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                   Wholesale Distribution options & Commission Rates

Patient Referral Program
        AMARC Enterprise, Inc. has designed the Patient Referral Program to provide each
Practitioner and their staff with a "turn key" compensation program that does not add to your
already staggering day to day responsibilities and overhead.

The Poly-MVA Patient Referral Program eliminates the following day to day concerns:
• Eliminates the need for your staff to repeatedly order product.
• Eliminates the need to maintain product inventory in house.
• Frees office staff up to perform other tasks instead of selling product in the office.
• Eliminates monthly overhead costs associated with maintaining inventory.
• Program is focused on minimizing in house counseling performed by Practitioner.
• FDA compliant Poly-MVA literature makes no disease health claims.
• FDA compliant Poly-MVA literature will direct patients to Poly-MVA information websites and toll
free numbers where they can ask further questions and receive ongoing qualified counseling for the
duration of their cancer treatment.
• FDA compliant Poly-MVA literature and websites clearly state that Poly-MVA is being recommended
by each Practitioner as Nutritional Support in conjunction with Conventional Cancer protocols NOT as an
• Program tracks your patients monthly orders which results in a monthly compensation check based on
commissions per units ordered on a month to month basis.
• A private "Back Office" will be created for each participating Practitioner that will allow you to access
your account to oversee day to day sales volume and activity via a personal "Username" and "Password".

AMARC will supply each participating Practitioner with Poly-MVA flyers that will direct each
Patient to the Poly-MVA information website www.Polymva4Patients.com. Each flyer will also
provide a Toll Free phone number so Patients can call our counselors and ask further questions
instead of taking up your time. When your Patients order product, AMARC will place each order
in your account while providing ongoing counseling for each of your patients.

Affiliate Program.
        This program takes the Referral Program one step further. The practitioner or designated
office staff member would work in conjunction with the AMARC marketing department to
create the Practitioners own personalized webpage. Once the webpage is created, the office staff
and Practitioner would direct each patient directly to the provider’s webpage to place an order
instead of calling our office directly to place the order. All orders are tracked online and reports
can be accessed directly by the provider at any time simply by logging in.
                   COMMISSION RATE: Referral & Affiliate Programs
Each time a Patient orders directly from AMARC Enterprises (at $150 - per 8 ounce bottle) via
the Referral Program by phone or via the Affiliate Program by submitting an order online on the
Practitioners webpage, each Practitioner will receive a $20 per bottle commission.

*As indicated above, a Practitioner has referred 7 patients to purchase Poly-MVA in a one month period at a
hypothetical rate of 5 bottles per month per patient. Using this scenario, the Practitioner would receive a $700.00
commission check.

Quality of Life Study: Benefit to Practitioner & AMARC
        If one of your Patients enters the Quality of Life Study, the benefit to you is that each
participating Patient is required to order Poly-MVA based on our dosage recommendations, on a
month to month basis for a year, to qualify for the discounted rate ($125.00 per 8 oz bottle).

        We have found that patients in the Quality of Life Study have reported better overall
results because they are motivated to order more product due to this 1 year discount while the
other Patients paying full price may quit after 1 or 2 months of use. The added benefit to
AMARC, for offering this discount, is that The Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research
will collect valuable data and track each Patient’s quality of life while using Poly-MVA and
various treatment protocols. These results are tracked for one year and then published by the
Foundation to document the benefits of Poly-MVA.

Program Requirements
           Signed Practitioner’s Application on file*
           Signed Affiliate or Distributor’s Agreement on file*
           Signed W-9 on file*

Commission Payments
        Commissions will be paid approximately 30 days after the close of the prior month.
Practitioners may receive product in lieu of a commission check. If a customer returns product to
AMARC for refund the commission amount will be deducted from the provider in the following
commission pay period.
        If the doctor elects to receive product in lieu of a commission check, no deduction for
returns will be assessed. Commission earnings that exceed $600 annually will be subject to a
* Forms to be updated annually

       Some of our Practitioners realize the benefit of warehousing Poly-MVA in house for
immediate sale and use by the patient. Due to this fact, Practitioners are offered the option to buy
Poly-MVA in bulk at the wholesale pricing listed below.

                                 1-10           11-25         26-50
                                 $130           $120          $110