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					                                             Figurative Language Quiz

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;                          A plate heaped high
He will not see me stopping here                             with spaghetti
To watch his woods fill up with snow.                        all covered with tomato sauce
                                                             is just about my favorite meal.
My little horse must think it queer                          It looks just like a gigantic heap of:
To stop without a farmhouse near                             steaming
Between the woods and frozen lake                                      tangled
The darkest evening of the year.                                  mixed
He gives his harness bells a shake                           twizzled
To ask if there is some mistake.                                       twisted
The only other sound's the sweep                             wound
Of easy wind and downy flake.                                     up
The woods are lovely, dark and deep.                         WORMS!
But I have promises to keep,                                 I like picking them up one at a time;
And miles to go before I sleep,                              Swallowing them slowly
And miles to go before I sleep.                              heads first,
                                                             until the tail flips
1. ____What is the rhyme scheme of the first stanza?         across my cheek
a. a,b,c,b                                                   before finally wriggling down my throat.
b. a,a,b,c                                                   But best of all,
c. a,a,b,a                                                   when I’ve finished eating
d.a, b,c,a                                                   I go and look in a mirror
                                                             because the tomato sauce
2. ____Which line best describes the mood of this poem?      smeared around my mouth
a. He gives his harness bells a shake                        makes me look like a clown.
b. My little horse must think it queer                                          - Frank Flynn
c. His house is in the village though
d. The woods are lovely, dark, and deep                      5. “It looks like a gigantic heap of/
3. ____Which description best describes the emotions of      /woozled/WORMS!” is an example of _____________.
the narrator?                                                a. simile
a. exciting and joyous                                       b. personification
b. solemn and calm             (solemn=serious, a bit sad)   c. hyperbole
c. scared and anxious          (anxious= very nervous)       d. metaphor
d. bored and distracted
                                                             6. “Swallowing them slowly heads first, until the tail flips
4. ____Based on evidence from the poem, what can we          across my cheek” is an example of _____________.
infer about the narrator?                                    a. simile
a. He is not friends with the owner of the woods.            b. onomatopoeia
b. He does not want to stay in the woods.                    c. hyperbole
c. He has no obligations at home.                            d. metaphor
d. He does not usually stop in these woods.
from EVENING: PONTE AL MARE, PISA                        “LEOPARD”
The sun is set; the swallows are asleep;
  The bats are flitting fast in the grey air;            Gentle hunter
The slow soft toads out of damp corners creep,           His tail plays on the ground
  And evening’s breath, wandering here and there         While he crushes the skull.
Over the quivering surface of the stream,
  Wakes not one ripple from its summer dream.            Beautiful death
                                                         Who puts on a spotted robe
7. Which of the following lines does not contain         When he goes to his victim.
a. 1                                                     Playful killer
b. 2                                                     Whose loving embrace
c. 3                                                     Splits the antelope’s heart.
d. 4                                                                      -Yoruba poem

8. Which of the following lines contains an example of   12. _____In stanza two, the author uses a metaphor to
onomatopoeia?                                            compare.
a. 1                                                     a. Death to its victims.
b. 2                                                     b. A hunter its prey.
c. 3                                                     c. Violence to the beauty of the forest.
d. 4                                                     d. A leopard to its coat.

9. Which of the following lines contains an example of   13. _____Which word best describes the author’s tone in
personification?                                         the poem?
a. 1                                                     a. playful
b. 2                                                     b. peaceful
c. 3                                                     c. admiring
d. 4                                                     d. envious

10. What is the mood of the poem?                        from “THE TYGER”
a. ominous                                               When the stars threw down their spears,
b. peaceful                                              And water’d heaven with their tears,
c. bored                                                 Did he smile his work to see?
d. anxious                                               Did he who made the Lamb make thee?
                                                                                 -William Blake
                                                         14. The above stanza contains an example of
The wind blew cold from south and north.                 ____________________.
 It blew across the floor:                               a. simile
The old man said to his wife,                            b. personification
 “Get up and shut the door.”                             c. onomatopoeia
                                                         d. hyperbole
“My hands are in the pudding basin.
   Husband, can’t you see?
If it has to wait a hundred years,
   It won’t be shut by me.
                          - Ian Serrailler

11. Line 7 is an example of _____________________.
a. metaphor
b. onomatopoeia
c. hyperbole
d. alliteration
“THE EAGLE”                                                    From A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM
He clasps the crag with crooked hands;
Close to the sun in lonely lands,                              I stand amid the roar
Ringed with the azure world, he stands.                        Of a surf tormented shore,
                                                               And I hold in my hand
The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;                           Grains of the golden sand –
He watches from his mountain walls,                            How few! yet how they creep
And like a thunderbolt he falls.                               Through my fingers to the deep,
                                                               While I weep – while I weep!
15. “The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls” contains             Oh God! can I not grasp
_____________.                                                 Them with a tighter clasp?
a. simile                                                      Oh God! can I not save
b. hyperbole                                                   One from the pitiless wave?
c. personification                                             Is all that we see or seem
d. alliteration                                                But a dream within a dream?
                                                                                - Edgar Allan Poe
16. “He clasps the crag with crooked hands” contains
_____________.                                                 18. The sand is a ____________ for time.
a. metaphor                                                    a. metaphor
b. alliteration                                                b. hyperbole
c. hyperbole                                                   c. personification
                                                               d. simile
d. onomatopoeia
                                                               19. Which line contains an example of onomatopoeia?
17. Which of the following lines best supports the author’s    a. 1
tone of admiration for the eagle?                              b. 6
a. He clasps the crag with crooked hands.                      c. 9
b. Close to the sun in lonely lands.                           d. 12
c. The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls.
d. And like a thunderbolt he falls.                            20. Which line contains an example of alliteration?
                                                               a. 1
                                                               b. 4
                                                               c. 5
                                                               d. 10

                                                               21. “One from the pitiless wave” contains an example of
                                                               a. hyperbole
                                                               b. simile
                                                               c. alliteration
                                                               d. personification

22. A pair of rhyming lines is called a _____________.         23. Which of the following is not a purpose of using meter and
a. couplet                                                     rhythm in a poem?
b. double                                                      a. to imitate an action
c. trochee                                                     b. to emphasize a meaning
d. diatom                                                      c. to appeal to sense of sight
                                                               d. to establish a mood

BONUS: Use the word box to fill in the blanks. You get one point for each blank. YOU MUST SPELL THE WORDS CORRECTLY!
 Hexameter                 Pentameter                  Spondee                    Trimeter              Iambic
 Trochee                   Biebermeter                 Hectameter                 Octameter             Dactyl
Shakespeare is known for using ________________ ___________________ in his works, which is using five pairs of unstressed
then stressed syllables.
Poe used __________________ _______________ in “The Raven”, which is eight pairs of stressed then unstressed syllables.