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									IP Telephony Success Stories
Delivering Lower Costs with IP Telephony

                  Richard De Soto
                  Senior Vice President
                  AltiGen Communications
                                     AltiGen Communications
                                     R. De Soto Jan 03
         Why is the IP Phone System
 Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
    Self administration easy to learn- no need for tech
     visits; No need for two admin tech staffs
    Multi-site networking with IP saves toll costs
    Increases mobility-Remote IP teleworkers saves
     toll/floor-space costs
 Offer great value VS cost through better technology
    Lots of features included in basic packages:
     Switching, VM, Auto Attendant, ACD, CTI, etc
    IP contact centers- Multi-channel capability
    Future proof technology

                                               AltiGen Communications
                                               R. De Soto Jan 03
         Why is the IP Phone System
 Open platforms provide true business applications,
  not “technology for technology’s sake”
    Easy integration of IVR, CRM, etc.
    Look for vendors that conform to standards (H.323,
     SIP in the future)
 Reliability still there
    Hardware mature
    Embedded OS for call processing
    RAID, mirroring, redundancy
 Quality Voice is real
 Gradual migration possible with many vendors
                                              AltiGen Communications
                                              R. De Soto Jan 03
            VoIP is Real!
        Customer Case Studies


                           AltiGen Communications
                           R. De Soto Jan 03
                          Challenge in 2000
                    Toastmaster acquired by Salton
                    Nortel Call Center Not Upgradeable
                    Calls exceeding Voice Mail/Queue Capacity
                    Toastmaster unable to make system changes
                    without reseller
                    Not integrated with other Company locations
                    Didn’t provide needed features
                    Based on aging technology
100’s of Products                                     100’s of Employees
                    Fast growth- acquisitions
                                                       AltiGen Communications
                                                       R. De Soto Jan 03
    IP-PBX for Salton Headquarters-

               Systems Connected via Voice over IP- -
               Toll Savings
               - 4 digit dialing between users

               VoIP                     VoIP
Headquarters                                      Headquarters
Chicago                                           Missouri

                         Call Center
                                                   AltiGen Communications
                                                   R. De Soto Jan 03
         IP PBX Replaces Legacy Nortel PBX
         in Toastmaster Corporate
•Systems Connected via Voice over IP
•Calling Transparent Between Systems
•Dramatic Increase in Voice Mail Capability
at much lower cost



                       Call Center
                                                  AltiGen Communications
                                                  R. De Soto Jan 03
         IP PBX with Contact Center
         Replaces Nortel Call Center

 •   Increases Functionality, Capacity and Manageability
    Significant savings over installing new Nortel System
    Positioned for Multi-Channel/IP contact center and home-
     based agents

                           3,500 Incoming
                           Calls Per Day

                                               In 2 years grew from
―I would like the       Missouri Call Center   $50 million to $1
George Foreman Grill‖                               AltiGen Communications
                                               Billion Annual Sales
                                                    R. De Soto Jan 03
         Flexible Migration to
         Future Proof Technology

Remote office added
Using only IP Phones

                              Remote Office

                       VoIP                   VoIP
   Headquarters                                        Headquarters
   Chicago                                             Missouri

                               Call Center           Begins for 8
                               Missouri              New Locations
                                                       AltiGen Communications
                                                        R. De Soto Jan 03
                            Challenge 1999

Aging NEC PBX at Corporate Headquarters in Nashville
Limited Voice Mail and Auto Attendant didn’t represent
intended company image
Gibson technology driven manufacturer, but forced to pay
$1000’s per month in service fees to NEC dealer to maintain
proprietary equipment
NEC PBX not able to integrate with company network
Missing path to unite locations and adapt to new technology
                                                 AltiGen Communications
                                                 R. De Soto Jan 03
                       IP PBX Implementation 1999

Gibson IT Staff to manage daily moves, adds and changes.
Company rolls out voice mail with expanded features to all
corporate employees. Redesigns company auto-attendant to
reflect corporate image. Eliminates busy signals.
Networks IP Phone system with company Local Area
Network for integration with email and Outlook contact
Begins plan for rollout to Gibson showcase sites and other
factory locations.

                                                 AltiGen Communications
                                                 R. De Soto Jan 03
                           IP PBX Implementation

IP PBX installed in Gibson Showcase facilities. Systems
remotely administered by Gibson MIS staff.
Systems installed in additional manufacturing facilities.
 Company continues to decrease service charges
through self-maintenance and administration.

                                                 AltiGen Communications
                                                 R. De Soto Jan 03
      Gibson Implementation 2002

 New 150+ extension installation
scheduled at additional factory

Contact Center to be
implemented at Corporate to
support sales and customer
service call center needs

Gibson continues company
success through new products and
acquisitions such as Baldwin
Pianos. Company makes decision
to standardize on IP PBXs.
                                    AltiGen Communications
                                    R. De Soto Jan 03
         5 sites: Completely Revolutionized Network
Founded in early 1900’s in France and Belgium
Started US operations in 1980- In business to keep
air clean for power and energy companies
(manufacturer of cooling systems, chimneys, air
pollution controllers, heat exchangers)
Acquired Pittsburgh steel factory with old PBX &      Pittsburgh Steel
rotary phones-175 employees, 60 using phones at        Factory
Installed AltiGen server-based PBX
 Chief Benefits- Affordability and Lower Cost of
Ownership due to Self Admin                           AltiGen Communications
                                                      R. De Soto Jan 03
                         Hamon                      Headquarters
                         Second Site Added          Building with
                                                    Lucent PBX
2000-- Running out of space in NJ headquarters
Not ready to write off Lucent PBX- Lucent quoted
multiple “extenders” at $20K each to new building
across the street- total cost ―staggering‖
New AltiGen IP PBX installed at new building
acting as IP gateway to Lucent and local AltiGen
                                                       New Building
 Chief Benefits
                                                       with AltiGen
 Significant savings over Lucent                      PBX/Gateway
 Affordable expansion
 Easy migration when Lucent PBX depreciated
 VM, ext-to-ext dialing between systems            AltiGen Communications
                                                    R. De Soto Jan 03
                          3 More Sites Added with VoIP Networking

2001– Standardized on AltiGen at remaining sites
 IP PBX installed at Kansas City office
                                                        Kansas City
 Remote IP extensions installed at two warehouses
negating full PBX costs
 All five sites now networked together with 3 digit ext
dialing via VoIP
                                                       Remote Warehouses
 All employees operating as if under one roof
 Cut toll costs by over $8,000 per month
 Remote IP extensions lowered cost of communications
at warehouses
 Able to leverage existing frame relay network and LAN Communications
                                                       R. De Soto Jan 03
              A Completely Revolutionized Network
                                              New Jersey
2002– All sites networked via VoIP            Headquarters       NJ extension

 ―By implementing AltiGen VoIP,
Hamon saves over $8,000 a month just
in interoffice calls‖, But the benefits go
far beyond that. We are able to unify the       Kansas
company. We just pick up the phone and          City
dial anybody’s 4-digit extension. It’s that
easy and there are no long distance
charges. The ease in which our AltiGen
telephone system continues to allow us
to grow is critical to the success of the           Remote Warehouses
business‖- Jim Violette, Hamon CFO                  W/ IP extensions

                                                         AltiGen Communications
                                                         R. De Soto Jan 03
                                        Case Study

Fast Growing Real                           1999- Initial Phase:
  Estate Loan                           Small System with only 6
  Company                                      employees
• Started with 6                      2000- Two systems operating:
  employees             PSTN
                                        Each system administered
• Grew to 2 switches                           separately
  in Orlando
  Headquarters                    AltiServ PBXs
• Admin issue with                W/ Contact Center

  managing multiple     Orlando

  switches separately
• Added contact
  center in Orlando
                                                        AltiGen Communications
                                                        R. De Soto Jan 03
                          Ivanhoe Financial
                                Phase Two: 2002
• Centralized Admin
  software manages
  all extensions and                           PSTN
  voice mail from
  central location
                        PSTN                                  AltiServ with
• Each Switch is                                              Contact Center
  Fully Intelligent &                   Virginia
• Full Call              Two AltiServ with                         AltiServ
  Processing and         Contact Center                            With Contact
  Full Applications
  capability in each
  switch                    Orlando                     Chicago
                            With DINA Manager
• PSTN for local
  calling & available
  as backup if IP
  links fail
                        AltiGen Distributed Intelligence Network Architecture (DINA)
                                                                       AltiGen Communications
                                                                         R. De Soto Jan 03
              IP PBX Benefits to Ivanhoe
• Meeting Ivanhoe's growth, expansion, integration and
  customer service requirements.
    – Expanded to include two additional office locations in Virginia and
      Illinois, integrated together with Voice Over IP links.
    – 3 contact centers to improve overall customer service in each region
    – Interoffice call routing, unified dialing and voice mail messaging are
      transparent on all systems.
    – With AltiGen's DINA Manager, they can manage and synchronize
      multiple systems with a single administrative tool
    – Keep Toll costs down via IP-based voice connectivity
• "Knowing that our company would be adding more employees in the
  future, we were impressed with the platform's ability to grow without
  throwing away any pieces. Our employee base has grown from six
  employees to over 250 employees and the AltiServ converged system
  has allowed us to keep up the pace by balancing out communication
  needs and resources.”-- Linda Fox Mittan, Ivanhoe Sr. Vice President
  and Chief Information Officer
                                                                    AltiGen Communications
                                                                    R. De Soto Jan 03
              Craft-Diston: Unification of
              Eleven Locations with VoIP
• Growing shower door, tub enclosure, mirror closet door
   manufacturer with five manufacturing plants and 6 other
   offices in the US
• Initially chose 100% IP solution from major networking
   company to link all locations
• Implementation was a disaster- too complex, too many
   separate servers. Centralized Call Manager systems
   crashed too often and would take down half of the
   locations around the country
• 7 months and $1 million later- back to drawing board.
   Networking company agreed to take systems back.
                                                   AltiGen Communications
                                                   R. De Soto Jan 03
           Craft-Diston Final
• Selected alternative vendor/reseller (AltiGen/Network
  Innovations)- implementation much less complex using
  single integrated servers at each site with built-in
• 8 locations installed with integrated single-server system and
  3 sites served by remote IP phones
• In less than one month all locations were installed and
• Distributed architecture allowed locations to operate
  independently with unified dialing and managed as one
  image with multi-server management software
• Now has unified all interoffice calling, call routing, voice
  mail distribution and system-wide extension synchronization
                                                     AltiGen Communications
                                                     R. De Soto Jan 03
         Craft-Diston: Cost
          Savings Benefits

Additional Benefits:
• Saving $20,000 per month long distance costs
• Centralized self management of multiple sites
  saves move, add, change charges
• Improved customer service- affordable contact
  center software for customer service department in
• Easy to manage and use system

                                           AltiGen Communications
                                           R. De Soto Jan 03
                       Sunbelt Software
                       Single Site Success Story
                       #409 on the 2001 Inc. 500 list

Offices in US and Europe
In 2000 expanding, outgrowing phone
systems- Installed IP PBX in Clearwater, FL
office for 50 employees in 2000 (now at 80)                      Sales

Goal: Seamlessly integrate their LAN and
database to improve customer service                               Acctg
Integrated screen-pop with SalesLogix CRM
Implemented multiple integrated Contact
Centers for sales, tech support, accounting                       Tech
                                                   AltiGen Communications
                                                   R. De Soto Jan 03
             IP PBX Benefits to Sunbelt
• Open platform- with SDK easy to integrate SalesLogix CRM
  to Integrated Contact Center
• Improved Customer Service- Set up separate workgroups for
  Sales, Tech Support & Accounting- productivity of people is
  measurable, can coach on improvement
• Saved Money- Via self admin & CDR used to cross-check bills
• Improved Security
• Eliminated abuse of phone system, lowering costs- blocked
  900 and unauthorized LD- can be done on an individual basis
―AltiGen has not only saved us money on administrative costs,
  but also has provided an improvement to effectively service
  our customers and a tremendous return on investment, it’s
  no wonder we made the Inc. top 500 list!‖—Stu Sjouwerman,
  President of Sunbelt Software
                                                  AltiGen Communications
                                                  R. De Soto Jan 03
Delivering Lower Costs with IP

                           AltiGen Communications
                           R. De Soto Jan 03

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