Why Planning is Important for Good Web Design?

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					          It is important to plan your website before starting the web design
process to identify the goals you expect your website to achieve. These goals
should be focused on the desired user response to your website, such as buying
your products or learning new things, instead of focusing on the website's
function, such as acting as a source of information. Forming your goals in this
specific way adds vitality to the web design's purpose and usability. To do this
it is necessary to determine the intended audience of your website, and to
form the general strategy of the web design accordingly. Once these goals are
determined it is easier to make sure that every aspect of your web design
encourages the user to form this user response.

          The next step is to design a site map that facilitates the goals you
have determined. A site map is a visual representation of your web design's
structure, set in a hierarchical order to display the position of each page in
relation to the whole. To start, you should keep your site map simple, to
initially work out which pages you want to include.

         The web design may be expanded on later, as it is expected that the
website will grow with your business, and having a well laid-out site map
makes eventual expansion much easier. At this stage, you should plan the
page titles for your web design. The page titles should be clear and largely self-
explanatory to make navigation of the website as easy as possible for the user.
        Once the website design is mapped out, you can begin listing the
content that needs to be included on each page, including text, images, videos
and forms. Planning the general content before launching into the visual and
technical design of the website allows for a much smoother process, as well as
making it much easier to optimise the web design in relation to the content.

         Once the content is planned, but before it is written, it is important to
identify your search engine optimisation (SEO) goals. SEO is the process of
making your web design more accessible to search engine users. To do this,
you should imagine how your potential customers will search for your
products, specifically what key words they will put into the search box.
Determining these key words before writing your content will give you a
clear and logical structure to follow during the writing process.

         At every stage of the planning and designing process your target
audience must be considered. Different users view websites in vastly different
ways, using different devices and approaching the web with differing levels of
experience. For example, if your intended audience is young and technology-
savvy, you might be able to get away with a more complex navigation
system, but will need to build a web design that is compatible with mobile
devices that use touch screen interfaces.
         When writing the content, remember to avoid overwriting by keeping
in mind the amount of space allocated to each section of text on a page. While
the layout of the web design does not need to be set in concrete, it can be
useful to make rough sketches to help visualise the eventual website while
writing the content.

         Now that you have a clear web design plan, along with a set of goals
for the website, It is time to start the design process by choosing a web design
firm. Choose a web design firm that is willing to work with your plan to
realise your vision for your website. Look through the company's portfolio of
past work to determine if their designs are varied to reflect a client's
particular persona. A good web designer should be a fantastic listener and
communicator, making the design process enjoyable and rewarding.

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Description: It is important to plan your website before starting the web design process to identify the goals you expect your website to achieve. These goals should be focused on the desired user response to your website.