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									Making an impact in Big Bear, Bloomington,
Colton, Crestline, Grand Terrace, Highland,
   Lake Arrowhead, Loma Linda, Rialto,
    Running Springs, San Bernardino
         & Mojave Valley Region
 1                                2                                                3           4          5

                                                                                                          Current PCFD
     Social Security Number                    Employee Name                       Agency          Unit
                                                                                                             Code #

            New donors must specify a PCFD to manage your donation. See back of this                      6
            form for a list of PCFDs. Place the new PCFD Code # in Box 6 to the right.
            Place your monthly deduction amount to the right of Box 6.
                                                                                                                                                                               csecc pledge form
                                                                                                          New PCFD Code #           Total monthly contribution
                                                                                                                                                                                       Please retain a copy of
B.   o CHANGE MY EXISTING DEDUCTION AMOUNT                                                                                                                                         this form for your tax records.
            I wish to change my monthly payroll deduction to the amount listed in the box to the right.                                                                        California Government Code §13923 requires
                                                                                                                                    $                                          that every State employee receive this pledge
            Checking this box will cancel previous designations.
                                                                                                                                                                               form. Your signature on line F, or initials on
                                                                                                                                    Total monthly contribution
                                                                                                                                                                               line K will verify that this requirement has
                                                                                                                                                                               been met.
C. o DELETE, I NO LONGER WISH TO CONTRIBUTE Funds will no longer be deducted.                                                                                                  Minimum deduction is $2.00 per month.
D. o CHANGE MY PRINCIPAL COMBINED FUND DRIVE (PCFD)                                                                                                                            All deductions will continue unless you
                                                                                                                                                                               revoke or change them.
            I wish to change the PCFD which manages my donation. See back of this form                    7
            for a list of PCFDs. Place the new PCFD Code # in Box 7 to the right.                                                                                              NOTE: Checking B or D will cancel
            Place your monthly deduction amount to the right. Checking this box will                      New PCFD Code #           Total monthly contribution                 previous designations.
            cancel previous designations.

E.   o CONTINUE payroll deductionDEDUCTIONremain the same. The organizations I contribute to will remain as previously directed unless I change them in section G below.
       My monthly
                  MY EXISTING
                                  amount will
F.        I authorize the STATE CONTROLLER to process the payroll deduction selection listed above.

          SIGNATURE REQUIRED (INK ONLY)                                                              DATE


An employee has the right to designate all or part of their contribution to the charitable organization(s) of their choice. Any undesignated portion will be distributed to charitable organizations by the
local PCFD volunteer committee.
                                                                                                                                                                               Amount Per Month ($2           Check for
            Organization Name(s):                                                                                         Organization Code #
                                                                                                                                                                               Minimum per organization)      1 year only*

            1                                                                                                                                                                  $

            2                                                                                                                                                                  $

            3                                                                                                                                                                  $

            4                                                                                                                                                                  $

            5                                                                                                                                                                  $

            Write-In Organization Information An organization not approved by the Victim Compensation                                                                          Amount Per Month ($2           Check for
            and Government Claims Board, but is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.                                                                                           Minimum per organization)      1 year only*
            Organization Name (Required)                                                                                  Amount of Write-In                                   $

            Address (Required)                                                                                            TOTAL ALL Monthly Designations                       $

            City/State/Zip (Required)

            Phone Number                                              Tax Identification Number

            * Check this box if you want your donation to go to the designated organization(s) you’ve selected for one year only and then to the PCFD agency managing your donation
              until you instruct otherwise.

H.   o This is a one-time check/cash contribution for the total amount of $__________________. (Please make check payable to: CSECC)
I.   o If you wish to have the PCFD acknowledge your donation, please complete the information below. Acknowledgment information must be provided on an annual basis.
          Please write preferred name(s) for recognition acknowledgements if different than above.
                                                                                                                                                                       In addition to donating to these worthy charitable
                                                                                                                                                                       causes, please also remember to donate your
          Home Address                                                      City                               State            Zip Code                               time. Visit to find mean-
                                                                                                                                                                       ingful volunteer opportunities in your community.

          Phone Number                                                      Email Address
J.   o I authorize the PCFD to distribute my contributions as stated above.
          SIGNATURE REQUIRED (INK ONLY)                                                                                                                            DATE

K.   o DECLINE — you haveNO CURRENT DEDUCTIONS ANDbox CNOT WISH signCONTRIBUTE AT THIS TIME (please initial)______________
       Remember, if
                    I HAVE
                           a current deduction, you must check
                                                                  above, and
                                                                                line F.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Page 1: PCFD Copy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    330M REV 2009
          Initials alone will not discontinue your deduction.
Not printed at Government Expense. This is a charitable contribution. No goods or services were provided in exchange for this contribution. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

PCFD ORGANIZATION                        AREA SERVED                                                                                          PCFD Code
                                         Big Bear, Bloomington, Crestline, Colton, Devore, Grand Terrace, Highland, Lake Arrowhead, Loma
Arrowhead United Way                                                                                                                             045
                                         Linda, Rialto, Running Springs, San Bernardino, Mojave Valley Region
United Way of the Bay Area               Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Solano Counties                       022

United Way of Butte and Glenn Counties   Butte and Glenn Counties                                                                                044

United Way California Capital Region     Alpine, Amador, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Santa Barbara and Yolo Counties                          024
                                         Aguanga, Anza, Garner Valley, Gilman Hot Springs, Hemet, Homeland, Idyllwild, Lakeview,
Central County United Way                                                                                                                        011
                                         Menifee, Mountain Center, Nuevo, Pine Cove, Romoland, Sage, San Jacinto, Sun City, Winchester
                                         The Coachella Valley: Indio, Bermuda Dunes, Indian Wells, Cathedral City, Coachella, Desert
                                         Center, Desert Hot Springs, Sky Valley, Thousand Palms, Salton City, White Water, Pinyon, Indio
United Way of the Desert                 Hills, Eagle Mountain, La Quinta, Mecca, North Shore, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage,         064
                                         Desert Shore, Oasis, Thermal, Morongo Basin area, including Joshua Tree, Landers, Morongo Valley,
                                         Pioneertown, Twenty-nine Palms and Yucca Valley.
                                         Adelanto, Apple Valley, Baldy Mesa, El Mirage, Helendale, Hesperia, Lucerne Valley, Oak Hills, Oro
Desert Communities United Way                                                                                                                    069
                                         Grande, Phelan, Pinon Hills, Summit Valley, Victorville, and Wrightwood
United Way of the East Valley            Redlands, Mentone, Highland, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Calimesa, Forest Falls, Oak Glen                      065

United Way of Fresno County              Fresno, Madera and Mariposa Counties                                                                    028

United Way of Greater Los Angeles        Los Angeles County excluding Diamond Bar, Pomona, San Dimas, and Walnut                                 004

United Way of Humboldt County            Humboldt and Del Norte Counties                                                                         074

United Way of Imperial County            Imperial County                                                                                         002
                                         Eastern Los Angeles and Western San Bernardino Counties including: Claremont, Diamond Bar, La
Inland Empire United Way                 Verne, Pomona, San Dimas, Walnut, Chino, Chino Hills, Fontana, Montclair, Ontario, Lytle Creek,         059
                                         Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Mt. Baldy
                                         Banning, Beaumont, Cabazon, Cherry Valley, Glen Avon, Jurupa, Mira Loma, Pedley, Rubidoux,
United Way of the Inland Valleys         Lade Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Wildmar, March Field, Moreno Valley, Perris, Temecula, Murrieta,            019
                                         Riverside, Corona, Norco, El Cerrito, Home Gardens, Lake Matthews and surrounding county land.
United Way of Kern County                Kern, Inyo, and Mono Counties                                                                           071

Kings United Way                         Kings County                                                                                            014

United Way of Merced County              Merced County                                                                                           056

United Way of Monterey County            Monterey County                                                                                         036

Nevada County United Way                 Nevada and Sierra Counties                                                                              013
United Way of Northern California
  United Way of Intermountain Area
  United Way of Lassen County
  United Way of Modoc County
  United Way of Plumas County            Lassen, Intermountain area, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, Trinity, Modoc, and Plumas Counties               040
  United Way of Shasta County
  United Way of Siskiyou County
  United Way of Tehama County
  United Way of Trinity County
Orange County United Way                 Orange County                                                                                           005

Palo Verde United Way                    Palo Verde Valley, Blythe in Eastern Riverside County                                                   003

United Way of San Diego County           San Diego County                                                                                        032

United Way of San Joaquin County         San Joaquin County                                                                                      023

United Way of San Luis Obispo County     San Luis Obispo County                                                                                  039

United Way Silicon Valley                Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties                                                         029

United Way of Stanislaus Area            Stanislaus, Tuolumne, and Calaveras Counties                                                            012

United Way of Tulare County              Tulare County                                                                                           081

United Way of Ventura County             Ventura County                                                                                          010

United Way of the Wine Country           Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties                                                                    073

Yuba-Sutter United Way                   Yuba, Sutter and Colusa Counties                                                                        075
                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

Introduction                                                                            1

Using your Directory                                                                    1

How Cost Effective is Your Gift?                                                        1

Your Gift Made a Difference!                                                            1

The Principal Combined Fund Drive Organization                                          1

Fundraising Federations in CSECC                                                        2

Using Your Pledge Form                                                                  2

Disclaimer Donor Disclosure Information                                                 2

2009 CSECC Brochure/Directory
       Arrowhead United Way (PCFD)                                                      3
       America’s Charities                                                              3
       Animal Charities of America                                                      5
       Arts Council Silicon Valley                                                      5
       Asian Pacific Community Fund of Southern California                              6
       Bay Area Black United Fund, Inc.                                                 6
       Cancer Cure of America- Care, Understanding, Research & End                      6
       Children’s Charitable Alliance                                                   7
       Children’s Charities of America                                                  7
       Children’s Medical Charities of America                                          8
       Christian Charities USA                                                          9
       Christian Community Charities                                                    10
       Combined Health Appeal of Central California                                     10
       Community Health Charities of California: Los Angeles/Central Coast Branch       10
       Community Health Charities of California: Sacramento and Central Valley Branch   11
       Community Health Charities of California: South Bay Branch                       11
       Community Health Charities of California: Southern California Branch             12
       Community Health Charities of California: San Francisco/East Bay Branch          12
       Conservation/Preservation Charities of America                                   13
       Do Unto Others: America’s Emergency Relief, Development and
                Humanitarian Outreach Charities                                         14
       Educate America: Education, School Support & Scholarship Funds                   14
       Environmental Federation of California                                           15
       Global Impact                                                                    17
       Health and Medical Research Charities of America                                 18
       Hispanic United Fund                                                             19
       Human Care Charities of America                                                  20
       Jewish Charities of America                                                      21
       Local Animal Charities of America                                                21
       Local Independent Charities of America                                           21
       Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade                                                  24
       Metropolitan Arts Partnership (MAP)                                              24
       Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America                  25
       Neighbor to Nation                                                               25
       Independent Charitable Organizations                                             27
       Partners for a Better World                                                      36
       Sports Charities USA                                                             38
       Wild Animals Worldwide                                                           38
       Women, Children and Family Service Charities of America                          39
 CALIFORNIA STATE EMPLOYEES CHARITABLE                                              Through your support, agencies provided a broad array of
               CAMPAIGN                                                             services including:

                                                                                       Alcohol and drug rehabilitation;
                                                                                       Programs for youth;
                                                                                       Community development;
Organizations and federations in this directory have been approved by the
Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board as either an affiliated                Youth programs and day care;
or a non-affiliated organization. Affiliates are members of the PCFD
agency’s service group. Non-affiliates are not associated with the PCFD                Programs for disabled individuals;
agency. Non-affiliates are listed as members of a non-affiliated federation
or as independents.                                                                    Assistance for the elderly;

Permission has been granted specifically for the agency’s local geographic             Environmental programs;
campaign area for the 2009 California State Employees Charitable
Campaign (CSECC).                                                                      Help for exploited/abused children;

FORMAT                                                                                 Health and mental health services;

In the description section of this directory, PCFD’s member agencies are               Assistance for the hungry, homeless, disaster and crime victims;
listed first, followed by a listing of federations and then the independent
organizations. This section also contains each organization’s address,                 Human rights programs;
telephone number, 25 word statement and processing code number.
                                                                                       International “self-help” programs;
                                                                                       Programs for minorities;
“By law each employee will receive a pledge designation form and a list of
agencies eligible to receive designations deductions.”                                 Help for families in crisis; and

This directory is intended to serve as a guide to human care services for  Women’s services.
you, family members, neighbors, and friends, not only during the campaign
period, but throughout the year. Please keep your directory as a handy THE PRINCIPAL COMBINED FUND DRIVE ORGANIZATION
reference for future use.                                                   As a State employee, you have the opportunity to participate in an annual
                                                                            fundraising campaign to support charitable agencies of your choice through
USING YOUR DIRECTORY                                                        payroll deductions. California Government Code Section 13923 makes this
This brochure gives you the information you need to be an informed giver,
whether a first-time donor or a long-time supporter of CSECC. In it, you’ll The Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board is authorized to
get answers to your questions about how last year’s gift was used select, through a yearly certification procedure, the Principal Combined
effectively to provide services.                                            Fund Drive (PCFD) organization that will conduct the annual California
                                                                            State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) in a specific geographical
HOW COST EFFECTIVE IS YOUR GIFT?                                            area. The designated PCFD organization acts in a fiduciary capacity on
                                                                            behalf of the State Board of Control and State employees to direct the
Your pledge, along with pledges from your fellow State workers, goes a fundraising drive.
long way towards meeting critical local and global needs.
                                                                            Arrowhead United Way was selected as the PCFD organization for its 12
Approximately 85 cents of each dollar collected by the PCFD are used for city territory because it “combines in one specific annual drive the greatest
direct service by health, human, environmental and international care support for charitable agencies that depend upon public subscriptions for
service agencies.                                                           support.”

YOUR GIFT MADE A DIFFERENCE!                                                        Arrowhead United Way is:

Last year your gift helped thousands of individuals locally, statewide,                     Inclusive. United Way represents the broadest number of local
nationally and internationally. Children, youth, elderly, disabled and others                health and human care agencies, and has the capacity to maintain
in crisis…your neighbors…maybe even members of your own                                      the unrestrictive giving feature of the CSECC.
family…were helped by these services.                                                       Responsive. United Way plans, organizes and conducts the
                                                                                             campaign based on the wishes of the donors and the needs of the
                                                                                            Accountable. United Way donors conduct on-site fiscal and
                                                                                             program reviews of its partner agencies.
                Thank you for your gift
                                                                                    Arrowhead United Way belongs to its donors and volunteers, who ensure
                                                                                    that the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency are met.

                                                                           USING YOUR PLEDGE FORM
Under Code Section 13923, as amended by Chapter 87 statutes of 1979, the Payroll deduction
Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board determines other
fundraising federations and organizations that are not affiliated with the If you are participating in the payroll deduction program, pledges are
                                                                           continuous unless canceled or changed by you. Your combined
                                                                           Pledge/Designated Form has detailed instructions on how to provide data on
                    NOTICE and DISCLAIMER                                  your decision to give. See page two of CSECC brochure.
 “Each donor is encouraged to independently review information about
                                                                                 Who decides where my pledge goes?
  the charities they select.
                                                                                 That is your decision. When you make a pledge without specifying an
 The Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board has found
                                                                                 agency, the pledge will be directed to the local agencies represented by the
 these charities eligible to receive designated deductions based on
                                                                                 Principal Combined Fund Drive organization, Arrowhead United Way.
 certifications that the charities comply with statutory requirements.
 The Board does not independently investigate the charities other than
                                                                                 Distribution of funds is determined by qualified local volunteers who review
 to verify their Federal Tax exempt status and review their self-
                                                                                 the needs and services of local member agencies and hold the agencies
 certifications of compliance with applicable California Department of
                                                                                 responsible for performance standards and fiscal accountability.
 Fair Employment and Housing Regulations.                The Board’s
 determination is not an endorsement of any particular charity”.
PCFD organization, which may participate in CSECC and receive If you wish to designate your pledge to the non-affiliate federations or
designated pledges. A federation represents a group of agencies with a agencies that serve a specific cause, indicate your choice on the donor
similar purpose and focus.                                             designation form (lower portion of pledge form).
Federations approved to participate in the local campaign area for the 2009 You may choose to designate all or part of your gift. Your designation will
California State Employees Charitable Campaign include:                     be handled in confidence. Designations are continuous unless you check
                                                                            the box on the pledge card restricting the designation for the current year.
     Arrowhead United Way
   America’s Charities
    Animal Charities of America
     Arts Council Silicon Valley                                                      DISCLAIMER DONOR DISCLOSURE INFORMATION
     Asian Pacific Community Fund of Southern California
     Bay Area Black United Fund, Inc                                            Your 2009 campaign directory will have some atypical listing in the non-
    Cancer Cure of America- Care, Understanding, Research & End                affiliated grouping. For instance:
    Children’s Charitable Alliance
     Children’s Charities of America                                                An agency claimed as a member agency by two or three federations.
    Children’s Medical Charities of America
     Christian Charities USA
                                                                                      In addition to the agency listing itself as an independent nonfederated
     Christian Community Charities                                                   agency.
     Combined Health Appeal of Central California
     Community Health Charities of California: Los Angeles/Central Coast            Two different federations listing the same agency as a member with
      Branch                                                                          two different addresses, but same telephone number and stating
     Community Health Charities of California: Sacramento and Central                services are provided in same area(s).
      Valley Branch
     Community Health Charities of California: South Bay Branch                     A federation listing an agency twice with the same addresses, but
     Community Health Charities of California: Southern California Branch
     Community Health Charities of California: San Francisco/East Bay
                                                                                      different phone numbers and stating services are provided in
      Branch                                                                          different area(s).
     Conservation/Preservation Charities of America
     Do Unto Others: America’s Emergency Relief, Development and                    Some agencies listing incomplete or misspelled names and addresses;
      Humanitarian Outreach Charities
     Educate America: Education, School Support & Scholarship Funds             Accountability for these irregularities is not within the mandate of your
     Environmental Federation of California                                     local PCFD agency.
     Global Impact
     Health and Medical Research Charities of America
     Hispanic United Fund
                                                                                 Regulations in the State code for CSECC require the PCFD agencies to
     Human Care Charities of America                                            print the approved agency information exactly as received from the
     Jewish Charities of America                                                Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board’s “Final List of
     Local Animal Charities of America                                          Approved Non-affiliated Organizations” document.
     Local Independent Charities of America
     Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade                                            Cost-efficiencies, due to the significant increase in the number of
     Metropolitan Art Partnership (MAP)                                         nonaffiliated approved by the Victim Compensation and Government
     Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America
                                                                                 Claims Board, dictate that information when first submitted for
     Neighbor to Nation
     Independent Charitable Organizations                                       certification must be correct.
     Partners for a Better World
     Sports Charities USA                                                       Increased cost to donors occurs if the PCFD agencies have to contact
     Wild Animals Worldwide                                                     agencies and/or federations to correct these inaccuracies.
     Women, Children and Family Service Charities of America

                                                                  5260 Mary's Mercy Center, Inc. Veronica's Home of Mercy 641          1698 AIDS & Infectious Disease Science Center
         Arrowhead United Way                                     Roberds Ave San Bernardino CA 92411- (909) 889-2558 We are           3550 General Atomics Ct MC 4140 San Diego, CA
                                                                  a Catholic/Christian, long-term transitional home for adult          92121 (858)909-5125Deadly new bacteria and
0001 Arrowhead United Way                                         pregnant women and their children - alternative to domestic          viruses are discovered daily. We need cures now!
646 N. D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401 (909) 884-9441          violence, substance abuse, abortion and homelessness.                Please help us. We can't afford to lose this life or
                                                                                                     death race.
our mission is to improve people’s lives by engaging the
caring power of communities.               5443 Mojave Valley United Fund, Inc. Mojave Valley United            1492 Alzheimer's and Aging Research Center
                                                                  Way 210 E Williams St Barstow CA 92311- (760) 256-8789               3550 General Atomics Ct MC 4110 San Diego, CA
2263 American Red Cross: Inland Empire Chapter 202                Funds 20 programs that provide services; homelessness, domestic      92121 (858)909-5121Stop the suffering caused by
W Rialto Ave San Bernardino CA 92408- (909) 888-1481              violence, seniors, boys and girls club, scouts, hospice, Kid Smart   aging-related medical conditions. Your support
Emergency disaster relief; emergency military                     -backpacks and school supplies info and referral.                    makes exciting new medical research possible.
communications; first aid/CPR training; water safety; nurse                                                                            Please help our aging population and their families.
assistant and home health aid training; disaster preparedness     2265 Mountain Communities Boys and Girls Club 607 Forest   
and AED training.                         Shade Rd Crestline CA 92325- (909) 338-9390 A safe place to
                                                                  learn and grow. On-going relationships with caring adult             44 American Center for Law and Justice, Inc.
4535 Assistance League of San Bernardino 580 W 6th St             professionals. Life-enhancing programs and character                 1000 Regent University Dr Virginia Beach, VA
San Bernardino CA 92410-3002 (909) 884-6033 Provides              development experiences, hope and opportunity.         23464 (757)226-4554Specializing in constitutional
new clothing to 200 children in need and operates the                                                                                  law, we are dedicated to the concept that freedom
children's dental health center providing dental services to      2612 Option House, Inc. 813 North D St Ste 3 San Bernardino          and democracy are God-given inalienable rights that
over 5,000 local children each year.            CA 92401- (909) 383-1602 Crisis intervention counseling for          must be protected.
                                                                  victims of domestic violence. Prevention and education programs
5652 Bear Valley Community Healthcare District                    to the community. All services provided at no charge.                45 American Civil Liberties Union Foundation,
Foundation MOM Project 1221 E Big Bear Blvd Big Bear                                                      Inc. 125 Broad St 18th Fl New York, NY 10004-
City CA 92314- (909) 585-5607 We offer a full spectrum                                                                                 2400 (212)549-2500Defends your constitutional
education program and resource center, offering 31 different      2613 Rim Family Services, Inc. 28545 Hwy 18 Sky Forest CA            rights. Upholds free speech, religious liberty,
classes on all aspects of parenting and a resource and referral   92385- (909) 336-1800 Individual and family therapy. Substance       equality, privacy, due process. Fights unlawful
program.                                                          abuse. Outpatient treatment, prevention, after-care. Court ordered   detention and eavesdropping. Protects minorities,
                                                                  DUI, PC1000. Parent education. Crisis counseling. Anger              women, immigrants, the poor.
2267 Boy Scouts of America - California Inland Empire             management. EAP. Parents as Teachers.
Council 1230 Indiana Ct Redlands CA 92374- (909) 793-                                               1125 American Hospice Foundation, Inc. Hospice
2463 Comprehensive youth development and program                                                                                       America2120 L St NW Ste 200 Washington, DC
designed to instill values and help them make ethical choices     3368 SAC Health System 1455 E 3rd St San Bernardino CA               20037 (202)223-0204Increase access to hospice care
over their lifetime. Ages - male 7-20; co-ed 15-20. www.bsa-      92408- (909) 382-7156 A community clinic system providing            through public education/professional training and                                                          full-time primary care, dental, nutritional and behavioral health    consumer advocacy with the hopes that hospice will
                                                                  services to the underserved communities of San Bernardino and        be an integral part of our society.
2271 Colton Children's Services Council 22779 B Palm              Riverside County.                    
Ave Grand Terrace CA 92313- (909) 953-1256 Completely
volunteer program for children in Colton School District          2370 San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services, Inc. 444 N              39 America's Charities 14150 Newbrook Dr Ste
whose families are unable to pay for eyeglasses or dental         Arrowhead Ave Ste 101 San Bernardino CA 92401- (909) 885-            110 Chantilly, VA 20151 (800)458-9505Working to
work. Referrals by school nurses.                                 8884 Crisis intervention counseling for victims of sexual assault.   build strong communities. Addressing needs of
                                                                  Prevention and education programs to the community. All              children, families, communities through member
4538 Family Service Agency of San Bernardino 1669 N E             services provided at no charge.                         programs, by helping employers and employees
St San Bernardino CA 92405- (909) 886-6737 We provide                                                                                  support our member charities' programs.
professional counseling, family education, domestic violence      2549 Second Harvest Food Bank Serving Riverside & San      
groups and intervention treatment programs for high-risk          Bernardino Counties 2950 B Jefferson St Riverside CA 92504-
youth.                                             (951) 359-4757 Collect and distribute donated food to charities to   73 Amnesty International USA Inc 5 Penn Plz 16th
                                                                  alleviate local hunger.                                              Fl New York, NY 10001 (212)807-8400Worldwide
2362 First Steps Child Development Center 1235 Indiana                                                                                 membership-based human rights organization -
Ct Ste 105 Redlands CA 92374- (909) 793-2516 We provide           3374 Social Science Services, Inc. Cedar House Rehabilitation        impartial and non-political - working to create a
an environment that supports the total family in its needs        Center 18612 Santa Ana Ave Bloomington CA 92316- (909) 421-          safer, more just world. 1977 Nobel Peace Prize
while providing child care for children birth through five        7120 125 bed inpatient chemical dependence treatment. Group,         recipient.
years.                                                            therapy, education, relapse prevention, life skills, outpatient
                                                                  services, day treatment, supportive housing for women and            1500 Arthritis & Chronic Pain Research Institute
2364 Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council 1751 Plum Ln             children, sober living.                           3550 General Atomics Ct. MC 4120 San Diego, CA
Redlands CA 92374- (909) 307-6555 We are the world's                                                                                   92121 (800)877-4166Chronic pain caused by
preeminent organization dedicated to all girls, where in an       3375 Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of Southern              arthritis, cancer, and other medical conditions cripple
accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character        California 412 E Vanderbilt Wy San Bernardino CA 92408-              86 million Americans. Help us continue our search
and skills for success.                             (909) 447-7323 A certified home health aide and hospice agency       for new medications to relieve pain. www.pain-
                                                                  that provides skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy,
2605 Highland District Council on Aging, Inc. Highland            occupational therapy, social services, and nutrition counseling.
Senior Center 3102 E Highland Ave Patton CA 92369- (909)                                                     2932 Bethune Theatredanse Infinite Dreams3342
862-8104 We provide numerous services and programs                                                                                     Barham Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323)874-
including: fitness/health, social, recreational, nutrition,       3377 YMCA of the East Valley YMCA of Redlands, YMCA of               0481An inclusive theatre arts program that enriches
transportation assistance, friendly visitor program, trips,       San Bernardino 500 E Citrus Ave Redlands CA 92373- (909)             the lives of thousands of children and young adults
educational classes.                                              798-9622 Serving over 14,000 persons in San Bernardino County        with special needs.
                                                                  with programs in health, sports, aquatics, childcare, camping,
2606 Home of Neighborly Service of San Bernardino 839             leadership development and legal aid for all income levels.          2998 Boy Scouts of America, Long Beach Area
N Mt Vernon Ave San Bernardino CA 92411-2796 (909)                                                     Council P O Box 7338 Long Beach, CA 90807
885-3491 Provides family literacy (nutrition, ESL, homework                                                                            (562)427-0911We educate youth to do things for
assistance), youth intervention (boxing program, scouting,                                                                             themselves and others and teach young people
drug and gang prevention) and emergency service (food                            America's Charities                                   patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and ethical values.
pantry and children's clothing) programs.                                                                                    
                                                                  1912 "I Have A Dream" Foundation 330 Seventh Ave 20th Fl
2608 Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino 354 W Sixth St           New York, NY 10001 (212)293-5480Empowering children in               2711 Boy Scouts of America, Los Angeles Area
San Bernardino CA 92401- (909) 381-4633 Provides free             low-income communities to achieve higher education by                Council Learning for Life2333 Scout Wy Los
consultation, instructions and preparation of court-mandated      providing guaranteed tuition support for college and a long-term     Angeles, CA 90026 (213)413-4400Prepares young
documents for non-parents seeking to secure, modify or            program of academic and social services.                people to make ethical and moral choices over their
terminate guardianships for children of absent parents.                                                                                lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout                                              1646 A Place Called Home PO Box 11336 Los Angeles, CA                Oath and Law.
                                                                  90011 (323)232-7653To provide at-risk youth with a secure,
2609 Mary's Mercy Center Mary's Table 641 Roberds Ave             positive family environment where they can regain hope and           1914 Braille Institute of America, Inc. 741 N
San Bernardino CA 92411- (909) 889-2558 Provides basic            belief, earn trust and self-respect.                    Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029 (323)663-
needs for human life: food, showers, clothes and hygiene                                                                               1111Independent nonprofit organization whose
items and a long-term transitional home for adult pregnant        2997 Activities for Retarded Children (ARC) Activities for           mission is to eliminate blindness and severe sight
women and their children.                Retarded Children & Adults6456 Whitsett Ave N Hollywood, CA          loss as a barrier to a fulfilling life. All services are
                                                                  91606 (818)762-4365Provides housing, therapeutic recreation,         free.
                                                                  socialization, adult education through Saturday camp, day care,
                                                                  residential camp, self advocacy, performing Bell Choir,              569 Breathe California of Los Angeles County
                                                                  independent living and job skills training.     BREATHE LA5858 Wilshire Blvd Ste 300 Los
                                                                                                                                       Angeles, CA 90036 (323)935-8050Promoting clean

air and healthy lungs through research, education and            422 Human Rights Campaign Foundation 1640 Rhode Island                research, and provide training and education to
technology.                                    Ave NW Washington, DC 20036 (202)628-4160Provides                     healthcare professionals, families, youth and the
                                                                 information and resources to educate the public and foster sound      public.
2992 Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters, Inc. 1530 James M        public policy to end discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual
Wood Blvd 2nd Fl Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213)251-                 and transgender Americans.                                1638 National Trust for Historic Preservation in
9800Dedicated to empowering youth through professionally                                                                               the United States National Trust For Historic
supported one-to-one mentoring relationships with a caring       1122 Humane Society of the United States, The 2100 L St NW            Preservation1785 Massachusetts Ave NW
and positive role model. Serving Los Angeles County.             Washington, DC 20037 (301)258-3130We celebrate animals and            Washington, DC 20036 (202)588-6000We help                                                    confront cruelty. The organization is backed by more than 10.5        people protect, enhance, and enjoy the places that
                                                                 million American.                                        matter to them. Your support will help save
191 Catholics United for Life PO Box 10 New Hope, KY                                                                                   America's historic places and revitalize our
40052 (270)325-3061Prolife organization defending life from      2469 I Have a Dream® Foundation - Los Angeles 634 S Spring            communities.
conception to natural death. Services include educational        St Ste 812 Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213)572-0175We help
materials and legal projects.                       underprivileged children become productive citizens by providing      581 National Tuberous Sclerosis Association
                                                                 a long-term program of academic enhancement, mentoring and            Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance801 Roeder Rd Ste 750
2490 Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation 636 Morris            tutoring, and an assured opportunity for higher education.            Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301)562-9890Only
Turnpike Ste 3A Short Hills, NJ 07078 (800)225-0292We are                                                        national non-profit organization dedicated to finding
dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative                                                                           a cure for tuberous sclerosis complex while
research and improving the quality of life for people living     2720 International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western             improving the lives of those affected through
with paralysis.                         Hemisphere Region, Inc. IPPF/WHR120 Wall St 9th Fl New                research, education and support.
                                                                 York, NY 100053902 (212)248-6400Our organization plays a key
1120 Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, Inc.             role in ensuring that sexual and reproductive health and rights       659 Native American Rights Fund 1506 Broadway
5151 Wisconsin Ave NW Ste 420 Washington, DC 20016               remain on the international development agenda.                       Boulder, CO 80302 (303)447-8760Provides legal
(202)298-9211Scientific research into treatments and cure of                                                       representation nationwide to Native American
diabetes. Conducts screenings, education programs to save                                                                              tribes,villages, organizations and individuals to
lives from blindness, kidney failure, amputations. Publishes     2245 Lance Armstrong Foundation, Inc. PO Box 161150                   uphold sovereign and human rights guaranteed them
The Diabetes Wellness News.             Austin, TX 787161150 (512)236-8820Provides the practical              by treaty and law.
                                                                 information and tools to inspire and empower people affected by
1822 Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Inc. 200 S          cancer through advocacy, education and public health, and             2488 Optimist Boys' Home and Ranch Optimist
Park Rd Ste 100 Hollywood, FL 33021 (800)321-                    research.                                          Youth Homes & Family ServicesPO Box 41-1076
3437Committed to curing children and adults now living with                                                                            Los Angeles, CA 90041 (323)443-3023Serving over
diabetes and leads the world in bringing promising treatments    2721 Midnight Mission 601 S San Pedro St Los Angeles, CA              500 at-risk children and families each day through
to patients as fast as possible.        90014 (213)624-9258Provides a bridge to self-sufficiency for          residential treatment, special-education, mental-
                                                                 homeless through counseling, education, training and job              health services, vocational training, prevention/early
1524 Dress for Success Worldwide 32 E 31st St 7th Fl New         placement along with food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene        intervention, transitional housing, and foster
York, NY 10016 (646)233-4948We are an international non-         needs and medical care.                       family/adoption services.
profit organization that promotes the economic independence
of disadvantaged women through suiting, career development       624 Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, Inc. ( MSAA)           1526 PetSmart Charities Inc. 19601 N 27th Ave
and employment retention programs.                               706 Haddonfield Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 (856)488-4500Our             Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623)587-2825Has funded more                                          mission is to enrich quality of life for all affected by multiple     than $70 million in grants and programs benefiting
                                                                 sclerosis, for which we provide a wide range of programs and          animal-welfare organizations, and has helped save
2078 Father Flanagan's Boys' Home 14100 Crawford St              services.                                       more than 3.5 million homeless pets through
Boys Town, NE 68010 (402)498-1934Provides food,                                                                                        adoption.
clothing, shelter, education, spiritual and mental care to       629 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. 99
homeless, neglected, abused and communicatively                  Hudson St Ste 16 New York, NY 10013 (212)965-2204Fights for           955 Population Connection Population
handicapped boys and girls.                     equality, access to education, employment, health care, housing,      Connection/ZPG2120 L St NW Ste 500 Washington,
                                                                 environmental justice, voting rights, criminal justice. Provides      DC 20037 (202)332-2200A national nonprofit
342 Feed The Children Inc PO Box 36 Oklahoma City, OK            scholarships to promising African-American undergraduates and         organization working to stabilize population growth
73101-0036 (800)627-4556One of America's most effective          law students.                                        and achieve a sustainable balance of people,
charities providing food, clothing, medical care, education,                                                                           resources and the environment.
and emergency relief to children in the United States and        631 NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation 1156 15th St
overseas since 1979.                     NW Ste 700 Washington, DC 20005 (202)973-3007Protects a               179 Prevent Cancer Foundation 1600 Duke St Ste
                                                                 woman's fundamental right to make personal decisions regarding        500 Alexandria, VA 22314 (703)836-
345 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 8701 Leeds Rd               the full range of reproductive choices through education, training,   4412Contribution dedicated to ending all preventable
Kansas City, MO 64129 (800)289-0909Empowering and                organizing, legal action and public policy.                           cancers. We've funded $106 million in cancer
equipping coaches and young athletes with encouragement,                                              prevention research education and community
resources and training to influence and impact the world for                                                                           outreach since 1985. Traveling exhibits. Free
Jesus Christ since 1954.                             634 National Black Child Development Institute Inc 1313 L St          Materials.
                                                                 NW Ste 110 Washington, DC 20005 (202)833-2220Exists to
1240 Fund for Animals, Inc., The 2100 L St NW                    improve and protect the quality of life of Black children and         735 Reading is Fundamental, Inc (RIF) 1825
Washington, DC 20037 (301)258-3130Founded by Cleveland           families through educational programs, training, public education     Connecticut Ave NW Ste 400 Washington, DC
Amory, we operate animal sanctuaries and wildlife centers,       and other community outreach programs.                  20009 (888)725-4801Prepares and motivates
and are a leading provider of direct care to animals.                                                                                  children to read by delivering free books and literacy                                           1913 National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund Breast Cancer              resources to those children and families who need
                                                                 Coalition1101 17th St NW Ste 1300 Washington, DC 20036                them most.
372 Give Kids the World, Inc. GKTW, Inc.210 S Bass Rd            (202)296-7477Our mission is to stop breast cancer through
Kissimmee, FL 34746 (407)396-1114A non-profit, 70-acre           grassroots efforts to increase research funding, influence policy     744 Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc.®
resort for children with life-threatening illnesses whose one    and educate activists.                       (RMHC) One Kroc Dr Ste 014 Oak Brook, IL
wish is to visit central Florida's best-loved attractions.                                                                             60523 (630)623-7418Creates, finds and supports                                                     227 National Childhood Cancer Foundation Cancer Research              programs improving the health and well-being of
                                                                 for Children4600 E West Hwy Ste 600 Bethesda, MD 20814                children through its network of local Chapters and
381 Goodwill Industries of Southern California 342 San           (800)458-6223Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children. Please      260+ Ronald McDonald House programs worldwide.
Fernando Rd Los Angeles, CA 90031 (323)539-                      help us reach the day when every child with cancer can be   
2030Transforming lives for disabled and disadvantaged            guaranteed a cure.
people to become self-sufficient through employment, job                                                                               2736 Salvation Army, The The Salvation Army -
training, work experience, job placement, education,             1911 National Down Syndrome Society 666 Broadway 8th Fl               Southern California Division900 James M Wood
vocational rehabilitation, counseling and other services.        New York, NY 10012 (212)460-9330Strives to increase public            Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213)553-3254Our                                            awareness about Down Syndrome and improve the lives of people         programs provide help to, among others: families,
                                                                 with Down Syndrome through research, education and advocacy.          elderly, the homeless, youth, veterans, those
865 Hole In The Wall Gang Fund, Inc. The Hole in the                                                             suffering from drug/alcohol abuse and HIV/AIDS.
Wall Gang Camp555 Long Wharf Dr New Haven, CT 06511                                                                          
(203)772-0522Founded by Paul Newman, is a non-profit             1909 National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. (NORD)
camp and year-round center, providing free services to           55 Kenosia Ave Danbury, CT 068131968 (203)744-0100Provides            2737 Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of
children and their families coping with cancer and other life-   understandable information on rare diseases; peer networking;         Los Angeles, Inc. 210 N Ave 21 Los Angeles, CA
threatening illnesses.                 community resource referrals; patient medication assistance           90031 (323)224-6288Shelter for homeless men,
                                                                 programs; research; advocacy for over 25 million people with          women with children; camp for under-privileged
2140 Hope-Net 760 S Westmoreland Ave Los Angeles, CA             rare disorders.                                  youth; free distribution of food, clothing, furniture;
90005 (213)389-9949Operate many metro Los Angeles food                                                                                 and other assistance regardless of race of religion.
pantries serving over 140,000 persons annually. www.hope-        2742 National Psoriasis Foundation 6600 SW 92nd Ave Ste                                                              300 Portland, OR 97223 (503)244-7404We fight discrimination
                                                                 of people who have psoriatic diseases, support cutting-edge           2135 Starlight Children's Foundation 5757
                                                                                                                                       Wilshire Blvd M-100 Los Angeles, CA 90036

(310)479-1212Helping seriously ill children and their           cannot defend themselves. Our defense teams reduce violence          alive during disasters. Join the search!
families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through       and promote justice and compassion in society.
entertainment, education and family activities.                                               1267 Animals and Society Institute, Inc. Animal Rights               985 National Education for Assistance Dog
                                                                Institute2512 Carpenter Rd Ste 201A2 Ann Arbor, MI 481081169         Services, Inc. (NEADS) Dogs for Deaf and Disabled
2133 Tiger Woods Foundation, Inc. 121 Innovation Dr Ste         (734)677-9240Speaking out for animals! Advancing the moral           AmericansPO Box 213 West Boylston, MA 01583
150 Irvine, CA 92617 (949)725-3003We empower young              and legal status of animals and promoting animal rights as part of   (978)422-9064Trains rescued dogs and donated
people to reach their highest potential by initiating and       a just, compassionate and peaceful society.                          puppies to serve deaf or physically disabled children
supporting communities based on programs that promote                                             and adults, assisting with everyday tasks, enabling
education and welfare to children nationwide.                                                                                        independence at work and home.                                                 1879 Assistance Dog United Campaign 1221 Sebastopol Rd
                                                                Santa Rosa, CA 95407 (800)284-3647Help provide loving                700 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
2738 United States Veterans Initiative U.S. VETS800 W           assistance dog partners - Guide, Service, Hearing, Social/Therapy    Inc 501 Front St Norfolk, VA 23510 (757)622-
Sixth St Ste 1505 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213)542-2606We         Dogs - to individuals with disabilities through ADUC's assistance    7382Your contribution will help us stop suffering
provide transitional and permanent housing to homeless and      dog sponsorships and training program grants.                        and save animals' lives. We fight cruelty through
at-risk veterans along with support services including case                                  education, investigations, grassroots campaigns,
management, employment assistance, addictions treatment,                                                                             rescues, advocacy, and messages of compassion.
and psychological counseling.                 95 Bonnie Bergin Assistance Dog Institute Bergin University of
                                                                Canine Studies1215 Sebastopol Rd Santa Rosa, CA 95407
2916 UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation Inc PO              (707)545-3647Helping dogs help people! Connecting dogs and           2767 Puppies Behind Bars Inc 10 E 40th St Ste
Box 40 Minneapolis, MN 554400041 (952)992-4459Provide           people through our research and educational programs, improving      1900 New York, NY 10016 (212)680-9562Trains
medical grants to children under 16 up to $5,000, to help pay   the quality of life for both, creating dynamic lifelong              prison inmates to raise service dogs for the disabled
for medical services not covered completely by their            relationships.                                         and explosive detection canines for law enforcement
commercial health benefit plan.                                                                                        (including wounded veterans returning from Iraq and
                                                                2184 Canine Assistants, Inc. 3160 Francis Rd Alpharetta, GA          Afganistan).
2917 Valley Family Center 302 S Brand Blvd San                  30004 (770)664-7178Training great dogs for special people.
Fernando, CA 91340 (818)365-8588Marriage/Family                 Invest in freedom by providing service dogs to children and adults   2481 Seeing Eye, Inc., The PO Box 375
counseling; parenting; adults abused as children; domestic      with disabilities. Thank you!               Morristown, NJ 079630375 (973)539-0922We
abuse/anger management; adults/children - victims of                                                                                 breed, train and provide Seeing Eye dogs to blind
domestic abuse; education tutorials - students failing in       181 Canine Companions for Independence PO Box 446 Santa              and visually impaired people.
school.                                                         Rosa, CA 95402 (886)224-3647Help give independence to people
                                                                with disabilities! We change the lives of children and adults by     2415 Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. 4210 77 St E
2739 Volunteers of America Greater Los Angeles                  providing highly trained assistance dogs.                Palmetto, FL 34221 (941)729-5665Create and
VOALA3600 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1500 Los Angeles, CA                                                                                     nurture a partnership between a visually impaired
90010 (213)389-1500Since 1896, VOALA has provided               1450 Delta Society Pet Partners875 124th Ave NE Ste 101              individual and a guide dog, facilitating life's journey
children's services, youth empowerment and education,           Bellevue, WA 980052531 (425)679-5500Hospitalized children            with mobility, independence, and dignity.
senior's services, rehabilitation, homeless services, job       smile. Adults’ blood pressure and pulse rates lower. Disabled
training and placement, emergancy shelter and housing.          individuals gain independence. Help us improve human lives                                                   through the “healing power of pets”.            1631 Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)
                                                                                                                                     Inc PO Box 70286 Houston, TX 77270 (800)762-
2132 Young Horizons 501 Atlantic Ave Long Beach, CA             2443 Dogs on Death Row 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340             7762Homeless dogs and cats wander every
90802 (562)437-8991Six sites provide subsidized full-day        Larkspur, CA 94939 (866)574-7726Help find sponsors and foster        neighborhood-destined for suffering or euthanasia.
childcare for 180 children and preschool programs for 407       parents for dogs at animal shelters who have stayed beyond the       Please help us reduce the overpopulation of
children of low-income families in Long Beach.                  time limit for adoption and are facing possible euthanasia.          unwanted animals through sterilization and                                                                                                education.

                                                                338 Farm Animal Reform Movement Inc (FARM) 10101                     545 Tri-Valley Animal Rescue PO Box 11143
    Animal Charities of America                                 Ashburton Ln Bethesda, MD 20817 (301)530-1737Factory farms           Pleasanton, CA 94588 (925)803-7043We are a non-
                                                                severely confine and abuse innocent animals. We advance              profit charitable organization run solely by
1663 Alley Cat Allies Incorporated 7920 Norfolk Ave Ste         wholesome, meat-free eating to end needless animal suffering,        volunteers dedicated to placing homeless animals
600 Bethesda, MD 208142525 (240)482-1980Works to                protect the environment and improve health.          and providing education on responsible pet
humanely reduce the number of domestic and feral cats                                                                                ownership.
through non-lethal population control methods.                  1809 Friends of Animals, Inc. 777 Post Rd Ste 205 Darien, CT                                                06820 (203)656-1522National spay/neuter program for cats and         970 Vegan Outreach PO Box 30865 Tuscon, AZ
                                                                dogs. Working to protect wildlife, especially Alaska's wolves and    857510865 (530)518-3061Protecting animals and the
2771 American Anti-Vivisection Society 801 Old York Rd          endangered chimpanzees.                     environment by spreading information about
Ste 204 Jenkintown, PA 19046 (215)887-0816America's first                                                                            vegetarianism worldwide via distribution of our
advocacy organization dedicated to effectively fighting cruel   2406 Hearts United for Animals PO Box 286 Auburn, NE                 booklets, Why Vegan, Compassionate Choices and
experimentation on animals used in testing, research and        68305 (402)274-3679No-kill shelter/sanctuary with national           Even If You Like Meat.
education.                                         network rescue and adoptions for abused animals, sanctuary for
                                                                pets of domestic abuse families, National anti-puppy mill
51 American Humane Association 63 Inverness Dr E                campaign                                                   Arts Council Silicon Valley
Englewood, CO 80112-5117 (303)925-9484America's only
organization actively protecting both children and animals      2842 Humane Farm Animal Care Certified Humane Raised and             1898 African American Community Service
from abuse, neglect and cruelty through advocacy, training      HandledPO Box 727 Herndon, VA 20172 (703)435-                        Agency 304 N 6th St San Jose, CA 95112 (408)292-
and support of child and animal welfare professionals.          3883Improves farm animals' lives by providing stringent,             3157Programs, research library, information and                                          verifiable standards for humane food production and by assuring      referral services, emergency food and clothing,
                                                                consumers that certified products meet our humane standards.         senior and youth programs, Juneteenth Festival, Toy
2345 American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation                                                  for Tots, art programs and community programs.
Inc AKC Canine Health FoundationPO Box 900061 Raleigh,                                                                     
NC 276759061 (919)334-4010Help dogs live longer,                385 International Guiding Eyes, Inc. Guide Dogs of
healthier lives by fighting canine diseases like cancer,        America13445 Glenoaks Blvd Sylmar, CA 91342 (818)362-                87 Arts Council Silicon Valley 4 N Second St Ste
epilepsy, eye and heart disease. Our work furthers human        5834We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing guide     500 San Jose, CA 951131305 (408)998-
cures too.                                       dogs to blind individuals and instruction of their use throughout    2787Independent, nonprofit arts agency dedicated to
                                                                the United States and Canada.             building community through the Arts. Your donation
1837 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to                                                                               supports more than 140 local arts organizations
Animals (ASPCA), The 424 E 92nd St New York, NY                 2863 Labs4Rescue Inc PO Box 955 Killingoworth, CT 06419              through our Grants Program.
10128 (212)876-7700America's first animal welfare               (203)605-2205Dedicated to providing a better life for rescued or
organization. Bringing people and communities together to       displaced labrador-retrievers and mixed labs. We provide             2054 Community School of Music and Arts 230
prevent cruelty to animals and guarantee homes for all          veterinary care, spay/neuter and promote responsible pet             San Antonio Cir Mountain View, CA 94040
adoptable pets.                                   ownership.                                       (650)917-6800CSMA reaches more than 40,000
                                                                                                                                     people annually with high-quality art and music
75 Animal Charities of America 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir        1194 Last Chance for Animals 8033 Sunset Blvd Ste 835 Los            classes, lessons and camps, arts-in-the-schools
Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-2600Protecting pets,        Angeles, CA 900462401 (310)271-6096Ending Animal Abuse!              programs, concerts, exhibitions, and community
wildlife, and endangered species. Teaching people to treat      We employ non-violent, nondestructive strategies to expose           outreach.
animals with respect. Humane training of animals as             organized pet theft and exploitation of animals in all areas of
helpmates and companions to people in need.                     society.                                            1857 Friends of the Heritage Theatre 1 W                                                                                                     Campbell Ave C-32 Campbell, CA 95008 (408)866-
                                                                2194 National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Search Dog              2797Dedicated to restoring the Heritage Theatre,
1679 Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) 170 E Cotati              Foundation, National Disaster501 E Ojai Ave Ojai, CA 93023           providing arts facility to serve the cultural,
Ave Cotati, CA 94931 (707)795-2533Protecting lives by           (888)459-4376Saving dogs and people! We rescue dogs, partner         educational, and entertainment needs of the West
strengthening and enforcing laws. Defending those who           them with firefighters, and train them to locate people buried       Valley region.

2058 Peninsula Youth Theatre 2500 Old Middlefield Way             quality care/community support for African-Americans living          cancer treatment, prevention, research priorities, and
Mountain View, CA 94043 (650)988-8798Provides                     with or affected by HIV/AIDS.                           access to health care.
outstanding theatrical learning experiences that develop
leadership, emphasize responsibility and foster teamwork in a     162 Cal-Pep 1212 Broadway Ste 730 Oakland, CA 94612                  1448 Breast Cancer Fund 1388 Sutter St Ste 400
supportive, respectful environment.                (510)763-7270Provides comprehensive health education,                San Francisco, CA 94109 (415)346-8223Breast
                                                                  HIV/STD prevention treatment, and case management, peer and          cancer is a public health crisis affecting mothers,
2119 Renegade Theatre Experiment 1346 The Alameda Ste             treatment advocacy to people who are living with/affected by         sisters and daughters. We identify and advocate for
7-265 San Jose, CA 95126 (408)351-4440Through                     HIV/AIDS.                                         elimination of the environmental causes of the
commitment to forward-thinking performance, the                                                                                        disease.
organization builds creative partnerships with aspiring and       194 Center for Family Counseling 1212 Broadway Ste 730
established artists to bring unique, outstanding theatre to the   Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Since 1978, this community-           177 Cancer Aid and Research Fund PO Box
Bay Area.                                 based mental health agency has provided a range of free              37099 Phoenix, AZ 85069 (623)561-5893Awards
                                                                  counseling services to East Oakland youth and their families.        scientific research grants, provides medical supplies
2131 San Jose Children's Musical Theater 1401 Parkmoor                                                                                 and equipment to alternative therapy programs.
Ave Ste 100 San Jose, CA 95126 (408)288-5437Dedicated to          198 Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice 1212 Broadway            Cancer support groups for patients and families.
using musical theater as a vehicle to train and educate today's   Ste 730 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Juveniles and adults          Curing begins with Caring!
youth to become the artists, patrons, and leaders of tomorrow.    facing imprisonment are provided safe and effective alternatives                                                     to incarceration. We educate the public, cost of incarceration.
                                                                                                                 1896 Cancer Control Society 2043 N Berendo St
1843 Shady Shakespeare Theatre Company (SSTC) PO                                                                                       Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323)663-7801Prevention
Box 520 Santa Clara, CA 95052 (408)569-0360Bringing               266 Community Development Institute 1212 Broadway Ste 730            and control of cancer and other diseases through
Shakespeare's work to a modern society, while providing an        Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Provides youth programs               alternative therapies and nutritional information for
environment that nurtures and excites theatrical artists. All     focusing on violence prevention, responsible fatherhood, social      the public and professionals. Annual conventions,
performances are free of charge!              responsibility, employment readiness, leadership development         doctor referrals, recovered patients.
                                                                  and capacity-building services for organizations in low-income
90 Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern                communities.
California, Inc. Asian Pacific American Legal Center of                                                                                2048 Cancer Cure of America- Care, Understand,
Southern California1145 Wilshire Blvd 2nd Fl Los Angeles,         436 Ingleside Community Center Inc 1212 Broadway Ste 730             Research & End 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste
CA 90017 (213)977-7500Is the largest organization in              Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Provides educational,                 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-2600Support the
Southern California that provides primarily the Asian and         recreational and employment placement services for high risk         coalition of world class cancer charities, leading the
Pacific Islanders communities with multilingual, culturally       youth and young adults.                          way with new treatment modalities, better patient
sensitive services and legal education.                                                                                  care and research to someday find the cure.
                                                                  455 Jubilee West, Inc. 1212 Broadway Ste 730 Oakland, CA   
                                                                  94612 (510)763-7270Provides affordable housing, welfare to
  Asian Pacific Community Fund                                    work assistance, ESL and immigration assistance; food and            180 Cancer Research Fund of the Damon
                                                                  nutrition; youth development through tutoring and youth              Runyon-Walter Winchell Foundation Damon
      of Southern California                                      employment.                                   Runyon Cancer Research Foundation1 Exchange Plz
                                                                                                                                       - 55 Broadway New York, NY 100063720 (212)455-
91 Asian Pacific Community Fund of Southern California            479 Leadership Excellence 1212 Broadway Ste 730 Oakland,             0500Young scientists have bold ideas for beating
1145 Wilshire Blvd 1st Flr Los Angeles, CA 90017                  CA 94612 (510)763-7270The center has provided support to 320         cancer. 100% of your donation funds brilliant young
(213)624-6400Your gift provides health and human services         African-American youth, 14-18 years old, trained them to think       researchers seeking new treatments for all forms of
for over 100,000 Asian and Pacific Islander families, youth,      critically about issues facing them in their communities.            cancer.
elderly and disabled in need. Invest in your community!                                                                                                                            2585 Childrens Brain Tumor Foundation Inc
                                                                  1886 Pivotal Point Youth Services, Inc. 1212 Broadway Ste 730        (CBTF) 274 Madison Ave Ste 1004 New York City,
1225 Asian Pacific Women's Center Inc 1145 Wilshire               Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270We provide employment and             NY 10016 (212)448-9494To improve the treatment,
Blvd #102 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213)250-2977Our                  other comprehensive support services to foster youth to promote      quality of life, and longterm outlook for children
organization aims to offer survivors of domestic violence a       self-sufficiency for a productive and prosperous transition into     with brain and spinal cord tumors. Programs;
safe haven to acquire the necessary skills and personal           adulthood.                                              research, support, education and advocacy
strength for self-sufficiency.                                                                                
                                                                  927 Westside Community Mental Health Center 1212
491 LTSC Community Development Corporation Little                 Broadway Ste 730 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270The center           2523 Children's Cancer Aid and Research
Tokyo Service Center231 E 3rd St Ste G104 Los Angeles,            provides prevention, case management, in-home support crisis         Institute PO Box 38056 Phoenix, AZ 85069
CA 90013 (213)473-1607Strives for a vibrant Little Tokyo          intervention to youth, families and adults suffering from mental     (800)759-3390Provides childhood cancer research
neighborhood; provides bilingual social services to Japanese      illnesses, substance, abuse and HIV.                                 grants. Assists children with cancer and their
communities; and helps disadvantaged groups of all                                            families. Provides summer camps sponsorships and
ethnicities in downtown Los Angeles.                                                                                      support groups. Together, we are their hope.
                                                                  929 Whitney Young Child Development Center 1212            
                                                                  Broadway Ste 730 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Provides
Bay Area Black United Fund, Inc                                   an enhanced academic social, artistic and multi-cultural             178 Gerson Institute 1572 Second Ave San Diego,
                                                                  experience for children ages 2-12, most from disadvantaged           CA 92101 (619)685-5353Help thousands of people
2 A Safe Place 1212 Broadway Ste 730 Oakland, CA 94612            families, including the mainstreaming of handicapped children.       recover from so-called "incurable" diseases, such as
(510)763-7270Provides battered women and children                                                     cancer, by teaching a powerful, natural treatment to
transitional supportive services to help break the cycle of                                                                            patients, medical professionals and caregivers.
violence and seeks to change community behaviors and                                                                         
beliefs about violence.                            Cancer Cure of America- Care,
                                                                                                                                       2001 Kidney Cancer Association, The Kidney
93 Asian Women's Shelter Inc 1212 Broadway Ste 730                     Understand, Research & End                                      Cancer Research and Education Association1234
Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Provides safety, food,                                                                                  Sherman Ave Ste 203 Evanston, IL 602021375
shelter, advocacy, and other culturally competent and             2731 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation 333 E Lancaster Ave            (847)655-4495We strive for a world without kidney
language accessible resources to assist battered Asian women      No 414 Wynnewood, PA 19096 (610)649-3034A four-year-old              cancer. We fund kidney cancer research and help
and children in rebuilding violence-free lives.                   cancer patient's front yard lemonade stand evolved to a              cancer patients through patient meetings, information                                                     nationwide movement to find a cure for pediatric cancer. Please      and advocacy.
                                                                  join us.
105 Bay Area Black United Fund, Inc. 1212 Broadway Ste                                                                                 1571 Leukemia Clinical Research Foundation 926
730 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Dedicated to raising           2235 Alternative Cancer Research Fund Prostate Cancer                Valley Oaks Rd St. Paul, MN 55127-3641 (651)229-
funds for community-based agencies to ensure that the needs       Research and Assistance FundPO Box 38471 Phoenix, AZ 85069           7131Leukemia can be cured! We live that dream by
of African American and other communities-of-color                (800)756-3840Provides information and educational materials to       supporting research where it has the most impact - on
continue to be met.                                 the general public concerning prostate and other cancers. There is   patients in clinical settings.
                                                                  an alternative to cancer - build a healthier lifestyle.
114 Berkeley Youth Alternative 1212 Broadway Ste 730                                                2850 Lymphoma Foundation of America PO Box
Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Provides crisis                                                                                         8333 Ann Arbor, MI 48107 (734)222-1100We are
counseling, youth employment, recreation, after-school            2241 American Association for Cancer Research 615 Chestnut           the national organization devoted solely to helping
tutorial, mentorship program, computer instruction, cultural      St 17th Fl Philadelphia, PA 19106 (267)646-0624Saving lives          lymphoma patients and families: support services,
appreciation, arts, crafts, summer camp, kindergarten, and        everyday! Trying to unlock the secrets of cancer through             second opinions, counseling, referrals, research, new
after-school day care.          innovative research and education. Help us cure cancer.              treatments, patients' rights, alternatives.
129 Black Coalition on AIDS 1212 Broadway Ste 730
Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-7270Provides                           518 Breast Cancer Action 55 New Montgomery St Ste 323 San            2816 Mautner Project Mautner Project for Lesbians
prevention/intervention strategies, education, culturally         Francisco, CA 94105 (877)278-6722To end the breast cancer            with Cancer1875 Conneticut Ave NW Suite 710
sensitive support services, housing, and advocacy to ensure       epidemic, we activate and educate the public to improve breast       Washington, DC 20009 (202)332-5536Provide direct
                                                                                                                                       service to lesbian, bisexual and transgender women

with cancer, and their families and educates the lesbian           and helps agencies, professionals and families negotiate local and    226 Children of the Night 14530 Sylvan St Van
community about cancer risk and early detection.                   interstate adoption. Home to         Nuys, CA 91411 (818)908-4474Rescues American                                                                                                                   children from street prostitution. Includes 24 hour
                                                                   1948 Adoption Exchange, The 14232 E Evans Ave Aurora, CO              nationwide hotline, and shelter home receiving
1664 National Foundation for Cancer Research Cancer                80014 (800)451-5246Thousands of abused and neglected                  children from every state in the Union.
Research America4600 E West Hwy Ste 525 Bethesda, MD               American children need adoptive families. Americans here and
20814 (301)654-1250Research for a CURE funding cancer              abroad will adopt them if you help us make the connections.
research in the laboratory leading to new treatments and                                                        1640 Children's Angel Flight 4620 Haygood Rd Ste
making possible scientific breakthroughs to cure all types of                                                                            1 Virginia Beach, VA 23455 (757)271-2294Support
cancer.                                               3003 Alliance for Healthy Homes 50 F St NW Ste 300                    our mission to ensure no needy child is denied access
                                                                   Washington, DC 20001 (202)347-7610Lead, mold, carbon                  to medical treatment, diagnosis or evaluation for lack
1217 National Lymphedema Network Inc 1611 Telegraph                monoxide, and toxic chemicals threaten homes everyday. We             of a means of air transportation.
Ave Ste 1111 Oakland, CA 94609 (510)208-3200Our                    protect Americans by preventing and eliminating health hazards
mission is to create awareness of lymphedema and to promote        in housing.
and support the availability of quality medical treatment for                                                                            230 Children's Charities of America 1100
all individuals affected by lympedema.            2582 Alliance for Youth Achievement Inc P O Box 6634                  Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939
                                                                   Marysville, TN 37802 (865)983-5863Hungry. Alone. Hopeless.            (415)925-2600All children are our future. They all
1442 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Inc. 2141                   Help us provide food, homes, education, medical care, and             deserve our love. Join us to feed, teach, protect, and
Rosecrans Ave Ste 7000 El Segundo, CA 90245 (310)725-              opportunities for orphans and impoverished children. Cost-            nurture children in America and around the world.
0025National organization that works to focus attention on         effective and sustainable solutions are our priority.       
the urgent need for more research, effective treatments, 
prevention programs and early detection methods.                                                                                         231 Children's Corrective Surgery Society COAD                                                     1937 American Indian Youth Running Strong, Inc. Running               International Field ProgramsPO Box 500578 San
                                                                   Strong for American Indian Youth2550 Huntington Ave Ste 200           Diego, CA 92150-0578 (800)803-9190Provides free
725 Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) 5777 W               Alexandria, VA 22303 (888)491-9859We're raising the standard          plastic and reconstructive surgery to children with
Century Blvd Ste 800 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)743-               of living and self-esteem of Indian reservation children. Teaching    birth defects, transforming and setting free lives
2116Prostate cancer will strike 1 in 6 men. Your generous          traditional and contemporary life skills, healthy lifestyles, and     imprisoned by physical deformity.
donation helps us fight prostate cancer through research,          respect for Mother Earth.
education and increasing public awareness.                                                                                  232 Children's Food and Care Fund PO Box 2300
                                                                   2475 Americans for International Aid and Adoption A Child             Redlands, CA 92373 (909)793-2009One of the most
2375 Sisters Network Inc Breast Cancer African                     is Adopted4040 Crabapple Lake Ct Roswell, GA 300764253                trusted charities providing food, shelter, clothing and
American2922 Rosedale St Houston, TX 77004 (713)781-               (770)552-0415Bringing orphaned or abandoned children and              emergency medical care to needy children in the
0255The leading voice and only national African American           adoptive parents together through international adoption while        United States and overseas since 1970.
breast cancer survivorship organization in the United States       providing humanitarian aid to children in need in the U.S. and
promoting breast health through empowerment and nationally         overseas.
recognized outreach.                                                                                           233 Children's Hopes & Dreams-Wish Fulfillment
                                                                   1228 Best Buddies International, Inc. 100 SE 2nd St Ste 2200          Foundation, Inc. Children's Hopes & Dreams
2463 St. Baldricks Foundation Inc Childhood Cancer                 Miami, FL 33131 (800)892-8339Children with mental retardation         Foundation, Inc.138 Cloudland Rd Dahlonega, GA
Research - St. Baldricks Foundation1443 E Washington Blvd          are often lonely and isolated. We help change their lives by          30533 (706)482-2248Hospitals are frightening! Your
No 650 Pasadena, CA 91104 (888)899-2253Shaving the way             matching volunteers in one-to-one friendships...providing "Best       pledge directly places our entertaining magazines
to conquer kids’ cancer! Our volunteers shave their heads in       Buddies" for life.                                into the hands of terminally/chronically ill children.
solidarity; raising awareness and funds for lifesaving research                                                                          Replace fear with amusement, laughter, education,
to cure children’s cancer.                     133 Blind Children's Fund 201 S University Ave Mt Pleasant,           smiles.
                                                                   MI 48858 (989)779-9966Providing parents and professionals
2076 VHL Family Alliance Cancer Research Fund VHL                  information, materials, and resources that help them successfully     1641 Children's Hunger Fund PO Box 7085
Alliance2001 Beacon St Ste 208 Boston, MA 02135                    teach and nurture blind, visually and multi-impaired infants and      Mission Hills, CA 91346 (818)899-5122Feeding the
(617)277-5667The VHL gene is critical to tumor progression         children.                                  hungry at home and abroad. Food, clothing,
in many cancers. We fund VHL research and improve cancer                                                                                 medicines aid orphans and children in impoverished
patients' diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.    1724 C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation 227 SW 41st St Renton,              countries and America's inner-cities.
                                                                   WA 98055 (425)251-3202To provide disabled and disadvantaged 
                                                                   children the opportunity to enjoy a quality outdoor recreational
   Children's Charitable Alliance                                  experience through the sport of fishing.          2327 Children's Miracle Network 4525 S 2300 E
                                                                                                                                         Salt Lake City, UT 84117 (801)278-8900Your entire
134 Blind Childrens Center 4120 Marathon St Los Angeles,           2013 Canines for Disabled Kids Inc. 299 Redemption Rock Tr            donation saves children's lives by helping local
CA 90029-3584 (323)664-2153With your help, we give                 S Princeton, MA 01541 (978)422-5299Dedicated to enhancing             participating children's hospitals provide state-of-the-
children who are blind the building blocks upon which their        the lives and enriching the education of children with disabilities   art care, life-saving research and preventative
future education and independence depend.                          by providing trained assistance dogs to increase emotional,           education for millions of kids.                                        developmental and physical independence.
                                                                                                         2621 Children's Shelter of Cebu Philippine
229 Children's Charitable Alliance 1100 Larkspur Landing                                                                                 Children's ShelterP O Box 247 Cambridge, MN
Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (800)550-3533Children are           1635 Child Concern and Care Fund Child HopePO Box 2300                550080247 (763)689-6558Orphaned children in the
the greatest natural resource of our local community. Your         Redlands, CA 92373 (909)793-2009A respected, proven, cost-            Philippines need more than just shelter. We provide
gift will help clothe, feed, protect, educate and inspire that     efficient charity providing food, shelter, clothing, education,       food, medicine, education and a loving home through
precious resource. Thank you.                          medicine to hurting children. You can make a difference. Bring        three residences and a school.
                                                                   hope to a child.
465 Kare Youth League PO Box 662080 Arcadia, CA                                                                                          980 Compassionate Friends PO Box 3696 Oak
91066 (626)442-1160Helping children avoid problems with            214 Child Find of America, Inc. PO Box 277 New Paltz, NY              Brook, IL 605223696 (866)964-4000A child’s death
drugs and alcohol through after school activities. We build        12561 (845)883-6060Child kidnapping prevention and location           is a devastating experience. We offer family
character through athletics, education, camping and arts -         specialists, helping children and devastated parents through free     support/community education through grief-related
serving 1000 children/week.                            investigation, mediation, and publicity. Your gift could bring a      resources to help the bereaved reach
                                                                   missing child home. 1-800-I-AM-LOST                                   physical/emotional health.
606 Matrix Parent Network & Resource Center Matrix                                         
Parent Network/MATRIX94 Galli Dr Ste C Novato, CA
94949 (415)475-2118We provide no-fee information,                  215 Child Health Foundation 10630 Little Patuxent Pky Ste 126         273 Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation,
strategies, and emotional support to empower families to           Columbia, MD 21044 (410)992-5512Saving and improving                  Inc. 302 W Main St Ste 100 Avon, CT 060013681
effectively advocate for their children with disabilities. Bi-     children’s lives through research and care, and decreasing            (860)676-8166We are the only U.S. organization that
lingual Help-line, consultations, workshops, support groups.       unnecessary hospitalizations and health care costs in the U.S. and    helps children with CDLS and their families by                                              abroad.                                 providing accurate information, knowledgeable
                                                                                                                                         doctors, local meetings and 800-line service.
734 Raphael House of San Francisco, Inc. 1065 Sutter St            217 Childhelp, Inc. 15757 N 78th St Scottsdale, AZ 85260    
San Francisco, CA 94109 (415)474-3245Help keep homeless            (480)922-8212Reaches nearly 300,000 children and adults across
families together and off the street. Our shelter offers warmth,   the U.S. each year with child abuse prevention and treatment          1119 Covenant House 5 Penn Plz New York, NY
AfterCare programs, classes, long-range planning and               services. Help us help another child today.         10001 (800)388-3888Serving homeless and at-risk
emergency services to needy families.                                                                               youth in 20 cities. Always free and open to all under
                                                                   2101 Children & Charity International 1614 17th St NW Ste             21. Nineline (1-800-999-9999) provides nationwide
                                                                   306 Washington, DC 20009 (202)234-0488Educating, feeding              assistance.
 Children's Charities of America                                   and saving lives of children around the world. We provide
                                                                   critical learning and mentoring experiences, and lifesaving           2504 Dillon International, Inc. OrphanCare
                                                                   services to poor and underrepresented children.                       International3227 E 31st St Ste 200 Tulsa, OK 74105
2894 Adoption Exchange Association, Inc. 8015 Corporate                                              (918)749-4600Abandoned. Alone. Hungry. This
Dr Ste C Baltimore, MD 21236 (347)633-7753114,000 US                                                                                     describes the life of the world's many orphans.
foster children need adoptive families! AEA recruits families                                                                            Every child has value. Every dollar makes a

difference - shelter, food, education, support.                  VOICE and programs to save children of alcoholics from physical       Bakersfield, CA 933094453 (661)633-9076We                                           and psychological abuse. Works with schools, doctors, clergy,         provide higher education, mental, and physical
                                                                 others to support these children.                       healthcare assistance to children whose parents
2044 Families Thru International Adoption Inc. 400                                                                                     perished on 9/11 or while fighting terrorism in Iraq
Bentee Wes Ct Evansville, IN 47715 (812)479-9900Children         1221 National CASA Association 100 W Harrison St N Tow Ste            & Afghanistan.
languish in orphanages. We help by establishing foster care      500 Seattle, WA 981194123 (206)270-0072Protecting 200,000+
programs; providing necessities, education, medical needs,       severely abused, neglected children nationwide. Help CASA             1894 WACAP (World Association for Children
placing them in forever families through international           volunteers find children safe, permanent homes and turn a life of     and Parents) P O Box 88948 Seattle, WA 98138
adoptions.                                          hurt into one of hope.                           (206)575-4550WACAP provides life-changing aid
                                                                                                                                       and adoption services to orphans and other children
2269 Family Adoption Consultants 421 W Crosstown                 2427 National Runaway Switchboard 3080 N Lincoln Chicago,             who need families.
Pkwy Kalamazoo, MI 49001 (269)343-3316Works to provide           IL 60657 (773)289-1727We are a 24-hour hotline to keep
adoptive homes & humanitarian aid to homeless children           America's runaway and at-risk youth safe and off the streets.         2287 World Children's Fund 5442 Thornwood Dr
worldwide & provides adoption services to families                                                        Ste 250 San Jose, CA 95123 (408)363-8100Provide
throughout the United States.                                                                                         funding, shelters, medicines, medical supplies and
                                                                 2383 National S.A.F.E. Home Foundation Inc. dba Children's            equipment, clothing, footwear, sleeping bags,
1069 Global Operations and Development Giving Children           Fire & Burn Fund1333 Strad Ave N Tonawanda, NY 14120                  personal hygiene supplies, perish food, baby
Hope8332 Commonwealth Ave Buena Park, CA 90621                   (716)692-8744Reducing preventable death and injury to children        formulas and books to disadvantaged children
(714)523-4454Rescuing children, providing lifesaving             by providing free smoke alarms and fire prevention education.         worldwide.
medicines and emergency food to orphanages, clinics,             Special attention given to disadvantaged children and families.
shelters and disaster centers serving homeless children in                                                      2511 ZERO TO THREE - National Center for
America and poorest-of-the-poor around the world.                                                                                      Infants, Toddlers, and Families 1100 Larkspur                                                   1624 National S.A.F.E. Home Foundation, Inc. Children's Fire          Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (202)638-
                                                                 and Burn Fund1333 Strad Ave North Tonawanda, NY 14120                 1144Inform, train, and support professionals,
2386 Heartbeat International Worldwide, Inc. Heartbeat           (716)692-8744Reducing preventable death and injury to children        policymakers, and parents in their efforts to improve
International of West Central Florida, Inc.4302 Henderson        by providing free smoke alarms and fire prevention education.         the lives of infants and toddlers.
Blvd No 102 Tampa, FL 33629 (813)259-1213Provides                Special attention given to disadvantaged children and families.
pacemakers to the "poor" in 22 countries around the world.
Has improved the quality of life and/or saved over 9,000 lives
to date.                                   666 North American Council on Adoptable Children                      Children's Medical Charities
                                                                 Adoptable Children North American Council970 Raymond Ave
412 Holt International Children's Services Inc PO Box            Ste 106 St. Paul, MN 55114 (651)644-3036More than 129,000                     of America
2880 Eugene, OR 97402 (541)687-2202Food, shelter,                foster children need adoptive families. Your donation helps us
medical care, and permanent families are paramount to the        find loving parents for these children, support adoptive families     2425 American Foundation for Children with
survival and healthy development of abandoned, orphaned,         and raise adoption awareness.                           AIDS Inc 6221 Blue Grass Ave Harrisburg, PA
and other children at risk worldwide.                                                                                 17112 (717)489-0206We provide free anti-retroviral
                                                                 678 Operation USA Operation California3617 Hayden Ave Ste             and other medications to the most vulnerable: HIV+
2391 Hope for the Hungry, Inc. P O Box 786 Belton, TX            A Culver City, CA 90232 (310)838-3455Nobel Prize-winning              children with no voice; so they can reach their full
76513 (254)939-0124Dedicated to helping children                 emergency worldwide relief organization, especially helping child     life potential.
worldwide and supporting missionaries who are living God's       victims of natural disaster, famine, and war.
call to: "Share the bread of life with a starving world."                                                                              1615 Asian Children's Assistance Limited Asian                                         2962 Palestine Childrens Relief Fund PO Box 1926 Kent, OH             Children's Rescue & Relief FundPO Box 702194
                                                                 44240 (330)678-2645We provide cost-free surgical care and             Tulsa, OK 741702194 (502)742-8975Manages
2130 INMED Partnerships for Children, Inc. 409 E                 critical humanitarian aid for sick and injured children in the        hospital wing, works with orphanages, aids
Palmer St Compton, CA 90221 (310)764-0955Transforming            Middle East.                                             abandoned, handicapped, and destitute children by
the future for a generation of vulnerable children.                                                                                    providing urgent and foster care, corrective
Strengthening family and community capacity to help              687 Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. 100 E 8th St 202               surgeries, therapy, remote clinics, and training.
children maximize their potential as healthy, educated, self-    Cincinnati, OH 45202 (888)818-7662Assists in keeping        
sufficient adults.                                 murderers in prison; assists unsolved cases; prevention and
                                                                 awareness programs; emotional support, information and                2382 Association of Birth Defect Children, Inc.
582 Love the Children, Inc. 221 W Broad St Quakertown,           advocacy for any survivor of a homicide victim.          Birth Defect Research for Children800 Celebration
PA 18951 (215)536-4180An international child care agency.                                                                              Ave Ste 225 Celebration, FL 34747 (407)566-
Adoptable children come primarily from South Korea. Also         692 Partnership for a Drug Free America, Inc. 405 Lexington           8304Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering.
sends gifts of cash, food and materials to orphanages in South   Ave Ste 1601 New York, NY 10174-1601 (212)922-1560Our                 Missing limbs, damaged hearts, facial deformities,
Korea.                                   research-based educational programs in prevention, early              Downs, autism, ADHD. We're a lifeline for families
                                                                 intervention and treatment provide parents the comprehensive          struggling with birth defects.
2387 Loving Hands Outreach Assisting Children with               tools with which to raise healthy, drug-free families.
DisabilitiesP O Box 2050 Redlands, CA 92373 (909)793-                                                        382 Believe in Tomorrow National Children's
4669Assisting needy parents of children with mental and                                                                                Foundation Inc. 6601 Frederick Rd Baltimore, MD
physical disabilities. Helping bridge a financial gap between    696 Pearl S. Buck International, Inc. 520 Dublin Rd Perkasie,         21228 (410)744-1032As a national leader in
families and professional help.        PA 18944 (215)249-0100Dedicated to advancing Pearl S. Buck's          pediatric hospital and retreat housing, we bring
                                                                 legacy of improving the lives of children and promoting cross-        comfort and hope to critically ill children and their
1089 Lymphoma Research Foundation 115 Broadway Ste               cultural understanding through adoption, health and education         families through your donations.
1301 New York, NY 10006 (212)349-2910We are the                  programs.                                
nation's largest lymphoma-specific organization dedicated
solely to funding critical research, providing essential         705 Philippine Children's Fund of America 7714 Elsie Ave              204 CHADD, Inc. (Children & Adults with
programs and raising awareness to patients and their families.   Sacramento, CA 95828 (916)688-1574Provides educational,               Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) 8181                                                 medical, nutritional programs to orphaned/homeless children           Professional Pl Ste 150 Landover, MD 20785
                                                                 including American-Asian kids left behind by US military. Offers      (301)306-7070Works to ensure that children and
2777 Masonic Foundation For Children Inc PO Box 41540            poor people livelihood opportunities in the Philippines.              adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Arlington, VA 22204 (800)356-2766Addiction, Depression,                                                     reach their full potential through family support,
Suicide, Eating Disorders, Violence, Bullying. We continue                                                                             education and encouragement of research.
to assist schools in successfully combating these serious        2892 Reach the Children, Inc. 14 Chesham Wy Fairport, NY    
issues in out youth. Help Us Help Kids!                          14450 (585)223-3344AIDS prevention, education, health, micro-                                             enterprise, orphan care, water and agriculture are some of the        2238 Childhood Diabetes Research Institute
                                                                 initiatives we are using to empower communities to help               Diabetes Health and Research InstitutePO Box
617 Mission Without Borders, Incorporated Child Rescue           themselves                                   39734 Phoenix, AZ 85069 (602)234-9119Special
InternationalPO Box 6008 Camarillo, CA 930116008                                                                                       camp sponsorships/health fairs for children with
(805)987-8891Bringing hope to orphaned, abandoned, abused        1632 Rugmark Foundation USA Child Labor Watch2001 S St                diabetes. Medical research grants for childhood
and handicapped children living in institutions. Staff and       NW Ste 430 Washington, DC 20009 (202)234-9050Works to end             diabetes and children's medical programs. Medical
1000 volunteers bring physical and emotional relief. Please      illegal child labor in the carpet industry through factory and loom   equipment/supplies for disadvantaged world-wide.
help these children!                                 inspection; rescuing and educating former child weavers; and
                                                                 informing consumers.                                  2520 Childhood Leukemia Research and
2909 My Stuff Bags Foundation 5347 Sterling Ctr Dr                                                                                     Assistance Fund Childhood Cancer Research and
Westlake Village, CA 91361 (818)865-3860Our bags are             834 Special Olympics, Inc. 1133 19th St NW Washington, DC             Assistance FundPO Box 39713 Phoenix, AZ 85069
individual duffels of new belongings for abused and              200363604 (202)824-0218They exhibit boundless courage and             (480)990-0544Provides medical research grants and
neglected children rescued from dangerous homes; they            enthusiasm. Empowering people with intellectual disabilities to       medical supplies to hospitals and clinics seeking a
arrive at crisis shelters with nothing.      realize their potential and develop life skills though year round     cure for childhood leukemia and other terminal
                                                                 sports training and competition.              diseases. Caring finds a cure.
224 National Association for Children of Alcoholics                                                                          
Children of Alcoholics (NACoA)11426 Rockville Pike Ste           2517 Twin Towers Orphan Fund, Inc. (TTOF) Twin Towers
301 Rockville, MD 20852 (888)554-2627Provides the                Orphan Fund, America's Child4800 Easton Dr Ste 109

234 Children's Hospital & Research Center Foundation                                                                                   Ave Ste 201 Vancouver, WA 98684 (503)669-
2201 Broadway Ste 600 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)428-                          Christian Charities USA                                     8048Dedicated to knowing God, loving His people
3519We raise funds for the benefit of the Research Center                                                                              and reaching the world. Our mission mobilizes local
Oakland, which provides comprehensive medical care to            1828 All Nations Bible Society PO Box 2300 Redlands, CA               churches while fostering a deeper understanding and
children regardless of their families’ ability to pay.           92373 (909)793-2009Transforming lives through Bible                   commitment to God.                                            distribution and education in 50 languages and 35 countries, new
                                                                 foreign-language translations, and Bible study courses for people     2836 Enhanced Classroom Resources Southeast
2208 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA              in prison.                             Asia Christian Humanitarian Aid ProgramP.O. Box
94939 (415)925-2600A child's smile when you say "Yes, I'll                                                                             1505 Shelby, NC 281511505 (757)513-
help you," will melt your heart. Please say yes to these -       2401 Amor Ministries 1664 Precision Park Ln San Diego, CA             6444Providing medical help, scholarships, social
America's best charities for sick children.                      92173 (619)662-1200We transform lives through the generosity          services and comfort to those in need as an                                          of its donors, whose investment in the ministry helps to provide      expression of Christ’s love.
                                                                 homes, schools and clinics for impoverished communities.
238 Children's Medical Ministries PO Box 3382 Crofton,                                                           2435 Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry,
MD 21114 (301)261-3211Compassionate healthcare                                                                                         Inc. PO Box 323 Williamsport, MD 21795
volunteers providing free wheelchairs, rehabilitation            117 Bethany Christian Services (National office) PO Box 294           (301)739-3000Children going to bed hungry.
equipment, food and clothing to children in despair in           Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0294 (616)224-7610We find homes for            Families living in poverty. Help California farmers
urban/rural America and developing countries.                    homeless children. We cherish children, providing adoptive            and hunters give wholesome, nutritious meat free of                                                 homes for American, international and special needs children;         charge to their hungry neighbors.
                                                                 foster families for abused children.
1455 Children's Organ Transplant Association Inc                                                                                       349 Filipino American Rural Mission 7714 Elsie
(COTA) 2501 W Cota Dr Bloomington, IN 47403 (812)336-            516 Bethany Christian Services of Northern California, Inc.           Ave Sacramento, CA 95828 (916)473-9512Provides
8872We give hope and make miracles for children who need         Bethany Christian Services3048 Hahn Dr Modesto, CA 95350              seed capital for poor farmers and indigenous people,
or have had a life-saving transplant by providing fundraising    (616)224-7610We find homes for homeless children and pregnant         allowing them to enjoy the fruit of their labor and
assistance                                          women in crisis. We cherish children, providing adoptive homes        help provide opportunity towards self-sufficiency.
                                                                 for American, International and special needs children.
2831 DC Immunization Welfare Center 12331 Quince                                                              376 Global Action International Children's
Valley Dr N Potomac, MD 20878 (301)990-9562Provides                                                                                    Christian Lifeline Hunger and Medical ReliefPO
life saving vaccinations preventing the deadliest diseases for   1506 Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. PO Box 0065 Baldwin,            Box 717 Carlsbad, CA 920180717 (760)438-
the poorest children in rural parts of India, and educates       NY 115100065 (800)851-8674Nationwide prison ministry                  3979Help make a difference! We put your gifts into
communities about the importance of vaccinations.                promoting Christianity to English and Spanish speaking inmates        action by providing food, medicine, education and                                                    using literature, videos, counseling, and prayer in faithful          hope to hurting children and communities throughout
                                                                 obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.            the world.
334 FACES: The National Craniofacial Association PO
Box 11082 Chattanooga, TN 37401 (800)332-2373Children            2828 Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies,                  2882 Global Opportunities For Christ P O Box
with craniofacial disfigurements require specialized             Jerusalem (USA), Inc. Jews and Gentiles Joined in MessiahP.O.         4446 Charlottesville, VA 22905 (434)970-
reconstructive surgery. We take care of these children and       Box 147 Wheaton, IL 60187 (630)668-3328Jews and Gentiles              7990Provides financial assistance to indigenous
their families while they receive treatment. Rebuilding faces.   throughout the world working together to raise awareness of           Christian ministries worldwide for evangelism,
Rebuilding futures.                         Jewish believers in Jesus and support growth of Israel’s              church-planting, discipleship and assisting the poor
                                                                 Messianic (Christian) congregations.                  and oppressed, including widows, orphans and street
2658 Heartspring 8700 E 29th St N Wichita, KS 67226                                                                                    kids.
(316)634-8820Help children with special needs achieve a          2385 Centre for the Study of Biblical Research Dead Sea
more independent life by supporting our nationally               Scrolls InstitutePO Box 2050 Redlands, CA 923730641                   2835 God's Kids Organization 12925 Marlay Ave
recognized school, outpatient therapy center and training        (909)793-4669Providing financial aid for much needed research         Fontana, CA 92337 (877)246-3754Giving hope to
programs for caregiver professionals.        of the Dead Sea Scrolls by evangelical scholars confirming            some of the neediest of 143 million orphans
                                                                 scriptures and discovering new applications of Biblical truth.        worldwide. We feed, shelter, clothe and educate
1248 MAGIC Foundation 6645 W North Ave Oak Park, IL                                           orphans, holding orphanages and ourselves
60302 (800)362-4423Provides quarterly newsletters, national                                                                            accountable.
networking, pen pals and kids newsletter for the children,       2890 Children of Zion of Maryland, Inc. Children of Zion,
annual convention, financial assistance, educational             Inc.PO Box 413 Churchville, MD 21028 (410)836-2121I was a             1853 Great Dads PO Box 7537 Fairfax Station, VA
materials, public awareness and support.                         stranger, and you invited me in. Providing care, food, shelter,       22039 (703)830-7500Trains and encourages fathers                                          spiritual guidance, and skills to children orphaned by war, poverty   to become responsible fathers to their children by
                                                                 and AIDs.                               providing "The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad"
2827 Medicines for Humanity Inc 800 Hingham St Ste                                                                                     seminars and supportive resources.
1800 Rockland, MA 02370 (781)982-0274Dedicated to                235 Children's Hunger Fund Foundation PO Box 8181           
saving children in improverished communities worldwide.          Mission Hills, CA 91346 (818)899-5425Feeding the hungry at
Collaborate with in-country healthcare partners to develop       home and abroad. Food, clothing, medicines aid children in            2105 Habitat for Humanity International, Inc.
and sustain effective health initiatives.                        impoverished countries and America.              121 Habitat St Americus, GA 317093498 (229)924-                                                                                                           6935Christian Housing ministry working to end
                                                                 247 Christian Charities USA 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste             poverty housing by partnering with families in need
2956 Myelin Project, The 1400 Wallace Ste 258 Amarillo,          340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (800)396-3688Support America's best            to build affordable homes - more that 300,000
TX 79106 (800)869-3546Children are dying, help is fund           faith-based and church-sponsored charities, bringing food,            worldwide.
newborn screening. Join the parents of "Lorenzo's Oil" to        clothing, shelter, medicine, education, and Christian compassion
accelerate research for MS and other demyelinating diseases.     to people in need efficiently and effectively.          2867 Himalayan International Outreach HIO557                                                                                                                         Chabre Ct El Sobrante, CA 94803 (510)223-
                                                                 2317 Christian Freedom International PO Box 560 Sault St.             3837Provides meals and an education for less
1012 Operation Smile, Inc. 6435 Tidewater Dr Norfolk, VA         Marie, MI 49783 (540)631-4458Providing aid and advocacy to            fortunate children in Nepal, focusing on younger
23509 (888)677-6453Transform a life, one smile at a time!        persecuted Christians world-wide including emergency relief,          girls overlooked by this culture. Please consider
Medical volunteers provide free reconstructive surgery and       Orphanages, Hospitals, Schools, Medical Assistance, Bibles,           supporting this cause.
follow-up care to children with facial deformities in 26         asylum case-work and Vocational training.                   
                                                                                                                                       2690 Institute for Creation Research PO Box
2662 Progeria Research Foundation, Inc., The Premature           1933 Christian Relief Services, Inc. 2550 Huntington Ave Ste          59029 Dallas, TX 75229 (800)337-0375As a non-
Aging in Children - Progeria Research FoundationPO Box           200 Alexandria, VA 22303 (800)337-3543Food, water, housing,           profit organization, we conduct scientific research in
3453 Peabody, MA 019613453 (978)535-2594Heart attack.            medicine - basic needs for those who need help most. Sharing          the study of origins, offering online graduate
Stroke. Arthritis. Progeria children experience these, but now   our blessings with disadvantaged families, here and around the        programs and non-degree curricula, leadership
have hope to cure this fatal aging disease thanks to PRF’s       world.                                        conferences and seminars.
research. Help them today!
                                                                 2722 City Team Ministries 2304 Zanker Rd San Jose, CA 95131           2858 Mercy Housing Inc 1999 Broadway Ste 1000
815 Shriners Hospitals for Children 2900 Rocky Point Dr          (408)232-5600Effective programs that transform the lives of the       Denver, CO 80202 (303)830-3393Opening Doors,
Tampa, FL 33607 (800)241-4438Provides pediatric specialty        poor and homeless and their communities across the United States      Building Communities. Affordable, program-
care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal     and 30 countries around the world.                   enriched housing for families, seniors and people
cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate - at no charge. Also                                                                           with special needs who lack the economic resources
conducts research, education.          2593 Compassion Orthopaedic Care for Disabled Children                to access quality, safe housing.
1831 Viet Blind Children Fdn Blind Vietnamese Children           PO Box 4712 Crofton, MD 21114 (301)261-3211Saving           
FdnPO Box 27036 San Francisco, CA 941277036 (415)713-            abandoned, orphaned, destitute, handicapped children by
2481We support schools and homes, as well as career              providing hope and opportunity to reach their full potential          2247 Mission Safety International, Inc. 328 E Elk
development and healthcare programs that enhance the             through basic medical care, corrective surgery, therapy and           Ave Ste #1 Elizabethton, TN 376433351 (423)542-
quality of life of visually-impaired children residing in        training.                         8892Saves lives and resources of humanitarian
Vietnam.                                                                                                     organizations worldwide by helping to prevent
                                                                 2405 DELTA Ministries International Christian Mission Teams           aircraft accidents and related security issues. We've
                                                                 International, Compassion and Gospel Outreach1400 NE 136th            cut the accident rate in half!

                                                                   state-of-the-art education research and care to Alzheimer's           3022 American Lung Association of California
2396 Okinawa Christian School 2203 Briarcliff Rd NE #4             patients and their families in Central California.                    Bakersfield Office424 Pendleton Wy Oakland, CA
Atlanta, GA 30329 (800)446-6423Provides a quality                                                                                        94621 (510)638-5864For 100 years, the leading
affordable, fully accredited, biblically integrated American-      58 American Lung Association of California Central California         organization working to save lives, improve lung
style K-12 educational program to Okinawa's international,         Office4948 N Arthur Ave Fresno, CA 93705 (559)222-4800Our             health and prevent lung disease. "Fighting for Air"
community. Donations support tuition assistance for needy          mission is to improve lung health through research, direct patient    through research, education and advocacy.
families.                                             services and education in lung diseases, tobacco and air quality.
2051 Open Doors with Brother Andrew Inc PO Box 27001                                                                                     3023 American Lung Association of California
Santa Ana, CA 927997001 (949)752-6600Many Christians               260 Combined Health Appeal of Central California 4411 N               Los Angeles Office424 Pendleton Wy Oakland, CA
worldwide suffer assault, imprisonment, torture, murder and        Cedar Ave Ste 102 Fresno, CA 93726 (559)224-2727To educate            94621 (510)638-5864For 100 years, the leading
persecution for their faith. Help provide hope through Bibles,     the local community about our non-profit health related               organization working to save lives, improve lung
training, advocacy, relief and community-based initiatives.        organizations, encourage workplace giving and continue to be a        health and prevent lung disease. "Fighting for Air"                                               resource for all health issues.                  through research, education and advocacy.
2970 Operation Compassion 114 Stuart Rd NE Ste 370                 2903 Emerging Health Inc 3554 N Duke Sp 141 Fresno, CA
Cleveland, TN 37312 (423)479-3770Help us distribute life           93727 (559)291-1741The focus is outreaching to the mentally ill       1546 ARC of Southeast Los Angeles County
sustaining staple goods to hungry, starving children; single       of Fresno County. Bringing humor, laughter and a sense of well        12049 Woodruff Ave Downey, CA 90241 (562)803-
parents struggling to survive; widows living in poverty;           being through comedy workshops and healing begins.                    4606We promote the welfare of persons with
homelessness created by disasters.                                                                                                       intellectual and developmental disabilities and their                                        1657 Fresno New Connection Inc 4411 N Cedar Ste 108 Fresno,           families through advocacy, direct community
                                                                   CA 93726 (559)248-1548Residential, out-patient, alcohol and           services, research and public awareness.
2433 Persecuted Christians Care Fund PO Box 2300                   other drug treatment. Anger management, domestic violence,  
Redlands, CA 92373 (909)793-2009Caring for persecuted              assessment and referrals; working with adolescents and adults
Christians by telling their stories of suffering on news media     from all walks of life.                                               3002 Arthritis Foundation - Hawaii Branch, The
outlets and providing them food, clothing, shelter, spiritual                                                                            615 Piikoi St Ste 1109 Hawaii, HI 96814 (808)596-
support and financial aid.                                         1656 Healing for Survivors, Inc. PO Box 8405 Fresno, CA               2900Supports research to find prevention/cure for                               93747 (559)442-3600Education, individual counseling, weekly           arthrititis. Provides public and professional
                                                                   support group/couples groups and workshops for adult survivors        education, support programs, self help courses,
1829 Suicide Prevention Care Fund PO Box 2300                      of childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, their partners    exercise classes, physican referrals and free
Redlands, CA 923730761 (909)793-2009Our mission is to              and families.                             literature.
save lives, restore hope, faith, a reason to live. Teaching
prevention, intervention, grief support for survivors,             506 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Inc., The 470 E Herndon              2531 Arthritis Foundation - Santa Barbara
promoting "He Intends Victory" program.                            Ave Ste 102 Fresno, CA 93720-2929 (800)960-2022Cure                   Branch 2253 Las Positas Rd Ste A Santa Barbara,                                  leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma and                 CA 93105 (805)563-4685Supports research to find
                                                                   improve the quality of life of patients and their families.           prevention and cure for Arthritis. Provides public
2860 Thomas More Law Center PO Box 393 Ann Arbor,                                                                   and professional education, support programs, self-
MI 481060393 (734)827-2001The Christian answer to the                                                                                    help courses, exercise classes, physician referrals,
ACLU; a national , nonprofit public interest law firm              1653 Rainbow Ranch Equine Therapeutic Center 2491 W.                  free literature.
defending the constitutional rights of Christians, family          Shaw #124 Fresno, CA 93711 (559)476-6092Provide therapy
values, and sanctity of life.                   service to children with special needs partnering with the horse to   2535 Arthritis Foundation - Valley Branch 16633
                                                                   provide the stimulation needed to help focus and develop learning     Ventura Blvd Ste 550 Encino, CA 91436 (818)995-
947 World Impact, Inc. 2001 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles,             skills.                                       7378Supports research to find prevention and cure
CA 90007 (323)735-1137Provides food, and elementary and                                                                                  for Arthritis. Provides public and professional
middle school education to low-income families. Hosts              2784 Valley Center for the Blind 2491 W Shaw Ave No124                education, support programs, self-help courses,
retreats, as well as recreational programs.                        Fresno, CA 93711 (559)222-4447Our agency provides the blind           exercise classes, physician referrals, free literature.                                                and visually impaired classes in homemaking, technology,    
                                                                   personal care, providing them an opportunity to become
2814 World Orphans PO Box 1840 Castle Rock, CO 80104               confident, independent and productive citizens.                       877 Arthritis Foundation, Inc, Southern
(720)362-4881Orphaned and abandoned children. We fund                                           California Chapter - Los Angeles Branch 800 W
the construction of orphan homes worldwide meeting the                                                                                   Sixth St Ste 1250 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (323)954-
spiritual, physical and educational needs of children since        2785 Wilbert Rimper's Music Sharing Inc 2285 Golden Ave               5750Supports research to find prevention and cure
1993.                                         Clovis, CA 93611 (559)292-4288Sharing music with others by            for arthritis. Provides public and professional
                                                                   offering free instrumental music lessons to people of all ages,       education, support programs, self-help courses,
2873 World-Wide Indigenous Missions Associates                     abilities and disabilities. Also giving free music concerts.          exercise classes, physician referrals, and free
EarthCare FundPO Box 2300 Redlands, CA 923730761                                                     literature.
(909)793-2009Christians care too! Saving the Earth and its
natural resources, conserving, recycling, planting trees,                                                                                1849 Autism Speaks Inc 1060 State Rd 2nd Fl
digging wells, clean energy alternatives, improving the               Community Health Charities of                                      Princeton, NJ 08540 (609)228-7335We fund
quality of life for all.                                                                                           biomedical research into the causes, prevention,
                                                                      California: Los Angeles/Central                                    treatments and cure for autism spectrum disorders.
2263 Youth for Christ USA Inc PO Box 4478 Englewood,                                                                                     Inrease awareness and advocate for the needs of
CO 801554478 (303)843-9000Across California, and                               Coast Branch                                              affected families.
worldwide, your gift engages hurting young people with the
love of Christ in schools, inner cities, juvenile institutions,    1545 Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Alisa Ann Ruch Burn               3027 Children's Tumor Foundation 5777 W
and military bases.                                    Foundation - Los Angeles Office2501 W Burbank Blvd Ste 201            Century Blvd Ste 516 Los Angeles, CA 90045
                                                                   Burbank, CA 91505 (818)848-0223Dedicated to enhancing the             (310)216-9570Funds research, patient support and
                                                                   quality of life for burn survivors.                     public awareness of the neurofibromatosis (NF1,
 Christian Community Charities                                                                                                           NF2, and Schwannomatosis) - genetic disorders that
                                                                   1577 Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Assoc., L.A.,            cause random tumor growth throughout the body.
2305 Christian Community Charities 1100 Larkspur                   Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Alzheimer's Associate,
Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (866)678-                   California Southland Chapter5777 W Century Blvd Ste 1230 Los
8780Support local faith-based and church-sponsored                 Angeles, CA 90045 (323)930-6283Dedicated to research for the          251 City of Hope 5777 W Century Blvd Ste 1230
charities, bringing food, clothing, shelter, medicine,             prevention, cure and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and to          Los Angeles, CA 90045 (213)241-
education, and Christian compassion to people in need-             providing support and assistance to afflicted patients and their      7347Internationally recognized innovative
efficiently and effectively.                           families.                                               biomedical research, treatment and educational
                                                                                                                                         institution. Physicians/scientists dedicated to the
2439 Lutheran Social Services of the South PO Box                  54 American Liver Foundation 5777 W Century Blvd Ste 865              prevention and cure of cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes
140767 Austin, TX 78754 (512)706-7580Provide help,                 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)670-4624Supports research and              and other life-threatening diseases.
healing, hope to children, elderly and poor through adoption,      education to prevent, treat and cure hepatitis and other liver
foster care, residential treatment, senior services and disaster   diseases. Provides education programs, support groups,
response. Long Term Rebuilding (Gulf Coast).                       advocacy, literature, referrals and support hotline.                  1560 Community Health Charities of California:                                                                                            Los Angeles/Central Coast Branch 5777 W
                                                                                                                                         Century Blvd Ste 1230 Los Angeles, CA 90045
                                                                   3020 American Lung Association of California Santa Barbara            (310)216-9495We support more than 50 non-profit
     Combined Health Appeal of                                     Office424 Pendleton Wy Oakland, CA 94621 (510)638-5864For             health charities fighting life threatening illnesses.
                                                                   100 years, the leading organization working to save lives,            Contributions assist work with hospice programs,
        Central California                                         improve lung health and prevent lung disease. "Fighting for Air"      Alzheimer's, Cancer, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis
                                                                   through research, education and advocacy.                             and others.
                                                                                                         1043 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Los Angeles
5 Alzheimer's Foundation of Central California 4411 N                                                                                    Chapter 6420 Wilshire Blvd 1st Fl Los Angeles, CA
Cedar Ste 102 Fresno, CA 93726 (559)222-2444Provides                                                                                     90048 (323)655-8525Supports innovative research to

control and cure cystic fibrosis. Provides specialized medical   Foundation3604 Sequoia Cir West Covina, CA 91792 (626)964-              community education, and research funding to cure
care through a nationwide network of centers; offers             7868Funds awareness and research programs while offering                this fatal neurological disorder.
pharmacy and other patient services.                 guidance to victims of Reye's Syndrome throughout California for
                                                                 this often-fatal disease association with aspirin use.
327 Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles 5777 W                                                     1543 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation -
Century Blvd Ste 1230 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)670-                                                                                    Northern California Inland Chapter 1329 Howe
2870Improves the lives of people affected by epilepsy by         579 Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California 5777 W                 Ave No 210 Sacramento, CA 95825 (916)920-
promoting care, prevention, research and cure through            Century Blvd Ste 1230 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)693-                   0790Help us find a cure for diabetes. Through
education, support services, programs, advocacy and              0247Provides direct services to persons with sickle cell disease        research, we can save lives of children and adults
awareness.                              that include Summer Camp youth/family programs, Support                 who suffer from diabetes and its devastating
                                                                 Groups, Workshops and symposiums and public and provider                complications.
17 Foundation for AIDS Research, The AIDS Research               education.
Foundation (amfAR)22459 S Summit Ridge Cir Chatsworth,                                                                                   1760 March of Dimes Foundation: Greater
CA 91311 (818)700-0426AIDS research; educates patients,          900 United Cerebral Palsy Spastic Childrens Foundation of               Capital Division 1050 Sansome St 4th Fl San
doctors, and the public about HIV treatment/prevention;          Los Angeles & Ventura Counties United Cerebral Palsy of Los             Francisco, CA 94111 (916)922-1913Our mission is
works to protect the rights of all people affected by            Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties6430 Independence            to improve the health of babies by preventing birth
HIV/AIDS.                                          Ave Woodland Hills, CA 913672607 (818)782-2211Our mission               defects, premature birth, and infant mortality through
                                                                 is to help individuals with cerebral palsy and other developmental      research, education, community services and
1040 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Bakersfield         disabilities maximize their own potential and live full and             advocacy.
Council 2201 19th St, c/o The Kids Shop Bakersfield, CA          dignified lives.
93301 (661)636-1305Help us find a cure for diabetes.                                                                                     1761 March of Dimes Foundation: Valley Division
Through research, we can save lives of children and adults                                                                               1050 Sansome St 4th Fl San Francisco, CA 94111
who suffer from diabetes and its devastating complications.          Community Health Charities of                                       (209)522-5626Our mission is to improve the health                                                                                                                 of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth
                                                                      California: Sacramento and                                         and infant mortality through research, education,
1039 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Los                                                                                         community services and advocacy.
Angeles Chapter 800 W Sixth St No 450 Los Angeles, CA                   Central Valley Branch                                  
90017 (213)233-9901Help us find a cure for diabetes.
Through research, we can save lives of children and adults       26 ALS Association: Greater Sacramento Chapter 2717                     1035 National Parkinson Foundation, Inc 1501
who suffer from diabetes and its devastating complications.      Cottage Wy Ste 8 Sacramento, CA 95825 (916)979-9265Improve              NW 9th Ave/Bob Hope Rd Miami, FL 33136                                          the quality of life for ALS patients, families and caregivers; to       (305)243-1068To find the cause and cure for
                                                                 promote community awareness and education, and find a cure.             Parkinson disease through research. To improve the
1722 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Inc. 6033 W                                                                    quality of life for persons with Parkinson disease and
Century Blvd Ste 300 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)216-                                                                                     their caregivers.
7600We are dedicated to funding leading blood cancer             1148 AMC Cancer Research Center 530 Bercut Dr Ste C
research and providing education and patient support             Sacramento, CA 95811 (800)321-1557Recognized national                   2429 Planned Parenthood Mar Monte 530 Bercut
services.                                            innovator in cancer prevention, control and survivorship research.      Dr Ste C Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)446-
                                                                 Free nationally recognized counseling for cancer patients and           5037Accessible, personalized, affordable
2935 Los Angeles County Chapter of the Susan G. Komen            families. Scientists working collaboratively improving lives            reproductive and primary health care, educational
Breast Cancer Foundation, The Susan G. Komen for the             nationwide.                                                 programs and advocacy for women, men, teens and
Cure - Los Angeles County Affiliate1000 E Walnut St Ste                                                                                  families throughout Central and Northern California.
123 Los Angeles, CA 91106 (626)577-2700Imagine life              46 American Diabetes Association - Sacramento 4600            
without Breast Cancer. Make it a reality for all nations by      Roseville Rd Ste 130 Sacramento, CA 95660 (916)924-3232The
racing for the cures and funding life-saving research and        association's mission is "to prevent and cure diabetes and to           142 Sacramento Valley Affiliate of the Susan G.
community health programs.                 improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes" through           Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. Susan G.
                                                                 research, information and advocacy.                    Komen for the Cure - Sacramento Valley
584 Lupus International 17985 Sky Park Cir Ste J Irvine,                                                                                 Affiliate4970 Windplay Dr Ste C-3 El Dorado Hills,
CA 92614 (888)532-2322Our mission is to eradicate lupus by       3019 American Lung Association of California Sacramento                 CA 95762 (916)492-6474Imagine life without Breast
supporting research, alleviating suffering for lupus patients    Office424 Pendleton Wy Oakland, CA 94621 (510)638-5864For               Cancer. Make it a reality for all nations by racing for
through patient services and early detection of undiagnosed      100 years, the leading organization working to save lives,              the cure and funding life-saving research and
cases through awareness.              improve lung health and prevent lung disease. "Fighting for Air"        community health programs.
                                                                 through research, education and advocacy.                     
1310 March of Dimes Foundation: Greater Los Angeles    
Division 3699 Wilshire Blvd Ste 520 Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213)637-5050Our mission is to improve the health of babies      3021 American Lung Association of California Chico                      Community Health Charities
by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant          Office424 Pendleton Wy Oakland, CA 94621 (510)638-5864For
mortality through research, education, community services        100 years, the leading organization working to save lives,               of California: South Bay
and advocacy.                               improve lung health and prevent lung disease. "Fighting for Air"
                                                                 through research, education and advocacy.                                         Branch
642 National Kidney Foundation of Southern California  
15490 Ventura Blvd Ste 210 Sherman Oaks, CA 914033016                                                                                    1697 Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
(818)783-8153Dedicated to treatment, prevention and cure of      83 Arthritis Foundation - Greater Sacramento Valley &                   Association Northern California Alzheimer's
kidney and urologic diseases. Provides services to patients,     Fresno Branch 3040 Explorer Dr Ste 1 Sacramento, CA 95827               Association1155 Meridian Ave Ste 112 San Jose,
public education, research, and promotes organ donation and      (916)368-5599Improve lives through leadership in prevention,            CA 95125 (650)962-8111We provide direct
transplantation.                             control and cure of arthritis. Support research, public and patient     assistance to patient and caregivers; education for
                                                                 education, exercise classes, physician referrals and free literature.   health care professionals and the public; public
507 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern                                                             policy advocacy; and support for research on
California Chapter Kern County Regional Office2440 S.                                                                                    dementia.
Sepulveda Blvd, Ste 115 Los Angeles, CA 90064 (661)321-          165 California Hospice Foundation 530 Bercut Dr Ste C
9512We address the challenges of each person affected by         Sacramento, CA 95814 (916)925-3770We provide referrals and              1706 American Diabetes Association - San Jose
MS by providing health and wellness programs, continuum-         education about hospice, to assure that dying Californians are          4040 Moorpark Ave Ste 105 San Jose, CA 95117
of-care services, and supporting MS research.                    aware of and prepared for choices that come with end of life.           (408)241-1922The association's mission is "to                                                                        prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of
                                                                                                                                         all people affected by diabetes" through research,
1630 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern               1561 Community Health Charities of California: Sacramento               information and advocacy.
California Chapter Los Angeles Regional Office2440 S             and Central Valley Branch 1331 Garden Highway Sacramento,
Sepulveda Blvd Ste 115 Los Angeles, CA 90064 (310)479-           CA 95833 (916)285-1869We support more than 40 non-profit                1559 Community Health Charities of California:
4456We address the challenges of each person affected by         health charities fighting life-threatening illnesses. Contributions     South Bay Branch 1155 Meridian Ave Ste 112 San
MS by providing health and wellness programs, continuum-         assist work with hospice programs, Alzheimer's, Cancer,                 Jose, CA 95125 (408)978-3911We support more
of-care services, and supporting MS research.                    Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and others.                             than 40 non-profit health charities fighting life-                                                                        threatening illnesses. Contributions assist work with
                                                                                                                                         hospice programs, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Parkinson's,
2945 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern               406 Hemophilia Council of California 530 Bercut Dr Ste C                Multiple Sclerosis and others.
California Chapter Channel Islands Regional Office2440 S         Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)448-7444Represents individual       
Sepulveda Blvd Ste 115 Los Angeles, CA 90064 (805)682-           organizations devoted to finding a cure for hemophilia, Von
8783We address the challenges of each person affected by         Willebrand's disease and other coagulating deficiencies through         2424 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - South Bay
MS by providing health and wellness programs, continuum-         research and psycho social services.               Chapter 3150 Almaden Expy Ste 110 San Jose, CA
of-care services, and supporting MS research.                                                                                            95118 (408)723-3525Supports innovative research to                                    427 Huntington's Disease Society of America, Inc 530 Bercut             control and cure cystic fibrosis. Provides specialized
                                                                 Dr Ste C Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)927-4400We are a                     medical care through a nationwide network of
655 National Reyes Syndrome Foundation Inc Southern              voluntary health care agency providing family support services,         centers; offers pharmacy and other patient sevices.
California Chapter of the National Reyes Syndrome                                                                              

2310 Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc. (CFRI) CFRI2672               1623Supports research to find prevention and cure for Arthritis.      and wellness programs, continuum-of-care services,
Bayshore Pkwy Ste 520 Mountain View, CA 94043                     Provides public and professional education, support programs,         and supporting MS research.
(650)404-9977Funds cystic fibrosis research, provides             self-help courses, exercise classes, physician referrals and free
educational support and promotes awareness of this life-          literature.
threatening disease. 34+ years of serving and supporting the                                                                            2936 National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
CF community.                                        2530 Arthritis Foundation, Southern California Chapter                Southern California Chapter Coachella Valley
                                                                  (Coachella Valley Branch) 73-710 Fred Waring Dr Ste 104               Regional Office2440 S Sepulveda Blvd Ste 115 Los
1762 March of Dimes Foundation: South Bay Division                Palm Desert, CA 92260 (760)773-3076To improve lives through           Angeles, CA 90064 (760)776-5740We address the
1050 Sansome St 4th Fl San Francisco, CA 94111 (408)260-          leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis. We       challenges of each person affected by MS by
7629Our mission is to improve the health of babies by             support arthritis research, patient services, public health and       providing health and wellness programs, continuum-
preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality   advocacy.                                           of-care services, and supporting MS research.
through research, education, community services and                                                                           
advocacy.                                    2913 Breast Cancer Network of Strength Inc 1901 E Fourth St
                                                                  Ste 300 Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714)361-2106Provides                     140 Orange County Affiliate of the Susan G.
2414 Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Inc. 316 N Main St             information, empowerment and peer support, through free               Komen Foundation Inc., The Susan G. Komen for
Ste 100 Salinas, CA 93901 (831)784-1109Mission to ensure          workshops and a 24/7 hotline interpreted in 150 languages, to         the Cure - Orange County Affiliate3191-A Airport
that every individual has the knowledge, opportunity and          ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone.                         Loop Dr Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714)957-
freedom to make every child a wanted child and every family                          9157Imagine life without Breast Cancer. Make it a
a healthy family.                                                                                                    reality for all nations by racing for the cures and
                                                                  1046 Christopher Reeve Foundation, a New Jersey non-profit            funding life-saving research and community health
709 Planned Parenthood: Mar Monte 1155 Meridian Ave               corporation Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation2113                 programs.
Ste 112 San Jose, CA 95125 (408)297-9255Accessible,               Seville Ave Newport Beach, CA 92661 (800)527-5206Funding
personalized, affordable reproductive and primary health          research to treat and cure paralysis caused by spinal cord injury     746 Ronald McDonald House Charities of
care, educational programs and advocacy for women, men,           and central nervous system disorders and funding programs             Southern California 5777 W Century Blvd Ste
teens, and families throughout mid-California.                    improving lives of the disabled.             1230 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (626)744-                                                                                                                      9449Providing a "home-away-from-home" for
                                                                  1558 Community Health Charities of California: Southern               families of seriously-ill children and camping
                                                                  California Branch 2115 W Crescent Ave Ste 260 Anaheim, CA             experiences for kids with cancer.
 Community Health Charities of                                    92801 (714)502-9153We support more than 50 non-profit health
                                                                  charities fighting life threatening illnesses. Contributions assist   1694 San Diego Chapter of the Susan G. Komen
 California: Southern California                                  with hospice programs, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Parkinson's,              Breast Cancer Foundation, The Susan G. Komen
                                                                  Multiple Sclerosis and others.             for the Cure - San Diego Chapter4699 Murphy
             Branch                                                                                                                     Canyon Rd Ste 207 San Diego, CA 92123 (858)573-
                                                                  1755 Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, Greater Los           2760Imagine Life without Breast Cancer. Make it a
577 ALS Association: Orange County Chapter, The 2115              Angeles/Orange County Chapter 5777 W Century Blvd Ste                 reality for all nations by Racing for the Cures and
W Crescent Ave Ste 260 Anaheim, CA 92805 (714)285-                1230 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)478-4500Secures funding for           funding Life-Saving research and community health
1088We provide services and support to people with ALS            biomedical, genetic and clinical research into the cause and          programs.
(Lou Gehrig's Disease) and contribute to research efforts to      potential cure of inflammatory bowel disease. Offers local patient
find a cure.                                       support services.                                        841 St. Jude Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, Inc.
                                                                                                                                        St. Jude Children's Research Hospital2115 W
33 Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Association            1708 Inland Empire Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast             Crescent Ave Ste 260 Anaheim, CA 92801
1528 Chapala St Ste 204 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805)892-         Cancer Foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Inland                (714)663-7200World's premier institute dedicated to
4259Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through       Empire Affiliate26765 Madison Ave Ste 108 Murrieta, CA 92562          research, treatment and cure of children of cancer,
the advancement of research and to enhance care and support       (951)304-9500Imagine life without Breast Cancer. Make it a            pediatric, leukemia and other catastrophic diseases.
for individuals, their families, and caregivers.                  reality for all nations by racing for the cure and funding life-      All patient/family costs covered.                                        saving research and community health programs.
30 Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Association                                                                                  Community Health Charities
Inc Orange County Chapter Alzheimer's Association                 2778 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Inland Empire
Orange County Chapter17771 Cowan Ste 200 Irvine, CA               Chapter 530 Bercut Dr Ste C Sacramento, CA 95814 (909)424-                 of California: San
92614 (949)955-9000We provide services, education and             0100Help us find a cure for diabetes. Through research, we can
advocacy for individuals, families and the community              save lives of children and adults who suffer from diabetes and its     Francisco/East Bay Branch
affected by Alzheimers disease and related memory                 devastating complications.
disorders.                                                                                                                2921 Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Alisa Ann
                                                                  1050 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Orange                   Ruch Burn Foundation - San Francisco Office2501
2093 American Diabetes Association San Diego                      County Chapter 17872 Mitchell N No 100 Irvine, CA 92614               W Burbank Blvd Ste 201 Burbank, CA 91505
Chapter225 Broadway Ste 1530 San Diego, CA 92101                  (949)553-0363Help us find a cure for diabetes. Through research,      (818)848-0223Dedicated to enhancing the quality of
(619)234-9897The association's mission is "to prevent and         we can save lives of children and adults who suffer from diabetes     life for burn survivors.
cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected     and its devastating complications.
by diabetes" through research, information and advocacy.                                                                                1147 ALS Association, Bay Area Chapter, The                                                  2780 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Inc. 2115 W Crecent                 The ALS Association, Greater Bay Area
                                                                  Ave Ste 260 Anaheim, CA 92801 (714)881-0610Mission: Cure              Chapter2363 Boulevard St Ste 105 Walnut Creek,
2971 American Liver Foundation, San Diego 2115 W                  leukemia, lymphoma, hodgkin's disease and myeloma and                 CA 94595 (415)953-5388Supporting ALS (Lou
Crescent Ave Ste 260 Anaheim, CA 92801 (619)291-                  improve the quality of life of patient and their families. 2006       Gehrig's disease) patients and families in 24
5483Promotes liver health and disease prevention. The             research investments $61.8 million dollars.               Northern California counties through comprehensive
Foundation provides research, education and advocacy for                                                                                services, advocacy and by advancing scientific
those affected by liver disease.                                  1308 March of Dimes Foundation: Inland Empire Division                research for a cure.                                  3600 Lime St Ste 521 Riverside, CA 92501 (951)341-0903Our
                                                                  mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth        2272 American Diabetes Association - San
59 American Lung Association of California Santa Ana              defects, premature birth and infant mortality through research,       Francisco 1900 Powell St Ste 120 Emeryville, CA
Office424 Pendleton Way Oakland, CA 94621 (510)638-               education, community services and advocacy.                           94608 (510)654-4499The association's mission is "to
5864For 100 years, the leading organization working to save                                                  prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of
lives, improve lung health and prevent lung disease. "Fighting                                                                          all people affected by diabetes" through research,
for Air" through research, education and advocacy.                1307 March of Dimes Foundation: Orange County Division                information and advocacy.                                            1050 Sansome St 4th Fl San Francisco, CA 94111 (949)263-
                                                                  1100Our mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing      2707 American Lebanese Syrian Association
61 American Lung Association of California San                    birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality through           Charities, Inc. St. Jude Children's Research
Bernardino Office424 Pendleton Way Oakland, CA 94621              research, education, community services and advocacy.                 Hospital2363 Boulevard Cir Ste 105 Walnut Creek,
(510)638-5864For 100 years, the leading organization                                                      CA 94595 (510)595-2100Premiere institute for
working to save lives, improve lung health and prevent lung                                                                             research, treatment and cure of childhood cancer,
disease. "Fighting for Air" through research, education and       1309 March of Dimes Foundation: San Diego-Imperial                    families never pay for treatment not covered by
advocacy.                                  Division 1050 Sansome St 4th Fl San Francisco, CA 94111               insurance. Uninsured children never turned away.
                                                                  (858)576-1211Mission: to improve the health of babies by    
2532 Arthritis Foundation - Inland Empire 4060 Chestnut           preventing birth defects, premature births, and infant mortality
St Riverside, CA 92501 (951)320-1540Supports research to          through programs of research, community services, education and       428 American Liver Foundation 870 Market St Ste
find prevention and cure for Arthritis. Provides public and       advocacy.                                        1048 San Francisco, CA 94102 (415)248-
professional education, support programs, self-help courses,                                                                            1060Nation's leading nonprofit for liver health
exercise classes, physician referrals and free literature.        2930 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern California         promotion and disease prevention. We facilitate,                                                 Chapter Inland Empire Regional Office2240 S Seplulveda Blvd           advocate and promote education, support and
                                                                  Suite 115 Los Angeles, CA 90064 (909)949-1363We address the           research for those affected by liver-related diseases.
2723 Arthritis Foundation - Orange County 2115 W                  challenges of each person affeccted by MS by providing health
Crescent Ave Ste 260 Anaheim, CA 92801 (714)436-

56 American Lung Association of California Emeryville                Reye's Syndrome, an often fatal disease associated with aspirin         2207 Keystone Conservation Inc PO Box 6733
Office424 Pendleton Way Oakland, CA 94621 (510)638-                  use.                                              Bozeman, MT 59771 (406)587-3389Pioneers place-
5864For 100 years, the leading organization working to save                                                                                  based solutions (fencing, fladry and riders) for
lives, improve lung health and prevent lung disease. "Fighting       143 San Francisco Bay Area Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen              coexistence with native Northern Rockies' predators.
for Air" through research, education and advocacy.                   Breast Cancer Foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure - San              Collaboration with ranchers, landowners and others                                               Francisco Bay Area Affiliate150 Post, Ste 755 San Francisco, CA         to protect wildlife and habitat.
                                                                     94108 (415)397-8812Imagine a life without Breast Cancer. Make 
3018 American Lung Association of California Santa Rosa              it a reality for all nations by racing for the cure and funding life-
Office424 Pendleton Wy Oakland, CA 94621 (510)638-                   saving research and community health programs.                          2851 Leave No Trace Center For Outdoor Ethics
5864For 100 years, the leading organization working to save                                                         Leave No TracePO Box 997 Boulder, CO 80306
lives, improve lung health and prevent lung disease. "Fighting                                                                               (303)442-8222You are the solution to conservation.
for Air" through research, education and advocacy.                   720 Society to Prevent Blindness Northern California Society to         Unique environmental program using sustainable                                               Prevent Blindness1388 Sutter St Ste 408 San Francisco, CA               outdoor recreation and education to empower people
                                                                     94109 (800)338-3041We provide vision screening for children             to connect with and protect natural lands.
84 Arthritis Foundation, Northern California Chapter                 and adults; help with treatment resources when necessary;     
657 Mission St Ste 603 San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)356-             professional/public education and research on preventable causes
1230Supports research to prevent and cure arthritis. Provides        of blindness.                                           2536 National Council for Science and the
public and professional education, support groups, self-help                                                                                 Environment American Council for Environment
courses, aquatic classes, physician referral, and free literature.   2943 University of California San Francisco UCSF Parkinsons             and Science1101 17th St NW Ste 250 Washington,                                                    Center505 Parnassis Box 0114 San Francisco, CA 94143                    DC 20036 (202)530-5810We improve the scientific
                                                                     (415)514-2609Focusing on Parkinsons Disease, our mission is to          basis for environmental decision making through
259 Community Health Charities of California: San                    provide care for patients, discover causes and treatments, and          programs that bring diverse organizations and
Francisco/East Bay Branch 2363 Boulevard Cir Ste 105                 educate physicians, patients, caregivers and public                     individuals together to collaborate, educate and
Walnut Creek, CA 94595 (925)947-5771We support over 40                                        develop science-based solutions.
non-profit health charities fighting life-threatening illnesses.                                                                   
Contributions assist work with hospice programs,
Alzheimer's, Cancer, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and                      Conservation/Preservation                                      2421 National Marine Sanctuary Foundation 8601
others.                                                                                                           Georgia Ave Ste 501 Silver Spring, MD 20910
                                                                                Charities of America                                         (301)608-3040Inspiring responsible stewardship of
1252 Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, Inc 5                                                                                        ocean resources and promoting conservation of
Third St Ste 625 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)356-                   1285 Access Fund PO Box 17010 Boulder, CO 80308 (303)545-               California's national marine sanctuaries - -Channel
2232Our mission is to cure Crohn's disease and ulcerative            6772Climber's conservation organization that preserves America's        Islands, Monterey Bay, Gulf of the Farallones, and
colitis and to improve the quality of life of children and adults    climbing resources by purchasing land, promoting minimum                Cordell Bank.
affected by these diseases.                             impact climbing practices, funding support facilities, educational
                                                                     materials and local climbing organizations.          1984 National Park Trust, Inc. 401 E Jefferson St
1058 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Northern California                                                                                        Ste 102 Rockville, MD 20850 (301)279-7275The
Chapter 100 Bush St Ste 210 San Francisco, CA 94104                  1686 Alliance to Save Energy 1850 M St NW Ste 600                       American Park Experience: Preserving and
(415)989-6500Supports innovative research to control and             Washington, DC 20036 (202)530-434330 years of promoting                 protecting critical, endangered park lands and
cure cystic fibrosis. Provides specialized medical care              energy-efficiency nationally and worldwide through policies and         promoting programs that send youth outdoors to
through a nationwide network of centers; offers pharmacy             programs to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment          experience our nation’s parks.
and other patient services.                              and greater energy security.
                                                                                                                                             1693 National Preservation Institute PO Box 1702
344 Easter Seals Society of the Bay Area Easter Seals Bay            1444 American Discovery Trail Society 2713 Youngs Dr                    Alexandria, VA 223131702 (703)765-
Area180 Grand Ave Ste 300 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)835-                Haymarket, VA 20169 (703)753-0149Linking communities,                   0100Donations provide scholarships for
2131Easter Seals is leading the way to ensure individuals and        cities, parks and wilderness. The nation's first coast-to-coast non-    professionals and advocates to attend our educational
families affected by disabilities can live, learn, work and play     motorized trail provides the opportunity to experience America -        programs focused on the management, preservation
to their full potential.                  it's culture, heritage, landscape and spirit.    and stewardship of our cultural heritage.
328 Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California 5700                  2047 Boone and Crockett Club Foundation, Inc 250 Station Dr
Stoneridge Ml Rd Ste 295 Pleasanton, CA 94588 (925)224-              Missoula, MT 59801 (406)542-1888Promoting guardianship and              2088 NumbersUSA Education and Research
7760Dedicated to serving the over 140,000 people of the              management of wildlife in North America, maintaining the                Foundation 1601 N Kent St Ste 1100 Arlington, VA
region with epilepsy through education, support groups, our          highest standards of fair-chase in hunting and outdoor ethics.          22209 (703)816-8820Seeking lower levels of
resource center and research.                 Founded 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt.              immigration, population growth, labor importation,
                                                                                                                                             sprawl and congestion, this group researches,
1305 Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy PO Box 9014                 2129 Civil War Preservation Trust 1331 H St NW Ste 1001                 educates and provides tools for 900,000 members
Santa Rosa, CA 95405 (707)571-8990We provide support                 Washington, DC 20005 (202)367-1861Preserving our nation's               and the public.
and information to individuals and their families, educate the       irreplaceable historical, cultural, and environmental resources by
public/medical community and conduct fundraising to                  protection of significant Civil War battlefields, while promoting       2035 Pacific Crest Trail Association 5325 Elkhorn
support research for a cure.                            educational programs and heritage tourism initiatives.                  Blvd PMB 256 Sacramento, CA 95842 (916)349-
                                                                                                                   2109Help protect, preserve and promote the world-
2487 Hydrocephalus Association 870 Market St Ste 705                                                                                         class 2,650-mile Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail
San Francisco, CA 94102 (415)732-7040Provides support,               271 Conservation/Preservation Charities of America 1100                 for the enjoyment, education, and adventure of hikers
education and advocacy to individuals and families dealing           Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-               and equestrians.
with the neurological condition of hydrocephalus. We also            2600Dedicated to athletic excellence for America's National
provide funding for research of hydrocephalus.                       Teams and world-class athletic opportunities and recreational           1011 Public Employees for Environmental                                                   experiences for disabled Americans. Celebrating the triumphs of         Responsibility, Inc. (P.E.E.R.) 2000 P St NW Ste
                                                                     the human spirit.                                   240 Washington, DC 20036 (202)265-7337A
2231 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Greater San                                                                                                watchdog organization that supports public
Francisco Bay Area Chapter 2363 Boulevard Cir Ste 105                1256 Entomological Foundation, Inc., The 9332 Annapolis Rd              employees in safely and effectively advocating for
Walnut Creek, CA 94595 (415)625-1115Our mission is to                Ste 210 Lanham, MD 20706 (301)459-9083We support science                sound stewardship of natural resources, as well as
find cures for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and             education by providing entomology educational materials and             government integrity and accountability.
myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their       scholarships and rewards excellence in insect science through 
families.                                             research and program grants.
                                                                                                                                             728 Public Lands Foundation Conservation and
2257 March of Dimes Foundation: Bay Area Division                    1000 Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Inc. PO Box 1874                    Protection of Public LandsPO Box 7226 Arlington,
1050 Sansome St 4th Fl San Francisco, CA 94111 (415)788-             Bozeman, MT 59771 (406)586-1593Wild bison slaughtered.                  VA 22207 (703)790-1988Keeping America's Public
2202Our mission is to improve the health of babies by                Wolves shot. Grizzly bears endangered. Cutthroat trout treatened.       Lands in public hands, sustaining their ecological,
preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality       Help us protect Yellowstone National Park and the lands that            social, and economic vitality by protecting and
through research, education, community services and                  surround it.                                 developing their natural resources through education
advocacy.                                                                                                               and advocacy.
                                                                     1525 Greenpeace Fund Inc 702 H St NW Ste 300 Washington,
2339 National Kidney Foundation Inc of Northern                      DC 20001 (202)319-2473An independent, campaigning                       1540 River Network 520 SW 6th Ave No 1130
California Inc 2363 Boulevard Cir Ste 105 Walnut Creek,              organization that takes action, peacefully and creatively to expose     Portland, OR 97204 (503)542-8381We are leading a
CA 94595 (415)543-3303We serve thousands of patients                 global environmental problems, and promote solutions essential          national watershed protection movement to preserve
throughout Northern California and Nevada with, or at risk           to a green and peaceful future.                      and restore clean and healthy waters by empowering
of, kidney and urologic disease through prevention, education                                                                                and inspiring grassroots leaders.
and research programs.                             2502 Grist Magazine, Inc. 710 2nd Ave Ste 860 Seattle, WA     
                                                                     98104 (206)876-2020The country's leading source for
2491 National Reye's Syndrome Foundation, Inc. 2363                  environmental news and commentary. Irreverent, incisive,                2104 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Inc 5705
Boulevard Cir Ste 105 Walnut Creek, CA 94595 (800)233-               intelligent and entertaining, we report serious green news spiked       Grant Creek Rd Missoula, MT 59808 (406)523-
7393Only organization providing public and medical                   with a sense of humor.                                    0249Ensures the future of elk and other wildlife by
information research and support services for victims of                                                                                     conserving, restoring and enhancing natural habitats

through land purchases, conservation easements, education         poor communities providing needed help to hurting children and
and research.                               families.                                               Educate America:
2637 Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership Inc              297 Direct Relief International 27 S La Patera Ln Santa                   Education, School Support
555 11th St NW 6th Fl Washington, DC 20004 (202)654-              Barbara, CA 93117-3251 (805)964-4767Strengthens local health
4624We are a coalition of the nation's leading hunting,           programs and facilities around the world in areas of high need and          & Scholarship Funds
fishing and conservation organizations working together to        responds to disasters with medical material resources.
guarantee all Americans quality places to hunt and fish.                                                    1329 American Indian College Fund 8333                                                                                                                              Greenwood Blvd Denver, CO 80221 (303)426-
                                                                  302 Do Unto Others: America's Emergency Relief,                         8900We provide scholarships to American Indian
2028 United States Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation                Development and Humanitarian Outreach Charities 1100                    students attending the nation's 32 acredited Tribal
Wildlife Conservation Fund of America801 Kingsmill Pkwy           Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-               Colleges and Universities. More than 4,000
Columbus, OH 43229 (614)888-4868Defends hunting,                  2600Help respected, efficient charities bring relief to the refugees    scholarships are awarded annually.
fishing and other wildlife management and conservation            of famine, epidemic, war; end poverty, protect the environment,
programs. Has introduced 500,000 youth and adults to the          sow the seeds of peace.
outdoor lifestyle through the Trailblazer Adventure Program.                                                                              1985 Army Historical Foundation, Inc., The 2425                                            1467 Global Health and Education Foundation Wheelchair                  Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22201 (703)522-
                                                                  Foundation3820 Blackhawk Rd Danville, CA 94506 (925)648-                7901We support building a national U.S. Army
1783 WaterPartners International, Inc. 2405 Grand Ste             3824Our mission is to deliver a free wheelchair to every child,         museum and sponsor educational programs that
860 Box 12 Kansas City, MO 64108 (913)312-8600A U.S.              teen and adult worldwide who needs one, but has no means to             preserve and promote the history and heritage of the
based, international nonprofit that helps provide safe drinking   acquire one.                               American soldier.
water and sanitation to people in developing countries.                                                     1740 HOPE Worldwide, Ltd. 353 W Lancaster Ave Ste 200                   1017 Astronomical Society of the Pacific, The 390
                                                                  Wayne, PA 19087 (610)254-8800Provide sustainable non-                   Ashton Ave San Francisco, CA 941121722
1812 Wild Salmon Center 721 NW 9th Ave Ste 300                    sectarian health and education programs to prevent poverty, care        (415)337-1100Increases the understanging and
Portland, OR 97209 (503)222-1804Few animals are as                for the needy and empower individuals and communities to rise           appreciation of Astronomy by engaging scientists,
central to the human experience as wild salmon. By working        out of their situations.                                 educators, enthusiasts amd the public to advance
across the Pacific, we save them and the ecosystems they                                                                                  science and science literacy.
nurture.                                 968 India Partners PO Box 5470 Eugene, OR 97405 (877)874-
                                                                  6342Encouraging self-help projects in India since 1984:                 2033 Daniel Pearl Foundation 16161 Ventura Blvd
1535 Wildlands CPR PO Box 7516 Missoula, MT 59807                 orphanages, schools, medical clinics, vocational training, clean        Suite C, PMB 671 Encino, CA 91436 (310)441-
(406)543-9551Help us protect and revive America's wild            water, disaster relief, literacy, microcredit, agriculture, fisheries   1400Promotes cross-cultural understanding through
places by promoting watershed restoration through road            and church support.                               journalism, music and dialogue. Provides
removal, preventing new road construction and stopping off-                                                                               fellowships to journalists, worldwide journalism
road vehicle abuse.                          2418 International Relief and Development, Inc 1621 N Kent              training to high school students and Global concerts
                                                                  St 4th Fl Arlington, VA 22209 (703)248-0161IRD's mission: to            to promote tolerance.
1854 Wildlife Habitat Council, Inc. 8737 Colesville Rd Ste        reduce the suffering of the world's most vulnerable populations
800 Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301)588-8994Unites corporate         and to provide the tools and resources needed to increase their         318 Educate America: Education, School Support
employees, conservation organizations, and community              self-sufficiency.                                           & Scholarship Funds 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir
members in actively preserving, enhancing, and creating                                                                                   Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-2600Your
wildlife habitats on corporate, private, and public lands.        2034 Jesuit Volunteers International, Inc. 1016 16th St NW              gift will be shared among America's finest                                                Washington, DC 20036 (202)462-5200Selected college graduates            educational opportunity charities, dedicated to
                                                                  trained to educate thousands, build communities, and support            making our children and young people the best
2284 Yosemite Foundation, The The Yosemite Fund155                local traditions and cultures through two-year commitments in           educated in the world.
Montgomery St Ste 1104 San Francisco, CA 94104                    seven impoverished developing nations.
(415)434-1782Preserves and protects Yosemite National Park                                  2319 International Student Conferences Inc
by providing trail repair, habitat restoration, educational                                                                               Japan-America Student Conference1150 18th St NW
exhibits and other projects that keep the Park's unique beauty    2905 Lambi Fund of Haiti PO Box 18955 Washington, DC                    Ste LL2 Washington, DC 20036 (202)289-
alive.                                       20036 (202)833-3713Promote economic justice, democracy and              4231American and Japanese college students meet
                                                                  sustainable development in Haiti. Provide financial resources,          for an intensive month of academic and cultural
                                                                  training and technical assistance to community organizations in         exchange; student run since 1934, JASC builds
   Do Unto Others: America's                                      Haiti.                                                leadership and understanding.
 Emergency Relief, Development                                    1289 Mercy-USA for Aid and Development, Inc. 44450                      2844 Jumpstart for Young Children Inc 308
                                                                  Pinetree Dr Ste 201 Plymouth, MI 481703869 (734)454-                    Congress St 6h Fl Boston, MA 02210 (857)413-
  and Humanitarian Outreach                                       0011Dedicated to alleviating human suffering and supporting             4558Pairs college students with preschoolers to
                                                                  individuals and communities in their own efforts to become more         develop language, literacy, social, and initiative
           Charities                                              self-sufficient through agriculture, education and health services.     skills, working toward the day that every child enters
                                                                                                                school prepared to succeed.
960 Adventist Development and Relief Agency
International ADRA International12501 Old Columbia Pike           1862 Project ORBIS International, Inc. ORBIS520 8th Ave                 395 Mr Hollands Opus Foundation 4370 Tujunga
Silver Spring, MD 20904 (301)680-6380Imagine living               11th Fl New York, NY 10018 (646)674-5500We combat                       Ave Ste 330 Studio City, CA 91604 (818)784-
without clean water, health services, basic education, or job     blindness in the developing world using a flying eye hospital,          6787Supports music education and its many benefits
opportunities. Gifts support our empowering development           volunteer doctors, and long-term regional and country programs          through the donation and repair of musical
and relief programs in the US and worldwide.         to provide training and expertise.                        instruments to underserved schools, community
                                                                                                                                          music programs and individual students nationwide.
2848 American Friends of Kenya Inc 150 Yantic St No 142           2011 Search for Common Ground 1601 Connecticut Ave NW         
Norwich, CT 06360 (860)208-2565We send books, help                Ste 200 Washington, DC 20009 (202)265-4300We work in
libraries, schools, hospitals, and daycares, support orphans,     America and worldwide, helping people find creative,                    2751 National Center for Family Literacy Inc 325
organize volunteer trips, start small businesses, and buy goats   constructive ways to deal with conflict, away from adversarial          W Main St Ste 300 Louisville, KY 40202 (877)326-
for poor families.                                 approaches and toward cooperative solutions.               548130 million adults lack literacy skills. Family is
                                                                                                                                          the most powerful influence on the success of a
2587 American India Foundation 216 E 45th St 7th Flr              2249 United States Association for UNHCR 1775 K St NW Ste               child. Help us create a literate nation!
New York, NY 10022 (646)530-8965Our mission is to                 290 Washington, DC 200061517 (202)296-1115Supports the UN     
accelerate social and economic change in India through            Refugee Agency's humanitarian work to protect and assist
grants in education, livelihood and public health projects in     refugees around the world.                           304 Scholarship America, Inc. Dollars for
India.                                                                                                                        Scholars1550 American Blvd E Ste 155
                                                                  1507 Water For People 6666 W Quincy Ave Denver, CO 80235                Minneapolis, MN 55425 (952)830-7302Make a
1003 Bread for the World Institute, Inc. 50 F St NW Ste           (303)734-3486Helping people help themselves by supporting safe          difference, change a life! More than scholarships,
500 Washington, DC 20001 (202)639-9400Seeks justice for           drinking water, sanitation facilities, health/hygiene education to      we also connect students and parents with mentoring
hungry people by engaging in research and education on            the most impoverished people in developing countries.                   and tutoring programs to build strong communities.
policies related to hunger and development.                                        
2939 Child Foundation PO Box 463 Portland, OR 97207               2462 World Hunger Year, Inc. (WHY) 505 Eighth Ave Ste                   2324 Science Olympiad Two Trans Am Plz Ste 415
(503)698-4084Helping children in need, who have been              2100 New York, NY 10018 (212)629-8850Helping hungry                     Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 (630)792-
identified as high achievers, to remain in school.                people access food, shelter, job training and government benefits       1251Encourages all students (especially female and                                           in addition to supporting grassroots solutions that create self-        minority students) to partipate in academic events at
                                                                  reliance.                                             tournaments designed to promote career interest in
2179 Convoy of Hope 330 S Patterson Springfield, MO                                                                                       science, mathematics and technology.
65810 (417)823-8998Provides disaster relief food, water, and                                                                    
supplies in America and abroad, and conducts outreaches in

2106 Space Frontier Foundation, The 16 First Ave Nyack,             1520 Butte Environmental Council 116 W 2nd St Ste 3 Chico,
NY 10960 (800)787-7223Dedicated to opening the space                CA 95928 (530)891-6424We educate our community and                   323 Environmental Defense Center 906 Garden St
frontier to human settlement through support for education,         advocate for California’s land, air, water, sustainable              Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805)963-1322Provides
space technology development, scientific research, and              communities, healthy ecosystems and the preservation of wild         educational, advocacy and legal services to public
grassroots public outreach and involvement.                         and agricultural land.                                interest organizations advancing environmental                                                                                                          protection for marine, coastal and terrestrial
                                                                    159 California Native Plant Society 2707 K St Ste 1                  resources on California's Central Coast since 1977.
                                                                    Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)447-2677We increase understanding
    Environmental Federation of                                     and appreciation of California's native plants and conserve them
                                                                    and their natural habitats through education, science, advocacy,     324 Environmental Defense Incorporated
            California                                              horticulture and land stewardship.                      Environmental Defense Fund Incorporated123
                                                                                                                                         Mission St 28th Fl San Francisco, CA 94105
1097 African Wildlife Foundation, Inc. 1400 16th St NW              171 California Trout, Inc. 870 Market St #528 San Francisco,         (415)293-6050FINDING THE WAYS THAT
Ste 120 Washington, DC 20036 (202)939-3333Foremost                  CA 94102 (415)392-8887Our mission is to protect and restore          WORK. Scientists, economists and attorneys
authority protecting Africa'simperiled species - - mountain         wild trout and steelhead waters throughout California.               designing practical, long-term strategies to protect
gorillas, rhinos, elephants -- through species science, habitat                                                     wildlife, natural resources, safeguarding clean air,
conservation, leadership training and creating conservation-                                                                             water and human health.
friendly businesses benefitting people.                 172 California Waterfowl Association 4630 Northgate Blvd Ste
                                                                    150 Sacramento, CA 95834 (916)648-1406A statewide                    311 Environmental Federation of California Earth
1902 Alaska Conservation Foundation 441 W 5th Ave Ste               organization that seeks to conserve California's waterfowl,          Share of California49 Powell St Ste 510 San
402 Anchorage, AK 99501 (907)276-1917Premiere link                  wetlands, and outdoor heritage through research, education,          Francisco, CA 94102 (415)981-1999One gift
between individual donors nationwide and Alaska's                   habitat projects and advocacy programs.         supports diverse environmental organizations
conservation organizations. Protects Alaska's wilderness and                                                                             conserving and restoring California's beautiful
wildlife habitats by funding the best local environmental           175 Californians Against Waste Foundation 921 11th St Ste            environment, building healthy communities, and
groups and programs.                                   420 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916)443-5422Working for a                  providing a sustainable future for our planet.
                                                                    sustainable economy that thrives through greater use of recycled
47 American Farmland Trust 1200 18th St NW Ste 800                  materials and less reliance on our invaluable and irreplacable
Washington, DC 20036 (202)378-1218Helping farmers and               virgin resources.                                325 Environmental Law Institute Inc. ELI2000 L
ranchers protect their land from development, prodice a                                                                                  St NW Ste 620 Washington, DC 20036 (202)939-
healthier environment and build successful communities.             195 Center for Health, Environment and Justice 150 S                 3808Environmental law that works for you:
Working to save the land that sustains us.         Washington St Ste 300 Falls Church, VA 22046 (703)237-               community-based education + research on national
                                                                    2249Protects the health of communities and children through          problems = solutions to protect people and nature.
1324 American Forests 734 15th St NW 8th Fl Washington,             grassroots organizing, coalition-building, and consumer              Independent and non-partisan.
DC 20005 (202)737-1944Funds private and public land                 campaigns to eliminate dangerous chemicals in water, air, homes
reforestation projects; provides satellite imagery of tree loss     and schools.                                            2091 Forest Service Employees for Environmental
to cities; educates the public on the value of trees and forests.                                                                        Ethics, Inc. (FSEEE) 1175 Charnelton St Eugene,                                             253 Clean Water Fund 111 New Montgomery St St 600 San                OR 97401 (541)484-2692Seeks the preservation of
                                                                    Francisco, CA 94105 (202)895-0432We all live                         ecological values and biological diversity in our
67 American River Conservancy PO Box 562 Coloma, CA                 downstream...neighborhood-based action, education programs           national forests through education and advocating for
95613 (530)621-1224Acquires endangered species habitat,             which join citizens, businesses, government for sensible solutions   reforms of the Forest Service's management
natural fisheries and recreational lands. Volunteers provide        ensuring safe drinking water, pollution prevention, resource         practices.
stream monitoring, education and habitat restoration services       conservation.
within the American and Consumnes River watersheds.                                                                                      2255 Friends of the Earth 311 California Ste 510                                               1362 Communities for a Better Environment 1440 Broadway              San Francisco, CA 94104 (866)217-8499Preserves
                                                                    Ste 701 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)302-0430Helps low-income              our oceans and natural resources, advocates for a
2253 American Rivers, Inc. 1101 14th St NW Ste 1400                 communities of color, overburdened by toxic pollution, change        toxin-free environment, works against global
Washington, DC 200055637 (202)347-7550Working to                    public and industrial policies to improve community health           warming, and fights for environmental justice for
protect and restore healthy natural rivers for the benefit of       through community organizing, science and law.        people throughout the world.
people and wildlife; ensuring clean drinking water, natural
flood protection and recreational enjoyment.                        860 Conservation Fund, The, A Non-Profit Corporation 1655            365 Friends of the River Foundation 1418 20th St                                              N Fort Myer St Ste 1300 Arlington, VA 222093199 (703)908-            Ste 100 Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)442-
                                                                    5805The nation's most efficient and effective conservation           3155California's statewide river conservation group
77 Anza-Borrego Foundation Anzo-Borrego Foundation &                organization, protecting working landscapes, wildlife habitat,       has established a strong record of winning lasting
InstitutePO Box 2001 Borrego Springs, CA 920042001                  historic and recreation sites, with 97% of funds going directly to   victories to preserve, restore, and sustain our rivers.
(760)767-0446We support land acquisition, education and             mission.                          
scientific studies in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the
surrounding ecological region.                       290 Defenders of Wildlife 1130 Seventeenth St NW                     1326 Golden Gate Audubon Society, Inc. 2530 San
                                                                    Washington, DC 200364604 (202)772-0209Working since 1947             Pablo Ave Ste G Berkeley, CA 947022047
104 Bat Conservation International 500 N Capital of Texas           to save America's precious wild animals and threatened habitat       (510)843-8016Seeks to protect and enjoy birds and
Hwy Bldg 1 Ste 200 Austin, TX 78746 (512)327-                       for our children and future generations through education, citizen   wildlife through conservation, education and
9721Worldwide authority on bats, committed to their                 action, and scientific research.                   recreation, inspiring and empowering people to care
protection through direct habitat conservation, research and                                                                             for the Bay Area's unique environment.
education; facilitating win-win solutions that help both bats       293 Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee, Inc. 4067 Mission  
and people.                                          Inn Ave Riverside, CA 92501 (951)683-3872Working to protect
                                                                    the threatened desert tortoise by acquiring and conserving its       2497 Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
111 Bay Area Ridge Trail Council 1007 General Kennedy               habitat in California's Mojave and Sonoran Deserts and through       Bldg 201 Fort Mason San Francisco, CA 94123
Ave Ste 3 San Francisco, CA 94129-1405 (415)561-                    research and education.                      (415)561-3060Harnessing the public's energy to
2595Plans, builds, and maintains a multi-use trail on the ridge                                                                          preserve/revitalize treasured parklands, engage the
tops encircling San Francisco Bay. Almost 310 miles of a            566 Earth Day Network, Inc. 1616 P St NW St 340 Washington,          community with unique outdoor volunteer
planned 550-mile trail are complete.             DC 20036 (202)518-0044Helps people in diverse schools and            experiences, and educate the next generation of park
                                                                    communities around the world improve the health of their             advocates.
1522 Baykeeper San Francisco Baykeeper785 Market St Ste             children and the environment. Charity Navigator's highest rating:
850 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)856-0444San Francisco              4 stars.                                            2313 Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association 5333
Bay's pollution watchdog, using science and advocacy to                                                                                  Zoo Dr Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323)644-
reform policy and enforce clean water laws for the benefit of       309 Earth Island Institute, Inc. 300 Broadway Ste 28 San             4705Supports the Los Angeles Zoo's efforts to
ecosystems and human communities.                 Francisco, CA 941333312 (415)788-3666Supports 40 diverse,            nurture wildlife and enrich the human experience
                                                                    citizen-led projects worldwide dedicated to protecting the Earth's   through exhibits, education and conservation
2298 BayKeeper San Francisco Baykeeper785 Market St Ste             health and environment, from marine mammal protection to             programs, membership and special events.
850 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)856-0444San Francisco              wilderness training for inner-city youths.
Bay's pollution watchdog, using science and advocacy to
reform policy and enforce clean water laws for the benefit of       317 Ecology Center 2530 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702             1737 Green Corps, Inc. 44 Winter St 4th Fl Boston,
ecosystems and human communities.                 (510)548-2220We promote environmentally and socially-                MA 02108 (617)747-4372Training a new generation
                                                                    responsible practices through community-based service and            of environmental leaders by working in communities
118 Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition Against the                education programs including curbside recycling, farmers             with local groups to preserve forests, clean up our air
Misuse of Pesticides 701 E St SE #200 Washington, DC                markets, resource library, hotline, bookstore, Terrain magazine,     and promote cleaner energy.
20003 (202)543-5450Prevents pesticide poisoning of our              and classes/events.
environment, homes, workplaces, schools, food and water                                                                                  1903 Greenbelt Alliance/People for Open Space,
through a practical information clearinghouse on toxic              2090 Environmental and Energy Study Institute 1112 16th St           Inc. 631 Howard St Ste 510 San Francisco, CA
hazards and non-chemical pest control.                              NW Ste 300 Washington, DC 20036 (202)662-1887Protecting the          94105 (415)543-6771The Bay Area’s advocate for                                            climate by educating Congress, developing innovative solutions       open spaces and vibrant places, protecting farmlands
                                                                    and building broad coalitions to move America to efficient and       and natural areas, and helping create walkable
                                                                    renewable energy for a sustainable future.              neighborhoods for over 50 years.

394 Heal the Bay 1444 9th St Santa Monica, CA 90401              education, and science-based advocacy, we inform, inspire and          1752 San Diego Coastkeeper 2825 Dewey Rd Ste
(310)451-1500Dedicated to making Southern California's           empower people to speak and act on behalf of the ocean.                200 San Diego, CA 92106 (619)758-7743Protecting
coastal waters and watersheds, including Santa Monica Bay,                                               the region's bays, beaches, watersheds and ocean for
safe, healthy and clean, through research, education,                                                                                   the people and wildlife that depend on them by
community action and advocacy.                2928 Oceana, Inc. 1350 Connecticut Ave NW FI 5 Washington,             balancing community outreach, education and
                                                                 DC 20036 (202)833-3900Works internationally to protect marine          advocacy.
447 Izaak Walton League of America, Inc. 707                     wildlife and human health through programs to end pollution and
Conservation Ln Gaithersburg, MD 20878 (301)548-                 destructive fishing practices, and to ensure vibrant, healthy          1302 San Gorgonio Wilderness Association 34701
0150Solutions-oriented conservationists - hunters, anglers,      oceans.                                                 Mill Creek Rd Mentone, CA 92359 (909)382-
outdoor recreationists - working to protect America's air,                                                                              2906Provides information, nature education and
waters, woods and wildlife habitat through education,            1521 Organic Farming Research Foundation PO Box 440                    emergancy services to wilderness and forest visitors.
advocacy and fostering strong outdoor ethics.       Santa Cruz, CA 950610440 (831)426-6606Fostering the                    Also protects and maintains trails and recreation
                                                                 improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming                 resources in and around the San Gorgonio
866 Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research,                systems. Sponsors organic farming research; disseminates results       Wilderness.
Education and Conservation 4245 N Fairfax Dr Ste 600             to farmers; and educates the public and decision-makers.
Arlington, VA 22203 (703)682-9220We work to create                                                                792 San Jose Conservation Corps 2650 Senter Rd
healthy ecosystems, promote sustainable livelihoods, and                                                                                San Jose, CA 95111 (408)918-1010Fostering the
nurture new generations of committed, active young citizens      1900 Our City Forest 151 W Mission St Ste 151 San Jose, CA             next generation of environmental stewards through
around the world.                            95110 (408)998-7337Provides Silicon Valley neighborhoods,              developing the talents of at-risk youth. Providing
                                                                 schools and agencies with a one-stop shop for tree planting,           green industry job training and protecting our natural
476 Land Trust Alliance Inc 1660 L St NW Ste 1100                including free trees, technical assistance, tree care and              resources.
Washington, DC 20036 (202)638-4725Leads 1,700                    environmental education programs.
conservation groups across America to save the forests,                                                                                 802 Save Our Shores 345 Lake Ave Ste A Santa
farms, waterways and natural areas you love in communities       685 Pacific Environment and Resources Center 311 California            Cruz, CA 95062 (831)462-5660We connect people
where you live, work and travel.       St Ste 650 San Francisco, CA 94104 (415)399-8850Protects the           to the ocean. We show them how their actions
                                                                 Pacific Rim's most threatened wild places and wildlife by              impact the marine environment and offer choices for
480 League to Save Lake Tahoe 955 Emerald Bay Rd S               empowering grassroots environmental leaders and holding                positive alternatives.
Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 (530)541-5388Protecting and                 international banks accountable for their investments.
restoring the environmental quality, scenic beauty and low-                                             803 Save San Francisco Bay Association Save the
impact recreational activities of the Lake Tahoe Basin.                                                                                 Bay350 Frank H Ogawa Plz #900 Oakland, CA                                            873 Peregrine Fund, Inc. World Center for Birds of Prey5668 W          94612 (510)452-9261Working for over four decades
                                                                 Flying Hawk Ln Boise, ID 83709 (208)362-8264Saves eagles,              to celebrate, protect and restore the San Francisco
595 Marin Agricultural Land Trust 145 A St Point Reyes           condors, falcons and other endangered birds through research,          Bay-Delta and to improve public access to its
Station, CA 94956 (415)663-1158Preserves farmland in             breeding and conservation programs. Helps preserve rainforests.        shoreline.
Marin County through conservation easements, technical           Educates children and adults about nature and science.
assistance to landowners, public education (including farm                                                  876 Sierra Club Foundation 85 2nd St Ste 750 San
tours) and advocacy.                                                                                                       Francisco, CA 94105 (415)995-1780Fights to
                                                                 701 Pesticide Action Network North America Regional Center             preserve wilderness and protect environmental
596 Marin Audubon Society PO Box 599 Mill Valley, CA             Pesticide Action Network North America49 Powell St Ste 500             quality worldwide through a powerful combination
949420599 (415)668-1242Dedicated for fifty years to the          San Francisco, CA 94102 (415)981-1771Works to eliminate                of education, scientific research, publishing and
preservation and conservation of Marin's bayland habitat         poisonous pesticides. Links consumer, labor, health,                   litigation.
through acquisition, restoration, advocacy and education.        environment, and agriculture groups internationally to advance                                             safer, ecologically sound pest control alternatives.                   823 Slide Ranch 2025 Shoreline Hwy Muir Beach,
                                                                                                                 CA 94965 (415)381-6155A pioneer in the field of
599 Marin Conservation League 1623A Fifth Ave San                                                                                       environmental education, this oceanside farm teaches
Rafael, CA 94901 (415)485-6257Preserving and enhancing           1897 Placer Land Trust 11661 Blocker Drive, Suite 110                  children through interactive experiences about
the natural assets of Marin County since 1934. With about        Auburn, CA 95603 (530)887-9222Works with willing                       responsibility, teamwork, and respect for nature and
1100 members supporting active conservation advocacy and         landowners and conservation partners to permanently preserve           animals.
public education.                natural open space and agricultural lands in Placer County.
                                                                                                       1099 Student Conservation Association, Inc
622 Mountain Lion Preservation Foundation 49 Powell St                                                                                  (SCA) 689 River Rd Charlestown, NH 03603
Ste 510 San Francisco, CA 94102 (916)442-2666A national          2334 Placer Land Trust 11661 Blocker Dr Ste 100 Auburn, CA             (603)543-1700Nearly two million hours of hands-on
nonprofit conservation and education organization founded in     95603 (530)887-9222Works with willing landowners and                   conservation service, with student volunteers
1986, and dedicated to saving America's lion.                    conservation partners to permanently preserve natural open space       working in parks , forests and urban greenspaces                                             and agricultural lands in Placer county.       nationwide to preserve public lands.
2124 National Forest Foundation Building 27 Ste 3 ~ Fort         712 Planning and Conservation League Foundation 1107 9th               878 Surfrider Foundation PO Box 6010 San
Missoula Rd Missoula, MT 59804 (406)542-2805Improving            St Ste 360 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916)313-4508Cutting-edge              Clemente, CA 92674 (800)743-7873Protects and
the health, productivity and diversity of our National Forests   environmental public policy organization conducting research and       preserves the world's oceans, waves and beaches
and Grasslands through wildlife habitat conservation,            educating and empowering local communities to participate in           through conservation, activism, research and
watershed restoration, recreational enhancements, and            local and state environmental decision making processes.               education. Activities include: water quality
community-based Forest Stewardship Programs.                                                                       monitoring, environmental education and grassroots                                                                                                                     activism.
                                                                 730 Rails-to-Trails Conservancy 26 O'Farrell St Ste 400 San
652 National Park Conservation Association 1300 19th St          Francisco, CA 94108 (415)397-2220Converts thousands of miles           1327 Trust for Public Land, The 116 New
NW Ste 300 Washington, DC 20036 (202)223-6722Preserves           of unused railroad corridors into public trails for walking, hiking,   Montgomery St 4th Flr San Francisco, CA 94105
national parks from Grand Canyon to Gettysburg; protects         bicycling, skating, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, wildlife   (415)495-5660We conserve land for people to enjoy
endangered wildlife and cultural sites; promotes new parks;      habitats and nature appreciation.                as parks, gardens, and other natural places, ensuring
defends parks against pollution, inappropriate development                                                                              livable communities for generations to come.
and overcrowding.                                   732 Rainforest Action Network 221 Pine St Ste 500 San        
                                                                 Francisco, CA 94104 (415)398-4404Campaigns to break
658 National Wildlife Federation 11100 Wildlife Center Dr        America's oil addiction, protect endangered forests/indigenous         880 Union of Concerned Scientists, Inc 2 Brattle
Reston, VA 20190 (703)438-6000America's conservation             rights and stop destructive investments globally through               Sq Cambridge, MA 02138 (617)547-5552Scientists
organization keeping wildlife in our future, protecting          education, grassroots organizing, boardroom negotiation and non-       and citizens working on solutions to reduce air
endangered species and habitats, and connecting children and     violent direct action.                                     pollution and global warming, protect biodiversity,
adults with nature through education and action opportunities.                                                                          prevent nuclear proliferation, and ensure a                                                      733 Rainforest Alliance, Inc. 665 Broadway Ste 500 New York,           sustainable, safe food system.
                                                                 NY 10012 (212)677-1900Works to conserve biodiversity and
662 Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. 111 Sutter St        ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming landuse practices,      904 Urban Corps of San Diego County PO Box
20th Fl San Francisco, CA 94104 (415)875-6100Defends             business practices and consumer behavior. www.rainforest-              80156 San Diego, CA 92138 (619)235-6884Provides
embattled wildlife, wilderness, coasts, rivers and clean air                                                           young adults with job training and educational
across America and around the globe to ensure safe and                                                                                  opportunities in the fields of conservation, recycling
healthy environment for all living things.          2927 Sacramento Tree Foundation 1941 Lathrop Wy Ste D                  and community service, making them employable
                                                                 Sacramento, CA 95815 (916)924-8733Dedicated to building the            while preserving natural resources.
871 Nature Conservancy, The 201 Mission St 4th Fl San            best urban forest for the Sacramento Region. We support the  
Francisco, CA 94105 (415)281-0407Preserving the plants,          planting of 5 million trees by the year 2025.
animals and natural communities that represent the diversity                                                                            882 Wilderness Society, The 1615 M St NW
of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need    778 San Diego Audubon Society 4891 Pacific Hwy Ste 112 San             Washington, DC 20036 (202)429-2603Works to
to survive.                                       Diego, CA 92110 (619)682-7200We promote the conservation               protect special wild places from development so that
                                                                 and protection of birds, other wildlife, and their habitat through     future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy
2267 Ocean Conservancy, Inc. 1300 19th St NW 8th Fl              advocacy, public education, and the maintenance of wildlife            America's natural heritage.
Washington, DC 20036 (202)351-0442Through research,              sanctuaries.

1100 Wildlife Conservation Society 2300 Southern Blvd            women is key to helping families and communities escape              leadership development, health awareness, and job
Bronx, NY 10460 (718)741-1647Saves endangered species            poverty.                                             skills training in 70 countries worldwide.
and threatened ecosystems in 61 countries; teaches ecology                                                                  
and inspires care for wildlife through the Bronx Zoo and         303 Doctors Without Borders USA, Inc. 333 7th Ave 2nd Fl
national science education programs.                 New York, NY 100015004 (888)392-0392An international                 1399 Lutheran World Relief, Inc. 700 Light St
                                                                 independent medical humanitarian organization that delivers          Baltimore, MD 212303850 (410)230-2800Works
2495 Wildlife Trust 460 W 34th St 17th Fl New York, NY           emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics        with partners in 35 countries to help people grow
10001 (212)380-4460We empower local conservation                 and natural disasters in over 70 countries.                          food, improve health, strengthen communities, end
scientists worldwide to protect nature and safeguard                                           conflict, build livelihoods and recover from disasters.
ecosystem and human health. Healthy, intact ecosystems can                                                                  
prevent the spread of diseases.            1395 ECHO, Inc. 17391 Durrance Rd N Fort Myers, FL 33917
                                                                 (239)543-3246Fights world hunger by helping people help              612 Mercy Corps 3015 SW First Ave Portland, OR
950 World Wildlife Fund, Inc. 1250 24th St NW                    themselves. Provides training, information, seeds to agricultural    97201 (503)796-6800Providing livesaving aid
Washington, DC 20037 (202)495-4677Multinational                  workers and missionaries working with subsistence farmers in         worldwide following a disaster or conflict, and
conservation organization working worldwide to combat            180 countries.                                       helping local populations design and implement
climate change, save endangered animals, protect wild                                                                                 sustainable programs to promote health and
habitats and transform market forces to act in harmony with      2889 EngenderHealth, Inc. 440 Ninth Ave 13th Fl New York,            economic development.
nature.                                    NY 10001 (800)564-2872EngenderHealth is the leading
                                                                 international reproductive health organization working to improve    1400 Near East Foundation 90 Broad St 15th Fl
                                                                 the quality of health care in the world's poorest countries.         New York, NY 10004 (212)425-2205By supporting
                 Global Impact                                                                       grassroots, community-based organizations, we help
                                                                                                                                      Arab and African communities develop their own
8 African Medical and Research Foundation Inc                    3011 Episcopal Relief and Development 815 Second Ave New             solutions to conflict, poverty, health, environmental
(AMREF) 4 W 43rd St 2nd Fl New York, NY 10036                    York, CA 10017 (800)334-7626International relief and                 change and illiteracy.
(212)768-2440Since 1957, has improved health for Africans        development agency of the Episcopal Church/US. With partners,
through training, capacity building and advocacy in              the agency creates lasting solutions to poverty.        679 Opportunity International, Inc. 2122 York Rd
HIV/AIDS, malaria, family health, water and sanitation and                                                                            Ste 150 Oak Brook, IL 60523 (630)242-4132We
clinical outreach.                             2539 FINCA International, Inc. 1101 14th St NW 11th Fl               collaborate with local partners worldwide to provide
                                                                 Washington, DC 20005 (202)682-1510To provide financial               microfinance services allowing poor entrepreneurs to
10 Africare 440 R St NW Washington, DC 20001 (202)328-           services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can      develop steady income, provide for families and
5353Develops self-help programs in Africa to increase food       create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living.      create jobs for neighbors.
production, develop clean water resources, manage the  
environment, strengthen health care and deliver emergency                                                                             1509 Oxfam America 226 Causeway St Boston,
assistance. Established 1971.                   356 Freedom from Hunger 1644 Da Vinci Ct Davis, CA 95617             MA 02114 (617)728-2461We are an international
                                                                 (530)758-6200Brings innovative and sustainable self-help             relief and development organization that creates
52 American Jewish World Service, Inc. (AJWS) 131                solutions to fight against chronic hunger and poverty.               lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice.
Steuart St Ste 200 San Francisco, CA 94105 (212)792-                                     
2900Provides nonsectarian, sustainable development
assistance, technical support and emergency relief to people     444 Global Impact 66 Canal Center Plz Ste 310 Alexandria, VA         686 Pan American Development Foundation, Inc.
in need in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East,         22314 (703)717-5200Supports US-based charities working               1889 F St NW 2nd Fl Washington, DC 20006
Russia and Ukraine.                                 globally. We provide disaster relief, treat the sick, feed the       (202)458-3969Helps disadvantaged people in Latin
                                                                 hungry, shelter refugees, teach children to read, train adults for   America and the Caribbean by creating economic
63 American Near East Refugee Aid, Inc. (ANERA) 1522             jobs.                                                opportunities, promoting social progress,
K St NW Ste 202 Washington, DC 20005 (202)347-2558We                                                                                  strengthening civil society, responding to disasters
create opportunities in education, health and relief services,   401 Health Volunteers Overseas 1900 L St NW Ste 310                  and humanitarian crises.
and job creation programs for people in the West Bank, Gaza,     Washington, DC 20036 (202)296-0928Trains, mentors and
Lebanon and Jordan.                                provides critical professional support to more than 2600             1510 PCI-Media Impact, Inc. 777 United Nations
                                                                 healthcare providers who care for the neediest populations in over   Plz 5th Fl New York, NY 10017 (212)687-3366We
66 American Refugee Committee American Refugee                   25 countries.                                         use the power of storytelling and the reach of
Committee, International430 Oak Grove St Ste 204                                                                                      broadcast media to improve people's health, promote
Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612)607-6485International relief          404 Helen Keller International, Inc. (Childsight) 352 Park Ave       human rights, and foster social change. www.pci-
and development agency working in partnership with those         S Ste 1200 New York, NY 10010 (212)532-0544Saves the sight 
affected by conflict and disaster to help them take back         and lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged; combats the
control of their lives.                        causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition.               218 Plan International USA, Inc. Plan USA155
                                                                                                                 Plan Wy Warwick, RI 028861099 (800)556-
70 AmeriCares Foundation, Inc. 88 Hamilton Ave                                                                                        7918Founded in 1937, we work with children and
Stamford, CT 06902 (203)658-9500We restore health and            439 International Eye Foundation (IEF) 10801 Connecticut             families affected by poverty. We are a global,
save lives by delivering donated medicines, medical supplies     Ave Kensington, MD 20895 (240)290-0263Saves sight                    nonprofit, humanitarian organization without
and humanitarian aid to people in need around the world and      worldwide. Programs to control vitamin A deficiency, "river          political or religious affiliation.
the US.                                       blindness," trachoma and cataracts. Provides local health worker
                                                                 training, technology transfer, eye surgery, equipment, medicine.     706 Planned Parenthood Federation of America,
222 Children International 2000 E Red Bridge Rd Kansas                                                        Inc. Planned Parenthood Federation of America -
City, MO 64131 (816)942-2000Nonprofit, humanitarian                                                                                   International434 W 33rd St New York, NY 10001
organization providing program benefits and services             441 International Medical Corps IMC1919 Santa Monica Blvd            (800)829-7732Supports sexual and reproductive
including medical care, educational assistance and material      Ste 400 Santa Monica, CA 904041957 (310)826-7800Global               health programs in the developing world, in
aid to poverty-stricken children and families in eleven          humanitarian organization saving lives and building self-reliance    partnership with local nongovernmental
countries.                                      by providing vital medical care for women and children; training     organizations, that promote women's reproductive
                                                                 healthcare professionals; rebuilding clinics; and improving          health, freedom and dignity.
248 Christian Children's Fund Inc. 2821 Emerywood                water/sanitation.                     
Pkwy Richmond, VA 23294 (804)756-2783Helping
deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity     1397 International Orthodox Christian Charities, Inc. 110            2223 Program for Appropriate Technology in
to become young adults and leaders who bring lasting and         West Rd Ste 360 Baltimore, MD 21204 (410)243-9820Provides            Health PATH1455 NW Leary Wy Seattle, WA
positive change in their communities.                            humanitarian and development assistance to people in Africa,         98107 (206)285-3500Poor communities have the                                   Asia, Europe and the Middle East who have been devastated by         right to safer chlidbirth, live-saving vaccines, and
                                                                 man-made and natural disasters.                         lives free from AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. We
1393 Christian Reformed World Relief Committee                                                                                        create culturally-relevant solutions for better health.
(CRWRC) 2850 Kalamazoo SE Grand Rapids, MI 49560                 442 International Relief Teams 4560 Alvarado Canyon Rd Ste 
(616)246-0740A relief, development, and justice organization     2G San Diego, CA 92120 (619)284-7979Sends volunteer medical
that works in 30 of the world's poorest countries to help        and construction teams to assist disaster victims worldwide.         872 Project HOPE - The People-to-People Health
communities create positive change.                Conducts medical, surgical, and training programs to promote         Foundation, Inc. 255 Carter Hall Ln Millwood, VA
                                                                 self-sufficiency in developing nations.              22646 (540)837-2100A leader in health education
1394 Church World Service, Inc. PO Bpx 968 Elkhart, IN                                                                                and humanitarian assistance. Our programs enhance
46514 (800)297-1516We work with partners to eradicate            2222 International Rescue Committee 122 E 42nd St 12th Fl            the knowledge of healthcare workers and improve
hunger and poverty and promote peace and justice among the       New York, NY 101681289 (212)551-3000Our commitment to                the health of millions worldwide.
world's most vulnerable people.                                  freedom, human dignity, and self-reliance is reflected in well-                                       planned global emergency relief, rehabilitation assistance,
                                                                 resettlement services, and advocacy for refugees.     1401 Rotary Foundation of Rotary International,
1391 Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere,                                                                                The 1560 Sherman Ave Evanston, IL 60201
Inc. - CARE CARE151 Ellis St NE Atlanta, GA 30303                1398 International Youth Foundation 32 South St Ste 500              (866)976-8279Our Polio Plus program provides
(404)681-2552Fights root causes of poverty in 66 countries;      Baltimore, MD 21202 (410)951-2329We prepare young people to          vaccines and mobilizes communities, volunteers and
focus on working alongside poor women, empowering                be healthy, productive and engaged citizens through education,       resources in support of international efforts to

immunize children and eradicate polio worldwide.                 marrow to save the lives of strangers. Our testing and registry         1382 Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, The                                                   make the donor/patient match possible.                    (FAAN) 11781 Lee Jackson Hwy Ste 160 Fairfax,
                                                                                                                                         VA 220333309 (800)929-4040To raise public
776 Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) 615              40 American Association of Suicidology Suicidology, American            awareness, provide advocacy and education, and to
Slaters Ln Alexandria, VA 22313 (703)684-5524Assists the         Association of5221 Wisconsin Ave NW 2nd Fl Washington, DC               advance research on behalf of all of those affected by
poor with health services, HIV/AIDS support, education,          20015 (202)237-2280We promote research into the causes of               food allergies and anaphylaxis.
capacity building, anti-human trafficking, reconstruction and    suicide and how it can be prevented, and we publicize the results,
income generation, with heart to God and hand to man.            train caregivers and assist survivors.              2348 Friends of Disabled Adults and Children,                                                                                                                            Too! Inc. Disabled Children, Adults & Seniors:
                                                                 41 American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association                     Lives Enhanced by FODAC4900 Lewis Rd Stone
804 Save the Children Federation, Inc. 54 Wilton Rd              Autoimmune Diseases Association22100 Gratiot Ave East                   Mountain, GA 300831104 (770)491-9014We exist to
Westport, CT 06880 (203)221-4000We are a leading                 Detroit, MI 480212227 (586)776-3900Autoimmunity causes                  enhance the quality of life for people of all ages who
independent organization creating lasting change for children    lupus, arthritis, vasculitis, MS, fibromyalgia, Graves’ and 100+        are mobility-impaired from any type of injury, illness
in need in the US and around the world.                          other diseases. Through research and patient services, our work         or physical disability.                                          eases the tremendous suffering they inflict.
                                                                                                                                         398 Health and Medical Research Charities of
853 TechnoServe, Inc. 148 East Ave Ste 3H Norwalk, CT            1074 American Botanical Council, The Herbal Medicine                    America 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340
06851 (203)852-0377Help men and women in the developing          InstitutePO Box 144345 Austin, TX 787144345 (512)926-                   Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-2600Health: Life's
world to build businesses that create income, opportunity and    4900We improve healthcare practices worldwide by educating the          most important ingredient. Restoring wellness
economic growth for their families, communities and their        public, healthcare professionals, media, government agencies, and       through research, diagnosis, treatment, and
countries.                                   industry on the safe and responsible use of herbal medicine.            prevention of the diseases that plague our family,
                                                                                                             friends, loved ones - ourselves.
1106 UNICEF, United States Fund for, 125 Maiden Ln
10th Fl New York, NY 10038 (212)686-5522Works for the            2378 American Foundation for Aging Research Aging                       2528 Heart Disease Research Institute PO Box
survival, protection and development of children worldwide       Research, American FoundationBiochemistry Dept NCSU - 128               37424 Phoenix, AZ 85069 (800)759-3004Collects,
through fundraising, education and advocacy.                     Polk Hall CB 7622 Raleigh, NC 276957622 (919)515-                       distributes and informs the public about information                                                5679Awards grants to students conducting cellular, molecular and        for the treatment and prevention of heart disease.
                                                                 genetic research on aging and age related illnesses such as             Distributes medical supplies and equipment to
1402 Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Inc. 689          Alzheimer's, Diabetes and Cancer.                                       hospitals and clinics.
Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02145 (617)868-        
6600We defend human rights and civil liberties and promote                                                                               407 Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI) 504
environmental and economic justice with grassroots partners      64 American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation 2530 San Pablo                Blick Dr Silver Spring, MD 20904 (301)622-
woldwide while engaging our members to serve as citizen-         Ave Ste J Berkeley, CA 94702 (510)841-3032Secondhand smoke              4200We provide education, training and support
activists.                                          and smoking cause asthma, many cancers, and heart disease.              programs for the public, patient educators and
                                                                 Smoke-free environments and youth smoking prevention                    medical professionals about diagnosis, treatment and
902 United Seamen's Service, Inc. 635 Fourth Ave Ground          programs save lives. Help us clear the air!            prevention of viral hepatitis.
Fl Brooklyn, NY 11232 (718)369-3818Provides overseas
health and welfare services to the American Merchant Marine      1410 American Social Health Association (ASHA) PO Box                   416 Hospice Foundation of America, Inc. 1621
and seafarers of allied nations and a hotline for emergency      13827 Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 (919)361-                        Connecticut Ave NW Ste 300 Washington, DC
family assistance.                             8400Dedicated to improving the health of individuals, families,         20009 (202)638-5419We support organizations and
                                                                 and communities, with a focus on preventing sexually transmitted        efforts which assist terminally ill patients and their
2524 William J Clinton Foundation, The 55 W 125th St             infections and their harmful consequences.              families through the dying process in a less painful
New York, NY 10027 (212)348-8882Strengthening people's                                                                                   and more caring manner.
capacity to meet the challenges of global interdependence        1518 American Thyroid Association, Inc. The Thyroid           
through health security; economic empowerment; leadership        Association, American6066 Leesburg Pike Ste 550 Falls Church,
development/citizen service, climate change, racial, ethnic,     VA 22041 (703)998-8890Funding excellence and innovation in              1004 Human Growth Foundation 997 Glen Cove
religious reconciliation.              thyroid research and patient education to help scientists,              Ave Ste 5 Glen Head, NY 11545 (516)671-4041We
                                                                 physicians and the public better understand thyroid disorders:          help children and adults with disorders related to
1687 Women for Women International 4455 Connecticut              causes, treatments and prevention.                      growth or growth-hormone through education,
Ave NW Ste 200 Washington, DC 20008 (202)737-7705We                                                                                      research, support and advocacy.
provide direct aid, rights awareness and leadership education,   85 Arthritis National Research Foundation 200 Oceangate Ste
vocational skills training and income generation support to      830 Long Beach, CA 90802 (800)588-2873Help end the suffering            2407 International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Inc.
women survivors of war, conflict and civil strife.               of 46 million Americans with arthritis. We fund research to find        (IAVI) 110 William St 27th Fl New York, NY                                            new treatments and a cure for arthritis.          10038 (212)847-1082The world needs an AIDS
                                                                                                                                         vaccine. We work to ensure and speed development
1108 World Relief Corp of National Association of                1832 Blindskills, Inc. PO Box 5181 Salem, OR 973040181                  of safe, effective, accessible, preventive AIDS
Evangelicals World Relief7 E Baltimore St Baltimore, MD          (503)581-4224Where blind children and visually impaired adults          vaccines for use throughout the world.
21202 (443)451-1911Provides emergency relief and                 learn about adaptive and coping techniques via a toll-free number,
community-based solutions to alleviate hunger and poverty in     website and publication of DIALOGUE magazine.                           2584 Jimmie Heuga Center The Heuga Center for
20 countries and provides resettlement assistance to refugees                                                     Multiple Sclerosis27 Main St Ste 303 Edwards, CO
in the United States.                                                                                                81632 (970)926-1290We help people and families
                                                                 858 CFIDS Association of America, Inc, The PO Box 220398                living with multiple sclerosis through comprehensive
949 World Vision Inc. PO 9716 Federal Way, WA 98063              Charlotte, NC 28222 (704)365-2343The nation’s leading                   interactive health and wellness programs that
(253)815-1000A Christian humanitarian organization               charitable organization dedicated to conquering CFS. Programs           empower them to improve their quality of life.
dedicated to working with children, families and their           in CFS education, public policy and research have greatly     
communities worldwide to reach their full potential by           enhanced understanding of this debilitating illness.
tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.                                                                                            1497 La Jolla Institute for Allergy and                                              2859 Deafness Research Foundation (DRF) 641 Lexington Ave               Immunology Diabetes & Immune Disease National
                                                                 15 Fl New York, NY 10022 (212)328-9518We are dedicated to               Research Institute9420 Athena Cir La Jolla, CA
                                                                 making a lifetime of healthy hearing possible for everyone,             92037 (858)752-6500Help find treatments for
                                                                 through quality research and education.                     diabetes and other immune system diseases. Make
    Health and Medical Research                                                                                                          the necessary scientific breakthroughs a reality by
                                                                 294 Diabetes Action Research & Education Foundation, Inc.               supporting this cutting-edge research.
       Charities of America                                      426 C St NE Washington, DC 20002 (202)333-4520We fund                   or
                                                                 research for treatment, prevention, and cure. Our Diabetes
2144 Alzheimer's Foundation of America 322 8th Ave 7th           University focuses on alternative therapies. 100% of workplace          493 Loma Linda University Medical Center PO
Fl New York, NY 10001 (866)232-8484Provides care-related         contributions used for research and treatment programs.                 Box 2000 Loma Linda, CA 92354 (909)558-
services for individuals with Alzheimer's disease, and related                                                  5010Children and people with cancer are among
illnesses, and their families. Hotline, counseling, education,                                                                           individuals and families nationwide who benefit
referrals. "Caring for the Nation."               2109 Diabetes Aid and Research Fund 6217 W Saguaro Pk Ln                from our lifesaving surgery, medical research, health
                                                                 Glendale, AZ 85310 (800)511-7032Awards scientific research              education, and patient care.
2264 Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation              grants. Children's camp sponsorships, support groups for patients
6300 E El Dorado Plz Ste 400 Tucson, AZ 85715 (520)749-          and families. Diabetes information, education, nutrition and self-
8374Help fight Alzheimer's disease and find a cure through       management programs. Together Achieving a Healthier                     2758 Medical Education Institute, Inc. Kidney
research and prevention! Committed to ensuring peak mental       Lifestyle!                                  School414 D'Onofrio Dr Ste 200 Madison, WI
performance and optimum brain function throughout our                                                                                    53719 (608)833-8033Helps people with kidney
lives.                              1625 Diabetes Transplant Fund Inc 5151 Wisconsin Ave NW                 disease live longer, healthier lives by offering hope,
                                                                 Washington, DC 20016 (202)454-1616Cure diabetes in our                  teaching patients self-management, encouraging
1993 American Association of Bone Marrow Donor                   lifetime! Funds scientific research into islet cell, pancreas, kidney   patient-professional partnerships and conducting
Registries, Inc. Bone Marrow Donor Registry - AmericanPO         transplant techniques and drugs necessary to prevent organ              research.
Box 8841 Mandeville, LA 704708841 (985)626-1749We                rejections. Encourages organ donation.
support the humanitarian heroes who donate their bone

1639 Mercy Medical Airlift 4620 Haygood Rd Ste 1                  & Home Health services in an individual's place of residence, as      1463 Zachary and Elizabeth M.Fisher Center for
Virginia Beach, VA 23455 (757)271-2294We ensure that no           well as providing educational outreach, bereavement counseling,       Alzheimer's Research Foundation dba Alzheimer's
needy patient is denied access to distant specialized medical     and charity care.                              Research Foundation, Fisher CenterOne Intrepid Sq
evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for lack of a means of                                                                               New York, NY 10036 (646)381-5141Research into
long-distance transportation.                698 Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation 9272 Jeronimo Rd             the causes, care, and cure for Alzheimer's disease
                                                                  Ste 107A Irvine, CA 92618 (949)859-6312Provides funds that            under the direction of Nobel Prize winner in
2311 Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Inc,                translate laboratory research into immediate treatment for            Alzheimer's research.
The 3944 State St Ste 340 Santa Barbara, CA 93105                 children with cancer to improve their care, quality of life and
(805)563-8400Help researchers eradicate mesothelioma, the         survival rate.
fatal cancer caused by asbestos exposure. MARF is the U.S.                                                                                    Hispanic United Fund
Organization dedicated to stopping this epidemic and easing       2096 PKD Foundation 9221 Ward Pkwy Ste 400 Kansas City,
patients' suffering.                             MO 64114 (816)931-2600Only organization worldwide solely              2373 Amigos De Las Americas 5618 Star Ln
                                                                  devoted to programs of patient education, public awareness,           Houston, TX 77057 (713)782-5290International non-
2656 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's                    advocacy and research toward a treatment and care for polycystic      profit organization, founded in 1965, builds
Research, The PO Box 780 New York, NY 100080780                   kidney disease patients.                              partnerships to empower young leaders and advance
(212)509-0995Dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s                                                                                community development by sending 750 volunteers
disease through an aggressively funded research agenda.           874 Planned Parenthood Foundation, The 434 W 33rd St New              to Latin America each summer.
Ensuring the development of improved therapies for those          York, NY 10001 (212)541-7800We exist to preserve and advance
living with Parkinson’s.                      reproductive freedom and choice, provide access to affordable         2625 Casa de Sara Hispanic Children's Education
                                                                  health care, and promote responsible and accurate sexuality           FundPO Box 30306 Knoxville, TN 37930 (865)690-
1751 Michael Stern Parkinson's Center for Research                education.                                  3323Give children an education and you give them a
Foundation, The dba Parkinson's Research Center, Michael                                                                                future. Give children a future and you change the
Stern FoundationOne Intrepid Sq New York, NY 10036                1236 Project Inform, Inc. AIDs Treatment and Research                 future of the world.
(646)381-5141Research into the causes, care and cure for          Information - Project Inform1375 Mission St San Francisco, CA
Parkinson's disease under the direction of Nobel Prize            94103 (415)558-8669Stop needless deaths from HIV/AIDS                 329 Esperanca, Inc. 1911 W Earll Dr Phoenix, AZ
winner in Parkinson's research.             because of inadequate treatment, prevention and healthcare            85015 (602)252-7772Means HOPE of health and
                                                                  access; We fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS with knowledge and             education for the poor in Latin America. American
2390 Multiple Myeloma Research Foudation Inc, The 383             ultimately a CURE.                              volunteers and locals treat, heal, educate so that
Main Ave 5th Fl Norwalk, CT 06851 (203)652-0206We                                                                                       Hope may be born.
urgently and aggressively fund research that will lead to the     1532 Pulmonary Hypertension Association Inc 801 Roeder Rd
development of new treatments and ultimately a cure for           Ste 400 Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301)565-3004Seeking a cure           2955 Evangelical Christian Humanitarian
multiple myeloma (blood cancer).                  for pulmonary hypertension, a rare, life-threatening disease,         Outreach for Cuba, Inc 7400 NW 7th St Miami, FL
                                                                  through sponsored research. Supporting patients, caregivers and       33126 (305)884-0441Empowering the people of
2426 Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Inc 6350 N Andrews             medical professionals through services, advocacy, awareness-          Cuba by developing programs in education, micro-
Ave Ft Lauderdale, FL 333092130 (954)776-6805Nationally           raising and education.                          enterprise, and humanitarian relief through
accessible programs and services designed to provide                                                                                    independent Cuban Christian Churches and legal
assistance to those affected by Multiple Sclerosis.               2609 Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association 99             travel missions.                                                   Cherry St Milford, CT 06460 (203)877-3790Promotes awareness
                                                                  of this painful, debilitating neurological syndrome that may affect   2323 Fabretto Children's Foundation Inc. 3124 N
1678 National AIDS Fund AIDS Fund, National729 15th St            millions. Provides crucial information to patients, families,         10th St 2nd Fl Arlington, VA 22201 (703)525-
NW 9th Fl Washington, DC 20005 (202)408-4848A                     medical professionals, educators, pain advocates and more.            8716Fabretto helps impoverished Nicaraguan
philanthropic organization and network of community-based                                                          children and their families break the cycle of poverty
organizations promoting leadership and generating resources                                                                             with programs that promote nutrition, health,
to support HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support services.        1118 Scleroderma Research Foundation 220 Montgomery St                education, community and character development.                                                  Ste 1411 San Francisco, CA 94104 (415)834-9444The           
                                                                  organization funds research aimed at developing new therapies
1839 National Alopecia Areata Foundation Alopecia                 and ultimately a cure for scleroderma.                2281 Hispanic Association of Colleges and
Areata Foundation14 Mitchell Blvd San Rafael, CA 94903                                                                                  Universities 8415 Datapoint Dr Ste 400 San
(415)472-3780Provides major research funding, patient             835 Spinal Cord Injury Network International 3911 Princeton           Antonio, TX 78229 (210)692-3805We champion
educational materials and support for alopecia areata, a          Dr Santa Rosa, CA 954057013 (800)548-2673Survivors of spinal          Hispanic higher education success through
mystifying autoimmune disease affecting all ages, causing         cord injury trauma receive help, personalized, relevant,              internship, scholarship, conference and leadership
one's hair to fall out.                              information, referrals, research and resources, film lending about    development opportunities through our over 400
                                                                  health and disability issues and compassionate listening.             member colleges and universities.
979 National Foundation for Transplants, Inc. 5350 Poplar
Ave Ste 430 Memphis, TN 38119 (901)684-1697Our                                                                                          2355 Hispanic Children's Services 7714 Elsie Ave
advocacy, fundraising and grants help organ and tissue            1855 TMJ Association LTD PO Box 26770 Milwaukee, WI                   Sacramento, CA 95828 (916)473-9512Providing
transplant patients nationwide receive lifesaving treatment,      532260770 (262)432-0350Improving the diagnosis, care,                 support for agencies assisting the needs of children
medications and medical care they otherwise could not             treatment of temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders             deprived of basic needs due to poverty in countries
afford.                                       (TMJDs), encourages research and educates with the goal of            like Mexico, Venezuela, and other Latin countries.
                                                                  preventing TMJD problems.
15 National Minority AIDS Council AIDS Programs of the                                                                                  2902 Hispanic Engineer National Achievement
National Minority AIDS Council1931 13th St NW                     2594 Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA)                 Award Conference HENAAC3900 Whiteside St
Washington, DC 20009 (202)483-6622Only national                   Toxic Chemical Safety2300 Montana Ave Ste 409 Cincinnati,             Los Angeles, CA 90063 (323)262-0997Working to
minority AIDS organization dedicated to saving the lives of       OH 45211 (513)542-7475Help us protect public health through           highlight the achievements of hispanics in
communities of color in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Our                evaluation of human health risks from chemical exposures. We          engineering, science, technology, and math and
programs support and serve over 3,000 community                   provide risk assessment tools, and partner with government and        motivate more students to pursue careers in these
organizations.                                       industry.                                                prominent influential fields.
                                                                                                                                        410 Hispanic Scholarship Fund 55 Second St Ste
2290 National Transplant Assistance Fund Inc 150 N                2346 Vascular Disease Foundation, Inc. 1075 S Yukon St Ste            1500 San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)808-2300We
Radnor-Chester Rd Ste F-120 Radnor, PA 19087 (800)642-            320 Lakewood, CO 80226 (866)723-4636Fighting vascular                 were founded with the vision of strengthening
8399Our fundraising resources, financial counseling and           disease and increasing prevention and life-expectancy through         America by increasing the rate of Hispanics with a
grants help transplant and catastrophic injury patients receive   diagnosis and awareness. Constantly developing education              college degree and are the largest provider of
life-sustaining care and treatment otherwise unaffordable.        information for patients, families, friends and healthcare            scholarships and educational support for Hispanics.                                            providers.                                      

989 Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, Inc. OC                      2423 Vegetarian Resource Group PO Box 1463 Baltimore, MD              1435 Hispanic United Fund 1100 Larkspur Landing
FoundationPO Box 961029 Boston, MA 02196 (617)973-                21203 (410)366-8343Bringing about a healthier, more                   Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (800)396-3688The
5801We are a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to       compassionate world by providing health professionals,                voice of America’s Hispanic Heritage and Latino
increase research into treatment and understanding of             foodservices, schools and businesses with practical tips and          charities, working together to build stronger
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).                              scientific information for vegetarian/vegan diets.        communities and brighter futures for our families                                                                                                                    and our neighbors worldwide.
                                                                  2233 Visual Aid Volunteers, Inc. 617 State St Garland, TX   
1863 Organization for Autism Research Inc Autism                  75040 (972)272-1615Promoting independence and success of
Intervention and Treament Research-Organization for Autism        blind and visually impaired persons by providing quality Braille      1743 Salvadoran American Humanitarian
Research2000 N 14th St Ste 710 Arlington, VA 22201                materials including textbooks, tests, tactile graphics, manuals and   Foundation, Inc. (SAHF) 2050 Coral Wy Ste 600
(866)366-9710Parents of children with autism never stop           menus since 1962.                                       Miami, FL 33145 (305)860-0300Provides free
seeking answers. We're here to provide those answers and                                                                                medicines, medical supplies and equipment to nearly
fund studies that provide practical information on lifelong       2477 Volunteer Eye Surgeons International, Ltd 28 Oak Beach           3,000 hospitals, clinics, rural health posts, private
care.                                      Burlington, VT 05401 (802)658-4018Sends volunteer American            voluntary organizations, and health promoters
                                                                  eye surgeons with donated medical supplies to developing              throughout El Salvador.
1474 Pathways Hospice Foundation 585 N Mary Ave                   countries where they restore sight, treat eye diseases and teach
Sunnyvale, CA 940852905 (800)753-3071We offer Hospice             modern techniques.

                                                                  2839 Fishing Has No Boundaries, Inc PO Box 175 Hayward,                and uncover the face of Jesus Christ hidden in every
       Human Care Charities of                                    WI 54843 (715)634-3185Provide 'on the water' fishing                   human scarred by poverty, ignorance, indifference,
                                                                  opportunities for all disabled persons and create public awareness     injustice and selfishness.
             America                                              of the short-fall of recreational opportunities for the disabled.
823 Abandoned Children's Fund PO Box 5524 Santa Rosa,                                                                                    636 National Center for Missing and Exploited
CA 95402 (888)884-0567Replacing despair, hunger,                  2884 Foundation for the End-of-Life Care 5430 NW 33rd Ave              Children (NCMEC) 699 Prince St Alexandria, VA
loneliness with hope - providing food, shelter, clean water,      Ste 106 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 (954)777-2447We improve              223143175 (703)837-6424Spearheads national and
healthcare, education, and vocational training to desperate       care for dying persons and their families and champion societal        international efforts to protect children from sexual
children and families - equipping and changing lives.             change for the terminally ill through research, education and          exploitation and abduction, and to locate and recover                                    advocacy.                                     missing children.
1665 Advocates for Youth 2000 M St NW Ste 750                     377 Global Fund for Women 222 Sutter St Ste 500 San                    999 National FFA Foundation Inc. PO Box 68960
Washington, DC 20036 (202)419-3420We create programs              Francisco, CA 94108 (415)248-4800We make grants to women's             Indianapolis, IN 46268 (317)802-4234500,000
and advocate for policies that help young people make             groups globally who need it most. Invest in the collective power       members develop leadership, personal growth and
informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive       of women to change the world. Stand with us.                           career success through agricultural education;
and sexual health.                                                         applying knowledge and skills learned in class in
                                                                                                                                         local/state/national programs.
2815 Brother's Brother Foundation 1200 Galveston Ave              2833 Half the Sky Foundation 740 Gilman St Berkeley, CA
Pittsburgh, PA 152331604 (412)321-3160Promotes                    96710 (510)364-1811We provide infant nuture and preschool              1995 National Foundation for Ectodermal
international health and education through the efficient and      programs, offer personalized learning for older children and           Dysplasias Skin and Dental Dysfunction
effective distribution and provision of donated resources for     loving permanent family care and guidance for children with            Foundation410 E Main Box 114 Mascoutah, IL
those in need around the world.           disabilities.                                       62258 (618)566-2020Provides dentures, support
                                                                                                                                         services and hope to children left toothless from
2441 Cancer Fund of America, Inc. 2901 Breezewood Ln              3001 Helping Hands Simian Aids for the Disabled Inc Helping            ectodermal dysplasia, a rare disorder. Funds research
Knoxville, TN 37921 (865)938-5281Products to needy cancer         Hands Monkey Helpers for the Disabled Inc541 Cambridge St              to find improved treatment options and cures.
victims and family, hospice and health care providers. Liquid     Boston, MA 02134 (617)787-4419Breed, raise and train         
nutrition, diapers, non-prescription medications, fans, toys,     Capuchin monkeys to assist individuals with severe disabilities
hygiene kits, products and shipping free.            with their daily activities. Service animals and their lifetime        1461 Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation, Inc
                                                                  support free of charge.                          1610 14th St NW Ste 300 Rochester, MN 55901
2946 Cancer Recovery Foundation of America P O Box                                                                                       (507)287-6465Seeking to improve the lives of
238 Hershey, PA 17033 (800)238-6479Helping children               2886 HomeAid America, Inc. 20201 SW Birch St Ste 255                   millions of RLS sufferers, the Foundation provides
battle cancer through national “Bear-Able Bag” program.           Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949)258-0850Build dignified                   information and funds research to find a cure for this
Gift bags with toys, games give children in hospitals hope,       housing where homeless families and individuals can rebuild their      neurologic condition.
spirit. Emergency financial support to families.                  lives. Every facility includes support services to enable residents                                            to move towards self-sufficiency.                      2874 San Diego Military Outreach Ministries PO
                                                                                                                                         Box 4259 La Mesa, CA 919444259 (858)459-
1824 Carter Center, Inc., The One Copenhill 453 Freedom           2046 Human Care Charities of America 1100 Larkspur                     1828Christian outrreach to junior enlisted military
Pkwy Atlanta, GA 30307 (404)420-5118Waging Peace.                 Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-2600Feeding            families provides free food, infant needs, children's
Fighting Disease. Building Hope. Led by former President          the hungry. Sheltering the homeless. Protecting the children and       clothing, toys, furniture, spouse activities, hospital
Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter, the center advances             healing the sick. America's finest independent charities. Working      visits, holiday celebrations and counseling referrals.
human rights and alleviates unnecessary human suffering.          with you to share - the American way.                                                            
                                                                                                                                         2064 Skin Cancer Foundation, Inc., The 149
190 Catholic Relief Services - United States Conference of        554 Institute for Black Charities Black Charities for Children,        Madison Ave Ste 901 New York, NY 100168797
Catholic Bishops Catholic Relief Services228 W Lexington          Families, Communities8605 Cameron St Ste M-6 Silver Spring,            (212)725-5176Educating the public and the medical
St Baltimore, MD 212013413 (410)951-7445Since 1943, we            MD 20910 (301)563-6250Supports charitable programs that uplift         profession about skin cancer, its prevention and the
have been working overseas to alleviate suffering and assist      and improve conditions for Black children, families, and               need for early detection and prompt effective
people in need without regard to race, religion or nationality.   impoverished communities through outreach, economic                    treatment.                                                       initiatives, educational assistance, training and referral programs.
                                                                                                         1695 Society for the Advancement of Women's
2384 Cold War Museum Inc., The PO Box 178 Fairfax, VA                                                                                    Health Research 1025 Connecticut Ave NW Ste
22038 (703)273-2381Honors Cold War Veterans and                   2395 International Fellowship of Christians and Jews 30 N La           701 Washington, DC 20036 (202)496-
educates the public through historical exhibits, educational      Salle St Ste 2600 Chicago, IL 606023356 (312)641-                      5008Improving women's health through education,
symposiums, anniversary commemorations, book signings             7200Promotes understanding between Jews and Christians.                research and advocacy by advancing the study of
and a Spy Tour of Washington, DC.                 Provides relief in Israel and the former Soviet Union. Airlifts        differences between the sexes affecting the
                                                                  Jews to Israel through "On Wings of Eagles"               prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.
2888 Comfort for American Uniformed Services 6315                                                                              
Bren Mar Dr Ste 175 Alexandria, VA 22312 (202)256-                3009 Life Teen, Inc. 2222 S Dobson Rd Ste 601 Mesa, AZ
7206Provides entertainment and recreation programs to             85202 (480)820-7001International Catholic ministry that leads          2872 SOS Children's Villages - USA, Inc. 1200 G
wounded warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and          teens closer to Christ by providing opportunities to grow in their     St NW Ste 550 Washington, DC 20005 (202)347-
undergoing long recuperations at military medical centers         faith; including camp experiences, leadership trainings, rallies and   7920We provide permanent, loving homes for
around the country.                             conferences.                                          orphaned or abandoned children by building villages
                                                                                                                                         and keeping siblings together. We support over 450
2389 Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (C.O.P.S.) PO Box         5 MAPS Adoption & Humanitarian Aid - MAPS400                           villages in 132 countries.
3199 Camdenton, MO 65020 (573)346-4911Resources for               Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02215 (866)397-6913Providing               1610 Starkey Hearing Fdn Hearing Foundation,
surviving families of law enforcement officers killed in the      adoption services and humanitarian aid to orphaned and                 The1245 S Main St Grapevine, TX 76051 (866)354-
line of duty to rebuild their shattered lives; assists law        abandoned children as well as counseling and sheltering homeless       3254Provides hearing aids, batteries, research,
enforcement agencies; educates public.                            pregnant girls/women in America and abroad.                            training. Improves the lives of low-income hearing                                                                                          impaired children and adults in the USA and in
                                                                                                                                         foreign countries.
2039 Correctional Peace Officers Foundation, Inc. PO              2864 Marine Corps Heritage Foundation of Virginia Marine
Box 348390 Sacramento, CA 958341912 (916)928-0061Non-             Corps Heritage Foundation3800 Fettler Pk Dr Ste 104 Dumfries,          751 Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International
profit charity for Correctional Officers and their families, by   VA 22025 (703)640-7961Supporting the National Museum of the            SEE International7200 Hollister Unit A Santa
providing line-of-duty death benefit, and catastrophic            Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia. See America's history through        Barbara, CA 931172807 (805)963-3303Restoring
assistance in cases of accident or illness.          the eyes of Marines. We make history, help us preserve it!             sight to people blinded by cataracts and other
                                                                                                         treatable eye conditions living in developing
2318 Curamericas 2245 N Hills Dr Ste E Raleigh, NC                                                                                       countries through volunteer ophthalmic surgeons.
27612 (919)510-8787Not-for-profit organization providing          2960 Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Isreal   
measurable, community driven health care to decrease              475 Riverside Dr Ste 832 New York, NY 101150122 (212)870-
maternal and child mortality in Liberia, Guatemala, and           2216We support a pluralistic and egalitarian spiritual movement        2901 Trevor Project Inc. The Trevor Project9056
Bolivia and teaching HIV/AIDS prevention in Haiti.                in Isreal - one that believes social welfare and community service     Santa Monica Blvd Ste 208 W Hollywood, CA                                               are as vital as prayer and study.                      90069 (310)271-8845Saving young lives, A 24-hour
                                                                                                                                         crisis and suicide prevention helpline for lesbian,gay,
340 Federation for American Immigration Reform                    1438 Military Officers Association of America Scholarship              bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.
(FAIR) FAIR25 Massachusetts Ave NW Ste 330                        Fund 201 N Washington St Alexandria, VA 22314-2539           
Washington, DC 20001 (202)328-7004Stop illegal                    (703)838-8169Provides grants for undergraduate education to
immigration. Improve border security. Reduce mass                 children whose military parent died while in active service to our     2817 World Missions Possible, Inc. 16516 El
immigration. Support common-sense immigration policies            country.                                  Camino Real #126 Houston, TX 770625723
through programs of research, education, and public outreach.                                                                            (800)579-7470We provide medical care, nutrition,                                                    2838 Missionaries of Jesus Inc 435 S Occidental Blvd Los               decent housing, churches, schools and sanitation
                                                                  Angeles, CA 90057 (213)389-8439Are called and sent to discover         facilities to the poor and relief to those suffering

from natural disasters.            alone? Worried about pets abandoned during disasters? Help us          2969 Boys Hope Girls Hope of San Francisco, Inc.
                                                                 bring animals like these out of crisis and into care.      145 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA 94104
                                                                                                                                        (415)291-8411Helps academcally capable and
     Jewish Charities of America                                                                                                        motivated children in need to meet their full potential
                                                                     Local Independent Charities of                                     by providing value-centered homes, opportunities
2478 CLAL - National Jewish Center for Learning and                                                                                     and education through college.
Leadership, Inc., The 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340                        America
Larkspur, CA 94939 (212)779-3300Our work with volunteer,                                                                                139 Boys Republic 3493 Grand Ave Chino Hills,
professional and rabbinic leadership creates new Jewish          2525 Adult Day Services Network of Alameda County 6955                 CA 91709 (909)628-1217We provide renewed
possibilities, promotes pluralism and interreligious dialogue,   Foothill Blvd Ste 300 Oakland, CA 94605 (510)883-0874Isolated          opportunities of education, vocational training and
and enhances Jewish participation in American life.              and frail elders enjoy a welcoming daytime program with health         family counseling for troubled and disadvantaged                                                     services and recreation while family caregivers get needed             teenagers to return them to their communities as
                                                                 respite; Elders maximize health; Reduces institutionalization.         productive citizens.
2049 Jewish Charities of America 1100 Larkspur Landing 
Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-2600Repair the                                                                                  2037 Breakthrough Parenting Services, Inc 12405
World! Support American Jewish Charities - feed the hungry,      2631 AIDS Service Center, Inc. 909 S Fair Oaks Ave Pasadena,           Venice Blvd Ste 172 Los Angeles, CA 90066
heal the sick, shelter the displaced and pursue justice,         CA 91105 (626)441-8495Provide social and psychological                 (310)823-7846Provider of educational classes and
freedom and peace for all humanity.            services for individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS in          counseling for high-risk families by enabling parents
                                                                 Los Angeles County.                          to learn optimal parenting practices. Also specializes
2697 Jewish Women International 2000 M St NW Ste 720                                                                                    in divorce and child custody issues.
Washington, DC 20036 (202)857-1300We break the cycle of          2000 Alameda County Meals on Wheels 6955 Foothill Blvd Ste   
relationship violence and promote economic security, using       300 Oakland, CA 94605 (510)577-3580Warm, nutritious meals
education, advocacy and action - helping at-risk women and       are delivered by caring drivers each weekday to frail, homebound       2043 Breathe California Golden Gate Public
girls become safe and self-sufficient.               seniors, helping them maintain their independence and dignity at       Health Partnership 2171 Junipero Serra Blvd Ste
                                                                 home.                                           720 Daly City, CA 94014 (650)994-5868Take a deep
2326 North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry                                                                                       breath. If you can, we did our job! For 4.5 million
(NACOEJ) 132 Nassau St Ste 412 New York, NY 10038                1823 Asian Neighborhood Design, Inc. 1021 Mission St San               Californians, breathing is challenging. We promote
(212)233-5200We help Ethiopian Jews survive in Ethiopia;         Francisco, CA 941032812 (415)575-0423We strive to reduce               lung health and clean air.
assist them in reaching Israel; and provide educational and      poverty in the Bay Area by building healthy communities and
financial support for newly-arrived Ethiopian-Israeli            providing opportunities for low-income residents to become             156 California Law Enforcement's Wish Upon A
immigrants.                                       economically self-sufficient.                           Star PO Box 4000 Visalia, CA 93278 (559)733-
                                                                                                                                        7753Grants wishes for children with high-risk
2824 Reuth Women's Social Service for Israel Inc (Reuth)         515 Audubon Canyon Ranch PO Box 577 Stinson Beach, CA                  illnesses. This "medicine for the spirit" improves
390 Fifth Ave Ste 900 New York, NY 10018 (212)751-               94970 (415)868-9244Help save our nature sanctuaries for future         quality of life, lessens isolation and provides families
9255Help Israel's soldiers, elderly, victims of terror and       generations. We teach children and adults ways to appreciate and       with comforting memories.
accidents. Help raise support for Reuth's mission, since 1937,   preserve nature and wildlife habitats.
to provide compassionate information, rehabilitation and                                                                                163 California Right to Life Education Fund PO
long-term care.                                    108 Bay Area Crisis Nursery 1506 Mendocino Dr Concord, CA              Box 4343 Walnut Creek, CA 945960343 (925)944-
                                                                 94521 (925)685-8052Prevent child abuse; keep families together.        5351Fosters a pro-life mentality through education
1204 Simon Wiesenthal Center Beit Hashoah Museum of              We offer shelter to children, case management and resources to         with the express purpose of protecting and
Tolerance1399 S Roxbury Dr Los Angeles, CA 90035                 families in crisis; giving them time to resolve problems.              encouraging respect for all innocent life from
(310)553-9036Holocaust remembrance and the defense of                                                            fertilization to natural death.
human rights. We address prejudice and racism while
promoting appreciation of diversity in our communities           2061 Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund Inc PO Box               188 Catalyst Foundation for AIDS Awareness and
today.                                        31764 San Francisco, CA 94131 (650)552-9352Supporting                  Care, The 44758 Elm Ave Lancaster, CA 93534
                                                                 officers and their families during times of death, serious injury or   (661)948-8559Create positive change and healing in
2510 Society for Humanistic Judaism 28611 W Twelve               catastrophic events. Providing training, materials, and resources      California by supporting innovative advocacy
Mile Rd Farmington Hills, MI 48334 (248)478-                     for law enforcement families in need.                   programs that enhance public health and safety
7610Mobilizes people to celebrate Jewish identity and culture                                                                           through reforming our prison and healthcare systems.
consistent with a humanistic philosophy of life and assists in   1299 Bay Area Legal Aid 405 14th St 9th Fl Oakland, CA 94612 
organizing and supporting congregations in North America.        (510)663-4755Provides equal access to the civil justice system                                                      and high quality legal assistance to low-income clients throughout     209 Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra
                                                                 the Bay Area.                                         Costa County Inc 1410 Danzig Plz #110 Concord,
                                                                                                                                        CA 94520 (925)798-0756Promote the safety of
       Local Animal Charities of                                 1804 Beacon House Association of San Pedro PO Box 328 San              children and prevent child abuse and neglect by
                                                                 Pedro, CA 907330328 (310)514-4940We provide residential                raising community awareness, educating the
               America                                           treatment for men recovering from alcoholism and addiction to          community and professionals providing
                                                                 other drugs. Our services include shelter, food, counseling,           resources/support to families.
672 East Bay SPCA Tri-Valley SPCA 8323 Baldwin St                education and housing assistance.
Oakland, CA 94621 (510)563-4605We strive to eliminate                                           2197 Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, Inc,
animal cruelty, neglect and overpopulation by providing                                                                                 The 20312 Watkins Meadow Dr Germantown, MD
programs and education that support people and companion         2473 Beyond Emancipation 675 Hegenberger Rd Ste 100                    20876 (877)217-4166Provide support to children
animals.                                     Oakland, CA 94621 (510)667-7683We help former foster youth             suffering from brain tumors. Help fund vital
                                                                 successfully transition to independent living by providing health      scientific and clinical research. Through research,
361 Friends of the Animals in the Redwood Empire                 care, housing, life skills training, and promoting access to           there is hope for a cure.
(FAIRE) 7366 Oakmont Dr Santa Rosa, CA 95409                     education and employment.         
(707)538-9098Advertising local animal shelters and available
animals. Operate spay and neuter programs and other              1155 Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Bay Area 731 Market St            228 Children's Center of the Antelope Valley, The
community programs to promote pet retention and humane           Ste 600 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)503-4396Helps Bay Area            45111 N Fern Ave Lancaster, CA 93534 (661)949-
care.                                        at-risk youth reach their potential, through professionally            1206Private non-profit organization located in
                                                                 supported, one-on-one mentoring relationships that provide             northern Los Angeles County that provides services
2225 Island Cat Resources and Adoption PO Box 1093               measurable positive impact.                             to child victims of abuse, children at risk of abuse
Alameda, CA 94501 (510)869-2584Provide low/no cost                                                                                      and their families.
spay/neuter resources and vaccinations for free-roaming or       2699 Biotech Partners PO Box 2186 Berkeley, CA 94702
tame cats, administer adoption/foster programs, educate about    (510)705-7324Bioscience education and workforce development            2659 Childrens House at Johns Hopkins Hospital
benefits of trap/neuter/return.              for minority, female, low-income high school and community             Inc, The 1915 Mc Elderry St Baltimore, MD 21205
                                                                 college students - extensive support services, hands-on labs, paid     (410)614-2560Provides a warm "home-away-from-
399 Local Animal Charities of America 1100 Larkspur              internships, job placement.                    home" when it's needed most for children battling
Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (800)870-                                                                                        life-threatening illnesses and their family throughout
7427Support your local community animal shelters and             136 Bonita House, Inc. 6333 Telegraph Ave Ste 102 Oakland,             the United States.
rescue groups working to save the lives of our furry friends     CA 94609 (510)923-1099Provides services to adults with major
who have been lost, abused or abandoned.             psychiatric and substance abuse disabilities including residential,    2446 Children's Nurturing Project 274 E Sunset
                                                                 outpatient and homeless outreach throughout Alameda County.            Ave Ste 167 Suisun, CA 94585 (707)422-0464We
1301 San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty                                                    provide family support, developmental, and mental
to Animals The San Francisco SPCA2500 16th St San                                                                                       health services to young children, parenting
Francisco, CA 941034213 (415)554-3076Dedicated to                2022 Boy Scouts of America - Mt. Diablo Silverado Council              education, and support for victims of crime and
saving, protecting and caring for animals through veterinary     800 Ellinwood Wy Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 (925)674-                     special needs children.
and spay/neuter services, shelter and rehabilitation and         6172Scouting develops character andteaches leadership skills.
community education.                              Hispanic Outreach helps young people struggling with
                                                                 unprecedented pressures/competing influences to prepare them           2259 Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) 17
898 United Animal Nations PO Box 188890 Sacramento,              for facing new challenges/experiences.                Walter U Lum Pl San Francisco, CA 94108
CA 95818 (916)429-2457Ever found an animal, injured and                                                                                 (415)274-6750We are a progressive APA voice

advocating for policies that remedy racial injustice and ensure   2857 George Mark Children's Fund George Mark Children's                1055 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,
access to education, public services, employment, and civic       House27 S Park Ste 101 San Francisco, CA 94107 (415)901-               Greater Bay Area Chapter 49 Stevenson Ste 1200
participation.                                      8186We provide comprehensive and compassionate medical,                San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)977-0360Help us
                                                                  emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual care and support to             find a cure for diabetes. Through research, we can
265 Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County                 terminally and chronically ill children and their families.            save lives of children and adults who suffer from
Inc. 396 Tesconi Ct Santa Rosa, CA 95401 (707)544-                                                           diabetes and its devastating complications.
3077Local child care resource and referral, subsidized child                                                                   
care and nutrition programs for income-eligible families,         1861 Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Inc. PO Box 29917 San
parenting and child development education.                        Francisco, CA 94129 (415)746-1951We provide primary care,              892 Kidango Inc 4400 Old Warm Springs Blvd                                                 substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and case            Fremont, CA 94538 (510)897-6900Making a
                                                                  management in San Francisco, with no one turned away for lack          difference in the lives of children at-risk and their
1449 Community Institute for Psychotherapy 1330                   of funds.                                                families with quality early care and education, child
Lincoln Ave Ste 201 San Rafael, CA 94901 (415)459-                                                                                       care, parent education and social services.
5999Provides quality, affordable counseling and therapy to        393 Haven House, Inc. PO Box 50007 Pasadena, CA 91115        
individuals, families & couples.                 (626)564-8880Emergency shelter providing food, clothing,
                                                                  counseling and advocacy to women and children fleeing a violent        467 Kids In Sports 3980 S Menlo Ave Ste 237 Los
3012 Compass Rose Group Homes 7524 Mountain Ave                   home. No one turned away for lack of funds.                            Angeles, CA 90037 (213)765-1900Working year
Orangevale, CA 95666 (916)988-5153Residentially based                                                      round with 700 volunteers to keep 9,000 kids active,
level twelve treatment facilities and non-public schools                                                                                 healthy and fit in community-based programs in
working with high risk boys ages 10-18.            1215 Healthy Environments Daycare Advisory Committee 95                some of Los Angeles' poorest neighborhoods.
                                                                  Hawthorne St San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)972-3738Your       
598 Conservation Corps North Bay, Inc. 27 Larkspur St             donations fund tuition assistance for quality childcare services for
San Rafael, CA 94901 (415)454-4554Provides high-risk              infants, toddlers and preschool children who attend our Child          471 Kyros Ministry 225 Tilton Ave San Mateo, CA
young adults, ages 18-28, with the job training and education     Development Center operated by Easter Seals.                           94401 (650)343-3377We educate faith communities
needed to transform their lives, while making a difference in                                                                            to prevent child abuse, domestic violence, elder
local communities/parklands.                                      452 Hebrew Home for Aged Disabled Jewish Home302 Silver                abuse, and clergy misconduct, so vulnerable children                                  Ave San Francisco, CA 94112 (415)469-2323A haven for the               and adults are safe in their midst.
                                                                  elderly and their families, especially those with low incomes. In
1668 Cornerstone Community Development Corporation                home-like surroundings the staff provides quality, compassionate       481 Legal Services for Children, Inc. 1254 Market
Building Futures with Women and Children1395 Bancroft             care to 430 residents.                                    St 3rd Fl San Francisco, CA 94102 (415)863-
Ave San Leandro, CA 94577 (510)357-0205Serves homeless                                                                                   3762Lsc provides free legal and social work
and abused Alameda County women and their children with           408 Hillsides 940 Avenue 64 Pasadena, CA 911052711                     assistance to over 600 Bay Area children and youth
emergancy shelters, support services, domestic vioklence          (323)254-2274The agency provides mental health and related             annually in matters such as guardianship,
counseling/outreach, housing and children's services.             services to children and young adults who suffer from or are at        immigration, and school discipline.                                                      risk of emotional and behavioral disorders.
                                                                                                                                         748 Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually
520 Corstone Center for Attitudinal Healing33 Buchanan Dr         2875 Hillsides Education Center 940 Ave 64 Pasadena, CA                Impaired 214 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA
Sausalito, CA 94965 (415)331-6161Fostering emotional              91105 (323)254-2274Non-public special education school serving         94102 (415)694-7333Promotes the independence,
resilience in children, families and communities facing           children in Los Angeles County with learning disabilities,             equality, and self-reliance of people living with
challenge, conflict or crisis. Offering trainings/workshops,      emothional disturbances and other special needs.                       vision loss through the provision of rehabilitation,
consulting and free support groups.                                           educational and recreational programs.
2635 Curry Senior Center 333 Turk St San Francisco, CA            2293 Home of Guiding Hands Corporation (HGH) 1825
94102 (415)885-2274Working with and enabling older adults         Gillespie Wy Ste 200 El Cajon, CA 92020 (619)938-                      485 Lindsay Wildlife Museum 1931 First Ave
to remain living independently by providing year-round            2857Provides comprehensive support services for people with            Walnut Creek, CA 94597 (925)627-2961Provides
meals, medical care, including home visits and assistance in      developmental disabilities and others requiring similar services       wildlife-focused education programs and exhibits.
finding supportive services.            through 27 homes, community living and respite programs.               Cares for over 6,000 injured/orphaned native wild
                                                                                                           animals, rehabilitating them for release back to the
2059 Discovery Blind Sports Blind Discovery SportsPO                                                                                     wild.
Box 248 Kirkwood, CA 95646 (209)258-2233Promoting                 413 Hope Hospice 6500 Dublin Blvd Ste 100 Dublin, CA 94568-
self-sufficiency in blind and visually impaired persons by        3151 (925)829-8770We provide compassionate, quality end-of-            488 LITA (Love is the Answer) 4340 Redwood
improving their mobility, confidence, independence and            life care and grief support to patients and families.                  Hwy Ste 101 San Rafael, CA 94903 (415)472-
social skills through involvement in physical activities.                                                    5482Mission is to improve the quality of life for                                                                                                             persons living in nursing homes and residential care
                                                                  417 Hospice of the East Bay 3470 Buskirk Ave Pleasant Hill,            facilities by providing volunteer visitors as one-to-
2451 Dogs for Diabetics 1647 Willow Pass Rd Ste 157               CA 94523 (925)887-5678We offer in-home medical, emotional,             one friends.
Concord, CA 94520 (925)246-5812Providing medical-alert            spiritual and practical support to terminally ill patients and their
service dogs who detect hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) in         family members, regardless of their ability to pay.                    492 Local Independent Charities of America 1100
diabetics to alert them, or other family members, to the                                                 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939
condition before incapacitation.                                                                                  (800)876-0413We share your gift among local
                                                                  533 Humane Education Network PO Box 7434 Menlo Park, CA                independent charitable organizations helping
332 Exotic Feline Breeding Compound, Inc. 3718 60th St            94026 (650)854-8921We are committed to ending unnecessary              children, the poor, the ill, the disabled, the elderly
W Rosamond, CA 935607779 (661)256-3793We are a                    animal suffering as well as educate the public about animal issues     and others in need.
breeding, research, and educational facility dedicated to the     that impact the welfare of their community.
preservation and propagation of rare and endangered felines.                                                                             585 Lupus Foundation of Northern California
Nominal admission fee to non-members. www.cathouse-               2765 Innocent Justice Foundation, The 132 N El Camino Real             2635 N First St Ste 206 San Jose, CA 95134                                                           #483 Encinitas, CA 92024 (760)585-8873Help rescue American             (409)954-8600Help us find the cause and cure for
                                                                  children from sexual abuse. We leverage high tech solutions to         this traumatic, life-threatening disease. We provide
524 Face to Face/Sonoma County AIDS Network 873                   support law enforcement efforts to investigate and prosecute child     health education, personal assistance, public
Second St Santa Rosa, CA 95404 (707)544-1581Providing             sex offenders.                                 awareness and fund research.
essential support services to people living with HIV/AIDS
and their families, as well as HIV prevention education to the    2581 Institute for Family Development                                  603 Market Street Railway Company 870 Market
people of Sonoma County.                              HOMEBUILDERS34004 16th Ave S Ste 200 Federal Way, WA                   St Ste 803 San Francisco, CA 941022903 (415)864-
                                                                  98003 (253)927-1550In-home family crisis counseling to prevent         2939Bringing San Francisco's transit history to life.
525 Family Violence Law Center PO Box 22009 Oakland,              child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and unnecessary foster        We acquire, restore and help underwrite operation of
CA 946232009 (510)208-0220We work to end family                   care placement. Keeps children safe and families together.             MUNI's vintage streetcars, and operate the San
violence in Alameda County by providing legal, counseling,                                                Francisco Railway Museum.
and prevention services to support and empower families and
youth.                                               2826 International Myeloma Foundation 12650 Riverside Dr,              2185 Martinez Early Childhood Center Inc 615
                                                                  Ste 206 North Hollywood, CA 91607 (818)487-7455The                     Arch St Martinez, CA 94553 (925)229-2000Provides
2289 Foodbank of Southern California, The 1444 San                International Myeloma Foundation is dedicated to improving the         high quality developmental curriculum that meet the
Francisco Ave Long Beach, CA 90813 (562)435-3577The               quality of life of multiple myeloma patients through support,          needs of each individual child full day for families of
agency provides highly nutritious food to hungry children,        education, advocacy and collaborative research.                        low income, so the parents can work.
families and seniors through emergency and non-emergency                                              
food programs in Los Angeles County.                                           451 Jenny Lin Foundation PO Box 21150 Castro Valley, CA                608 Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa, Inc. PO
                                                                  94546 (510)537-7366Our children need our help and care to              Box 3195 Martinez, CA 94553 (925)646-
2005 FRAXA Research Foundation Inc 45 Pleasant St                 succeed. We offer safety awareness programs, music enrichment          9143Provide 300,000 meals annually, delivered by
Newburyport, MA 01950 (978)462-1866Our mission is to              and scholarship programs to the Bay Area communities.                  volunteers each day to the residences of frail
support medical research aimed at finding treatments and a                                             homebound elders throughout Contra Costa County.
cure for Fragile X, the most common inherited cause of                                                                         
intellectual disabilities.

2624 Mt Diablo Interpretive Association P O Box 346                2613 Rebuilding Together San Francisco Pier 28 The                     543 Sports4Kids 517 Fourth St Oakland, CA 94607
Walnut Creek, CA 945970346 (925)927-7222Promotes                   Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)905-1611We foster             (510)893-4180We partner with low-income public
educational and interpretive activities in Mount Diablo State      safety and independence in our community by engaging                   schools to improve the health and well-being of
Park by operating a visitor center, developing exhibits and        volunteers to assist low-income seniors and families in removing       children by increasing opportunities for physical
publications, and conducting cleanup and trail projects.           homes and revitalizing community facilities.                           activity and safe, meaningful play.                                                                              
810 NCPHS Foundation 1525 Post St San Francisco, CA                2350 Redwood Gospel Missions PO Box 493 Santa Rosa, CA                 838 St. Anthony Foundation St. Anthony's Dining
94109 (415)351-3601We support low-income older adults              95402 (707)578-1830Helping people help themselves and break            Room150 Golden Gate Ave San Francisco, CA
with a variety of services including health care, socialization    the chains of addiction, homelessness and unemployment through         94102 (415)592-2000We provide food, clothing,
and life-affirming volunteer opportunities.          safe overnight shelter, emergency food, job development training       shelter, medical care, counseling, and job classes to
                                                                   and recovery programs.                               San Francisco's poor and homeless residents while
2878 New Sudan Generation 548 Carter St Str 404C San                                                                                      working for long-term solutions to poverty.
Francisco, CA 94134 (415)606-8034Mission is to assist              747 Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco, Inc. 1640        
people in war ravaged Southern Sudan as they work to               Scott St San Francisco, CA 94115 (415)673-0891We provide a
recover from decades of war.            home-away-from-home for families of critically ill children            2322 Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship
                                                                   receiving medical treatment in San Francisco www.ronaldhouse-          Foundation A Legacy of Hope, Scholarships for
674 Old Adobe Development Services 1301 Rand St Ste A                                                                     Survivors of Childhood Cancer1170 E Long Pl
Petaluma, CA 94954 (707)763-9807It is our mission to                                                                                      Centennial, CO 80122 (303)886-5018We give
provide opportunities for individuals with developmental           1536 Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to               college scholarships to current year high school
challenges to reach their fullest potentials.      Animals (SSPCA) Sacramento SPCA6201 Florin Perkins Rd                  graduates who have survived childhood cancer.
                                                                   Sacramento, CA 95828 (916)383-7387Providing 115 years of     
2655 Operation Homefront Southern California,                      lifesaving services benefiting companion animals and people,
Incorporated PO Box 26747 San Diego, CA 92196                      preventing animal cruelty, caring for animals in need and              2503 Stop AIDS Project, Inc. The 2128 15th St San
(866)424-5210Assist low income military families with              providing public humane education.                       Francisco, CA 94114 (415)575-0150Works to
health and human services including food, baby items,                                                                                     prevent HIV transmission among all gay, bisexual
financial assistance, financial planning, renovations for          2534 Safe Alternatives To Violent Environments, Inc. (SAVE)            and transgender men in San Francisco through
disabled veterans.                39155 Liberty St Ste C310 Fremont, CA 94538 (510)574-                  collaborative and multi-cultural community-based
                                                                   2256Offers prevention (outreach and education) and intervention        organizing.
1813 Options Recovery Services 1931 Center St Berkeley,            services (shelter, counseling, legal) from crisis to resolution for
CA 94704 (510)666-9552We seek to break the cycle of                victims of domestic violence. Because peace begins at home.            2871 Sudden Oak Death Research Foundation
addiction, crime and homelessness by providing free                                                              1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Lasrkspur, CA
addiction and mental health services to poor treatment                                                                                    94939 (415)924-2600Ecological disaster is
resistant individuals.                     775 Sakura Kai PO Box 1856 El Cerrito, CA 94530 (510)525-              devastating our forests. Tree scientists are begging
                                                                   4919Enhancing Japanese speaking seniors' lives through                 for research dollars to save our oaks before it is to
2618 Park Day School Corporation 370 43rd St Oakland,              recreation/education. Our senior center offers a caring place for      late. Help us help them.
CA 94609 (510)653-0317We nurture the minds, hearts, and            them to go with social, educational and health activities.
bodies of young people grades K-8. Help us encourage poets,                            903 United States Adaptive Recreation Center
activists and scientists in their exploration of the world.                                                                               (USARC) PO Box 2897 Big Bear Lake, CA 92315                                              1994 San Diego Brain Injury Foundation PO Box 84601 San                (909)584-0269Children with disabilities (and adults)
                                                                   Diego, CA 92138 (619)294-6541Has provided monthly support              are provided with accessible outdoor recreation
2630 PEER: Public Employees Emergency Relief 1100                  groups, resources, education and community awareness to                opportunities, improving health and self-esteem, and
Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (866)438-          professionals as well as brain injury survivors and their families     positively impacting their academic, professional,
7530A mutual-aid organization providing financial assistance       since 1983.                                              and personal lives.
to California state, and municipal employees facing personal
emergency situations such as life-threatening illness or loss of   780 San Francisco AIDS Foundation 995 Market St Ste 200                2638 United Workers for the Untied Way 1100
home.                                             San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)487-3068Our mission is to end the         Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939
                                                                   pandemic and human suffering caused by AIDS. Through                   (888)465-1118Help us protect your right to give at
703 Pets In Need 1190 Main St Redwood City, CA 94063               services, information and advocacy, we reach 120,000 HIV-              work to the charities of your choice and not those
(650)367-1405Our Rescue and Adoption Shelter gives a new           affected people yearly.                                   dictated to you by United Way.
chance at life to loving dogs/cats from public shelters, giving                                                                 
care and spay/neuter before adoption.           14 San Francisco AIDS Fund AIDS Emergency Fund965
                                                                   Mission St #630 San Francisco, CA 94114 (415)558-                      1954 Valley Oak Children's Services Inc (VOCS)
2944 Pine Street Foundation 124 Pine St San Anselmo, CA            6999Providing emergency financial assistance to persons disabled       287 Rio Lindo Ave Chico, CA 95926 (530)899-
94960 (415)342-0886Chinese and complementary medicine.             by HIV/AIDS to help meet basic living expenses including               4949We are the key child care resource company in
Emphasis on cancer. Creates the "Avenues" health                   rent/housing, utilities, medical and pre-paid funeral expenses.        Butte County. We provide information, resources
newsletter. Hosts speakers. Houses medical library.                                                               and Early Care and Education programs to parents
Produces "Chinese Medical Health Screening." Conducts                                                                                     and providers.
cancer research.                      2045 San Francisco Bay Area Council Boy Scouts of America
                                                                   1001 Davis St San Leandro, CA 94577 (510)577-9000We work               551 Variety Club Blind Babies Foundation Blind
1245 Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo, Inc. 2185                   with community organizations to provide opportunities for youth        Babies Foundation1814 Franklin St 11th Fl Oakland,
Pacheco St Concord, CA 94520 (925)676-0505Promotes and             to participate in an effective scouting program designed to build      CA 94612 (510)446-2229When an infant or
protects sexual health, reproductive freedom and social            character, citizenship and fitness.                      preschooler is identified as blind or visually
justice through services, education and advocacy.                                                                                         impaired, we provide family-centered services to                                             785 San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center 1757                   support the child's optimal development.
                                                                   Waller St San Francisco, CA 94117 (415)668-0494We prevent    
707 Planned Parenthood: Golden Gate 815 Eddy St San                child abuse and promote healthy families with a 24hr crisis line
Francisco, CA 94109 (415)441-7858We provide                        and other support services for low income and homeless parents         914 Vietnam Veterans of California, Inc. PO Box
comprehensive reproductive and primary health care services,       under stress.                                           378 Santa Rosa, CA 954020378 (707)578-
educational programs and advocacy that guarantee individual                                                                               2785Community based assistance for the homeless
rights, dignity and privacy.                          787 San Francisco Food Bank 900 Pennsylvania Ave San                   and underprivileged. Our employment development,
                                                                   Francisco, CA 94107 (415)282-1900We distribute food to over            training, housing and comprehensive supportive
713 Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation 333            600 human service agencies that assist seniors, adults and             services enable them to successfully accomplish
Division St Pleasanton, CA 94566 (925)846-5620Our                  children who suffer from hunger.                    meaningful community reintegration.
mission is to promote excellence in education by creating,
supporting and enhancing business and community-based              1888 San Francisco Police Activities League 350 Amber Dr Ste           923 Wellness Community S F East Bay 3276
partnerships with Pleasanton Unified School District.              203 c/o SF Police Academy San Francisco, CA 94131 (415)401-            McNutt Ave Walnut Creek, CA 94597 (925)933-                                                       4666As an alternative to gang involvement and criminal                 0107We provide comprehensive psychosocial
                                                                   activities,we provide sports and leadership programs for San           support/education programs for people with cancer
722 Project Angel Food 922 Vine St Los Angeles, CA                 Francisco Youth.                                         and their families, providing cancer patients with a
900382702 (323)845-1800The only organization that delivers                                                                                higher quality of life.
free, freshly-cooked, nutritiously-appropriate meals               1208 Shanti Project, Inc. SHANTI730 Polk St San Francisco,
throughout Los Angeles County to men, women, and children          CA 941097813 (415)674-4722Providing a range of services,               1673 Women's Cancer Resource Center 5741
debilitated by life threatening illnesses..                        including client advocacy, emotional support, counseling,              Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94609 (510)601-                                           practical assistance, care coordination, recreation to people living   4040To empower women with cancer to be informed
                                                                   with life threatening illnesses.                        consumers and survivors; to provide community for
2616 Project AVARY Inc Alternative Ventures for At-Risk                                                                                   women with cancer; to educate the community about
Youth1018 Grand Ave San Rafael, CA 94901 (415)460-                 830 South Bay Literacy Council 24586 S Hawthorne Blvd Ste              cancer.
1184Children of prisoners develop life and social skills that      111 Torrance, CA 90505 (310)373-7003All-volunteer
help them sucessfully transition to young adulthood and            organization. 250 trained volunteers teach English FREE to             940 Women's Recovery Services, A Unique Place
break the cycle of incarceration.             hundreds. Illiterate or foreign adults gain job, computer, family,     PO Box 1356 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 (707)527-
                                                                   citizenship skills in 16 LA cities.           0412In a safe, non-threatening, healing environment

we provide 90-180 days residential treatment for recovery        149 California State Railroad Museum Foundation 111 I St                schools, neighborhood and cultural centers provided
from alcohol/nicotine/chemical dependence to women and           Sacramento, CA 95814-2265 (916)445-5982Supporting the                   by our affiliated members.
their young children.             collection, preservation, study, exhibition, and interpretation of
                                                                 railroad artifacts and history at the California State Railroad         1311 Music on The Divide 6261 Peacock Wy Pilot
2985 Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation 11905 Bowman                 Museum, North America's finest and most visited.                        Hill, CA 95664 (916)939-3354Provides a yearly
Dr Ste 510 Fredericksburg, VA 22408 (540)429-                                             concert season with an emphasis on classical music.
5234Provides financial relief to our Wounded Explosive                                                                                   We provide free school programs, Young Musican's
Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Warriors and their families when a       176 Camellia Symphony Association Camellia Symphony                     Concert, and sponsor yearly student music
loved one is injured.                  OrchestraPO Box 19786 Sacramento, CA 95819 (916)929-                    scholarship.
                                                                 6655We provide a forum for volunteer musicians to play,
115 Young Men's Christian Association of Berkeley                encourage classroom education and present free family concerts          2925 New Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society
Berkeley-Albany YMCA2070 Allston Wy Ste 101 Berkeley,            throughout the region.                         Sacramento Jazz Jubilee913 20th St Sacramento, CA
CA 94704 (510)486-8406We are a leading provider of                                                                                       95811 (916)372-5277We stage the annual
innovative programs that build health in spirit, mind and body   184 Capital Public Radio, Inc. KXJZ, KXPR, KUOP, KKTO,                  Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and other community events
for more than 23,000 people of diverse backgrounds.              KQNC & KXSR7055 Folsom Blvd Sacramento, CA 95826                        promoting traditional jazz music and sponsor                                                   (916)278-8979Broadcasts news and information, classical, jazz           activities developing young jazz musicians.
                                                                 and blues music on 90.9 KXJZ and 88.9 KXPR; presents arts     
                                                                 reviews, community features and archives, streaming at
       Los Angeles Brotherhood                                                                2924 Raices Dance Academy 6520 44th St Ste 308
                                                                                                                                         Sacramento, CA 95823 (916)428-3320Promotes
              Crusade                                            283 Crocker Art Museum Association Crocker Art Museum913                Mexican cultural dance by offering instruction to
                                                                 20th St Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)808-5059The leading arts              children and adults throughout California; promotes
243 Chinese Committee on Aging Los Angeles 200 E                 institution in the Sacramento Valley serving as the primary             self-esteem, multiculturalism and higher education to
Slauson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90011 (213)680-9739Main              resource for the study and appreciation of fine art for children and    school children all year.
purpose of providing needful services to the non-English         adults.
speaking Asian elderly people of the community who were                                                                                  2067 Roseville Arts! 405 Vernon St Ste 100
unable the cope with their daily problems.                       2695 Diamano Coura West African Dance Company Diamano                   Roseville, CA 95678 (916)783-4117Enriching lives
                                                                 Coura913 20th St Sacramento, CA 95811 (510)733-                         by providing arts awareness through exposure to
495 Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade 200 E Slauson Ave            1033Programs include, Arts-In-Education- a participatory                works of emerging and established artists, cultural
Los Angeles, CA 90011 (323)846-1649We are a community            integration of academia and the arts; Apprenticeship - a vehicle to     tours, seminars, workshops and educational
based organization, that for over 40 years has provided          recruit artists; and Creative Partnership promotes cultural literacy.   programs for all ages.
financial and supportive services to families and grassroots
organizations in our community.                                                                                                          754 Sacramento Area Dance Alliance SADAPO                                       319 El Dorado Arts Council P O Box 2400 Placerville, CA                 Box 2126 Fair Oaks, CA 95628 (916)212-
                                                                 95667 (530)295-3496Serves as an umbrella organization for               7364Supports dance education by offering
620 Mothers In Action, Inc. (MIA) 200 E Slauson Ave Los          artists, arts organizations and schools, dedicated to bringing the      workshops and awarding cash scholarships to assist
Angeles, CA 90011 (323)846-1645Dedicated to the future of        arts to El Dorado county's residents and young students.                dancers. We also produce the "SADA Showcase" to
our children and quality of life in our community. We                                               provide valuable performance opportunities.
conduct health fairs, mentoring sessions, community feeds,                                                                     
job training/placement services.         335 Fairytale Town, Inc. 913 20th St Sacramento, CA 95814
                                                                 (916)808-5356Children's theme park/cultural center, with sets of        756 Sacramento Ballet Association 1631 K St
752 Sabriya Ihsan Bakewell Castle of Fun Foundation,             favorite children's literature, promotes the imagination, creativity    Sacramento, CA 95814 (916)552-5800We are a
The 200 E Slauson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90011 (323)846-            and education of children through educational and cultural arts         professional dance company whose vision is
1649Provide fun therapy to hospitalized children while they      activities.                                       dedicated to developing and sustaining an informed,
are confined to their hospital room, struggling to overcome                                                                              enthusiastic and broad-based audience for dance.
leukemia and other life threatening diseases.                    563 Foothill Theatre Company 913 20th St Sacramento, CA                                              95811 (530)265-9320Producing professional theater that
                                                                 entertains and enlightens, including extensive educational              758 Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra
                                                                 opportunities with tours, matinees, workshops, camps, an                4025A Bridge St Fair Oaks, CA 95628 (916)536-
  Metropolitan Arts Partnership                                  international exchange and a dynamic subscription season.               9065Presents a variety of professional choral
                                                                                                        orchestral concerts at reasonable prices for families
             (MAP)                                                                                                                       in the Sacramento region with emphasis on education
                                                                 366 Friends of the Arts Commission 913 20th St Sacramento,              and civic engagement.
145 Arts & Business Council of Sacramento 913 20th St            CA 95811 (916)566-3992Supports the Sacramento Metropolitan
Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)923-1241Promotes partnerships          Arts Commission which actively fosters and advocates for the arts       1321 Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra
between arts organizations and the business community in         within the Sacramento region through public art, grants and arts        (SCSO) 4025 A Bridge St Fair Oaks, CA 95628
order to enhance the economy and enrich quality of life in the   education.                                         (916)536-9065Presents a variety of professional
Sacramento region.                                                                                                        choral orchestral concerts at reasonable prices for
                                                                 1681 Friends of the Library of El Dorado County, Inc 913                families in the Sacramento region with emphasis on
86 Arts Council of Placer County, The PlacerArts913 20th         20th St Sacramento, CA 95811 (530)621-5540Works to raise                education and civic engagement.
St Sacramento, CA 95811 (530)885-5670Provides diverse            funds to enhance the services of all the county branch libraries
services in communities and schools such as after-school arts,   and facilities and to focus attention on the needs of the library.
youth arts apprenticeships, free and accessible programs for                                         2277 Sacramento Heritage Festival, Inc. PO Box
people of all ages and abilities.                                                                                     660245 Sacramento, CA 95866 (916)481-
                                                                 411 Hmong Cultural Arts Crafts Teaching & Museum                        2583Presents family-oriented, multi-genre music
1680 Arts for the Schools PO Box 866 Truckee, CA 96160           Projects PO Box 162894 Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)532-                   festival featuring blues, jazz, gospel, zydeco and
(530)582-8278Provide opportunities to participate in the arts    3401Provides arts education and cross-cultural programs,                alternative music. Proceeds benefit local school
which will enhance early learning and foster a lifelong          emphasizing Hmong cultural arts. Programming is family                  music programs.
appreciation of the creative arts.     oriented and intergenerational.
                                                                                                                                         762 Sacramento Opera Association Sacramento
1481 Auburn Symphony PO Box 74 Auburn, CA 95604                  2066 Imagination Theater Company PO Box 3303 Diamond                    Opera Company913 20th St Sacramento, CA 95816
(530)823-6683Orchestra provides quality classical music to       Springs, CA 95619 (530)626-0039Our company provides                     (916)737-1000The region's only fully-professional
the community through concerts, senior outreach and              multiple opportunities for youth and adults to participate in           producing opera company presenting three operas
elementary education programs. Fosters young musicians           theater productions, including acting, singing, dancing, stagecraft,    with orchestra annually, and a variety of community
through scholarships, cometitions, and orchestral experience.    and our educational outreach programs. www.imagination-                 engagement programs for a broad demographic.                                                                                    

157 California Lawyers for the Arts Inc 1418 20th St Ste         1319 KVIE, Inc. KVIE Public Television2030 W El Camino Ave              2923 Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra
201 Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)441-6210We provide artists         Sacramento, CA 95833 (916)641-3595We provide Sesame Street,             Association Inc. PO Box 5236 Sacramento, CA
and arts organizations with lawyer referrals, mediation,         Curious George, Nature, NOVA, Frontline, America's Heartland,           95817 (916)732-9045This professional orchestra
arbitration and facilitation services, art/law workshops,        and other quality, noncommercial, educational, entertaining             provides classical music to the region and strives to
mediation training and art/law publications.                     television programming.                                    keep music alive in local schools through its                                                                                                              Education and Community Engagement programs.
                                                                 473 La Raza Bookstore La Raza Galeria Posada1022 22nd St      
761 California Musical Theatre "Music Circus" and                Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)446-5133We are a cultural center
"Broadway Sacramento"913 20th St Sacramento, CA 95811            and public space serving California with essential education            768 Sacramento Theatre Company 913 20th St
(916)446-5880Produces professional musical theatre for an        programs, exhibitions and a community gathering place.                  Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)446-7501We are the
audience of 300,000+ annually. Conducts advanced training                                                   premiere professional regional theatre in the
for theatre students and educational programs for children                                                                               Sacramento area, providing top quality theater
and other underserved groups.                                    613 Metropolitan Arts Partnership (MAP) 913 20th St                     productions and education programming to the                                 Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)442-4016Supports arts education               Capitol region.
                                                                 and outreach programs for children, youth and their families in

2070 Sacramento Valley Symphonic Bands Association                (859)442-2055Provides food, shelter and medical aid to homeless       and government benefits assistance with appreciation
Sacramento Symphonic Winds913 20th St Sacramento, CA              veterans, transportation to medical facilities, and                   for their service to America.
95811 (916)973-1717Semi-professional 60-piece adult band          counseling/rehabilitation for amputee and other severely disabled
presents concerts of symphonic music at various venues            veterans.
including schools, often inviting school bands to 'play side-
by-side' or share the concert.                   2663 Freedom Alliance 22570 Markey Ct #240 Dulles, VA                          Neighbor to Nation
                                                                  20166 (703)444-7940Provides college scholarships to children of
1322 Sacramento Youth Symphony 913 20th Ave                       fallen heroes, support activities for wounded and deployed troops     1700 Adopt America Network 1500 N Superior St
Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)731-5777To advance the skills           and their families, conducts youth leadership training.               Ste 303 Toledo, OH 43604 (419)726-5100Finds
of promising young musicians through study, rehearsals and                                               permanent adoptive homes for abused, neglected and
quality performances of instrumental music throughout the                                                                               special needs children in US foster care (without
community.                                          2374 Homes For Our Troops Inc 37 Main St Taunton, MA                  charging fees) using national network of trained
                                                                  02780 (508)823-3300We design and build specially adapted,             adoption volunteers.
847 Strauss Festival of Elk Grove Inc PO Box 309                  handicap-accessible homes for severely injured and disabled
Sacramento, CA 95759 (916)714-2527Choreographed                   veterans. These homes are provided at no cost to the veterans.        1071 African American Self-Help Foundation 182
dances, a 32-piece orchestra, colorful period costumes and                                             Farmers Ln Ste 201 Santa Rosa, CA 95405
props deliver the 21st annual evening performances July 24-                                                                             (707)528-3499God's love effectively expressed
27 in an outdoor setting, free to the public.                     2911 Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project, Inc. 5920 Nall            through hot meals, healthcare, education and                                           Ave Ste 101 Mission, KS 66202 (913)432-1214Veterans                   vocational training to homeless children worldwide;
                                                                  recuperating/treated by Veterans Affairs facilities helped by         also providing assistance to qualified African-
1485 Tahoe Arts Project TAPPO Box 14281 South Lake                writing for therapy. Opportunity to be published in magazine          American working mothers.
Tahoe, CA 96151 (530)542-3632We sponsor an annual                 brings pride, satisfaction and a small stipend.
performing arts series in the schools (6,000 K-12th grade                                                1491 AIDS Care Fund PO Box 2300 Redlands, CA
students) and community of South Lake Tahoe.                                                                                            923730761 (909)793-2009Helping people living                                          2661 Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund Box 555193 Camp                    with HIV/AIDS survive the desolation, devastation,
                                                                  Pendleton, CA 92055 (760)725-3680We provide grants to injured         loneliness and despair which accompany this disease.
564 Theatre for Children, Inc B Street Theatre2711 B St           and critically ill Marines, Sailors and their families to help with   Counseling, support groups, financial aid, literature,
Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)443-5391We promote                      costs associated with hospitalization, recovery and transition.       toll-free hotline.
education, literacy, cultural enrichment and social interaction
by bringing theatre to 300,000 children, adults and families                                                                            1072 AIDS Research Alliance of America 1400 S
annually.                                  2606 Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund W 46th St & 12th Ave 1               Grand Ave Ste 701 Los Angeles, CA 90015
                                                                  Intrepid Sq New York, NY 10036 (646)381-5110Supports                  (310)358-2423Our innovative research helped
886 Tower of Youth World Interdependence Fund913 20th             military personnel severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and       develop 50% of all HIV/AIDs medications. Now
St Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)944-0100Regional all teenage         their families of military personnel killed in the performance of     help save more lives by supporting the search for a
youth digital media arts and entertainment organization           their duty.                                  vaccine and cure.
dedicated to build communication industry
careers/workforce, modernize education and transform              602 Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 121 S Saint             1501 Alcohol and Drug Recovery Fund PO Box
community life.                              Asaph St Alexandria, VA 22314 (703)549-0060Providing higher           2300 Redlands, CA 92373 (909)793-2009Effective
                                                                  education scholarships to children of Marines and former              compassionate ministry saving lives, renewing hope
897 Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California 5253           Marines, with particular attention to children whose parent was       through intervention and faith-based recovery
Glancy Dr Carmichael, CA 95608 (916)482-4706We are                killed or wounded in action.                             treatment that provides healing to those affected by
non-profit charitable and cultural organization with the                                                                                alcoholism and drug addiction.
purpose of promoting Ukrainian heritage and traditions            1440 Military Chaplains Association of the United States of 
through cultural events and exhibits.           America PO Box 7056 Arlington, VA 22207 (703)533-
                                                                  5890Support the religious freedom and spiritual welfare of            2920 Alliance Defense Fund, Inc. Alliance Defense
721 Very Special Arts California VSA Arts of                      America's Military, Veterans, their families and surviviors; bring    Fund15100 N 90th St Scottsdale, AZ 85260
California4660 Natomas Blvd Ste 120-225 Sacramento, CA            pastoral care to combat-wounded now returned home. www.mca-           (480)444-0020A legal alliance defending the right to
95835 (916)277-6747Provides education, career training and                                                               hear and speak the Truth in the areas of religious
support in the arts to children and adults with disabilities in                                                                         liberty, family values and sactity of life.
order to improve their skills and enrich their lives.             2004 Military Officers Association of America Scholarship                                                Fund 201 N Washington St Alexandria, VA 223142539
                                                                  (703)549-2311Exists solely to provide scholarships and interest-      2266 Alpha One Foundation, Inc. Alpha-1
1468 Yolo County Arts Council, Inc. 2030 Del Paso Blvd            free loans for college education to deserving children of enlisted    Foundation2937 SW 27th Ave Ste 302 Miami, FL
Sacramento, CA 95815 (530)406-4844We publish a                    and officers from all USA military services.                          33133 (305)567-9888Supports research towards a
newsletter and website, assist in arts education in the schools                                          cure for Alpha-1, a deadly genetic disorder causing
and community, and work with the state and county on arts                                                                               liver and lung disease, affecting over 25 million
programs.                                        996 Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of           Americans who are unknown carriers.
                                                                  America 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA      
883 Yuba Sutter Regional Arts Council 913 20th St                 94939 (800)626-6526Help us keep America strong, safe, and free
Sacramento, CA 95811 (530)742-2787To enrich the quality           and remember, honor, and keep faith with our veterans, with           1075 American Foundation for Suicide
of life by providing arts, arts education, advocacy, assistance   those who serve today, and their families.             Prevention Suicide Prevention Foundation of
and services to artists, organizations and residents of Yuba                                                                            America120 Wall St 22nd Fl New York, NY 10005
and Sutter Counties.                       2598 Normandy Allies, Inc. PO Box 1332 Pittsford, NY 14534            (212)363-3500Exclusively dedicated to
                                                                  (585)748-2357We perpetuate the memory of World War II Allied          understanding and preventing suicide through
                                                                  accomplishments and sacrifices primarily via educational trips to     research and education and to reaching out to people
 Military, Veterans & Patriotic                                   Normandy, including on-site input by witnesses and historians.        with mood disorders and those affected by suicide.
Service Organizations of America
                                                                  1195 Special Operations Warrior Foundation Warrior                    1493 Association of Christian Schools
1747 Armed Forces Veterans Homes Foundation Inc 5211              FoundationPO Box 13483 Tampa, FL 33681 (813)805-9400We                International (ACSI) PO Box 65130 Colorado
Auth Rd Suitland, MD 20746 (301)899-8386Health set                provide four year or vocational college scholarship grants and        Springs, CO 80962 (719)528-6906Empowering
backs. Loneliness. Helplessness. We assist 30,000 veterans        financial aid counseling to children surviving Special Operations     Christian schools and educators worldwide to
overcome challenges of aging and disabilities with quality        personnel killed in operational or training missions.                 provide Christ-centered education, Pre-K through
long term care at 140 State Veterans Homes.                                                                 College, to effectively prepare students for life                                                                                                              through transformed thinking and living.
                                                                  2580 Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation PO Box 83395    
2876 Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund 8401 Hampton            Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)215-3985Provide scholarships to
Blvd Ste 3 Norfolk, VA 23505 (757)537-5683Provides                assist disadvantaged deserving students in pursuit of education,      2145 Awana Clubs International One E Bode Rd
scholarship assistance for the children, step children, and       preferably leading to careers in the fields of aviation, aerospace    Streamwood, IL 60107 (630)213-2000Training and
spouses of qualified active duty, reserve, and retired Navy       and science technology.                                 equiping Christian leaders in over 100 countries to
Chief Petty Officers.                                                                                                     conduct programs that build an enduring, lifelong
                                                                  2193 Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation VFW Foundation,              biblical faith in their nations children.
2205 Coast Guard Foundation, Inc. 394 Taugwonk Rd                 Programs: Operation Uplink, Unmet Needs406 W 34th St Ste    
Stonington, CT 063781807 (860)535-0786Provides programs           514 Kansas City, MO 64111 (816)968-1128Return the favor.
that enhance the education, welfare, and morale of Coast          Telephone time for troops overseas and needed financial help for      1076 Blessings International 5881 S Garnett Rd
Guard personnel and their families; augments the Coast            their families. Veterans Administration claims assistance and         Tulsa, OK 74146 (918)250-8101Giving hope to
Guard Academy's academic and extra-curricular programs.           community service programs. All Free!           destitute children and adults by providing life-saving                                                                                                                           pharmaceuticals, vitamins and medical supplies for
                                                                  1231 Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund Inc Veterans Support            treating needy patients in developing nations and US
299 Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service                 Foundation8605 Cameron St Ste 400 Silver Spring, MD 20910-            clinics.
Trust Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable                 3710 (301)589-4613We're Vietnam veterans helping today's
Service Trust3725 Alexandria Pike Cold Spring, KY 41076           disabled and needy veterans with shelter, employment, counseling

2899 Brain Tumor Society, Inc., The National Brain Tumor          5935Christian organization dedicated to helping families thrive       and life-sustaining services to isolated areas of the
Society124 Watertown St 2D Watertown, MA 02472                    through faith-based resources, multimedia outreaches and              world.
(415)318-5707190,000 individuals oer year are diagnosed           counseling services that support a variety of marriage, parenting
with a brain tumor. NBTS offers hope to those affected,           and life-stage needs.                        1928 Mission To Children, Inc. PO Box 2217
funding brain tumor research and providing supportive                                                                                   Escondido, CA 920332177 (877)766-
patient services.                              1338 Food for the Hungry, Inc. 1224 E Washington St Phoenix,          2400Cultivating Christlike character in children -
                                                                  AZ 85034 (480)998-3100A Christian relief and development              especially those at risk; caring for youth
1934 Bread and Water for Africa, Inc. 2550 Huntington             organization that helps people in developing countries overcome       internationally through feeding, clothing, sheltering,
Ave Ste 200 Alexandria, VA 22303 (703)317-                        poverty through self-development programs.                 training, educating, and Bible teaching.
9440Strengthening African initiatives for self-sufficiency                                                                    
through grassroots health, clean water, education,                1346 Foundation Fighting Blindness, Inc. 11435 Cronhill Dr
orphanages, vocational training, agriculture and micro-credit     Owings Mills, MD 21117-2220 (800)683-5555We fund research             1699 National Children's Cancer Society, Inc.
programs focusing on women and children.                          to discover treatments and cures for retinal diseases that cause      Children's Cancer Assistance FundOne S Memorial                                             blindness such as retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration and      Dr Ste 800 St. Louis, MO 63102 (314)241-
                                                                  other related retinal diseases.                1600Helping children with cancer and their families
1503 Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. 60 E 56th                                                                                  by providing direct financial assistance for treatment
St 8th Fl New York, NY 10022 (646)497-2600Make A                  1182 Gateway for Cancer Research Cancer Treatment Research            and supplement family support.
Difference. Breast cancer claims over 40,000 lives annually.      Foundation1336 Basswood Rd Schaumburg, IL 60173 (847)342-   
Your support funds lifesaving breast cancer research              647999 percent of all contributions support our mission to
worldwide: Prevention and A Cure In Our Lifetime.                 expedite innovative, pioneering, human research into beneficial       1925 National Eating Disorders Association 603                                                  treatment options for those battling cancer.                          Stewart St Ste 803 Seattle, WA 98101 (206)382-
                                                                                              3587Supports individuals and families affected by
1494 Child Abuse Intervention Fund PO Box 2300                                                                                          eating disorders and acts as a catalyst for prevention,
Redlands, CA 92373 (909)793-2009Helping children by               374 Glaucoma Research Foundation 251 Post St Ste 600 San              cures and access to treatment through programs and
bringing them hope, healing, intervention, counseling, legal      Francisco, CA 94108 (415)986-3162Prevent vision loss from             national helpline.
aid, support groups, medical referrals, education, safe-houses,   glaucoma by investing in innovative research, education, and
and a national hotline.        support with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.                     656 National Right to Life Committee
                                                                                                              Educational Trust Fund 512 10th St Washington,
2460 Children Affected by AIDS Foundation 6033 W                                                                                        DC 20004 (202)626-8800Promotes respect for
Century Blvd Ste 603 Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310)258-              1085 Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind Inc 371 E Jericho             human life through educational programs opposing
0850Raises and distributes funds to provide daily necessities     Turnpike Smithtown, NY 117872976 (631)930-9000More than               abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia and supports
of life for children infected or affected with HIV/AIDS in the    eyes for a blind person, a guide dog provides independence,           referral and adoption services for women with crisis
U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.          security, and companionship. Help us breed, train and give guide      pregnancies.
                                                                  dogs without charge.
236 Children's Hunger Relief Fund, Inc. 182 Farmers Ln                                                                                  1946 Navigators, The PO Box 6000 Colorado
Ste 200 Santa Rosa, CA 95405 (888)781-1585Saving                  1086 Human Service Charities of America Inc 7620 Little               Springs, CO 80934 (719)594-2292Strengthening the
children's lives! Sharing God's love by providing hot meals,      River Turnpike Ste 600 Annandale, VA 22003 (800)626-                  personal and spiritual lives of military men and
disease-free water, healthcare, medicines, food growing           2729People helping people. Making a difference to the disabled        women, and their families through discipleship,
technology, and Christian education to suffering children         and disadvantaged. Feeding the hungry. Restoring the sick. And        Bible studies, leader development, conferences,
worldwide.                                           supporting your federal, postal and military service.                 counseling, and group activities.
2732 Christian Foundation for Children and Aging One
Elmwood Ave Kansas City, KS 66103 (913)384-7146One                2147 IBS-STL US Inc International Bible Society1820 Jet               1093 Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Inc
hundred percent of contributions received through state help      Stream Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80921 (719)867-2639God                 12351 W 96th Ter Ste 100 Lenexa, KS 66215
fund scholarships for students in developing countries.           changes lives through Scripture! We translate God's Word, then        (913)768-4808Challenged by faith to end poverty.
Scholars provide community service and participate in             globally distribute it to military, children/youth, disaster/crisis   Promotes long-term solutions to poverty through
leadership activities.                            victims, prisoners, and others seeking hope.           training, gifts-in-kind, economic and community
                                                                                                                                        development and micro-enterprise projects.
2297 Christian Legal Society 8001 Braddock Rd Ste 300             2743 Kids for the Kingdom Inc PO Box 85 Graton, CA 95444    
Springfield, VA 221512110 (703)642-1070We defend                  (707)829-5504Transforming living conditions and spiritual lives
religious freedom and the sanctity of life, provide legal         of children overseas through feeding, orphanages, schools, aid,       957 Neighbor To Nation 7620 Little River Turnpike
assistance to the poor, and promote conflict resolution           evangelism, Bible studies, so they can transform their nation for     Ste 600 Annandale, VA 22003 (877)841-6839People
through biblical counseling, mediation and arbitration.           Christ.                                     in deed serving people in need, in our local                                                                                                                          communities, throughout America and the world.
                                                                  2741 Leukemia Research Foundation, Inc. 3520 Lake Ave,                Providing life-sustaining assistance and hope for the
1336 Christian Military Fellowship PO Box 1207                    Suite 202 Wilmette, IL 600911064 (847)424-0600Funds research          future.
Englewood, CO 801501207 (303)761-1959Supports U.S.                to find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and myelodysplastic
military and their families, providing prayer, Bible studies,     syndromes and provides emotional, educational and financial           2897 New Hope International Aid to Children,
hospitality, link-ups training and resources, encouraging them    support to patients and their families.     Youth and FamiliesPO Box 25490 Colorado Springs,
to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.                                                                                  CO 80936 (719)557-4450Provides Christian training,
                                                                  486 Lions Clubs International Foundation 300 W 22nd St Oak            orphan care, education (AIDS, STD's, Alochol and
1932 Christian Relief Fund PO Box 19670 Amarillo, TX              Brook, IL 60523-8842 (630)571-5466Supports Lions Clubs in             Drugs) and aid to children, youth and families in
79114 (806)352-5030Fighting hunger and poverty                    202 countries in addressing the various needs of their                orphanages, schools, camps, and conferences.
internationally by providing food, medicine, educational          communities through grant programs including sight, youth,  
support, Christian disaster relief and humanitarian aid to        health and disaster relief projects.
children and families in developing countries.                                                                                          1344 Officers' Christian Fellowship of the United                                       607 MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger 1990 S Bundy Dr                States of America Officers' Christian
                                                                  Ste 260 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310)442-0020We provide                 Fellowship3784 S Inca St Englewood, CO
1082 Christian Service Charities, Inc. 7620 Little River          grants to national and international anti-hunger organizations to     801103405 (800)424-1984Supports military leaders
Turnpike Ste 600 Annandale, VA 22003 (888)728-                    help prevent and alleviate hunger.                      who serve their country. Provides retreats,
2762Christian charities you know and trust, working to                                                                                  fellowship, counseling, and other resources to help
overcome poverty, hunger, hopelessness, religious                 1090 Medical Research Charities 7620 Little River Turnpike            members and their families grow together and serve
persecution, abuse, disease, illiteracy, homelessness,            Ste 600 Annandale, VA 22003 (888)215-6722AIDS. Arthritis.             others.
addiction, broken families and separation from God.               Blindness. Cancer. Heart Disease. Fight back by supporting                                 medical research and help discover the prevention and cure for        2456 Operation Blessing International Relief &
                                                                  these and other diseases.            Development Corp 977 Centerville Turnpike
1335 Concern Foundation Cancer Immunology Research                                                                                      Virginia Beach, VA 23463 (757)226-3401Dedicated
Foundation8383 Wilshire Blvd Ste 337 Beverly Hills, CA            1498 Mercy Ships Operations PO Box 2020 Garden Valley, TX             to alleviating human need and suffering throughout
90211 (800)867-2279Provides funding for cancer research           757712020 (903)882-0887We are the leader in using hospital            America and around the world through hunger relief,
scientists to investigate new approaches for early detection      ships to deliver free world-class specialized healthcare and          medical care, outreach programs, and disaster relief
and treatment in quest to conquer cancer in children and          community development services to the poor.                           since 1978.
                                                                                                                                        1923 Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation Inc 804
1495 Diabetes National Research Group 3550 General                1091 Mexican Medical, Inc. 7850 Lester Ave Lemon Grove, CA            W Diamond Ave Ste 210 Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Atomics Ct MC 4130 San Diego, CA 92121 (858)909-                  91945 (619)463-4777Providing healing and hope for the poor--          (301)947-0083OI causes brittle bones that break
5124Nicknamed "The Silent Killer", diabetes affects               sharing God's love through medical, dental, hospital care,            easily. Coughing can fracture ribs; falling can break
23,000,000 Americans. We support medical research to find         community health programs--utilizing Christian medical teams          a leg. Help provide support for families, research for
treatments and possibly cures, for Type 1 and Type 2              and other volunteers.                          a cure.
                                                                  1499 Mission Aviation Fellowship PO Box 47 Nampa, ID 83653            2148 Osteoporosis and Breast Cancer Research
1083 Focus on the Family 8605 Explorer Dr ATTN:                   (208)498-0800We are a Christian organization that uses aviation,      Center 3550 General Atomics Ct No 2-305 San
Workplace Giving Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (719)548-             communications, and learning technologies to bring the Gospel         Diego, CA 92121 (858)909-5123Supports vital

scientific research dedicated to the discovery and
development of treatments and ultimate cures to women's                        Independent Charitable                                    25 Alpha Canine Sanctuary 372 April Ln HC3
health issues including osteoporosis and breast cancer.                                                                                  Granite Station Bakersfield, CA 93308 (661)391-                                                         Organizations                                         8212We rescue abandoned and unwanted dogs.
                                                                                                                                         Dogs are spayed or neutered and either adopted or
1095 Prison Fellowship Ministries (PFM) Prison                      2541 A Bridge for Africa Foundation 268 Bush St #3539 San            given life-long care. Approximately 100 dogs live at
Fellowship44180 Riverside Pkwy Lansdowne, VA 20176                  Francisco, CA 94104 (415)244-0604Dedicated to promoting the          Alpha.
(703)478-0100Provides programs to transform prisoners'              dignity of work and self-sufficiency in traditionally impoverished
lives and help them make responsible moral choices. Angel           areas in and among traditionally impoverished peoples of Africa.     2573 Alternatives to Violence Project/California
Tree program provides Christmas gifts to prisoners' children.                                              (AVP/CA) PO Box 3294 Santa Barbara, CA 93130
Founder Chuck Colson.                                                                                                        (800)905-6765Toward making communities safer for
                                                                    3007 A Positive Force Leadership Development Corporation             all, our volunteers conduct conflict resolution
2250 Rescue Task Force 864 N 2nd St Ste 340 El Cajon, CA            Christian Home Society, Young Millionaires Club, Circle of           workshops that successfully reduce violent and
92021 (619)328-6511Provide backpacks for severely                   WealthP O Box 276732 Sacramento, CA 95827 (916)370-                  antisocial behavior in families, communities, prisons
wounded military. Brings teams doctors, dentists and                7729Provides clean, sober shelter for youth and adults, financial    and workplaces.
volunteers deep in the jungles of Central America.                  literacy, leadership and ministerial development and job skills
Emergency disaster response around the world.                       aiding participants in becoming productive citizens in society.      29 Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders                                                                                  Association, Los Angeles Chapter 1365 W Foothill
                                                                                                                                         Blvd Ste 3 Upland, CA 91786 (909)931-
1502 Senior Care Fund PO Box 2300 Redlands, CA                      2010 Academic Film Archive of North America 245 S 15th St            1580Eliminate Alzheimer’s through the
923730761 (909)793-2009Providing financial aid to a                 San Jose, CA 95112 (408)292-3593Our mission is to acquire,           advancement of research. Provide enhanced care
network of skilled and caring people helping the elderly to         preserve, document, and promote academic film by providing an        and support for all affected and reduce the risk of
age with dignity and overcome loneliness through counseling         archive, resource, and forum for continuing scholarly                dementia by promoting main health.
and friendship.                              advancement and public exhibition.           

1938 Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Advanced Cancer                    2893 African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute             36 Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay 2320
Research Center10905 Road to the Cure San Diego, CA                 Black AIDS Institute1833 W Eighth St Ste 200 Los Angeles, CA         Channing Wy Berkeley, CA 94704 (510)644-
92121 (858)450-5990Striving to improve and save lives by            90057 (213)353-3610Policy, advocacy and education center             8292We are an adult day healthcare program that
unraveling the mysteries of cancer and rapidly translating          dedicated to reducing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black                 specializes in Alzheimer's/dementia.
laboratory discoveries into effective, non-toxic treatment for      communities by mobilizing institutions and individuals.
patients.                                                                                        2940 American Academy of Family Physicians
                                                                                                                                         Foundation 11400 Tomahawk Cr Pkwy Leawood,
2685 Terma Foundation Tibet Child Health Programs785                2602 African Child Care Association, Inc. (ACCAINC) 1770             KS 66211 (913)906-6000Family Physicians working
Main St Ste E Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (650)712-8413A                Indian Trail Rd Ste 200 Norcross, GA 30093 (678)775-                 to benefit the public through health-related programs,
humanitarian organization whose creative programs combine           6060Strives to give children/youth in sub-Saharan Africa             disaster relief, and programs designed to educate
indigenous and western knowledge to comfort the enormous            information and tools to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS         youth on healthy lifestyle choices.
health crisis now affecting the six million Tibetans within         and other STDs infections through education, prevention,   
China.                                                assistance and supports.
                                                                                                                                         1259 American Cancer Society: California
1092 Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies                   3013 Air Compassion California 4620 Haygood Rd Ste 1                 Division, Inc. 1710 Webster St Oakland, CA 94612
Multiple Sclerosis National Research Institute3550 General          Virginia Beach, CA 23455 (757)271-2294Saving significant costs       (818)841-3099Dedicated to eliminating cancer as a
Atomics Ct No 2-129 San Diego, CA 92121 (858)455-                   for seriously ill family members needing long-distance               major health problem by preventing cancer, saving
3712Conducts research towards understanding, treating and           transportation. A patient advocate for life-saving air ambulance     lives and diminishing suffering from cancer through
halting the progression of multiple sclerosis and related           services.                            research, education, advocacy and service.
diseases. Current research progress is promising. Please help                                                                  
us find cures.                                  19 Alameda Boys and Girls Club, Inc. Boys & Girls Club of
                                                                    AmericaPO Box 1069 Alameda, CA 94501 (510)522-4900Our                2620 American Forest Foundation 1111
1504 United Leukodystrophy Foundation, Inc., The 2304               mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need     Nineteenth St NW Ste 780 Washington, DC 20036
Highland Dr Sycamore, IL 60178 (815)895-3211Provides                us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring,        (202)463-5170America's forestland is vanishing.
patients and families specific information, networking              responsible citizens.                             Stripmalls, suburban sprawl threaten our clean air,
opportunities, assists identifying sources of medical care,                                                                              water, and wildlife habitats. Help save these precious
funds direct and indirect research leading to clinical trials and   1202 Alameda County Community Food Bank, Inc. PO Box                 woodlands before they disappear forever.
therapies.                                              2599 Oakland, CA 94614 (510)635-3663We provide nutritious  
                                                                    food and education to people in need and promote public policies
1922 V Foundation, The 106 Towerview Ct Cary, NC                    that address hunger and its root causes.               1711 American G.I. Forum of California Veterans
27513 (919)380-9505We are a charitable organization                                                                                      Outreach Program PO Box 1681 Santa Maria, CA
dedicated to saving lives by raising money to fund cancer           2964 Alaska Wilderness League 122 C St NW Ste 240                    93456 (805)714-6015The Program assists veterans
research and awareness projects.                     Washington, DC 20001 (202)544-5205The League develops                and family with food, medication, transportation,
                                                                    educational programs, strengthens grassroots activism, and           clothing and other immediate needs throughout
2252 Voice of the Martyrs, Inc. PO Box 443 Bartlesville,            supports legislation and administrative initiatives on behalf of     California where Forum chapters are located.
OK 74005 (918)337-8015Provides spiritual and humanitarian           Alaska’s environment.
aid to Christians persecuted for their faith. Aid includes                                                                               50 American Heart Association, Inc. 816 S
Bibles, gospel broadcasts, medicine and trauma care, blankets       3008 Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and              Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 90017 (858)410-
and other humanitarian aid.                     Hard of Hearing AG Bell3417 Volta Pl NW Washington, DC               3824World's largest non-governmental supporter of
                                                                    20007 (202)204-4668Helps families, healthcare providers and          cardiovascular research. Heart disease and stroke
946 World Concern: A Division of CRISTA Ministries                  education professionals understand childhood hearing loss and the    account for more deaths of state employees than
19303 Fremont Ave N Seattle, WA 98133 (206)546-7201We               importance of early diagnosis and intervention.       nearly all other causes combined.
are a Christian humanitarian organization providing disaster                                                                   
relief, food, medicine, education, business loans, agricultural     2847 Algalita Marine Research Foundation 148 N Marina Dr
development, and God's love to the world's poorest people.          Long Beach, CA 90803 (562)598-4889Measure and monitor                2366 American Kidney Fund Inc 6110 Executive                                                levels of plastic debris accumulating in the North Central Pacific   Blvd Ste 1010 Rockville, MD 20852 (301)984-
                                                                    Ocean and report to the public the harmful effects on human          6635We provide direct financial assistance to kidney
1079 World Emergency Relief Children's Food Fund/World              health.                                             patients in need and education to those with and at
Emergency ReliefPO Box 131570 Carlsbad, CA 92013                                                                                         risk for kidney disease.
(760)930-8001You'll "give children a living chance" through         2922 Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Alisa Ann Ruch Burn
emergency relief, food, medical care, schools, orphanages,          Foundation - Fresno Office2501 W Burbank Blvd Ste 201                1726 American Red Cross American Red Cross,
and micro-economic assistance in the U.S. and 30 countries,         Burbank, CA 91505 (818)848-0223Dedicated to enhancing the            Monterey-San Benito Counties Chapter942 Lupin Dr
including American Indians.            quality of life for burn survivors and promoting burn prevention.    Salinas, CA 93906 (831)424-4824Immediate local
                                                                                                                  disaster relief; emergency assistance to Armed
1505 World-Wide Missions Emergency Relief Response                                                                                       Forces; training in First Aid, CPR, Water Safety,
FundPO Box 2300 Redlands, CA 923730761 (909)793-                    23 Allergy and Asthma Network-Mothers of Asthmatics, Inc             babysitting, and childcare; medical equipment
2009Moving quickly to alleviate human suffering in times of         2751 Prosperity Ave Ste 150 Fairfax, VA 22031 (800)878-              lending closet.
great crisis by providing food, clothing, medical care,             4403We are the leading health nonprofit organization dedicated to
temporary shelter, and other emergency efforts sustaining           eliminating death and suffering due to asthma, allergies, and        2666 American Red Cross, Santa Barbara County
life.                           related conditions through education, advocacy, and outreach.        Chapter 3030 Skyway Dr Santa Maria, CA 93455
                                                                                                          (805)928-0778Provides disaster relief and
237 Youth Law Center 200 Pine St Ste 300 San Francisco,                                                                                  emergency preparedness, CPR/First Aid and other
CA 94104 (415)543-3379Protecting children and youth in the          2852 Alliance Health Clinic Inc 5952 El Cajon Blvd San Diego,        lifesaving training for adults and youth and
nation's foster care and juvenile justice systems from abuse,       CA 92115 (619)286-9052The clinic's mission is to improve the         emergency communications for military personnel
maltreatment and neglect for over 30 years.             health and well being of refugees and other medically                and their families.
                                                                    underserved populations with culturally sensitive and responsive
                                                                    primary care.

2968 American Urological Association Foundation Inc.              for persons within the autism spectrum to be fully included         Christ-centered education, summer camp and
1000 Corporate Blvd Linthicum, MD 21090 (410)689-                 members of their communities through advocacy, education and        before/after school care for all children from
4034Promoting health through education, empowering                research.                                   Preschool (ages 2 and up) through High School.
patients through advocacy, advancing cures through research,                                                                
we are the leading non-profit urological organization and         1627 Avenues: Navigating the Spectrum of Relationships,
official foundation of the AUA.             Rights and Responsibilities, Inc. Avenues Supported Living          1607 Breast Cancer Emergency Fund 965 Mission
                                                                  Services28415 Industry Dr Ste 502 Valencia, CA 91355                St Ste 630 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)558-
3014 Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation, The 8899               (661)702-9788Assisting adults with developmental disabilities to    6999We provide emergency financial assistance to
Beverly Blvd Ste 111 Los Angeles, CA 90048 (310)276-              develop, access, choose and coordinate the supports they need to    low-income people disabled by breast cancer or its
7111Your support helps struggling single parent families          live safely in their own homes within the community.                treatments to cover housing, utility and medical
whose children are catastrophically ill. We pay urgent                                expenses.
expenses so the parent can stay at the child's bedside.                                          2449 AXIS Dance Company 1428 Alice St Ste 200 Oakland, CA           2518 Breast Cancer Research and Assistance
                                                                  94612 (510)625-0110Creating and performing contemporary             Fund 21208 N 52nd Ave Glendale, AZ 85308
1490 Animal Assistance League of Orange County, Inc               dance by people with and without disabilities. Offering dance       (602)241-2697Provides cancer support groups
PO Box 38 Midway City, CA 92655 (714)893-4393Non-                 classes, workshops, and presentations for youth and adults of all   educational materials for patients and families.
profit humane society helping animals and their owners. No-       abilities.                                        Provides medical research grants, equipment and
kill animal shelter, lost/found helpline, adoptions/placements,                                                                       supplies to hospitals. Curing begins with our
spay/neuters, rescues, and humane education. Overhead: 7%.        113 Beacon School 2101 Livingston St Oakland, CA 94606              compassionate care.                                                     (510)437-2312A non-profit, private school that fosters children
                                                                  becoming passionate learners for life. Non-sectarian, arts and      3006 BRIDGE, The "The BRIDGE" Indian
2829 Animal Protection and Rescue League Inc                      diversity centered.                               Training Trust Fund874 Seacoast Dr Imperial Beach,
(A.P.R.L.) 302 Washington St #404 San Diego, CA 92103                                                                                 CA 91932 (619)423-6610We strive to reduce
(619)236-9514We work to expose and eliminate animal               2380 Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation 55 W              poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and inequality.
cruelty occuring behind closed doors through innovative           Wacker Dr Ste 1100 Chicago, IL 60610 (312)214-1200Help              Provide educational assistance, work readiness/life
public outreach, advocacy campaigns and lobbying for              children with cancer by funding pediatric cancer research; caring   skills training, job training and placement to at-risk
legislation to help animals.                         for the patient and families and their immediate needs; and         youth and adults.
                                                                  assisting child oncology programs.
1124 Anxiety Disorders Association of America Anxiety                                                                                 144 Burbank Center for the Retarded BCR "A
Disorders, Panic, & Stress Research and Awareness                 1582 Beginning Experience of Sacramento PO Box 161761               Place to Grow"230 E Amherst Dr Burbank, CA
Foundation8730 Georgia Ave Ste 600 Silver Spring, MD              Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)835-2282Support program that              91504 (818)843-4907Day activity program for adults
20910 (240)485-1022Champions research, provides resources         provides classes and weekend retreats to assist divorced,           with developmental disabilities, and extended day
for treatment and self-help and supports the millions affected    separated, and widowed people and their children adjust to the      and after school care for children and adults with
by OCD, PTSD, panic, phobias, social anxiety, generalized         breakup of their family.                       dd/autism.
anxiety and related disorders.
                                                                  2868 Berkeley- East Bay Humane Society 2700 Ninth St                2840 Business and Professional Women's
2949 Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation,              Berkeley, CA 94710 (510)845-7735We are dedicated to placing         Foundation BPW Foundation1620 Eye St NW Ste
Inc. 100 Park Ave No 108 Rockville, MD 20850 (301)279-            homeless animals with committed caretakers. We envision a           210 Washington, DC 20006 (202)293-1100We
7202Supporting patients and families fighting bone marrow         community that values animals and protects, respects, and cares     provide support and information for working women
failure diseases including apastic anemia, MDS and PNH.           for their needs.                             - on various issues - and women veterans thanks to
Providing education and support services, building awareness                                                                          financial support from different organizations and
and funding research.                               2973 Beyond High School Project 8906 Warmsprings St Elk             private donors.
                                                                  Grove, CA 95758 (916)308-6244Giving young men and women
2856 Art for Humanity Inc 635 25th St S Arlington, VA             direction towards their destiny and have them not fall prey to      1774 Butte County Humane Society Butte Humane
222022529 (703)402-8698An all-volunteer organization that         society's attrition role.                                           Society2579 Fair St Chico, CA 959288822
provides humanitarian aid in Honduras and assists                                                                                     (530)343-7917We take in lost and unwanted
impoverished families start small businesses using their          2143 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles Inc 800        companion animals, and care for them without a time
current skills to become self-sufficient.                         S Figueroa St Ste 620 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213)213-2407We         limit until loving homes are found for them.                                            are dedicated to helping children in need reach their potential
                                                                  through professionally supported one-to-one relationships with
81 Arthritis Association of Central San Joaquin Valley            volunteers that have measurable impact.            1167 C5 Children's School 455 Golden Gate Ave
4411 N Cedar Ste 102 Fresno, CA 93726 (559)709-                                                                                       San Francisco, CA 94102 (415)703-1277The
5184Provides educational material, support groups, college        517 Birth Choice of San Marcos 277 S Rancho Santa Fe Ste S          professional C5 staff provides a wide range of child
scholarships, water therapy subsidies and other free services     San Marcos, CA 92078 (760)744-1313Pregnancy resource center         development, learning activities and comprehensive
to arthritis patients and their families.                         providing alternatives to abortion. Free pregnancy tests,           care for infants through preschool aged children at
                                                                  community resource referrals, abstinence education, adoption        two centers.
88 Asian Community Center of Sacramento Valley Inc                information, shelter home and medical referrals. All services
Asian Community Center (ACC)7375 Park City Dr                     free.                                           1193 Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Inc 3801 W
Sacramento, CA 95831 (916)393-9026Promote the general                                                                                 Temple Ave Bldg 98-B1-19A Pomona, CA 91768
welfare and enhance the quality of life for our community by      123 Birthright of Walnut Creek Birthright of Walnut Creek -         (909)869-4303We are one of 23 campuses in the
developing and providing culturally sensitive health and          Concord3106 Clayton Rd Concord, CA 94519 (925)798-7227We            California State University System and only one of
social services for older adults.                   are a pregnancy service offering confidential help to pregnant      six polytechnic universities nationwide advancing
                                                                  girls and women with free pregnancy tests, clothing                 higher education.
1234 Associated Student California State University Long          (maternity/baby), counseling, friendship and community referrals.
Beach Isabel Patterson Child Development Center1212                                                       2761 California Council of the Blind 1510 J St Ste
Bellflower Blvd Long Beach, CA 90815 (562)985-5333We                                                                                  125 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916)441-2100Since
provide affordable and accessible childcare to students with      127 Black Adoption Placement and Research Center                    1934, improving lives of blind/visually impaired
young children so they may pursue a college education.            (BAPRC) 7801 Edgewater Dr Ste 2000 Oakland, CA 94621                Californians; services: scholarships to blind                                                 (510)430-3600Over 26 years experience recruiting, training and      students, no-interest loans to retain employment, I &
                                                                  certifying adoptive and foster families for the placement of        R services and advocacy.
1388 Associated Students California State University              African American and all children waiting for permanent homes.
Long Beach Recycling Center1212 Bellflower Blvd Long                                                           155 California Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc.
Beach, CA 90815 (562)985-5461We are a certified drop-off                                                                              4260 24th St Sacramento, CA 95822 (916)456-
facility and redemption center that services the campus,          131 Black United Fund of Sacramento Valley, Inc. 4104 44th          1331CIFFI, a non-profit foundation, funds the
students, faculty and the general public.       St Sacramento, CA 95820 (916)453-0190Providing grants and           Kokanee program in partnership with the California
                                                                  services to non-profit organizations serving the community          Department of Fish and Game. All our work is done
2819 Atascadero Loaves and Fishes 5411 El Camino Real             through arts, education, emergency needs health/human services      by volunteers.
Atascadero, CA 93422 (805)238-9896We are an all volunteer         and legal/social justice programs.
agency providing emergancy assistance (primarily groceries)                                                                           967 California Native Plant Society Sequoia
to families in need from Atascadero, Templeton, California        1142 Black Women for Wellness PO Box 292516 Los Angeles,            Chapter California Native Plant Society2427 E
Valley, Shandon, Creston, and Santa Margarita.                    CA 90029 (323)290-5955Woman centered culturally appropriate         Harvard Ave Fresno, CA 93703-1813 (559)226-                                          health education and advocacy organization; a resource center       0145Dedicated to the preservation of the California
                                                                  empowering women to secure health and well-being.                   Native flora. We have many opportunities for
2717 Atascadero Veterans Memorial Foundation PO Box                                                            community involvement: hiking, general meetings,
1466 Atascadero, CA 934231466 (805)462-1267Raising                                                                                    classes. All open to members/non-members.
funds for the construction and maintenance of a Veterans          2196 BookEnds 6520 Platt Ave #331 West Hills, CA 91307    
memorial to honor those that have given their all on behalf of    (818)716-1198Kids helping kids for literacy. Students recycle
our country.                   their books through book drives to create libraries for needy       160 California Oak Foundation 428 13th St Ste
                                                                  schools and youth organizations.                   10A Oakland, CA 94612 (510)763-0282Protect and
100 Autism Society of America Autism Society of America                                                                               perpetuate native oak woodlands, provide up-to-date
- California ChapterPO Box 1355 Glendora, CA 91740                2696 Bradshaw Christian School 8324 Bradshaw Rd                     information on "Sudden Oak Death"; educate
(800)700-0037We promote lifelong access and opportunities         Sacramento, CA 95829 (916)688-0521We offer a dual accredited

children to be responsible stewards of California's oak           1736 Central California Legal Services, Inc. 1401 Fulton St Ste     252 Clayton Community Library Foundation PO
woodlands.                                 700 Fresno, CA 93721 (559)570-1200Offers free legal help for        Box 182 Clayton, CA 94517 (925)673-9009Provides
                                                                  low-income persons on matters such as: domestic violence, elder     a pool of volunteers and funds for special programs,
1233 California Protective Parents Association PO Box             abuse prevention, tenant/landlord, health access, education,        books and materials not provided by the city and
15284 Sacramento, CA 95851-0284 (530)753-0807Our                  consumer and taxpayer assistance.           county materials budget.
mission is to protect children from incest and family violence
through research, education and advocacy for non-abusive          2151 Central Coast Visiting Nurse Association, Inc. Central         2755 Climate Project, The Alliance for Climate
parents.                                Coast VNA & Hospice, Inc.PO Box 2480 Monterey, CA 93942             Protection, ThePO Box 1332 Menlo Park, CA 94026
                                                                  (831)214-0936Providing the highest quality physician-ordered        (650)566-9730Mobilizing people from all walks of
1021 California Shakespeare Theater 701 Heinz Ave                 skilled home health care to children/adults and operates three      life to take action in their lives and demand action
Berkeley, CA 94710 (510)548-3422With Shakespeare and              Adult Day Centers in a caring, professional manner for 57 years.    from their leaders for solutions to the climate crisis.
the classics as our inspiration, we envision forging a culture                                             
of lifelong creativity for all.
                                                                  1654 Central Valley Crisis Pregnancy Pregnancy Care                 2989 Clovis Community Foundation, The Clovis
166 California State Library Foundation 1225 8th St Ste           Center169 Clark St Fresno, CA 93701 (559)237-0683Offers help        Community FoundationPO Box 1531 Clovis, CA
345 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916)447-6331Acquires material           and hope to women facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy         936131531 (559)298-9261We exist to enrich the
for the Library's collections, purchases equipment and            through education, compassionate counsel and resources.             quality of life in Clovis by promoting effective
supplies for the Braille and Talking Book Library, provides                                                   philanthropy in the areas of culture, arts and
program and literacy support.                                                                                          recreation.
                                                                  2986 Chai Lifeline 151 W 30th St 3rd Fl New York, NY 10001
1367 California State University Channel Islands                  (212)699-6601Provides emotional, social, financial support for      2455 Coalition to Salute America's Heroes 2
Foundation One University Dr Camarillo, CA 93012                  seriously ill children and families, including overnight summer     Church St Ossining, NY 10562 (404)968-
(805)437-8919We serve CSUCI which provides                        camps, tutoring, recreation, retreats, Big Brothers/Sisters,        8020Helping individuals, corporations help our
undergraduate and graduate experiential and interdisciplinary     counseling, and medical referrals.             severely wounded Operations Enduring Freedom and
education and graduates students with multicultural and                                                                               Operations Iraqi Freedom veterans rebuild their
international perspectives.                         1649 Challengers Boys and Girls Club 5029 S Vermont Ave             lives.
                                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90037 (323)971-6161Provides at-risk children,
2881 California State University San Marcos Foundation            ages 6-17, positive alternatives to alienation and juvenile         2799 Coast Redwoods Art Association PO Box
333 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd San Marcos, CA 920960001                delinquency by means of comprehensive programming, all day,         1034 Crescent City, CA 95531 (707)464-
(760)750-4405We provide students to live in a competitive         Monday through Friday.                               6938Provide classes and Tech support for artists and
world of cultural and ethnic diversity, economic and                                                                                  children, juried shows with prizes, exhibit space and
governmental difference, shared resources, ecological             2642 Chapel of Grace for Women in Prison PO Box 91509               scholarship through C.R. of D.N. county.
restraints and technological change.         Santa Barbara, CA 93190 (805)730-1700To build an All-Faith
                                                                  Chapel at the worlds largest women's prison, Valley State Prison    2371 Commonwealth Club of California 595
170 California Transportation Foundation 581 La Sierra            for Woman, in Chowchilla, CA.                 Market St 2nd Fl San Francisco, CA 94105
Dr Sacramento, CA 95864 (916)453-1767The Foundation                                                                                   (415)597-6714Since 1903 bringing international and
promotes and recognizes excellence in California                  2394 Charitable Activities Council, Inc. PO Box 942879 MIC          regional speakers to the Bay Area to discuss
transportation by helping to fund scholarships, employee          96 Sacramento, CA 942790096 (916)322-9022We are a                   important, timely community isues in a nonpartisan
assistance, awards, memorials, public events, seminars,           coordinating council to fundraise for charitable activities         forum, for a diverse audience.
studies and research.            benefiting State and Board of Equalization employees who've
                                                                  experienced a personal tragedy or crisis.
1105 California Youth Connection 604 Mission St 9th Fl                                                                                263 Community Action Board of Santa Cruz
San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)442-5060Foster youth                 1956 Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic 610 16th St             County, Inc. 406 Main St Ste 207 Watsonville, CA
advocacy and leadership organization devoted to improving         Ste 426 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)601-7660A State licensed             95076 (831)763-2147We provide job
child welfare policy and practice by engaging foster youth in     holistic clinic providing free complementary alternative medicine   training/placement, immigration, housing, and food
developing policy and educating the public.                       (acupuncture, herbs, massage, therapeutic imagery) and social       assistance services to over 7,000 low-income                                              services to low-income women with cancer.                           residents per year.
2591 Capital Public Radio, Inc. KXJZ, KXPR, KUOP,                                                                                     2950 Community Action Partnership of San
KKTO, KQNC, KXSR7055 Folsom Blvd Sacramento, CA                   2804 Chico State University Foundation University Foundation        Bernardino County CAPSBC696 S Tippecanoe
95826 (916)278-8979Broadcasts news and information,               CSU ChicoEC Sapp Hall CSU Chico Chico, CA 959290155                 Ave San Bernardino, CA 924150610 (909)723-
classical, jazz and blues music on 90.9 KXJZ and 88.9             (530)898-4433The University auxiliary organization is               1525Provides programmatic assistance to low-
KXPR; presents arts reviews, features and online archives.        responsible for soliciting, accepting and administering gifts to    income clients to help them become self-reliant.                                                  support the educational services of the University.                 Programs include Family Development, Food Bank,
                                                                                                and Energy, Education and Environmental Services.
2352 CCC Foundation 77 Solano Sq PMB #192 Benicia,                                                                          
CA 94510 (707)751-0325Dedicated to promoting the careers          278 Child Advocates of Silicon Valley 509 Valley Wy Milpitas,
of young Californians through sponsorship of educational and      CA 95035 (408)573-5601To provide stability and hope to abused       2611 Community Chaplaincy, Inc. U. S. Crisis
entrepreneurial business opportunities directed toward            and neglected children by being a powerful voice in their lives.    CarePO Box 38631 Sacramento, CA 956269513
protecting California's environmental, natural resources and                                                (916)834-6765Citizen volunteers work with public
communities.                                                                                                    safety agencies to provide immediate on-scene
                                                                  1833 Child Welfare League of America, Inc. (CWLA) 2345              personal support to people traumatized by suicides,
1952 Celiac Strue Research Foundation PO Box 61193                Crystal City Dr Ste 250 Arlington, VA 22202 (703)412-               homicides, accidents, SIDS and other daily tragedies.
Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650)625-1708We seek to improve the           2421Hundreds of member agenies reaching millions of children
quality of life of Celiac Sprue patients through optimal          in need every year. We protect children, strengthen families, and
clinical management and by establishing effective drug            advocate children as a national priority.              2628 Community Hospital of Long Beach
therapies.                                                                                                        Foundation 1720 Termino Ave Long Beach, CA
                                                                  2865 Childhood Cancer Alliance - Rally for Research 5775            90804 (562)494-0576Our mission is to provide the
2547 Cenacle Resources Inc 7812 El Reno Ave Elverta, CA           Glenridge Dr Bldg C Ste 120 Sandy Springs, GA 30328                 best medical care possible by focusing on clinical
956269513 (916)992-8495Cenacle offers a unique program            (404)847-1270Through volunteers across the country, raises          excellence and a caring, compassionate, personalized
based on sacred scripture and the liturgy of the Church that      awareness and funds specifically for childhood cancer research to   approach.
helps young children form deep lifelong relationships with        find better treatments and cures for childhood cancers.
Christ.                                                                               1633 Community Hospitals of Central California
                                                                                                                                      Foundation Community Medical FoundationPO
997 Center for Reproductive Rights, Inc 120 Wall St 14th          221 Children Awaiting Parents, Inc. 595 Blossom Rd Ste 306          Box 1232 Fresno, CA 93715 (559)459-
Fl New York, NY 10005 (917)637-3691The first and only             Rochester, NY 14610 (585)232-5110Children Awaiting Parents is       2670Responsible for securing resources in support of
reproductive rights organization to combine domestic and          dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned, abused and         Community Medical Centers' vision of superior
international legal advocacy to advance reproductive freedom      neglected children who languish the longest in the foster care      healthcare throughout our region, without regard for
as a fundamental human right.          system.                             a patient's ability to pay.
1019 Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired 1124                223 Children Now 1212 Broadway 5th Fl Oakland, CA 94612
Baker St Bakersfield, CA 93305 (661)322-5234We provide            (510)763-2444We focus on putting children first through research    2413 Court Appointed Special Advocates of Santa
rehabilitative training and other activities and services which   and advocacy to ensure quality healthcare, a solid education and    Barbara County 118 E Figueroa St Santa Barbara,
promote self-reliance and independence for the blind and          positive media environment for all children.                        CA 93101 (805)879-1735Provides highly trained,
visually impaired of Kern County.                                                           court-appointed volunteer advocates for abused and
                                                                                                                                      neglected children within Santa Barbara County so
1613 Central California Blood Center 3445 N First St              1157 Children's Nature Institute (CNI) 2600 Franklin Canyon         that they can thrive in safe, permanent homes.
Fresno, CA 93726 (559)224-2900Sole provider of blood and          Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310)860-9484Outdoor and in-class
blood products to the 31 hospitals in the five county areas of    environmental education programs for newborns through 8-year-
Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, Tulare and Kings.                       olds, parents, teachers. We serve underprivileged children from     1883 Create Now, Inc. 2007 Wilshire Blvd Ste 818                                               low-income schools, shelters, and special needs programs.           Los Angeles, CA 90057 (213)484-8500We help
                                                                                                            transform the lives of troubled youth ages 2-25

through arts mentoring, education, resources and                  1169 East Bay Zoological Society Oakland ZooPO Box 5238                County. We house 35 families up to 90 days.
opportunities. We've served over 18,000 kids.                     Oakland, CA 94605 (510)632-9525Provide quality                                                                conservation/education programs to children and adults across the
                                                                  Bay Area. Are renowned throughout the animal and conservation          1232 Farm Safety 4 Just Kids 11304 Aurora Ave
2634 Criminal Justice Legal Foundation 2131 L St                  communities for our treatment of animals.           Urbandale, IA 50322 (515)311-6506Promotes a safe
Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)446-0345We are the only public                                                                                 farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries
interest law foundation in the United States which focuses        313 Easter Seal Society for Central California 2505 W Shaw             and fatalities to children and youth through public
exclusively on strengthening law enforcement and the rights       Ave Ste 3 Bldg A Fresno, CA 93711 (559)709-8603Provides                education awareness campaigns and developing
of crime victims.                                    services to children and adults with disabilities so they may live,    teaching materials.
                                                                  learn, work and play with greater independence.
281 Crisis Pregnancy Center of Sacramento Alternatives                                           2846 Feeding America 35 E Wacker Dr Ste 2000
Pregnancy Center2628 El Camino Ave Ste B-1 Sacramento,                                                                                   Chicago, IL 606012200 (312)263-2303Feed
CA 95821 (916)880-4040Resources free to individuals               3028 Easter Seals Society for Central California Easter Seals          America's hungry through a nationwide network of
seeking assistance through pregnancy/newborn parenting.           Central California9010 Soquel Dr Aptos, CA 95003 (831)684-             food banks and engage our country in the fight to
Abortion, sexual health and adoption information available        2166Provides educational, early intervention, therapeutic, and         end hunger.
and infant clothing/furnishing and post abortion support.         camping/recreation services to more than 1,500 children and
                                                                  adults with disabilities and their families through our care           2301 FieldHaven Feline Rescue, Inc. 2754
1972 Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County 2400                   services.                               Ironwood Ln Lincoln, CA 95648 (916)434-
Chanticleer Ave Ste G Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831)475-                                                                                     6122Educating the community on responsible pet
9600We lead and advance the Arts by providing funding,            1982 EastLake Educational Fdn PO Box 210004 Chula Vista,               ownership while providing safe haven for cats and
advocacy and support to artists and arts organizations.           CA 91921 (888)333-9354Established in 1995, we are dedicated to         kittens in transition to new lives in permanent homes.                                                     raising funds to support the highest quality education in public
                                                                  schools for technology programs and equipment.
1759 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Southern CA Chapter -                                                           350 Filipinos for Affirmative Action, Inc. 310 8th
2150 Towne Centre Pl Ste 120 Anaheim, CA 92806                                                                                           St Ste 306 Oakland, CA 94607 (510)465-
(714)938-1393We support research to control and cure cystic       2157 Eckerd Youth Alternatives Inc 100 Starcrest Dr                    9876Providing services in employment and
fibrosis, fund health facilities that provide CF-related care,    Clearwater, FL 33765 (727)461-2990We serve at-risk and                 citizenship assistance, youth development,
and raise funds to support these endeavors.           troubled youth through therapeutic wilderness education and            information and referral. Support and leadership to
                                                                  other caring programs designed to give every child the                 low-wage workers and home care workers, and civic
2154 DARE America DARE9800 La Cienega Blvd Ste 401                opportunity to succeed.                                 participation.
Inglewood, CA 90301 (800)223-3273Program uses law
enforcement officers to teach California school children life     1222 Eden I & R Inc Eden Information & Referral570 B St                2885 First Place for Youth 519 17th St Ste 600
skills necessary to resist drugs and violence. See website for    Hayward, CA 94541 (510)537-2710Link people and resources               Oakland, CA 94612 (510)272-0979Bay Area
additional information.                              throughout Alameda County with comprehensive and up-to-date            organization to end homelessness and poverty among
                                                                  information and referrals via the 2-1-1 phoneline, the internet, and   former foster youth and to support them in their
2941 Deaf Video Communications of America Inc.                    a printed directory.                                    transition into a successful adulthood.
DVC25W560 Geneva Rd Ste 10 Carol Stream, IL 60188                                                                              
(630)221-0909Bring Christian resources to the deaf                2855 Education for Healthy Choices 3112 O St Ste 21
community. We produce and distribute Christian material           Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)454-5431A dynamic community-                 2633 Flying Samaritans - Foothill Chapter PO
videos, using American Sign Language, to families, school,        based non-profit organization that specializes in education and        Box 91634 Pasadena, CA 91109 (626)255-
churches and prisons.                            prevention programs, patient assistance services and provider          7341Doctors, dentists, nurses, translators, pilots and
                                                                  training for viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases.            support personnel drive or fly private aircraft to
2862 Dedicated Men for Responsible Families 6114                                                                 support free medical clinics. www.flyingsamaritans-
LaSalle Ave No 250 Oakland, CA 946112804 (510)638-                                                                             
6373Committed to helping to be viable in the twenty-first         2641 El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO) PO Box
century through; workshops, and training, enabling men to         2077 Atascadero, CA 93423 (805)238-9896We provide                      2514 FORPAWS Spay and Neuter Clinic 5463
assume responsibility and leadership.               emergency shelter to homeless individuals along with meals,            Sheridan Rd Sunol, CA 94586 (925)862-
                                                                  medical screening and care and case managment.                         0301Reducing over population of dogs and feral cats
2845 Desert International Foundation Inc 1282 E                                                             by offering at cost spaying and neutering. Provides
Cambridge Ct Provo, UT 84604 (801)687-9699We are the                                                                                     assistance to low income individuals to alter their
most effective medical charity in the developing world. We        1780 Elk Grove Adult Community Training 8810 Elk Grove                 pets.
maintain on-going surgical programs for the needy at an           Blvd Elk Grove, CA 95624 (916)685-7666We serve
overhead of 1%.                                    developmentally disabled adults. Our mission is to provide for         2554 Foundation Aiding The Elderly (FATE) PO
                                                                  the equality, dignity and fulfillment of rights through a              Box 254849 Sacramento, CA 958654849 (916)481-
296 Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging 1936 Tice              community based program.                                 8558We provide the voice for patients who cannot
Valley Blvd Walnut Creek, CA 94595 (925)945-8040We                                                                                       advocate for themselves in order to bring about good
provide these services: short term crisis intervention; durable   1661 Equestrian Land Conservation Resource 4037 Iron                   care, dignity and respect in their final years.
power ofa attorney programs; case and money management;           Works Parkway Ste 120 Lexington, KY 40511 (859)455-          
representative payee; respite center.               8383Land is diminishing at the astonishing rate of 250 acres per
                                                                  hour. ELCR is the only national organization dedicated to              2947 Foundation for the California State
298 Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund Inc                preserving horse land.                                    University San Bernardino 5500 University Pkwy
(DREDF) 2212 Sixth St Berkeley, CA 94710 (510)644-                                                                                       San Bernardino, CA 92407 (909)537-5005Supports
2555Advances the rights of people with disabilities and           2866 FaithTrust Institute Child Abuse, Sexual and Domestic             Cal State San Bernardino by accepting gifts, trusts
combats discrimination in education, employment, housing,         Violence Prevention Center2400 N 45th St Ste 101 Seattle, WA           and endowments to be used for scholarships,
and healthcare through training, technical assistance, policy     98103 (206)634-1903Help end child abuse and sexual and                 educational programs and buildings.
development, and legal representation.              domestic violence. Support our training and education programs
                                                                  for religious leaders and community service providers in               1738 Foundation of California State University,
2887 Disabled Sports USA 451 Hungerford Dr Ste 100                California.                                Monterey Bay 100 Campus Ctr Bldg 97 Seaside,
Rockville, MD 20850 (301)217-9838Provides year-round                                                                                     CA 939558001 (831)582-3363We support
sports rehabilitation programs nationally to disabled persons     2553 Family Care Network, Inc. 3765 S Higuera Ste 100 San              University programs and projects including
including a program for severely wounded service members          Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (805)706-0542A private, nonprofit                scholarships, service learning, construction of
from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.               children and families services provider, serving over 2,000 clients    classrooms and offices, and many areas of great
                                                                  annually through 17 programs designed to strengthen and                need.
2575 Donate Life California 1760 Creekside Oaks Dr Ste            preserve families and individuals.
220 Sacramento, CA 95833 (866)797-2366Our mission is to                                                                                  2730 Fraternity House, Inc. 20702 Elfin Forest Rd
save the lives of those awaiting life-saving transplants by       2676 Family Network Inc, The 820 Bay Ave Ste 206 Capitola,             Escondido, CA 92029 (760)736-0292Operates the
inspiring Californians to sign up with the organ and tissue       CA 95010 (831)462-8954We place orphaned, abandoned or                  only residential homes for people with HIV/AIDS in
donor registry.                      abused children into loving families. We strengthen and build          San Diego County. 24-hour care assistance with
                                                                  families through adoption services, family support, parenting          medications, meals, transportation and quality of life.
2870 Dreampower Foundation, The 12425 Foothill Ave Ste            education and other services.    
8 San Martin, CA 95046 (408)686-0535Providing equine
facilitated psychotherapy and therapeutic horsemanship            2793 Family Promise of Sacramento Sacramento Interfaith                965 Fresno Audubon Society 2427 E Harvard St
programs and services to children, teens, and adults with         Hospitality NetworkPO Box 1378 Sacramento, CA 95812                    Fresno, CA 93703 (559)226-0145The mission:
mental, emotional, and behavioral problems and special            (916)443-3107Provides food, shelter and support for homeless           promotes the enjoyment, understanding and
needs.                             families while helping them achieve self-sufficiency. Trained          preservation of birds and other wildlife in Fresno and
                                                                  staff offers individualized case management to locate jobs and         Madera Counties through birding, education,
3024 DS Action PO Box 23453 San Diego, CA 92193                   housing.                                      science, advocacy and fellowship.
(619)694-4615To identify continuing needs individuals with                                                                     
Down Syndrome (DS), and create exploratory projects to            268 Family Supportive Housing, Inc. 1590 Las Plumas Ave San
meet those needs.                                Jose, CA 95133 (408)926-8885We provide temporary                       357 Fresno Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
                                                                  shelter/supportive services for homeless families in Santa Clara       Service PO Box 9032 Fresno, CA 93790 (559)298-
                                                                                                                                         3276This is an all-volunteer organization, dedicated

to the care, rehabilitation, and return to the wild of our        rescuing, fostering and finding homes for purebred German               cruelty investigations, animal rescue, dog licensing
orphaned, or injured native wildlife species.                     Shepherd Dogs.                                            and animal behavior advice.
359 Fresno's Chaffee Zoo Corporation Fresno Chaffee               2603 Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast PO Box 6220
Zoo894 W Belmont Ave Fresno, CA 93728 (559)498-                   Ventura, CA 93006 (800)822-2427We prepare girls, grades K-12,           1452 Healing Journeys PO Box 221417
5910Your gift provides on-going improvements to the Zoo,          to be community leaders and to make wise decisions that will            Sacramento, CA 95822 (916)391-0549Produces a
so that visitors have a fun, unique and up-close experience       guide them toward a positive future.              free 2-day event for people touched by cancer or
strengthening the bond between people and wildlife.                                                                                       other life-altering illnesses - "Cancer as a Turning                                          2786 Girl Scouts San Diego-Imperial Council Inc. 1231 Upas              Point, from Surviving to Thriving."
                                                                  St San Diego, CA 92103 (619)610-0735Provides a supportive     
360 Friends for Youth Inc 1741 Broadway Redwood City,             community and learning environment for 30,000 local girls to
CA 94063 (650)368-4444We create quality mentoring                 discover new skills and interests. Help build girls of courage,         400 Health Professions Education Fdn 400 R St
relationships for youth who need them most, providing direct      confidence and character!                         Rm 460 Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)326-
services to youth and technical assistance to mentoring                                                                                   3642Provides scholarship and loan repayments to
organizations.                            2926 Girlfriends - Lbc., Inc. 2892 N Bellflower Blvd Ste 372            health professional students and graduates who will
                                                                  Long Beach, CA 90815 (562)608-8807Girlfriends is to better the          practice in California's medically underserved areas.
2203 Friends of San Francisco Animal Care and Control             present and future lives of adolesant girls by providing them with      Contribute and "Give a Golden Opportunity."
1200 15th St San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)946-7433Raise           the appropriate tools to create and achieve their goals to become
funds for our organization and its rescue partners through        productive members of society.
programs of humane welfare, comfort, placement, public                                                                                    3025 Hearts and Hooves Sacramento Inc. PO Box
service and education.                            375 Glendale Association for the Retarded Children Glendale             2175 North Highlands, CA 95660 (916)334-7514Our
                                                                  Association for the Retarded6512 San Fernando Rd Glendale, CA           miniature horses provide physical, speech and grief
1629 Friends of Seal Beach Animal Care Center, Inc Seal           91201 (818)242-2434Founded in 1954, the organization provides           therapy, hospice care and loving support to children
Beach Animal Care Center1700 Adolfo Lopez Dr Seal                 vocational training and placement; social programs; education           and adults with severe illnesses, disabilities and other
Beach, CA 907405605 (562)430-4993We provide shelter and           and residences for adults with developmental disabilities.              difficulties.
medical care to lost/abandoned animals. We return to owner
those that can be and find adopters for the others.                                                                                       239 Help the Children Children's Network                                                     1827 Gluten Intolerance Group of North America 31214 124th              InternationalP O Box 911607 Los Angeles, CA
                                                                  Ave SE Auburn, WA 980923667 (253)833-6655Our mission is to              90091 (323)980-9870Provides food and
548 Friends of St. Francis Childcare Center Inc. 50               support persons with gluten intolerances, including celiac disease,     humanitarian assistance to needy children across the
Belcher St San Francisco, CA 94114 (415)861-1818Provides          dermatitis herpetiformis, and other gluten sensitivities, in order to   United States and around the world.
best practice early education to children ages two to five        live healthy lives.                            
along with family support, health screenings and parent
education.                                 2564 GOALS For Women 3356 Adeline St Berkeley, CA 94703                 2150 Helpline Adoption Pet Information Animal
                                                                  (510)985-2694We provide culturally sensitive mental health              Rescue of Fresno (ARF)4545 E Dakota Ave Fresno,
2677 Friends of the Orphans 85 W Algonquin Rd Ste 395             counseling, mentoring, and empowerment services to program              CA 93726 (559)241-6516We run solely by
Arlington Heights, IL 60005 (847)690-1700Improving the            participants and advocate for increased community access to             volunteers. Dedicated to reducing the number of
lives of orphaned, abondoned and disadvantaged children           culturally competent mental health care..                               homeless dogs. We operate a no-kill shelter that
through support of the Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos network                                                   houses dogs until they are adopted. www.arf-
of orphanages in Latin America and the Caribbean.                                                                                                                      1489 Golden Empire Council, Boy Scouts of America PO Box
                                                                  13558 Sacramento, CA 958533558 (916)929-1417We provide                  2657 Hemopet Pet Life-Line11330 Markon Dr
1595 Friends of the Sea Lion Inc Pacific Marine Mammal            values-based character education programs to families in                Garden Grove, CA 92841 (714)891-2022A full-
Center20612 Laguna Canyon Rd Laguna Beach, CA 92651               California's heartland. Programs are for boys 6-20 and girls 14-        service, holistic pet animal blood bank that provides
(949)494-3050Our Center rehabilitates stranded marine             20.                                                     blood components and supplies for transfusions to
mammals for release back into the wild and fosters a sense of                                                                             veterinary clinics nationwide with its unique rescue-
stewardship for the marine environment through education.         1846 Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation Inc 235                    donor-adoption program.                                                Pine St 6th Fl San Francisco, CA 94104 (415)982-9474We fulfill
                                                                  magical wishes for children with life - threatening illnesses in 17     1616 Hinds Hospice 1616 W Shaw Ste A-5 Fresno,
3004 Friends Outside Friends Outside National                     Bay area counties to enrich the human experience with hope,             CA 93711 (559)320-0308Our mission is to uphold
Organization2389 W March Ln No 210 Stockton, CA 95207             strength, and joy.                                     the dignity and ease the suffering of the terminally ill
(209)955-0701Provide programs, services and advocacy for                                                                                  while supporting their caregivers and those in
children and families of incarcerated individual. Provide         383 Greater Yosemite Council Boy Scouts of America 4031                 mourning.
programs and services for confined persons during                 Technology Dr Modesto, CA 95356 (209)545-6320Youth
incarceration and transition to freedom.                          program for boys ages 7-20 (girls 13-20) designed to instill            1973 Historical Society and Museum for the CA                                            character, high morals, leadership traits, citizenship and mental       Dept of Forestry & Fire Protection 3800 Sierra
                                                                  and physical fitness.                          Wy San Bernardino, CA 92405 (909)421-1135The
1349 Friends Outside in Los Angeles County 464 E Walnut                                                                                   Museum's mission is preserving the history of the
St Pasadena, CA 91101 (626)795-7653Crime deterrent                1998 Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. 350 Los Ranchitos Rd San            CDFFP for the benefit and education of its
organization provides services to children and families of        Rafael, CA 94903 (800)295-4050Enhances the independence and             employees and the people of the State of California.
inmates, inmates and released inmates and reduces the             mobility of people with visual impairments by providing specially
unintended results of incarceration in our communities.           trained guide dogs at no cost to the blind individual.                                                                                       2834 Holy Land Christian Ecumenical
                                                                                                                                          Foundation Inc 6935 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, MD
2912 Friends Outside in Sonoma County PO Box 3905                 2807 H Faye Lawson Foundation, The Lawson Learning                      20815 (301)951-9400HCEF provides finanicial and
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 (707)526-7318To reduce recidivsm by          Program1242 Josephine St Berkeley, CA 94703 (510)524-                   spiritual support for the indigenous Holy Land
providing re-entry support to inmates and assistance to           8566Promote academic, personal enrichment, college                      Christians in the areas of education, job creation,
inmates' families, teaching inmates conflict resolution skills,   participation class, tutoring, counseling, computer training, basic     medical and emergency relief and housing.
helping inmates maintain healthy family relationships.            computer programming, test preparation, after-school, leadership                                      skills, responsible lifestyles, mentorship, and life skills.
                                                                                                                                          2678 Home of Hope, Inc. HoH, Inc.190 Tobin Clark
1407 FTB Child Care Center The Poppy Patch Child Care             2822 Haitian Health Foundation, Inc. 97 Sherman St Norwich,             Dr Hillsborough, CA 94010 (650)520-3204Reaching
CenterPO Box 276443 Sacramento, CA 95827 (916)845-                CT 06360 (860)886-4357Too many of our Haitian neighbors are             out to orphaned or otherwise destitude children, so
4949We are committed to fostering children's social,              suffering from a debilitating lack of food and healthcare. Your         they may grow to be well balanced, productive, self-
emotional, and cognitive needs in order to build self-            support will literally help to save their lives.                        sustaining members of society.
confidence for a productive future.  
                                                                                                                                          414 Horses for Healing Therapeutic Riding
2770 Future Leaders Now, Inc. P O Box 580-099 Elk                 390 Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary 6001 Folsom Blvd Sacramento,              Center PO Box 1136 Meadow Vista, CA 95722
Grove, CA 95758 (214)924-0177To motivate, train and               CA 958161994 (916)556-1155Rescues abandoned, abused and                 (530)887-9573Enhancing the quality of life for those
inform children of the importance of developing high self         homeless companion animals in the Sacramento area and finds             with need through therapeutic horsemanship.
esteem, leadership skills, great education and a health and       them safe, loving permanant homes. All volunteer, no kill and 
fitness program.                         cage free.
                                                                                                                                          418 Hospice of Humboldt, Inc. 2010 Myrtle Ave
2568 Garden of Angels Inc P O Box 1776 Yucaipa, CA                392 Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law 3250 Wilshire Blvd             Eureka, CA 95501 (707)445-8443Provides in-home
92399 (909)797-8599We provide educational services in             Ste 710 Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213)388-7505We provide free              medical, emotional and spiritual support to help the
regards to the Safe Surrender for Newborns law. We also           legal assistance addressing family law needs of low-income              terminally ill conclude their lives as comfortably and
provide dignified burials to those children not safely            persons, their children and victims of domestic violence using a        peacefully as possible.
surrendered.                               self-help model of service.
                                                                                                                                          532 Human Investment Project HIP Housing364 S
1790 German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California,               1606 Healdsburg Animal Shelter Inc PO Box 42 Healdsburg,                Railroad Ave San Mateo, CA 944014024 (650)348-
Inc. PO Box 1930 Cupertino, CA 94608 (866)728-3473We              CA 95448 (707)431-3386Our programs include: surrender and               6660We alleviate homelessness through our
are a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to         adoption of unwanted pets, impound and redemption of lost pets,         innovative programs that create a place to call home

for low-income families, seniors, and individuals with special    2843 Inyo Mono Advocates for Community Action (IMACA)                1339 Lifewater, Inc. Lifewater InternationalPO Box
needs.                                         PO Box 845 Bishop, CA 93515 (760)873-3021Providing shelter           3131 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403 (888)543-3426We
                                                                  assistance, renters assistance, food, preschool, home visiting,      are a Christian training organization that empowers
424 Humane Society of Sonoma County PO Box 1296                   housing assistance, energy assistance, weatherization, and much      people with the knowledge and resources to access,
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 (707)557-1912Provide rehabilitation,         more.                                                  use, and maintain safe drinking water supplies.
shelter, and adoption services for abandoned companion                                                                       
animals. Advance protection, prevent abuse, and curb              2938 Ipas, Inc. 300 Market St Ste 200 Chapel Hill, NC 27516
overpopulation through community education and                    (919)929-0258To educate the public and promote and support the       1796 Light of Christ Community Church Sancta
spay/neuter services.                        extension of reproductive rights and health services and establish   Sophia Seminary22 Summit Ridge Dr Tahlequah,
                                                                  standards for the provision of these services.          OK 74464 (800)386-7161This interfaith church and
423 Humane Society Silicon Valley 901 Ames Ave                                                                                         its educational institution, Sancta Sophia, seek to
Milpitas, CA 95035 (408)262-2133At our Animal                     1517 Italian Cultural Society PO Box 189427 Sacramento, CA           encourage individual growth recognizing our
Community Center we save and enhance lives through our            95818 (916)482-5900Activities and programs include a                 common spiritual origin--all people of one God.
adoption, medical, and educational centers.          community hotline, AMICI program of volunteers, cultural events
                                                                  and exhibits, and a comprehensive language program.
2331 Hunger Defense Fund PO Box 611907 Los Angeles,                                                     489 Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly 909
CA 90091 (323)980-9870Disaster relief for the United States.                                                                           Hyde St No 628 San Francisco, CA 94109 (415)771-
Food, clothing, and human services for the United States and      449 Japanese American Services of the East Bay, Inc.                 7957We are a non-profit volunteer-based
Abroad. Food, clothing distribution in Los Angeles, United        (JASEB) 2126 Channing Wy Berkeley, CA 94704 (510)848-                organization committed to relieving isolation among
States.                                   3560With a range of culturally competent services, we promote        the elderly. We join the elderly in friendship and
                                                                  healthy aging, connect seniors with resources to maximize            celebration of life.
425 Huntington's Disease Society of America Inc PO Box            independence and provide caregiver support.
19524 San Diego, CA 921590524 (619)225-2255We are                                                                                      498 Los Angeles Regional Foodbank 1734 E 41st
dedicated to improving the lives of people with Huntington's      2494 JASAC Jamaican and American Students Associating                St Los Angeles, CA 90058 (323)234-3030Mobilizes
Disease, to support research efforts and to educate the public    Through Cultural Awareness PO Box 292322 Sacramento, CA              resources to fight hunger through a network of 875
about HD.                                    95829 (916)478-2851A cultural exchange program for youth ages        charitable agency sites throughout Los Angeles
                                                                  12-20 in Northern California to travel to Jamaica, and Jamaican      County. For every $1 donated, the FoodBank
2572 I Love A Clean San Diego County Inc. I Love A                youth to travel to California.                         distributes food for 4 meals.
Clean San Diego4891 Pacific Hwy Ste 115 San Diego, CA
92110 (619)291-0103Programs include a recycling hotline,          867 Jeffrey Foundation 5470 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles,           1977 Los Angeles S.P.C.A. SPCA LA5026 W
community beautification and educational presentations to         CA 90016 (323)965-7536We provide specialized early education         Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016 (323)730-
lead and educate the community to conserve and enhance the        and after-school care programs for disabled and disadvantaged        5300Provide for the well-being of animals who are
environment.                                       children, and counseling to parents and families.                    abandoned, injured, subjected to unfair or cruel
                                                                                                 treatment, and provide community services and
1564 Immaculate Heart Community 5515 Franklin Ave                                                                                      humane education programs.
Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323)466-2157Foster access of all           2555 Jimmy Chen Fund 106 Hopfield Rd Folsom, CA 95630
persons to truth, dignity and full human development.             (916)548-5482Charity, love, hope and compassion.                     2563 Los Padres Forest Watch Inc PO Box 831                                                                                                       Santa Barbara, CA 93102 (805)617-4610Protecting
                                                                  2165 Joni and Friends 770 E Shaw Ste 127 Fresno, CA 93710            and restoring the Los Padres National Forest and
2589 Impact Online Inc VolunteerMatch717 California St            (559)227-5664We equip agencies to be disability aware and            other public lands along California's Central Coast
2nd Fl San Francisco, CA 94108 (415)241-6868The award-            effective.                                    for wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation and
winning online service is strengthening communities across                                                                             wilderness preservation.
the country by making it easier for good people and good          2583 Just Math, Inc. 7456 Foothills Blvd No 17 Roseville, CA
causes to connect.                         95747 (916)771-2276We provide high quality affordable math           2773 Lupus Foundation of Southern California
                                                                  tutoring to students from elementary through college-level. We       Inc 4699 Murphy Cyn Rd San Diego, CA 92123
432 In Defense of Animals 3010 Kerner Blvd San Rafael,            address their individual needs in a constructive environment.        (858)278-2788Dedicated to finding the cure for
CA 94901 (415)448-0048Mission is to end animal                                                              lupus and improving the lives of those affected by
exploitation, cruelty and abuse by advocating for their rights,                                                                        funding research and providing information, public
welfare and habitats, and to raise animals' status beyond mere    2571 KaBoom! 4455 Connecticut Ave NW Ste B100                        education and support groups.
property.                                          Washington, DC 20008 (888)789-7529We partner with
                                                                  communities to build kid-inspired playspaces where kids play,        1992 Maitri AIDS Hospice 401 DuBoce Ave San
2170 Inland Valley Council of Churches Inland Valley              exercise and learn social skills. We empower communities and         Francisco, CA 94117 (415)558-3002We provide
Hope Partners1753 N Park Ave Pomona, CA 917681827                 advocate for more play nationwide.                    residential care to people living with AIDS and
(909)622-3806IVCC, a collaboration that brings together                                                                                cultivates the deepest respect and love of life among
churches, individuals, businesses and community groups            2797 Keaton Raphael Memorial for Neuroblastoma, Inc., The            its residents and caregivers.
ensures empowerment of people in need, by providing food,         Keaton Raphael Memorial970 Reserve Dr Ste 144 Roseville, CA
shelter and supportive services             95678 (916)784-6786We assist Northern CA children with cancer        2468 Make A Wish Foundation of South San
                                                                  and their families with financial, emotional and educational         Joaquin Valley Make A Wish Foundation of Central
2237 Inside the Outdoors Foundation PO Box 9050 Costa             services to empower families in their cancer journey.                California83 E Shaw Ste 202 Fresno, CA 93710
Mesa, CA 926289050 (714)966-4434Provides financial,                                                       (559)221-9474We grant the wishes of children with
educational, and advisory support to empower students,                                                                                 life-threatening illnesses; filling their lives with hope
teachers, parents and the community to explore natural areas      2734 Kokoro Assisted Living Inc Kokoro Assisted Living1881           for the future, strength to endure, and joy to last a
and expand knowledge.                   Bush St San Francisco, CA 94109 (415)776-8066A state of              lifetime.
                                                                  California licensed Residential Care Facility for the elderly,
2754 International Christian Adoptions 41745 Rider Wy             providing assisted living support in a culturally focused            592 March of Dimes Foundation: Central Valley
#2 Temecula, CA 92590 (951)695-3336We believe in the              environment in San Francisco's Japantown area.                       Division 1050 Sansome St 4th Fl San Francisco, CA
sancitity of life for all children. Our mission is to offer                                         94111 (559)244-5777Our mission is to improve the
children hope for basic needs, education and a bright future.                                                                          health of babies by preventing birth defects,
www.4achild.corg                                                  474 Laguna Greens Neighborhood Watch, Inc 9570 Castledale            premature birth and infant mortality through
                                                                  Ct Elk Grove, CA 95758 (916)684-5803Our mission is the               research, education, community services and
1377 International Development Exchange aka IDEX827               education of the community and public about crime prevention,        advocacy.
Valencia St Ste 101 San Francisco, CA 94110 (415)824-             safety and law enforcement.
8384IDEX promotes sustainable solutions to poverty by                                                                                  600 Marin Council, Boy Scouts of America 225 W
providing long-term grants and access to resources to locally-    2270 Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, The 600                End Ave San Rafael, CA 94901 (415)454-1081To
run organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.              Harrison St Ste 120 San Francisco, CA 94107 (415)864-                serve youths age 6 through 20 in an enriching                                                      8848Works on national, state and local levels to ensure equal        program focused on character development,
                                                                  opportunity in employment is honored as a civil right,               leadership training, and fostering citizenship with
440 International Media Project National Radio                    fundamental to a just society.                       emphasis on outdoor experiences. www.boyscouts-
Project1714 Franklin St # 100-251 Oakland, CA 94612                                                                          
(510)251-1332An independent media organization that               1723 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Inc., The 675 N First St
broadens public debate on critical issues by giving voice to      Ste 1100 San Jose, CA 951125156 (408)490-2666Our mission:            869 Marine Mammal Center, The 2000 Bunker Rd
perspectives and opinions not typically heard in mass media.      Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and          Fort Cronkhite Sausalito, CA 94965 (415)289-                                              improve the quality of life of patients and their families.          7338Rescuing and rehabilitating injured, sick, and
                                                                                                                  orphaned marine mammals and releasing them back
1792 Inyo County Animal Resources & Education Inc                                                                                      to their ocean home.
(ICARE) PO Box 76 Bishop, CA 935150076 (760)872-                  2653 Lifestyles Recovery Center, Inc. PO Box 2971 Paso
3802Dedicated to the welfare of the Eastern Sierra's              Robles, CA 93447 (805)461-3841Perform drug/alcohol                   1623 Marjaree Mason Center, Inc. 1600 M St
companion animals. Programs include low-cost spay/neuter          counseling, HIV prevention, anger management for youth               Fresno, CA 93721 (559)237-4706We are a domestic
surgeries, education programs and promoting Animal Shelter        targeting low income persons free of charge utilizing volunteers.    violence program, offering emergency and
adoptions.                                   Call for more information.          transitional shelter, counseling for adults and
                                                                                                                                       children, advocacy, intervention, legal assistance,
                                                                                                                                       and hotline.

1742 Mary Lind Recovery Centers 2500 Wilshire Blvd Ste          2999 National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Celiac                 education and wildlife conservation management.
826 Los Angeles, CA 90057 (213)382-4241Since 1949, we           Central: National Foundation for Celiac AwarenessPO Box 544
have provided residential substance abuse recovery service to   Ambler, PA 19002 (215)325-1306Celiac Disease is an inherited
L.A.'s homeless. The current program includes adult             autoimmune digestive disease that, left undetected, leads to         673 Oakland Youth Chorus 655 Thirteenth St Ste
education and vocational guidance.             malnourishment and can cause cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and     100 Oakland, CA 94612 (510)287-9700We provide
                                                                other dieases.                                 music education and performance programs for
604 Mary Magdalene Project, Inc. 6938 Kester Ave #3 Van                                                                              children and youth, ages 5-21, fostering talent,
Nuys, CA 91405 (818)988-4970Residential treatment               2099 National Fragile X Foundation Children's Inherited Brain        confidence and community.
program provides food, shelter, programs and vocational         Disorders FoundationPO Box 37 Walnut Creek, CA 94597       
training to help women leave prostitution.          (925)938-9300We unite the Fragile X community to enrich lives
                                                                through support, promote awareness, and advance research             2420 Ocean Foundation 1990 M St NW Ste 250
536 McDowell Drug Task Force 1712 Orinda Ct Petaluma,           toward improved treatments and a cure for Fragile X.                 Washington, DC 20036 (202)887-8992We support
CA 949543619 (707)762-7702Provides drug/alcohol                                                            marine conservation through expert education and
awareness programs in schools without cost, also in                                                                                  advice for donors, philanthropic tools, and financial
communities. Catalyst for red ribbon week. All volunteer        2792 National Indian Justice Center Inc 5250 Aero Dr Santa           support and mentoring of groups working in the
organization.                                                   Rosa, CA 95403 (707)579-5507Designs and conducts legal               field. www.oceanfdn
                                                                education, research and technical assistance programs which seek
2512 Meals on Wheels Family and Community Services of           to improve the administration of tribal justice systems, victim's    1978 Okizu Foundation 16 Digital Dr Novato, CA
Contra Costa Meals on Wheels by Senior Outreach                 assistance, and social services.                                     94949 (415)382-9083We provide summer camp and
Services1300 Civic Dr Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925)937-                                                                               peer support programs for children with cancer and
8311We deliver meals to frail, homebound seniors. We help       2769 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern California        their families, serving approximately 2,000 people
seniors continue to live at home, reducing their risk of        Chapter Fresno Regional Office690 E Bullard Ave No 103               annually.
institutionalization, while maintaining their independence.     Fresno, CA 93710 (559)439-2154We address the challenges of                                                  each person affected by MS by providing health and wellness          2155 Orangutan Conservancy PO Box 968 Clark,
                                                                programs, continuum-of-care services, and supporting MS              CO 80428 (970)879-9113Dedicated to the
609 Meals On Wheels of San Francisco, Inc. 1375 Fairfax         research.                              conservation of orangutans and their habitat. We
Ave San Francisco, CA 94124 (415)920-1111We provide and                                                                              support projects in Indonesia and Malaysia that
deliver nutritious meals necessary to prevent the               653 National Partnership for Women & Families 1875                   protect both wild and rehabilitated orangutans.
inappropriate or premature institutionalization of elderly      Connecticut Ave NW Ste 650 Washington, DC 20009 (202)986-  
homebound residents of San Francisco.             2600Fighting since 1971 to eliminate workplace discrimination,
                                                                secure critical family protections like the Family and Medical       1727 Orphan Foundation of America 21351
1454 Meals on Wheels West 1823 A Michigan Ave Santa             Leave Act, and ensure access to affordable healthcare.               Gentry Dr Ste 130 Sterling, VA 20166 (571)203-
Monica, CA 90404 (310)394-5133Volunteer driven                                                  0270At age 18 most orphans are on their own. We
organization providing home-delivered meals to all persons                                                                           and volunteers provide moral and financial support
who cannot provide for themselves, regardless of age,           1332 National Prostate Cancer Coalition Fund, Inc. ZERO -            to parentless teens pursuing college and vocational
promoting self-reliance and wellness.                           Project to end Prostate Cancer10 G St NE Ste 601 Washington,         training.                                       DC 20003 (202)303-3105Provides comprehensive education,
                                                                conducts free screening, increases research funds from the federal   2908 Outreach International 129 W Lexington
616 Mission Hospice of San Mateo County 1900 O'Farrell          government to find new treatments and funds reasearch for a          Independence, MO 64050 (816)833-0883We help
St Ste 200 San Mateo, CA 94403 (650)554-1000Provides            better test.                                     people overcome the effects of poverty and develop
support for terminally-ill patients and their families, a 13-                                                                        the capacity to create a sustainable future for
month bereavement program, and community education              953 NatureBridge 28 Geary St San Francisco, CA 94108                 themselves and their communities. www.outreach-
about end-of-life issues.                (415)992-4700Private non-profit providing educational      
                                                                experiences in national parks which inspire a personal connection
1892 Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana de           to the natural world and responsible actions to sustain it.          2590 OWIN Foundation Inc PO Box 3343
San Jose, Inc. (MACLA) 510 S 1st St San Jose, CA 95113                                                  Torrance, CA 90510 (310)325-0009Providing food,
(408)287-7174Contemporary arts space grounded in                                                                                     clothing, education, health and dwellings to poor
Chicano/Latino experience incubates new visual, literary,       1721 Navigators, The Shoulder to ShoulderPO Box 6000                 widows and orphans in rural Africa, especially in
amd performance art in order to engage people in civic          Colorado Springs, CO 809346000 (916)285-5422We mentor and            Nigeria - These are victims of abuse and neglect.
dialogue and community transformation.       tutor at-risk fatherless young men from the 7th grade through high
                                                                school graduation and provide care for their single mothers.
152 NAMI California 1010 Hurley Wy Ste 195 Sacramento,                                                                               683 Oyate 2702 Mathews St Berkeley, CA 94702
CA 95825 (916)567-0163Provides support, information and         2808 Ndebele Art Project 1835 Newport Blvd No A109-150               (510)848-6700Empowers Native children by
education for families of seriously mentally ill individuals;   Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (877)627-2777Provide assistance with            providing culturally relevant books and materials;
referrals to family support groups, mental health treatment,    healthcare, education, and conservation, promote self-reliance,      and educates parents, teachers and community
housing and other agencies.              and preserve the indigenous art form in the Jabulani Village in      members in combating biases in textbooks and
                                                                Zimbabwe, Africa.                                  curricula.
2228 National Children's Advocacy Center, Inc. 210 Pratt
Ave Huntsville, AL 35801 (256)327-3780To model,                 2869 Necessities Bag Sacramento, Inc PO Box 160201                   1772 Pacific Justice Institute PO Box 276600
promote, and deliver excellence in child abuse, response and    Sacramento, CA 95816 (860)214-9972Provide totes of wound             Sacramento, CA 95827 (916)857-6900Our goal is to
prevention through service, education and leadership.           care and essential items to mascectomy patients in greater           protect and empower churches, families and                                             Sacramento.                                   individuals to claim and utilize their religious
                                                                                                                                     freedoms, parental rights and other civil liberties.
1473 National Council of Jewish Women/Los Angeles 543           664 New Conservatory New Conservatory Theatre Center25     
N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323)651-                   Van Ness Ave LL San Francisco, CA 94102 (415)861-
2930Improving the quality of life for women and their           4914Providing health and wellness educational theatre tours for      2239 Pacific Rim Heritage Foundation PO Box
families through community service, advocacy, education,        California youth, performing arts training for youth and adults,     292160 Sacramento, CA 958292160 (916)421-
and research; always striving to ensure individual rights and   and cutting-edge professional gay theatre.            8664Build a Filipino Cultural Center to provide
freedoms.                                                                                                             social services: i.e., after-school program, library
                                                                665 Nike Animal Rescue Foundation 5463 Sheridan Rd Sunol,            with Philippine history, arts and music. Computer
1859 National Council of La Raza 1126 16th St NW                CA 94586 (925)862-0301Volunteers rescue mistreated and stray         room for public use.
Washington, DC 20036 (202)776-1560We fight                      pets. Medical attention is given and new homes are found.
discrimination, reduce poverty, and create opportunities for    Financial resources are also available for spaying and neutering.    2558 Pacific Siamese Rescue P O Box 20086 Castro
Hispanic Americans. Through our network of community-                                                    Valley, CA 94546 (510)538-2280Work with shelters
based organizations, we assist nearly four million Latinos                                                                           throughout the State to rescue cats/kittens, provide
every year.                                        2854 North County Connection 8600 Atascadero Ave                     medical care and find new homes for those who
                                                                Atascadero, CA 93422 (805)462-8600A community based                  would otherwise be euthanized.
638 National Credit Union Foundation Inc 5710 Mineral           recovery resource center, dedicated to the prevention and  
Point Rd Madison, WI 53705 (608)231-4398To promote and          treatment of drug and alcohol problems. There are support
improve consumer financial independence through credit          meetings 365 days a year.              1878 Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra 4000
unions. To provide equal consumer access to affordable                                                                               Middlefield Rd Ste M1 Palo Alto, CA 94303
financial services through America's credit unions.             3026 Northeast Community Clinic Northeast Community                  (650)856-3848A premier training orchestra for string                                                   Clinics2550 W Main St Ste 301 Alhambra, CA 91801 (626)457-           musicians, of high school age or younger, consisting
                                                                6920We provide comprehensive and quality health care to the          of five levels, specializing uniquely in the small
513 National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) 870            poor and uninsured residents of LA County, regardless of their       ensemble experience.
Market St Ste 1113 San Francisco, CA 94102 (415)392-            ability to pay.
7291We help save American films that won't survive without                                                                           2164 Pandas International PO Box 620335
public support . Since 1997, we've assisted organizations       1190 NRA Foundation, Inc., The 11250 Waples Mill Rd                  Littleton, CO 80162 (303)933-2365Dedicated to
across 46 states preserve films and make them available.        Fairfax, VA 22030 (703)267-1570Supports eligible programs            saving the giant panda. With 1,600 left, we must                                        within the NRA, law enforcement and other community-based            increase this number. Provides medical equipment,
                                                                agencies that foster firearms safety and education, constitutional   supplies and formula to panda center in China.

1218 Para Los Ninos 500 Lucas Ave Los Angeles, CA                    and programs leading to self-sufficiency for low-income families,     740 Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc. 645
90017 (213)250-4800We provide progressive educational and            seniors and other special needs groups on California's Central        Madison Ave 21st Fl New York, NY 10022
social services to 3,500 low-income children and youth each          Coast.                                                  (212)752-4333We are the world's leading voluntary
week and 5,000 families every year throughout Southern                                                                                     organization supporting scientific research into the
California.                                     538 Performing Arts Workshop, Inc. 1661 Tennessee St Unit             causes, cure and prevention of all blinding diseases.
                                                                     3-0 San Francisco, CA 94107 (415)673-2634Dedicated to helping
2796 Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) Sacramento                  young people develop critical thinking, creative expression, and
CA Area Chapter5098 Foothills Blvd #3-403 Roseville, CA              basic learning skills through the arts.                               556 Retinitis Pigmentosa International Society for
95747 (916)899-0090Our chapter is a support group for ALL                                          Degenerative Eye Disease and Related Disorders
family members (not just parents) and friends of those who                                                                                 (R.P. International) PO Box 900 Woodland Hills,
have lost a loved one through violence.                              704 Pets Unlimited, Inc. 2343 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA           CA 91365 (818)992-0500Theatrevision, television                                              94115 (415)568-3049Providing shelter, adoption and medical            shows, information hotlines and education end
                                                                     care for homeless and abandoned animals and community                 isolation. Ground breaking research fights blindness.
1733 Parents Television Council Inc 707 Wilshire Blvd Ste            education programs to encourage humane treatment and                  In supporting miracles, we bring light to the blind.
2075 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213)403-1300Protect children             responsible ownership of companion animals.                 
from gratuitous sex, violence and profanity on television. 
Support this volunteer parent organizations work with                                                                                      2372 Right to Life League of Southern California
networks, advertisers, and the FCC to promote decency.               1979 Placer County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to           1028 N Lake Ave Ste 207 Pasadena, CA 91104                                                    Animals, The Placer SPCA150 Corporation Yard Rd Roseville,            (626)398-6100Education and service organization
                                                                     CA 95678 (916)782-7722Our mission is to enhance the lives of          that provides women with life affirming alternatives
688 Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays               companion animals and support the human-animal bond through           to abortion; and the healthcare, education and
(PFLAG) 1726 M St NW Ste 400 Washington, DC 20036                    adoption, reunification, education and affordable spay and neuter     referrals to support their decision.
(202)467-8180We support the health, well-being and equality          services.
of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, their family                                                                             2801 Ronald McDonald House Charities of
members and friends through support, education and                   708 Planned Parenthood Los Angeles 400 W 30th St Los                  Northern California 2555 49th St Sacramento, CA
advocacy.                                              Angeles, CA 90007 (213)284-3300We improve the reproductive            95817 (916)734-4230Provides support and housing
                                                                     health of LA County residents through health services, education      to families whose children face life-threatening
689 Parkinson's Institute 675 Almanor Ave Sunnyvale, CA              programs and advocacy efforts.                   illness. A summer camp program also provides
94085 (408)734-2800Combines basic research, clinical                                                                                       unique experiences to diabled and disadvantaged
research, clinical trials and patient care services all under one    539 Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties            youth.
roof; focused on the cause(s), care, and cure for Parkinson's        1075 Camino del Rio S San Diego, CA 92108 (619)881-4500We
disease.                                               provide low-cost reproductive health care, family planning            745 Ronald McDonald House Charities of the
                                                                     services, and sexuality education to women, men and teens             Central Valley, Inc. 9161 Randall Wy Madera, CA
1538 Partnerships With Industry (PWI) 7540 Metropolitan              throughout San Diego and Riverside counties.          93636 (559)261-3662We provide a "home away
Dr Ste 105 San Diego, CA 921084416 (619)681-1999Job                                                                                        from home" and resources to children and their
training, placement, and ongoing support services for adults         711 Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San             families.
with developmental disabilities. We empower individuals to           Luis Obispo Counties, Inc. 518 Garden St Santa Barbara, CA
achieve self-sufficiency and realize potential through               93101 (805)963-2445We Provide a full range of reproductive            1808 Rotaplast International, Inc. 1663 Mission St
meaningful work.                                    health care/family planning programs including medical,               Ste 320 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)252-
                                                                     counseling, education and referral services to low and moderate       1111Each year we provide free reconstructive
2452 Pathways for Kids 331 Filbert St San Francisco, CA              income clients.                             surgery worldwide to 1500 indigent children born
94133 (415)986-5885Mentoring Program - Out of classroom                                                                                    with cleft lip and palate anomalies who would
activities for inner city youths to cultivate professional skills,   2951 Polar Bears International 105 Morris St Ste 188                  otherwise remain untreated.
pursue higher education and to choose successful and                 Sebastopol, CA 954723819 (415)435-9421Conserve Polar Bears
meaningful careers.                          and their Arctic habitat through research and education and to        470 Rural California Broadcasting Corporation
                                                                     serve as the worldwide resource for polar bear science, education     5850 Labath Ave Rohnert Park, CA 94928 (707)584-
2206 Pawsitive Teams Inc 9225 Chesapeake Dr Unit B San               and conservation.                     2000Public Broadcasting. PBS television and NPR
Diego, CA 92123 (858)279-7297Trains service dogs to assist                                                                                 Radio. Public Broadcasting for the North Bay and
mobility-limited persons with activities of daily living, thus       1464 Polish American Congress Charitable Foundation Inc               beyond.
helping them to achieve greater independence.                        5711 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60646 (773)763-                                                    9944Provides medical supplies, books and equipment to Poland's        1674 Sacramento Asian Sports Foundation
                                                                     hospitals, rehabilitation centers, orphanages, and the elderly, and   (SASF) 9040 High Tech Ct Elk Grove, CA 95758
2809 Peace Over Violence Los Angeles Commission on the               sponsors other health care programs including neonatal                (916)739-1616We promote and support sports
Status of Women605 W Olympic Blvd Ste 400 Los Angeles,               training/research.                                                    activities and cultural programs for youth and adults
CA 90015 (213)955-9090Our mission is to build healthy                                                                                      to encourage and develop good character,
relationships, families and communities free from sexuial,           2472 Pro Bono Legal Assistance for the East Bay, a Nonprofit          citizenship, sportsmanship and leadership.
domestic and interpersonal violence.                                 Fdn PO Box 3186 Alameda, CA 945010086 (510)839-                                                         2385Provides free/discounted legal services to low income
                                                                     persons who qualify with an emphasis on victims of domestic           1710 Sacramento Habitat for Humanity, Inc. 8351
1915 People and Resources Together Foundation                        violence and family law.                                              Umbria Ave Bldg 5 Sacramento, CA 95828
Sacramento Region Senior Companion Program3727                                                                                             (916)440-1215We build affordable housing for
Marconi Ave Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)875-4463The                    724 Project Open Hand 730 Polk St San Francisco, CA 94109             qualified low income Sacramento families, sell these
program encourages seniors to continue as active,                    (415)447-2300Provide meals/groceries for people with                  houses at cost and provide no down payment/zero
contributing members of their communities by engaging them           symptomatic HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, homebound/critically ill.        interest mortgages.
in meaningful volunteer service activities in numerous               Congregates lunches for senior citizens at senior sites in San
nonprofit agencies.                                                  Francisco and Alameda Counties.                      760 Sacramento Judo Club 2875 Fruitridge Rd
                                                                                                                                           Sacramento, CA 95820 (916)452-5836Since 1935,
1916 People and Resources Together Foundation                        729 Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy 25344 County Rd 95             we have been dedicated to providing physical
Sacramento Region Retired and Senior Volunteer                       Davis, CA 95616 (530)758-1387Dedicated to wilderness                  education and training to develop leadership,
Program3727 Marconi Ave Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)875-               preservation, promoting biological diversity, native habitat          citizenship and support amateur athletes in
3664Senior volunteers assist low-income, frail and isolated          research, and education about environmental stewardship.              traditional Kodokan Judo.
elderly people to remain living in their own homes by                Membership open to all. Interpretive walk/boat tours available.
providing companionship and transportation to needed                                                           763 Sacramento Pets in Need, Inc. (SPIN) PO Box
services.                                                                                                                                  206 Rancho Cordova, CA 957410206 (916)487-
                                                                     1904 Reach Out and Read Inc ROR, Reach Out and Read56                 4079Helps reduce problem of unwanted pets by
1917 People and Resources Together Foundation                        Roland St Ste 100D Boston, MA 02129 (617)455-0600Military             paying a portion of the spay/neuter fee for pets from
Sacramento Region Foster Grandparent Program3727                     and civilian doctors and nurses give free books to young children     low-income owners; directs others to contact low-
Marconi Ave Sacramento, CA 95821 (916)875-4462Senior                 and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud.          cost clinics.
volunteers provide mentoring, tutoring and friendship to at-
risk children in schools, childcare centers, juvenile hall,                                                                                1970 Sacramento Regional Science & Engineering
receiving home and hospitals.                                        3015 Redding Treatment Network Inc 1614 Continental St Ste            Fair Foundation 660 J St Ste 480 Sacramento, CA                        A Redding, CA 960011121 (530)605-1361Transitional housing             95814 (916)441-3150We encourage and reward
                                                                     and psychotherapeutic services for economically disadvantaged         scientific, technological and engineering excellence
1650 People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) 340 N                      individuals. It is the agency's mission to provide wrap-around        to high school and middle school students in the
Madison Ave Los Angeles, CA 90004 (323)644-2200An                    services to those in need.                                            Sacramento valley.
organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness
by helping people find work, save money, secure housing and          2368 Rescue Mission Alliance 315 N A St Oxnard, CA 93030              767 Sacramento River Preservation Trust PO Box
empower their lives.                                   (805)487-1234With the support of our community we offer:              5366 Chico, CA 95927 (530)345-1865Dedicated to
                                                                     Refuge, recovery and restoration to those in need.                    the protection and restoration of the Sacramento
2353 Peoples' Self-Help Housing Corporation Supportive                                                     River ecosystem through advocacy and education.
housing programs26 E Victoria St Santa Barbara, CA 93101                                                                         
(805)962-5152Our mission is to provide affordable housing

772 Sacramento Zoological Society Sacramento Zoo3930           813 Sexual Assault Crisis Agency 3711 Long Beach Blvd Ste             2907 SSAFE PO Box 6205 Oxnard, CA 93031
W Land Park Dr Sacramento, CA 95822 (916)808-                  815 Long Beach, CA 90807 (562)989-030924-hour crisis hotline,         (805)551-2472Provides high school graduates
8815Beautifully set on 14 acres, the zoo is home to over 500   hospital accompaniment, individual and group counseling for           pursuing a college education financial support and
exotic and endangered species. Creative education and          sexual assault survivors; counseling for adults/teens molested as     financial literacy training which will create more
conservation programs are offered year round.                  children. Prevention education in schools and community.              opportunities for the students.                                       
                                                                                                                                     839 St. Charles Borromeo School 7580 Center
1765 San Diego Catholic Worker, Inc. 7844 Camino Huerta        2136 Shelter Partnership, Inc. 523 W 6th St Ste 616 Los               Pkwy Sacramento, CA 958233799 (916)421-
San Diego, CA 92112 (858)552-0817Feeds the                     Angeles, CA 90014 (213)688-2188We are dedicated to assisting          6189We are a Catholic Kindergarten-8th grade
hungry/homeless in San Diego. Distributes clothing and         in development and maintenance of short-term, transitional and        school. We educate students in a Christian
publishes quarterly newspaper. Assists a dozen other           permanent housing, and supportive services for the homeless           environment and strive for academic excellence.
agencies with food/money to work for social justice.           throughout Los Angeles.          
                                                               1757 Shepherd's Gate 1660 Portola Ave Livermore, CA 94551             845 Stonewall Alliance of Chico P O Box 8855
2116 San Diego Habitat for Humanity 10222 San Diego            (925)443-4283We exist to meet the practical, spiritual and            Chico, CA 959278855 (530)893-3336A resource and
Mission Rd San Diego, CA 92108 (619)283-4663Habitat            emotional needs of battered and homeless women and children.          community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
builds simple, decent and affordable homes through "sweat                                                 transgender individuals; offering social activities
equity" partnerships with local families in needy. Homes are                                                                         and services targeted at youth, risk reduction and
built with donations of money, materials and labor.            3010 Sherman Heights Community Center Corp. Sherman                   education.                                                  Heights Community Center2258-2260 Island Ave San Diego, CA
                                                               92102 (619)232-5181Our Center offers educational, health              2134 Streetlights Production Assistant Program
784 San Francisco Chanticleer, Inc. Chanticleer44 Page St      prevention, personal development, recreational and cultural           Inc Streetlights662 N Van Ness Ave Rm 105 Los
Ste 604 San Francisco, CA 94102 (415)252-8589A                 programs. The Center is inter-generational, providing programs        Angeles, CA 90004 (323)960-4540Los Angeles-
professional Choral Ensemble dedicated to the highest level    and services for preschoolers through senior citizens.                based job training, job placement and career
of musical excellence and the public's appreciation of this                                                                          advancement organization creating careers for
music through live performances, recordings and education.     2344 Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts                  economically and socially disadvantaged young                                            Association 2241 Arliss Wy Sacramento, CA 95822 (916)428-             minorities; increasing ethnic diversity in behind-the-
                                                               4415Provides free theater, performing and cultural arts training to   camera jobs.
789 San Francisco Symphony Davies Symphony Hall San            undeserved children, teens and adults regardless of ethnicity, age
Francisco, CA 94102 (415)503-5441Sets the highest possible     or economic backround.                              974 Sunshine Foundation 1041 Mill Creek Dr
standard for excellence in performance at home and around                                                                            Feasterville, PA 19053 (215)396-4770Answers
the world; Enriches, serves, and shapes cultural life          2798 Sisters Animal Sanctuary 4801 Laguna Blvd Ste 105 PMB            dreams of seriously ill, physically challenged and
throughout the Bay Area.                    331 Elk Grove, CA 95758 (916)684-3313Our passion and                  abused children ages three to eighteen whose
                                                               commitment is to help animals by finding them permanent loving        families are financially unable to fulfill their
2248 San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity 770 N Fair        homes or live out their lives in our permanent life sanctuary.        requests.
Oaks Ave Pasadena, CA 91103 (626)792-3838We build    
decent, affordable homes and hope for low-income working                                                                             850 Support for Families of Children with
families.                                   2328 Six Rivers Planned Parenthood 3225 Timber Fall Ct                Disabilities 2601 Mission St Rm 606 San Francisco,
                                                               Eureka, CA 95503 (707)442-2961We provide high quality, low            CA 94110 (415)282-7494We provide information,
791 San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust,          cost reproductive health care, education/prevention services, and     education and parent-to-parent support to families
Inc River Parkway Trust11605 Old Friant Rd Fresno, CA          advocacy for access to the people of Humboldt, Del Norte and          who have children with any kind of disability or
93730 (559)248-8480Creating and protecting the 22-mile San     Trinity Counties.                                        special health care need.
Joaquin River Parkway, providing environmental science
education, habitat restoration, and outdoor recreation         2417 Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation, Inc. 6707 Democracy               2759 Supporters of the San Francisco Police
activities including canoeing and nature hikes.                Blvd Ste 325 Bethesda, MD 20817 (301)530-4420To educate               Department Wilderness Program 155                                           patients and their families about Sjogen's Syndrome and to            Montgomery 12th Fl San Francisco, CA 94104
                                                               increase public and medical awareness to raise funds into new         (415)986-1060At risk and low income San Francisco
1891 San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art 560 S First        treatment and a cure.                                youth living in dangerous and crime ridden
St San Jose, CA 95113 (408)283-8155The ICA is an                                                                                     neighborhoods; help introduce our youth to
innovative, non-profit, contemporary art gallery, presenting   2841 Solar Cookers International (SCI) 1919 21st St Ste 102           wilderness through positive innovative outdoor
22 exhibitions annually, featuring emerging and established    Sacramento, CA 95811 (916)455-4499We promote the use of               adventures.
artists working in a wide variety of media.      solar energy to cook food and pasteurize water through training
                                                               and information exchange for the benefit of people and                2783 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,
795 San Jose State University Alumni Association One           evironments.                                     Inc., The Central Valley Affiliate of Susan G.
Washington Sq San Jose, CA 951920126 (408)924-6515We                                                                                 Komen for the CurePMB 551 5730 N First St #105
provide services to over 180,000 graduates, awards             2948 Soldiers Angels 1792 E Washington Blvd Pasadena, CA              Fresno, CA 93710 (559)229-4255Non-profit breast
scholarships to deserving students and helps graduates keep    91104 (626)529-5446Twenty unique and effective programs               cancer organization providing breast cancer
in touch through a monthly newsletter.     supporting our deployed Armed Forces, their families, our             awareness outreach and funds for education,
                                                               wounded and our veterans through emotional, financial and             screening, treatment and support.
2802 San Luis Obispo A.L.P.P.H.A., Inc. 11549 Los Osos         medical crisis.                      
Valley Rd #104 San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 (805)541-
3367Provide nonjudgmental emotional and practical support      2596 South Africa Partners, Inc 89 South St Ste 701 Boston,           1429 Tahoe-Baikal Institute PO Box 13587 South
during pregnancy and for a year following birth, and           MA 02111 (617)443-1072Improves healthcare and education in            Lake Tahoe, CA 96151 (530)542-5599We further
education on pregnancy, fetal and child development, and       South Africa by creating partnerships between US and SA               environmental protection and resource management
early parenting.                              organizations. Supports training, HIV/AIDS support groups,            efforts at Lake Tahoe, Lake Baikal, and other
                                                               reading programs for youth.                        significant international watersheds by sponsoring
2877 San Luis Obispo Nonprofit Housing Corporation PO                                                                                research, training and exchanges.
Box 13657 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 (805)594-                  829 South Bay Family Healthcare Center 23430 Hawthorne      
5303Mission: to increasr the supply of critically needed       Blvd Bldg 3 Ste 210 Torrance, CA 90505 (310)802-6177Provides
affordable housing. New construction, aquisition and           preventive primary healthcare, health education and human             2861 Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, USA
collaberative programs for low to moderate income              services to the medically indigent, including women's healthcare,     Tzu Chi/Tzu Chi Foundation/Tzu Chi Foundation,
households.                                                    prenatal, pediatric, STD screening, HIV/AIDs and dental services.     USA1100 S Valley Center Ave San Dimas, CA
                                                                                                              91773 (626)487-4849Volunteer based charity
799 Sansum Diabetes Research Institute 2219 Bath St                                                                                  providing boundless love and humanitarian spirited
Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (805)682-7638A research institute      2853 South County Housing South County Housing Corp.7455              care, disaster relief, scholarships, and medical
devoted to the prevention, treatment and cure of disease,      Carmel St Gilroy, CA 95020 (408)843-9218We are a nonprofit            service with compassion to those in need locally and
especially diabetes.                            community development corporation that provides affordable            internationally.
                                                               housing to renters and homeowners with very-low to moderate
2623 Santa Clara Family Health Foundation Inc 210 E            income living in California's central coast.          1789 Tall Ship Education Academy Incorporated
Hacienda Ave Campbell, CA 95008 (408)874-1912Provides                                                                                RLS Dept 1600 Holloway Ave San Francisco, CA
affordable, comprehensive medical, dental, vision and mental   2579 Speech Communications Assistance by Telephone, Inc.              941324161 (415)405-3703We empower diverse girls
health insurance for children in Santa Clara County who do     515 P St Ste 403 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916)448-5517Advocate           to reach their full potential with academically
not qualify for state or federal programs.                     for telephone rights of people with speech disabilities. Several      rigorous sailing voyages. Graduates make positive                                        federally mandated telephone assistance services help this            life choices and engage fully in their communities.
                                                               population. We ensure consumer education programs are       
1848 Schola Cantorum 2218 Old Middlefield Wy Ste G             provided.
Mountain View, CA 94043 (650)254-1700A 100 voice adult                                                                               2953 Teach Peace Foundation, The 539 J St Davis,
chorus (founded 1964) presenting choral masterpieces, new      2552 SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes 8291 Aero Pl Ste 150             CA 956163933 (530)204-7227We provide a wide
works by major composers, and music from different cultural    San Diego, CA 92123 (858)565-7432A community based                    range of age-appropriate educational programs and
traditions. Gregory Wait, Music Director.                      program serving athletes with and without developmental               resources to reach peace.                                         disabilities ages 5 through adult, through shared sports and
                                                               recreational activities in their community.

2895 Telos Project Climate Protection CampaignPO Box                 scholarships and internships for students at 900 institutions.      94806 (570)233-1464We inspire student
3785 Santa Rosa, CA 95402 (707)525-1665Create a positive                                                           achievement by providing teacher grants, arts and
future for all life by inspiring action in response to the climate                                                                       music programming, afterschool programming, and
crisis. Advance practical, science-based solutions for               2919 United Negro College Fund, Inc. United Negro College           college scholarships to students in West Contra
significant emissions reductions.                                    Fund Inc - San Francisco Bay Area Chapter220 Montgomery St          Costa County.                                    Ste 1120 San Francisco, CA 94104 (415)956-1018The nation’s
                                                                     largest and most effective minority education organization. UNCF    2226 WildCare 76 Albert Park Ln San Rafael, CA
2166 The Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy                       provides financial assistance to talented but economically          94901 (415)453-1000Advocates for wildlife for a
Research, Inc. Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy                     disadvantaged students and it’s 39-member institutions.             sustainable world through programs in
(PPMD)158 Linwood Plaza, Ste 220 Fortlee, NJ 07024                                                                 environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation.
(201)944-9985PPMD strives to improve the treatment,                                                                            
quality of life, and long-term outlook for all individuals           1033 United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc. 1206
affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy through research,            Cottman Ave Philadelphia, PA 19111 (215)728-                        2984 Women at Risk 5183 Overland Ave Ste B
education, advocacy and compassion.                                  1630Humanitarian aid and disaster relief to people of Ukrainian     Culver City, CA 90230 (310)204-1046Our mission is                                              descent throughout the world, distributing medical supplies,        to provide emotional and educational services to
                                                                     clothing, educational material and personal items to the needy.     women living with HIV/AIDS and their families and
2483 Third World Children/Americans Away From                                                                     to provide prevention education and outreach to the
Home 7714 Elsie Ave Sacramento, CA 95828 (916)473-                                                                                       communities in which we live.
9512Provide assistance to the underserved Americans living           2791 United Way of Santa Barbara County, Inc (UWSBC)      
in different countries including father/mother searches,             320 E Gutierrez St Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805)965-8691We
reunification with their biological father and migration             are an independent, community-based organization that builds        2556 Wonder-Land Preschool First Baptist Church
programs in the USA.                                                 programs, helps fund them, and provides direct services to meet     of Carmichael, CA3300 Walnut Ave Carmichael,
                                                                     the real needs of our communities.              CA 95608 (916)481-1798We provide the greater
2794 Thursday's Child 15025 Northwind Ln North Hills,                                                                                    Sacramento area with quality child care, pre-school,
CA 91343 (800)872-5437A toll-free hotline and online                 2712 USPC Newco, Inc. Black Oaks Pony Club2100 Traffic Wy           kindergarten and after school programs. We service
assistance for missing, exploited, runaway, abused and               Atascadero, CA 93422 (805)461-3549We provide a program for          120 families from this region. www.wonder-
endangered youth; dealing with issues of anorexia, bulimia,          youth that teaches riding, mounted sports and care of equines,
teen suicide, cutting, date-rape, etc.        thereby developing responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and
                                                                     self-confidence.                            1966 Woodland Opera House Inc PO Box 1425
2963 Tower Foundation of San Jose State University, The                                                                                  Woodland, CA 95776 (530)666-9617Live theatrical
One Washington Sq San Jose, CA 951920184 (408)924-                   1433 Valley Animal Center PO Box 706 Fresno, CA 93712               shows, children's theatre, concerts, educational
1160The Tower Foundation is dedicated solely to                      (559)233-8690A no-kill shelter and low-cost spay/neuter clinic      programs, community events in a fully-restored,
philanthropy and encourages private gifts, trust and bequests        for dogs and cats. Dedicated to eliminating pet overpopulation      1895 historical facility.
for the benefit of San Jose State University.                        through education and spaying/neutering, not euthanasia.
www/                                                                               2431 Woodland Parent Nursery School Alumni
                                                                                                                                         Association 310 Cross St Woodland, CA 95695
888 Tree Fresno 776 E Shaw Ave # 102 Fresno, CA 93710                1612 Valley Caregiver Resource Center 3845 N Clark St Ste           (530)666-6366We provide charitable scholarships
(559)221-5556Organization serving Fresno County and                  201 Fresno, CA 93726 (559)224-9154Adult daycare for                 and support educational purposes for the benefit of
adjacent counties that is dedicated to improving community           dependent seniors provides respite care, support groups,            the Woodland Parent Nursery School, a parent
by planting trees and educating the public of the value of           education, Advocacy for residents, counseling short term,           cooperative providing parent and child education.
trees.                                            legal/financial, care planning and counseling to Medicare
                                                                     recipients.                                       944 Woods Humane Society, Inc 875 Oklahoma
889 TreePeople, Inc. 12601 Mulholland Dr Beverly Hills,                                                                                  Ave San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 (805)543-9316We
CA 90210 (818)753-4631Supporting Los Angeles' diverse                2896 Valley Village 20830 Sherman Wy Winnetka, CA 91306             provide placement and adoption services for
community groups as they plant and care for trees and                (818)587-9450To protect, foster, and advance the rights and         companion animals, humane education programs,
improve the neighborhoods in which they live, learn, work,           interests of people with developmental disabilities by providing    and community based outreach services.
and play.                                         residental care and day programs.   
890 Tri County Wildlife Care, Inc PO Box 367 Jackson,                3000 Victory Ranch Inc 828 Owens Lake Dr San Jose, CA               2597 World Evangelical Alliance 644 Strander
CA 95642 (209)547-3233Providing humane, supportive and               95123 (415)215-9763We offer a kids and horses educational           Blvd #154 Seattle, WA 98188 (866)302-3362Foster
professional treatment center for injured, sick, orphaned and        program for disadvantaged and underprivileged youth from the        Christian unity, worldwide identity, voice and
displaced wildlife. Dedicated to public outreach and                 San Francisco bay area.                     platform to Evangelical Christians, to extend the
education.                                                                                                 Kingdom of God by proclamation of the Gospel to
                                                                     771 Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Inc 2015 J St Suite          all nations.
894 Trinity Youth Services 1460 E Cooley Dr Colton, CA               101 Sacramento, CA 958113124 (916)441-2341Provides
92324 (909)825-5588Helps provide healing environments                educational and community outreach photography programs,            1578 World Institute on Disability (WID) 510 16th
through Foster Care, Group Homes and Residential Centers             including lectures, demonstrations and workshops. The Center's      St Ste 100 Oakland, CA 946121500 (510)763-
for children victims of abuse. Children receive: therapeutic         Viewpoint Gallery exhibits both traditional and new directions in   4100We advocate for independent living and full
treatment, educational, vocational, recreational programs.           photography.                               community inclusion of people with disabilities,                                                                                                                        focusing primarily on access to healthcare,
                                                                     510 Volunteers In Asia (VIA) PO Box 20266 Stanford, CA              employment, anti-poverty programs and new
895 Twin Lakes Food Bank PO Box 743 Folsom, CA 95763                 94309 (415)904-8033Cross-cultural volunteer opportunities for       technologies.
(916)985-6232We distribute groceries, provide infant                 young Americans. New languages, cultures and perspectives are
necessities, Thanksgiving Turkeys, Christmas baskets, back           learned thus fostering greater communication and understanding      1161 Your Christian Companion Network Inc
to school needs, and a year round clothes closet. Services are       between the U.S. and Asia.                      9019 West Ln Stockton, CA 95210 (209)477-
free.                                                                                                          3690We are dedicated to meeting spiritual and
                                                                     2428 Waking the Village Tubman HousePO Box 160085                   emotional needs through both inspirational Christian
1262 United Cerebral Palsy Association of Central                    Sacramento, CA 95816 (916)372-6272Homeless pregnant and             music and programming. A portion of income
California, Inc. 4224 N Cedar Ave Fresno, CA 93726                   parenting youth and their children live at Tubman, blossoming       devoted to helping feed needy.
(559)221-8272We are dedicated to providing services to men,          into self-sufficient parents as they complete diplomas, attend
women and children with disabilities throughout the Central          college, and pursue meaningful futures.
Valley.                                                                                   Partners for a Better World
2805 United Friends of the Children (UFC) 1055 Wilshire              881 Way Ministries…John 14:6, The Saturday SchoolPO Box             2689 Abraham's Vision of Peace Inc Abraham's
Blvd Ste 1955 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213)580-1851We                  6097 Fresno, CA 937036097 (559)233-8546We are a cultural            Vision3571 Highland Ave Redwood City, CA 94062
help current and former foster youth graduate high school,           education/self-esteem program. Children learn that drugs, crime     (415)839-6889A conflict transformation organization
secure housing, attend and graduate college, obtain                  and gangs are not options…education and making proper choices       working with Jewish, Muslim, Israeli, and
employment and build the skills to support themselves.               are.                               Palestinian communities to empower young people                                                                                                                    to practice just alternatives to the status quo.
                                                                     922 We Care Services for Children 2191 Kirker Pass Rd     
2952 United Latino Fund 315 W 9th St Ste 709 Los                     Concord, CA 94521 (925)671-0777Early intervention and
Angeles, CA 90015 (213)236-2929Enhancing the quality of              education for abused, neglected and disabled infants and children   2645 Amazon Watch One Hallidie Plz Ste 402 San
life for Latinos by providing support to organizations serving       0-6.                                             Francisco, CA 94102 (415)487-9600Works to
youth and families through the delivery of social services,                                                                              protect the rainforest and advance the rights of
arts and education.                          924 Wellspring Women's Center P O Box 5728 Sacramento,              indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin; campaigns
                                                                     CA 95817 (916)454-9688We are a drop-in center for women and         for human rights, corporate accountability and the
2300 United Negro College Fund Inc United Negro College              children. Open five days a week, it provides breakfast,             environment.
Fund Inc - Los Angeles Area Chapter3699 Wilshire Blvd Ste            counseling, referral services and enrichment programs.
675 Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213)639-3800Provides                                                         2647 American Committee for the Weizmann
operating funds and technology enhancement services for 39                                                                               Institute of Science, Inc. 633 Third Ave 20th Fl
member historically black colleges and universities(HBCU),           925 West Contra Costa Public Education Fund West County             New York, NY 10017 (212)895-7900The
                                                                     Public Education, The Ed. Fund5 Alvarado Sq San Pablo, CA           organization orchestrates support in the U.S. for its

scientific research center and graduate university in Israel.    2974 Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation CABF1000                   421 Human and Civil Rights Organizations of
The Weizmann scientists' research benefits people                Skokie Blvd Ste 570 Wilmette, IL 60091 (847)920-9310We                  America 10 Chestnut St Salem, MA 01970
everywhere.                                 improve the lives of families raising children and teens living         (978)744-2608Help stop racial discrimination, fight
                                                                 with bipolar disorder and related conditions. We offer support          religious bigotry, prosecute hate crimes, end unfair
2230 American Friends of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam              and information via our website.                         sex bias, defend democratic principles, and promote
12925 Riverside Dr 3rd Fl Sherman Oaks, CA 91423                                                                                         equality, freedom, and justice for all.
(818)325-8884Supports Israeli village where Jews and Arabs       2508 Dalai Lama Foundation 61 Renato Ct No 24 Rewood City,
have lived, worked and educated children together equally for    CA 94061 (650)368-4435An international organization                     2959 Human Rights Watch 350 Fifth Ave 34th Fl
nearly 35-years; nominated five times for the Nobel Peace        supporting action for ethics and peace through education. Peace         New York, NY 101183299 (212)377-9412We
Prize.                                      starts with each of us.                     expose human rights abuses and pressure
                                                                                                                                         governments and international institutions to bring
2648 American Friends of the Tel Aviv University Inc 39          2672 Disability Rights Advocates, A National and                        an unconditional halt to human rights violations
Broadway Ste 1510 New York, NY 10006 (212)742-                   International Center for the Advancement of People With                 worldwide.
9038Supports Israel's leading center of higher education-        Disabilities 2001 Center St 4th Fl Berkeley, CA 947041204
uniting American and Israeli leaders dedicated to excellence     (510)665-8644Advances rights of people with disabilities through        435 Indian Law Resource Center 11 Chestnut St
in scholarship, research and community building-to expand        legal representation in high-impact advocacy that results in            Salem, MA 01970 (406)449-2006Nonprofit law and
our global future.                                 significant improvements in healthcare, education, employment,          advocacy organization providing legal assistance to
                                                                 transportation and recreation.                         Indian/Alaska Native nations working to protect their
2724 American Jewish Committee 165 E 56th St New                                                                                         land, resources, human rights, environment and
York, NY 10022 (212)891-6713Mission is to enhance the            312 East Bay Center for the Performing Arts 10 Chestnut St              cultural heritage.
wellbeing of the Jewish people and Israel, to advance human      Salem, MA 01970 (510)234-5624Enhance personal development
rights, democratic values in the US and around the world.        and academic skills while r3educing violence among 2000+ low            1196 Institute for Food and Development Policy,                                                      income youth through multicultural arts education and                   Inc. Food First10 Chestnut St Salem, MA 01970
                                                                 performance opportunities with socially relevant themes.                (510)654-4400People have the basic human right to
2671 Anti-Defamation League of Bnai Brith Anti-                                                           live free of hunger. Help us fight inequities and
Defamation League605 Third Ave New York, NY 10158                                                                                        promote solutions to end poverty, hunger and
(212)885-7889We provide education, advocacy and                  2673 Elderhostel, Inc. 11 Ave de Lafayette Boston, MA                   environmental degradation.
intervention to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and     021111746 (617)457-5429Promotes intellectual activity and
to secure justice and fair treatment for all.        social engagement , vital to healthy aging, through thousands of        2965 International Campaign for Tibet 1825
                                                                 educational and cultural programs in the United States and around       Jefferson Pl NW Washington, CA 20036 (202)785-
2492 Arts Federation Inc 10 Chestnut St Salem, MA 01970          the world.                                          1515Promotes human rights and democracy for the
(978)712-4429The arts bring joy and meaning to us all. Help                                                                              Tibetan people. We secure humanitarian assistance;
support American arts and arts education organizations,          1513 Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc. 454 Shotwell St San           encourage Chinese/Tibetan dialogue; and report on
whether young or well-established, in every creative             Francisco, CA 94110 (415)436-9333Civil liberties membership             the conditions in Tibet.
discipline.                               organization protecting online rights to free speech, fair use,
                                                                 innovation, and privacy through litigation, activism, and               2285 International Gay and Lesbian Human
2507 Asian American Justice Center Inc 1140 Connecticut          educationg the public, press, and policymakers.             Rights Commission 80 Maiden Ln Ste 1505 New
Ave NW Ste 1200 Washington, DC 20036 (202)296-                                                                                           York, NY 10038 (212)430-6057Works to secure the
2300Works to advance the human and civil rights of Asian-        2675 Ezer Mizion, Inc. 1281 49th St Brooklyn, NY 11219                  human rights of all people subject to discrimination
Americans through advocacy, public policy, public education      (718)853-8400The largest Jewish worldwide bone marrow                   or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation, gender
and litigation on the local, state and national level.           registry facilitating genetic matches among Jewish cancer               identity and HIV status                                        patients. Varied programs serve the ill, elderly and disabled in
                                                                 Israel.                                              1170 International Indian Treaty Council Inc 456
2649 Asociacion Interamericana para la Defensa del                                                                                       N Alaska St Palmer, AK 99645 (907)745-
Ambiente (AIDA) Interamerican Association for                    1008 Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Inc.                  4482Defending human rights, environmental justice
Environmental DefenseEarthjustice 426 17th St Oakland, CA        (GLAAD) 5455 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1500 Los Angeles, CA 90048               and self-determination for indigenous peoples and
946122807 (510)550-6700We are an international                   (323)634-2019Dedicated to ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive         protecting their treaties, land rights, traditional
environmental law organization that works throughout the         representations in the media to eliminate homophobia and                cultures, food security, natural ecosystems and
Americas to help citizens protect their right to a healthy       discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.         community health.
                                                                                                                                         2972 International Society for Traumatic Stress
2458 Association for Union Democracy, Inc. 104                   1749 Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Inc.                  Studies 111 Deer Lk Rd Ste 100 Deerfield, IL 60015
Montgomery St Brooklyn, NY 11225 (718)564-1114Defend             (GLAAD) 5455 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1500 Los Angeles`, CA 90036              (847)480-9028Dedicated to discovery and
free speech, fair elections, fair hiring, and due process in     (323)634-2019We are dedicated to ensuring fair, accurate and            dissemination of knowledge about policy, program
unions. Protect reformers facing retaliation. Special emphasis   inclusive representations in the media to eliminate homohobia and       and service initiatives that seek to reduce traumatic
on women, minority and public employee rights.                   discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.         stressors and their immediate and long-term                                                                                            consequences.

2979 Ballet Hispanico of New York Ballet Hispanico167 W          2975 Glendon Association, The Suicide Prevention                        2063 Judge David L Bazelon Center for Mental
89 St New York, NY 10024 (212)362-6710We celebrate the           Alliance5383 Hollister Ave Ste 140 Santa Barbara, CA 93111              Health Law 1101 15th St NW Ste 1212 Washington,
passion and joyous theatricality of Latino dance through its     (805)681-0415Prevents tragedies by providing assessment tools           DC 20005 (202)467-5730We work to protect and
professional company, School of Dance, and Primeros Pasos        that predict violent and suicidal behavior, enabling individuals to     advance the rights of adults and children who have
arts education program.                  get help before lives are lost. Provides free public education.         mental disabilities, while securing services and
                                                                                                                supports for community life.
2763 Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition PMB 175, 1132 E
Plz Blvd #203 National City, CA 91950 (619)336-0770We            2957 Global Greengrants Fund Inc. 2840 Wilderness Pl Ste A              1611 Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental
are committed to bilaterally preserving the dignity and          Boulder, CO 80301 (303)939-9866Relying on network of over               Health Law The Bazelon Center for Mental Health
wellbeing of commercially and sexually exploited men,            120 local, volunteer advisors, we make small grants in developing       Law1101 15th St NW Ste 1212 Washington, DC
women and children through prevention, intervention and          countries to grassroots groups struggling for environmental and         20005 (202)467-5730Protect the civil rights of
education.                                  social justice.                                     children and adults with mental illnesses through
                                                                                                                                         advocacy, litigation, public policy analysis, systems
2977 Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.                    2958 Global Water 3600 S Harbor Blvd No 514 Oxnard, CA                  reform, coalition building, public education and
CLINIC415 Michigan Ave NE Washington, DC 20017                   93035 (805)985-3057We are an international, non-profit                  training.
(202)756-2753Assists low income immigrants, reunites             humanitarian organization focused on developing safe water
families, naturalizes newcomers, helps victims of domestic       supplies for rural villages in developing countries reducing            2729 Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund,
violence, aids refugees, represents sdetained immigrants, and    disease, hunger and poverty.                        Inc. Lambda Legal120 Wall St Ste 1500
trains charitable immigration services agencies.                                                                                         Sacramento, CA 10005 (212)809-8585Achieving                                              2719 GLSEN, Inc GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education              recognition of the civil rights of lesbian, gay,
                                                                 Network90 Broad St 2nd Fl New York, NY 10004 (646)388-                  bisexual and transgender people and those with HIV
189 Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC)            6587A national education organization addressing anti-LGBT              through impact litigation, education and public
415 Michigan Ave NE Washington, DC 20017 (202)756-               bullying and harassment to make America's schools safe for ALL          policy work.
2753Assists low-income immigrants, reunites families,            students regarless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
naturalizes newcomers, helps victims of domestic violence,                                                           2652 MOVE International 1300 17th St
aids refugees, represents detained immigrants, and trains                                                                                Bakersfield, CA 93301 (661)636-4562Helps people
charitable immigration services agencies.                        2774 HALT - Help Abolish Legal Tyranny, An Organization                 with severe motor disabilities acquire increased                                              of Americans For Legal Reform, Inc. 1612 K St NW Ste 510                independence to sit, stand and walk -- to work with
                                                                 Washington, DC 20006 (202)887-8255Helping Americans handle              people many believe "nothing more can be done."
2506 Center for Victims of Torture 717 E River Pkwy              their legal affairs simply, affordably and equitably; to improve
Minneapolis, MN 55455 (612)436-4892Working in US,                attorney discipline, reduce legal cost, and increase accessibility to
Africa and Middle East. Mission is to heal wounds of torture     civil justice system.                                 635 National Center for Lesbian Rights 870
on individuals, their families, their communities and to stop                                                                            Market St Ste 370 San Francisco, CA 94102
torture worldwide.                                                                                                           (415)365-1311For 32 years, we have been at the

forefront of nearly every legal gain won for LGBT people          Nicaragua and Haiti, also working on criminal justice and church       continuing the work of Paul and Sheila Wellstone by
and families in this country.                   reform issues.                                         training and empowering underrepresented
                                                                                                                                         communities to engage in civic life.
2991 National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse             2683 Rainforest Foundation, Inc. Rainforest Foundation US32  
at Columbia University CASA633 Third Ave New York,                Broadway Ste 1614 New York, NY 10004 (212)431-9098We
NY 10017 (212)841-5200A unique think/action tank for all          support indigenous and traditional populations of the rainforests
Americans, CASA studies addiction and substance abuse to          in their efforts to establish land tenure, secure their rights and            Sports Charities USA
mount effective prevention programs to protect our nation's       protect their environment.
children and communities.                                                                                           2195 Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center PO
                                                                  2684 RHF Foundation, Inc. 911 N Studebaker Rd Long Beach,              Box 697 Breckenridge, CO 80424 (970)453-
2983 National Center on Family Homelessness 181 Wells             CA 90815 (562)257-5141Housing for low income older adults,             6422Expands the potential of people with
Ave 3rd Fl Newton, MA 02459 (617)964-3834Our mission is           disabled persons and families. Financial resources through gifts       disabilities, serious illnesses and other special needs
to help homeless children and their families through              and managed funds allowing affordable housing and direct               through therapeutic, empowering, educational and
innovative research and evaluation, program design, service       support to residents.                                      inspiring outdoor experiences.
delivery, systems integration and advocacy.                                        2982 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc. 1100                  2050 Sports Charities USA 1100 Larkspur Landing
                                                                  Rock & Roll Blvd Cleveland, OH 441441022 (216)515-1234The              Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (415)925-
2994 National Housing and Community Development                   Museum and its library/archives and educational programs exist         2600Dedicated to athletic excellence for America's
Law Project National Housing Law Project614 Grand Ave             to educate the public about the history and continuing                 National Teams, and world-class athletic
Ste 320 Oakland, CA 94610 (510)251-9400Uses the power of          significance of rock and roll music.                  opportunities and recreational experiences for
law and advocacy to fight for better housing justice for poor                                                                            disabled Americans. Celebrating the triumphs of the
people and to preserve and increase affordable housing.           2437 San Francisco Opera Association 301 Van Ness Ave San              human spirit.                                                      Francisco, CA 94102 (415)565-3217Presents world-class opera
                                                                  and numerous free community outreach events; manages                   1620 United States Amateur Boxing, Inc. 1
1466 National Immigration Forum 50 F St NW Ste 300                internationally-renowned young singers training and professional       Olympic Plz Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (719)866-
Washington, DC 20001 (202)347-0040Established in 1987.            development program, and an in-school youth education program.         2300Fosters national/international amateur boxing,
Advocates for the value of immigrants and immigration to the                                                        designates and sponsors individuals/teams to
nation using communications, advocacy and policy expertise.                                                                              represent United States in international competitions,                                          2981 Seeds of Learning 585 Fifth St W Sonoma, CA 95476                 encourages participation in the sport of boxing.
                                                                  (707)939-0471We work to build schools with people living in  
2679 National Senior Citizens Law Center 1444 Eye St              Central America and US volunteers. We strive to provide access
NW #1100 Washington, DC 20005 (202)289-6976Two                    to education and cross-cultural understanding.                         2830 United States Fencing Association 1 Olympic
California offices advocate for the low-income older and                                                Plz Colorado Springs, CA 80909 (719)866-
disabled people so that they receive full Social Security, SSI,                                                                          3604Fosters national/international amateur fencing;
Medicaid and Medicare Part D benefits.              2515 Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) 1531               designates and sponsers individuals/teams to
                                                                  Corporate Wy Ste 100 Sacramento, CA 95831 (202)667-4690We              represent United States in international competitions;
2961 Native Seeds Southwestern Endangered Aridland                work to advance the interests of Cambodian, Laotian and                encourages participation in the sport of fencing.
Resources Clearing House, Inc. 526 N 4th Ave Tuscon, AZ           Vietnamese Americans through leadership development, capacity
85705 (520)622-0830Conserves, distributes, and documents          building, public policy advocacy, and community empowerment.
the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds of the                                                         2904 United States Luge Association Inc 57
American Southwest and Northwest Mexico.                                                                                                 Church St Lake Placid, NY 12946 (518)523-                                               2980 Survivor Corps 2100 M St NW Ste 302 Washington, DC                2071Provides for the achievement of athletic
                                                                  20037 (202)250-3907We are a global network of people helping           excellence in the sport of luge with the highest
669 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation PMB 121 1187 Coast               each other to overcome the effects of war and conflict and give        degree of sportsmanship, honor, dedication and
Village Rd Ste 1 Santa Barbara, CA 931082794 (805)965-            back to their communities.                       victory as the standard.
3443Join a leading organization working to build peace, end
war and promote global efforts to eliminate the nuclear           2978 Survivors International 703 Market St Ste 301 San                 2199 United States Soccer Federation Foundation,
weapons threat to humanity.                   Francisco, CA 94103 (415)546-2080Our mission is to heal the            Inc 1211 Connecticut Ave NW Ste 500 Washington,
                                                                  wounds of torture and gender-based violence suffered by                DC 20036 (202)872-6662The major charitable arm
2680 OASIS Institute 7710 Carondelet Ave Ste 125 St               individuals, their families and their communities, and to end          of soccer, supports expanded soccer participation by
Louis, MO 63105 (815)584-9578We offer arts, health,               torture.                                         funding inner-city programs, redistribution of
technology and volunteer programs designed to diverse                                                                                    equipment and field construction.
audience of mature adults through educational centers and         1845 Survivors of Torture, International SURVIVORSP O        
community partners in 27 US cities.              Box 151240 San Diego, CA 921751240 (619)278-2400With
                                                                  specialized care, survivors of politically motivated torture reclaim   1626 Women's Sports Foundation Eisenhower Pk
2681 Pan American Health and Education Foundation                 strength and vitality while becoming healthy, self-sufficient          1899 Hempstead Tpke #400 East Meadow, NY
PAHEF525 23rd St, NW Washington, DC 20037 (202)974-               community members. Supporters are a healing resource.                  11554 (516)542-4700We are a charitable educational
3103Through grantmaking, partnerships, and service                                                            organization dedicated to ensuring access to
programs, advances healthy living for children and older                                                                                 participation and leadership for girls and women in
adults in the Americas with its partner, the Pan American         2470 Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz 5225 Wisconsin Ave              sports and fitness.
Organization.                                       NW Ste 605 Washington, DC 20015 (202)364-7272Offers          
                                                                  promising young musicians college level training by America's
2643 Partners for a Better World 10 Chestnut St Salem,            jazz masters and presents public school-based jazz education
MA 01970 (978)210-8208In a bad-news world, we support             programs for young people around the world.                               Wild Animals Worldwide
organizations whose work is good news for the young, the
poor and the vulnerable both at home and abroad.                                                                                         1286 Born Free USA United with Animal                                   2686 Through the Looking Glass 2198 6th St Ste 100 Berkeley,           Protection Institute PO Box 22505 Sacramento, CA
                                                                  CA 947102204 (510)848-1112Provides disability community-               958220505 (916)447-3085We are a national, non-
695 Peace Action Education Fund 1100 Wayne Ave Ste                based services to families when infant/child, parent or                profit organization dedicated to protecting captive
1020 Silver Spring, MD 20910 (301)565-4050Promotes                grandparent has disability and is The National Center for Parents      and wild animals and their habitats through
peace making, abolishing new weapons and building a peace         with Disabilities and their Families..            legislation, litigation, advocacy, and public
economy. Issue campaigns and print/electronic resources to                                                                               education.
educate citizens, the media and policymakers. www.peace-          1239 Tibet Fund, The 241 E 32nd St New York, NY 10016                                                        (212)213-5011We provide support for humanitarian aid, health           1763 Cheetah Conservation Fund PO BOX 2496
                                                                  education, communtiy development, and cultural preservation            Alexandria, VA 22301 (866)909-3399Works to save
2682 Peace Development Fund PO Box 1280 Amherst, MA               programs for impoverished Tibetan refugees and Tibetans in             endangered cheetah by implementing solutions to
010041280 (415)256-8306We provide grants and other vital          Tibet.                                               farmer/cheetah conflict, educating people about the
resources necessary to grassroots communities working on                                                                                 importance of predators and conducting research for
peaceful conflict resolution, human rights and environmental      2768 TransFair U.S.A Fair Trade U.S.A.1500 Broadway Ste 400            species survival.
sustainability in the U.S.           Oakland, CA 94612 (510)663-5260Certifies and promotes Fair
                                                                  Trade products, which enables sustainable community                    2529 Committee for an International Wolf Center
723 Project Concern International 10 Chestnut St5151              development that benefits farmers, consumers, industry and the         International Wolf Center1396 Hwy 169 Ely, MN
Murphy Canyon Rd Ste 320 San Diego, CA 92123 (858)279-            earth.                                            55731 (763)560-7374Advancing the survival of wolf
9690Our mission is to prevent disease, improve community                                                                                 populations by teaching about wolves, their
health, and promote sustainable development for the world's       2993 Violence Policy Center 1730 Rhode Island Ave NW No                relationship to wildlands and the human role in their
most vulnerable children, families, and communities.              1014 Washington, DC 20036 (202)822-8200From school                     future.                                            shootings to attacks on law enforcement, guns are tearing
                                                                  America apart. Help us stop this killer epidemic that claims over      1251 HawkWatch International, Inc. 2240 S 900 E
1199 Quixote Center, Inc. 3502 Varnum St Brentwood, MD            30,000 lives annually.                                     Salt Lake City, UT 84106 (801)484-6808We
20722 (301)699-0042A faith-based grassroots organization,                                                                                conserve the environment through education, long-
promoting social justice here and overseas, helping people in     2726 Wellstone Action Fund 2446 University Ave W Ste 170               term monitoring, and scientific research on raptors as
                                                                  Saint Paul, MN 55114 (651)645-3939We are committed to                  indicators of ecosystem health.

2432 International Crane Foundation P.O. Box 447                  troops program has provided over 50,000 real christmas trees to
Baraboo, WI 53913 (608)356-9462The International Crane            military families.
Foundation works worldwide to protect all 15 species of
cranes and the wetlands, grasslands and other ecosystems on       2292 Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, The (CATW)
which they depend.                           PO Box 7427 JAF Station New York, NY 10018 (212)643-
                                                                  9895We promote women's human rights internationally. We
1836 International Primate Protection League - Ape and            works to combat sexual exploitation of women and girls,
Monkey Rescue and Sanctuaries PO Box 766 Summerville,             especially prostitution and trafficking.
SC 294840766 (843)871-2280Help for primates rescued from
cruel situations worldwide and care of primates at                2448 End Violence Against Women (EVAW) International PO
Headquarters sanctuary. Our work benefited hundreds of            Box 33 Addy, WA 99101 (509)684-9800Victims of sexual
primate victims of human abuse.                      assault, domestic violence, and stalking need first responders to
                                                                  be compassionate and well trained. Helps us make sure they are.
2588 Save the Manatee Club, Inc. Adopt-A-Manatee500 N   
Maitland Ave Maitland, FL 32751 (352)735-2803Protecting
manatees and their habitat for the welfare of posterity through   2041 Faith and Freedom Network, The Children's Compassion
conservation, education, public awareness, advocacy, and          FundPO Box 2300 Redlands, CA 923730761 (909)793-
sponsoring research, and rescue, rehabilitation, and release      2009Change a child's future! Rescue abandoned and special
efforts.                                   needs children. Help provide shelter, food, education, medical
                                                                  care, surgery, a chance for adoption, a family environment.
2879 Seacology 1623 Solano Ave Berkeley, CA 94707       
(510)559-3505Saving endangered species and habitats on
islands worldwide, by creating marine and forest reserves         1200 Family Violence Prevention Fund 383 Rhode Island St Ste
which protect both marine life and highly endangered              304 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)252-8900Ending violence
primates.                                       against women and children through programs that promote
                                                                  respect, educate the public, and protect children. FVPF trains
2639 Wild Animals Worldwide 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir             judges, physicians, policymakers, and leaders internationally.
Ste 340 Larkspur, CA 94939 (866)439-0989Working to      
preserve the last few remaining wild animals by protecting
them from hunting, poaching, and human encroachment on            1634 Feeding Hungry Children International PO Box 2300
their environment.                        Redlands, CA 92373 (909)793-2009You can save a child from
                                                                  starvation. Help us provide food and care to suffering children in
2849 Wildaid Inc 744 Montgomery St No 20 San Francisco,           Haiti, Mexico, other countries, and the U.S.
CA 94111 (415)834-3174Every year thousands of           
endangered animals are killed for their skins, ivory, fins and
other body parts. Help us end illegal wildlife-trade within our   1746 Giving Hope International 8332 Commonwealth Ave
lifetimes!                                        Buena Park, CA 90621 (714)523-4454Rescuing women and
                                                                  children afflicted by health crises, we provide hospitalization,
                                                                  medicine, nutrition and transportation worldwide; bringing
   Women, Children and Family                                     healing and comfort to the hopeless and forgotten.
   Service Charities of America                                   2942 Jeannette Rankin Foundation, Inc. Jeannette Rankin
                                                                  Women's Scholarship Fund1 Huntington Rd Ste 701 Athens, GA
1865 Abortion Access Project Inc 47 Thorndike St                  30606 (706)208-1211Awards scholarships annually to low-
Cambridge, MA 02141 (617)661-1161Organizes to train new           income women ages 35 and older who are US Citizens enrolled in
abortion providers, expand access to abortion services, and       accredited vocational undergraduate college programs.
increase awareness of the critical role of abortion in  
promoting women's health.
                                                                  1748 Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International
2484 Air Compassion America Air Ambulance Angels4620              KidpowerPO Box 1212 Santa Cruz, CA 950611212 (831)426-
Haygood Rd Ste 1 Virgina Beach, CA 23455 (757)271-                4407Teaches empowering safety skills to help everyone,
2294Saving significant costs for seriously ill family membes      especially children, women, and disabled people, increase
needing long-distance transportation. A patient advocate for      confidence and protect themselves from emotional and physical
life-saving air ambulance services.          violence and abuse.
2607 American Association of University Women                     1667 National Council on Family Violence PO Box 161810
Educational Foundation, Inc. 1111 16th St NW                      Austin, TX 78746 (512)685-626924-hour National Hotline
Washington, DC 20036 (202)785-7742Distributes $4 million          designed to provide assistance to nearly 22,000 callers each
in fellowships, grants, awards, community action projects,        month in need of domestic violence crisis intervention, education,
and research on issues affecting women and girls. Promotes        service coordination, and referrals.
equity through education and action.
                                                                  2976 National Women's History Musum 205 S Whiting St Ste
1935 Americans Helping Americans Inc 2550 Huntington              254 Alexandria, VA 22304 (703)461-1920We are an award-
Ave Ste 200 Alexandria, VA 22303 (703)317-9412Aiding              winning, web-based Museum sponsoring CyberExhibits and
extremely needy Appalachian and urban Americans;                  classroom curricula that preserve the stories of women whose
providing low-income families, the elderly, victims of            lives have been lost to history.
domestic violence with basic needs assistance, support
services, affordable housing.            935 Women Count! Women in DialoguePO Box 11795
                                                                  Philadelphia, PA 19101 (215)848-1120Women’s work has value
2837 Americas for UNFPA Inc 370 Lexington Ave Ste 702             that must be recognized. Pressing for caregiving work to be
New York, NY 100176503 (646)649-9100Promotes the                  counted – and reflected in equal pay, childcare, tax credits, Social
health and dignity of women by providing health care, access      Security.
to education, and fighting the spread of HIV and gender-
based violence.                         942 Women, Children and Family Service Charities of
                                                                  America 1100 Larkspur Landing Cir Ste 340 Larkspur, CA
213 Child Family Health International 995 Market St Ste           94939 (415)925-2600Creating a better world by constructively
1104 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415)957-9000Improving               addressing gender based discrimination, domestic violence,
health care in underserved communities. Utilizing medical         reproductive choices, family-work conflicts, caregiver support,
supplies to save women's and children's lives. Providing          and childhood education, hunger and health.
urgent relief to disaster stricken communities.
2430 Children at Risk Intervention Fund P O Box 2300
Redlands, CA 92373 (909)793-2009Your gifts support efforts
to rescue, help, protect, give hope to the weakest among us -
children abandoned, abused, abducted, victims of
pornography and sex trafficking.
2906 Christmas SPIRIT Foundation 16020 Swingley
Ridge Rd Ste 300 Chesterfield, MO 63017 (636)449-5060We
support kids, families and the environment, our trees for

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