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									What,Where When

ADR                                     CRIMINAL LAW                               AUGUST 14-16, 2008
   ▲ 10th Annual ADR                         ▲ 2008 Criminal Justice
   Highlights                                Institute                               Minnesota Association for
   Detroit Lakes                            Bloomington                                Justice 26th Annual
   Aug. 8 • 6.0 Credits                     Aug. 18 • 15.25 Credits                        Convention
   MCLE                                     MCLE
                                                                                       Alexandria • Arrowhead
BANKRUPTCY                              EMPLOYMENT LAW                                         Resort
   ▲ Consumer Bankruptcy                     ▲ Current Developments
   Basics                                    in Employment Law                      Earn up to 9.5 CLE credits while enjoying social events, receptions, and
   Minneapolis                              Webcast
                                                                                     various programs all at Arrowhead Resort. Topics include: good faith,
   July 30 • 6.0 Credits                    July 24 • 3.0 Credits
   MCLE                                     WLEC                                         tax issues, the New Rule 68, appellate court update, and more.
                                                                                           For full details, visit: or call: (612) 375-1707.
BUSINESS                                ESTATE PLANNING
   ▲ Understanding Problem                   ▲ Estate & Trust Benefi-
   Gambling                                  ciaries & Fiduciaries              NEW LAWYER                               PATENT & TRADEMARK
   Duluth                                   Webcast                             EXPERIENCE                                   ▲ Patent Enforcement &
   July 25 • 2.0 Credits                    July 17 • 3.25 Credits                  ▲ New Lawyer Experi-                     Defense
   MCLE                                     WLEC                                    ence: Family Law Basics                  Minneapolis
                                                                                    Webcast                                  July 15 • 6.0 Credits
   ▲ How to Collect Debt                ETHICS                                      July 16 • 2.0 Credits                    MCLE
   Minneapolis                               ▲ Minnesota Legal                      MCLE
   July 22 • 5.5 Credits                     Ethics 2008                                                                 PERSONAL INJURY
   MCLE                                     Minneapolis                             ▲ New Lawyer Experi-                     ▲ Issues in Auto Accident
                                            July 21 • 3.0 Credits                   ence: PI Injury Basics                   Cases
CIVIL LITIGATION                            MCLE                                    Webcast                                  Mankato
   ▲ Basics of Civil                                                                July 18 • 2.0 Credits                    July 25 • 6.0 Credits
   Litigation                                ▲ Judicial Campaign Law                MCLE                                     MCLE
   Minneapolis                               & Ethics
   July 17 • 6.0 Credits                    St. Paul                                ▲ New Lawyer Experi-                 REAL ESTATE
   MCLE                                     July 30 • 4.5 Credits                   ence: Wills & Trusts Basics              ▲ Mortgage Foreclosures
                                            MCLE                                    Webcast                                  in Minnesota
   ▲ Basics of Civil                                                                July 18 • 2.0 Credits                    Duluth
   Litigation                           FAMILY LAW                                  MCLE                                     July 18 • 6.25 Credits
   Park Rapids                               ▲ Family Law Financial                                                          MCLE
   Aug. 1 • 6.0 Credits                      Deskbook Seminar                       ▲ New Lawyer Experi-
   MCLE                                     Bemidji                                 ence: Starting a Law Firm                ▲ Modern Real Estate
                                            July 17 • 6.5 Credits                   Webcast                                  Transactions
                                            MCLE                                    July 22 • 2.0 Credits                    Webcast
                                                                                    MCLE                                     July 30 • 3.25 Credits

                                                                                                                         ▲ Mortgage Foreclosures
                    ABOUT                                                            MSBA:                                 in Minnesota
                THE SPONSORS                                               Minnesota State Bar Assoc.                        Mankato
               To register for courses listed                                Phone: (612) 333-1183.                          Aug. 6 • 6.25 Credits
                 in What, Where & When                                                                MCLE
  (or to obtain more information) contact the organiza-
                    tions listed below.                                               WLEC:                              SOLO & SMALL FIRM
   Some courses require advance registration. Here’s                         West Legal Ed Center                            ▲ Get the Most Out of
            the key to this month’s acronyms:                                Phone: (800) 241-0214.                          Your Website
                                                                                          July 22 • 1.0 Credits
                           MCLE:                                                                                             WLEC
            MN Continuing Legal Education                                      CLASS NOTES:
               Phone: (651) 227-8266;                           ▲  What, Where & When would like to hear about               ▲ Strategic Solutions for
                  (800) 759-8840.                                  your upcoming CLE events. Mail or fax your                Small & Solo Firms
                                                   listing, free of charge, to:                     Duluth
                                                                Bench & Bar • 600 Nicollet Mall #380 • Minneapolis,          Aug. 4 • 11.0 Credits
                                                                         MN 55402. Fax: (612) 333-4927.                      MCLE

Bench&Bar of Minnesota ▲ July 2008                                                                                               
                                                             What, Where & When

TRIALS                                  Location: Duluth, Duluth Entertain-          MSBA Corporate                       National Lesbian and
    ▲ How to Win Your Next              ment & Convention Center                    Counsel Association                   Gay Law Association
    Trial                               CLE Credit: 7.75 hours credits
    Moorhead                            applied for                             ▲ Indiana Jones and the               ▲ 20th Annual Lavender Law
    July 24 • 5.5 Credits               Contact: (612) 338-2717 or              Employment Law Temple of              Conference
    MCLE                                             Doom: What Every Corpo-               Hundreds of practicing attorneys,
                                                                                rate Counsel Needs to Know            dozens of scholars, 500 students, and
TRUSTS                                         Minnesota Legal                  to Survive the Employment             many members of the judiciary are
    ▲ Understanding Trusts                    Services Coalition                Law Jungle                            expected to gather at this confer-
    Minneapolis                                                                 An overview of employment law         ence and career fair. Legal Issues in
    July 23 • 6.0 Credits               ▲ Legislative Update and                with a special focus on the latest    Our Community, Bias in the Legal
    MCLE                                Minnesota Appellate Court               trends and traps for the unwary.      Profession, and Career Services and
                                        Review 2008                             Geared toward those seeking a basic   Job Search Strategies for Law Stu-
    Law School CLEs and                 This training contains a Minnesota
       Special Events                   Appellate Court Review and an
                                        Overview of the 2008 Legislative
    Hennepin County Bar                 Session.
        Association                     Date: July 18, 2008                      June 24, 2008
                                        Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.                Introducing: two new MSBA
▲ 2008 Charity Golf Classic             Location: William Mitchell College        programs fastcase and mndocs
Proceeds from the Charity Golf          of Law, Room 125
Classic support the Hennepin            CLE Credit: 5.00 hours of standard             Anoka • Anoka County
County Bar Foundation — the             CLE credits will be applied for                 Government Center
charitable arm of the Hennepin          Contact: (651) 228-9105, ext. 111
County Bar Association.                 or
Date: August 11, 2008                                                               An exclusive guided tour of fastcase and mndocs—two online tools
Location: Burl Oaks Golf Club,          ▲ The Other Evictions: Pub-               designed to save MSBA members time and money. Learn to create court-
Minnetrista                             lic, Subsidized, and Manufac-                   ready documents and navigate an online legal research tool.
Cost: $170 for HCBA members,            tured Home Park Evictions                            Contact: (612) 278-6343 or
$180 for nonmembers                     This training is designed for new
Contact: (612) 752-6614                 attorneys or those who are new to
                                        this practice area. The training will
     Minnesota Defense                  focus on evictions in public housing,
                                                                                overview, as well as those wanting    dents are among the many topics
    Lawyers Association                 subsidized housing programs, and in
                                                                                to learn the most recent develop-     available.
                                        manufactured home parks.
                                                                                ments in this practice area.          Date: September 4-6, 2008
▲ 33rd Annual Trial Tech-               Date: August 25, 2008
                                        Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.           Date: July 23, 2008                   Location: Hyatt Regency Embar-
niques Seminar
                                        Location: online webinar                Time: 12:00 noon - 1:30 p.m.          cadero, San Francisco, CA
Chronic pain, the ABC’s of CBL,
                                        CLE: 2.0 hours of standard CLE          Location: MSBA Office,                Contact: (202) 637-7661 or
LDL & HIV, arguments in child
                                        credits will be applied for             Minneapolis                 
cases, electronic medical records,
                                        Contact: (651) 228-9105, ext. 111       CLE Credits: 1.0 hour of standard
and arguing damages in mediation
are just a few topics covered in the    or          CLE credits applied for                      Ramsey County
two-day seminar.
                                                                                Contact: (612) 278-6305 or                   Bar Association
Date: August 14-16, 2008
                                                                                                                      ▲ 2008 Ramsey County Bar
                                                                                  National Federation of              Foundation Fundraiser Golf
                                                                                  Paralegal Associations              Tournament
                                                                                                                      Proceeds benefit the Ramsey Coun-
CLE PROGRAM                                                                     ▲ Real World Tools for the            ty Bar Foundation. The RCBF
                                                                                Virtual World                         annually awards grants to law-relat-
                                        JULY 19 & 20, 2008                      This national education program is    ed charitable organizations such as
                                          The Art of Argumentation              based on technology issues and top-   Children’s Law Center, Centro
                                                                                ics for implementation by paralegal   Legal, and Lawyers Concerned for
                                          St. Paul • Hamline University         professionals.                        Lawyers.
                                                  School of Law                 Date: July 15-16, 2008                Date: July 14, 2008
                                                                                Location: Doubletree Hotel,           Location: Mendakota Country Club,
 11.75 standard CLE credits have been approved for this intensive exploration   Aurora, CO                            Mendota Heights
         of the application of theatrical techniques and philosophies to        Contact: (452) 967-0045 or            Cost: $150 for RCBA members,
                                                                                         $165 for nonmembers
      interpersonal communication. The approaches and techniques are
                                                                                                                      Contact: (651) 222-0846 or
              practical and nonthreatening. For more information:
      or (651) 523-2122.                                                                                                  July 2008 ▲ Bench&Bar of Minnesota

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