Email and Hosting Services Overview

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Email and Hosting Services Overview


Email and hosting is a key part of today’s business environment, and instrumental in companies communication strategy, like
wise a company’s website needs to be constantly active, updated, delivering the desired message & reliable mail delivery vital
for all businesses no matter the size.

Online Direct offers a range of solutions to suit all business needs from simple websites to advanced web applications and
databases. Simply choose the right package for you:

   Product                       Price    Contract    Email        Email         Web          Description
   Description                                       Accounts    Space (MB)   Space (MB)
   Hosting & Email Plan 5         R 25      Mthly        5            75          30          5 Emails 75MB; Webspace 30MB
   Hosting & Email Plan 10        R 65      Mthly        10          200          100         10 Emails 200MB; Webspace 100MB
   Hosting & Email Plan 15       R 155      Mthly        15          500          250         15 Emails 500MB; Webspace 250MB
   Hosting & Email Plan 20       R 295      Mthly        20          1000         500         20 Emails 1000MB; Webspace 500MB
   Hosting & Email Plan 25       R 585      Mthly        35          2000        1000         35 Emails 2000MB; Webspace 1000MB
   Hosting & Email Plan 30     R 1 435      Mthly        50          5000        2500         50 Emails 5000MB; Webspace 2500MB
   Own Domain 1                   R 19      Mthly       N/A          N/A          N/A         1 domain registration and DNS
   Own Domain up to 5             R 94      Mthly       N/A          N/A          N/A         Up to 5 domains registration and DNS
   ASP, PHP, MySQL                R 57      Mthly       N/A          N/A          N/A         Webspace support for ASP, PHP, MySQL
   Site Builder Basic             R 75      Mthly       N/A          N/A          N/A         Sitebuilder Basic facility
   Site Builder Advanced          R 21      Mthly       N/A          N/A          N/A         Sitebuilder Advanced facility
   ColdFusion                     R 57      Mthly       N/A          N/A          N/A         ColdFusion website facility


           •    Your SA-based website visitors will benefit from faster website speeds as your website is hosted in SA
           •    Choose Online Direct for SA web hosting with 24/7 business hours customer service.
           •    Search engines may rank your website higher for SA based search results if you host your site in SA, than if you
                host in an international data centre
           •    You can choose either Windows or Linux hosting
           •    Create your own website, even if you have never created a webpage before, with our easy to use Sitebuilder
           •    Easy access to your database via our “phpmyadmin” facility
           •    Unlimited aliases and catchall account at no extra cost
           •    Out of office and forwarding is just an email away
           •    Easy access to your email via our webmail facility no matter what your location
           •    Relay through our smtp server, enabling you to send mails from where ever you are in the world
           •    No once-off or annual charges


Our services are so reliable and easy to use, that less than 10% of our customers ever need to contact us. If you do need help
at any time, we have experts on hand 24/7 business hours in our state-of-the-art call centre.

                                                                                 Note: All prices are in Rands and are inclusive of VAT.