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Undercover is based on a very simple concept, similar to Concentration,
in which the students test their ability to identify an event, person, place,
or any image as it is uncovered.

   1. Open the blank template
   2. Open the blank template in PowerPoint
   3. Save with a new name
   4. Copy and paste an image on the slide one
   5. Use the scroll bar to go to the slide two
   6. Go to Edit > Select All
   7. Copy and paste the cover onto the image on slide one
   8. Change the caption if necessary
   9. Go to Insert > Duplicate Slide
   10. Click on the rectangle that you want to remove and press delete
   11. Repeat steps 8 & 9 until you have uncovered the whole image
   12. Go to Slide Show > Slide Transition
   13. Select the Transition that you want (the example is dissolve-
   14. Select the way you want your slides to Advance (On mouse click
       offers better control)
   15. Click Apply to All
   16. Save the file and you are good to go!
One way to play:

   Divide into groups
   Have the group signal when they have written the answer (wrong
answers cost a point)
   Award points based on the number of rectangles remaining

These will go quickly, so have several ready!

Use your imagination!

Have Fun!!

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