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                                                         OWL OF CALIFORNIA
                                                           OLDER WOMEN'S LEAGUE OF CALIFORNIA
                                                            1230 N Street, Suite 201, Sacramento, CA 95814
                                                PH: (916) 444-2526 FAX: (916) 441-1881 E-mail:
                                                           OWL-CA NEWSLETTER, SPRING, 2010
 Evie Kosower, San Diego                                                   PRESIDENTS' MESSAGE
 Ruth Kletzing, Sacramento
Vice-President, South
 Shirley Ferrill, San Diego
Vice-President, North
                                                                           have been made PUBLIC POLICY
                                                Some major changes CALIFORNIAto our Council schedule for
 Ida Curtice, Sacramento                                                  REPORT March 3, 2010
                                                this coming year. We will have a shorter than usual OWL-California
Treasurer                                       Council Meeting in Sacramento the Public Policy our Mother’s Day event.
  Glenda Cheesman, Sacramento
                                                                          Betty Perry, day before Director
 Associate Treasurer                            This will be on Wednesday, May 5. It will probably be in a hotel (not
 Janet Vandre, Sacramento
Recording Secretary (3)                                                   We to get a hotel within reasonable Day at
                                                yet determined). We will try will again celebrate Mother’sdistance to
 Rosemary Bacy, Los Gatos                                                 the overnight, since the May 8th is May
                                                the Capitol for those stayingCapitol. Thursday,following day,the
 BJ Bryan, Santa Clara                                                     for our usual eventful Mother’s Day program.
                                                6th; we will meet there day. The theme will be Expanding the
 Joyce Kamian, Lafayette
Corresponding Secretary
                                                                          Economic Security us for that program,
                                                We hope this will encourage more of you to joinInitiative.
 Audrey Barth, Sacramento                       which is the Thursday before Mother’s Day.cost really a remarkable
Public Policy Director                                                    Presently the old It is of living index is
                                                day, which includes some great speakers and a chance to see and go
 Betty Perry, Sacramento
Nat’l Public Policy Liaison                                               out of date and only covers food. The
                                                around the Capitol as we visit legislators in small groups presenting our
 Clare Smith, Sacramento                                                  registration form describing the events of
Parliamentarian                                 Mother's Day cards. The theme of our Mother's day at the Capitol this
 Joyce Kamian, Lafayette                                                  the day is included in The newsletter.
                                                year is the Elder Economic Security Act Issues. this capitol is a We
                                                                            will be an interesting, fun day. Sacramento
                                                beautiful building and it need to have YOU come to Our June
Website Manager
 Roberta Battle, Sacramento
Website Consultant                                                        and pass out cards to your legislators
                                                Council meeting for 2010 is therefore canceled.
 Margie Metzler, Sacramento
Chapter Presidents (P)
                                                                          and others to acquaint them with our
and Representatives (R)
Capitol Chapter
                                                                          work. Please register, Get which has been
                                                The second change is our October Annual meeting,MOTHER'S
  Roberta Battle (P)                                                      DAY CARDS – Oct. 15, chapter and is
                                                moved to the third weekend in Octoberfrom your 16, and 17. It have
  Joyce Miller (R)
  Martha Millhone (R)
                                                                          them signed you will friends and
                                                OWL's 30th Anniversary, so we hopeby your make note of these days
Ohlone/East Bay                                                           neighbors. Come to SACRAMENTO May
                                                and plan to come. There will be a day of exciting presentations and
   Eleanor Luce (P)
  Joyce Kamian R)
                                                                          6 to are also going to and enjoy Perry at
                                                workshops on Saturday. We distribute them honor Bettya day at he
  Mary Lembke (R)                                                         the Capitol.
                                                banquet on Saturday evening. She has been our devoted Chair of
 Placer                                         the Public Policy Committee and has traveled those Capitol halls for
 Vacant (P)
 Marion Faustman (R)                                                      Our issues begin with health care. Some
                                                us visiting legislator after legislator for many years. We hope to have a
San Diego Co.                                                               event seem want to to me. Having
                                                large turnout. This is anthings you willso clearattend. Please plan on
 Evie Kowoser (P)
 Peggy Finch (R)                                t!!                       Medicare, I am more than ever aware of
San Francisco
 Kathie Piccagli (P)                                                      the value of a government sponsored
 Vacant (R)                                                            Co-Presidents, Ruth Kletzing and Evie Kosower
Santa Clara
 BJ Bryan (P)                                   SPRING OWL-CA COUNCIL MEETING, MAY 5 & 6, 2010,
 Pearl Caldwell (R)
 Rosemary Bacy (R)                              SACRAMENTO, INCLUDING MOTHER'S DAY @ CAPITOL
At-Large Representatives                        THURSDAY, MAY 6, 2010
 Mary Lou Anthony, Santa Rosa
 Shirley Harlan, San Bernardino                 ANNUAL OWL-CA COUNCIL MEETING IN SACRAMENTO
 Rochelle Goldman, San Mateo                    OCTOBER 15, 16 & 17, 2010
Newsletter Editor
 Ellen Doerfer, Walnut Creek
National Board
 Shirley Harlan, SW Regional Rep.
 San Bernardino                                 P-2   California Public Policy       P-8 Committee Reports
 Kathie Piccagli, At-Large Rep.                 P-3   National Public Policy         P-9 Chapter Reports
 San Francisco                                  P-4   National Board Report          P-11 Families USA Report
                               What's inside:   P-7   Summary Feb. Council Meeting        New faces

CALIFORNIA PUBLIC POLICY                       fraud, not the care giving. The courts
Betty Perry, Director, Public Policy           have saved IHSS on several occasions,
                                               ruling that recipients must be cared for.
We will again celebrate Mother's Day at
the Capitol. Thursday, May 6 is the day.       We are getting ready for more action on
The Theme will be Expanding the                the legislative scene. The bills have
Economic Security Initiative.                  been introduced. Our Mother’s Day bill
Presently the cost of living index is out of   of last year on ombudsmen for nursing
date and only covers food. The insert          homes is up again for there was only
describing the events of the day is            enough money for one year. I am sure
included in this newsletter. We need to        that we have gained supporters for this
have you come to Sacramento and pass           very good program. There are costs for
out Mother's Day cards to your                 the administration of the program, but
legislators and others to acquaint them        the ombudsmen who go to the nursing
with our work. Complete the insert, get        homes are all volunteers. They are
your cards signed, and come to                 observers of the way the nursing home is
Sacramento May 6 to distribute them,           run and they are special friends to the
and enjoy a day at the Capitol.                residents. Many of the residents have
                                               few visitors. The ombudsman can
Our issues begin with healthcare. Some         provide a pleasant interlude in a lonely
things seem so clear to me. Having             person’s day. The residents feel
Medicare, I am more than ever aware of         comfortable talking to the ombudsman
the value of a government sponsored            and many problems are solved with this
heath program. Those opposing any              exchange of information.
form of government subsidy of health
care speak about it with great fear and        An issue that CARA has continued to
anger. I am uncertain why they cannot          work on is labeling of prescription drugs.
observe a successful program that has          As we age our vision can change,
been in effect for about forty years. We       sometimes quite rapidly. All of this leads
recipients go to our own doctors and           to prescription drug labeling. The
keep healthy with the service from a           proposed legislation required size 12 font
good program.                                  for prescriptions. If you have
                                               prescriptions, look over the label
Some opponents of a government                 carefully. There are things that I must
backed health plan seem to ignore the          call the pharmacist about because I
problems of low income people without          cannot read size 10 font or smaller. This
health care. The crowds in the clinics         measure was voted down, but the issue
and emergency rooms go unnoticed. The          is not dead. CARA gave an outstanding
bankruptcies caused by medical bills are       presentation at the pharmacy board,
ignored. We certainly are the heirs of         requesting larger type on prescription
the OWL founders, Tish and Laurie; both        labels. There was also the rejection of
lost their health care benefits when they      the option to have prescription labels
lost their husbands. Our work continues.       available in most commonly used
                                               languages other than English. CARA will
I also cannot get over the state               continue this fight and OWL and Gray
administration hostility shown to the          Panthers will be right there keeping the
IHSS program. We oppose fraud in any           issue going.
program. But we should work to stop the
The Sacramento chapter had Lennie              Act) is part of the reform blueprint and
Goldberg of the California Tax Reform          offers a voluntary, community-based
Association speak at our last meeting.         long term custodial care support to
He is an advocate for finding more             families, especially for older adults and
money for needed programs. He pointed          people with disabilities.
out areas that the present administration
avoids taxing. They include the oil            After over six hours of discussion during
severance tax, $1.2 billion dollars, secret    the summit, there is still no agreement.
corporate loopholes, $1.3 billion,             The biggest hurdles remain in the areas
reinstate top income tax brackets. The         of insurance company restrictions, such
list goes on to a total of $21.2 billion. We   as no higher premiums based on gender,
cannot believe that we cannot afford           limits on premiums on age or family size
home care for the disabled or other vital      and the most contentious – universal
services while this possible tax revenue       coverage with no denial of coverage or
is available. We hope that you will call       higher premiums based on pre-existing
or write your state legislators about          conditions (effective 2014). That is,
these issues.                                  everyone must be covered. Here are a
                                               few facts.
                                               According to the Center for Public
FEBRUARY 25, 2010
Clare Smith, National Public Policy Rep.
                                               Integrity, companies and organizations
                                               seeking to influence health care reform
Health Care                                    legislation hired over 4,500 lobbyists—
Suspense continues…by the time you             eight for every member of Congress.
read this, the health care reform summit       Health care lobbyists doubled throughout
convened by President Obama will be            2009, reaching nearly 3,700 in the fourth
over. Although the President’s proposal        quarter (October through December
for reform is less than our ideal – it must    2009).
be passed! The proposal combines some
of both the House and Senate versions          Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics
and offers among things, the following         released figures showing health care
(short list):                                  special interests have invested over
1. Adds to measures aimed at reducing          $28 million on influential members of
health care fraud and waste.                   Congress since 2005. The report is
2. Establishes a government rate board         thought provoking and sickening. For
to oversee insurance policy rate               instance, Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ) received
increases.                                     over $1.6 million from the industry.
3. Phases out the Medicare Part D “donut       Sources:
hole” by 2020.                                 Democracy Now!
4. Raises funding for community health
centers by $11 billion.                        Center for Public Integrity
There is no “public option” even though
Americans have voiced support for some         Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics
type of government-run plan. Insurance
exchanges, at the state level, would offer
plans through private insurers.                Hey, what a minute, wasn’t it Senator
The Community Living Assistance                Kyl that questioned the government’s
Services and Supports Act (the CLASS           role in knowing what was best for
Americans during the health care               Older Americans Act Reauthorization
summit? Yes, I think it was. I wonder
who Senator Kyl thinks would be the best       The U.S. AoA (Administration on Aging)
decision-maker for our health care…            to hold Public Input Sessions for the
maybe, Anthem Blue Cross?                      Reauthorization of the Older Americans
                                               Act. They will get input from seniors,
We must continue to makes calls, write         caregivers and representatives of
letters and talk with your friends and         national network of community-based
family. Keep the process moving and to         organizations that will be considered in
the finish line- passing national health       developing recommendations for the
care reform legislation. I’m receiving         next reauthorization of the Older
more attention to my Older Women’s             Americans Act (OAA). The final AoA
League bumper sticker…“For Profit              sponsored public listening sessions will
Health Care Makes Me Sick!”                    be held in San Francisco, Calif. (March
                                               3). Increasing funding for the
Housing                                        existing safety net community-based
As reported last month, the Housing and        programs, needed now more than
Economic Recovery Act of 2008 created          ever, is the top priority!
the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF)         Send your comments online by visiting
for the purposes of creating a permanent
source of funding for affordable housing       ams/OAA/Reauthorization/Index.aspx.
(and not subject to the annual                 More information can be found at the
appropriations process), the Senate            National Council on Aging
approved a $15 billion jobs bill this week
and housing advocates report that the          National Board Report 2/2010,
NHT is not included in its most recent         Shirley Harlan, Southwest Regional Rep.
“Jumpstart Our Business Strength
(JOBS)” Act.

The plan is to keep contacting Senators
to urge that funding is included in any
final legislation. According to the National
Housing Trust Fund (NHTF)
“The campaign will focus on two avenues
to achieve passage of funding:
1. Negotiations between the Senate and
the House on jobs legislation, since the
House bill passed in December included
$1.065 billion to capitalize the NHTF and
fund project-based vouchers to be
coupled with capital grants.
2. Other “must-pass vehicles” to which         Shirley Harlan at Council Meeting
the NHTF can be attached.” More
information can also be found at the           The National Board met in Washington
Southern California Association of Non-        DC January 29-30, 2010. We labored
Profit Housing (SCANPH) website                very hard with tough issues for OWL’s                                future. There was discussion about how
to push for the reforms we have been          The Board took fiscal action to reduce
pushing and be fiscally responsible? I        national office spending and to support
report that we (board members) do see         our DC recognition as leading advocate
a future for OWL. When we adjourned           for elders. As Board members we
the board members both present and via        developed a plan to contact every
phone gave and pledged a total of             member to participate in the future of
$21,560.00.                                   OWL. We will be discussing what form an
                                              organization takes in order to push for
We have a four-point message.                 reforms. We have a telephone
1. OWL’s visibility nationally on issues      conference set for early March and we
we consider important is realized. Tish       meet again in Washington DC on May
Somers would be very proud of this            14-15, 2010.
accomplishment. Our director, Ashley
Carson has skillfully won us recognition      Do contact Kathie Piccagli or myself with
with critical congressional committees        your comments and ideas for form and
and coalition with aging organizations.       fundraising.
2. This strength places us in a strong        Personal Note: I was lucky to participate
possibility for fund raising challenges. As   Saturday evening with others to
you know this has been a difficult year       celebrate Ruth Nadel's 96-year birthday
for all non-profits and families. It is       party at the rehabilitation facility where
difficult in the current economy to raise     she is recuperating from a fall. Laurie
funds and compete for grants.                 Young, former executive director was
3. We have a strong possibility of grant      there and sends her greetings to all
money.                                        OWLs in California. Contact information:
4. The board has committed to                 Kathie Piccagli:
increasing fund raising activities.           Shirley Harlan:
                                              OWL website
Board members instructed Kathie and
myself to thank you for the support and
generous contribution that OWL/CA has
given to the National Office.

National OWL Board Members spoke at
the White House, as well as Ruth Nadel,
who was recognized publicly. Such                             QuickTime™ and a
highlights have promoted our national                  are needed to see this picture.

visibility and are OWL’s greatest asset
along with our grassroots members.

The outcome of the two days
demonstrated that our mission is
“progressive” and still very critical to
acknowledge mid-life and older women
and that our grassroots members in
                                              First Lady, Michelle Obama and Ruth Nadel
chapters and at large are very critical for
our national recognition.

Women in Prison                              I have a list of 100 women in Golden
Shirley Harlan, SW regional Representative   Girls, who would love to have contact
                                             with an OWL on the outside to keep their
There have been changes at CIW,              hopes up. Be a pen pal and contact me
California’s Institution for Women. Dawn     for a Golden Girl name, especially during
Davison, warden for past five years,         this unusual transition of prison
watching over 2,600 inmates, left a          management.
legacy of improvements and successes.
When she retired in December, she said,      There is a template letter to send to the
“I know I’m leaving CIW better than          governor on the OWL/CA website women
when I got here”. Now with California        in prison link. Feel free to add your own
budget crisis, the new Warden, Mr.           words. I will post the names of women
Garcia, is operating in a different          for whom the governor’s parole board
manner. I received a letter from the         has approved release.
inside telling what new is happening.
Here are some of the changes: the            On October 4, 2009, OWL/CA passed a
education programs discontinued and          motion to send a letter to Governor
teachers fired; cells searched and items     Arnold Schwarzenegger urging him to
previously approved and purchased from       approve the decision of his appointed
the canteen placed in the trash; no          parole board to release women who have
response to meet with Golden Girls and       been deemed no longer a risk to society.
an increase in guard assignments when        Given the concern for the budget cuts
activities have been reduced. These          and release of large numbers of inmates
actions are creating fear concerns for       without plans or parole supervision,
lifer prisoners who have been 98 per cent    these releases should receive a higher
write-up free.                               priority, since that have been reviewed
                                             for their detailed plans to support
Our OWL member, Jane Benson,                 themselves and have outside support.
describes the Golden Girls. They are a
collection of abused women who are           It is hard to understand the economic
emotionally damaged by the decades of        justification. As inmates age in prison,
incarceration and isolation from families    the cost associated with their care
whom they love. Many women have              escalates, writes John Lee, Public
been there over forty years. From their      Administrator from Cal Poly Pomona
letters to the parole board and contacts     University. Incarceration is expensive
when I was visiting CIW, I marveled at       for aging inmates, three times more then
their education, skill and                   for the average prisoner. Given that
accomplishments that now are curtailed.      criminal behavior drops off dramatically
                                             with advancing age, this is a major
 In February, Jane expects to have neck      investment for very little return.
surgery and other treatment to enable
her to walk without walker or wheelchair.    Go to our website to
She says, “I hope to be out there hooting    get sample letter to urge governor to
‘Hoot Hoot’ and helping however I can.”      sign for Benson's parole.
Do send her a card, Jane Benson,
W28860, EB517L, 16756 Chino-Corona
Road, Corona, CA 92880-9508

SUMMARY - OWL-CA COUNCIL                        legislature. CARA’s Senior to Senior
MINUTES 2/7/2010 SAN JOSE                       Ambassador Program was presented for
Submitted by Joyce Klein Kamian                 calling seniors to discuss issues and
                                                counter ads that are expected to come
National Board Report: Shirley Harlan.          out against health care reform. We are
asked if the Council thinks it is critical to   reminded that the Mother’s Day event in
have an office in Washington, DC. The           Sacramento is on May 6. It was
unanimous response was “Yes.” The               proposed and approved unanimously that
National Board has committed to raise           there be a two day OWL-CA Council
$21,000 to OWL. What can OWL-CA and             meeting May 5 and 6, and incorporate it
the chapters, as well as individuals, do to     with the Mother's day event. Sacramento
raise funds? OWL-CA requests a                  Capitol Chapter will make arrangements.
projected budget but it was suggested           It was suggested that the theme be the
that there be a treasurer’s report rather       Elder Economic Security Initiative.
than a full budget report. The National
office is shared with WREI (Women's             CARA Report by Kathie Piccagli. Copies
Research and Education Institute), and          of petitions on the initiative on budget
the OWL staff includes one full time            matters changing from a 2/3 to a simple
person and two part time people. Kathie         majority are available from CARA.
Piccagli spoke about budgeting and cash         Piccagli also gave a report on the Senior
flow and it was pointed out that the need       to Senior Ambassador Program. CARA’s
for input of funds is critical and              legislative committee will be held at the
something needs to be done by March             same time as the Bill Powers memorial
12, 2010.                                       event in Sacramento on March 18. It
                                                M/S/P to buy ¼ page at $200 to be paid
Joyce Kamian and Evie Kosower                   for by OWL-CA in the memory book for
presented Treasurer's Report in                 Bill Powers.
Glenda Cheesman's absence. It was
pointed that there must be a separate           Membership Report Kathie Piccagli
account for the Deming bequest. See             noted a lack of attendance at Council
Treasurer's Report.                             meetings. There are others working with
                                                Betty Perry in Sacramento to solidify our
Communications Report by Ellen                  presence in Sacramento. It was noted
Doerfer, in Roberta Battle's absence.           that we need to work on succession by
Deadline for submissions to the                 working with members to take leadership
newsletter is Feb. 17. See                      roles. National OWL is supposed to
Communications Committee Report                 receive half of whatever dues amount is
                                                take in, but some chapters will continue
Public Policy: Betty Perry discussed SB         to handle funds as they have done in the
810 (Single Payer), which passed the            past.
Senate floor and now goes to the
Assembly for hearing in March or April.         Chapter reports were presented. See
A veto by the governor is expected but          individual Chapter Reports
signature gathering will begin to put the
legislation on the 2012 ballot. The bill as     NOTE: Due to conflicts of time, the
written is not ready for submission.            Annual OWL-CA Council meeting
Funds are required to outline the               dates have changed to October 15,
structure and it will go back to the            16, 17 from October 1, 2, and 3.
COMMITTEE REPORTS                                  phone number, and an email address.
                                                   For the most part this has happened,
TREASURER’S REPORT                                 enabling the San Francisco, San Diego,
Submitted by Glenda Cheesman                       Sacramento, and Ohlone chapters both
In 2009, our income was significantly              to produce brochures for outreach and to
higher than in previous years, due to the          include contact information on the
generous Deming bequest of $68,900                 website.
received in May 2009. On December 31,
2009, our total cash balance was                   The website is a major way of
$104,756 as follows:                               distributing information about the
                                                   chapters, and we expect it to be
       Petty Cash                     $    50      increasingly valuable in information
       Deming Fund                    43,972       exchange and membership. Having an
       Endowment Fund                 26,442       online presence is recognized as
       Laurie Shields Fund              5,457      essential when reaching out to a younger
       General Fund                   28,132       age group.
       Medicare “D” Fund                  703
                                   ________        OWL-National designed brochures, which
         Total                      $104,756       can be “personalized” by each chapter;
                                                   these enable the same basic design to be
We will receive our final $5,000 Medicare          used by OWL chapters throughout the
"D" Grant funds in August, 2010, when              country. San Diego and San Francisco
the grant ends.                                    are already using these brochures, and
                                                   Ohlone anticipates ordering these when
At Large members are reminded that                 their current stock of brochures runs out.
their 2010 annual dues ($10) are
now due. Please send dues to the OWL-              All chapters have been working very hard
CA Sacramento Office, 1230 N Street,               to increase membership, since we realize
Suite 201, Sacramento CA 95814                     we aren’t going to survive and thrive
                                                   unless we do. Santa Clara, San Diego,
Chapters also need to be reminded that             Sacramento, Ohlone, and San Francisco
Deming money ($5,000 per chapter) was              chapters all made significant gain in
made available by the Council for                  numbers of new members. It was
projects promoting OWL and increasing              pointed out that we have to get even
membership. Requests for this money                more new members, since attrition is this
should be submitted to the Deming                  group is high.
Committee Chair, Evie Kosower at the
OWL-CA address in Sacramento.                      Different innovative programs are being
                                                   created. San Francisco first implemented
MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE                               peer groups, and Ohlone is adopting the
                                                   peer group model to meet their
Kathie Piccagli, San Francisco Chapter President
                                                   geographic challenge of being very
                                                   spread out.
The Membership Committee met on
February 6 at the OWL-CA Council                   All chapters have lofty membership goals
meeting. In the past, we worked to get             to achieve before our next OWL-CA
every chapter to have contact                      meeting!
information, including an address, a
COMMUNICATIONS REPORT                                   Facebook page, and link to the
Present: Chair: Margie Metzler, subbing for             National OWL Facebook page. Also
Roberta Battle, Ellen Doerfer, Shirley Harlan,          we should get a Twitter account for
Kathie Piccagli, Pearl Caldwell                         OWL-CA. Margie will do both.

Subjects: Newsletters and website
                                                 CHAPTER REPORTS
   1. Shirley searched the OWL National          SAN DIEGO CHAPTER
                                                 Submitted by Evie Kosover
      website to find links to newsletters
      from various chapters. She noted
                                                 With the approval of the Deming Bequest
      many inconsistencies in quality and
                                                 funds to the San Diego Chapter for
                                                 renewal efforts, an outreach campaign
   2. Margie will write an article for a
                                                 was begun. Brochures in the National
      future newsletter about how to
                                                 style were printed and made available at
      submit information for our web
                                                 appropriate meetings (e.g. CARA
      pages, and how to add newsletters
                                                 Conference), a mailing was undertaken
      to pages.
                                                 to all past members and names from lists
   3. Standards for chapter and CA
                                                 of interest gathered from tabling and
      newsletter were suggested. Have
                                                 other activities in the past year. We
      the first page of each newsletter
                                                 gained three members in this manner so
      contain a table of contents,
                                                 far. Members were encouraged to give
      upcoming meetings including date,
                                                 gift memberships; 7 were obtained.
      time, topics and location. Specify
                                                 We have purchased a domain site and
      font and size of font for submitting
                                                 started a web site, which can be updated
      articles and fonts not less than 12
                                                 on our own. We have also purchased
                                                 promotional items and will decide how to
   4. Have a short profile of a new
                                                 effectively distribute them. Two lively
      member in each issue.
                                                 planning meetings have been held to
   5. Recruit new newsletter and web
                                                 strategize and plan our coming year. We
      site volunteers by actively bringing
                                                 have been hosted for these meetings by
      them to meetings and provide
                                                 the San Diego Women’s History Museum.
      training, if necessary.
   6. It was suggested that the OWL-CA
                                                 SAN FRANCISCO CHAPTER
      newsletter come out shortly after          Submitted by Kathie Piccagli
      the meetings, so the topics would          At our annual planning meeting in Jan.,
      still be timely. We need to all            we supported continuing our
      cooperate with this. Everyone              commitment to the overall goals of OWL,
      needs to get articles to the editor        AND to working around a framework of
      in 10 days or less.                        “Aging in the City” as the focal point for
   7. We discussed the idea of moving to         many of our local programs. There is
      electronic newsletters. We need to         interest in not only supporting national
      ease into this.                            and state issues, such as health care and
   8. Include a note with newsletters            support of the safety net, but also
      asking people to forward them to           focusing on local issues that impact us as
      their e-mail lists of people who are       individuals, such as housing alternatives,
      passionate about our issues. This is       transportation, and safety.
      a simple way to encourage new              Our committees are:
      members. We need to get a

1) Legislative Advocacy and Political          Jeanette Lawrence, I found out that Bea
Action,                                        had planned programs for the next few
2) Communications,                             meetings, so they will continue to meet
3) Program (including what was                 and are hopeful that they will continue to
previously “housing and service”),             go on. Her Memorial Service will be held
4) Membership,                                 at the Congregational Church in Auburn
5) Development. We hope to use the             on March 16. The family has requested
Deming grant from OWL-CA to help us            no flowers, but a donation may be made
jumpstart many aspects of our program.         to the Marley Figueroa Educational Fund
                                               at 2280 Grass Valley Highway # 542,
The “Aging in the City” theme recognizes       Auburn, CA 95603, to help support her
that a big interest of our members (and        caregiver's education.
potential members) is a sense of
community.                                     SANTA CLARA COUNTY CHAPTER
We have seven new board members                Rosemary Bacy,

OHLONE EAST/BAY CHAPTER                        Recent meetings include: Genny
Submitted by Joyce K. Kamian and Mary Lembke   Guracar, Chapter member and cartoonist
                                               for the annual Mother’s Day card, who
Mary Lembke attended OWL’s Annual              spoke on cartoons on current political
Meeting in Washington as the                   issues; A joint meeting with the
representative from Ohlone/East Bay            Women’s International League for Peace
Chapter. Her report is succinct and to         and Freedom, and featured a
the point and is in the chapter                documentary on the Raging Grannies:
newsletter.                                    June Gorman, from the United Nations
                                               Association, spoke on the Women’s
The Rossmoor peer group, which has             Bureau recently initiated by the United
thirteen participants, has met twice and       Nations. At each meeting there is usually
discussed health care reform and end of        at least one petition or letter to sign on
life issues. Upon surveying prospective        health care reform and other OWL
and new members, we found that there           priorities.
is a great interest in end of life issues so
we will continue to address this topic at      We have added seven new members
future meetings.                               since October, four of them in response
                                               to the National OWL challenge.
Due to the resignation of co-president,
Diane Latko, it was decided by the             Kudos to our Co-Presidents Ruth
Ohlone Board to develop a new                  Kletzing and Evie Kosower. They
distribution of collaborative sharing of       have served us well, going on their third
responsibilities to assist the current         year!! We need to look hard at handing
chair, Eleanor Luce.                           over the reins to new blood with new
                                               energy to carry on the work of our
PLACER COUNTY                                  founders, Tish Sommers and Laurie
                                               Shields. The nominating committee will
Due to the sudden death in February of         be appointed at the May Council
Bea Graham from a brain aneurysm,              meeting, so start thinking where you
there was no Chapter Report submitted.         want to put your talents in the next year.
However, in talking with chapter member

FAMILIES USA 2010                              GETTING TO KNOW YOU
January 27-30, 2010 Attended by OWL members    Meet Jane Vinson, new Ohlone/East
Margie Metzler, Capitol Chapter, and Allyson   Bay OWL Chapter Member
Washburn, San Francisco Chapter
                                               New Member, Jane Vinson, is a retired
Families USA, a nationwide advocacy and        psychologist and has lived at Rossmoor
educational non-profit organization            for five years. She has been involved in
located in Washington, DC, holds a             political activism for many years, and
yearly DC convention which OWL,                went to Georgia to protest the School of
through its MEDIC grant, has attended          the Americas, which is also known as the
for five years. This year, Allyson             'School for Assassins' at Fort Benning.
Washburn attended for OWL, and Margie          She marched with 15,000 other
Metzler also attended, though with Gray        marchers to protest the deaths of
Panthers.                                      thousands of South American people.
                                               Jane was aware of OWL's activism in
The convention featured workshops on
                                               Berkeley for years, but didn't have a
topics ranging from Medicare to SCHIP
                                               chance to join until now.
issues, as well as noted speakers. These
included Senator Al Franken, HHS
Secretary Kathleen Sibelius, and NAACP
President Benjamin Jealous, and a
tribute to the late long-time healthcare
advocate Senator Ted Kennedy.

If you go to our website,,
you can watch the Kennedy tribute and
also download some of the documents
we got at the convention:

A Quick Look at Media Basics (PDF)
FamiliesUSA Story Bank (PDF)
Glossary of Congressional Terms (PDF)
Glossary of Healthcare Terms (PDF)
Glossary of Media Terms (PDF)
Lobbying 101 (PowerPoint)                      New Member, Jane Vinson
Lobbying Do's and Don'ts (PDF)
Media Relations Guide (PDF)                    Also, a big welcome to our new
Priorities 2010 (PDF)                          National Public Policy Person, Clare
Untapped Fundraising Resources (PDF)           Smith, a Sacramento Capital Chapter
Positives in the Senate House Bill-Al          OWL member. She has been working on
Franken and Jonathan Cohn (PDF)                national issues that affect health care
Al Franken's Families USA (PDF)                and other interests of women, and plans
Notes from the session with Ezra Klein,        to send us updates on these issues. We
Jonathan Cohn, and Susan Denzer                are pleased to have Clare aboard!

MEMBER. Chapter members pay their state
and national dues to their local chapter                       NATIONAL OWL OFFI CE
treasurer. All OWL-CA members must be                       THE VOICE OF MIDLIFE AND OLDER WOMEN
members of OWL National.                                         1828 L STREET NW, SUITE 801
OWL-CA dues $10 OWL National dues $25                               WASHINGTON, DC 20036
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