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									Rewards Catalog 2010 - 2011


                         Update 03/18/2011
Just the Basics
  The Codero Rewards program helps you sustain
  your business’ growth by offering upgrade items
  for points. Add bandwidth, extra disk space or even
  managed services to your server by using your col-
  lection of points, which grows with each U.S. dollar
  you spend with Codero*. Go ahead and place depen-
  dencies on these upgrades. You keep them through-
  out the lifetime of the server, unless stated other-
  wise. Register to start collecting points within your
  server portal or visit
  codero-rewards/ for more information.

  Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Fan at Codero or
  follow us @codero and receive an extra 200 rewards
  points with a maximum of 400 Points. To redeem
  these points, send us an email with your username
  and customer ID.

  *Rewards Program Terms & Conditions
Managed Hosting A La Carte Items
 Single Pack- 2,000 Pts. 3 Pack- 3,500 Pts.

 Need service on your server? Looking to re-install your operating system or restore a database?
 Use rewards points to handle the cost of a single- or three-pack service to use as you need.
 Below is a sample list of Custom Services. For a complete list of services and descriptions, please

 Base LAMP Setup                  Single Database Back-up            Add Virtual Host
 Apache Module Installation       Single Site Back-up                IIS/FTP Setup (One Domain)
 APC Installation                 Site Scan                          SELinux Enable/Disable
 Contact Form Installation        Log Analysis–Troubleshooting       Log Rotation
 1st Domain Setup in email        Script / Directory Permissions     MySQL Optimization (my.cnf)
 Web Script Installation          Single Database Restore            MySQL database driven website
 Log Analysis & Security Check-   Single Site Restore                Daemon Port Changes
 Disk Space Clean-up              Clear Email queue                  Registry Edit

                                                                                     Redeem Points u
1 Year of Managed Hosting Services
 Basic- 35,000 Pts. Select- 70,000 Pts. Premium- 105,000 Pts.

 Maximize your server efficiency with proactive, automated network monitoring. Further protect
 your server with managed security audits and a built-in intrusion detection system. All while
 maintaining flexibility with a custom setup and advanced support.

Add Extra Ram                    Upgrade SATA HDD                  Add A Firewall
 Server-grade RAM speeds up        Add more disk space to your       Defend your server from ma-
 processing and adds to over-      SATA HDD designed for high-       licious traffic through auto-
 all performance.                  capacity storage.                 matic, rapid response.

 1 GB- 4,000 Pts.                  250 GB- 12,500 Pts.               Cisco ASA 5505 - 27,500 Pts.
 2 GB- 7,000 Pts.                  500 GB- 15,000 Pts.               Cisco PIX 501 - 20,000 Pts.
 4 GB- 10,000 Pts.                 1 TB- 25,000 Pts.
 8 GB- 20,000 Pts.

                                                                               Redeem Points u
Paid Support                     Upgrade to 100 Mbps             FTP Backup
 Speak directly with a support    Increase port size 900 per-     10 GB of remote backup
 specialist about your ad-        cent to help load balance,      protects against theft, viruses
 vanced server issues.            stream videos, etc.             and general data loss.

 1 Hour- 5,000 Pts.               7,500 Pts.                      10 GB- 12,500 Pts
 5 Hours- 20,000 Pts.

Basic Server Monitor             Remote Console                  KVM Over IP
 Proactive, automated moni-       24/7 root access so you can    Manage your server from

 toring offering historical       monitor and collect data on    anywhere over IP--includes

 trends analysis.                 your server performance.       remote power management.

 12,500 Pts.                      15,000 Pts.                    30,000 Pts.

Private Network                  Disaster Recovery(DR)           Codero t-shirt
 Transmit data securely           20GB EVault offsite backup      Trendy. Urban. Elemental.

 through a synchronized pri-      updates changed files incre-    Made with 100% cotton,

 vate server network.             mentally at the block level.    Sizes S-4XL.

 18,000 Pts.                      Unmanaged- 18,000 Pts.          2,500 Pts.
                                  Managed- 25,000 Pts.            US & Canada Shipping Only

                                                                           Redeem Points u
cPanel License
 30,000 Pts.
 Fully-automated platform designed specifically for Linux web hosting.

Parallels Plesk Panel
 30,000 Pts.
 Easily manage hosting setups: email accounts, databases and websites.

Parallels Small Business Panel 10
  1 User- 30,000 Pts.   5 Users- 33,000 Pts.   Unlimited Users- 43,000 Pts.
  An IT-in-a-box solution providing access to web design and productivity tools.

 Control Panel Basics
   A control panel is the interface you use to manage your hosted server. Choose yours from
   the best the industry has to offer: cPanel/ WebHost Manager is specifically designed for
   Linux; Parallels® Plesk Panel offers full-featured automation and Parallels® SMB Panel 10
   simplifies complex processes for the small business owner.

                                                                               Redeem Points u

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