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					Russ Wagner                                                                               August 2010
64 Douglas Glen Place SE
Calgary, Alberta T2Z 2M9
Phone (403) 279-3204 / Cell      (403) 400-4721

Re: SAP Certified ABAP Consultant with 12 years experience.

Dear Sir/Madame:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am an SAP certified ABAP consultant with twelve (12) years full-time experience in the ERP marketplace.
Having worked continuously as an ABAP consultant since my certification, I have participated in multiple
implementations and upgrades, as well as provided ongoing service and support as part of a sustainment team.

My most recent SAP experience includes:

   HR ABAP developer, part of a HR implementation (net payroll).
   Canadian payroll interfaces to/from Ceridian (master data, transactional data, and GL posting).
   Canadian and US payroll interfaces to/from ADP (master data, transactional data, and GL posting).
   Various inbound/outbound interfaces in HR, FI, AR, AP and PS.
   SAPScripts and Smartforms (HR cheque, SD order confirmation, quotation, picklist).
   Custom reports in HR, AR and CATS (ALV and Standard List).
   Custom Infotypes (Incentive Compensation, Employment History, Bonus History).
   Numerous HR and CATS user exits.
   Employee benefits extracts (Great West Life, Morneau, EDS, Sun Life) using PU12.
   BAdI's (disable Org. Structure button, add buttons to FBLxN tranx's, 401K contribution override, benefits
    calculations, start dates, and participation dates).
   Payroll function to calculate monthly, quarterly, and yearly commissions to be included in payroll results.
   Implementing the Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) module (including Excel/SAP integration).
   C# (Visual Studio) web services for data validation using SAP’s .Net Connector and SOA.

In addition to my SAP certification, I have intermediate skills in Visual Studio 2008 (C#) writing windows
applications, web applications, and web services.

You will find me to be an enthusiastic, polished, hardworking professional. Extremely well organized, I possess a
high aptitude for learning new concepts and technologies as well as the ability to effectively convey this
knowledge both orally and in writing. I am creative, resourceful and thrive in an environment of demanding time

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and further discuss my qualifications.

Yours truly

Russell H. Wagner
SAP Certified ABAP Consultant

Enhanced reliability - Security File Number: 95-50-0287 (expiry 09-11-2017).
                                                 Russell H. Wagner
                                                  (403) 400-4721

Profile - An SAP certified ABAP/4 programmer with twelve years of full time and continuous experience in SAP
including multiple implementations, upgrades, and the ongoing duties of maintenance and support. A highly
driven, results-orientated self-starter with 20 years of proven success in computer software, computer hardware,
customer service, and support. Expert knowledge levels in accounting, point-of-sale, inventory control, and
management reporting systems.

Enhanced reliability - Security File Number: 95-50-0287 (expiry 09-11-2017).

Work Experience

Independent Contractor                                                      Jan. 2010 – Present
   Eneflex Systems

   Numerous HR BAdI’s, including: Screen modifications to infotype screens, LTD coverage amounts, Benefits
   calculations, benefit start and participation dates.
   Great West Life interface.
   Smartforms/SAPScript: Order Confirmation, Quotation, Picklist, consignment fill-up order, HR cheque.
   Conversion: Load certificates and training documents (.pdf's, .tiff's, .doc's) into infotype 0024 (qualifications).
   Mentor junior developers.

Independent Contractor                                                      Jan. 2009 – Dec. 2009
   Pembina Pipelines

   Canadian payroll interfaces to Ceridian Insync (master data and transactional data{payroll data}).
   Inbound interface from Ceridian to create 'parked' GL documents.
   Custom Infotype – Incentive Compensations, Employment History, Bonus History.
   Custom HR user-exits including, Infotype 0002 (personal data) override begda with hire date not
      birth date. CATS prevent posting to multiple cost objects on line entry, prevent posting to home
      cost centre or blocked cost centre's. Override/modify time sheet defaults. Display Vacation,
      Banked O/T and Flex time on CATS entry screen. Activity type override. Disable "Org.
      Structure' button on infotype 0001.
   Modify various reports to allow execution in ESS/MSS.

Independent Contractor                                                      Jan. 2008 – Dec. 2008
   Alliance Pipeline, Calgary.

   Canadian and US payroll interfaces to ADP (master data and transactional data) .
   Custom Infotype – Incentive Compensations (using transaction PM01).
   Custom HR user-exits.

Independent Contractor
   NOVA Chemical, Calgary, Alberta (SAP version: ECC 5.0)                   Oct. 2007 – Dec. 2007

   Modifications to employee benefits extracts (Morneau, EDS, Sun Life) as part of the creation
   of a new company division (new SAP client).

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                                               Russell H. Wagner
                                                (403) 400-4721

Work Experience (continued).

Independent Contractor
    Fortis Alberta (SAP version: 4.6C and ECC 6.0)                               Nov. 2005–Oct. 2007

    HR Employee Master Data Interface for Ceridian/InSync (external payroll provider). Basic pay (infotype
    0008) and benefits (infotype 0171) information (among other’s) using logical database PNP, macros, and

    SAP’s EH&S (environmental health & safety) module. My work consisted of two components. One: Create
    an Excel form (VBA) that incident reporters can use off-line to file reports. Two: Write an ABAP program
    using SAP’s Desktop Office Integration (ABAP Objects) that can read the form, collect the data, validate it,
    and then create incident/accident logs (CBIH82) based on that information.

    Inventory replenishment program (MM).
    FI, CO, and MM support.

Independent Contractor
    US Cellular (SAP version: 4.6C)     (part-time remote support)                       Aug. 2007–Dec. 2007

    HR Function (PE04) for the calculation of monthly, quarterly and yearly commissions.

    HR BAdI (PE18/19) for checking/over-riding 410k contributions limits.

Senior Consultant
BearingPoint (SAP version: 4.7 Enterprise)                                              Jan. 2005 - Oct. 2005
   ABAP Team (Enhancements and Interfaces). Review functional specifications, creation of technical
   specifications, estimations of effort, resource assignment, and progress monitoring.

    Contributed to the creation of a number of work products including Business Charter, Technical
    Requirements Plan, Documented Requirements for Custom Development, Documented User Interface

    Project Planning using Microsoft’s Office Project (task assignment, resource assignment and leveling).

    Rated "Significantly Exceeds Expectations" in performance review by Managing Director and Project

Plant and Field Support
Husky Energy (SAP version: 4.7 Enterprise)                                       July, 2003 - Jan. 2005
    SAP <-> Microsoft Office Desktop Integration (DOI). ABAP programmatic creation of an Excel Inspection
    spreadsheet that is used in the field by inspectors, then uploaded into SAP.
    Web Application Development and Sustainment (ITS and Web Studio) Equipment Tracking and

    Administration of INTools, PCMS (Plants condition and maintenance systems), LIMS (Laboratory
    Information Management System) systems. Configuration, maintenance, users, security.

    Visual Basic programming of interfaces between various non-SAP Enterprise systems.

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                                                Russell H. Wagner
                                                 (403) 400-4721

Work Experience (continued).

Husky Energy-Independent Contractor (SAP version: 4.6B to 4.7 Enterprise)       March, 2003 - July, 2003
   SAP Enterprise Upgrade (from 4.6B) FI/MM modules.
   Resolve SPAU entries.
   Correct FI/MM processes failing as a result of upgrade.

Aquilla (now Fortis Alberta {Independent Contractor})                           Dec. 2002 - Feb. 2003
   Backfill for vacationing PS technical members.
   Year-end asset Disaggregation
   PS project reports using report painter (drill-down reporting).

TransAlta Utilities (Independent Contractor)                      Feb. 2002 - Nov. 2002
    Document achieving with IXOS software (bar-coded reports and SAPScript).
    User-exits for customized functionality with purchase orders.
Consultant - ABAP/4 Programmer: Level 3                                   June 1998 - Jan. 2002
OmniLogic (PricewaterhouseCoopers {now IBM})
    As an ABAP/4 programmer, my responsibilities included:
   Creation, completion and maintenance of complex programs including:
        Reports (including ALV - abap list viewer).
        Dataloads for the one-time import of legacy data into SAP (BDC, call transaction, LSMW).
        Interfaces with legacy systems for periodic processing (BDC, call transaction, LSMW).
        SAPscript documents (such as customer statements, invoices, reports and shop papers).
        modifications of existing SAP delivered reporting and data selection programs (print programs).
        bar-coding and graphics within SAPscript.
        table creation and maintenance.
        Dialog programming.
        Field exits, user exits.
        OSS notes, SAP repairs (fixes) and enhancements.
        EDI configuration and sustainment (with Sterlings 'Gentran').
        ALE configuration and Idoc processing.
        Typical sustainment duties (program modifications and fixes).
        3.1H to 4.5B upgrade (SPAU and SPDD).
    Primary modules included FI, SD, MM, PS and PM within versions 3.1H, 4.5B, 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 5/6

Previous SAP clients include:   Enerflex Systems, Calgary, Alberta
                                Pembina Pipelines, Calgary, Alberta
                                Alliance Pipeline, Calgary, Alberta
                                NOVA Chemicals, Calgary, Alberta
                                Fortis Alberta, Calgary, Alberta
                                US Cellular, Madison, Wisconsin
                                Province of British Columbia
                                Husky Energy, Calgary, Alberta
                                Aquila Networks, Calgary, Alberta
                                TransAlta Utilities, Calgary, Alberta.
                                Nexen Inc., Calgary, Alberta.
                                BC Gas (Terasen), Vancouver British Columbia.
                                BC Rail (CN Railway), North Vancouver, British Columbia.

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                                                Russell H. Wagner
                                                 (403) 400-4721

Work Experience (continued).

General Manager – Advanced POS Systems Inc., Calgary, AB               1995 - 2002
   Designed, developed, documented and maintained 'The Retail Companion' Point-of-Sale Software. A
   windows based computer program which acts as a front-end from general merchandise sales. Compatible
   data interchange with a number of off-the-shelf accounting programs including, MYOB, QuickBooks,
   Peachtree, and others.

MSR Systems/Foremost Technologies Inc., Calgary, AB                                 1990 - 1995
General Manager
   Sales, installation, training, support and service of Retail Point-of-Sale, Inventory Control, Accounting, and
   Financial reporting systems.

Computer Profiles Inc., Calgary, AB                                              1985 - 1990
General Manager Sales and support of hospitality systems to hotels and restaurants.

Education and Training

C#, ASP, XML, SOAP, .Net, Web Services, VBA, VB                           Self-study

PS-CD                            Public Sector Collections and Disbursements (IPS51/PSCD 4.72).
IS-MW                            Industry Solution Migration Workbench (IUTW90/FI-CA).
CRM Base Customizing             Customer Relation Management (CR100).
Interaction Center               Interaction Center WebClient in CRM (CR410).
SAP .Net Connector               .Net (dot-net) Connector Programming in C# (Windows/Web-
                                 based) (BIT528).
Oracle DBA Certification         Mount Royal College-132 hrs, incl. Data Modeling & Design, Introduction to
                                 SQL PL/SQL Plus, Extended Data Retrieval & PL/SQL programming.
SAP BW                           SAP Global Training Center Dallas (3 weeks - Feb. 2001).
                                 BW200 - BW Overview, BW205 - BW Reporting.
                                 BW209 - BW Web Reporting, BW210 - BW Configuration.
                                 BW220 - BW Extraction.
SAP EDI/Idoc                     PricewaterhouseCoopers Training Center, Philadelphia, PA.
                                 Electronic Data Interchange/Intermediate Doc. (5 day-Oct. 99).
SAP HR 350                       Programming in HR Release 4.0 (3 day - March/99).
C++                              Introduction to C++ UBC (6 week[nights] - January/99).
SAP ABAP Workbench 4.0           Introduction to ABAP Workbench Release 4.0 (2 day - Jan./99).
Interax Corp.                    Myers-Briggs Communications Workshop (2 day - Oct./98).
OmniLogic “Omnium”
Methodology Training Strategies in Successful SAP Implementations (1 week-June/98).
OmniLogic Boot Camp Introduction to SAP Functionality in FI, CO, SD, MM (2 week).

SAP Partner Academy Certified - ABAP/4 Development Workbench
                            Cert. ID: 0000767916 06/98

Crescent Heights High School Matriculated Diploma

       Health: Excellent, physically fit.
       Willing to work internationally, travel, and/or commute.
       Enhanced reliability - Security File Number: 95-50-0287 (expiry 09-11-2017).
       References: Available on request.
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