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									                                       SOCIAL STUDIES
                                        Monthly Test-II
NAME: _________________________CLASS/SEC._________DATE_________ Max. Marks:                        /15

Q1- Write true / false.                                                                       /2.5
a- The Moghul emperors ruled over India for nearly 700 years.                     [       ]
b- Babur was born in 1482.                                                        [       ]
c- Babur’s mother came from the family of Gengis Khan.                            [       ]
d- Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi had 100, 000 soldiers in his army with 1,000 elephants.   [       ]
e- Babur was seventy eight years old when he died.                                [       ]

Q2- Choose the best answers.                                                                  /5
   a- Babur was ________________ years old when his father died. (12, 14, 16)
   b- The word Babur means _____________________. (a lion, a horse, a fox)
   c- After many battles, Babur took ______________in Afghanistan. (Kabul, Qandhar, Ghazni)
   d- Babur’s son’s name was ____________________(Humayun, Akber, Jehangir)
   e- In 1526 Babar attacked_____________with an army of 25,0000men. (India, Afghanistan, China)

Q3- Match the following:-                                                                     /2.5

                 A                                B                                   C
i- Baburnama                      a) Babur’s father

ii- Farghana                      b) The Rajput leader of Mewar

iii- Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi         c) Book written by Babur

iv- Rana Sanga                    d) cruel king of Dehli

v- Umer Sheikh Mirza              e) Small state in Turkestan

Q4- Answer these questions.                                                                   /5
   i-      Which strategies did Babur use to win the battle against Ibrahim Lodhi?

   ii- When Babur was not fighting, what other things did he do?

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