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									Theme: teens Junkiest was approached what the stay away

Injecting drug users became more and more increasing. The Indonesian government is very
concerned about the increasing number of users of psychoactive substances very quickly,
especially injecting drug users, as well as health and social problems are related.
In Jakarta, 68% of patients who went to the Hospital Drug Dependency (RSKO) were injecting
drug users (IDUs). The number of IDUs in Bandung until August 2005 is estimated at 6000
people, whereas IDUs contributed by 61% in the prevalence of HIV / AIDS. In East Java,
currently estimated there are about 12,000 injecting drug users, 2000 of them are in the city of
Surabaya. Than 62% of 317 patients with HIV / AIDS are treated in hospital in Surabaya
Government until December 2004 were IDUs
80 Percent Transmission of HIV / AIDS also spurred the use of narcotics, alcohol, psychotropic
and other addictive substances (drugs) by injection. Half of drug users
HIV-infected needles in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and India
Injecting drug usage is also highlighted in the Global Progress Report HIV. Global Progress
Report Survey reveals lack of access coverage of HIV prevention among injecting drug
users. Globally, less than five percent of injecting drug users who access HIV / AIDS

Questions arise:
1. What is the purpose of the Junkiest these?
2. What if the Junkiest it exists in our lives?
3. If the Junkiest takes us into his world of what we should do?
4. What is the cause if we do not give a little distance to our association terhadapa the
5. If my boyfriend a Junkiest trus what should I do? (What I have to memeutuskannya)
6. What if the Junkiest it exists in my family environment?

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