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RESPONSIBILITY                                  06
COMMUNICATION                                   08
> Gender                                        12
> Indigenous                                    17
> Race/Ethnicity                                23
> Disability                                    27
> Workplace Culture and Flexibility             32
OBJECTIVES AND EVALUATION                       35
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is the national broadcaster
established as a statutory corporation under the Australian Broadcasting
Corporation Act 1983 (the ABC Act). The ABC Act, which includes the ABC
Charter, sets out the basic functions and duties of the Corporation.
As a Commonwealth authority                 The Equal Employment Opportunity         Included in this report are the
employer, the ABC is bound by the           (Commonwealth Authorities) Act           key areas of the ABC’s Equity
provisions of the Equal Employment          1987 requires the ABC to promote         and Diversity Plan 2008-11.
Opportunity (Commonwealth                   equal opportunity in employment
Authorities) Act 1987, the Racial
                                                                                     This report is published by the
                                            for women and designated groups
Discrimination Act 1975, the Sex
                                                                                     Australian Broadcasting Corporation
                                            which are Aboriginal and Torres
Discrimination Act 1984, the                Strait Islander peoples, people from     For information about this report,
Australian Human Rights                     a non-English speaking background        please contact:
Commission Act 1986, the Disability         and people with disabilities.            ABC Manager Diversity
Discrimination Act 1992, the Age                                                     People and Learning
Discrimination Act 2004 and the
                                            In line with developments, over
Fair Work Act 2009.
                                            time, the term “equal opportunity in     GPO Box 9994
                                            employment” or “equal employment         Sydney 2001
This report is made under the               opportunity” is referred to as “equity
provisions of Section 9(2) of the           and diversity” throughout the Report,
Equal Employment Opportunity                reflecting a broader coverage of
(Commonwealth Authorities) Act              related objectives and strategies.
1987. The reporting period covers
1 September 2008 to 31 August 2009.

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is required by the Equal

Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987 (Section 5)
to develop an equal employment opportunity (EEO) program designed to
eliminate discrimination and promote equal opportunity for women,
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from a non-English
speaking background and people with disabilities.

Equity and diversity in the ABC is about people and a culture of             The Equity and Diversity Plan
opportunity. Individuals are employed based on skills and experience,        2008-11 has a sub title “Connecting
by fair selection processes, matched with jobs designed to meet the          a Culture of Opportunity” and
business objectives and operations of the organisation. Employees are        consists of:
provided with a positive working environment and a corporate leadership      > a preamble;
framework that does not discriminate or foster bullying behaviour.           > Managing Director’s statement;
The workplace culture encourages creativity and inclusiveness so that        > definition of equity and diversity;
employees can reach their potential and through flexible work practices
                                                                             > the six key themes;
balance their work and life commitments.
                                                                             > actions, targets and
In August 2008 the ABC’s Equity and Diversity Plan was approved by the          responsibility related to the key
Managing Director, covering the period 1 January 2008 to 31 December            themes, which are divided into
2011, following the expiry of the previous Equity and Diversity Management      the areas of “Framework” and
Plan 2003-07.                                                                   “Putting into Practice” for the
                                                                                first five themes and “Links
                                                                                within the ABC” and “External
                                                                                Links” for the sixth theme; and
                                                                             > attachments which provide
                                                                                information on ABC diversity
                                                                                statistics, ABC Charter
                                                                                references and “Diversity
                                                                                Snapshots”, summarised from
                                                                                Census 2006 data and other
                                                                                relevant reports.
LEADING WITH                                CONNECTING WITH                       REALISING OUR
DIVERSITY                                   EACH OTHER                            POTENTIAL

Objective: to promote a culture             Objective: to contribute to a co-     Objective: to recognise, value and
of opportunity through the ABC              operative and harmonious work         use the diverse skills, cultural
Executive Leadership Group                  environment free of unlawful          values and backgrounds of our
that demonstrates an inclusive              discrimination, harassment            current and potential employees.
workplace based on shared values.           and bullying.

The ABC Corporate Plan strategic            The ABC Corporate Plan includes       The ABC Corporate Plan includes
priorities include: to develop and          the strategic priority to provide a   the strategic priority to develop and
reward leadership which creates             safe, positive work environment       align the ABC’s workforce with the
the opportunity for people to do            that enables excellent                capabilities needed to achieve
their best work and: to develop             performance.                          strategic goals. Under this priority
an ABC culture based on shared              The work environment at the ABC       the Corporation seeks to achieve a
values and common goals.                    should not only comply with Anti-     2% level of Indigenous employment;
Senior management support                   discrimination and Occupational       to employ a minimum of 5% of
for the commitment to embrace               Health and Safety legislation and     people with disabilities; and to
and value diversity reflects the            guidelines but needs to build on      achieve a workforce whose diversity
recognition of the benefits that            the knowledge and awareness of        enables the ABC to engage more
it brings to the organisation.              managers and employees in regard      selectively with all sectors of the
Both from an external business              to appropriate behaviour, valuing     Australian population.
imperative, to be an employer of            and respecting difference, co-
choice and client focused, and              operation, collegiality, openness
from an internal focus of fostering         and effective communication skills.
development, promoting fairness
and encouraging a co-operative
and harmonious workplace.

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
SUPPORTING OUR    ENGAGING WITH                                               LINKING
WORK/LIFE BALANCE COMMUNITIES                                                 DIVERSITY

Objective: to promote an               Objective: to implement the ABC’s      Objective: to link the equity
environment that supports the          Charter to reflect the diversity of    and diversity plan with internal
work and life balance needs of         Australian life by the provision of    corporate-wide frameworks and
employees.                             inclusive and accessible content and   external reporting and trends.
                                       services by and for all Australians.

                                                                              ACTION PLAN
Work and life balance is an integral   The aims of the ABC Charter            This section provides that equity
part of attracting and retaining       are included in the Australian         and diversity objectives, actions and
employees in line with the provision   Broadcasting Corporation Act           targets are aligned with the ABC
of flexibility and working together    1983. ABC content and services         Corporate Plan and other internal
with varied arrangements and           contribute to a shared national        mechanisms and that external
commitments while achieving the        identity. The ABC contributes to       links are documented.
objectives of the organisation.        this by portraying a broad mix of
                                       people and content and positive
                                       images rather than reinforcing
                                       stereotyped or superficial
                                                                              The ABC, in consultation with
                                       characteristics of groups.
                                                                              managers and staff, has developed
                                                                              its draft Reconciliation Action Plan
                                                                              which brings together current
                                                                              Indigenous initiatives with new
                                                                              objectives and strategies, to
                                                                              enhance the Corporation’s
                                                                              Indigenous employment profile,
                                                                              its connection with Indigenous
                                                                              communities and to raise
                                                                              awareness of Indigenous culture
                                                                              and activities through content and
                                                                              services to all Australians. The key
                                                                              areas are: cultural understanding
                                                                              and respect; employment; content
                                                                              and media capability building; and
                                                                              community links. The Reconciliation
                                                                              Action Plan will be finalised and
                                                                              launched in October 2009.
The Equal Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities)

Act 1987 requires the ABC to confer responsibility (Section 6 (b))
for the development and implementation of the EEO program.

The ABC’s equity and diversity              The Equity and Diversity Plan 2008-     Within the People and Learning
program is supported at the senior          11 includes diversity components in     Division the development,
management level, by the ABC                leadership learning programs, the       implementation and monitoring
Executive Leadership Group.                 development of a champion/sponsor       of the equity and diversity program
Overall responsibility for the              model and a rewards framework to        is undertaken by the Manager
program is with the Managing                acknowledge diversity progress.         Diversity and the Indigenous
Director and Divisional Directors,          Managers and supervisors are            Employment Co-ordinator. The
with the implementation of equity           responsible and supportive of           People and Learning Division
and diversity strategies included in        equity and diversity policies and       works with ABC divisions within a
senior management performance               initiatives within their work groups.   business partner framework and
objectives and the expectation of           All employees continue to be            across all states and territories.
appropriate role modelling of               responsible for maintaining a           As the ABC continues its work on
behaviours and values.                      working environment that is free        developing a shared values culture
                                            from discrimination, harassment         there is increasing awareness of
                                            and bullying behaviour.                 the attributes and demonstration
                                                                                    of the new ABC Values: Integrity,
                                                                                    Respect, Collegiality and

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
There are senior equity and diversity   A network of over 20 state-based       During the year, representatives
contacts in each division, who          Grievance Contact Officers assists     on the Bonner Committee included
have responsibility for co-ordination   staff with information and support     Indigenous staff from News, People
and reporting of the progress of        regarding discrimination,              and Learning, Radio, Television and
representation and activities linked    harassment and bullying issues         the Chief Operating Officer’s group,
to diversity in their areas.            and resolution processes. During       located in New South Wales,
                                        the year a review was undertaken       Northern Territory, Victoria and
                                        on the effectiveness of the role and   Western Australia.
                                        recommendations for improving          The Equity and Diversity Plan 2008-
                                        this service.                          11 provides for the establishment
                                        The Bonner Committee is                of divisional employment reference
                                        the ABC’s Indigenous advisory          groups to focus on the achievement
                                        group and its role is to advance       of Indigenous employment targets.
                                        Indigenous development across          In 2008-09 these groups were set
                                        the Corporation including areas        up and initial strategies devised.
                                        of employment, cross-cultural          Four cross-divisional project
                                        awareness and activities.              groups are also planned, to assess
                                                                               and promote cultural diversity,
                                                                               disability, age and gender/sexual
                                                                               orientation across the Corporation’s
                                                                               workforce, programs and services.
There are three actions included in the Equal Employment Opportunity

(Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987 that require the ABC to
communicate and consult regarding its EEO program: Informing
Employees (Section 6 (a)); Consultation with Employees (Section 6 (d));
and Consultation with Trade Unions (Section 6(c)).

INFORMING                                                                        CONSULTATION
EMPLOYEES                                                                        WITH EMPLOYEES
At a corporate level the ABC informs        The People and Learning Division     Following consultation processes
employees of the policies, strategies       also targets and provides relevant   with managers and staff the
and initiatives of the equity and           and specific information to senior   Equity and Diversity Plan was
diversity program by email, the             managers, contact officers,          approved in August 2008. In the
ABC’s intranet and staff newsletters        Indigenous staff, program            past 12 months the focus was
and notices. The People and                 makers and overseas employees,       on the development of the draft
Learning web pages contain                  on both a divisional and state and   Reconciliation Action Plan.
general policies, publications and          territory basis.                     Following a period of consultation
contact details as well as dedicated                                             with relevant areas of the
areas on equity and diversity and                                                Corporation a draft version of
complaint and grievance resolution.                                              the Reconciliation Action Plan
During 2008-09 email and intranet                                                was placed on the ABC’s intranet
notices informed staff about: a                                                  in early August 2009 seeking
range of Indigenous forums and                                                   feedback and comment from
activities, services related to work/                                            all staff. The Bonner Committee
life balance, a diversity calendar and                                           provided substantial input to the
learning and development                                                         Plan and in turn consulted with
programs for women and people                                                    the ABC’s Indigenous employees
from non-English speaking                                                        about its content as well as a
backgrounds. In October 2008 a new                                               range of other Indigenous issues
Indigenous employment newsletter                                                 over the reporting period.
was introduced that reports on
the progress of employment and
related activities.

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
                                     WITH TRADE UNIONS
Ongoing feedback and consultation    The ABC continued to consult
occurs with the interaction          with the Community and Public
provided by forums and workshops     Sector Union (CPSU), the Media
held during the year, such as the    Entertainment and Arts Alliance
discrimination, harassment and       (MEAA) and the Association of
bullying workshops for all staff     Professional Engineers, Scientists
and forums that focused on mental    and Managers Australia (APESMA)
health awareness, work/life and      as part of the process of the
career development of women.         development and implementation
Equity and diversity issues and      of policies and the provisions of
activities are discussed in a Q&A    agreements. The ABC has
session as part of the ABC           commenced consultation with the
Managers Program.                    unions on a successor agreement for
Within the new People and Learning   the current agreement which has a
structure there is continuous        notional expiry date of 30 June 2010.
consultation with the business
partner teams and divisions
regarding equity and diversity
representation and strategies.
A new framework for working with
the business partner model was
developed during the year.
Specifically, the Equal Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth

Authorities) Act 1987 requires the ABC to collect statistics (Section 6(e))
and consider policies, and examine practices (Section 6(f)) in regard to
women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people from a
non-English speaking background and people with disabilities.

At the end of the 2008-09 reporting         Each quarter a summary of EEO
period 71.1% of ABC staff had               statistics is provided to divisions
provided EEO data. The collection of        and states for information and
data is ongoing with new employees          progress of their diversity
invited to complete the EEO survey          representation.
form at the time of joining the
Corporation. For those employees
whose responses are not received
initially, there is a six month follow
up requesting the information.

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
The reporting of the ABC’s framework of its equity and diversity policies     The ABC has a Workplace Values
and plans and the range of practices and initiatives is covered under the     and Code of Conduct statement
areas of Gender, Indigenous, Race/Ethnicity and Disability, linked to the     of principles for employees, with
EEO groups of the legislation and the broader area of Workplace Culture       references to fairness, the
and Flexibility.                                                              promotion of equity in employment
The Equity and Diversity Plan           To assist the Corporation with its    and a workplace that values
2008-11 reflects the recognition        policies and practices there is       diversity. Recruitment and Selection
and implementation of:                  ongoing monitoring of best practice guidelines embrace equity and
                                        activities, legislative changes       diversity principles and practices.
> positive leadership;                                                        Several mechanisms assist with
                                        and trends. External liaison and
> employment practices based                                                  quality improvement and assurance
                                        consultation continued with
  on merit;                                                                   within the ABC in regard to
                                        membership and contacts with
> a safe and supportive                 diversity and media organisations,    coverage, content and services,
  environment;                          government departments and local      such as the ABC Editorial Policies
> initiatives addressing a “fair go”,   community groups. The ABC’s           (revised 1 March 2009) and the ABC
  supporting the recruitment,           Manager Diversity continues as        Code of Practice 2007. The Editorial
  retention and development             joint President of the NSW EEO        Policies cover a range of areas and
  potential of employees; and           Practitioners’ Association, is on the include content standards on
>strategies that encourage a            Board of Advisers to the Diversity    discrimination and stereotypes.
 diverse workforce and services         Council Australia and was a
 that reflect and engage the            speaker at three conferences in
 diversity of the Australian            Sydney and Canberra on equity
 community.                             and diversity strategic planning.

FRAMEWORK FOR A GENDER                                                        PUTTING INTO
INCLUSIVE WORKPLACE                                                           PRACTICE
The Equity and Diversity Plan 2008-11 and ABC policies have objectives and    Leadership
strategies that promote equal employment opportunity for women across         Leadership programs in the ABC
the Corporation and gender inclusive and non-discriminatory practices.        continue to provide the opportunity
The Plan promotes: targeted recruitment measures for areas of under-          for a high participation rate by
representation; single-gender development and networking opportunities;       women. The two-year ABC
and leadership support and participation for men and women.                   Accelerated Leaders Program,
The appointment of a cross-divisional project group will focus on the         involving a partnership with the
representation by gender of the ABC workforce, programs and services.         University of New South Wales
This group will evaluate the current profile and determine the ways and       Accelerated Learning Laboratory,
means to achieve a future profile aligned with the Corporation’s priorities   was launched in May 2008. The
and reflecting the gender balance of the Australian community. This           program, aimed at developing
project group will also examine the profile by sexual orientation.            flexible leaders who are experts in
                                                                              their fields, started with an intake
                                                                              of 15 places of which 47% were
                                                                              women participants. The second
                                                                              cohort commenced in July 2009
                                                                              with 40% women.
                                                                              The 2009 intake for the ABC
                                                                              Advanced Managers Program,
                                                                              designed to assist managers to build
                                                                              on their current leadership skills,
                                                                              attracted a 50% participation rate
                                                                              for women. Of the staff attending
                                                                              the ABC Managers Program during
                                                                              2009, 57% were women.

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
                                                                            INSPIRING WOMEN IN JOURNALISM
                                                                            ABC South Australian based journalist Nance Haxton was chosen to
                                                                            be part of a new online exhibition of Australian Women in Journalism,
                                                                            launched in Canberra in November 2008.
                                                                            The Women’s Pages provides an online record of the achievements
                                                                            of Australian female journalists and their contributions to the nation’s
                                                                            public life and culture. The site has been developed by the National
                                                                            Foundation for Australian Women as part of their Australian Women’s
                                                                            Archives Project (AWAP). Journalists now join other groups of women

                                                                            who are recognised through the AWAP showcase, which consists of
                                                                            informative articles and a collection of online biographies dedicated
                                                                            to particular groups of women.
                                                                            Nance Haxton joins an esteemed group of women from around the nation,
                                                                            across time and all forms of media, including Geraldine Doogue, Ita
                                                                            Buttrose, Jenny Brockie, Monica Attard, Deb Fleming and Liz Jackson.

 In March 2009, Eleanor Hall (News)                                     year training contract from              a cash component of $1500 and
 was awarded the 2009 Donald                                            September 2009. This is the third        a period of industry experience in
 McDonald ABC Scholarship to the                                        consecutive opportunity as part          technology areas were: Vineetha
 Reuters Institute for the Study of                                     of a 10 year initiative that provides    Menon and Amarjyot Sharma in
 Journalism in Oxford.                                                  the Corporation access to a pool         New South Wales; Jenny Tsai, in
 International Women’s Day was                                          of potential women presenters to         the Australian Capital Territory;
 acknowledged in March 2009, with                                       work within the male dominated           and Daisy Correa in South Australia.
 a forum held at Ultimo featuring                                       area of the sport genre.                 A review of the availability of the
                                                                                                                 Springboard career and personal

 Targeted Opportunities
 a panel of high profile women.                                         The Radio Division maintains its
Nance Haxton on the Oodnadatta Track reporting on the Mining Boom                                                      Details from the ABC’s internal newsletter ABCYou, 20/11/2008.

 Kate Dundas, Director Radio, Anita                                     long-term commitment to the              development program for women,

 and Networking
 Jacoby, Head of Development,                                           representation of female sports          in non-managerial positions, took
 Zapruder’s other films and Leigh                                       broadcasters.                            place in 2009. In the past this
 Sales, Lateline Presenter provided                                     Within the Technology Division           program has been offered in
 insight into their career journeys.                                    there has also been a long-term          Sydney and Melbourne via public
 Mike McCluskey, State Director                                         focus to addressing the under            courses or in partnership with
 NSW, facilitated the discussion.                                       representation of women studying         other organisations. As facilitators
                                                                        and working in the field of              were sourced to provide public
                                                                        engineering. Scholarships have           programs in other states and
                                                                        been offered on an annual basis          territories the program was
                                                                        around Australia since 1992 to           extended to Brisbane, Hobart and
 ABC divisions continue to sponsor
                                                                        promote the education, training          Perth. During the year programs
 opportunities for women in areas
                                                                        and practice of engineering among        continued in Sydney with 12
 of under-representation. Television
                                                                        women in the fields of broadcasting      participants and 12 in Melbourne.
 Division again offered the woman
 International Women’s Day Forum, ABC Ultimo. L-R: Anita Jacoby, Kate Dundas and Leigh Sales                     Women in Engineering Scholarship winner, ABC Canberra, Jenny Tsai

 sports broadcaster internship, with                                    and technology. During 2008-09 the
 Olivia McGrath undertaking a one-                                      successful applicants, who receive
ABC Local Radio in South Australia                             ABC staff attended the Women                                       > The ABC Board has two female
partnered the University of Adelaide’s                         in Television Breakfast hosted                                       Board members of the current
Men’s Health Centre with a                                     in Sydney by the Australian                                          eight appointments. In 2009
multimedia project Tune in and Tune                            Subscription Television and                                          seven of the 12 members of
up, to raise awareness of men’s                                Radio Association that supports                                      the ABC Advisory Council are
health and well-being. Following                               networking opportunities for women                                   women, including the Convenor
the on-air campaign the ABC male                               working in the television industry.                                  of the group.
presenters were invited to participate                                                                                            > At the Executive Director
in the Federal Government’s Men’s                                                                                                   level, reporting directly to the
Health Policy Forum.                                                                                                                Managing Director, there are
Senior women’s networking forums                                                                                                    four women, heading the areas
continue, with regular attendance                                                                                                   of ABC Commercial, News,
and positive feedback. Five lunches                                                                                                 People and Learning and Radio.
and three evening forums brought                                                                                                    Three of the Directors were
together long-term and new senior                                                                                                   appointed during the year,
managers for discussion and                                                                                                         Kate Dundas in Radio, Kate
contacts at Ultimo. In December                                                                                                     Torney in News and Ursula
2008, the ABC Content Services                                                                                                      Groves in People and Learning.
State Co-ordinators attended one                                                                                                  >The Australian Capital Territory
of the forums, while in Sydney for                                                                                                 has a female Director as does
a national conference. Also at                                                                                                     South Australia.
Ultimo the men’s group continued
to meet with an external facilitator.
Women in Engineering Scholarship Presentation, ABC Ultimo.     Women in Engineering Scholarship Presentation, ABC Adelaide.
L-R: Robert Hynen, A/Head Technical Services, Vineetha Menon   L-R: Sandra Winter-Dewhirst, State Director South Australia,
and Amarjyot Sharma                                            Daisy Correa and Anthony Pleic, IT Co-ordinator, South Australia

          ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
Representation of Gender by Occupation

                                                    AUGUST 2009                                                                 AUGUST 2008
                                                 WOMEN         MEN                                      TOTAL    WOMEN                 MEN         TOTAL
OCCUPATIONAL GROUP                            NO.     %    NO.      %                                     NO.   NO.    %           NO.      %        NO.
Senior Executive                              122   40.7   178    59.3                                    300   116  39.5          178    60.5       294
Administrative/                               542   70.2   230    29.8                                    772   527  69.2          234    30.8       761
Program Maker      1414                                       48.3            1516               51.7   2930    1435     48.0     1557     52.0    2992
Technologist         47                                       13.0             316               87.0    363      45     12.4      317     87.6     362
Retail              130                                       80.2              32               19.8    162     115     79.9       29     20.1     144
Total              2255                                       49.8            2272               50.2   4527    2238     49.2     2315     50.8    4553

                                                                      > One of the indicators of equitable             > Again the gap narrowed between
    Representation of Gender within
                                                                        representation by gender is the                  the number of men and women,
    Salary Ranges August 2009
                                                                        number of women who are                          overall, with 50.2% (2008, 50.8%)
                                WOMEN               MEN                 employed at the senior executive                 men and 49.8% (2008, 49.2%)
                                                                        level. The ABC’s ratio of females                women. Five years ago in 2004
   $90171 and above 41.3                              58.7              within the management group                      women represented 48.3% and
   $79717 - $90171                      43.9          56.1              has increased by 1.2% from                       a decade ago 43.7%.
                                                                        39.5% (116) in 2008 to 40.7%                   > This closing gap was reflected in
   $71368 - $79717                      41.6          58.4
                                                                        (122) this year.                                 the number of program makers,
   $64063 - $71368                      43.9          56.1            > External data indicates: 37.0%                   with women increasing by 0.3
   $58368 - $64063                      54.8          45.2              (36.1% 2006-07) women in the                     percentage point to 48.3% over
                                                                        Senior Executive Service of                      the past year and up from 46.0%
   $50870 - $58368                      63.6          36.4
                                                                        the Australian Public Service                    in 2004.
   $45292 - $50870                      65.3          34.7              Commission (State of the                       > Similar to workforce
   $39657 - $45292                      66.7          33.3              Service Report 2007-08) and                      participation across industries,
                                                                        10.7% (12% in 2006) Executive                    the administrative/professional
   $39657 and below 79.6                              20.4              Managers (Equal Opportunity                      and the retail groups have high
                                                                        for Women in the Workplace                       proportions of women while the
                                                                        Agency 2008 Australian Census                    technologist group continues to
                                                                        of Women in Leadership).                         be dominated by men.
(Number and percentage based on Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff, within Occupational Group)

   (Percentage based on Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff)
Representation of Gender by Length of Service August 2009
LENGTH OF SERVICE (Number of years)                         Number based on Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff
 > 40
36 - 40                                                                                                  MEN
31 - 35
26 - 30

21 - 25
16 - 20
11 - 15
 6 - 10

Representation of Gender by Age August 2009
          0                   200                     400              600                 800                  1000

AGE (Number of years)                                       Number based on Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff
60 - 64                                                                                                  MEN
55 - 59
50 - 54
45 - 49
40 - 44
35 - 39
30 - 34
25 - 29
20 - 24

> The News Division has 141 on-             > External data indicates: ABS        > External data indicates: ABS
          0                         100                      200                    300                   400

  air presenters comprising 39                Census Data 2006 women                Census Data 2006, the national
  female and 31 male television               (50.6%) outnumber men (49.4%).        median age is 37 years.
  newsreaders/presenters of                 > In 2007-08 women dominated
  national and state-based news               in length of service up to 15
  and current affairs programs                years’ service, this has now
  and 37 female and 34 male                   increased to 20 years’ service,
  presenters of state and national            while men have the greater
  radio news and current affairs              numbers in years of service
  programs. The ABC’s foreign                 longer than 20 years.
  bureaux have 10 men and eight             > Women have a higher
  women working as senior                     representation in all age groups
  journalists. During the year                under 45 years with a greater
  seven male and two female                   number of men 45 years and
  News cadets were appointed.                 older in each age band.
> It is worth noting that the lowest        > Overall, 29% of the Corporation’s
  salary range has women                      workforce is 50 years and older,
  employees earning nearly 80%                while half of this proportion is
  in this band. This is due to the            under 30 years. The median age
  high number of women working                of ABC female employees at the
  in the retail area of the ABC.              end of the reporting period is 39
                                              years and the median age of
                                              men is 46 years.

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09

The Equity and Diversity Plan          Progress has been made on              The ABC Editorial Policies has a
2008-11 includes objectives            the development of the ABC’s           section that provides guidelines for
and strategies that provide a          Reconciliation Action Plan with        producing Indigenous Australian
framework to support initiatives       consultation and feedback sought       content including that the ABC
linked to the ABC’s Corporate          from all employees during 2008-09.     must reflect the cultural diversity
target to achieve a 2% level of        The final version will be launched     of Australian society, which
Indigenous employment. The Plan        in October 2009. Content reflects      includes presenting content by, for
is committed to: offering a range      the objectives and strategies of the   and about Indigenous Australians.
of recruitment and development         Equity and Diversity Plan. Specific    Indigenous staff are employed for
mechanisms for implementation;         employment objectives include          specific Indigenous programs
establishing divisional Indigenous     targeting of positions, internships    including Speaking Out and Awaye!
employment reference groups to         and work experience placements.        on Radio and Message Stick on
tailor these options to their areas;   The Indigenous advisory group,         Television and for the maintenance
a national structured work             the Bonner Committee, continued        of the content on the ABC’s online
experience program; cross-             to progress Corporation-wide           Indigenous portal.
divisional skills improvement          initiatives and promote the profile
projects; cultural awareness           of Indigenous programs and staff.
sessions; and support for ongoing
activities such as Indigenous staff
conferences and recognition of
cultural days.
Attraction and Recruitment
Last year a number of activities were reported that highlighted a renewed             From this tailored planning,
focus and energy in regard to Indigenous employment in the ABC and the                opportunities were offered and
objective of reaching the 2% target of representation. Following on from              most resulted in appointments
these efforts, substantial activity and progress have taken place this year           including:
that will result in further positive outcomes for the year ahead.                     > vacant mainstream positions
The focal point of ideas and actions        Most ABC divisions have formed               were targeted and advertised
has sprung from the establishment           internal groups made up of                   for Indigenous applicants by
of Indigenous Employment                    Indigenous and non-Indigenous                Business Services Division;
Reference Groups in divisions               staff to acknowledge the number           > a range of targeted positions
and the range of options identified         of people needed to be recruited to          with Indigenous roles were
for attracting and recruiting               reach their divisional 2% target and         advertised by Radio and
Indigenous people.                          to determine the appropriate and             Television Divisions;
                                            relevant options to achieve the target.   > training roles with potential
                                            Options included the targeting of            ongoing employment were
                                            mainstream vacant positions and              offered by Innovation and
                                            Indigenous content roles, trainee-           Television Divisions; and
                                            ships and training opportunities,         >a traineeship was offered by
                                            the provision of work experience             People and Learning Division.
                                            and participation in the ABC’s            Two interns were selected by
                                            Indigenous Internship Program.            the News Division and one by the
                                                                                      Radio Division and by the end of the
                                                                                      reporting period, a number of other
                                                                                      divisions had elected to take up this
                                                                                      ABC School to Work Scholarship Program Awards Presentation,

                                                                                      initiative. These internships, co-
                                                                                      ABC Ultimo. Recipients with performer Troy Cassar-Daley

                                                                                      ordinated and administered by the

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
                                                                               LISTEN UP
                                                                               Radio National’s Indigenous arts and culture program Awaye! host
                                                                               Daniel Browning, was selected to be a judge at the Prix Italia awards
                                                                               in Sardinia. It’s the oldest and most prestigious radio, television and
                                                                               online broadcasting competition in the world.
                                                                               In mid-September 2008, Daniel and his fellow judges of the radio
                                                                               documentary division sat for over seven days in a room to review
                                                                               33 features broadcast in a range of languages.

                                                                               At the time Daniel said “..from my perspective as an Aboriginal
                                                                               broadcaster, it’s going to be nice to get out of the country and see
                                                                               what other people do. As far as I know I’m the first Aboriginal person
                                                                               to be asked – certainly from the ABC’s point of view – to judge the
                                                                               Prix Italias, so I’m chuffed and excited.”

 Department of Education,                                                  The ABC continues to provide work               The School to Work Scholarship
 Employment and Workplace                                                  experience for Indigenous people                Program awards presentation took
 Relations match Indigenous                                                across the Corporation. For the                 place on 15 July 2009 at Ultimo
 students undertaking relevant                                             first time, the Corporation                     with Troy Cassar-Daley as the
 tertiary studies with organisations                                       developed a partnership with the                guest performer. Students attended
 seeking to establish a workplace                                          New South Wales Department of                   with their relatives and school
 relationship. The ABC provides                                            Education that provides support for             Principals and careers advisers.
 financial assistance and work                                             New South Wales secondary school                The successful Sydney-based
                                                                                                                                   Details from the ABC’s internal newsletter ABCYou, 11/9/2008

 placements, with a view to ongoing                                        Indigenous students to complete                 students were: Chloe Brown from
Daniel Browning

 employment at the successful                                              their final two years of schooling              Wyndham College, Kathryn Kelly
 completion of study and work                                              while maintaining a work                        from St Clair High School and
 where there are suitable vacancies.                                       placement relationship with the                 Tyrone Kelly from Endeavour
 Three Indigenous staff were                                               ABC. During 2009 and 2010, three                Sports High School. For the rest of
 employed in mainstream positions                                          students from regional New South                New South Wales, Elliana Lawford
 by successfully applying for                                              Wales and three from the Sydney                 is a student from Newcastle High
 untargeted positions.                                                     metropolitan area will receive                  School, Tyrone Spearim from Peel
                                                                           funds towards their educational                 High School, Tamworth and
 Use of Indigenous publications                                            expenses, two-week work                         Terrence White from Narromine
 again enhanced the advertising                                            placements each year and access                 High School.
 of specific positions and general                                         to a mentor to provide an incentive
 interest in working at the ABC                                            to stay at school and complete the
 within the broad Indigenous                                               HSC requirements. It is also an
 community. Recruitment processes                                          avenue for the students, their
 were tailored to encourage                                                families and communities to have
 Indigenous Scholarship Awards 2009 Presentation, ABC Ultimo. L-R: Delia Bell, Television, Troy Cassar-Daley, performer,   Kelly Williams with Dr Linda Burney MP, Indigenous Scholarship

 applications and maximise the                                             links with the ABC and to apply for
 Paul Brant, Indigenous Employment Co-ordinator and Kelly Williams, News                                                   Awards presenter

 employment outcomes.                                                      future employment opportunities.
Development                                 for all of the ABC’s Indigenous                                         ABC Radio established a
                                            staff to attend. The purpose is to                                      partnership with Umeewarra
At the same presentation on 15

                                            Divisional Activities
                                            facilitate contact with senior                                          Aboriginal Media Association to
July 2009 the ABC Indigenous Staff          management, networking,                                                 cover the inaugural Yarnballa
Scholarships were awarded. Each             development, consultation and                                           Indigenous Culture Festival concert
year these awards are open to all           community liaison. Work is                                              at Port Augusta, South Australia
ABC Indigenous staff to support             underway for the 2009 conference                                        in October 2008. Four young
their career development. The               being held in Melbourne in October                                      Indigenous radio producers were
recipient of the 2009 Excellence            2009 in conjunction with a careers                                      mentored through the process of
Award was Kelly Williams,
Australian Story, News Division,
                                            day for local Indigenous students.                                      making video and radio content for
                                                                                                                    ABC and community programs.
Brisbane. The $10000 funds will
be used to purchase new camera                                                                                      A partnership with Goolarri Media
equipment and undertake an                  Television Division celebrated 10                                       Enterprises in the Kimberley region
editing course to produce behind-           years of Message Stick with a                                           of Western Australia, funded by the
the-scenes footage of the program.          special recording of the program                                        ABC Radio Regional Production
                                            followed by a large-scale event at                                      Fund, produced a four-part cross
Delia Bell, Television Division,            Ultimo. Past and present staff and                                      media (radio, television and online)
Ultimo, was the recipient of the            guests were acknowledged for                                            series Bush Cooks. Freelance
$4000 Incentive Award which will            their contributions to the content                                      producer Clancy McDowell worked
provide her with the opportunity to         and presentation of the program.                                        with the Goolarri crew to produce
enhance her skills by placements            The Indigenous online portal                                            the series.
with a number of ABC producers.             continued in its second year with                                       ABC Local Radio continues to
Every two years the Corporation             a raft of features for access by                                        initiate partnerships with Indigenous
holds an Indigenous Staff                   communities, including
                                            ABC Radio Regional Production Fund partnership with Goolarri Media Enterprises. Bush Cooks series crew on location.

                                                                                                                    communities, such as the one with
Conference at a different location          employment opportunities.
                                            L-R: Arthur Hunter, Clint Dixon and Kadeem Hunter

                                                                                                                    the Northern Territory and the Top

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
Representation of Indigenous Peoples by Occupation

                                                                                         AUGUST 2009                 AUGUST 2008
OCCUPATIONAL GROUP                                                                         NO.          %             NO.               %
Senior Executive                                                                                  -      -               -               -
Administrative/Professional                                                                      12    1.6              6              0.8
Program Maker                                                                                    42    1.4             43              1.4
Technologist                                                                                      3    0.8              3              0.8
Retail                                                                                            1    0.6              1              0.7
Total                                                                                            58    1.3             53              1.2

End Aboriginal and Bush Broad-                                        on a healthy ageing project, with      an online interactive tool, to be
casting Association that ensures                                      input from Western Australian          delivered on a state and territory
people in the remote areas have                                       Indigenous elders.                     basis. The content, which has ABC
access to the ABC’s coverage of the                                   A training placement for Indigenous    customisation, Indigenous staff
Northern Territory Football League                                    arts students from the National        input and local community contact,
(NTFL) through their local community                                  Aboriginal Islander Skills             aims to increase employees’
radio station. This partnership is                                                                           knowledge about the history and

                                                                      Awareness Raising
                                                                      Development Association (NAISDA)
continuing to explore opportunities                                   on the NSW Central Coast was           culture of Indigenous peoples

                                                                      and Recognition
where the ABC may be able to                                          provided by Local Radio. The three     around Australia.
provide appropriate programs,                                         students completed a practical unit    The Bonner Committee presented
especially in emergencies.                                            of study with the ABC and the          its annual award in July 2009 to
In March 2009 ABC Darwin                                              opportunity to consider future         Mario Kefalas, Business Services
broadcast live the Tiwi Island                                        employment and to have an ongoing      Division, which is in recognition
football grand final. Following the                                   connection with the Corporation.       of the work of a non-Indigenous
coverage of the game by Indigenous                                                                           employee who promotes and
sports broadcaster, Charlie King                                                                             supports Indigenous employment
and his team the ABC engaged with                                                                            in the Corporation.
local children, giving away mini                                                                             NAIDOC Week continues to be
                                                                      One of the major initiatives for
footballs and tattoos and ran the                                                                            recognised through a range of
                                                                      2009 and the next few years is the
inaugural ABC Darwin Tiwi Islands                                                                            activities around Australia,
                                                                      development and implementation
                                                                      of the Indigenous Culture in the
Dash, a race across the oval with an                                                                         particularly at the host city of
                                                                      ABC learning opportunity for all
ABC trophy as prize for the winner.
(Number and percentage based on Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff, within Occupational Group)

                                                                                                             Brisbane in 2009. The Bonner
Local Radio in Western Australia                                      staff. This program has been           Committee represented the ABC
is exploring partnering with                                          designed to provide a face-to-face     at a corporate stall, at the Family
councils and the State Library                                        workshop followed by access to         Fun Day at Musgrave Park,
Representation of Indigenous Peoples by State/Territory

                                                                   AUGUST 2009                            AUGUST 2008
STATE/TERRITORY                                                    %        NO.                          %         NO.
Northern Territory                                               10.4         14                        7.9         11
New South Wales                                                   1.2         27                        1.1         24
Western Australia                                                 1.1          3                        1.0           3
Tasmania                                                          1.1          2                        1.0           2
Queensland                                                        1.0          4                        1.0           4
Victoria                                                          0.6          5                        0.7           5
South Australia                                                   0.6          2                        0.8           3
Australian Capital Territory                                      0.6          1                        0.5           1
Total                                                             1.3         58                        1.2         53

Brisbane and by hosting two tables                  > The ABC has a Corporation-wide         > The majority of Indigenous staff
with the ABC State Director and                       target to seek to achieve a 2%           are program makers and there
staff at the National NAIDOC Ball.                    level of Indigenous employment.          are no senior executives.
The Indigenous Employment Co-                       > There were a number of                 >Northern Territory continues
ordinator continued in the position                   Indigenous people recruited             to have the highest Indigenous
of Chair of the New South Wales                       during the year under various           employment representation and
Indigenous Australian Public                          employment arrangements                 the only state or territory with
Service Employees Network and                         including Ongoing, Fixed Term,          more than 2% Indigenous staff of
visited a number of schools,                          Specified Task and Casual.              the total staff number of the area.
tertiary institutions and community                   Applicants were appointed to           >External data indicates: ABS
events to promote interest in the                     positions advertised generally          Experimental Estimates Data
ABC’s employment opportunities.                       and targeted to Indigenous              2006, Indigenous people make
                                                      people as well as employment            up 2.5% of the total Australian
                                                      initiatives such as traineeships        population and since 2001 there
                                                      and internships.                        has been an increase of 13%
                                                    >Staff also departed the ABC for          of the Indigenous population.
                                                     a range of reasons including at          The median age is 21. The
                                                     the end of their employment              states/territories with the highest
                                                     contracts, redundancy and to             population of Indigenous people
                                                     take-up appointments with other          are New South Wales (152700),
                                                     employers and re-location.               Queensland (144900), Western
                                                    > The representation of Indigenous        Australia (71000) and the
                                                      employees continued to edge             Northern Territory (64000).
(Number and percentage based on Total Head Count,

                                                      upwards by 0.1% to 1.3%, with a
Non-Casual Staff, within State/Territory)

                                                      net result of five additional staff.

         ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09

There is a strategic priority in the ABC Corporate Plan 2007-10 to develop   ABC Editorial Policies have a
and align the ABC’s workforce with the capabilities needed to achieve        section, under the key area of
strategic goals. Under this priority the Corporation seeks to achieve a      content standards, dedicated to
workforce whose diversity enables the ABC to engage more selectively         cultural diversity that has links
with all sectors of the Australian population.                               to employment:
The Equity and Diversity Plan          The appointment of a cross-           > the ABC is committed to content
2008-11 and ABC policies have          divisional project group will focus      which represents Australia’s
objectives and strategies that         on the cultural diversity of the         cultural, ethnic and racial
focus on race/ethnicity and the        ABC’s workforce, programs and            diversity;
representation of people from a        services. The group will evaluate     > the Charter requires the
non-English speaking background        the current profile and determine        broadcast of programs that
(NESB). The Plan promotes:             the way forward to achieve a             contribute to a sense of national
diversity awareness workshops          future profile aligned with the          identity and reflect the cultural
including cultural diversity and       Corporation’s priorities and             diversity of the Australian
faith in the workplace; a review of    reflecting the cultural diversity        community. It also requires the
the English improvement training       of the Australian community.             Corporation to take account of
for staff from NESB; assessment                                                 the multicultural character of
of communication and access for                                                 the Australian community; and
people from NESB; and support                                                >ensuring that the on-air and
for external activities to promote                                              online “look” and “sound” of the
cultural diversity awareness such                                               Corporation adequately reflects
as Harmony Day.                                                                 Australia’s multicultural society.
Employment Initiatives
and Awareness Raising
                                            and providing for individual practices.   State Director, Mike McCluskey,
                                            These guidelines will be reviewed for     facilitated the forum, which also
                                            application within the ABC.               provided the opportunity for
Communication skills courses
                                            The ABC participated in the               networking and engaging contacts.
continued to be offered to
employees from non-English                  Reporting Diversity Project’s             As well in Melbourne, the ABC
speaking backgrounds as part of             Community and Media Reference             will participate in the Victorian
the New South Wales Skillmax                Groups meeting at SBS, Sydney in          Department of Premier and Cabinet
Program. Courses included                   December 2008. This initiative was        Media Internships Program early
attendance at spoken and written            supported by the Department of            next year. This opportunity is part of
communication skills programs               Immigration and Citizenship to            the State Government’s commitment
during working hours or undertaken          assist the reporting of                   to multiculturalism and community
by distance-learning modules.               multicultural issues and events.          harmony and is open to students or
                                            A first-time forum was held at            early career journalists who
Under a New South Wales
                                            Ultimo in July 2009, as part of the       particularly come from a Muslim
government scheme the ABC
                                            Leadership Training Program for           background and/or have a strong
considers requests for the provision
                                            Young Muslims, arranged by La             understanding of Muslim cultures.
of work experience for recently
arrived migrants from non-English           Trobe University, Melbourne. The          Australia Network, Head of
speaking backgrounds who have               group of 28 participants engaged in       Business, Larry Anderson,
professional qualifications.                a panel discussion on the reporting       arranged for a group of interested
                                            of Muslim related issues in the           staff to attend a cross cultural
During the year generic multifaith
                                            media with Tim Palmer and                 communication awareness
workplace guidelines were
                                            Michael Vincent from the News             workshop in May 2009, delivered
developed with the aim of raising
                                            Division and James O’Brien and            by the Cultural Resource Centre.
awareness and supporting
                                                                                      Leadership Training Program for Young Muslims, ABC Ultimo

                                            Patrick Abboud from the Radio             On a broader level, information on
managers and staff with recognising
                                            Division. The New South Wales             events, intercultural training,

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
                                                                      BRINGING IT HOME
                                                                      Australia Network is the ABC’s international television service,
                                                                      broadcasting to more than 44 countries across Asia, the Pacific and the
                                                                      Indian subcontinent. ABC’s Australia Network Learning iView channel,
                                                                      which was launched in April 2009, makes available a selection of
                                                                      English language learning and education programs to people living
                                                                      in Australia.
                                                                      Among the language-related programs is Living English, a 42-part
                                                                      series which looks at English language used in everyday situations.

                                                                      The Business of English is a 15-part series which explores the
                                                                      language of business communication, covering topics such as
                                                                      meetings, presentations, negotiations and socialising, and English
                                                                      Bites uses current affairs or human interest stories from around
                                                                      Australia as the basis to help people develop their English skills.

programs and developments relating                                  Divisional Activities                    issues such as health in six
to race/ethnicity was distributed to                                                                         languages: English, Greek, Turkish,
senior management, equity and                                       All areas of the ABC develop and         Punjabi, Vietnamese and Italian.
diversity contacts, journalists and                                 provide a broad range of content and
                                                                    services that reflects the cultural      ABC Radio National broadcast a
program makers to increase
                                                                    diversity of the Australian community.   four-part series Beyond the
awareness and content. Material                                                                              Anglosphere in January 2009 which
highlighted the government’s                                        The World in Sydney event was            focused on the power of stories to
Harmony Day activities and guide-                                   held for the second time at Ultimo       change the way Australians viewed
                                                                                                                 Details from the ABC’s internal newsletter ABCYou, 30/4/2009

lines and reports on race issues and                                in October 2008 hosted by the 702
                                                                    ABC Sydney Breakfast and Drive
                                                                                                             themselves as a nation. The series

race and religious discrimination.                                                                           featured conversations with
Ping-Fai Tse, Technology Division,                                  Programs. Presenters Adam                storytellers from diverse cultural
arranged a Harmony Day gathering                                    Spencer and Richard Glover               backgrounds talking about their
for staff with decorations and food                                 welcomed 400 attendees and               attempts to reflect Australia’s
from a range of countries and                                       identified people from at least          changing identity in film, literature,
backgrounds, that reflected the                                     173 nations living in Sydney. The        theatre and television.
diversity of the staff in the Information                           initiative involved the compilation
Technology area of Ultimo.                                          of stories, broadcast of individual      ABC Music continues to represent
                                                                    voices and signatures on a giant         diverse cultures in both music
Attendances at relevant events                                                                               labels and artists.
included the Affinity Friendship and                                map of the world.
Dialogue Dinner and Australian                                      In South Australia 1062 ABC              The ABC’s Radio Australia, employs
Affinity Awards in Sydney in                                        Riverland broadcasts the Voice of        a high number of staff from non-
September 2008, conducted by the                                    Greece program, the only foreign         English speaking backgrounds. The
Affinity Intercultural Foundation                                   language program broadcast by ABC        broad range of language skills of
and the Diversity Council Australia                                 Radio. The program also broadcasts       this part of the ABC’s workforce is
Technology Division staff supporting Harmony Day 2009, ABC Ultimo

seminar on Cultural Diversity in                                    Community Service Announcements          essential to deliver a product to
our Businesses and Workplaces.                                      and information on community             the Asia-Pacific region.
Representation of People of Non-English Speaking Background by Occupation

                                                                                      AUGUST 2009                                                                AUGUST 2008

OCCUPATIONAL GROUP                                                   NO.                %                NO.                 %                  NO.                %                  NO.               %
Senior Executive                                                      28              10.6               263               87.7                  27              10.5                 258             87.8
                                                                                                       Staff with EEO Data                                                        Staff with EEO Data

Administrative/Professional                                           97              16.4               593               76.8                  88              14.9                 592             77.8
Program Maker                                                        148               7.7              1933               66.0                 149               7.5                1978             66.1
Technologist                                                          68              23.2               293               80.7                  65              22.2                 293             80.9
Retail                                                                18              13.3               135               83.3                  16              12.8                 125             86.8
Total                                                                359              11.2              3217               71.1                 345              10.6                3246             71.3

Australia Network advertised                                           results of the surveys can assist                                       > In line with the Corporation’s
                                                                                                                                                 plans and ABC Editorial Policies

for people from the Asia-Pacific                                       the ABC to gauge the appeal of
region who have lived in Australia                                     its services by community diversity                                       the lower representation of
for less than five years for a new                                     and can link this information and                                         program makers will be reviewed,
series, My Australia. This series                                      feedback to the composition of                                            and strategies determined, by the
is broadcast by the ABC to 44                                          the ABC workforce.                                                        proposed cross-divisional cultural
countries in this region.                                              There is a general database of staff                                      diversity project group.
The Television Division, on a needs                                    proficient in non-English languages                                     > The main languages of ABC staff
basis, employs translators, script                                     and the ABC utilises this resource                                        who completed the EEO survey
readers and assessors from diverse                                     for a range of interpreting and                                           and nominated their non-
cultural backgrounds to assist in                                      translation requirements.                                                 English speaking language
program making. The News Division                                                                                                                background are: Italian (64),
provided information and workshop                                                                                                                German (48), Chinese including
content to journalists that refers to                                                                                                            Cantonese and Mandarin (47),
cross-cultural reporting and also                                                                                                                French (39) and Greek (36).
employs a Language Research                                                                                                                    > Divisions with the highest
Specialist who advises and produces                                                                                                              proportion of staff from non-
information on language, including                                     > The representation of staff from                                        English speaking background
non-discriminatory language.                                             non-English speaking backgrounds                                        are: Communications Networks,
                                                                         at end-August 2009 is 11.2%, an                                         Business Services,
In regard to access for people from                                      increase of 0.6% from last year,                                        Communications, ABC
non-English speaking backgrounds                                         with a total of 359 employees.                                          International and Technology.
there is a telephone interpreter
                                                                       > The technologist occupational                                         > External data indicates: ABS
service for contacts and complaints,
                                                                         group has the highest ratio with                                        Census Data 2006, 21% of
and surveys are undertaken to
(Number and percentage based on Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff, within Occupational Group, who provided information on the ABC’s EEO Data Collection Form in regard to their non-English speaking background.

                                                                         nearly a quarter of staff from non-                                     Australians spoke a language
Staff with EEO data represents Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff, who completed the language section of the EEO Data Collection Form – both English speaking and non-English speaking backgrounds.)

ascertain views with questions
                                                                         English speaking backgrounds.                                           other than English in their
including country of birth and
languages spoken at home. The                                                                                                                    homes and collectively spoke
                                                                                                                                                 over 200 languages.

          ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09


                                                                                  PUTTING INTO
The Equity and Diversity Plan 2008-11 includes objectives and strategies          services for people who are blind,
that provide a framework to support initiatives linked to the ABC’s               have a visual impairment or limited
Corporate target to employ a minimum of 5% of people with disabilities.           reading comprehension; and ABC
The Plan is committed to: diversity awareness workshops including                 online accessibility. There are also

                                                                                  Employment Initiatives
information on mental health issues; a review of the funding of workplace         comprehensive Accessible Television

                                                                                  and Awareness Raising
adjustments and services for current and potential employees with                 Guidelines for audience members
disabilities; assessment of accessibility for people with disabilities in the     who are blind or have a visual
area of service provision; specific disability awareness training for staff who   impairment or limited reading
undertake reception, tours and audience control; and support for external         comprehension.
activities to promote disability awareness such as for the International Day
of People with a Disability.
The appointment of a cross-             ABC Editorial Policies outline
divisional project group will focus     content standards on discrimination
on the ABC’s workforce, programs        and stereotypes, with express
and services in regard to people with   reference to people with disabilities.    A major focus of the past year was
disabilities. The group will review     The use of the term “mental illness”      the introduction of training and
the inclusion and portrayal of people   is explained and reference is given       information sessions on mental
with disabilities and recommend         to the availability of external           health awareness for staff around
strategies and update guidelines        resources about portraying people         Australia. In October 2008, Ultimo
for a more comprehensive reflection     with a mental illness. The content        staff participated in the beyondblue
of the Australian community for this    standards also address accessibility      National Workplace Program,
area of diversity.                      with references to: closed captioning     aimed at raising awareness of
                                        on domestic television services for       anxiety and depression in the
                                        people who are hearing impaired or        workplace and the community.
                                        deaf; accessible domestic television
ABC employees were asked to wear                                          A seminar was held in Canberra               courses will be undertaken later
something blue on the day, attend a                                       in August 2009, under these                  in 2009. Sixty-two participants have
seminar and access the beyondblue                                         arrangements, with further forums            completed this program to date.
website. The seminar was attended                                         planned for 2009-10.                         In 2008 the ABC agreed to participate
by about 80 staff who received kits                                       To supplement these sessions,                in the placement of a person with a
and information sheets and viewed                                         Mental Health First Aid Certificate          disability under the Willing and Able
a DVD of personal stories of people                                       courses were introduced for People           Mentoring Program, co-ordinated by
with mental health issues. The                                            and Learning managers, staff and             the Australian Employers’ Network
ABC’s Craig Hamilton, ABC                                                 selected managers from other                 on Disability. Its purpose is to match
Presenter Local Radio Newcastle                                           divisions. The objectives of this            a student with a disability, who is
                                                         Depression Awareness Seminar, ABC Ultimo

featured as a guest speaker with                                          two-day course aim to: increase              completing their final year of tertiary
his personal experiences and                                              knowledge of mental health data              study, with a mentor in the industry
recovery and as an ambassador
of beyondblue. Fay Jackson, CEO
                                                                          and the range of mental health               in which the student hopes to
                                                                          types; reduce the stigma of mental           establish a career. Television Division
of Vision in Mind, a mental health                                        health issues; recognise the signs           continued to participate in this
education consultancy provided                                            of mental health and related                 scheme in 2009, with the provision
personal insights as well as                                              conditions; provide strategies to            of mentoring, work placement and
information and data.                                                     support people and situations in             support.
Following this session for all staff,                                     regard to mental health; and improve         The News Division continues to
approval was then granted to utilise                                      the mental health of participants.           promote the employment of people
the services of the ABC’s employee                                        During the reporting period,                 with disabilities by employing an
assistance provider Davidson                                              courses were held in all states              office assistant with learning
Trahaire Corpsych to present similar                                      and territories except Northern              difficulties through an external
sessions in all states and territories.
Arts Access Artworks, ABC Adelaide, Sandra Winter-Dewhirst, State Director South Australia with artist Robert Turpin

                                                                          Territory and Tasmania, where                disability job placement agency.
                                                                                                                       The appointment required job

          ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
design and the employee works                                     The Manager Diversity is a Board          Technology Division supports
three mornings a week in the                                      member/Vice Chairperson of the            consultation with employees with
News Management area.                                             not-for-profit organisation               disabilities, with the introduction of
People with disabilities, generally,                              Accessible Arts which promotes            new technology, to ensure access

                                                                  Reasonable Adjustment
are provided with a range of work                                 the participation and access for          issues are properly identified and
                                                                  people with disabilities in regard        addressed.

                                                                  and Access
experience at the ABC to assist with
future job prospects and again in                                 to all art forms and performance          Radio Broadcast and Operational
2008-09 a number of divisions and                                 venues. This provides contacts            employees with disabilities are
locations supported these requests.                               and information to assist the             accommodated with relevant
                                                                  ABC with strategies for the access        technological workplace
                                                                                                            adjustments with Radio-Assist
Reporters in the News Division are                                and participation of people with
provided with a publication, Words                                disabilities across the Corporation.
Matter, produced by the Physical                                                                            software, now part of the Digital
Disability Council of New South                                                                             Audio Workstations. Radio-Assist
Wales Inc., to assist with                                                                                  was developed by NETIA to assist
awareness raising and the                                                                                   visually impaired or blind
language and issues of reporting                                  ABC employees with new and pre-           presenters. Vision impaired users
on content related to disability.                                 existing injuries and /or disabilities    are able to “read” the text normally
                                                                  are actively provided with support        displayed on a computer screen
The ABC Advisory Council members                                  from the People and Learning              through feeling the Braille display.
include a person with a disability                                Division in the form of workplace         The ABC continued to improve
and consultations are held in the                                 assessments and other reasonable          accessibility to its properties for
community regarding disability                                    adjustments. Employees who require        both employees and visitors with
perspectives and recommendations                                  gradual reintroduction to work            disabilities. This has been achieved
have been included in reports to                                  following injury are also supported to    through the provision of accessible
Arts Access Artworks, ABC Adelaide, with artist Jungle Phillips

the Corporation.                                                  maximise their rehabilitation capacity.   toilet facilities as part of the
                                                      ABC TV SPORT WINS WHEELCHAIR
                                                      SPORTS AWARD
                                                      ABC TV Sport was recently presented with an award for “Most
                                                      Outstanding Media Coverage” for the broadcast of the Paralympic
                                                      Games in Beijing, by Wheelchair Sports Victoria. ABC Production
                                                      Manager Tara Hester accepted the award at the ceremony.

     building fitout of the ABC’s new                 Currently almost 100% of programs     Since 2005 ABC DVD has been
     premises at Esperance, Western                   broadcast in the ABC1 primetime       including captions/subtitles on
     Australia and through the provisions             schedule (6pm to midnight) are now    all new DVDs produced, with the
     of hearing augmentation in the                   captioned, with overall captioning    exception of some DVDs for pre-
     Eugene Goossens Hall and the Main                (6am to midnight) exceeding 88%.      school children, in order to better
     Reception Desk at the ABC’s Ultimo               The captioning level for ABC2 has     meet the needs of the deaf and
     building. There is a Teletypewriter              reached 82% in the 6am to midnight    hearing impaired community.
     (TTY) facility available for the                 period with increased captioning of   When DVD titles are sourced from
     purpose of contacting the ABC                    programs across a range of genres.    overseas ABC Commercial obtains
     about services and programs.                                                           captioned/subtitled DVDs where
                                                      The ABC regularly meets and
     The ABC continues to increase the                                                      available. The ABC’s ability to
                                                      liaises with groups and
     amount and diversity of captioned                                                      make captioned BBC DVD products
                                                      organisations representing the
     programs for people who are                                                            available in ABC Shops was
     hearing impaired or deaf taking into             Deaf and Hearing Impaired
                                                      community in an effort to stay        enhanced by a new BBC policy,
     account the costs of delivering this
                                                                                               Details from the ABC’s internal newsletter ABCYou, 6/3/2009

                                                      informed of relevant issues and       established in July 2009, where it
     service. In 2008-09 the ABC                                                            will seek to caption all international

     broadcast over 11500 hours of                    viewpoints and to strengthen and
                                                      promote our commitment to             DVD releases. In addition, ABC
     captioned content on ABC1, ABC2                                                        Retail, including ABC Shop Online,
     and ABCHD, across a range of                     maintaining high quality captions.
                                                                                            works closely with all suppliers to
     genres including national and local              The Innovation Division has           encourage production and
     news and current affairs, drama                  developed comprehensive online        importation of DVDs with
     and factual programs. Particular                 production guidelines that assist
     emphasis has been to significantly                                                     captioning/subtitle features and
                                                      the ABC in its aim to make its        ABC Retail buyers actively campaign
     increase the captioning of Children’s
                                                      online services accessible to         suppliers to provide DVDs with
     and Educational content, resulting
Tara Hester receives award from Bryce Alman

                                                      audience members who are blind        these features over titles without.
     in over 2900 hours broadcast.
                                                      or have a visual impairment.
     In addition to continuing to caption             Planning is underway for an ABC       ABC Shops display signage to
     important national and public                    seminar, Improving Accessibility      enhance customer awareness of
     events such as Anzac Day and                     on ABC Websites, to be held in        captioned products and to
     Parliamentary Question Time,                     September 2009 that will focus on     encourage customers to ask for
     notable special events captioned                 web and mobile sites. About 100       assistance if they have queries or
     in 2008-09 were the National                                                           cannot find particular products.
                                                      attendees are expected to attend
     Memorial Service for Bushfire                                                          Special orders are arranged, where
                                                      with the target audience being
     Victims, the Inauguration of                                                           possible, to source products directly
                                                      Developers and Producers.
     President Obama, ABC2’s live                                                           from suppliers when not in stock. A
     presentation of the acclaimed                    ABC Commercial actively seeks         campaign to enhance ABC Shop staff
     production Keating! The Musical                  to create and license consumer        awareness of captioned products and
     and the Paralympic Games Beijing,                products in a variety of formats      the requirement for clear signage
     where over 12 days, 100 hours of                 that meet the needs of its            will be launched in late 2009.
     captioned events were broadcast.                 customers and audience.

               ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
Representation of People with Disabilities by Occupation

                                                                                                                                                   EMPLOYEES WITH
                                                                                                                                                   DISABILITIES PROFILE
                                                                                             AUGUST 2009                                                                AUGUST 2008

OCCUPATIONAL GROUP                                                            NO.              %                NO.                %                     NO.             %                 NO.                %

Senior Executive                                                               17             7.7               220              73.3                     16            7.4                215              73.1
                                                                                                               Staff with EEO Data                                                      Staff with EEO Data

Administrative/Professional                                                    56            10.3               543              70.3                     57           10.6                536              70.4
Program Maker                                                                 113             7.8              1453              49.6                    127            8.7               1457              48.7
Technologist                                                                   31            12.7               245              67.5                     32           13.1                244              67.4
Retail                                                                          7             5.3               132              81.5                      9            7.4                122              84.7
Total                                                                         224             8.6              2593              57.3                    241            9.4               2574              56.5

During the year, ABC Shop Online                                         Shop Online site, making it easier
was redesigned to enable easier                                          for users to find the latest audiobook
navigation of the site for customers                                     releases and search for audiobooks
and quicker access to the products.                                      on specific topics. The BBC brand                                         > There are 224 employees with
As part of this redesign, a number                                       page now features a dedicated new                                           disabilities, representing 8.6% of
of new features were added to assist                                     release audiobook panel.                                                    staff who have provided EEO data,
those with disabilities to access the                                                                                                                which is substantially higher than
                                                                         Audiobooks sourced in the last
site and to identify relevant products.                                                                                                              the ABC’s target of 5% people
                                                                         12 months from ABC content
                                                                                                                                                     with disabilities of all staff.
Two new prominent links have been                                        and licensed to Vision Australia
                                                                                                                                                   > The technologist and
added to the homepage that take                                          to improve services for visually
                                                                                                                                                     administrative /professional
users to a dedicated information                                         impaired included a range of
                                                                         titles: Kokoda: Steps to Recovery,
                                                                                                                                                     occupational groups have the
page which showcases the wide
range of DVDs available with                                             Australian Bushfire Stories,                                                highest ratios, both over 10%.
English captions for the deaf/                                           Grandstand: Life Coaches, Play                                            > External data indicates: ABS 2003
hearing impaired and lists contact                                       School Traditional Stories, Rhymes                                          Disability, Ageing and Carers:
details for customers’ enquiries                                         and Songs and Tales from the Tinny.                                         Summary of Findings Report,
on specific titles. Customers can                                                                                                                    one in five people (or 20%) in
                                                                         In September 2008 the ABC                                                   Australia had a reported disability
browse a comprehensive list of                                           broadcast live and highlight
titles with captions (there are                                                                                                                      and of those between 15 and 64
                                                                         coverage of the Paralympic Games                                            years of age people with
currently over 260 highlighted) and                                      Beijing with a team of 40 ABC staff
the list is constantly updated to                                                                                                                    disabilities represented 16.8%.
                                                                         including Adam Hills, ABC Television
include all new captioned products                                       presenter and Louise Sauvage,
as they become available. The                                            Paralympic Gold Medallist.
(Number and percentage based on Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff, within Occupational Group, who provided information on the ABC’s EEO Data Collection Form that indicated they have a disability.

inclusion of English subtitles on
Staff with EEO data represents Total Head Count, Non-Casual Staff, who completed the disability section of the EEO Data Collection Form – both those who have a disability and those who do not have a disability.)

DVD or Blu-ray products is also                                          The State Director South Australia
noted, either within the product                                         has forged a relationship with the
description or in a prominent                                            local organisation Arts Access, by
“special features” box.                                                  arrangements that provide art work
                                                                         by people with disabilities to be
The improved ABC Shop Online                                             displayed in the ABC’s foyer and by
website is now Priority 2 W3C                                            assisting with digital skills learning,
compliant, allowing greater                                              so that people with disabilities can
accessibility to people with                                             produce broadband content, radio
disabilities. These features enable                                      podcasts and build websites. Also
users who utilise screen readers                                         in South Australia the ABC travelled
and other assistance software to                                         to Whyalla to interact with the local
access the majority of content on                                        community and part of the visit
the site and purchase products.                                          included a performance by
A greater presence for audiobooks                                        Bananas in Pyjamas for children
has been introduced within the ABC                                       with disabilities.

The Equity and Diversity Plan 2008-11 and ABC policies have objectives and        As well, the leadership strategies,
strategies that contribute to a positive and flexible workplace environment.      included in a range of corporate
There are two related themes of the Plan: connecting with each other,             plans and learning programs,
with the objective to contribute to a co-operative and harmonious work            are aimed at developing an ABC
environment free of unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying;             culture based on shared values and
and supporting our work life balance, with the objective to promote an            rewarding leadership which creates
environment that supports the work and life balance needs of employees.           the opportunity for people to do
The ABC Corporate Plan 2007-10 includes the strategic priority to provide         their best work.
a safe, positive work environment that enables excellent performance.             The ABC Employment Agreement
The Plan promotes for a positive            The Plan promotes for a flexible      2006 to 2009 has provisions for a
environment: the review of current          work environment: an audit of         raft of flexible working conditions,
discrimination, harassment, anti-           work/life policies; training and      some of which are flexible hours,
bullying and grievance policies             tools to assist the management        part-time work and job sharing,
and the mandatory workshop that             of flexibility; increased data on     carer’s leave, purchased leave and
provides information and discussion         the take-up of flexible work          paid maternity leave and unpaid
about these policies; further               arrangements; review and update       parental leave.
learning programs to enhance work           of current work/life booklets and
culture and shared values; and a            online information for staff;
greater use of exit interview forms         expansion of the work/life program
for feedback and analysis.                  nationally; development of an
                                            elder care kit; and a review of the
                                            workplace based childcare centres.

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09

Values and a Positive                                                            Support Services
Workplace Culture
                                        the change towards a consistent
                                        and positive workplace culture,
                                        both at the policy and learning          The ABC’s Employee Assistance
The ABC is advancing positive                                                    Program (EAP) provided by
                                        levels as well as local initiatives.
culture change by the continued                                                  Davidson Trahaire Corpsych reports
implementation of policies and          In keeping with the goal of building     on the utilisation and trends of the
strategies underpinned by the           a values based culture, a sample         service to ABC staff and managers.
Corporation’s key values. At the top    of ABC managers were surveyed in         The EAP, which is available to staff
level of management, leadership         July 2009, to provide current data       and their families for counselling
programs and performance                on the Corporation’s organisational      for both work and personal
measurement include components          culture for consideration and            problems recorded access by 332
of culture change and appropriate       strategy development.                    employees and family members,
role modelling. Senior management       The ABC discrimination,                  including from Indigenous,
and supervision programs promote        harassment, anti-bullying and            disability and cultural/linguistic
collaborative management styles,        grievance policies have been             groups and across all age groups.
both within work groups and across      reviewed and a new combined policy       More women (69%) than men (31%)
divisions, as well as access to a       has been drafted for approval and        accessed the service during 2008-
broader range of management             implementation. Linked to these          09. Twenty-three managers
tools and contacts.                     policies, the mandatory training for     accessed the EAP’s manager
During the year the Corporation         all managers and staff continued         assistance service.
embarked on a process of                with the Creating a Better Place to      The Trauma Awareness program
consultation to determine the           Work workshops. The aim of these         has continued. It is a cross-divisional
new shared ABC Values, which            sessions is to raise employee            program managed by the News
the Managing Director launched          awareness of actions and behaviours      Division. More than 700 staff and
at the ABC Leaders’ Conference          that contribute to discrimination,       managers from five divisions
in March 2009. The four values          harassment and bullying. The course      around the country have attended
are: Integrity, Respect, Collegiality   also includes discussion on valuing      a workshop. Thirty-nine peer
and Innovation. Under the               diversity, the issues of work/life       supporters from News, ABC
definition of “Respect” is the          balance and the resolution of            Resources and Local Radio have
statement “We embrace Diversity.”       grievances. During the year there        been trained. In May 2009, managers
                                        were 32 workshops held around            and staff involved in the Victorian
Following the launch there has
                                        Australia with over 290 staff trained.   Bushfire coverage were invited to
been a great deal of activity to
                                        Overall, there have been 5388            take part in debrief sessions.
communicate the values, what they
                                        employees who have attended, since
mean and to gather feedback and
                                        the introduction of this program.
enquiries from all staff. Work has
been undertaken on the next steps
to embed the values and progress
                                                               knowledge, confidence and skills        Childcare facilities are available on
                                                               in applying flexible work solutions     premises at Ultimo, with 24 ABC-
                                                               for staff in a range of situations.     priority places, at the University of
                                                               The resource covers flexible work       Technology Sydney with 25 places
                                                               practice principles, model practices    and off-site in Melbourne with 10
                                                               and problems/solution scenarios         places. The Melbourne facility

Work and Life Balance
                                                               including video segments which          contract with the Commonwealth
                                                               follow an evolving flexibility story.   Department of Defence is in place
                                                               There are also ABC case studies         until end 2010. Negotiations will
                                                               and links to ABC policies, resources,   then take place to extend the
                                                               agreements and templates.               arrangement. As well, on-site
                                                               As an introduction to this tool a       childcare will be considered as
                                                               launch and workshop took place          part of the ABC Melbourne
                                                               at Ultimo in June 2009, which           Accommodation Project. Around
                                                               included endorsement and                Australia there are parenting
                                                               remarks from the ABC Managing           rooms for staff and visitors and
The ABC recognises that                                        Director, the Director People           a comprehensive vacation care
supporting employees with work                                 and Learning and ABC presenter          information service for New South
and family responsibilities is an                              James O’Loghlin. The workshop           Wales staff.
important part of a positive work                              was attended by about 70                All states and territories endeavour
culture and this is reflected in                               managers and consisted of a             to provide work/life programs with
corporate-wide plans, policies,                                role play scenario with two actors      an array of lifestyle and health
employment agreements and                                      and group involvement by the            related seminars, classes and
initiatives. The Corporation                                   managers, which introduced the          membership offers to local health
continues to offer flexibility in work                         issues covered by the e-tool and        centres and activities.
arrangements and job design and                                the roll out process.
access to facilities, information                                                                      During the reporting period 187
services and awareness raising                                 Within the News Division there          women were undertaking maternity
workshops and seminars.                                        is a broad commitment to                leave, six men were on parental
                                                               support employees with family           leave without pay and at the end of
During the year the ABC, in                                    responsibilities through a variety      August 2009 there were 491 female
conjunction with an external                                   of schemes and a particularly strong    and 105 male ongoing part-time
provider, customised an e-learning                             emphasis in newsrooms which base        employees.
tool called Flex-e, which was                                  their roster preparation on a request
introduced nationally to managers                              basis, prepared weeks in advance to
and supervisors in July 2009. This                             meet the needs of all staff within
tool, which is under licence for 12                            operational requirements.
months provides managers with
James O’Loghlin at the Managing Flexibility in the Workplace
Workshop, ABC Ultimo

          ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
In regard to how the ABC’s EEO program is measured the Equal

Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987
requires the actions of Setting Objectives and Selecting Indicators
(Section 6(g)) and Monitoring and Evaluation (Section 6 (h)).

The objectives of the Equity and      > implement the ABC’s Charter to        The ABC Corporate Plan 2007-10
Diversity Plan 2008-11 are to:          reflect the diversity of Australian   includes the strategic priority to
> promote a culture of opportunity      life by the provision of inclusive    develop and align the ABC’s
   through the ABC Executive            and accessible content and            workforce with the capabilities
   Leadership Group that demon-         services by and for all               needed to achieve strategic goals.
   strates an inclusive workplace       Australians; and                      Under this priority the Corporation
   based on shared values;            >link the equity and diversity plan     seeks to achieve a 2% level of
> contribute to a co-operative and     with internal corporate-wide           Indigenous employment; to employ
   harmonious work environment         frameworks and external                a minimum of 5% of people with
   free of unlawful discrimination,    reporting and trends.                  disabilities; and to achieve a
                                      The Equity and Diversity Plan
   harassment and bullying;                                                   workforce whose diversity enables
> recognise, value and use the                                                the ABC to engage more selectively
                                      has detailed actions and targets,
   diverse skills, cultural values                                            with all sectors of the Australian
                                      timeframes and the area of
   and backgrounds of our current                                             population.
                                      responsibility included under
   and potential employees;           each objective.                         The development of the
> promote an environment that                                                 Reconciliation Action Plan is
   supports the work and life                                                 underway with contributions sought
   balance needs of employees;                                                from all areas of the ABC, aligned to
                                                                              the objectives and strategic priorities
                                                                              of the ABC Corporate Plan.
The Equity and Diversity Plan’s             The ABC contributed to the           The Corporation participated in
objectives and strategies are linked        Department of Immigration and        the 2008 Corporate Responsibility
to the ABC Corporate Plan and the           Citizenship’s Access and Equity      Index Survey, co-ordinated by the
People and Learning Division’s              Report 2006-08 which seeks           St James Ethics Centre, which
business plan and their respective          responses in providing accessible    included a range of questions
reporting requirements.                     services to people from culturally   related to diversity.
The overall progress of the Equity          and linguistically diverse           Sources that provide the ABC
and Diversity Plan is reported in           backgrounds under performance        with monitoring and evaluation
the ABC’s Equity and Diversity              indicators of responsiveness,        of specific initiatives include
Annual Report and the ABC Annual            communication, accountability and    external benchmarking surveys,
Report. The previous year’s                 leadership. There were also three    the progressive reports of the
activities were reported in the             underlying themes that required      Employee Assistance Program, the
Equity and Diversity Annual Report          particular coverage in the report,   Grievance Contact Officer statistical
2007-08, which was tabled in the            women, the aged and                  returns and participant evaluations
House of Representatives and the            Humanitarian Program entrants.       of the Indigenous Staff Conference,
Senate on 4 February 2009.                  The ABC reports separately as        the Creating a Better Place to Work
                                            both an employer and a provider of   workshops, the Mental Health First
                                            services under the Commonwealth      Aid Certificate courses and the
                                            Disability Strategy in the ABC       Springboard program for women.
                                            Annual Report.

     ABC Equity and Diversity Annual Report 2008-09
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