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									           European Commission - Call for proposals:
 Preparatory actions to promote European digital content on the
                         global networks

      Demonstrate Efficiency in
       MANaging Digital Sites

Comune di Modena       Codifin        Meta            Nerano
  Location: located in Northern Italy, at the centre of the Emilia
  Romagna region, Modena is crossed by two very important
  motorways: the A1, running the entire length of the country, and the
  A22, connecting Italy to Northern and Eastern Europe

  Population: 175.124 inhabitants

  Territorial extension: 184 Km2

  Economy: high concentration of SMEs, intensive agricultural
  production, developed tertiary sector, low unemployment rate

  Social services: presence of a broad network of services
  for the citizens (nursery schools, services for the elderly, for
  migrants, ...)

Comune di Modena            Codifin            Meta                  Nerano
                   Comune di Modena
 The City of Modena is the local authority running the town of
 Modena, offering to citizens, associations and enterprises, a
 wide range of services.

  The functions carried out by the City of Modena are organised
                          in four areas:

           1) Relations with citizens and security services

           2) Financial resources and patrimony

           3) Services for the citizens

           4) Town/land planning

Comune di Modena         Codifin           Meta               Nerano
                   Comune di Modena
  The departments of the City of Modena involved in Demands are:

    Telematic City and
 Information System Dep.
carries out the following activities:
•statistic services;                          Progetto Europa
                                          is the department of the City of
•information, telecommunications
and telematic systems;                     Modena in charge of European
                                        affairs and international relations.
• offices automation;                   It provides technical assistance to
• personnel training on                 all City Departments in the project
information technologies issues.             management of EU funded
                                         projects and in the relations with
                                              the European Commission

Comune di Modena            Codifin          Meta               Nerano
 Demands covers all the information services offered
   by the City of Modena in the following areas:

Town planning, land planning, private building          Household

Economic development, commerce, small businesses        Education

Municipal police                                        Culture and Tourism

Environment - traffic                                   Sport and Leisure

Taxation                                                Demographic Services

Comune di Modena              Codifin            Meta            Nerano
   Modern limited company with public capital that manages energy
   distribution and environmental services to 409,000 people in the
   territory of the province of Modena. The company capital is about
   200,000,000 eur.

  Traditional services
   Energy services: electric energy, water, gas, heat, district heating,
   cogeneration, heat plants, public lighting and road sign services.
   Environmental services: waste collection and disposal, municipal
   and environmental hygiene services, separate waste collection.

  New business branch
   Telecommunication services: the start up of the TLC service will
   include: a single invoicing for all services; an interactive access for
   the citizens to Meta databases; availability of other services like
   mailing list, etc.; direct interaction with customers.

Comune di Modena           Codifin             Meta               Nerano
Founded in 1999 form the existing company N@scent, it is a pan-
European Information Technology incubator with offices in Paris,
Geneva, London and Milan.

 Nerano offers its support to start-up companies in the information
 technology sector in Europe. In particular, it provides the incubated
 company with a range of services that include: legal, financial,
 technical and overall strategic advice, as well as assistance with fund

 Nerano specialises in a few segments of the Information technology
 industry: Business to Business, e-commerce and related mobile

Comune di Modena           Codifin            Meta              Nerano
   The main activity of this company is focused on consulting and
          brokerage in the information technology field.

  In particular, Codifin offers the following services:

  Technical assistance to the planning and support to the management
  of outsourcing activities for information and telecommunication

  Starting up of projects on Intranet networks.

  Financial management of several activities related to the
  telecommunication sector.

Comune di Modena            Codifin            Meta           Nerano
                DEMANDS                Aims

    To verify the economic and technical feasibility for the
    setting up of a company based on a partnership
    composed by the City of Modena with one or more
    private entities, in order to create a destination for
    offering the users (citizens, firms, associations etc.)
    digital services linked to Public Administration.

        This way the City of Modena could progressively
        outsource its services, keeping co-ordination and

Comune di Modena        Codifin          Meta             Nerano
                 DEMANDS                Aims

  The project will provide for a business plan able to define all
  technical, legal, management, fiscal, economic and financial

  The model created by the end of the project (business model,
  public-private partnership) may be transferred and reproduced
  in other European cities.

Comune di Modena         Codifin          Meta             Nerano
            DEMANDS Milestones

        • Market analysis, which will lead to the assessment
          of the services to be provided by the new
        • Legal assessment, in order to ensure the correct
          application of norms compelling public authorities
          when dealing public data
        • Business model, in order to ensure the
          dissemination of the experience and the
          methodologies applied to other European cities

Comune di Modena      Codifin          Meta            Nerano

   • Total cost of the project: 189.661 €
   • EU funding:               94.831 € (50%)

   Duration of the project: 9 months
   (January-September 2001)

Comune di Modena    Codifin       Meta          Nerano
  City of Modena Network infrastructure
 All of the approximately 70 locations are adequately cabled and
 connected to the network through different technologies and at
 various transmission rates.

 The network is fully IP and the SNA protocol, used to access the
 management procedures residing on the central processor, is
 packaged and carried by the IP.

 This network is connected to the Internet through Telecom,
 using a 8 Mbps RING access; the City manages its Internet and
 intranet sites on its own server.
 For several years,        Public Agencies, National and Local
 Administrations have been connected.

Comune di Modena       Codifin         Meta            Nerano
  City of Modena Network infrastructure
  The optical fibre network, currently being constructed by
  META S.P.A., will soon (Spring 2001) connect another 16 sites,
  including the Chamber of Commerce and the Provincial

  The schedule META is following to lay the optical fibre lines
  will also reach additional sites within such public organisations
  such as :

     -AUSL (Local Health Authority)

Comune di Modena        Codifin          Meta            Nerano
  City of Modena Network infrastructure

  The City of Modena is served by Telecom Italia, a
  telecommunications operator whose telephone network covers
  100% of the territory.

  In addition, 5 other national telecommunications operators
  (Albacom, Infostrada, Wind, ePlanet, e-Via) have POPs
  available within the territory (or being completed).

  Approximately 25 ISPs operate within the City of Modena
  territory, offering Internet connections through analogic
  (RTG), digital (ISDN) and xDSL lines.

Comune di Modena     Codifin        Meta           Nerano
  City of Modena Network infrastructure
  Broad band services using optical fibre connections will mainly involve
  businesses (medium and large-scale companies) while the remaining
  market share (including residential) will be served by xDSL access,
  taking advantage of disaggregated access to the local Telecom Italia
  network (available starting September-October 2001).
  Meta Spa is a member of Tre.A.Web Spa, a new local
  telecommunications company that plans to install approximately 90 km
  of access/dorsal optical fibre network and WLL radio coverage within a
  period of two-three years. The company is marketing its services both
  to businesses and to residential users.

  The City of Modena is served by 4 mobile telephone operators, at least
  two of which provide complete coverage of territory.
  By the end of 2001 all operators present will be able to provide GPRS
  service. In addition 3 of the 4 operators have obtained UMTS licenses.

Comune di Modena          Codifin           Meta              Nerano
                City of Modena
          Municipal information system
  Approximately 1600 stations are connected in a local network.

  The technological quality of this network is relatively high and
  this holds both for the hardware and the instruments used to
  achieve general-administrative productivity at all levels:
  individual, professional and technical.

  To date, automation of the procedures has involved all sectors
  and services, covering a fair portion of all management needs.

Comune di Modena         Codifin         Meta             Nerano
               City of Modena
         Municipal information system

  The contents already available in digital form are a lot

  These e-contents concern all the areas of activity of a public

  In province of Modena many public authorities are interested
  in common investments, at least for studies concerning
  systems planning.

Comune di Modena        Codifin          Meta                Nerano
               City of Modena
         Municipal information system
 Development and maintenance of the applications procedures is
 handled by the Telematic City and Information System
 Department which maintains and co-ordinates such services
 and contacts outside suppliers for specific topics and projects.

 This Department is also responsible for user support,
 emergency intervention, installation of all hardware and
 software as well as providing users training courses.

Comune di Modena       Codifin          Meta            Nerano
               City of Modena
         Municipal information system

Following “Research into accessibility and use of information
systems in the simplification and streamlining of administrative
activities”, in recent years activity has overcome the series of
vertical databanks and evolved toward the concept of information

Organisation, procedures and responsibilities are implemented on
the basis of a series of well organised, unitary databanks, thus
ensuring that the data contained is always up-to-date, consistent
and complete.

Comune di Modena       Codifin         Meta            Nerano
               City of Modena
         Municipal information system

          - Territorial information system: bringing together
            georeferences and locations throughout the

          - Population information system and services for
            individuals: bringing together personal registry
            codes and fiscal codes;

          - Accounting      information    system:   bringing
            together centres of responsibility and the codes
            in legislative decree and national law.

Comune di Modena      Codifin         Meta            Nerano
                    City of Modena
           ComNet - Internal network services
     • e-mail service and mailing lists;
     • city bulletin boards and space to share destructured
     information (program documents, circulars, regulations and
     standards, news and bulletins);
     • simple, browser guided access to information and
     management     archives (protocols, legislative and
     management decisions);
     • new interface for management procedures (on-line
     budget estimates, filling out investment forms, budget
     modifications, City Executive Management Plan (PEG)
     objectives, training calendar and enrolment).

Comune di Modena        Codifin            Meta      Nerano
                    City of Modena
                   MoNet - Civic Network

 Modena’s civic network was expressly founded in 1995 by the
 City Executive Committee and inserted in a true and proper ICT
 development policy at the local level (the Città Telematica

 Differing from other Italian realities, the Information Systems,
 Marketing and Communications Department have always co-
 operated with one another.

Comune di Modena       Codifin         Meta            Nerano
                    City of Modena
                   MoNet - Civic Network

  Achieve high quality relations between the local public
  administration and the citizens;

  Assert an avant-garde image of the city and its services;

  Reinforce the public administration reform process;

  Stimulate development and innovation within the local
  economic system.

Comune di Modena       Codifin          Meta            Nerano
                     City of Modena
                    MoNet - Civic Network

     Campaign to train and familiarise the citizens with the basic
     use of interactive services;
     Gradual testing of new means of participation in the local
     decision-making processes, through the use of such
     instruments as on-line conferences on particular topics and
     spaces for participation and debate;
     Strategic use of ICT as an opportunity to create a system of
     international co-operation relations, at the same time
     promoting the local name.

Comune di Modena        Codifin          Meta            Nerano
                    City of Modena
                    MoNet - Civic Network
     • Development of digital services, including their gradual
     extension to citizens and businesses, interoperability and
     sharing of data between the various Administrations
     throughout the territory and introduction of new services
     such as: territorial information system, direct access to
     databanks, cartography services for professionals, on-line
     enrolment, etc.;
     • Promotion of widespread use of ICT, involving the local
     socio-economic players such as universities, schools,
     business associations, institutions and cultural associations,
     libraries, the service sector;

Comune di Modena        Codifin         Meta             Nerano
                   City of Modena
                   MoNet - Civic Network
                       a few figures...

Comune di Modena      Codifin         Meta   Nerano
                     NEWCO ... WHY ?

 Public authorities like the City of Modena, with a good ICT
 situation and with a good development of telematic services,
 are looking for new solutions and new interventions.

 This should enable public authorities to work in new field of
 actions, in respect of the existing structures and institutional
 tasks, but looking for new synergies, increased quality and
 added value.

Comune di Modena         Codifin          Meta             Nerano
  The socio-economic context of Modena is extremely
   interesting and favourable for an initiative such as
                     that of Newco

  • Good schooling (over 60,000 diplomates/graduates out of
    approx. 168,000 inhabitants)
  • High per capita income (43,500 million per capita income
    in 1997)
  • Good tendency of exploiting the information services
    (including the web) available today (on average 330,000
    contacts/day to the civic network servers)

Comune di Modena      Codifin         Meta           Nerano
  • Strong entrepreneurship (60,000 enterprises registered in
    the province of which about 2500 export firms)

  • Marked tendency for innovation and technological
    excellence (for example, Ferrari in the mechanical sector,
    product quality in the biomedical sector, leadership in the
    tiles sector, etc.)

          This context is open to an innovative
                entrepreneurial initiative

Comune di Modena        Codifin         Meta             Nerano

  • Services which at present are not adequately developed,
    or which are not completely related to public authorities
    institutional activities;
  • Services aiming at exploiting digital contents owned by
    public authorities, to improve, elaborate and transfer
    them, even against payment, to other public authorities or

Comune di Modena        Codifin         Meta            Nerano
 • Services for other public authorities to transfer and
   disseminate model and tools developed by the city of
   Modena for its activities;

 • Services already outsourced by the city of Modena;

 • Services for which it is no longer profitable to perform by
   the city itself.

Comune di Modena        Codifin         Meta             Nerano
                   Portal - First level

• Static information organised in a homogeneous interface
• Search engines to navigate the static information
• Interactive applications already available in the systems meta
  and the city of Modena use to supply services to citizens but
  organised within a single, homogeneous interface (portal)
• Aggregated knowledge concerning the available systems (e.G.
  The single counter for companies or the system that guides
  the user in requesting meta services) organised in a single
• Management of electronic forms

Comune di Modena       Codifin         Meta            Nerano
                   Portal - Second level
        • Unified search engine to search all sources of static and
          dynamic information made available by the two
        • Classification system to support the final user, guiding
          him to the information as quickly as possible
        • First customisation system: user recognition, user
          preference registration and registration of other
          information required for content customisation (home
          page, services)
        • Generalised use of the digital signature (to access
          services of both the city and meta). This will also
          enable the agencies to produce certificates
          authenticated by the digital signature technology
        • A unified credit card payment system

Comune di Modena       Codifin          Meta             Nerano
                   Portal - Third level

• Integration of the services and data originated by the two
  organisations participating in the portal. Integration is
  achieved through the development of a common data
  warehouse made available to the outside world through
  appropriate services
• Creation of user profiles based on preferences expressed
  during registration and on the type of navigation the user
  normally performs
• Workflow system between the various agencies
• CRM system used, for example, to create a single web call
• On-line co-operation

Comune di Modena         Codifin       Meta            Nerano
                   Portal - Fourth level

  • Integration of applications both within a single agency
    and between the two using the web services model

  • On-line transactions to access and update the content of
    the agency information systems: grouping these
    objectives translates into perfect integration of web
    services and the companies’ internal information systems

Comune di Modena       Codifin        Meta            Nerano
   According to the business model, the Newco will
      act within three different business areas:

   • progressive outsourcing of services the PA is already
   • enhancement and better exploitation of the existing PA
     resources and services;
   • innovative services. CRM web call center service,
     distance surveillance and e-learning services

Comune di Modena       Codifin        Meta            Nerano
    The holding company will initially consist of the
                  following partners:
   • the City of Modena
   • Meta, the city’s multi-utility company, which currently
     provides users with electricity, gas and water but which in
     the near future will also be involved in the provision of
     TLC and Internet services using fiber optic and broad-
     band cables. Meta is controlled by the Municipality of
   • a private-sector partner, ideally a company whose mission
     is to act as an accelerator for new businesses, which will
     be able to contribute capital and technological know-how

Comune di Modena       Codifin         Meta            Nerano
      NEWCO: key elements from the moment of its

   • availability of content and the capacities for delivering
     services based on a network infrastructure;

   • close knowledge of the local territory and familiarity with
     the local clientele;

   • knowledge of the technologies and of the entrepreneurial
     opportunities as well as the capacity to attract venture

Comune di Modena       Codifin         Meta            Nerano
                   Future involvement

 • other public-sector bodies such as the local health units
   (Ausl), provincial governments etc. who in Newco will find
   the means for an effective and efficient interface with their

 • local economic agencies such as CONFINDUSTRIA, the
   League of Cooperatives, API (the SME association), CNA (the
   microenterprise association), etc. Such bodies will be able
   both to express the needs of their members and, in their
   institutional role, to help open up Newco’s potential market;

 • financial partners such as banks and insurance companies;

 • venture capital or private equity investors.

Comune di Modena        Codifin         Meta          Nerano
                     Legal issues

       Juridical nature of the activity planned for Newco

     These activities are not a “public service” but instead
                    activities of “promotion”

Comune di Modena        Codifin         Meta             Nerano
                   Legal issues

  Composition of the company structure and choice of company

       The most suitable juridical form for Newco is the
                  limited liability company
          (società a responsabilità limitata - s.r.l.)

Comune di Modena      Codifin         Meta            Nerano
                    Legal issues

      Relationship between public administration and Newco

              The relationship should be based on a
                        “service contract”

Comune di Modena      Codifin         Meta             Nerano
                   Legal issues

         Ownership and responsibility of data processing
                      Privacy protection
             Agreement by the parties concerned

      We have to comply with directive 95/46/CE
      Ownership and responsibility of data processing are
       entrusted to the local authority
      The agreement of the parties concerned is always
       required when data are treated by private companies.
       For public authorities, such agreement is not

Comune di Modena       Codifin         Meta            Nerano
                      Self Assessment
  - we have targeted different sort of professionals involved in
  the financing process, such as fund raisers, incubators,
  investment banks and corporate investors
  - we have selected our contacts in different major European
  financial centers

  Many investors contacted agreed to challenge the project and
  were interested in addressing the questions prepared to
  conduct the self assessment process.

  Overall they welcomed the initiative and some of then have
  expressed a true interest in meeting, in due course, the
  management of Newco.

Comune di Modena        Codifin          Meta             Nerano
                     Market Analysis
 • Broadband technology: what is the timeline for the future?
 The recent slow down in computer penetration is making investors
 cautious about the deployment of broadband Internet connection over
 Europe in the coming year.
 Mass penetration is likely to take longer than expected

 • What broadband products and services are expected to be?
 The rollout of broadband networks will lead to a redefinition of contents
 and services offered, moving from straight information to entertainment
 and commerce.
 Most of the future investors believe it will take a long time (we will
 need a generation shift)

 • Who are the potential users for value added services?
 It is investors understanding that the primary target of value added
 services providers should be SMEs users.
Comune di Modena          Codifin            Meta              Nerano
      Challenging the project rationale
  • What Market should be addressed?
  Main market will be joint agreements with neighbor cities and/or
  central administrations.
  Moreover, even if alliances are one way of widening sources of
  revenue, they are also a mechanism for reducing marketing and
  technology costs.
  • What services should be offered by the public
  •   Services and information promoting the city
  •   Services providing local administrative information
  •   Services leading to more efficiency in the way the public
      administration works and in executing local policies
  •   Services establishing a direct link between governmental bodies
      and citizens

Comune di Modena          Codifin            Meta             Nerano
                      Executive Summary
  •   Business Model Assessment               •   Financing Assessment
       – Network rollout is likely to take
         longer than expected to reach             – In     distressed    market
         mass penetration.                           conditions raising capital
                                                     appears very stressful.
       – Content is key. It will shift from
         an information based interface            – Companies that      do not
         to a entertainment and                      have       a        credible
         commerce based interface.                   management and       rational
       – The market of value added                   business plan are    unlikely
         services will be driven by on-              to fly.
         demand features such as
                                                   – Investors believe the public
         videos, gaming and music.
                                                     administration may have
       – However, the need for services              what it needs to get access
         to be offered to citizens by the
                                                     to users on some specific
         public administration is
         relevant.                                   sectors
       – Investors have analysed the               – This would require to
         proposed services and …                     transform            public
       – …. identified different services            administration   data    in
         relevant to a public                        appealing products that fill
         administration offering…                    the user’s need.

Comune di Modena              Codifin             Meta               Nerano
              Challenging the project rationale
•Business model assessment               • Financing assessment
New and innovative services, such
as a customer relationship                Very positive
management call center, distance
surveillance and e-learning:

Enhancement and better
exploitation of public                    Raises the challenge of
administration resources and              being able to monetise
services, such as database                the process
extractions, on-line payment
systems, digital signature

Public administration services to         A safe way to meet operational
be outsourced by the city of              and financial equilibrium and
Modena, such as the web site              eventually finance a part of the
and server administration and             means needed to migrate to
consultancy services                      broadband value added services

Comune di Modena               Codifin     Meta                 Nerano
                     Investment Analysis
   Investment Positive                Investment Concerns

     – New funding seems to be        – The public administration may have
                                        the potential to dominate the
       hardly available in the
                                        underexposed online niche that is
       new capital environment          regional and administrative content

     – An issue may arise as far      – A key success factor would be
       as valuation and                 transforming public administration
       controlling interest are         data in appealing products,
       concerned                        attractively priced that fill the
                                        user’s need, with a cost basis that
                                        permits sufficient returns to
     – Value added service              investors
       providers may be strongly
       affected in the near future    – As long-haul transport becomes
       by the broadband                 increasingly a commodity, “owning”
       operators scaling back           users should bring the greatest
       plans                            reward

Comune di Modena            Codifin        Meta                 Nerano

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