community involved and interested in BGCA.
I don't use alot of these things but my children do.
When our children were at home, we used the tennis courts and playground regularly.

                                              COMMUNITY LIFE
How often do you attend the following social events?
                                      Every Time On Occasion   Never
4th of July Party                         42           37       35        114
Easter Egg Hunt                            8           20       82        110
Pancake Dinner with Santa                 10           18       80        108
Fish Fry                                   7           39       65        111
Labor Day Luai                            25           42       47        114
                                                                Total          114

Would you like to see more activities involving Senior
Yes                                     56.1%         46
No                                      47.6%         39
                                           Total          82
          COMMENTS:                                     COMMUNITY LIFE (cont.)
          Flash light tag used to be an informal get together that was harmless for the kids. The last president stopped this event. What about a
                    monthly movie night or music for dancing and hanging out. If your children have done the Salisbury dances, this could be a
                    money maker for the community.
          Reorganize the Venture BSA Crew????
          Teen pool party with a DJ
   My     If my granddaughter is any example, you could have texting parties where they all sit around texting other people
favorite!            who are somewhere else, while ignoring anyone else around them. That all I've got.
 You Go Set up an arcade in the community center when it is not rented (pool table, ping pong, air hockey,...)
Grandma My children used to love the pool parties with pizza and music. Even teenagers love the float parties.
          allow kids to play games such as flash light tag without parent supervision!
          Movie Nights or Bands
          Movie Nights @ the clubhouse
          Ice cream social, movie night, game night
          Recommend security provided!
          Create a neighborhood basketball league and award a trophy at the end. Organize a monthly dance with music and snacks.
          Movie NightGame Night
          casino night
          Organized Basketball GamesFlash Light Tag
          Pool parties, Gator day, BBQ or luau
          Organized sports like softball/volley ball tournaments, ice cream socials
          Movie NightWii CompetitionsIpod night - to share music
          Get their input and sponsor something--maybe you need a teenage board member @ large that serves on the board
          Bag-O Tournament and Pizza Party with prizes for the winning teams
          rent rails and halfpipe for a Friday evening skate show
          Have one night a week during the summer devoted to teenagers. Similar to float night.
          movie night in the pool area, talent shows
          it would be great if something could involve the ones who aren't on swim team
          They would probably like to have their own evening parties where they can invite friends who do not belong to our pool
          You could have a pizza party at the clubhouse with specific board games they might like or a dance
          Christian Lock ins
          I think it would be a good idea... it's just all the work that is involved
          Volunteer opportunities for others in and out of the community. Battle of the Bands.
          No opinion
          I am not a senior citizen. I think they need to weigh in on whether or not they want more activities geared towards them.
           I miss the crab feast.
          Aerobics for seniors or adults.
          Need a drive to get senior citizens to support the community by at least general membership fee. Get seniors involved,
                   but not separately.
          I am a single-person household and travel a lot. I have a general membership just to support the association.
          We have enjoyed living here in Brighton green and appreciate all the board does. Thank you.
          When our children were young, we attended the 4th of july party, easter egg hunt, and labor day party every year.
                                          SWIM TEAM

Do you have children on the swim team?
Yes                                        32.5%         38
No                                         67.5%         79
                                              Total          117

If your child is under the age of 10, would you be interested in the following:
                                            Yes          No        N/A
Earlier practice time                       14           4         48         66
Older swimmers helping younger swimmers     20           0         45         65
                                                                   Total           69

For parents of teenage swimmers, would there be a greater
chance of your child remaining on the team if their practice
time were later in the morning?
Yes                                        25.4%         17
No                                         13.4%          9
N/A                                        61.2%         41
                                              Total          67
Would a change like this interfere with your childs work
Yes                                                1.5%           1
No                                                30.8%          20
N/A                                               67.7%          44
                                                      Total          65

For Jun/Int/Sen parents, would your child be interested in
optional Sunday night Starts and Turns Practice?
Yes                                               33.3%          23
No                                                 5.8%           4
N/A                                               60.9%          42
                                                      Total          69


I always like the swim team when my son was a member. It has a lot of positive things about it, especially physical fitness
        and friendships.
Would like info about swimming lessons (Grandkids) available
A later practice for the the teens would make it more difficult for us to get them to practice.
Might interfere with work schedule
Include all age groups on Sunday night Starts and turns
My oldest is a midget, and I think they need help with starts and turns too because that's the first age group that has to swim 50s and
        they have no idea how to do turns, etc.
The pool should be open earlier! Most people are ready to get their little ones in the pool before 12noon!
although my kids are no longer swimming (aged out) they would have loved a later practice time

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