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									                                                                 Payments are settled to your NZ bank account in NZ dollars
                                                                 at very competitive rates.

                                                                 FuturePay allows you to take recurring payments such
                                                                 as subscriptions and pre-authorised payments where you
WebFarm is the premier New Zealand partner for WorldPay:
                                                                 validate your customer’s credit card but don’t take payment
the world’s largest real-time multi-currency online payment
                                                                 until your inventory’s been checked (one-off set-up fee of
service. WorldPay provides all the components needed to
offer a secure, accurate and convenient online shopping
experience for your customers around the world.
                                                                 WorldAccess allows manual transactions when merchant
WorldPay is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland (which dates      manually enters credit card information into their WorldPay
back to 1727 and is the world’s fifth largest bank). With over    account collected by customer offline for a one-off fee of
150 currencies to choose from, WorldPay enables your online      NZ$170. WorldAccess is not a stand-alone product and
customers to buy from you in the currency of their choice, so    applicants must have a website.
there’s no wondering what they’re actually paying after the
conversion rate. The price they see when they order from         • Platform Independent
you online will be the same price that shows up on their           Compatible with any web hosting platform and all major
statement.                                                         web browers.

                                                                 • The Latest Security Measures
what are the benefits?                                              WorldPay provides SSL, SET, digital certification & RSA
                                                                   public key encryption protecting your customers with total
• Multiple Currencies
                                                                   security and confidence and you with reduced fraud and
   NZ$, US$, Euro€, GB£ and over 150 other currencies.
  Standard WorldPay service offers 3 currencies of your
  choice. Additional currencies can be added for a one-off fee
                                                                 • Online Customer Management System
  of NZ$170 each.
                                                                   Allows you to track sales, issue full or partial refunds, and
                                                                   configure auto statement e-mails.
• Multiple Payment Options
  Visa, MasterCard & American Express are accepted.
                                                                     “WorldPay’s billing solution, FuturePay, enabled
  Real-time transactions are processed from customer
                                                                     InterGlobal’s customers to pay by monthly or quarterly
  accounts directly to your WorldPay account. So there is no
                                                                     installments, without requiring the involvement of
  need for a merchant account with a NZ bank as WorldPay
                                                                     administrative staff.”
  assumes this role for you. (Many payment gateways require
                                                                                               – John Pritchard, InterGlobal
  you to also have a merchant bank account and you pay two
  sets of fees.)
How does it work?                                               How do l apply?
WorldPay works in conjunction with shopping cart software       To apply for a WorldPay account, go to www.webfarm.co.nz/
added to your web hosting account. All WebFarm Linux            worldpay. There you’ll find more information on WorldPay
shared hosting accounts come standard with a free shopping      as well as easy application steps. WorldPay applications
cart called WebFarm Shop which is fully integrated with         are subject to approval and restrictions may be imposed
WorldPay. So you can easily add products and pricing            according to applicant’s credit standing and risk analysis of
without the added burden of assimilation. Additionally, there   their business sector. Note that applications take up to 3
are customisable shopping carts such as Miva Merchant that      days to process and after approval, up to 2 weeks to set up
come with WorldPay integration modules. WorldPay can            and go live on your site. It’s a good idea to give yourself
also be integrated with websites hosted by other web hosting    three weeks from start to finish before your WorldPay multi-
companies; however this may require additional interface        currency is up and running.
                                                                In a nutshell WorldPay is a fully integrated system including
                                                                everything you need to create an international online shop.
How much does it cost?                                          You are able to offer multi-national currencies, a complete
                                                                range of payment options to encourage online trade and
WorldPay has a merchant account fee of NZ$435 per year
                                                                increase your bottom line, and your customers are provided
+ NZ$240 setup fee. Additional costs include a commission
                                                                with total security and world-class performance for greater
of 4.5% per transaction (this can be negotiated depending on
                                                                customer satisfaction.
turnover, an online anti-fraud fee of NZ$0.18 per transaction
for validating credit cards, a NZ$7 fee for settlement from
                                                                As an added bonus WebFarm is pleased to offer you a free
WorldPay to merchant’s home bank account (minimum weekly
                                                                fully-integrated shopping cart with all Linux shared hosting
settlements of NZ$340), and when applicable a chargeback
admin fee of NZ$35 per review.
                                                                Any questions? Please see following FAQs or give WebFarm
                                                                a call at 0800 WEBFARM or e-mail resellersales@

                                                                  “The number one issue that faces e-commerce
                                                                  businesses is convincing consumers to trust that their
                                                                  online payment has been made safely and securely.
                                                                  WorldPay has allowed SitePoint to ensure customer
                                                                  confidence from day one.”
                                                                                                – Mark Harbottle, SitePoint
1. How many currencies come standard with WorldPay accounts?              Note that a merchant account set up for a “bricks and mortar
3 currencies of your choice. Additional currencies can be purchased       store” might only be valid for what is called “Card Present
for a one-off fee of NZ$170 each.                                         Transactions,” but a merchant who wants to take credit card
                                                                          orders online must establish a merchant account that has been
                                                                          authorised for Internet merchants as all your transactions are
2. What types of shopping carts integrate with WorldPay?
                                                                          classed as “Card Not Present Transactions.” This is because the
WebFarm shop (WebFarm’s free shopping cart), Miva Merchant and            risk to the bank is completely different and far riskier compared to
a host of others are fully integrated with WorldPay. WorldPay can         “Card Present Transactions” and thus the fees are often higher.
also be integrated with 99% of all other shopping carts with additional   All WorldPay merchant accounts are approved for “Card Not
interface programming.                                                    Present.”

3. How much does it cost?                                                 You do not need a merchant account with WorldPay. WorldPay
WorldPay has a yearly merchant account fee of NZ$435 + NZ$240             provides online payment processing and credit card merchant
one time set-up fee, plus a commission of 4.5% per transaction,           services in a single package with only one set of fees.
NZ$0.18 anti-fraud fee per transaction, and remittance fee of $7 for
an average fee of $66.58 +GST per month ($435 yearly fee +$364
                                                                          10. Can I accept American Express?
weekly remittance fee divided by 12).
                                                                          Yes, there are two different set-up options for Amex. One is Amex
                                                                          Bank Direct where the merchant has their own Internet merchant
4. How do I get paid?                                                     ID with the local Amex office. WorldPay acts as the payment
Payments are processed directly to your company nominated bank            processor for Amex transactions and the charges is 1.6% per
account and paid out weekly (or monthly if you prefer) as long as the     transaction. Amex charges will be deducted by Amex from the
total amount to be paid out is at least NZ$340. Initial payments are      merchant settlement directly before the merchant receive the
held for the first 4 weeks and paid out on week 5 and so on.               remittance

5. Are transaction fees negotiable?                                       11. Can I accept phone or “over the counter” orders if I have
As a general rule, you will start on the 4.5% per transaction fee         a WorldPay account?
unless you are a charitable trust or already have high online turnover.   Yes and the service is called World Access. World Access acts
Regardless, after 6 months you can negotiate the rate down directly       like a virtual terminal across the Internet. There is a one time set-
with WorldPay who assess on a case-by-case basis with the key driver      up fee of $170 to enable the service and have a connection to
being dollar volume through your merchant account.                        the Internet. (Note: WorldAccess is not a standalone product and
                                                                          merchant needs to have a website.)
6. Can I use my WorldPay account for multiple websites?
Yes as long as the websites are for the same company. If this is the      12. How do I get set up with a WorldPay Account?
case you will need to purchase separate installation IDs to add to        Go to www.webfarm.co.nz/worldpay, fill out an application and
the extra sites. If however, you have multiple companies and would        you will be notified within 3 days if your account application is
like to use WorldPay on their individual sites, you will need to have     approved, and within 2 weeks after approval your WorldPay
separate WorldPay accounts which will be offered at a discount. Visit     account should be up and running.
http://support.worldpay.com for more information.
                                                                          13. How is my application processed?
7. How does WorldPay differ from DPS, PayStation and Paypro?              WorldPay assesses risk of each application with regard to the
DPS, PayStation and PayPro are all New Zealand approved payment           products you offer and market sector in which you are operating
gateways that require you to have both a merchant account with a          (e.g. some sectors, such as tourist accommodation, experience
NZ bank and an account with one of the gateways. So you end up            a high number of chargebacks). Should your application be
paying a combination of gateway and bank fees. A major advantage          denied, you will receive a full refund of your set up and annual
with WorldPay is that all this is done for you through one account, and   fees.
offers multi-currency at the same time.
                                                                          14. Where do I go for help to integrate WorldPay into my
8. How do I know that my transactions will be secure with WorldPay?       site?
WorldPay provides the latest security protection including SSL, SET,      http://support.worldpay.com
digital certification & RSA public key encryption and is constantly in
touch with MasterCard, Visa and Amex to make sure that their systems
                                                                          15. If I decide to expand my offerings, can I sell these
are compliant. Shoppers enter their credit card details directly on the
                                                                          through my WorldPay account?
WorldPay secure servers, thus the merchant never sees card details
and security is maintained on merchant’s website.                         No. You can only sell products agreed to in your WorldPay
                                                                          application. If you’d like to add a different category of products
                                                                          you’ll need to re-apply with WorldPay. Visit http://support.
9. What is a merchant account and do I need one with WorldPay?            worldpay.com for more information.
For a business to accept credit card payments directly via their
website, they must have a merchant account which by default accepts
“Visa and MasterCard.” In New Zealand, only authorised banks or
WorldPay have the authority to assign such an account.
                                                                             “WorldPay provided the solution that financial institutions
                                                                             could not-a means to accept multi-currencies, real-
                                                                             time, in the currency of consumer’s choice.”
                                                                                                          – Linda Beveridge, Intrepid Travel

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