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Community Coalition for Oral Health


									                         Community Coalition for Oral Health
                            Minutes- September 23, 2005
                          UNLV School of Dental Medicine
                                1001 Shadow Lane
                               Las Vegas, NV 89106

1. The meeting was chaired by Jenney Sartin and called to order at 1:20

2. Roll call.

In attendance were:

Terri Chandler- Nevada State Health Division – (NSHD)
Mary Kimball- Nevada Health Center/ Miles for Smiles
Arann Lea- Nevada Health Center
Annette Lincicome- Huntridge Teen Center
Mildred A. Mc Clain- UNLV School of Dental Medicine
Rosario Paniagua- Oral Health Promotion
Dixie Rogers- 1 Day Program
Heather Rogers-Pokorny- Nevada Dental Hygiene Association (NDHA)
Jenney Sartin
Virginia Smith- Clark County School District Health Services
Carolyn Taylor- Safe Nest/ UNLV
Candace Thompson- KLVX Channel 10/ Ready to Learn

3. Approve Minutes

The minutes were approved as written.

4. Executive Committee Reports

       Chair- Not Present

       Chair Elect- Jenney Sartin explained that the Chair (Dr. Michael Sanders) was
        unable to be present at the meeting and he requested that the Chair Elect conduct
        the meeting.

       Treasurer- Not Present

       Secretary- Ms. Forsch was unable to be present at the meeting and has requested
        that Terri Chandler take the meeting minutes in her absence.

    5. Announcements/ Participating Organization Reports

           Ms. Sartin asked that everyone acknowledge the sign in sheet and Ms.
            Chandler handed out the necessary meeting information.

6/21/2011                                                                              1
   6. Old Business

   Committee Reports

           Nominating Committee (Dixie Rogers{Chair}, Patty Craddock, Michael

            Ms. Rogers recommended that the elections be deferred until the October
            meeting due to a lack of attendance of officers. This recommendation was
            accepted. Therefore the CCOH 2005-2006 Election of Officers will be
            held on October 14, 2005 during the meeting.

           1 Day Board ( Patty Craddock {Chair} Sue Brooks, Jason Downey, Scott
            Neil, Victor Sandoval, Jean Wolff, CCSD representative {TBA})

            Ms. Rogers reported that the September 17, 2005 Quarterly Event was a great
            success. At this event 75 children received dental treatment with a total of
            $42,724 in dental services. All totals are not complete to this date and will be
            shared at the next meeting. Additionally, there was some concern regarding
            the poor attendance of Head Start children at this event. It was mentioned that
            the children were registered however due to unknown causes there was an
            “attendance challenge” wherein they did not show up for the event. Ms.
            Rogers and Dr. Mc Clain will be sorting out this situation.

           Legislative Committee (Bobbette Bond {Chair}, Maury Astley, Kathleen
            Kelly, Shari Peterson, Michael Sanders, Jenney Sartin)

            No report.

           Public Relations Committee (Jenney Sartin {Chair}, Terri Chandler, Dixie
            Rogers, Carolyn Taylor, Candy Schneider)

            Ms. Sartin requested that this report be deferred until the end of the meeting.

           Education Committee (Terri Chandler {Chair}, Mary Kimball, Arann, Lea,
            Millie Mc Clain, Sharon Peterson, Stephanie Redwine, Heather Rogers,
            Candice Schneider)

            Ms. Chandler reported that the next Quarterly Meeting will be held on
            November 14, 2005 at the CCSN Dental Hygiene School room 210.

           Smiles Across America (Chris Forsch {Chair}, Sue Brooks, Mary Kimball,
            Annette Lincicome, Millie Mc Clain, Betty Pate, Dixie Rogers, Michael

6/21/2011                                                                                 2
            Ms. Chandler reported that the SAA Quarterly Reporting Invoice has been
            drafted and is under review for approval by Ms. Forsch. The contracted
            parties eligible for the grant funding are as follows:

                         CCSN/ Seal Nevada South
                         Huntridge Teen Center
                         Nevada Health Centers

            Dr. McClain reported that the UNLV dental students conducted the summer
            enrichment program at Renaldo Martinez Elementary where they provided
            oral health education and oral health supplies to 500 children. Furthermore,
            oral screenings were conducted on 350 children and 250 received fluoride
            varnish applications. No sealants were placed. This program was made
            possible because of the SAA donation of the portable dental equipment which
            the students utilized.

           Head Start Committee (Millie Mc Clain {Chair}, Sandra D’ Amico, Maury
            Astley, Paul Schneider, Diane Ferrari, Chris Forsch, Rose Gaston, Steve
            Hackmyer, Delores Jones, Arann Lea, Connie Mobley, Sharon Peterson, Dixie
            Rogers, Michael Sanders, Virginia Smith)

            Dr. McClain reported that she still needed to complete the Head Start MOU
            and need to review details with Dr. Schneider. An update will be provided
            at the next meeting.

Portable Dental Equipment

           Ms. Chandler reported that the portable dental equipment was utilized
            successfully by the UNLV dental students for the Summer Enrichment
            Program. As of September 23rd the equipment has been reserved by Annette
            Lincicome, Huntridge Teen Center, and will be utilized while they move
            forward with the dental clinic remodel. Unsure of how long this will take the
            equipment will be reserved until the completion; possibly February 2006. Ms.
            Lincicome will keep CCOH up to date on the status of Huntridge.

Purchase of Portable Equipment

           No report.

The meeting returned to the Public Relations Committee report - Public Relations
Committee (Jenney Sartin {Chair}, Terri Chandler, Dixie Rogers, Carolyn Taylor, Candy
Schneider, Candace Thompson)

           Ms. Sartin explained that the PR Committee and the Education Committee
            held a joint meeting where they brainstormed ideas which will allow CCOH to
            move forward with PR options. Some of these ideas were to support data

6/21/2011                                                                             3
            collection regarding CCOH Programs, Medicaid stats and demographics of
            the dental practitioners in Clark County. Ms. Chandler shared information
            that the Oral Health Program was in the process of developing
            information regarding the CCOH Programs and that Ms. Forsch could
            provide an update at the next meeting. Ms. Rogers explained that the
            Southern Nevada Dental Society had a spread sheet with the SNDS
            members practice demographics and she could request a copy for the
            coalition. Ms. Rogers-Pokorny offered to convert the spread sheet into an
            Excel doc and email to Ms. Chandler.

           Ms. Sartin expressed concerns regarding the Oral Health America and CCOH
            partnership; specifically the fact that CCOH will need to invest a significant
            amount of time and effort in the partnership and that Oral Health America will
            retain 10 percent of all funds raised through Smiles Across America, Las
            Vegas. Ms. Sartin has past experience with fund raising and she believes that
            the set up, relationship development and meeting arranging are the hardest
            part of fund raising. Additionally, CCOH would benefit from establishment
            of a Speaker’s Bureau; members who will be prepared and educated with the
            appropriate facts and information to be successful in a fund raising
            presentation. Ms. Whitman suggested that a Committee be formed to research
            other fund raising ideas, the relationship with OHA and seek other CCOH
            members who have grant writing and fund raising experience. The following
            individuals were appointed to the Fund Raising Committee:

                Nancy Whitman (Chair)
                Jenney Sartin
                Dixie Rogers
                Sue Brooks
                Millie McClain

            This new Committee will report back at next months meeting. Ms. Whitman
            also mentioned that Patricia Durbin from Great Basin Primary Care will be in
            Las Vegas September 26, 27, 28, 2005 if anyone needs to speak with her. Ms.
            Chandler will provide contact information of all members to Ms.
            Whitman via email.

      7. New Business

      Budget Committee

               No report provided


6/21/2011                                                                              4
               Ms. Rogers announced the 1 Day Board Meeting will be held on
                Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 6:00 pm at the Southern Nevada Dental
                Society Office.

               Ms. Rogers-Pokorny invited CCOH Members to the Nevada Dental
                Hygienists’ Association’s 18th House of Delegates Meeting on October
                21-22, 2005 at the Texas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

               Dr. Mc Clain will reserve the UNLV School of Dental Medicine room
                104 for the next CCOH meeting. .

      8. Next Meeting

      Friday, October 14, 2005 at 1:00 pm at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine,
      1001 Shadow Lane in Las Vegas.

      9. The meeting was adjourned at 2:21 pm.

6/21/2011                                                                              5

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