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					2010 DOKTRINE
Packet by Dan Donohue & Jeff Geringer


1. His idea of comedy is “two hobos sharing a bean,” and, according to his coworkers, no one can read his
thoughts during a game of poker because he “doesn’t have any.” This character worships in the bottom of a
Cuban restaurant(*); and after trying coffee, he misses a train to his home state, the “Quarter to Midnight Train to
Georgia.” He sees everyone as Muppets and may have had a relationship with his coworker Cerie Xerox. He took
his middle name from his mother Ellen and would never do anything “to disgrace the peacock,” often performing
errands for Jenna Moroney, Tracy Jordan, and Liz Lemon. For 10 points, name this NBC page played by Jack
McBrayer on 30 Rock.
ANSWER: Kenneth Ellen Parcell [accept either underlined name]

2. This work prompted one critic to say, “It’s shocking, outrageous, insulting, and I loved every minute of it!”
The title character asserts, “It ain’t no mystery if it’s politics or his’try/The thing you gotta know
is/Evry’thing is showbiz”. After Franz Lebkind breaks his leg, the title character is played by Roger DeBris, who
declares himself “the German Ethel Merman” after saying, “Heil myself!” Featuring dancing stormtroopers and a
rotating swastika, it was thought to be “the worst show ever written.” For 10 points, name this “Gay Romp with Eva
and Adolf at Berchtesgaden”, a musical that is produced by Max Bialystock and Leopold Bloom in the Mel Brooks
musical The Producers.
ANSWER: Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Eva and Adolf at Berchtesgaden

3. Beatrix Bloxam bastardized this work which, in its only published form, does not feature the famous
“Grumble the Grubby Goat.” A knight, Asha, Altheda, and Amata travel to a spring of water that solves
their problems. Another woman turns into a rabbit and hides inside a tree trunk to avoid being beheaded by
a king. The most famous story in this collection concerns some men who receive a ring, cloak, and wand from
Death. “The Warlock‟s Hairy Heart,” and “Babby Rabbity and her Cackling Stump are among the stories in this
collection. Willed by Albus Dumbledore to Hermione Granger, for 10 points, name this collection of six fairy tales
from the Harry Potter universe.
ANSWER: The Tales of Beedle the Bard [prompt on The Toadstool Tales]

4. In this man’s first mixed martial arts fight, he beat Min Soo Kim at K-1 Dynamite. Later, he lost his next
fight at UFC 81 to Frank Mir, but he later dominated Mir at UFC 100. He hasn’t fought in months due to
mononucleosis brought on by an intestinal perforation, although(*) he will fight Shane Carwin when he returns.
In 2004, he played a few preseason games as a defensive lineman for the Vikings, but he was eventually cut. As a
professional wrestler, his finishing move was the F-5. For 10 points, identify this professional wrestler turned UFC
fighter, the current UFC heavyweight champion.
ANSWER: Brock Lesnar

5. Toward the end of this film, a character shaves and puts on glasses before leaving two treacherous brothers
to fight over a gun. One character is a model whose broken leg gives some heavy-duty irony to her
apartment’s view of a billboard featuring her(*). Another character wants to run away with Susana, but needs
Cofi to win him a lot of money first. Nominated for the 2000 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, it was the first
Mexican film to win the equivalent award from BAFTA. Its epic scope and interlocking stories are also qualities of
the later film Babel by its director, Alejandro González Iñárritu. FTP, Gael Garcia Bernal had his first major role in
what drama that tells three different stories of people who love their dogs?
ANSWER: Amores Perros [no one really calls it by an English name]

6. One song on this album begins “The night is black without a moon, the air is thick and still” while another
contains the lines “Everybody got mixed feelings about the function and the form. Everybody got to deviate
from the norm.” Those songs are “Witch Hunt” and “Vital Signs.”(*) More famous tracks on this album contain
lines like “Those who wish to be must put aside the alienation” and “What you say about his company is what you
say about society.” This album also contains the lyric-less track “YYZ” and “Red Barchetta.” For 10 points, name
this Rush album that contains the tracks “Tom Sawyer” and “Limelight” with a cover that shows men literally
carrying works of art.
ANSWER: Moving Pictures

7. One player from this country was a four-year starter at West Virginia alongside players like Kevin
Pittsnogle; another was a star for the University of Washington and reached the NBA finals with the Seattle
Supersonics. One man from this country’s national team was a second-overall draft pick by the Philadelphia
76ers. Current Clippers center Chris Kaman plays for(*) this national team, as does a player drafted by the
Bucks in 1998 and immediately traded to his current team. That same player lost a first-round series to the Golden
State Warriors after winning the MVP for that season, 2007. For 10 points, identify this country, the home of Jan
Jagla, Detlef Schrempf, and Dirk Nowitzki.
ANSWER: Federal Republic of Germany [or Bundesrepublik Deutschland]

8. This man did not speak while playing Kit Kat, a character who is betrayed and killed by Minerva in 1991’s
Hudson Hawk. In a 1995 film, he discovers a sex tape of the titular prostitute while getting it on with Linda
Fiorentino. Besides starring in Jade, he played a character married to Laura Michaels who resigns(*) after
Arthur Fancy realizes he helped destroy some incriminating evidence. Besides playing detective John Kelly on
NYPD Blue, he rescues Alexx Wood from Kendrick, fires Ryan Wolfe, and says puns in response to grisly murders
while putting on his sunglasses to the strains of “Won‟t Get Fooled Again” by The Who. For 10 points, what
redhead plays Lt. Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami?
ANSWER: David Caruso

9. This Andrey Ternovskiy creation brought Jon Stewart into contact with Brian Williams, and a YouTube
user used this thing to imitate Ben Folds, prompting Folds to use it to broadcast his performance of “Ode to
Merton.” On the South Park episode “You have 0 Friends,” Cartman helps Kyle meet a Jewish boy here. The
Deer Hunter inspired the name of this website, whose users can be presented with the message, “Basically, three
people in the last 5 minutes didn‟t like what you have broadcasted and that‟s why you‟ve lost this game. You‟ve
been blocked for 40 minutes.” Mostly featuring men masturbating, for 10 points, name this website in which
webcam users are randomly paired with another user for video chat.

10. Although he didn’t even attend high school, this player served as Harvard’s pitching coach during the
early 1900s. In the first World Series, he won two games for the Boston Americans en route to a series win.
One year later, he threw the first perfect game(*) under “modern rules,” and, despite an illustrious career, he
holds the record for most losses by a pitcher. He is the current record-holder for all time wins at 517. For 10 points,
identify this old-time baseball player whose namesake award was first won by Don Newcombe and later by players
like Roger Clemens, an award given to the best pitcher in the league.
ANSWER: Denton True “Cy” Young

11. A deleted scene from this movie concerns “Those Darn Homos,” and this movie’s score features “Money
for Nothin/The Beverly Hillbillies.” In this movie, a blind character tries and fails several times to solve a
Rubik’s cube, and the protagonist makes and eats a Twinkie wiener sandwich(*). Much to the anger of R.J.
Fletcher, weird ideas like “Wheel of Fish” bring success for characters like Philo, Noodles McIntosh, and Fran
Drescher‟s Pamela Finkelstein. Though Channel 8 tries to stop that success with a buy-out, the antics of janitor
Stanley Spadowski, played by Michael Richards, ultimately bring in enough money during Channel 62‟s telethon.
For 10 points, name this 1989 movie in which “Weird” Al Yankovic competes with a VHF station.

12. On one episode of this show, a character is mocked for doing “the wave” and fights in front of the Palace
Hotel before his attacker retreats to a brunch hosted by Bart. In the current season, a movie star named
Olivia Burke dates Jenny’s older brother, an aspiring poet(*). But that character, Dan, later dates Vanessa
Abrams, all the while pining for the object of Nate Archibald‟s affections. Chuck Bass dates Blair Waldorf, the best
friend of Serena van der Woodsen, on this show, whose title character is “your one and only source into the
scandalous lives of Manhattan‟s elite.” Kristen Bell blogs, for 10 points, what CW series starring Blake Lively that
is based on an eponymous, alliterative series of books?
ANSWER: Gossip Girl
13. “Passions burning on the fire” are discussed on one of this album’s songs, performed by Suzanne D’Mello
and BlaZe. In addition to “Dreams on Fire” and “Gangsta Blues,” this album features a DFA Remix of a song
that asserts, “If you catch me at the border/I got visas in my name” and(*) “All I wanna do is [gun sound effect]
and [cash register sound effect] take your money.” In addition to “Latika‟s Theme” and “Paper Planes,” M.I.A. also
sings that she has been made shifty by sweatshops and “run[s] so fast they can‟t even catch me.” For 10 points,
name this album with several A.R. Rahman productions including “O Saya” and “Jai Ho,” the soundtrack of a movie
about an Indian kid who wins Who Wants to be a Millionaire.
ANSWER: Slumdog Millionaire: Music From the Motion Picture [accept clear-knowledge equivalents; don‟t
accept any M.I.A. albums because they don‟t feature the “DFA Remix”]

14. This man directed movies in which Adrien Brody engineers animal DNA, and the ghost of Dr. Cesares
helps children escape an orphanage, and a 2002 sequel that sees two vampires in the Bloodpack get killed by
Wesley Snipes. Those movies are Splice, The Devil’s Backbone, and Blade II. In the magnum opus of this
producer of The Orphanage(*), Captain Vidal‟s daughter Ofelia, eludes the Pale Man, a creature with eyes in the
palms of his hands, while on a quest for the titular faun during the Spanish Civil War. He directs a franchise that
features Doug Jones as Abe Sapien and Ron Perlman as the title demon. Set to direct The Hobbit, for 10 points,
name this Mexican director of Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy movies.
ANSWER: Guillermo del Toro (or Guillermo del Toro Gómez)

15. Captain Shears tries to resurrect this character on Titania, but that plan is foiled by the Hot Rodders.
Dash Bowman is this man’s grandson, and another character with lines like “Stick to the pond, Froggy” is
this character’s nephew. In one game, he uses the SharpClaw clan to (*)bring him back to life and hides on the
backside of a giant Krazoa statue before ascending into space. After being defeated, the boss from the Corneria level
screams “You‟ll never defeat” this character, who appears as a giant brain when his planet, Venom, is attacked from
the top. For 10 points, name this character depicted as a giant head with disembodied hands, the villain of the Star
Fox series.
ANSWER: Andross

16. This team took some serious beatdowns from Mario Lemieux’s Penguins team in the 1991 Stanley Cup
finals, and they lost a 1992 playoff game to Detoit in which the first-ever use of instant replay in the NHL
playoffs confirmed a Red Wings goal. They lost their first Stanley Cup final to the Islanders in 1991(*). Neal
Broten played the most games for this franchise and spent the first thirteen years of his career with them. Dino
Ciccarelli and Brian Bellows scored 342 and 332 with this franchise, respectively. This team played its games at the
Met Center in Bloomington. For 10 points, identify this NHL franchise that moved to Dallas in 1993 and dropped
the word “North” from their title.
ANSWER: Minnesota North Stars

17. At the beginning of the video for this song, the artist poses on top of a new car with a bow on it. The
vocalist in this song never answers a call when it’s private because he “ain’t a shy bitch,” and unleashes
aphorisms like “It ain’t trickin’ if you got it” before asking “Where is Erykah Badu at?”(*) The rest of the
video follows the vocalist through a series of chairs and dressing rooms while getting ready for a photo shoot. The
rapper in this song also claims that he is “tougher than Nigerian hair” and that he is a venereal disease. For 10
points, name this Lil‟ Wayne song that beings with the exclamation “young money” in which a background loop
repeats the title for three minutes.
ANSWER: “A Milli”

18. The final scenes of this movie take place at Cable 54, and some characters have a watch that transports
them into an underground network of tunnels. The protagonist gets a job in construction and finds a nearby
church that is really a front for scientific research(*). Money reads “This is your God” and other billboards read
“Marry and Reproduce” and “Obey.” Arguably the most famous line from this movie refers to “kicking ass and
chewing bubble gum,” and the main character, Nada, is all out of bubble gum. For 10 points, identify this laughably
bad „80s sci-fi flick in which Roddy Piper‟s character puts on special sunglasses and discovers that his world is run
by aliens.
ANSWER: They Live
19. As of 2001, Kelvin Inman worked for this organization. Founded by Gerald and Karen DeGroot, it has six
stated goals, one of which involves “utopian social-” something or other. Its Cerberus Security System was
headed by LeFleur, who answered to Horace Goodspeed, who answered to University of Michigan
scientists(*). Funded by the Hanso Foundation, they killed the Hostiles in 1992 as part of “The Purge,” and
Radzinsky released a catastrophic amount of electromagnetic energy during their “Incident.” The Swan or “the
hatch” is one of their research stations, and their numbers of 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 puzzled the survivors of Oceanic
815. For 10 points, name this mysterious research organization from Lost.
ANSWER: DHARMA Initiative [or Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications]

20. All their albums except For Me, It’s You have spawned exactly one omnipresent hit single. That album’s
single “Cab” reached #9 on the Adult Top 40, and their cover of “Ramble On” inspired Brendan O’Brien to
produce their 2001 sophomore album. In December 2009, Nielsen announced that the title track from that
album was the #2 song of the entire decade(*), measured by radio plays. Formed in 1994 by Rob Hotchkiss and
Pat Monahan, their new album Save Me San Francisco, which features the triple-platinum single “Hey Soul Sister”.
FTP, what bland, inoffensive rock band have been heard in the background of over 1 quadrillion commercials and
TV episodes with songs like “Calling All Angels”, “Meet Virginia”, and “Drops of Jupiter”?
ANS: Train

TB1. Year and event required. In group play, a 90th-minute penalty kick gave one team a 4-3 victory over a
Mohammed Zidan-led Egyptian squad. In the same group, the U.S. advanced over Italy despite the same
number of points and the same goal differential. Iraq and New Zealand drew nil-nil in the other group, from
which Spain advanced(*). The final saw the tournament‟s high scorer, Luís Fabiano helped Brazil triumph 3-2. In
the most famous game, Michael Bradley was red-carded after Clint Dempsey scored on Iker Casillas while Tim
Howard held Torres and Villa scoreless. For 10 points, name this soccer tournament that saw the U.S. upset Spain,
played last summer in South Africa with one team from each continent.
ANSWER: 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup [both parts required]

TB2. This work ends with the soundbyte “Ow, bitch. Bye!” A “beautiful, beautiful, beast” wears only black
stilettos and removes a bottle of wine from between her legs, proceeding to drink from it in this work edited
by Jonny Fly. The main dude introduces scenes on a small flatscreen TV while wearing a white hat and blue
fleece(*), earlier questioning why he must leave their room on a Wednesday. That “Hotel Bathroom” scene precedes
one in which the title character films her breasts to prove they are not veiny, before the final “Color Blowjob” scene.
Its most famous scene is now in black and white, not blue-green. For 10 points, in what video does Rick Saloman
have Nightvision sex with the star of The Simple Life?
ANSWER: 1 Night in Paris [accept Paris Hilton Sex Tape and other obvious equivalents]

TB3. One song by this band opens with the line “his head was a city of paper buildings” and continues with
“cause he had sworn not to be what he had been before.” That song is “Long Division.” On the same album,
another song contains the line “the optimist died inside of me” before the chorus of “No sunlight, no sunlight.” In
another song by this band, the titular figure “lived someone else‟s dream in a hand-me-down wedding dress,” and
“soon everybody will ask what became of” her. That song is “Cath.” For 10 points, name this band front Ben
Gibbard that proudly didn‟t use Auto-Tune on their hits “I Will Possess Your Heart” and “Soul Meets Body.”
ANSWER: Death Cab for Cutie
Packet by Dan Donohue & Jeff Geringer


1. Adult Swim picked up his web series, Childrens’ Hospital, and he played Ari Fleischer in W. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this star of the short-lived series The Winner, whose younger brother, Nate, was also a Daily Show
ANSWER: Rob Corddry
[10] Rob Corddry played Lou in this 2010 film whose titular Jacuzzi, in a suite at Kodiak Valley, transports John
Cusack‟s character to a time when his future still lay ahead of him.
ANSWER: Hot Tub Time Machine
[10] Hot Tub Time Machine also stars this actor as the geeky Jacob. He played “Party Teenager #1,” the kid with
black hair and glasses that keeps popping up in Superbad, and stars as Dale Kettlewell on Greek.
ANSWER: Clark Duke

2. Identify the following athletes notable for their run-ins with the law, for 10 points each.

[10] This ex-Steelers and Giants wide receiver is currently in prison stemming from an incident in which his gun
accidentally fired within his sweatpants.
ANSWER: Plaxico Burress
[10] When this bipolar defensive tackle played for the Bears, he tore a doctor‟s office up when the doctor was late.
Years later, he threatened the flight crew on a regional flight and the plane had to make an emergency landing.
ANSWER: Alonzo Spellman
[10] This Polish placekicker for Oakland has been charged with a DUI, but narrowly evaded deportation-worthy
charges of bribery and later possession of GHB.
ANSWER: Sebastian Janikowski

3. Answer the following about controversial album covers, for 10 points each.

[10] This California punk band‟s self-titled 1989 debut featured an alien bursting out of a man‟s chest holding a
Stratocaster. Their subsequent releases, Ignition and Smash, had pretty tame covers.
ANSWER: The Offspring
[10] This band‟s album covers for Lovedrive and Animal Magnetism was controversial, but the shit hit the fan when
they put a naked ten-year-old on the cover of Virgin Killer.
ANSWER: Scorpions
[10] This famous couple is pictured naked on the cover of their 1969 album Two Virgins. For 10 points, name both
of these people.
ANSWERS:          John Lennon
                  Yoko Ono or Ono Yoko
                  [both answers required]

4. Ensign, set course for a Star Trek bonus. Engage. For 10 points each:

[10] In the Trek universe, faster-than-light travel is measured in this unit. If you achieve speeds greater than factor
ten of this measurement, you will inhabit every point in the galaxy and turn into a lizard.
ANSWER: warp
[10] Humans first achieved warp speed when this drunkard scientist tested his space ship and was observed by
Vulcans. Geordi La Forge totally went to a high school named after him.
ANSWER: Zefram Cochrane
[10] While the Vulcans achieved warp speed first, it didn‟t protect them from getting their shit stomped by this
tattooed Romulan miner from the future. His ship, the Narada, got eaten up by a black hole.
5. In 2003 the Cubs were just outs away from going to their first world series since Truman was in office—then
disaster struck. For 10 points each:

[10] Luis Castillo hits a fly ball to left field. This infamous fan reaches out and interferes with the ball, marking a
turn for the worst.
ANSWER: Steve Bartman
[10] This Cubs left fielder gives chase, but is unable to make the catch. His father Felipe managed the Expos and
Giants. He also pees on his hands before every game.
ANSWER: Moises Alou
[10] Things took a turn for the worst when this Cubs shortstop channeled Bill Buckner and missed a double play
ball. He shares his name with a more talented shortstop, currently on the Blue Jays, nicknamed “Sea-bass.”
ANSWER: Alex Gonzalez

6. It ends after Amanda Bynes‟ character shows her breasts offscreen and scores a winning penalty kick on her ex-
boyfriend Justin. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 2006 movie in which Viola comes to Illyria High School, poses as her brother Sebastian, and joins
the soccer team with the attractive Duke Orsino.
ANSWER: She’s the Man
[10] She’s the Man was adapted from this work. In Shakespeare in Love, Queen Elizabeth demands a farce for this
Christian holiday, so the Bard is inspired to write about the cross-dressing antics of Gwyneth Paltrow‟s character.
ANSWER: Twelfth Night; or, What You Will
[10] Twelfth Night was adapted by Trevor Nunn into a 1996 movie starring this woman as Viola. She played Lucy
Steele in 1995‟s Sense and Sensibility and is married to Nunn.
ANSWER: Imogen Stubbs

7. For 10 points each, answer the following about cards from Magic the Gathering.

[10] This zero-cost artifact card, a flower that can be sacrificed for mana, is currently the most valuable and sought-
after card ever printed.
ANSWER: Black Lotus
[10] Five of these other cards were printed in the original sets. Also colorless, costless artifacts, they provide mana
of a specific color. The five types of this card are pearl, emerald, jet, ruby, and sapphire.
ANSWER: moxes
[10] Magic the Gathering is printed by this company, now owned by Hasbro, also behind Dungeons and Dragons
and the Pokemon trading card game.
ANSWER: Wizards of the Coast

8. It bills itself as “America‟s Rollercoast.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this home of Millenium Force, an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio that extends into Lake Erie and
ties the record for most roller coasters in a single park at seventeen.
ANSWER: Cedar Point
[10] Cedar Point is home to this yellow and pink stratacoaster whose riders board “race cars” that are shot up a 420
foot “top hat” hill at 120 miles per hour and then dropped almost straight down.
ANSWER: Top Thrill Dragster
[10] Top Thrill Dragster lost its title as the world‟s fastest and tallest roller coaster upon the 2005 opening of this Six
Flags Great Adventure attraction. It is basically the same as Top Thrill Dragster, just painted green.
ANSWER: Kingda Ka

9. This album‟s titular concept is described as “a musical kink coming from our roots”. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 1999 album that also contains the songs “Move Your Body” and “Silicon World.”
ANSWER: Europop
[10] This dance song was the main hit off the Europop album. Everything in the song is the title color, including a
corvette, a girlfriend, and “the feelings that live inside me.” Even the words he speaks are the title color.
ANSWER: “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”
[10] This band, named after a French landmark, released the Europop album and the above track, “Blue.”
ANSWER: Eiffel 65

10. Her name did not appear on the poster of The Asphalt Jungle. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this iconic American actress who may have had an affair with JFK and whose dress is blown upward by
a train in The Seven Year Itch.
ANSWER: Marilyn Monroe [or Norma Jeane Mortenson; or Norma Jeane Baker]
[10] Marilyn Monroe‟s breakout role came in this 1950 drama in which the seemingly innocent title character comes
to take over the life of Bette Davis‟s Margo Channing, a washed-up stage actress.
ANSWER: All About Eve
[10] All About Eve was written and directed by this American filmmaker who also directed Suddenly, Last Summer
and the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra.
ANSWER: Joseph Leo Mankiewicz

11. As a military leader in the Democratic Order of Planets, he captains the Nimbus. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this girdle wearer and self-described “sexlexia” sufferer, often accompanied by Kif, who fails time and
time again to charm Leela on Futurama.
ANSWER: Captain Zapp Brannigan [accept either]
[10] You can tell Zapp Brannigan was meant to be voiced by this actor, but he was shot by his heroin-crazed wife in
1998. He impersonated Bill Clinton on SNL and voiced Troy McClue on The Simpsons.
ANSWER: Phil Hartman
[10] According to Paul Reubens, Phil Hartman was instrumental in the development of this Reubens character who
had his own TV Playhouse before Reubens was arrested for indecent exposure.
ANSWER: Pee-wee Herman [accept either]

12. This song contains unforgettable lines like “fucking magnets, how do they work?” For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this song that also attributes “fucking rainbows,” “long-neck giraffes,” and “ghosts” to the titular
phenomena. According to one vocalist, scientists are just lying and getting him pissed.
ANSWER: “Miracles”
[10] “Miracles” is a recent song from this rap duo behind “Southwest Voodoo” and “Halls of Illusions.” Their fans
are known as “juggalos” and they run the label Psychopathic Records.
ANSWER: Insane Clown Posse [or ICP]
[10] The video for this ICP song repeats the chorus “Hey, ho, ride.” The video makes less sense than Japanese
television, but apparently the titular ride spins fast enough that your soul will leave your body.
ANSWER: “Tilt-A-Whirl”

13. Joe Hisaishi scored this film, which draws on “The Little Mermaid” and The Valkyrie for inspiration. For 10
points each:

[10] Name this 2008 animated feature from Japan in which the titular goldfish decides she wants to be a human
being after meeting the young boy Sosuke.
ANSWER: Ponyo on the Cliff [or Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea]
[10] Ponyo was directed by this Japanese animator of My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service. His film
Spirited Away remains the only traditionally animated film to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.
ANSWER: Hayao Miyazaki [accept names in either order]
[10] Miyazaki was nominated in 2006 for Best Animated Feature for a movie entitled Howl’s Moving this. This
structure also titles a TV show on which Nathan Fillion plays a mystery novelist who solves murders.
ANSWER: Howl’s Moving Castle [or Richard Castle]

14. Answer the following about people who share a surname, for 10 points each.
[10] This last name is shared by Vincent, a Final Fantasy VII character; and Bobby, a manager for the New York
Mets and the Chiba Lotte Marines.
ANSWER: Valentine
[10] Faye Valentine is a character from this anime. The plot revolves around bounty hunters on a titular space ship.
This series also spawned a movie subtitled Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.
ANSWER: Cowboy Bebop
[10] Jill Valentine is a major character in this video games series. In its most recent installment, Jill is under the
mind control of villain Albert Wesker.
ANSWER: Resident Evil

15. During the „80s, his various incarnations were played by Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, a time-travelling British scientist from an eponymous
long-running BBC program.
ANSWER: The Doctor [or Doctor Who; or either part of Dr. Ian F. Foreman; or Thete; or either part of Theta
[10] Doctor Who first appeared in the 1980s as this incarnation, played by Tom Baker, who wore a really long scarf
and ate lots of jelly babies. He is the longest-tenured Doctor Who, and his episodes were frequently seen on PBS.
AMSWER: The Fourth Doctor
[10] The Fourth Doctor was revived was for this five-episode BBC radio play in 2009. Much to NAQT‟s horror, this
play sees the Doctor and Captain Yates try to destroy the titular psychic alien bees.
ANSWER: Hornets’ Nest

16. How much more black could this bonus be? None more black. For 10 points, name the following metal acts.

[10] This keyboard-loving Norwegian black metal band, fronted by Shagrath, has released albums like Death Cult
Armageddon and Enthrone Darkness Triumphant. Their name means “Dark Fortresses” in Old Norse.
ANSWER: Dimmu Borgir
[10] Fronted by a guy nicked “Corpsegrinder,” this band has released albums like Tomb of the Mutilated and
Butchered at Birth and songs like “Meat Hook Sodomy,” “Hammer Smashed Face,” and “I Will Kill You.”
ANSWER: Cannibal Corpse
[10] This pioneering metal band fronted by bassist Tom Araya released albums like South of Heaven and Reign in
Blood in the 1980s.
ANSWER: Slayer

17. For 10 points each, some FOX Network shows that could not compete with SNL‟s stranglehold on televised
sketch comedy.

[10] From 1994 to 2009, comedians like Michael McDonald and Keegan-Michael Key performed on this hour-long
variety show, inspired by a namesake magazine that features pictures of Alfred E. Neuman.
[10] Running from 1990 to 1994, this Wayans Brothers show launched the careers of David Allen Grier, Jamie
Foxx, and Jim Carrey, one of this show‟s two white cast members.
ANSWER: In Living Color
[10] Running for four episodes in 2005, this sketch show was adapted from an eponymous British series and
produced by Kelsey Grammer.
ANSWER: Kelsey Grammer Presents the Sketch Show

18. For 10 points each, name some straight-from-high school NBA draft picks who have not done much in the NBA.

[10] This 2001 first pick played a couple of lackluster seasons for the Washington Wizards and now plays for
Detroit. He had a couple comical but statistically decent seasons with the Lakers before he was traded for Pau Gasol.
ANSWER: Kwame Brown
[10] The Sonics took this giant white liability with the twelfth pick in 2004. He garnered some minutes on marginal
Sonics teams before hurting his knee and getting demoted to the dreaded D-league.
ANSWER: Robert Swift
[10] This Serb player has had respectable stats, especially this year with Minnesota. However, he was drafted in
2003 ahead of such mediocrities as Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony.
ANSWER: Darko Miličić

19. In this game, players find coins in public telephones and use them to unlock Doom Industries‟ elevators, where
they are safe from heat-seeking missiles. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 1989 promotional game for the Commodore 64 in which you must evade characters in red suits with
red rabbit ears that try to, and are ultimately successful in, destroying your pizza with water balloons.
ANSWER: Avoid the Noid
[10] Avoid the Noid was a promotional game for this U.S.-based pizza chain that promises “You Got 30 Minutes”
and changed its flavor in early 2010.
ANSWER: Domino’s Pizza
[10] Domino‟s founder Tom Monaghan sold the business for an estimated $1 billion in 1998, and since then has
gone about funding a conservative Catholic mutual fund, a law school, and two attempted colleges in Michigan and
Florida, all named after what Latin catchphrase?
ANSWER: Ave Maria

20. It is inspired by the life of Charles Bukowski. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this Showtime program about Karen van der Beek‟s boyfriend, a struggling novelist named Hank Moody
who moves to Los Angeles.
ANSWER: Californication
[10] Californication stars this man as Hank Moody. This wife of Tea Leoni was treated for sex addiction in 2008
and stopped playing Fox Mulder on The X-Files in 2001.
ANSWER: David Duchovny
[10] David Duchovny had a recurring role as this character on Sex and the City. He is an ex-high school boyfriend of
Carrie Bradshaw.
ANSWER: Jeremy

21. Phil Mickelson won the recent 2010 incarnation. For 10 points each:

[10] Tiger Woods reentered professional golf by playing the 74th iteration of what major championship held every
year at Augusta National Golf Club?
ANSWER: The Masters Tournament [or The U.S. Masters Tournament]
[10] This British golfer was the runner-up at the 2010 Masters. He tied for third at both the 2009 British Open and
2009 PGA Championship.
ANSWER: Lee Westwood
[10] Lee Westwood led the 2010 Masters after three rounds, but his inconsistent play on Sunday let this man take a
momentary lead before Mickelson surged ahead. This man also won the 1992 Masters.
ANSWER: Fred Couples

22. For 10 points each, name the following songs by a classic rock band.

[10] This song, covered by Godsmack, begins “In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man.” The
vocalist has had his share of the title conditions, but loses “another friend” after “whispering in her ear.”
ANSWER: “Good Times, Bad Times”
[10] This other Led Zeppelin song contains a lot of screaming, and the titular figures “come from the land of the ice
and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.”
ANSWER: “Immigrant Song”
[10] In this Led Zeppelin song, a woman is sure that “all that glitters is gold” is buying the title object. You can‟t
play this song in the guitar store in Wayne‟s World.
ANSWER: “Stairway to Heaven”

Answer the following about the 2010 Olympic Hockey tournament, for 10 points each.
[10] In typical antichrist fashion, this Canadian player scored an overtime goal to win the gold medal in 2010.
ANSWER: Sidney Crosby
[10] Crosby snuck the goal by this superhuman US goalie that currently tends the net for the Sabres.
ANSWER: Ryan Miller
[10] This country took home the bronze medal with the help of the Koivu brothers and crypto-Russian goaltender
Miikka Kiprusoff.
ANSWER: Republic of Finland [or Suomi; or Finnish; prompt “Lions”; prompt “Leijonat”]

The second season finale involves cannoli being made for a food festival at EPCOT Center. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this TLC show in which “Buddy” Valastro bakes the title pastries at Carlo‟s Bakery in Hoboken, New
ANSWER: Cake Boss
[10] Cake Boss is basically a less-cool rip-off of this Food Network show about Duff Goldman‟s Charm City Cakes,
located in Baltimore. For the eighth season, this show will make a deck of cards cake, paying homage to its name.
ANSWER: Ace of Cakes
[10] Ace of Cakes’ Duff and Cake Boss‟s “Buddy” both competed on this other Food Network show, hosted by
Keegan Gerhard, where chefs compete to make dishes under time constraints for $10,000 and a gold medal.
ANSWER: Food Network Challenge

Name the following killers given a brief description, for 10 points each.
[10] This Wisconsin farmer went crazy after his mother died. Unable to receive a sex change, he killed women and
fashioned their skin into a sort of woman-suit so he could pretend to be female.
ANSWER: Edward Theodore Gein
[10] In the 1970s, this Chicago native drugged and murdered young boys and buried them in his crawl space or
dumped them in the river. He also was a model citizen that dressed up as a clown to entertain children.
ANSWER: John Wayne Gacy
[10] This other Wisconsin man drugged, raped, killed, and often ate his victims, primarily gay men. Wisconsin cops
notably passed up arresting him on one occasion. He was killed in prison instead of receiving capitol punishment.
ANSWER: Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

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