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					Annual Quality Assurance Report
 Internal Quality Assurance Cell

  Garden City College
         Bangalore - 49

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  Annual Quality Assurance Report of the Internal Quality Assurance

Name of the Institution: Garden City College
Year of the Report: 2006-07

Part A:
The Plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year
towards quality enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of
the year.

The Plan

All the academic and non-academic departments were instructed to operate
with measurable objectives with regard to various parameters like results
(including attaining university ranks), Staff development, conduct of guest
lectures, field visits, placement, community service, etc. All departments
were to maintain ISO 9001: 2000 standards. The departmental activities
were reviewed at regular intervals for achievement of the set objectives.

At the organizational level the IQAC had set the following objectives for the
   1. To introduce at least one career oriented professional course every
      year that may be relevant to the needs of the industry
   2. To increase the pass percentage in the University Examination by at
      least 10% every year till cent percent is reached and then to sustain
      the same.
   3. To achieve at least one university rank.
   4. To achieve the best position in at least one event at the
      intercollegiate/university     level/State      level/National    level
   5. To strengthen the alumni network by holding an alumni meet every
      year to support placement initiatives.
   6. To ensure that each faculty member attends at least one training

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The Outcome:

At the end of academic year a review meeting was conducted by the Internal
Quality Assurance Cell where achievements of all the departments were
reviewed. The achievements of the departments were commendable. The
most notable achievements would be:

   1. Good Placements in BCA/MCA/BHM/BBM/B.Com. Departments
      with multiple offers to many students.
   2. Corporate Training work done by Hotel Management department for
         • Radhakrishna Hospitality Services Limited
         • HAL VIP Catering Department
         • Unilever Food Solutions
         • City Max Hotels Private Limited
       (The department earned total revenue of Rs. 1.65 Lakhs)
   3. Conduct of National Symposium Bio-Rujivith on 26th and 27th March
      by the Life Science departments.

   4. Industry-Institution Interaction Program for Life Sciences students in
      with Leader Prospects Inc. for Skill Development and Placement.

At the organizational level against the set objectives achievements were as
  • BA (Economics, Commerce, Marketing) and BA (Political Science/
     Sociology/Journalism) courses were initiated.
  • The number of university ranks obtained was 8.
  • The institution won ICFAI National Level Cricket tournament.
  • In the last academic year 1611 registered alumni were there and this
     academic year 492 students joined the alumni association.
  • All the faculty members attended at least one faculty training program.

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Part B:

  1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution:
     The following activities were undertaken by the departments of the
     institution to achieve the objectives set at the department and
     organizational level.
        • Training the students to prepare them for interviews
        • Community Service – The College management took the lead
            by undertaking the maintenance of the K.R. Puram Lake. A
            lake clean up drive was initiated in the month of September
        • Staff training program – internal and external
                 - Staff members of the Hotel Management and
                    Management Studies departments attended Train-the-
                    Trainer program to learn the latest in the industry.
                 - The faculty of the department of Hotel Management
                    were trained by Mr. Rohit Mallick, Manager, Learning
                    Services, ITC Hotels on procedures and systems
                    followed at ITC Hotels. They were also trained on IDS
                    Software.       Mr. Kalyanasundaram and Mrs.
                    Vijayalakshmi of Management Studies department
                    were trained at Infosys Limited under the Campus
                    Connect Program.

  2. New academic programs initiated (UG and PG):
     BA (Economics, Commerce, Marketing) and BA (Political Science/
     Sociology/Journalism) courses were initiated.

  3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction:
     As curricular design responsibility lies with the university the college
     is expected to follow it. Additional modules/inputs were provided to
     the students in the form of special initiatives like the industry-
     institution program for the life science students, Tally Program for the
     Management and Commerce students. The industry-interaction
     program offers special training program which covers
         • Soft Skills training
         • Hands on techniques
         • Interaction with Scientists

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      • Seminar by Students
      • Seminar by Professionals
      The program includes participation by top BT companies like
      Monsanto Research, Invitrogen, Molecular Connections, Xcyton,
      Quintiles etc.

4. Interdisciplinary Programs Started:
   The College at present is conducting certificate courses in
   Bioinformatics, Operations Research and Media Management, Tour
   Operations and Forex Management, etc which are interdisciplinary in
   nature in e-learning mode. In order to foster tie-ups for advanced
   programs a four member team comprising of two management
   representatives and two professors visited Hanze University, The
   Netherlands to explore possibilities of tie-ups in the field of
   Management Studies, Public Health, Retail Management etc.

5. Examination Reforms Implemented:
   Internal Examinations and Preparatory examinations are conducted on
   the lines of University Examination which prepares students to face
   the final University examination with better confidence.

6. Candidate Qualified in: NET/SLET/GATE etc:

   Mrs. Clara Kanmani of Department of Computer Science cleared
   GATE in 06-07.

7. Total number of seminars/workshops conducted

   Name of the Department          No. of
   Tourism Administration          3
   Hotel Management                3
   Biochemistry                    2
   Chemistry                       2
   Microbiology                    3
   Electronic Sciences             2
   English                         1
   Fashion and Apparel Design      3

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    Genetics                       1
    Journalism                     2
    Electronic Media               2
    Mathematics                    1
    Management Studies (PG)        12
    Management Studies (UG)        7
    Statistics                     1
    Zoology                        1

Details of Workshops conducted

Department of Hotel Management
1. Workshop on Customer Care by Mr. Sandeepan Das Gupta, Training
   Manager, The Chancery Hotel, Bangalore
2. Floral Designing Workshop by Mr. Sandesh Reddy, Florist , Taj
   Group of Hotels
3. Workshop on Cocktail Preparation by Mr. Pradeep and Mr.
   Jayakumar, Shaken & Stirred
4. Carving Workshop in association with Sai Carving Institute, Chennai,
   by Chef. Vijayabhaskaran, Executive Chef, Le Meridien and Mr.
   Selvaraj, Executive Chef, Taj Residency.

Department of Management Studies
1. Workshop on ‘Financial Statements Analysis’ by Mr. Pravin Thomas,
   Finance Consultant, Infosys Limited.
2. Workshop on Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Electronic Sciences
1. One day workshop on ‘Working and Operation of Motors and drives
   by Dr. Manjesh, Professor, Department of Electronic Science,
   Bangalore University on 6/12/06
2. One day workshop on MAT LAB by Ms. Sandhya Kulkarni,
   Bangalore University on 5/9/06

8. Research Projects
     • Genetics department has undertaken work on Limnology
     • Work on Mutagenic analysis of Tetracycline on Drosophila
        Melanogaster and

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         • Work on Phytogenetic Analysis of Drosophila Sp. through eye
           pigments is in progress.

9. Patents


10.New Collaborative research programmes

 Centre for Advanced Studies has been set up to train students in research
 areas. The college is an approved research centre for
Annamalai University research programme. Guides approved by IGNOU,
Bangalore University, Bharathidasan University are presently guiding
faculty members who are pursuing research.

11.Research grants received


12.Details of research scholars

      • Mr. Tom Varghese, Department of English, is a research scholar
        with Bangalore University.
      • Ms. Payel Dutta, Department of English, was awarded Ph.D. by
        Assam University.
      • Mr. Salim, J., Department of Engish, registered for Ph.D. at
        Mysore University.
      • Mrs. Vinutha, Department of English is pursuing her certificate
        course in teaching English from CIEFL, Hyderabad
      • Mrs. B. Gayathri Devi, Department of Mathematics, is a research
        scholar with Mysore University.
      • Mr. Shivaram Patil, Department of Physics, is pursuing M.Phil. in
        Bharathidasan University.
      • Mr. Syed Azhar, Microbiology Department, has registered for
        Ph.D. with Bangalore University.

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  • Ms. Kirana Shekar, Microbiology Department, is pursing M.Phil.
    in Bharathidasan University
  • Ms. Farheen Ahfak, Microbiology Department, is pursing M.Phil.
    in Bharathidasan University
  • Mrs. Aruna, Department of Genetics, is pursuing Ph.D. at
    Annamalai University
  • Mr. Prabhakar, Department of Genetics is pursuing M.Phil. at
    Alagappa University
  • Mrs. Ambili Santosh, Department of Genetics is pursuing M.Phil.
    at Annamalai University
  • Ms. Divya, Department of Genetics is pursuing M.Phil. at
    Bharathidasan University
  • Ms. Asha B., Department of Genetics is pursuing M.Phil. at
    Bharathidasan University
  • Ms. Aparajitha Guha, Department of Genetics is pursuing M.Phil.
    at Bharathidasan University
  • Ms. Swati, Department of Genetics is pursuing M.Phil. at
    Bharathidasan University
  • Ms. Proma, Department of Genetics is pursuing M.Phil. at
    Bharathidasan University
  • Ms. Anupama Kotur, Tourism Department, is pursuing M.Phil.
  • Mr. Kalyanasundaram P., Department of Management is pursuing
    Ph.D. at Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation
  • Mrs. Chayadevi, Department of Management Studies is pursuing
    M.Phil. at Madurai Kamaraj University.
  • Mrs. Jayalakshmi, Department of Management Studies is pursuing
    M.Phil. at Madurai Kamaraj University.
  • Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Department of Management Studies is
    pursuing M.Phil. at Madurai Kamaraj University.

13.Citation index of faculty members and impact factor

  Data Not Available

14.Honors/Awards to the faculty

  • Lt. Vishnu Phandare, NCC Officer received a special award for his
    services from Air Commodore Srivastava.

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15.Internal resources generated

   • Rupees 15,00,000 (Rupees Fifteen Lakhs) for Bhutan Consultancy
   • Rupees 1.65 Lakhs generated from Training Programs
   • Rupees 1.44 Lakhs generated from Tally Training Program

16.Details of departments        getting    SAP,   COSIST      assistance

Not Applicable

17.Community Services:

Many community service activities were carried out. The college
conducted health check-up camp and eye-check up camp for the needy
and 600 spectacles were donated. The College is supporting several
orphanages. The College initiated tree plantation program with a target of
1 Crore saplings to be planted in association with Radio Mirchi. The
environment club and NSS undertook to clean the K.R. Puram lake
which is currently maintained by the College. The following is an
account of the various community service activities conducted.

Hotel Management Department:
  • Food was prepared by students and served to the orphans of
      Garden City Jeevitha Anathasrama. Students showcase their
      cultural talents by performances to entertain the inmates.
  • A mineral water filter was donated to the orphanage with 25%
      sponsorship from LIFEGUARD Company.

Department of Microbiology:
  • Around 50 students visited Old Age Home at Hosabelaku on 23rd
     March 2007 the team donated Clothes and food was sponsored by
     the students.

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Department of English
  • Sponsored Education of Two Children
  • The Department is sponsoring 4 litres of milk every day to a
     nearby Children’s Home. So far 1096 litres (Rs. 14672) of milk
     has been supplied.

Department of Electronic Media
  • Students visited Garden City Jeevitha Anathasrama for Social

18.Teachers and Officers newly recruited:

No. of Teachers newly recruited: 36
No. of Non-Teaching Staff newly recruited: 07

19.Teaching – Non-teaching staff ratio:
   Teaching staff: 189
   Non-teaching Staff:
   CAO                -1
   Campus Manager - 2
   Registrar          -1
   Office Supt.       -1
   Transport Officer - 1
   P.S. to Principal - 1
   Library Manager - 1
   Librarian          -1
   Asst. Librarian    -1
   Library Asst.      -6
   Clerk              -5
   Systems Admin. - 2
   Comp.Lab-I/c       -6
   Campus Radio I/c - 2
   E-Media Studio I/c - 2
   Labs I/c Science - 14
   Welfare Exe        -2

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   Placement       -2
   Assistants      - 22
   Coach           -2
   Teaching:Non-Teaching Staff ratio: 2.5:1

20.Improvements in Library Services
   • 365 days service introduced including Sundays and Holidays
   • HP Flat Screen with Thin Client CPU machines provided in
   • Photo Library Cards were introduced to borrowers.

21.New Books/Journals subscribed and their value:
   Number of Books purchased in 2006-07               : 3280
   Amount Spent                                       : Rs. 16,51,098
   Total number of Periodicals/Journals subscribed to : 127
   Amount Spent                                       : Rs. 1, 79, 163

22.Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and
   the action taken on student feedback.
Feedback is taken by all the departments and it is compiled and teachers
who had got performance ratings lesser than a specific cut-off level will
be called for counseling and counseled appropriately.

23.Unit cost of education

   Total Revenue Expenditure: Rs. 17,47,93,405
   No. of Students = 4100
   Unit Cost of Education (Including Salary Component)          =   Total
   Revenue Exp./No. of Students = Rs. 42633/-
   Salary to Staff = Rs. 5,07,76, 141/-
   Unit Cost of Education (Excluding Salary Component)
   = 12,40,17,264/4100 = Rs. 30248/-

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24.Computerization of administration and the process of admissions
   and examination results, issue of certificates

Admission Process is completely computerized. Issue of admission
number, admission letter, ID Card etc. are all computerized. Issue of TC
and Conduct Certificate is also computerized. Internal Examination
Results and University Examination Results are published on the college

25.Increase in Infrastructural facilities
 1. A new five storey building is being built to accommodate the new
    programs and to augment the existing facility.
 2. An In-Campus Ladies Hostel is built with modern amenities.
 3. A new cafeteria has been set up for the benefit of students.
 4. Nestle Outlet and Fresheteria has been set up.
 5. College has purchased land of 1,00,000 Sq. Ft.

26.Technology up-gradation
     • Three new projectors (LCD) were purchased during the
        academic year.
     • Media Lab was upgraded with additional software.
     • The College commenced the Campus Radio
     • The campus is Wi-fi enabled.
     • 30 nos. Thin Client CPUs were introduced.

27.Computer and internet access and training to teachers and
The College at present has about 500 machines and internet facility is
available. The college avails the services of Pacific Internet, BSNL,
Reliance Infocomm, TATAINDICOM. The College is Wi-fi enabled.

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28.Financial aid to students

   • Financial aid was given to 107 students by the College
     Management. The total amount of the aid was Rs. 34,38,089
     (Rupees Thirty Four Lakhs Thirty Eight Thousand and Eighy Nine

29.Activities and support from the alumni association
The Alumni meet is held on 18th June every year. The networking with
alumni during the meet and constant touch with the alumni has helped the
institution in bringing companies for placements. The alumni also help
the institution in conduct of training programs and guest lectures.

30.Activities and support from the parent teacher association
The Parent-teacher meet is usually held during the last day of Gardenia –
the College Annual Fest. The PTA extends its support in placements,
industry visits and training programs.

31.Health Services
The College provides health care facilities through the GCC Clinic.
Major ailments of the students are taken care of at the GCC Hospital. The
College has tie-ups with nearby hospitals to attend to emergency cases.
The College has ambulance facility. Regular health-check up camps were

32.Performance in sports activities
The College encourages students’ participation in Sports and games.
During the last academic year students participated in various
tournaments and won many a laurel for the College.
   • The institution won the 3rd All India Intercollegiate Cricket
      Tournament organized by ICFAI at Hyderabad from 21st to 25th
      October 2006.

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   • The institution was the Runners Up in the National Level
     Intercollegiate Table Tennis Tournament organized by Prestige
     College of Management Science, Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 16th
     and 17th of March 2007.
   • Our Cricket Team were semifinalists in the Bangalore University
     Intercollegiate Cricket Tournament.
   • The Bangalore University intercollegiate throw ball tournament
     was organized by RBANMS College on 24/8/2006. Garden City
     College team entered quarter finals.
   • In Bangalore University intercollegiate Football tournament on
     24/8/06 Garden City College team were quarter finalists.
   • In the Bangalore University intercollegiate table tennis tournament
     which was organized by Bishop Cotton College on 18th September
     2006 the College team entered semifinals and Mr. Karan Singh
     Kapoor, student was selected for National Table Tennis
   • In Bangalore University intercollegiate North Zone Volleyball
     tournament on 21/11/06 Garden City College team was quarter
   • In the intercollegiate Volleyball tournament organized by St.
     Joseph College on 29/9/06 Garden City College was runners-up.

33.Incentives to outstanding sports persons

Fee Concessions and Mess/hostel concessions are given for outstanding
sports persons.

34.Student achievement and awards
Our students secured top ranks in university examinations. The following
is the list of students who brought laurel for the institution.
    • Ms. Bhavya P.K. MBA 2006 – I Rank
    • Mr. Deepak Babu M.Sc. Applied Genetics – 2006 – I Rank
    • Ms. Ananya Sarkar M.Sc. Biotechnology – 2006 – II Rank
    • Ms. Divya Srikanthan M.Sc. Applied Genetics – 2006 – III Rank

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     •   Ms. Geetali Neog MTA – 2006 – III Rank
     •   Ms. Aritra Sinha – MSW – 2006 III Rank
     •   Ms. Alsabah Khan – B.Sc. FAD – III Rank
     •   Ms. Alyshea Luann – M.Sc. Applied Genetics – IV Rank

In NCC activities also many of our students got awards in National
Integration Camps held at Shimla and Lakshwadeep.

  35.Activities of the guidance and counseling unit

  Trained and Professional counselors are available with the institution.
  They counsel the students with regard to their personal, academic and
  career related issues.

  36.Placement services provided to students

  The College had vibrant placement the academic year 2006-07. The
  Placement Office organized Campus, Off-Campus interviews, Organizes
  job-fairs, compiles brochures and send them to companies, does
  placement research, organized training program and workshops, does
  career guidance and counseling.

  37.Development program for non-teaching staff
  Every year the College organizes an orientation program for the non-
  teaching staff. In addition to this in the last academic year training
  program on fire-fighting and first aid was organized by the College.

  38.Healthy Practices of the Institution

     • Staff Members are honored by the institution on Teachers’ Day.
     • The College stresses on community service and all the departments
       are actively involved in community service.
     • ‘Gardenia’ – The inter-college fest which is hosted by the
       Institution provides a platform for the students to test their
       organizing skills.

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   • The ‘Talents Day’ provides an avenue for the students to test their
     cultural abilities and talents.
   • Fresher’s Day, International Students Day etc are conducted to
     cater to the needs of different student communities.
   • In all activities students are involved and their contribution is
   • The College holds graduation day for UG & PG and honors the
     best outgoing students of different disciplines every year.
   • The Anti-Ragging committee of the college which has members
     from the nearby police stations of K.R. Puram and Hoskote has
     made the college a ragging free area.

39.Linkages        developed       with        National/International,
   academic/Research bodies
   • The College is associated with Centre for Liquid Crystal Research,
   • The College is associated with ABLE (Association of
      Biotechnology Led Enterprises.
   • The College is a member of SICA (South India Chef Association)
   • The College is associated with FHRAI (Federation of Hotel and
      Restaurant Owners Association of India)
   • The College has tied-up with Eauclaire Institute, USA for offering
      E-learning programmes.

40.Any other relevant information

   • The following faculty members presented/published papers the
     academic year 2006-07
     • Mrs. B. Gayathri Devi (4 Papers)– Department of Mathematics
     • Mr. Shivram N. Patil (1 Paper) – Department of Physics
     • Mr. P. Kalyanasundaram (2 Papers) – Department of
        Management Studies
     • Mr. J.Tribhuvan (4 Papers)– Department of Tourism
     • Mr. Rajkumar (2 Papers)– Department of Fashion and Apparel
          o Mrs. Saritha Krishnan (1 Paper) – Department of
              Management Studies

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      • Mrs. Madhu Arora and Ms. Meera Mathew of Department of
        Fashion and Apparel Design attended 21 days UGC refresher
        course at VHD Home Science College in academic year 2006-

      • NCC Girls wings was started this year.

      • Several faculty members serve the University as Chairman-
        Board of Examination, Examiners, Paper Setters

      • Staff Colloquiums are held every week to provide a platform to
        staff to share their views of different areas and to improve their
        presentation skills.

      • The Institution conducted a BIO-PHARMA job fair in
        association with the Times of India for the benefit of students of
        Life Sciences on where in about 4000 jobseekers participated
        and benefited. Leading companies like Biocon, Avethagen,
        Quintiles, Strides Arco Labs, Indegene Life Systems, Glaxo
        Smithkline, Flamingo, Atrimed Pharma etc participated.

Part C: Plan for the next year

   • The College is planning to host a National Conference in Life
   • The College will encourage more staff members to enroll for
     higher studies
   • An Indoor Sports Stadium is planned for.
   • The institution is planning for www.livegcc.com, an educational
     portal which will have e-library, blogs, music and other attractions.
   • The institution is planning for introduction of new courses like
     Integrated Program in Law and Certificate courses in Life

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