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									Published October 17, 2001
DG, 11a

Postal Corporation launches JBSS centenary stamp

The Postal Corporation of Jamaica will be issuing a new stamp in post
offices island wide to commemorate the centenary of the Jamaica Burial
Scheme Society (JBSS).

Post Master General, Dr. Blossom O`Meally Nelson, presented the special stamp to the
Society Friday at the Central Sorting Office on South Camp Road in Kingston.

The stamps are in denominations of $15 and feature the bust of Andrew
Duffus Mowatt, founder of the Society. They are expected to be in
circulation for the next six months.

George Levy of the Postal Corporation`s Philatelic Advisory Committee said the stamp
was chosen to honour an
important Jamaica organisation.

It is the only stamp available in $15 denomination, the cost of mailing an
inland letter, and Mr. Levy anticipates that it will be in demand for that

President of the Society, Evel Rankine said that after 100 years, the
organisation remains one of the leading Friendly Societies in the region.
The JBSS has a membership of 12,000 in 57 active branches in Jamaica, Costa
Rica and Panama.

Commenting on the Corporation`s initiative, Dr. O`Meally Nelson said: we feel that this
is a viable business and one of the next initiatives is that we will sit down with the
committee and look at how we can turn philately into
a money making business.

Philately is the collection and study of postage stamps.

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