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									                             Yahoo Domains and Domain Names on Yahoo

Choosing the right domain name and domain name provider is the first step to creating your new
website. Yahoo! Domains is one of the leading domain registrars in the world and has the backing of
Yahoo!, a leading internet company. In fact, Yahoo! hosts its domains and websites on the very same
servers as, making it the most reliable domain and hosting provider in the industry.

In addition, Yahoo! provides domain names for as little as $3.95 per year(for new customers)and $12.95
for existing customers, with no set up fees. Other, domain providers charge as much as $35 per year and
do not provide as many features or functionality as Yahoo! For example, Yahoo! Domains is one of the
few companies that provides 24/7 toll free phone and email support.

Domain Pricing Details

How much does Yahoo! Domains cost?

It depends on the term you choose

  1-year term: $9.95

  2-year term: $19.90

  3-year term: $29.85

  5-year term: $49.75

After term expires: $34.95/year

Ratings and Recommendations

The biggest strength of Yahoo Domains is that it is backed by the reputation and security of Yahoo, one
of the largest internet companies in the world. You do not have to worry about Yahoo going out of
business and losing your domain, like you might with other lesser known domain providers.
Also, Yahoo Domains, unlike many domain providers, offers phone/email service. Yahoo Domains has
very few weaknesses especially if you can take advantage of the $3.95 domain name offer (used to be

If you are looking for a cheap,reliable, and secure domain registration company then we highly
recommend Yahoo! Domains. However, Yahoo! Domains is not recommended if you need to purchase
multiple domain names or you require advanced hosting features like virtual or dedicated servers.

Yahoo Domains Rating

Price Value    A ($3.95 for first time users)

Reliability    A+


Customer Support       B

Web Hosting Offers     B

User Feedback B

Overall Grade A-

The Complainant in this executive move is Yahoo! Inc., a Delaware house with a principal place of blurb
operation during 3420 Central Expressway, Santa Clara, California 95051, U.S.A. The Respondent is Wing
Hung Trading Company, with a travel residence during 230 Grand StreetA1, New York, New York 10013,

2. The Domain Name as well as Registrar

The domain names in brawl have been as follows: “” as well as “”. The
domain names were purebred by Respondent with Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI) upon Aug 3, 1998 as
well as Jul 17, 1998, respectively.

3. Procedural Background
On Aug 28, 2000, a WIPO Arbitration as well as Mediation Center perceived from Complainant around e-
mail a censure for preference in suitability with a Uniform Policy for Domain Name Dispute Resolution,
adopted by a Internet Corporation of Assigned Names as well as Numbers (ICANN) upon Aug 26, 1999
(“Policy”), a Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, authorized by ICANN upon Oct
24, 1999 (“Rules”), as well as a WIPO Supplemental Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution
Policy (Supplemental Rules).

The Complaint was filed in correspondence with a mandate of a Rules as well as a Supplemental Rules,
remuneration was scrupulously made, a executive row was scrupulously constituted, as well as a
panelist submitted a compulsory Statement of Acceptance as well as Declaration of Impartiality as well
as Independence.

The present Administrative Proceeding was commenced upon Oct 8, 2000.

Respondent did not record a Response, as well as a “Notification of Respondent Default,” antiquated
Oct 30, 2000, was forwarded by WIPO to Respondent.

The preference of a Panel was due to WIPO upon or prior to Nov 30, 2000.

4. Factual Background

Complainant Yahoo! is a tellurian Internet communications, media, as well as custom association which
offers a branded network of extensive searching, directory, information, communication, as well as
offered services to millions of Internet users daily. Yahoo!’s services embody web office as well as poke
services. The YAHOO! web office was grown in early 1994.

The YAHOO! website is a single of a heading Internet web guides in conditions of traffic, advertising, as
well as domicile as well as blurb operation user strech as well as is a single of a most important brands
compared with a Internet. Indeed, a YAHOO! code has been ranked as a most profitable code compared
with a Internet (see Complaint, Exhibit 6), as well as a YAHOO! pitch has been hold “famous” by during
slightest a single court. See Yahoo! Inc. v. Buffalo Wu, CA-00-00178-A. See Complaint, Exhibit 7.

In serve to a accumulation of services charity during Yahoo!’s categorical site located during a domain
name “”, Yahoo! operates most one more sites underneath a YAHOO! pitch as well as
regulating YAHOO-formative outlines as well as domain names. Complainant additionally has sites which
have been specific to sold countries or regions as well as operates alternative sites specific to sold topics
or race groups, such as a YAHOO! Chinese site, which is destined to Chinese speakers around a world.
The Chinese characters for YAHOO! crop up without delay next a YAHOO! name. See Complaint, Exhibit

Recently I was in the market for and affordable and reliable domain name registrar. Something cheap
but worthwhile. I was looking around and noticed that yahoo was doing a promotion and offering
domain name registration at a very good price. $ 4.98. How can you beat that?

After looking things over a bit I then registered my new domain name through Yahoo. The truth was that
the entire process could not have been easier. My domain was ready to go right away. I could not
believe how smoothly things went.

Here are the good points regarding Yahoo Domain Registration:

Yahoo! Domains: $4.98 for a Year

Yahoo! is running a deal where you can get a .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, or .us for $4.98 a year.
Yahoo!Domains include 24/7 support, web page and forwarding. The second best deal on the net was
$8.95 from GoDaddy. The catch is: you can only sign-up for one domain and the offer is only available
during the web browser session (when you click the special link at the end of this post) and ends if the
you do not complete or interrupt the current order process. Go here for this deal.

For the most part this is a great service they are offering.

"According to PC Magazine "domain registration through Yahoo! Small Business is the easiest."

Yahoo! Domains Features

$4.98 /year
  The most popular domain name extensions

  (.com, ,net, .org, .biz, .info, .us)

  24-hour toll-free customer support

  Domain name registration terms from 1-5 years

  Easy-to-use control panel with DNS management

  Domain forwarding so you can point to an existing site

  Email forwarding to a free Yahoo! email address

  Bonus starter web page to post online until you are ready for a web site

When you register a domain name, you can choose from an assortment of web address extensions,
including .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us. You can purchase just one, or return to purchase the rest
later to protect your domain name from competitors.

Yahoo! Domains allows you to register a domain name for up to 5 years and offers all of the major
domain name extensions at affordable prices. Here is a complete list of available extensions and their

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