Benefits of Green Tea for Health by mrkazep


									                                    Benefits of Green Tea for Health
          Drinking green tea turned out to be many benefits in addition to antioxidants for our bodies.

Not many people know there are some benefits of drinking green tea every day. So far only known that
green tea is known as a healthful beverage, protects the heart and as an antioxidant.

Another benefit of drinking green tea are:

Preventing cancer
Prevent the risk of cancer. Polyphenols contained in green tea is the most potent antioxidants. Where
did he prevent the spread and growth of cancer cells in the blood. Several studies have found that
people who drink green tea regularly can reduce the risk of breast cancer, stomach, colon, and prostate

Skin care
This tea is a natural antiseptic to cope with the itching and swelling. Put a pinch of green tea on the
inflamed skin, sunburn, dark spots and in the eyelids, and feel the coolness.

Protect your skin
Protecting skin from the adverse effects of sunlight causes skin cancer. That's why you see lots of beauty
products such as sunscreen or a moisturizer that is made from green tea.

Stabilizes blood pressure
50 percent of people who consume green tea, are rarely exposed to high blood pressure than those who
never drank. Apparently polyphenols who contributed once again. They were able to keep the blood
vessels so as not to shrink and the increased pressure. Green tea can also lower cholesterol and prevent

Keeping the Memory
Green tea was able to maintain brain function decline. Those who drank two glasses a day to avoid
cognitive problems than those who rarely drank. This tea contains high antioxidants that can fight free
radicals that attack the brain, causing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

The more healthy arteries, the more youthful and healthy you are taking it. At least 10 ounces of green
tea consumed daily, can absorb the excess fat from the arteries and cholesterol.

Lose weight
Drinking green tea can help the process of burning calories so that they can lose weight.

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