ACTION ON
                             YAKIMA CITY COUNCIL
                              BUSINESS MEETING
                                APRIL 6, 2010

                           5:00 P.M. – EXECUTIVE SESSION

 1.   Roll Call
      Council: Mayor Micah Cawley, presiding; Assistant Mayor Kathy Coffey; Council
                Members Maureen Adkison, Dave Edler, Rick Ensey, Dave Ettl and Bill Lover

2.    Executive Session:
          Pending and Prospective Litigation
          Property Acquisition
          Update on complaint brought against a public official

Executive Session was held and adjourned at 6:03 p.m.

                           6:00 P.M. – BUSINESS MEETING

1.    Roll Call
      Council: Mayor Micah Cawley, presiding; Assistant Mayor Kathy Coffey; Council
                Members Maureen Adkison, Dave Edler, Rick Ensey, Dave Ettl and Bill Lover

      Staff: City Manager Zais, City Attorney Cutter and City Clerk Kloster

2.    Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance

      Mayor Cawley gave an invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

3.    Open Discussion for the Good of the Order
      A. Proclamations
      B. Presentations/recognitions/introductions
         1. Recognition of Community and Economic Development Director Bill Cook’s

             Mayor Cawley read a proclamation of commendation for Bill Cook’s 13 years
             of service to the City upon his retirement. City Manager Zais presented
             plaques and an official retirement watch.

         2. Presentation by Ken Johnson on trolleys

             Ken Johnson gave a Power Point presentation on the Yakima Valley Trolleys
             and invited the Council and staff to ride the trolleys on April 10 at 10 a.m.
             He presented a plaque to Bill Cook for his services to the trolleys over the
     C. Status reports on prior meeting’s citizen service requests
        1. Request from Dave Tompkins regarding Sandwich Boards

              Joe Caruso reviewed a response to this request. Dave Tompkins, Candy
              Turner and Pat L’Heureux spoke in favor of amending the ordinance to allow
              sandwich boards.

              ACTION: Motion carried to direct the Council Economic Development
              Committee to review the current ordinance and bring forward suggested
              changes to the full Council. VOTE: Unanimous

           2. Request from Jim Evans regarding the Doty housing project at 45th Avenue
              and Alpine Way

              Ken Harper, legal counsel for the City, reviewed the court action the city has
              initiated to enforce code violations in this area. Joe Caruso, Acting Codes
              Administration Manager, advised there are no codes that address community
              standards so aesthetics cannot be regulated.

     D. Appointments to Boards, Commissions and Council Committees -- None

4.   Consent Agenda
     ACTION: Items 10 and 16 were added and Item 17 was removed from the consent
     agenda. A motion carried to approve the consent agenda as read. VOTE:

     *A.    Consideration of approval of Council Meeting Minutes
             Adjourned Meeting – March 2, 2010
             Business Meetings – March 2 and March 23, 2010

            ACTION: The Council meeting minutes were approved.

     *B.    Consideration of approval of Council Committee Meeting Minutes – None

5.   Audience Participation

     George Pechtel, Barbara Greco, Matt Klaus and Jamie Stickel invited everyone to
     help lay sod at the new “Performance Park” on Saturday morning.

     Mike Hunnel continued his claims that the City is discriminating against the
     handicapped by not responding to code violations he reports. He requested City
     administration be restructured, something he had suggested at a previous City
     Council meeting. He claimed he had never been given the information he requested
     describing the “hoops” the Arts Giving Circle went through with regard to the art at
     North Front and “A” Streets. That request had been responded to immediately
     during the Council meeting at which it was requested; therefore no written response
     was required nor given.

     Charles Noel spoke about ongoing graffiti and gang problems in his neighborhood.

                            7:00 P.M. – PUBLIC HEARINGS

6.   Public hearing and consideration of an Ordinance confirming the Final Assessment
     Roll for the 85th and Kail Sewer LID #1060

     City Engineer Doug Mayo gave background information on the LID.

     The public hearing was held. Deb Woods, Paula White, Linda and Doug Gordner,
     whose properties are included in the LID, complained that the contractor for the
     project had not returned some of the properties to their original condition, which has
     resulted in various problems. The Engineering Division will follow up with the
     contractor regarding these assertions and report back to Council.

     ACTION: Motion carried to continue the hearing until April 20. VOTE: Unanimous

7.   Open record public hearing to consider the Hearing Examiner’s recommendation to
     approve vacating a portion of public right-of-way in the vicinity of Chestnut Avenue
     and 8th Street

     Assistant Planner Joseph Calhoun described the portion of right-of-way Yakima
     Neighborhood Health (YNH) was requesting to be vacated.

     The public hearing was held. Anita Monoian, Executive Director of YNH spoke in
     favor of the vacation.

     ACTION: Motion carried to direct staff to prepare the appropriate legislation. VOTE:

8.   Public Hearing and consideration of a Resolution to amend the Six-year
     Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

     Michael Morales, Community and Economic Development Deputy Director, reviewed
     the proposed amendments to the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
     for the 2010-2015 planning period.

     The public hearing was held; no one came forward to speak.

     ACTION: Motion carried to approve the resolution. RESOLUTION NO. R-2010-42.
     VOTE: Unanimous

                            CITY MANAGER’S REPORTS

9.   Consideration of options to strengthen panhandling enforcement

     City Manager Zais briefly outlined the options available. City Attorney Cutter advised
     that, as a result of the public hearing, he believed two areas of testimony would
     support stricter regulation than is currently in the ordinance. Deputy Police Chief
     Rosenow reviewed the Police Department’s report and options to strengthen

       Citizens Mary Jones, Becky St. John, Lynn Hardin, Charles Knoll and Jamie Stickel,
       representing the Committee for Downtown Yakima, spoke in favor of strengthening
       the ordinance.

       ACTION: Motion carried to prepare legislation that would prohibit panhandling in
       public parking lots after dark and create broader legislation at a later date. VOTE:

*10.   Consideration of a Resolution authorizing execution of a grant application for
       $25,000 from the Yakima County Supporting Investments (SIED) in the Economic
       Development fund for the North 1st Street Corridor Revitalization project
       ACTION: Resolution adopted. RESOLUTION NO. R-2010-43

*11.   Consideration of a Resolution authorizing execution of an interlocal agreement and
       Addendum #1 with various law enforcement agencies for the formation of a violent
       crimes task force
       ACTION: Resolution adopted. RESOLUTION NO. R-2010-44

*12.   Consideration of a Resolution authorizing execution of an agreement with the
       Yakima Valley Umpires Association for officiating services for the Parks and
       Recreation 2010 softball program
       ACTION: Resolution adopted. RESOLUTION NO. R-2010-45

*13.   Consideration of a Resolution authorizing execution of an agreement with
       Huibregtse, Louman Associates for engineering and consulting services related to
       Phase 4 of the irrigation system replacement/rebuilding project
       ACTION: Resolution adopted. RESOLUTION NO. R-2010-46

*14.   Set date of open record public hearing for April 20, 2010, to consider Yakima
       Transit’s 2010 Transit Development Plan
       ACTION: Public hearing was set for April 20, 2010.

*15.   Set date of public hearing for April 20, 2010 regarding the chronic nuisance property
       ACTION: Public hearing was set for April 20, 2010.


*16.   Consideration of an Ordinance approving the City of Yakima Planning Commission’s
       recommendation for amendments to the Yakima Urban Area Zoning Ordinance
       (UAZO), Yakima Municipal Code (continued from 3/23/10)
       ACTION: Ordinance passed. ORDINANCE NO. 2010-16

17.    Consideration of an Ordinance amending various sections of the Yakima Municipal Code
       to establish the City of Yakima Planning Commission, replacing the Regional Planning

       Planning Manager Joan Davenport introduced the ordinance with a brief overview of
       the amendments. John Hodkinson and John Crawford, interim Yakima Planning
       Commission members, spoke about member residency requirements.

      ACTION: Motion to amend the Ordinance to change the wording from “City
      Manager to appoint” to “City Council to appoint” members carried. VOTE:

      ACTION: Motion to pass the ordinance in total failed. VOTE: 4-3, Lover, Ettl,
      Coffey and Ensey voting no

      Council consensus was to refer the member residency requirement to the Council
      Rules and Procedures Committee for review and bring forward a recommendation to
      the full Council on April 20, 2010.

18.   Other Business

      Mayor Cawley spoke about the 125th anniversary of Yakima moving from North
      Yakima and preparing for that celebration.
      ACTION: Motion carried to appoint the Mayor to work on the anniversary
      celebration. VOTE: Unanimous

      Council Member Lover requested discussion regarding changing Lincoln Avenue to
      a 2-way arterial when constructing the grade separation. Council consensus was to
      forward it to the Council Transit-Transportation Committee for review.

      Council Member Ettl requested the use of “E-verify” for employment be added to an
      upcoming Council agenda for discussion.

      Assistant Mayor Coffey suggested that Council hold a series of public meetings to
      obtain input from citizens.
      ACTION: Motion carried to have a series of three public meetings throughout the
      community at various locations that are not mandatory for council attendance.
      VOTE: 6-1, Lover voting no

      Mayor Cawley stated that the Council is very bothered about innocent victims being
      shot by gang members and they are working on solutions to address those issues.
      Gang violence is the Council’s number one priority.

19.   Adjournment – 9:28 p.m.
      ACTION: Motion carried to adjourn to the Council standing meeting on April 20,
      2010 at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. VOTE: Unanimous


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