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          United Nations                                                                31 March 2005
          Environment Programme
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          Food and Agriculture Organization
          of the United Nations

 Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed
 Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous
 Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade
 Conference of the Parties
 Second meeting
 Rome, 27–30 September 2005
 Item 2 (a) of the provisional agenda

 Organizational matters: adoption of the agenda

                Provisional agenda

                1.       Opening of the meeting.

                2.       Organizational matters:

                         (a)      Adoption of the agenda;

                         (b)      Organization of work.

                3.       Rules of procedure for the Conference of the Parties.

                4.       Report on the credentials of representatives at the second meeting of the Conference of the

                5.       Implementation of the Convention:

                         (a)      Status of implementation;
                         (b)      Confirmation of experts designated for the Chemical Review Committee;
                         (c)      Report of the Chemical Review Committee on the work of its first meeting.

                6.       Issues arising out of the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties:

                         (a)      Non-compliance: report of the open-ended ad-hoc working group;
                         (b)      Study of possible options for lasting and sustainable financial mechanisms;
                         (c)      Regional delivery of technical assistance;
 K0581031      120405

     For reasons of economy, this document is printed in a limited number. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to
     meetings and not to request additional copies.

                      (d)     Encouragement of the World Customs Organization to assign specific Harmonized
                              System codes to the chemicals listed in Annex III;
                      (e)     Cooperation with the World Trade Organization;
                      (f)     Secretariat arrangements.

            7.        Communication with Governments.

            8.        Report on activities of the secretariat.

            9.        Programme of work and reconsideration of the indicative 2006 budget.

            10.       Venue and date of the third meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

            11.       Election of officers for the third meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

            12.       Other matters.

            13.       Adoption of the report.

            14.       Closure of the meeting.



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