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                               T HE 2007 S TUDY OF THE M ARKET FOR
                          CONTACT LENSES IN CHINA
THE 2007 STUDY OF THE MARKET FOR CONTACT LENSES IN CHINA is part of an ongoing series of studies examining
the vision correction market. While use of contact lenses lags in China compared to the U.S., the study explores
the potential growth opportunities in China.

Some specific topics addressed in this
report include:
• Incidence of current contact lens use and
  future trial among non-users
• Brands and types of lenses worn
• Features wearers and prospective buyers are
  most interested in having
• Perceived advantages and disadvantages of
  contact lenses compared to eyeglasses
• Biggest obstacles to trial among non-users
• Brands and types of lens care products used
• Influence of the eye care professional on
  purchase decision
• Attitudes toward corrected vision

  Methodology:       A total of 515 telephone interviews were conducted among adults between
                     December 16, 2007 and January 10, 2008 across five major Chinese cities: Beijing,
                     Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Wuhan.
  Availability:      Immediate
  Cost:              $22,000 (plus New Jersey or New York state sales tax where applicable)
  Deliverables:      Paper and electronic copies of a Summary Volume which includes Key Findings and
                     question by question data tables and a Detailed Tabular Analysis Volume of computer
                     generated tables cross tabbed by key demographic and behavioral variables.
  Contact:           STEPHEN OBERHEIM, VP - Consumer Goods & Services

To help clients meet their particular market research needs and develop actionable strategies from the survey,
Multi-sponsor Surveys offers custom tabulations, multi-variate analyses and presentations. The cost of these
services varies depending on the extent and complexity of the project.

       Report issued: February 2008                                                                    MS27086/PRO1019

                                      MULTI-SPONSOR SURVEYS, INC.
          136 W ALL S TRE ET   ~~   P R IN C E TO N , NJ 08540   ~~   P H ON E : 609-924-7772   ~~ F AX : 609-924-1119

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