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									June 11

 Expertise of the VUmc Department of Nuclear Medicine &
   PET Research and the BV Cyclotron VU, Amsterdam

The Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET Research of the VU University Medical
Centre (VUmc), together with the BV Cyclotron VU, provides a means to fully
develop radiopharmaceuticals for PET and SPECT in both animal and human studies.
Expertise ranges from radionuclide production, through new tracer development and
preclinical evaluation, to clinical use of new and existing tracers with highly qualified
specialists who operate in a truly multidisciplinary environment. The whole process
can be performed according to state-of-the-art GMP/GLP/GCP standards. In addition,
the departmental radiopharmaceutical research, development and production site
(Radionuclide Centre: RNC) was recently inspected by the Dutch Health Care
Inspectorate and is licensed to manufacture tracers for human use according to the
latest EU guidelines. This position paper provides an overview of current expertise,
noting that developments are ongoing.

Prof. dr. A.A. Lammertsma
Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET research
VU University Medical Centre
De Boelelaan 1115
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Overview of available tracers

Licensed PET radiopharmaceuticals:
      C labelled: flumazenil, PK11195, raclopride, verapamil, R116301, palmitate,
                   R107474, DASB, PIB
       F labelled: FDG, FLT, fluoride, FP--CIT, MPPF, FDDNP,proline
       O labelled: H2O, O2,, CO, CO2
In development:
      C labelled: docetaxel, WAY100635,deprenyl, methionine
       N labelled: N2
       F labelled: FAZA, fluoromethylcholine

Licensed SPECT radiopharmaceuticals:
       I labelled: R91150, iomazenil, hippuran, iodine, MIBG, -CIT
        Kr:        Generator

Monoclonal antibodies and peptides
Validated and universal procedures are in place for labeling antibodies and peptides
for pharmacokinetics/biodistribution studies (99mTc, 186Re, 123I, 125I, 131I, 111In, 177Lu),
SPECT imaging (99mTc, 186Re, 123I, 131I, 111In, 177Lu), PET imaging (68Ga, 89Zr, 124I)
and radioimmunotherapy (186Re, 131I, 177Lu, 90Y). In recent years more than 15
different radioimmunoconjugates have been produced for clinical evaluation, either in
house or at other institutes. Several R&D collaborations with biotech companies are
ongoing. All quality tests are in place: radiochemical purity, conjugate stability,
substitution ratio, antibody integrity, immunoreactivity, preclinical in vivo behavior,
sterility, pyrogenicity and immunogenicity.

Isotopes available from Cyclotron production:
  C, 15O, 18F, 123I, 124I, 88Zr, 89Zr, 81Rb/81mKr


The department collaborates with several research centres and opinion leaders in the
field of molecular imaging. The department is a preferred centre for Boehringer
Ingelheim, Tyco/Mallinckrodt, Johnson & Johnson, IBA Molecular, Schering, Philips,
Ablynx, Aventis, Macrocyclics and Novartis for, amongst others, the development
and application of molecular imaging. These cover the whole range of collaboration
possibilities, from a custom radiolabelling service to an interactive collaborative
approach to development of methodology.

Overview of available tracer kinetic models and data analysis procedures

General models and data analysis tools
Single tissue, two tissue (reversible and irreversible), reference tissue (Lammertsma),
steady state (Jones, Lammertsma) and linearised (Patlak, Logan, Blomqvist, Ichise)
models, spectral (Cunningham), cluster (Ashburner) and factor (Hermansen) analysis,
basis pursuit (Gunn), parametric imaging (linearisations, basis functions), metabolite
models, dose ranging studies, biological half-life studies

Tracer kinetic models for specific applications

Perfusion, perfusable tissue index, glucose metabolism, oxygen utilisation, fatty acid
metabolism, blood volume, haematocrit, integrity blood-brain barrier, P-glycoprotein
function, pH, osteoblast activity, TK1 activity, MAO-B activity, dopamine D2 and D1
receptors, dopamine transporters, central (GABAA) and peripheral benzodiazepine
receptors, serotonin 5-HT1A receptors, NK1 receptors

Overview of available methodologies and animal models

Several in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo techniques such as autoradiography, binding
studies, cell cultures, molecular biology techniques, FACScan analysis, enzyme
assays, (pretreated) biodistribution studies, animal PET, anesthaesia (both inhalation
and injection)

Animal species
Rats, mice, rabbits, minipigs, rhesus monkeys, transgenic mice, nude mice and rats

Animal models
Oncology: breast, cervical, head & neck, lung, prostate and colon cancer, glioma
Neurology: Parkinson’s disease, depression, neurotrauma, MS, epilepsy
Cardiology: minipigs
Other:      osteomyelitis

Overview of clinical studies

       Medical technology assessment (MTA), PET in drug development
       Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy
       Anxiety & depression, Schizophrenia, Post traumatic stress disorder
       Myocardial ischemia, Heart failure
Oncology (only main studies)
       Lung, breast and head & neck cancer, response monitoring (chemotherapy &

Staff and facilities

BV Cyclotron VU
  Philips AVF 30 cyclotron
  2 IBA 18/9 cyclotrons
  Fully equipped GMP hotlab for the commercial production of [18F]FDG, 81mKr
  and [123I] labelled products

   P.J. van der Jagt, PhD, General manager
   P.J. van Leuffen, Head production
   R. Mooij, Head cyclotron operations
   P.S. Kruijer, BSc, Head commercial production radiopharmaceuticals
   F. van Langevelde, PhD, Head isotope production research

Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET Research
   State-of-the-art whole body PET camera (HR+, CTI/Siemens)
   High resolution research PET camera (HRRT, CTI/Siemens)
   Time-of-flight PET/CT scanner to be installed November 2006
   Dedicated rodent PET scanner to be installed Spring 2007
   Medrad infusion system (controlled injections/infusions)
   Veenstra on-line blood withdrawal & detection systems
   RDS111 cyclotron (CTI)
   Oxygen-15 gas delivery system
   25 Separate type II labs for working with radioactive material
   GMP compliant hotlab with 6 hotcells
   3 research hotcells, 1 shielded fumehood
   Metabolite analysis lab
   Small animal housing facilities
   Multiple HPLC and GC systems
   Multiple gammacounters and betacounters
   Phosphor imager

Heads of Department
    Prof. O.S. Hoekstra, MD, PhD, clinical
    Prof. A.A. Lammertsma, PhD, research
PET Chemistry
    A.D. Windhorst, PhD
    D. Laan, BSc
    M.P.J. Mooijer, BSc
    P.J. Klein, BSc
    R.P. Klok, BSc
    A.Y. Rijnders, BSc
    R. van Kooij, BSc
    J.S. Schepers, BSc
Iodine chemistry (SPECT)

    J.D.M. Herscheid, PhD
    J.L.H. Eersels, MSc
    J. Verbeek, BSc
Monoclonal antibody labelling
    Prof. G.A.M.S. van Dongen, PhD
    G.W.M. Visser, PhD
Metabolite analysis
    G. Luurtsema, PhD
    H.N.J.M. Greuter, BSc
    R.C. Schuit, BSc
    K. Takkenkamp, BSc
    P. van Ophemert, BSc
    C.F.M. Molthoff, PhD
    A.A. Geldof, PhD
    N. Proost, BSc
Pharmacy, QA/QC
    N.H. Hendrikse, PharmD, PhD
    R.P. Klok, BSc
    A. van Lingen, PhD
    R. Boellaard, PhD
    M. Lubberink, PhD
    R. Kloet, BSc
Nuclear medicine
    E.F.I. Comans, MD, PhD
    B.N.M. van Berckel, MD, PhD
    P.Raijmakers, MD, PhD
    A van Schie, MD
    L.F. van Rooij
    F.P. Buijs
    J.F. Keus
    A. de Nooijer
    P. Schollema
    R.P. van der Valk
Health Physics
    A. van Lingen, PhD
    J. Boesten
    M. Wiegman
    T. Weijer
    N. Bock
    A. Kroonenberg-Kalwij
    J. van der Kuij
    G. Stolker-Bouknecht

Above list of staff excludes temporary staff employed on various grants. In addition,
some 30 to 40 PhD students perform their PhD research in the Department of Nuclear

Medicine & PET Research. Most clinical research studies are performed in close
collaboration with the respective clinical departments of the VUmc.

Recent publications (PET only; from 2004 onwards)

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