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									     Creative Arts Program 2011

 Our C.A.P. Winter Session Begins soon for 1st-6th graders!
Attached you will find a Course Description, Registration Form, Medical Awareness Form,
Cooking Class Waiver Form, and Behavior Contract to sign your child up for our sixth
annual Creative Arts Program - C.A.P.! Please review the attached course
descriptions with your child/children and fill out a registration form, cooking class waiver
form (if applicable), and behavior contract for each child. The registration form, cooking
class waiver, and behavior contract are due back to your child’s teacher or school office no
later than Friday, November 19th. Confirmations will be sent home via email by
Monday, November 29th. This session will be 6 weeks. There are a wide variety of
classes available with something for everyone! Come and join us for our Winter Session
which starts Tuesday, January 11, 2011.
       Note that the registration deadline is Friday, November 19 !!

Things to remember:
    The C.A.P. classes will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 3:05-4:45 p.m.
                    Snack Time and Room Set-up: 3:05-3:15 p.m.
                    Class Instruction: 3:15-4:35 p.m.
                    Clean-up and Dismissal: 4:35-4:45 p.m.
    Please pack a light snack for your child to eat during our initial room setup.
    Parent volunteers will rotate into the classes to keep our adult-student ratios low.
    Classes are grouped by reasonable ages and kept at no more than 20 students
       (with some exceptions).
    Overall, should our responses be more than we can fill, your money will be
    Please make sure to indicate both a 1st and 2nd class choice.
    Confirmations of class assignments will be sent home via email no later than
       Monday, November 29th. If you do not have email, please note it on your
       registration form, and we will contact you by phone or kid’s backpack mail.
    If you have any questions, please contact Hyla Bean 425-869-9764 or by email

                      C.A.P. is sponsored by Bear Creek PTA
                                   Course Descriptions

                                        2011 C.A.P.
                  Creative Arts Program for Bear Creek
         Session: Winter – 6 weeks              Cost:                   $75-$85/class
         Tuesday, January 11, 18, 25            Art Class Time:         3:15-4:35 p.m.
         Tuesday, February 1, 8, 15             Art Clean-Up Time:      4:35-4:45 p.m.

Clay Creations
Course Code: 1         Grades 1-3            Lego® Jr. Engineering
Enrollment: 20         Fees: $75.00          Course Code: 2      Grades: 1-3
                                             Enrollment: 16      Fees: $75.00
Back by popular demand, this year’s 3-D
art class focuses on hand building with      Discover your inner engineer as you
clay. Discover various methods of clay       design, build, and create with Legos®!
construction, processing bisque ware         This 6 week class is a fun, creative,
(kiln fired) and glazing techniques.         hands-on exploration of simple
Explore all processes while creating         machines—levers, pulleys, gears,
decorative and functional works of art!      wheels—that incorporates math, science,
Instruction provided by Melanie Kanz of      and imagination to solve challenges. It
Shoot the Moon Ceramics in                   starts with an intriguing idea, mixes in a
Woodinville.                                 design and simplified physics lesson,
                                             and within an hour and a half you have
                                             built a tower to reach the ceiling or a car
Fairy Tale Theater                           to zoom across the floor. This class is
Course Code: 3     Grades 1-3                limited to 16 students. The Lego®
Enrollment: 14     Fees: $85.00              classes have proven to be very popular at
                                             Bear Creek. If more students register for
Fairy Tales are fascinating, fun, and        this or any other C.A.P. class then spots
bizarre. Students will analyze the           allowed a lottery drawing will be
commonalities among fairy tales to           conducted. Instruction provided by
determine a definition. They will            Cathy Wheaton. Cathy has two children
compare and contrast fairy tales from        who currently attend Timbercrest Junior
different cultures and look at humorous      High and Bear Creek Elementary and
fairy tale spoofs. Each student will write   are both Lego® enthusiasts. She is a
a fairy tale of their own, then share and    well known Bear Creek parent volunteer,
edit to develop an accomplished story        past BC PTA President, soccer coach,
for puppet theater. Students use paper       etc. Cathy has been trained by Cristall
mache, paint, and fabric to create           Olson our Lego® Robotics instructor
original puppet actors for a theater         and has been teaching the Lego® Jr.
production for family and friends. Class     Engineering class in several after school
is taught by Susan Naranjo. Susan is the     art programs in the Northshore School
founder of Grasshopper Enrichment            District.
Education. This will be Susan’s second
year in our program, last year she was
the instructor for our Mystery Busters
class in C.A.P.
Jump Rope                                    Lego® Sr. Robotics
Course Code: 4        Grades: 1-6            Course Code: 6     Grades: 4-6
Enrollment: 30        Fees: $75.00           Enrollment: 12     Fees: $80.00

Members of the World Champion Jump-          Students in this class will explore basic
Rope Performance team, HOT DOG               robotics using the Lego® Mindstorms.
USA, will be teaching a great class for      They will create and program robots to
elementary aged students. The members        move independently through fun
of the team are National, World, and         challenges. The Lego® classes have
Junior Olympic Champions. The                proven to be very popular at Bear Creek.
instructors have experience with students    If more students register for this or any
of all ages and abilities. Take advantage    other C.A.P. class then spots allowed a
of this wonderful opportunity to have        lottery drawing will be conducted.
your child learn exciting new skills from    Instruction is provided by Cristall Olson.
highly qualified instructors, while          Cristall has brought her Lego® program
participating in fun physical fitness in a   to after school enrichment programs and
positive environment. A nice jump rope       camps throughout the Northshore School
is included in the fee. Instruction          District area. This will be Cristall’s
provided by HOT DOG USA jump rope            third year participating in our C.A.P.
team.                                        program at Bear Creek.

Papercrafting/Cardmaking                     Sewing
Course Code: 5     Grades 3-6                Course Code: 7        Grades: 4-6
Enrollment: 15     Fees: $75.00              Enrollment: 6         Fees: $80.00

Love to craft and make cards? This           Learn everything you need to know
class will offer several unique projects     about sewing: from stitching buttons,
and homemade cards that the kids will        embroidery, and hemming by hand to
rubber stamp and create. Instruction         making fun projects with a sewing
provided by Julie Pitta. Julie is a Bear     machine. During this one hour and
Creek parent, volunteer, and fabulous        twenty minute class we’ll be making a
room parent. Just ask one of our current     sewing needle case, an apron, and a tote
4th grade students about the fantastic       bag which you can make for yourself or
Fall Harvest & Valentine’s parties she       as a cool holiday or birthday gift for
helps organize. Julie loves to inspire       someone you love. You will learn how
others through various means of              to thread a machine, straight stitch,
creativity. She loves photography,           zigzag, measure fabric, press seams with
design, scrapbooking, card making,           a steam iron and much, much more.
home decorating, and is a Stampin UP!        Class projects may change if we have
Demonstrator.                                several returning students. Instructor
                                             Sally Mustarde has been sewing for as
_________________________________            long as she can remember, and is excited
                                             to be bringing her sewing class back to
                                             Bear Creek for a second year. She has
                                             also taught this class in the Woodin after
                                             school arts program. Sally is a current
                                             Bear Creek parent and volunteer.
Intro to Screen Printing
Course Code: 8       Grades: 4-6
Enrollment: 15       Fees: $75.00
                                               Little Cakes, Pies, & Pastries
Custom wearable art! Students will             Course Code: 9        Grades 4-6
explore screen printing as a quick and         Enrollment: 24        Fees: $75.00
simple means of designing and creating
T-shirts as well as pieces of Fine Art.        We have been asked numerous times to
We will discuss the variety of materials       offer a cooking class for the older age
and practice how to use them while             group and we are very excited to offer an
learning various stenciling methods and        updated version of the popular Little
screen printing techniques and how to          Cakes class. In this course you’ll learn
apply them. Course will cover creating a       how to use basic ingredients to create a
good design, making it into a stencil, and     variety of desserts including cupcakes,
transferring it to paper, canvas, or fabric!   apple pie, cinnamon/sugar pretzels, and
Instructor Allyce Wood is an                   other delicious creations. Each class
accomplished artist and graduate of            will also include learning how to make a
Cornish College of the Arts. Her most          quick and delicious after school snack.
recent teaching experience was at the          Kids will learn basic baking and cooking
Gage Academy of the Arts in Seattle.           techniques including measuring, mixing,
She is a friend and colleague of Joe           folding, kneading, cutting, and many
Bosch, our screen print instructor last        more. Please note that steak knives will
year. She is very excited to be teaching       be used to teach knife skills in this class.
this class at Bear Creek.                      Please consider this fact when
                                               registering. Waiver form must be signed
_______________________________                and returned to enroll in this class.
                                               Instruction provided by Anita Barry.
Cartooniversity                                Anita has taught both craft and cooking
Course Code: 10         Grades 4-6             classes in the East Ridge after school art
Enrollment: 20          Fees: $80.00           enrichment program. She has been
                                               trained to teach Little Cakes by our past
Join us for this introduction to cartoon       instructor, Suzanne Brown. Suzanne will
illustration. Learn all aspects of cartoon     be working this year in Little Cakes as
drawing including character                    an assistant.
development, facial expressions,
exaggeration, action/movement, layout,
background, perspective, shading and
much more. The class emphasizes
developing each child’s own style in a
positive, encouraging environment. The
classes are taught by local editorial
cartoonist Jeff Johnson. We are thrilled
to have Jeff back teaching in C.A.P.!
            BEAR CREEK Creative Arts Program Registration Form

       Fill out ONE form per student (form is reproducible for siblings).
                Send completed registration form.
                Send check made payable to Bear Creek PTA. Refer to course description
                  for individual class fee.
                Send signed Creative Arts Program Behavior Contract.
                Send signed Cooking Class Waiver Form if applicable.
                Return registration form, check, cooking class wavier and behavior contract in
                  an envelope marked “CAP” to classroom teacher or school office by Friday,
                  November 19th.

Additional information:
       Confirmations: Will be sent by Monday, November 29th via email.
       Full Classes: In the event a class is full, a full refund will be sent.
       Emergency School Closure and Dismissal Information: We will follow Northshore
       School District’s policy if inclement weather necessitates a schedule change. Please
       check Bear Creek’s website or the Northshore School District’s website. You may also
       be notified via the School Connects automated phone message system if your contact
       phone number is current in the school information system.


         Summary of Courses                                 Summary of Fees
Clay Creations                             1-3 graders               $75
Lego® Jr. Engineering                      1-3 graders               $75
Fairy Tale Theater                         1-3 graders               $85
Jump Rope                                  1-6 graders               $75
Papercrafting/Cardmaking                   3-6 graders               $75
Lego® Robotics                             4-6 graders               $80
Sewing                                     4-6 graders               $80
Intro to Screen Printing                   4-6 graders               $75
Little Cakes, Pies & Pastries              4-6 graders               $75
Cartooniversity                            4-6 graders               $80

                                                   Page 1 of 4
                        URGENT PLEA FOR VOLUNTEERS

We ask that each parent volunteer for at least one class per session. You are the extra helping
hands that make our C.A.P. safe and enjoyable. (In the event that we do not have an adequate
number of volunteers, a class may need to be cancelled.)

I can volunteer for the following Tuesday classes. Please check all the dates that you are
available, and note below if you are able to cover more than one day for the session. Every
attempt will be made to see that you are assigned to your child’s class; however, we may need
coverage elsewhere and appreciate your flexibility.

            Jan 11th___ Jan 18th___ Jan 25th___ Feb 1st ___ Feb 8th ___ Feb 15th___

I would like to volunteer for more than one day, please schedule me for _______days. My
available dates are listed above.

  Student’s Name                                    Home Phone #
  Parent’s Name                                   Cell/Emergency #
  Teacher/Grade                                    E-mail Address
Please list any medical conditions we should be aware of:

Course Name
First Choice______________________________________________________
Second Choice____________________________________________________
Third Choice (optional) _____________________________________________

Sibling/s enrolling?   Yes    No     Sibling/s Name/s:__________________________

I give my permission as Parent/Guardian for my child to attend C.A.P. as listed above. I
understand that I am (or person(s) designated below) responsible for coming to the class to
pick my child up promptly at the end of class and signing my child out, at the assigned
                                        Please circle one:
My child will   BE PICKED UP           GO TO THE YMCA after class.

The following people have permission to pick up my child:
Name                                        Phone number

                                   Payment made by (circle one)
Check                  Full Scholarship (free-lunch)         ½ Scholarship (reduced-lunch)
Please make checks payable to BEAR CREEK PTA and return this registration form with the
Behavior Contract, and Cooking Waiver (if applicable) to your child’s classroom or the school
                                            Page 2 of 4

The Creative Arts Program (C.A.P.) provides a wide variety of art classes for first
through sixth grades. In order for C.A.P. to succeed, participants need to want to participate in
C.A.P. and agree to abide by the following rules:

I therefore agree:

           1. I want to participate in C.A.P.
           2. I will be respectful of class instructors, student volunteers, and parent volunteers.
           3. I will show consideration for others by using an appropriate voice level and by
              listening and using respectful language and gestures.
           4. I will show pride in our school by keeping the school grounds and classroom free
              of litter and taking good care of the building.
           5. I will protect and care for art supplies.
           6. I will not touch or disturb anything in the donated classroom space.
           7. I will build others “up” and not “down”. I will not use put downs, gossip or
              exclude others.
           8. I will eat all snacks in the check-in foyer at school. I will not eat snacks in any
              classrooms or the library.

If I disregard one of above rules, I know the following steps will be taken:

           1) I will be asked to not engage in the inappropriate behavior and my name will be
              placed on a list in the classroom by a parent volunteer, student volunteer or art
           2) If my name is placed on the list twice in one day, I will be asked to leave the
              activity and not interact with others for a temporary period of time.
           3) If my name is placed on the list three times in one day, I will lose the privilege of
              participating in the activity for the remainder of that day. Someone will be
              contacted to pick me up from school or I will wait quietly until I am picked up at
              the end of the session.
           4) Should I lose the privilege of full participation two times (see number 3), I will
              not be invited back to C.A.P. for any remaining sessions. In this case, no money
              will be refunded.

I acknowledge and agree to the above rules of C.A.P.

______________________________________              _______________________________
Student                                              Parent

                                            Page 3 of 4
                        BEAR CREEK ELEMENTARY PTA

Dear Parent of Guardian,

Our Creative Arts Program (C.A.P) Little Cakes, Pies, and Pastries class will be using
dairy products, nut products, and other potentially allergenic foods in the preparation of various

For this reason, the Little Cakes, Pies, and Pastries class is not recommended for children
with food allergies of any kind.

Little Cakes, Pies, and Pastries also involves the use of steak knives to teach knife skills. Safety
and supervision is provided during the class; however, there are inherent risks when using steak
knives. Please consider this fact when registering.

In order to ensure that you are aware of these provisions, we need you to complete, sign, and
date the waiver form below and return it with your C.A.P. registration packet.

In addition, we ask that children with shoulder-length or longer hair wear their hair tied back or
in a hair band during the class.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these important safety rules.

Bear Creek Elementary PTA

I, the undersigned parent or guardian of ___________________________ (print child’s name)
do hereby certify to the Bear Creek PTA that my child does not have any food allergy,
including, but not limited to, any food allergy to dairy products or nuts. Should I become
aware of any food allergy of any kind which my child develops during the course of the
Little Cakes, Pies, and Pastries class, I agree to immediately (within 24 hours) inform the
class instructor. In addition, I hereby certify to the Bear Creek PTA that I understand my
child will be using steak knives in this class and understand there are inherent risks when
using steak knives. By signing this form, I agree to waive any legal or equitable claim I or
my child might have against the Bear Creek PTA or any individual arising from an injury
related to a food allergy or the use of cooking equipment including, but not limited to, steak

___________________________________                   ____________________________________
Parent or Guardian Signature                          Date

                                          Page 4 of 4

Bear Creek Elementary PTA
18101 Avondale Road
Woodinville, WA 98077

                      OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL HOURS

The Bear Creek PTA is delighted to offer enrichment programs for all children at Bear Creek.
We endeavor to provide safe, quality programs and opportunities for every child. As the year
gets underway we are making plans for programs and for the safety of the children and
volunteers involved.

We need to let you know that when PTA programs occur outside of school hours we do not have
all the support that is available during the school day. Specifically, we have no medical
professional during these hours and our insurance, which protects our volunteers and children,
cannot allow our volunteers to store or administer medication or provide medical attention. We,
of course, are always prepared to call 911 in the case of an emergency. But in order to provide
safe program environments for all students and volunteers it is necessary for us to create a plan
for dealing with medical conditions that potentially require the administration of medications or
medical intervention sooner than calling 911 can provide.

If your child has a condition that you believe could require a medical professional’s
attention or the administration of any type of medication, and you wish to have your child
involved in a PTA sponsored program, you as parent or guardian, are responsible for ensuring
this care is available for your child by being present yourself or personally designating another
adult as responsible for your child during the program. If you choose not to do so, we will
assume you did not believe it necessary and that calling 911 in the event of any emergency is

Our goal is to have fun, enriching and safe programs for your children and we hope you
understand our need to have all our children and volunteers give the support they need. Please
know that 911 will be called in the event of any unforeseen emergency, but if you know your
child would require more immediate care, we need your help.

If you have any questions, please contact the chairperson for the program you are interested in.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
                                CREATIVE ARTS PROGRAM
                                BEAR CREEK ELEMENTARY

Concept: a FUN after school arts program aimed at exposing Bear Creek students to various art
forms. This exposure could inspire further exploration and contribute to better performance
against standards in the arts areas.

When: Tuesday afternoons from 3:05-4:45 held in a 6-week session.
      January 11, 18, 25, February 1, 8, and 15, 2011.

The first 10 minutes allows students to gather, be checked-in, and snack while volunteers drape
“off limits” areas and help set out supplies. Instructors may use some of this time for
background explanations or warm-up. The next hour and twenty minutes is full instructional
“hands on” for everyone. The last 10 minutes allows for clean-up, pack-up, and check out to

What: Three or more art experiences are offered each session. Each area is divided by age into
1st-3rd and 4th-6th or at the discretion of the instructor, for a total of 10 courses. Our goal is to
offer performance based classes, 2-Dimensional visual art and 3-D visual art classes each
session. Our guiding factors are feedback from each session, subcommittee research on
professionals to teach in these areas, and a diverse offering to appeal to a mix of age and gender.

How: The fee is $75-$85 per child for each 6 week session. This allows us to reimburse our
instructors and also provide a material allowance per session (reimbursed allowance with
receipts and reimbursement form). In many cases the students can take materials home with
them at the end of the session for continued use. At the end of each school year, we may be able
to purchase with excess funds permanent materials both for the program and the school’s use.

         Our class size is 6-20 students based on the content of the class. Our registration period
takes place before each session and is lottery based. Students have a first choice and then the
option of second and third choices. If siblings register, they will be enrolled if a student is
chosen in the lottery. As volunteers are essential to the program, parents are asked to volunteer
at least once throughout the session. We will include older siblings as volunteers such as those
in the junior and senior high school grades in order for them to earn community service hours.

       Administrative areas are divided within our PTA committee to include Registration
(packets, intake, confirmations), Instructor Liaison (instructor search, contracts, budget,
classroom space), and Volunteer Coordinator (scheduling and reminder emails/phone calls).

        Course descriptions, outline and curriculum are the responsibility of the instructor. Our
intent is for high instructional standards while allowing instructors the creative freedom to design
an exciting course appropriate to age group and class size. We expect periodic finished art or
literary projects to come home with students.
        We have been able to utilize the Library and Music Room for classroom space by
reserving these areas through the district. The remainder of our classroom space is donated
(through request) by our classroom teachers.

Benefits of the C.A.P. Program


        Increased arts exposure, experimentation
        Enriches other curriculum areas
        Exposure to arts professionals in our community
        Classes developed for age appropriate learning
        Hands-on use of special materials and techniques that they may be able to keep at the end
         of the session
        Success and creativity
        Contribution to better performance against standards in the arts area


        Children receive further learning enrichment
        Low cost per 6 week session with availability of scholarships
        Convenience of location
        Safe environment with low adult/student ratio through volunteers
        Feedback opportunities on program since administered by own PTA


        Guaranteed significant per session rate
        Generous materials allowances for class supplies and control of purchase
        Primary control over course outline, materials and curriculum
        Low adult/student ratio with volunteers allows for class efficiency
        Administration handled by PTA
        Breakdown of 6-20 students by age groups allows instruction to be tailored and more


        Feedback opportunities to shape and support the program
        Use of program to support curriculum
        Personal assurance from PTA coordinators that donated classroom space will be used
         respectfully and left intact

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