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									Sssslice, crunch, crunch, crunch, sssslice, crunch, crunch, crunch...damn, I make better
salads for these ducks than I do for my own family....Bella thought. She paused, put the
knife down, rolled up a magazine and smacked the crap out of a house spider which was
unfortunate enough to get caught walking on a wall.

"Mamma, it's just a spida! Silly!", said the Little SickThing.
"I know, Baby, I just don't want it going anywhere I can't see it is all."
"Not goin' ANY whea NOW, Mamma!"
"No, Honey, it's not."
"Mamma, can we watch TV?"
"Sure, Baby." BellaDonna picked up the remote and turned on the tv in the kitchen. Having
disposed of 'house spider's' remains, she resumed cutting celery.

"Good Evening! I'm Shakoya Winters! And I'm Josh Bellows! Welcome to this evening's
edition of the six o'clock news!"
Little SickThing: "Awww! I don't wanna watch da news Mamma!"
Ms. Winters: "Our leading story tonight - Alice Cooper."
Little SickThing: "Mam---"
BellaDonna: "SSSHHHHHHHHHHHH! Listen - Alice is on the news."

Ms. Winters: "Alice Cooper, the Legendary Shock Rocker, is *dramatic pause* missing."

Bella rolls eyes, ssslice, crunch, crunch, crunch.

"The 57 year old rock star was last seen leaving an arena after having participated in a
fundraising event in Arizona Thursday night."

Ssllice, crunch, crunch, crun - "A preliminary search of his personal premises revealed
nothing out of the ordinary other than his Viper - which he left the arena in is (no idea what
he'd drive! Sorry! I picked something FAST and RED!
      ) missing. It has not been located. ", -ch... puts knife down to watch TV. Cut to
Calico, crying, "Dad? Where are you?", she's so sweet, thinks Bella. Cut to Sheryl,
 "Honey? Are you ok? Just come back home...", more tears........ she's sweet too, Bella

"If anyone has any information, the family and police urge you to call: 1-800-666-5666.
 Next up.........................."

Bella turned to cartoons for the Little One who asked, "You dink Anice is OK?"
"Sure, baby, maybe he just needed a little break."
"I dink you right, Mamma."
"I hope so."

BellaDonna thought long and hard about whether or not to pick up the phone. It's Saturday
night now, should have turned up already... She wandered to her night stand and drew out
the piece of powder blue coffin lining satin w/ the eye makeup on it and stared down at it. It
was real, wasn't it? If that stuff was all just a dream, then I can't be holding this. She
dropped it, watched it fall, land, and picked it up. It's real. She put it away. Her arm tingled
where that damn spider had bitten her.

Back in the kitchen, she picked up the phone: 555-2667, ringing, ringing...."We're Sorry,
the person you're trying to reach cannot be located." Automated voice, click. Humph...hung
up her phone: he's either out of range, phone's shut off or the battery's dead.... He's getting
to be high maintenance...at least it's not Landy - none of that stuff made the evening
news....there's something to be thankful for, she thought.

Maybe after everyone's fed and abed, I'll check out the SickThings Website. Maybe Si will
know more.

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Zoogirl nearly fried her keyboard when the sip of coffee she'd just taken exited her mouth in
a fine spray. What had Lynn just said?!

Zoo ran out of the computer room and cranked up the TV. Calico and Sheryl were on the
screen, crying. The picture cut back to her favorite morning newscaster.

"And in local news..."

"Sickthings, and fast! " zoo thought, sitting once again at the computer. "Si, Bella, someone!
What on earth is going on?" (Zoogirl)

Spice woke up at 6am as usual, cursing her biological clock that wouldn't give her a break on
her day off. She wandered sleepy eyed into the kitchen and was happy to find a mugs worth
of coffee still in the pot from the evening before. She poured it into her favorite pirate flag
mug and placed it in the microwave, absentmindedly humming "Who Do You Think We
Are?" as she puttered around the kitchen waiting for the ding.
DING!! The sound momentarily shocked her out of her sleepy reverie. She retrieved the
steaming hot cup, added a little soy creamer and shuffled over to the computer.
Powering up, her ALIENSPICE desktop design, a gift from Dannorama on the sickthings site,
made her grin.
"Wonder what Alice really thinks of aliens?" she thought to herself as she waited for her dial
up to connect.
"I know a lot of Christians just refuse to entertain the possibility, but living out in the desert
like that I'll bet he's seen a few unexplainable things. I know I did..." her thoughts trailed off
as the headline ticker appeared at the top of her screen.
"Medicare Over Budget", "Paris Hilton Digs a Grave", "Alice Cooper Missing".....
"WHAT!" The headline had already gone past when it registered, so she had to wait for it to
come around again.
She clicked on it and read the full story, such as it was...Alice and his car missing since
Thursday, Calico and Sheryl knew nothing....
Spice quickly searched for the local Phoenix news website to check if there was any more
information. The story was similarly vague, but the next story caught her eye.

"Several local residents report unexplained power outages Thursday night in the
neighborhoods around the arena. Power companies are unable to explain the surge, which
occurred around midnight Thursday. Investigations are proceeding, and anyone with further
information is encouraged to contact their local utilities."

A chill ran down her back as the two stories came together in her mind.
"Better check and see if the rest of the Sickthings have any more information".....

WeirdKat was sitting at her computer after breakfast, checking e-mail and scanning the headlines
in USA Today online…the usual. Nice, comfortable routine, same as most mornings…right up
until she hit the headline “Alice Cooper Goes Missing”. Frowning fiercely, she hit the link and
read a short piece: “Alice Cooper, the well-known “Godfather of Shock Rock” is missing from his
home in Phoenix, AZ. He was last seen leaving an arena after a fund-raising event Thursday
February 9, 2005, at about 11:00 pm. A preliminary search at his home revealed that none of his
possessions seem to be missing other than the Dodge Viper he had been driving that night.
Police are investigating the disappearance of the performer, and ask that anyone having any
information call 1-800-666-5666.”

There were a couple of side-bar links to follow up. One led to the TV footage of Calico and
Cheryl, crying, asking Alice to come home, and so on. The other had reactions and quotes from
Calico and Cheryl, various figures in the music business, and prominent people in Phoenix. The
overall thrust of the comments was worried, positive that Alice would never pull this kind of thing
as a stupid publicity stunt; WeirdKat couldn‟t help smiling just a little at the way Dave Mustaine
summed up the situation. “I‟m PLENTY worried about it! No way – NO F***IN‟ WAY – he would
ever pull this kind of s**t for a publicity stunt or a joke. He‟d never worry his family like this, and if
he‟s missing either somebody‟s grabbed him or he‟s got one damn serious reason for doing it!”

After she finished reading, WeirdKat sat staring at the screen, thinking. “This one‟s not like last
time” she thought. “This one‟s right here in the waking world, where all the rules apply.” She was
trying not to let her imagination run wild with worst-case scenarios, but with Dimebag Darrell still
at the back of her mind lately, it wasn‟t easy. “Time to get ahold of some of the other Sickies, I
guess” she said to herself, and padded off towards the phone. (WeirdKat)

Jaded walked into Bella's house on Sunday morning not expecting much, but got a big

Bella's kid runs up to me yelling, "Auntie Jaded, You hea 'bout Anice???"
Jaded looks to Bella for an explanation.
Bella quickly explains what they'd seen on the news.

Jaded: "Honey, maybe he just needed a little break."
Little SickThing: "I KNOW! Dat's what Mamma Said!", and ran away.

Jaded: "Holy Sh#$. What's going on??"
Bella: "Damned if I know, but I DO know one thing."
Jaded: "What's that?"
Bella smiled ruefully, "The boy's "high maintenance".
Jaded: breaks into laughter. "No seriously."
Bella raises left eyebrow questioningly.
Jaded: "You think he's ok?"
Bella's eyebrow calms, "I really don't know."
Jaded: "They still haven't found the car?"
Bella: "No. Not yet."
Jaded: "Does it have OnStar or a GPS?"
Bella: "I have no idea, but I would THINK so. Then again, the Prowler allegedly previously
belonging to him auctioned (unsuccessfully) on Ebay had a CASSETTE player."
Jaded: "Maybe we should contact Calico and Sheryl and find out what the car DID have and
find out WHERE it is?"
Bella: "They weren't in our 'nightmare's'. Well Calico was, but how do you think she'd
HANDLE hearing from SICKTHINGS right now?"
Jaded: "You're probably right."
Bella: "I intend to check out the situation tonite on SickThingsUK to see if Si has anymore
info. You know: Internet - quiet, anonymous."
Jaded: "Well, there was that 'ufo' sighting in Tilton, NH two wks ago..."
Bella raises eyebrow again, questioningly.
Jaded: "They claim that a bright light came down, shined upon their car and they didn't know
where they had been for three days."
Bella: "Might'a been tequila."
Jaded: "heheheh, or possibly Cap'tn Morgan!"
Bella: " (eric cartman voice), "There are NOT flames coming outta my a----!"
Jaded: "(stan voice) "Oh my god, they killed Rox-----!"
Bella & Jaded: "You Bastards!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!"
Laughter subsiding, Jaded asked: "Seriously, you think he's ok?"
Bella: "We'll find out."

{dictated by Jaded, typed by Bella           }
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"Hi Weirdkat!" zoo sat on the couch and grasped the phone. "Yeah, I saw it! What do you
think is up?"

Weirdkat paused. "I don't really know. I don't think he'd just take off. Heck, I know he wouldn't
just take off. Any ideas?"

"Well, one. Did you see the bit about the possible UFO in the area?"

"Yes" 'Kat replied.

"It's just possible that Alice was in the area. Now, I don't really think the aliens abducted
him." zoo laughed nervously, "But maybe he saw something? You know that he's interested
in paranormal stuff. Maybe he saw something so mind-blowing that he's just dropped
everything to check it out. I wonder about Calico and Sheryl too..."

"What?" Weirdkat asked.

"Remember what he said about Callico? 'That girl's headed to Broadway?' I wonder if it's an
act. This could be some sort of an Elvis thing."

"Okay, you lost me." Weirdkat sounded totally confused.

"Remember when Elvis got himself involved with the cops? He did some sort of drug bust or
something. Anyway, what if Alice actually saw something and he's helping the authorities
out, undercover, you know? The 'disappearance" could be to account for, uh, him
disappearing. He must have stuff he's supposed to be doing right now."

"Yeah, like recording a new album." Weirdkat sighed. "I see what you mean but it seems kind
of complicated. Couldn't he just have come down with laryngitis or something?"

"There are still too many people who'd expect him to be around. Unless he was really 'ill', he
could still be going over arrangements, writing, that kind of thing. Maybe he is just crazy
enough to grab a little publicity too, as long as his family is actually in on it. Callico was
awfully nice at the party after the concert. I wish I had the guts to call her."

"Wait and see, I guess. I'm going to make a few more calls, see if anyone else has any
ideas. I'll PM you or call your cell if I find out anything." Weirdkat said good-bye and hung up.
Sitting in his big leather chair, MrD's jaw dropped like an anchor when he saw the story.
Thinking to himself "Not again dammit...I cant' believe it...how is that one man can get into so
much trouble."
"DAMMIT" he yelled not meaning to.
MrsD called to him from the kitchen. "What are you yelling about now?...Wait dont tell
me...you took Alabama over Florida in hoops last night didncha?
"Uh ..yeah...thats it" he said.
"So how bad did they get beat?"
"By 42"
"That couldnt have been pretty" she said.
"Listen hon...I've been thinking....I'm a little stressed right now...works about to kill
me...Bama cant buy a frekin win...I think I'll drive up to the ranch and spend a couple of days.
Maybe do a little fishin ...ya know ...just get away for a bit."
"Ranch my ass" she said..."Whater ya up to? Ya goin to see your girlfriend"
Mr D rolled his eyes..."How many times I gotta tell ya....I aint got no girlfriend but you baby."
He gave her a hug and a slap on the bottom. "Listen I just really need to do this ok."
"OK" she said with a nod.
At dawn the next day MrD put some supplies in his truck. He got his riding gear, boots and
duster, also several pistols and his shotgun and loaded them in the cargo bay behind the
seats. He then zipped up his laptop and grabbed his cell phone, gave the wife a kiss on the
cheek so as not to wake her and headed west for Oklahoma. (Mr. Demeanor)

Mr Jones ! Mr Jones ! Wake up sir,we are thirty minutes from JFK.
The voice seemed a long way off,a very long way off.How I had managed to sleep at all
surprised me.This was the first time I had slept in two days.
"OK Miss,thanks,any chance of a coffee ?"
"No problem,must have been a bad dream you had,there "
Sitting up,I looked around at the thinly populated aircraft.
"If only it were a dream"

The call came like a bolt out of the blue.
"Baz,MrD,it`s happened,he`s gone."
"You are f****ng kidding me,how ?,when ?"
"Last night I think,done a fundraiser then gone"
"Any clues ?"
"A few,can yer get as soon as ?"
"I`m on it,do me a favour,book me a flight from JFK to Huntsville,I`ll pick the tickets up
there,and arrange to have the usual put in left luggage"

Baz rubbed his eyes "Christ what a mess,the number of times we had pleaded with him ,but
he wouldn`t listen"

The bottle of Coors went down smooth.
"Flight AA 125 for Huntsville,boarding at gate three"
Baz took a deep breath "Now it begins" (Baz)

MrD pulled into the parking lot of the Airport Hilton in Huntsville Alabama. He took the black
leather satchel that contained the various weopons from the cargo bay of the truck and went
inside, letting the valet park his vehicle. "Good afternoon sir" the lady at the desk said.
"Checking in?"
"Yes Maam" MrD said as he set down the heavy satchel beside him. "Just one
night..smoking room please"
'Very well" the young attractive woman said. "Would you like to put this on your credit card?
"Sure" MrD said as he laid his card on the desk and signed in.
"You'll be in room 6-0-8...take the elevator and it's on the right."
"Thank you" MrD smiled and gave the pretty young girl a wink. He then reached down and
took the satchel and went to the elevator. He went inside the room and checked his watch
and saw that it was still a couple of hours before Baz's flight arrived. He thought he would
use this time to do a little research.
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MrD opened his laptop and typed in Landys name into the search engine. After reading
through several news items about the controversial research doctor he found his obituary.
"Hmmmmm this is interesting" he thought to himself. "Dateline Los Angeles... Dr. James
Landy who's unorthodox sleep research earned him some international notoriety was found
dead in his Los Angeles lab. Landy had earned accodales early on in his career for his
pioneering work in dream analysis but was later censured by the AMA for some of his
unorthodox experiments. Blah Blah Blah..at one time was the full time physician to rock star
Alice Cooper....Blah Blah Blah...had also conducted research into the paranormal...Blah Blah
Blah...ok here we go... Landy was found dead in his lab after being in a self-induced coma
for over six months. An autopsy revealed that he died of a brain anurism."

MrD smiled and quietly laughed to himself..."Brain anurism my ass...I blew his f****** head
off. Well, at least he aint got nuthin to do with this now."

MrD looked at his watch. "Almost time" he said to himself. He left the room and took the
elevator back down to the lobby then walked across the skywalk and took the elevator to the
airport. He walked along and took a seat near Baz's gate and waited. (Mr. Demeanor)

Baz lit up a cigarette and took one almighty drag.
"Christ,I`m gunna have to stop killing myself like this"

The hot air hit him in the face and he could feel the sweat forming on his brow.
The battered holdall came round,it was heavy,unusually heavy.He held it like an old friend.
"Now,let me see if I can find that old redneck son of a bitch"

The glass roof was like a magniying glass,making everyone squint as they approached
awaiting family and friends,making it impossible to recognise anyone at all.

"Still alive I see"
"Yeah but for how much longer"

The two men stood toe to toe exchanging insults for a while,then hugged like only people
who had been to hell and back together would hug.
"Good to see you again old friend""Been a long time"
"Too long" said MrD
"Are the crazy Canucks with us "
"They had better be,we don`t have much chance without em"
"C`mon Baz we have work to do "
The drive to the hotel was a quiet one,both men immersed in their thoughts,both with worried
looks on their faces. (Baz)

"I went ahead and got a room...figured you'ld wanna get a shower before we headed out."
MrD said as he slid the key card through the slot in the door of room 608.
"I am feeling a bit ripe" Baz said "I feel like I been on that bloody plane for a week. So wot
'ave yer found out so far me owd mucker?"
"Nuthin much...you pretty much know everything I do." MrD answered
"Well bloody 'ell, that aint much to speak of is it?" Baz laughed.
MrD was glad his friend was here with him now and laughed at Baz's unbridled sarcasm.
"I reckon between the two of us we might make a good half-wit" MrD shot back...All I know
for sure is that Alice has gone missing...AGAIN!..along with a bright red Dodge Viper...I aint
talked to any of the other SickThings yet but I'll betcha a dollar to a doughnut that I'll have
some e-mail waitin on me. I figured I'd pick you up here then we'd drive on over to tha ranch
and wait there til we hear something a little more concrete. From there it's just a short drive
to Dallas if we need to catch a plane."
"Sounds like a plan to me" Baz said as he got into the shower. " 'Ow bout we get a bite
before we leave though..I've not 'ad a bite since I left Heathrow"
" 'ell yes ...yer read me mind"
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MrD dialed the front desk. "Yes , this is MrDemeanor in room 608....yes sweetheart I
remember you too...Well thank you very much....thats a tempting offer but I'm married
sweetie....Listen hon...could you send someone out to pick us up some food....yes I know the
hotel has room service...but theres something special I want.....ok thank you....send
someone over to Popeyes and pick us up a couple of three piece dinners..yeah the works....
thats room 608....thanks sweetheart , you're a doll. MrD hung up the phone and turned to
face at Baz who was looking at MrD as if he had lobsters coming out of his ears.
"What?" MrD said
"What the bloody 'ell was that all about!" he shouted.
MrD just shrugged his shoulders.

"Listen mate" Baz said "theres something about this that dunt add up"
"Whats that?" MrD asked as he lit up a smoke.
"Alright then I know Alice aint had a hit record in a few years and he aint been selling out the
big arenas anymore but Jesus Christ I aint like he's anonymous yer know."
"Yep, I think I know whatcha mean"
"Right...it's not like he's just another face in the crowd." Baz went on. "And a bright red
Dodge Viper for Christs sake...it aint like they're crawling all over the bloody roads."
MrD said. "So...how does somebody who's as famous as Alice Cooper, driving a bright red
Dodge Viper just dissappear in Phoenix Arizona...a city of a million people?"
"With not a single witness mind yer" Baz added. "It's not bloody possible...a fellow might not
recognize Alice but even a blind man dont miss a bright red Dodge Viper"
MrD answered the knock at the door and a pimply faced young man entered the room with a
sackful of fried chicken with all the fixens. MrD handed the boy a fifty and told him to keep
the change. "Thanks alot mister" the boy said as he left the room.
"He didn't just vanish into thin air" MrD said.
"I think the bloke has done this on his own." Baz said.
"I hope your right" MrD answered as he sat down at the little table."
"Yer got biscuits didnt yer mate?" Baz asked
MrD smiled and nodded "And gravy" (Mr. Demeanor)

BellaDonna logged into the SickThingsUK website later on Sunday nite, after the party was
over, the guests had gone home and the mess SOMEWHAT cleaned up. There had been
no further mention on the news, so the STUK {heh!} website was the best choice for further

On the "News" page, there was a small article detailing the info already known to THE
WORLD, it seemed, posted there by Si. Nothing really new, except for the fact that he'd not
been personally able to successfully contact Renfield for verification of the information. He'd
keep trying.

On the Discussion Board, there was a post: "Where Is Alice?" post started by
WickedYoungMan....Bella thought, there's a shocker.....ooooo, sarcasm comes to the
forefront            ! 45 Responses 210 views.

Bella clicked it. It read:
"Hey! You guys hear the news Saturday Nite??? Alice is GONE! What happened to him?
 Where did he go? Do you guys have any idea? Maybe he's in secret dealings with
Sanctuary - 'cuz I hope he sells 100,000 copies of 'dirty diamonds' (tenative name)! What do
you think will happen with all those $400 passes they sold? think he'll be back in time for the
UK shows? Come on people! I'm starting a poll!"

Bella stared at her screen, scratched her head, stared at the monitor screen some more,
thinking, sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself..... 44 responses, briefly scanning
them, Si and others pointing out that this isn't a publicity stunt, some people pissed, others
worried, etc.... Hmmmmm, she noticed....no response from Mr. D...... That's odd, isn't it?
 Or Baz..... he usually has at least a snipit to contribute.....hmmmm.....

BellaDonna started her own post:
"Anyone on the Board from Arizona?"
It read:

"Is ANY one here from Arizona? If so, do you have a car and a pair of binoculars? Do you
live near the arena and are you willing to 'take a drive' with a friend from the arena back
towards the Cooper residence?
I ask because a CANDY APPLE RED Dodge Viper is HARD TO MISS - especially in a
desert..Might be easy for local law enforcement to miss, but not a SickThing. Just an idea.
 Let us know.
Much Well,

She then PM'd Mr. D.: "Hey Honey, Where you been? You've been AWEFULLY quiet, you
ok? Read my post, will ya? Any ideas where that high maintence boy may have gone?
 Lemme hear from you. Much Well, BD"
And sent it.
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Zoo sat reading the lengthy thread. Of course everyone had their own opinion. Hmm...no Mr
D, no Baz, no Bella...wait. There she was.

Arizona. Zoo sat back and rubbed her eyes. "This oughta be fun", she thought. "How am I
going to get to Arizona?"

Planes were probably out. There was the little matter of a broken lobby door back in '84.
Only a misdemeanor but since 9/11 who knew how picky the airlines were? She could cross
the border legally if she could get a ride and just breeze through. After that, maybe she
could hitch or catch up to someone and get a ride the rest of the way.

Better have a little chat with the Mr.
WeirdKat was in the department heads‟ meeting at the small local public health district where
she worked. She was trying to keep her mind on business instead of on Alice‟s
disappearance, although she‟d been “sneaking peeks” online off and on all day, keeping alert
for news. Paul, the Administrator, was telling them about the Public Health Emergency
Planning and Response meeting he‟d been to, and the current plans for the regional tabletop
exercise. “We‟re still supposed to be doing a „pandemic flu outbreak‟ type scenario” he said,
“but now they‟ve decided to jazz it up and complicate it with intermittent widespread power
outages.” “Power outages? Is that just to make their lives a little more interesting in Public
Works and the Sheriff‟s Office?” asked WeirdKat. “It get‟s better” grinned Paul. “These are
mystery power outages that keep happening without any apparent reason.” “Huh!” snorted
Rae Jean, the head of Community Health. “They‟ve been reading all those news stories
about all those unexplained power outages out there in Arizona, I‟ll bet!” “Nice” commented
WK. “I better go over the plan and make sure it accounts for public information about water
and food safety and all that jazz during power outages, we gotta make sure there‟s
emergency power for any of the places we might set up our fictitious flu clinics, make sure all
my “When the Power is Out” handouts for food and water safety are out there…and
remember, Kiddies, we still have to do all our regular work in and around all this planning
and excercises and what-all!” to herself, she thought “Well, at least it gives me something to
do besides wonder what happened to Alice…” (WeirdKat)


Zoo's old man shook his head and groaned. "Alright, alright. I'll do the animals and the boys'll
be fine. Danny's never home anyway. What are you going to do for money?"

'Hopefully I won't have to leave until later in the week. I've got four day-care tours coming up,
minimun ten kid's each plus adults. Should be close to two hundred."

"We can't afford this." He looked at her. "But go. You'll never handle not going.'

"You're right." zoo hugged him. "Thanks."    (Zoogirl)

Baz mopped up his plate as though it were his last meal.
"You finished ?" he asked.
"Go ahead,I ate this morning.Don`t British Airways feed yer ?"
Baz laughed.
"If we get through this,am tekkin home a tub o`this gravy,i`ll tell yer that much"
The trash was in the bin,and both men finished off their Snapples with a satisfied look on
their faces.
"You southern folks sure know how to cook"
"Now down to work"

MrD,plugged in his laptop and sat on the bed,that serious frown appeared on his face,a look
Baz knew only too well.
"We have to try and get in touch with the others,either direct,or through STUK,we have to
find out what they know"
Baz was walking around the room,he thought better when on the move.
"Mail the bloody lot of em,get em to fly into Dallas tomorrow afternoon,we`ll pick em up
there.That`ll give us time to make the ranch and start making preperations.Make sure yer
give em the card number,tell em t` get anything they need"

MrD started,Dallas/Ft Worth .Tuesday PM,will pick you up.
2364 8787 5880 4540.
He entered the names of all the Sick Things he wanted with us on this one,and hit the send
"While thaz on,get on the Arizona Chronicle website,see if theres anything new"
MrD nodded.
"Get me a drink of water buddy,my throats drier than a lime burners clog."
Baz burst out laughing "Christ man ,what language do you guys speak down here,it isn`t
English thats for sure"

MrD looked up from the screen.
"Nothing new,nothing that can help us anyhoo"
His fingers moved across the keyboard,obviously he had seen something.
"Wait a darn minute,it seems that the greater Pheonix area has been experiencing a few
power problems.Over the last couple of weeks there as been a number of "power outages"
now THAT is interesting"
Baz walked from the bathroom with a glass of water in his hand.
"The same sort of thing that happened in Oakland,and that place up in New England ?"
"New Hampshire,Concord,yeah it seems that way"
"We had better get our butts in gear,my Limey friend"

Both men packed in a hurry and headed downstairs.         (Baz)

"I see you came prepared"Baz said as he saw the stash of weapons behind the seat.
"Too right,after that time in Peru ,this guy don`t take no chances"
Baz grinned to himself,"Aah Peru,y`know my f*****g arse still hurts at times"
"Not surprising ,seeing as yer left most of it in them caves.Nice artwork on the walls though
eh ? "

Baz turned and looked at MrD,who was concentrating on the road ahead.
"After that episode yer would have thought Alice would have learnt his lesson""No wonder
the poor bastard turned to drink"

"So you thinks it`s connected then ?"

"I don`t know,lets just say it wouldn`t surprise me.Lets see what the others come up
with,before we start jumping to conclusions"

The next couple of hours was spent in relative silence,except for the ZZ Top CDs that had
been loaded into the multi-changer.
"Been whispered round,that Texas town,bout that shack ouside La Grange,you know what
am talkin about"
"Aah ,the Reverend Billy G."
MrD always enjoyed a road trip.
With his good friend by his side,a couple more good friends stashed behind his seat and a bit
of Texas blues on the stereo,he was feeling pretty darn good about things. (Baz)

WeirdKat was on the phone with Zoogirl, having called her to see if Zoo had heard anything
from the others that hadn‟t been on the news. “Listen,” said WeirdKat, “instead of trying to
cross the border in that mess over by Vancouver, just get yourself east to Penticton. I can
swing up there and pick you up, it‟ll be a lot easier for you to cross at Osoyoos/Oroville.
Especially if we tell the guys at the border that you‟re coming to visit me for a couple of
weeks. “But isn‟t that a lot of trouble for you?” asked Zoogirl. “It‟s a long drive, isn‟t it? Are
you sure you won‟t have any trouble at the border” “Couple of hours, no big deal around
here. In this county, we drive farther than that just to get to most of our meetings. And I
won‟t have any trouble at the border, the Border Patrol office at Oroville knows me. We can
see about getting you to Arizona from here. I can run you down to Wenatchee, put you on
Amtrak or the big grey dog, so you can skip the airline hassles.” “Oh, good” answered
Zoogirl, considerably relieved. “I‟ll call you back after I figure out when I can get to Penticton,
and we‟ll set up when and where to meet”. Hanging up, she though to herself “One problem
down, a few dozen to go!” (WeirdKat)

Jaded woke in a panic on tuesday morning.. not really knowing why.she made herself a cup
of coffee and went to sit in front of the computer." You've got mail" she heard. she took a
deep breath and clicked on the icon. a pm from Mr.D she went to the STUK site to retrieve
her messages. Dallas? I think I can do that.. Jaded calles Bella on the phone.The fist two
words from her mouth were ROAD TRIP!!
Jaded: Bella can you book us a flight outa Logan?
Bella: I'm all over it already!
Jaded: GREAT. Let me pack somethings and call the husband and I will be down in about an
Bella:I'll see you when you get here!
Jaded: hey Bella! Baz is with Mr. D too, You think he remembered to bring some smarties?
Bella: hehehehehe
Jaded hung up the phone laughing.
She packed some stuff grabbed her cellphone and walked out the door.

Zoo hung up the phone. So far so good. As soon as he'd put it back in the cradle, it rang


"Hey, sweetie. Listen, you know your tours? They rebooked. You better get in here - they're
gonna do 'em all today!"

"Arrgh! Coopusinterruptus! What time?!" zoo looked at her watch. A little after eight.

"No panic. They start at one and they figure hourly."

"Okay" zoo said with relief. "I'll head in. It looks like I might be gone for a while after that."

"I figured. Hamsterhead is gonna have a bird. Like we care!"

"Yeah. Well he'll just have to do some actual work. I'll see you soon." zoo hung up. Great.
That was the road cash taken care of, plus she'd be free to go that evening. She eyed the
phone again, picked it up and dialled.

"Hey Linda. Listen, can I get Chrystle's number? She's still with Dan, right?"

Zoo got the number and hung up. This time a little boy answered.

'Hey kiddo, get your mom, okay? Tell her it's zoogirl, Danny's mom."

Chrystle came on the line. "Hi. What's up?"

"Hey, is Dan still going to Edmonton regularly?"
"Yeah, in fact Mom's watching Kurt and we're going tonight."

"Perfect! Can I catch a ride to somewhere's near Osoyoos?"

"Sure! It'll be fun! I never see you guys anymore. We'll pick you up abou 7:00. Dan likes to
leave after rush hour."

They said goodbye and hung up. Thank goodness for Chrystle and her family. Zoo still had
trouble thinking of her as a grown woman with a child of her own. Chrystle's brother Brandon
had been Danny's best friend since they were seven and five.

She quickly called Weirdkat back and made arrangements to meet in Osoyoos. Then she
literally ran for work.

The sun was burning bright,and the air con was playing up as they drove along Highway 1-
40,just outside Memphis,Tennessee
"I need to pull over Baz,this suns killing my head"
"No problem,lets grab a brew and I`ll take over,we can check our mail while we`re at it"

Baz knew about the headaches that MrD suffered with,he`d been with him long enough to
know what they can do to him.
"Cheers man,that would help"

After a cold soda,or pop as Baz called it,they plugged in the laptop,MrD didn`t like what he
"Not a f*****g thing"
"Not even from the Canucks ?"
"Not a single thing"
"They must know by know,what the hell has happened.If they don`t get to Dallas,we are in
deep shit my friend"
"Tell me something I don`t know"said MrD as he slammed shut the laptop.
"C`mon Baz lets hit the road"
The breeze seemed to cool things down a bit,and the clouds had taken a bit of the strength
out of the sun as the truck lurched forward once more.
"Non stop between here and the ranch,put that foot down and try to keep from killing us eh"
A smile had returned to MrDs face once more,he really did enjoys his friends company,after
all he was probably the only person in the world who he could trust with his life.
"Wake me when we`re near"
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Baz and MrD exited off from Interstate 40 west of Little Rock, Arkansas just before midnight
and pulled into a twenty-four hour coffee shop. The two men had no sooner sat at a booth
when the waitress arrived and wiped down the table with a greasy dish towell.
"Ya'll want some coffee?"
"Please" MrD answered.
She dropped a couple of menus and soon returned with our coffee's.
"Well what'll it be hon" she drawled.
"I'm not leavin this place without having some grits I'll tell yer that young lady" Baz declared.
The waitress smiled and said "You aint from round here are ya?"
"Wot gave me away dearie?" Baz winked at her.
"Well it's that funny acccent ya got....so whar ya from?" she asked.
"France" Baz said with a straight face.
MrD could hardly contain himself but managed to keep from bursting out with laughter. The
men ordered and as soon as the waitress dissappeared MrD opened his laptop.
"Anything?" Baz asked
"Yeah...theres a PM from Jaded." he answered
"It's about bloody time...well wot's she got to say mate?" Baz asked.
"She says she got the message and she and Bella will be on the way soon." D said. "I'll send
her my cell phone number and instructions to call when they land in Dallas. Theres a Double
Tree Inn at the airport there they can use my credit card to get a room and wait for anyone
else that shows up there."
"Does the Double Tree 'ave a bar ?" Baz asked
MrD's eyes peered over the laptops screen. "Of course...next stupid question."
"Right" Baz said.
The men finished their meal and in the darkness headed south on Interstate 35.
" 'Ow much further?" Baz asked.
"We'll cut across when we get to Texarkana and then its only bout 3 hours from
there...should be there by daylight." MrD explained
"Well that's bloody good news...my arse is sore on one cheek and numb on the other." Baz
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Bella sat drinking coffee infront of her computer. She'd already sync'd the laptop and the
desktop, loaded the US road map into her GPS and mapped a road route to Dallas &
Phoenix for the Mr. to refer to should he need to find her. She put flight.com into his
"favourites" so he could track their flight and written down the AA flight # & time of leaving as
well as its ETA. Her PDA was already sync'd w/ the desktop and her laptop. Technically,
Mr. BD would be able to track her.

She was on the STUK site w/ the PM window open reading Mr. D.'s PM when she heard Mr.
BD on the stairs. PM window to the taskbar...She knew that sometimes the best way to 'sell'
an idea was to let the 'buyer' 'sell' it to him/or herself....
Mr. BD: "So what's going on? Any new info?"
Bella: "Hey, Hon, nah, no further info."
Mr. BD: "What's law enforcement doing?"
Bella: "Looks like not much: there's speculation of a publicity stunt, which I don't believe.
Not to mention that for the last 30 yrs, people have just been BEGGIN' for the guy to 'go
away'. Oddly, it doesn't appear as though anyone's even bothered by this."
Mr. BD: "So when you leavin'?"
Bella turned to him shocked: "What?"
Mr. BD: "Duh. You woke up one morning w/ that blue cloth in your hand, I believed the
story you gave me - twice. When you leavin'?"
Bella: "What about the Little One?"
Mr. BD: "I already put in for two wks vacation, that should give you the better part of a
month away. Plus I'm looking forward to spending time w/ The Little One."
Bella: "You don't mind?"
Mr. BD: "No, I just want you to remember that THIS TIME, it counts. Whatever happens
this time, you can't 'wash it away in the stream'...get it?"
Bella gave him a hug and a kiss, "Yeah, I get it."
Mr. BD: "Go get ready."
Bella smiled slyly. Mr. BD laughed, "Ahhh....I see...sold myself didn't I?"
Bella smiled again.
Mr. BD: "Jaded will be her in about an hour then?"
Bella: "Yep, you can track me through the desktop."
Mr. BD: "Got it, I know the road trip rules.
Bella: "Takin' a flight from Logan to Dallas, then the road, I guess."
Mr. BD: "Got it." He hugged her again, "Love you, babe." "Love you too."

Jaded arrived right on schedule. Before they left, Bella PM'd Mr. D. with the flight # and
arrival time. She included her cell phone number, should he need to contact her quickly for
any reason. She then read his PM to her and programmed his cell # into her phone.

Their bags packed, Bella paused to hug the Little One.
Little One: "You goin' to find Anice, Mamma?"
Bella: "Yeah, Baby, how'd you know that?"
Little One: "Well, you did it last time."
Bella was shocked again, "How do you know that?"
Little One: "I was dreamin' Silly!"
Bella: "Great...you listen to Daddy and you be a good boy, take care of the ducks and I'll be
back soon - I'll call you and email, OK?"
Little One: "Yeah! Love you, Mamma!" big hug.
Bella: "Love you too, Baby." Kisses.

In Jaded's car, on the road to Logan they sat, mostly in silence, which for them, was odd.
On the CD player was, "Who Do You Think We Are", special forces in an armored
car......Great, Bella thought, this time it counts.

They arrived at the airport from Hell in less than 40 minutes. Most of the lights were out.
The arrival and take off monitors were black - nothing.
Jaded: "What's going on?"
Bella: "Power Outage."
Jaded: "You've got to be kidding me."

At the check in counter, the outage was verified and the flights grounded until the problem
could be resolved.
Bella asked the lady at the counter, "Do you have any idea how long that could be?"
Lady: "No, maam. We are unable to locate the problem."
Bella & Jaded exchanged a glance, "Can you refund these tickets on this credit card number
Lady: "Luckily, Maam, I can."
Bella: "Please do."
Jaded: "What are you doin', Bella?"
Bella: "Looks like a Road Trip. You drivin' or shall we get a rental?"
Lady: "Here you go, maam. We're very sorry for your inconvience."
Bella to Lady: "Thank You."

Leaving the ticket counter, Jaded answered: "Rental - I'm still driving."
Bella: "Of course, that's because I'm The Navigator!"
Jaded: "Off to the rental companies. SUV?"
Bella slung her bags over her shoulder, "Absolutely." (BellaDonna)

The girls walked over to the national car rental counter located in Logan airport. I'm sorry
miss all of our computers are down right now. He looked up at the two woman...his
abruptness turned to a smile Bella and Jaded were leaning on the counter quite close to him
but I can call and other office and set you up with something..Yes thank you Jaded says.She
thinks to herself Thank god for blouses by Bella.. what are you looking for? A lincoln
navigator Jaded said without hesitation.With all the bells and whistles Bella added. They
wanted patiently for the young man to get off the phone.Bella says to the young man with a
smile can you have the other company deliver the car here? No problem miss he winks at
bella. Bella flexes her pecks in return..The young man blushes.Jaded laughs..lost another
fiver! Ok the young man says when he pulls himself together, Your navigator will be here
within 30 mins anything else I can do for you today? No thank you We appreciate all of your
help though.We will be in the bar accross the terminal.You have our cell phone numbers
please let us know as soon as it arrives.
The two walk away to the bar.

At daybreak MrD parked his truck in the dusty lot outside the General Store in Terral,
Oklahoma. Baz was catching a little nap, obviously still a bit jet-lagged, so he was careful not
to wake him when he got out of the truck and quietly closed the door. His boots made a
heavy 'clomp clomp' as he strode up the wooden stairs of the store and the familiar little bell
rang when he pushed open the creaky door.
"Well lord have mercy...looky here what the cat drug up" the old women who, with her
husband had owned and operated this place since the early '60s, said as MrD entered the
store. She hurried over to him and flung her arms around his neck. MrD patted her on the
back..."HiDee Miss Satterfield...it's good to see you too."
"I got that little teapot ya sent me from England last year...it's just beautiful... and this is the
first chance I've had to thank ya fer it." she beamed.
"See that fella asleep out there in my pickup" MrD said as he pointed out the window in the
center of the weathered door.
"Yep" she nodded
"He's the Limey bastard that picked it out for me" MrD said.
"Poor feller...he looks plum tuckered out....anyway what can I get ya?" she asked
"We'll be over to tha ranch for few days...just need a few supplies."MrD said
"Bidness or pleasure?" she asked
"Pleasure..we're gonna do a little fishin" he said without looking up from picking a few items
from the little shelves.
"The crappie are a bitin in the afternoon" she said.
"Thats good to know" MrD smiled. 'Ya aint gotta bottle of Jack hidden behind the counter do
ya Miss Satterfield?" MrD said as he smiled and deposited his selections on the countertop.
"Shhhhhhh" she laughed "Jes fer you"
"Weeellll I'll be damned" Mr.Satterfield roared as he came from the back with an armload of
wood for the pot bellied stove that adorned the center of the little store. "Hello son...it's good
to see ya."
MrD shook the old mans hand and out of the corner of his eye noticed Baz had gotten out of
the truck and was standing on the porch of the little weathered building having a smoke. "It's
good to see you too" he said as the old man vigorously shook his hand.
"Are ya gonna do some fishin?" the old man asked. "Cuz tha crappie are bitin just before
"Thanks...I'll remember that" MrD said ...."put in on my bill, wouldja please" he said. "I'll see
ya'll later."
Enthusiastically the couple waved bye to MrD as he left the store and met his traveling
companion outside.
"Friends of yers, I gather?" Baz asked as the men got back into the truck.
"Yeah...they're nice folks." D said as he turned the key and the truck roared to life.
"Well they seem to be quite taken with yer D...almost like a son yer are to them."
"I helped 'em out with a little problem they were havin a few years ago is all." MrD explained.
"Annnnnnd" Baz said.
"They gotta grand daughter, sweet lil thang, married to some asshole that liked to hit her......I
just had a little talk with'im...ya know ...explained things in a way he could understand."
"Yeah...I'll bet yer did" Baz laughed.

MrD turned off the main road. "Well Baz ol man here we are."
Baz looked up to see the wrought iron sign hanging above the dirt road "Wot's it mean D?"
"E bar G" MrD said..."the E bar G ranch...named after my boss's grandkids."
" Well aint that bloody quaint" Baz laughed as the pair headed down the long dirt road that
led to the main house.
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Once seated at the bar, food and sodas having been ordered {hey, we're driving!}, Bella set
about making the cell phone calls to notify all involved of the change of plans.

First call, Mr. BD.
Second call, Mr. Prom Date {Jaded's hubby!}
Third call to Mr. D............. Telephone is ringin'! No answer, voice mail: "Hey you, Bella
and Jaded here.. We're at the airport, but oddly enough - please note the sarcasm - there's
a power outage. We refunded the tickets and rented a car which should arrive in less than
30 minutes.. Call us back when you receive this message.... See ya' babe....." and hung

Jaded: "No answer, huh?"
Bella popped a jalapeno popper into her mouth and mumbled, "no."
Jaded sipped her Pepsi, "Another power outage."
Bella nodded and drank her Pepsi, "Yep. Think it's all connected?"
Jaded continued eating, "Dunno. You got the GPS?
Bella ate happily, " 'Course."
Jaded: "Programmed?"
Bella smiled, "Maps are all downloaded and route plotted. All we have to do is follow it."
Jaded: "What made you do that? We were flying out there."
Bella thought about that, "Better safe than sorry. Better to have a Plan B than not, right?"
Jaded: "Right."

As the two finished wolfing their food, Jaded received the call from the young man at
National. "Uh huh, great - thanks, we're on the way."
Bella dropped cash on the bar and finished the last of her Pepsi. They picked up their
belongings and headed back over to National where they'd start their 1800 + mile journey.
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"Just like in the movies D,wouldn`t mind somewhere like this myself,yer know,where I can
get a bit o` R and R"
"What,rock n roll ?"
That was the kinda thing MrD liked,straight talking,no bullshit.
"You ain`t no James Bond are yer Baz,a gentleman like "
"I`m hurt" Baz replied with a grin,that turned into full blown laughter."C`mon,get the door

MrD,pushed open the front door that was weathered with age,it opened with a creak.
"Lets get the gear inside,then we can relax a little"
They stashed the weapons in a cupboard in the kitchen then turned on the power and the
"Coffee ?"
"You bet"
It went down well,the dust removed from their throats.
They slept where they sat.

MrD was awoken by the sound of his cell phone ,the sun was up it looked like another red
hot day.
"What ? Christ ,that puts us behind schedule already.Listen,you take care on the way down
and call when yer get within a hundred miles y`hear"

MrD,turned on the shower and looked in the mirror.
"What a sight" he thought to himself,the two scars on his forehead glistening red.
He chuckled to himself "Could be worse though,I could look like that Limey b*****d asleep in
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MrD put on some fresh clothes and made his way into the kitchen. He took a glass from the
cabinet and poured himself a shot of the Jack Daniels, lit a cigarette and sat down at his
laptop. He logged into the STUK site and checked the chatter going on in the various threads
regarding Alice's dissappearance. Looking for something of value and not just the wild
speculations and rumors that generally make the rounds.
The dialog box opened "you have a new message in your inbox" appeared. "Well it's
something" he said to himself. He silently read the PM from WeirdKat. "Hi guys, I havent
heard anything new. In touch with Zoo, will be picking her up in Oroville ASAP. I'll be in touch
when Zoo and I hook up."
"Cool.... theres two more and one of them is a Canuck" silently talking to himself. He went
back to the message board....hoping for some news....wondering if Si had been in contact
with Brian or anyone close to Alice....where the hell has he got his skinny butt off to now."
When he returned to the News page he noticed Si had posted a new item with a link. The
Desert Sun Times is reporting that a vigil for missing rock star Alice Cooper has begun
outside the singer's downtown Phoenix restaurant. A crowd estimated at two-hundred people
laid flowers, sang songs and burned candles in honor of the missing rocker.
He then checked the "official" site...as usual the thing hadnt been updated in weeks. "Hell
they're still tryin to sell Platinum packages." he scoffed. "Wonder if those dipshits 'll get their
money back if Alice never shows up again."
MrD downed the shot of whiskey and leaned back in the chair. "man, it sure is hard being a
fan lately" still silently talking to himself..."could be worse I reckon...could be a Michael
Jackson fan." (Mr. Demeanor)

MrD,was smiling at his thoughts,"I wish that shit would disappear,do us all a favour"
The liquor tasted good,putting a bit of life back into him.He cradled the bottle like it was a
new born baby,reading the label like he had done a thousand times before.
Quality,Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey,Old No7 Brand,Lem Motlow,Propriertor.He knew it
off by heart.
"Uncle Jack" he said softly,more out of respect than anything else.

Baz,yawned,stretched and made a half hearted attemt to get out of the chair,where he had
slept for the last two hours.
"Shit man ,I`m hotter than a weight lifters jock,I gotta clean up"

The hot water felt good,easing his aching bones and bringing him back to life,he drew a
smillie face on the glass.He tried to make it look like the one MadameBondage used but after
a couple of failed attempts he decided it was time to eat.
"So whats for breakfast redneck ? i could go for some corned beef hash and eggs"
"we got cornbread,beans,bacon and eggs,hows that sound ?"
"Sounds good to me,any news from anywhere"
"Yeah,but not good.Jaded and Bella are having to drive down,no power at the airport,God
knows when they will get here,must be nigh on two thousand miles.
Baz sat at the table and picked up the bottle,looking at the contents which were half way
down the label.
"Drop the bloody bottle did yer"
MrD knew Baz was in good spirits when the sarcasm started to flow.
"Purely medicinal,purely medicinal,my friend"
"Medicinal my arse,to need that much yer must be at deaths door"
MrDs laughter was infectious,and once again Baz felt good being in his company.He
reached for the crumpled pack of Marlboro Lights and took out the last one.
"That was a full packet when we came in here,yer don`t change do yer.Thaz as tight as a
running dogs knackers"
They looked at each other and realised just how much they had missed this sort of talk.

Spice sat reading through all the posts to the Alice is Missing thread, hoping that one of them
would have some sort of clue. Everyone seemed to know about the same things, and the
general consensus seemed to be that there was some sort of conspiracy, somehow the truth
was not getting out.
Just as she got ready to close the window and get on with her plans, a PM arrived from MrD.
"Dallas, eh" she chuckled to herself, reading through his instructions, "I'm not sure I'm
prepared to deal with THAT airport!"
She quickly wrote back to let him know that she would get there as soon as she could, and
then checked her frequent flyer miles balance. Thanks to a lot of business trips with the old
bookstore company, she had plenty for a roundtrip ticket to Albuquerque. Thanks to being
self employed(and in no danger of losing any pay!           she was able to leave the restaurant in
the hands of her partner (who owed her bigtime from a two week trip to Italy last summer)
Spice booked her flight, and made arrangements to rent a car from there. Her next order of
business was to contact the guys from the UFO museum in Roswell---see what they had
heard about the power outages and strange lights.
Of course, it isn't just a matter of emailing the lovable crackpots...everything has to be in
code so they can't be monitored. She was used to it, and also resigned to the fact that it
might be a day or two before she heard back.
But if there was any buzz in the area about the power outages, the lights, and maybe even
the disappearance of Alice Cooper, they would know.
"Now, if I tell the Sickthings I'm checking in with the UFO watchers, are they gonna think I'm
crackers?" she wondered as she carefully worded her next email to MrD, to be passed on to
the rest of the crew. She figured honesty is the best policy, even if it results in relentless
teasing, so she wrote it as follows:
MrD, and fellow Sickthings--
I'll meet you in Phoenix--I'll be arriving via Albuquerque and Roswell. I can't shake the feeling
that the power outages are somehow connected to our little "problem", and I'm going to go
talk to some old friends who might know something about it. They're paranoid, conspiracy
theorists, and they certainly lack social skills, but if Alice's disappearance has anything to do
with what is going on, they will know. I'll check email/messageboard and I'll keep the cell
phone on. My flight to Albuquerque leaves tomorrow, and I'll probably take a few days to visit
some old friends. Let me know when you are headed to Phoenix with the crew and I'll meet
you. Spice.
She sent the message, closed up the computer, and set to packing. "I can barely remember
what Albuquerque is like in February" she thought to herself as she dug past all the sweaters
in the closet to get to her tank tops. (AlienSpice)
By the time zoogirl got home from work, it was already quarter past five. She said hi to the
guys and jumped straight into the shower. It had gone easier than she'd expected with the
boss and she figured Coopusinterruptus must've had a word with him first. They'd already
lost one staff member and he'd be seriously hooped if she left too. She hadn't had a real
vacation in over four years except for first her trip to Landy's little labyrinth. Zoo had even
made it in the day after the nightmare.

The Mr had made all her favorites for dinner. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, turnips, corn
niblets and homemade baking powder bisquits, all smothered in gravy. It would keep her
going for hours.

After dinner she packed. " I better keep it to a single backpack. Let's see..." she thought.
"Jeans, three t-shirts, couple of short sleeved tops, good shorts, socks and undies. Um,
skirt? Yeah, my long summer one. It's fine with a black t-shirt. Sandles too. Better throw in a
sweater for the trip and a long sleeved top. Isn't it cold in the desert at night? Anyway, I'd
better have some winter stuff if I'm supposed to be going to Weirdkat's "

She eyed her camping gear. The sleeping bag was tiny and wouldn't raise any eyebrows at
the border. In went her Walkman and a stack of tapes - all Alice, of course. After a moment
she pulled the sleeping bag back out and stuffed a rolled up sheet of plastic into it. Better to
have a little shelter and she could always say it was there from her last camping trip. A
notebook and pen, along with her phone charger and a couple of books for the bus and she
was ready.

Zoo spent the next half hour going over her plans with the guys. They arranged to call her
every day at noon BC time. If they didn't get her, the Mr would try again every two hours.
After twelve hours, he'd check in with the other spouses. They'd do Email whenever she got
a chance.

All too soon the big blue rig pulled into the driveway. Chrystle hopped out and ran up the

"Hihi!" she said. "Ready to go? Dan want's to keep her running."

Zoogirl gave the boys and the Mr hugs and kisses, stroked Ember and Joe and grabbed her


Bella and Jaded loaded their belongings into the Rental Navigator. Bella walked around the
car w/ "Joey", the nice young man who'd procured their ride via phone...No, no, no
damage...very nice............. "Hey, Joey, How much you chargin' for the ride again?"

Joey: "$200 per day."
Bella leaned her back against the Navigator and pulled her black leather jacket closer around
her, winter chill.............. "Honey, If we get to Dallas in 24 hours or less, you charge $150
to the card for the 24 hours."
Joey: "Ma'am, it's at least a 28 hour drive to Dallas."
Bella: "I know that. 24 hour check in, you give us a break on the cost."
Joey: "But, Ma'am.................... "
Bella shifted a bit against the Navigator.
Joey adjusted the paperwork, "You think you'll make it Ma'am?"
Bella smiled, " Oh Yeah, we'll make it in 24 or less."
Joey: "OK, but if you're even 5 minutes lat-"
Bella slipped Joey a $20, "I got it big guy, thanks....", smiling she lifted herself into the
Navigator, "Bye Bye, Baby, Bye, Bye!" Wiggling her fingers at him...........
Joey waved uncertainly...
Bella laughed............. I so LOVE this!!!

Once settled and strapped into the Navigator, Jaded asked, "Which Way?"
Bella fired up the GPS and waited for it to find a satellite, " I-90 West, 154 miles"
Jaded: "Ok" and pulled out onto the main road and onto the I-90 W exit.
Jaded: "You all set up?"
Bella set the GPS on her lap and put the radar detector on the dash, "Yep, all set."
She lit a cig and opened the window.
Jaded: "Light up one for me will ya?"
Bella fished thru Jaded's purse and finding a pack of Marlboro's did as she was asked. She
handed the lit cig to her friend....
Jaded: "What's the ETA?"
Bella: "28 hours"
Jaded: "So what's that in our time?"
Bella laughed dragging on her cig, "$50 bucks off per day if we make it to Dallas in 24 hours
or less!"
Jaded laughed: "You DID NOT work that deal with that poor boy!"
Bella chuckled, "I most certainly did!"
Jaded: "24 hours or less then."
Bella drew on her cig again: "So be it."
Jaded chuckled and hit the gas.
Bella sang: "West bound and down all four wheels a'rollin'. We gone do what day say can't
be don............ We got a long way to go and a short time to get there, Come on Bandit watch
dat Bandit run.. ....." Ahahahahahah!!!!!!!

As luck would have it, Jaded and Bella made it - a THIRD time to Albany, NY in two hours.
They'd left a little after 2pm on Tuesday and made it to Albany a little after 4pm. Making
good time, they were. Jaded and Bella had a 'method' to road trips: make "lemonade"
before you leave because we're not stoppin' till we get there. Not the average 'female' road
trip where you stop at EVERY rest stop.

Again, as luck would have it, they'd past the last rest stop somethwere before I-87 turned
back into I-90 ---- for over 400 miles. Bella checked the GPS: no rest stops for another 50
miles. Bella wasn't gonna make it.

Bella: "Hey, girl, find an 'evergreen' place to pull over."
Jaded: "What?"
Bella: "Less you want an 'accident' in this truck, pull over when you see some 'cover'."
Jaded laughed..."Ok..I gotta go too."

Jaded pulled over onto the shoulder of the road.
Bella: "Damn, pull behind those trees up there, you want some 'trooper' pullin' up behind
Jaded: "Heheheheheh......" and pulled up behind some evergreens.
Bella: "I'll go first, ok?"
Jaded: "Yep, hurry up!!!"
Bella, having allergies, pulled a roll of TP from her bag, packed the GPS into it's case on
her belt and exited the truck quickly....Hell, she thought, I haven't done this since I was in
college!!! She chuckled to herself finding a semi-private spot. Thank the gods for "King
Richard's Faire": the ONLY place in the WORLD a woman can learn to pee like a man!
 She was laughing at this point, but feeling MUCH better!!!

When she looked around, she saw, in the distance, what looked like an abandoned
shack.... Bella, being an "urban explorer' at heart, walked over to investigate it....
She swung her fanny pack 'round to the front and took out the Sony Clie PDA. She turned it
to 'camera' mode and approached the 'ruins'.

It was burned. A shack of sorts. Grafitti covered it. Red spray paint......animal parts...mostly
birds: she took photos of this. She photo'd the whole thing. Some strange 'writing'. Hell,
 she thought, I don't read 'grafitti'. But oddly enough, in the paint, she thought she saw
"Alice Eyes". She turned uncomfortably and saw the Black Navigator in the distance. She
turned back and photographed what she saw.

Uncomfortable, she backed away. She tripped over wires int the melting snow and ensuing
mud. They weren't connected to anything...but she photographed them too. She
photographed something that read: " 032805"....w/ what looked like "Alice Eyes" scorched
into the ashes of a wall around it....

She ran back to the black Navigator.

Bella: "Go, Go now, and go quick."
Jaded: "What happened?"
Bella: "I'll explain later.", she threw the roll of TP at her, "Just go and come back AND
Jaded caught the roll and jumped out of the truck, "Ok!"

Less than 5 minutes later, they were on the road again.........
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Zoogirl was feeling tight. Every time the song on the radio ended, she leaned forward, hoping
for news. They lost the station just past Hope and Dan put in a CD. Zoo relaxed a little.

"Aunty, will your friend know where to pick you up?'
Chrystle asked.

"Yeah. I called her while you made that pitstop in Chilliwack. I've gotta call when we pass

The trip was actually kind of fun. Zoo had known the girl since she was eleven and they filled
Dan in on all the old stories. It had been nearly thirty years since the last time Zoo had done
a roadtrip in a rig. She'd forgotten how much she loved it.

They entered Manning Park and hit snow. Dan drove carefully, handling the rig easily. The
heater sent out waves of warmth, making zoo drowsy. She nodded off while they were telling
Dan about the time Chrystle's dumb Great Dane ran into a parked car.
"Hey, Aunty. We're in Kelowna. Better make your call."

Zoo shook herself awake. It was dark outside. They were still on the outskirts of the little city.
Time to call Weirdkat.

She answered on the second ring. "Hey, Kat."
zoo said. "I'm just coming into town. Dan's going to take me to the truckstop in Osoyoos. He
says they don't care how long you sit as long as you keep buying coffee. Keep your cell on
and I'll call when we get there."

"Right. I'm going to leave now. See you soon." Weirdkat hung up.

"Hey" Dan said. "Chrystle said you'd like this." He leaned forward and slipped a CD into the
player. "School's Out" filled the cab as they rolled on through the night.

Once on the road again, Jaded asked: "Bella, wha'd you see?"
Bella thought and responded, "Some pretty strange shit."
Jaded: "That shack?"
Bella: "Yeah. I took pics of it."
Jaded: "Anything relevent?"
Bella lit a cig for herself and one for her friend, handing Jaded's to her she said, "Maybe, I
dunno, but it was too wierd."
Bella and Jaded puffed for a second.
Jaded: "Where are we?"
Bella looked at the GPS: "We should make the 190 toward Columbus by 8pm."
Jaded: "You wanna stop there?"
Bella looked at Jaded and took a long drag. Exhaling, she said, "Yeah, let's stop there at a
motel. I wanna send Mr. D. the photos."

Jaded smiled: "Done deal, Girlfriend!"
Bella: "Hungry?"
Jaded: "Yeah!"
Bella wriggled herself into the back... she'd packed a bag/ with the 'road trip' sandwiches'
earlier... She grabbed two w/ two btls of Gatorade and wriggled back to the front seat. She
opened Jaded's sandwich and Gatorade and handed both to her.
She opened both of her own and settled in the seat once again.

Jaded: "Mmmmmm, tastes like a "Road Trip"!"
Bella smiled: "Mmmmmmmm......................."

Jaded and Bella reached their "junction' destination by 8:10pm on Tuesday nite. They'd
traveled roughly 625 miles in 8 hours. To make their "bet" w/ the "National" boy, they had
1200 + miles to go.

The pulled in at a 'seedy' motel.
Bella: "How much for the nite?"
Nasty Guy: "$60"
Bella looked around, nastiness: "Look guy, all I need is a shower and a phone."
Nasty Guy: "I'll give it to ya' for 30 if ya...."
Bella gave him the once over: "Uh. No." And paid him the $60.

Once inside the room, Bella set about changing the batteries in the GPS and uploading the
pics from the PDA to the laptop to email to Mr. D.
Jaded: "I'm gonna shower."
Bella: "Go on ahead. Leave me some hot water, will ya'?"
Jaded: "Yeah, I'll try! Not!"
Bella: "S'arite. Ya' smellin' mule-ish anyway! Hahahahah! "
Jaded laughed: "Biatch!"
Bella laughed louder!

That's the thing about good friends: you can rag on each other and IT'S OK!!!

Bella sent the pics to the D., sent an email to Mr. BD and The Little One regarding where
they were and that they were "OK", set everything to recharge and set the alarm clock
(ancient) for midnite. She fell asleep on the bed.....
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It was about eight, ,the sun had all but gone.Baz hated it when it got above 75 degrees.
"Hey,I`m English" he used to say,when anybody told him to stop being a wimp."Anything
above seventy is classed as a heatwave where I come from"

"Soooo,what do we have?"Baz seemed to be getting a little impatiant.
"Bella and Jaded are driving down,they should be here sometime tomorrow evening.Zoo is
meeting up with the Kat,not sure when we`re gonna see them,and Spice is going straight to
Pheonix,via Roswell among other places.God only knows what she`s gonna learn from that
bunch of asswipes.
There`s nothing new on STUK,and on the news theres pictures of fans outside the
restaraunt.The police have made a statement,and said absolutely jack shit,they`re looking
into it,and have not ruled out kidnapping."
"Maybe we should put em on to Malice"
"Christ Baz ,yer kill me at times"
MrD went on"Not one of the power companies can tell us why the power outages are
happening,maybe them assholes at Roswell can tell em"
"Oh,and Fox have interviewed Alice`s caddy,a piece of journalistic f*****g brilliance"
"Thank God for the ladies eh!,be good to see em all again"
"For sure"

They say on the porch saying nothing for a while,just holding a cold Miller and admiring the
sunset .
Baz broke the silence.
"I bet this feels a bit like home to you dunnit ?""yer know this ranch"
"A bit"
"All thats missing is a couple o` pick ups on blocks and half a dozen coon hounds under the
porch,a regular home from home"
Baz ducked sharply to avoid the empty Miller bottle that was heading his way.
"C`mon ,lets head into town"
"For a little bit o` that southern hospitality I hear so much about"Baz beamed.

Bag packed, menus and ordering for the restaurant delegated and emailed, mail pick up
arranged....Spice began to get antsy. She grabbed her cell and dialed the museum in
Roswell direct.
"International UFO Museum and Research Center, how may I help you?"
"Hi, I'm trying to contact some old friends who work there...is Adam or Bobby around?"
"One moment please" Spice was put on hold as the receptionist searched for her friends.
She chuckled to herself at the cheesy "muzak"--theremin heavy, "X-Files" style mood music.
"If only these guys really looked like Fox Muldar" she thought.
"This is Bobby, may I help you?" the familiar voice of her friend broke her reverie.
"Hey Bobby, it's 'Spice. Did you compose that "hold" music?"
"Of course. I couldn't stand the thought of serious researchers calling here and having to
listen to some intolerable Barry Manilow crap. What do you think?"
"Well, you know my tastes run more toward the classic ROCK end of the spectrum..."
"Yeah, speaking of which, you still listen to that Cooper guy?" Bobby broke in, using his
conspiratorial whisper.
"I do. In fact, that has something to do with my..."
"Listen. I can't tell you anything on the phone. You know why. But he's been here. I've met
him. We talked. About "things"...you know" Spice rolled her eyes at his conspiracy talk.
"Alright, great. I'll be there tomorrow by lunchtime. Can you arrange a room where we can
talk? Make sure Adam can make it too" After all these years, she had learned how to play
the game.
"Absolutely. The new receptionist's name is Rosie. I'll leave a note with her for you. You
remember the code word?"
"Yes, I remember the code word!"
"Fantastic. I'll see you then. And 'Spice..."
"Yeah, Bobby?"
"Um...it will be..uh...nice...to, um...see you..." his voice trailed off into uncomfortable silence.
Spice couldn't help smiling to herself at his akwardness. They really didn't see many females
under the age of 65 in their line of work.
"I'm looking forward to it. See you tomorrow."
"Roger. The truth is out there."
"Is that your version of have a nice day?" she asked sarcastically.
"Well, people kind of expect it nowadays. Have a good trip."
Spice closed the phone and wondered if the mention that Alice had been to the museum was
worth repeating to the other sickthings. After all, it could have been yesterday, or it could
have been five years ago. Bobby would have brought it up just to impress her. Talking about
"things" could mean just about anything...still, it at least cleared up her uncertainty about
Alice's attitude toward the whole alien thing...if he went to the museum at all, he must not be
totally closed to the idea. And if he had a conversation with Bobby, one of the head
"researchers", he must have had some serious questions. She fired off a PM to the sickies
she knew were involved in this mission:
"Just talked to one of my friends in Roswell. He says Alice has been there...didn't say when,
or why. I'm meeting with him tomorrow lunchtime to try to get some more info. Everyone
travel safely! 'Spice"
"Well, that's about all I can do for now" she thought to herself, and settled in to watch some
TV and try to sort out what they knew of the story so far.

Both men stood up and stretched,rubbed their tired eyes and went indoors.
"Well looky here,we have mail,one from Bella and Jaded and one from Spice.We`ll do Bella
and Jaded first"MrD pulled up the chair and Baz tried to get as near to the PC as he could.
"Let the dog see the rabbit then,I want to have a shufty as well"
MrD stared at him with a blank expression," I beg your pardon,would you please speak
"Bloody move over man"
They both studied the photos sent by Bella,they agreed that maybe the graffiti did read "Alice
Eyes but were not sure.
"032805"MrD said softly,mean anything to you?
"March 28th 2005 maybe,it`s hard to tell whether it is a date or a code or a manufacturers
stamp""Lets leave it for now,what`s Spice have to say?"
"Shes spoke to some guy at Roswell and he says the Coop has been there but she doesn`t
know when,she has a meet tomorrow,she`s gonna let us know as soon as"
"We`re still none the wiser really,we already knew he took an interest,but I can`t believe he`d
want to risk going through what he went through last time."

MrD stood up,got a jacket and headed for the door,
"Fancy ribs do yer"
"Sticky ?"
"Oh yes,the best"
"Lets discuss things with a beer then ,OK"

The pick up headed out to the mainroad.
"E bar G" Baz smiled,"Yer know ,a feel rate at home here"
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Baz and MrD sat down at a table in the back, a neon "Bud Light" sign glowing above them. A
young Mexican girl came over to the table, "Buenos Noches Senor's" she said. "Buenos
Noches Senorita" MrD replied "dos cervasa....Corona, por favor."
She dropped two menus, "Si" she smiled and left the table.
"So what do yer make of the pictures BD sent?" Baz asked.
"Hard to say for sure....some kid coulda done that back in 72 for all I know...or it coulda been
done two hours ago...who the hell knows. It does seem a little more than coincidental
"But 'ow would anyone know that the girls would pick that particular place to stop...and then
go into that shack for a looksee?" Baz asked.
The waitress returned with two bottles of Corona, each had a slice of lime jammed halfway
into the open end. "Gracias" MrD said and smiled at the girl.
"Ribs, por favor"
"Si" the girl began to write on her little order pad
"Dos...grande" MrD continued.
"Bueno" the girl smiled and dissappeared.
"It's gotta just be a coinidence" MrD said..."or maybe Bella's jus readin too much into it."
"Oh I dunt know mate....we've seen some bloody weird things in our days 'ave we not!"
laughed Baz
MrD squeezed the lime juice down the bottleneck then pushed the remainder on down into
his beer. The two men clinked their bottles together, "no kiddin" MrD said.
"I guess I'm a little more interested in when Alice was in Roswell....if it was ten years
ago....dont mean squat...but if was two days ago...now thats a lead." MrD remarked.
"What about our old friend in the company?" Baz asked ..." 'ave yer talked to him?"
The two men went silent when the waitress set two large rib plates in front of them.
"We'll give him a call first thing in the mornin" MrD said as he watched the pretty little
Mexican girl walk away. "I wanna use a land line for that."
"I doubt Langley is involved...but he might have gotten some scuttlebut from over at Justice
yer know....they would be the ones looking into a kidnapping if thats what it is." Baz said.
"Yeah if the Feds are involved that might explain why the Phoenix PD is so clueless." MrD
said as he gnawed on one of the meaty ribs. "The locals may have been quietly instructed ta
keep their noses out of it."

One of the local cowboys was standing over by the jukebox and "He Stopped Lovin Her
Today" began playing.
"Maybe I'll 'ave a look at that jukebox" Baz said as he turned and gave a nod to the young
man standing over it.
"Dont bother" MrD said "They aint changed the records in it since 1968"

The two men began to eat with a little more gusto and the conversation turned to old times.
They could be heard laughing to the other end of the bar. Occasionally one of the locals
would give them a stare especially when the man from Yorkshire would raise his voice and
they would catch his accent. But as is customary in these parts folks were generally friendly
and would mind their own business.
"One things fer certain owd mucker" Baz laughed..."if we keep eating like this I wont be able
to snap me britches by the time it's over."
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Zoo was glad she'd stuck her little ski-jacket in her backpack. She'd grabbed it thinking it
would look better at the border than her old leather. Also, it scrunched up amazingly small
and hardly took up any room in her big pack.

The truckstop was bright and noisy but a bit chilly. Outside it was black and icy. zoo wrapped
her hands around the cup.

She'd been there for a while. Long enough to have had a good and cheap breakfast and
down a couple of cups of strong coffee. The door opened.

"Weirdkat! Over here!" she waved at her friend. The Kat came over to the table and gave her
a quick hug before sitting down. The waitress came over and Weirdkat asked for coffee.

'So, you made it." she said. "I had a pretty easy drive up. Traffic was light at the border but
it'll pick up soon. I figure we'll wait a bit and sort of breeze through with the crowd."

"Yeah, shouldn't be a problem. I got computer checked back in '99, but they're a lot pickier
now. Guess I'm just paranoid."

They sat until dawn came and the traffic outside began to build up. It was only a short run to
the border and Weirdkat did all the talking. They were waved through without a second

"Whew!" zoogirl flopped back against the seat. "I'm glad that's over. Now all we've gotta do is
find a bus and Phoenix, here I come! After we meet up with the others, of course."

Weirdkat grinned at her. "Here we go again!"

Jaded steped out of the shower, leaving the hot water running for a full ten minutes after she
exited. ha! she thought We we see who smells like a mule!
Jaded walked out of the bathroom and looked around at the small room.
Bella was sleeping on what Jaded could only imagine was a cesspool of germs and DNA
samples from previous guests.
Jaded make a quick phone call to her husband to let him know where they were.
she turned on the old TV set, and reluctantly laid down on the bed.
Her thoughts raced as she tried to fall asleep. Knowing she only had a few hours to rest if
they were going to make Bella's deadline to Texas,she drifed off to sleep.
the alarm was a startling noise. Waking Jaded out of what probably would of been a GREAT
Bella was sitting up staight in the bed her eyes locked on the ABC national news.

MrD's cell phone woke him about midnight. "D here"
"Hey MrD it's me Kat"
"Hi sweetheart...where ya at"
"Just picked up Zoo...we'll cross the border at dawn...then catcha bus to Phoenix"
"No good" MrD said. "That'll take forever...take a flight"
"Cant" Kat said.."Zoo wont ever make it through security...she's an alien and doesnt have
any traveling papers."
"Not to worry...ya'll just get to the airport in Spokane...I'll have a couple of tickets waiting for
ya there...and tell Zoo not to worry about security...I'll take care of it. Just be cool and don't
try to carry any kinda weapons on board."
"Yeah right...thats your department isnt it?" she said sarcastically."But what can you do to
get us through?"
"Just dont worry bout it ya heah." MrD said. "if anybody at the airport says anything to ya just
show 'em your boardin pass. It'll have a clearance stamp on it...you'll breeze right through.
"But how..."
MrD cut her off.."Dont ask....call me when you land in Phoenix."
"ok...Zoo says hi"
MrD smiled and ended his conversation with the SickThings resident scientist.

Baz stood nearby smoking a cigarette. "Did yer get her straightened out?"
"Yeah" MrD said as he snapped his cell phone shut.
"Looks like we've some calls to make mate" Baz said.
(Mr. Demeanor)

"Tim Duncan please"
MrD took the phone away from his ear and turned towards Baz."This guy owes us a few
don`t he ?"
"More than a few,we saved his arse on more than one occasion,I`m surprised the old b*****d
is still alive"
"Yeah,Tim,D, a favour...I have a couple of close friends at Spokane,they need to be on their
plane....yer don`t need to know that,just see to it yer heah....thanks Tim....sorted"

Baz lit two cigs and handed one to MrD.
"Lets finish off the uncle over there and call it a night,am knackered"
MrD dug deep into his rucksack.
"Fancy a bit of the old Morroccon Woodbine before yer go ?"
"A reward from the Columbian job ?"
"Perks of the trade"
I can see yer ain`t lost yer touch,I can`t skin t` save me life.
Baz took a lungful.
"Always reminds me of Rush`s A Passage To Bangkok"
He spent the next five minutes coughing and spluttering,his eyes red with tears,spit running
down his cheeks.
MrD burst out laughing "A bit on the dry side is it ?"
"Don`t think i`ll bother then,I`m gonna turn in,I feel we have a big day in front of us"
MrD poured a drink from the near empty bottle,then passed it over.
"Jesus,I dint think you`d be the one trying to kill me"
Both men had fitful sleeps that night,they had been through this sort of thing before,they
knew what to expect.

The high pitched electronic beep of MrD's cell phone woke him after only about an hour of
sleep. "D here"
"Hi D it's Tim"
"Hey Buddy...whats up?" MrD said
"I made a call to the office in Seattle so your friends are taken care of...their boarding passes
will be with their tickets."
"Thanks my brother I preciate it" MrD said sleepily "Theres something else...have ya got a
"I guess you've seen the story from Phoenix about Alice Cooper" MrD said
"Yeah...the rock guy with the snake" Tim answered.."saw something on TV about him
missing thats about it."
"Anything floatin around the office about it?" MrD asked
"Not our department...you know that...the suits over at Justice would be handling it."
"You know anybody over there that might share anything" MrD asked his old friend.
"Yeah...I got a golfing buddy over there." the voice on the phone said.
"Give him a call wouldja and find out if theres an investigation."
"Sure thing old man...I'll call ya when I find out." he said
"Thanks man" D replied
"What the hell do you care about it?" Tim laughingly asked.
"Oh nuthin really got some friends who were curious about it." MrD said
"So how you liking life outside the company?" Tim asked
"It's delightfully boring...trucks, cows and horses...at least they aint shootin at me."
"You ever hear from Baz?" Tim asked
"Well he's passed out drunk in the other room as we speak" MrD laughed and he could hear
a burst of laughter on the other end of the line.
"Listen Tim...one other thing" MrD said
"Whats the word on these power outages?" D asked
"I thought you guys were retired" Tim said
"We are...just need to know" MrD said
"Two schools of thought around here, of coarse nothing official" Tim said
"of coarse"
"One is could be terrorists...you know...checking the grid...trying to find the biggest
weakness." Tim said
"Makes sense" D answered
"The other is that it's some teenage hacker thats managed to get inside...just screwing with it
because he cant get a date with the homecoming queen."
MrD laughed.
Tim went on..."My personal theory is that we've finally overloaded the system...just too damn
many devices in too many homes."
"Yeah you're probably right" MrD said..."Hey man thanks alot..and let me know about the
"No problem buddy...listen you guys arent in some kind of trouble are you?" Tim asked
"Nah...not yet anyway" MrD joked
"Tell that limey bastard to straighten up and fly right."
MrD laughed. "You got it...and listen...thanks again."
"I'll talk to you when I know something" Tim said.

MrD closed his cell phone and laid back on his bed.
"Well" Baz said.."was it Duncan?" as he opened MrDs bedroom door.
"You never knock do ya" MrD said..."Yeah...it was him"
"Wots he say then" Baz went on
"He said to kick your ass...we'll talk about it in the morning" MrD grumbled.
"Arent yer a wellsping of information yer backwoods redneck...I shoulda left yer in that cave."
Baz's voice trailing off as he made his way back to his room.
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Bella sat on the bed - something, she was certain, by the way, was no more than a metal
filing cabinet laying on it's front w/ a gymnastics mat on the top, and watched the news:
Logen has lost communications w/ one of it's commercial airliners bound for Dallas, TX.
 Officials stress that this is a loss of communication. The Airport had trouble earlier today
with an unexplained power outage that took most of the day to fix. No specific 'problem' was
found, though power was eventually restored. Officials do not know whether the
communications problem is related to the power outage. Concerned family members can
call the number on the bottom of the screen for further information."

Jaded yawned, "You think that was ours?"
Bella got up and gathered her bag walking off towards the bathroom, "It didn't give a flight
number, but if the loss of communications goes as the outages do, then they'll just be "back
on the air" - the rest goes 'unexplained' - again."
Jaded, "I don't get any of this."
Bella put her bag in the bathroom - on the counter - and stepped back outside the door to
speak, "Really, none of this makes any sense - at all. I mean, think about it: power
outages, flashing lights at night, people found thinking they'd been abducted by UFO's,
 Cooper missing - AGAIN, that shit we saw answering 'natures' call.... And just for the
record, let's NOT forget driving 1800 miles to Dallas to meet a man from the STUK site we've
previously only met in our dreams, to find a man we've seen onstage, though KNOW
through 'dreams' - Hell, at this point, if we made it to Dallas to see a huge sign spraypainted
in a parking lot that read: "Ahahahah! Gotcha Jaded and Bella : ) Mr. D. " I wouldn't
be at all surprised."
Jaded smiled, "You're not a morning person, are ya' Bella?"
Bella smiled back, "No, and thanks for running the hot water an extra ten minutes."
Jaded's jaw dropped, "How did you know that?"
Bella smiled, "I was asleep. I wasn't dead."
She closed the bathroom door and showered.
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They were loaded up and on the road again, by 12:15am - cold showers will get you movin',
by the way. They'd swung through a drive thru and gotten coffee and the morning essentials
and were pretty much all set.

Bella turned on the GPS and placed the radar detector on the dash again. She sipped her
hot coffee, turned the heat on in her seat and ate her bagel. Jaded did some strange
'driving, eating, drinking juggling act' that Bella had seen her do before, which always
amazed Bella.

Jaded asked, "Bell, do ya' really think that stuff in the woods was related?"
Bella sipped her coffee, turned the heat in her seat to "HI", "I don't know. It was just pretty
strange, because there were bird parts everywhere, bones and what not, and all I could
think about was the UFO theories and the cattle mutilation stories. Then there was that 'eye
formation' kind of thing and all I could think was 'Gimme This, Gimme That', and strange
cults etc... I guess it could've been almost anything."
Jaded, "Maybe just coincidences?"
Bella, "Could be, D. didn't respond, so it doesn't seem he's too worried about it."
Jaded, "You think he has any idea?"
Bella, "He might. If he does, he's bein' awful quiet about it."
Jaded, "You ever seen stuff like that before?"
Bella finished her bagel, "Yes and no. I've gone geocachin' quite a bit, and on your trek to
the 'cache' sometimes you come across strange things."
Jaded, "Like what?"
Bella, "Well, you'll be in the middle of nowhere, and you'll come across a doll that's been
mutilated, but you can't figure out how it got there - 'cuz you're MILES off a path, guided by
GPS coordinates. Sometimes, you'll find personal belongings, bedding, etc...... that tells you
'someone' has been there, but then again, why WOULD they be? You might find 'fire rings'
in stone, and animal parts - why? Got me. Occasionally, you'll find the 'abandoned' shed, or
shack in the middle of NOWHERE, sometimes occupied, others not - but never by anyone
considered 'normal'. And then sometimes, you'll find 'culty' kind of stuff: symbols, burnt
remains of 'somethin'... The thing is: you can never tell if it's just teens bein' buttheads or
real dangerous wackos. Then there was the cat paw print in Rolling Hills."
Jaded, "Cat paw?"
Bella, "Yep, BIG cat paw print in the mud - it was perfect."
Jaded, "We don't have big cats."
Bella, "That's my point, just because we've never seen something doesn't mean it isn't there.
 Proof is in the 'paw'."
Jaded, "Maybe you should find a safer sport."
Bella, "Aw, come on", she laughed, "I thought you wanted to go on a 'cache'!"
Jaded, "Not anymore!"

The 'daring duo' made it to I40 by 5:15 am. They made their last 'rest stop', gased up and
got back out asap.
Jaded, "Ok, we're not stoppin' till we get there."
Bella, "Let's go!"

The two sang Alice songs, ate what they'd brought for the trip, drank Gatorade and smoked
like chimneys as the sun came up and made it to their exit on I-30 by 11:23.

About 75 miles before the exit, Bella placed a call to Mr. D. - once again, leaving a voice
mail message - telling him they were 100 miles from their destination, as instructed.

Jaded, "Almost there."
Bella, "Can't wait."
Jaded, "Speed killin' ya'?"
Bella, "Nope, my ass is numb!"

After a pit stop at Grand Coulee, WK and Zoo hit the road for Spokane, burning down
highway 174 and turning east on US 2. Zoogirl was riding shotgun, flipping through the
Kat‟s CD wallet for a fresh CD. “Not long now, Zoo. Spokane airport‟s less than an hour
away, now. Then we‟ll see how good Mr. D‟s mojo with the airport folks is! “ Zoo was
still feeling uneasy about trying to catch a plane. She looked over at the Kat and said “I
hope he‟s right about it. I can‟t help feeling queasy about it…” As she slid “B$B” into the
car‟s CD player, WK grinned at her and answered “Calmez-vous, Sweetie. That‟s why I
wanted you to cross the border at Osoyoos instead of Vancouver, and that‟s why we
want to fly out of Spokane instead of Sea-Tac. We don‟t get the same kind of crowds
here, and we don‟t get the same kind of security goons, either. Whatever your past
pecadillos might have been, they probably wouldn‟t raise nearly the fuss the coastie
bunch would.” Zoogirl answered, dubiously “I hope you‟re right.” She leaned back
against the seat as the little silver Spectra rolled into Reardan. (WeirdKat)

It was dark,it was warm,Baz was awake.
The cigarette smoke being wafted around the room by the ceiling fan,the night creatures
made their music,he was thinking of home.
Home,a place where his woman was,a place where his son was,a place where he could walk
for miles without seeing another human being.A place where there were hills,rivers,a place
so beautiful he knew would never leave there.
Or so he thought.
A tear made its way down his cheek.
"For f***S sake man,pull yerself together,yer gunna be Ok"he told himself.

The Marlboro felt so good.

"You awake ?"
"No !!"
"Get yer Limey ass outa bed and get the coffee brewed"
It was 03:40.

They sat on the porch and smoked.
Both in a t-shirt,both wearing shorts and both wearing boots,Baz`s a more traditional Cat sort
of boot,and MrD in his favourite pair of cowboy boots.
"What a bloody sight we must look,yer think our standards have dropped since the company
days ?"Baz grinned.
"If I had to wear a suit for one more day I woulda killed somebody"
"Yer did,often."
"Oh yeah,kinda slipped my mind for a minute there"
"So" Baz started "Yer gunna tell me about the little incident in L.A. or what.?Yer know,the
one involving a certain Dr Landy"
"Not much to tell really,yer know the score,something needed to be sorted and I just
happened to be in the area"
"D,don`t piss on my boots and tell me it`s raining"
MrD laughed aloud,they both did.It was a standing joke between the two men.The "piss on
my boots" thing was a favourite with MrD,he usually used it when he was breaking some
poor suckers arm for "witholding evidence".
Baz used it whenever he could,though it must be said,it never had the same effect when
spoke with a Yorkshire accent as opposed to a thick southern drawl.
Baz didn`t push the subject,he knew that D would tell him when the time was right,if at all.

"Listen Baz couple of things you need to know about this place." MrD said as he sipped his
coffee. The first thing is this is a real working ranch, you aint seen anybody round cuz they're
off doing thier jobs. But if you drive about a mile over that hill to the east is the compound."
"What compound" Baz asked.
"Therz barns and horse stables, catch pens and loading ramps and also a bunkhouse where
the real cowboys stay" D instructed
"Real cowboys?" Baz laughed
"Yeah the ones that actually work the cattle and horses here. Mostly real young guys in their
teens and early twenties....it aint the kinda work for fat old retirees like us. Anyway...the
ramrod is a fella named Steve Perkins...he's a little fella but tougher than pig iron...if for
some reason we get separated you come here and find him...he'll getcha back home."
"Point taken" Baz said
"And one other thing buddy"
"Wots that?" Baz asked
"If ya keep on goin passed the compound ta tha edge of the ranch down by the river....theres
a cabin....it's small, one room...but therz water and power and it'll make a great fallback
house...just in case.
"Got it" Baz said as he finished his coffee.

"Sun 'll be up directly" MrD said
"Yes and we should be hearing from the girls soon" Baz said "Perhaps we should get
prepared to head to Dallas."
"Yep" MrD nodded

The two men went back inside the house and began their preparations to leave. They used
up the rest of the eggs and bacon with their breakfast and disposed of any other perishable
items. Put clean sheets on the beds and straightened up after themselves. They washed
what clothes they had and packed them in their bags and then loaded the truck with their
gear, including the heavy black satchel. Went back inside and waited.
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MrD's cell phone beeped at a little after 9am. "D here"
"Hey D...it's Tim" the voice on the other end said.
"Yeah buddy...anything interesting?" MrD asked
"You might say that." Tim answered.."Do you want the FBI's press release first?"
"Sure..whats their story?" D asked
"The FBI has not launched an investigation into the dissappearance of missing rock star
Alice Cooper. The bureau's spokesman says that since there has not been any evidence of a
kidnapping or no request for a ransom by any parties they have not considered this matter
part of their jurisdiction. The bureau at this time is letting local law inforcement treat it as a
missing person. The nature of the individual involved leads officials to believe that this is
probably a domestic matter or even a publicity stunt by the well known musician."
MrD looked at Baz then spoke."So whats the other story?"
"Two agents from Foggy Bottom left for Phoenix on saturday and another couple of suits
from the Dallas field office are in Roswell." Tim said
"Roswell?" MrD said startled
"Yeah can you believe that...Roswell...I think the A.D. has been watching too much tv." Tim
"Uh...yeah" MrD said rolling his eyes
"Anyway..my guy over there was real tight lipped about the whole thing...says he could get
crawled on the carpet if anyone found out he told me this." Tim said
" Gotcha brother...we'll stay off the radar" MrD said. "Thanks Tim...gotta go now..that fat
Limey bastard has finally sobered up enough to do some fishing." MrD looked over at Baz
who was casually holding his middle finger up.
"Listen..you guys...dont go screwing around in this...theres something funny going on." Tim
"Dont worry...we're retired" MrD said and then closed his cell phone. (Mr. Demeanor)

(I have GOT to hear Baz and Mr D's backstory. Prequel guys?           )

"Listen, Kat," zoo said nervously, "I hate to ask, but how long do wwe have to wait at the
"Looks like a couple of hours. Not too bad. Why?"

"I don't know if it's a good idea...I mean, she's gonna wonder..aw, I'll never forgive myself!"
zoo slumped in the seat.

"What on earth are you talking about?!" Weirdkat shot zoo an exasperated look.

'My best friend lives in Spokane. I haven't seen her for a couple of years. She lived up here -
I mean in BC - for over twenty years. Married my boyfriends best friend. We've known each
other since we were fifteen and eighteen. I'd like to see her."

"There's a coffeeshop in the airport. Give her a call. Tell her I'm connected to the zoo and I'm
taking you to pick up a critter."

"That'd work." zoo smiled at the kat with relieved gratittude. She took out her phone and
made the call. Rhonda nearly blasted the cell out of her hand.

"You're here? How long?! Yeah, I can get to the airport. Should I bring the kids?"

zoo looked at Weirdkat. She'd heard every word. She gave zoo a resigned look.

"Yeah, bring 'em. see you soon."

"How many kids." Weirdkat asked.

"Uh, four. But they're all school aged. The eldest is three months older than Josh, then
twelve, ten and eight. Two of each."

They were at the airport when zoo and Weirdkat pulled in. Zoo made introductions and they
found a large table.

"My treat." Rhonda said. 'You guys hungry?"

"Are you still working at the zoo, Aunty Zoo?" Tara said.

"Yep. Kat here is taking me to pick up, uh, a lemur.'


they had a light breakfast and caught up until their flight was announced. Zoo hugged the
kids and Rhonda. They headed for the plane.

"Thanks, Kat." zoo said, a bit misty.

"No problem. Now, let's get going."

"There's just one other thing you should probably know."


"I've never been on a plane before."
'You've got to be kidding!" Weirdkat said increduosly.

"Nope, never had any reason to. I took a bus to Rhonda's last time and it's been cars or
buses before that. I was on a train once, up to Salmom Arm. No planes. I'm a little nervous.
No... I'm terrified!" zoo tried to laugh.

"Okay, just follow me. There's nothing to it." Kat led the way to the boarding area.
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MrD put the phone in the pocket of his Levi`s shirt and sat at the table opposite Baz,he told
him what Tim had said.
"Two suits to Pheonix,and two to Roswell,lets hope they don`t run into Spice""Proves theres
something going on ,don`t yer think ?"
" Hell yeah"
The two men walked out of the door,both turned and had a last look inside.
"So long friend"said MrD "See yer soon I hope "
As they approached the pick up ,Baz took the keys and climbed into the drivers seat.
"Mind ?"
"Nar,go ahead,just get us there in one piece.And drive on the left yer stupid old b*****d"
"Less of the old"

They headed out on to the main road once more,Baz looked at the petrol gauge.
"Are we OK for gas,we don`t wanna be running out between Hicksville and Jerkwater now do
we ?"
"We`re fine ,at least `till we get to Dallas...how big is England"
"Bout the size of Texas,why"
"Nuthin""Head west"

MrD,lit the cigarettes,the first of many they would have that day and passed one over.
"Remember when we were in New York that time,the time we had that run with the IRA ?
"Not many,that was one of our first jobs together.Christ ,the number of times I nearly shit
myself on that one"
"It WAS the first man.The first of many"
"Yeah ,thats right.The company and the firm,sorta ,a hands across the water thing""Why yer
brought that up ?"
"Don`t know,just came into my head"

Baz reached to his right and gave his friend a pat on the arm.
"Dont go getting all sentimental on me,yer crazy friggin redneck"
" I have a bad feeling about this thats all.Can`t wait to see the ladies,make a nice change
from your ugly mug" (Baz)

"Take a left at the next crossin" MrD said to Baz "Well stay on the small roads for now"
"Here" Baz asked
The truck sped over an old bridge that crossed the Red River and they were in Texas.
"Yeah" MrD said "we'll stay here on 81 South all the way to Denton then pick up I-35 South
into Dallas.
"Right" Baz said "How's me drivin?"
"Is there an eight hundred number I can call" MrD said.
Baz's middle finger made another appearance.

MrD opened his cell phone. "Hey a message"
"Bella?" Baz asked
"Yeah...says they're bout a hunerd miles out...we should hit town round the same time."
"Groovy" Baz smirked
"Who are you?....Austin Powers!" MrD sarcastically said.
MrD dialed Bella's cell number.
"Hello" Bella answered
"Hey girl" MrD practically shouted "Whats ya'llz ETA?"
"Maybe an hour" Bella said.
"Go to the Double Tree Inn at the Dallas-Ft Worth airport...theres a room there in your name.
We'll meet ya'll in the bar in a couple hours." MrD instructed
"Cant wait" Bella said
"You cant wait!...ya'll oughtta see Baz...hell even his cigarettes gotta hard on" MrD joked.
Baz could hear Bella and Jaded laughing through the cell.

MrD closed his cell phone and stuck it back down his shirt pocket.
"Hammer down Baz ol man" MrD said
"Wot!" Baz said puzzled
"Step on it!" (Mr. Demeanor)

Jaded and Bella arrived at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport by noon. The checked in at the
National Counter to make certain that they 'logged their time'.

Lady at the Counter: "I see the people over there in Boston only charged you $150 for the
Navigator - per day?"
Bella stretched her legs, butt was still numb, "Yes, they did. That rate came w/ a check in
time though. I think we made it?"
The Lady, "Um............ yes, your check in should've been 1:30? How did you make it in
that time?"
Bella smiled, "VERY few rest stops and no sleep, so," Bella hopped from one foot to the
other, "can we hurry a bit?", she smiled and conspiriatorily whispered...
The lady laughed, "Oh, sure! Are you returning the truck now?"
Bella thought about that, "I'm not certain about that, we're meeting some friends. Can you
keep it in my name for a few hours?"
The lady, "Sure, you might incur charges for an add'l day though."
Bella hopped around again, "That's ok, long as I find a ladies room right quick!"
The Lady, "Ok! Down the corridor, first door on the left!"
Bella and Jaded, "Thanks!!!"

The two made use of that most lovely ladies room - it was the best place Bella had ever
seen! Then again, that 'stankin' place they'd stopped at in Schenectady on a prior road trip
would've been lovely by this point.

They made their way to the Doubletree Inn.

There was indeed a room their in her name and they checked in and went to it............

They dropped their bags, Bella took hers and went to the bathroom.
Jaded, "What you doin'?", she asked turning on the tv.
Bella, "I'm showering first this time! Hahahahah!"
Jaded, "I'm gonna catch a few zzz'z"
Bella, "I'll wake ya when I'm done."
Jaded, " 'k ".
Bella emerged in 30 minutes, levis, Harley Boots, black leather backless vest. Her hair
would air dry - lord knows, it's warm enough here! She put on some 'war paint': known to
the rest of the world as "make up". Called Mr. BD, spoke to him and The Little One and
assured them that they were ok, of course The Mr. and son were ok too: making pizza!
Bella charged all her equipment, and changed the batteries on the GPS - good thing I
brought a ton! She then woke Jaded.

Jaded, "Ok..ok...she mumbled....I'm goin', I'm goin'..."
Bella, "Rise and shine girlfriend.", and 'threw' the girl into the bathroom.

Bella laid back on the bed and closed her eyes. She heard the water start running. A few
minutes later, she got up and tried the bathroom door - unlocked. She opened it, snuck
inside and ---- flushed the toilet.


Bella, "Heheheheheheh.......... ", laid back down on the bed w/ a satisfied look on her face,
 set the alarm for 30 minutes and drifted off to sleep. That's the good thing about being a
"Leo", cat naps rule.

A short time later, the 'ladies' were at the bar, each sipping a much deserved Captain and
Coke, laughing as usual, enjoying a cig, waiting for food - starving again.

Jaded, "I can't believe you did that. Biatch!" laughing.
Bella, "I figured, if I didn't freeze you out, you'd at least get a good scare...." chuckling.
Jaded, "Right........ "
Bella, " Da Boyz, should be arriving soon, I'd think."
Jaded, "You think Baz cig will go out? Heheheeh!"
Bella looked them both over, "Maybe, the tatts on my back should at least make the guy
drop it!"

They were five miles out,the clock on the dash read 15:30,the temperature 81 degrees.

"Take this next turn off,then right again and the hotel is pretty much in front of us"MrD
pointed through his open window.
Double Tree Inn,the sign said ,residents parking only.
"This is us,thank Christ for that,my left knee is giving me some rate jip today"
"Lets check in and come back for our gear later"said MrD "I need a drink"
"Hold on,let me get my black bag,I daren`t leave that out here"
They walked into the cool foyer,marble effect floor and fresh flowers everywhere,the
reception was straight ahead.
"Hello gentlemen may I help ?"
"Mr Nixon"
"And Mr Bush"
Baz smiled to himself,what a bloody comedian D is.
"Reservations for two double rooms"
"Ah yes,if you would just sign here please.,thank you ,rooms 107 and 108.Would you like
some help with that bag Sir?
"No thanks,can you tell me if two friends of ours have checked in yet.Miss Taylor and Miss
Cox ?"
The suit looked at his PC,and told MrD that they had,and were in a room across the hall.
The men looked at each other with a nervous smile and walked towards the elevator.

By 4:00pm, Jaded and Bella, smelling of 'Victoria's Secret and Patchouli RESPECTIVELY,
were pretty sure they'd been 'stood up'.....

"Told ya'", Bella said, "A big joke."
Jaded: "Nah, can't be. The man reserved the room!"
Bella: "Under Taylor and Cox!!!??? Which one you wanna be?"
Jaded laughed, "Cox, of course!"


They'd had 'a few' in the hour and a half they'd been waiting there. Again, as usual, "a few"
had had NO ill effects. Bella looked up into the bar's mirrored 'backsplash'. They'd eaten
their fill (who KNEW where they put it all???), make up perfect and Jaded's new 'vest'
creation by Bella was holding up in a MOST upstanding manner!

Bella looked at the vest: "Damn, I'm good."
Jaded laughed and clinked her glass w/ her friends, "Yep, good enough to get a "BBB$ sent
right down the front of it!"
Bella broke up into laughter......... "Gotta love the sewing machine, huh??? And Alice's
ability at a 'hole in one'! "
Jaded, "At least yours!"
Bella, "Yes. But you wear it SO WELL!!!!"
Jaded laughed loudly, shaking her dark auburn hair, "Yeah! Their called boobs, Bella! You
know that!!!"

Bella looked once again into the mirror before her, sipping her Captain and Coke.. Behind
her, two men walked into the bar: one in Cowboy boots, one in a different kind of boot -
foreign to Bella. One man - she recognized, though she was STUNNED to see this person
'IN PERSON'. The other, she did not recognize......... but her 'thinking mind' told her it was

Bella to Jaded whispered, "Behind you, we're up, make it count."
Jaded, "Always."

The two woman got up off of their bar stools, It was a Sony CyberShot Commercial, better
than ANY Steven Tyler could EVER pull off. Jaded went left shaking out full dark auburn
locks, Bella went right tossing long dark brown locks off of her face............... Jaded in an
emerald green vest and jeans created by Bella and Bella in a black backless leather vest and

"WooooHOoooooo!!!!!!!", went up the call - sounded like two women from Xena - "Mr.
 D.!!!!!! BAZZZAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"..... The two women each grabbed a man:

Jaded wrapped her arms around Baz's neck: "You bring my Smarties?!?", she asked
hugging him. Bazza lifted her up off of the floor! Jaded laughed!
Bella wrapped her arms around D.'s neck, he "hugged her up off the floor too": "Hey
Baby!!!! This is so weird! It's familiar but 'real' this time!!!!!!!" She kissed him on the
cheek....Happy she was to see him - confused, yet happy just the same - it was the man she
remembered from the previous adventures.
Bella to Mr. D.: "Took you LONG ENOUGH!"
Mr. D. smiled warmly: "Yeah, the Limey was drivin'."
Bella: "Taylor? I'd have prefered BaCall!"
Mr. D. "I was in a RUSH!!!"
Baz: "Eh! Ya' Basterd! You were givin' directions!"

Jaded hugged Mr. D and Bella went to Baz: "You made it!!! Nice to finally meet you!"
Baz: " 'aven't I met you before...in my dreams?"
Bella: "Ah, Baz", she said kissing him on the cheek, "the way to my heart: through Alice
Baz laughed, "Can't blame a boy for tryin'?"
Bella laughed and hugged him again, "Neva!!!!"

Bella and Jaded joined together once again, "Sam?", the bartender came over and smiled,
"Yeah, Bella?"
Bella to Sam, " Another round and give our friends a Jack on our tab, please."
Sam chuckled, "What tab would that be, Bella?"
Bella smiled to Sam, "Thanks Sammy."
Sam, "Sure thing, Honey." And winked.
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Zoo stopped in the middle of the airport. "One sec"
She pulled out her phone and hit the home number. "Hi, hon. I'm in Spokane. Just saw
Rhonda and the kids. Cam says hi to Josh. We're getting on a plane...yeah, freaked! I'll let
you know if I get a chance. Probably not from the plane. Yeah. Bye." She clicked off the call
and then shut down the phone.

"I figured they'd make me turn it off and he was supposed to call at noon." she explained.

"Ready now?" Weirdkat took her arm and pulled her toward the boarding area. "Just take a
deep breath and keep going."

They handed the boarding passes to a smiling attendant. She pointed them to the gate.

"I don't even know where we're going. I'm so nervous I forgot to ask!"

"Dallas." Weirdkat replied. "Then a place called the Doubletree Inn."

They boarded and found their seats. In a surprisingly short time, they were in the air. Zoo let
out a long breath. She smiled at WeirdKat.

"I may live!"

{Zoogirl check your tickets again...I think they are for Phoenix...but no matter the more the
merrier I always say.} (Mr. Demeanor)

(Aren't we meeting up with you guys first?)
"Attention passengers." The pilots voice came out of the intercom, startling zoo out of her old
copy of Billion Dollar Baby.

"There appears to be a power outage in Dallas. Nothin' to worry about, folks, but we may
have to land at an alternate airport. So far the authorities down there don't seem to know
what's causing it. We'll keep you posted. Again, don't worry. This bird's got lots of gas."

"I read somewhere they take a course in being folksy and reassuring." zoo gave Weirdkat a
weak smile. "I guess it's true."

"He's right." The Kat looked unconcerned. "They always have enough fuel to make alternate
landings. I wonder if this is one of "our" outages."

"Probably. Kat, how are we going to find him? I mean, we can't just walk out into the dessart
and expect him to pop up. Would he even be expecting us?

"Well, yeah, I guess he would." Weirdkat kept her voice low. Instinctively neither of them
mentioned Alice's name. "I mean, haven't we always been there? Yes, it's mostly been on
supernatural settings. We did end up in the real world at the concert though, and the party
afterward. Heck, I've still got the ticket from the plane he sent me home on."

"My bus ticket is framed!" zoo giggled. "Yeah, he knows us all right. "Loyalty R Us". Maybe
he will just pop up when he's ready."

"Maybe the guys have more info." Kat leaned back against her seat. "I think there's a lot
more to Mr D and Baz then we ever realized." (Zoogirl)

The men,especially Baz were taken aback for a minute or two.MrD had forgotten just how
gorgeous the two girls really were,and Baz seeing them for the first time,had no idea of the
beauty that awaited him.
"Anybody want a smoke ?"Baz said with a grin,he felt good.
"You bet" the girls answered in unison,then laughed.
Baz got the impression the two did a lot together.
"You ladies eaten ?"MrD asked
"We have but there`s room for more"
Baz finished his drink and threw a hundred on the bar.
"Does that cover the drinks ?"
"No problem"
"c`mon ladies,I`m so hungry I could eat just about anything"
Jaded looked at him "Anything"
Baz stopped in his tracks and waited until she had come alongside him.
"Later Jaded,later"Then strolled into the resteraunt and chose a table.
It was as though they had known each other for ever,D had known them for a while of course
but Baz realised he had never seem him so relaxed,so happy as he looked right now.
As if reading Baz`s mind ,he looked over gave him a wink,"Hey yer limey b*****d,enjoying the
company ?"
"The best ,yer redneck son of a bitch"...
Baz took a minute to look around the table.
Bella,bronzed ,hair down to her arse,and what an arse,denim and leather definately suited
her.A wicked sense of humour that baz liked.
Jaded,auburn hair down over her shoulders,not quite as long as Bella`s,but it was the
shiniest hair Baz had ever seen.She was probaly the most beautiful woman he had ever
She was the quietest of the two,yet Baz liked that as well.
D,well, he was the best,simple as that.
He could stay there forever.
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MrD looked at Sam the bartender.."Hey buddy...can ya tell me where the men's room is?"
"Sure...go down the hall passed the lobby...on the right... ya cant miss it." the bartender said.
"Thanks" MrD said and excused himself from the little party taking place in the hotel lounge.
As he left the bar and made his way down the hall he opened his cell phone and called
"Hello" MrsD said
"Hey Babe...it's me" he answered.
"So how's the fishin" she said knowing that he hadnt been fishing at all.
"The crappie are bitin just before sunset" he said.
"Well it's been on the news" she said "you're lookin for him arent ya"
"And Baz is with ya...aint he" she continued
"I thought so" she said
MrD stood in the hallway alone outside the men's room with his cell phone.
"So where are ya now?"she asked
"Dallas" he answered
"Last time you and Baz got together...he had to bring you home in a Hefty bag" she snapped
At that moment the hotel went dark and MrD's cell phone went dead.
"Damn" MrD said as he closed his cell phone then made his way back to the lounge.
The afternoon sun provided plenty of light in the glass enclosed lobby and the bar had plenty
of windows as well.
MrD returned to the table and Sam the bartender said loudly enough to be heard at our
table."Huh...not again....thats the second time since Saturday." (Mr. Demeanor)

Jaded looked at Bella with uncertianly,I have no idea whats going on with these power
outages.To be honest, its starting to freak me out.She moved her chair closer to Bazz.
Lets me fire up my lap top and see if there's any infomation on this one. Bella said giving
Jaded a reassuring look.
Bella started reading aloud in that voice that usally is only used to calm her kid.
Much of the western U.S. is blacked out when three key power lines failed. Throughout the
crisis,the employees at electric companies will work intensely to make sure that the
unexplained line failure somewhere in the western power grid does not turn into a massive
The outage affected parts of Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana,
Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico,Texas, Arizona and Nevada as well as the Canadian
provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, according to the Bonneville Power Administration,
which oversees the power lines in the Pacific Northwest.
She looked up from her laptop to see the three staring at her. (Jaded)

Spice was starting to get a little paranoid herself..it seemed like everywhere there were
Sickthings involved with airplanes, power outages were occuring with alarming regularity.
"It's the end of the world as we know it" she sang under her breath to calm herself "just weird
weather patterns...nothing to worry about..."
According to Mr D's progress report, Bella and Jaded had decided to drive (narrowly missing
that power outage) and Zoo and Kat were on their way from somewhere in the northwest.
The men were driving in from the ranch.
"That leaves me, and this big bird right here" she thought to herself as she took a deep
breath and stepped on to the plane. Spice clutched her little blue alien keychain good luck
charm, a gift from Bobby when she last visited him at the museum. "You get me there safe,
now, no funny stuff" she whispered to the little guy as she took her seat.
Moments later, just as she was getting comfortable, the seat next to her was taken by a fairly
imposing looking gentleman in a tan trench coat and dark glasses. Little alarm bells started
to go off in Spice's head.
"This is gonna be a long four hours.." she thought to herself as the gentleman got out his cell
phone and made a call.
"Everything is secure" the man said in a low voice into the phone, and then hung up quickly.
Secure is not how Spice felt at that moment, but she figured she might as well find out as
much as she could. Clearly this fellow had some sort of hidden agenda---just as she did.
"Hi! Are you vacationing in Albuquerque?" she asked him brightly, hoping her cheery tone
would cover up the mixture of suspicion and panic she was really feeling.
"Actually no, I'm headed to Roswell. There's some sort of alien museum there or
something...have you heard of it?"
Spice thought quickly--she was obviously being "felt out"--but why? Did the timing of her
flight related to whatever is going on arouse suspicion? Was Bobby in fact right about his
wire being tapped? She figured feigning innocence and being honest would be her best bet.
"Actually, I'm headed there myself. I have a few old friends who work there and I haven't
seen them in a while."
The gentleman shifted in his seat and Spice noticed his hand in the pocket of his trench coat.
"The b*&!@#d's taping me!" she thought, her panic turning into righteous indignation. "That's
it. Gloves off."
"OH really? What sort of work do your friends do?"
"Well, they are UFO researchers. They maintain the archives and laboratories and
databases of the museum. People from all over the world who have experienced strange
phenomena call them and log their reports. In fact, that's how I met them. I went down there
when I was living in Albuquerque to tell them about how I was abducted by aliens on my
birthday. Do you want to hear the story? I can show you the burns where they marked me so
they can find me again when they come back..." Spice started lifting up her sweater and the
man instinctively threw up his hands. "Um, actually, I get a little airsick if I'm not asleep
during take off...I'm just going to put these headphones on...maybe later..."
Spice smiled to herself and gave her good luck alien a little squeeze. "Crazy UFO lady act
works like a charm" she thought to herself, settling in with her own headphones. Her year as
receptionist at the museum paid off most handsomely in sharpening her acting skills.
Spice glanced at the man in the seat next to her---obviously some kind of agent. But what
kind? And why? Spice had just enough time to send a text message to MrD before the pilot
turned on the "no electronics" sign.

"Hey Sam" MrD called over to the bartender.
"That's my name" Sam cheerfully called back.
"How long did it stay off last time?" MrD asked
"Oh about forty-five minutes...maybe an hour....I didn't time it." he said
"So it'll probably be at least that long before we can order some food" MrD said
"You kiddin" Sam laughed..."This is Texas...we cook with fire around here"
"Good news Sam...why dont you have the kitchen send us up four steaks" MrD said.
"Comin up" Sam the bartender said ...then dissappeared out of the lounge.
The regular afternoon crowd was beginning to appear in the trendy little hotel lounge. MrD
discretely scanned their faces and listened to their conversations when he could. Just out of
old habits mainly...but he knew that there was something going on he just didnt know what.
The little party that was going on at his table became somber when it was discovered how
widespread this last power outage had been.
The group discussed the possible theories as to the origins of these outages and how it
might be related to the dissappearance of Alice.Everyone put their opinions forward.
MrD, who was sitting with his back to the wall and facing the entrance, paid careful attention
to the thoughts of the two ladies as they each gave their opinions when something caught his
eye. He watched as two young men, each in their late twenties or early thirties enter the bar
and scan the crowd. They were tall, fit, cleanshaven and well dressed. They were not
speaking to each other just looking around..they deliberatley walked to an empty table and
took a seat. The young blonde cocktail waitress, who had just come on duty, hurried to their
table and with her friendly Texas drawl said..."Hi guys...are you guests here...you can have
pretty much anything you want unless we have to use the blender...cuz of tha power bein off
and alla that...anywayz...what'll you have?"
"Two club sodas" one of them said without even giving the pretty young girl a second look.
"Uh...ok...two club sodas" she said almost with disbelief. As she headed to the bar to fill their
orders MrD noticed her roll her eyes, she knew there wouldnt be much of a tip at that table.
"Hey lets talk about something else" MrD said..."the nights young and we havent even heard
from any of the others yet."
Baz saw the look that MrD was giving him. The two men always worked so well together
because they almost had a sixth sense about what the other was thinking.
"Bloody good idea" Baz piped up and easing his arm over the back of Jadeds chair ,"Lets
talk about you lovely ladies."

MrD leaned over and whispered into Bellas ear..."I think we should keep this kinda talk in
"Why" she said quietly
"Trust me" he said. (Mr. Demeanor)
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Baz leaned over to Jaded,and whispered in her ear,she leant into him.He liked that,...a lot.
"Keep things quiet,small talk,keep one eye on D"
"OK,..do we have a problem ?"
"Maybe" he reached round her and touched her hair,it felt as soft as it looked.
Baz looked back towards MrD,who was taking a sip of the wine.A Californian red.
He seemed to be talking to Bella,but his concentration was elsewhere.
Baz spoke,"The company ?"
"Could be,but why in Dallas,why here?"
"Lets f*****g ask em"
"Lets wait awhile"

"Two steaks ,bloody "
"Mine,mine"the girls declared,unravelling their napkins.
"Here yer go"
"And one burnt"
"Cheers me owd cock sparrer" Baz said,a smile spreading on his face,knowing he was the
omly one here who had understood what he had just said.
"We will"
It was during the meal that the two suits left,Baz knew immediately although he had his back
to them.
The atmosphere at the table returned to what it was prior to the suits arriving.
Bella clinging on to every word that D said,Baz and Jaded just talking about nothing in
particular,but loving every minute.
It must have bben a good two hours before they left the lounge.
"Lets have a drink upstairs" ,D said as they walked towards the elevators.
Both D and Baz saw them in the corner. (Baz)

Bella was pretty good at 'following a lead' at this point in her life: She'd been in some nasty
places, and met some nasty people. All in all, however, she knew who to trust. She
ALWAYS listened to the voice at the 'back of her head' - the one who sounded like her but
'wasn't'. She was pretty good at 'sniffing out trouble spots' and her acting abilities (just look
at most family functions) should've earned her Academy Awards, by now....She'd tried to
'teach' Jaded, and she and Jaded had a 'silent communication' thing worked out long ago.

"Something" had 'changed' in the room just before the steaks arrived - and FINE steaks they
were - bloody but solid - no 'jelly', just the way Bella liked it! Bella heard and caught the
"Trust Me." - and did. She hung on EVERY one of Mr. D.'s words - it wasn't hard - that part
wasn't acting. She really did enjoy Mr. D.'s company! The acting part came in when her
hair 'accidentally' fell in her face: she tossed it back and turned slightly to do it - catching a
glimpse of the two uptight suits drinking club soda behind them. They weren't interested in
a scantily clad 'dingbat', as usual - 'dingbat' is almost ALWAYS good cover. They were
looking for something/one else. Bella and Jaded BARELY exchanged a glance and both
women leaned into each conversation just a .....little.....bit......closer.......

Bella enjoyed that conversation and that bloody, though solid (no 'jelly' steak - PERFECT
for her! Though she had NO CLUE what 'me owd cock sparrer', for Baz meant! It was like
the time the "Bushwackers' from the WWF asked her "how she was doing." She replied,
 "Good, thanks." Luke or Butch asked, "Good? Or Good like a box a fuzzy dux?" Same
confusion....never figured that one out either...

Jaded and Baz appeared to be having ONE Hell of a time!

After their food, Mr. D. suggested a 'drink upstairs'....as they walked toward the elevators.
The power had come back on shortly before they'd left the table. The elevator was now in
service once again. Bella was certain that 'someone' was watching and winked at Jaded.

The two went into a 'reserved dingbat' mode:

Bella slithered up to and 'onto' Mr. D.'s arm, she whispered into his ear, "Play along,
Jaded gave Baz a similar message - not that she needed to - Baz was so happy he could
bust anyway!

Bella to Mr. D.: "Oh, Really? You are SUCH a charmer!"
Mr. D.: "I'll show you how charming I can be....."
Bella: "I can't wait....", she purred smiling, and clung closely to his waist, his arm around her

Jaded to Baz, "Want some Candy, little Boy? Heheheheh"
Baz: "Uh....um......I....er...uh......"
Jaded laughed and chased him into the elevator. Mr. D. and Bella - right behind.
The doors closed, leaving the uptight suits in a corner, behind.
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The 'game' continued in the elevator (hey, they have cameras and sound sometimes),
through the halls and all the way to Mr. D.'s room.

Once inside the room, the "game" continued as Mr. D. ordered a bottle of Jack to be
delivered to the room. It was delivered by a pimpley faced young man, who saw nothing
other then two men and two women, looking to have a very good evening.

Once the Jack was received, the pimpley faced young man tipped and the door closed - and
locked - with the 'do not disturb' sign on the knob, Bella got up and announced, "The
shower's always fun, Charmer...hehehe....You up?" and turned on the shower, Jaded
closed the curtains. The room was darkened - shut off from the outside and the sound of
running water was deafening.

Bella leaned against the armoire w/ her arms folded, Jaded standing similarly beside her.
Bella lowered her voice and said quiety, "You boys wanna tell us WTF is going on now?"
Mr. D. looked away and cracked that bottle of JD and poured a shot for each. Bella
accepted hers and added cola from the room fridge, she did the same to Jaded's, "It's a
Boston thing.", she said softly, though she was CERTAIN, that 'the Boston thing' was more
likely than not, offensive to both men...

Mr. D. and Baz each sat down. Each drew a breath, took a sip, and slowly exhaled.
Each had been 'wondering' what they were in for for a minute there.
Bella grabbed a cig from her fanny pack and accepted a light from Mr. D., who'd just lit one
of his own. Bella smiled at him, "Just like old times, eh, D.?"
D. smiled and looked down, shaking his head slowly, disbelievingly. He was 'relieved'.
Bella chuckled.
Baz followed suit for Jaded, except, Baz might have looked a little 'disappointed', then
again, the curtains were drawn...hard to tell....

The four puffed and drank for awhile in silence until Bella brought up a point: "You know",
she said softly, "Even in the shower, we'd only have 'so long'....So fess up. What's the

"Well....", Baz and Mr. D. started together.....
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High in the sky near Dallas-Fort Worth, the airplane carrying the Kat and an increasingly
nervous Zoogirl was still circling in a holding pattern. Kat was trying to reassure Zoo, saying
“Sweetie, believe me it‟s standard operating procedure for these birds to load on enough fuel
to get to an alternate and then circle THERE for a while too. It‟s been almost an hour now,
so they‟ll be making the decision any time now…” Just then, the calm, confident voice of the
pilot spoke over the intercom again. “Ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your
attention...we‟ve been told the situation with the electricity at Dallas-Fort Worth is still
uncertain. They‟ve got the lights back on, but they haven‟t quite pinned down what caused
the problem yet and they still have power fluctuations, so for safety reasons we will be
diverting our alternate at Austin. We regret the inconvenience we know this will cause you,
and I want to assure you that ticket agents will be standing by when we pull up to the gate.
They‟ll see to it that everyone gets routed to their original destination. Again, we regret the
inconvenience, but passenger safety must come first.” As the flight attendants braced
themselves and began to deal with the inevitable onslaught of questions, Zoo and Kat looked
at each other. Kat crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue in imitation of the smiley from
the STUK board, and then started to sing “Nothing ever goes as planned!” Zoo laughed a
little – nervously – and said “I guess we‟ll have to call the others after we land and let them
know we‟ll be a little late!” “No time like the present” answered Kat, reaching for the
„Airphone‟ on the seat back ahead of them. Seeing Zoo‟s puzzled look, Kat explained “They
got rules against using cell phones on planes, in case they interfere with airplane function or
cockpit communication, so you use these. Lotsa people sneak cellphone calls anyway, but
I‟m sure not gonna do it while they‟re getting landing instructions.” Punching a long string of
numbers into the airphone, she got hold of Mr. D. “Greetings, oh great and wise chief, on
whose every word I hang whenever I‟ve got a millennium or so to spare! I‟m on the
airphone, so I‟ll keep it simple. Looks like we‟ll be a little late hooking up with you guys for
our „vacation‟. Somebody down there at Dallas-Fort Worth forgot to pay the electric bill, so
they‟re diverting this flight over to Austin. They‟ll be rerouting the passengers to get „em to
wherever, so they‟ll probably offer to stick us on a hopper once the power‟s certain to stay on
at D-FW. I‟ll let you know…huh? Oh, right…yeah, makes sense…OK, see you tomorrow,
then.” Zoogirl asked “Now, what do we do?” Kat looked her intently for a moment, said in a
very low voice “act like a tourist” and then in a normal tone said “Our buddy said skip the
hopper to Dallas-Fort Worth. They‟ll be runnin‟ down to pick up I-10 when they head out for
the „resort‟ anyway, so we should just get a motel room for the night and they‟ll swing past
and pick us up on the way. He said to give him a buzz after we land, let him know what
motel and all.” The passenger barrage of questions, complaint, outrage and general bitching
was beginning to subside, and Kat caught the attention of one flight attendant. Grinning her
crooked little grin, Kat asked “Since we‟re diverting now, any chance of a couple more Diet
Cokes before we have to button up for landing again?” Zoo just sat back and tried – not very
successfully - to relax. “Easy” she told herself, “they know what they‟re doing, this kind of
thing probably happens all the time. We‟ll be fine, we‟ll get on the ground soon…I love
buses, I love trains, I will never love to fly on planes…”

Overhearing Zoo‟s little chant, Kat reached over and took her hand. Squeezing it
reassuringly, she kept her voice so low Zoo almost couldn‟t hear it, she murmered When I
call Mr. D. from Austin, he‟ll tell me what hotel he‟s booked us into. He said watch out for
strange men, and play it cagey. The room will be booked for Ms. Jett and Ms. Halford. Ain‟t
he funny?” Zoo rolled her head towards Kat, and murmered, equally low, “I‟m „Jet‟ like in this
plane?” “No, you‟re „Jett‟ like in „I Love Rock „N Roll” and I‟m „Halford‟ - as in Judas Priest,
bless Mr. D‟s funny little self!”

"Well"....both men said simultaneously.
"Go on then" Baz said..."I dunt thinks the lasses can understand me bloody accent anyway!"
he smiled.
MrD cleared his throat and said. "First of all I wanna tell ya'll that pouring coke inna perfectly
good shot of Jack Daniels could be the single most disturbin thang I've eva seen in all my
"Brought a tear to me eye it did" Baz said nodding, mocking genuine sorrow.
The girls laughed and Bella said "Cut to the chase D"
"All I can tell you really is that Baz and I have know each other for many
years...we...er...worked together for the same company".
"Ok I'll buy that" Jaded said looking at Bella. "Go on"
"We're retired now...leading let's say ...a simpler kinda life. Ya know...regular type jobs...Little
league...PTA meetings ...that kinda stuff. And we've stayed in touch...mainly through the
SickThings site."
"What company??...what kinda work??" Bella demanded obviously becoming frustrated with
MrD's evasiveness.
"We were in the contracting business...mostly government work....uh kinda like
troubleshooters." MrD said
"Right" Baz said.
Jaded and Bella listened intently...occasionally glancing at one another as MrD spoke.
"Anyway" MrD continued..." a friend of ours whos still emplyed there...let us know that the
FBI has begun an 'unofficial' investigation into Alice's dissappearance."
"So those two stiffs that were in the bar..." Bella said
"Field agents" MrD said "hell, you can spot 'em a mile away....they always look like they just
stepped out of a JC Penny catalogue...only without the personality." he laughed.
"The poor bastards will never learn 'ow to blend in" Baz laughed.
"So we're being followed?" Bella asked with a touch of concern in her voice.
"Cetainly appears that way" MrD said.
"My source tells me that they've sent guys to Phoenix and to Roswell...and apparently
they've put a tail on us here too."
"But why would they care about it" Jaded asked
"I'd kinda like to know that myself" MrD answered as he opened his cell phone to check for
"Huh" he laughed as he closed it up.
"What?" Bella demanded
"Message from Spice....says she's gotta tail on her"
"Shit" Bella and Jaded said at the same time.
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"We can do one of two things"Baz said as he crossed the room to get the cigarettes that D
had left on the table.
"We can lose the suits,in which case they will know we`ve eyeballed em,or we can let em tag
along,and try and use em to our own adavantage further down the line"
"I agree "said MrD,"If they become a nuisance we can always ,"have a word"
"Except to say that ,having a word ,doesn`t actually mean,having a word does it ?"Bella
"In this case yes,well almost.We can`t afford to have the Feds against us,never know when
we might need a favour"
The four of them were silent for a couple of minutes,you could imagine the cogs going round
in their heads,thinking about their next move.
Jaded grabbed Baz`s hand,"Can I ask you something Baz"
"Go ahead"
"When you and D worked together,did you actually kill people ?"
"For f***s sake Jaded ",Bella shouted"Can`t believe you f*****g just said that"Jesus"
"Oh Christ ,I`m sorry...."
"It`s OK " Baz said,don`t worry bout it .He could see that Bella`s outburst had shocked her
into realising what she had just said.
"Listen to me,the both of you" D started,"Me and Baz go back a long way,we`ve done a lot of
things that weren`t very nice,but we did em,we had to,it was our job.Sometimes we did
things we didn`t feel were right ,but we did em.Me and that guy there,have thought more
than once that we were not gonna make it,but we did,cos we were good at our job.
You will probably see us doing things that will shock or upset you,we do things cos we have
to,so be prepared,this may not be no picnic.Still wanna tag along ?"
"Of course we do ,you know that"
Baz stood up and stretched,then turned to the two ladies ,
"Just one rule,you do what we say,when we say it,no questions,Ok"
"OK "
" The second rule is,you have to promise NEVER to drink the Uncle with coke" (Baz)

Zoo smacked her forehead. "Must be the altitude. I've loved Joan Jett since the Runaways."

"At least you're still thinking." Weirdkat gave her another reassuring smile. "Not bad for a first

They sipped their Cokes and waited. Before long, the plane started to descend. Zoo gripped
Weirdkat's hand. "This'll be the tough part."

Things started to happen. Lights went on, warning passengers to fasten their seatbelts,
People began to gather their belongings, putting books into bags and papers into briefcases.
The descent became steeper.

The plane had actually touched the ground before zoo realized it. It rolled down the runway,
losing speed and finally came to a stop in front of the terminal.

Zoo let out a long breath and released the Kat's hand.

"Whew, I'm glad that's over!" Weirdkat rubbed her fingers. They were visibly red.

"Oh, gosh, I'm sorry!" zoo said, "You should have seen what I did to my sister-in-law's hand
when I was having Danny!"

Weirdkat just grinned at her. "We're down now, anyway. Grab your pack and let's get off this

They got their bags from the overhead bins and prepared to get off the plane.

""The hotel should be in or near the airport." Weirdkat said. "We'll check in and then go act
like tourists for the evening. Tommorow it starts for real."
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MrD's cell phone rang.
"D here" he answered it..."It's Kat" he said to the others in the room. "Where ya'll at" He
"We're in Austin...Flight got diverted because of the power outage."
'Yeah I know know...I got ya'll a room at tha Crown Plaza...it's about a half mile north of the
airport right there on I-35...the hotel has a shuttle service that runs about every half
hour..ya'll go on and get checked in."
"It's not a dump is it?" Kat asked
"A dump?...no baby...it's very nice...ya might not wanna leave." MrD laughed.
"Listen carefully sweetheart....dont get all freaked out but look around you...do you happen
to see a couple of guys standin around...dressed in Brooks Brothers suits do ya?"
MrD waited a moment...."Yeah , as a matter of fact...I do...standing over by baggage
claim...who are they?" she said.
"Are they carryin any luggage?" Mr D asked
"No...how did you know?" she asked
"Just a wild guess" he answered
"What should we do?" she said
"Well dont stare at 'em...just stay cool little kitty...go on about your business...just keep your
conversations on the boring side." he instructed.
"Can do...hey we're justa couple of boring tourists here" she said laughing
"Atta girl" MrD said. "me an Baz and a couple of hot babes we picked up in the bar are sittin
tight till we here from our girl in the desert."
"You guys try not to have TOO much fun" Kat said
"At my age...my fun meter red lines pretty quick" MrD laughed.."Call me in the morning...we'll
go from there...C ya." he said
"C ya" Kat said.

MrD looked at his friends..."Well...at least we're in the same state"     (Mr. Demeanor)

"The captain asks that you return to your seats as we begin our descent into Albuquerque"
the attendant said over the speaker, jolting Spice out of a very nice dream involving long
dark hair, makeup, leather, and the infamous "red thing". She glanced over and noticed that
her new friend was watching her intently.
"Oh hey, sorry I must have dozed off! Do you want to hear about my abduction now?" she
said, turning in her seat to face him.
"Well, um, we're about to land..maybe I'll see you at the museum?"
"I don't know. I'm going to be visiting some friends in Albuquerque first, taking some trips out
into the desert maybe hit Sedona, you know" here she gave him a sly wink, designed to build
upon the impression that she was a new age nutty, "I probably won't be getting to the
museum till, ah...Thursday. That's what I told my friends anyway. Sometimes I just have to
let the desert carry me, you know?" The gentleman shifted in his seat again, and Spice was
pleased to note that her latest performance had been recorded also. Hopefully that would
buy her some time.
"on behalf of the captain and crew, I would like to welcome you to Albuquerque International
Airport. Current temp is 76 degrees and sunny."
"Well, I guess it's time to be on our ways" she said to her seatmate,"Hope you find what
you're looking for!" Spice winked as he looked her over one more time, and then got up and
flipped open his phone as soon as he was out of earshot.
Spice gathered her belongs and stood up, stretched, and opened her own phone. She hit
"D here" came the voice she recognized from her dreams. It was very soothing to hear it in
real life, especially in the present circumstances.
"Well howdy pardner!" she said as she stepped off the plane into the blinding New Mexico
sunshine,"sure is nice to be on the ground, and away from my new best friend."
"Hello darlin--so you made it safely? And the power is on in Albuquerque?"
"As far as I can tell...the sun's so blazin out here I can't tell if the lights are on in the terminal
or not." Spice walked with the rest of the passengers into the terminal to head for baggage
"So, your buddy...is he still around?" Mr D asked.
"Not as far as I can see. I think I scared him off with my crazy UFO lady act. At least I hope
"Good girl! We've got some friends here as well...and apparently Zoo and Kat are being not
so warmly welcomed into Austin too."
"Another power failure situation. We'll explain later. So what's your plan from there?"
Spice grabbed her bag from the carosel and headed to the transportation desk. All the power
seemed to be working normally, and she didn't seem to have anyone trailing her. At least as
far as she could tell.
"Well, the first thing I'm going to do is get a green chile burrito" she laughed,"and then I'm
heading straight down to Roswell. If they get to Bobby before I do he'll NEVER talk to me. "
"Ok, keep in touch, lady. Baz and Bella and Jaded and myself are going to sit tight here for a
bit, and then we'll be heading down to pick up Zoo and Kat. We can come through Roswell
and meet up with you there if it makes sense, or we can all reconvene in Phoenix."
"I'll let you know the minute I get any information, I promise. This is turning into quite the little
adventure" she said as she arrived at the Hertz desk.
"You said it, honey. Startin to remind Baz and me of the old times..."
"What old times?"
"Oh, more to explain once we're all together. Which now that I think about it, should be
sooner rather than later. I'm going to see what the others think about leaving now and
meeting you in Roswell. D'ya think your friends will be spooked if you show up with a crew?"
"Well, if you arrive with me I think they'll trust you. Now that you mention it, I'd rather not run
in to any more "company" by myself."
"Okay. It'll take you a couple of hours to get to Roswell, right? How 'bout you just enjoy that
green chile burrito real liesurely-like and I'll give you a call when we get a course of action all
figured out."
"Sounds good to me. I'm a little too tired to think strategically right now."
"You let us take care of the details, darlin. I'll call ya in a bit. Bye"
"Bye" Spice flipped her phone shut and wheeled her bag over to the Hertz desk.

Jaded walked over to the bottle of jack and poured herself a shot.she put it to her lips and
tilted her head back. Then slammed the glass to the table.
She winked at baz and said your on!
Jaded looked over at Bella hoping she was feeling as uneasy as she was.
Umm.. I'm not feeling too well..Jaded said.
Bella laughted. Jaded excused herself to the bathroom as Bella explained staight jack and
Jaded didn't get along to well.
a few minutes later there was a knock at the bathroom door.
Jaded honey you okay? she could hear Bella say.
need some help?
Yeah, come in was her reply.
Jaded and Bella stared at each other in awe of what Mr D and Baz had just told them.
federal goverment? Jaded looked at Bella
Bella shakes her head..I know, I know.
Should we trust the goverment? Jaded says in a wisper.
Bella looks at her.well they said they used to work for the company..But we both know your
never really out.
Yeah.. You know the old joke.. checks in the mail..I'm from the IRS and I'm here to help you..
Well I guess we have to wait and see then..Yeah Jaded said with a smile lets just keep an
eye on both of them.. I haven't even got any smarties yet..

Bella left Jaded in the bathroom to attend to herself.

Baz: "She ok?", he looked genuinely concerned.
Bella: "Yeah, 20 hours of drivin' no sleep, 'peeps followin' us, power outages, and 'the
company'", she looked pointedly at each man, "Yeah, all that and a shot of Jack straight, an
no f'in Smarties.......Yeah, she's ok." Bella sat down at the table in the room and kicked
her Black Harley Boots up on the table, lighting her own cigarette. She poured herself a
Jack and Coke...hey, she never promised anything about the Jack.....Bella smiled happily at
each man in turn - you'd have thought she was at a 'cocktail party'.....
Baz: "You're too good at 'turnin' it on, Bella"
Bella smiled sunnily at Baz again, "You remember that, you just might need it one day."

Bella fished around in her 'fanny pack' (pouch to you in the UK??             ). She found her
cell phone....started playing w/ it.

Mr. D. watched her, concerned for her 'state of mind'...."What are you doin', Bella?"
Bella, "Playin' wit my phone, wat's it look like?"
Baz: "You OK, Honey?"
Bella smiled at both: "Damn fine."
Mr. D.: "Bella, Honey, You really OK?"
Bella looked at him and at Baz. She sipped her drink, smoked her smoke and played with
her phone, "Yes. I'm ok. A lot to digest: My 'cowboy' was never really a 'cowboy', and my
'Brit' was never really a 'gentleman'....illusions shattered all around."
Baz: "That doesn't make us bad folk though."
Bella: "No. No, it doesn't. Just not what I drove down for."
Mr. D.: "Disappointed, Baby?"
Bella drew on her cig and exhaled slowly, "No such thing as 'disappointment'. Just
misplaced expectations....there are no 'cleansing streams' in this 'adventure', are there?"
Mr. D. frowned.....

Jaded emerged from the bathroom.
Bella: "You OK, Jaded?" Bella knew she was fine.
Jaded, "Yep, OK."

Bella punched a number into her cellphone, and hit 'dial'.
Mr. D.: "Who you callin'?"
Bella smiled, waiting for it to connect, "Mr. BD? My Girlfriend?
Jaded smiled, she knew the number Bella was trying...
Baz: "Seriously, Bella - the phone could be tapped!"
Bella smiled: "Honey, this phone is 'satellite' driven'. If It's tapped then you have your
answer as to who's tappin' it. Your buddies, not anyone we know..."
Mr. D.: "Bella, who are you callin'?"

Bella looked at the table as the connection went thru. She sipped her drink, and smoked
tapping her long red nails on the table waiting....ringing...ringing...ringing....

A voice answered in a whisper, "Don't say my name."
Bella was stunned and put the SpeakerPhone on, put the phone on the table so they all
could hear....She motioned Jaded to the bathroom...She ran and turned on the
shower...again...(must be her and Baz this time!


The four leaned closer to the phone.
Bella asked quietly, "Do you know who this is?"
The Voice: "Yes."
Bella: "Where the Hell are you?", she whispered.
The Voice: "I'd rather not say, Sweetie....."
Bella: "Well, you'd better say, 'Sweetie"..."
The Voice: laughing softly, "You've done so much for me...please....let me do this for you..."
Bella: "No."
The Voice: "Go away, back to where you all belong...."
Bella: "No. For your family, please...."
The Voice - the familiar one they'd all loved said, "They're onto you. Go now.
Please....Before it's too late....Let me do this alone....For them and for you.....Please...."
Bella: "But..."
The Voice: "No buts....please....they're onto you....go now, before it's too late...."
Mr. D. stared at Bella as she hit 'end call', "What number did you dial?"
Bella stared back, just as surprised as they all were: "555-2667"
Baz, Mr. D. and Jaded: "shit......"
Bella: "I'd say now might be a good time to go.....Anyone want to second that motion?....."
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"We need to find the shuttle for the Crown Plaza Hotel" Weirdkat said, turning to zoo. "D
say's it runs about every half hour. See any signs?"

Zoo scanned the terminal. "Over there, by that exit. I guess it stops outside."

"All right, then. Let's go." Weirdkat smiled brightly and said, somewhat louder, "I hope I
brought enough sunscreen. It's so nice to get away from snow and rain!"

Zoo looked at her oddly. This chirpy tourist wasn't the tough, practical, Kat she knew.

Weirdkat ever so slightly glanced over at a pair of men standing near the baggage carousel.
They wore plain suits and sunglasses. Zoo's eye's widened. Weirdkat nodded, just the
faintest movement.

They walked over to the exit and stepped outside. Zoogirl was instantly glad that she'd
stuffed the ski-jacket into her pack and strapped the leather to the outside. Her denim vest
and long-sleeved t-shirt were more than enough. The shuttlebus was just loading up.

They found a seat and settled in. Just before the doors closed, the suited men stepped
aboard and took seats at the front.

Weirdkat nudged zoo. "I see 'em." she whispered back. "FBI?"

"Probably." Weirdkat's mouth barely moved. "Tourist time."

"I want to get some cowboy stuff for the boys." zoo said in a normal voice. "You know, hand
tooled belts and maybe hats. Do you think they'll know a good place to shop at the hotel?"

"I bet they will." Weirdkat pitched her voice toward the front of the bus.

They continued to talk about shopping and other touristy stuff until the bus pulled up in front
of the hotel. They went to the desk and checked in.

"Ms Jett and Ms Halford, yes, you've got a double room with twin beds. Is that all right?" The
clerk was a friendly young woman with a real Texas drawl.

"That's just fine." Weirdkat said, taking the key card. "We need to freshen up."

"Sure, you can go right on up, Ma'am." The clerk hesitated. "Ma'am, I hope you don't mind
me askin', but are ya'll related to Rob Halford? You know, from Judas Priest?"

"Second cousin, twice removed." Weirdkat said with a straight face.

"Well! Isn't that somethin'! My boyfriend likes them. He's still all boggled 'cause I met Alice
Cooper once. Terrible about him goin' missin' like that. Do you think it's just a publicity
"Probably." Zoo finally managed to say. She saw the suits out of the corner of her eye. They
were checking in further down the counter. Both of them had the tense look of someone
trying to hear something.

"I think he should be ashamed of himself!" Weirdkat said loudly. "I bet he ran off with some
floozy." She took picked up her bag before the waiting bellboy could grab it and strode off
toward the elevator. Zoo followed.

The men got on as well, but zoo and the Kat got into their room without incident.

"Floozy!" Zoo burst into laughter as soon as the door closed.

"I have no idea where that came from!" Weirdkat laughed too. "Nerves, I guess. I got carried
away with the "Tourist Lady' thing." She dropped her bag on the nearest bed. "I need a glass
of cold water."

Weirdkat stepped into the bathroom and turned the water on full blast. She spoke quickly.

"Mr D knew the Feds would be there. I don't know what's going on, but I think it's something
big. Bigger than just Alice going missing. Just keep up the "ladies on vacation" act. We'll go
grab a bite and then call it a night. You must be exhausted. D will call us when they're ready
to come and get us." Zoo nodded her understanding. Weirdkat filled one of the tumblers on
the bathroom shelf and actually drank it before turning off the tap.

They took turns showering and changing into fresh clothes, then went down to the hotel
resturaunt in search of Texas steaks. (Zoogirl)

( Hey! I just noticed - I'm a Dada!! Uh...   )   (Zoogirl)

{Congratulations, Sweetie!    I had my "apotheosis" making bad jokes on the Ghandi
thread. BYW, everybody, don't worry about the archive copy of this adventure...I've been
copying each entry as we go, with attributions this time, and I'll save it onto a CD-RW every
so often to make sure we don't lose it!      }   (WeirdKat)

"Whaddya think Baz ol man?" MrD asked his partner
Baz made a winking gesture in Jaded's direction "I'm with her"
"Alright I gotta an idea...get your stuff together...we're hitting tha road" MrD said

The girls agreed that now was as good a time as any to get going so they went to their room
to pack.
"Well wot's on yer mind then?" Baz asked
"I got a first cousin" MrD said as he began to gather his things..."lives not to far from here in
a little town called Farmersville...bout an hour out of town."
"So wot can he do for us then?" Baz asked
"He's a wheel with SBC." MrD said
"SBC? isnt that some sort of telecommunications concern?" Baz asked
"Yeah...he might can help us get a fix on where that cell phone is."
"Is there anyplace in the continental United States where you dont have family?" Baz
"Not many" MrD said
The group met outside their rooms with the bags packed and ready to go.
"I'm in a pickup" MrD said "not alot of room I'm afraid.
"Not a problem" Bella said "I've still got a great big Lincoln Navigator on hold"
"Excellent" Baz said

The group started down the hallway towards the elevators. MrD noticed a roomservice tray
resting on the floor outside of one of the rooms..."Hold on" he said
and removed the cover form the tray.
"Didnt that T-bone fill you up" Bella said.
MrD picked up a large baked potato from the plate, placed it in the pocket of his jacket and
returned the trays cover. "In case I get hungry later" he said
The two women just shrugged their shoulders and Baz gave MrD a knowing smile.
"Ya'll take the elevator and bring the Lincoln around to the front of the hotel...I'll meet ya'll
there in 10 minutes" MrD said
"Ding" the shiny stainless steel elevator doors glided open.
"Ladies" Baz said smiling and held his arm out geturing for them to enter the elevator.
MrD went to the end of the hall and down the staircase.

"Whats he up to Baz?" Jaded asked as they took the short ride down to the lobby.
"Oh I suspect he's up to a spot o fun with our gentleman friends" he remarked laughing.
The threesome made their way back to the garage and checked out the Navigator, loaded
their baggage into the back and pulled around to the front entrace of the hotel. Meanwhile
MrD sneaked around the back of the hotel and over the fence by the unused swimming pool,
made his way around the corner and to the street onto which the entrance of the hotel was
Spotting the light blue Ford Taurus with government plates. "Jeez these guys 'll never learn"
he thought to himself. Quietly he watched as the Navigator came to a stop under the covered
hotel entrance.

Inside the Navigator, Baz who was sitting in the back seat alongside Jaded, said to
Bella..."Go on inside and check us all out...come on back and linger for a bit before you get
back in..."
"Why" Bella asked
"You're our diversion...we have a couple of gents sitting in a parked car back there and we
want to give 'em something to look at." Baz said with a wink.
"Gotcha" Bella smiled.

Bella was a woman that was hard NOT to look at, no matter what kind of man you were.
Bella knew this and had always used it to her advantage. MrD knew this too and thought to
himself what a great asset she would have been back in the day. He watched as Bella
strutted into the lobby under the bright overhead lights. Tight jeans and black leather
backless vest. Long, dark curly locks reaching down her tanned back..."this is almost too
easy" MrD laughed to himself as he moved low, under the profiles of the parked cars and
made his way behind the Taurus in the darkness.
In a few minutes Bella returned...standing alone under the lights of the covered hotel
entrance pacing, preening, looking at her watch and pretending exasperation for having to
wait for somebody. As she did her act, MrD stuffed the baked potato into the exhaust pipe of
the Ford Taurus. He then dissappeared around the corner, back over the fence by the
swimming pool and out the front doors of the lobby into the light carrying the heavy black
"I'll drive Babydoll" he said and Bella tossed him the keys.

Inside the navigator MrD said "That phone of yours takes pictures dont it?"
"Yeah" Bella said "Why?"
"Cuz this is gonna be one of those Kodak moments" he laughed and turned the ignition of
the vehicle and drove away from the hotel.

The blue Ford Taurus roared to life and began to follow them but had no sooner made it onto
the avenue when the backed up exhaust fumes stalled and finally choked their car to death.
MrD stopped in the middle of the street about twenty yards in front of the stalled Taurus
allowing Bella a chance to lean out of the passenger side window. The two agents had
leaped from the car and were cursing and stamping the pavement outside the car when they
looked up to see her blowing them a kiss.
"Nice to meet you guys...Bye now" She said and then held up her little camera phone and
took their picture. MrD sped away laughing
"Theres one for me wallet" Baz cracked as the group drove away into the night.
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Baz looked at MrD in the rear view mirror and winked.
"Sorry i`m not a gentleman"
"Sorry I`m not Clint Eastwood"
Bella turned on MrD "Just shut the hell up why dontcha"She leant over and planted a wet
one on his cheek.
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Down in Austin, Zoo and WeirdKat were finishing up a nice dinner in the hotel‟s
restaurant. They‟d kept the conversation “touristy” and sounded like a couple of nice,
middle-aged ladies anticipating their really nice vacation. The two young men in the
suits, minus the sunglasses, had shown up in the restaurant about twenty minutes after
they had ordered; every so often, one or the other of them catch a quick glance at their
two “shadows” by looking around for the waitress, or looking at the décor in the
restaurant. WeirdKat winked discreetly at Zoogirl and said “Let‟s go up to the room for a
little while, and then find a 7-11 or something. Couple of things I‟d like to pick up. “Sure”
answered Zoogirl. She wasn‟t sure what the Kat had in mind, but she was willing to
follow the lead. She didn‟t know how much longer she could keep up the “tourist” act
anyway, because those two tails were really making her nervous, popping up

After they paid the check (with a nice tip for the waitress) they made their way to the
elevator and into their room. Zoo started to speak, but Kat held up one finger to caution
her. Zoogirl‟s eyes widened, and she mouthed the word “bugged?” “Could be” Kat
mouthed back, and turned on the TV – VH1, plenty of loud music. Holding up her finger
again, Kat grinned, rummaged in her pack and pulled out a small flat black case and a
smaller, flat steel-colored case. The black case yielded a pocket PC, and the smaller
case folded out into an odd-looking keyboard. WK proceeded to plug her little PDA into
the keyboard, turn it on and type “That‟ll fix them! Talk like a tourist, type what we really
want to say and leave no written notes behind!” Zoogirl, watching over her shoulder,
had to laugh. Chatting sociably about this and that, they turned the PDA-keyboard
combo back and forth, typing away, the TV masking the soft clicking of the keyboard.

"Mr D and Baz have met up/w BD & J. Fed tailing" Weirdkat typed. "Waiting for Spice. S in
Roswell. Prob tail S too."

"Spice thinks UFO's?"
"Power out. Maybe! ? explaination." the Kat typed back.

"No ideas." zoogirl looked up from the keyboard and said loudly. "Hey, are we anywhere
near the Alamo?"

"We'll have to take another look at the map. I'd love to go, if we can fit it in." Weirdkat grinned
at zoo.

"Identity Crisis!" she typed.

"Halo of Flies. Man w/Golden Gun!" zoo typed back.

"No balony, homosapien!" Weirdkat pushed her chair back. ""7/11. Before we fall over -
 getting goofy."

"I don't know how safe the streets are around here." Weirdkat said aloud. "We better go to
the store soon. Gosh, but I'm tired." She let out a huge yawn.

"Yes. I'm gonna shop til I drop tommorow!" Zoo stood up and noisily got her purse out of the
backpack. "Ready!" she said brightly. (Zoogirl)

The foursome sped towards "Farmersville", in the 'budget' Black, FULLY LOADED, Lincoln
Navigator, procured on a 'bet' by Jaded and BellaDonna in Boston....a 'bet' which the two
ladies had won: on Jaded's speed and Bella's navigation's skills...

Bella had her GPS in her lap, once again - a much TRUSTED FRIEND, it was to her and
Jaded: it kept them On Course, Out Of Trouble - Hell, if it had a "silent" mode....well, you
get the idea....      .

Bella turned to look at Jaded: she saw her 'curled' most comfortably against Baz...peacefully
asleep....Baz looked happy - awake, and happy!

Mr. D. said quietly as the sun set in the distance, "She asleep?"
Bella, "Yeah. Been over 24 hours now, since she slept..."
Mr. D., "You?"
Bella smiled, "Ah, you know, I catch 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there...I'm a "cat
napper"... If If ever really 'fell asleep' - you wouldn't wake me for years! I've too many
important things to do other than sleep...."
Mr. D.: "Tired, Baby?"
Bella: "Yeah.", she rubbed her eyes, "No biggie, though." She curled herself up on the
passenger seat....
Mr. D.: "What made you call that number?"
Bella looked out at the darkening road...." I called it when I heard the first news report. It
didn't connect."
Mr. D.: "Why'd you try it again?"
Bella looked at Mr. D. in the ensuing nightfall, "Because I was pissed, lost, confused,
disappointed...angry...I figured: what the Hell? It wouldn't connect anyway, but it DID..."
Mr. D.: "Your anger proved 'helpful'...."
Bella laughed, "Hello! Hurray! Let the show begin, I've been ready!....."

They passed a sign that read, "Welcome to Farmersville!".

Bella's GPS 'beeped" telling them that a 'rest stop' was near....
Bella, "D., Baby, I gotta make a 'pit stop'."
Mr. D. "A'ight...", He pulled the Navigator over into a small 'gas station' type of stop....

Bella looked to the back seat to find Baz & Jaded 'cuddled' and asleep...'how sweet, Bella
thought....{Alice's voice spoke in her head though...heheheheh~ }. "I'll be back in a minute,
D.!", she called...
Mr. D.: "Ok....I'll be close...", he said, gasing up the Navigator.
Bella: "A'ight, just don't listen....heheheheheh!!!!!!"

Bella went to the ladies room....what she saw was a fright.....

The place STANK, first off....foul....it was a COMBO ladies/mens room - you see them
sometimes on the road...not nice..... When She walked in, however, she saw the sink and
the mirror: on the mirror were 'Cooper' -'Gimme' eyes....smeared in, she didn't even know

She photo'd the mirror from her PDA in her fanny pack. She 'called' Mr. D. from her cell
phone in the Bathroom....
Mr. D.: "D. here."
Bella: "Bella here."
Mr. D. "Woman, what the hell are you doin'?"
Bella: "I was just tryin' to, make myself more comfortable, that's all."
Mr. D. "You havin' trouble with'at?"
Bella: "I ain't 'sittin' down' till you get here and take a look at this....Lock those two in the
truck and get your ass over here fast please.....", she hung up.

D. arrived in less than ten seconds. Bella opened the grimey door and D. took a gander at
the eye's smudged in the mirror: "What IS this?"
Bella: "He throws them off w/ 'go back', then leaves us a 'clue' - come find me - you're on the
right course...?"
D.: "Maybe."
Bella: "Look, I took pics....wait outside for me, and we can discuss it in the truck.
D.: "Ok Baby'....

He waited outside.....
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MrD stood alone in the parking lot of the grimey little rest stop. He opened his cell phone and
dialed 411 for information. Soon the automated voice answered:
"What city?" it asked
"What state?"
"What listing?"
"Saul Leos"
"One moment"
MrD held for a brief moment and soon the voice was back with the number. MrD pressed 1
to get an auto dial. Soon a kid's voice answerd... "Hello"
"Hi buddy...is this Corey?"
"Yeah...whos this...it's your Uncle D...is your dad around?"
MrD could hear the young fellow yelling..."Dad it's for you!"
"Hello" Saul answered
"Hey man it's me D" MrD enthusiastically spoke.
"Deeeeeeeeee...what are you doin man" Saul said
"Me and some friends were on a little road trip and thought we'd swing by" MrD said
"Really?? Cool? Where are you now?" he asked
"Some little crap hole at the crossroads of three-eighty and seventy-eight" MrD answered.
"Hey you're only a couple miles from the house."
"Can ya'll put up me and my friends for the night?"
"Mi casa su casa" he laughed
"You're a life saver man...we'll be there in a short."
MrD closed his cell and waited for Bella to return. (Mr. Demeanor)

Kat and Zoo made their way out of the lobby and turned right down Red Street.
"Can yer remember when Ozzy got arrested for pissing on the Alamo ? "
"Yeah,upset a lot of Americans didn`t he ?"
"When ya piss on the Alamo,you piss on Texas boy""I remember some cowboy saying"said

Kat pointed to the neon sign on the other side of the road,
"Rythym and Booze"the sign flashed.
"Guess thats us,lets see whats on offer"

They settled for one bottle of Seagrams, two bottles of red wine and a six pack of Lone Star
"This little booty should se us through the night,"said Kat.

They had walked about fifty yards up the street when they
knew hey were being followed,both girls took hold of a bottle of wine.Both girls started
breathing a bit quicker.
The follower was right behind them.
"Don`t be afraid"he whispered "I`m a friend of D""I must speak with you both,in your room"
"Piss off or we`ll scream" Kat said
"don`t even think about it" ,the man said .With that he moved between them,grabbing an arm
of each.
Zoo swung her bottle of red and connected flush with the mans forehead,he let go.
"Kill him"shouted Kat,and with she lashed out with her boot and caught the man in the
crutch.He let out a cry and doubled up.
Both women set about punching and kicking him,he fell back and hits his head on the corner
of the wall with a sickening thud.
"Oh Christ"said Kat "Move"
They went to the hotel via Green Avenue and Scott Street,looking behind them for most of
the way .
They reached their room and Zoo picked up the phone.
"D,it`s Zoo" she said"We done bad " (Baz)

{{MrD said ...They killed Kenny...you bastards....}}}   just kidding (Mr. Demeanor)

{Baz is a bad boy! He got me 'n Zoo in trouble!!              Or did he?}
{BTW...The Alamo is in San Antonio.(the city of my birth)..I actually have a large family
contingent there as well.         } (Mr. Demeanor)

I can`t believe I did that,apologies to all Americans out theer.       (Baz)

(more from me later, but....I came into the bookstore where I am working a couple hours a
day to help out an old friend, and the first thing she says to me is "Hey! There's an opening
for a general merchandise manager at the bookstore in ROSWELL! Wanna go?"

Is that creepy or what?       ) (Alienspice)

Are yer tempted at all ? (Baz)

(if it wasn't a military prep school, I would consider it. I had actually considered it a few times
back when I was with the company full time, but I figured that since it's a military prep school
they probably wouldn't let me get little aliens embroidered on everything. Dang it.        ) Now
back to our story....... (Alienspice)

Spice pulled her rented Echo into the familiar dusty parking lot behind Frontier
restaurant...scene of so many of the wilder moments of her early twenties.
Walking through the door of the place she was instantly transported back to the good old
days by the smell of the green chile and the familiar sight of the tortilla conveyor belt. She
ordered a breakfast burrito with extra green chile and a frontier roll, and some strong diner
coffee to wash it down. After loading her hash browns with green chile stew from the pot, she
got her favorite booth across from the life sized portrait of John Wayne. The warm sun shone
through the windows and she started to feel almost normal again after her ordeal with the
FBI guy, or whatever he turned out to be. She savored every bite of the meal that instantly
felt like home.
A group of girls got up from the next booth over and left the local paper laying on the
table...Spice reached over to grab it. It was open to the entertainment section, and her eye
immediately went to the headline midway down the page: "Artists React to Cooper's
Disappearance" The story was mostly a reprint of quotes from various musician's websites--
Rob Zombie, Ozzy, Rob Halford, all commenting on Alice's sudden disappearance and how
they hoped he would be found soon. Spice was pleasantly surprised to note that whoever
had written the article had even managed to contact some of the members of Alice's current
band and spell their names correctly. However, no new information surfaced. She stared at
the picture a few more minutes before she felt she was being watched.
"Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice you were looking at that picture of Alice Cooper. It's a
shame what happened to him, isn't it?" The speaker was a nondescript older woman wearing
a pink jogging suit.
"Well, it seems like no one really knows what happened to him" she finally said as the
woman seated herself at the table without asking.
"I know what happened to him. Do you want me to tell you what happened? Are you ready
for the truth?" she stared at Spice with piercing blue eyes, making her squirm in her seat.
"Well, I suppose I wouldn't mind hearing your theory. It won't cost me anything, will it?" The
other familiar element of Frontier Restaurant, the high concentration of schizophrenic
homeless people. was begining to come back to her.
"Oh no dearie, I want to tell you. I think you can help him. He needs your help, you know. I
don't think he knows what he's gotten himself into...." The old woman's voice began to trail
off, and Spice leaned in as far as she could across the table.
"Yeah? I'm listening. What happened?"
The woman's eyes glazed over slightly, and she started to get up out of the booth.
"I'm sorry, was I bothering you? I just don't know what I'm saying half the time these days..."
"No! You were about to tell me something...about Alice Cooper?" Spice could feel herself
begin to panic. The old woman shook her head.
"You'll have to forgive me if I bothered you, dear. Can you spare a little change?" the
piercing blue eyes had changed into sad gray ones. Spice fished a dollar out of her pocket
and handed it to the woman, who bowed her head in thanks and shuffled off.
Spice bowed her head, too...in frustration. She flipped open her phone to check in with Mr D.

Jaded sat straight up in the backseat of the navigator.She didn't know what had awakened
her whether it was the feeling of no movement or the fact that Baz's chest muscles were so
rock hard.

She looked out of the tinted window to see Mr. D close his cell phone. Bella came running
full tilt from the side of the building.
Jaded nudged Baz to wake him as Bella and D got into the truck.
What the hell is going on? Jaded looked at the two in the front.
Jesus... Jaded that bathroom stunk! more than the one on way to Verrona! There were Eyes
on the mirror in this one. Check this out! Bella handed the PDA to Jaded in the backseat.
Baz and Jaded looked carefully at the picture.
Handing it back up front, she said, it looks similar to the ones we saw on our way to meet up
with you guys.
Bella nodded her head.
Just then Mr D.s phone rang, D here, Its Alienspice he said. They could here his side of the
conversation.Are you having a nice vacation? good..good..Well listen hon, let me call you
back in a little bit. He shut his phone. I don't know if my line is tapped or not, He explained.
 We'll be at my cousin's house shortly. (Jaded)

On the phone to Mr. D, Zoo repeated herself, "We done REAL bad, I'm afraid." "What
happened?" asked Mr. D in a tight, worried voice. His concern was evident, and Zoogirl
quickly rattled off the story of their encounter out on the street. While she'd been speaking,
WeirdKat had turned on the TV - loud heavy metal rock again - and now she took the phone
from Zoo and said "Mr. D? I may have screwed up pretty bad." Zoo looked close to tears,
and Kat was tensed up like a drawn hunting bow as she continued, asking Mr. D "Tell me,
please, did you send anyone to contact us like that? Or do you have any friends who might
have taken it on themselves to? Since you warned us about the FBI kids, we figured you'd
have told us if we were supposed to expect someone to contact us, so when that guy
grabbed us, we reacted like he was the enemy. But if you did send that guy, then I'm afraid
we may have hurt a friend of yours, maybe pretty bad. If you didn't send him, then we might
have a lot bigger worry than those two Fibbie goon-babies that‟ve been trailing us around!
Edited by WeirdKat on Feb. 22 2005,02:26

{eeep!           I didn't see Jaded's post before I posted, and I got a little out of order! I wonder

what Mr. D told us?                I guess we'll find out when he tells you guys in the Navigator.}

Back in the Navigator, D. clicked his phone shut - it rang again, "D." {fixed!               }

The three could only hear Mr. D.'s side of the conversation, "Hey, wo, wo, wo....slow down
now.... What happened?.. Mmmm...uh huh....nah, nah....a'ight, sit tight...I'll call you back,
 no....relax.....and keep the TV turned on to the news, OK?....Any 'breakin' news, ya'll call me
immediately, ya hear? I've got to think for a bit here....Hang tight....", and hung up.

Baz: "That didn't sound good, D."
Mr. D.: "No. It wasn't."
Baz: "What happened?"
Jaded and Bella exchanged a glance.
Mr. D.: " 'First Contact."
Baz: "Who?"
Mr. D.: "Kat & Zoo."
Baz: "How'd it go?"
Mr. D.: "Good - for them."
Baz: "Shit....."
Bella looked to Mr. D.: "It just got 'kicked up a notch, huh."
Mr. D.: "Yeah, Bellie Girl, it did. A HUGE notch."
Bella turned to Jaded, "Well then, let's 'git 'er dun'."
Jaded chuckled and lit a cig.
Baz shook his head and rubbed one hand over his face...
Mr. D. responded, "Let's 'git 'er dun'. "
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WeirdKat looked over at Zoogirl and said “Mr. D didn‟t send that guy. He said sit tight, keep
the news on, and call him if there‟s any break in the story.” Zoo sighed, visibly relieved.
Now that the excitement was over for the time being, she began to shake, just a little.
“Thank God we didn‟t really hurt one of Mr. D‟s friends!” she said, sitting down on one of the
beds. She put her head in her hands, trying to pull herself together, when she felt Kat‟s hand
on her shoulder. Seeing the concern on Kat‟s face, she patted the hand on her shoulder and
said “I‟m all right, really. Been a while since I was in the Friday night fights, that‟s all.” Kat,
still looking serious, said softly “Zoo? It looks like things are happening in earnest, now.
Remember, we‟re on our own side of the mirror, and firmly in the waking world too.
Whatever happens, happens for keeps this time. Promise me, any time you feel like this is
getting too dangerous for you, tell me and I‟ll get you back to Spokane, put you up at the
Rodeway Inn downtown until I get back to drive you home to Canada.” Zoo looked up at her,
all trace of nerves gone, and shook her head determinedly. “I‟m with you and the others all
the way.” “OK” said Kat “but remember, none of us would ever think any the less of
you…you‟ve got a husband, kids…” “I know” said Zoo. “What about you? Are you OK?”
“Oh, yeah” answered Kat. “I‟m probably the most expendable here anyway. Besides, if
there‟s something going on with these power outages and all that crap that‟s going to affect
the public health and safety, then this becomes my concern professionally. I‟m still in public
health, even if I am kind of out of my own jurisdiction!” With that, Zoogirl tuned in to the local
news program, and the two settled down on the beds to watch.

{I hope you two brought all that liquor w/ you! Good for calmin' the nerves.....           }

(Well, I actually don't drink. Haven't for, oh, about nine years. Nice to see I can still swing a
bottle even if I don't swig it! As for the Friday Night Fights, if ya ever meet up with a girl
named Joan here in Surrey, ask her if she's run into any "doors" lately!       )

There was nothing on the news. Not a peep. Zoo didn't know whether that was a relief or a
reason to be even more cautious.
The liquer sat untouched on the dresser. Neither of them felt much like partying. Zoo glanced
over at the Kat and saw that she'd fallen asleep. Moving quietly, zoo drew a light blanket
over her and turned off the light. Weirdkat sighed and mumbled "Thanks" before drifting off
for good.

Zoogirl drifted off too. The phone jerked her awake several hours later.

" 'lo?" she said sleepily.

"Thank you. But go home."

Zoogirl sat up abruptly. Somewhere in her brain, a little spark of awareness flared. She said,
carefully, "I'll be home when my vacation's over. Man, I needed to take this break."

"You mean you needed to help."

"Yeah, you got that part right!" zoo chirped. "So, how ya doing?"

There was a deep sigh on the line. "Okay, so far. I don't want you guys getting hurt. Promise
you'll stay out of danger."

Weirdkat was sitting up, staring at the phone in zoo's hand.

"Alice." zoo mouthed at her. Weirdkat made a motion toward the phone.

"Hey, buddy. The Kat wants to say hi." zoo passed the cell to her. She put a finger to her
lips, trying to remind Weirdkat of the possible bug. Weirdkat nodded understanding.

"Hi, sweetie." she said. 'We're hoping you can meet up with us. You know, maybe get the old
bunch together, have a little fun."

She listened. Zoo could just make out the faint sound of Alice's voice, but not the words.

"Okay, well we're probably going to meet up tommorow. We all want to take in the sights."
Weirdkat thought a moment. "I'm looking forward to some real Tex-Mex food, how about
you? Know any good little resturaunts we're we could meet? Uh huh, got it. Talk to you soon.
Zoo says bye."

Weirdkat hung up and turned to zoo. She motioned her close. Putting her mouth against
zoo's ear, she whispered. "He's trying to get us to back off but on the other hand, he's more
than willing to catch up to us. I don't quite get it. We're to call when we all get together. He
says Bella knows the number."

Weirdkat stretched and yawned. "I'm still wiped out." she said aloud. "Just because some
people have no sense of time. I'm going back to sleep."

"Me too" zoo said, pitching her voice for the benefit of the "critters" in the room. "If we're all
meeting up tommorow, there'll be major shopping ahead." she winked at the Kat. "I always
have fun with that bunch. Goodnight."
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The sign said FARMERSVILLE.POP 2098.
The graffitti said POP 2099.I knocked up Jennifer G.
"Good god above" Baz said as he looked out of the window,
"It`s Deliverence all over again.If I hear Duelling Banjo`s I`m outa here"
The car was filled with laughter.
"calm down Baz,these are just simple folk thats all"D reassured him.
"That may be so,but ol` Cleatus and Jeremiah aint making me squeel like a pig i`ll tell yer"

They pulled off the main street and onto a small dirt track.
"We`re here "D shouted.
"remember what i told yer,just be yourselves"

D ,climbed out of the car and saw..nothing.
"Somethings not right"He ran up the steps to the porch and into the front room.
Edited by Baz on Feb. 22 2005,12:00

"Saul ..Mary...Corey ?" D shouted.."Anybody here"
He went through the room "Anybody here,it`s D"
Baz was close behind him and went through another door that led to a corridor with four
doors leading from it.He tried the one on the right.
The bedroom was tidy and fresh smelling,flowers adorned the chest.
"Nothing wrong there"Baz said to himself and closed the door.
He opened the door marked "Corey`s room"
He recognised the aroma instantly.
"Oh no,no" he thought.He had to look.

Baz went back to the lounge where the girls had joined them,
"Where`s D ?"
Bella pointed towards the kitchen ,D was just entering the room.
He looked at Baz,"Anything ?"
"I`m sorry D,I truly am,in Coreys room"
D rushed past them all,down the corridor.
"Baz,whats the matter,whats happened ?" Bella said.
"All dead,all three of em"

Bella made a move towards the bedroom.
"DON`T " Baz shouted,"Find something to drink"
The girls went into the kitchen "Poor D" Jaded said.

Baz went back to the bedroom where D was stood just inside the door "Christ,I`m sorry
man,so sorry"

D turned round ,tears filled his eyes.
"Some b*****d will pay for this"
"You bet "

They walked to the kitchen where the girls had a bottle of Old Grandad on the table.They
both rushed to D when they saw him.
" Come here honey "Bella said,and she wrapped her arms around him.
He took a seat,and a drink and then the bottle.
"Thats not the answer D " Baz said.
"Its the only answer I have at the minute"
"Thats not true and you know it"
Jaded turned on both men "Will somebody tell us what the hell is going on here"
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{I don't drink either - for real! We actually got all that stuff to "contribute our share" to the
community liquor cabinet.                } (WeirdKat)

(And keep up the "Snowbirds on a spree" image. Gotta go, I'll post tonight. WK, carry on! )

"I wish I knew what the hell was going on myself" MrD said. "This wasnt supposed to
happen. They arent involved...and now they're dead."
"I dont know whats happening either" Baz said. "But you know D...I'll help you find whoever
did this."
"Well whoever did this cant be far D" Jaded said.."You just talked to them no more than ten
minutes ago."
MrD sat up straight, his eyes grew wide and he looked over at Baz who had obviously come
to the same sudden realization. They knew that whoever had done this was still in the house.

MrD made a gesture to the rest of the group to stay quiet. Then used another signal to Baz
to escort the girls back outside.
"Well theres nothing we can do here" MrD said loudly enough for the benefit of anyone who
might be listening.
The color left Jadeds face as she and Bella also now knew that there was no way that
anybody could have commited these murders and had time to get away without being seen
by the group.
MrD grabbed Baz by the arm and whispered in his ear. "Get the bag."
Baz nodded "Well c'mon ladies ...lets leave 'im alone for a bit." again loudly enough for
anyone in the house to hear. He then motioned for Bella and Jaded to follow him out. MrD
remained seated at the kitchen table hoping to act as the bait long enough to draw the killer
or killers out.

Baz, Jaded and Bella made their way out the door and over to the Navigator, the girls crying
and shaken but also aware of the fact that Baz and MrD had something in mind. Baz
reached inside the heavy black satchell and retrieved MrD's favorite .45 and an elegant little
Baretta 9mm for himself. He handed Bella a small .38 snubnose.
"Get the f*** outta here" Baz told them
"Not a chance" Bella said as she popped out the barrell of the revolver, spun it around and
then snapped it back into place. Making sure that every chamber had a round in it.
Baz, suddenly impressed with Bella's little display ..."Well alright then" he smiled. He looked
at Jaded. Jaded gave him one of those 'well of coarse stupid' looks and Baz thought to
himself that he may have been underestimating these two all along.

"Well at least act like yer two frightened lil puppies then" he whispered to them."I'm going
back inside , when I get inside, Bella go around back...Jaded watch the front..we dont want
the bastard to get away."
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Baz cocked the Barretta, then slowly open the front door and quietly made his way into the
kitchen. A feeling of dread overcame him when he discovered no one there. Only the bottle
of Old Granddad resting on the table. He gingerly stepped back toward the bedroom when
he heard MrD's voice. "Down here Baz" the voice calling from the open door that led to the
basement. He quickly bounded down the wooden stairs only to find MrD, Tim Duncan and
MrD's shaken but very alive relatives.
"Well now....I only thought I was confused" he said as he stuck the Barretta into the waist of
his pants. (Mr. Demeanor)
"Bloody 'ell Tim...what the f*** are yer doin out here in the middle of hicksville?" Baz asked.
"Trying to keep you two boneheads alive" Tim said as he reached out to shake Baz's hand.
"Well who's that upstairs then" he asked
"I think the question is...'Whats that upstairs?'" Tim replied
The group went back upstairs and MrD, Baz,Tim and MrD's cousin Saul went in the room
where the bodies were only to find three patches of a green oozing gel where the bodies had
previously lay.
Tim knealt over the gel, put a latex glove on his hand then scooped up a sample into a glass
MrD listened as Saul explained how Tim had burst into their home and herded them into the
basement just as the three intruders came in.
Meanwhile Bella and Jaded had re-entered the home to find all this taking place. MrD made
all the necessary introductions and young Corey was particularly happy to make the girls
"How did you know?" MrD asked Tim.
"One of the field agents down in Austin came across some of this same stuff" Tim said
holding up the little glass vial filled with green ooze. "Seems you've got a couple of friends
down there that took one of these guys out with a bottle of red wine."
"I'll be damned" MrD said.
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Bella looked to Jaded, tucking the snubnose into the back waist of her jeans. They nodded
to each other and said one word simultaneously, "Phonecalls."

Mr. D.: "Make 'em quick: I got an important one too."

The ladies went back out to the living room and made their calls: giving SPECIFIC
instructions that anyone arriving looking for them by name, or simply trying to break in was to
be stopped - immediately, and finally. No one was to go outside alone -EVER not for any
reason. "Lockdown" conditions were to prevail until further notice. Their statements were
heard LOUD AND CLEAR by their respective others, and instructions implemented before
the quick calls were done.

The previously underestimated women went back and joined the others... (BellaDonna)

Mary, Saul's second wife was a no-nonsense girl from Arkansas. The two had met years ago
when Saul was just coming up through the ranks of SouthWest Bell. His specialty was
setting up cellular networks in foreign countries. After years of extensive travel and long
hours and after a series of takeovers by one big company only to be swallowed up by an
even larger one, Saul had found himself in a vice-presidents position with one of the largest
telecommunications companies in the world. The company was headquartered in Dallas but
his position allowed him to do most of his work from their spacious home in Farmersville.

"All I wanna know is" Mary said with her hands firmly planted on her hips "is whoz gonna
clean up that mess". Everything had happened so quickly it never sunk in just how much
danger they were in. At least until MrD's and Baz's old friend Tim Duncan showed up.
"I dont think I would touch that stuff if I were you hon." MrD said.
"Dont hon me" Mary snapped. "Show up here in the middle of the night...next thing ya know
this guy's banging on our door...yelling somethin about us being in danger and their gonna
kill us all...then therz gunshots in my house....GUNSHOTS...scared us all half ta death....so
dontcha hon me." her voice trailing off as she dissappeared off to another room.
"It's great to see you too" MrD called after her.

Bella and Jaded had used Saul's land line phone to make their calls and had returned to the
kitchen where Baz , Tim , Saul and MrD had congregated around the bottle of Old Granddad.
"Everything awright?" MrD asked them.
"Yeah I think so" Bella replied.
"Ok Tim" Baz said.."What the bloody 'ell was laying back there?"
"I dont know...but alot of people seem to think that your friend Alice Cooper does." Tim
"And now he's gone and us, the FBI, and something I have no idea what is...is lookin for
him." MrD said
"Yeah, that pretty well sums it up." Tim said as he downed another shot of whiskey.
"Why would he know?" Jaded asked.
"If you find him, you can ask him" Tim answered "Hell he might be one of them for all I know.
Anyway he seems to have the answers to a helluva lot of questions and he's doing his dead
level best to keep 'em to himself."
"The Feds seem to think you might be the only ones who can find him...thats why they gotta
tail on you...and to keep an eye on you as well...try to keep you people from getting killed."
"Tell 'em not to bother" MrD said
"Oh and by the way...I have a message for you from the two suits in Dallas." Tim said.
"Yeah...whats that?" MrD asked
"This" Tim said as he now was showing MrD his middle finger.
"Huh" MrD laughed.."I've been getting that alot lately"
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"What now then,Pheonix ?" Baz enquired.
"A good a place as any,thats where this thing started"MrD agreed."I`ll give Kat and Zoo a call
and ask if they have a problem with that.Shit I wish we were all together"

"Let them come here if yer want to" said Saul,"we have room to put yer all up fer the night"

Tim agreed that it would be better if they joined up and travelled together in light of what had
just happened.
"I`ll go ahead and do a bit of groundwork,you guys come down as soon as yer prepared"

MrD looked at Mary," No,thats Ok,in fact I don`t think anyone should stay here at all.Saul,you
take yerselves over to the ranch till this is all over.We`ll check in somewhere "

The bottle of Old Grandad was finished off and MrD made the call to the girls.Tim said his
goodbye`s to all.
"Yer all take care now hear,see yer down in Pheonix"

MrD and Baz shook his hand,he had saved D`s kin,and he would be forever thankful.
"We gotta get a plan together D,let`s book in somewhere and work something out,we don`t
wanna be going down there blind" Baz continued.
Jaded ,Bella and Baz headed out for the car,MrD said his farewells to his family."Yer got my
number,if yer need anything just holler"

Baz opened the drivers door ,THUD,THUD,he went spinning back and fell to the dirt.
"NO," Bella yelled and began firing through the passenger door at whoever was in the front.
Jaded who had been a few steps behind joined in."You b*****d"
They had both run out of ammo by the time MrD got there,he also emptied his gun into the
MrD looked through the car window,"See to Baz" he yelled and both girls ran round the far
Baz was on his back,blood oozing out of the gunshot wounds.
He had caught a bullet in his right shoulder and one in the top of his right arm.He didn`t look
"Sorry,I f****d up" he whispered. (Baz)

{{{ It was probably Raz that shot him. I think she's been gunning for him for years}}
(Mr. Demeanor)


( this happens all the time in paranoia!!   )
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Jaded runs over to Baz. Bella reaches into the truck and grabs a small duffel bag. tosses it to
Jaded she catches it and turns to Bella yelling WTF am I supposed to do with this and where
the hell are you going? Bella yells back open that bag and find something to stop the
bleeding with..apply great pressure.
remember the general rule of thumb squeeze it till it stops hurtin!!!!!!
I'm goin around the other side to help D pull out whatever that thing in there is before it turns
into an oozing green jelliefied blob and destroys our rental!!!
I'm NOT sewing Baz up!!Jaded says
Bella yells over her shoulder fine! I'll sew him up just straddle over him when your appling the
pressure.Do anything just give the poor bast**d a thrill!
Bella disappeared around the other side of the truck.

Jaded looked through Bella's bag and found some gauze. She straddled over him and
applied pressure to his wounds.At least I don't smell like a mule she thought, as she gently
rubbed his forehead. she squeezed his arm and shoulder as hard as she could.
Baz squeeled like a little pig...
shhhh Jaded said, I bet they can hear you for miles!

Jaded leaned over and gave Baz a kiss on the cheek I think your gonna make it she
wispered in his ear.Besides Bella is renowned with a needle and thread.You're gonna be just
fine,she smiled sweetly at him.He brushed her cheek softly and said Thank you...
Edited by Jaded on Feb. 23 2005,02:37

Saul had come flying out of the house with a shotgun sometime before Mr. D. had squeezed
off the last shot and was standing next to D. by the time she'd rounded the driver's side.

The good news was: Most of the 'mess' was on the ground. Who or whatever that was had
been pretty much 'blown' through the open driver's side door and out of the truck. What she
saw was amazing: it looked human, then again, not - 'course that could've been due to the
numerous shots it'd taken...the face...well, there wasn't enough left to be able to tell what it
looked like...the skin - if one could call it that, was human skin color, yet gray - 'course that
could've been 'cuz it was DEAD... The 'skin' was starting to 'split' and liquid was beginning
to ooze from the 'cracks'....liquid, oddly enough, greenish yellow....

Mr. D.: "Don't you EVER listen?"
Bella looked up from the mess and smiled sweetly at him, "I'm sorry, did you say
Mr. D.: "Baz!!"
Bella nodded, "Jaded's with him, with instructions. Do you want to take care of him here?
 'Cuz I don't think your "cousin - in - law", Mary is going to be too happy about that. Then
again, he can't go too far either."
As Mr. D. pondered that, Saul spoke: "Nah, the place is yours. We're leavin'. The Missus
is 'freaked' and this is just gonna get worse 'fore it gets better."
Mr. D. looked at his cousin, "I'm sorry man..."
As Saul spoke, Bella could see Mary, heaving stuff into a pick up, Mary was wasting no
time..."You take care, man. I'd stay but..."
Mr. D.: "No, go with the wife and the kid. Keep 'em safe, will ya'?"
Saul was winding up to walk away when the pick-up screeched to a halt in the dust opposite
them. Mary called, "Train's leavin' Saul, get in or get left behind! And YOU, D.: you
shoot up any more o my house, you're gonna have a size 6 permanently imbedded in your
Saul shook his head as Bella rounded back to Jaded and Baz. The pick up skidded off on
the dirt road, then stopped and reversed, hard. It came again, to a screeching halt in the
dirt and Mary yelled, "And CLEAN UP THAT MESS D.!!!!!!!!!"
And sped off once again.

Bella was kneeling w/ Jaded, checking out Baz's shoulder and arm. She looked up at D.
and said, "I kind of like her."
Mr. D. responded, "The three of you ladies are more likely than not, cut from the same

"Help us get Baz inside. He's out cold.", Jaded asked.

Mr. D. and the two women managed to carry Baz inside....
Edited by BellaDonna on Feb. 23 2005,02:57

Once they were inside, they pretty much just laid Baz out on the kitchen floor - close to
everything they might need: hot water, knives, etc....

Jaded: "Is he gonna be ok?"
Bella looked at the wounds, "Well, the right arm is more of a graze, and the shoulder
would be the issue. If the bullet's still in there, then we need to get it out and make sure it
didn't clip something important. If it clipped an artery or something, then he's gonna have to
go to a hospital - I'm no surgeon."
Jaded: "How can you tell?"
Bella removed the gauze that Jaded had packed in there, the bleeding had slowed
considerably, just slight oozing now..."Bleedings slowed a lot...an artery would be
squirting...this is just oozing...good job, Jaded."
Jaded smiled, "Ok, I can go throw up now?"
Bella, "Sure. Just hurry back.", she quipped.
Jaded trotted off....
Mr. D. rubbed a hand over his face, Bella glanced up at him, "He's ok. We could use a
good round of antibiotics though...."
Mr. D. hunkered down next to her, rubbing his arm.
Bella caught that, "Did I leave a nasty scar big guy?", she asked looking for a bowl and
running the hot water. She filled the bowl with hot water, found a few clean dish rags and
Mr. D.: "Nah, not bad at all."
Bella: "That was a dream though. This isn't."
Mr. D.: "Still left a scar though."
Bella: "Listen, go out to the truck and get our stuff, will ya? I don't want to leave anything
out there."
Mr. D. "You gonna be ok?"
Bella listened, she could hear Jaded running the water, "Yep, be ok - just HURRY up!
And be careful. Oh," she reached into the waist of her levi's and handed the 38 back to Mr.
D., "I'm empty."
He took it and smiled, "I can remedy that."
Bella, "Please do, and be quick about it. I'll need a hand with Baz - Jaded's not going to be
any good for this."
Mr. D.: "Can do."

He ran out for their belongings.

Mr. D. made it back inside lugging all of their possessions in one trip. Bella didn't think that
D. wanted to be outside alone in the dark anymore than anyone else did.

Jaded had emerged from the bathroom in time to at least pass Bella items from the small
black duffel bag which Mr. BD had packed for her - which she was MOST appreciative for!

Bella had managed to 'clean' up the wounded areas enough to be able to actually see what
was going on.

Bella: "Jaded, go dump that water in the sink and get me a refill, will ya?"
Jaded: "I'm gonna be sick."
Bella: "Now isn't the time.", she said wiping her latex gloved hands on a towel.
Jaded: "Nope, no can dump/refill..."
Bella: "Shit...go help D. unload then, and send D. in here."
Jaded: "Gladly.", she left.

Bella emptied the bowl and got fresh hot water...returned to Baz. As Mr. D. walked in, Bella
was fishing a halogen flashlight out of her bag.
Mr. D. hunkered down: "He wake up yet?"
Bella: "Thank God, no."
Mr. D. "Jaded's pluggin' in ya' stuff, changin' batteries and whatnot..."
Bella: "Good. Needs to be done. Hold this will ya'?", she said, handing him the light.

Bella knew there was no exit wound, so the bullet had to be stuck. With Baz out, it was
easy just to get in and look. "D. - blot for me?", she asked.
Mr. D. did as she fished for sight of the bullet. She found it, "I got it, go in that bag and get
me the clamp that looks like scissors, but locks when you squeeze it shut."
D. handed her the blot towel and found what she was looking for, "You mean this?"
They exchanged once again, "Yep, that's it."
Mr. D.: "What's it called?"
Bella: "Dunno, but it's better than any pair of pliers you'll ever own...."

She grabbed the bullet in the open 'clamp' and squeezed...the tool locked down and she
pulled it out, dropping it on the kitchen floor - clamp and all, "Blot, Blot, Blot!!!!"
Mr. D. "Ok, Ok, Ok!!!!"
Bella: "Press hard."
Mr. D. did and Baz grumbled to wakefullness, "Aahhhhhhh, fer cripe's sake man, are yer
daft er some'in?"
Mr. D.: "Ah can it, ya' damned fool got ya'own self shot up...dumb ass.", and pressed
Baz groaned.
Bella: "Jaded! Prince Charming's awake!"
Jaded called back: "Tell 'im I'll see 'im when he's cleaned up!"
Baz...: "Oooowwwwwwwwwwww, come on, Jaded, I'd do it fer you!", he moaned....
Jaded reluctantly returned.
Mr. D.: "Hold this.", and pressed Jaded's hand to the blot towel, "press hard.", she gulped
and did.
Bella: "Sterile Saline, Cowboy..."
Mr. D. found it in the bag, cracked it and handed it to her.
Bella rinsed, Baz whined, Jaded winced and Mr. D. proved very helpful...

At some point in the cleaning process, Bella looked at Mr. D. and asked: "Are all handsome
studdley men such pansies when it comes to getting a 'boo boo'?", she looked him over
thoughtfully, obviously, and said, "Never mind. You were pretty whiney when I sewed you
up too."
Baz: "Ohhh, nooo....'sew me up'??? Sew me up???"
Mr. D.: "Oh quiet down, or I'll have her install a zipper!"
Bella laughed and D. handed her an opened suture kit. She pushed the curved needle
through the skin, and Baz passed - mercifully for the rest of them - out once again.
Bella looked to Jaded: "You may now go throw up - again."
Jaded ran, this time.

As Bella finished up, she and D. heard the rumble of a car engine outside...a throaty engine
- the kind that's REALLY nice to listen to.
Mr. D. and Bella exchanged a glance, "Expecting company?"
Mr. D.: "I don't know what to expect anymore."
Bella: "Doesn't sound like Saul's pick up."
Mr. D.: "No, it doesn't. Wait here.", he got up to leave and handed the snub nosed 38 back
to her, "Refilled."
Bella took it with gloved hands, "Thanks." She watched him leave and said, "That sounds
like a Viper."
Mr. D.: "Can't be.", he whispered.... (BellaDonna)

"Hell -o?" zoo had just, finally, got back to sleep when her phone rang again.

"Hi honey, D here."

"What's the matter, sweetheart, did you forget about the time zone thing? Weirdkat and I
need our beauty sleep if we're going to be out all day." zoo prayed that Mr D would pick up
on the "bug". Naturally, he did.

"The cockroaches have big ears, huh? Okay, I'll make it short. Just try to keep to yes or no."

"Sure, sweetie." zoo said.

"Okay. That guy you clonked wasn't a guy. Not human at all, in fact. Not a clone either.
Maybe alien. Alice is involved, but we don't know how. We're going to meet up in Phoenix. I'll
call first thing in the am to let you know where."

"Ok, love. Sounds good." zoo made a smooching noise in the phone.

"Just one more thing, zoo." Mr D sounded like he was trying to supress a laugh. "Do you
really talk to your old man like that?!"
Zoo blew a another noise into the phone. It sounded suspiciously like a large razzberry. She
hung up.

Weirdkat already had the little computer set up. "D?" she typed.

zoogirl nodded. "Phoenix in the AM. Meetup. I decked an alien."

Weirdkat raised her eyebrows. Zoo nodded. Weirdkat rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"How's Alice involved?" Kat typed quickly.

zoo's reply came slower. "Been thinking. Ufo's since 40's. Alice's dad, grandpa worked with
natives. Saw weird stuff. Exorcizm etc. Maybe he knows stuff, knows native people who
know stuff. A grew up on/near the reserve. Maybe the natives have relics, ufo parts that're
now sacred objects. Alice could know about'em. Interested in paranormal - Dan A., Mike
Szul, talks to those kind guys. Right?"

Weirdkat looked at her thoughtfully. "Might be right."

'Mr D leaving things out too. Heard it in his voice. Not the full story. Not lying - knows about
bug. Tell us tommorow, I bet. In person."

"About time." WK typed. "Sleep, couple more hours. Might have to go short, grab it while we

Zoo mouthed "goodnight" and rolled over. She heard the Kat shut down her little magic
boxes and sigh as she put her head on the pillow.

Once more the hotel room was still and quiet. (Zoogirl)

(By the way, the call I just recieved was the one Mr D made on page 8, just before Baz was
shot.) (Zoogirl)

Spice had left several messages on D's voicemail with no answer. She was starting to get
frustrated and worried, and tired of sitting in the restaurant waiting for something to happen.
She finally decided to go and get a room at the motel down the block where she could plug in
the laptop and try messaging the ladies, since she didn't have phone numbers for any of
The Premier was just as seedy as she remembered it, but cheap and provided a bed,
shower and electrical outlets. She unlocked her door and set her heavy bags down on the
bed. She went into the bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face, and then set
about plugging in the computer and phone recharger. This time when she saw the Alienspice
desktop, it made her cringe a little. She opened up email and immediately saw the message
from Adam in Roswell with double red flags "NOW!" was the subject. She opened it up.
"THEY have been here. Bobby in for questioning. More power failures, reports of "EYES".
Come now."
Spice sat back and rubbed her temples. This was really getting creepy. She hurriedly sent a
pm to Kat, Zoo, Bella, Jaded, and MrD asking for any info. She ended it with "headed to
Roswell NOW. Stuff's happening, not sure what. Call SOON!" Hit the send and checked the
news page--still no new information about Alice's disappearance.
"Well, bed, it was nice to see you for a few minutes" she said as she packed everything back
up. She figured trying to get a refund out of the old man at the desk would only make her
blood boil, so she just left the key on the counter and headed back out the door. (alienspice)
Bella put the .38 down and wiped her gloved hands on a dish rag as D. neared the front
door. She picked up the .38 - in the latex gloves she was wearing and found that they
afforded her a firmer grip - she was a small woman and everything in her hands seemed
bigger than it needed to be.....she checked Baz once more and found his breathing to be
calm and steady as was his pulse. She put a kiss to her fingertips and placed it on his
forehead thinking....much well to you and no harm, British Boy. She got wearily up, picking
up the halogen flashlight, and followed Mr. D.

Mr. D. was at a front window, peeking out. Bella moved silently to the window on the
opposite side of the door and peeked out.

Sure enough: if there was a 'testosterone' car ANYWHERE in the vacinity, Bella could sniff
it out. There outside, parked and running under some trees was a Candy Apple Red Viper -
looking worse for the wear. The clearcoat was dulled, but the color was undeniable. There
was an undiscernable driver in the driver's seat. The car's headlights were on. The driver
'killed' the engine, but the headlights and running lights were on...Once the engine died, Mr.
D. & Bella could hear music: "How You Gonna See Me Now?".

Bella: "You think it's him?"
Mr. D.: "Why WOULD it be?"
Bella: "Well, we been shot up, Kat and Zoo killed a 'thing'....protectin' us now would be like
"wipin' before you poop... just don't make no sense", as Larry the Cable Guy would say...."
Mr. D. gaped in astonishment at Bella: "There is SERIOUSLY somethin' wrong with you
Bella chuckled, "I'm goin' out."
Mr. D.: "No! I'll go!"
Bella: "Nah, ya' a bettah shot. I'll trust ya' to cuvah me...."
Mr. D.: "I BARELY got that, stop talkin' Bostonese!"
Bella laughed as she grabbed the door knob, " I'm sorry. The accent slips when I'm tired
and or drunk."
Mr. D. mumbled, "...Must be tired...."
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Bella checked the .38: it was loaded. She nodded to D., who nodded in return and threw
open the door. She 'strutted' out of the doorway, the .38 snub nose pointed out straight
infront of her in both hands along with the flashlight.

She walked over to the Viper and found the driver still in the driver's seat, head down,
baseball cap on. The driver was wearing a 'nondescript' windbreaker in a light gray w/ ratty
old levi's. The driver's hands were 'up'. "Please don't see me ugly, babe.....", played out of
the speakers.

"Kill it.", Bella commanded, shining the light on the Driver, who shielded his eyes.
The driver killed the lights.
"It's Me.", the Driver said, still with a hand up to shield the light.
"Get outta the cah.", Bella said.
The driver moved slowly: opening the door, got out and closed the door, "It's Me, Bella.",
 one hand to block the light, one hand up in surrender.
"Ya, right....You bleed red or green?", Bella asked.
The driver held the backs of his hands up in the light. The knuckles showed 'fight' damage:
normal human scabbing....leakage: red.....
"Get in'a house. Now.", Bella said.
The Driver complied immediately.
Mr. D. grabbed him and pulled him in.
Bella gave the area a 'light sweep'. Seeing nothing, she backed into the house.

The door closed - and locked.
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As Bella turned from the door, she saw that Jaded had laid Baz on the sofa and was sitting
with him looking up in shock. She saw Mr. D., with a gun in one hand pointed at the driver,
 'knock the cap' off of the driver with the other hand. Long, black, glossy, locks of hair
spilled out as the cap hit the floor. Mr. D. lowered the gun, as did Bella - who leaned back
against the door in partial relief.

The driver spoke softly, "I told you, It's Me, though I don't blame you for not believing me...."

Mr. D.: "It's about time you show'd up."
Bella: "Turn around."

The driver did looking at her with unmistakable blue eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief and
tucked the gun into the back of her Levi's. Walking past both of them, she said, "U'm
gonna shower. U'm leavin' the door open, 'case any o' those 'green oozin' things break
in...you come neah the bathroom or try to flush the toilet while U'm in theah, U'm gonna
shoot first an' ask questions latah. You all got that?"

Mr. D., Alice, Jaded and Baz: "Yeah, got it."

As she left, Alice said to Mr. D.: "She's freakin' frightening."
Mr. D.: "But good to have on your side...."
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Zoo and Weirdkat woke up fairly early anyway. Too much had happened for them to truly
relax. They packed up before they went in search of breakfast.

"I want to check in at home while we're out of the room." zoo said. "Out of the hotel would be
better. Let's find an IHOP or whatever they have down here. I need sugar."

"I'll pass on that part, but yeah, breakfast sounds good. I saw a few places on the way here."

They found a little pancake place and ordered. zoo pulled out her cell as soon as the
waitress left.

"Hi, it's me. How are you? The boys? Good. Listen, forget the regular calls. This might get a
little, uh, chaotic. What can you tell me about aliens and Phoenix, or Texas, for that matter.
Yeah, aliens."

Zoo put a hand over the phone and mouthed to Weirdkat. "He loves UFO stuff".

"No kidding?" she spoke to her husband again. "That far back, huh? That's even earlier than
Rosswell." She listened intently.

"Really. Yeah, well I think I beat your Sasquatch story last night. Had a little close encounter
of my own. Honey, be careful. We might have attracted some attention. Keep Joe on the
porch and if he freaks, check it out! I think we're being followed. Matter of fact, I don't even
know for sure how long this phone is going to stay safe. I may not call 'til I get an "upgrade."
If you need me, keep it short and simple, okay? Love you too. All of you. "
Zoo hung up. The waitress arrived with her blueberry waffle and the Kat's coffee.

"Sorry, hon. Your's is up next." the waitress said and hurried off in the direction of the

( I don't know Kat's breaky preferance! )

"So, what did he say?" Weirdkat asked.

"About what I figured. This stuff goes back further than most people realize. He's read quite a
bit on the subject. He's also talked to some pretty powerful old native guys, Shamans. He's
got a little Haida back there somewhere, you know? Anyway, the native people have known
that something was up way before Rosswell. There's something about a symbol, a circle with
smaller circles over it. I guess it means planets. You know, that sort of rings a bell. I can
almost picture Alice...nope, it's gone."

"Stop thinging about it and it might come back. Speaking of which, there's our waitress.
Umm, look at that!" Weirdkat grinned in anticipation.

"May as well enjoy ourselves until D calls, I guess." zoogirl said, digging into her own plate.

While she worked her way through her oatmeal, Kat pulled out her own cell phone and
punched in a series of numbers. “Calling home?” asked Zoogirl, curiously. “Not exactly”
answered Kat, and then spoke into the phone “Good morning, MsDog! It‟s MsKitty here,
how‟s it going? “Fine” answered the voice on the other end. “Henry still heads for the rafters
when I show up, but the other two are right there. Are you enjoying your vacation?” “Sure
am!” answered Kat, winking at Zoogirl. “Listen though, I‟ve found out that somebody back
there may have it in for me. I caught word that one of our less-than-sterling-citizens has
been mouthing off about how he‟s gonna “fix than damn b**** from the health department
yadda yadda yadda…probably just a couple of six-packs talking, but be careful when you go
to my house to check in on the kits, OK?” “Sure thing. Does the Sheriff know?” “Oh, yeah.
And I don‟t think anything‟s really gonna happen at my house, not with the Sheriff living a
block and a half away!” She chatted with her friend a few more minutes, then hit „end‟. As
Kat started on her strawberries and bananas, Zoogirl said “I wonder what‟s happening with
the others? I thought Mr. D would have called us by now. I know there‟s something else
happened that he hasn‟t told us about. I could tell from his voice last night. And I wonder
what‟s happening with Alienspice?” “Don‟t know. I‟d call Alienspice, but I don‟t have her cell,
do you?” Zoogirl shook her head. “If Mrl D doesn‟t call in the next 20 minutes, I‟m gonna try
calling him” said Zoo. “If I had a computer, I‟d try PMing him on the STUK…” WeirdKat
grinned, and pulled out her little black PDA case. She pulled a small object from one of its
pockets…and stuck the Bluetooth card into it‟s slot on the PDA. “Your wish is my
command!” she said. “I usually don‟t leave the card in, because I don‟t like being bugged in
the field!” she said. Checking, she saw that they were in range of a wireless “hot-spot”,
handed the little computer over to Zoo and cheerfully said “Peck away, Sweetie…carefully, in
case anyone‟s peeking.” (WeirdKat)

{One thing about working for Public Health and all the Emergency Preparedness stuff that
goes with it…you get the neatest toys out of it! }            (WeirdKat)

It was early the next morning. Baz seemed to resting comfortably,"hell he'd had a lot worse
than that little nick before" MrD laughed to himself. It had been a long eventful night and now
it seems that the man everyone was looking for had oddly enough found us.
MrD used the phone in his cousins kitchen to call Kat and Zoo.
"Hello" Kat said
"Hi ..it's me" MrD said
"Will you be coming for us today?" she asked
"Nope...change of plans" he answered
"What now?" she asked
"You know that song 'How you Gonna See Me Now" he said
"Yeah so what about it" she asked
"Well...we're seein him now" MrD answerd
"Oh I see" Kat replied knowing that MrD meant that Alice was with them.
"You guys get back over to the airport and go to the National counter I"ll rent you a
car...there will be instructions waiting for you there."
"Will we get to see the sights" kat asked.
"Absolutely" MrD answered
"Zoo and I are experiencing the wonders of I -hop right now...we'll be in touch" Kat said.
"Atta girl" Mr D said then hung up.

He then placed a call to National Car Rental to reserve a car for the girls. MrD didn't use the
national reservations center but instead called the counter at the Austin airport direct.
"Good morning...National" the pleasant female voice said.
"Well good mornin to you sweetheart" MrD said using that Alabama drawl that never fails to
melt 'em. And whats yore name hun?"
"Debbie" she said cheerfully
"Is that ry-aht...I gotta sistah named Debbie...listen sweetheart I need to reserve a car for
some friends of mine....can you do that for me?" MrD asked
"Of coarse...What name?" she asked
MrD then went on to explain what he needed and that a Miss Jett would be picking it up and
of coarse he used one of the many credit cards he carried that had different account names
at different addresses.
"Yes maam" he drawled this is Mr. Warmer...Lee Warmer and could ya'll do one other lil
thang for me please."
"Of coarse Mr. Warmer" she said
"Ya'll got one of those road maps that you give to ya customers. Make one up special for me
please Debbie" he said
"Uh ok" Debbie said
"Draw a little red circle around Farmersville...just Northeast of Dallas and write this number
on the map too please...wouldja Debbie." he said
"Yes of coarse Mr Warmer" Debbie said.
"And please make sure Miss Jett gets that map wouldja...wouldnt want her to get lost now
would we." he said
"Of coarse not...I'll see to it personally" Debbie said
"You are a dahrlin Debbie" MrD drawled
MrD gave her the number to his cousins house and thanked Debbie the clerk very much and
then hung up the phone. (Mr. Demeanor)

"So.Who`s this guy resting up ?another "fan" ?" Alice said walking across the room.
"You betcha I am,been with yer since 71 ," Baz looked overjoyed.
He had followed Alice for over thirty years,he still loves the original band,even to this day.He
had never met Alice before.In fact he was a bit nervous.
"They say yer should never meet yer heroes,they never live up to yer expectations " He held
out a hand for Alice to shake.
"My friends call me Baz,you can call me Baz"
"You can call me Alice" he smiled.
"Mind if I call yer "Coop" " Always wanted to"
Alice laughed " That would be cool""How`s the wounds,how yer feelin` ? "
" Been better,but then again I`ve been worse"
"Yes I know you have " " I know a lot more about you than you could ever know " Alice went

Bella joined them "Well he`s always on STUK i`ll tell yer that much "
"That he is Bella,that he is "
"I know you have been following my career for a long time"Alice said."But I have followed
you and D`s for nearly as long,from a distance "
"Remember when you were both in Peru,and D had that busted knee"
"How could I forget , I saw things that trip that i still have frigging nightmares over,I was just
glad to get out of there with my sanity.""Shit,I`m glad D was there cos no one would have
believed me"
D shouted over " Know what yer mean Baz,I thought we were done for,outnumbered five to
one at least,then it all stopped "
Alice turned to where D was standing.
"Six to one"
"You were outnumbered six to one,and it stopped because I made it stop.Just in time as
well,looking at the shape you were both in "

Jaded looked at Alice and said " What in Gods name are you talking about "

Alice took hold of Jaded`s left hand and squeezed it gently.
"God ?,God , has nothing to do with it at all,believe me "
"It goes back much further than that " (Baz)

(D, better give it to WK - I don't drive either.)

No sooner had zoo started typing than Weirdkat's phone rang. It was Mr D. She spoke to him
for several minutes.

"Road trip, eh?" zoo said as Weirdkat hung up. "Well, at least the waiting's over."

"Yeah. He's got a car waiting for us back at the airport. Finish up."

"Who's all there?" zoo asked.

'So far, just Bella and Jaded, Mr D and Baz. Oh, and some guy who stumbled onto the place
last night. They put him up: in the barn, probably." She winked at zoo.

"Oh!" zoo suddenly figured it out. A relieved smile crossed her face. 'One less worry. What
about Spice?"

"Not yet. I wonder where Si, Death and Essay are?" Kat said thoughtfully.

"I guess Si's babysitting the site. He can't just disappear this time. This is real and he's
needed to keep things running. Don't Death and Essay have a bunch of kids? They probably
couldn't get away either. I'm thinking it's just as well. Things could get dangerous."

"Yeah.' zoo said shortly. "Eat up, then. I think we've sat still long enough." (Zoogirl)
"What the hell were you doing in Peru?" MrD sternly questioned the singer. MrD had bad
memories of that little operation. It was one of the two places where he was positive that he
had left a little bit of his soul. Landy's little amusement park was where he lost what was left.
"What were YOU doing there?" Alice asked back.
"You're the one thats been following us so closely, you tell me, besides I can't divulge that
kind of information." MrD said as a bit of anger began to show up in his voice.
"A little too late for all that 'classified' nonsense dont you think" Alice said with a smile.
MrD took a step toward the singer when Baz put a hand on the gunman's shoulder.
"He's right D...lets hear 'im out."
"Look Alice...my best friend in the whole world is here is lying here with two bullet holes in
him...some f****** things came in this house last night and tried to murder my kin...another
one down in Austin made a play for two more of our friends there....the goddamn FBI is
following us all over the place and you wanna talk about some shit that happened in f******
Peru almost fifteen years ago...and to top it all off...we're all here tryin to help your skinny
butt. You might say I aint in the mood...so lets hear it...what the hell is going on?"
"In those caves in Peru...you and Baz were sent there to retrive something werent you?"
Alice said
"Yeah...one of our people was down there ...got into some trouble...with some native
types...they called us to get him out." MrD said
"Ah thats right you two were the trouble shooters werent you." he smiled
"Yeah...thats right...something goes wrong..we go fix it." MrD said
"And that fellow that was down there in trouble...why was he there?" Alice asked
"Not sure...he was down there to collect something...a relic of some kind...ya know an
artifact. Not my department...our job was to get him out." MrD said still agitated.
"Were you successful?" Alice asked
"Yeah ...I suppose you could say that...we're still alive and so is our man" MrD answered
"What about the relic? Did you retrieve it as well?" Alice continued
"No" MrD replied sharply.
"What do you remember about that cave" Alice asked
"It had alot of bat shit on the ground" MrD snapped
Alice just looked at him.
"Drawings...ancient drawings...native stuff...I'm not an archeologist...didn't mean shit to me."
"Did the drawings look anything like this?" Alice said as he held up a shiney metallic object.
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Bella isn't exactly what one would call a 'morning' person. At some point in the
conversation, she'd begun to get angry and found her way back to the kitchen. She
cleaned up last nights mess; the least she could do for her fellow woman, Mary. She fished
through the cabinets and found the coffee. She made a pot, all the while listening to the
conversation in the other room. She thought about everything they were saying and
decided that it was impossible to play a game without knowing all of the rules - rules that the
three men knew, yet she and Jaded weren't 'privvy' to....She poured herself a cup of coffee
and joined the others in the next room announcing, "Coffee's up.", She sat herself in an arm
chair, wearing her comfy 501's (.38 in the back again - she put it on a table next to the chair),
white tank and boots. She curled up in her chair and brooded over the conversation.

Mr. D. glanced at the object Alice held out before him - and quickly glanced away: "I don't
know. I don't remember. The grafitti wasn't exactly 'high' on my list of priorities at the time."
Alice held it out closer to him this time and offered it to Baz, who also shied away, "Like 'E
said, man, I don't know. We were busy tryin' to help our man."
Alice: "I'm not buying that. You do remember."

Bella eyed the object from her spot in the chair. She sipped her coffee and calmly stated,
"That's your belt buckle from the "Love It To Death" LP back cover.", and sipped again.
Alice smiled at her, "Ah! We have a winner! Do you know what it is?"
Bella eyed it again, and took in the expressions of those around her, Jaded just looked plain
confused, Mr. D. and Baz appeared to be in some sort of a panic..."Nope. Not a clue."

Alice held it out to her.
Mr. D & Baz, "No! Don't tou-"

Bella put her coffee down and took the object from his hand, Baz & D. were holding their
breaths. She smiled at them, "Have I turned into a pumpkin yet? Hmmmm??"

She turned the item over in her hands, round, metallic....kind of pretty, very shiny, she
liked shiny things. It was very cold, though the room was warm. She motioned to Jaded
looking at Alice, "May I?"
Alice nodded, she handed it to Jaded, who turned it over as well, shrugged her shoulders
and handed it back to Alice.

Mr. D. and Baz visibly relaxed.

Alice looked at both men, motioning to Jaded and Bella he stated, "You didn't tell them
anything, did you?"

Both men looked away.

Bella, "Apparently not."
Jaded sat on the sofa and wrapped herself up in her favourite Aerosmith sweatshirt,
 "Someone had better start talking - now."
Bella sipped her coffee, she looked at Alice, "Must be 'classified'."

Alice sat down shaking his head, rolling the object in his hands, "I can't believe you brought
them here blindly."
Bella, "Someone betta staht talkin'. That's ALL U'm gonna say, and I ain't gonna say it
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Zoogirl and WeirdKat checked out of the Crown Plaza and caught the next shuttle back to
the airport. As they got off at the airport, Kat looked around and asked “Hey, you seen any
sign of the goon-babies yet this morning?” Confused for a moment, Zoo answered “Goon..?
Oh, right. Now that you mention it, no.” The two looked around, but didn‟t spot anyone in
the crowd. “Hmph!” said Kat. “Either they‟ve gotten better at this, or they like to sleep late.”
“We‟d better keep an eye out for them, I suppose” remarked Zoogirl, as they headed for the
car rental counters. “Wouldn‟t want them trailing after us if we can avoid it.” They walked up
to the National Car Rental counter, and zoogirl asked the lady behind it “Do you have a car
reserved for Ms. Jett and Ms. Halford?” “Yes, ma‟am!” answered the lady, cheerfully. Her
name tag read “Debbie”. “Your friend, Mr. Warmer called earlier. He also asked me to give
you this map, to make sure you found your way there.” After completing the preliminaries at
the counter, the Kat asked in an innocent way “Has anybody besides Mr. Warmer called or
been looking for us this morning? We‟re expecting a few more folks to join us on vacation.”
“No, nobody‟s left any messages at this counter, except Mr. Warmer” Debbie answered,
smiling. Zoogirl laughed and said “Maybe they got to land at Dallas-Fort Worth, like we were
supposed to!” The two of them kept up the pretense of “happy ladies on swell vacation” as
they went out to the rental car lot to meet the attendant and collect the keys. (WeirdKat)
They found the attendant, whose name tag said “Joe” outside next to a blue Chevy Blazer
with tint glass. “Here you go, ladies” he said, as cheerful as Debbie had been. Let‟s just do
the walk-around, check her over and get these forms filled out so you can be on your way!”
he continued. As they walked around it, checking for damage etc., Joe chatted casually,
saying “We‟d brought up that red Blazer over there for you first, but we checked, and that
one‟s just about due to hit the garage for a service, so we brought this one around for you
instead.” Zoo looked up at the Blazer parked along the curb ahead, and said “Doesn‟t look
like it really matters much. I can‟t really tell the two apart, except for the color.” “Ain‟t no
difference, really, „cept the color” answered Joe, finishing the forms and handing over the
clipboard for signature. Zoogirl scribbled her most illegible version of a signature on it, and
the two hopped in and started the Blazer up. Leaving the rental car lot, Kat drove the Blazer
around the terminal and out towards the airport entrance, passing the two FBI agents waiting
patiently in their car, parked in a space midway up a parking lot along the exit road. The two
ignored the blue Blazer with Zoo and Kat (invisible behind the sun‟s glare on the windows)
and waited patiently for the Red Blazer with the tracking device tucked discreetly under the
fender…still sitting back by the curb, waiting to go in to the shop. (WeirdKat)

Jaded glared at the two men. I hate being left in the dark. If there's something we should
know,Ya betta spill it pretty quick!
Bella aint lookin too happy over there.. and I'll tell ya one thing.. You don't wanna piss HER
off.. It aint pretty.
Jaded walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.
she poured two.
she walked back into the other room and handed one to Alice.
Baz looked up at her from the couch and asked, did yer get me some?
she smiled at him for a moment and said your arm has been shot up BUTyour legs aint
she could hear Bella laughing behind her.
But of course I can remedy that if you don't start talkin..
Jaded winks at Bella.
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"You wanna cup,D ?,we better get us own ?
"Yeah but you sit back down,yer look like shit ",D went in the kitchen."No friggin water in the kettle,thanks
"No problem" she said.

Baz sat on the edge of the sofa,he looked up at Alice,"To be quite honest,we didn`t think you would want
us to tell.Christ,where do we start ?I`m not sure anyone would have believed us anyway.Besides ,it`s a part
of my life I don`t like thinking about,never mind talking about"
He turned to look at D."How many times have we talked about it in the last fifteen years D ? "

"A couple maybe" D said,walking in with their coffee`s."I come out in a sweat when I think about it""We
talked about telling them,but hoped we wouldn`t have to,we don`t mean to be secretive but we didn`t
want to scare them"

"Tell em" Baz said,they`re big girls .
"Yeah,tell us ,company man." Jaded said sarcasticly.
"Jaded,for f***s sake just grow up,cos you`re doing me head in,"Baz turned on her ."We didn`t tell yer cos
we care about yer both,thats up to you whether yer believe me or not"

D sat down and started .
"As you know Alice was brought up around Pheonix,and as you also know,the area has always been a
hotbed of UFO sightings,mysterious lights,unexplained phenomina and the like.Well Alice here,as always
had a facination with this and has seem maybe more activity than anyone else"
Alice "I grew up near old Indian tribes,and used to sit for hours listening to the stories that had been
handed down through the generations about the "men from the sky".
I found places that no white man had seen before,i saw drawings on the wall that were centuries old.And I
found things there that were not from this earth"
Baz sat up and started"It was in the late sixties,that man became facinated with little green men,but Alice
had already experience although not at first hand"
"Not yet " D carried on
"The thing you had in your hand was something he found in a cave,a cave that had been inhabited,oh shall
we say,five hundred years ago ,by someone not from round here"

Both the girls looked at D.
"Of course,I didn`t know what it was at the time,thats why I had it made into a belt" Alice said.
" A one off you might say"Said Bella "So whay does it do,whats it for"
"It`s a key" D said," A key that yer don`t wanna use"

"This" said Alice holding up the piece of metal "Can take you to places you have never imagined"

"But theres no guarantee that you can get a return flight,IS THERE" Baz turned towards Alice.

MrD went to the kitchen and poured Baz and himself another cup of coffee. When he returned to the other
he said "I certainly dont know the whole story...maybe Mr Rock star here can fill in some of the blanks.
Anyway...it's long and complicated and I dont want to tell it twice..Kat and Zoo should be here in a couple
hours...we'll wait on them."
"Fair enough" Bella said.
"Alice...theres a barn out back...I suggest we stash that car of yours in it. That thing sticks out like a sore
Alice nodded and he and MrD went outside to move the vehicles. MrD got inside the bullet hole riddled
Navigator and led Alice in the Viper around back to the barn.
Once inside they noticed two Honda four-wheeled ATV's. "These might come in handy later" MrD remarked.
"Always planning ahead arent you" Alice said.
"If I had been thinking far enough ahead I wouldnt be here now" he answered.
They walked back up the path that led to the house and passed the swimming pool and in through the back
door into the kitchen.
"You look like you aint had a bite in a while" MrD said to the singer.
"Now that you mention it....no I haven't" Alice answered
MrD opened the refridgerator...."Huevos Rancheros anyone?" he said.
"Whats that?" Jaded asked as she entered the kitchen.
"Ranch style eggs" MrD answered "eggs cooked in hot sauce over a warm tortilla...tell Baz it'll put lead in his
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Bella came into the kitchen as MrD prepared breakfast for the group. "You guys are just full of surprises"
MrD didnt look up from his position over the stove.
"I thought I knew you" she said "after all we've been through I thought you would trust me..." MrD cut her
"Trust got nothin to do with it" he said.."hell you know more about me now than my wife does" he snapped.
"Yeah,,,we have been through alot Bellie girl...and no there aint no cleansing streams here" MrD turned
away from the stove and unbuttoned the top three buttons of his shirt. He took Bella's hand and placed it
on his chest, over the small circular red scar he recieved in a nightmare thay had shared. "You've got one
too...dontcha?" he asked
"Yes" she said
"We both died there" he said looking into her eyes."It was a trust in each other that got us
back...please...trust me again"
Bella put her arms around MrD's neck. "Huh...do you always weasel out of trouble that easy?" she asked
MrD squeezed Bella tight.."I'm a troubleshooter..remember"
They stood together for a moment then MrD said.."Oh and Bella....I hope you took the insurance on the
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"You're the navigator, " Weirdkat sad as they pulled onto the highway.

"Right. Well, straight ahead, for now. How long?"

"Couple hours."

zoo relaxed against the seat. She held a takeout tray containing two large coffees on her lap, along with
the map.

"I once dumped a whole hot tea off a dashboard." zoo remarked. Leaning forward, she carefully put the
cups into the holders.

"Things are about to get hotter than that." weirdkat said. "you started to remember something. Something
about that symbol. Did it ever come back?"

zoo closed her eyes. She tried to concentrate. Suddenly she sat up and reached into the backseat.
Rummaging around in her backpack, she came up with a CD.

"I threw it in, just in case, along with my tapes." She held it up for Weirdkat. "Coopusinterruptus gave it to
me for my birthday, even though I didn't have a player, yet."

It was "Love it to Death". On the back cover, Alice and the band were at their most androgynous. Alice
wore a belt. On the buckle was a large disk of some sort, surmounted by smaller circles.

"Look famillier?" she said. "That's just about what the old man described." (Zoogirl)

"C`mon lets eat,don`t be letting it go cold"MrD shouted to no one in particular,yet everyone.
The girls sat next to each other on one side of the table,Alice sat opposite Bella, and Baz sat opposite
Jaded.When MrD had served up the eggs he sat at one end,next to Baz.
Baz got the impression that the girls had gone a bit cold towards them,be it trust or disapointment he
wasn`t quite sure,but he knew he didn`t like it being that way.

"Shouldn`t be long before Zoo and Kat are here,then we`ll FINALLY get to know something " Bella
said,staring directly at Baz,as if he was to blame for all this.
Inside he felt hurt. (Baz)

mine should of gone before Baz.. I erased it
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Jaded looked up from her plate. this is fantastic Mr D!
I couln't have done better myself!
As she started to clear the plates from the table she noticed Baz looked like he was about ready to cry.
She felt very baddly about doubting him earlier.
She leaned over behind him and wispered in his ear,
I do trust you.. Its just I'm so Ja-Ja Jaded. he looked back at her with a smile and said Yeah and I'm the
one who Jaded you.
Even Alice knew the Tyler lyric and the five of them were soon laughing again.

It`ll take more than that to mek me feel better (Baz)

Then you should of waited for my post first!        (Jaded)

I`m not a bloody mind reader (Baz)

Bella thinks someone needs a hug......           (BellaDonna)

or some smarties.. :laugh: (Jaded)
Bella sat eating her eggs, which were WONDERFUL, btw....her thoughts raced... Honestly, it's difficult to
be pissed at someone you died with....especially someone who lasted longer than you did: long enough to
fix the damage and manage to bring you both back on sheer faith alone...damn difficult to remain pissed at
that person....

Alice was eating watching the woman's face across the table from him. He said, after swallowing a
mouthful of the delicious eggs, "Bella, you're facial expressions have changed at least 6 times in my last
forkful...What are you thinking?"

Bella looked up at him, "Damn my expressions..."
Alice, "No. I'd rather not."
Bella, "I love them both, but they didn't tell us. They withheld important information. If you hadn't
shown up when you did, then how long would we have gone without knowing anything at all? Would they
ever have told us ANYTHING? And did they AT ONE TIME, want your 'item' as well?? The FBI and 'the
company' must know it's power....of course the government wants it. I'm not stoopid."
Alice thought about that, "No, you're not. And don't let it be your downfall."
Bella looked up from her dish into those painfully blue eyes...."Don't talk to me in riddles."
Alice shook his head, "You trusted him once...he came through...Isn't that enough?"
Bella leaned back in the chair, finally beginning to feel human again, a full belly and three cups of coffee
could do that for her.

She turned to Baz, who sat looking dejected, she said, "How's the shoulder, Brit Boy?"

Baz returned, "It pains me a bit."
Bella looked at him, "Yeah, I'll bet it does. But I fixed it for ya - don't you go forgettin' it."
Baz: "Nah, Bella, I surely won't. She got up and picked up her dish, she picked up Alice's empty as well.
 On the way, she paused by Baz and said, "Don't you ever lie or hold out on us again, you understand?"
Baz, "Yes, I do."
Bella, "Good. Remember it.", She kissed Baz on the forehead, and turned doing the same to Mr. D., she
brought their dishes to the sink.

After she'd washed them, she returned to her seat, where Alice was still sitting across from her nursing a
cup of coffee. She walked to his side of the table and kissed him on the forehead too, "That's for showing
up when you did." She smiled down at him and walked away.

She didn't see it, but he smiled into his cup of coffee and drank up....
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A little over three hours into their drive, WeirdKat said “There‟s a good-sized truck stop at that next
exit…I‟m gonna make a pit stop, fill up the Blazer‟s tank and drain out my own!” Zoogirl nodded
agreement; she could use a stop herself. After topping up the tank on the Blazer, they moved the SUV to a
parking space and went inside, where WeirdKat paid up for the gas. After “the pause that refreshes”,
WeirdKat looked around and spotted the goods she had in mind when she stopped. “Ah, I figured a place
like this would have some of these” she said, grabbing one of those “tool-kit-in-a-case” kits. “Always finding
these on closeout at big stops like this.” Seeing Zoogirl‟s curious look, Kat explained “I hate to get caught
without any tools. Never know when you might need a hammer or a wrench!” While zoogirl rounded up
some drinks and a few snacks like pretzels and graham crackers and such, Kat‟s next move was over to a
counter with a variety of knives on display under glass. After attracting a clerk‟s attention, she quickly went
through the stock and selected three modestly priced blades – one “swiss army” type knockoff, one good-
sized lockblade knife and a smaller lockblade with a sawtooth base on the blade. After paying up for the
food and hardware, she slid the knives into her jeans pockets, grinned at Zoogirl and said “Now I don‟t feel
so „undressed‟ any more!" Zoogirl shook her head as they stashed their purchases and climbed back into
the Blazer. “You and your knives! What is it with you and knives, anyway?” WeirdKat grinned back and
said “Hey, kitty gotta have her claws, don‟t she?” Checking the map Mr. D had arranged for them, Zoogirl
said “We should be coming up to the exit for Farmersville in a half-hour or so.” Kat remarked “Then let‟s
burn some road, Sweetie! I don‟t know about you, but I‟m dying for some explanations, here!” And with
that, they pulled back onto the interstate and hauled a** for Farmersville.
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Zoo started to feel an odd combination of nervous, scared and elated as the exit drew closer.
"I don't know if I'm looking forward to this, or getting ready to bail out and run home!" she said.
"Me neither.' the Kat grinned at her. "But we're here now. There's the turnoff, the house is just a little
They drove in silence, except for Weirdkat's ocaisional questions about directions. "There." Zoo finally said."
This is it."
The place looked homey. A pickup stood in the driveway, along with a shiny Navigator. Both showed bullet
"Looks like they had fun last night." Weirdkat said tightly.
"I don't suppose mr D was holding target practice?"
"Doubt it."
At the sound of the Blazer, Mr D stepped out onto the porch.
"Took ya'll long enough>" he said. He broke into a huge grin. "You two look rode hard and put away wet.
But good, very good."
He came down the stairs and hugged them both as they hopped out of the vehicle.
"Better get inside. We'll explain it all shortly." (Zoogirl)

Zoogirl and Kat grabbed their packs, the snacks and the liquor they‟d picked up in Austin, and followed Mr.
D into the house. The first thing they saw when they entered the living room was Baz, lying on the sofa;
Kat rushed over to him, Zoogirl on her heels, and said, tersely, “Are you Baz? What happened and how bad
is it?!” Mr. D said “We had a little trouble, and he caught a couple of bullets. Bella got the bullets out and
sewed him up, he‟ll get on all right.” Zoo and Kat looked relieved, causing Baz to say, in a tone of great
injury, “Ah, no one accords me injuries the proper respect. What about a little sympathy for a wounded
hero, eh? Don‟t I deserve a bit of pamperin‟ and tender lovin‟ care, then?” “Poor baby” said Bella, dryly,
and Mr. D added “He‟ll be all right, Kat, but I hope you brought your little medicine bag with you. A few
painkillers and antibiotics might come in handy about now.” Kat straightened up and frowned, saying
“Mmph, got the painkillers all right, but I don‟t keep antibiotics around. I can think of a couple of dodges
for getting some if we need them…I‟ll work on it.” Kat looked at Baz again; he did look a bit pale. Her
expression softened, and she said “Baz, you can have a pill, or you can have a drink. Which will it be?” “Ah,
drink!” he answered. WeirdKat poured him a stiff shot of Seagram‟s. Zoogirl, reassured about Baz, looked
around the room, went over to Bella and Jaded and collected a big hug from each of them. “Glad you two
got here all right” murmured Bella. “Yeah, we heard you had a little adventure of your own down in Austin”
added Jaded, smiling. “Have you heard anything from Alienspice yet today?” asked Zoogirl, looking a bit
worried again. “Not yet” answered Mr. D. “Last we heard, she was about to contact her friends there at
the UFO museum.” Kat and Zoo finally noticed Alice, sitting quietly in his chair, watching the new arrivals
intently. “You!” said Kat, sounding almost angry – the way a mother sounds angry after she snatches her
child out from in front of a car in the road. “Where the HELL have you been! What were you THINKING of,
anyway?!” “Believe me, it‟s all been necessary” answered Alice, softly. Looking first at the ladies‟
expressions and then at Mr. D and Baz, he said “Gentlemen, I guess we‟d better tell our stories now…before
we get skinned to the bone!”

Bella went to the kitchen and put on, yet ANOTHER pot of coffee, AND a kettle.....she got herself a fresh
cup of java and one for Jaded. Walking back into the living room, she stopped close to Zoo and WierdKat,
 "Hey, Ladies, I'm not sure how long this story is gonna take, nor am I sure what you prefer, but there's
fresh coffee and a kettle on the stove, tea bags in the cabinet...I left out clean mugs for you both....I'm
really glad to see you both again....", she smiled at both of them and moved on...They went to the kitchen:

As she passed Mr. D., she whispered to him, "Please call AlienSpice....check for
messages...something...just find her...OK?"
D. "Don't you want our explanation first?"
Bella thought about that, "No. Life comes first."
Mr. D. smiled at her, "Will do, Ma'am.", he went off to make the call...

Bella gave one cup to Jaded and sat, once again, in a chair. She curled up into it, once again, leaving the
.38 on the table next to her... Can't wait to hear this, she thought....
The cell phone ring jolted Spice out of her "road coma"--even with the radio on, the endless miles of empty
desert between Albuquerque and Roswell were lulling her into a stupor.
"Hey! It's about time! I was starting to wonder what kind of trouble you could possibly get yourself into in a
cowtown like Farmersville."
"Oh, we've got plenty of trouble here, sweetie. And friends. Including a very special friend you flew across
country to find..."
"WHAT!?!? He's in Farmersville?"
"Don't sound so shocked. He's got some stories to tell. HE found US."
"Oh brother. Let me pull over, just a sec." Spice put the phone down and pulled the car over to the side of
the highway. As she did, she noticed a blue Navigator with tinted windows slow down, and then speed back
up again as it passed her.
"I think I just pissed off the goons that were following me" she said as she picked up the phone again.
"Be careful, girl! We've got several different species of goons on our trail."
"Lovely. So what else do I need to know?"
"How quick can you get here? Our special friend is about to tell the whole story."
"Well, I'm less than half an hour outside of Roswell, and I really think I need to get down there and find out
what happened with Bobby. If I don't show up at this point he'll get really freaked out. So as much as I
would love to join your little party out there in Farmersville, I'm gonna continue on. Don't have too much
fun without me."
"Oh, we've had plenty of excitement to last us a while, I think. Call as soon as you get there, and check in if
you notice anything suspicious. We're all worried about you."
"I appreciate it. It will definitely be nice to see you all...and him. I know you don't want to say much on the
phone, but....is it all connected?"
"Yeah. It appears that way. Be careful."
"You already said that."
"Yeah, but I mean it. It's big....really big. And it goes back a long way."
"I can't wait to hear all about it. Give my love to everyone there, and I'll let you know the second I
reach...my destination."
Spice flipped the phone closed and looked in the rearview mirror. A blue Navigator was coming up behind
her on the lonely stretch of highway.

(Mr D? Baz? I believe you gentlemen are up next! )

{Been away all weekend...I'll catch up later}
(Mr. Demeanor)

Same here,same here.
Went up to Dales yesterday,bin working sat and mon.

Alice started talking."By what I`m gonna say,could put you all in grave danger,but you need to
know.Anybody wanna leave ?"
"We`re in danger now,just by knowing these two,we`re in danger"bella pointed towards MrD who was sat
at the table,and Baz who was half sat,half laid on the settee.
"He means real danger" D said.
"We`ll stay " Jaded said to Alice "Besides,who`s gonna look after this cripple if I leave ?" She nodded
towards Baz,who smiled back with that childish grin of his.

"The object we have with us here,is a key like D said,but it`s part of a set.A set of three"
"The keys were left here on earth,maybe five hundred years ago,maybe a thousand,I`m not really sure,but
they were left here for a purpose"
He stopped to have a drink of coffee,then went on.
"The keys were found by the indians who were inhabiting the area around what is now Pheonix,who used to
sleep in the cave system during the winter""Who knows what they saw around that time,what they thought
was happening,but as they have done for generations,they leave their story on the walls of the caves.You
make your own mind up"
Zoo interupted "So how come you have one ?"
" For safe keeping""The indians have been in danger of extinction for many a year now,and my father
,being the man he is was entrusted with it before I was born"
"So what are they for"Kat said "What can they be used to do ?"
"No one is 100 % certain,"
"Who has the others ?"Bella asked.
Alice turned to look at MrD
"D`s friend Tim has one,or should I say the goverment has one"
"WHAT " D jumped up "You gotta be kidding me "
"Why did you two think you were sent down to Peru that time"
"To help out,to get our man out" Baz said,he had a look of shock on his face.

"You were to get him out because he had found a key."
"We were nearly killed down there" D said
Alice looked at him"A small price to pay my friend"

Baz jumped to his feet "I`ll rip his f*****g spleen out"

"I'm sure Tim has a good reason for not telling us he has one of the keys" MrD said in an effort to calm not
only Baz but himself down. "He's been too good a friend for too many years to lead us into some kinda of
"But a trap is exactly what it is" Alice said. "They must know that I have one and they obviously want us to
lead them to the third."
"Tim knew that we would be looking for you once we heard the news of your dissappearance" MrD
"How" Bella asked.
"Well because of the rest of you" he said.
"I'm not sure what you mean?" Bella asked
"They had a file on Landy...they knew about us, The SickThings , that is. They knew that we would come to
find Alice. Find Alice...find the other keys" MrD said.
"I'd say they also knew knew that D would never let you go it alone." Baz said.
Although he was purely speculating on the companies motives his hunches had always served him well in
the past.
"Ok now I've got a couple of questions" Kat said. "First..Alice what was your trigger, why did make yourself
dissappear when you did? And second...who's got the third key?
(Mr. Demeanor)

Alice stood up and walked over to the table where MrD's laptop was set up. "I knew it was time when I saw
this" he said as he sat down and pulled up a news item from the MSN news archive. "Remember back at the
end of the year when that terrible Tsunami stuck in the Indian Ocean?" he asked everyone.
Everyone in the room all nodded. "Of coarse we remember" Jaded said.
Alice went on "On the coast of Sri Lanka when the water subsided it went way beyond its previous boundry
and removed a thousand years of silt and sand from an ancient ruin." Alice then spun the laptop around so
the group could see the monitor. "Look at this" he instructed.
The SickThings quietly studied the photograph of the ancient statue that was revealed by the tsunami's
waters. It was a statue of a human figure carved of stone and around it's neck was the likeness of the key.
Suspended around the statues neck was the large circle with the several smaller circles over it.
The most astounding thing was yet to come...as Alice scrolled the photo up to the statues face Bella called
out..."It's got your eyes...it's got your freakin eyes"
Alice looked up and smiled "Aint it cool" he said.

"Two days before I left Phoenix" he said "one of the old shamans from the Hopi tribe came to my house. At
first Brian told him to go away, but when I saw who it was I agreed to let him in. He showed me this picture
and told me that it was time, that they would be coming soon."
"Right about the time of the first power outages" Zoo said.

"So where's the third key?" Kat asked again.
"I guess thats what we're supposed to find out" Alice said. "The shaman told me that many years ago it fell
into the hands of the ancient Druids whos decendants settled in America around the late 1600's. Those
people became the first coven of witches in New England. Using the power of the key in their spells and
"Thats ridiculous" Baz said.
"No...it's not" Bella said without looking away from the picture of the statue.
(Mr. Demeanor)

"Do you think maybe...maybe Alice Cooper actually was in your subconcious all along?" zoo asked Alice.
"Maybe there really was a witch named Alice back at the turn of the 1700's?"

Alice looked at Bella. She stared back. Before she opened her mouth, zoo thought of something else.

"Sherly! Calico! Alice, they'd better be in on this or I'm gonna..." She glared at Alice.

"Okay!" he put his hands up and shook his head. "They know. I promise. I know better than to mess with
my wife!"

"I hope so." zoo growled. "Good."

"You were right." Weirdkat said. "Calico is a great little actress."

Alice smiled, a little sheepishly. "Yeah. So's her mom. We had to keep up the "missing" charade. It's safer
for the family if they don't seem to know what's up. Brian's in on it too. I've got my mother staying at the
house so they can keep an eye on her. You never know what people are capable of. If someone thinks this
information could be valuable...'' Alice shook himself and took another swig of coffee.

"Bella," Jaded said gently. "You were gonna say something?"

Bella took a deep breath.

Bella looked at Zoo, exhaled and began, "I have read stories of "Alice Cooper" - the alledged 17th century
witch on the internet...I have never found any information proving her existance. There is no "Alice
Cooper" listed on the casualty list of 'The Salem Witch Trials', though that is not to say that her tragedy did
not occur in England - or anywhere else across the GLOBE for that matter. If she did exist, then her young
story, and that of her family is indeed a tragic one...as all of their stories are...".

She looked once again at 'their' Alice. "Where did you really get the name?"
Alice looked at her blankly, "I really don't remember."
Bella: "Was it through a Ouija Board?"
Alice: "I don't remember. Does it matter?"
Bella: "Yes."
Alice: "Why?"
Bella: "Because the information you get from a Ouija Board can be tainted."
Alice: "What?"
Bella: "You can't see who's talking to you. And sometimes the information you get is lies."
Alice: "I don't know."
Bella: "Well, nice Christian Boys like you shouldn't go playing with that stuff...."

She paused to light a cigarette and think.....
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She continued, "The Druids have been tied to Egypt and their Pyramids, England and it's StoneHenge,
 The Legend of Atlantis and it's Crystal, and yes, WitchCraft - another Earth Religion...."
Alice: "What does that have to do with us?"
Bella puffed, "Well, three out of the four are tied in with extraterrestrials in some theories."
Alice grew impatient, "And So?!?"
Mr. D.: "Easy now...."
Bella put up a hand and drew off her cig, "Who ended up with Excalibur?"
Alice: "What???"
Bella: "What happened to Excalibur? Baz- you should know this one...."
The others looked confused, but Baz answered, "The Lady of the Lake. She caught it back."
Bella: "A powerful object in a Lady's hands - guarded by her. It's no surprise that the Druids would
entrust a powerful object to the Lady's...."
Alice: "Where do we look for it?"
Bella: "I think Winter Island is a good bet."
Alice: "Why?"
Bella: "Crashing seas, the shores....the trees.....The Power Plant."
Mr. D.: "What do we do with it once we find it?"
Bella: "Don't know. But better we find it than your friend Tim."
Mr. D.: "Hey! He's been a good friend to me..."
Bella smiled softly, "Sometimes, honey, the best of friends have the cruelest intentions...."
Mr. D. glared at her, "I've known him longer than I've known you."
Bella looked over at the Cowboy, "Yeah, and look at where Tim got you."

Bella got up, and tucked the .38 into her Levi's again...., "I'm gonna email AlienSpice. Hopefully, she'll get
out of there with some information - Safely."

She looked at the others, "Get your snowshoes on....looks like we're going for a ride...."
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"Do you think maybe...maybe Alice Cooper actually was in your subconcious all along?" zoo asked Alice.
"Maybe there really was a witch named Alice back at the turn of the 1700's?"

Alice looked at Bella. She stared back. Before she opened her mouth, zoo thought of something else.

"Sherly! Calico! Alice, they'd better be in on this or I'm gonna..." She glared at Alice.

"Okay!" he put his hands up and shook his head. "They know. I promise. I know better than to mess with
my wife!"

"I hope so." zoo growled. "Good."

"You were right." Weirdkat said. "Calico is a great little actress."

Alice smiled, a little sheepishly. "Yeah. So's her mom. We had to keep up the "missing" charade. It's safer
for the family if they don't seem to know what's up. Brian's in on it too. I've got my mother staying at the
house so they can keep an eye on her. You never know what people are capable of. If someone thinks this
information could be valuable...'' Alice shook himself and took another swig of coffee.

"Bella," Jaded said gently. "You were gonna say something?"

Bella took a deep breath.

Bella looked at Zoo, exhaled and began, "I have read stories of "Alice Cooper" - the alledged 17th century
witch on the internet...I have never found any information proving her existance. There is no "Alice
Cooper" listed on the casualty list of 'The Salem Witch Trials', though that is not to say that her tragedy did
not occur in England - or anywhere else across the GLOBE for that matter. If she did exist, then her young
story, and that of her family is indeed a tragic one...as all of their stories are...".

She looked once again at 'their' Alice. "Where did you really get the name?"
Alice looked at her blankly, "I really don't remember."
Bella: "Was it through a Ouija Board?"
Alice: "I don't remember. Does it matter?"
Bella: "Yes."
Alice: "Why?"
Bella: "Because the information you get from a Ouija Board can be tainted."
Alice: "What?"
Bella: "You can't see who's talking to you. And sometimes the information you get is lies."
Alice: "I don't know."
Bella: "Well, nice Christian Boys like you shouldn't go playing with that stuff...."

She paused to light a cigarette and think.....
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She continued, "The Druids have been tied to Egypt and their Pyramids, England and it's StoneHenge,
 The Legend of Atlantis and it's Crystal, and yes, WitchCraft - another Earth Religion...."
Alice: "What does that have to do with us?"
Bella puffed, "Well, three out of the four are tied in with extraterrestrials in some theories."
Alice grew impatient, "And So?!?"
Mr. D.: "Easy now...."
Bella put up a hand and drew off her cig, "Who ended up with Excalibur?"
Alice: "What???"
Bella: "What happened to Excalibur? Baz- you should know this one...."
The others looked confused, but Baz answered, "The Lady of the Lake. She caught it back."
Bella: "A powerful object in a Lady's hands - guarded by her. It's no surprise that the Druids would have
had one of the keys to begin with. It makes sense that it may have ended up in New England.
Alice: "How do we find it?"
Bella: "Well, I think it's safe to bet that if the coven did have it, and it was an important item, then it was
more than likely hidden - very well hidden, around the time Tituba 'confessed'."
Mr. D.: "Where would they have hidden it?"
Bella: "I don't know, but it would have been handed down to the daughter and so on and so on, the way
Alice got his from his father. Or, it simply may have been forgotten - lost in time. There were lots of
hangings, pressings and executions going on...the key could be lost altogether."
Alice: "We have to find it. Before Tim does."
Mr. D.: "If we go looking for it, then we'll lead him right to it."
Bella thought about that.
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"Bella, have you shown Alice the pictures that you made?" MrD asked.
"What pictures?" Alice asked
"You're gonna love this" MrD said.
Bella opened her phone and retrieved the pictures of the 'Alice eyes' that she had made. The ones at the
shack and also the ones in the rest stop rest room.
"Did you have anything to do with this?" Bella asked
"No" Alice shrugged "How did you come across this?"
"The first one here was made on the way down here...on a little roadside pitstop...the second in a public
restroom just outside of town here" Bella explained.
"We figured it was you...putting us on the right trail"
"I didnt have anything to do with it " the singer said..." But its funny though"
"Funny how?" Bella asked
"They only appear when you have to pee" Alice laughed.
(Mr. Demeanor)

" What significance do the Eyes have do yer think ?" "And how would anybody know where Bella was going
to take a leak,she didn`t know herself " Baz asked ."Unless subconciously she did " he added.
"What the hell is that supposed to mean,d`yer think i`m in on this or something ?" she turned on Baz.
"It`s something we have to consider,you say yourself that you have weird dreams,maybe you decend from
witches or something and actually know more than you think" Baz said to her.
"Listen,you piece of English shit,I don`t know anything"
"OK calm down Bella,it might be nothing but there again Baz may have a point" D said.
"We need to find that third key " Alice started "Does anyone have any ideas where we look ?"
"I feel it`s in this country,the power outages,our close encounters,the Feds ,it all lead to the US." Zoo said
" If it were in another country,surely the activity would be there "
"The statue was there " Kat said
"Agreed .,but where ?" "It`s a mighty big country "Baz said .
Ds phone rang "Hello D"
"It`s Spice ,have you had the news on ?"
"Not recently ,why ?"
"My friend at Roswell has told me of abnormal electrical storms,travelling up the northern seaboard "
"It seems the weather people have never seen anything like it.It knocks the power off in a one hundred
mile radius,but the power returns once it has passed over " she added.
"Where did it start,any idea ? "
"It seems it has been very spasmodic in the south west,but it has become more frequent of late in the
midwest,now it seems as though it is going up the east coast"

D looked at the rest of them and spoke to Spice again.
"Is it following the normal path of a storm ? "

"Thats just it,it`s not a storm,and the directions have been highly irregular "" It moves somewhere ,then
moves off ,as if..."
"As if it`s searching for something ? " D said.
"Well...yeah " Spice said softly
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Bella stood up and started pacing...Jaded watched her anxiously...Bella pacing wasn't a good thing...Bella
pacing, smoking was even worse...If Bella picked up that bottle of Seagram's, Jaded was leaving.....

Bella paced, smoked and finally took the bottle of Seagram's from Baz...went to the kitchen, got a glass and
poured a shot...returned to the room with the others and put the bottle down next to Baz...She sipped,
smoked, and paced...Hell, it was noon somewhere in the world....

Jaded got up and checked their 'stuff', "Oh Hell no.", she thought....

Bella walked up to, and stood over Alice, who'd sat himself in a chair.

Jaded thought, 'dumbass, should'a seen her windin' up...hehehehe' and picked up their bags....

Bella put down her drink, 'trayed' her smoke and put a hand on each of Alice's chair arms. Leaning over
him, she said, "Your Shaman is certain of the Third Key?"
Alice shrank back a bit yet held his ground, "Yes."
Bella, "How do you come by being so certain?"
Alice, "He's the one who gave the Key to my father."
Bella, "And EXACTLY how did YOU come by it?"
Alice looked away, "My father gave it to me when I was 14 yrs old. Well, not exactly...."
Bella, "Ever see the movie "Phenomenon"? It's all about 'specifics' Bob, or in this case, Alice. Specifics."
Alice looked up at her, "He left it in the hospital bed while I was dying...when no one could help me....after
the dead cow.... when my intestines were practically 'rotting'. I 'miraculously' recovered. Some thought it
was the power of prayer. None of them knew about The Key, no one but him."
Bella dropped her head, "Sh#$.", she whispered under her hair....

Zoo caught that part of the conversation. She looked startled.

"But, Alice, I thought prayer, well, you know? Prayer can do everything?"

"I'm not saying it can't. I'm not saying I wouldn't have pulled through anyway. I'm just saying there is
something very powerful about that object and I was dying. After Dad put that thing under my pillow, I
stopped dying."

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, etcetera." Baz said. "Old Willie Shakespeare was right. Some
things you can't explain, even when they're right under yer nose."
"Spice said it's centering on the East Coast. Any ideas, Alice?" Mr D said.

Alice bent over his coffee and thought about it. "Gravesite." he finally said.

"Huh?" Weirdkat stared at him. "Who's?! "

"Alice's . The real, first Alice. Maybe she took her key with her."

"Why do I think the road trip isn't over yet?" Mr D said, sighing.

(Bella and I simul-posted. I can't figure out what should go where, but I think we're gonna end up the same
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Alice heard what she'd said, and was pretty much 'uncomfortable' sitting where he was...Bella tossed her
hair back and looked at him, smiled....she thought about sitting on his lap and decided that he'd pretty
much spilled everything he had to say already...not much point other than the 'torture factor' enjoyment,
 but...that just wouldn't be right...."Thanks, Blue...", she smiled...

She stood up and turned to Baz..."You might have a point about me, Brit.", she smiled..."I don't know how
I knew how to sew either of you up...I don't belong to a coven, but some things just make sense..."
Baz: "You gonna apologize for callin' me an English piece of sh#$, now?"
Bella looked at him innocently, "Whatever would make you think that? No. But", looking at Mr. D., "I
have an idea..."
Mr. D. chuckled, "What's that, Bellie?"
Bella: "Winter Island."
Mr. D.: "Winter Island?"
Bella: "Yes, Winter Island, Salem, MA. It's not really separated from the mainland, but an 'offshoot'.
 One of the wildest, ocean crashin'est, rockiest, most beautiful, natural places I've ever been."
Mr. D.: "But WHY, Bellie - it's a long haul...."
Bella: "It's got a Fort - Fort Pickering, a Lighthouse, Pickering Lighthouse...it was an ammunitions storage
facility in WWII {2, I believe}, and it's NATURE at it's finest, powerful, and most violent and/or
beautiful...The place a witch would hide something valuable...or at least I would."
Mr. D.: "Not good enough."
Bella smiled at him: "OK. Would a coal burning Power Plant less than a stones throw across the water on
the East Side be enough?"
Mr. D. slowly nodded his head...," Yep, THAT would be enough..."

{Hahaha! Simul-posting again!               The info I've given about 'Winter Island' are facts...even the
Power Plant is real....I was trying to go w/ the 'reality' thing again....there are no 'gravesites' on the island -
to the best of my knowledge...nor is there anyone in the Salem "witch' burial grounds by the name of
'Cooper'...- again to the best of my knowledge...but there are MILES of forest that USED to be Salem, but

are NOW other towns...we'll work it out! That's the fun part!!!               }
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(Ah, but maybe she was "Unofficial". Maybe she'd been raised under a different name or maybe her death
and burial was a deep, dark village secret, not a part of the proper Trials! )

Spice saw no reason not to speed out on the stretch of lonely highway..after the phonecall from Adam
about the freakish "storms" and her latest talk with the folks back at the ranch, she wanted to get to the
bottom of things as quickly as possible. And the blue Navigator was keeping up with her, but at this point
she hardly cared. There was a whole new angle on this and it was getting even more intriguing...
The lights were off at the museum as she pulled in to the parking lot, but there were two lonely cars parked
in the lot behind. She pulled in the front guest lot and got out, waiting for the Navigator to follow. It didn't
pull in to the lot, but she watched it carefully as it parked a little ways up the road and sat. She knew who
or whatever was in that car was going to try and follow her, and there could be no chance of her meeting
being overheard by the enemy. She wandered over to the front entrance and read the notice on the door
"sorry, closed due to power failure"
"S!@#!" she muttered under her breath, but just then she saw a small note addressed to her. It had
instructions to get in through the maintenance entrance at the back of the museum.
Spice glanced down the road to make sure her buddy had not gotten out of his car yet, and started to
casually walk around to the back as if she was checking the place out. When she reached the maintenance
entrance, she punched in the code as fast and lightening and was in. The door closed tight behind her, and
she grabbed the next note on the door with instructions to get to the auxillary labs in the basement.
As she wandered the dark halls of the museum, Spice noticed something very familiar about the patter in
some of the photos of crop circles. She shook her and kept walking.

Bobby was waiting for her in the lab, letting her in and closing the door quickly. She could tell that he
sensed she was being followed.
"It's so good to see you!" he said, throwing his arms around her very uncharacteristically, "I was REALLY
getting worried."
"Hey, I can hold my own, y'know...I've had some people on my tail..."
"People, you say?"
"Well, I am going to assume they are people until it is proved to be untrue. Anyway, one guy on the plane,
a couple down here in the desert..my friends have had some nasty runins as well..."
"Where are your friends, right now?" Bobby asked as he punched some information into a computer.
"Farmersville...it's in Texas..."
"Oh, I know where it is. It's right here" he said, showing her the map on the screen. It was dotted with red
pulsing lights.
"These are all the sites of abnormal energy fields we've been tracking the past few days. Basically since
Vince disappeared.."
"Oh, you know him as Alice. We call him Vince to try to keep a bit of annonymity, but it's tough with a guy
like that."
"Hold on, now...what exactly are you saying? You mentioned that he had been here, but you didn't
"Sweetie, I'm sorry. I had to sorta fib a little. It was just really important that you came out here, and when
I told Vince that I had talked to you he said to say whatever I had to say to get you here. He said that you
and some others had really helped him out before and he wanted your help now. And, of course, we're
trying to throw the government off the trail, not to mention the little green men that are popping up
Spice grabbed her friend by the shoulders and whirled his chair around to face her.
"So what you are telling me.."she began deliberately, trying not to let her anger get the best of her,"is that
while I was flying across the country to find a man who was never lost to begin with, and worrying myself
to death that I had somehow put the FBI on YOUR trail and you were going to be locked up
somewhere...while all this was going on, you and Ali..I mean, Vince, were working on some kind of top
secret project that involved lying to us, the people you need to help you?"
"Yes. That's basically correct. But if you'll just let me explain.."
Spice was already pacing around the room furiously, thinking over her best response to this betrayal of
"You got any coffee in this joint?" Bobby ran over to the next room to get her a cup, giving Spice the
opportunity to take a closer look at the computer screen. There were faded red splotches over Pittsburgh,
and Austin and a few other places, and steadily glowing ones over Roswell, Phoenix, Farmersville, and
several spots on the east coast.
Bobby came back with the coffee looking sheepish.
"Now that you're here I'll tell you anything you want to know, I promise."
"For right now, tell me why the spot over Farmersville is still glowing. According to my friends they
dispatched with all the uglies there."
"Well, I think Vince got there yesterday, and he has the key with him..."
"The key?"
"Yeah, that's what this whole thing is about. I'll explain, but basically the key is emitting a very powerful
signal and that's why it's showing up. At least I hope that's the only reason..."
"Should I maybe call my friends and warn them that they may have more visitors?"
"I'm sure Vince can handle it."
The "Vince" thing was really pissing Spice off.
"So, you and Vince go back a long way?" she asked as she sipped her coffee and glared at the back of his
"He first came a few years ago. He showed me the key and asked if I could help him identify it. We
matched it up to a few other locations, crop circles, that kind of thing..."Bobby trailed off as the pulsing red
lights over the east coast started to get more intense.
"Look, I really would love to tell you more, but it is starting to appear that you all need to get to New
England as soon as possible. Why don't you call you friends and see if they have devised a travel plan? It
will take you 10 hours or more to get to Farmersville, but if you go back up to ABQ and jet from there you
can probably meet them in the airport."
"I don't like this one bit, you know" Spice grumbled as she dialed the phone....

"D here" he answered.
"Hi it's me" Spice said
"Thought ya'll might be callin" MrD drawled. "Whats up?"
"Just my blood pressure at the moment" Spice replied. "Listen D, my friends here think our best bet is
somewhere in Yankee land."
"Yeah, thats the same vibe we're getting here" MrD said. "I think ya might wanna get over here PDQ."
"You read my mind" she said.
"Can you get a flight into DFW?" D asked her.
"Not a problem" she said
"My trucks in the parking deck there, ya can use it to get up here, then we'll figure out what were gonna do
then." MrD instructed
"Cool..how will I know it" she asked
"Cant miss it...big black Chevy Silvarado...Bama plates...second level" MrD said.
"What about our friends here?" she asked
"Wouldn't worry about 'em if I'z you....not sure whos side they're on, but right now I think they're harmless.
 Oh and keep in touch...it's a fluid situation and our plans might change." MrD said.
"Gotcha..later" Spice said as she hung up the phone.

MrD hung up on his end. He would feel better when everyone was together. "Hey Kat" he called out. "I got
a little present for ya"
"Ooooh...I love presents...can I open it now or do I have to wait til Christmas?" she said feigning delight.
MrD retrived a small glass jar that contained a sample of the green ooze. "Here ya go" he said as he handed
it to her.
"Uh ok...just what I always wanted...a jar of snot...you shouldn't have....no really...you shouldn't have" she
"Thats whats left of our company we had...seems some of the same stuff was found on a sidewalk in Austin
the night ya'll arrived there." MrD explained. "Maybe I can find a sidearm holster that will hold a nice
California Red for you and Zoogirl"

Kat held up the jar examining it's contents..."You say they just dissolved into this?"
"Yeah after being dead for just a little while...they just dissolved" MrD answered.
"Thats really weird" Kat said
"Not only that ...but apparently they can also assume the physical identity of other people." MrD said.
"You're the whiz kid in this outfit...any way you can analyze this?...What do you need?...Or is there
someone back home you can trust that we can send a sample to?"
Kat continues to examine the substance in the jar "I'll have to get back to you on this one."
(Mr. Demeanor)

Where going back to NE Mr D?
Looks that way Jaded he said.
Damn I was just starting to thaw out here.
Bella looked at the rest of the group I hope you brought some warm clothes.. Jaded has been doing her
snow dance up there for months. I told her to stop she wouldn't listen.
I think were gonna need some supplies for our trip
Jaded continued, ignoring Bella's last statement.
First I would like Baz to be seen by a doctor.
I don't want something so stupid as not having any antibiotics to kill such a sweet man.
There has to be a doctor in this hick town.
I think Dr. Maul still does house calls. Mr D spoke up.
I'll see if he can come out today.
What about Alice? Baz said
Me and Weirdkat will keep him safe in the basement while the doctor is here. Zoogirl said grinning ear to
What about the truck? Bella said we can't drive that back to NE with all the bullet holes in it.We can't return
it with out launching an investigation.. We can't fly.. someone would surely reconize Alice.
Jaded started flipping through the yellow pages..
She found one car dealership... Bob Tedford Chevrolet..
How much cash can you get Sheryl to wire us Alice?
As much as you little sickthings hearts desire he said with out hesitation.
Good, have Renfield wire it to D
Jaded looked at Mr D. You go get the car.
D looks through his wallet and says no have him wire it to Mr. Perry.
Alice went to the land line to get the job done.

That much having been accomplished, Bella fired up the laptop and Jaded began gathering information to
plot the fastest route back to Salem, MA.

Bella turned on the GPS and turned it to 'use indoors mode'. She logged and named their waypoints, and
stored the previous trip. Including the waypoints with the strange 'eye's. She looked at their distance and
found nothing significant, yet...

Once Jaded was finished, Bella connected the two devices and uploaded to the laptop and downloaded the
maps and Jaded's course back down to the GPS. Road Trip planned. If all went according to plan, they
should make it back to Salem in under 14 hours...

Bella logged onto a Salem Historical pictures site and brought up pictures of Winter Island...of course, those
pics were taken in the spring months....Winter was going to be MIGHTY CHILLY, putting it mildly...

She showed the pics to Zoo and WeirdKat who were pretty excited about it, as well as to the others...
She looked over at Jaded who'd returned to Baz, "These people are going to need some clothes."
Jaded returned, "And we need some foodstuffs to take with us...we ain't stoppin' -"
Bella and Jaded: "TILL WE GET THERE!!!!"
Jaded asked Mr. D., as he picked up the phone to dial Dr. Maul, "Anywhere close to here for the supplies?"

Mr. D. put up one finger in a 'wait a sec' gesture as someone at Dr. Maul's office answered the phone.....

"What's the temp like, Bella?" zoo asked.

"Let's see." She hit a few keys and sighed.

"Highs around 32-35F and lows in the upper teens. Possibility of snowshowers. Windchill to 12F. Crap."

"It ain't Texas." Jaded said. "Well, it was nice while it lasted.

They spoke in low tones while Mr D talked to the doctor. "Yeah, had a few beers and sorta dropped m'gun.
Ya'll know how it is." he was saying in his best "Good 'Ole Boys" voice. "He ain't hurt much, jest want 'ta get
him patched up before we hit the road. Hour? Fine. Thanks, Doc."

"I think he'll believe that." he said in a more normal tone. "Around here, if both guys agree to the story, the
cops and doctors usually let it go. Chances are they've let off a few wild shots themselves. Better stash the
trucks though."

He grabbed keys and went outside after first carefully checking out the window.
"I've got my ski-jacket and a heavy sweater. I should be okay. Maybe an extra top or two. Oh, and gloves."
zoo said.

"We'll hit town on the way out." Weirdkat said. "Better yet, we'll wait until the first city. Less conspicious.
We'll let the men go in by themselves and the four of us will just be a bunch of ladies on a shopping spree.
There's gotta be a Wal-Mart or something. Anyone good for Costco?"

They were planning the equipment run when Mr D came back in.

"Okay. All neat and tidy. I picked up most of the casings too. The doc should be here pretty quick. Zoo,
Weirdkat and Alice, time to head downstairs. It's a pretty decent little celler. There's even a table and chairs
set-up in the laundry room. Here, Alice, might as well do something useful."

Mr D reached into a cupboard and handed Alice a little rectangular box. "Teach 'em to play poker!"

“Teach me to play poker?” grinned WeirdKat. “Riiiighhhht, Sweetie. How about you, Zoo? Need
somebody to teach you to play poker?” She still held the jar of green slime in one hand. Looking at it
thoughtfully, she remarked :”No way I can analyze this…not without a lab full of sophisticated equipment
and about five more years of academic training to pick up a doctorate in biochemical research. Which
leaves a second option…” She used Mr. D‟s laptop to quickly look up a phone number for a professor at a
certain University. Dialing the number on the phone, she waited for an answer, and then smiled and said
into the phone “Is that you, Ron? Yeah? Well, ha, ha, I‟m on vacation and you‟re not!” The voice at the
other end said “Who the hell is this, as if I couldn‟t guess. Is this the well-known smarty-cat?” “Sure is!”
answered the Kat, breezily. “Hey, Ron, I‟ve found something weird down here where I‟m staying right now.
It looks like some kind of green slime, and it‟s turned up in at least a couple of places – one load on a city
street and the other in a farmyard. Truth to tell, I can‟t tell if the stuff is animal, vegetable or mineral.
Naturally, when I came across something unknown that looks weird, slimy and organic, I just seem to think
of you.” “Oh, FUNEEEEEE” said Ron at the other end of the phone. “And you‟re telling me this because?”
“Because, I want you to use your magic machines and your vast experience, not to mention your genius-
level IQ, to analyze this glop and tell me what it is – if it isn‟t just plain unknown.” “And why should I do
this?” inquired Ron, facetiously. “Who saved you a fat bundle in college by typing your thesis for you? Who
checked your grammer and your footnotes so you wouldn‟t get bounced on account of your cruddy writing
skills? Who got you through that genetics class lab by anesthetizing AND sexing all your fruit flies for you?”
“You, you, you,” siged Ron. “Besides” Kat continued, “if it DOES turn out to be some unknown substance,
then you‟ll get the credit for being the discoveror and the first to analyze it. You‟ll get the fame, the fortune
– and more to the point, you‟ll get the increased research funding to study it more!” “Listen, why do you
want to get this mystery glop of yours identified? D‟you think it‟s dangerous?” “I have no idea, which is
another reason I thought of you – you‟ve got all the goodies when it comes to safety hoods and all that
jazz” said Kat. “And if it is something to be concerned about from a public health standpoint, then I‟ll get
the state department of health and the CDC in on it. On the other hand, if it isn‟t, I don‟t want to get them
involved and have some newspaper goofball get hold of it and start a big scare-story going. Will you do it?”
“Yeah, I‟ll do it. You knew damn well I wouldn‟t be able to resist the great green slimy unknown, didn‟t
ya?” grumped Ron. “Thanks a load, old buddy! I‟ll get it to you by some overnight carrier. You want it
shipped on ice or ambient?” The two of them chatted a few more minutes, settling details on the packing
and shipping of the sample. After hanging up, Kat looked around at all of them, and then focused on Baz
and Mr. D and said “One thing I am pretty sure about. Judging by the reaction of that one in Austin, when
these things take on their simulated human form, they also take on human weaknesses. Anyhow, that guy
who accosted me and Zoogirl sure doubled up when I nailed him in the „nads!” “Well, that‟s good to know!”
exclaimed Bella, laughing. Jaded snickered and Mr. D and Baz both grinned in appreciation, watching Kat,
Zoo and Alice disappear through the door to the cellar.

It was about forty minutes later when a car pulled up in front of the house.MrD went to the window as a
man climbed from the front seat of the Ford.
"It`s the Doc"he said to the others "Keep calm and remember our story"
As the doc walked up the steps to the porch MrD opened the door to greet him.
"Well hello D,long time no see"the doc said holding out his hand for D to shake.
"Hey Doc,yeah been a mighty long time,c`mon in and let me introduce some very dear friends of mine"
D took the Doc`s bag and hat as he walked into the room.
"This is Bella and Jaded,a couple of wild thangs from up in the north."
"Just showing the ladies a bit of southern hopsitality are yer D"
"You bet he is Doc,pleased to meet yer" Bella said,a broad smile on her face.The Doc reminded her of her
grandpa that she had lost last winter.
"Hello Doc "Jaded added,giving his hand a firm squeeze.
Doc Maul smiled,"My oh my D ,you got yourself a couple of pretty youngs things here don`t ya "

"And this is Baz" ,D gestured towards the Englishman who was still sat down.
"Excuse me for not getting up Doc"he said.
"No problem,lets have a look at you shall we ? "

The Doc checked Baz over and prescibed some tablets to help ease the pain.
"Dropping yer gun and shooting yer friend twice,now thats unlucky " The Doc winked at D," I should be a
bit more careful next time.Whoever sewn him up did a half decent job though "

They bid the Doc farewell,but not before D had given him a couple of fifties,"For yer time"

Within the hour they were on the road.MrD was driving one car with Bella beside him.In the back was Baz
,arm in a sling,and the person he kept refering to as "nursie"
"Call me that again and i`ll rip yer goddam arm off"
D and Bella were in hysterics in the front.D turned to Jaded.
"Give up love,you`ll only make it worse for yourself.I`ve seen what sort of humour he has "

In the other car ,Zoo sat alone up front,the big block Chevvy felt good under her.
In the back,Kat and Alice,not really saying much,just listening to the local radio.ZZ Top`s Beer Drinkers and
Hell Raiser`s "
was on the airwaves.
"Yer know something,I can remember when these guys supported us,many moons ago"That Billy Gibbons is
one hell of a player"
"Good old boys if ever there was one" he added.

Kat turned to Alice and said ."Theres something thats been bothering me ever since you mentioned your
father bringing the key to hospital when you were a kid "
"Go on "
"If the key has powers to heal,as may or may not have been the case with you,why didn`t you use it when
Glen was ill "
Alice looked away,looked out of the window,looked away from Kat in the rear view mirror.He just looked

Tim Duncan sat in his makeshift office in a Dallas hotel room thinking about what the SickThings would be
doing next when one of his subordinates entered. "Got something you might wanna know about" The young
man said.
Tim sat up in his chair "Whatcha got?"
"We set up some monitors on all of Cooper's bank accounts and it seems that a large sum of money has
been wire transferred to a bank in Farmersville Texas." the man said
"Thats interesting" Tim said "How much?"
"Forty-thousand" he answered.
"What name?" Tim asked the man
"Perry" he answerd
"Shit D...you still using that one too" Tim laughed.
"Who's Perry?" the young man asked
"Just another old friend" Tim said. "Good job by the way"
"Thank you sir" the man beamed. "Anything else?"
"Yeah" Tim said...."Get those FBI jerkoffs on the phone and tell 'em that our target is in Texas with our two
retirees and that they'll be moving soon."
"Yes Sir" the man said and left the room.

Tim leaned back in his chair..."You're slippin D" he said to himself.   Edited by MrDemeaonor on Mar. 03 2005,21:22
{{I'm assuming that at this point Spice has made it to Farmersville and we are on the move in the Chevy
Blazer Kat and Zoo rented in Austin and another car that we purchased courtesy of AC.}}
(Mr. Demeanor)

You assumed right ( I think )

The group headed east on I-30 toward Little Rock, Arkansas where they would hit I-40 east all the way to
Knoxville and then I-81 north to Virginia then I-95 north to Massachusetts.

"You remember this place Baz?" MrD said as they entered the city limits of Texarkana, AR.
"Can we stop and have more grits at that diner?" he joked.
"No time I'm afraid buddy, but surely theres a Wal-mart around here somewhere where we can get some
supplies." MrD said.
"There" Bella exclaimed "next exit"

MrD took the exit and watched in the rear-view mirror as the Blazer behind them followed him into the
parking lot of the Texarkana Wal-Mart. MrD shut off the engine and had a look around.

"Well do you think they took the bait D?" Baz asked laughing.
"You know what the lady said Baz ol man....the crappie are a bitin before sunset" MrD answered as he
watched the white Ford Explorer pull into the parking lot and park two rows over.
"Looks as if yer hooked a bloody fat one there D" Baz said.
"What the hell are you two blabbering about?" Bella said rather exitedly as she waved her hands over her
MrD looked at her and smiled..thinking to himself that Bella was one of those people who used her hands
very expressively when she talked and probably couldn't say a word if they were tied behind her.
"Over there" he nodded with his head "theres our boys right on cue"
"Shit" Bella exclaimed I thought we lost them.
"No..I was counting on this" MrD said. "Right Baz"
"Right" Baz echoed as he casually lit a cigarette.
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"Alright then ladies" Baz said "we're going to do a little switcheroo here on our boys over in that big Ford
over there."
"Sounds fun" Jaded said
"Can I take their picture again?" Bella giggled
"God your cute when your being a smartass" MrD said to her.
"We're gonna get out now and go over to Spice and the others...I want you two to get in the Blazer with
them and we're gonna make a fairly big scene about not seeing each other for a while ok."
The two Boston girls looked at each other then back at MrD and Baz "Okay" they said in unison.
The four of them got out of the car and walked over to the Blazer. "Alright Mr.Rockstar you're coming with
us inside to do a little shopping.
"Dont you think I'll be recognized" Alice asked
"This is Texarkana Arkansas...if your were Dale Earnhardt you might be" MrD said sarcastically.
MrD took Bella in his arms and Baz did the same with Jaded and each couple made a good act of how they
were going to miss each other and how much they loved one another and MrD didn't mean to enjoy kissing
Bella's full lips as much as he did.

They made their voices loud enough for the agents in the Explorer to over hear.
"You all go back home now. It's up to Baz, Alice and me from here on out" MrD said.
Everyone exchanged hugs and as Spice hugged Baz he whispered into her ear. "Go to the first rest area and
wait there". Bella took the heavy black satchel and got in the Blazer.
MrD, Baz and Alice watched as the girls drove off in the Blazer. They waved one last time and then turned
and walked into the Wal-Mart.
Edited by MrDemeaonor on Mar. 03 2005,21:26

"Theres somebody following us" Alice whispered nervously to MrD as they walked the aisles of the
Texarkana Wal-Mart.
"Ya think" MrD said sarcastically.
Baz grinned and Alice said "Oh"

The three of them made their way into the men's room and had barley turned around when he heard Steve
Perkins, the ramrod from the E bar G ranch say."What kinda shit you gettin us into D?"
"The bloody deep kind" Baz cracked.

There in the men's room MrD, Baz, and Alice exchanged coats and hats with Steve Perkins and two other
cowboys. MrD gave Steve the make, model, color and location of the car they were driving then handed him
the keys. He then peeled off ten one-hundred dollar bills of Alice's money and said "Why dont you boys
drive down to New Orleans and blow off a little steam."
"Now that you mention it..we have been workin pretty hard" Steve smiled as he handed MrD the keys to the
big four-door Ford F-250 pickup that belonged to the E bar G ranch.

MrD stood outside the doors of the Texarkana Wal-Mart, lit a cigarette and watched as the big white Ford
Explorer followed three Oklahoma cowboys out of the parking lot and hopefully all the way to New Orleans,

"Always thinking ahead aren't you" Alice said.
"Pretty cool huh" MrD smirked.
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Bella got in the empty front seat beside Zoo and placed the heavy black sachel on the floor in front of her.

Zoo, "What's in the bag, Bella?"
Bella, "You don' wannna know."
Zoo, "Ok..." She pulled out of the lot onto the main roadway..., "How's my drivin'?", Zoo asked.
Bella smiled at her, "Ya' doin' GREAT, GirlFrien! Bettah 'an any first timah I've evah met - jus' DO NOT get
caught...keep the limit - 65 no moor, no less, don' switch lanes or pass...."
Zoo, "I take it that's important...?"
Bella answered quickly, "Yeah. Let's jus' say my drivah's license doesn' exactly covah da contents o' da
Black Satchel...'nuff said."
Zoo, "Uh....Ok.....", and concentrated on the road.

Jaded was in the back with WeirdKat and AlienSpice who said, "Well, that was a nice diversion!"
Jaded smiled at her, "Why yes, it sure as Hell was, wasn't it?"
The Kat laughed, "VERY convincing...."
Jaded, "Whoo!"
The girls laughed and spoke softly between themselves.

In the front seat, Bella 'shook' herself off...she was ALWAYS a pushover for a 'Southern Boy'....I'll
remember liking that later...there's one for the 'shoebox' of 'special memories' to be pulled out in times of

saddness and/or need....whoo...! She pulled out the GPS from her waist pack {'fanny pack'!                 }, and
waited to connect to a satellite...., "Firs' Res' Stop is 40 mi's, Zoo. Take it easy and stay ina right lane till
then.", Bella said.
Zoo, " 'K."
Bella noticed her nervousness and gently rubbed her on the arm, smiling, "Easy, GirlFrien', don get
strest, ya' doin' bettah than fine..."
Zoo laughed, "That is one funky accent."
Bella broke into laughter, "Yeah, an if ya' lucky, you'll be abl' ta' pick it up an go home wit it ta' show it off
ta' ya' friens'...!"

Bella looked in the passenger side rearview mirror and noticed a Red Chevy TrailBlazer coming up hard and
fast - with three men in it...."Easy, Zoo, comin' up on ya' left, keep 'er steady, awrite?"
Zoo, " 'K . "
The Red TrailBlazer flew past, and on it's ass, A White Ford Explorer - the one that the SickThing's had
been trying to lose...
Bella laughed.
Jaded called up from the back, "What you laughin' at?"
Zoo, "A Red TrailBlazer and a following White Ford Explorer at high speeds.....", she looked a bit ill...
WeirdKat, "The White Ford was following us."
AlienSpice, "Apparently not anymore..."
Bella laughed, "They did it!"
Zoo, "Who and did what?"
WierdKat chuckled, "The Boys...."
Jaded giggled, "They did it..."
Zoo was confused...
Bella burst into laughter, "They pulled a switch! A WICKED switch!!!        Ahahahahahah!!!!!!"

The five burst into laughter and waved at the cars long since gone ahead of them by now waving...."Bye
Bye, Baby, Bye Bye!!!!! The girls called....
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40 miles on the nose later, Zoo pulled off the highway and into the back lot of a really nasty rest stop...

Bella asked, "Do deese places come 'n anythin' othah than nasty?"
WierdKat answered, "I do not think so."
AlienSpice looked out the window, "None that I've ever seen."
Zoo, "Well, we're here....", she said, throwing the truck into park..., "I have GOT to go...who's coming
with me?"
Bella, "I'll stay here with the satchel till D. arrives...I can wait..."
WierdKat, "I just spent 40 miles in the backseat with a first time driver driving....I can't wait...."
Zoo threw open the door, "Hey!!! "
WierdKat laughed and got out....
AlienSpice, "I'm gonna stretch my legs a bit...."

The doors closed and Jaded and Bella watched the two women go off looking for a 'ladies room'...and
AlienSpice walking around, checking the place out...

Jaded, "Well, that was a 'switch' for the record books.."
Bella laughed, "Yes, it was..."
Jaded, "You remember what you said at the show in Verona?"
Bella turned in the front seat to look at her questioningly.
Jaded hopped into the middle backseat and giggled, "You remember. You said something and I said
'what' 'cuz the music was so loud, and then you repeated it!"
Bella broke into embarrassed laughter, "Yep. I remember it! Alice CAUGHT me saying it and looked right
at me!"
Jaded, "Between you and me? That 'switch' moment in the parking lot was one of 'THOSE' moments...."
Bella laughed softly....."Yes, yes it was....heheheheheh......"
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In the darkness MrD, Baz, and Alice casually pulled into the rest area driving the silver Ford pickup and
parked next to the Blazer that the girls were driving.
"So how ya'll gals gettin along?" MrD drawled as he emerged from behind the wheel.
"Just like sistah's" Bella grinned.
"Baz will you hook up that radio for 'em?" MrD asked
"Straight away" Baz said as he came around the front of the huge four wheel drive truck.
"Whats that?" Jaded asked.
"I got ya'll a CB radio at Wal-Mart" MrD said. "I'm sure they're listenin in on our cell's...they'll never think
about monitoring a CB."
"Will we get to say things like 'breaker breaker good buddy' and stuff like that" Zoo joked.
"God I hope not" MrD laughed. "Look guys...we've got a long way to go and we'll need to stay in touch...I
dont wanna use the cell phones and these will work fine..there's already one in the pickup."
"They can hear us on a radio cant they?" Zoo asked.
"Sure..but these things only have a range of about three or four miles, so they'd have to be pretty close to
hear us" he explained.

Baz quietly and quickly went about his business installing the radio in the Blazer. Jaded lending him a hand
because of his injured shoulder.
"How ya comin with that?" MrD asked him.
"Be done ina sec....give me some time...yer know I'm a bloody cripple right now yer thick skulled hillbilly"
Baz snapped.
MrD smiled and said to Bella "He's almost back to normal"

Baz gave the newly installed CB a test run and it seemed to working fine. He then gave Jaded and the
others a crash coarse on the units features explaining how to use the mike and change frequencies when

"Jaded sweetie, arent you the one that drove that Navigator from Boston to Dallas in eighteen hours?" MrD
"That's me" she replied.
"You drive the Blazer, Baz will ride shotgun with you...literally" MrD said as he handed Baz his 12 gauge
pump. "Bella..you Alice and Spice come with me...Zoo and Kat ride with Jaded and Baz."
MrD took the heavy black satchel and handed Baz his Beretta. He then looked at Kat and Zoo and asked
them if they needed something too. "I think we've got enough right now thanks anyway" Zoo replied.

"Let's saddle up then" MrD said and everyone went to their assigned places. MrD got behind the wheel of
the Ford truck and retrieved his .45 from the black satchel and placed the bag in the floorboard. He pulled
back the slide on the weapon to cock it and then laid it in his lap and started the ignition on the truck.
Bella stuck the snubnose revolver into the waist of her jeans then laid her hand on MrD's arm. "Let's saddle
up" she smiled "I remember what happened last time I heard you say that."

The two vehicles left the rest area and pulled out onto I-30 east. Their tail lights dissappeared into the
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(You'll be relieved to know that I can drive, I've just got an expired licence. We were carless for a long time
and it's such an expensive hassle to get it from scratch again that I just got a BCID and didn't bother. The
old man drives and I bike.)

"I don't dare use my cell to check in now." Zoo said. "I think what I'll do is call CI at home from a payphone
and give her a message. She can swing by the house and pass it along verbally. I bet our home phones are
monitered too. Hopefully, they won't think of her."

"Good idea." Jaded said. "You're probably right."

"We still need to get some cold-weather clothes too. I don't suppose you boys picked anything up? Or did
you just head straight for the gadget section?" Weirdkat looked at Baz.

He looked a little sheepish. "Ah well, fancy nighties and knickers I could manage, but jeans and such..."

"I thought so." Weirdkat sighed. "Okay, we'll need to stop again unless we all want to freeze our butts off."

"Goodwill's fine by me." Zoo said.

"Might as well get something decent." Jaded said." The last thing we need on a road trip is a crispy critter

"Uh, yeah. Hey, has this thing got a CD player?"

Jaded looked over the dashboard. "Yeah."

Zoo leaned over the seat and rummaged in her backpack. "Here. This oughtta be appropriate." She held out
her "Love It To Death."

"Let me see that." Baz reached for the cover. "A ruddy belt buckle." he said shaking his head. "All that
power and the man wears it for a bauble. Cheek, bloody cheek."

"That's our Alice. You just never know." Weirdkat observed. "You know what they say, "hide in plain sight".
Perfect example."

{{sorry, Zoo, I misunderstood about the driving thing...              }}

Jaded put the cd in the player, She rested her head on the back of the seat and hit the gas hard.

Her mind started to drift off.
Baz: you ok Jaded? you look like your gonna cry.
Jaded:Yeah, I'm alright..I'm just not used to being seperated from my toxic twin on a road trip.
Baz: I'm here for ya baby.. nothings gonna happen to you as long as I'm around.
she held out her hand, his gental touch put her mind at ease. She gave him a full smile as he brushed her
Bella was calling on the CB as if she had known what was being said in blazer. The familar Boston accent
made her feel grounded again.
I'm starvin!! how bout you guys? she looked in the rearview mirror. We could use a bite Zoo and Weirdkat
said. Jaded looked to Baz.. I'm always hungry.. but you know that.. he laughed
Well tell them I wanna stop at the waffle house for some take-out..
There's one off the next exit. Waffle house? Baz said
yep.. The waffle house, I got addicted to the pecan waffles and hashbrowns when I lived in Charleston, SC
Baz relayed the message to the car ahead.
They pulled off the next exit.

Jaded jumped outa the blazer and the group entered the waffle house.
She had to put her hand over Baz's mouth to stop him from laughing at the employees with the funny
kerchiefs on their heads.
They placed their order and were on there way back to their cars in no time at all..
As Jaded ate and drove, Baz was amazed on how much the girl could do at one time. He sat back in his seat
and watched.
Edited by Jaded on Mar. 04 2005,23:37

Zoo looked over at Weirdkat as they ate. She'd seemed kind of quiet ever since they'd left the house.

"Hey," zoo said "Something wrong?"

"Besides the whole thing?" Weirdkat sighed. "It's Alice. I asked him about Glen and he couldn't answer me."

"Is that what you were saying in the backseat? I had ZZ Top cranked. What about Glen?" zoo asked.

"Why he didn't save him. Why he didn't use that damn key to save his oldest friend."

Zoo leaned back against the seat and thought about it. Finally she spoke.

"The key cured Alice's peritonitus, right? Cleaned up the burst appendix and just zapped the infection." The
Kat nodded. "It healed the physical problem. But fifteen years later, Alice almost drank himself to death. It
couldn't stop the mental pain. Maybe there are limits to the power. Maybe that's why there are three keys."

"Okay, but why couldn't Alice heal Glen's physical problems?" The Kat looked angry. She looked as though
her best friend had just kicked her from behind.

"Why? Maybe because he knew he couldn't fix what was really wrong with Glen. Make him well so he could
just get sick again? Over and over? Which was kinder, let him be at peace or let him stay in a cycle of
suffering? Alice must have cared for Glen like a brother. i don't think he'd want to see him go through that."

"Okay. Maybe." Weirdkat brightened a little. "Yeah, I can see what you mean."

Baz and Jaded were giggling over something in the front seat. They seemed to be getting along fine. Zoo
was glad to have him along, especially since Si and Death hadn't made it. She knew the ladies could handle
whatever came their way. They'd all proved that. It was just nice to have Baz and Mr D's air of competance
around. Besides, they were kind of fun!
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Bella sat in the front seat beside Mr. D. with the .38 snubnosed on the seat between her legs. She'd just
finished up some hashbrowns "scattered and smothered", when she looked into the passenger rear view

"Chevy Blazer coming up hot and heavy on your left, D.", Bella said...
"What?", Mr. D. Asked.
"I'm speakin' English! It's Jaded, she's gonna pass...", Bella answered.
Mr. D., "What is that woman thinkin'?"
Bella smiled wryly at him, "She's thinkin' she's nevah gonna make the time at the pace you're drivin', is
what she's thinkin'...."
The Blazer passed.
The Silver Ford picked up...
Mr. D. "Damn girl, she think she's drivin' for Nascar or somethin'?"
Over the CB came Jaded's voice, "Just tryin' to help out Jeff Gordon, is all!!!"
Bella broke into laughter....
Mr. D. swore and shook his head, trying to keep up....

Mr. D. sped up and passed the Blazer, over the CB, he said to the Blazer, "Girl! I've got your Navigator!
 You've got to follow us!"
Bella, the GPS Navigator laughed...
Jaded replied, "Then tell my Toxic Navigator to check the prior speeds and get you up to snuff, then I can
properly follow!"
Mr. D. turned to Bella, "Can that thing log speed?"
Bella said, "Yes: Speed, Altitude, distance, time, among other things..."
Mr. D., "Check it for her prior speed. I have NO clue how you two make it in the time you do..."
Bella smiled over to him, "I don't have to check it. The answer is: nothing under 94 miles per hour."
Mr. D., "Are you both GONE?"
Bella laughed, "Nope, you just don't feel it in the car she drives...And one other thing, you MUST pass
ALL eighteen wheelers - no matter the speed - at once."
Mr. D. thought about that, "Inside or Outside?"
Bella looked at the road, "Doesn't matter. No exceptions."
Mr. D., "Shit...."

Mr. D. floored the Ford. Bella said, "GPS, says you got it. Keep it steady, Cowboy."
Mr. D. "I aim to...."
Bella, " I would say, 'nice slow and easy', but this trip is gonna be a quicky, think you can keep up?", she
smiled slyly...
Mr. D., "You are a smartass, aren't ya'?"
Bella laughed, "Just one of my more endearing qualities...heheheh"
She'd noticed the quiet in the back: AlienSpice had fallen asleep and Alice was staring out the window...
"Hey, Blue Eyes...", Bella called softly.
Alice's reverie was broken and he turned to her, "Huh?"
"You sleeping too, Honey?", Bella asked quietly.
"No.", he answered, rubbing the heels of his hands into his eyes...
"You might wanna go easy on those, I kind'a like 'em...", she smiled...
Mr. D. smiled, he knew what Bella was talking about...
Bella asked him, "What's the matter, Honey, aside from the obvious?"
Alice drew a deep breath, he looked at her and said, "WeirdKat asked me something earlier, and I
couldn't find the words to explain it to her."
Bella, "What did she ask you?", she whispered.
Alice looked at her, so innocently, and 'boyishly', "She asked me why I didn't use the key to save, Glen."
Bella looked back, a sucker for those eyes, "Sometimes, things are on a course that cannot be altered."
Alice looked close to tears, "Yeah. And sometimes, it's a drop of yours a drop of mine....everytime you
use, you owe. You save, you owe. Nothing's Free....You see?"
Bella, "Yeah. I get it. The price to be paid, would've been too high..."
Alice, "God gave his only son..."
Mr. D. "Amen..."
Bella turned back to face the road, "Nothing's Free...."

Bella called Jaded on the CB, "Hey GirlFrien!"
Jaded, "'Bout time you rang, you done flirtin' yet?"
Bella, "Nevah, jus' like you!"
Jaded, "Heheheheh...."
Bella, "You got my Las' Temptation CD?"
Jaded, "Yeah, why?"
Bella, "Play it. It fits."
Jaded, "Will do."

Mr. D.: "We got a long way to go."
Bella laughed, "And a short time to get there....watch that bandit run.....

The two laughed....
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Spice turned in the seat to get more comfortable and her eyes fluttered open for a second...just long
enough to see Alice Cooper smiling at her. She smiled a sleepy smile at him, and then her anger came
flooding back. She sat up and faced him head on.
"Listen, I have something to say to you, and I want you to hear me very carefully. I am glad to be here to
help, and I am honored that you wanted us all on this adventure with you. But I do NOT like being lied to
and I will not tolerate half truths and holding out. That goes for you, too" she poked MrD in the arm "the
girls filled me in on all the cloak and dagger stuff. Not cool." Bella had half turned in her seat and Spice
could see that she was getting riled up as well. Alice went into damage control mode.
"Ladies, I swear we've learned our lesson. You can obviously hold your own and I promise we won't be
keeping anything else from you for your own good. Isn't that right, D?"
"I for one am more scared of their wrath than of anything those guys trying to follow us could dish out," D
said. Bella's eyes softened, and Spice settled back into her seat.
"Good. So, Vince" Spice said, drawing out "Vince" for emphasis, "any ideas about where we're going to find
this key of yours?"
Alice winced. "I'm really sorry about the Vice thing. To be honest, it was more for Bobby's benefit. He just
couldn't get used to calling me Alice. He's a really sweet guy, you know...and he likes you an awful lot."
"No time to play matchmaker, mister. I love him to death, but we have some issues of "lifestyle
incompatability", you might say. And right now we are talking about finding this key so we can all get back
to our real lives. Not that this isn't charming company, mind you..."
"I'm enjoying some parts more than others" Bella said with a sly wink. Spice could see the back of MrD's
neck turn red.
"So, any dreams you'd like to share, Alice?" Spice said, grabbing his hand. He looked at her face and she
could see surprise in his eyes.
"What do you mean?"
"Now you're holding out on us again already? I think you know exactly what I mean."
Alice looked from Spice to Bella--both women were looking at him intently.
"You girls are creeping me out."
"Alice, there's a reason you wanted us on this trip with you. You might not even know what it is. I intend to
use all powers at my disposal for the greater good, and I'm sure this lady feels the same way. Now I have a
hunch that you have had dreams about this object, and I have a hunch that these dreams come with
scenery. And my hunches are almost always right."
Alice shrank back in the seat a bit, but finally started talking.
"Yes, I've seen a cottage on the water...I can't really describe it, but I'd know it if I saw it..."
"See? That wasn't so hard, was it? We may not always know exactly WHAT you are holding back, but we'll
know WHEN you are. So don't try it again."
"Yes ma'm." Alice said sheepishly.
"That's settled, then. Bella, how long till the next rest stop?"
"About 50 miles, but you better be quick about it--we haven't factored pee breaks in, you know."
"I'll be quick. Radio the others--I know I wasn't the only one who got a large coffee at that Waffle

(hahaha sweet tea!!

"This is the fastest I`ve ever been with a woman driving,and it don`t feel too good" Baz said as he buckled
Jaded laughed," I took you for a man of action Baz,not some pussy cat "
"Listen,I plan on living to old age,not dying on a highway to hell,outside Hicksville USA.This boy still has a
lotta lovin` left in him "
The car erupted with the laughter of the three women inside.
"Listen to James Bond "Zoo said."The man with the golden Barretta"
"Yeah,so which one of you ladies is Pussy galore ?
"This is the Baz i`ve heard so much about" said Kat,"yer must be feeling better"

It wasn`t long before they were pulling over at the rest stop.
The ladies from both cars made a bee line to the rest rooms,while Baz and D made a bee line for each
"How yer feelin` partner ?" D asked," Hows it hanging ?"
"If little green men don`t see me off,I`m sure Jaded will "

"She`s some lady ain`t she ?"
"The best" " Yer know something D,I`ve never felt like this with a woman before,it`s as though I`ve known
her for years "
" I know Baz ,I know,but we`ve both been hurt in the past ,I`d hate for it to happen again?"

They looked at each other and didn`t mention it again ,they didn`t have to .

"Alice has had visions of a cottage and water"
D went on.
"That narrows it down a bit "

The girls walked back to the vehicles,some were carrying bottles of water,some juice,Jaded had a bagful of
"I need my sugar fix" she said as if apologising.

Baz turned to them "Sit in the cars and lock the doors ,keep your wits about yer,ok ? "

D said to Baz ," Do yer need to go ?"
"You bet "
"i`ll get us a drink,what yer want "
"Snapple,any flavour "

The Silver Ford and the Chevy Blazer pulled out into the night once again...

Bella to Jaded: "Hey Girl, We ain't stoppin' -"
Jaded to Bella: "TILL WE GET THEAH!"
Ford erupted into laughter...
Mr. D. mumbled, "Or until Baz has to be sick...heheheh!"
The pick up's passengers' chuckled...
"How far?", Mr. D. asked Bella.
Bella checked, "We' only made about two hundred miles 'r so, so we' got quite a ride ahead of us..."
"You also might wanna notice the Black Explorer ta' ya' left...", Bella added...
"Got it.", Mr. D. said, "Pulled up not long after that rest stop."
AlienSpice, "You think it's a tail?"
Mr. D., "Could be."
As Bella continued to watch the Explorer, it picked up speed, "Get ya' seatbelts on....D....it's comin' up on
Mr. D., "I got it, Girl. What? You think this is the first time I've done this?"
Bella looked at him, "I sure as Hell hope not....othahwise, I'll have ta' ride wit' Jaded - no offense to
present company, but U'm missin' my road trip pahtnah..."
Mr. D.: "Did I let you down last time?"
Bella: "No you did not. Let's go fa' a "twofa'"....she chuckled...

The Black Explorer came up alongside the Silver PickUp, dropped back and slid in right behind it - between
the Blazer and the Ford.

Over the CB, Jaded: "What the hell is the Explorer doing?"
Bella to Blazer, "Possible tail, drop back a bit, watch ya' butt..."
Jaded to Ford: "Got it, going to the right."
Bella to Blazer: "Got it, hang back...watch fo' moor."

Mr. D. accelerated. The Explorer kept up.
Bella: "That's not good....", she readied the .38.
Alice: "Bella! It could be anyone! A family!"
Bella: "Honey, there's no one else fa' miles. A "family" wouldn' drive like that ta' get between a truck and
an SUV unless it WANTED to be theah."
"She's right.", AlienSpice stated, turning to look out the window, "Two suits."
Mr. D., "Just as I suspected..."
Bella: "Ya' "buddy, Tim" caught the cash transfah, I'll bet."
Mr. D. "Yep. Caught the damn transfer.....and isn't lettin' go..."
Bella looked over at The D.: "Ya' jury still out on him?"
Mr. D. did not answer....
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The Explorer sped up and bumped the Ford.

Mr. D. "Shit!", the Ford swerved a bit, but Mr. D. hung onto it.

Bella braced herself against the dash, one boot on the locked door the other against the center of the
truck...she rolled down the window...

Jaded to Ford, "You guys ok???!!!!!"
Bella to Blazer, "OK, can't talk now, keep up..."

Another bump, swerve...hanging on...Ford picks up speed...
Alice, "D....If we get bumped at this speed we're all dead!"
Mr. D. smiled tightly, "Been there, ain't so bad..."
AlienSpice looked behind them, "Duck!!!!", and pulled Alice down with her.

Shots rang out..."dings" were heard but no direct hits...
Mr. D.: "Office boys...Bella - you got that .38?!?"
Bella yelled, "Of course I do!"
Mr. D. yelled back: "Start firin', Woman!"
Bella snapped at him, turning in the front seat, "Keep this damn thing steady and I will!"

She turned to face the front seat her right leg around it, she leaned out the window she'd opened....

Inside the Ford, Mr. D. radio'd Jaded, "Drop way back...way back!"

Bella fired at the Explorer and missed one, two...three - Passenger side tire shredded....the Explorer lost
control, and rolled...Bella yelled, "And you thought I was a good photographer!"

She was about to slip back through the window when the night sky lit up as clear as day....
Bella, "Holy, crap.....", she whispered...
Mr. D. : "What in the Hell....???", he dropped some speed and yanked Bella back in the truck by the back
pocket of her Levi's....

AlienSpice smiled to Alice, "Ahhh....this is familiar...."

Mr. D. pulled over into the breakdown lane...the Blazer coming up slowly behind it....

The SickThings watched as a blinding blue light shot down from the bright sky directly onto the overturned
Explorer - which exploded....

In the flames, The SickThings saw "Alice Eyes", rise into the air in black smoke that was once the

The "light" faded. The night was black once again....with the exception of the orange flames....

Bella turned to AlienSpice: "I guess 'they' don't want the "company" getting the keys either?"
AlienSpice whispered, "Apparently not...."
Alice dropped his head into his hands.
Mr. D. lit a cig, and took a few seconds to breath....
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{{Oh, Damn!            Bella beat me to a post - I was just writing one where I get to hit the Explorer with a
'Milwaukee Hand Grenade' to make 'em run off the road! Her ending is better than mine, though.                   }}

(I gotta @#$%! work today and I'm already late. I'll post tonight. Great so far!!! )

Everyone sat in silence in the two vehicles for a few minutes, trying to get a grip on what they had just
seen. Finally Spice opened her door and climbed out, followed by Alice. Kat and Zoo got out of the Blazer,
while Bella and Jaded stayed behind for a minute to make sure the guys were okay.
Spice and Alice walked over to the spot where the Explorer had been...finding what they expected, the
"Eyes" burned into the asphalt where the beam had hit.
"Nice to have friends in high places, eh Vince?" Spice said, elbowing Alice in the ribs. They walked around
the "sign", watching the last of the smoke rise from the burnt asphalt. The rest of the traveling party caught
up to them.
"What in the H-e-double hockeysticks was that?" Zoo said, carefully stepping around the eyes.
"I think it was just the helping hand we needed" Spice said as Bella started snapping pics with the camera
"So....the...ALIENS....are on our side?" Kat mumbled as she walked all around the perimeter of the spot.
"Well, some of them are, at least. I certainly hope we haven't gotten ourselves into the middle of some kind
of intergalactic showdown...." Spice said as she flipped open her cell phone.
"Um...whaaat? I don't like the sound of that" said MrD, facing Alice as Spice was telling Bobby what had
"It seems like we've got three separate groups on our tail....your old buddies from the "company", the
shape shifting green slime guys that you all met up with in Farmersville and Austin, and now...who or
whatever that was..." Alice trailed off as Spice came back to the group.
"What did Bobby have to say?" he asked.
"Well, apparently those guys glow purple on the computer screen...and apparently they have been following
us ever since we left.....
"And do we have red following us too?" Alice asked as the rest of the group looked a little befuddled.
"Well....we did. I imagine we will again in no time." Spice looked around at the group.
"So, here's what we know. Obviously we have some group of extraterrestrial beings who want us, or more
specifically, Vince here" (Alice winced) "to find the key before some other group of extraterrestrial beings, or
perhaps the FBI, or some combination of extraterrestrial beings and the FBI, does. That Explorer was
emitting the same kind of energy signal that the "storms" along the coast was, so it was either full of aliens
posing as FBI or half full of aliens posing as FBI. Hard to say."
"So we're in the thick of it, then" said Baz, "Guess I'll be meeting the little green guys after all these years?"
"Well Baz, based on what just happened, it appears that you could have met them a long time ago and
never known it. This is all getting a little more X-File-y than I'm used to, but it looks like we may be dealing
with a hostile group that aren't exactly, well, human."
"Special Forces in an armored car?" Jaded murmured, as everyone started to walk back toward the vehicles.

As they walked, Kat moved over to Alice and put out a tentative hand, barely touching his arm. He looked
at her, curiously, and she said quietly “I‟m sorry – two or three times sorry.” “What about?” he asked, really
curious now. “I shouldn‟t have yelled at you like I did when I first saw you” she answered, looking
downcast, “and I shouldn‟t have asked you about Glen the way I did.” He started to speak, but she held up
a hand and continued, “I‟ve been thinking about that little „miracle-machine‟ in your pocket…it comes with a
balance sheet attached, doesn‟t it? Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed and all that
jazz…fix one thing, have something else get ruined…save one life you really care about, lose one you really
care about. That‟s part of the deal with it, isn‟t it?” Alice nodded, gave her a slight smile and said “I think
so. I never wanted to experiment with it once I found out what it was…didn‟t have the nerve.” Kat
sneaked another look at his face and replied “Like I said, I‟m sorry a couple of times over.” She turned to
Mr. D and the others and said “I guess we better get the hell out of here before the cops show up, huh?”
and climbed into the back seat of the Blazer.

Jaded waited for Baz to fasten his seatbelt, She watched him stuggle a bit with the thing and finally leaned
over and snapped it into place.Pulling the shoulder strap tight over his chest.
Everyone ready, she said, as she put her own seatbelt on.
Lets go!! Weirdkat called from the back.. We don't need to be answering questions if any one else shows
Jaded hit the gas, in a matter of seconds she was right behind Mr D.
Jaded followed that truck almost instinctively.If he would move, she would move, almost in unison.
Baz seemed to be a little more relaxed now. Jaded thought it was probably the happy pill he had swallowed
with his snapple about an hour ago.
She pulled her hair out of her eyes,and picked up the CB.. You guys awake up there?

"You seem a little happier." zoo looked over at Weirdkat and smiled.

"Said my piece to Alice. I feel kind of...I don't know, relieved in a kicking myself kind of way."

"I know the feeling. I caught a bit. The part about the key having a price."

"Yeah." Weirdkat sighed. "Nothing's free."

"I wonder." zoo said slowly, "I wonder if the key only works correctly when all three are used. Maybe they
each have a part, like mental, physical and spiritual. For instance, if you just use the physical, the mental
and spiritual will go out of whack. That might explain how Alice got so messed up in his twenties."

"It's a theory." Weirdkat leaned forward. "Hey, Jaded. No answer?"

"I hope that burst of whatever it was didn't knock out the radio." Baz said.

"No, look. I think Bella's just lighting a butt." Jaded peered through the windshield, trying to make out the
movements in the vehicle ahead.

"A little hard on the nerves, that was." Baz leaned back against his seat. "But naught more that what I'm
used ter." He smiled happily.

Zoo caught Jaded's look in the rearview. She winked in the mirror. After a moment, zoo figured it out.

"Feeling any pain, Baz?" she asked solicitiously.
"Nary a drop." He closed his eyes and smiled blissfully.

"Stoned!" zoo mouthed to the Kat, grinning. "No pain at all!"

The CB crackled into life as Bella finally answered.

"We`re awake darlin`, don`t you worry yer little head over us " D said "Just make sure you stick to me like
shit to a blanket,OK ?"
Baz laughed,and without opening his eyes said "That aint no Alabama slang is it ? "
He slept for about half an hour then stirred and sat up,"My mouths tastes like a Turkish wrestlers
jockstrap,do we have any drinks on board"
He looked over at Jaded,she had the CB in one hand,a chocolate bar in the other and was keeping the car
straight with her right knee,at least thats how it appeared to Baz.
"It`s a good job yer got legs that don`t quit Jaded " he said with a smile and shook his head.He turned to
Zoo and Kat who were looking as though they were out on a Sunday afternoon drive.
"You worry too much Baz " Kat said to him.
Zoo leaned towards him "You make sure yer got yer belt on now,we don`t wanna go losing you now do we
Baz gave them both the finger.

The brake lights of the Ford in front flashed on and off then the CB crackled into life once more,it was Bella.
"We got company ahead,slow down"
Jaded pulled the Blazer out from behind the Ford and they could see flashing lights in the distance,maybe
still a couple of miles away,but they were there.
"D, pull over" Baz said ,and D slowly pulled the car over on the dust just off the highway,Jaded
followed.Both men got out of the car and approached each other.
"Seems to be about four cars there,we gotta figure what action to take" D said to Baz as he pulled the
crumpled packet of Marlboro`s out of his shirt pocket.He lit one and gave the packet to Baz.
Baz lit one and let out a long sigh of pleasure.
"We can either go on and take our chances or turn about and try another route" D said.
"We go on,whichever way we went they would find us.The key that Alice has is probably sending out signals
that say,here we are ,come and get us.Besides ,we both hate running away don`t we ?"
"Feel up to it ?I can`t afford to watch your ass all the time" D said to his buddy.
"Half an ass yer mean.""I`m Ok,I need to get rid of a bit of energy," Baz said to him."Lets all tool up,we
play it by ear,if in doubt,shoot first and ask question later "
D laughed "So the same plan we always use"
"Thats right.Listen,the girls can take care of themselves,Kat and Zoo are up for it that much i do know,no
problems there,what worries me is the pussy in your car "
"What,Bella and Spice ?" D looked a bit surprised at Baz`s comment.
" NO,yer stupid f****r,Alice....Jesus"
"Oh ,right,gotcha.I`ll give him something and see if he knows which way to hold it"
"Tell him to shoot anybody that moves,as long as it ain`t one of us"

Baz and D returned to their respective cars and told the same story.
Arm yourselves with anything available,but keep it out of sight,keep cool and if anyone starts shooting,join
The two cars drove away down the darkened highway towards the cars that seem to be awaiting them.
The ford was there first and pulled up about thirty yards short of the three cars that were across the road in
front of them,the Blazer pulled up about a further ten yards back.
"OK,here they come" said D as two uniforms approached them.
One officer went to each car.
Jaded lowered her window,and pushed up her breasts until Baz was sure they were going to come out.
"Evening officer " said Jaded in a sultry voice " Is there a problem I can help you with ?"
"Can i see your license,and please kill the engine"

Jaded gave him her license and the officer turned and went back to one of the patrol cars.
Baz reached down to the footwell and produced the pump action that D had given him earlier and he put
the Barretta down the front of his jeans "Get ready,all of you"

When the officer returned he was accompanied by a colleague,one to the drivers side,one to the passengers
Baz could see the same thing happening in front.

"Please vacate the vehicle" they said in unison.
"No problem at all Sir " Baz said,The officer stood back from the car.
As Baz opened the door he brought around the shotgun and pointed it straight at the officers head and
pulled the trigger.
Kat jumped out behing Baz and fired at the officer for good measure though she could see the shotgun had
done it`s job.
Zoo who was sat behind Jaded was firing before Jaded had left the car.The officer had been watching the
front door of the car,Zoo put at least four bullets into him.
Baz ran forward shouting "Kill em all,kill the f*****g lot of em "
He could see people running around in front of him,he ran forward and fired at the officer who was at
Bella`s side of the car,he went down.
The darkness was awash with flashes of gunfire.
D ran forward ,followed by Spice and was firing at the outline of a man stood in front of the police cars,Baz
joined him.
D felt the closeness of a bullet that passed the side of his head,"Shit,nearly "
The shooting stopped.Everyone looked around.
"Everybody OK ? " Baz shouted.
Everybody was.
"THe best goddam rush ever,except for going on stage" Alice said.
"Who the hell fired first ?" D asked.
"He did " Kat was pointing at Baz ,"and he calls us crazy"

Baz pointed at the five dead bodies on the ground."Look at em ,I was right though wasn`t I ?"

The bodies were all seeping green fluid out of their wounds.

D turned towards Bella " What the hell happened with you,you didn`t get a shot off.It`s a good job Baz
came when he did"

"The bloody gun jammed,when all the shooting started I thought I was a gonner,shit ,my whole life flashed
before my eyes"
D went to her and took her in his arms.
"Sorry babe ,had me scared for a minute there,you OK now"

"Yeah ,fine,thanks to the Limey"

"So,tell me how did you know,how did you know they weren`t for real ?" Alice said as he walked towards

Baz took a drag of his cigarette."The smell "
"The SMELL ? "
"Yeah,nobodys breath smells that bad,not even one of D`s coon hounds.That and Jaded`s chest "

"Pardon " Bella asked.
"The best chest in the state was on show there and that cop never gave it a second glance"I knew then
that he weren`t no ordinary guy" Baz went on.

Kat looked at Baz and said " He coulda been gay,didya think of that ?"

"Believe me,a blind man woulda taken a second look" at those babies." "Now,does anyone have any Uncle
,or maybe a touch of the old Captain,I`m not feeling too good ?"
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MrD walked over to one of the Tennessee State Trooper cruisers and removed the key from the ignition
then came around and opened the trunk. Inside were the bodies of two State troopers. One was very young
no more than twenty-five, "probably a rookie" MrD thought to himself. MrD noticed the wedding band on his
finger. He reached into the young patrolmans hip pocket and opened his wallet and studied the photograph
of the young officer with his pretty wife and new baby.
A knot formed in his stomach. "I could use a drink myself" MrD said. "C'mon Baz...lets get to work"
"Right" Baz said. And the two men went to each patrol car and removed the dash mounted video equipment
from each car. "Keep the tapes" MrD said. "I'll wanna look at them later".
"I'm sure they got some nice video of us shooting it out with these guys" Baz said pointing at the alien
"Dont want 'em to think we killed this guy" MrD said showing Baz the photo of the young trooper.

MrD sat behind the wheel of the patrolcar and listened for a moment to the radio dispatcher. He picked up
the mike.."officers down...I-40 eastbound lane...about fifty miles west of Knoxville." He returned the mike to
the radio..."lets go folks...now"
(Mr. Demeanor)

Kat went to the car and rummaged around, coming up with an empty water bottle and an unused plastic
spoon. She stepped over to the bodies and carefuly took a sample of the ooze.

"I suppose they're the same, but it never hurts to make sure. I'll ship these off first chance I get." She
screwed the cap on tightly.

"Put it in the trunk." Jaded said with a disgusted look. "What if it starts to regenerate or something?"

"God, what a thought!" Bella shuddered. "Just leave it, WeirdKat."

The Kat shook her head. "I don't think anything will happen. The other sample behaved itself and stayed
nice and dead. Anyway, we don't have the key in this vehicle."

"Do you think the key could actually ressurect stuff?" Alice looked surprised.

"Dunno. Did you ever try?"

Alice shook his head. "No. I can only imagine what something like that might cost."

Baz came back from the truck with a bottle of something golden. He took a swig and silently passed it
around, diplomaticly avoiding Alice who was standing a short distance away with zoo and Weirdkat.

"We'd better saddle up." Mr D said. "Before the rest of the Calvery show's up."

"Who know's how many of them there might be." Alienspice added. "They've probably been arriving for

"Cheerful bloody thought." Baz said, tossing the now-empty bottle away. "Off we go, then"

(Shoot, simulpost! I think it's okay, though. We just didn't go the first time Mr D said we should)
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Ohh crap! Jaded said That thing took my licence.
Will you go with me to get it out of that police car?
she smiled at Baz. Sure he said, always eager to please. she giggled as they walked to the car ahead.
Both getting in the police car they had shut both doors at the same time. Jaded jumped to hold on to Baz as
they felt something strange happen.
The police car vanished with Baz and Jaded inside.

{{Didn't see that coming!!}}
(Mr. Demeanor)
Zoo turned towards the car as it seemed to change colour.
"Nooooooooo ! " she yelled and run towards where the car had once been.

"What the f**k has happened,where they gone ,shit this is bad,what happened Zoo,?" Bella screamed.
"They got in the car and the next thing,they`re gone."

D turned to Alice " If there`s anything you can do,you do it now,y`hear me,do it "
"there`s nothing,nothing i can do," he said.He looked shocked.
"If I find out you`ve been holding back,by God i`ll kill you myself,I swear it Alice,I`ll kill you "

"So what happens now ?" D said to Alice " Do we hang about here or go on ,what ?"

"We go on " "No use in waiting here"
The girls were sobbing,every last one of em.It had suddenly struck home how much danger they were really
in.It wasn`t a road trip to look for a rock n roll star anymore,they realised it could have been any last one of
them in that car.

"How much danger are they in Alice?,be honest " Bella said to him.
"Depends,depends on who has taken them" he replied.
"WE KNOW who has taken them,for christ`s sake,the shitty aliens have taken them ? Kat exploded.No one
had seen her like this before.
"Yes,but some are friendly,some are not."
"You gotta be kidding me " Zoo added,"I ain`t seen a friendly one yet"
"What about the time on the highway,when the Explorer was taken out ?"

There was a few moments silence,then Bella went on,"OK,what if they`re not friendly,will we see them
again ?"

"Probably not,or if we do ,they won`t be the same people who left us,lets just hope they`ve been taken for
another reason "
"Meaning ?"
"Meaning,maybe the Aliens need some assistance and they think Baz and Jaded might be able to help.They
may return and be OK ,I know I was"

"How the hell can you say that ? I seem to remember you were admitted to a friggin mental institution " D
"But he went in for his drink problem " Zoo said.
"Did he f**k,that was just a cover story,when we found him he was a gibbering idiot,barely alive.Brian and
Shep made sure the story never got out"
D looked at Alice in disgust and lit up a smoke.

It was about 4 am when they moved off,in a hurry.
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Dawn was breaking over the Smokey Mountains when the two vehicles exited off I-40 east and headed
north on I-81.
"We shouldn't have left them" Bella cried.
"No choice" MrD said. "That place was gonna be crawlin with cops in a matter of minutes"
"I dont care" Bella said.
"I dont believe you would still feel that way if your ass was sitting in jail booked on murder charges." MrD
replied. "And I gotta feelin those Tennessee State troopers dont take too kindly to cop killers."
"He's right Bella" Alice said. "They would have arrested us maybe even killed us all had we stayed. And
besides" Alice continued as he held the shiney metallic object in his hands "I have a feeling that they're
Bella looked over the seat and with fire in her eyes "you betta be right blue eyes".

Shortly after 8am the two vehicles crossed the Virginia state line headed north on I-85.
{Baz and I posted simultaneously, but looks like they fit pretty good}
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Jaded held on to Baz as if it were her last seconds of life..
Did you slip me one of your happy pills? she said as she looked around their strange new suroundings.
Fraid not,he said, as his eyes started to focus.
Jaded glided over to Baz's side of the car so they both could get out together.
As they both stepped to the ground they heard a voice..
It said, Are you sickthings?
The sickest! Baz nudged Jaded.
Yeah even on our dieing day, She looked into Baz's eyes.
Baz spoke up.. Why us?
You had no bullets left my friend and Jaded doesn't carry a weapon. We knew you would come with us
We can help you, and inturn you could help us.
Jaded looked to Baz, Ask him what he's offering?
I know all about you two,the voice interuted,
I can hear what you think.
ahhh crap Jaded and Baz said in unison.
I will guide you closer to your desination the voice continued as I have done so many times to Jaded and
Bella. he laughed.
I always wondered why we got to places faster than anyone else..
Glad to see he's got a sence of humor huh Baz?
Jaded squeezed his hand tight.
awww that hurts still!!!
step forward Baz, the voice rang.. you can come too Jaded, I do like loyalty.
Baz felt a slight electicial shock in his wounded shoulder.
He looked at Jaded, and wrapped both his arms around her.
The voice said, You know where you must go. The next key is at Pickering Fort. Bella knows where it is.
I will bring you closer to there.
Your friends will meet you...
But never forget objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.

The next thing Jaded realized she was in a cave with Baz.
As the two walked outa the woods Jaded realized they were at the Carlsberg caverns.
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(I'm a little lost. What two vehicles? Didn't one just disappear with Baz and Jaded? )

(no they were in a police cruiser retrieving Jadeds license)
(Mr. Demeanor)

"I just really don't get this!" Spice grumbled, turning her little alien keychain over and over, "it's never been
like this before."
"You wanna tell a nice alien abduction story?"Bella said to her, her face still streaked with tears, "I think we
all could use one right about now."
"Well, I've never run into this kind of shape shifting green slime situation before...I've only ever seen the
little green guys...and they've only ever done helpful things..."
"When I was little....my dad was stationed at Williams Air Force base outside of Chandler, Arizona. I started
having dreams involving being poked and prodded by machines. I remember thinking I ought to be scared,
but I wasn't...the dreams continued on for a few years, and during that time I and a few other kids were
put into a "special class" at the base school where we were shown all these complicated spatial relations
problems and taught how to solve them. It's fuzzy....I don't remember a lot of what we did in those classes.
I DO remember that I never got any childhood diseases, and there are parts of my medical records that are
blacked out. Neither of my parents would ever tell me what happened. Years later my mom told me about
being stationed at Wright Patterson in Dayton, and having some guy show her the wreck from Area 51 and
the little frozen bodies...." Spice trailed off. "I just wish it would have been me, or Alice in that car. I can't
bear to think how terrified Jaded and Baz might be..."
"Baz has seen plenty, and Jaded is a strong lady. I think if they were taken by the NICE guys they'll be fine"
Alice said, putting his hand on Spice's arm to comfort her.
"Let's just assume that it was the good guys that got 'em" MrD said, "after all, the bad guys haven't airlifted
any of their own yet. You'd think if they had that kind of power we would have seen it by now."
Bella brightened considerably and squeezed his arm.
"You're right!" she exclaimed, "that's what I needed to hear."
"Just thinkin' like a soldier" D smiled, "now radio the girls and see how they're holdin up."

{{for the record, the little story I just told is true. I still can't get my dad to tell me what is in my medical
records that's blacked out!}}

  Quote (MrDemeaonor @ Mar. 07 2005,00:42)
   (no they were in a police cruiser retrieving Jadeds license)


The four in the Ford drove along in near silence for quite sometime...WeirdKat and Zoo radio'd in that they
were doing fine, slow down a bit?

Bella answered, "No...no slowin' down...keep up Ladies..."
WierdKat, "Ok...., hey...I t--n--- I---- ha----"
Bella exchanged a glance with Mr. D...she said to the Blazer, "Ya' breakin' up....say again?"
WeirdKat, "I----s---d----I ----thi---...."
Bella, dropped the cb, exasperated.
AlienSpice said from the back, "Now this is familiar..."
Mr. D. "Oh no....", The Ford dropped speed significantly...The Blazer showed up behind them. The two
trucks stopped....engines died...headlights flickered and went out. The two vehicles were stopped dead.
 Alone. In the Dark.

Bella turned to AlienSpice, "I'm not likin' this at all..."
Mr. D. grabbed Bella's arm...she grabbed his gun - the .38!
Alice grabbed hold of AlienSpice.

The night sky turned flourescent blue white. The light was blinding...The trucks started rocking...not for
any reason that either of the truck's occupants could see....

Bella grabbed hold of D.'s elbow with her free hand...."Do NOT let me go...."
Mr. D. pulled her in towards him, "I didn't last time...."


It was dawn. Daybreak. A beautiful sunrise, though none of them saw it - at least not right away.

Bella awoke and found herself, groggily, in a Ford PickUp. She pushed herself up and found herself on a
body. She looked at the 'body' and found it to be a cowboy. She rubbed her eyes and tried to clear the

She looked to the backseat and found an unconscious woman, was her name AlienSpice? Yes, Yes, I
think it is...., similarly strewn across an unconscious long, black haired man....Alice? ...{WooHoo!
She pushed herself off of the unconscious Cowboy, and slid to the passenger side window....She wiped the
interior fog from the window and noticed a burn on her forearm: Ouch!!!! She looked closely at it:
 smeared Alice eyes...Damn - branded, she thought....

Through the beautiful, early, morning mountain fog, she saw a sign: "Carlsberg Cavern"...

"New York..", she whispered..."We're in New York.."

I was here with Jaded, she thought....about 3 or four hours out from Massachusetts....Jaded! Baz!!!, she
She rubbed her forehead and thought, 'We passed this place last year...I asked her if she wanted to cave
crawl and she looked at me as though I'd gone insane....How did we get here?, she thought looking at Mr.
D. and the others....I remember blue-white light...asking D. not to let me go and then - nothing...

She looked out the back window and there was the Chevy Blazer...help from "above"?? She didn't know.

However, she was certain that Jaded and Baz had gone 'cave crawlin'" regardless of whether or not they
wanted to....

She pushed herself back across the front seat..the .38 hit the floor with a thud - she covered her head -

"D., Baby, wake up...come on, Honey, wake up...", she said shaking him...

Mr. D. came up fighting...Bella blocked yelling, "Stop! Stop!!! It's Bella!!! BELLA!!!!!"

Mr. D. froze, staring at her in shock...., "Whu? Wher? ??? "
Bella, "Relax...., I'll wake the others.....", she set about waking AlienSpice and Alice..................

Inside the Blazer, Zoogirl stirred, and her eyes opened. Groggy, disoriented, she pushed herself upright.
 “Wha?” she thought, muzzily. Looking around, she realized that she was in the front seat of some kind of
SUV…the windows were fogged up…and there was another woman in the rig with her. A middle-aged,
middle-sized woman with short blond hair and a thin, angular face, eyes closed. She was slumped against
the driver‟s side door. Just then, the blond woman‟s eyes opened wide and she jerked upright, looking
wildly around the cab of the SUV. Weird blue eyes with dark-ringed irises stared at Zoogirl for a moment,
and Zoogirl recognized WeirdKat. “Kat!” she yelled, grabbing her companion‟s arm. “Are you all right?
 Don‟t you know me?” Kat stared back at her for a few moments longer, then said tentatively
“Zoo…Zoogirl? What happened to Interstate 81?” Seeing the windows of the rig all misted over, she
pulled a wad of tissues out of a pocket and wiped at the windshield. Zoogirl didn‟t like the expression on
Kat‟s face, and she said in a worried tone “Kat? Are you sure you‟re not hurt?” “Ears kinda hurt” answered
Kat, her voice a little stronger. “Didn‟t like that sound…really off-key, didn‟t like it.” “Sound?” wondered
Zoogirl to herself. “What sound?” The two of them stared out the window towards a big black Ford F 150
Crew Cab ahead of them on the ground. Remembering, Zoogirl blurted “The others – Bella, Mr. D,
Alienspice, ALICE…they‟re here too! Come on, Kat, we‟ve got to see if they‟re all right!” As she popped
open the door of the Blazer, Zoogirl turned to look at Kat; her friend, normally so pulled together, still
seemed a little disconnected. As Kat turned herself towards the other door to open it, Zoogirl caught sight
of the nape of the Kat‟s neck above her T-shirt…and a small mark in the shape of “Alice Eyes” burned onto
the skin there.
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They could hear Bella as they ran/stumbled to the truck. Her voice was raised but not panicky.

"C'mon, Alice wake UP. SPICE! Hey, Spice!"

They could see Mr D sitting upright but a little dazed. Zoo reached the truck first and tapped on the window.
Mr D reflexively raised a gun to eye level.
"Whoa!" zoo jumped backwards and nearly crashed into Weirdkat. Mr D gave her a shocked look and put
the gun down fast. Bella looked over and saw them.

"Give me a hand. Anyone got water? They're really out."

Weirdkat went back to the Blazer and came back with a small bottle. Bella took it and unceremoniosly
dumped the contents over Alice and Spice. They both came up sputtering.

"You're lucky it was me and not Sheryl" Bella said with a tight smile. "You two were lookin' awful

"Where are we?" Spice seemed to come clear first. "This doesn't look anything like the same type of

"It's not." Bella said. "It's Carlsberg. Near the caves."

"California?!" zoo said, still a little confused.

"Carls-BERG, not BAD. Wrong side of the country. Jaded and I were here last year. Lots of caves." Bella
rubbed at a little mark on her arm.

"Kat's got one too." zoo said. "On the back of her neck."

"I do?" She rubbed the spot. "Feels like a burn."

''Yeah. You all probably have one. Check it out later. I wonder if these things will still run?" Bella reached
out and turned the ignition key. There was a roar as the engine caught smoothly. She turned it off again.

"They're not usually destructive." Spice spoke up. "Stuff stops but it's not permanant."

"Good to know." Mr D sat up straighter.

"I think it must be close." Alice said. "I can almost feel it."

'How long do you think we were out?" zoo asked.

'Not long." Mr D squinted at the sun. "Figuring it's still the same day, not mor'n a little while."

"It's funny, but I feel like I've had a good night's sleep." Weirdkat stretched and yawned. "I'm ready to go."

"Me too." zoo said. 'I feel, I don't know, kind of energised."

"Good" Bella said. "I hope you like caves, 'cause I think we're going in. Anyone got light?"

"My little Maglite, on my keys. It's tiny but quite powerful." zoo said.

Spice looked toward the caves. "Bats, I bet. Oh, damn." she moaned.

"One of my best friends is a bat." zoo said with a grin. "Just keep away from any that are on the ground
and don't swing at 'em. They'll probably just wrap up and try to go back to sleep anyway."

"Let's go" Bella said, steppiung out of the truck.

Mr. D. got out and stumbled a bit, "Damn, everyone else is feeling energized and I'm just muddled........."
Bella was muddled too...she looked to AlienSpice and Alice who were obviously feeling pretty spry.
AlienSpice smiled at her, "You're firstimer's...."
Mr. D. and Bella exchanged a glance. They looked back at AlienSpice and Alice and Mr. D. said, "Hopefully
a couple of 'first and lasttimer's..."
AlienSpice and Alice laughed...Bella looked away thinking, the 'first time' for anything is never 'all that', is
it....Alien Abduction being NO exception...

Zoo, "The Key is here!"
Bella, "No. It's not here. Jaded and Baz are here."
Zoo looked at her questioningly.
Bella, "Jaded and I know this place.. She and Baz have to be here. "They" left us somewhere we - or one
of us, at least, could associate with them....."

Bella pulled the Halogen flashlight from her 'first aid' bag and moved toward the entrance of the cave,
 "Jaded! Baz!!!!", she called...

In the darkness, little leathery wings fluttered at the sound of her voice.......she smiled...I LOVE bats!!!!

{{didja HAVE to wake me up so soon? I was having SUCH a nice dream.......:p }}

(I won't be on tonight. I've got a friend having minor surgery and I'm going to spend the night at her place

as she's not supposed to be alone and her hubby works nights. No computer.             )

Jaded held Baz tight.What the hell happened she asked as she looked into his eyes.
I'm not really sure he said,But I think we're alone now.He bent his head down and gave her a kiss on the
Jaded didnt know if she should step back or move closer, She moved closer.
The warmth of Baz 's body made the top of her chest sting. She pulled down the neckline of her shirt to
reveal one eye.She looked to Baz who was not only looking at the mark, She pulled up his shirt and saw the
the other eye.
It started to snow, Baz picked up Jaded and carried her into on of the caves.
We're gonna freeze to death, she said
Its ok, by the looks of things we will both be going to hell anyway.
I'm sure we'll warm up there she exclaimed.

{dont know about the rest of you but I need a cigarette}
(Mr. Demeanor)

They went into the cave,it was cold but dry,the air was fresh,which surprised Baz.

"Here take my jacket,keep a bit of the chill off yer?"
he put the old faded Levi`s jacket around her shoulders.
"Lets find somewhere to park our arses,I need to take stock of the situation"

They went about thirty paces in when they came across a kind of alcove which looked ideal.
"This will do ",Baz said,"no draught in here,"

They both sat down,Jaded took Baz`s hands in her own and looked at him and spoke.
"yer know something,I`m never afraid when i`m with you.I`ve never felt this way before "
"Me neither,I feel as though I`ve known you for years,I know I shouldn`t say this ,but......."
"Go on " she said "say what you want to say "
" I think,I think I love you " He run his fingers through her hair,
she turned her face into his hand.

"We both have families at home,you know that,"she said.
"I know,and I know it`s wrong to feel this way,but I can`t help the way I feel "

"Nor can I "
She knelt in front of Baz and kissed him once again.He responded by kissing her softly at first,then a bit
more passionately.
She was the most beautiful woman Baz had ever seen,and he needed to have her.

{Damn it's gettin HOT in here!}
(Mr. Demeanor)

"Bloody 'ell" Baz yelled when the beam of light from Zoo's small but bright flashlight hit him in the face. He
squinted and the look of dissappointment on his face was unmistakable.
Bella and MrD just looked at each other and began to laugh at the sight of Jaded and Baz in their intimate
"I suppose yer 'ere to rescue us" Baz complained."Yer couldn't have been a bit later now could ya"
"Well you know me Baz" MrD laughed "just in the nick of time"

Bella ran over to Jaded and they each hugged as if they hadn't seen each other in years, tears streaming
down their faces.

"I thought I'd lost you" Bella cried. "Are you guys alright?"
"Yeah, yeah we're fine" Jaded said. "Just a little cold"
"Well I was tryin to keep 'er warm I was" Baz cracked
"Yeah, I can see that" MrD wryly remarked.
"And yer say I never knock" Baz sarcastically snapped to MrD.
MrD holstered his weapon and just laughed.
"Oh shut up yer stupid hillbilly" Baz said.

"Oh guys...I hate to break up this little reunion" Alice said. "But get a load of this" he said pointing to the
crude but recognizable markings on the walls of the cave.
The group gathered around Zoo and her flashlight and studied the ancient drawings of the large circle with
several smaller circles above it.
"Just like the ones in Peru eh D?" Alice asked
MrD and Baz looked at each other. "Man that brings up some flashbacks" Baz said.
"Thats all the hell I need now" MrD said. "F***ing flashbacks"
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Spice stepped closer to the wall and tentatively reached out to touch the carvings.
"Ouch!" she yelped, jumping back as the wall suddenly lit up firery orange. Even in the dim light she could
see that steam was rising from her fingertips.
Alice grabbed her hand and held it in both of his. She could feel the cold metal object against her fingers
and a blue light emanated from between Alice's hands.
"What are you doing?" Kat growled, stepping towards him, "it's too dangerous!"
Alice held on to Spice's hand and looked in her eyes. Spice could feel the electric current surging through
her from the key.
"They've already gotten hold of her" he said quietly,"she's already got a debt to pay. This won't make any
The glowing blue light faded and Alice let go of Spice's hand. Zoo shined her little flashlight on it and they
could see that her fingertips were completely healed.
"Even so" Kat said, holding Spice's fingers up to examine them,"Let's not make a habit of testing it."
"And let's not make a habit of touching things with the potential to knock us into the middle of next week"
MrD said sternly. Spice shoved both hands deep into the pockets of her sweater.
"Yes sir."
Bella handed her flashlight to Jaded and got her phone out to take some pictures of the carvings on the
wall, which were still glowing faintly.
"Maybe we should get out of here before we wake up the bats?" Zoo said, turing from the wall and making
her way toward the entrance. MrD followed. Kat walked over to Baz.
"So you're healed too, huh?" she said as the group started toward the outside.
"Seems like it. I was just about to test out how the old arm was working when you lot showed up."
Kat laughed. "It't not over till it's over, y'know."
"Let's get out of here" Bella said as she and Jaded finished up the photography, "at least now we know
where we're goin."
The group followed Zoo and MrD's footsteps out of the cave. Spice walked shakily beside Alice, who
grabbed her arm to steady her.
"I hope you've learned your lesson about putting your fingers where they don't belong, young lady" he said,
"That's one lesson I doubt I'll ever learn, Vince" she replied with a laugh.

"We`ve all got a debt to pay haven`t we?" Baz said.
"Some of us have more than one,thats for sure " D added.
Bella took hold of his hand " Now how can a couple of sweeties like you have anything to pay ?""Knights in
shining armour,thats you "

Alice laughed aloud,"Thats not a description I woulda used"

They walked out of the cave and into a snowstorm.It was cold and the snow blew sidesways.
"So this is New England is it " D said "Do yer have any sunshine up here "

They walked between the trees to where the cars were parked.The snow had blanketed everywhere as far
as the eye could see.
"How long have you guys been parked here " Baz asked.
"Bout twenty minutes,I think ,why " Bella replied.
"Was it snowing whe yer came ?"
"It had just started,why the questions "
"Look at those " he pointed to the footsteps that led to the cars then away again.
"well they ain`t no bear tracks " D said.
"Unless they`ve taken to wearing size nines " Zoo added.

MrD went to the Ford and got the black satchel and then carried it around to the back of the Blazer.
"Baz" He said and the man from Yorkshire followed him around. "I"m about to freeze to death."
MrD popped open the hatch of the Blazer and folded down the rear panel resting the satchel on it. He
slowly unzipped it and produced his double shoulder holster and strapped it on. Then slid the two Glock
9mm pistols into each side and they rested under each armpit. He dipped into the satchel again and
retrieved the Japanese soldier's knife that his father had captured during the war and fastened the scabbard
to his belt then tied the end strap around his left thigh. He then checked his favorite .45 examining the clip
and pulling back the slide to cock the weapon. It made it's familiar "chink-chink" sound and then was back
in the holster on MrD's right thigh.
He slid the satchel over to Baz who took three clips for the beretta and shoved them in his coat pocket. Baz
then emptied a box of 12 guage shells into his other pocket. The man from Yorkshire then removed a small
.22 pistol and fastened it in it's specially designed holster around his ankle. "Just for good measure" he said

MrD then pulled his duffle bag from the stack of luggage. Slowly unzipped it and removed his long canvas
duster. Battered and worn it was and as Bella watched him pull it on she noticed the places on the coat that
had been mended.

She looked him up and down and said. "Now there's the MrD I know"
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So,...i`m from Yorkshire am I

{Forgive my ignorance...but arent you?}
(Mr. Demeanor)

A bit of sarcasm on my behalf,apologies D.
Bella turned to Jaded and gave her this look.
Jaded knew exactly what Bella was gonna say.
No words needed to be exchanged between the two girls.They both smiled.

Baz came around the side of Jaded and handed her a gun.She looked at it for a minute and turned to Baz.
 What the hell am I supposed to do with this?
He smiled with that boyish grin, must I explain everything to you Jaded?
No! I've never used a gun before..
ahhh shit.. Well give it back then,I don't need you shooting me by mistake when yer pissed.
Good thinkin! Bella said as she slapped Baz on the back of the head as she walked by.

Mr.D piped up,Why don't you ladies drive those trucks down there a bit, while Baz and I take a look around.
Jaded jumped into the blazer with Weirdkat and Zoo.
Bella, Alienspice and Alice reluctantly climbed back into the ford.
They watched as both men disappeared into the woods following the set of footprints.

As the two men came to the main road on the other side of the woods,they saw a NY state policeman on
his radio."Never mind" They heard him say.
The policeman walked to meet the two men.
Do you two gentlemen own those two cars over there? We sure do officer, D said.
Have you seen anything strange over there?
I have reports of a bright lights and some activity going on in that area. When I saw the cars, I just thought
It was a bunch of teenagers making out up there again. Gotta love those teenagers, Mr D said trying not to
No, we haven't seen anything Sir, Baz said.
Well if I were you I'd move on pretty quick, the snow is really piling up and the roads are getting slippery.
Yes officer, Baz said in relief.
By the way.. those words stopped both men in their tracks.
Take it easy getting outa there, He smiled and waved.
Both men walked back to the awaiting trucks.

They pulled in at the next wide spot in the road. Kat, zoo and Spice jumped out of the Blazer and ran over
to the Ford.

"I hope the guys are okay." Jaded said.

"Both, or just one?" zoo winked at Kat who grinned at Jaded.

"Both." Jaded said shortly. She turned slightly red. "Oh, go ahead and make me blush. Anything to warm

Zoo looked them over. "I bet you two don't have anything at all with long sleeve. Any sleeves?"

Jaded and Bella shook their heads. Zoo sighed.

"Okay. My leather jacket's kind of big in the chest on me and I've got a nice stretchy sweater. Weirdkat and
Spice, you two okay?"

"Better than them." Spice said. "Go ahead."

Zoo ran back to the Blazer and dug out the clothing. She was warm enough in the little ski-jacket. Might as
well share.

As she was digging in her backpack, a police car slowed down then sped up again and took off down the

"I wonder if he ran into Baz and Mr D." Spice said as she came back to the truck.
"He seemed calm enough." Weirdkat said. "Just looked us over briefly."

"So, spill." Bella said to Jaded. "What happened?"

"We just kind of woke up in the cave. That's all."

Bella gave her a look but let it go.

"I hope they hurry up". zoo said. "I hate waiting!"

Baz and Mr. D. walked down the dirt road to the awaiting trucks.

Zoo was busy looking for 'warm clothing' to share when Bella realized that she had a sweatshirt in her
bag..., "I'm ok, Zoo...pass what you were gonna give me around."
Zoo, "You sure, Bella?"
Bella pulled the black sweatshirt over her head and answered, "Yeah, I tend my 'outdoors' wildlife in
nothing more or less everyday. I'll be fine, thanks."
Zoo shrugged her shoulders and gave Jaded a sweatshirt.
"Girl? You leave your favourite Aerosmith Sweatshirt at Saul's?", Bella asked Jaded.
"You know, I think I did.", Jaded looked dejected...
Bella smiled slyly at her, "Ah...somethin' betta than Perry on your mind, huh? Heheheheh...."
Jaded glared at her, "DON'T even go there..."
Bella laughed again, "I don't have to, honey....here he comes now..."

Mr. D. and Baz walked down the dirt road as the snow came down heavier. The ground was covered in
white already, and the snow was falling 'sideways'.

Mr. D., "I swear, I'm gonna freeze to death in this god forsaken place..."
Baz: "Yeah, I wanted snow till I got it first 'and..."
Bella: "Stop ya' whinin' and get in the trucks..", she said going for the driver's seat of the Silver Ford.

She stopped by Jaded, "You drivin'?"
Jaded, "Hell, yeah. You?"
Bella, "Hell yeah, I don't think that D. will be too good at this terrain..."

Mr. D. overheard, "Hey! I can drive in the snow!"
Bella smiled at him, "Thanks, but I'll keep my life in my hands this time cowboy.."
"And Jaded", she added.
Jaded: "Yes?"
Bella smiled wryly at her, "DO try to keep your mind on the road, 'K? It's 8am now, we should make MA
by 2pm with no stops, barring severe weather....no , er...um....distractions...ok?"
Jaded flipped her the finger and Baz blushed an AMAZING shade of red...

Bella laughed and swung herself into the Silver Ford's driver's seat: "Saddle up! D., AlienSpice, Alice --
 Let's go!!!"

Jaded, Kat, Zoo and, of course, Baz, got into the Blazer....the show was on the road once again...

{I don't know why that posted twice...sorry!}

Bella got into the truck and blasted the heat for the 'warm weather' crowd in the truck.

Jaded did something similar in the Blazer.
The crew left Carlsburg Caverns, NY with a new sense of hope, you could say... The occupants of each
truck 'knew' that they were being 'watched' but also 'watched over'...They 'knew' that they'd been 'chosen'
to find the 'keys' and that not all 'little green men' were 'bad'....

At three pm, Peabody, MA, Bella to Blazer..."Jaded, pull over into the lot...I gotta get some cigs...and
check in."
Jaded, "Ok, get me a pack of Marlboros."
Bella, "Will do."

The two trucks pulled into the Municipal Lot...and parked.
Alice, "Bella, how far?"
Bella, "Not far, honey, about 10 minutes - maybe 45 in this weather...getting to the island is gonna be
hard...We may have to 'hole up' at the Hawthorne Hotel till the snow stops..I got to make a pit stop here,
then we can decide."
Alice, "For Cigarettes? Don't you think that's a little 'unimportant' right now?"
Bella turned to look at him, "Let's call it a 'call home' without the 'trace'...."
Alice got that, "Sorry....tired..."

Bella woke up the Cowboy and the two walked the short distance to the smoke shoppe....
Mr. D., "Woman, you are terrifying on the road."
Bella laughed as the snow coated them both, "nah, it's just the weather."
Mr. D.: "Bull."
Bella looked at him tossing her snow coated hair, "You fell asleep! Couldn't've been all that bad!"
Mr. D. chuckled, "Hey, I'm a first timer..."
Bella nodded, "Uh Huh, and you STILL fell asleep - again, couldn't've been all THAT bad...."

They walked into the smoke shoppe to a rousing welcome...Bella picked her packs and walked to the
counter and stopped to talk to the woman there, "Hey Honey!"
"Hi..", the red haired woman smiled.
"See the Hubby today?", Bella asked.
"Yeah....", Jay answered, smiling at the Cowboy.
Bella laughed, "I'll introduce ya' if you do me a favor..."
"Ooo...anything!", Jay laughed...
"Tell the Hubby I'm back in town and I'll contact him soon as it's safe.", Bella answered.
Jay, "Will do..." she answered in a purring voice...
Bella paid for her cigs and said, "Jay, this is Mr. D."
Mr. D. put down his pack of cigs, and his cash, "Hi, darlin'...", he smiled..."
Jay smiled back, "You take that pack and the cash, Honey...I'm a sucker for a man in a tattered duster...",
 she chuckled softly as the pair left...
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When Bella came out, she found zoo in the phone booth at the end of the parking lot.

""Thanks, CI." she was saying. "Yeah, just get off at 128th and Old Yale and walk 'til you see the white
mailbox. Yeah, at least a few more days. Has Hamsterhead thrown a fit yet? Who bit him?! Ha! Give her a
quarter carrot, would you? That's my girl! Okay, I gotta go. Bye, sweetie."

"All quiet at home." zoo said to Bella and Mr D. "CI's gonna nip over by bus and pass along my message

"Who bit what?" Mr D asked.

"Oh, my pet rat, Cheb. She's half wild rat - mom got a visitor one night. Anyway, she chowed the boss.
Serves him right for not paying enough attention to know who bites and who doesn't."

"Let's get going." Bella said. "I know I can trust Jay, but I don't think I want too many people to see me
around here. I really really don't want anyone spotting Alice, either."

"Yeah, Alice." zoo said thoughtfully. "He's not too noticeable in the back of the truck, but we really should
get him into a hat or something."

"Don't you think everyone know's what he looks like in a ballcap?" Bella said.

"Sickthings, maybe. The rest of the world, maybe not." Mr D said. "I'll talk to him. Gotta old hat in my bag."

They went back to their vehicles. Zoo saw Mr D reach for his bag as they hit the road again.

"Okay, boss, we'll need you to put this on" MrD said, tossing an old brown leather gaucho hat into the back
seat, "and tuck that hair under, please."
"Ooh! Is it time to play dress up Alice?" Spice giggled, digging through her bag for a barette. Bella looked in
the rearview to watch her pin Alice's long mane up. "Already putting your fingers where they don't belong"
she said with a wink.
"Hey! I'm just taking one for the team," Spice replied, but it was obvious that she was thoroughly enjoying
her "task."
"That oughta hold. Thank heaven's you're not Rob Zombie."
Alice pulled the hat down over his new "updo." The nose, and the eyes, were still unmistakable, but the
women agreed that someone would really have to "know" to recognize him.
Bella studied the rest of his "ensemble"--black boots, black jeans, and a faded black t shirt.
"Spice, you wouldn't happen to have an extra jacket or something, would you? Something to complete the
"goth tourist" look?"
"Hey! I'm no tourist! I invented this generation!" Alice exclaimed.
"We know, honey" Bella purred as Spice dug out her black courderoy jacket. She handed it to Alice, noticing
as he put it on her large Alice button on the lapel.
"Let's leave that on" Bella said as Spice leaned over to remove it "no one would expect Alice Cooper to be
wearing a button of himself. He'll fit right in with the crowd."
Both women admired their "handiwork".
MrD turned in the seat to have a look. "Good enough" he said with a grin, "now I'd like you to keep your
eyes on the road, Belligirl." Bella reached over and patted his knee.
"I could drive these roads blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back" she said.
"I'd prefer both hands on the wheel and eyes forward, if you don't mind. I didn't come to this godforesaken
place to meet my maker in a car crash." He settled in to his seat and lit up a smoke.
"I hardly ever drive with both hands on the wheel" Bella said, "light me up, cowboy." MrD lit a cigarette for
Bella and passed it over. She took a long drag and made a sharp turn onto a deserted back road.
"Hold on tight, kids" she said as she floored it, "radio Jaded and tell her we're headed for the Hotel. It'll only
be about ten minutes this way."
"If we make it alive.."MrD mumbled, shaking his head, "you ladies sure do live dangerously."
"Kinda makes "company life" look like a walk in the park, eh cowboy?"
MrD radioed the Blazer with the plans, and everyone settled in for the short trip to the hotel and some much
needed rest.

After a short, but terrifying ride, the Sickthings pulled into the hotel parking lot.
They parked the trucks close enough to talk.

"Someone's gotta register." Bella said. "Me and Jaded'll wait out here."

"Got it." Mr D said.

""Better get at least three rooms - no, a suite if you can." Weirdkat said. "We'll have to tell them we're all
going to a family reunion of something."

"Yeah, that'll work. " MrD said. "Just not a funereal. C'mon, Baz."

The men crossed the parking lot and disappeared into the hotel.
" Now this looks very nice,very nice indeed," Baz enthused as they entered the foyer of the Hawthorne
The car park had an impressive looking fountain in the centre,which Baz thought would look stunning when
lit up at night."Classy "
"Hey Jaded,can we afford this ," Kat laughed,"How much a night do these charge ?"
"D can afford it " she replied.

Baz noticed a sandwich board near the hotel reception.
Sail on the "Friendship of Salem",it said,an advertisement for an old galleon type ship that was moored in
the harbour.
"Yey know summat D,we should all take a trip on that if we get the chance,a bit of r and r "
D looked at Baz with contempt and said "You English may be sailors,but I`m a bloody cowboy "
Baz laughed aloud,gaining the attention of every around him.
"Jesus yeah,Can yer remember when we took that trip down the Mississippi on that steamer that time,can`t
remember the name of it "
"The Mary Louise "
"Thats it.A nice little gamblin` trip you said.After ten minutes we were all having bets how long it would be
before you threw up again." Baz had tears running down his face.D didn`t look too impressed.
" I`m not very good at sea "
"It was a bloody river for gods sake.i`ve seen bigger streams of pee "
The receptionist greeted them.She was pretty ,and young and MrD couldn`t stop himself from using that
southern drawl,to charm her.
Baz had always been envious of D`s accent,he could charm the pants off anyone,yet most people had
trouble just understanding himself.
He had tried to learn ,but had only really mastered ."y`all."

MrD and Baz stood by the front desk. The Hawthorne was a centuries old building carefully and beautifully
restored to it's original glory. The Englishman didn't seem out of place but the sight of MrD standing in the
middle of this elegant hotel in his boots and jeans, wearing a long tanned and quite worn duster and hat
garnered more than a few stares from the other guests and employees that were milling about the lobby.
"Mornin miss" he drawled.
The pretty young receptionist smiled. "Yes sir, how may I help you?" she asked.
"Do you reckon ya'll could accommodate a party of nine?" he inquired.
The young receptionist leaned forward over the desk, propping herself up on her elbows. "Let me
guess...you're not from around here are you?"
MrD leaned his long frame over in response. "No darlin...I'm not...what gave me away?" he jested giving
the girl a wink and a smile.
"You're kidding right?" She smiled back. "It's not everyday a cowboy checks in to the Hawthorne."
"Well I reckon I do stand out a bit round here" he replied. "I feel as outta place as a long-tailed cat inna
room full'a rockin chairs"
"Thats some accent you have... Southern?" she asked.
"Born and bred" he said. "Now bout those rooms?"
"Oh ...yes...of coarse" she said a bit flustered. "A party of nine you said?"
"Yes ma'am..that right" he nodded. "preferably all together"
"Let's see...this is a little unusual...but would you consider taking a floor?" she asked as she glanced back up
from her computer screen.
"Maybe" he replied."Tell me about it sweetheart"
"There are two two-bedroom suites...one on each end of the hall and four more rooms in between, two
doubles and two singles." she said.
MrD looked at Baz..."We'll whaddya think?"
"Sounds perfect...book the bloody lot I say" Baz said.
"Done" MrD said and laid his credit card on the desk.
"You're not from around here either, are you?" she asked Baz as she took MrD's credit card.
"No dearie...I'm from England....the old one" he joked.
"Well now, arent you two the odd couple" she laughed.

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"How long will you be staying?..Mister.....Demeanor" the receptionist asked as she examined MrD's credit
"Not too sure" MrD replied.
Baz gave MrD a wide-eyed stare when he realized that MrD had used his real name.
MrD returned Baz's stare and Baz knew that he was well aware of what he was doing.

After a brief wait while a check on MrD's credit card was made and the registration forms prepared the
receptionist handed MrD a large envelope that contained the keys to all the rooms on the third floor.
MrD and Baz headed back through the lobby toward the door.
"So whats up your sleeve D?...yer know Tim and his buddies will spot that card" he said as they went
through the front door and back out into the cold New England air.
"I'm countin on it" he said. "Tim's got the other key...if we want it...he'll hafta bring it to us"

MrD had the bellhop gather all the luggage that the SickThings had and he and Baz then escorted the group
to the third floor of the Hawthorne.
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The group was escorted into the rather 'grand' Hawthorne by Mr. DeMeanor and Baz...Bella loved it there,
 of course, truth be told, she'd always loved historic old places, the decor et all. She really was just 'born
in the wrong time frame', to her way of thinking....Why would anyone choose to be a "midieval seamstress"
if the corsets and gowns, and clothing even older than that, etc. didn't "turn one on"?.....

The group of eight went up to the third floor, which Mr. D. had 'procured' solely for them...Once there, the
sleeping arrangements were established:

One 2 bedroom Suite at EACH end of the hall: on the left: Mr. D, Alice, AlienSpice and Bella. On the
right: Jaded, Baz, Zoo and WeirdKat. The 2 doubles and 2 singles in the center would remain empty: the
thought being that if anyone came looking for them, they'd start in the center of the hall - the first rooms
they saw. By the time whoever'd reached the suites, The SickThings would hopefully have heard it and be
ready - should that need arise...While the Bell Hop divided their belongings according to room, Bella said to
Jaded, "3:45 now...dinner round 9pm?"
Jaded smiled, "Sounds good...where?"
Bella smiled, "How 'bout we all dine together? Our Suite at nine?"
Jaded, "Can you do that here?"
Bella laughed, "OH yeah, I have a little special dinner being arranged in my head...."
Jaded looked at her curiously, "Why?"
Bella: "We'll have to leave tonite for Winter Island...I don't want to wait till tomorrow nite...We should all
share a special time before we have to leave..."
Jaded: "Why don't we just go by day?"
Bella: "Too obvious: the parks and recreation dept closes off the island in the Winter - we'd get caught...
Not to mention the fact that it's the 'last nite' of a good cycle to 'start a new venture...."
Jaded, "Ok, I'll trust that....Attire?"
Bella: "Casual...heheheh"
Jaded, "See ya' at 9pm then....I'm going to bed..."
Bella smiled at her, "I'll bet..."
Jaded flipped her the finger once again. Bella laughed, and both women joined their respective others in
their Suites at opposite ends of the hall....
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AlienSpice: "Sweet....", she breathed, looking around...
Alice didn't seem too impressed, "Not bad...", he muttered, dropping the hat, removing the barrette.

AlienSpice and Bella watched, charmed, as he shook out the glossy black mane..."ahhhhh", they thought,
 exchanged sly smiles and moved further into the suite...
Alice moved to one of the bedrooms and went in...

Mr. D. looked around, uncomfortable and almost 'afraid' to touch anything...Bella said to him, "It's just a
hotel, Honey...In October, they have the Annual Costume Ball here: trust me - ALL MANNER of folk attend
that one...", she smiled....
Mr. D.   put the black satchel down on a chair - he carried that one in himself...."I am very tired..."
Bella:   "We're having dinner at nine."
Mr. D.   looked at her in shock, "Where?"
Bella:   "Here. We have to go to Winter Island tonite...after dinner."

AlienSpice heard that, "I think I'll go tell Alice that....", and off she went into the bedroom he dissappeared
into....She found Alice 'dead asleep' on top of the bed - covers and all, with the 'belt buckle' clutched firmly
in his hands. She sat down on the bed and set the alarm for 8:30pm. She noticed that the bed was really
comfortable and laid back for what she thought was going to be just a

In the main room, D. picked up the black satchel and moved to the other bedroom...

Bella sat down at the small table and plugged in the laptop. She emailed 'the boys' and told them she was
ok...that she was close but not exactly how close. She disconnected and put it away.

She called the front desk and arranged dinner: 9 pm, Suite 300, for eight, prime rib & baked stuffed
lobster for the main, sausage stuffed portabellos and clams casino for appetisers, caesar salad, & New
England Clam "Chowda". Chocolate Creme Brulee to finish it off...Wine, Champagne, and an assortment
of fruit flavored carbonated waters...and 4 people to serve it...Roses? Why, yes, thank you - could you
make them 'Sterling', Purple is my favorite color...? Of course....Thank you! Credit? No, no....I'll post
cash - smiling over at Alice's bedroom...Thank you...she hung up the phone.

She got up and pulled the heavy drapery aside, looking out the window. The sky was gray - another gray
March Day...snow was falling again: heavy, wet, fat snowflakes...the street below was covered in 'dirty'

She dropped the drapery and looked in on Alice - to find AlienSpice curled comfortably beside him...both
asleep. She smiled at them, wished them both much well, and closed the door...

She went to the remaining bedroom to find that Mr. D. had at least paused long enough to remove his
tattered duster...she walked silently in and picked it up carefully, looked at it, examined the stains on it -
some of which she was certain was her own blood...and came to the conclusion that everything retains
scars. She put it back on the chair, gently atop the black satchel.

Bella was amused to notice that Mr. D. did not, however, put down his gun, take off his boots, or his hat,
before laying down on the bed and falling asleep. She smiled silently and shook her head....She did take off
her boots, she set the alarm for 8pm and curled up next to him. She went to sleep.......

Jaded turned and waved to Bella at the other end of the hallway as she walked into her suite."much well"
were the words she heard as she shut the door and locked it.
The Bellhop had already placed their things in the mainroom.
Jaded walked over to turn on the local news channel on the TV.
Zoo and Weirdkat were chatting on the couch.
Where's Baz? Jaded said looking at the two girls.
he went to bring some of the bags to our bedrooms Zoo smiled looking over at Jaded.

Jaded walked over and opened up the mini bar, after
looking it over, she poured two shots of jack and grabbed two diet cokes.
She handed the two cokes to the ladies on the couch.Bella's having dinner at 9:00 in her suite, I think I'm
gonna try to get some rest. I think we are going to winter island tonight.
Jaded smiled as she went back to the mini bar for the M&M's
Baz came into the room, Jaded handed him the shot of Jack. I thought you and Jack didn't get along well?
he said looking at the other shot. Their both for you she said with a smile... The M&M's their for me.. They
aint no smarties but they'll do in a pinch.
Baz laughed as he grabbed her hand and they went off to the bedroom.

At the opposite end of the hall, sleep had come to Jaded, Baz and Weirdkat.

Baz and Jaded had taken their drinks and disappeared into one of the rooms without further ado.

Weirdkat and zoo had stared at each other, neither wanting or knowing just what to say.

"Well, we are all adults." zoo finally managed.

"Yeah." Weirdkat stretched herself and opened the other door. "Doubles in here. I'm gone."

zoo sat in the livingroom for a moment, trying to decide what to do, if anything. There was a familliar

'I swear," zoo said to herself. "If I didn't know better, I'd think Joe the Rottie was in there." She walked
over and put her ear to the door. Yes, that was it. Snoring, male. Under it was the more delicate sound of
Jaded's breathing. Zoo grinned as she went to her own bed.

"They just aren't having much luck!"

She only had time to set her little travel alarm before she drifted off too. All the energy she'd felt at the
caves had vanished.

Out in the hall, something moved.
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Hey, Baz. I'm thinking you two might not get lucky for a while...maybe not 'til the Spring '06 North American
Tour?!       )

For the second time in as many days, Alienspice woke up to see Alice Cooper smiling at her. It took a
minute to register.
"Oh s$!t!"she whispered, starting to raise herself up, "I only came in here to set the alarm for you..." Alice
pulled her back down.
"It's comfy" he said smoothing the pillowcase for her, "you're really warm."
"You're not the first man to say that to me" she murmured as she got comfortable again.
"Best looking in leather pants, though" he joked.
"Umm, you've got some competition there. I'll give you oldest.." Alice grimmaced. "and definitely prettiest
eyes. Possibly longest hair, although it's a close call."
"I'll take it. Now go back to sleep. You look so peaceful when you're sleeping." Alice put a protective arm
around her as she snuggled in closer.
"It's hard to feel peaceful when your entire worldview is crumbling around you.." she said softly.
"Yeah, you've seemed pretty out of sorts since that incident on the highway."
"Well, this is all a big adjustment for me, you could say. I've always firmly believed that the "folks out there"
were all highly intelligent and benevolent. Suddenly half of them are trying to kill me and my friends. I just
can't get used to it."
"There's good guys and bad guys, just like us humans" Alice said, petting Spice's hair, "we've just got to
believe the good guys will win."
"I want to believe..." Spice murmured, half ironically as she drifted off to sleep.
Alice was starting to fall back to sleep himself when he heard a noise in the hallway. He carefully got up to
avoid waking Spice, and walked out into the main room to investigate

MrD opened his eyes and took a moment to orient himself to his surroundings with a quick look around the
beautifully appointed bedroom. By his side lay Bella. Her thick mane of dark hair framing her face. MrD
looked at her, sleeping soundly and thought to himself how maybe in another time or another place that
they would have been inseperable. Two people, who for one reason or another were born into the wrong
time. Two people who's sensabilities came from some past age. Out of place in this century. Not that they
lived in the past, each were comfortable with twenty-first century life, but somehow longed for a time and
place of a different era.
It occured to him as he lie watching her, that perhaps maybe they were once together in someother time
and place, someother life. He remembered the first time they met how they were instinctively drawn to
each other, like old friends who had just met.
He gently stroked her hair and touched her cheek, then he heard something or someone in the hall.
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   Quote (zoogirl @ Mar. 11 2005,05:54)
   (Hey, Baz. I'm thinking you two might not get lucky for a while...maybe not 'til the Spring '06 North

   American Tour?!        )

I knew that post would come back and bite me on the arse.

Without disturbing Bella, MrD moved off the bed and as quietly as possible made his way from the bedroom
through the living room and to the door. He drew his weapon and held it down behind him.
Listening at the door he heard a voice, a female voice, but not one he recognized.
He turned the handle on the door and pulled it back slightly, peering through the small opening and down
the hall. There he saw two women, hotel staff, that were putting fresh flowers in the unused rooms.

A sigh of relief, and he closed the door. He went back into the living room and to the window, pulling back
the curtains a bit for a look around. Everything seemed normal, just what appeared to be locals and an
occasional Salem tourist making their way through the snowy streets. MrD sat on the sofa in front of the fire
and picked up the phone.
"Tim Duncan please" he said and waited for a moment.
"Duncan here" Tim said
"How was New Orleans" MrD cracked.
"Charming as usual...but that city has a smell all it's own" Tim said.
"You got that right" MrD laughed. "I think it has something to do with it being below sea level."
"I think it has something to do with three drunken cowboys pissing on the sidewalks of Bourbon street." Tim
said angrily.
MrD laughed."Reeled ya'll in on that one"
"Screw you D" Tim yelled. "Where the hell are you?"
"You'll find us soon enough" MrD said. "And when you do...bring the key"
"I dont have it" Tim argued
"Listen buddy, dont piss on my boots and tell me it's rainin" MrD said. "Just bring it"
"Dont you have any idea what the hell you're dealing with" Tim said
"Not really, but I know it doesnt belong in the companies hands" MrD said. "Oh and leave your friends at
"But D.." Tim replied as MrD cut him off.
"Trust me" He said and hung up the phone.

MrD sat in front of the fire for a moment. He thought to himself "I need a shower, I must smell like a wet
dawg". He got up and quietly as possible went back into the bedroom, took a moment and smiled at the
sleeping Bella. He then went into the bathroom, undressed and got in the shower.

Bella opened and then rubbed her eyes awake. She looked around and saw MrD's boots outside the
bathroom door and heard the water running. She got up, went into the bathroom and closed the door
behind her.
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Jaded heard the alarm clock go off, she turned and looked at the time.
She moved Baz's arm from around her and got up from the bed.
She paused to look at the peacefully sleeping Baz.
She noticed he was dreaming.
I hope its a good one she thought,as she grabbed her bag and headed for the shower.
Jaded emerged from the shower feeling alive and awake. She carefully picked out her clothes for dinner.
Bella said casual.. Jaded knew far to well what casual meant to Bella.
she smiled as she put on the new black lace top Bella had made for her for the up coming tour.
Jaded finished dressing and was pulling hair products from her bag when Baz entered the large bathroom.
He looked somewhat dissapointed.
Why didn't you wake me he asked?
It looked like you were having one hell of a dream she said.
The boyish smile returned to Baz's face as he gently stroked Jaded's wet hair.
You better get ready she said,as she turned the hair drier on.
Out of the corner of her eye she watched Baz take his shirt off to reveal on of the sexiest bodies she had
ever seen.

Out in the livingroom, Alice could hear through the wall that the noise was coming from the next room. He
heard women laughing, unfamiliar voices. "Must be staff" he thought to himself, relaxing a bit. Through the
wall to the other bedroom, he could hear a shower running. "Good idea" he thought, realizing he had been
too tired to even think about personal hygiene. He walked back into "his" room and smiled at Spice sleeping
peacefully right where he had left her.
Alice grabbed his bag from the chair and started in to the bathroom, but stopped and walked over to the
bed. He took the "belt buckle" out of his pocket and placed it on the pillow next to Spice's head. "Guard it
with your life" he whispered with a soft kiss to her forehead. She stirred, but didn't wake up.
Alice went into the bathroom as quietly as he could manage to clean up.

A few minutes later, a loud buzzing woke Spice from her deep sleep. She pawed at the alarm, but the sound
didn't go away.
Waking up further, she realized it was her cell phone on the table across the room. She turned her head
and felt something cold and metallic against her cheek. She grabbed the "buckle" just before it hit the floor
and carried it with her over to the table.
Picking up the phone, she saw that it was Bobby.
"Hey" she said sleepily, absentmindedly turning the object over and over in her free hand.
"It's Bobby. Are you okay?"
"Better than okay. Well rested and well protected" she said with a smile.
"You're in Salem? All of you?" Bobby said, sounding a little frantic.
"Yeah, we're fine. What's up?"
"We're getting a high concentration of the red all around you.." he replied, "you'd better get ready for a
"I think that's the plan" Spice said,trying to calm her friend, "MrD is leading them to us."
"Does he know what you're up against?" Bobby said, still frantic, "do any of you really know?"
Spice sat down in the chair and placed the key in her lap.
"We're fine, Bobby, really. I'm sure of it. We've got "part one", tomorrow we'll be on the lookout for "part
two",and if everything works the way it should, "part three" is on it's way as well. Hopefully the "purple
guys" will be there too."
"They already are. Winter Island is all lit up like a Christmas tree from here."
"Great. Then everything will be okay." Spice held her breath as Alice walked out of the bathroom in a towel.
He grinned at her sheepishly.
"Um, Bobby? Vince wants to say hello" she stammered, handing the phone to Alice. She picked up the key
and went into the livingroom, shutting the door behind her.
"That's what I call a dangerous situation" she said to herself as she slumped onto the couch.

{{Whoo! I'm thinkin': Smoke 'em if ya' got 'em! I AM!


Bella silently closed the bathroom door behind her. The STEAM in the bathroom was so thick that she could
BARELY see anything, so much for a little 'voyeristic' adventure with a 'warm weather boy', she chuckled

She hopped up and sat on the large vanity and looked at the water soaked shower doors...and the figure
behind them. Honestly, the only thing she could see was a slightly, almost 'glowing' red spot in the
middle of the man's chest. She looked down at herself and saw her own...

She silently thought to herself that all things should be kept in their 'respective' places: sitting there
'watching' a man 'shower' was 'natural' when you took into consideration that you 'died' and were 'reborn'
with - and thanks to - that man taking the shower...She wondered silently which of the two was more

"You enjoyin' yourself, BabyDoll?", came the words from the shower.

Bella laughed out loud, "You caught me."
"That doesn't answer my question, now does it?", came the reply.
Bella sighed, "No, it doesn't."
"I suppose I would be if you hadn't fogged up the damn place so much! Warm Weather Boy....", she
replied, teasingly.

Mr. D. continued with his 'ministrations' while he spoke, "You really believe that everything happens for a
Bella answered, "Yes."
Mr. D.: "So why you in the bathroom with me while I'm showerin', Darlin'?"
Bella thought about that, "Temptation.", she answered.

The water shut off and a hand reached out of the shower doors to grab a towel. A few seconds later, Mr.
D. emerged, towel around the waist. He smiled, "Am I your Temptation?"

She smiled, "game on", she thought and said, "No. I'm yours.", untieing her vest.

The Southern Gent dropped his eyes and exited the bathroom but not before hearing Bella's teasing, good
natured, giggle, "Honey, check the number I left on the table. The army navy store down the street
should be able to deliver some 'cold weather' goodies to the hotel tonite before they close...You're gonna
need 'em..."

Mr. D. found the number on the table in the main room, "damn yankees...", he muttered...

Bella undressed and closed the door....

Mr. D. made that call, in his towel, with AlienSpice looking on. He 'ordered' what the store told him he
needed for 'cold weather' camping, and paid with one of his many credit cards...

AlienSpice relayed her story 'nonchalantly' (or at least she tried to!   to Mr. D., while Mr. D. sat quite
comfortably in his towel, listening...

Mr. D. took in the information and grew increasinly 'uncomfortable' with the idea of an 'island'. "I got to go
ask that woman a question.", he said, stalking off to the bathroom.

AlienSpice watched him go and thought, so THIS is the meaning of the phrase "I hate to see you go, but I
LOVE to watch you leave...", trying - desperately - not to 'incriminate' herself with laughter...


The bathroom door pretty much 'flew' open.

Bella threw open the glass shower door and looked out, frightened, hoping it wasn't a 'green oozy
She saw Mr. D., in a towel. He looked at her face. His eyes dropped a bit, then hit the floor - you could
almost hear the thud.

Bella looked at him and closed the door again, "Can I help you with somethin?"

Mr. D. pulled himself back together, "I, um....I....er....uh..."

Bella: "You flush that toilet, I'll drown you in the shower..."
Mr. D.: "No..nah....I....", he drew a deep breath.
Bella: "Well? What? The Army Navy Store runnin' short tonite?"
Mr. D. assumed Bella's spot on the vanity after closing the door behind him, "Bella, Honey, I'm
not...uh....well...too good on the water, shall we say?"
Bella rinsed her waist length, dark, curly hair, "So? A lot of people are afraid of the sea. What does that
have to do with anything?"
Mr. D.: "Well, Honey, isn't this an 'island'? Aren't we gonna have to arrange sea fare to get there?"
Bella opened the door to smile at him and grab a towel, which he handed to her, "Nah, Honey. Winter
Island is an "off shoot' of the mainland - we're gonna drive there - without headlites and then 'maneuver'
the 'island' till we get to the underground entrance, by foot."

Mr. D. breathed a sigh of relief, which was short lived as Bella exited the shower.

He 'hopped' up, "Ok! Thank you! No BOATS! I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW!", and left the bathroom,
thinking to himself, 'I shouldn't have been enjoying seein' that woman - I'm a married man and I love my
wife and all...'.

Yet somehow, he did enjoy it, just as much as she did. And sometimes, just sometimes, 'love' comes in
'different forms'...and 'lifetimes old' is sometimes 'purer' than any other form..................................
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The alarm said "8:00"

Zoo moaned and rolled over. Time to get up. Gotta work...

"Wha?" she said aloud. Instead of the lumpy sofabed and warm hubby she expected, she was on smooth
sheets, alone.

"Right. Salem."

Across the room, Weirdkat was stretching and yawning. "I'm starving." she said. "Ready for

"Food." zoo said. "No, shower. Then food." She jumped out of the bed and grabbed her bag. Ignoring
Weirdkat's "Hey!", she locked the bathroom door, stripped and jumped in the shower.

She got out and dried off, then pawed through her backpack until she found her long black and floral skirt
and her black tank top. Bella had said dinner would be casual, but zoo had her doubts. She quickly put on
makeup and combed out her hair.

"Whoa! Weirdkat said when she stepped out of the bathroom. "Isn't that a bit much for traipsing around an

"It might be my only chance to get dressed up. Hey, this is probably the only vacation I'm gonna get this
year! I'll change before we head out."

"I see your point." Kat said, heading into the bathroom.

Zoo went into the shared livingroom. Baz and Jaded still had their door closed but she could hear voices and
the shower.
Might as well be comfortable...

Zoo flicked on the TV. A commercial was just ending and the teaser for the Eleven O'Clock News began.

"Alice Cooper's car was found this afternoon in rural Texas. Still no sign of the Shock-Rocker. More at 11."

Spice sat in the livingroom desperate for a cigarette. She thought back to her "rockstar days", and realized
this was very much a "road rules" situation. Jaded and Baz, Bella and MrD---what happens on the road
stays on the road, and all of that.
But Alice, that's different...she thought to herself, getting up and walking over to the window..isn't it?
She couldn't shake the image of his glistening chest from her mind. MrD's little "show" had been a
moment's diversion, but only a moment. She headed towards the door to the other bedroom to bum a
cigarette from Bella.
Suddenly Alice's bedroom door opened and he walked out dressed in black leather pants, a black dress
shirt, and a silver and turquoise bolero tie. Spice lost all her barely held together composure.
"Damn you!" she growled at him "if you are going to insist on being stunningly gorgeous all the time I
cannot be held responsible for my actions!"
Alice grinned what Spice was certain was an evil grin. "Relax, baby" he said, sitting down on the couch, "I
have my own set of "road rules." I haven't remained faithful to my wife all this time by being a saint." He
patted the couch next to him and Spice obediently sat down. She felt the same kind of electric current run
through her as she had felt in the caves, but this time she was certain it had NOTHING to do with the "key."
Alice touched her cheek, Spice leaned in...and there was a knock at the door.
"Room Service" the voice called brightly. Spice dropped her head to Alice's shoulder and sighed. "Guess I
better get that" she said, standing up, "you go hide yourself. But first fork over the cash."
Alice stood up and pulled a wad of bills out of his pocket. He handed them over and walked to the bedroom
"Hey Vince" Spice said as he opened the door, "you win."
"The "best looking in leather pants contest"? Number one, with a bullet." Alice smiled broadly and ducked
into the bedroom.

Bella walked out of the bedroom when she heard the knock. She saw Spice, still in her "road clothes",
handing the money over to the kid with the food.
"You haven't showered yet, honey?"she asked, glancing toward the "other" bedroom door, "whatcha been
"Dancing with the devil" Spice replied as she and Bella switched places, "He's a real good dancer. I'll tell you
all about it later. And I'm gonna need to bum a smoke, possibly two, after I navigate this shower
"I didn't know you smoked!"
"I've been trying to quit. But between you all lightin up and everything else going on here, I think I'll put off
quitting till another day."
Bella laughed. "You go on and get yourself dolled up..."casual", remember...and I'll take care of this."
Spice glanced at Bella's outfit and the truckloads of food being brought in and realized that Bella's definition
of "casual" matched her own. She took a deep breath and opened the door to the bedroom.

  Quote (MrDemeaonor @ Mar. 11 2005,16:01)
   Bella opened and then rubbed her eyes awake. She looked around and saw MrD's boots outside the
   bathroom door and heard the water running. She got up, went into the bathroom and closed the door
   behind her.

{{I did consider following up this post with one describing Bella bursting out of the bathroom laughing her
head off and MrD frantically following behind her. Wrapped in a towell and desperatley explaining that the
water was cold and that there had been "shrinkage....significant shrinkage!"}}
(Mr. Demeanor)

Zoogirl heard the shower cut off, and a few minutes later WeirdKat emerged wrapped in one towel and
vigorously drying her short blond hair on another. She looked at Zoogirl and said “I‟ll be dressed in a couple
of minutes. Did something happen? You look a little worried.” “I just caught a teaser for the 11:00 news”
replied Zoogirl. “They‟ve found Alice‟s car back in Texas…” WeirdKat nodded thoughtfully, and said “Better
go tell Mr. D and the others...give me a moment to pull myself together.” Moving quickly to the bedroom,
Kat rummaged through her pack and drew out a fresh underwear, a pair of black jeans and a black
Megadeth T-shirt. She pulled them on, ran a comb through her hair and pulled her black lifter‟s gloves back
onto her hands. Joining Zoogirl again, they went along to meet the others for the dinner-news-and-
planning session.

MrD opened the door to the suite to find that it was Zoo and Kat knocking. "Hidee ya'll ..come on in" he said
smiling. "Well check out the Zoogirl all dressed up" Zoo smiled and entered in her long floral skirt. "You're
just as purdy as a spring mornin" he remarked.
"Thank you" she said and took a seat on the sofa.
He took Kats arm and escorted her in "MegaDeath huh"
"Yep" she replied
"Suits ya" he joked. "Looks like quite a spread Bella ordered up for us...dont ya think?"
"Looks yummy" Kat said. "Is that clam chowder I smell?"
"Yes i believe so...but round here I think it's called chow-dah" he said in a poor attempt at a New England

"So wheres Jaded and Baz?" MrD asked
"Oh they'll be along soon" Zoo said.
MrD just smiled and nodded and poured himself a drink. "Can I fix ya'll sumpin" he drawled. "we have
"That sounds good" Kat said.
"Nothing for me" Zoo said. "have you seen the news?"
"No why" MrD asked
"They found Alice's Viper...supposed to be more about it on the eleven o'clock news" Zoo explained.
"Yeah I figured...I called Saul and told him to ditch it out in the country somewhere...I didn't want him
connected to us"
"Well thats a relief" Kat said as she sipped her champagne. "mmmm this is really good... I'm normally not a
champagne kinda gal...but this is REALY good."
MrD held up the large green bottle..."Hell it outta be...Dom Perignon...bout a hunerd bucks a bottle"

"Hey D you look nice...all cleanshaven and scrubbed." Zoo commented.
MrD took a second to examine himself. He wore a new pair a black Levi's, his best lizard skin boots, also
black, and a crisp, white, linen shirt. "Well thank ya...the wife tells me I clean up purdy good."
"No tie" Kat joked
"Nope...dont even own one" he replied.
(Mr. Demeanor)

"Where's Alice?" Kat asked.
Pointing to the bedroom..."In there watching TV" MrD explained. "I reckon I'll hafta tell 'em bout his car"
Kat and Zoo laughed.
"Aw it'll be ok...they probably got it in a impound lot....charge him bout a hunerd dollars a day...I dont
reckon that'll break him" MrD remarked.

At that moment Alice burst into the room. "What did you do with my car?" he shouted.
"Calm down slick....it'll give them Texas Rangers sumpin to do for a few days" MrD laughed.
Alice plopped down in a luxurius wing back chair next to the sofa and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Well I
suppose all things considered...thats something we shouldn't worry too much about"
"Whats this WE shit?" MrD cracked. "Sounds like a personal problem to me"
"You're a real comedian D...you know that" Alice said at his most sarcastic.
"Leather pants?" MrD commented
"Yeah...what about them?" Alice said as MrD handed him a videotape.
"Oh nuthin" MrD grinned
"Hey...I'm a big rock star remember...I can pull off this look"
"You sure can" Zoo and Kat said in unison.
"I guess so" D said..."but...aint they..ya know...kinda itchy"
Alice just gave D one of his looks..."Whats this?" he asked examining the tape.
"One of the tapes I took from that patrol car back down in Tennessee. Thought we'd have a look while
we're waiting on the others"

Bella entered the room "I see our little dinner party is starting to shape up"
MrD turned from the cabinet that housed the tv and dvd/vcr combo and looked at Bella. "Wow" was all he
could utter.
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Are yer ready yet? Baz yelled from the bedroom.
Yep, Jaded said walking outa the bathroom.
Baz stood up and took Jaded's hand giving it a gental kiss.
They made their way to the door of the suite.
Hey Baz.. Can we go down to the truck for a minute..I think I forgot something down there.
He smiled as he hit the button for the elevator.
As the lift rang and the doors opened Jaded could'nt resist looking at Baz and sayin,"oh.. good morning Mr
Tyler.. going down?' Baz laughed as he pushed Jaded to the back of the elevator and the doors closed.

The doors opened in the lobby.. Jaded froze, The was a man screaming a the woman at the front desk.
Jaded quickly hit the button to take them back up to the third floor.
Baz looked at Jaded, Bloody hell woman do you just like riding in elevators or something?
Jaded didn't answer.
She was visably shaking..
Do you know that man Baz asked in calming manor.
Yep.. she said.. lets just say Bella and I have a score to settle with the steroid king.
Not that we don't have enough problems right now.
Jaded thought how the hell she was gonna tell Bella about seeing Jake.

Baz and Jaded walked into the suite to join the others.
Bella looked at Jaded, You look as white as a ghost
girlfriend.. Whats the matter?
Jaded took a deep breath and told Bella what had happened.
Mother f***er.. Hold dinner.. We'll be right back.
Jaded and Bella proceeded to room 204 where Jake was now screaming at the very young lady who was
with him.
Bella stood back from the door and gave it one solid kick, the Tae kwondo classes were starting to pay off.
Once inside the room Jaded looked at the terrified girl.. Get out of here she said.. this has nothing to do
with you..the girl ran.
Bella pulled the gun out of her waistband, and held it to his head..this is for Lynda.. Stop Bella Jaded
yelled..Lets scare him the same way he did to our friend.
Jaded pushed open the balcony doors and motioned Bella to get Jake out there.
Ha thought I was gonna let you live Jaded said as Bella pushed him out to the balcony.Jake slipped on the
snow covered ground and Jaded saw the opertunity to shove him over the rail.
They heard him scream as he fell to the ground.
As the two girls looked over the balcony, they saw the body disintegrate into green ooze.
I guess the bad guys have been around us for a very long time!
Lets get outa here!
The two girls ran from the room.
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The two women entered the room.

Mr. D. eyed Bella, who smiled at him in return, "What the Hell was that?", he asked.
Jaded and Bella exchanged a glance: "Company Business.", Bella answered. Jaded laughed. Bella closed
the door behind her and 'fluffed' the red chiffon ruffles on the tank top she was wearing, 'adjusted' the
black stretch jeans and fixed the rhinestone belt - not an outfit meant for 'kicking'...Mr. D. watched her, she
knew it and 'gave him a small show'... what the hell...

Jaded once again returned to the Englishman's side, and Bella spoke to the four person waitstaff assigned
to their dinner. It would be served in one half hour...The waitstaff busied themselves with 'linens' and
'settings' and, of course, the Sterling Roses...

She eyed the group and was proud to say they were her friends. She bent to sniff a rose..ah...nothing
'lighter' than the scent of a Sterling...she touched the pale purple petals and looked up to see a glass of
champagne held out in front of her. She looked up to find Mr. D. offering it to her. Bella took it, clinked
her glass with his and sipped it.
"You're looking fine.", She smiled, no hint of her accent detectable - sleep could do that for her.
"Thank you, Darlin'. I might say the same of you - with a few more descriptive terms, that is...", he
answered chuckling...

The pair looked up to see Zoo and WeirdKat staring at them. They smiled back and turned to speak to
each other...
Mr. D. said, "I'm sure they think that we, uh...... you know... in the shower..."
Bella: "Does it matter?"
Mr. D.: "I reckon I don't rightly know."
Bella smiled, "In my experience, it doesn't matter if you 'did or didn't' - people will believe what they want

AlienSpice walked by at that point and whispered to the two: "Road Rules Apply.", smiling.
Bella smiled back at her, looked at Alice in his tight black leather pants and said to her, "Indeed, they do."

Bella moved away to talk to Alice.
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She sat on the arm of his wingback and crossed her legs, brushing off her black platform boots.

"You're looking very hot tonite, honey.", she ventured, touching the black leather with one finger, to the
man who was sitting looking as though he'd lost his best friend. He looked up at her. She smiled, "Sorry,
 always wanted to do that..."
Alice, "S'ok. I loved that car..."
Bella, "Cars can be replaced: people can't."
Alice sighed, "I know. You're right."

Bella called over to Mr. D.: "Hey baby - can you fill one of those champagne glasses with spring water for
our friend here?"
Mr. D.: "Sure can."
Zoo got up and retrieved the full glass, bringing it to Alice and sat on the opposite arm of his chair,
 handing it to him.
He handed her the video tape and she handed it to Mr. D., who put it in the vcr.

Bella smiled at her, "You look pretty.."
Zoo smiled her thanks and looked uncomfortable. "Something wrong?", Bella asked her.
Zoo looked uncertain, "I'm just not too comfortable with the 'familiarity' in the group, I guess."
Bella answered, "Sometimes, things are not always as they appear."
Zoo: "I guess not.."
Alice, "How far is this 'island'?"
Bella, "'bout 10 minutes from here. The weather out there is going to be brutal though. We're all going
to have to change our clothes."
Alice, "How so, brutal?"
Bella looked at him and eyed his 'belt buckle', he moved his head to catch her eyes. She said, "I was
looking at the buckle!"
Alice, "Right....", he said slyly.
Bella actually blushed, even though she was looking at the buckle and decided, what the Hell, 'guilty'
anyway, and glanced at his crotch before answering, "The snow, the wind, the sea, the exposure..At the
top of the island, where we have to go, there's no 'shelter' from any of that. We're on our own. No
flashlights - till we get to the fort entrance, no headlights, we can't risk giving ourselves away to the folks
who live there year round. I'm not even sure how we'll get past the guard at the entrance...."
Zoo, "This is gonna be rough."
Alice rubbed his eyes, "Yes it is."

The sound of gunshots could be heard coming from the TV, as Mr. D. stood with the remote, carefully
viewing the police car tape, "We'll find a way. We have to.", he said.

While all this was going on, Kat had been sitting quietly to one side, watching the others. Bella looked over,
caught sight of her, and said “Kat? You OK over there? Hey, you don‟t have a glass…” “Oh, I don‟t usually
go for champagne. I guess I‟ll join Alice with the „designer water‟. I‟ll get it” she added as Bella rose to get
her a glass. As she walked over to the table, Alice caught site of her in her “Megadeth” shirt. Seeing his
raised eyebrow and amused expression, she said, defensively, “Hey, at least it‟s not Marilyn Manson, Ozzy
Osborne or KISS!” Bella laughed. Mr. D and Baz both took a good look then, and got a bit wide-eyed
themselves. Zoogirl saw their faces, laughed and said “Uh, Kat? I don‟t think it‟s the logo…you usually
don‟t wear shirts quite that, uh, „fitted‟. Kat blushed, just a little bit. (While it‟s true that the Kat is a bit too
paddy below the waist, above it she is what you may call “well-upholstered”! )

Bella took in the men's expressions from her seat on the arm of Alice's chair...she smiled, thinking, "We are
a kickin' bunch of ladies........."

Baz felt a bit out of place with the way everyone was dressed.They seem to be in their best garb,whie Baz
had on a fresh pair of Levi`s,which always felt good,a Jethro Tull t/s from the `82 tour,and a pair of black
Converse sneakers.
"Did you guys know we would be staying at a posh hotel ?,Or do yer always take designer gear on the road
"Why,whats the matter ,you look fine to me " Zoo said to him."Its not as though we are going out anywhere
is it ? "
"I would still be wearing these,it`s what I am,a strictly denim and t/s man"
"As long as yer not going to Winter Island like that"Bella said
"Oh,he`s not,don`t worry " Jaded added,giving Baz a broad smile"After dinner I`ll go and dress him"
"More like undress yer mean" D said.
Baz looked at him with a false look of hurt "Do you mind,I`m married " Then the broad smile spread across
his face,the schoolboyish look that Jaded found hard to resist.

"Anyway, it's just a skirt. I got it for three bucks at a secondhand." zoo smiled at Baz. "I only brought it
because I though I'd be frying in Arizona, not freezing in New England. The ski-jacket was for the border
'cause I figured my leather might make 'em look a little too hard. Speaking of which, we still don't have
winter clothes."

"A posh place like this must have a gift shop, maybe even a boutique. Right?" Weirdkat said.

"Right." Jaded nodded. "We'll all stop by before we leave."

"Aw, I thought yer were just going to dress me." Baz gave Jaded a mock hurt look.

Jaded gave him a look that made Bella laugh and Baz turn an alarming shade of red.

"I take it back." zoo said with a grin. "It's plenty warm in here."

Alice was looking at Baz's chest. "Don't any of you wear my stuff?!" he said with a sigh.

Spice gave him an impudent grin. "Why? We've got the real thing!"
After a moment he smiled back. "Okay, I'll let you off this time."

They settled down to the meal. It was as delicious as it looked.

"I'd feel better if this didn't remind me of the Last Supper." Weirdkat said.

Mr D snorted and began to sing "I Just Wanna Be God" until Alice gave him a dirty look and he went back to
his chowder.

{{sorry I was missing yesterday, y'all--catering a wedding}}

Spice walked over to MrD and took the glass of champagne he poured for her, then to Bella. "Can I get that
light now, lady?" she asked. Bella handed her a cigarette, and MrD produced a lighter and lit it up for her.
Spice walked over to the table by the window to be away from the food. The first drag calmed her nerves
"You know, Vince, we're all wearing YOUR stuff now" she said, hiking up the hem of her black lace skirt to
reveal the "Alice Eyes" brand on her left thigh, just above the binding of her stocking.
"I've been thinking of getting a tattoo there anyway, but it looks like our "friends in high places" took care
of that for me." Alice turned three shades of red, and MrD and Baz looked, and then looked away.
"Luckily our "friends in high places" do nice work" Bella said, touching her own brand on her arm, "this
would cost a pretty penny."
Spice noticed that Alice was staring at her...not at the "brand", but at the silver pentacle around her
neck,visible for the first time in her low cut burgundy velvet blouse. She smiled at him.
"Don't fret" she said sweetly, "this was given to me by a nice Christian lady. It's a sign of protection, just
like that cross you've got there. The only "dancing with the devil" I've been doing has been right here in this
room." She winked at Alice, who took a big gulp of water and turned his attention to the television. Zoo and
Kat looked at Spice with alarm. She shook her head, hoping to convey to them that NOTHING had
happened, and took a last, long drag of the cigarette. She crushed it out and turned to Bella.
"Thanks, I needed that. Now, did somebody say prime rib? Nice and bloody, I hope. We're gonna need all
the strength we can get."

  Quote (zoogirl @ Mar. 13 2005,08:11)
   Mr D snorted and began to sing "I Just Wanna Be God" until Alice gave him a dirty look and he went back
   to his chowder.

Are you sure that wasn't "Shall We Gather at the River" I was singing.
(Mr. Demeanor)

Tim Duncan's jet landed at an isolated Air Force Base in southern Nevada at 7:35 pm Pacific time. He was
met by a military escort and taken inside the base and then led to the office of the base commander,
General McMullin.

"Well Tim, it's good to see you again" the General said. "how are things over in Langley"
Tim reached over the generals desk and shook his hand. "Hot General...and getting hotter by the minute."
"I suppose you're referring to all the recent activity we've been seeing" the General remarked.
"Yes...I didn't come all the way out here on a social call" Tim said.
"I didn't think so....why are you here then?" the General asked.
Tim opened his brief case and removed a file, a dossier on a man know to the world as Alice Cooper and
dropped it on the Generals desk. Tim Duncan sat quietly as General McMullin read through the file. After
several minutes the General peered over the file and looked Tim in the eyes. "So you're telling me...that
Alice Cooper...the rock star...who's been missing now for over a week is the only one who can do this?"
"It certainly appears that way" Tim said as he took several more folders from his brief case and handed
them over to the General.
"Who are these people?" the General asked as he looked through the files one-by one. Each had a heading.
Zoogirl, AlienSpice, Bella Donna, Jaded and WeirdKat.
"Are these some kind of code names?" the General asked. "According to these files they seem to be just
ordinary people..How are they involved?"
"They call themselves The SickThings General...fans, if you will, of Mr.Cooper who for reasons I'm not too
sure about have been escorting Cooper to his destination..oh and General there are two more with them."
Tim said.
"Who?" the General asked rather sternly.
Tim dropped the files on MrD and Baz on the generals desk.
"Well I WILL be damned...D and Baz...sonofabitch. I thought they had retired not too long after that little
affair in Peru. How did they get involved?" The General asked.
"Same way...fans. Apparantly Cooper's relationship with these people goes back some time. Do you
rememeber that doctor that we had working on those sleep experiments a while back?" Tim asked
"Landy" the General replied.
"Yeah thats him...it must have started there. Cooper was always his pet project and it seems somehow he
contacted and assembled this group then. To help him escape from Landy's experiments." Tim explained.
"You dont have to tell me the rest Tim...Landy's dead, and millions of dollars and years of work went to hell
in a hand basket all because of a zoo keeper, a public health engineer, a chef, a seamstress, a restaurant
owner and two retired troubleshooters. Not to mention a man named Alice" the General said.
Tim hid his smile and said.."Yessir"
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The General leaned back in his chair and folded his hands behind his head. "I remember back in seventy-
two when I was stationed over at Edwards. I was just a young lieutenant then , me and some buddies went
to an Alice Cooper concert over in Bakersfield. Goddamnedest thing I ever saw" the General laughed.

A more serious look came over the General as he leaned forward over his desk. "Have you talked to D Tim?"
he asked.
"Yessir, only a few hours ago." Tim answered.
"Where is he?" asked the General.
"We think somewhere in New England"
"THINK you mean you dont know" The General shouted.
"Well ...sir...we..." Tim stammered
"Ol D and Baz give ya'll the slip didn't they" the General laughed.
"Yessir" Tim said.
"Dont surprise me I suppose" the General chuckled. "Hell those two could fool a skunk outta his stink." The
General asked .."Does D know what those damned things are for?"
"Not sure...all he said was that he knew we had one key, they had one and that he knew where the third
one was. He may have it by now. Oh... and he said for me to come alone" Tim answered.
"And that's why your here then Tim ...to get the key and take it to him." the General snarled.
"Yessir" Tim said.
"Do you trust him Tim?" the General asked.
"I dont trust anyone General" Tim replied.
"Well I do" the General said. "C'mon Tim...I'll take you to it"

At 8:47 pm Pacific time Tim Duncan's jet took off headed to Logan International.
Tim sat quietly in his seat. Resting on his lap was an aluminum case that contained the second key.
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Zoo moved uncomfortably asainst the chair. Her right shoulderblade hurt.

"What's the matter?" Weirdkat asked.

"I think something bit me. Hurts."

"Let me look." zoo turned her back and Weidkat gently pulled her tanktop down at the back. "Yep" she said.
"You've got 'em."



"Welcome to the club." Spice said.
zoo laughed nervously. "Your eyes are tattooed on my shoulder..." she sang. "Guess I'm stuck with ya,

Alice shook his head. "Sorry. Does it hurt much? Heck, I never even got a tattoo."

"Aw, not your fault." zoo went back to her soup. "Hey, Alice," she said after a moment. "This design. Did it
just kind of pop into your head?"

"Pretty much."

"I think it's two suns." zoo said. "I bet they have two suns at home."

Jaded stared at zoo. "It kind of makes your realize just how alien they really are."

" Never had this chowder before I don`t think.Looks like summat a sick puppy would bring up "Baz said as
he stared at the contents of his spoon.
"For f***s sake Baz,we`re trying to eat "Kat said to him "this is New Englands best "
"Any ribs going ,or chicken ,barbecued,what about grits,I gotta have grits,tell me there`s grits "
"Sorry buddy ,no grits.This lot don`t know what real food is."
"I`ll have steak then,well done" he bemoaned.
"The steak is rare Baz "Zoo said grinning at him.
"For gods sake,tell me the veg is cooked"
He settled on veg and fruit.
"No lead in my pencil tonight" he said ,staring right at Jaded.
The meal was over in about forty five minutes,Baz could`nt wait to get started for Winter Island and was
telling all how they should all get their cold weather gear on .

In his room,Jaded was in the bathroom "taking a leak "before we go.
Baz was putting on a thick sweater when Jaded entered the room.
"Don`t bother with that" She walked up to him and put her arms around his neck and her legs around his
"The rock n roll star will have to wait awhile"

The trip to the gift shop had been productive. Zoo was pulling on a cableknit fisherman's sweater,
handmade locally. It was beautiful as well as warm.

"At least we won't freeze." Weirdkat said as she emerged from a sweater of her own. "This'll be nice for
fieldwork when we get home."

"Yeah. Home. I'm starting to forgot what it looks like." zoo sighed and plopped on the bed. "We're all going
to be different after this. Everything's going to be different. Bella and D, andn Jaded and Baz..."

'Road rules, sweetie." Weirdkat smiled at zoo. "They're adults. You're not going to go all prude, are you?"

"As if!" Zoo said. "No, I'm just worried about after. When they go home."

"This is real, in the sense that we're all awake and in the real world, but it's still time outside of our "real'
lives. See what I mean?" Weirdkat said.

"Yeah. "Vegas" time."

"Exactly. Now, ya ready?"

"As I'll ever be." Zoo looked around the room. "I'm set. Let's go."
They both seemed as nervous as teenagers left alone in the house. Baz smiled as the two fell to the bed.
Jaded realized how much Baz cared for her, and she gave into her temptation.

30 minutes later Baz and Jaded headed for the bathroom to take a quick shower,dress and meet the

The smiles on their faces would surely give them away..

The others had left to go get changed and ready themselves for their short trip.

Mr. D. began 'going through' the Army/Navy store delivery, divvying up the assortment of thermal shirts,
pants, 'hot hands', gloves, hats and jackets etc... He'd gotten enough for everyone, so he packed up the
extras for the others and would give them to the others when they got ready to leave.

Alice and AlienSpice took their 'allotments' and moved to the bedroom to change.

Bella stood up with her belongings and walked off to the other bedroom with Mr. D. right behind her.

"This stuff is gonna weigh a thousand pounds, I reckon.", D. Said to her.
"Yeah, but you'll be warm. Don't forget the thick socks: if your feet stay warm and dry, then the rest of
your body will too.", Bella answered.

She moved to one side of the bed and turned her back to him, taking off her blouse. Mr. D. whistled,
"That's quite a bit of ink on your back, Lady."
Bella chuckled, "Yes, yes it is. My protectors."
She unfolded the grey thermal and pulled it over her head. "Enjoying yourself, BabyDoll?", she chuckled.

That broke Mr. D.'s reverie, he whispered, "Very much so, Maam."

She removed the rhinestone belt and the platform boots. She changed her socks and went back to the
Harley Boots. She pulled a black sweatshirt down over the thermal one she already had on and smiled,
 "Show's over, Honey. You gonna get dressed now?"

Mr. D. shook himself, "Reckon I'd better...."
Bella sat on the bed, arms crossed over her legs, looking blatantly at him, "Don't forget the thermal pants,
 Cowboy. They go 'under' the jeans.", she said.
Mr. D. looked at her questioningly, "Don't you think that's a bit of overkill?"
Bella thought about it, looking at his black Levi's, she said, "Well, you can do what you want, but I'm not
gonna be responsible for the excess cold causing any 'shrinkage', if ya' know what I mean..."

Mr. D. gaped at her.

Bella laughed, " Hurry up, Cowboy." She got off the bed and slapped him on his Levi clad ass on the way
out the door.
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"Do you want me to change in the bathroom?" Alice asked, holding up the huge pile of cold weather items
MrD had provided.
"No, that is definitely NOT what I WANT."
"Perhaps I should rephrase the question?"
Spice sat down on the bed with her own pile of things.
"There's no time for us to get into any trouble now, Vince" she said resignedly, "might as well see what I'm
missing." Spice slipped off her "rockstar shoes" and started to roll down her stockings. Alice drew a sharp
breath as he undid his tie.
"Too bad we didn't get to be dressed up a little longer....I didn't tell you how lovely you looked, did I?"
Spice looked into his eyes and smiled. "Not in words....but sometimes words really aren't necessary." She
stood up and slipped on the thermals under her skirt. Alice unbuttoned and took off the black dress shirt,
folding it carefully and placing it in his bag. Spice allowed herself the pleasure of watching as he pulled on
the thermal undershirt, but the minute his fingers went to the belt buckle she turned around. There was
only so much a girl could take in a situation like this.
They finished "suiting up" and packed everything away. Spice headed for the door and took a last look
around the room, a little wistfully. Alice took a step toward her and pulled her into his arms, akwardly on
account of all the bulky clothes.
"Remember this.." he whispered, kissing her hair, " no matter what happens, remember this."
Spice fought back the tears and opened the door. She felt like she was about to face her destiny, and she
had to admit she was terrified.

Mr. D. met Bella, AlienSpice and Alice in the 'sitting room' a few moments later. AlienSpice had bummed
a much needed cig from Bella, who was happy to be able to provide it to the woman, and the two were
'dragging' comfortably from their seats on the sofa...

Bella smiled up at The D., noticing the 'bulkiness' of his 'levi's', "That a rabbit in your pocket or are ya' just
happy to see me?", she joked...

Mr. D. "The damned 'thermals'!"

Bella, "Hey, I like to prevent 'shrinkage' where ever I can...", she smiled.

AlienSpice coughed on her cig and Alice laughed...

Mr. D. looked embarrassed, "Hey, we checkin' outta here tonite or what?"

Bella: "I'm leavin' my bags, D."

AlienSpice looked from her own bags to Alice and pulled off her cig again, "I second that."

Mr. D.: "Then let's get on with it.", he said, stalking uncomfortably towards the door.

Alice, AlienSpice and Bella grabbed their coats and followed. Mr. D. grabbed the extras for the others and
they left the room.

A few moments later, they were waiting in the Silver Ford, in the Parking Lot, in 'DRIVING SNOW', for the
rest of the SickThings Team.
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Weirdkat and zoo dove into the clothes Mr D had dropped off.

"This is good stuff" Weirdkat said, holding up a set of thermal underwear and looking at it critically. "It'll do
the trick."

"I'm going to take the blue jacket, okay?" zoo said. "It looks a bit smaller in the chest. My little ski is too
darn tight over this sweater."

Zoo turned her back as Weirdkat got into her longjohns and jeans, then she got changed. A pair of hiking
boots actually fit. She was ready.

The shower was going again. Zoo knew what that probably meant. She smiled. Let them enjoy this time
together. After all, they were going into who knew what and it might be their only chance. Besides, now
maybe they could concentrate on getting through this alive instead of each other!

"I was just thinking," she said to the Kat. "Everyone showered before dinner, right?"

"Some of us, twice." Kat said with a sly grin.

"Yeah. Anyway, I was thinking. It's kind of like the old knights going into battle. Didn't some of them do a
ritual bath?"
"I think so." Weirdkat said thoughtfully. "It was kind of instinctive. I didn't feel particularly dirty, but it
seemed like the right thing to do."
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Baz and Jaded finally emerged, fully dressed. They looked like a couple of kids caught at the cookie jar.

"Hi, you guys."Jaded said. "Umm..."

"'Ello." Baz didn't look directly at either of them.

Weirdkat and zoo looked at each other and burst out laughing.

'Let's go!" Kat said, leading the way into the hall. She locked the suite behind them and carefully zipped the
keycard into the pocket of her jacket.

In the parking lot, they saw the other's already in the Ford, waiting. As they crossed the lot, another group
came out of the door to the bar. One of the guys looked directly into the truck and stopped dead. He was
staring at Alice.

Bella saw them at the same moment. Zoo motioned for her to roll down her window.

"Hey!" zoo shouted in a loud, half drunken voice. "Tell "Alice" back there he buys the first round next time."

Bella caught on. "Thanks, boys" she said to the men. "Everytime someone mistakes our friend for Alice
Cooper, he has to buy a round."

The man gave his head a shake and grinned. "Hope he's got a well paying job!" They walked away.

"That", Bella said quietly, "Was too damn close. Let's get outta here! Follow me."

The two vehicles pulled out.
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Bella put a hand on Mr. D.'s leg. Turning to the back seat, she said, "Everyone ready?"

Alice and AlienSpice answered, "Yes." AlienSpice was huddled under Alice's arm rather 'protectively',
 causing Bella to smile...

"A'Spice, Honey?", Bella asked.
"Yeah, Bellie?", AlienSpice answered.

Bella slid her hand slightly higher up Mr. D.'s thigh, "You get that 'belt buckle offa' him now. I don't
wanna lose the 'key', but I REFUSE to lose Alice, ya' heah?"

Alice looked at AlienSpice wickedly grinning. AlienSpice answered, "I think I'm gonna need yet another cig,
 Bella...", she chuckled...

Bella slid that hand even higher, "I got plenty, A'Spice, just ask...", she chuckled back...

Mr. D. stared at Bella very uncomfortably, "Damn. I think I actually forgot mine...."

Bella smiled, "I got plenty for you too, BabyDoll..."

She pulled out of the lot taking a right...she took the next quick right - skidding in the snow- Jaded in the
Blazer did the same. Of course, Jaded was driving in a much 'calmer, less frustrated manner'....Bella picked
up the CB:

Bella to Blazer: "Girl? You feelin' hot tonite?"
Jaded to Ford: "Just lukewarm now!"
Bella to Blazer: "Ahahahah! Like "Lucas Buck" said, "Never let your conscience be your guide..." {{{
 Lucas Buck, 'American Gothic' Series 1995-96 }}}
"We learned that a long time ago, Bella!", Jaded answered back.
"Follow me, Jaded. Do what I do, WHEN I do it, Got it?", Bella said.
"Got it." , came the reply.
Bella put the CB down...

"Got it!", AlienSpice giggled in the back seat..The sound of soft male laughter could be heard as
well...music, as far as Bella's ears were concerned...

After a series of quick lefts and rights, Bella killed the headlites. Jaded did too.

Mr. D. sat up in the passenger seat, Bella squeezed his knee, he had artillery all around. Bella pulled up at
the 'guard shack': the lights were on, but no one was home.

Bella: "That's neither normal, nor good.", she said to Mr. D.
Mr. D. pulled her halo flashlight out of her bag and flashed it for a second on the snow covered ground
before them. In the brief flash, they saw a partially snow covered body in the roadway, "That's even
worse.", he said, extinguishing the flashlight.

Mr. D. picked up the CB: Ford to Blazer: "Do not go straight. Follow the Ford exactly."
Blazer to Ford," Got it..."

The Silver Ford and the Blazer proceeded to the rear of the 'island'.....going 'around' the body in the
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Bella drove the Ford to the right of the gate house, towards the quick rear of the island and also, toward
the Power Plant side.

As she rounded the corner, Mr. D. grabbed onto Bella instinctively, whispering, "Damn....this place is lit
up like a Christmas Tree..."

AlienSpice: "As promised..."

Bella pulled in next to an old abandoned, boarded up brick building. She had no idea what it's original
purpose was, but as far as she was concerned, brick was good.

The Blazer pulled in alongside her. Both engines killed, the keys pocketed...

Bella got out of the truck, into the sideways driving snow. Looking at Jaded, she yelled over the howling
wind, "Glad to see you so 'rosey cheeked'!

Jaded laughed out loud as Zoo and Kat and Baz exited the truck.

Baz: "Which way???"

Bella looked at him as Mr. D. pulled up alongside her, pulling his hood tighter, slinging an arm around her
waist, "Up the road a piece, to the left, then up the big hill to the right, to the top of this sucker.", she
yelled over the wind, pulling her hood tighter...

Alice and AlienSpice pulled up the rear. To them, Mr. D. yelled, "Boy! You got that Key???"

AlienSpice chuckled, "Well, let's just say that one of us has it!", she said smiling up at Alice...
Mr. D.: "Good enough...Girl...", he said, scoochin' Bella on the butt, "lead the way..."...

She did...
The wind was more than the "Warm Weather's" were ready for. It bit and howled, slipped inside their
clothing and stung like fire. Snow blinded them and made even their thick soled hiking boots treacherously

'Was that...was that a body? Back at the guardshack?" zoo shouted at Bella.

Bella just nodded and put her head down.

Zoo and the Kat exchanged worried looks. Suddenly, it was very real. That body was human. One of their
own.They trudged on, going uphill against the wind.

"This ain't no Redneck Riviera, that's for sure." Mr D pulled Bella a little closer. Baz said something, but his
word were lost in the howling night.

Bell led them on. They changed direction and for a few moments the wind came sideways a them. Another
change and then the road rose steeply. The snow wasn't as deep as they'd expected . Most of it was piled in
the hollows and drifted against the trees. The rest was packed down and hard. Finally they reached the top
of the hill.

"What now?" zoo shouted at Bella.


They reached the top of the hill. They had to 'go down' from there, slightly and CAREFULLY to their right
to reach the 'entrance'....

Bella pointed with D. stuck close to her, "That way!", she yelled.

"Popping sounds", rang out in the 'silence' that only 'snow' can 'provide'... "Gunfire!", Mr. D. yelled,
 throwing himself and Bella down to the ground... "Get down, Get down!!!!!", he yelled. The SickThings
followed behind them in the blinding, wind driven, sea driven, snow.....

Bella thought, as she hit the snow covered ground, 'snow is so 'silent'...such good 'sound cover'...no one
will ever hear us 'scream'....she looked at Mr. D. She was afraid. For the first time she could remember,
 she was scared....

Baz had pushed Jaded behind a mound of snow covered earth and had almost rugby tackled Spice and Zoo
to the ground.He had heard the "pops" and he knew what they were,he`d heard them many over the last
twenty years.
"Quiet "He shouted.He had already taken out the Barretta,holding it with an ungloved,freezing hand.
"New England" he thought to himself "More like the Russian steppes"
He rolled over on to his front and looked around to try and find D.The visibilty was down to a few yards,the
snow hurt his face as he surveyed the scene.
Over to his left he saw D looking at him.Baz signalled for him to stay there.He then proceded to scurry over
to where his friend was,his mucker,his mate,call him what you will.It always felt good to have him there.
"Any ideas where the shots came from " Baz asked.
"None at all,I don`t know if it was us that were being shot at"
"I agree,in this weather they must have been shooting blind anyway"
"D`yer think we may have stumbled cross someone elses war "
"Could be"
"Christ my hands are frozen" Baz said,he saw that D had removed his gloves as well.Can`t hold a gun with
big gloves on.
D went on,"We`re gonna have ter have a look see ,you take the east ridge and i`ll go round the west
ridge.Take Zoo with yer ,she `s used to this snow shit "
"Which is the east ridge ?"
D pointed to his right "Have a quick look round,and be careful,"
"And you buddy "
Baz and Zoo crawled down into the woods about twenty yards and stopped.They listened the best they
could,which was virtually impossible and moved on at five minute intervals.
"If you see anything,shoot it,aim to kill" Baz told Zoo "It`s us or them "
"What if it`s a good guy ?" Zoo asked "One of ours"
"Tough shit.All ours are sat above us waiting for our return,nobody else matters"
Zoo looked at Baz "OK,no problem "
Baz got the feeling that although she made have been on the road a lot,she wasn`t a cold blooded killer.He
was glad about that.
But then again,who was.He was ,D was,they could kill a man and not think twice about it.
"It didn`t always be that way though " he thought to himself.
"We were made into what we are today,f*****g assasins "
He pulled himself out of his daydream,"Lets move on "
They moved forward towards a ridge that was running down the hill,and slowly raised their heads to have a
"Bloody `ell " Zoo said "Look "
Baz was looking ,but he allowed himself a smile.He liked those around him to use his language once in a
while,made him feel less of a foreigner.
There were six people there, two sat down on large rocks,two stood up and the other two tied to a
tree,their heads on their chests as though unconcious,but he couldn`t be sure.
Baz pulled Zoo down.
"Get back to the others ,gather them together,tell em what youv`e seen.Tell them to arm themselves,keep
outa sight then wait for D and Bella to return.When he does , bring him to me,ok ?"
"OK Baz "Zoo said .She turned to go when Baz grabbed her by the arm."Be careful,and tell Jaded I`m
missing her "
"You bet"
Baz watched her scurry away into the night,then proceded to watch the happenings below.
He could make out a shape out on the ground near the two men sat on the rock,he couldn`t make out
though ,whether it was a body or not.He sat and waited.The cold weather gear was doing it`s job to a
certain extent,but his hands were cold even though they were pushed deep inside his pockets.
He allowed himself to think about sunnier climes,places where he felt at home,where he felt safe,where life
was good.
He thought about his home in Yorkshire,the most beautiful place he had ever seen.He thought about all the
times he had stopped with D,down in Alabama,always sunshine,never rain.The nights they would sit on the
porch,chewing the fat,talking about nothing in particular,just chilling with a brew,or an Uncle Jack,or maybe
a toke,it really didn`t matter.Baz thought about being there right now.He had a bad feeling about this,he
had from the very start.He took another look over the top and waited,and waited.

Spice slowly raised herself up from the mound of snow Baz had thrown her into. She felt nauseous with
fear, and something else...a familiar feeling, from long ago, but one she couldn't really identify. She felt
something burning in her pocket through all the layers. Reaching in carefully, she pulled out the "key" to
see that the center disk was glowing bright orange. She put it back and looked around. She could see Kat
near to her still on the ground. A little further on, she could see a shape she recognized as Jaded, face
down in the snow.
"Kat!" she screamed through the snow, "can you reach her? Is she okay?" Kat crawled slowly through the
snow and shook Jaded with all her might. "Come on, girl, wake up!" Kat yelled, "you've got to wake up!"
Spice could just see through the blinding snow that Jaded was coming to, slowly. "She's not hurt, is she?"
Kat shook her head. "She's just stunned. Stay down!" Kat pulled Jaded back down as more shots rang
out...from where, they still couldn't tell. Spice crawled low as she could over to the two women.
"Let's see if we can make it over to that building" she said when she got close enough for them to hear,
"we'll have a little bit of cover." The three started to crawl through the snow and wind toward the building,
about 15 feet away.
Spice suddenly stopped and turned to face Weirdkat. "Where are the others?" she cried, panic creeping in.
"Zoo went with Baz, Bella went with MrD..."
"Alice! Where's Alice?" Spice tried to stand up, but Jaded pulled her back down. "Wait! Let's get to safety
first." They crawled as quickly as they could toward the cement building and leaned against it to rest. Spice
stood up, shakily and surveyed the blinding white field. She couldn't see anyone. She slumped back down
against the wall.
"Oh no, oh no" she moaned, wrapping her arms around her body, "He doesn't have it! They took him, and
he doesn't have it!"
Kat and Jaded put their arms around her and tried to calm her down. "It's okay honey, we'll find him" Kat
said, holding on to her. Spice shook her head. "You don't understand.." she murmured, "I have the key. He
doesn't have it...they think he does...what will they do to him...?" Jaded and Kat looked at each other as
Spice drew the object from her pocket. It was glowing bright orange and giving off powerful heat.
"Put it back!" Weirdkat yelled, "we'll find him. Let's not draw any attention to ourselves!" she looked in
Spice's eyes and saw that they were wild as a deer in headlights. She knew from her disaster training that
the most important thing was to keep the panic in check.
"We've got to wait for the others, and then we'll find him" she said, petting Spice's head to soothe her. Over
her head, she looked at Jaded and mouthed "I hope."

(Hey Baz, "bloody 'ell" is one of my favorites!       Let's put it this way - one of my fav TV characters is

Onslow from "Keeping Up Appearances"              )

Zoo half crouched half crawled through the snow. It seemed to take forever until she saw the hump of
ground that she knew hid her friends. She plunged over it, gasping. Through the snow she could see the
trail that led to the building. She found them there.

"Okay, we located 'em."

"Who?" Weirdkat said.

"Six of them. Two standing, two seated and two tied to a tree. Out cold, or worse, I think. Jaded, Baz
misses ya." zoo spent the next couple of minutes catching her breath.

Jaded closed her eyes. She was still for just a moment and when she opened them, there was a definate
moistness. "He okay?' she said gruffly.

"Fine." zoo gave her an encouraging smile. "Just observing." She caught sight of Spice. "What's wrong?"

"Alice is gone." Jaded said. She looked strong again. "We don't know...we think they've got him. Spice has
the key. So, what's the plan?"

"Soon as Bella and D come back, I'll take him to Baz. We don't know which are the good guys and which
aren't. Can't see much through this damn stuff. It never snows like this in BC! Not in Surrey, anyway. We're
lucky to get a whole week of it. Over sixty degrees back home, last I heard, and I'm stuck in a blizzard."

"Some Canadian!" Spice said with a shaky laugh.

Zoo just gave her a rueful grin. Bella came over the hill, followed closely by Mr D.

"Did you see 'em?" zoo asked.

"Not very well." Mr D said.

Zoo nodded. "Alice is missing. I'm supposed to take you to Baz. Let's go."

"Alice? Oh, damn, damn, damn! Bella..." Mr D said.

"Yeah, I know." She went into his arms. Everyone found something else to look at for a couple of seconds.

'I know you ladies can look after yourselves. We'll find Alice too, don't worry. Spice?"

"I'm okay. Just go."

D and zoo crawled over the hill and back through the trees.
Out in the open it was much harder to hear against the wind than it had been in the lee of the hill. Zoo
pointed the way while Mr D followed. At the top of the little crest, zoo stopped and let D go first.

"See anything?" she mouthed.

Mr D peered through the snow. He seemed to be concentrating on the bound figures. His face was hard.

"Aw, crap."

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MrD made his way over the rise to Baz. "Just like old times eh buddy" he grinned.
"I dont ever remember it being this f***ing cold mate" Baz said.
"It looks like whoever that is over there they've got a couple of civilian prisoners, probably park employees."
"Are they alive?" Baz asked
"Not sure...but if they aint dead now they will be soon" MrD said.
"I suppose you're planning on rescuing them then" Baz cracked
"Reckon so" MrD said.
Baz looked at MrD, their faces almost touching in order to hear each other talk. "We'll hafta get bloody
close" he said.
"I know" D said as he took off the heavy coat.
"What the bloody 'ell are yer doin D you'll freeze your arse off!" Baz exclaimed
"Gotta get outta this thing, I cant move in it, I feel like the goddamn Michelin tire man." D said.
"Who?" Baz asked
"Nevermind" D said. "I'll go around the back...you slip down there between those trees. That one guy sitting
on that big rock has a big gun, probably automatic, when I pop him you take the two on the right. That big
guy walking around, doin all the talkin...I want him alive."
"Sounds fun" Baz said
"Oh and Baz" D said
"Wot?" he answered.
"Try not to shoot me ok" D said.
"Yer cut me to the quick sometimes yer know that dont ya" Baz smiled.

MrD dissappeared into the darkness and Baz moved quietly among the trees, trying to get as close as he
could to wait for MrD's signal.
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Baz gave D five minutes to get round the other side then slid down the bank and took cover behind two
trees.He thinks they were birch,he wished they had been English oak.
He withdrew his pistol and moved round the right hand side of the tree,he took aim.
His hands didn`t feel too cold right now but he knew that was because the adrenilin was pumping,the buzz
came rushing back to him,he felt alive.He knew D felt the same way.

THUD,THUD,One of the men was hurled back off the rock on which he was sitting.Baz pulled the trigger
and took out the man who had his hands free,then the man who had his hands in his pockets.
It was a painless way to die,instant,humane ,one might say.
Baz saw D run to the last man and put a garotte around his neck,the man let his weapon drop to the
ground and started to struggle.Baz went forward and with one swipe broke the mans nose,he let out a yell
and D let him fall to the ground.D put the man unconcious with a blow to the back of the neck.

The men stood opposite each other and smiled.
"Another job well done " D said.
"Enjoyed that "
They shook hands.
MrD pulled the big knife from it's scabbard and began to cut one of the men loose as Baz slapped his face
trying to determine if he was even alive.
"Say something mate...can yer hear me" Baz yelled at the man.
"I'm ok...I'm ok" he finally said.
They went to the second man. Baz yelled at D. "Dont bother D..this ones dead."
"MrD grabbed the first man by the collar and pressed the barrell of the .45 against his forhead. "Who are
you and what are you doing here?" He demanded.
The man who had obviously been through quite an ordeal answered immediately. "Bill...Bill Mancatto...I'm
with park security" he stammered
"You guys are doin a helluva job. You got any I.D.?" MrD demanded as he tore open the mans coat. MrD
pulled the I.D. clip off the mans shirt and tossed it over to Baz. MrD never looked away from the mans eyes.
"Says Bill Mancatto....Massachusetts Department of Parks and Interior." Baz held the picture up next to the
mans face. "Damn good likeness too."

MrD holstered his weapon. "What happened here?" he asked the man.
"I dont know ...everything happened so quick" the scared man said.
"Ill go fetch the others" Baz said and began to make his way back up the hill.

"They kept asking about a key...I didn't know what the f*** they were talking about.
"Ever see 'em before?" D asked
"No..I dont think so....but it's dark and they had the hoods of their coats over their heads." the man said.
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"You gotta a family?" MrD asked the man.
"Yeah" he said with his New England accent.
"If you wanna see 'em again then I suggest you hightail it outta here" MrD said. "When they start asking
questions you just tell'em you got away..you got that"
"I never saw you" the man said.
"Now go...and dont look back" MrD ordered.

MrD watched as the man ran off into the night. He then turned his attention to the man lying face down in
the snow. Crimson spots dotted the white ground so he knew that this one was human. As were the others
lying dead that were slowly being buried by snowfall. He reached down and took the man's rifle, a military
M-16, fully automatic, "Baz 'll love this" he thought to himself. Using the rope that once held the park
ranger captive, he tied the man's hands behind his back. Over the rise he could see the other SickThings
coming toward him. "I hope somebody got my coat" he thought to himself.
MrD searched the unconscience man for any weapons or I.D. and found nothing. The group came over the
rise and stood in silence at the carnage that lay before them.
"Whos that?" Alice asked
"Kinda like to know that myself" MrD said.
Alice knelt down over the man.."Did you see this?" he asked.
"What?" D said
Alice turned the mans tied hands over and on the back of his left hand was a marking, a tattoo of some
sort, a circle with what appeared to be either a goats head or a devil's head.
"Bella....what do you make of this?" MrD asked.

Baz handed MrD his coat. "Thought yer might need this" he said.
"Thanks" MrD said and handed Baz the M-16. "I thought you might need this"
As Bella examined the mark on the mans hand, Baz, Alice and MrD went to the mans dead companions and
discovered that each had the same mark.
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{{{wait a sec....isn't Alice still missing?}}}

{{It might have been a 'glitch' or 'oversight', A'Spice, but I'm gonna 'work' it.....less to edit....}}

Bella looked at Mr. D. and Baz. She looked at the girls and finally at Alice.
"Hey, Blue, where you been?", she yelled to Alice, over the howling wind. Swiping the snow from her
Alice looked at her, "I've been right here."

Mr. D. and Baz looked up at him, from their crouching spot on the ground where they'd been looking at the
man with the 'mark'.

Bella took into account that the painfully driving snow and below zero temperatures and wind were having
no effect whatsoever on the Arizonian. That and the fact that his eyes just weren't 'blue' enough... She
pulled the snubnosed and shot him square in the chest at point blank range.

Alice flew backwards and landed flat on his back.

AlienSpice screamed, "Bella!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!", running
towards him.

Mr. D. stopped her and pushed her back. He bent to examine Alice and found him to be oozing green.

"Good Call, Bellie Girl.", he said, "Though next time, I think we'd all appreciate it if you called your shots
first, please."
He gave AlienSpice a squeeze and said again, "So, what of the mark, Bella?"
Bella smiled at him

Bella looked at the mark on the hand and then pulled the hood back on the man.            Non -descript, he was,
save the shaved head and pointed goatee...

She looked at Mr. D. and Baz as the others pulled in close around them in a huddle, "I'm gonna go with
cult or religion of the nasty variety.", she yelled over the wind, again, wiping the snow from her eyelashes.
  "This might be the cause of my rest stop pictures...In the 70's, the East side of this island was so vicious
and harsh that only bikers and cults lived there...The city made it a point of clearing them all out but some
might have escaped notice - the East Side is too damn vicious for anyone to spend any time on."
Baz, "How d'yer know? Can't it be them Salem Witches?"
Bella, "No. It can't be. If it were, there'd be women here, they'd never have caused any harm or killed.
  Besides, look at the mark: a circle is 'forever' or 'eternity', and this is a 'goat' - I recall a story of the King
Stag related to witchcraft, but it's a stag- deer - not a 'goat', and the stag represented 'fertility' in the
spring or during Beltane - I think - memories fuzzy as to the details. That 'confusion' is how some christian
religions were able to destroy the pagans - by calling their stag a goat - therefore the devil....This is a fourth
party looking for the keys.", she finished..."And they're not exactly nice, I'm guessing."
AlienSpice had stopped crying though she was still visibly shaking, she knelt next to Bella in the snow,
 "They want to harness it's power for what???"
Bella put an arm around her, "If something can do so much good, it can do just as much harm. Depends
on who wields it, I guess..."

Zoo: "What do we do now?"
Mr. D.: "We got to get that key."
Kat: "How do we know that these guys don't have it already?"

Bella: "We'll know if the gate is broken."
Baz: "You know the way?"
Bella: "I do." She grabbed AlienSpice around the shoulder's once again, to Mr. D. she said, "We gotta
hide them. We can't have two keys in one place. Too risky."
Mr. D.: "But where?"
Bella: "The explosives 'cut outs', come on."

Bella stood up, looked around and started running to the left. The SickThings followed her up an
embankment, to a flat space encircled in concrete. She ran to one wall of concrete and felt along it with
one gloved hand. As her glove fell through, she pulled out the snow and a 'cave' was revealed - big
enough for 4 people: "Every 10 or 12 feet there's another! Stay here in them - they were created for
ammo accidents - they'll keep you safe!"
Jaded grabbed Baz and hurled him in. She grabbed AlienSpice, Zoo and Kat next and jumped in with them.

Baz: "I guess I'm on guard!", He said, loading his weapons and fondling the new one D. had given him.
Mr. D.: "You watch them with your life, Bazza."
Baz: "Done."
Bella: "You see the top of that hill?", she asked. When she saw the nod, she continued, "When we find it
we'll go there. When you see us, run for the top of the hill!", she yelled over the wind.
Jaded, "We'll be waiting!"
Zoo: "What about Alice?!"
Mr. D.: "Whoever's got him will find us at the top of that hill too, I reckon!"

Mr. D. and Bella ran towards the hill.
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{{nice save, Bella! I appreciate your "flair for the dramatic!"}}

Spice sat huddled against the wall of the cave, trying desperately to pull herself together. "I'm supposed to
be the "alien expert" she thought, "and here I am falling to pieces." She closed her eyes for a moment and
tried to think "happy thoughts". She could hear Alice's voice in the back of her head..."remember
this...whatever else happens, remember this..."
It worked.
Meanwhile Baz sat at the front entrance to the cave, cradling the assault weapon, muttering to himself.
"Bloody devil worshippers...what's wrong with people? Bloody brutal planet, you got that one right, Coop..."
Jaded put her arms around his shoulders and gave him a squeeze. "Shhhh, honey, don't get yourself too
worked up with that lethal machine in your hands."
"I'd blow the bloody lot of 'em to kingdom come if I had the chance" Baz grumbled. Jaded smiled. "My
hero," she said, kissing him on the cheek. Baz grinned....anger subsided.
Zoo noticed Spice sitting against the wall with her eyes closed.
"You gonna be okay?" she asked, touching her arm.
Spice opened her eyes and smiled at her. The "panic" was gone.
"Yeah, fine. Everything is gonna be fine."
Kat saw that she had her hand buried deep in her pocket.
"Now that we're safe, let's see that thing again" she said.
Spice pulled the "key" out of her pocket. The orange glow lit up the little cave.
"What do you s'pose is gonna happen, when we get all the pieces together?" Kat asked, staring at it.
"Well, what I HOPE will happen is that we'll be able to return it to it's rightful owners and go back to our
lives" Spice said simply, "I just hope the "good guys" find us before we run into any more of the nasties."
"You mean these idiot cult creeps?" Baz said.
"Them, and the shape shifters, and your old pals in the company" Zoo answered him, shaking her head, "I
have a feeling it might just get a whole lot worse before it gets better."
Everyone sat in silence for a minute.
"I feel like we say that an awful lot when it comes to our friend Alice" Kat whispered, a bemused grin on her
face. "Anybody remember when we were just "music fans?"
For the first time in a long time, everyone laughed. It felt good.

WeirdKat suddenly turned her head sharply towards the entrance to their “cave”, and held up a finger for
quiet. Listening intently, she said “More company coming, I think…” “What d‟yer hear, then” asked Baz
with a smile, “another UFO?” “No” answered Kat, abstractedly. “Snowmobile…just one snowmobile, I
think.” The others looked at her strangely for a moment, but then they heard the faint, wasplike buzz too.
“I wonder who this one is?” murmered Zoogirl, holding Alienspice protectively. “Maybe it‟s your old buddy,
Baz” said Jaded. “And maybe not” he answered, checking his guns and looking intently out into the swirling

The snowmobile seemed to take forever to come into view. Tension rose in the little shelter.

The figure that finally appeared was dressed for the Arctic. A heavy hood masked his face and his body was
unrecogizable under the down parka. Everyone held their breath as he stopped the machine and looked at
the tracks they left.

"Hey! Baz, Mr D? I know you're here!"

"Bloody 'ell, Tim." Baz lowered the gun he'd been sighting on the figure.

"Is this good or bad?" zoo asked.

"Don't know."

Baz shouted out the entrance, "Stay right there! Don't move a whisker. What d'yer want?"

"It's what you want." Tim shouted back. "I've got what you want."

Baz looked at the ladies. "I don't think I trust me old pal anymore. Sad. One of you cover me."

"Got it." Weirdkat said.

"Not with this." Baz grinned and leaned the asualt rifle against the wall. "Here."

He passed her a small but deadly looking handgun. Weirdkat took it and positioned herself where she could
clearly see the man and his machine. Baz nodded to her.

"Right. I'm going." He stuck his head out and yelled. "Tim! Be a good lad and put down your gun. Don't try
to tell me you haven't any."

Tim reached into his jacket and pulled out a Magnum. He laid it on the seat of the snowmobile and stepped

"I'm on your side, Baz."

"We'll see."

Baz stepped out of the shelter.
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Please don`t have me get shot again,i`m still sore from the last time.

(Okay! Hear that everyone? Nobody shoot Baz!         )

Mr. D. and Bella made it to the top of the slippery hill, then to the right and basically slid most of the way
down to the entrance of the old underground ammo storage facility.

Mr. D.: "Which way?!", he shouted to Bella in the driving snow.
Bella pointed ahead of her to a black wrought iron gate with a huge snow drift infront of it.

The two 'skidded' over to it. Bella grabbed onto the bars and pulled, "Thank God!"
Mr. D.: "What?"
"It's still locked!", she pulled some snow away and found a huge padlock.

They paused to catch their breath. Mr. D. looked up and whispered, "Would ya' look at that?"
Bella followed his stare, above them were glowing 'stars' it seemed, yet every red star was encircled by
purple ones - imprisoned, it seemed.
Bella squinted up at him, "It would seem the good guys have us covered on their end, at least............ "
Jaded grabbed Baz's arm, Your not going alone she pleaded. He knew there was no way of talking her out
of it.Stay behind me he said forcefully.

The two walked into the driving snow.
Where's the key Tim? Baz yelled.
Its here, as he motioned to the silver case.
The snow was making it awfully hard to see.
Tim made the mistake of turning around to grab the case.
Baz hit him so hard that Jaded was sure by the noise it made that he had just broken Tim's jaw.
As Tim fell to the ground.He screamed You son of a b**** I said I'm on your side.
Jaded grabbed the silver case and pulled Baz on to the back of the snowmobile. Leaving Tim lying in the
snow.They headed back towards the bunker..

MrD fired a round into the padlock and kicked open the iron gate. "C,mon..hurry...follow me" Bella cried.

Tim Duncan picked himself up from the snow covered ground and rubbed his sore jaw. "Damn that hurt" he
said to himself as he tucked his pistol back inside his coat. "I'm gonna shoot that Limey bastard when this is
over" again talking to himself. He followed the tracks left in the snow by Baz and Jaded and soon was at the
entrance to the small shelter.
"Baz...Baz" he shouted."It's me Tim...don't shoot goddammit!"
"I'll blow yer bloody 'ed off yer bastard if yer take another step!" Baz shouted back through the howling
"You have to listen to me" Tim pleaded "Look ...I'm tossing you my gun" with that Tim's chome .45
magnum crashed with a thud into the snow at the entrance.
Spice opened the aluminum case to reveal the second key. Immediately the center circles of both keys
began to glow a bright red. "Something's happening" Spice cried out.
"Maybe we should listen to him" Jaded said to Baz.
"Yer too trusting" Baz said
"I trusted you when you said to" she replied.
Baz looked into her eyes and nodded then turned back to the entrance and called out to Tim. "Well dont
just stand there freezin yer arse off yer bastard."

Tim slowly stepped toward the entrance of the small shelter. "Where's Cooper?" he asked and he stooped to
"Why" Baz asked.
"Because he's the only one who can hand them over" Tim said
"What do yer mean? hand 'em over" Baz asked
"He was selected, fortold, chosen wahtever you wanna call it....selected thousands of years ago...if anyone
else puts the three keys together the shape shifters will take them."
"Then what would happen?" Jaded asked.
"Believe me young lady...you dont wanna know" Tim said.
"Where's D?" Tim asked. "Is he with Cooper?"
Nobody in the group spoke for fear that Tim was still not being honest with them.
"Tell me dammit...he doesnt know what he's dealing with"
"Just what are we dealing with?" Baz asked.
"You people, my god, you know they're keys, but have any of you asked yourselves just what lock it is they
open? Have you?" Tim pleaded.
The group huddled in the little hole was silent.
"They are the keys that open the universe" Tim shouted.
"Alice is gone" Baz said. "D and Bella have gone to find the third key and hopefully Alice as well.
"Lets go" Tim shouted. "They'll kill 'em ...they'll kill us all for those keys. If Cooper doesn't hand them over
...they'll destroy the whole f***ing planet to keep them from the shape shifters"
The group made their way out of the small shelter. "Look" Zoo cried poited upwards. In the black cloud
covered sky the group saw what appeared to be lightning high above the cloud cover.
"It's starting" Tim yelled to the group.
"Whats starting?" Spice yelled back.
"War!" Tim said.
(Mr. Demeanor)

MrD and Bella quietly made their way inside the ancient ammo dump. It was a maze-like fortess centuries
old. They stepped through a huge arched entrance to what appeared to be fire light. There they saw a man
huddled over an old garbage can inside of which he had made a fire. He had an M-16 slung over his
Without saying a word D signaled to Bella to stay still and he crept up behind the man and bashed him on
the back of his head with the butt of his .45.

Ten minutes later the man began to wake up to find himself tied by his hands to an iron pipe that was
running parallel to the floor about four feet off the ground. He was on his knees and his hands were bound
with duct tape to the pipe in such a way that his fingers were extended through the tape. On the back of his
hand was the same mark as those Baz and MrD had killed earlier.
Another piece of tape was fastened over his mouth. His groggy eyes rolled over to see Bella, then to the
other side to see MrD pointing his .45 at his head. He made a muffled cry for help through the tape.
"Bella I'm going to ask this gentleman some questions now. Would you please take your gun and stand
watch over there" he said pointing to another arched opening deeper inside the old armory.
Bella looked at the man bound and gagged and had a feeling she didnt want to watch MrD's little Q & A
session and complied.

MrD took his big Japanese knife from it's scabbard and showed it to the man. "I'm going to ask you some
questions and every time you lie to me I'm going to cut off one of your fingers." he said quite calmly to the
man. The man made a muffled sound again and MrD went on. "I'm going to take the tape off now...no one
can hear you scream over this wind anyway." and with that he pulled the duct tape from the man's face.
"Whats you're name?" D asked
"I dont have to tell you anything" the man said then laughed.
MrD used his knife to slice off the man's index finger above the first knuckle. The man screamed in agony as
blood spurted from his hand.
"You didn't think I'd do it did you?" MrD said still very calmy almost in a casual way.
"No..no " the man screamed. "My name is Barabbas"
"Barabbas? Like in the bible?" MrD asked
"Yes...like in the bible" the man said.
"Barabbas was the thief and murderer who's life was traded for the life of Christ at the court of Pilot...did
you know that?" MrD asked him.
He nodded.
"Are you a thief and a murderer as well?" MrD asked.
"No...No...I'm just here to guard them" he said
"Who?" MrD asked.
"I cant tell you he cried..they'll kill me" Barabbas said.
MrD then sliced off the man's middle finger and the man's cries of agony we're silenced by the howling wind
to anyone outside the stone room.
"Barabbas...you have to understand that I'll probably kill you anyway. Do you understand that?"
Barabbas sobbed "yes i understand"
"You have a choice here Barabbas...you're life can now be traded for someone else's. If you agree I may let
you live." D said."Where are they? The group you speak of."
"You have to follow the brick pathway ...all the way to the top" Barabbas said.
MrD pointed at the stairs that lay just beyond where Bella was standing guard. "That way?"
"Yes" Barabbas whimpered.
"Do they have the key?" D asked
"Yes" he answered
"Do they have Alice?" D asked
The man sobbed in pain. "Yes" he cried.
"Why did they take him?"
"For the sacrafice" Barabbas said.
"How many are there?"
"I dont know about twenty...counting me" Barabbas said.
"Thank you Barabbas" MrD said then put his pistol against the man's temple and pulled the trigger.
BAM....the gun went off killing the suffering man. "Make that nineteen" MrD said to himself.
(Mr. Demeanor)

As the group started to make their way through the blinding snow and wind following Tim Duncan, Spice
grabbed a hold of Zoogirl's sleeve and pulled her close enough to hear.
"I don't know if I believe him" she whispered, 'But will you take this just in case? I don't really care what
happens to me, but if the entire freakin universe is at stake, it might be better to keep them separated..."
she held out the aluminum case with the second key. Zoo looked at her and silently slid the case into her
own pocket. "Don't tell anyone you have it" Spice said as they turned to catch up to the group, "whoever is
"meant" to have it will know." They made their way in silence following Tim Duncan up the hill to the ammo

"Now isn't that interestin'" Mr D was saying.

The group found Mr D and Bella in the ammo dump. They were staring at a body on the floor. A small hole
in his head leaked a mix of blood and greenish slime. Luckly, the other side of his head was hidden from

"They must be a type of crossbreed, or maybe some kinda slave. I bet they got just enough alien in 'em to
make 'em useful."

Mr D looked up. "Well, lookee what the cat dragged in."

"He's not mine!" Weirdkat said with a grin. "Baz already gave him a proper greeting. He brought the key."

"Did he. Huh. Well that's two."

"Isn't the third one here?" Baz asked sharply.

"Beat to it, apparently. This fella said the key was with Alice and Alice was with about twent - nope, ninteen
of his pals. Something about a sacrifice." Spice gasped and zoo quickly put an arm around her.

"I think we wanna find Alice ASAP." Mr D looked grim and hard.

"Where?" Baz said.

"Top of the hill. Follow the brick road. Dunno if it's yaller." Mr D drawled.

Bella eyed Duncan and the remainder. Too many keys and too many uncertainties in one underground
'dungeon' as far as she was concerned.

Bella, " D.!", she yelled.
Mr. D. "Yeah."
Bella pushed her hair back out of her face, chunks of snow fell out and hit the floor, "Here, please. Now."

Mr. D. moved over to her while the others exchanged uncertain glances...Jaded knew that Bella 'had a
problem'. She nudged Baz and the two were ready. A'Spice, Zoo and Kat slid back a bit leaving Robbins
out in the 'open'.

Bella grabbed Mr. D. by the collar, close to the neck and pulled his face to hers, "A little less on the 'yellow
brick road' jokes, shall we?", she whispered.
He put a hand on each side of the doorway she was standing in , over and to either side of her head, - she
dissappeared from view behind the CowBoy's body - everyone including Robbins 'found somewhere else to
look' for a few seconds, "I want the old boy to be 'at ease'.", he whispered.
Bella looked up at him with wide dark eyes, "If that poor bastard was 'Barabbas' then your "Tim" is surely
the equivilent of "Judas" leading an army of 600 to destroy a man praying silently in a snowy field, for
something he's 'innocent' of..", she whispered vehemently.
He dropped and shook his head, "I just can't believe that, Bellie Girl....He's been my friend...."
Bella shook him by the collar, pissing him off a bit, "Get with the program: you're one of his 600 or one of
the chosen few.", She ended, pushing him away.

Mr. D. dropped his head, took a deep breath and turned, while Bella stared holes in him, "Saddle up.
Onward and Upward.", he said quietly to the SickThings.

Bella started up the stairs, gun at the ready, leaning against the right wall on the curling stairway. Mr. D.
was right behind her on the opposite wall. Duncan tried to get in next but was pulled viciously back by the
hood by Baz, "Nah, yer don't, matey...ya don't leave me side, buckaroo...."

The women went next, Baz and Duncan bringing up the rear.
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Spice's fear was slowly simmering into anger.
"If they hurt a hair on his head, I swear I'm calling down every curse I can think of on them!" she
sputtered. Bella turned and looked at her sharply.
"You know better than to do something in anger you'll surely regret later" she said, "fighting fire with fire
we'll all end up getting burnt." She smiled at Spice. "Besides, I doubt our "born again" boy would be too
keen on you going that route."
Spice relaxed a little bit. "You're right" she said, shaking her head, "I'm just not thinking too clearly."
Tim Duncan subtly moved so that he was right behind her. "I'll bet you're pretty excited about meeting the
extraterrestrials...again" he said quietly.
Spice turned and looked at him full in the face. "I actually don't give a sulphur yellow damn about the
extraterrestrials right now" she replied, agrily. She studied his features for a couple of seconds...something
was definitely "off" about him.
"I've studied your file" he continued, moving closer to her, "I know you've been "involved" for a long time. I
know you've been waiting for something like this to happen. That's why you are holding on to the keys..."
Spice stopped walking. She turned to MrD.
"D, I need a favor" she said calmly.
"What is it, girl?"
Spice looked from Duncan to Bella...the "disquiet" showed on her face...
"Cut him."
"I beg your pardon?" MrD bellowed, looking at his friend.
"I'm not going another step until I see his "true colors." Cut him."
MrD looked at each member of the group and saw that he was definitely the only one who had any faith
that Tim was really on their side. He slowly drew the Japanese blade from it's scabbard.
"D, man, you can't be serious!" Tim Duncan said, a little laugh covering his fear.
"Tim, if I've learned one thing it's not to hold out on these ladies" MrD said, taking a step toward him, "if
they need proof, let's give it to 'em." He took a step toward Tim and motioned for him to roll up his sleeve.
Tim looked around at the group, focusing on Baz.
"Hey, old man, this is crazy!" he said with an uneasy laugh, "tell 'em you know me! We've known each other
for years!"
Baz raised Tim Duncan's own .45 Magnum and aimed it at his arm.
"The girls want blood Tim...yer can give it over the easy way with a little nick or yer can take a bullet.
Choice is yours."
Tim Duncan realized he had no choice. He reluctantly rolled up his sleeve and held out his forearm to MrD.
Everyone circled around as D drew the blade quickly across his arm.

{{{I still can't make up my mind about Duncan...someone else decide if he's red or green!}}}

(It's red, or else he wouldnt have had the key. He's just trying to save the world like a good company man
would.) (Mr. Demeanor)
(Unless they caught up to the "real" Tim...maybe he's with Alice or something. I kinda like Tim. Hope he's
not "bad". )

{{my juries still out on him, I was going 'red' but just as 'bad' as green - sorry D!        NOW, if I could
just STOP calling him 'Robbins'....whereever did that come from? }}

{{watched "Bull Durham" lately, Bella?      }}

Jaded turned her head as Mr D put the knife to Tim's arm. Some how she got the courage to look. She
noticed D was as much gentle as he was brutal.
He cut his forearm cross wise making sure not to hit a major vien.
The woman saw red blood dripping from the wound.
They all stared in disbelief.
See.. I told you.. I'm on your side!! Tim said as he started to apply pressure on his fresh cut.
You maybe Jaded said.. "but I sure don't trust Ya"
I love what the Indians did to Custer..Spice sang along..
Jaded looked at Bella she was'nt amused..
Lets go!! she yelled.

The sickthing continued up the spiral staircase.
Bella saw the brick pathway to the right,
She stopped and looked to Mr D,
I think this way leads to Excution hill she said in a soft voice. Mr D nodded.
Jaded walked on the right side of Baz, she looked into his eyes and said, Please don't let anything happen to
me..I won't baby.. He said as they turned the corner.


Spice walked close to Duncan, who was holding tight onto his cut arm through his jacket. She pulled off her
scarf and offered it to him for a tourniquet.
"If you've studied my file so closely, you must know why I'm not too keen on trusting the government" she
said to him, helping him tie the scarf around his arm.
"It's alright...as long as you're convinced?"
"I'm at least convinced you're not going to turn into something else when the going gets tough" she replied,
"as for whether or not you have my best interests at heart...the jury's still out."
They walked along in silence for a while.
"So there's nothing I can do to gain your trust? I mean, we want the same thing. We want to find Alice
Cooper safe and we want him to turn over the key to it's rightful owners. We've got to work together."
Spice looked at him grimly.
"We'll work together" she said, "but trust has nothing to do with it. I know a thing or two about military
loyalty...my own parents won't tell me what happened to me because it's "classified"..."
"Maybe they wanted to protect you, have you ever considered that?" MrD said brusquely, throwing a glance
over his shoulder.
Spice was quiet for a minute.
"Sure, I've considered it.."she said, finally, "but here I am anyway, right smack in the middle of some kind
of interstellar showdown. Not, I might add, feeling very well "protected" by the government."
Kat stepped up and put an arm around Spice. "At least we've got our "friends in high places" she said,
giving her a squeeze.
"Alright, you lot, less talking, more moving" Baz said from the back of the group, "let's find our man and get
this thing over with."
"Tim ! Have you any idea where they could be," Baz shouted from the back."If you have ,you`d better start
telling us cos i`m getting pissed off big style with all this creeping around.

" I might,I know theres a big concentration of activity around the generating room,we`ve been monitoring
it for the past seventy two hours ,it may be a good place to start." Tim said."I`ll take us there"
"Well just behave yourself old man,I`ve no loyalty to you,and if I have to kill you ,so be it." Kat said,staring
at Tim.

They once again went outside,the blizzard had subsided quite a bit and it was much easier to see and walk.
Tim lead the way,with Jaded and Spice side by side behind him.Zoo and Kat walked in front of Baz who
brought up the rear.He felt that was his place,kind of watching over them.He looked at Zoo and Kat and
realised he had become quite fond of them,he respected their attitude towards the task in hand.

"I could do a lot worse than have this lot fighting alongside me" he thought to himself.Jaded was never
long out of his thoughts."If anything should happen to her..." his thoughts trailed away,it didn`t bear
thinking about.

The group moved around the edge of field that was surrounded by ten foot high mesh fencing.
The signs were there for people to see,"NEW ENGLAND POWER CORPORATION.NO ENTRY.POWER

"So how we gonna get in ?" Jaded asked.
"Right down there "Tim pointed down a slope in the field,towards where there was a small concrete

The fence met the building at both sides.
"A bit like checkpoint charlie eh " Spice said "I do take it you have the key to this steel door "
Tim went up to the door which had no visible lock,or keyhole and pushed it open.
"This is how we have been getting in and out during our surveylance,now our men are much further inside "

The building had no windows,just opposing doors.It looked to Baz as though it was used to go outside the
perimiter fence and nothing more.
Kat tried the inner door which opened without much effort.
"Right,c`mon,follow me " Tim said.They could just make out the outline of a path below the snow and they
moved forward without a word.
They went over a rise in the ground and the power station came into view.
"There,"Tim pointed "thats where i think they`ll be."

As the group made it passed the outside perimeter and nearer the power plant the unmistakable staccato
"pop-pop-pop" of M-16 fire could be heard emanating from inside the building. MrD, Bella, Jaded and Spice
fell backwards againt the wall out side the double doors. Baz, Jaded, Zoo and Kat on the other side.
MrD called over to Baz. "Sounds like we might be too late"
"We've gotta go in D before they kill everyone. Baz said
"Gimme my gun dammit" Tim yelled.
"You just stay behind us " Bella said almost accosting him.
MrD handed Bella the M-16 he had taken from Barabbas. "Short controlled bursts...ya got it"
"Yeah" she nodded.
MrD then held up three fingers for the group to see. Then two fingers...counting down the moment when
they burst through the doors. Then just one finger....finally he gave the signal and he and Baz went through
the doors side by side.
A quick sweep around they saw nothing...slowly the group moved forward and soon came upon the bodies
of the workers and technicians that had just moments before been frantically trying to hold together a
power generating station that seemed to be overloading itself. Murdered as they worked. Oblivious to the
reason why their station was in such a state of chaos. Also unaware of the group that had taken Alice and
the key or of their plans to use the station for some sort of sacrifice.
Suddely the ear busting sound of the evacuation alarms began to sound, signaling the workers to evacuate
the station. But it was too late for them already.
"The control room...over there" Kat called out. "Let's go"
The group followed her to the huge glass encased room, filled with computers and monitors of all shapes
and sizes. Inside were two women and three men...all shot dead. Some lying on the floor, others hunched
over their workstations, all covered in blood.
Kat went to the main desk.."This isn't good!" she cried.
"What is it?" MrD yelled back at her trying to be heard over the alarms.
"Look here....every monitor on this control panel is in the red. "This whole place is gonna blow.!!" she
"How long?!!" Baz yelled
"Not sure...but I would say a matter of minutes." she sreamed back.
"We've got to find Cooper! Now!" Tim yelled as he raced out the door and into the plant.
Outside the group raced. "Pop-pop-pop" gunshots pinged off the concrete floor. MrD and Baz fired back at
three men who were racing down a metal staircase. Obviously trying to flee the doomed structure. They fell
dead in their tracks.
"This way" Tim yelled as he motioned for the group to follow him up the stairs.
(Mr. Demeanor)

Down a narrow hallway they ran and soon were confronted by two more fleeing men. Bella squeezed the
trigger of the M-16 and down they fell. The group leapt over the bodies as they headed further down the
"Hurry...we dont have much time" Tim screamed as he beckoned the group to follow. Bang...a shot rang
out and Tim grabbed his arm and fell. MrD shot his assailent and then knelt down over Tim.
"Go...Go" Tim cried. "I'm alright"
MrD gave Tim a quick nod and was back running down the hall. Tim struggled back to his feet and soon
was bringing up the rear of the group.
MrD came to a stop just outside a large metal door in with a small reinforced window. Gesturing for
everyone to be quiet he peered through the glass. Then turned to face the group. "They're in here" he said.
"And they've got Alice"
"We have to get him and that key outta here befor the whole place goes" Tim gasped, pressing his hand
over his wound.
"He's strapped to some sort of machine...on the right as we enter...looks like about ten or twelve men in
there with him. We go in shooting." D said. "Zoo you and Kat go to Alice and see if you can get him down.
Everybody ready" D said.
The group silently acknowleged that they were, in fact, ready for anything and MrD kicked open the door.

MrD rushed in first rolling over on the floor then coming up quick and firing with his .45. Bella and Baz right
behind him spraying the room with M-16 fire. Several of the hooded assailents went down fast but about six
or seven of them began to return fire. Running in different directions around the dimly lit, multi-leveled
"Kill them" a man's deep voice shouted out as the room was filled with gunfire.
"D above you"Tim called out and MrD fired a shot and killed a man who was taking aim at him. With that
MrD tossed his .45 to Tim who ran in and began firing as well.

Zoo, Kat, Spice and Jaded slowly made their way behind the cover of heavy electrical equipment to were
Alice was held. When they got to him they couldn't believe their eyes. Alice was strapped to a huge electric
panel about six feet off the floor. Stripped to his waist, his arms spread out to either side. Around his neck
on a heavy chain of some sort hung the third key. It's center circle glowing a bright red.
"Dont let them take the chosen one" the deep voiced man called out again as more shots rang out.
MrD reached inside his coat and pulled the two Glock 9mm pistols out and began firing with both hands.
Killing two more. Jaded who had been holding the keys outside the door ran in to help with Alice. One of
the hooded men dove for her.
"Look out" Tim cried as he leapt toward her attacker. The man turned and fired, hitting Tim again. As he fell
he fired and killed him.
Jaded ran to Tim, who was lying, bleeding on the floor. "Get Cooper...and get out" he said as he died there
on the floor.
(Mr. Demeanor)

"The knife, D, throw me the knife!" Spice screamed above the din of alarms and gunfire. MrD dropped one
of the glocks and pulled his blade from it's sheath. It skidded across the polished floor. Spice dove for it and
scrambled to her feet. She cut the bonds around Alice's feet, trying hard not to look at him.
"I can't reach the top, Kat!" she screamed.
D, Bella and Baz circled around them, guns blazing.
Zoogirl grabbed the knife from Spice. "Get down, you two, steady!" she yelled. Spice and Kat crouched
down on the floor and Zoo climbed up on their shoulders. She reached up and could just make contact with
the straps around his arms. "I can reach him, but I can't hold him!" she shouted, "Jaded, help!"
Jaded took a moment to close Tim Duncan's eyes and picked up his gun. She ran over to help cut Alice
loose. She climbed up onto Spice and Kat's back and put her arms around Alice's waist as Zoogirl cut him
"FOOLS! Stop them!" the voice bellowed out of the darkness.
Suddenly hooded figures stepped forward from all directions. MrD, Bella, and Baz circled in tighter around
the women and Alice. "Just keep firing!" MrD commanded.
Zoo, Jaded, Spice, and Kat called on every ounce of strength they had. Jaded and Zoo lifted Alice's
unconscious body off the element and let him slide to the floor as gently as they could. They climbed down
off of Spice and Kat.
"He's breathing!" Kat yelled, "but just barely!" Spice kept her eyes focused on the ground as Kat slapped his
face to try to rouse him. She noticed something shiny on the ground below where Alice had been
hanging...his silver cross, in a pool of blood.
"They'll pay for this" she thought to herself, scooping it up.
"Get him the hell out of here!" Baz yelled, "we'll cover you!"

Spice tied a rough knot in the thin silver chain and slipped it over Alice's head.

"He'd want it." she said to no one in particular. Kat and Jaded took Alice by the feet and shoulder and half
stumbled out of the building. Spice and zoo only got as far as the door.

"Them!" the deep voice boomed."Those two - the women! Get the women!"

"Oh, crap" zoo panted. She grabbed Spice's hand ad yanked her out the door. "Go! Split up! Hide your key if
you have to."

She took a few steps into the blizzard and stopped dead. A bright glow filled the night. It seemed to come
from everywhere at once. Zoo looked up.

The ship was bigger than anything she'd ever seen.

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{{the round robin's gettin to me, ya'll.... my first thought when I woke up this morning was "oh no, we
carried Alice out into the blizzard unconscious and stripped to the waist! He'll freeze to death!" I guess
that's what I get for drinking a large whiskey beverage before bedtime.            }}

{{I'll fix it later Sweetie - In the story, I'll strip off my jacket and wrap him up in it!   }}

MrD came outside and looked at Alice.He had been carried outside into the blizzard,stripped to the waist,he
was slowly freezing to death.
"Who the hell has done this to him ?""For gods sake keep the skinny guy warm"
Alienspice looked sheepishly at D."It was me.I just had to get him out of there,out of the gunfire,out of the

Kat had slipped and fallen, carrying Alice and Jaded with her. Scrambling upright, she stripped off her
heavy insulated coat and shouted above the noise, “Jaded! Hold him up, help me get him into this!”
Pushing Alice‟s limp arms into the coat, she managed to get it wrapped around him and zipped it up, pulling
the hood over his ears and tying it. As the women worked frantically, Kat screamed over alarms and the
wind, “D! Baz! Bella! Hurry, we ALL have to get out of here, get away from this place before it blows!
Come ON!!” Struggling to her feet, she and Jaded got a shoulder under each of Alice‟s arms and began
dragging the tall man away from the building. The sound of the alarms was deafening, Kat‟s ears were
ringing… as they dragged Alice around the building to head for the top of the rise, Jaded screamed “Zoo!
Alienspice! Come on, HURRY! Get over that rise!” Alienspice caught up to them, and tried to lend a hand;
the gunfire continued behind them as Baz, Bella and Mr. D all fought a rear-guard action, and Jaded could
hear Kat muttering as they struggled, “Please God, please God protect them, protect your servant Alice, give
me strength to do this, please, we have to get over that ridge, save them save him save them save him….”
Before they got halfway to the top of the rise, they saw Zoogirl standing alone, saw the bright glow…and
the huge spacecraft that had transfixed Zoogirl‟s attention.

"I sure hope they're the good guys." zoo said calmly. Her eyes were wide and shocked. "I've never seen one
before. What do you think, Spice?"

"Hey, zoo?" Weirdkat approached her carefully. "You okay?"

"Sure. Tickaboo. Cool, ain't it?"

Spice grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. "Come on! We're not out of it yet!"

Zoo looked at Spice. Her eye's focussed and she shook herself. "Right. Who's got Alice?"
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Baz, D. and Bella were quite a ways back, behind the girls and Alice. A lot closer to the 'near to bursting'
power station than any of the three would like to admit. They were running, pretty much backwards,
 through at least 6 inches of wet snow, firing at the figures that kept coming out of the powerstation.
 Bella knew that they were humans in robes, but damned if they didn't look like a flock of bats pouring out
of a cave into blinding white...

Mr. D. "Bella! Go! Fire from the top of the hill!!! Me and Baz'll cover till you get there: then let loose!"

She turned and ran, uphill, sliding, sometimes almost crawling uphill. She reached the top to find
everyone 'staring' at a most impressive sight - but D. and Baz needed help and NOW...

BAZ OR D!!!", she yelled and opened fire at the robed figures at the bottom of the hill. Mr. D and Baz
started their climb.

Halfway up, there was the distinct sound of power shut down. The powerstation lights went down.
Sound 'stopped'. Guns refused to fire. Robed figures fell. The SickThings stopped, in awe... Mr. D.
and Baz reached the top of the hill. There was no sound other than each one of their own heartbeats and
each of their labored breaths. There was no light other than the light from the spacecraft.

Alice began to stir.
Bella sat down hard in the snow, dropping the now rendered useless M-16 in front of her.

The time has come, she thought, and I really do love the silence of snow......


Spice dropped to her knees in the snow next to Alice. She grabbed his hand and shoved it into her coat
pocket where she was keeping the key. She looked over and saw that Zoo was doing the same on Alice's
other side.
The second his hands made contact with the keys, Alice's eyes flew open. He sat up and pulled both keys
out of the girl's pockets.
The Sickthings sat in silence and watched as a purple beam of light shot down from the ship into the middle
of the now silent, windless field. A tall figure in white robes shimmered for a few seconds, slowly
materializing in the center of the beam. Alice got to his feet, looked around to all his friends, and grinned.
"Party Time" he said, taking a step forward.

They all remained silent as they watched Alice step forward toward the beam of purple light. With every
step, he seemed to be more and more rejuvenated. As he got closer, the figure reached out it's arms to
Suddenly, the figure was speaking...not with a voice, but somehow transmitting thoughts into their heads.
"You've traveled far, and been through much" the voice echoed in everyone's heads. Zoo and Kat looked at
each other in shock...Jaded smiled at Baz---they had been through this before...MrD looked at Bella, who
smiled at him and closed her eyes. Spice's eyes remained focused on Alice, who was joining hands with the
shimmering figure.
"We are well pleased with you.." the voice continued, "your sacrifices have been recorded. You will be
healed and protected."
Everyone felt a charge pass through them at that moment, and after it, they could no longer feel the cold,
the exhaustion, or any of the aches and pains they had sustained.
"It is complete" the voice boomed, as Alice held up the two pieces of the key. The sickthings held their
breath and waited.

The figure seemed to be waiting, too. Instinctively, Alienspice stepped forward, and in the manner of an
acolyte, reached over and slowly unzipped Alice‟s borrowed jacket, revealing his bare chest…and the third
key, glowing like the other two. As she stepped back again, the three keys began to glow more brilliantly,
pulsating, in unison. The Sickthings all stayed absolutely still, watching in the silence…

The figure stepped forward and took the third key,he placed it on the one in Alice`s left hand.There was a
flash of blue and white light which illuminated about fifty yards around them.Alice held up his hand which
held the other key,the colours and sounds were like a laser show.
D looked at Baz"Shit man,didya ever see anything like that before"

Baz walked up to Alice and put an arm around his shoulder.
"If that thing has powers there`s a couple of people i`d like to see again,yer know,family"
"That cannot be done I`m afraid,anyone who is lost is lost forever" the figure said to him.Baz could see that
he had a kind of human shape but not quite.
"So what happens now ?" Bella shouted.
"We save the world,this key has enabled us to open doors to worlds beyond your own,we can send back the
species who want earth as their own,we can call on other species who are friendly to our cause and we can
make the planet safe again"

Alice turned to the Sick Things who had gathered round."We still need your help,we always will,you will be
rewarded for your work "
Jaded went up close to him. "Where do you fit into all this ?"
Bella stood up and stepped forward on the snow covered ground.

Alice looked confused. He clearly did not know where he fit in at all....

The figure answered for him, "This One", he said, "This One shows the inhabitants of this world that which
is real which they do not want to see.... This One reflects your world as it is, not as most inhabitants wish
it to be. An important thing, he does, though not always popular among the inhabitants of this world."

Bella stood next to Alice and asked, "What of the species you spoke of? The other species who 'want
earth as their own'? What will stop them from anhilating us?"

The figure said, "You must trust that we would do you no harm as This One", referring to Alice, " has done."

Bella's jaw dropped - trust wasn't really in her repertoire, "And the robed men trying to kill us??? The bad
'aliens'? What of them?"

The figure seemingly 'smiled', or exuded joy, or something similar, "The 'robed ones' are not of our kind,
 but they are of yours: humans. You all fought valiantly against them, and because you did, we finished
them for you. They will trouble no one again. Our Stellar Opposites, or your 'bad aliens' as you call them:
 they have been subdued for the moment and will trouble you no more once we have gone and taken the
keys back with us. "

Bella wasn't really sure what to do, or say for that matter. She put her head down, turned and walked
back to and behind Mr. D. wrapping her arms around his waist. He put an arm around her shoulders.
She put her face against that tattered old duster, please let this be finished, she thought. They were
both at a loss.

Hell, All of the SickThings were at a loss...

"What about the healing?" zoo spoke up. "The keys can do a lot of good. Why can't we keep them?"

The figure smiled sadly at her.

"They are too powerful. In a way, you are not ready for them. You humans can not yet control their
strength without harm to yourselves. Don't worry. You are also more intelligent than we ever anticipated.
Within a very short time, you, yourselves, will have found the cures for most diseases and the way to heal
from injury."

"Well, that's encouragin'." Baz said.

The glow became even brighter.

"I must go soon." the figure said.

The group stood in a semi circle around the figure. It took the three keys and one by one the keys began to
change as if moved by an unseen hand. The large center circle unlocking and popping up, the smaller
circles spun around and then locked themselves into a different position on each key. Then all three keys
moved to lock themselves into position creating a single unit.
The figure held the object over his head and a bright green light shot out of the object into the sky, parting
the thick cloud cover. Instantly a gigantic circular hole opened in the sky as if opening a portal to another
dimension, like a black hole in reverse. Inside the opening colors of pinks and blues and reds spun gently
around one another like a drop of oil on water. Soon the lights that had earlier been warring with each other
began to zoom upward and through the opening, hundreds of them as if being sucked swirling into a drain.
The figure then ascended upward inside a bright white light into his own ship and it too dissappeared
through the portal. When it was gone the portal closed up tight, just as if it had never been there. The
clouds left, the snow stopped falling and the wind quit blowing. Across the water the group could see the
lights of Salem begin to systematically come back on.
The SickThings stood silently for a moment. "Bloody 'ell, thats something yer dont see every day." Baz
cracked. Smiles soon returned to everyones faces.

Spice stared up into the black sky for a long while after the glow had faded. Slowly it began to dawn on her
that the thing she had been waiting for the whole of her conscious life had just happened...and she had
been so worried about Alice she hadn't really been paying attention. Come to think of it, she was still
worried about him.
"Hey Spicegirl, what's up?" Alice's cheerful voice broke her out of her thoughts.
"Oh, nuthin...." she recovered as best she could, "that was some show, huh? Bet Joe Gordon would give his
right arm to pull off a lightshow like that!" Everyone laughed, but the ladies could tell something was
bugging her. Bella looked in her eyes.
"We'll talk later" she said quietly, "Now, let's get the hell off this island!"
"D'yer think we can manage another feast back at the hotel? Something "Cooked" this time?" Baz quipped.
Bella chuckled.
"I'm sure we can get the chef to burn some steak for you if we tip him well enough..." she replied, as
everyone began making their way back through the silent snow. Thanks to their "friends in high places", the
winds were quiet, and the cold hardly got to them at all.
Alice grabbed Spice's hand..he seemed positively euphoric.
"We did it! We saved the universe!" he exclaimed, swinging her arm as they walked. "Can you believe we
really did it?"
"It was all you Vince...or should I say "Chosen One"..
"Yeah, that was a little heavy...but seriously...WE did it. All of us here. You know that don't you? I wouldn't
be alive right now if it wasn't for you guys. 'Specially our trained assasin friends here..."
MrD shook off the compliment...he was obviously lost in his own thoughts. Baz put an arm around his
"Old rivers run deep, mate.." he said.
Spice cringed when Alice mentioned how near to death he had been. Zoo caught her eye.
"Everything is going to be just fine, remember?" she said with a wink. Spice managed a smile.
"Can we make it back to the hotel as quick as we got here?" Kat said as they reached the vehicles. Bella
and Jaded looked at each other and laughed. The each climbed behind the wheel of one of the trucks.
"Hot showers and burnt steak, here we come!" Zoogirl shouted as everyone piled in.

Bella hopped in behind the wheel. Mr. D. took his passenger side seat, Alice and AlienSpice piled in the

Bella turned the ignition and rubbed her hands together quickly: friction = heat....She looked, rather
concerned, to Mr. D. who was sitting very quietly, for the first time Bella could remember, "You OK, D.?"
"I dunno, really.", he stared off out the passenger side window.
A'Spice and Alice exchanged a glance, Bella exchanged it with them in the rearview mirror.

"Food and Lodging comin' up.", Bella said, threw it into gear and slammed on the gas.

Jaded did the same.

Jaded started up the blazer and turned on her favorite rock station, They were playin WTMN, she smiled,
she heard the familar sound of Gregg, the DJ's voice. she looked confused.
Whats the matter Jaded? WK asked from the back seat. Gregg's only on in the morning,she said as she
listened carefully.Baz turned up the radio. They heard Gregg " I've locked myself and my morning buzz
team back in the studio again folks, been here how long Roadkill? ahhh 78 hours Gregg..And we were playin
nothing but Alice Cooper, and we will not leave here untill The Coop calls the studio, So if your out there
Alice give us a call 888-556-7625!
The crew in the blazer burst into laughter, Call Bella on the CB Baz tell her to put rock 101 on..
I guess Alice is gonna have to make up a good story
to where he's been.Zoo said
Hmmm I guess we can help him with that over some food, I'm starving Baz cried, Jaded looked at him and
smiled shakin her.

The two cars pulled up and the occupants got out,Jaded went straight round to baz,she wanted to hold
him,but she could see that Baz had made a B-line for MrD.She saw them both break away from the rest and
start talking to each other.
She didn`t know what it was about but she understood them both enough not to go interrupt.

Everyone made their way into the hotel foyer,Bella asked if they could have some food delivered to their
"Ribs and chicken,bar-b-qued please,plus some burgers and steaks,really well done.Coffee,diet coke and
some iced tea."

They all entered the lifts,all except Jaded.
She went out of the hotel entrance and looked over at the two men.D had just lit Baz`s cig and was lighting
his own.

"So,yer don`t think it`s over" Baz said to D .
"Do you " D said back,"It all seems too simple "

"I don`t think it`s over for good,not by a long shot..The battle between good and evil never stops"
"Yer got that right limey"

"Tell yer what,lets have a week in New York.When we`ve made sure everybodys home safe,lets hit the
Apple,have a few beers,find some decent food joints and have a chill"

D smiled at Baz ,put his big arms around him and gave him a hug.
"Why not "
"hey,save a little of that for me will ya "Jaded shouted as she walked towards them."You boys done out
here ?"
"We`re done " D said "lets go eat"
The three of them walked into the hotel,Jaded in the middle of them with her arms linked through
theirs.She had never felt as good as she did right now.
"I never want this to end " she thought to herself.

MrD went straight to the little bar in the suite at the Hawthorne and poured a double shot of Jack into a
glass. "You look a little sad" Bella said as he put her arms around him.
"I can't believe Tim's dead" he said as he downed the shot.
"I guess I was wrong about him" Bella said with a touch of remorse in her voice.
"We trained together" he said as he sat on the sofa infront of the fireplace. "He was the one that partnered
me and Baz all those years ago. I always knew deep down that he would never betray me."
Bella sat silently next to MrD.
"He gave his life for us...for all of us" MrD said then put his face in his hands.

The rest of the group seemed to be in fairly high spirits after the ordeal that they had just been a part of
exceptfor Baz who was also quite saddened by the loss of his friend. But he was maintaining well and tried
not to show it.
There was a knock at the door. "Must be room service" Kat said and went to the door. She was surprised
the see the tall uniformed man when she opened the door.
"Where's D?" the man asked politely but with a certain authority.
"Uh MrD...there's someone here to see you" she called out.
MrD stood and went to the door.
"General McMullen...what are you doing here?" MrD asked
"May I come in?" he asked
"Of coarse" D said shaking his hand.
Baz came over quickly and greeted the man as well. MrD made the necessary introductions.
"I just came to tell you that we have a unit cleaning up over at the power station...and that we are taking
care of Tim." he said. "That was a helluva thing you people did....and I just want you to know that the
country...hell...the whole world owe's you a debt of gratitude."
"Thank you General" MrD said.
"No thank you...of coarse you people realize that you can never tell anyone about what happened here
tonight" the General said.
"Why?" Jaded asked
"National Security reasons...if the general public heard about this there would be widespread panic in the
streets" he said.
"Anyone?" Bella asked again
"No one...no spouses or friends and especially no reporters...the jackels are already showing up over at
Winter Island asking lots of questions...you people just let us handle them...is that understood" the General
"But D" Bella questioned.
"He's right" MrD said.
The General then addressed Alice in particular. "Mr Cooper...that goes double for you...no talk shows, no
book deals, no movies, no albums....am I clear on this."
"Well I've kept my secret for over fifty years general...that's not what I'm all about anyway.
"Good" he said as he shook Alice's hand...'By the way....can I get an autograph?" he said smiling.
"General" Baz said we've got some food coming up...wont you stay and join us?"
"I'd love to...besides I have a couple million questions I need to ask all of you.
"Happy to have you" Baz said and poured the general a drink.

Later after the food had arrived and the little party was going on MrD had a chance to talk to General
McMullen alone.
"Make sure you take good care of Tim" D said
"I will" the general assured him.
"Does the President know?" D asked
The general just laughed. "No...that clueless boob has no idea...hell his security clearance aint high enough"

The general got his hat and began to say his goodbye's to every one. "Yep you people did a helluva
thing...as a matter of fact...we could probably use ya'll again."
"Not interested" MrD said.."Besides we're retired"
(Mr. Demeanor)

Spice tried her best to enjoy the party and keep her mind off troubling things. Alice was in great spirits,
after all...talking about the "tall shimmery guy" and laughing with the others. She walked over to the
minibar and was glad to find a little bottle of brandy.
Bella walked over to her and handed her a cigarette.
"Okay, lady, talk" she said, offering her a light, and lighting her own.
"I just can't shake the image of Alice hanging there where we found him" she said, taking a long drag and
watching the smoke curl up to the ceiling, "they cut off his cross, Bella. God only knows what else they did
to him before he passed out."
Bella glanced over at Alice, who was happily digging into his food and laughing with the group.
"He seems fine, honey" she said as Spice sipped on her drink.
"but you're worried about later...."
Spice nodded. "Whatever horrible things they did to him in there are probably shoved pretty far back in his
head" she said, draining her glass, "but they'll come out, sometime..."
"Unless the tall shimmery guy zapped it out of his mind" Kat said, walking up behind Spice. "He said
something about us all being "healed and protected". Maybe he erased that part of Alice's memory to
protect him?"
Spice looked at Kat, hopefully. "Do you think so?"
Bella patted her hand. "Let's assume that's what happened" she said, "so we can enjoy the rest of our
night, huh?"
Spice smiled and crushed out her cigarette. "Party time" she said, getting up and walking over to the table
to join the others.
Kat smiled at the others until they walked away from her. She didn‟t follow them immediately, but went
over to the window, gazing out at the night. “Dawn soon” she thought to herself. Now that the others
couldn‟t see her, her face turned sad. She sighed deeply, and hot tears began to slip silently down her

For the murdered Staties back on the highway…

 For the innocents on the powerhouse crew…

  For Tim Duncan.

After a bit, she wiped her face with the back of her hand, telling herself “stupid to cry…can‟t help
anything…won‟t bring anyone back.” She pulled a thin gold chain out from under her collar, held the little
cross at the end of it and said a prayer for the dead.

She took comfort in the idea that Tim and the murdered innocents were with God…and the “Cultists” were
facing their final judgement, the f***ers. Able to smile again, she slid the little cross back inside her collar
and walked over to join the party.

Bella stood at the mini 'suite' bar, smoking her cig and after having poured herself a Captain and coke,
 drinking her drink.

She was glad that they were all back safe and sound, she thought as she watched the other's enjoyed the
little 'party'....Jaded was enjoying Baz' company IMMENSELY, Zoo and WeirdKat were 'belly laughing' over
something AlienSpice had whispered to them. She watched Mr. D. speak quietly to General McMullen and
really did feel badlly about not trusting Tim. Then again, 'trust' wasn't her strong point: she trusted whom
she trusted, no more, no less...She DID, understand, the 'never speak of' thing: she'd grown accustomed
to the phrase, "I dunno.. "... She was WAY 'ok' with that...

She wondered about Alice's 'suppressed memories' and wondered further, if, when those memories
emerged, they'd present themselves in the form of some of his FINEST work to date...

She dragged on her cig and sipped her rum and coke (Ok, mostly rum, but hell, she'd earned it........). She
watched the exhaled smoke curl upwards, took her drink and an ashtray and walked away to look out a
window, using the sill as a 'table' for her drink and 'tray. There she stood silently, smoking and sipping.

Mr. D. came up behind her, startling Bella. She jumped and then laughed, "Sorry.", she said.
Mr. D., "I think we all have a right to be jumpy, don't you?", he said quietly.

Bella wasn't sure what D. would do as he'd been running a bit 'hot and cold' lately - which was
understandable, but she leaned back against him, figuring that the worst that could happen would be he'd
back away.

He didn't. Instead, he leaned down (way down, Bella's only a little over five feet!   and slipped his arms
around her waist, resting his face in her hair. She put her drink on the windowsill and crushed out her cig
in the ashtray. She closed her arms over his...

She put her head back against his shoulder, "You Ok, Honey?", she asked softly.
"I'll get over it, I reckon.", he mumbled into her hair.
"I got a bad feelin', D.", she answered.
She felt his body tense, "Why?"
"I'm not convinced it's over. It was too easy.", she whispered.
He rested his cheek against her head, looking out 'her' window, "I know."

They stood silently for a few moments, enjoying the contact. Bella stood imagining what Zoo and the
others were thinking if they happened to be looking their way at this particular moment.
The way Bella saw it: she and D. had DIED together last time - she was enjoying living THIS time. What
was Mr. D. thinking? "Hell, who gives a rats ass what anyone else thinks...."

Bella chuckled.
Mr. D. 'felt' her laugh, "What's so funny, Bellie Girl?"
Bella smiled, "I was just thi---"

The power went down.

"Aw, Hell...", Mr. D. growled.
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"Wha?" zoo spluttered. "Aw, dammit!" There was the sound of someone stumbling and a thud.

"Found the couch!" zoo said into the darkness.

"Nobody move." Mr D's voice cut through the gloom. "Baz?"

"Right here, mate. I've got Jaded."

"I'm with Mr D." Bella said softly. "Spice? Kat?"

"We're on the couch with zoo." Spice replied. "Alice? hey, Alice?!"

"Not again..." Mr D started.

"No, I'm here." Spice let out an audible sigh of relief at his voice. "Can't see a thing though. Anyone got

Bella and Jaded flicked lighters while zoo fished in her pocket for her keys. The little mag-light flared as zoo
adjusted the beam. She carefully set it upright on the coffee table, beam up like a candle.

They huddled together in the silence. Waiting.

{{Whoa! It's 3:30am and ALice was just talking about seeing the "phoenix lights" on a drive to
California...he said "I guess the aliens looked down and said "It's Alice...let him go."}}

{{Woooooh! Cue theme from “the Twilight Zone”….}}

Spice got down off the couch and crawled over to Alice's chair. She wrapped her arms around his legs and
put her head in his lap.
"I'm not letting go of you until the lights come back on!" she said, squeezing his legs tight.
"Good idea" Alice said, running his fingers through her hair.
"Alright you two, some of us WANT the lights back on!" Zoogirl said with a grin, "This is no time for a "spark
in the dark!"
Alice laughed.
"Purely a security measure, Zoo" Spice replied as "convincingly" as she could.
"So what do you s'pose this is about?" Alice said, getting a little more serious, "the shimmery guy said it was
complete. I believed him"
"No offence, Blue" Bella said from her spot over by the window, "but didn't you think it all came together a
little too easily? I mean, if the shimmery guy could just "zap" all our troubles away like that, why didn't he
do it before? Something gives me the feeling he's not as "all powerful" as he appeared..."
MrD let go of Bella and started towards the door.
"First thing, we've got to see if it's the whole building, the whole town...." Bella grabbed his sleeve.
"I don't want you leaving this room alone!" she said sharply.
MrD smiled at her in the darkness.
"YOU gonna protect ME, Bellie girl?"
Bella pulled the pistol out of the back of her waistband.
"I'm countin on a happy ending to this story.." she said with a wink that MrD could just see through the
"OK, Baz, you keep this bunch in line. Bella and I will go investigate. Don't open the door unless you hear
the signal."
"Right-o, mate"
MrD and Bella quietly slipped out the door. Everyone in the room held their breath and wished them "much
well", as Bella would say.

They walked out into the hall, it was dark. The elevators were stopped but the emergency exits lights
were still lit up red, so they could see - somewhat.

Together, they made their way down a few flights of stairs and through a door into the lobby. The street
lights were still on outside the glass entrance doors.

Mr. D.: "Looks like just the hotel."
Bella looked around and finally pointed to a heated conversation going on among a group of maintence men
and someone who appeared to be a 'manager'. The conversation was mostly in Spanish, which Bella could
not understand, but she could 'pick up' some of the 'Spanglish' that was being tossed around.

Someone who appeared to be the lead maintance man was gesturing wildly to the others chattering on,
 and the 'manager' responded, "I don't care who did what! Just fix it - now! Call the electrician, call
whoever, just get the box fixed!" The Maintenance men grumbled, and dispersed. The manager shook
his head and walked back to the front desk.

Bella looked up at Mr. D.: "Clerical Error?"
Mr. D. relaxed, "Maintenance Glitch."
Bella took a deep breath, "Safe until next time, I guess."
Mr. D. smiled, "Till next time....hell, I'm retired."

They carefully made their way back up the stairs to the suite, where they 'reported' their findings....All was
still well with the world.......... Thankfully.


Baz went to the window and opened the doors that led to a small terrace,he lit a Marlboro.
"there`s lights on in other buildings,I think it`s just the hotel "

"Is that bad d`yer think ?" Spice said to him.
"Well,I don`t know.I would have been much happier if the whole area was out.It looks like we may have
been singled out"
Baz cocked his trusty Barretta and told the rest to do the same.
"No one shoots unless I do ,understand ?" Baz said as returned to the room.

They all mumbled in unison.They all thought it was over and were not prepared for this.

"SHIT" Zoo yelled,as there was a bang on the door.
"Open up guys " Bella shouted,Zoo went over to the heavy door and let Bella and D back in.

"It`s Ok " D said just a problem with the hotel power,probably a fuse.
"Or a power outage " Spice ,chipped in.

"Nah,", Bella said. "There were at least 5 hispanic maintanence men squabling in "Spanglish" to a
"manager" type person. Pointing fingers at each other. He told them to get the box fixed."

She lit a cig and sat, putting D.'s .38 on the table next to the sofa, "I think we're just being 'paranoid' this
Jaded burst into laughter, which Bella joined in with.

Mr. D. sat down next to her, he took her cig, dragged and gave it back, "Damn woman," Coughing, " is
that legal?"
"Of course.", She answered.

Baz asked, "Do you really think it's over?"
Mr. D, "Well, we can't really follow the 'shimmery guy' to make sure he keeps up his end of the deal."

Alice jumped in from his chair, where a figure, whom Bella assumed was AlienSpice was still holding on to
his legs, "We'll find out if he doesn't."

Bella: "Indeed, we will."
AlienSpice, "So, it's over?", she muttered against Alice's thigh.
Bella looked at her in the darkness. She flicked her lighter to make sure she saw her. She did. Bella
leaned against Mr. D. on the sofa and kicked up one leg on it, "Technically? Yes, I think so." Bella started
laughing, "But I'm not one to rain on ANY woman's parade so you hold on as long as you feel the need to,

The group shrouded in darkness heard AlienSpice and Alice laugh....

"I promised to hold on until the lights came back" Spice said, "and I 'always keep my promises'." Everyone
laughed, except Alice, who mussed Spice's hair and groaned.
"You get a lot of milage out of that one, don't you?"
"Can't help it, Vince" she giggled, "one of the greatest moments in cinematic history, that one..."
"So what do we do now?" Zoo asked from her place on the couch, "how are we all going to get home?"
Everyone went quiet for a minute. "Home" seemed a world away to them...even the "Boston Girls".
D spoke up. "Well, I can get plane tickets for anyone who wants 'em" he said, his arm around Bella, "but we
obviously can't just fly the "Chosen One" back to Phoenix..."
"No planes, D" Bella said almost conspiratorially,"I don't trust 'em just yet. We might just have to rent
another car or two..."
"Don't forget our holiday, mate" Baz spoke up from the chair across the room, "and if any of you ladies
would like to accompany us to the big apple for a day or two, the pleasure would be all mine" Jaded, who
was sitting on Baz's lap, smiled through the dark at Bella. "A quick trip to the city might be good for the
nerves..."she said as Baz squeezed her a little tighter.
"Zoo and I will take one of the cars and head on back to Washington" Kat said, a little wearily, "the city
sounds fun, but right now I'm missing the "country".... Zoo nodded.
"That leaves you two.." Bella said, motioning to Alice and Spice.
"I was thinkin, I really should go and tell Bobby everything..." Spice said, "wanna road trip with me, Vince? I
can't go as fast as the Boston girls, but I can hold my own."
Alice smiled "If I had my damn Viper we could get there tomorrow" he said, casting a grumpy look at MrD.
"I saved your ass and the universe and you're gonna give me grief about a car?" D bellowed from the
couch. Bella wrapped her arms around him and gave him a squeeze. "Get a new one, Blue" she said,
winking at Alice, "record sales haven't been THAT bad..."
Everyone laughed....and the lights came back on. They sat in silence for a few minutes...suddenly "home"
seemed closer....

"Easter". zoo said. "Do you guys realize it's almost Easter? Kind of an appropriate time for the world to get

"You've got a point." Mr D said. "Maybe not a coincidence."

"Maybe not." Alice said quietly.

"What time is it, anyway?" Jaded said with an exagerated yawn.
"Dunno." zoo said. "Feels like a quarter of dawn. I haven't been up this late since the last time I was up this

"Bedtime." Baz said with a wink.

"C'mon, roomie. I'm about done." zoo said to Weirdkat. They said goodnight and headed off to their room.

Inside, zoo flopped on her bed. "I'm almost too tired to get changed." she moaned.

"Good!" Weirdkat said with a laugh,"I get first crack at the bathroom!"

"Right." zoo rolled over and stared at the ceiling. "I don't want it to be over."

"I know what you mean." The Kat said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "But it's never really going to be
over. Not for the Sickthings and not for Alice. I have a feeling we may have to stay on guard fot a very long
time. Anyway," she said standing up and grabbing her bag, "There's always the board and concerts and,
well, friendship..."

"And that's a hell of a lot." zoo said smiling. "Right now, that's just enough."

Jaded, Baz, Bella and Mr D stood in the hallway.
Jaded looked at the two men, and finally spoke.
You guys don't mind if we don't go to NYC with you?
The two of us our so close to home now, I could hit Bella's house with a chicken wing from here! Bella
Baz held Jaded's hand tight, looking a little disapointed.
I think you two need some time on your own.. Some time to relax, not having to worry about protecting us.
Baz knew exactly what Jaded was trying to say.
he gave her on of the cutest smiles she had ever seen, He pulled her close to him and wispered in her ear.
We still have tonight sweetness. Jaded smiled.

As the foursome turned to go their separate ways,
Jaded grabbed Bella's hand. no words needed to be spoken. But they were anyway.. Love you, Don't wake
me up!! See ya in the afternoon.
Jaded and Baz walked back to their suite at the other end of the hallway.
Once the two were in their room, Jaded stared into Baz's eyes.
I'll never forget you baby, she said. Baz started to laugh, I couldn't forget you if I tried. He gave her a kiss
and they headed for the shower.

WeirdKat stood in the shower, letting the hot water ease her muscles and wash away a little – just a little –
of the weariness she felt. “Feel good to hit the sack” she thought. “Gonna be hard to say goodbye this
time.” As she dried herself off with the thick luxurious towels provided by the hotel, she idly began to plan
a few details of the return trip for Zoogirl and herself. “Soon as we get outta this king-sized snow globe we
can stop off at a National Car Rental and trade that Chevy pig-on-wheels for something a little pleasanter to
drive…I‟ll see how Zoogirl wants to go home, fastest-most-direct route or the scenic route…maybe, she‟d
like to detour through Phoenix and dine at the town‟s premier dining establishment, the renowned
Cooper‟stown!” Smiling at the thought, she pulled on her nightshirt and went back into the bedroom, where
she found Zoogirl sound asleep on her bed. Kat looked at her, debating whether to wake her gently; after a
moment, she pulled the chenille spread off of her own bed and laid it gently over the sleeping Zoo. Before
crawling into bed, she pulled out her outfit for tomorrow morning and laid it out; fresh jeans and her VERY
best T-Shirt – her Dragontown 2000 tour shirt, with a ¾ length shot of Alice in full red-leather coated glory
as the Dark Lord of Dragontown. Nodding in satisfaction, she turned off the lamp, laid down and was
asleep as soon as she hit the pillow.

The shower was hot,too hot,steam filled the bathroom .
"Like the smog of old London town" Baz said to Jaded in his best Vincent Price voice."You never know what
horrors await you my dear" he put his hands to her throat in an act of mock strangulation.

"Yeah,well i ain`t no cheap English whore" she said too him "And don`t you forget it "

They burst out laughing and put their arms around each other,it was obvious that they loved each others
"C`mon Baz ,lets get clean "
Baz grinned.

"Can you bring me some coffee please,Nescafe if you have it,the limey likes nothing better " Jaded put
down the phone and turned around to see Baz looking out of the window.
He lit up two Marlboro`s and gave one to Jaded.
"You know,this is a beautiful part of the world" he said to her,he sounded dissapointed somewhat.
"Hey ,c`mon lets make the most of the time we have left together"
They turned and walked into the bedroom,the fresh linen looked so inviting.Baz stubbed out his cigarette
and pulled back the quilt.
There was a knock on the door.

(Okay you guys. We aren't home yet! I'd help, but apparently, I'm asleep! )

{And so am I. *zzzzzzzzzzzzz*}

It must be yor coffee, Jaded said to Baz as she went to the door.
Plan on being up for a while, Do ya? Jaded said as she turned to see the grin on Baz's face.
They had their coffee in the bedroom.

As the sun rose Jaded fell asleep in Baz's arms. exhaustion had finally taken over.

Jaded could hear Zoo and Wk getting up.
Should we wake them? Zoo asked WK.
naah, Let em sleep a bit.. Its still early.

Alienspice (reluctantly) got up off the floor and stood to hug Zoogirl and Weirdkat goodnight, followed by
Jaded and Baz. Bella grabbed MrD's hand and pulled him out into the hallway with her.
"We'll be right back" she said over her shoulder with a wink, "I mean RIGHT back!"
Alice gave her a salute as they headed out the door. He looked at Spice with a smile as she sat down in a
chair across the table from him.
"I'm not sleepy!" he said, reaching across the table to grab her hands, "In fact, I feel like a million bucks!
Wanna see what's on the late night movie?"
Spice squeezed his hands and grinned. "That shimmery guy really pumped you up, huh?"
"I dunno what it is...I just feel like I did a really good thing, y'know? Like I've accomplished something really
important. It's a good feeling."
"Yeah, it sure is" Spice replied, letting go of Alice's hands and standing up.
"Speaking of accomplishing something, I think I'll go for a little walk..."
"What--outside? By yourself?"
"I'll be fine. The memorial park isn't far from here, and I'd feel terrible if I didn't go and pay my respects..I
always take a flower to Rebecca Nurse whenever I'm in Salem....it's really important to me." Alice looked at
Spice so intently that she had to look away.
"Do you want me to come with you? I've never seen..."
"No, too much chance of you being recognized" Spice interrupted him. Truthfully, she preferred to be alone
when she visited the victims, but she was also well aware that the people who might be around the "witch
museum" at that hour were more than likely to recognize him. Alice got up and walked over to the vase of
Sterling roses. He picked one out and handed it to Spice.
She took the flower and put it in her pocket and buttoned up her jacket. Alice hugged her and wrapped her
scarf around her neck.
"You be careful...don't talk to anyone....I'm waiting up for you.."
"Thanks, Dad" Spice said with a grin.
"That's still not funny!"
"Can't help it...you bring out my inner "snark" Spice wrapped her arms around Alice's neck and gave him a
peck on the cheek.
"I won't be gone a half hour. Find something good on the TV, and if you think I'm gone too long, send Bella
after me. She'll know where to look." Alice sat down on the couch and picked up the remote. "I'm timing
you" he said, as he started flipping though the channels.
"I wouldn't have it any other way.." Spice said heading out the door.

Out in the Hallway, Bella and Mr. D. stood at one end, in a corner, Jaded and Baz having 'retreated' to
their room.

Bella leaned her back against the wall and looked up at The Cowboy, crossing her arms over her chest,
 "I'm sorry about Tim."
she said.
"Me too.", Mr. D. answered, leaning his shoulder against the wall.
"I apologize for not trusting him OR you, for that matter.", she went on.
He smiled and shook his head, "Just wouldn't be "you" to be any other way, now would it?"
She laughed softly, "No, it wouldn't...."

They saw AlienSpice exit the suite and head for the elevator with a Sterling Rose in one hand...

Mr. D., "Where in the hell is that girl goin' at this hour?"
Bella, "With the Rose? I'll bet Memorial Park. It's about a block and a half from here."
Mr. D. looked at her questioningly.
Bella explained, "The WitchCraft Hysteria Memorial. It's important for some of us."
Mr. D. "You think she'll be alright alone?"
Bella, "If she's going at this hour, she's been there before. She'll be fine..."

Mr. D. "So, no New York for you?"
Bella smiled, "Nah, Honey, I gotta get home. If I started walking, I could be there in about 45 minutes!"
Mr. D. "I'm gonna miss you."
Bella looked up at him, "I'll miss you too, but at the rate that 'boy' gets into trouble, we should be 'back in
business' in about a month!"
Mr. D. chuckled...
Bella, "Honey, we've got to get Alice a story."
Mr. D. "What?"
Bella, "He can't just 'turn up', unless he has a story as to where he's been. One that does NOT include
alien beings and UFO's."
Mr. D. sighed, "I know, you're right."
"Shall we go talk to the man?", she asked slipping an arm around his waist.
"I reckon....", he answered.

Together, they walked back to the suite.

Bella and MrD went into the suite where Alice was watching televison. "Have ya thought about whatcha
gonna tell everybody? MrD asked the singer.
"I've been toying with a couple ideas" he remarked "but nothing written in stone yet."
"You know you cant just show up and tell everyone you went for a drive" Bella said.
"Yeah, I know...but I really need something plausible...it's been on the news quite a bit" he answered
always keeping one eye on the TV.
"You could always say you fell of the wagon and went on a drinking binge" MrD suggested.
"Well I have given that some....wait a minute...look!" he said pointing at the TV.
Alice, MrD and Bella began to watch the story breaking on CNN.

"A pentagon spokesman has just released a statement saying that army special forces have broken up a
terrorist plot the blow up a coal fired power plant near Winter Island Massachusetts. Army Major Ed Owens
said a terrorist group of unknown origins had stormed into the power station late last night killing a number
of employees before elements of the army's special forces could intervene. All of the groups members were
killed in the operation. Department of Defense anti-terrorism experts say that this group was responsible for
the recent power outages that had been affecting wide parts of the country for the last several days and
that only through the work of their department was the plot foiled. There were no casualties among the
special forces unit , however an agent from the pentagons task force was killed in the incident. More on this
breaking story later as additional information comes in."

"Those friends of your's dont waste any time do they D" Alice said.
"Reckon not" he said.
(Mr. Demeanor)

"That's very frightening.", Bella stated flatly.
Mr. D. looked over at her, "How so, darlin'?"
"The 'cover up'.", She stated.
"Very much so.", Alice answered.

Bella shook it off and sat down to Alice's right, on the sofa, "So whatcha' gonna say?", she asked softly.
Mr. D. sat down to Bella's right on the sofa and stated, "Gotta make it good this time, my man."

Alice flipped through the TV stations and said, "I dunno...."
Bella curled comfortably between the two, "Perhaps you were researching religions for a new album?"
Mr. D. "Why would he disappear to do that?"
Bella, "To get the 'truth', unfettered?"
Alice, "Perhaps...."
Mr. D. "So he ended up turning up in the 'WitchCraft Capita" of the US?"
Bella, "Why not?"
Alice flipped through the stations, "Why not....It would be something people of my beliefs would not be too
"ok" with...."
Bella, "So you disappeared to gather information, without getting any 'flack' from those closest to you."
Mr. D. "But you don't have any information."
Alice, "Bella?"
Bella smiled at him, "I'm certain that I could arrange a couple of 'confidential', informational interviews for
you before you leave Salem...provided you go respectfully and open mindedly."
Alice looked down at her, "I wouldn't do it any other way."
Bella, "So Be It."
Mr. D. "How are we gonna go public with it?"
Bella, "Jaded mentioned something about her 'morning show' radio guys doing a non-stop broadcast until
Alice calls the station...."
Alice chuckled, "Ahh.....the media.....my adversaries, the bane of my very existance, yet ALWAYS my
Bella, "You know what they say..."
Mr. D. looked down at her, Alice said, "What's that?"
Bella looked at each, "Keep your friends close - and your enemies closer....."
Mr. D. and Alice, "And make 'em work for you."
Alienspice walked briskly through the streets of the quiet village. The chilly night air was sweet...much
sweeter than the blinding snowstorms the sickthings had endured on Winter Island. As she came around
the corner towards the old graveyard, she noticed a group of people hanging around the gate.
"Oh crap" she thought to herself as she got closer, "I'm going to have to talk to them...." She sidled as close
to the wall of the "witch museum" as she could, trying to avoid being noticed, but one of the young men
stepped toward her.
"Hey! Whatcha doin out here at this hour?" he walked closer to her, looking her up and down.
Spice looked him up and down as well...typical "goth kid", hanging out around the graveyard in the dead of
"I'm just going to the memorial. Sorry if I've intruded on your party.." The kid got up closer to Spice and
noticed her Alice button.
"Hey, it's cool. The more the merrier we say...you a Cooper fan?"
"You could say that.."
"What do you think happened to him? He's been missing a while now...." Spice looked at the kid..he had a
sort of evil grin on his face.
"I'm sure he's just doing something important. The man has been killed so many times in so many ways, I
think he can probably get out of any scrape.." Just then, one of the other kids from the group walked up.
Spice noticed he was wearing an inverted pentagram t shirt. She bristled.
"I know what happened to him..." the newcomer said, looking directly at Spice.
"Oh really? Do tell..."
"He got involved in something he shouldn't have. Some people play around with the dark side and have no
idea what kind of power it holds...." the kid said, trying to sound menacing.
Spice fixed his gaze. "He's a good Christian boy" she said,"he wouldn't go "playing around" with the "dark
side." She tried to pass the kids, but they stood in her path.
"No, you're wrong" he replied, "he was out on Winter Island. He wandered into a situation he wasn't
prepared to deal with. He had to pay the price...."
Spice steeled herself. She glowered at the kid, who was obviously enjoying making her uncomfortable.
"Listen....you think you know what you're talking about, but you don't. And if I were you, I'd think long and
hard about playing with the "dark side".....I'm finished with you. I'm going over to the memorial park, and
I'd appreciate some solitude."
Spice pushed past the kids, who started following her but soon gave up and went back into the graveyard.
She walked to the memorial stone for Rebecca Nurse and laid the rose down. She brushed some snow away
from the ground in front and sat down. She sat silently for a moment, saying a prayer in her head. Then,
when she was sure the kids weren't going to bother her, she let herself cry.

Nice alienspice.
If I had more time I would kick them punk kids arses for yer.

"Time.", Alice said.

Bella looked at him, "Time? Time for what?"
"AlienSpice is out of time. Her thirty minutes is up. She's supposed to be back by now."
Bella sighed and got up off of the sofa, picked up her jacket and made ready to leave.
Mr. D. "Where you goin'?"
Bella, "For A'Spice."
Alice, "She said she was going to the Mem..."
Bella, "I know, I know...."
Alice shook his head, "Yeah, she said you'd know."
Mr. D.: "You're not going alone."
Bella smiled at him zippering her jacket: "I sure as Hell am, and when we get back, you two better be on
the phone with the radio guys explaining....'cuz I'm catchin' a few 'zzzz's before I go home....". With that,
she left.

Alice looked at Mr. D. "She's your friend."
Mr. D. "Wouldn't have it any other way...."

Bella trudged across the slushy four lane street towards Essex, but hung a quick left onto Derby. She
trudged silently, swearing silently at the snow, "I hate snow.", she thought, "It really pisses me off...."

She took a right at the MicroBrewery and her first left - uphill in the slush....ughhh....she thought, getting
pissier by the moment. At the top she took a left and walked straight on to the Stone Witch Memorial. Of
course, she encountered the 'goths' she expected to be there....

One teenaged boy in black stepped out in front of her, "Hey little lady, where you goin' in such a hurry??"
Bella stalked past him, "A little place called 'none of your goddamned business', with a brief stop at
'respect your goddamned elders'. That's where."

The group of four quickly followed her. "Hey!", one small one with a reversed pentacle said, running up in
front of her, "You're looking for that girl aren't ya'? The one with the 'Cooper Button' on her jacket, aren't

Bella continued stalking up the street but looked at him scathingly, "Aren't you just the group 'seer'?"
He puffed, "Yes I am."
Bella frowned, "And not a very good one."
He ran to keep up with her, "You wanna know what happened to her? To Alice?"

Bella stopped in her tracks, "I already know."
The small one stopped, unsure. Bella continued, "I know where she is. I know where he is. You will all
stop following me. You will all stop harrassing me. You will all let us be. Or you will pay a price."
The small one bristled, "Oh really?", he said looking at the others laughing.
Bella smiled, "Yes. Really. You are but half of a whole, and your friends are nothing." She turned and
continued to the Memorial. The young 'goths' went about their 'ways'...

"A 'Glamour' works almost every time....", she thought.

At the Memorial, Bella found AlienSpice sitting in the snow in front of Rebecca Nurse's 'space'. She
approached quietly, and knelt silently next to her, putting an arm around her shoulders.

"You Ok?", Bella asked.
"Yep.", A'Spice answered, wiping her face with her sleeve.
"A nasty, sad place this is.", Bella whispered.
"Yep, but sweet too.", A'Spice answered.
"I hear ya'.", Bella answered. "He's waiting for you...upset: your thirty minutes were up about 10 minutes
AlienSpice laughed softly, "What do you make of that?"
Bella chuckled softly, "Well, you have your 'friends' and you have your 'lovers', I guess....sometimes,
however, your 'friends' are better at 'loving' is all...."
AlienSpice laughed, "Amen...."
Bella stood up, "Ready?"
AlienSpice stood up, "Ready. But let's go back a different way..."
Bella laughed, "Nah. They won't bother us again. Trust Me."
AlienSpice laughed out loud, "They waiting for us?"

Bella brushed the snow off of her knees, "They best be on the phone to the radio station right now."

Laughing, they walked, unassaulted, back to the Hawthorne Hotel.....

Bella and Alienspice were laughing (girltalk!      ) when they got to the door of the suite. Alice jumped up to
open it.
"Spicegirl! You had me worried! I thought you always kept your promises?" She happily relaxed into his
"I'm really sorry about that....ran into a chapter meeting of the Marilyn Manson fanclub out in the
graveyard. Those kids are scary. They think they've got it all figured out, and they have no earthly idea
what they're doing."
"They didn't try to hurt you, did they?" Alice said, holding her by the shoulders and looking in to her eyes.
"No, they just tried to intimidate me. Little do they know I eat punks like them for breakfast..."
Bella laughed, then poked Alice in the chest.
"YOU are supposed to be on the PHONE, are you not?" she said, giving him a (playfully) menacing stare,
"I've already visited my wrath on two bad boys tonight...don't make it a trio!"
Alice looked sheepish. "I didn't want to get on the phone till you two got back safe and sound...and plus, I
don't know the number."
Bella sighed and looked at MrD. "Okay, one of us has to go get Jaded. You up for ignoring the "Do Not
Disturb" sign? I'm already cranky from trudging through the snow, not to mention lack of sleep..."
MrD laughed. "I'll go. Baz is no prince when he wakes up...and if he happened to take his pistol to bed with
him, he might just shoot first and ask questions later." MrD went out to the hall to wake up Jaded.
Spice sat down hard on the couch...the exhaustion hit her like a ton of bricks. "So you've got your story
straight, Vince?" she asked, stretching out and leaning her head down on the arm of the couch, "Bella told
me the basic idea on the walk over"
"Yeah, I've been researching the "old religions" for a new project...had to keep it quiet to avoid upsetting
the family....here in Salem talking to some knowledgeable people..." Alice was pacing back and forth as he
spoke...clearly nervous. "You know, I'm not so good at lying..."
Bella and Spice exchanged surprised looks. "Give me a break!" Bella exclaimed, plopping down in a chair,
"I've heard more contradictory things come out of your mouth than I care to count! You're a natural!" Spice
Alice looked momentarily hurt, then broke out into a grin. "Yeah, I guess you're right. It's just like playing a
character, isn't it?"
"Improv, my dear..." Bella said, rubbing her temples. She looked at Spice, practically asleep bent over on
the couch, and then to Alice, who was still pacing. "You still aren't tired, at all?"
"Naw...I feel kinda like I'm about to hit the stage. It'll probably hit me after I make the call."
Spice grinned sleepily at him. "Shall I go check the vending machine for skittles?"
"Or redvines?" Bella jumped in.
Alice shook his head and laughed softly. "You girls sure do know how to make a guy feel well cared for...but
I don't want either of you leaving this room till I make the call. I'm gonna need moral support." Alice sat
down on the couch next to Spice..she put her head on his shoulder. "I'm right here, Vince...wake me up
when it's showtime."

Zoogirl woke up to the sound of someone working the knob to the other bedroom. She slid off the bed and
silently crept to the door of her room. The latch made a light "click" as it opened.

Mr D was bent over, fiddling with something. He stashed the object in his pocket and straightened up.

"How the heck did you get in here?" zoo whispered.

"If I told you that, I'd have to kill you." Mr D said, straightfaced. He suddenly broke into a grin. "I need
Jaded. Baz tends to wake up kinda sudden-like. Figured I'd unarm him first."

"Thas'll haveta do better'n that, then." Baz's voice was muffled but cheerful. " I've had a bead on the door
for the last five minutes!"


"Aw, crap!" Mr D smiled ruefully. "C'mon ya old bastid. Bella wants Jaded. Alice is going to make a call to
that station."

"I'm in on this!" zoo said.

"Yoiu look ready for anything." Mr D observed. "What does your hubby say about you sleeping in your jeans
and sweater?"

zoo looked down. "Hmm. I must have passed out while Weirdkat was in the bathroom. Guess she covered
me, the sweetie. I wonder if I should wake her?"

"Let her sleep. You two have a long drive coming up. Hey, Baz!"

Now there were two voices coming from the room. "In a minute!" Jaded yelled. "Can't find my...got 'em!"

Zoo looked at Mr D and blushed, which made him laugh out loud.
"I'll meet you down the hall." she said hastilly and headed off to the other suite.

Jaded grabbed Baz's t-shirt and pulled it over her.. she walked to the door and opened it.. pulling her hair
out from the inside of the shirt.
She stepped back when she saw Mr D.. Somethings wrong? she thought instantly.. Baz saw the scared look
on Jaded's face on went to her side.
Mr D was admiring Baz's shirt for the first time that day..
He smiled and looked at Jaded.. Trouble.. with a capitol T you and your cousin..
sorry to bother you two he continued.. I need the number to WGIR..
Jaded felt alot calmer as she picked up her cell and rattled off 1-888-556-7625..
Alice gonna call Gregg? she asked D. Yeah.. he's gonna have to say somethin bout where he's been..
I just gotta hear this!! she was extreamly excited!!
Baz loved to see Jaded excited.. He looked at Mr D ..
We'll be over in a few minutes..
Mr D laughed as he shut the door.

Jaded and Baz walked into the other suite about 5 minutes later. They found Alice,Spice, Bella and Mr.D
milling around the room..
Alice picked up the phone and dialed the number to the WGIR radio station.
Gregg: Hello?
alice: hello? is this Gregg?
Gregg: ah..ah.. yeah this is Gregg
Alice:Gregg your outa your mind!! Why are you locked in there and why are you playin so much Alice for?
Gregg:Hey somebody told me this is Alice Cooper.. now I wanna be honest with ya..I've heard this a couple
of times over the last couple of days..How would I know its you.. Alice Cooper?
Alice:ahhh let me see...
The sickthings stood in amazement as the heard Alice start to sing...
I was gone for fourteen days, I coulda been gone for more..
Held up in Salem Massachusetts lyin on the floor
I was gone for all those days
But I, was not all alone
I made friends with a lot of people
In the danger zone...See my lonely life unfold,I see it every day
See my lonely mind explode
Since I've gone away I think I lost some weight there
and I, I'm sure I need some rest..
Alice looks directly at spice Jaded and Bella and starts to laugh.. Gregg!!! ya gotta get outa there!
You can hear Gregg screaming from anywhere in the room..Alice!!! Alice cooper!!! Yes!!!
Let me tell ya Alice, first and foremost..I'm a long time Alice fan.. I starting taking about it on the air last
tour, How you know, we've had so many rock icons on the air..And I started to wonder..Damn, did I piss
Alice off or something? You've never been on the Morning buzz!!
Alice: I'm here now..
Gregg: I appreciate that.. I've played Alice Cooper 19,272 times.. and that doesn't include the last few
days.. I'm real excited that you called.. But I'd like to know.. why did you dissapear? Where ya been?
Alice:I was doing some research for my new album,Dirty Diamonds.. Ran into some old friends..Got a case
of tour fever.. and just felt like being incognito..
Gregg: I get it.. So will ya send me a copy of that new CD Alice?
Alice:Sure will.. Just promise you'll play it for my friend Jaded.. She just loves your show!!
Gregg: Jaded?.. Does she have a cousin named Bella?
Alice: so you know the two? Alice laughs
Gregg: I haven't seen them since the old days at "10's"
Jaded and Bella burst out laughing...
Alice finished with a little more fluff and ended his call.
He looked around the room...
"You two get around" he said to Bella and Jaded. They looked at each other and broke into laughter.

"You don't lknow the half of it!" Bella said, still giggling.

Alice smiled back. "Since I'm "found", I guess I can risk a call home now. Sheryl must be starting to worry
for real."

"You want some privacy?" zoo asked.

He shook his head. "Naw, I'll keep it short. She's probably asleep."

They heard him say "Hi honey." and then he turned his back and spoke quickly and quietly for a few
minutes. "I love you" he said and hung up.

Zoo was standing beside Spice. A little tremor of something crossed her face.

Zoo put an arm around her. "Okay?" she whispered. Alienspice nodded. "It's just...I guess it's time to go
back to reality."

"Almost" zoo whispered back. "Tommorow."

Spice brightened and smiled. "Right. Tommorow." She moved over to Alice, who put an arm around her
shoulders and pulled her close.

"Alright...now I'm exhausted. What time is it anyway?" Alice asked, looking around the room to all the
"Time to get some sleep" Bella said matter-of-factly, "sorry we woke you guys up for that little show..."
"Hey! I wouldn't have missed it for the world" Zoo replied, "I didn't know you were gonna SING! Kat's
gonna be pissed!"
Alice grinned. "I'll sing to her in the morning. Or, whenever it is that we all get up...." Alice broke out into a
big yawn, stretching his arms wide. He closed them up again around Spice, who was practically asleep
standing up.
"I hear some fluffy pillows calling your name, Spicegirl" he said with a laugh.
"Sorry. Just...so...sleepy..."
Zoo, Jaded, and Baz started to move toward the door. Zoogirl stopped and looked at Bella, who was leaning
heavily against MrD, her eyes barely open.
"Looks like you all are going to need plenty of time to "rest"....she said with a grin, "I'll call for breakfast
down our end. We'll consider the "do not disturb" sign up until one of you comes to get us." Bella smiled
and hugged Zoo tight.
"Vegas time" Zoo whispered to her, "one more "night" in Vegas. Make the most of it." She winked at Alice
and Alienspice and followed Baz and Jaded out the door.
MrD straightened up, and gave in to a giant yawn himself. "I don't know if I've ever been this exhausted" he
said quietly, "I reckon whatever that shimmery guy did is starting to wear off..."
"Okay cowboy, into the bed with you" Bella said, scooting him toward the door to "their" room, "and boots
off this time!"
MrD obediently headed into the room. She walked over to where Alice and Spice were standing, seemingly
holding each other up.
"You two get to bed. Sleep. If you're drivin tomorrow you're gonna need plenty of sleep." Spice smiled and
hugged Bella goodnight.
Alice bent down to hug Bella as well. He kissed the top of her head.
"You're quite a lady, you know that?" he said as she looked into his baby blues.
"Oh, you don't know the half of it, Blue!" she laughed, giving him a swat on the butt, "now get in there. And
"Go easy on him. He's old enough to be your dad!"
They all shared a last hearty laugh, and then went to their rooms.

As soon as they got back to the other suite, Baz and Jaded headed back to “their” bedroom – presumably to
sleep. Zoogirl tiptoed into the other bedroom, trying not to disturb WeirdKat; she needn‟t have bothered to
be so quiet, though. With the danger over – for the time being, anyway – the Kat had let herself „crash‟
into a deep, healing sleep. Zoogirl slipped out of her heavy clothes and into a nightshirt, putting herself to
bed properly this time, to get a few more hours of sleep.

Later, as the sky outside lightened towards dawn, Kat began to rise towards waking. She dreamed for a
little while, a confusion of images from last night, culminating in the luminescent robed figure speaking to
her, giving some kind of – advice? warning? – it wasn‟t clear…

And Kat‟s big blue eyes opened, seeing the room in the dawning light of the new day. The dream quickly
faded away from her waking mind, taking with it the figure‟s half-understood words. Sitting up, shaking her
head, Kat slid quietly out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. Taking note of the other bed, she saw
that Zoogirl must have roused in the night and „finished‟ going to bed. “That was a good sleep” she thought
to herself, “really needed that.” Heading towards the bathroom, she glanced towards the other bedroom‟s
closed doorand couln‟t help smiling wickedly. “All quiet on the western front, I guess - finally!” Swiftly
completing her usual morning‟s business in the bathroom, she stood for a moment, looking at herself in the
mirror and absently rubbing the “eyes” mark on the nape of her neck. Eyeing her reflection distastefully,
she asked herself “Well, stoopid, it‟ll be time to start hugs, kisses and goodbyes today. You gonna get up
the nerve to actually shake his hand today, or are you gonna fade back and hide behind everybody again
like before?” Funny, when the heat was on she had no trouble grabbing him, pulling him one way or the
other, whatever the situation needed, but when things were all quiet and happy, she just felt like…well,
like…”I am not worthy!” she said sarcastically to her reflection in the mirror. It just stared back at her with
the same disgusted look she usually gave it. She stuck her tongue out at it, and went back into the other

Entering their bedroom, she found Zoogirl just waking up. “Get all rested up?” kat asked her. “Mmmm,
MUCH better now!” answered Zoogirl. “I think everybody else will still be sleeping for quite a while yet,
though. Rising to head for the bathroom, she asked Kat “Do you want to order breakfast in, or head down
to the dining room for it?” “Dining room” answered Kat firmly. “I don‟t want to wake those two in the
other room with any knocks on the door. Lord only knows WHEN they finally got to sleep!” Zoogirl
snickered then, and said “Oh, I‟ve got a pretty good idea when they finally dozed off…and boy, have I got a
lot to tell you at breakfast!” Kat eyed here suspiciously, and Zoogirl beat it out the bedroom door into the
bathroom. By the time she finished and came out, Kat was dressed in her Dragontown 2002 tour shirt and
jeans and had the beds made. Dressing quickly, Zoogirl took Kat‟s arm and led her out of the suite and
down to the dining hall, dropping tantalizing little hints about the previous night all the way down.

Bella could go for DAYS, but when the adreneline finally wore off, as it inevitably does, she crashes -

She remembered walking into the bedroom, sending an email to the hubby and son telling them that she'd
be home sometime the next day and to shovel out a path to the BBQ pit and clean out the duck pen: 'cuz
snow or no, she was BBQ'ing, and if that pen wasn't cleaned out - she'd be BBQ'ing 'duck'...She told them
she loved them and then closed the laptop, disconnecting.

Mr. D. was in the bathroom the entire time, and while he was there, she took the time to attempt to locate
her bag in an effort to find her nightshirt, unsuccessfully. Bella looked around the room and saw Mr. D's
white linen shirt carelessly flung across the back of a chair.

She took it, and changed into it, quickly diving under the covers. Ah....nothing better than cool sheets and
the cool side of the pillow....

Bella drifted off to sleep, her last waking thoughts for the day being: I hope Mr. D. doesn't mind me
borrowing his shirt, it's gonna smell like 'Patchouli' - which he'll never successfully wash out. Hahahah -
that's his problem.....Smiling into the darkness as she heard the bathroom door open, she drifted off into

Alienspice grabbed her bag and stumbled into the bathroom. She looked at her face in the unforgiving
flourescent light and grimmaced.
"No point in trying to be cute now" she thought, and scrubbed off her "warpaint." She giggled as she
realized she was unconsciously humming "How You Gonna See Me Now?"....
"Thank the goddess I'm entirely too exhausted to be nervous..."
She dug through her bag for her favorite sleepshirt--an oversized well worn t-shirt with a print of the hindu
god Ganesh--god of luck. She pulled it on over the thermal longjohns(thanks, MrD!           and brushed her
Half expecting Alice to be passed out by now, Spice opened the door as quietly as she could. She saw him
kneeling by the side of the bed, in his own t shirt and longjohns, head bowed in silent prayer. She smiled to
herself as she watched him, realizing that this was a large part of what she had come to love about this
man...although his faith often led him to say things she didn't agree with, the fact of his devotion in the face
of everything was inspirational.
He finished and stood up, catching sight of her standing in the doorway.
"Sorry, just having my nightly chat" he said with a grin. Spice walked over to the other side of the bed and
climbed in.
"You're a good man, Vince..don't let anyone tell you otherwise"
"I do my best, lady....not feeling particularly "good" right this minute, though..." Alice climbed in the bed
and turned on his side to face her, head propped on his hand. He looked in her eyes so intently she felt like
they were burning right through her.
"You cast some sort of witchy spell on me?" he whispered.
"Not any more than you, Vince.." Alice reached over and turned out the light.
Spice held her breath.
"This is a moment frozen in time..." she whispered as she felt his lips touch hers.

Baz swung his legs off the bed ,slowly ,as not to wake Jaded,who was fast asleep,her hair covering her
face,her breathing slow.Christ ,he thought,she`s probably the most beautiful woman he had ever known
,"It`s gunna be hard to say goodbye".
He pulled on the T/S he had on last night and hunted for his cigarettes.He lit one and sat in the chair at the
bottom of the bed,just staring at the sleeping body.
He smiled to himself.He realised how much he had enjoyed this adventure,how much he had enjoyed being
with Jaded,how much he had enjoyed everyones company.He was glad D was going on to the Apple with
him,if he could choose anyone to have with him it would be D.
Baz stood up and went to the bathroom,threw the cig down the toilet and swilled his mouth with the
Listermint that was on the shelf.He gave himself a few burst of the spray and looked at himself in the mirror
"Eee lad ,thaz not bad at all "
he said to himself, and went back into the bedroom.
He snuggled up to Jaded,parted her hair and kissed her on the forehead.

{Everybody's having naughty fun except me 'n Zoogirl, darn it! }

  Quote (WeirdKat @ April 07 2005,22:15)

   {Everybody's having naughty fun except me 'n Zoogirl, darn it! }

{{Just wait till next time, Sweetie...we'll bring Mr Mustaine along for the ride!     }}

{{I'm not having naughty fun - I'm blissfully asleep!}}
Yeah but D is,no doubt he`ll cover yer back up when he`s done.

"He SANG? And I missed it?!" Kat stared at zoogirl over her oatmeal. "Why didn't you wake me up? I ought
let you walk back to Vancouver! Dammit!"

"Sorry!" zoo said, half laughing. "How was I to know? Anyway, he's "found", so I guess this is it." She took
a bite of her scrambled eggs. "I don't want to leave without saying goodbye, though."

"No, we can't do that." Weirdkat took a sip of coffee and sighed. "Back to normal, whatever that is. I'm
beginning to get used to all this ...stuff."

"Imagine what Baz and Mr D must consider normal. I don't think I want to know everything about them. I
want them to stay my nice guy friends, not, you know, spys and killers."

"Everyones got different sides. It's still our buddy Baz that talks Yorkshire and takes great pictures. Mr D's
still our cowboy. That won't change."

"You're right. Well, finish up. I've still gotta pack." zoo drained her coffee and stretched.

They made their way back to the suite. Behind Baz and Jaded's door, they could hear movement and
voices. In a minute, the shower began.

Zoo's phone rang. ""You guys up?" Bella said. Good. Meeting in our suite in half an hour, okay?"


Jaded was staring at Baz trying to put every part of him into her memory.There was no defination for their
relationship.. yet it meant everything.
She burried her head into his chest and started to cry.
Hey..Jaded don't cry, honey he said as he wiped away her tears. I know this is hard for all of us,but lets not
say good bye till we have to ok?
Jaded nodded her head.

Jaded turned the shower on. She smiled and motioned to Baz. Fancy some water sports now do yer? he
laughed as he got into the shower.Jaded smiled and again nodded her head.

As they exited the bathroom there was a knock on the bedroom door. Baz, half dressed,opened the door.
Bella wants us...whoo Baz! Jaded looked over to see Wk staring at Baz's very muscular chest and tight
ripped abs. No wonder why Jaded's had you in here for so long.. The rest of him is equaly impressive as
well, Jaded said walking up behind Baz laughing. He leaned back and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
Whats up with Bella she asked? Zoo who came to see what all the commotion was about piped up and said
she called about a half hour ago and wants us all in their suite for a meeting.
Are you sure it was Bella? Jaded looked over at the clock.. Bella's never up this early..
Someone call over there and see whats up..
I gotta dry my hair I'll be out in a few minutes.

posted at the same time

The winter morning sunshine shone through a crack in the draperies, gently waking Alienspice. She felt like
she was waking from the deepest, most restorative sleep of her life...she stretched, and realized she was
once again waking up to the smiling face of Alice.
"Pleasant dreams, Spicegirl?" he asked with a grin.
"The pleasantest. I feel like I've been asleep for days..."
"It's only been a few hours. You really do look like an angel when you're sleeping.."
"Don't tell me you've been watching me sleep the whole time...that's creepy! And plus, we've got a long trip
ahead of us..."
"Oh, I got plenty of sleep. I had some "pleasant dreams" too...." Alice grinned his impish grin and threw off
the covers. He got up and stretched, then headed for the bathroom. "I'm gonna shower...it'll be breakfast
time soon. And time for my command performance for Weirdkat...I want to look my best."
Spice smiled at him as he closed the bathroom door. When she heard the water running, she sat up and
hugged his pillow tightly.
"Pleasant dreams...." she thought to herself, "this whole week seems like a dream...and I wish I didn't have
to wake up."
The ringing telephone startled her out of her thoughts.
"Hey, girl, it's Bella....feeling well rested?"
"Nevermind....I'll know what I want to know when I see you," Bella chuckled, "are you two about ready to
face the day? I called over to the other end of the hall...they'll be down here soon."
"Alice is in the shower...he's making himself beautiful for Weirdkat. Feels bad she missed the "radio song".
I'll jump in quick when he's done."
"Alright then. We'll see you in a little while."
"Hey Bella?" Spice said, holding the pillow tighter.
"I am REALLY gonna need to bum a smoke this time...."
They both laughed and hung up the phone.

{{Mr. D's gonna 'cover' me up when he's done, huh? Seems I've been 'stood' up!               }}


Bella awoke a few hours later, feeling amazingly well rested. Mr. D. was asleep in the bed beside her:
'nekkid' from the waist up that she could see, flat on his back...she thought about lifting those sheets and
then decided against it: you can't be disappointed if you don't try.... She decided to keep 'living the

She ordered up some food to the room - she just made the 10:59am last breakfast call. She ordered up
enough for everyone - and coffee, lots of coffee. She then phoned the other SickThings and told them to
be in her suite in half an hour.

Bella stripped off Mr. D.'s linen shirt and laid it on the bed where she'd lain. She placed one kiss on one
finger and lightly placed it on the red 'scar' on his chest. Smiling, she successfully located her travel bag
and took herself and it to the bathroom to shower...

She'd wake him when she was done.

Alice threw open the bathroom door and stepped out....hair perfect, white frilly pirate shirt, the black leather
pants, and engineer boots.
"Do I look okay?" he said, taking a step forward.
"That a trick question?" Spice answered, squeezing the pillow tighter.
Alice laughed. "Nah...you don't think it's "too much", do you? I just really want our last time all together to
be, you know, special."
Spice nodded. "Our last time all together...it's starting to sink in. I know everybody is anxious to get home,
but it's hard to think about going back to our "regular" lives..."
"Listen...we're all a little different now...this isn't just going to disappear. We'll have memories...and I'm
sure it won't be long before we're all together again. Somehow." Alice walked over to Alienspice and tilted
her head up to look into her eyes.
"I'm going to look for some coffee and get ready for my "show". Be a good girl and have a nice shower and
get yourself dolled up? I'll meet you out there." Spice watched Alice walk out the door, then stood up and
walked into the bathroom. She smiled when she saw that he had drawn the "eyes" in the fog on the mirror.
"I'm really gonna miss that guy..." she said to herself as she turned on the water.

Bella finished her morning ritual with little trouble. She emerged fresh - and dressed to kill.

She leaned over Mr. D., still sleeping peacefully, "Wake up Sleeping Beauty...", she said.

He jerked awake unsure and reached under the pillow: which wasn't a problem as Bella'd removed that
particular handgun seconds before.

"Whaa..??", He stammered.
"Hey. It's Me.", She said.
Mr. D. layed back in the bed, breathing deeply.

"Relax.", Bella smiled, "Go on and get yourself a shower. Breakfast will be here soon."
"And then?", he asked.
"And then back to the real world, till our much loved Mr. Cooper 'screws up' again.", she laughed.

Mr. D. caught her hand and started to stammer something. Bella smiled gently at him again, "Not one
She smiled and shook her head, "Not one word: another place, another space, some other time: but not
here, now or unfortunately, this 'time'...", She pulled her hand away.

She got up from the bed and swatted him on the leg, "Go, Cowboy.", she sauntered out to the sitting area.

As they were putting their assorted gear into their backpacks, WeirdKat looked over at Zoogirl and said “I
haven‟t told the others yet, but I‟ve got one small piece of bad news for the group.” Seeing Zoogirl‟s
sudden look of alarm, she hastened to add “Nothing serious…just that while Mr. D‟s friend „General Disaster‟
was paying us a visit last night, he had one of his minions slip in here and filch our samples out of my pack.
We never did get a chance to ship them off to my buddy…” Still alarmed, Zoo asked “Are you sure it was
him that had them taken?” “Yeah,” answered Kat, “The son-of-a-bitch left me a thank-you note! He
reminded me that I‟m a part of the homeland security program too, keep my trap shut, yadda yadda
yadda…I‟m surprised he didn‟t invoke HIPPA on me, f‟cryin‟ out loud!” Zoogirl couldn‟t help laughing at the
Kat‟s pisstoffistic expression, and after a moment Kat laughed too, shaking her head ruefully.

“So, we should figure out an ETA and you can call your Mister, let him know about when he can expect you
home” said Kat. “Do you want me to drive you back to Spokane and then on to home by the most direct
route at the best possible speed? OR, would you like to take the, uh, „scenic‟ route and see a bit more of
the good ol‟ USA, maybe a bit of the southwest? A bite of lunch at a certain well-known eatery in Phoenix,
Arizona perhaps?” “Hmmmm, would that well-know eatery be a sort of a sports-and-rock „n roll-tavern kind
of place maybe?” answered Zoogirl, a grin spreading over her face. “Welllll, COULD be!” answered Kat,
laughing. They figured up an approximate time of arrival in Surrey via the „scenic route‟ and Zoogirl
reached for the phone to call home.

{I've got to get caught up here.}
(Mr. Demeanor)

{Caught doing what, hmmm?}

I was one sentance from posting a long bit and my computer ate it! I'll have to do it tonight. Carry on.     )
MrD stood alone in the shower letting the hot water run over him. The knot began to form in his gut as he
recalled some of the events of the past few days. Thinking to himself, "I cant do this anymore...the
killing...it comes too easy some times." He stood there for a few moments and asked for forgiveness, even
though he knew he didnt deserve it.
Then the thoughts of all he had to do in the next few days began to fill his mind. Again thinking to himself.
"Alice's Viper is in impound and my truck is still in Farmersville, plus a shot up Navigator. I'll make some
calls and gets Alice's car delivered to Phoenix and have the Navigator taken care of too. Gotta take the Ford
back to Oklahoma and then get down to Saul's to get my truck. Baz wants to go down to New York for a
couple of days, gotta make some reservations there as well. Shit it'll be another week before I get to
Alabama. I guess I better get busy got alotta calls to make." MrD finished his shower, shaved and got
(Mr. Demeanor)

D went outside into the hallway,as he shut the door behind him he heard Baz`s door open,he looked over.
Baz came out and made a bee line for D. "Glad I bumped into yer mate,I was hoping I could get you alone "
"Hey buddy,whats on yer mind ? Not wanting to stay are yer "
He laughed,but he sensed something was on his friends mind.

"Shit D,I`m getting too old for all this,it`s only a matter of time befoor we get our just desserts"
"Just been thinking the same thing Baz,unless it`s the Coop again,I am officially retired"

Baz took hold of Ds arm ."Lets walk"
The two men went down the stairs not even bothering to wait for the lift.
They sat at a table in the corner of the foyer and ordered some coffee,or joe as D always called it.

"Out with it then,the suspense is killing me " D said.
Baz went on.
"We`ve always settled old scores haven`t we,?If some one crossed us,we sorted it ,right "

"Aww Baz,ain`t yer had enough of the killing,christ we`ve seen enough to last two lifetimes" D knew what
Baz was going to say.

"we still have one debt to settle" "If you don`t want to come I`ll do it myself"

D stared at Baz while the waiter poured the coffee."Now listen yer limey bastard,I know how yer feel"
"Thats just it ,you don`t know.Everyday I think of her,every friggin day.All this we`ve just been through
just made it worse"
D lit two cigs and gave Baz one."You don`t know where to find him"
"But I do,the President is in New York for the convention and guess who`s with him ,our old friend Jake

"The Snake" D said.OK I`m in,you knew I would be "
He went on "we`ll see the girls off then sit down and work out a plan"

"I`m gunna cut his bloody heart out "

They drank their joe and went back upstairs in the lift.

{{Yikes! The plot thickens! }}

{{Just like sausage gravy thats been left out.}}
(Mr. Demeanor)

Everyone was gathered for breakfast at around 11 am in "Bella's Suite"..................

They were all drinking coffee or juice and munching happily on the breakfast fare, though a few had eaten
already...... early risers..............

Bella announced, "I love you all, but I've got to go now. Jaded, you with me?"
Jaded stood up, "Of course!"

Alice stood up, "No. Wait." Completely, splendid in pirate shirt and leather pants.

Bella looked at him, "Come on, Honey.", she said shaking her head, 'hiding' under locks of long dark hair,
"Don't do this to me. I'm a sucker for a pirate shirt and black leather pants! I've GOT TO GET OUT OF
Alice laughed, "Very good, Bella! Nice rendition!", he said smiling.
Bella tossed her hair back and chuckled.....

Alice said, "No, WierdKat missed something earlier."
Bella, "You singing on the radio phone call?", she smiled mischievously....
Alice smiled over to WeirdKat who appeared 'uncomfortable' being singled out, "Yes. She missed it and
was 'upset'...", he ventured teasingly...
WeirdKat, "No. Really. I'm fine......."
Bella and Jaded joined ranks as they are often found doing, "Aww...come on...it's ok.......", They each put
an arm around WK and AlienSpice and Zoo joined in...the girls formed a tight group, directly infront of Alice
and sank down into the sofa...

"Come On, Big Guy.", Bella said, lighting a cig, "Whatcha gonna sing for our girl?"

Alice looked thoughtful for a moment, "Well, with the 'bio' background she has...."

And Alice began, with a standard clap with which they all joined in, "I'm a ship for the Pentacost, I got my
scriptures and my wires crossed...."
Bella, Jaded, AlienSpice and Zoo, "WooHoo!"
Bella to WK: "Girl! You got him singing you a song of one of THE most FORMIDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL
women of his show!!! WooHoo!!!!!", she hugged WK with one arm.................. "You go Lady!!!"

{{I'm sorry WK! I hope you don't mind!!! The story was going slowly, and this was a good way to get it
going again! ADDITIONALLY, having Alice sing "Nurse Rozetta" to anyone is a complement: strength and

a dangerous 'hotness'! I thought It fit you!        }}


(Thanks! )

D finished off his breakfast of bacon ,eggs and potatoes,and lit a Marlboro.
" A nice breakfast,a nice smoke and a nice cup of coffee,what better way to start the day.Pity about the
grits though"
Baz laughed "you and yer grits,i`m surprised yer never asked for chitlins,or mustard greens"

"Or biscuits and gravy " Alienspice said,with a grin.

"Make fun of an ol` southern boy,why dontcha " D said ,with a hurt expression on his face.
"On a more serious note,before you all leave i want all yer weapons on the table,and I mean all.Don`t want
you getting caught out there carrying that sort of shit "

Jaded looked at him."So what yer gonna do with it all,start a gun shop"

"It has it`s uses " Baz said.He poured another coffee and lit a Marlboro Light."God,thats good" he said
blowing a smoke ring while letting out a sound of pleasure.
" I think it`s time to say our goodbyes,we all have somewhere to go "

Alice finished up and gave WK a rather huge hug.

Bella and Jaded joined in: hugs to all, all around, many 'call me's', 'email me's ', 'see you on the board's',
 'nice to meet you's', et all.....

Bella paused to address Alice, "Alice, Dear?"
Alice, "Yes, Bella?"
Bella, "PLEASE do try to stay out of trouble, ok?"
Alice, "I will try. I always do."
Bella hugged him, "So....we'll be seeing you again, shortly....", she said laughing...
Alice dropped his face in her hair laughing, "...um...probably...."

Jaded paused for a quiet moment with Baz, and Bella stopped and handed the snubnosed over to Mr. D.
silently. He took it and put it on the table. She grabbed her coat and bags and walked to the door, Jaded
in similar fashion right behind her...Baz and Mr. D. walked them out.

Once in the elevator, Baz asked, "You ladies certain you won't be joining us in NY?"
Jaded, "Nah...stuff to do....", she was obviously sad.

They exited the elevator on the ground floor. Mr. D. put an arm around Bella's shoulders, "How you
gonna get home?"
Bella laughed, "After all we've done, you think hailing a cab is gonna be an issue?"
Mr. D. laughed and pulled her close once they walked through the glass entryway doors to the sidewalk.
She looked up at him, "Yes?"
He laughed looking down, "You are something."
He laughed again, "I'm gonna miss you, darlin."
Bella chuckled, "I'm always just a few mouse clicks away...."

The two looked over to find that it appeared that Jaded and Baz needed to get a room, and shook their

Bella, "Before they get arrested for indecent exposure, we'd better go...", she said. She reached up and
pulled his head down to kiss him. When she was done, she went in for the hug and whispered close to his
ear, "Finally! A kiss that wasn't some sort of an 'act'...."
"Damn, woman......"

Bella happened to look up through the entry doors and noticed a maintenance man, bandaging a finger..
  He dropped his bandaid, and his finger was smeared with green....He picked it up off of the floor and put
it on. He didn't pay them any attention.

She pulled away quickly, saying nothing. She thought, 'must have been ink, or my imagination, or they're
living among us'....he didn't appear to be a threat: he went back to vacuuming....Bella said, "Somehow,
 I'm certain I'll see you again."
Mr. D. finally let go of her shoulders, "I hope so, Darlin'...."

Bella turned and walked to the curb, throwing open her leather coat, though the day was cold, and
whistled. A yellow cab pulled over immediately, nearly causing an accident.

Jaded pried herself away from Baz and blew him kisses laughing all the way to the cab...Bella threw Mr. D.
a glance and laughed, "Boobs get cabs everytime!"

The two men laughed as Jaded and Bella got into the car.
Jaded wiped away a stray tear as the cab pulled into traffic, "I gotta get my car."
Bella, "Not a problem. We'll take the Hyundai."
Jaded laughed, "G-R-E-A-T!"

They were bound for home and normal lives once again.

Well, as normal as their lives ever would or could be, anyway.....
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Alice sat down in the chair opposite the couch where the rest of the girls were sitting.
"Nice t shirt, Kat" he said with a grin, "finally someone around here gives me some respect!"
Zoogirl and Alienspice laughed...Weirdkat looked a little "frozen" but managed a smile.
"Thanks. It's my favorite."
Alice leaned forward in his chair, resting his arms on his knees. He looked at the girls.
"You know ladies, I've been thinking...I really wanna get home. And I'm sure you do too. I could charter a
plane for all of us to Phoenix, you could be my guests for dinner at Cooper'stown, and then we could get
cars for ya to Washington and Roswell. Sound good?"
Spice looked at him intently. "You think it's safe?"
"I've got a guy I've known for a long time...I trust him. He maintains his own plane so there's not much
chance of funny stuff. And it would only be just us on it...."
Kat and Zoo looked at each other....'three day's drive, or a ride in Alice's private plane?'..."We're in!" Zoogirl
said excitedly.
"What do you think, Spicegirl?"
"I think some Billion Dollar Babyback ribs sound mighty fine right about now" she replied, laughing.
"Okay then, I'll make some calls. You girls get all packed and we'll take one of the trucks to Logan. I guess
I'll have to pay for our little party, too...." Alice walked off dialing his cellphone and shaking his head.
Zoogirl, Weirdkat and Alienspice leaned back on the couch and laughed.

Baz and MrD stood silently for a moment and watched as the cab drove away. "I'm gonna miss those two"
Baz said with a touch of longing in his voice.
"Yep...me too" MrD drawled. "But I guess if we're gonna do this thing ...lets get on with it."
"What do yer mean 'IF' " Baz snapped.
"Killin Jake wont bring her back" MrD said.
"True...but he knows the score...and it's time to pay the bill" Baz said as he turned and walked back into the
lobby. MrD followed him.

Her name was Nadia Chalabi, the daughter of an Egyptian father and an English mother. She was born in
Cairo but raised in London and went to university near there. Mr.Chalabi was a pilot for British Airways but
Jake Richmond had always suspected that he was tied to the group that downed Pan Am flight 103 plane
over Lockerbie in 1988.
Baz had no intentions of falling in love when he seduced her to get near her father. But he did.
He met her in a coffee shop near the university when she was a senior majoring in art history. He was using
the cover of a graduate student working on his doctoral thesis. She was young, beautiful, intelligent and not
as naive as Baz had hoped, and she was hopelessly in love with the charming Englishman.
But as MrD recalled back in those days it was Baz who was always the operator. He was a chameleon,
blending into any situation with ease. MrD on the other hand was a blunt instrument.

MrD sat down at the desk in the suite of the Hawthorne and place a call to General McMullen.
"McMullen here"
"Hello General it's me...I've called to ask a favor" MrD said
The general laughed "We'll that didn't take long...but you name it"
"Listen..Alice's car is in an impound lot in Farmersville Texas...do you think you could send a couple of guys
down there with a truck, load it up, and deliver it to Phoenix for me?"
"Consider it done...anything else?" the general asked
"Yeah...dont send a couple of privates in uniform, might raise some eyebrows...make sure there in civilian
clothes..have 'em tell the cops there that they work for Mr.Cooper and are retrieving his car...oh and tell 'em
to wash it too."
"You bastard" the general laughed..."I'll see to it personally. Is there anything else?"
"Well yeah...there's a Lincoln Navigator stashed in a barn at my cousins house there...it's all shot up...have
it taken to a body shop and returned to National in Dallas." MrD added now feeling that he was on a
roll.."oh and one more thing general."
"Yeah what's that?" he asked
"I'm turning in an expense voucher to your command" MrD said laughing.
"D you old dog....go ahead...turn it in...I'll get it ok'ed...hell I owe you that"
"Thank you sir and good bye" MrD hung up the phone.

As Baz packed MrD sat at the desk and looked out the window remembering those early days.

MrD then placed a call and made reservations at a hotel in midtown Manhattan under the names of
Mr.Smith and Mr. Wesson.

"All taken care of then?" Baz asked.
"Yep...thought we'd just drive on down to New York and when it's done I'll put yer fat ass on a plane to
Heathrow." MrD said.
" 'avent seen yer turn down any Krispy Kreems lately yer bastard." Baz laughed. "Lets 'ave a drink then..we
can drink to each others fat arses."
"Best offer I've had all day" MrD smiled. Edited by MrDemeaonor on April 14 2005,23:13

Both men ordered a draught beer and a Jack Daniels,Baz always had a drink of the local brew whenever
possible."You can get Bud anywhere in the world" he always said.

They lit a smoke and relaxed,the only other person at the bar was an old lady,and she was talking to the
young bartender,who was trying to watch the ballgame on TV.Baz noticed that Texas were 7-1 up at the
Red Sox."A good omen " he thought to himself.

"Why as it taken so long Baz,why now.It`s been nearly seventeen years,why haven`t you gone after him
before ?" D said ,in a hushed voice.

"Shit D,I don`t know,it just seems right.When she died,it took me a couple of years to get over it.Then I
was ready for saying bollocks to it all,and just going to live in the dales with nothing but a dog for
company.Then,it was a case of never really getting an opportunity,shit I don`t really know"

D reached over and put his nand on Baz`s forearm,"We`ll sort the bastard out,no problem "

As good as it had been with the girls,it felt good again to be on their own.They knew what they were
doing,no one elses back to watch,no one else to worry about .

"What times the plane "
"We gotta hour ,then we`ll be on our way.I booked us into the Woolcott,on 32nd,nice and central.Not too
flash,we`ll blend right in "
Baz said,"There`ll be a big police presence in town,wonder if Arnie will make a speech again."
"i hope not,it`s bloody embaressing "
"Nearly as embaressing as your attempt at karioke.Why choose a bloody Kiss song i`ll never know"

Baz laughed aloud as D gave him the international sign for "up yours"

Zoo managed the flight a little better than she had on the plane to Texas. Either she was getting used to it
or she was too worn out to care. They landed in Pheonix and took an airport limo straight to the resturaunt.
Alice called Sheryl from the car and made arrangements to meet there.

"You ladies will be my little surprise." Alice said after he hung up.

"You sure it'll be okay?" Spice looked anxious.


The limo pulled up and they all piled out. Alice led the way.
His whole family was seated at a big table. Sheryl stood up and ran into his arms as soon as she spotted
them. Calico stood up as well, her eyes wide with surprise.

"WeirdKat! Zoo! Where did you come from?" She hugged them both. "Were you with Dad?"

Her face clouded. "It didn't have anything to do with Landy again, did it?"

"No." Weirdkat said quickly. "He's gone for good."

Calico looked into her eyes and finally nodded. "Good." She turned to Sheryl. "Mom, this is Kat and Zoo!
They're Sickthings, two of the one's who rescued us from Landy's place. And this is..." She trailed off and
looked at Spice.

"Alienspice. She's one of 'em too." He had his arm around Sheryl's waist. Sonora was clinging to his other
arm and Dash was standing beside him, grinning from ear to ear.

He quickly introduced Dash and Sonora to the Sickthings. They all sat and an waitress came up with menus.

"Great to see you, boss!" she said, smiling.

""You too, Debbie. Ribs all around, okay?"

Mmmm yer gotta have the ribs.

Baz and MrD checked into the Woolcott and settled into their suite. It wasn't as posh as their lodgings at the
Hawthorne but nice and comfortable just the same.
The Republican governors convention was being held at Madison Square Garden and the president was to
be the featured speaker on the last night of the convention in two days.
"Not alot of time for sightseeing I guess" MrD coldly remarked.
"No mate, thaz not" Baz replied.
MrD always thought it was funny how Baz's accent was so thick when it was just the two of them.
MrD smiled as he laid several weapons neatly under his bed's mattress. Baz lit a cigarette and sat at the
small desk and made reservations for a flight out of JFK to Heathrow for Friday night, the night of the
presidents speech.

Using the phone on the desk MrD made a call to an old aquaintance by the name of Chin Zua. He was a
specialist in aquiring fake passports and they were going to need one in order to pull this job off. MrD hung
up the phone, "C'mon Baz how does Chinese sound for lunch?" he said.
"Super" he replied. "Chinatown?"
"Yep" MrD said as he tucked his .45 into the back of his jeans.

MrD and Baz stood on the sidewalk in front of the Woolcott and had the doorman hail a cab. MrD wore his
black jeans and the white linen shirt and a houndstooth sportcoat. Baz likewise was wearing jeans a solid
black t-shirt and a black blazer.

"Chinatown" Baz instructed the hack as they leapt into traffic on 32nd street. As they rode silently in the
cab, MrD pulled the collar of his shirt closer to his face and drank in the faint reminder of Bella Donna's
scent. "Another time...another place" he wondered to himself.
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Although in those days it wasnt unusual to see Moslem women dressed in traditional clothes walking the
streets of London but Nadia Chalabi wasn't one of them. No veils or burkas for her, she was as western as
they come. Having been raised in London, Nadia was immersed in western culture, she wore fashionable
clothes and makeup and hung out with her chic London friends.
Baz convinced her to infiltrate a group of Arab students that were openly supportive of several radical
groups. Some of them were Islamic fundamentalists but in those days it was the pro-Palestinian groups that
were at the forefront of terrorism. Baz had turned her into an asset and she would report directly to him.
It was MrD and Baz who had thwarted a bomb plot at Herrods Department Store. It was MrD and Baz who
had silently entered the East End of apartment of a known Hamas cell and killed all seven occupants as they
slept. The night before they were to board two British Airways flights and explode ten pounds of C4 over
the Atlantic ocean. They were able to do this based on the information Nadia had supplied them.
Jake Richmond was conviced that Nadia Chalabi and her father were working Baz and MrD instead of the
other way around.

Baz, MrD and Chin Zua sat at a booth in the back of Mr.Chins restaurant in Chinatown and enjoyed their
"What name you want on passport?" Chin asked Baz.
"Si Halley" Baz said with a huge evil grin on his face. MrD spit hot tea across the table when he heard him.
Chin wasnt sure why that name was so funny to MrD but he wasnt the type to ask alot of questions. "You
enjoy food..I have your papers by the time you finish" Chin said as he dissappeared into the back of the
"Si Halley?" MrD laughingly asked.
"Well the bloke spends too much time on his computer, thought a vacation in the US would do him some
good." Baz smirked.
The two men shared dishes of rice, orange duck and sesame chicken and soon Chin was back with a perfect
set of papers. MrD peeled off five one-hundred dollar bills and slipped them to his old friend.
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Jake Richmond had been station chief in Cairo when flight 103 went down. Mr. Chalabi's name had surfaced
as a possible accomplice because of the ease at which he could move through any airport in the world.
Richmond contacted Tim Duncan back at Langley and requested that he put someone close to him. Duncan
assigned Baz and MrD to the case.
Nadia had become Baz's best asset and his lover. She provided information that saved countless lives. Baz
and MrD could not find one shred of evidence that linked her father to anything. He was a pilot, nothing
more, nothing less.
One year after Pan Am flight 103 went down. Jake Richmond had tailed the Chalabi's and their daughter
Nadia while they were visiting family in Cairo and killed them. He claimed he knew that Nadia was working
as a double agent for her father but never could provide any proof. After that he was reassigned to a desk
job at Langley for four years until he quit the company. His connections though landed him a job at Justice
working for the Secret Service whose job it is to protect the president. He became whats known in the trade
as an advance man. It was his job to go into any city before the president arrrived and set up security.
Looking for any potential trouble spots, places where snipers could be posted or bombs could be placed,
mapping the routes for the presidents motorcade and also checking to see who else was in town. He had
now set up shop in a suite at the Southgate Tower on 7th avenue, just two blocks from Madison Square

He was directing his men from a secure phone line that had been set up in his suite. His desk covered with
maps of the cities streets and blueprints of all the buildings and hotels the president would be in and he
worked tirelessly.
"Come in" he yelled at the young agent knocking at his door.
"This just came in" the man said as he dropped the folder on Jakes desk.
Jake opened the folder and studied the photographs of Baz and MrD as they stood outside the Woolcott,
going into Chin's restaurant and going into Macy's department store on 5th avenue.
"What do you make of that sir?" the young man asked.
"Not sure, but I dont believe this is of any concern, but have your men keep an eye on them anyway."
"Yessir" the young man said as he briskly left Jakes office.

Jake sat down and studied the photo's of his two old collegues. "These two bastards probably killed Tim and
now they're here for me" he laughed to himself.
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{{Meanwhile, back in Phoenix...}}
Alienspice happily finished up her ribs and fries...every bit as good as she remembered them to be. She
loved seeing Alice happy and laughing with his family--all was definitely as it should be. Order had been
restored. She knew that no matter what had happened between them, it had nothing to do with
this..here...now. She sighed a contented sigh and pushed her chair back from the table.
"You sell smokes in this here bar of yours, Vince?" she asked.
She immediately regretted using her familiar nickname for him, but he just laughed.
"Yes, I do, but I really wish you wouldn't."
"Old habits die hard, you know" she replied, getting up from her chair.
"Tell the barman to comp, them, then" Alice said with a sigh," and while you're doing things I don't approve
of you might as well have a beer too."
"Thanks pops!" Alienspice said, running off to the bar. Alice shook his head, and Sheryl raised one eyebrow
"She's a livewire, that one.." he said softly, "but she's got a heart of gold. She took good care of me." Alice's
eyes started to mist over, slightly...
"They all did. I don't know how I could ever thank you enough...dropping out of your lives to chase me
around the country and getting yourself into all kinds of scrapes..."
Weirdkat and Zoogirl spoke in unision "You're important to us!"
They looked at each other and laughed. "We've been bunking together too long.."Weirdkat said with a grin
"I'd hate to see what would have happened if we had driven across country!"
"Anyway, we owe you for the difference you've made in OUR lives.." Zoo started, "not just the music, but it
was you who brought us all together. That's important. And in the end it turned out to be a lot more than
you that was at stake.." Everyone was quiet for a minute, thinking about the events of the past days. Sheryl
smiled broadly at Zoogirl and Weirdkat.
"Well then, let ME thank you" she said, "for bringing him home safe. I know he can be a handful." The
ladies all laughed.
Debbie came to clear their plates, and Alice stood up.
"I've had a couple of cars brought here for you," he said to Kat and Zoo," one for you two and one for
Spicegirl. We better go retrieve her before she orders another beer." They all laughed and got up to walk
into the bar.

"Do you think they got some nice shots of us today?" Baz said sarcastically as he eyed the new suit hanging
on the door.
"Gee I hope so....maybe they got my good side" MrD laughed as he held up the new silk necktie. "God I
haven't worn one of these in years"
The two men made themselves comfortable in their suite at the Woolcott. Baz poured two shots of Jack
Daniels and handed one over to D.
"To the president" he laughed and they clinked their glasses together.

MrD picked up the phone and made a call to his cousin Howard Hawk. Howard and MrD grew up together in
a small town in Alabama. Always the overacheiver, Howard had earned his law degree from the University
of Alabama and was recruited by the FBI straight out of law school. His job with the bureau wasnt very
glamorous, consisting mainly of tracking paper trails left over by government contractors that had
overcharged on their jobs. Be it weapons systems or filing cabinets, the US government was a huge
customer to all kinds of businesses and there was always somebody trying to rip off taxpayers. Howard's job
for his five years in the bureau was to track them down and prosecute them.
His ambition was always politics though and after leaving the FBI he joined a small law firm in that same
small town in Alabama and quickly established himself in local politics. Within two years of returning home
he was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives and then later elected to a state district judge
position. A position he holds to this day.

"Hello you honor..it's me D" MrD said.
"You can cut the your honor crap D" Howard laughed, glad to hear from his cousin. "Where in tarnation are
you calling from?"
"The big apple" D answered
"Thats a mighty big town D...aint much like home is it" Howard joked.
"Naw....reckon not....Listen, I'm here with a buddy of mine and we heard that the governors convention
was in town."
"Yeah..thats right" Howard said.
"You got any friends in Montgomery that can get us a couple of passes...my friend here wants to see the
presidents speech." D said.
"Shouldn't be a problem...where are you staying?"
MrD gave Howard the name and address of the Wollcott and thanked him very much for helping out.

"Is that the cousin that got you hooked up with the company?" Baz asked.
"Yeah....sometimes I dont know wheather to kiss him or kill him though" MrD said.
Baz downed his shot of whiskey and eyed the suits that they had purchased from Macy's earlier, "Ill feel like
a rate twit wearin that bloody thing" he remarked.
"Oh quit yer bitchin" D said. "We're gonna see the president...hell you cant go to the convention wearing a
damn KISS t-shirt"
"Oh awl-right then" Baz snapped as he poured another shot. "Have you heard form our man yet.?"
"Yeah...I talked to the general while you were in the shower" D said.
"The eagle has landed" D said with a smirk.
Baz laughed..."Could yer not come up with a better cliche' "
D laughed. "Finish your drink bubba...lets go down and scope out the Southgate Towers"
"I guess we had best make a show of it then" Baz said.

Baz lit a candle that they had bought while in Macys and used a drop of the melted wax to make a small
seal in the door latch.
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Baz and MrD walked the few blocks over to 7th avenue where the Southgate Towers was located. They
slipped in a back entryway and made mental notes of all the service elevators and hallways. Looking for all
possible means of entry and escape. Then went by the kitchen, MrD told the staff that they were with a
company that was going to be doing some future remodeling and that seemed to satisfy any questions they
had. Baz furtively stole a busboys jacket and hid it inside his jacket.

They left the Southgate Towers and walked the two blocks over to Madison Square Garden where the
Republican Governors Convention was taking place. Police in full riot gear were stationed all around the
enormous building. The two men took notice of the police snipers stationed on roof tops all around in a four
block radius. Barricades had been set up at all entry points to the builing, including the main entrance and
rear service doors. All deliveries were being searched, any vehicle that tried to gain access to the building
was swept for bombs, even the conventioneers were being herded into an area for search before they
gained entry into the building.
"Security here'z tighter n dick's hat band" MrD drawled as the two men stood across the street from the

Three men parked in a van down the block used a small telescope to watch Baz and Mr.D's every move.

At that time a couple of the conventioneers began to make thier way toward the building and Baz stopped
"Pardon me mate...whats going on at the Garden?" he asked them.
"Republican Governors convention" one of them replied..."tonights a big night too...the Governator is the
keynote speaker."
"The governator?" Baz asked
"Yeah Swarzennegger" he called back as he ran across the street.
"Well Baz ol man, whaddya say we go back to our hotel and have dinner." MrD said as he slapped his
companion on the back.
"Great idea" he replied and they headed back to the Woolcott.

Outside the lobby Baz left the busboys jacket in a garbage can.
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MrD and Baz sat at a table in the dining room of the Woolcott and soon a waiter appeared and took their
order. As they waited MrD sketched on a small piece of paper a route through the rear entry of the
Southgate Towers that lead to a service elevator that could be taken to the 7th floor where Jake Richmond
had a suite. Baz took the sketch and the passport that they had aquired from MrChin and wrapped them in
one of the white linen napkins at their table then excused himself and made his way to the men's room. On
his way through the dining room he dropped the napkin on a table that was being cleared by a busboy.
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The busboy gathered up the tablecloth and began walking towards the door marked,"staff only".
Once inside he was relieved of if it by a man in a black suit.
"Just keep your mouth shut sonny,theres a good boy"
The man disappeared through the back entrance.

Back at the table D was aware of the two men sat near the window,they were not talking one word to each
other,but occasionally one of them would sneek a glance towards the table where D was sat.
"F*****g amateurs,christ" he thought to himself.

D took a sip of the cold Miller and lit a smoke.He closed his eyes and relaxed in the chair,he looked at peace
with the world.He thought about Alabama,the one place on earth he called home.
"Bloody `ell D ,I needed that,nearly pissed missen"
Baz said as he sat opposite D "I see we got company "

"Amateurs mate,bloody amateurs."

The men ate their steaks in relative silence,speaking only of mundane things,baseball,football,who had the
biggest breasts,Jaded or Bella.Jaded came out on top.
They knew that with the equipment the company had at its desposal,they could hear a fly at a hundred

They had a cup of "joe" and another cigarette,then headed through the mirrored foyer to the elevator.
Time to go over things one last time.

"I wouldn`t be surprised if those two asswipes came up in the next elevator"
"Don`t make em like us anymore "

The two men exited the elevator and turned right ,they reached their door and baz looked at the wax he
had put in the keyhole earlier.

It was still intact.
"Well thats a bloody surprise D "

Back in Phoenix, as the group headed towards the bar to retrieve Alienspice, the others finished up the last
of their ribs and sides, and began to gather themselves together for final goodbyes. WeirdKat wound up a
conversation with Dash about Runaway Phoenix, were they writing their own music etc. and Zoogirl finished
up a chat with Sheryl about mothering teenagers. WeirdKat moved over closer to Alice and Calico and said,
softly and shyly, “I never got to tell you, but I saw the show last fall and I thought it was absolutely terrific.
You were both so great on stage together…” She was slipping on her little black half-gloves, when Calico
suddenly said “Tacoma!” Alice answered “Right! I knew I‟d seen you somewhere before all the adventures
started! You were in one of the first few rows at Tacoma!” Turning VERY pink, WeirdKat stammered “well,
yes, but how…how…” Laughing, Alice explained “Damon spotted you, and then I did when I was over on
that side of the stage, because everytime he looked in that direction there were these two hands with little
black half-gloves on, sticking up over people‟s and applauding or keeping time or something, and you had
on that same shirt!” Giggling, Calico finished with “I saw you applauding when I skipped off that side of the
stage. Same little black glovies….” WeirdKat had turned beet-red, Zoogirl was laughing in earnest now,
Alice and Sheryl and the kids were all smiling broadly, and Alienspice turned from the bar, came towards
them and said “OK, what did I miss? What‟s so funny?”
One of the staff delivered keys to a brace of red mustang convertibles, parked outside. Alienspice took one
set, Kat took the other, and they all retrieved their assorted packs and such from the back room. The group
made their final goodbyes, hugging and shaking hands and such. “Time to REALLY say goodbye, now” said
Zoogirl. Speaking to Alice with mock severity, as if giving him a motherly scolding, she said “You go on
home with your family, now! You have a show to rehears and a tour to get ready for! And be sure you get
a good night‟s sleep!” Alienspice laughed, and added “That‟s right, “Vince”. You listen to your Auntie Zoo,
young man!” The others laughed again as Alice put on the expression of a sulky teenager, stuck out his
tongue and began to sing “My spirit‟s rebellious…!” Just then, a powerfully built man in his early 40‟s with
long, strawberry blond hair walked into the foyer of the restaurant, spotted Alice, pointed at him and yelled
“YOU!!! What did you think you were doing, scaring the s**t out of all of your friends! You…” With that,
Dave Mustaine ran over to Alice, and began aiming mock karate kicks and chops, pretended to grab Alice by
the throat, and the two of them commenced horsing around “strangling” each other. Looking at the other
ladies, Alienspice said to the Coopers “I do believe that‟s our exit cue, so good night and thank you!” The
three friends left Mustaine and the Coopers to catch up on a suitably edited version of recent events and
headed into the gift shop to pick up a couple of souvenirs. T-shirts for Kat and Zoogirl, a “School‟s Out”
tank top for Alienspice and “House of Fire” visors all around, they made their way out to the Mustangs
parked by the curb and stowed their gear in the trunks. After one last hug, Zoogirl said “Give my regards to
your alien-hunting friends, and we‟ll see you on the board.” Kat just grinned and sang “Bye, bye baby!
Bye, bye girl…” until Zoogirl swatted her on the butt. After Alienspice drove away, she turned to Zoogirl and
said “Your hot little pony-car chariot awaits, m‟lady! I‟ll have you home to Surrey in a few days. We‟ve got
time to make it to Bullhead City before we stop for the night. Zoogirl leaned back against the passenger
seat, burped contentedly – nothing skimpy about the ribs dinners here! – and prepared to enjoy the ride.

Alienspice climbed into the cherry red mustang convertible and lowered the roof. She was more than
relieved to see a neat stack of mapquest directions on the seat next to her...in all the excitement she had
neglected to realize she had no earthly idea how to get from Phoenix to Roswell. She waved one last
goodbye to the ladies and got on the road.
Driving through the city as night began to fall, the gentle desert wind blowing her hair, Spice let herself get
a little sad about "the ending." She reached over into her bag to try and retrieve her "Last Temptation"
CD....figuring "It's Me" would be a good song for how she was feeling just then. She found the CD, but also
something else...she pulled over to the side of the road to look.
A tiny little "package" made of Hawthorne Hotel stationery...she unwrapped it, and found Alice's silver cross.
"We'll always have Salem" the paper said. She laughed until she cried, and looped the little silver chain
around the rearview mirror. Spice cued up "her" song, lit a cigarette, and took off into the Arizona night,
keeping one watchful eye on the sky for "the Phoenix lights."

Bloody marvellous,I take the bullet and you get the cross.

Damn woman you must have been good.

(Or BAD! Wasn't it Mae West who said "When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better!"            )


Good? Bad? It's a thin line...

Maybe Alice was just trying to save my pagan soul....

Jake Richmond stood on the sidewalk of 32nd street across from the Woolcott waiting for his two men to
emerge. He was dying for a cigarette but had quit years ago. Half an hour had passed and Jake was getting
edgy, "Where are those two idiots" he thought to himself. "I knew I should've done this myself" he thought.
Another fifteen minutes went by and Jake decided he had better go in and have a look. He straightened his
tie and stepped across 32nd avenue and into the lobby of the Woolcott. He looked into the bar but didn't
see his men. Across the lobby, he made a quick check of the dining room and still they were not to be
found. Down the lobby and into the men's room where he heard what sounded like a muffled cry for help.
Underneath the closed door of the last stall he saw two sets of shoes facing opposite each other. He drew
his weapon and pushed open the door. He slowly holstered his gun when he saw his two agents tied with
their own neckties back to back. Each had a huge wad of toilet paper stuffed in their mouths and their pants
around their ankles. A note was attached to one of the men that read. "Hi Jake, Guess who's back in town."
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From their window,Baz and MrD watched Jake Richmond cross the street and enter the hotel. Thats when
they left their suite and exited the hotel through the rear.

"I"ll bet that vein in Jake's neck is bulging pretty good right now." Baz laughed.
"Do ya think droppin their sidearms in the toilet was over the top?" MrD asked sarcastically.
"Nar" Baz said with a straight face..."when they stick their hands inna pot full 'o piss they'll learn not to give
'em up so easily."

Back in the men's room of the Woolcott Jake Richmond was giving his two young subordinates a chewing
out that they will never forget.

"But Mr.Richmond" one of the men tried to explain, "they got my gun and then..."
Jake cut him off..."That's the difference between you and them...you would have had to kill them to get
their weapons... and you two just handed 'em over."

The two men darted through the alleyway behind 32nd avenue and made their way over to Broadway and
to Times Square.

"God I love this town!" Baz exclaimed.
For the rest of the night the two old friends made the rounds of mid-town Manhattan, hitting all the bars
and clubs in the city that never sleeps.
While in one their favorite old haunts Baz taped a plane ticket to Heathrow under the table of their corner
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"It'll be good to go home, but I'm sorry it's over. Hmm, I think I've said that before!"

"You did." Weirdkat glanced over at zoo. "I could get used to this pony, though."

"Mmm. Hey, Kat, what do you think Baz and D are up to now? Think they're just having a bit of
sightseeing?" zoo said.

Weirdkat concentrated on the road while they passed a tiny town. She finally spoke. "No. I think they're up
to something."

"Me too." zoo replied, sighing. "Something happened before we left them. I want to run off myself and back
them up. Weird, huh? I feel distinctly big-sisterly about those two."

"They hardly need our help, but...I know what you mean. This started off as a kind of "all for Alice" thing,
but now, well, I'd come just as quick for any of the Sickthings."

"Me too." zoo flopped back against the seat. She shut her eyes. "I think I'm gonna regret saying that..."


"I`ve a good idea why those two are here,and it ain`t no speech,that much i do know"Jake Richmond
paced the room from where the operations were being run.

"Those bastards have a score to settle"

"Jake,listen to me,whatever they have up their sleeves you know we`ll be ready for it.This is a risk we all
run,a risk we all have to take when you join the company."
Frank Mitchell had been in the company longer than he cared to remember.
In fact he had been in since 1974,right after Nixon resigned,at a time when the trust in the FBI,the CIA and
every other goverment department was at an all time low.
"It doesn`t help though when the guys in question were two of our finest" he went on "D is like John
Wayne and Clint Eastwood rolled into one,unkillable,that redneck son of a bitch,
,and that limey bastard is as evil as Jack the Ripper,and as hard to track down"

"Jesus Frank,I know what we`re up against,don`t rub it in "
Jake mopped his brow.
"Can`t we just pull em in ?"

"On what charge,buying a suit,eating a steak,having a drink of beer.They ain`t done nothing
wrong...yet.When they do we`ll pick em up like a cheap hooker on a Saturday night."

"Yeah,your`e right,shit they got me talking trash" Jake said,as he sat down behind his desk."You do
realise,we ain`t got a clue where they are right now,I found my two boys tied together in the f*****g mens
room with their pants around there ankles"

"They were alive though ,right ?,maybe they getting a bit soft in their old age" Frank smiled to himself and
turned away..

"Now who`s talking trash.Shit i`m hotter than a fox in a forest fire"

It was nearly two am when they walked out of Bubba Gump`s.They had been watered and fed once again.
"Them grits were not the genuine article I`m telling yer "

Baz laughed aloud,a bit too loud."Unless they`re from `bamy,they`re never good enough for you." C`mon
,lets take a stroll"

They walked around Times square for maybe thirty minutes,before heading back home to the hotel.They
walked along 42nd St then down 5th Avenue,taking in all the sounds and smells that are unique to the Big
"How many goons in the foyer when we get back,care for a wager my good man ?"

D stopped and said to Baz " I been taking yer money for the last twenty years,ain`t yer learned yer lesson
by now"
"WATCH OUT"Baz shouted ,as the yellow cab mounted the sidewalk and aimed straight for D who had his
back to the traffic.
Baz made a grab for his friend and tugged him onto the steps of the public library.Both men landed with a
painful thud.
"Christ ,that was close Baz,I owe you one.Shit that hurts"
D was rubbing away at his right elbow"Funny bone my ass"

"Seems like somebody is not gunna wait for us to make our move,better not go back to the Woolcott
tonight I think "

D stood up, a look of pain etched across that brown rugged face of his."Maybe yer right,no point in inviting
trouble,not at this stage.We`ll find a way in tommorrow to pick up our things"

"We`ll see.We got enough on us to warrant not going back unless we have to"Baz looked around ,he
couldn`t see any sign of anyone acting suspicious but he was wise enough to know that ,it didn`t mean
they were not there.

They carried on dowm 5th ,then cut along W 39th St.It was quieter,not as much traffic,not as many
people.The effects of the alcohol had worn off immediately,they no longer had a warm glow inside them,the
warm glow that comes with fine food,good whiskey and good company.They were alert,on their guard,they
could have been in any city in the world.
They were once again,trained assassins,cold blooded killers.
They felt GOOD.
"You know Baz" MrD said..."maybe it's time we payed Jake a little visit"
"Do yer think that's wise D?" Baz asked.
"Hell, couldnt hurt...it aint like he dont know we're here." MrD said
"OK then mate, can I go ahead and kill him now?" Baz joked.
"Naw" MrD drawled..."They'll be too many witnesses."

The two men walked toward 7th avenue, keeping their eyes open for any potential trouble. Soon they
entered the lobby of the Southgate Towers and headed for the elevator. The lobby was buzzing with
activity, mainly from conventioneers, but some of Jake's men were busy with their duties as well. MrD and
Baz waited for the elevator virtually unnoticed, which struck MrD as odd since it seemed earlier that the
whole city was watching thier every move.
The two men stepped off the elevator and onto Jake Richmond's floor then headed toward his suite. Young
well dressed men and women we're scurrying about and MrD noticed how one would occasionally whisper
to another as the two men headed to Jake's door. " I suppose our reputation precedes us" Baz cracked.
MrD just smiled and knocked on Jake's door.
(Mr. Demeanor)

"Come in "

"You...what the hell are you doing here", it was one of the young agents who had had the displeasure of
meeting MrD and Baz the night before.
"Settle down son" MrD said at his most pleasant. "We were feelin kinda bad about what happened so we
thought we'd drop by and and apologize to ya'll."
"We also wanted to say hello to our old friend Jake" Baz added.
"I dont think he wants to see you" the young agent said.
"It's alright...let 'em in" Frank Mitchell's familiar voice called out. Frank greeted the two men as they entered
with an outstretched hand "How are you D"
"Fine sir...you remember this limey bastard doncha" MrD said gesturing to Baz who was grinning ear to ear.
"Of coarse I do" Frank said taking Baz's hand and shaking it vigorously. "It's good to see you Baz"
"It's been a long time" Baz said.
"What are you doing here Frank?" MrD asked "advance work isnt company business"
"Well it is when two company men come calling unannounced" Frank said.
"Ex-company men" Baz said.
"That makes it even worse" Frank said..."Jake in there seems to think you two are here to see him, that
you've got a score to settle."
"All water under the bridge" MrD said "we're retired...any grudges we had were handled long ago."
Frank didnt say anything , he just looked MrD in the eye and nodded his head. "So what ARE you two going
in town.?" he asked.
"Look Frank, we're just a couple 'o mates letting off some steam. We 'aven't seen each other in a while so
we thought we'd get together here in town and 'ave a little fun...tha's all" Baz explained. "Sorry about the
two young gents last night, but bloody 'ell Frank it was nothing worse than you used to do to us when we
were rookies...eh Frank" Baz earnestly explained. "So we just came by to apologize and to tell Jake to call
off the dogs...he's got nothing to worry about"
"Ok fella's I'll handle Jake....he cant see you now anyway...the poor sonofabitch is finally getting some
rest....I dont think he's slept a wink since the two of you showed up." Frank said.
"So you'll make sure he takes the heat off of us then." MrD said
"I'll handle it" Frank said as he shook D's hand.
MrD and Baz headed for the door and the young agent from the night before glowered at them. "Dont take
it so hard mate" Baz said "after we leave you can get 'ol Frank here to tell you some stories on us."
The young man let go a slight smile. MrD slapped him on the back and said "it's ok son...hell we were
young and still shittin yella once too"
MrD gave the young man a wink and he and Baz left and headed back to their hotel.

"You think he bought it?" Baz asked D as they walked down 7th avenue.
"I reckon Frank is askin Jake the same thing right about now" D answered.
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And he was.
"Well jake ,what yer reckon,they straight or what ?" Frank said has he walked into the connecting door to
the next office.

"As straight as a poitician,I`ve never heard such bullshit,the first chance they get,i`m done for.Well they
ain`t gonna get that chance.yer know why ?I`m gunna get them first"
Jake was up from the desk and looking down on 7th Avenue.

"That English bastard will slit my throat the first chance he gets,and Roy Rogers will give him the knife to do
it.What a pair of animals they really are" Jake was starting to sweat again,he was mopping his brow.
"Look at me,i`m shaking like a dog shitting rags,I gotta do something"

Frank poured himself a cup of Maxwell House,he did not ask Jake if he wanted one, and sat down.He looked
Jake in the eye "Listen,you can`t go killing guys without a reason,a good reason."
" Why not ,we have before" jakes voice had raised a pitch or two.
"But they were the bad guys,you`re talking about killing two of the companies best agents"
"EX agents,they don`t work for us anymore Frank,I do "

"They still gotta lot of friends in high places,they gotta lot of people who felt sympathetic towards Baz after
what happened.Say what you like about those two,they were well liked"

Jake was pacing the room,he looked like a man who knew something bad was gunna happen to him,and he
couldn`t do a thing about it.
"For christs sake Frank,I did what I had to do and you know it.You sound as though you`re on their
side,you know I had the countries best interest at heart"

Frank stood up,and walked back towards the coffee machine,this time he offered Jake a cup.
"Nobody doubts your loyalty to the flag,but at the time it was felt that you acted hastily.D and Baz kept
telling you they were nothing to do with the terrorist bunch,and it was felt that by having Nadia and her
father killed ,it was a personnal thing with Baz.now that may be right or wrong,only you know,but thats how
it looked to a lot of people."

"Thats rubbish,and you know it....Shit Frank,is that why i`ve never got the promotions i deserve" Jake
voiced was raised,and he slumped into the chair behind the desk.

There was a knock at the door.
"Come in " said Frank ,"Make it quick"

One of the young agents from next door walked in the room carrying a Dunkin` Do-nuts box.
"This has been brought from the shop across the street,the message was no hard feelings"

"OK,put it on the desk " Frank said to him."Her Jake have one with your coffee,"

Jake took the box and opened it."JESUS CHRIST,the sick bastards.I`ll kill them sons of bitches,you watch if
I don`t"

Frank turned back the lid and looked inside ,to find what looked like a pigs ear,he couldn`t tell for sure
because of the amount of blood.

"Jake,I think those boys,might mean business"

Frank Mitchell looked at the note...."I dont know Jake, this isnt their style...if they wanted to kill you you'ld
already be dead....I think someone else is doing this and maybe is trying to pin it on them."
Jake remained silent.
"Who else might have a reason to want you dead Jake?" Frank asked.
"What the hell do you mean...who doesnt want me dead!" Frank stated sarcastically.
"I guess we've all made our share of enemies" Frank said. "You just keep on doing your job and keep your
people focused. There's alot of people around the world who would love nothing more than killing the
president, some in grand fashion. That's your job Jake, to make sure the president is safe. You let me
handle those two."
"That's easy for you to say" Jake snapped.
"Look Jake, you're not with the company any more, haven't been for years. You cant let your guard down
by chasing ghosts in the wind." Frank said.
"We'll keep an eye on them and you...you keep your eyes where they're supposed to be...on the
president...you got that."
"Yessir" Jake said.
(Mr. Demeanor)

Baz and MrD had dissappeared into the crowded streets of New York. They made their way to a safe house
in Brooklyn where they were to meet their contact. MrD watched from the window as the blue Ford sedan
stopped in front of the house.
"Is it them?" Baz asked as he crushed his cigarette into the ashtray.
"Yep" D replied and went to open the door.
Frank Mitchell and General McMullin entered the house.
"I dont see you two for almost fifteen years and all of a sudden you're everywhere" the general laughed as
he shook D's hand.
"Hello Sir, how are you?" MrD asked
"Fine son...Hello Baz" The general replied as he greeted the Englishman. "Frank says you two have already
paid him a visit this morning"
"Yeah ...thats right" Baz said "Did you find what we've been looking for Frank?"
"Yeah I think so" Frank replied as he took a thick folder from his case and laid it on the table before Baz and
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Baz and MrD silently looked through the pages of the folder while General McMullin and Frank Mitchell
helped themselves to a drink.
"Seems you were right all along" Frank said. "I would have never guessed it"
"I told you Frank" the general said.."These two have a sixth sense about these things."
"Nadia was close...she was gonna tell us" Baz said "but Jake got to her first"
"Then he set us up down there in Peru" D said "we weren't supposed to come back alive" D said. "he was
afraid Nadia had already told us"
"Seems there was no way he would know for sure, so he tried to 'ave us killed down there in those bloody
caves" Baz said.
Frank Mitchell took a sip of his drink "So Jake was the double agent, not Nadia as he claimed. And when
you two had him busted down to a desk job it ruined his operation."
"When his contacts dried up...so did his money" D said.
"I always thought he lived a little high on the hog for a government job" the general said as he shook his
"Well the worst is yet to come" Baz said and he handed Frank an envelope that contained a photograph of
two men talking in Central Park. One of them was a man named Abul Al-Tikriti an Iraqi who was on the
governments most wanted list. The other was Jake Richmond.
"We took that little shot yesterday afternoon as we were strolling around the city" Baz cracked.
"So you think Jake may have taken up some old habits?" Frank asked.
"Reckon so" D drawled
"What do you think he's up to?" the general asked
"It could only be one thing" D said "the president"
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"Is our man in place" D asked the general
"Snug as a bug ina rug" the general replied with his familiar Texas twang.
"Jakes people will never disobey his orders" Frank said "If he makes a move on the president at the
convention tommorrow night..I want you two there"
"And if he doesnt?" Baz asked
"Then we go ahead with the job" the general said. "We have a ghost in the machine that will handle Jake
while you two are being watched by every Secret Service agent in New York."
"I hope he can hold out for that long" D said
"Dont worry about him...he can do twenty-four hours standing on his head" Frank said.
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Frank Mitchell and General McMullin drove away in the blue Ford.
"C'mon Baz...lets get back to the Woolcott, we've got another problem that needs taking care of."
"Wot's than then?" Baz asked
"Abul al-Tikriti's in town" D answered "and I'm sure whatever he's up to it aint good."
"So where do we start?" Baz asked
"I'd say Citibank headquarters on Wall street." D said. "It was always one of Saddams favorite banks....if
Abul is going to transfer any money he'll probably do it there."
"Right ...shall we then" Baz said.

The two men grabbed a cab and rode back to 32nd street and were dropped off in front of the Woolcott.
They entered the lobby and MrD went to the desk and asked the young man working there if anything had
been delivered for him.
"Yes Mr. Wesson....this arrived for you this morning." the young man said.
"Thanks" MrD said and took the couriers envelope with him as he and Baz went to the elevators.

Baz checked the wax seal he had made in the door latch to their suite. "Looks like we've had visitors" he
said. Mr D nodded and opened the door. They entered the suite and turned the TV on and hit the volumn
button. The Yankees game could now be heard over two floors of the hotel it was so loud. The two men
made a sweep of the suite and retrieved three bugs. MrD flushed them down the toilet.
"Who's training these guys nowadays?" MrD asked rhetorically. "My seven-year-old coulda found those"
MrD opened the package. "It's our passes for the convention tomorrow night"
"Well 'ave we got good seats" Baz joked.
"We'll be sitting with the delegation from the great state of Alabama." MrD said "two rows behind Governor
"Spendid" Baz said and poured two shots of Jack Daniels.
"It's been a long night Baz... I'm gonna take a shower and change....then we'll head over to Wall street.
"Good idea bubba" Baz joked "dont use all the hot water"
As MrD showered Baz sat in one of the comfortable chairs with his drink and watched the Yankees on tv.
His thoughts were not on the game but rather on Nadia. He remembered how brave and beautiful she was
and how much he loved her once many years ago. Then his thoughts turned to Jaded and how much he
missed her as well.
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Meanwhile, out west in New Mexico..........

Alienspice once again sat in a little restaurant from her past that she remembered well, contemplating a
plate full of enchiladas, rice and beans. She smiled a most contented, happy smile as she dug in, knowing
that there was no urgency now, no need to rush through good food and dash on to see her friends. She
could relax and enjoy herself once again.....

And in Missoula, Montana, Zoogirl and Kat were just sitting down to their own dinners in a little greek café,
enjoying dinner specials of gyros and moussaka, with a nice appetizer of baba ganoush and greek tomato
salads. “Seeing that you‟ve never had the chance to try genuine greek food” said Kat, “I thought you might
as well take full advantage of the educational opportunity to do so before the trip is over.” “We‟ll make it in
to Spokane to get your car in the morning, won‟t we, and then what, four hours to the border?” answered
Zoogirl, biting happily into her gyro. She looked a little wistful then, and said “I guess I‟d better call home,
see about chances for a ride from Osoyoos…” “Rubbish!” said the Kat, briskly (or as briskly as you can with
a mouthful of moussaka). “I‟ve got another five days off yet, I‟ll run you on over to Surrey.” “Really, Kat,
you don‟t have to” said Zoogirl, “But I‟ll admit, it will be fun to have you meet the family.” “Good, I‟ll look
forward to it – even the teenage smartass who refers to „Alice Pooper‟!” said the Kat, happily scarfing the
last of the baba ganoush.

Baz and D both opened their cases and took out a large black wallet.Inside the wallets were nineteen
different passes,and I.D. cards,ranging from Access All Areas in The White House,to head of security at
They selected the card A.B.I.,American Bank Investigator.This pass would get them into any bank on the US
mainland,no questions asked,whether they wanted to see the bank account of John Doe,Hicksville,USA,or
the account of Bill Clinton.If it was in that bank,they could see it,and no one,could refuse them.

"That will do nicely" Baz said ,putting the card in his wallet.
"Tell me why we pay for anything ?" D said .
"Because we`re honest as the day is long my friend"
With that they put on their jackets and left the room,once again waxing the keyhole.

They knew that by getting involved with al-Tikriti they were playing a dangerous game.
"These bastards are not yer run of the mill,local hoodlums" D always used to say ,during their encounters
before."These guys will cut yer balls off and stuff em down yer throat,fun"

They hailed a taxi to take them down to Wall Street."By the shortest route as well" Baz said to the driver.
"Once a Yorkshireman,always a Yorkshireman eh Baz.Tight as a rats arse."
"I`m gunna have to get a Taxi Inspectors badge,ride for free then"
They both laughed ,and then settled down for the twenty minute drive.

Alienspice sopped up the last little bits of green chile with a tortilla. Strange how this place still felt like
"home", even after all these years back east. She sipped her coffee and stared out the window at the dusty
desert, trying to decide if she should push on through another couple hours to Roswell, or just take a nap
under the stars at the next rest area. Just one of the things she loved about this part of the world...you
could go for miles and hours on the road and not see another car, or another person.
Her reverie was broken by a couple of ranchers bursting through the door of the little restaurant, arguing
"I KNOW what I saw, Earl! Ain't the first time I've seen it, neither!"
"Dang it Jack, you've been watching too many of them Sci Fi shows on the TV. There ain't no little green
men walkin around in the desert! Now shut up and get some coffee. Two please, Delores. And make his
extra strong....he's seein things again."
Spice watched as the waitress smiled and poured two cups of coffee for the men. "Jack" turned around on
his stool and looked at her, noticing her alien keychain sitting on the table.
"Hey! What you got there?"
"It's a good luck charm. I'm on my way to visit my friend who gave it to me...in Roswell," she answered.
Jack smiled broadly and walked over to her table.
"You seen 'em too?" he asked, as his friend and the waitress rolled their eyes at his back and smirked to
each other.
"Well, the one I've seen recently wasn't "little", or "green", but yeah, I've seen them" Alienspice answered
Jack grabbed his coffee from the bar and sat down at her table.
"Somethin big's going down" he said to her, obviously relieved to meet another person who would believe
him, "I've seen 'em around here for years...lights in the sky, strange figures on the horizon...but this last
time...it looked like they were "cleanin' up" or somethin. I rode over to where it looked like the lights
touched down, and there was this strange thing burned in the ground..."
Spice pulled her notebook and a pen out of her bag and sketched "the eyes".
"Like this?"
Jack looked at her drawing and turned white.
"Ain't that the damndest thing...."
Alienspice smiled at him and patted his hand.
"It's okay, Jack..." she said, "they're on our side. Something "big" is happening...or, happened. But it's all
okay. If you see them again, just know that they're watching out for us...."
Her cellphone rang...Bobby. She picked it up.
"Spice? Where are you? Vince...err..ummm..Alice just called me. He said you were on your way here hours
ago? You should have been here by now!"
Alienspice chucked. "Bobby, I'm in Alamagordo. I told him I didn't drive as fast as those girls from Boston..."
"What? Oh nevermind. Listen, he told me you were coming to file a report..."
"I'm NOT filing a report. I'm going to tell you what happened off the record. You have to promise me you
won't write any of this down...there will be "people" watching."
Jack was looking at her strangely, trying to make sense of her side of the conversation. She smiled at him.
"Bobby, I'm gonna finish my coffee and get back on the road. I should be there in a couple of hours. Don't
lose your head. And by the way....have you seen any activity in the past couple of hours around here?"
Jack looked at her wide-eyed.
"yeah, we had a "sweep"...purple...a couple of hours ago, about 20 miles outside of town. Why? Did you
see something?"
Spice nodded her head at Jack. "No, but I've just met somebody who did."
"Well, does he or she want to file a report then?" Bobby asked.
"Tell you what...I'll get a statement for you. Now you relax and start figuring out where I'm going to sleep
when I get there. If I have to drive the rest of the way to Roswell without a nap I'm going to be pretty tired
by the time I get to you."
Bobby sighed. "Ok, Spice. I'll fold out the couch here in the lab. Any other requests?"
"Brandy. Lots. And I'm gonna be out of smokes by the time I get there too."
"you know I'd be a lot happier if you would stick to orange juice and chewing gum.." Bobby said resignedly.
"Did "Vince" tell you to say that?"
"Hey! He's not the only guy around here who cares about your health!"
Spice laughed. "Don't worry about my health, kid, worry about my temperment. I'm gonna be awfully
cranky by the time I get to Roswell, and I'm gonna need some relaxin."
"Fine. I'll do what you want. I've learned that much after all these years..."
Spice laughed. "Bye Bobby! See ya in a couple hours"
She shut the phone and looked at Jack.
"Okay, tell me everything you saw. I'll write it down and file a report at the research center."
Jack took both their coffeecups back to the bar for a refill, then settled down to tell his story. Earl and
Dolores pretended not to listen.

Having decided that zoo's boys would likely keel over if they didn't get a look at the Mustang, they changed
their plans a little and crossed at Abbotsford. Weirdkat would pick up her car on the way home.

The border went without a hitch and in less than an hour, the little red car was pulling into the driveway of
zoogirl's happy hovel.

"You weren't kidding." Weirdkat said, taking in the lawnmower parts, dead grass and large dog. "It looks
like certian parts of Spokane".

"Last year we had a homeless guy living in the shed, before it fell apart. Joseph! Quiet!" The big rottie
stopped barking long enough to shlurp her hand. The door popped open and two young men stepped out.

"Hi, mom! Sweet! 2005 'Stang. Where'd ya steal it?"

"Ha ha, Danny. Weirdkat, meet the boys. Where's Dad?" zoogirl hugged them both.

"Just finishing the dishes." Josh said. "Did you tell Weirdkat about my tractor?"

"Don't worry, she'll see it."

The five of them talked long into the evening after a good home-cooked meal. zoo wasn't ready to let go
yet and it felt good to be both home and with one of the Sickthings who meant so much to her. Just a
couple more days and then everything would go back to normal...


(Hey? Everyone? Don't leave us hanging! I think there might be a good possibility that one of Baz and D's
old pals is hooked up with nefarious Asians a la "Halo of Flies" May I point out that Vancouver has an Asian
population second only to San Francisco? Hmmm? Care to head west, boys? Spice? Bella and Jaded? Kat, ya
still with me? Don't give up just when it's getting interesting again! )

{Ain‟t givin‟ up – just been a busy week! As a matter of fact, I was just sitting down to write us on home
when I saw your post.}
{And what of our boys in New York? The brave and heroic Baz & Mr. D?

  Will the evil Al-Tikriti and his henchmen detect their pursuers and murder them?

     Will Jake the Snake succeed in backshooting them after all?                }

       {Or will the „Bama Boy and the Yorkshire Lad emerge triumphant over all?!!!

              Stay tuned to find out…..Same thread, same station!!!!        }

(It's coming...stay tuned)
(Mr. Demeanor)
I`ve said it once MrD,but i`m gunna have to say it again.

I`m drier tha a limeburners clog.

Baz and MrD got out of the cab on Wall Street two blocks away from Citibank. They were dressed in the
new suites that they had purchased at Macy's the day before.
"God I hate this thing" Baz said as he pulled at the collar of his shirt.
"Well you dont think a couple of bank inspectors would show up wearing jeans and t shirts do you?" MrD
asked sarcastically. Baz gave MrD one of his famous 'go to hell' looks and the walked toward Citibank.
"Look at that" Baz said as they neared the main entrance. Out in front of the banks main entrance Abul Al-
Tikriti and another man were getting into the back seat of a black Lincoln Town Car. Al-Tikriti was carrying a
large black leather bag.
MrD quickly leaped off the sidewalk and hailed a cab. "Lets go" he shouted at Baz who was right behind
"Where to?" the driver asked
"Just follow my instructions" MrD said. "Keep heading north on Wall street". The driver obeyed. MrD kept an
eye on the Lincoln and where ever it turned he would instruct the driver to do the same. It didn't take long
when the driver spoke up, "you guys are following that Lincoln right?"
"Right" Baz said. "You catch on quick"
"I wont lose 'em" the driver assured them.
Soon the Lincoln stopped in front of a non-discript hotel on the upper east side.
MrD and Baz got out about one block away and Baz gave the driver a fifty.
They watched as Al-Tikriti and two other men got out of the Lincoln and entered the hotel. The Lincol pulled
around the corner to a parking garage. "You take them and I'll take the driver"MrD said. "I'll meet you at
the elevator on the second floor"

Baz entered the lobby and MrD sprinted down the sidewalk and around the corner toward the parking
garage the whole time thinking "I'm getting too old for this shit."
As he ran into the garage he saw the Lincoln's tail lights as it headed up the ramp. MrD ran up to the end of
the first levels ramp and climbed over the railing to the second, there he saw the car going up the ramp to
the third level, he ran to the other end of the ramp and climbed over the railing to spot the car parking in a
spot on the third level. "Thank god" he said to himself, winded he waited as he caught his breath to see
what the driver would do. MrD ducked behind one of the other parked cars and waited.
Soon the driver emerged from the Lincoln, a very large man, middle-eastern, young, mid-twenties MrD
figured. He walked to the rear of the car and with his thick fingers unlocked and then opened the trunk. The
large man retrieved a long, dark green canvas bag and began to walk to the elevator. MrD followed him. As
the man stood waiting for the elevator he noticed MrD walking toward him and donned a most threatening
look. MrD shot him where he stood and then drug him to the stairwell. MrD open the long canvas bag and
found an assortment of automatic weapons.
MrD walked back to the hotel and found Baz waiting for him at the elevator on the second floor. "They're in
room three-twelve" Baz said.
MrD pressed the up button on the elevator. "And what of the driver?" Baz asked.
"Wont be botherin anybody" MrD said.
(Mr. Demeanor)

"Hey,girl! I didn't expect to hear from you!" zoo put her hand over the phone and mouthed "Jaded" at

"No, I haven't seen anything either. Spice was on last night. Nope, neither of 'em. Uh huh, of course I
will.Yep, Kat's right here. Tommorow. Yeah, me too. Okay, giveour love to Bella. "Bye."

"Ohhhhh crap!" zoo hung up the phone and turned to her friend. "Guess who's gone missing."

"Don't tell me, D and Baz, right?"

"Right", zoo said, sighing. "She got a quick email from New York and nothing since. They're not on the
boards, either. Baz promised her he'd keep in touch."

"He would, too." Weirdkat said, frowning. "Great."

"What'sup, Mom?" Dan asked. "Someone missing?" He paused on his way to the fridge and looked curiously
at the women.

"It's probably nothing. Anyway, there's not much we can do about it." She smiled reassuringly at her son.He
shrugged and continued his raiding, coming up with a donut and the milk jug. They sat silently until he
poured a glass and took off for the boys room. In a moment they heard the TV go on.

"We can't do anything -can we?" zoo asked softly.

Weirdkat just sighed again and picked up the phone. She punched in a series of numbers.

"Hi Calico, it's Kat. Fine. Hey, is your dad around? Thanks." She waited a moment. "Hi, buddy. Listen, would
it be okay to keep the 'Stang a few more days? I might want to hang around zoo's a little while more. Yeah,
purely social - oh, hell. I can't lie to you. We're worried about Baz and Mr D. Jaded can't get in touch. Yeah,
that's what we thought. I'll pay the extra mileage, of course. Okay, okay! Thanks, sweetie, we owe you."

"I'd better tell Josh it's his turn on the floor tonight." zoo said. "Here we go again."

Baz and MrD stood in front of the door to room 312. "How many are in there?" D asked Baz.
"Same three" he answered
"Delivery?" MrD suggested
"Why not" Baz smiled
MrD knocked on the door. In a moment a man's heavily accented voice emerged from the other side of the
door. "Who is it?" he demanded with an Arab accent.
"Professional Couriers" MrD answered, "I have a letter for you"
"Who is it from?" the voice called out again.
"Jake Richmond" MrD answered.
Insided the room Abul Al-Tikriti gave the nod for the man to open the door. The last thing the man saw was
the business end of MrD's 9mm. MrD instantly fired two more shots killing a second man who was too slow
to realize that they were being ambushed. Baz went around the corner of the room and with his Baretta
killed Al-Tikriti.
It always amazed MrD how slow people were to react in these situations. He knew that most people, even a
trained body guard will consciencously refuse to believe that anyone would just come in to a room and kill
you. The human brain simply does not function that way. In most cases people in extreme circumstances
will fall into disbelief mode thinking 'this is not happening'. It takes people a few moments to grasp whats
going on and then react. MrD knew that in the case of extreme emergencies such as sinking ships or plane
crashes most of the passengers could survive if they would just react. However, in those circumstances
most people become sheep waiting for someone else to come along and lead them to safety.
Now in front of him lay three perfect examples. All three were armed, all were on alert for some kind of
trouble, yet when two strange men walked into their room and began shooting, none of the three reacted in
time. MrD wondered to himself as he looked at the three dead men if they thought it would be like in the
movies, where the hero walks in and says something like 'Aha I have you now', and then gives some kind of
speech about how much pleasure it's going to give him to kill such dastardly fiends. And in their minds they
would somehow get the upper hand during the confrontation. It obviously never occured to any of them
that someone would just walk in and kill them without giving it a second thought. No remorse, no guilt.

Baz found the black leather bag that Al-Tikriti had carried from the bank and opened it.
"Jackpot" he cracked
"How much" D asked as he slid the 9mm into the holster inside his suit jacket.
"Oh not sure, probably a half-mil. Would yer 'ave me count it out now D?" Baz said.
"Reckon we had best be goin" D said.

The two men closed the door behind them and went down the stairwell. They left the hotel through the
lobby and walked about two blocks before they hailed a cab that returned them to the Woolcott on 32nd
(Mr. Demeanor)

Alienspice pulled into the parking lot of the research center just as the sun was begining to set. She sat a
moment, drinking in the beauty of the desert night and the colors of the sunset which was nothing like the
sunsets back east. "I really need to think about relocating" she said to herself as she finally rolled the top up
on the car. She punched in Bobby's number on the cellphone. It rang four times before he answered.
"Well good evening to you too, kiddo! Is that any way to speak to someone who's just driven all day to see
"Oh sorry...distracted. Where are you?"
"Right outside. Should I come in the way I did before"
"yeah...yeah...hurry up! Something crazy is going on..."
Alienspice closed the phone...she could tell his attention was already gone. She grabbed her bag and
started to step out of the car...then reached in and grabbed the cross off the rearview mirror and slid it in
her pocket.
All the doors on her way from the parking lot to the lab were unlocked...a very strange state of affairs for
one as paranoid as Bobby. She found him hunched over his computer screen, typing furiously, with the
telephone held up by his shoulder.
"No! I've never seen anything like it! Call the guy in Tokyo...see what he's got over there!"
Spice walked over to him and stood silently behind him...he didn't seem to notice her at all. Finally he
finished his phone call and let the phone drop, still typing furiously. She cleared her throat.
"Oh hey, hi, Vince called three times looking for you! Why in the hell didn't you exchange phone
numbers!?!" he blurted out, still typing and not even looking up.
"That's something I've been trying to figure out on the drive up here..." Spice answered, plopping down on
the couch across from Bobby's desk "no clue. Guess I was thinking about something else. And it's nice to
see you too. babydoll."
Bobby finally looked up from the keyboard and smiled at her.
"Sorry. It is nice to see you. You look good. It's just that something really crazy is going on right now...can't
figure it out..it's unbelievable!" Spice got up from the couch and walked over behind him to look at the
screen. It didn't make any sense to her at all, but the whole screen was pulsing with purple lights.
Bobby was already typing away again.
"Okay, you try to figure out if the world is about to end....I'll get a drink and call Vince. Just nod your head
in the direction of the brandy..." He looked up and smiled at her.
"You just have no idea how to handle being ignored do you?"
"It's not something I'm very familiar with!" Spice said petulantly. Bobby typed a final sentence and got up.
He gave her a hug and walked over to the table by the window where he had set up the bottle and a couple
of glasses. He poured one for each of them and handed her a glass.
"To old friends" he said, raising his own.
Spice sat back down on the couch and took a long sip, closing her eyes and letting the brandy work it's
"get me a cigarette and I'll be right as rain" she said to him. She opened her eyes to see he already had
them in his hand.
"You're a peach, Bobby." She lit a smoke and took a drag, letting the road weariness slide off of her.
"Okay, so what seems to be the matter with the extraterrestrial world?" she asked.
"First, you better call Vince. He seemed worried." Bobby handed her the phone and pressed a speed dial
"You're speed dialing Alice Cooper these days, huh? What would all the computer geeks say?" Spice teased.
Bobby blushed.
"He's a good guy...we've had some great conversations! I don't know anything about all that rock and roll
business, though...."
"Alice here" the voice said on the phone. Alienspice shivered.
"Well hello there! I hear you've been trying to track me through the desert?" she said, regaining her
"Spicegirl! Took you long enough! you really could have opened up that Mustang out in the desert, you
"I told you I'm no speed demon! Besides, I made a new friend in Alamagordo. And had a delicious green
chile enchilada.."
Alice's laugh made Spice go all tingly.
"Well, I'm just glad you made it safely. Did you tell Bobby the story yet?"
"No, I've only just got here. Still enjoying my post road trip brandy and cigarette."
"Okay....I won't keep you on the line then. Did you get my present?" Spice pulled the silver cross out of her
"I sure did. Felt very well protected...thanks." Spice could feel tears coming on...she fought them back.
"And did you find mine?"
Alice chucked. "Luckily I found it before the wife did laundry. I don't know how I'm gonna explain that to
her, you dirty heathen pagan..."
"Just tell her it's a soveneir from Salem. Which it is, you know..."
Alice was quiet on the line for a second.
"Yeah. Maybe I'll wear it for a photo or two and get some controversy brewing...."
Spice giggled. "I can already see the headlines..."Cooper trades cross for pentacle" That should bump up
album sales among the black hair dye set!"
Alice laughed. "Okay sweetheart, I gotta run. Get my cell number from Bobby and give me a ring from your
phone so I can get yours. For emergencies..."
"Of course. But see if you can manage to stay out of trouble until I get home, okay? I feel like I need a
vacation after this "vacation"..
"Yes mam. You take care of yourself, Spicegirl..."
"I always do, Vince. Bye."
Spice handed the phone back to Bobby and took another long drink. Bobby was staring at her, wide eyed.
"You gave Vince your pentacle necklace? Are you crazy?"
"No Bobby....just very, very sick. In a good way." She smiled at him and lit another cigarette. "Now get your
typing fingers ready..I've got a bedtime story for you..."

Baz and MrD went into their suite at the Woolcott, checking, of coarse, to see if they had had any visitors
while they were gone. The device that Baz installed seemed to be intact so they weren't too concerned
about any more bugs or worse.
Baz opened the black leather bag and dumped the contents out on his bed.
They both stared at the neatly wrapped stacks of one-hundred dollar bills then smiled at each other. "Well
now" Baz joked "we couldnt have stumbled on this at a better time. I was beginning to run a little short on
walking around cash."
MrD pulled a statement from the pile of bills and looked at it and smiled. "You aint even gonna believe this"
he said barley containing himself.
"Well then ...wot is it" Baz asked
"It's the f***ing receipt...I cant believe it!...It's the f***ing receipt" D exclaimed. "Do you have any idea
what this means Baz?"
"It means we can keep it right?" Baz answered.
"Not just that...but it has the account number on it...it means we can get the rest of it too" D said.
Baz's eyes grew wide and he sat down hard on the bed. "Dont tease me D...remember yer talkin to a man
who works for a livin so he can supplement his small government pension."
"Tell me about it brother.....to think of all the shit we've been through, all the times we've risked our necks
and for what...half salary and medical coverage. My god Baz there could be millions still in that account. But
we'll have to act fast. Do you still know that guy in the Bahamas...the banker....whats his name??"
"You mean Quincy" Baz replied
"Yeah...Quincy Sheppard your old school buddy... he's a shifty sonuvabitch aint he." D said.
"Right...he hid that cash we got from the IRA that time" Baz said.
"Get him on the phone now....tell him we'll give him fifteen percent of whatever he can transfer out of this
account number. We still have an account in that bank down there dont we?"
"Yes...I use it to keep the bloody taxman back home at bay" Baz smiled.
"Tell him to transfer whateverhe can into that account..then move it right away into another one as soon as
he gets it" D said
"Right...Im on it" Baz said as he opened the lap top and searched for the phone number to Bank Suisse
"Oh and Baz"
"Tell that crooked bastard if he rips me off I'll kill him" D said without a trace of sarcasm in his voice. Baz
smiled and nodded then dialed the phone.

Baz explained to his old friend what was going down and also explained to him that if he tried anything
funny his redneck friend would personally hunt him down and slit his throat. Quincy understood...he knew a
little about what these two men were capable of and also was quite adept at electronic transfers of large
sums of money. Being a Bahamian banker had schooled Quincy in the ways of all sorts of underworld
dealings. Everything from drug lords to black market weapons, so this wasnt really anything new to him. All
he needed was an account number and it was possible to make withdrawals and deposits of any amount of
 money anywhere in the world. He was also able to make such transactions without a trace. In order to
establish an element of trust, Quincy instructed Baz how to access his Bahamian account on the laptop so
we could see exactly how much was initially transferred from Al-Tikriti's secret account.
Baz retrieved his account from the web and he and MrD sat at the little desk in their suite and watched
anxiously. MrD lit a cigarette and Baz poured two glasses of Jack Daniels. After about twenty minutes the
two men sat silently as they saw the balance in the account change from fifteen thousand US to eight and a
half million.
They looked at each other quietly for a moment then downed the shots of Tenneessee whiskey.
"Well I suppose if you add what was in the bag to it" Baz joked.
"Yeah not a bad days work afterall" D smiled.
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It was hard for the two men to contain themselves at the prospect of all that money, but they changed
clothes and headed for Harlem. There was a restaurant there called Bessie's that served some of the finest
Southern cooking anywhere, even though it was in New York City. It seems Bessie, the owner is a
transplant from Dothan Alabama and the two men had stumbled upon the place several years ago and had
always tried to visit the place at least once any time they were in the city.
They sat down at one of the tables with a vinyl table cloth and one of those stainless steel napkin
dispensers. The aroma of stewing turnip greens and frying catfish reminded MrD of home. And Bessie's
booming voice commanding the staff could be heard for two blocks in any direction. A young black girl
immediately appeared with menus and asked "Whatchall want ta drink?"
"Sweet tea" D answered
"Same" said Baz.
"Oh and tell Bessie when she's got a secong to come by and say hi to a couple of old friends." D said with
his most charming drawl. She nodded and headed off to get our tea.
"Well whaddaya think old man?" D asked his companion. "Should we take the money and run or see this
thing through."
"C'mon D we've waited this long one more day wont make that much difference"
"I just have a bad feeling about this, you know how many times we've been screwed out of a big score, I
just dont want it to happen again. I'm getting too old to make another one." D said.
The two men went silent when the girl arrived with two tall glasses of iced tea. She quickly took the men's
orders then left again.
"Whateva you say Bubba, ya know I'll be with you...but if we land in Freeport only to find that money has
been siezed by some jerkoff over at the Homeland Security office then you realize I'll be kicking yore ass
allla way back to Yorkshire" D said as he sipped his tea.
"That'll be fine then....when yer dun ...yer can 'ave a little holiday in London too" Baz cracked.
MrD smiled. He was with the best friend he had ever had and there was really no amount of money that
would ever change that.

"Well lawsey mercy" Bessies voice echoed through the small dining room. "Lookey heah...lookey heah. Her
arms round , heavy and brown came down around D's neck and he felt as though his whole head had
dissappeared into her bossum. "What a surprise...what a surprise!" She bellowed and made her way over to
Baz who almost flinched at the sight of this woman bearing down on him. Bessie was one of those who, like
an aunt who was visiting, treated people no matter how old they were as if they were ten years old. Hugs
and kisses and the obligatory pinching of cheeks.
"It's good to see you too" Baz said wiping the wet kiss from his cheek.
They exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes and D always refered to her as "maam" as neither he nor
Bessie would have it any other way.

They finished their meal, said their goodbyes to Bessie and caught a cab back to the Woolcott. Tomorrow
would be Friday and the night of the presidents speech at the Garden.
(Mr. Demeanor)

"Anything?" Weirdkat watched anxiously as zoo hit "search".

"Nope. Nothing from either of them. Let's see...okay, Spice just posted on "Steal that Car. She's been
listening, anyway. Damn."

"Yeah." Weirdkat was perched on the old chest, just behind zoogirl. They both stared at the screen, willing
Mr D and Baz to appear. It wasn't working.

The little blue speakers were blaring Led Zepplin. The song ended and Alice's voice filled the room.

"Hey, I've got an email here from Jaded. She says, "Hi Alice. Could you do me a big favour? Play an old
Blondie song, please. "Call Me". That oughta work."

"Okay, just for Jaded. If you're calling someone right now, or if you've heard the call, put down that phone
and email me at www.nightswithalicecooper.com. If you're a Englishman, call Jaded instead, okay? Here's

"She must be getting really worried if she's willing to go through Alice like that." zoo said.

"Weirdkat just nodded, a worried look of her own spreading across her face.
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(hello? Hello? Is anyone home? )

By the time Spice was finished telling the story, Bobby had gone through just about every conceivable
emotion. He sat silently for a few minutes, thinking it through.
"So...do you think maybe all this purple light....maybe they're "protecting" us now, now that they've got the
Alienspice lit a cigarette and took a long drag, exhaling toward the ceiling.
"I think that's a very good possibility. I think the only aliens that are gonna get through now are the good
ones. And I for one am very thankful for that."
"And Vince...Alice...whatever...had the key the whole time?"
"Well, he had part of it. I don't think he ever really knew what it was, honestly. He had a hunch, but when it
all went down, I think he was as surprised as everyone else at what a big deal it was."
Bobby turned to the computer screen and watched the pulsing purple lights for a few minutes. "I can't tell
ANYBODY?!?!" he finally wailed.
"Sorry, no. There are some very high level government types who are involved, and no doubt they'll be
watching you like a hawk now. Especially now that I've been here. Just go about your alien watching
business...but know that the good guys have won. This time...." Spice got up and put her arms around
Bobby's neck. The brandy was working it's magic and she was getting really tired.
"Listen sweetie, I want to check in with my friends and then catch some zzz's. Are you gonna hang around
here all night?"
"Yeah, I'm working on some code. I'll sleep tomorrow when Adam comes in....." Bobby turned and looked
up at Spice. "I can tell him, can't I? You know he's trustworthy.."
"Of course. Tell Adam. But tell him in hushed tones and don't let anyone else hear. This is serious
business...those company men don't care how innocent you are..if you do something they don't like, you're
finished. And I would hate for good friends of mine to be suddenly dispatched to take care of YOU." Spice
"Speaking of, I really wonder what is going on up in NYC..." she powered up the laptop and saw several
messages and PMs from Jaded, Zoogirl...nothing from the fellows in NY.
She responded as best she could, and then remembered that she promised to call Alice from her phone to
register the number.
She flipped the cellphone open and dialed Alice's number.
"Alice here"
"Hey Vince! It's Brandyspice. Just following orders..."
Alice chuckled. "Good girl. Did you manage to tell Bobby the story before fading into oblivion?"
"yes. Story told. No oblivion for me, thanks...just some sleep. Which I'm going for in a few minutes. Say,
you haven't heard from the guys at all, have ya? Jaded seems awfully worried."
"Yeah, she emailed me at the radio. Whatever they're up to, they obviously don't have time to listen to my
radio show!"
"Imagine that? Scandalous!" Spice laughed. "I'm sure they're doing fine...just something intriguing they
can't talk about. Me, I'm looking forward to Nights with Alice Cooper from my own desk in a matter of
"You headin back east tonight?"
"A little sleep, a few hours to Albuquerque, and then I'm cashing in that return ticket. Never thought I'd be
so happy to leave the desert..."
"Well then, Spicegirl.....guess I'll be seeing ya in Pittsburgh..."
"You had better get your fine fanny out there this summer! Not to mention the fine fanny of your guitar
"I'll be seeing you. Don't you worry. Get some sleep and drive carefully....drink plenty of water.."
"Yes dad." Spice laughed. "anytime you want to call just to nag, feel free."
"Just listen to the voice in your head, and be a good girl. Good night." Alice hung up, and Spice stared at
the phone for a few minutes, then flipped it shut. She unfolded the blanket Bobby had left for her and
curled up to sleep.

Late in the afternoon, WeirdKat pulled the red Mustang back into the driveway at Zoogirl‟s house. As she
began unloading several sacks of groceries, Zoogirl came out of the house to meet her. “Kat, really, this is
more than „just a few groceries for the house‟ like you said!” “Lotta good sales today!” answered WeirdKat
cheerfully. She handed Zoo two of the sacks, picked up the others and carried them into the kitchen. “I‟ll
let you guys put the „cupboard stuff‟ away, you know where it goes. Anything show up on our two errant
lads yet?” Looking worried again (an almost constant state the past few days) Zoo shook her head.
“Nothing, zip, nada, zilch!” she answered. Serious now, WeirdKat shook her head. “I‟m gonna have to pull
out tomorrow in any case” she said. “I‟ve gotta get the „Stang down to Spokane, turn it in and reclaim my
Korean silver bullet. Gotta go on home and get things there back under control.” Zoogirl nodded. “I
understand” she said. “It‟s been great having you here, though. You‟ll keep in touch from there?” “Of
course” answered Kat. Pausing, she continued “I don‟t know just what our friends are up to, but I don‟t
think it‟s just a common or garden variety bender. I suspect they have a private agenda in progress.
Considering what we‟ve found out about their past, I‟m thinking that maybe they don‟t want any of us other
Sickthings involved in it. Like maybe it‟s too dangerous, or it‟s something that calls for real professionals.
We‟re not bad for a bunch of amateurs, but if it‟s something that needs trained operators like them….”
“And you think if they have to worry about looking out for the amateurs, they won‟t be able to concentrate
on their business – and it might get them killed” finished Zoogirl. “Could be” said Kat. “And could be, if
they‟re up against someone REALLY nasty, they‟re afraid one or more of us would be taken hostage and
used against them if their enemies knew we were close friends and where to find us. Maybe the best thing
would be if we all just keep a low profile from here on out, watch the news and the message board…and
wait until they contact us.”
BellaDonna sat alone on the top step of her deck. Alone, with the exception of a 'dance with the Captain'
and a 'pack of Djarum Vanilla'. The weather was cold and a lot had happened since she'd been gone.

She and Jaded had picked up Jaded's car at the airport, and Jaded had gone on home... She was visibley
'upset'...though NOT as upset as some would believe....

Yes, the snow had melted, but the weather was still varying shades of 'grey', was cold, clammy and sucked,
in general.

"Welcome Homes" and "amends" had been made for her absense, but it was still, oddly, not complete.
 Tango had gone on to run with Ripples and she missed them both tremendously. Jaded was upset that
Baz hadn't contacted her, though Bella wasn't surprised: the best in bed RARELY ever 'call in the morning'.
  Bella hadn't heard from Mr. D. and honestly: didn't expect to. She hadn't logged onto her computer
since she'd arrived home and honestly: didn't WANT to... Something was still 'not right'....

She sipped her drink, dragged on her cig, pulled her coat closer around her and looked to the sky:

She closed her eyes, as the other occupants of her dwelling slept, and 'listened'. She picked up Mr. D.'s
'scent' on the wind, and wished him well. She wished all the others well, too...

But something was wrong. She knew it. Couldn't prove it. And really didn't want to see what it was....

Keep them safe, she thought. Dragging on her cig one last time, she ground it out..........

"You're probably right" zoogirl pasted on a big fake smile. Better not to let Weirdkat see just how badly the
thought of someone she loved being taken hostage...

"Hey, while you were gone, Randy nipped up to the video store and guess what?" She held up a copy of
Roadie. "He got popcorn too. We can have a binge!"

"Sounds great!" Kat gave her a reassuring smile. The boys finished putting away the food. "Wow, thanks!"
Danny said. Lot's of munchies!"

"I'm still not going to watch Alice Pooper" Josh said grinning. Zoo aimed a mock kick at him and he headed
for their room, laughing. Danny followed. Kat looked questioningly at Randy.

'I like Meatloaf." he said. "Go ahead."

While he put the popcorn on and Kat relaxed on the couch, zoogirl nipped onto the computer. No sign of
Baz or D, but Spice was safe at Bobbie's and heading home. The post was less than an hour old. She'd
spoken to Alice and he was fine too.

The movie had barely begun when her cell rang.
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(I've been waiting for my partner to return from his vacation. He's back now and we'll get going again.)
(Mr. Demeanor)

{I wondered if one or both of you was on vacation, since we haven't heard from either of you on the board

much. Welcome back! )

   Quote (MrDemeaonor @ May 17 2005,11:59)
   (I've been waiting for my partner to return from his vacation. He's back now and we'll get going again.)

And are congratulations in order?
If memory serves, your partner had a very special reason for this trip to new york...and not just to look for
the red cowboy boots!

(Yes folks, everyone be sure to send Baz and Jill congrats on their recent nuptuals. It seems Jill has finally

made an honest man out of that gigalo.          )
(Mr. Demeanor)

D and Baz stretched out on their beds,the air con was on full,both men were smoking Lucky Strikes and had
a long cold glass of iced tea by their side.
"How the hell you guys can drink this stuff is beyond me"Baz said.
"It`s an acquired taste my friend,it`s gotta be fresh"

Baz sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed,he looked over at D.
"Listen,I don`t wanna risk losing this money,god knows we`ve earned it,but I wanna see that bastard dead
as well.Why don`t we just pay somebody to do our dirty deeds,we can afford it,it`s not as though we don`t
know of anybody to ask.
I can think of at least half a dozen guys who would do the job."

"And thats just among the good guys.We could find double that amount among the villians.Sounds good to
me Bubba,see that bastard with his throat cut,and then enjoy the rest of our lives doing what we wanna do"

"Its a lotta money we have,more than we need,think we oughta distribute our wealth to those less
fortunate,so to speak." Baz went on.

" I suppose we could give the girls a few dollars for their troubles " D said " I think it might be a good idea
to give them a call,to let em know we`re OK"

"Lets wait until this whole thing is done and dusted,it might still go tits up"
Baz got up walked to the "drinks cabinet".which in all honesty was a table with a bottle of JD on it.He
poured them both a drink ,and handed one to D.

"To us,the cowboy and the limey,and to the mighty dollar"
"The mighty dollar" D repeated.

As MrD said,I am now a honest man once more.

"Ya know, if our little plan is to come off as is, I reckon we'll need some witnesses" D said as he lay back on
his bed.
"Anyone special in mind" Baz said.
MrD stood up and went over to the little desk and his laptop. He typed out this little message and sent it to
Bella, Jaded, Spice, Kat, and Zoo. It read:

"Having a helluva time my dear, wish you were here. Be sure to watch the presidents speech friday night,
you might just catch a glimpse of us." he signed it Baz and D.

"I suppose we'll need to draw a little attention to ourselves tommorrow night" Baz said.
"I know" D replied..."I have something in mind. Now lets get some sleep, tommorrows a big day"
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Baz found it hard to settle that night.
He was usually a bit restless the night before a big job,always had been,he would lay there ,going over the
plans in his head,time and time again,making sure he knew everything there was to know about the
operation.He knew D was the same.
To outsiders they may have seemed brash and a bit gung ho,but they were ultimate professionals.They
were admired by their colleagues for their work ethics,the same ethics that hed kept them alive for so long.
Baz didn`t want to slip up at the last hurdle.Other thoughts entered his head also,he thought of his family
at home in England,he thought od D`s family down in Alabama,what would they do if anything happened to
He also thought of the girls.He thought of Jaded.
She had been like a breath of Dales air.They had been good for each other.
He looked at the clock.3am.
"Gotta get to sleep,god knows what that redneck son of a bitch has got lined up for us"

Bella walked into her incredibly quiet house, took off her coat and dropped it on the back of the chair. She
locked the slider and refilled her 'dance with the Captain'. She took herself, her cigs and 'The Captain'
downstairs to her computer, which everyone, including her, knew she would eventually do. Damn, she
thought, I can't stay away from the damn machine. I wonder if they have a support group for "computer
users anonymous", she wondered as she fired up the ancient piece. I love antiques, she thought, but it
would be faster to launch the damn "Enterprise", she muttered to herself, sitting down in front of it.

She checked her email and found, among the 'spam', a note from Mr. D. and Baz. That's surprising, she
thought, as she opened it....

"Having a Hell of a time....President's speech on Friday...watch it....glimpse of us...."

She sat back in her chair and sipped. She lit yet another cig and thought, great, President's speech - I
don't even wanna know...She dragged and thought of the song: "It started out on a nice vacation
Left the station right on time
Now it's turned to near frustration
I'm just a prisoner in time
Can't get a ticket to get me home, dear
They just don't have too many flights from twilight zone, dear....
So don't forget to feed my cats
Spot and Jerome, dear
And I'm having a hell of a time, my dear
Wish You Were Here."


{{Congrats Baz!         }}

"You want breakfast Baz ?" D shouted into the bathroom.He knew the answer before he asked,Baz hadn`t
refused the offer yet.
"Why not,I need to keep me strength up,coffee as well "

"The usual ?"
"Yeah,but make sure the eggs are cooked like I like em will yer "

D walked over to the phone and dialled 1.

"They may take a while ,the guy says they`re rushed off there feet this morning"
"No probs.It`ll be all the fat senators filling their faces maybe"

D turned on the TV and flicked through the channels,finally settling on ESPN.

The presenter was rounding up the previous evenings football news.
"In college football,the Texas Longhorns inflicted a narrow defeat on the Alabama Crimson Tide.Texas ran in
21 unanswered points to win 45-41."
"For christs sake " D shouted at the screen,and turned the TV off.He threw the remote on the bed,cussing.
Baz walked into the room just as there was a knock on the door.
"Breakfast" D said as he walked towards the door.

"WAIT" Baz shouted,it`s only been two minutes since you rang,I thought you said it would take a while.

"Shit,thats what happens when Bama lose"
He walked towards the door but stood to the left behind the wall.
"Hello " he shouted.
"Room service" came the reply.

Baz took out his gun and motioned for D to turn the handle.
No sooner had he rattled the handle,two,three ,four shots rang out,blowing a hole in the door where
normally a person would be standing.
Then a couple more for good measure,the gun clicked.

D stepped aside,looked through the hole and said,"here`s Johnny"

He put two bullets in the mans stomach before he had time to reload.He slumped in the corridoor.

Baz came alongside D."heres Johnny,what the f**k was that all about"
D smiled at Baz ."It seemed the right thing to say"

"Bollocks to breakfast lets get the hell outa Dodge" Baz drawled.
Baz and D looked at each other then burst out laughing.
The day had not started how they had expected.

The two men gathered their things quickly. Experience had taught them to be ready for these types of
occurances, so they were always ready at a moments notice to dissappear quickly. They exited the Woolcott
with their bags including the one that they acquired from Al-Tikriti and headed for the safehouse in
(Mr. Demeanor)

The cab carrying the two men entered the Borrough of Brooklynn around 10am.
"Theres a Kinko's" Baz said
"Driver stop here" MrD said and the cab stopped in front of the Kinkos Copies.
"Wait here" MrD told the driver and the two men went inside.

"OK let me get this straight" the young man working the counter at Kinkos said. "you want this on a five
foot banner...is that right?"
"Thats right" D smiled.
"OK" the clerk said shaking his head. Baz was having a hard time keeping a straight face.
"It'll take about an hour to have it ready" the clerk said.
"Thats fine lad...we'll pick it up later" Baz said and the two men left the store, climbed back into their
waiting taxi and sped away.
(Mr. Demeanor)

Once inside the safe house MrD used the phone there and placed a call to Frank Mitchell.

"Mitchell here"
"Frank it's D"
"Whats up?" he asked.
"We had a visit this morning at our hotel...and I'm afraid we left a bit of mess" D said.
"Yeah I can just imagine" Frank snapped. "anybody I know"
"Beats the hell outta me....my guess is that it was a friend of Jakes" MrD said.
"You guys seem to be leaving a trail of little messes all over town" Frank said.
"I guess your people found Abul too?" D smirked
"Yeah...the NYPD is beginning to get a little tired of hearing from us." Frank said.
"Can you get a clean up crew over there to handle it?" D asked.
"I'm on it" Frank said.."but you two better keep it clean from here on out...Langley is beginning to run out
of patience...is that clear."
"Crystal" D said and hung up the phone.

"He's not very happy is he D?" Baz asked.
"nope" D said and lit a cigarette.
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"Is everything in place now?" Baz asked
"Yeah pretty much" D said. "the passport and plane ticket have been delivered, and the ghost is in the
machine, all we have to do now is pick up my truck and leave it in the garage and pick up the banner on
our way."
"So have yer given any thought as to the money?" Baz asked.
"Yep" D said as he took a drag from his smoke. "I figure we'll just leave the bag in the truck...hell he's
earned it."
"Thats bloody brillient" Baz said. "That should be more than enough for him to start a new life."
MrD used the phone to call the airport. He bought two tickets to the Bahamas, using a different set of
names. He then called home.
"Hey Babe it's me"
"Well...long time no see" MrsD said. "are you not dead yet?" she cracked.
"No not yet" D said. "Listen close, I dont have much time , pack a bag for you and the little guy and get on
a plane to Freeport...check into the Hilton there and I'll see you there by Sunday."
"Why?" she asked
"Oh no particular reason...just thought it would be nice to spend a few days on the beach there." D said.
"But what about school?" she asked
"Dont worry about it ok...just do it. Gotta go now and watch the presidents speech tonight ok."
"Ok see ya'll there" she said and hung up the phone.

"D...I think it would be wise to get out of here. Jake knows about this place and when he finds out his toady
he sent over this morning missed he'll probably look here next." Baz said.
"Yeah yer right" D said.
"Lets get changed and lay low until we go over to the Garden tonight." Baz added.
"Im with ya pardner...whaddya say we pick up the banner, grab some lunch, then go get my truck." MrD
Baz smiled. "You know me I'm always up for a meal."

The two men put on their suits then hailed a cab. First they went by Kinkos and picked up their order from
earlier, then stopped off at a dinner for lunch. They then took another cab to the airport where they
retrieved the silver Ford pickup. They hid the black bag in the cargo bay behind the front seat, then drove it
to a designated parking gargage four blocks away from Madison Square Garden. From there they walked
into midtown and found a quiet little bar where they would wait out the rest of the afternoon until it was
time to go to the convention.
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Jake Richmond sat in his control booth at Madison Square Garden silently brooding over his foiled plans. He
had set up the meeting with Abul Al-Tikriti months earlier because intelligence had discovered the Al-Tikriti
was actively searching for someone to assassinate the president. Jake knew he was the only man who could
get close enough to do the job. It was arranged for Al-Tikriti to pay him half a million dollars to make the
hit. Al-Tirkiti had withdrawn the money from an account at Citibank, the same money the Baz and MrD had
walked away with the day before. When Jake went to the hotel to collect his money he discovered that Abul
and two other men were dead and the money was gone. He knew in his gut who had done it.
Jake had also spent the last week secretly preparing a snipers nest in the hidden corridors that ran though
the ceiling of the cavernous hall from which to execute his plan. He didnt know that a pair of ghostly eyes
had been watching his every move. What he did know is that his plans were gone to hell and he would
exact his revenge on the two men who had sent them there.
Jake said to himself, "I wont kill the president....but I will kill that redneck and his limey partner if it's the
last thing I ever do."
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MrD and Baz entered Madison Square Garden around 6pm. Security officers put them through the same
procedure that everyone else went through. First they had to show their passes for the event and pass
through a metal detector, then they were patted down by another officer and were swept with a wand.
They were asked to open their suit jackets and remove their shoes. Nothing, of coarse was found on either
of them. They had left their weapons along with all the others in the heavy black satchel in the cargo bay of
the silver Ford.
They made their way with the rolled up banner over to section C of the arena, where the delegation from
Alabama was assigned and found their seats. The arena was filling quickly with conventioneers from all
across the country. There was a palpable buzz of anticipation for the presidents appearance.
Frank Mitchell walked across the floor infront of section C and headed into the tunnel that lead to the outer
mezzanine. MrD got up and followed him. Frank Mitchell opened a metal door that was posted "Authorized
Personnel Only" and dissappeared inside. MrD opened the same door and went inside. It led to a small
office that was used by the maintainence manager.
"Hello Frank" MrD said when he went inside.
"Hello D" he replied "Wheres Baz?"
"Tryin to find a beer vendor I guess" D cracked witha smirk.
"I guess it's showtime" Frank said
"Reckon so" MrD drawled.
Frank handed MrD a cell phone. "This phone has text messaging...when Jake makes his move your man will
send you a message."
MrD looked at the tiny device. "Got it...then we make ours"
"I still can't believe Jake would do something like this" Frank said. "At one time he was one of our best"
"Believe it Frank. It was only a matter of time before we caught up with him. It's just a good thing we got
him out of the company and into this shitty job before he could do any real damage." D said.
"But still...the president for God's sake!" Frank said shaking his head.
"Jake's a mercenary...has has been...always will be. His services for sale to the highest bidder. He has no
loyalty, no honor, none of the things that you and I and Baz have risked our necks for all these years."
"I know D...I just always hate to see it" Frank sighed. "So what are you two gonna do when this is
over...will you come back into active duty again?"
MrD smiled "No Frank...we're retired remember... besides if I live through tonight I know a warm beach
with my name on it."
Frank open a small attache case and produced two Colt 9mm pistols.
"Keep 'em" D said. "Baz and I are gonna walk right outta here just like we walked in...innocent and we'll
have about fifty million witnesses too."
Frank extended his hand. MrD returned the gesture and the two old collegues shook hands warmly.
"It was damn good seeing you two again" Frank said. "Tell Baz to take care of himself.
"I will" D said. "And dont take this wrong way Frank...but I hope we never see you again"
"I know what you mean" Frank smiled.

MrD left the little office and returned to his seat.
"Are we all set then?" Baz said as he handed MrD a large paper cup filled with beer.
"Reckon so" MrD drawled.
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The girl on the phone sounded young, probably still in her teens. Zoo made an automatic assumption.

"Yes, this is the zoo house. Danny or Josh?"

"No no, Mrs. This is zoogirl? I need to speak with you."

The accent was soft, the English perfect but slightly "off". She wasn't East Indian or Chinese, zoo was sure
of that. Something else.


"You are a friend of Baz?"

zoo raised her eyebrows at Weirdkat. "Well, yes I know him. He's a Sickthing, same as me."

"And you just saw him?" The voice was eager but controlled.
"Oh, that." zoo laughed, and shot another look at the Kat. "Well, that was kind of silly. Alice went missing
and a bunch of us hared off after him. It's sort. of embarressing. At least he was very nice about us
interrupting his vacation."

"Good" the girl said approvingly, 'You are an actress, I think. You must warn Baz, please. I cannot. In fact, I
must go. Tell him, the danger is not where he thinks. There is another name. Mr D. He is with Baz, I
''Yes" zoo said.

"Warn him too."

"What? Why?" zoo said.

The line was silent.

"Hello?" zoo clutched the phone against her ear.

"He...they, they were ...important to my family, once. Please, zoogirl, help them." There was a click on the
line and

Hey girlfriend! Jaded heard when she answered her cell phone, Hi Bella.. (or Tellie.. hahaha)
I was just gonna call you.. some strange crap has gone on today. You get a phone call too? Bella asked..
yeah, Jaded said ...
You didn't give that girl any information did you Jaded?? Hell NO!! Bella.. I would never...oh Thank God..
Jaded and Bella began to decipher what the woman had said to each of them on the phone..

Hmmm Jaded said to Bella, after a very long silence.. I know "my Baz" He's a world wide romeo, but I know
he has to have a darkside, every man does, she laughed. but I think this person is looking for information to
hurt my baby!! Bella quickley agreed.
I hope none of the sickthings gave away where they are... or we may never see them again Jaded..
I hope not Bella, Jaded said as she rubbed her belly and started to cry


Alienspice sat nervously in the smoking lounge of the Albuquerque airport, waiting for the president's
speech to air on the little TV. The message from MrD had been awfully cryptic, and the numerous
"unknown" cellphone calls made her even more jumpy.
As she reached into her bag for another cigarette, a man walked through the door....she recognized him
immediately. Unfortunately, he recognized her too.
"How was your vacation in...."Roswell"?" the man said, sitting down next to her. Spice thought
quickly...playing dumb seemed to work on him last time..
"Oh, it was great! I had nice visit with my friends, some good food...saw some little green men, hahaha.."
The man pulled a lighter out of his pocket to light her smoke, which afforded him an opportunity to
surreptitiously flash his secret service badge. He leaned in close to her and whispered.
"Look, you can drop the act. We know exactly who you are and what you were doing. But what we don't
know is why you had this sudden interest in the president's speech?"
"Can't a girl be politically aware?" Spice said offhandedly, "accidentally" blowing smoke in his face.
"That's bullsh*t. You'd sooner have your eardrums popped with red hot pokers than listen to the president
speak. You might as well level with me....what are your friends in New York planning? We can take care of
this "matter" a whole lot more pleasantly if you cooperate.."
Spice dropped her head and looked over her sunglasses at him.
"I have NO IDEA. I got a happy little message saying "look for us on the TV!" Nothing more. I don't know,
and I don't WANT to know, ok?!?"
The man smirked at her. "You're a good actress. Maybe you should get out of the restaurant business. But
you need to drop the act now and tell me the truth, because there isn't much time to stop your friends from
making the biggest mistake of their lives..."
He trailed off as the "CBS News Special Report" announcement sounded on the television. Spice closed her
eyes and visualized MrD and Baz surrounded by a white light of protection. She held on to the silver cross in
her pocket, and said a little prayer too, just for good measure. The she focused her attention on the screen.

Back in Surrey, Zoogirl looked at WeirdKat with a worried expression. Speaking softly, so the Mr. and the
kids couldn‟t hear, Kat said “You wanna tell me the other half of that conversation?” Zoogirl quickly filled
her in on the phone call, and then said “I don‟t think – this just doesn‟t feel right to me, somehow…” Kat
nodded, thoughtfully, and said “I‟m more inclined to trust Baz and Mr. D to look after themselves. They
may have been a little dull-and-rusty when everything started, but seems to me they‟re all sharpened and
shining bright now. I wonder if I‟m due for a little call of some kind, now?” And right on cue, the Kat‟s cell
phone commenced to play a beeped version of the “Maple Leaf Rag”.

Kat punched the button to answer, wondering what sort of voice and story would be on this call. To her
surprise, she heard the voice of her boss back at OCPH. “JJ? Paul. I‟m glad I got ahold of you…” “Paul?
What‟s up? Have we got some kind of public health emergency?” asked Kat, concerned now. “I can be
back in about 6 hours or so…” “No, no, nothing that you need to come here for!” said Paul, quick to
reassure her. “No, I just had a call from my favorite people and yours, the honchos at Homeland Security.
They‟ve requested your assistance for a couple of days. NATURALLY they wouldn‟t tell me what the hell
they wanted! They just gave me a line of crap about an ongoing investigation, and needing some special
knowledge they think you might have about somebody you used to know who may be involved innocently
in connection with something they‟re „not at liberty to discuss‟. They want you to call this number.” Kat
said “Gimme minute to get something to write on…right, go ahead.” Jotting down the number, she said
“OK, thanks. I‟ll call and see what the little dears want. You guys getting on all right without me?” “Hell,
no!” answered Paul. “You‟re the only one who can remember all this water use crap! Take your time
anyway. You need to burn some more annual leave.” “OK, thanks” answered Kat. She chatted a few more
minutes with her boss, answered some of the more pressing work questions for him, and punched “end” on
her phone. Quickly filling Zoo in on her conversation, she finished up with “Somebody I used to know, my
ass!” With a cynical smile, she continued “ Somebody I know right now is more like it.” Matching her
cynical look, Zoo said “Are you gonna call that number?” Kat grinned wider and said “Sure! I‟ll get back to
„Homeland Security‟ – right after we finish watching the President‟s speech. Gotta keep up on current
events in my country, you know!” They both laughed and went on back into the other room.

The anuual Republican Governors Convention is usually one of those events where republican bigshots from
various states get together to push for one agenda or another. This year was a little different though since
the sitting president was finishing his second term and the vice-president had made it known that he had no
intentions of running in the next election. So the possiblility of a candidate being selected from someone in
the hall was a distinct possiblity. All the delegations from the states in attendance were pushing for one guy
or another to make a credible candidate for the highest office in the land.
Baz and MrD were guests in the Alabama delegation. Passes having been secured by MrD's cousin, a circuit
judge in Alabama. The governor of Alabama was sitting two rows in front of them. He was one of those
being touted as a possible republican candidate in 2008.
Baz and MrD had sat through a couple of short speeches by various party dignitaries and now it was time
for the main event. The president had taken the stage and was charming the audience with his home spun

Baz and MrD watched as secret service agents observed their every move. Jake had undoubtedly told them
that they were a possible threat to the president, using this tactic to draw attention away from himself. He
was planning a paid hit on the president and was then going to somehow pin it on the two SickThings.

His eyes watched Jake from his hiding place in the snipers nest high in the catwalks of Madison Square
Garden patiently waiting for Jake to make his move.
Jake left his post in the skybox that had been set up to run security and slowly made his way up to his
secret lair. Jake then pulled the rifle that he had hidden earlier and positioned himself to make the shot. He
put his eye to the scope and scanned it across the stage focusing the crosshairs on the president.
The ghost drew the little cell phone from his pocket, his hand was burned with a mark , a pair of eyes, the
same mark that was burned into the skin on all the SickThings that had been at Winter Island only a week
earlier. He punched in the number of the cell phone that MrD had in his possession, then entered the text
message "NOW".
Jake then scanned the scope across the audience and found MrD sitting in section C. Baz sitting next to him.
He trained the crosshairs on MrD's chest. He watched as MrD looked at something in his hand then spoke to
Baz. Jake held his breath and unlocked the saftey on the rifle. As he did MrD and Baz stood up and began to
unroll a banner of some kind. "What the hell" Jake said to himself as he pulled the scope away from his eye.
The president stopped speaking as the televison cameras and everyone in the hall turned to look at the two
men and their banner.
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"ALICE COOPER FOR PRESIDENT" it read in giant letters across the top. "A TROUBLED MAN FOR
TROUBLED TIMES" underneath. A huge roar from the crowd came up, applause mixed with boos mixed with
various comments being shouted at the two laughing men with their banner. All eyes were on them as were
all television cameras. On stage the president was laughing and clapping.

Up in the snipers nest a startled Jake Richmond trained his sights back on the man from Alabama. "You
sonuvabitch" he yelled but before he could squeeze the trigger he felt the sharp stabbing pain in his back.
"This is for Nadia" the ghosts voice said. Jake dropped the rifle and turned around.
"You!...but you're dead!" Jake cried
"Yeah...I get that alot" Tim Duncan said as he plunged the knife into Jakes heart. Jake could see the long
Japanese army knife one last time as Tim drew it cross his throat.

Baz and MrD stood in section C pumping their fists in the air and holding their banner. The president happily
ignorant of how close he came to going into the history books as an assassinated president, leaned into the
microphone and said, "Anybody that can play golf like he does would probably make a good president."
Laughter and cheers followed and MrD and Baz rolled up their banner and made their way out of the hall.

Tim Duncan left by way of an emergency exit that was left open by Frank Mitchell. He found the silver Ford
pickup that had been left for him and drove to Kennedy Airport.

Jake's team followed Baz and MrD out of the hall with no incident, then tried unsuccsessfully to raise Jake
on their radios. When they found him dead in his lair a note was attached to his bloody shirt that read
"Traitor". Alongside him was a file that had documented all Jakes past evil misdeeds, including the proof of
his collaboration with Abul Al-Tikriti.

Tim Duncan used the ticket to Heathrow and the passport that Baz and MrD had left for him in the name of
Si Halley. He put a diplomatic seal on the black bag full of cash and boarded a plane to London.

Baz and MrD took a cab to LaGuardia and booked two seats on the next flight to the Bahamas.

A company man collected the silver Ford pickup at Kennedy and began the long drive to Oklahoma.
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a veritable thrill ride!!!! MrD, you've outdone yourself. I salute you. You can make your next million writing
espionage novels!!!

I second that,a masterpiece if ever there was one.
MrD,I salute you.

A MARVELOUS wrap-up, Mr. D!

Just goes to show - never trust a dead company spook!

"What the ?!?!?!" Alienspice's spy "friend" was on his phone and out the door the moment the
banner was unfurled. She stood and cheered, oblivious to the stares of the other people in the
lounge. Slowly, smiles came to their faces. Whatever they personally thought of "ole black eyes",
everyone had to admit it was a good trick.
Spice textmessaged a hearty "CHEERS!" to MrD's cell, then collected her belongings and headed
down to her departure gate. She had just enough time to call all the ladies to make sure
everyone had seen it.
Then, finally, after a week that seemed more like five months
she boarded the plane for home.
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"About time you called!" zoo nearly screamed into the phone. "Of course we saw it. Listen, Baz, I
got the weirdest call..."

Zoo quickly filled him in. Baz sighed on the other end of the line.

"I always wondered...when I said good bye to her, there was something...and then I didn't see
her for months. Safe with 'er family, I thought. Well, maybe the girl's right. There will always be
other dangers for me and the 'Bama lad. Bless 'er for trying."

"Baz, what on earth are you talking about?" zoo said, exasperated.

"Nothin, girl, nothin at all." Baz sounded cheerfull and satisfied. "All's well and right in the world.
For now, at least."

"Until next time. And I suspect there will be a next time." zoo said resignedly.

"Oh, undoubtedly!" Baz said with a laugh.

On the other side of the room, WeirdKat was finishing up her call to the number her boss had
given her. “Oh, you don‟t need me now? Well what…..Uh huh, not at liberty to say, right…No, I
didn‟t have my cell phone turned off! The coverage through this whole area of Washington and
Canada is spotty…Listen, you, you‟re lucky this thing even works here in Canada. No, it‟s a
TracFone, and if it wasn‟t picking up coverage from the center in Bellingham…Well why didn‟t
you leave a message on my office phone? What, you think I never check it for messages when
I‟m gone?” She listened to the irate voice on the other side for a minute or two, and then
interrupted with “Listen, dummy, it‟s not my fault you guys can‟t find Okanogan County, it ain‟t
my fault you guys can‟t read a website and find our 24/7 plan, it ain‟t my fault you didn‟t get
what you wanted the instant you wanted it and you jokers can take your „not at liberty to say‟
whatever it was and stick it in your collective….ear!” Ending the call and grinning across the
room at Zoogirl, she said “snippy little overaged brats! What did Baz have to say? Zoo quickly
filled her in on the call, leaving Kat just as mystified as she was. Kat shook her head briskly, and
said “Well, now that the „Bama Boy and the Yorkshire Lad have had their little funny, I guess I‟d
probably better get some sleep. I‟ll need to ransom my car at Diamond Parking and get things at
home all squared away again.” “I know what you mean” answered Zoogirl. “I‟m kind of sorry
it‟s all over, but I guess we really do need to get our lives straightened out and back on course. I
can‟t help wondering, though…what‟s next?” “Yes,” answered the Kat, driley, “this DOES seem
to be becoming a very bad habit among us Sickthings!” Laughing, the two friends left the room
and the TV to the boys again, and went off to get ready for bed.

{aw shucks}
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BellaDonna turned off the tv, still giggling..shaking her head slightly...

She sat down in front of her computer, and lit a cig. She chuckled softly logging on..."Gotta love
those two..", she thought..."Till next time, Cowboy...".

She Wished them both Well...

{{ GOOD ONE Mr. D!!!               "The End" now? }}

(I think so. There's some stuff "open" for next time, but I'm ready to start fresh.)

{Sounds good to me. How about the rest? Baz? Mr. D? Alienspice? Bella & Jaded?}

Done! Five months is a looooooong time.....

yeah.. I'm all set! Great story

Tim Duncan slept well aboard the Boeing 767,the leg room afforded him in first class was more
than adequate,and the Bell`s had gone down a treat.He was awoken by the stewardess,the
blonde one who had taken a shine to Tim`s rugged good looks and charm as the plane was
about an hour away from London.
He was looking forward to being in England,a place he had never been before,but had heard so
much about over the past twenty years.He was hoping to maybe start a new life here,if he liked
it enough,not much back in the States for him now,not since Helen,his wife of thirty years had
passed away.
It was now that he regretted not being able to start a family,
"We have each other" they both used to say,"not any more" he thought sadly to himself.

He passed through customs and passport control with ease and headed towards the exit,to a
whole new world.
" Mr Haley ?,Mr Si Haley ?" the gentleman asked as he approached Tim.
"Who`s asking" he said,a little shocked at being recognised so soon.
"A cowboy and a limey bastard,asked me to take care of you Sir"
Tim smiled to himself and shook his head"Where are we headed"
The man grinned "To a place where the scent of wild roses turns the milk to cream"

Tim settled down in the car has he saw the sign.M1 and the NORTH.
{{This was a great story but definitely needs an 'award' for "Longest Running Round Robin"!
      I'm all set - Somebody end it please! Mr. D?? }}

Mr. and Mrs D sat in the shade of palms, watching the little guy play in the surf of the azure blue
Carribean water. At a table nearby a very sun blistered Baz and his friend Quincy Sheppard were
making the final arrangements to transfer some rather large sums of money to the other

"Alright then Baz, I think I've got it now... you want to transfer five-hundred thousand into each
of these five accounts." Quincy said.
"Right" Baz smiled as he sipped a Red Stripe beer.
"Jaded, Bella Donna, Alienspice, Weirdkat and Zoogirl" Quincy went on.
"That should do it then my friend, just take your cut then, and divide whats left between D and
"Let me just tell you what a pleasure it's been doing business with you again" Quincy said. With
that he shook Baz's hand and left the beach.

For the rest of the day the little group relaxed in the warm sun, drinking beer and rum.
Occasionally going for a swim in the clear water to cool off.
"Why dont we all go back inside, get cleaned up and I'll make us something to eat." MrsD said.
"Well you know me" Baz cracked..."I'm always up for some of your cooking"
The group headed up the planked walk to their recently acquired beach house.
The little one running ahead.."Look Dad" he shouted "Theres a package at the door" He ran up
and picked it up, a familiar blue and white FedEx box and handed it to his father.
MrD opened the box as he stood on the little porch and read the letter that was inside.

     "Thought you might want this back. I know how much it means to you"

In his hand he held the Japanese knife that had belonged to his father. "Where'd you get that
Dad?" the little guy asked.
"It was my fathers...he got it during the war...world war two that is. When you're a little older, it
will be yours"
MrD put his hand on his sons shoulder and they went inside and closed the door.

                               THE END

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Great job guys!!
(I just wanted to say it was a hoot, everyone. I'm ready whenever you are to go again. Oh, and
I'm glad Tim made it - I rather liked him. BTW, thanks for the half-mil, Mr D! I'll be sure to spend
it foolishly!   )

Tims found a real nice place to live,he goes walking and fishing a lot these days,he`s happy.

{A long time in creation, but worth the effort, I believe! A marvelous ending, with a good

surprise twist! Congrats, guys.}

{What in creation we're ever gonna follow this up with, I haven't a clue!       }

{{That was TOO fun!        All the elements of a good story!  "Alice" would be
proud...heheheheh!!!! And I entered "DaDa God" status somewhere and didn't even notice till
now! Ha! }}}

Should that be goddess ? (Baz)

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