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                                                                Information for the layman regarding natural
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Volume 27, Number 8 — September 2008                           The Newsletter of the Northern California Chapter of IACVF

   Everyone is invited to all our meetings,          Combining Natural and Allopathic
   which are open to the public.

   A meeting with speaker(s) is held on
                                                          Treatment for Cancer
   the third Monday of the month 7:00                                 By Elaine Zablocki
   to 9:30 pm, except July, August, and                         Townsend Letter • January 2007
   December, at First Congregational
   Church of San Jose, 1980 Hamilton

   Avenue, San Jose, at the corner of                 ost readers of this magazine   the same time, the patient is cop-
   Hamilton and Leigh Streets.                        support natural medicine       ing with the emotional strain of a
                                              and use it in their daily lives.       life-threatening illness and with
   The Newsletter Folding Party and
   Business Meeting takes place the           Many of us try to eat the best pos-    potentially debilitating symptoms.
   last Wednesday of every month at           sible diet and exercise often. We           This month, we asked two ex-
   the First Congregational Church            take nutritional supplements. If we    perienced naturopathic physicians
   of San Jose. An Information and            are basically healthy, we’re using     from the Cancer Treatment Cen-
   Support Meeting is held at the same        these methods as a support for our     ters of America (CTCA) to com-
   time.                                      continued health.                      ment on the best way to combine
   For more info on any of these                   However, a person who’s           natural medicine with conven-
   meetings, call Raymond Francis at          been diagnosed with a potentially      tional care for cancer. CTCA has
   (415) 453-7588 or Lilly Golden at          fatal illness faces a very different   three cancer hospitals (located in
   (408) 834-5300.                            and much more difficult chal-          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tulsa,
                                              lenge. Someone in that situation       Oklahoma; and Zion, Illinois),
   Once again we wish to thank the
                                              needs to seek care from allopathic     plus an outpatient treatment center
   First Congregational Church!
                                              physicians, decide on the most         (Seattle, Washington).
                                              appropriate form of conventional            At CTCA, conventional MDs,
   DISCLAIMER: The IACVF Newsletter           care, and then attempt to combine
   seeks to inform its members about          allopathic and alternative care. At             Treatment cont. on page 2
   various dealings with cancer,
   including alternative as well as
   orthodox healing practices and             The next IACVF speaker meeting at the First Congregational Church
   treatments. It provides an exchange
                                              will be on September 15, 2008. Our speaker will be Elizabeth (“Lizet”)
   of ideas on all aspects of health.
   The material in this newsletter is         Freeman, who will discuss recent advances she’s found in nontoxic
   for educational purposes only and          therapies in Nevada, California, and abroad. For more info about Lizet,
   is not intended as medical advice          see page 4.
   or as a prescription for medical
                                              The next support group/newsletter folding party meeting is September 24.
   conditions of any kind. Any opinions
   presented are not necessarily those
   of the IACVF or the editor, and we
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   assume no responsibility or liability
                                                1       Combining Natural and Allopathic Treatment for Cancer
   for any use readers make of the
                                                4       The Rotten Roots of Chemotherapy: The Nazi Connection
   information herein.
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Treatment cont. from page 1                 cal trials with large numbers of pa-             The reality is that naturopathic
                                            tients that could answer the question       physicians at CTCA individualize
naturopathic physicians, and other          definitively one way or the other.”         treatment for patients all the time.
CAM practitioners serve on staff and             At present, CTCA itself is plan-       While Birdsall does recommend
meet frequently to share information        ning a series of sophisticated clinical     vitamin E to patients, there are many
about patients. Because of this close       trials on vitamin C and cancer, which       exceptions. To take one example
working relationship, CTCA, in many         they hope will eventually answer            out of many, he notes there is some
cases, can combine high doses of            these questions. CTCA currently             evidence that patients with head
nutritional supplements with conven-        has a Phase I clinical trial under-         and neck cancer receiving radiation
tional cancer treatment. When we first      way, which will look at the safety of       therapy do less well when they take
contacted CTCA, we were hoping              large doses of intravenous vitamin          high doses of vitamin E. “There are
naturopathic physicians there could         C. Later, larger studies will examine       some situations where it’s appropri-
offer advice our readers could rely         the vitamin’s effectiveness. CTCA           ate to use minimal antioxidants,” he
on, no matter where they live. Unfor-       is funding the research itself and has      says. “Early-stage testicular cancer
tunately, it turns out that this subject    applied for additional funding from a       is a curable disease using conven-
is far too complicated to summarize         nonprofit research foundation.              tional methods. If someone with that
easily.                                                                                 condition is on a bleomycin-based
                                                       Natural Treatments:              regime, using a heavily oxidative
     Naturopathic physicians fre-
quently recommend megadoses of                      Impossible to Generalize            form of chemotherapy, I would be
vitamin C, either orally or intrave-           In addition to vitamin C, many           extremely reluctant to use high doses
nously, to combat cancer. However,             other nutritional supplements are        of antioxidants, considering that they
both radiation oncologists (who                often helpful for people with cancer.    might interfere with the possibility
oversee radiation treatment)                                                                          of a cure in that specific
and medical oncologists                                                                               situation.”
(who oversee chemotherapy)                                                                                 Unfortunately,
often object to this treat-            At CTCA, conventional MDs, naturopathic physicians,            there are many ques-
ment. One reason is that               and other CAM practitioners serve on staff and meet            tions about the interac-
radiation therapy and many                                                                            tions between cancer,
                                          frequently to share information about patients.
forms of chemotherapy                                                                                 conventional treat-
combat cancer by generating            Because of this close working relationship, CTCA, in           ments, and naturopathic
free radicals, which dam-               many cases, can combine high doses of nutritional             treatments that, at this
age or destroy the cancer                                                                             time, have no definitive
                                         supplements with conventional cancer treatment.              answers, and reasonable
cell. Meanwhile, antioxidant
vitamins, such as vitamin C,                                                                          people can disagree
work against free radicals.                                                                           when they look at the
     “That means there is a                                                                           available evidence.
theoretical concern that an antioxi-           However, Birdsall warns it is very       Many natural medicines can interfere
dant such as vitamin C could coun-             difficult to generalize on this subject, with the activity of conventional
teract the effects of conventional             since there are so many different        medicines or therapies. “The natur-
therapy. Antioxidant metabolism in             options and interactions, and there      opath working in this field needs to
the body is very complex and not               are many exceptions to any rule          understand chemotherapy and radia-
something you can effectively study            of thumb. He often finds himself         tion therapy,” Birdsall says. “Most
in a test tube,” says Timothy C.               recommending supplements such as         importantly, the patient and the
Birdsall, ND, CTCA’s vice president            vitamin E, green tea extract, mela-      naturopath need to continually revise
for integrative medicine. “The body            tonin, curcumin, quercitin, fish oil,    the natural products regimen, based
regenerates all the antioxidants, and          and other forms of omega three fatty     on changes occurring in the conven-
this is a dynamic bodily process that          acids. “They all have some contrain-     tional treatment plan. Literally every
can be affected by many different              dications, but as a general rule, they   cancer type and every chemotherapy
substances.” Katherine Anderson,               are probably appropriate for the ma-     drug and every chemotherapy combi-
BSc, ND, staff naturopath at the               jority of patients with solid tumors,    nation potentially result in a differ-
CTCA hospital in Tulsa, adds, “There           such as breast, colon, lung, prostate,   ent set of recommendations from a
really aren’t any well-designed clini-         and ovarian cancer,” he says.            naturopathic standpoint.”

Lifeline                                                  Page 2                                              September 2008
       Accessing CTCA                     and coordination with the patient’s      NDs who wish to be certified as fel-
    When You Live Far Away                local care network.                      lows in naturopathic oncology. The
Naturopathic treatment for cancer              People with cancer often come to    OncANP will maintain an Internet-
requires a detailed, subtle, constantly   CTCA for second opinions. Howev-         based repository of information on
changing response to each patient’s       er, there are two problems with this     naturopathic oncology and plans to
specific condition and the conven-        approach, Birdsall says. “To be per-     facilitate continuing education on
tional treatment they are taking. So,     fectly honest about it, while we are     this subject.
we asked whether it is possible to        happy to offer an opinion about how
access CTCA resources if you don’t        we would approach your disease,          Elaine Zablocki is the former editor
happen to live in Tulsa, Philadelphia,    we’re not necessarily in a position      of CHRF News Files and Alterna-
Zion, or Seattle.                         to convince your oncologist at home      tive Medicine Business News.
     It turns out that most CTCA          to incorporate our viewpoint. If they
                                          aren’t already comfortable with natu-       ______________________
patients do travel long distances to
reach them. It takes CTCA three           ral therapies, then a short conversa-
or four days for a full new patient       tion with me isn’t necessarily going
                                          to change their opinion.”                   FurThEr rESOurCES
assessment/workup/treatment plan.
After that, most patients receiving            The second issue is that a cancer
chemotherapy fly in for one to three      patient’s symptoms and the allopath-     Cancer Treatment Centers of
days of treatment every three or four     ic treatment they receive change over    America (CTCA)
weeks. Patients receiving radiation       time. “Whenever they change, the
therapy may need to stay for six to       patient should be reevaluated, since     1-800-268-0786
eight weeks, so CTCA has developed        often the recommend naturopathic
relationships with local hotels and of-   regimen will also change,” Birdsall      The Oncology Academy of
fers a range of other housing options     says. “Particularly for patients with    Naturopathic Physicians
for those patients.                       advanced cancer or cancer that has       (OncAMP)
     People with restrictive insurance    recurred, these changes may occur
can only access certain providers         very frequently.”
and may not be able to receive care        New Organization to Support                       CancerGuides
at CTCA. However, a cancer patient          Naturopathic Doctors Who
who is covered by Medicare and                                                     The Center for Mind-Body Medicine
                                               Offer Cancer Care                   offers CancerGuides®, an annual
wants to be treated at CTCA only
needs to pay for travel costs, lodg-      Since combining natural treatments       training program for health profes-
ing during treatment, and the cost        with cancer care can be so compli-       sionals who wish to create safe,
of nutritional supplements, over and      cated, in 2004, naturopathic doctors     effective, humane, individualized
above what conventional care would        (NDs) formed the Oncology Associa-       programs of care that integrate the
cost in his or her own city. CTCA         tion of Naturopathic Physicians,         best of complementary approaches
makes a point of sharing all records      (OncANP), a membership organiza-         with conventional therapy for cancer.
with the patient’s care providers at      tion intended to advance the philoso-    The interdisciplinary program com-
home, to facilitate communications        phy, science, and practice of natur-     bines science-based lectures in inte-
                                                       opathic oncology. This      grative oncology with small group
                                                       emerging naturopathic       experiences that help participants
                                                       specialty is likely to      better understand the choices cancer
                                                       grow in coming years.       patients and their families face. For
                                                       In fact, Anderson is one    more information, email center@
                                                       of about a dozen natur-, call 202-966-7338, or
                                                       opathic physicians in the   visit Continuing
                                                       US who have completed       education credits and partial scholar-
                                                       a two-year residency in     ships are available. LL
                                                       naturopathic oncology.
                                                           The new organiza-
                                                       tion is creating a board
                                                       certification process for

Lifeline                                               Page 3                                           September 2008
                           The Rotten Roots of Chemotherapy
                       Two Websites Reveal the History of “Big Pharma”
                                       Compiled by Elizabeth Freeman

Portions of this material are from a full-page ad run in The      cover-up.
New York Times on July 20, 2007. I believe this information            In 1946, the Nuremberg Trials convicted 24 IG
could not be published except in “ad form” because the            Farben board members and executives on the basis of
pharmaceutical industry is one of the very largest income
sources for the media. —Lizet Freeman
                                                                  mass murder, slavery, and other crimes against human-
                                                                  ity. Amazingly, however, by 1951 all of them had already

A   fter six decades of silence, the historic records of          been released and were continuing to consult with
    the key war crimes tribunal that determined the re-           German corporations. The IMT dissolved IG Farben into
sponsibility for WWII is finally being made available to a        Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF.
world audience. Currently, history books teach that WWII               Today, each of the three branches of IG Farben are
was launched by a lunatic dictator, Adolf Hitler, and his         20 times bigger than its parent company was at its
ruthless Nazi henchmen. We now have access to tens                height in 1944, the last year of WWII.
of thousands of historical documents online for the first              More importantly, for almost three decades after
time at                                 WWII, BASF, Bayer, and Hoechst (now Aventis) each
    However, tens of thousands of historical documents            filled its highest position—chairman of the board—with
from the Nuremberg Trials—newly released online—un-               former members of the Nazi Party.
equivocally document the following:                                    Another website published by the Dr. Matthias Rath
                                                                  Foundation tells the background of what evolved into
•	 WWII—a	war	that	cost	the	lives	of	more	than	60	                the very same pharmaceutical companies that now
   million	people—was	planned	and	financed	by	the	                bombard us with sentimental television ads.
   world’s largest chemical and pharmaceutical cartel.
   At that time Germany’s chemical conglomerate IG                  Second Website on the History of Big Pharma
   Farben (Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie                Well worth the read and something you will want to
   AG) consisted of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, and others.             share with your list is on
•	 The	driving	force	behind	WWII	was	IG	Farben’s	                 PHARMACEUTICAL_BUSINESS/history_of_the_pharma-
   ambition to achieve control of the global oil                  ceutical_industry.htm#literature, or alternately go to
   and drug markets and eliminate, by force, any        , click on “Sitemap” on the
   competition.                                                   top horizontal menu, then choose the second one down
                                                                  on your left, “Business with Disease.” Then click on
•	 The	IG	Farben	companies	financed	the	rise	to	
   power of the Nazi party and the transformation of
   German democracy into a dictatorship.                               A bit of background: Auschwitz was the largest mass
                                                                  extermination factory in human history, but this con-
Most of us know that the Nazi-IG Farben coalition’s plan          centration camp was only an appendix to a much larger
for world domination was destroyed by the efforts of the          operation, the IG Auschwitz. This was a subsidiary of IG
great majority of nations of the world and the extraordi-         Farben, the largest industrial complex in the world for
nary sacrifices they made. However, many do not know              manufacturing synthetic gasoline and rubber for the
that the inventors of chemotherapy (known to some as              conquest of Europe.
chemo torture) received only a five-year-sentence slap                 On April 14, 1941, in Ludwigshafen, Germany, Otto
on the wrist from the International Military Tribunal (IMT)       Armbrust, the IG Farben board member responsible
and then went on to become the new owners of the                  for the Auschwitz project, stated to his IG Farben board
remaining IG Farben shares in the USA and the UK.                 colleagues, “Our new friendship with the SS is a bless-
    You can now go to and see            ing. We have determined all measures integrating the
the complete record of these trials. The site is well-orga-       concentration camps to benefit our company.”
nized, making it easy to understand the essence of the                 The pharmaceutical departments of the IG Farben

Lifeline                                                 Page 4                                           September 2008
cartel used the victims of the concentration camps in           launching of the war, and for the concomitant atrocities
their own way; thousands of them died during human              of the Nazi era. In his book, Mr. Taylor takes advantage
experiments such as the testing of new and unknown              of his profound knowledge of the Third Reich and of the
vaccines.                                                       roles of the German officer class, the industry, and the
    There was no retirement plan for the prisoners of           Nazis.
IG Auschwitz. Those who were too weak or too sick to
work were selected at the main gate of the IG Auschwitz         The Crime And Punishment of I.G. Farben
factory and sent to the gas chambers. The chemical gas          by Joseph Borkin
Zyklon-B, ultimately used for the annihilation of millions
                                                                From 1938 to 1946, Joseph Borkin was the chief of the
of people, was derived from the drawing boards and
                                                                Patent and Cartel Section of the Antitrust Division of
factories of IG Farben.
                                                                the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and was
     One interesting tidbit from the above website is the
                                                                responsible for the wartime investigation and prosecu-
career of the man in charge of Auschwitz, Fritz ter Meer.
                                                                tion of the cartels dominated by IG Farben. During the
In 1948 after the Nuremberg trial, Fritz ter Meer was
                                                                war, he published Germany’s Master Plan, which led the
sentenced to seven years for plundering and slavery but
                                                                Associated Press to say, “Joseph Borkin probably knows
in 1952 he was released because of powerful friends.
                                                                more about IG than anyone outside of it.” Since 1946,
Then he was reinstated as a member of the managing
                                                                Mr. Borkin has practiced law in Washington, D.C. and
board of Bayer AG! In 1962, Fritz ter Meer was one of
                                                                written numerous books and articles. He is chairman
the architects of the “Codex Alimentarius Commission”
                                                                of the Federal Bar Association’s Committee on Stan-
and one of the main designers of the schemes that
                                                                dards and Judicial Behavior, a lecturer in the Catholic
would profit from human suffering, according to the Dr.
                                                                University Law School, and director of the Drew Pearson
Rath Health Foundation.
                                                                Foundation. LL
      And Then Along Came Chemotherapy …
During World War II, IG Farben built the world’s largest        Elizabeth (“Lizet”) Freeman became interested in cancer
                                                                research in 1980 when her maternal uncle developed
poison gas industry. Farben was the prime manufactur-
                                                                lung cancer. She located the Gerson Clinic through library
er of the poison mustard gas used to kill soldiers and of       research and attempted to convince him to attend but he
Zyklon-B, the nerve poison used to kill six million Jews in     declined. As more relatives developed neoplasms she con-
the concentration camps of German-occupied Europe.              tinued to learn about natural treatment methods. In I983
Is anyone surprised that mustard gas was discovered to          she worked for a blood laboratory that provided a test that
be a “drug” that could kill cancer cells? In 1942, secret       showed proneness to neoplastic change. When she found
                                                                that she had that condition, she became even more inter-
research offices in Nazi Germany were studying poison
                                                                ested in learning preventive measures. What followed for
mustard gas as both a chemical warfare agent and anti-          her was a layman’s study of Chinese medicine, qigong, and
cancer therapy. Based on the clinical success of treat-         nutrition.
ing a single laboratory mouse that had lymphoma with               When she discovered the International Association
a modified mustard gas, human trials began that year.           of Cancer Victors and Friends, she loved the spirit of its
The first human subject died; although his tumor initially      members and joined. With the support of IACVF, she has
                                                                contacted many researchers and learned of their break-
regressed, his white blood cell count plummeted from
                                                                throughs which she loves to share. She regularly contrib-
5,000 to 200 per cubic millimeter of blood.                     utes articles to the Lifeline.
    This story is documented in numerous books that
are listed on the above websites. It is also present in the
records of the Nuremberg Trials. Every cancer research-
                                                                   We are very happy to have Lizet speak
er needs to know these facts.
                                                                   at our next IACVF speaker meeting on
                     To Read More                                  September 15!
Sword and Swastika
by Telford Taylor                                                  She will discuss the advances she has
As chief of counsel for the prosecution of war criminals           found in nontoxic therapies in Nevada,
at Nuremberg, Brigadier General Telford Taylor had a               California, and abroad in the past year.
major part in unraveling the tangled knot of guilt for the

Lifeline                                               Page 5                                             September 2008
    Tastes of Valley & Bluff: The Featherstone Farm Cookbook
              Delicious, Healthy Raw Foods Recipes
    Golden Gazpacho                    Serves 4 to 6            1. To prepare the dressing, blend together the
                                                                   sour cream, horseradish, and dill in a small jug
    Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish chilled tomato               or bowl and season with a little salt and pepper.
    soup, usually made with tomatoes, bread, garlic,
    and water, with seasonings that vary tremendously           2. Thinly slice the radishes. Place them in a bowl
    depending on the region. Sungolds are a delectable             together with the apple and celery.
    variety of orange-colored cherry tomato with a very         3. Cut through the mango lengthwise, on either
    sweet, almost citrusy flavor.                                  side of the pit. Make even criss-cross cuts
                                                                   through each side section. Take each one and
    2 pints Sungold cherry tomatoes                                bend it back to separate the cubes. Remove the
    1 cup peeled cucumber chunks                                   mango cubes with a small knife and add to the
    ½ cup red or green bell pepper chunks                          bowl.
    1 whole scallion
    1 tablespoon red wine vinegar                               4. Pour the dressing over the vegetables and fruit
                                                                   and stir gently so that all of the ingredients are
    2 teaspoons olive oil
                                                                   coated in the dressing. When ready to serve,
    1 clove garlic, minced
                                                                   spoon the salad into an attractive bowl and
    ¼ teaspoon salt                                                garnish with a dill sprig.
    Place all of the ingredients in a blender or a food
                                                                    — Christine Ingram, The Cook’s Encyclopedia
    processor fitted with a steel blade. Cover and                    of Vegetables
    process until the mixture is almost smooth, but still
    retains some texture. Chill to let the flavors blend.
    Variation                                                   Iced Honeydew and Gewürztraminer Soup
    For a spicier version, add ½ jalapeño pepper, or
    ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon ground red pepper and a small               Serves 6
    bunch of fresh, chopped cilantro.                           1 honeydew melon
    —	Colleen Wolner, Blue Heron Coffeehouse                    1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint
                                                                1 cup Gewürztraminer white wine
                                                                6 tablespoons low-fat peach yogurt

    Radish, Mango, and Apple Salad               Serves 4       1. Cut the honeydew in half, then into quarters
                                                                   and cut away the rind. Cut the honeydew into
    Dressing                                                       cubes (you will need about 7 cups).
    ½ cup sour cream                                            2. Purée the honeydew in a blender until smooth,
    2 teaspoons creamed horseradish                                working in batches if necessary. Pour the purée
    1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill                                into a bowl. Stir in the mint and wine.
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper
                                                                3. Divide the soup among 6 chilled bowls and
    Sprig of dill, for garnish
                                                                   top with a dollop of yogurt. Serve the soup by
                                                                   placing the bowls onto plates lined with crushed
    10 to 15 radishes, ends removed
                                                                   ice, setting the bowls into the ice.
    1 eating apple, peeled, cored, and thinly sliced
    2 celery stalks, thinly sliced                              	   —
    1 small ripe mango, peeled and cut into chunks

Lifeline                                               Page 6                                             September 2008
    Fruit Shake                    Makes 1 shake                  4 tomatoes, each cut into 8 wedges
                                                                  ½ red onion, thinly sliced
    Honey for sweetening
                                                                  32 Greek olives, preferably kalamata
    1 cup skim or soy milk
                                                                  1 pound Greek feta cheese, crumbled
    1 cup plain yogurt
                                                                  1 cucumber, peeled and cut into 32 slices
    1 tablespoon ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil
                                                                  16 pepperoncini (pickled peppers)
    1 cup berries (strawberries, raspberries, or
                                                                  Greek Salad Dressing (recipe below)
           blueberries, etc.)
                                                                  8 pinches of dried oregano (or minced fresh
    1 banana
                                                                         oregano or majoram)
    Sweeten with sugar or honey, if needed, then place
                                                                  Assemble the ingredients as described above or
    all of the ingredients in a blender and process well.
                                                                  create your own pattern. Like most other salads,
    —	Kathy Delano                                                this can be mixed as one large salad, then tossed,
                                                                  but my preference is to arrange it on individual
                                                                  plates. Drizzle the dressing over the top and sprin-
                                                                  kle the oregano over all.
    Raw Kale Salad                        Serves 4
    A less fattening alternative to the typical creamy            Greek Salad Dressing
                                                                  Makes 3 cups, about 8 servings
    1 pound kale, very finely chopped, stems removed
                                                                  1 cup extra-virgin olive oil
    1 medium-sized red onion, diced
                                                                          (kalamata if available, otherwise
    3 carrots, grated
                                                                          any variety)
    1 cup green beans, chopped
                                                                  1/3 cup red wine vinegar
    ¼ cup olive oil
                                                                  1/3 cup lemon juice
    ¼ cup balsamic vinegar
                                                                  ¼ cup Greek kalamata olive brine
    2 tablespoons brown sugar
                                                                  14 pitted Greek kalamata olives
    2 cloves garlic, crushed
                                                                  3 large cloves fresh garlic
    1 teaspoon salt
                                                                  ¾ cup crumbled feta cheese
    Ground pepper
                                                                  ¼ medium-sized onion
    1 teaspoon curry powder
                                                                  ¼ teaspoon whole peppercorns
    2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
                                                                  ¼ teaspoon dried oregano
    Several fresh purple basil leaves, chopped
                                                                  Purée all of the ingredients except the oregano in a
    Thoroughly mix all of the ingredients together, and
                                                                  blender or food processor until smooth. Stir in the
    toss to evenly coat with the dressing.
                                                                  oregano. Store unused dressing, covered, in the
    Optional toppings: Vegetarian bacon bits, gorgon-             refrigerator. It will keep for up to 2 weeks.
    zola cheese, slivered almonds.                                — Peter Reinhart, Sacramental Magic in a Small-Town Café
    —	Robin Taylor, Featherstone Farm CSA member

                                                                  For ordering information, contact Mi Ae Lipe at
    Greek Salad                       Serves 8           or call 206-349-2038.
    1 large or 2 small heads fresh lettuce (romaine,              The book is 416 pages and profiles over 50 fruits,
       green leaf, red leaf, mesclun, or combination)             vegetables, and herbs, with nearly 300 recipes,
                                                                  two-thirds of them vegetarian. It sells for $24.95.

                     A sample book will be available at the meetings!

Lifeline                                                 Page 7                                             September 2008
                        New Colorado Chapter of IACVF

     The next meeting for the brand-new
     Colorado IACVF Chapter will be held
     September 15 at the Custer County
         Library’s community room.
            Meetings will be held the 3rd
              Monday of every month,
                  from 6 to 8 p.m.                                                    Jane & Elton Moyer
              All are welcome!
       Come join us and let us help you
     and share our resources for healing.
             Teri DeLuca: 719-783-9469
             Janice Funk: 719-248-7242                    Vitamins • Herbs • Organics • Groceries & More

           Christine Stenell: 719-783-9529            405 Main St.                      Ph. (719) 783-9266
                   or 719-783-0339                    Westcliffe, Co. 81252

                                                                      Guide cont. from page 9

                                                                      ber to just read Chamberlain’s “basics
                                                                      on cancer,” the road to trying alternative
                                                                      therapies will be far easier for the pa-
                                                                      tient… .
                                                                            …While some cancer clinics offer
                                                                      work on positive mental attitude, Cham-
                                                                      berlain observes that most clinics are
                                                                      little more than chemotherapy profit cen-
                                                                      ters with little incentive to get patients on
                                                                      the right track. “Harnessing the Healing
                                                                      Power of the Mind,” “Loving and Forgiv-
                                                                      ing Yourself and Others,” and “Relaxing
                                                                      and Laughing” are the chapter heads for
                                                                      proven therapies that all cancer clinics,
                                                                      orthodox and alternative, should offer at
                                                                      the onset to increase the odds of surviv-
                                                                      ing cancer.
                                                                            The créme-de-la-créme of the Cancer
                                                                      Recovery Guide unquestionably is the
                                                                      discussion of alternative therapies, which
                                                                                          Guide cont. on page 10

Lifeline                                     Page 8                                              September 2008
             The Book Corner: Recommended Reading
                  By Jonathan Collin, MD • Townsend Letter, Aug.–Sept. 2008

Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and Complemen-                       members who attempt to dissuade any participation with
tary Strategies for Restoring Health. Jonathan Cham-                       alternative medicine would have great difficulty debating
berlain. Clairview Books,                       Chamberlain’s discussion except to offer the same tired
pages. March 2008.                                                         quip that, “if the alternative method was good treatment,
                                                                           then your oncologist would be asking you to do it.” If we

J   onathan Chamberlain is not a physician, and that may
    be all the better when it comes to writing a guide to
alternative cancer therapies. He is a good writer and avoids
                                                                           could get the health professional and worried family mem-

                                                                                                                       Guide cont. on page 8
slathering on the medical jargon that makes
most health books arcane or tedious. Most lay
folks enter the field of cancer either by get-
ting cancer or taking care of a loved one with                        NCD – LIQUID ZEOLITE
cancer, and Chamberlain was no exception.
                                                          • Supports a healthy immune system.*
     In his case, his wife prematurely devel-             • Helps remove heavy metals and toxins from your body.*
oped cancer, and she dutifully attended the               • Helps balance pH levels in the body.*
medical clinic in London, undergoing sur-                 • 100% natural and nontoxic.*
gery, radiation, treatment, and chemotherapy.             • Safe for long-term use (no side effects).*
She apparently had an aggressive tumor, and
                                                            These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

none of the treatments effectively abated the                 These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
progression of the disease. Within a year, she
was dead, and Chamberlain was distraught,                 Box of 3 bottles $124.95, plus tax and S/H
not only with the outcome of her disease but
                                                          Special Member Price
with the sheer ineffectiveness of the treatment
she was offered. Hence, Chamberlain was                   3 bottles *** $99.95 plus tax and S/H
inspired to explore the cancer field and study           Membership, information, or ordering, call toll-free 1-800-330-2620.
its ways.                                                Accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
     For a book shorter than 200 pages, with
big print, Chamberlain’s Cancer Recovery
Guide packs a lot of discussion on theory and
treatment into what may be the best read on
alternative therapies for cancer. He previ-                        HYBRID MUSHROOM
ously published a much larger book, Cancer:
                                                        In its hybridized form, even more potent than the rare mushroom
The Complete Recovery Guide, as an e-book
(2007,, which                   that grows only in the rainforest of Piedade, Brazil, where.
discusses the therapies in much greater depth.
                                                      � Heart attacks are rare
Yet the shorter Cancer Recovery Guide cov-
ers alternative and complementary therapies           � High blood pressure is almost unheard of
with enough information to interest readers           � Diabetes isn't a concern
in the therapies and encourage their use.             � Almost no one ever dies of cancer
     In just a few pages, Chamberlain offers          � Almost no one ever gets Alzheimer's
a great comeback argument for the hardcore            � Arthritis is unknown . . .
health professionals and the cynical journal-
ists who dispute that alternative therapies               100-day liquid supply about $1.50/day
play any legitimate role in treating cancer.                        Toll-free 1-800-330-2620
Indeed, the worried and disbelieving family

Lifeline                                                          Page 9                                                September 2008
Guide cont. from page 8                                                                          cure measles by cutting off
                                                                                                 all the itchy red spots. Why
range from the use of intravenous vitamin C to Essiac,                                           should we think we can cure
from alkalizing the body to detoxification strategies, from                                      cancer by cutting out tumors?
Budwig’s use of flaxseed oil mixed in cottage cheese to                                          If doctors don’t understand
PolyMVA, and from Rife Machine frequencies to unap-                                              the disease how can they cure
proved use of drugs, including Digitalis and Cimetidine.                                         you?” In addition to the strate-
Chamberlain looks at the therapies that have the most                                            gies, the book contains over
background, like Gerson’s diet and colonic enemas, and                                           a dozen true stories of people
at the ones that appear to be the least supportable, such                                        who cured their cancers by
as Hulda Clark’s contention that all cancers arise from                                          following a variety of alter-
an intestinal fluke and exposure to propyl alcohol from                                          native and complementary
household and cosmetic product use. With a nice index, the                                       therapies.
patient and the doctor can have a “15-second” read about a                                            Jonathan had previously
medical alternative right at their fingertips.                    written Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide, which is
     I am delighted to have found Chamberlain’s work in           available as an e-book at his website at www.fightingcan-
such an easy-to-read form. With patient anecdotes and con- “But this book is now over 600 pages long. If you
nections to patients’ treatment strategies through their own      want to know all the facts then this is the book for you. But
websites, this book deserves to be placed in the patient          most people just need a short orientation with the informa-
library or to be offered for sale from the dispensary.            tion presented in a simple, clear, approachable, and ratio-
                                                                  nal way. Then it’s up to them what they do about it. That’s
—Jonathan Collin, MD
                                                                  why I wrote Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and
                                                                  Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health. It’s short.
           More About Cancer Recovery Guide                       It’s clear. It’s factual.”
                                                                       Jonathan Chamberlain believes strongly in taking
When Jonathan Chamberlain’s wife Bernadette was diag-
                                                                  responsibility. When his daughter, Stevie, was born with
nosed with cancer, he was, in his own words: “completely
                                                                  Down’s Syndrome, he founded the Hong Kong Down’s
ignorant of what cancer was and how it could best be
                                                                  Syndrome Association. In 20 years that organization has
combated.” As Bernadette progressed through the painful,
                                                                  grown from one man and a dream to a major charity em-
incapacitating, and ultimately unsuccessful treatments that
                                                                  ploying over 70 staff, many of whom have Down’s Syn-
her doctors recommended, he tried to educate himself. “It
                                                                  drome themselves. “That experience taught me the power
was a constant game of catch-up in which I was always left
                                                                  you get when you take control of your fate. Otherwise
far behind.” And then Bernadette died. “She couldn’t have
                                                                  you’re just a victim of bureaucratic process, a statistic.”
died faster if we’d done nothing! In fact, as I was to learn,
                                                                       Stevie was to suffer further brain damage from an op-
the radiation and chemotherapy almost certainly made the
                                                                  eration that left her blind, epileptic, and unable to even sit
cancer tumor more aggressive. The treatment itself was
                                                                  up by herself. Eventually she died aged eight. But Jonathan
killing her.”
                                                                  says this: “I bless the day she was born. She taught me the
     It was to avoid the same fate—both for himself and
                                                                  value of life and gave me the energy to take control over
his young son—that Jonathan decided to learn everything
                                                                  my own.” So when Bernadette got cancer it was natural for
he could about the disease and the different approaches to
                                                                  Jonathan to read all the books he could get his hands on.
its treatment. “What I discovered stunned me.” He says.
                                                                       What he read disturbed him. On the one side there
“There are dozens of cures out there but the doctors won’t
                                                                  were people making what seemed valid, logical, and clear
tell you about them. Either they don’t know about them or
                                                                  statements and on the other there was an ocean of hysteria
they are prejudiced against them. Certainly, they are indoc-
                                                                  and irrationality—and it was the medical authorities who
trinated against them. They are undermined by them.”
                                                                  were being irrational. That’s what scared me. That’s why
     So Jonathan decided something had to be done. “Un-
                                                                  I wrote my books. If only I knew then what I know now.
less people have access to the right information presented
                                                                  Then Bernadette would not have suffered so much and she
in the right way, they will continue to go like lambs to the
                                                                  might not have died.” LL
slaughter.” That’s why he wrote Cancer Recovery Guide:
15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restor-
ing Health. “This book is a short overview of the main
alternative and complementary strategies for curing cancer.               To read an excerpt from the book, visit
     The truth is doctors don’t understand cancer. We don’t

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September 2008
•   Combining Cancer Treatments
•   Chemotherapy’s Nazi Roots
•   Book Review: Cancer Recovery Guide
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