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									Father’s Day Trio
  Attaché Case

       You will need the following
       Chocolate Chip cardstock pieces;
       Case 7½” x 11”
       Lid 7½” x 4”
       2- ½” x 11” straps
       2-½” x 6” straps
       Buckle pieces
       ¾” x 6” Handle
       Inside Support
       Tombow Adhesive (not included)

      1. note: my sample is in pink so the score
         lines will show. Make 2 decorative score
         lines 2” and 2 1/8” from each long edge as
         shown in the photo.

      2. Score in the other direction at 4 ¾” and 6
         ¼”. This will be the bottom of your case.

      3. Make 2 decorative score lines on the lid
      running along the short edges.

      4. Score at 1” and 2” as shown in the

      5. Round the corners as shown.
   6. Score the handle at ½” and 1” from
   each edge. Fold as shown in the photo.

7. Run a line of Tombow adhesive along
the outside of the decorative score lines.
Attach the two 11” straps as shown in the

                     8. Put 2 drops of glue
                     just outside the
                     decorative score
                     lines on the lid.
                     Attach the handle,
                     lining up the 2 outer
                     score lines on the
                     handle with the
                     decorative score
                     lines on the lid.

   9. Run two lines of glue
   along the decorative score
   lines of the lid, covering
   the handle ends as well.
                                    10. Attach the straps as shown in
                                    the photo with the points hanging
                                    over the rounded front flap of the

                               11. Turn the lid over and apply glue
                               to the back piece of the lid. Do not
                               go past the score line with your

                               12. Attach the lid to the case. The case
                               and lid will overlap 1” and the straps
                               will line up as shown in the photo.

13. Assemble the faux buckle as shown in the photos below. First
glue the gold ¾” square to the strap centering it between the
holes. Next glue on the ½” chocolate chip square. Finish your
buckle with the punched piece from the horizontal slot.

14. Stick your pieces of Velcro face to face and remove the
protective tape. Stick it to the back of the buckle. Line your case
up as if you were closing it and press lightly so the opposite piece
of Velcro sticks to the front of the case. Gently peal the Velcro
apart, make any necessary adjustments then press it firmly to your
                                         The inside support has temporary adhesive
                                         so whatever you place between the layers is
                                         removable. Since the inside support piece
                                         should dry overnight this piece comes
                                         preassembled in your kit.

                                         15. To make the support, punch out
                                         squares and score horizontally.
                                         Apply tombow to one side of each
                                         square and let dry overnight.
                                         Assemble as shown in the photo
                                         fanning out the top half to hold your
                                         tickets or photos. Punch two holes in
                                         the bottom half for your brads.
16. Using the pre punched holes as a guide, poke two holes through the
bottom of your case with a pushpin or anywhere hole punch.
*Tip* You can use a bit on snail on the bottom to hold it in place while you work.

                                                    (Optional) To hide the
                                                    brads on the bottom of
                                                    your project stamp an
                                                    image or label and cut
                                                    out with the key tag
                                                    punch. Some of
                                                    Stampin’ Up’s text
                                                    stamps are a perfect fit.

                                       Decorate inside as desired and fill with
                                       lottery tickets, giftcards, money, photos or
                                       whatever you wish.

                                       Enjoy your project!

Tutorial by Jackie Topa

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