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					MAXX TRAXX                                 ™
                                               Model Railroading Sound Effects

n   Works with all gauges
compatible with every model railroad
gauge, two or three rail, from G to Z

n   Use any power pack
designed to work with standard power
packs, DC or AC 50/60hz

n   Choice of engine sounds
choose Heartland Steam,
       One Chime Diesel,
       Multi Chime Diesel,
       GG-1 Electric

n   Change sounds easily
swap Maxx Traxx cases quickly with the

                                               The Finest Train Sounds for Any Layout
unique plug-in wire harness

n   Sounds come from layout
                                               from the Leaders in Model Railroad Sound
place the speaker anywhere on the layout
for the most realistic sound effects           No other engine sounds compare for the price. These totally realistic, high quality, digital
                                               sounds are recorded from real locomotives. Doppler shift horn and atmospheric effects, coupler
                                               slack action, and engine maintenance, are exclusive to QSI and bring amazing life to every
                                               layout. Maxx Traxx engine sounds delight every rail fan, young and old.

                                               Maxx Traxx™ Sounds
                                               Responsive Horn*              Play long or short blasts, as you like.
                                               Bell and Brake Sounds*        Control the length of the engine bell and brake sounds.
                                               Exclusive Doppler Run-by*     Hear the horn and engine sounds change pitch as the train
                                                                             passes by.
                                               Atmospheric Effects           Even though the speaker is stationary, the sounds seem to be
                                                                             moving. You easily believe they are coming from the engine
n   Easy to hook up                                                          itself. This QSI exclusive effect adds maximum fun and realism.
                                               Continuous Engine Sounds      More than a horn and a bell, Maxx Traxx features a variety of
n   Everything is included                                                   automatic multitrack sound effects. Hear pumps, fans, injectors,
comes complete with speaker, wire                                            and many more realistic sounds while the engines is running or
harness, and clear instructions                                              just sitting on the track.
                                               Simultaneous Sounds           Maxx Traxx sounds stack up together. For example, listen while
                                                                             the motor, bell, and horn all are on at the same time.
                                               Throttle Dependent Sound      Listen while steam chuff and motor sounds realistically follow
                                                                             the throttle.
                                               Coupler Slack Action*         Add realism with the sound of the couplers hitting against each
                                                                             other while the train leaves the station.
                                               Station Announcement*         Listen to passenger activities and classic railroad station sounds,
                                                                             from the arrival announcement to “all aboard!”
                                               Engine Maintenance*           Hear the activity around the yard as the engine is refueled and
                                               Emergency Stop*               Listen to the chaos that follows as the train screeches to a
                                                                             sudden halt.
                                               Cab Chatter                   Tune in to the radio chatter between the engineer and dispatcher.
                                               Grade Crossing*               Hear the sounds of the crossing bell, engine motor and horn. Add
                                                                             Doppler Run-by* exactly when the engine goes over the crossing.
                                                                             *You control these sounds!

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Description: Sound from the sound produced by means of the effect is to enhance a scene's realism, atmosphere, or play the message, and added to the noise or sound on the vocal cords. Include the so-called voice tones and sound effects. Including digital audio, surround sound, MP3 audio (normal audio, professional audio).