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									                          FORMAT FOR COMPLIANCE REPORT

All the existing technical institutions are required to submit the following information both in the
form of hard and soft copy by 31/08/2009 for consideration of extension of approval for the session
2009- 10.

1 i)  Name and Address of the Institution
 Name       Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur
            Permanent Location given by Govt. of Temporary Location (if applicable)
 Address        Bengal     Engineering     and     Science -------
                University, Shibpur, P.O: Botanic Garden
                Howrah 711 103
 District       Howrah
 Pin Code       711103
 State          West Bengal
 STD Code       033                                          Phone No: - 033-2668-1503, 2668-4561-63
 Fax No.        0 91- 033 – 2668 - 2916                      Email:
 Web site
 Nearest Rly     Howrah, Shalimar Station
 Nearest        Dum Dum Air port

1 ii)  whether the institution is operating at temporary location (if so provide details of permanent
location along with survey no.)?

                                          Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur
 No, university     possesses   permanent Campus surrounded by concrete boundary wall.

2 i) Name and Address of the Society / Trust

 Name          Not Applicable
 Address       NA

 Pin Code      NA                                 STD Code    NA
 Phone No.     NA                                 Fax No.     NA
 E-Mail        NA                                 Web site    NA

2 ii) Brief details regarding background of the Trust/Society, Governing body members, etc.

The University is under the control of the Court, the Executive Council, Faculty Councils, Board of
Studies, Finance Committee and Planning & Monitoring Board which includes following members:

                               MEMBERS OF THE COURT

               Chancellor                                   Sri Gopalkrishna Gandhi
                                                             Governor of West Bengal
                                                                 Ph: 2200 – 1641

             Vice Chancellor                              Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray
                                                         Ph: 2668 – 2674, Fax : 2668 2916
                                                             E – mail :

                            The Secretary, Higher Education Department
Govt. of West Bengal, or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary or Special Secretary to the
                                        Govt. of West Bengal
                                   Bikash Bhawan, Kolkata 700091

                           The Secretary, Finance Department, Govt. of
West Bengal or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary or Special Secretary to the Govt. of
                                           West Bengal
                                Writers‘ Building, Kolkata 700001

                                              The President,
                            West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
                              Vidyasagar Bhawan, 9/2, Block – DJ, Sector – II
                                        Salt Lake, Kolkata 700091

                                            The Director,
                            Indian Association for Cultivation of Science
                                      Jadavpur, Kolkata 700 032
                            Deans : Faculty Councils for PG & UG Studies

                Engineering and Technology                       Professor Amit Kumar Das

                Basic and Applied Sciences                     Professor Bichitra Kumar Guha

             Social and Management Sciences                    Professor Manas Kumar Sanyal

                                         The Directors of School

            School of Community Science & Technology
                                                                           Dr. Bhaswati Mitra
                                                                        Professor Souvanic Roy
School of Ecology Infrastructure and Human Settlement Management

             School of Disaster Mitigation Engineering                    Professor S.C. Dutta

                   School of Management Science                               Prof. S.C. Saha

                                                                     Professor N.R. Bandyopadhyay
            School of material Science and Engineering

                School of Mechatronics & Robotics                  Professor S.R. Bhadra Choudhuri

                 School of Safety & Occupational                      Professor B. K. Bhattacharya
                      Health Engineering
                   School of VLSI Technology
                                                                           Professor Jaya Sil

           Purabi Das School of Information Technology                    Professor S. S. Barat

                                             Nominee: UGC

                                   Dr. Jalees Ahmed Khan Tareen
                                   UGC Member & Vice Chancellor,
                                   Pondicherry Central University,
                                   R. Venkataraman Nagar, kalapet,
                                         Puducherry 605 014

                                             Nominee: AICTE

                                           Dr. N. K. Kole
                      Regional Officer, AICTE – South Western Regional Office,
                                    Bangalore University Campus
                                          Bangalore 560 009

                     One Member of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly,
             To be elected by the Members of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly

               Member Secretary, West Bengal State Council of Higher Education
                         147A, Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata 700 029

                               Professor (Dr.) S. K. Bandyopadhyay,
                               Chairman, West Bengal State Centre,
                                The Institution of Engineers (India)
                                 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata – 700 020
                                  Ph - 2223 8914 (0), Fax : 2223 3140
                                    E – mail :

        Professors               Professor Goutam Bandyopadhyay, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
                                    Professor Netai Chandra Dey, Dept. of Mining Engineering
                                   Professor Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Dept. of Chemistry

         Teachers                             Sri Amitava Roy, Dept. of Architecture
                                      Sri Manas Hira, Dept. of Computer Science & Technology
                                             Sri Sugato Pal, Dept. of Civil Engineering

  Post Graduate Student                                    Sri Milan Saha
                                                       Sri Bidhan Chandra Pal
 Under Graduate Students                                 Sri Md. Firoz Khan
                                                        Sm. Pritha Chatterjee

      Elected Officer                          Dr. Biman Das, Development officer
                                             Dr. Hari Prasad Sharma, Deputy Librarian

Elected Non – Teaching Staff                           Sri Anil Kumar Majhi
                                                         Sri Satyajit Barua

                           Nominated by the State Government

                                Sri Birenjit Kumar Pal
                             Former Managing Director,
                   West Bengal Power Development Corporation Ltd.
                            22, Ram Charan Naskar Lane
                                    Howrah 711 107

                                   Sri Goutam Roy
                                General Manager (HR),
                                CESC Ltd., CESC House
                                   Kolkata 700 001

                               Professor Siddhartha Datta
                       Pro – Vice Chancellor, Jadavpur University
                               Jadavpur, Kolkata 700 032
                               Nominated by the Chancellor
                             Professor Sabyasachi Sengupta
                             BF – 142, Sector 1 , Saltlake City
                                     Kolkata 700 064

                           Sri Sudhangushu S. Chakraborty
                                  Chairman & M. D.
                Consulting Engineering Services ( India ) Private Limited
                    57, Nehru Place (5th Floor), New Delhi 110 019

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            Members of the Alumni Association Nominated by the State Govt.

                                Sri Santanu Chatterjee
                            Executive Director, CESC House
                                    Kolkata 700 001

                                    Sri S. P. Dutta
                         Former Project Director, PWD (Roads)
                                FD – 217/7, Salt Lake
                                   Kolkata 700 064

                                 Secretary to the Court

                         Dr. Biman Bandyopadhyay, Registrar
                           Ph : 2668 1503 (0), Fax : 2668 2916
                               E –mail :


                                         Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray
 Chairman                                       Vice Chancellor
                                        Ph: 2668 – 2674, Fax : 2668 2916
                                            E – mail :

              Deans : Faculty Councils for PG & UG Studies

  Engineering and Technology
                                                 Professor Amit Kumar Das

  Basic and Applied Sciences
                                               Professor Bichitra Kumar Guha

Social and Management Sciences                 Professor Manas Kumar Sanyal

                 Professor Elected by the Faculty Councils
     Professor Goutam Bandyopadhyay, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

                 Teacher Elected by the Faculty Councils
                  Dr. Pritha Das, Dept. of Mathematics

                      Professor Elected by the Court
        Professor Netai Chandra Dey, Dept. of Mining Engineering

                      Teacher Elected by the Court
                Sri Sugato Pal, Dept. of Civil Engineering
                     Member other than Teachers,
                  Students and Non – Teaching Staff
     Sri Goutam Roy, General Manager (HR), CESC Ltd.,CESC House,
                           Kolkata 700 001

                            Elected Officer
                  Dr. Biman Das, Development Officer

               Elected Representative: Non – Teaching Staff
                            Sri Satyajit Barua

                                 Nominated by the Vice Chancellor
                                  Professor N. R. Bandyopadhyay
                        Director, School of Material Science and Engineering
                                   Nominated by the Chancellor
                                    Professor S. Dutta Gupta
                                      Director, IISER Kolkata
                IIT Kharagpur Extension Centre, Block HC, Sector I, Kolkata 700 106
                                  Nominated by the State Govt.
                                       Sri Sailapati Gupta
                       Secretary, Housing Dept. 7 Former President, HRBC,
                           AE – 502, Salt Lake, Sector I, Kolkata 700 064

                                        Sri Bhaskar Sen
                Chairman, Senz Natural Food Pvt. Ltd. & Former President, BNCCI
                  26A, prince Anwar Shah Road, Lake Gardens, Kolkata 700 045

                             The Secretary, Higher Education Dept.
            Govt. of West Bengal, or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary or
                           Special Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal
                                  Bikash Bhawan, Kolkata 700 091

                               The Secretary, Finance Department,
Govt. of West Bengal, or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary or Special Secretary to the
                      Govt. of West Bengal, Writers‘ Building, Kolkata 700 001

                                Secretary to the Executive Council
                              Dr. Biman Bandyopadhyay, Registrar
                                Ph : 2668 1503 (0), Fax : 2668 2916
                                    e –mail :

                 AND APPLIED SCIENCES

                                              Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray
       Chairman                                      Vice Chancellor
                                             Ph: 2668 – 2674, Fax : 2668 2916
                                                 E – mail :

         Dean                               Professor Bichitra Kumar Guha

                  The Head or Heads of the Department or Departments

                Chemistry                          Prof. Bibhutosh Adhikary
                Geology                            Prof. B. P. Mukhopadhyay
             Mathematics                            Prof. Asit Kr. Chongdar
                 Physics                         Prof. Sukhendu Sekhar Sarkar

                               The Directors of Schools
      School of Community Science & Technology                 Dr. Bhaswati Mitra

                     The Professor or Professors of the Departments

             Chemistry                               Prof. Anup Mondal
                                                      Prof. Jayati Dutta
                                                     Prof. Prasata Nandi
                                                    Prof. S. P. Goswami
                                           Prof. Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay
            Mathematics                           Prof. B. Mukhopadhyay
                                                 Prof. Guruprasad Samanta
                                              Prof. B. Samaaddar Chowdhury
                Physics                                Prof. B. K. Guha
                                                    Prof. Dipali Banerjee

                                   Teachers Elected
                           Dr. Mousumi Basu, Dept. of Physics
                  Dr. Sudip Kumar Chattopadhyay, Dept. of Chemistry
                       Dr. Syed Minhaz Hossain, Dept. of Physics
                       Dr. Tapan Kumar Kar, Dept. of Mathematics

                          Nominee of the Vice Chancellor
                                  Prof. A. Goswami
        Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur721 302, West Bengal

                                  Prof. Dipak Ghosh
                Dept. of Physics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032

                                  Prof. Nibir Mondal
  Dept. of Earth Science, IISER Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur Extension Centre, Block HC,
                      Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 106

                           Prof. Samaresh Bhattacharya
              Dept. of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032

                               Prof. Sovakar Ganguly
Dept. of Mathematics, University of Calcutta , College Street Campus, Kolkata 7000 073

                        Nominated by the Executive Council

                                   Prof. Arghya Deb
                Dept. of Physics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032

                                    Prof. Jyoti Das
Dept. of Mathematics, University of Calcutta , College Street Campus, Kolkata 7000 073

                               Prof. Pradip Mohapatra
              Dept. of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032
                          e – mail :

                          Secretary to the Faculty Council

                         Sri S. N. Datta, Deputy Registrar
                                  Ph : 2668 4561(0)
                     e- mail :;


                                                              Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray
              Chairman                                               Vice Chancellor
                                                             Ph: 2668 – 2674, Fax : 2668 2916
                                                                 E – mail :

                Dean                                           Professor Amit Kumar Das

                        The Head or Heads of the Department or Departments
       Aerospace Engineering & Applied Mechanics                 Prof. Sujoy Kumar Mukherjea
         Architecture, Town & Regional Planning                        Prof. Aditya Bandyopadhyay
                    Civil Engineering                                   Prof. Gautam Bhattacharya
             Computer Science & Technology                                  Prof. (Mrs.) Jaya Sil
                  Electrical Engineering                                   Prof. Srikumar Mallik
            Electronics & Telecommunication                            Prof. S. R. Bhadra Chaudhuri
                 Information Technology                                    Prof. Arindam Biswas
                 Mechanical Engineering                                       Prof. S. K. Guha
       Metallurgy & Materials Science Engineering                          Prof. A. Basu Mallick
                  Mining Engineering                                      Prof. Indra Nath Sinha

                                           The Directors of Schools

                                                                               Professor Souvanic Roy
School of Ecology Infrastructure and Human Settlement management

             School of Disaster Mitigation Engineering                           Professor S.C. Dutta
            School of material Science and Engineering                     Professor N.R. Bandyopadhyay
                School of Mechatronics & Robotics                         Professor S.R. Bhadra Choudhury
       School of Safety & Occupational Health Engineering                    Professor B. K. Bhattacharya
                     School of VLSI Technology                                    Professor Jaya Sil
             Purabi Das School of Information Technolog                          Professor S. S. Barat

                    The Professor or Professors of the Departments

Aerospace Engineering & Applied Mechanics               Prof. Dwijendra Nath Mallick
                                                       Prof. Mrityunjoy Chattopadhyay
                                                              Prof. Salil Halder
 Architecture, Town & Regional Planning                        Prof. Manju Halder
                                                                 Prof. Swati Saha
                                                         Prof. Aditya Bandyopadhyay
                                                            Prof. Sibo Prasad Halder
                                                               Prof. Souvanic Roy
            Civil Engineering                             Prof. Gautam Bhattacharya
                                                               Prof. Ajit Lal Guha
                                                             Prof. Ambarish Ghosh
                                                       e – mail :
                                                              Prof. Anirban Gupta
                                                           Prof. Kalyan Kumar Bhar
                                                         e – mail :
                                                     Prof. Kalyan Kumar Chattopadhyay
                                                             Prof. Sekhar Ch. Dutta
                                                           Prof. Subrata Chakraborty
                                                             Prof. Sudip Kumar Roy
     Computer Science & Technology                               Prof. Amit Das
                                                                   Prof. Jaya Sil
                                                            Prof. Uma Bhattacharya
                                                                Prof. Sipra Das Bit
                                                           Prof. Susanta Chakraborty
          Electrical Engineering                                Prof. Abdur Rauf
                                                            Prof. Abhijit Chakraborti
                                                             Prof. Ashok Sutradhar
                                                              Prof. Biswarup Basak
                                                               Prof. Debasis Sarkar
                                                              Prof. Debasish Ghosh
                                                        Prof. Goutam Bandyopadhyay
                                                                Prof. Jagadish Pal
                                                                Prof. Prasid Syam
                                                              Prof. Srikumar Mallik
                                                        Prof. Sukumar Chandra Konar
     Electronics & Telecommunication                          Prof. Baidyanath Roy
                                                         Prof. S. R. Bhadrachaudhury
                                                           Prof. Dipankar Mukherjee

         Information Technology                             Prof. Hafizur Rahaman

         Mechanical Engineering                          Prof. Apurba Kishore Dutta
                                                              Prof. Debasis Datta
                                                            Prof. Sisir Kumar Guha
                                                      Prof. Bidyut kumar Bhattacharyya
                                                          Prof. Bijan Kumar Mandal
                                                           Prof. Shyamal Chatterjee
                                                            Prof. Sujoy Kumar Saha
                                                             Prof. S. K. Karmakar
Metallurgy & Materials Science Engineering                    Prof. Amitava Basu Mallick
                                                               Prof. Moloy Kr. Banerjee
                                                       Prof. Partha Pratim Chattopadhyay
                                                             Prof. Subrata Chatterjee
                                                                Prof. P. S. Banerjee
           Mining Engineering                                Prof. Indranath Sinha
                                                                 Prof. N.C. Dey
                                                               Prof. Prabir Paul

                                  Teachers Elected
                  Sri Debashis Moitra, Dept. of Civil Engineering
               Dr. Mainak Sengupta, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
           Dr. Sekhar Mandal, Dept. of Computer Science & Technology
                Dr. Sudip Ghosh, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
                 Sri Sukanta Das, Dept. of Information Technology
                            e – mail :
                           Nominee of the Vice Chancellor
                                 Prof. Mita Nasipuri
    Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032

                          Prof. Niladri Chakraborty
           HOD, Power Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032

                                     Prof. S. K. Ray
               Advisor, HIDCO, Salt Lake Stadium Complex, Gate No 3
                      Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 091

                                 Dr. Soumitra Tarafder
                 Scientist ‗F‘, Dy. Director, NML, Jamshedpur 831 007

                                   Prof. Tapan Basu
          Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur 721 302

                                 Nominated by the Executive Council

                                      Prof. Ajoy Kr. Ray
HOD, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Bio-Medical School, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur 721 302

                                   Prof. Sankhayan Chowdhury
       Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Calcutta , College Street Campus,
                                          Kolkata 7000 073

                                       Prof. Shibaji Chakraborty
                 Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032
                                   Secretary to the Faculty Council
                                 Dr. Biman Bandyopadhyay, Registrar
                                  Ph : 2668 1503 (0), Fax : 2668 2916
                                        e –mail :


                                                     Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray
            Chairman                                        Vice Chancellor
                                                    Ph: 2668 – 2674, Fax : 2668 2916
                                                        E – mail :
               Dean                                Professor Manas Kumar Sanyal

                       The Head or Heads of the Department or Departments

                      HRM                                  Professor M. K. Sanyal
                   Humanities                                Professor M. Dutta

                                   The Directors of Schools
                School of Management Sciences                        Prof. S. C. Saha

                            The Professor or Professors of the Departments

                 Humanities                                   Prof. M. Dutta
                    PICSA                               Lt. Col (Retd) A. K. Ghosh

                                         Teachers Elected
                  Sri Dibyendu Chatterjee, Workshop Superintendent, BESUS
                             E – mail :
                         Dr. Partha Sarathy Roy, Dept. of Humanities
                         Sri Rupen Basu Mallick, Dept. of Humanities
                                 E – mail :

                          Sri Sandip Chattopadhyay, Dept. of HRM
                              Dr. Zia – ul – Alam, Dept. of HRM
                               Nominee of the Vice Chancellor
                                    Dr. A. K. Chakraborty
                  Former Chairman, West Bengal School Service Commission
                         14/3B, Jadunath Ukil Road, Kolkata 700 041

                                    Dr. Gautam Sengupta
                           Chief Operating Officer & Vice president
        Kitchen Appliance India Ltd., Sector V, Block BP, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 091

                                    Prof. Jayashree Roy
                   Dept. of Economics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032

                                  Prof. Ranjit Chakraborty
Dept. of Management, University of Calcutta, Alipore Campus, 1, Reformatory Street, Kolkata 700

                                     Prof. Subir Chowdhury
                    Ex – Director, IIMC, 50U, Garcha Road, Kolkata 700 019
                              Nominated by the Executive Council

                                    Prof. Ishita Mukherjee
      Dept. of Economics, University of Calcutta , College Street Campus, Kolkata 7000 073
                                    Prof. Nilanjana Gupta
                    Dept. of English, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700 032

                                      Prof. Tarun Patra
       Vice Principal & HOD, Dept. Of Commerce, Shibpur Dinabandhu College, Howrah
                              Secretary to the Faculty Council

                            Dr. Biman Bandyopadhyay, Registrar
                              Ph : 2668 1503 (0), Fax : 2668 2916
                                    e –mail :

                           FINANCE COMMITTEE

                                                  Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray
         Chairman                                        Vice Chancellor
                                                 Ph: 2668 – 2674, Fax : 2668 2916
                                                     E – mail :

                                     Nominees of the Court :
                            Sri Birenjit Kr. Pal, Former MD, WPDCL
                            Dr. Bhaswati Mitra, Controller of Exam

                               Nominees of the Executive Council
                    Prof. Bichitra Kr. Guha, Dean, Basic & Applied Sciences
                                    Sri Satyajit Barua, Office

The Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal, or his nominee, not below
                  the rank of a Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

 The Secretary, Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal or his nominee not below the rank of
                         Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal
                               Writers‘ Building, Kolkata 700001
                                    Dr. B. Bandyopadhyay
                                         The Registrar
             One expert in the financial management, nominated by the State Govt.
                         Sri A.N. Mukherjee, Accounts Officer (PAC)

                                Sri M.N. Sarkar, Finance officer


                                                    Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray
           Chairman                                        Vice Chancellor
                                                   Ph: 2668 – 2674, Fax : 2668 2916
                                                       E – mail :
                           Deans : Faculty Councils for PG & UG Studies

             Engineering and Technology                      Professor Amit Kumar Das

              Basic and Applied Sciences                   Professor Bichitra Kumar Guha

           Social and Management Sciences                  Professor Manas Kumar Sanyal

                                 Nominees of the Executive Council
                               Dr. Biman Das, Development Officer
                            Prof. N.C. Dey, Dept. of Mining Engineering
                  Dr. N. R. Banndyopadhyay, School of Material Sc. & Engineering

                                  Nominees of the Faculty Council
                           Sri Rupen Basu Mullick, Dept. of Humanities
            Prof. Souvonic Roy, School of Eco. Infrastructure & Human Settlement Mgmt.
                               Dr. Tapan Kumar Roy, Dept. of Math

                  The Secretary, West Bengal State Council of Higher Education

                               Two alumnus nominated by the Court
                                     Sri Archan Kr. Majumdar
                               Sri S. P. Dutta, Project Director, PWD

                            One member nominated by the State Govt.
                                        Sri Bhaskar Sen
                 Former President, BNCCI & Chairman, Senz Natural Food Pvt. Ltd.
                                      Dr. B. Bandyopadhyay

Besides these, the Board of Studies under different Departments and such other authorities as may be
established under the statute and are considered as the Authorities of the University.

3. Name and Designation of the Head of the Institution (Principal / Director Vice Chancellor)

 Name            Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray

 Designatio             Qualification        & Highest Degree    Specializatio   Total
 n                      Experience                               n               Experience
 Vice-                  M.Tech, PhD             PhD              Electronics:    30   Years    of
 Chancellor                                                      Image           Teaching    and
                        (IIT, Kkaragpur)
                                                                 Processing      Research in IIT,
                        Date of Birth                            &        M/C    Kharagpur
 STD Code        033    Phone No. (O)
                        2668 - 2674             Fax No.          91-033-2668-5430
 STD Code        033    Phone No. (R)
                        9434004711              Fax No.          -
 E-Mail                             Mobile

4.      Type of Technical Institution (Tick √ whichever is applicable)

i)      Constituent College of University

ii)     Central / State Government

iii)    Government Aided : State Govt. Aided unitary University.

iv)     Self-Financing (Minority)

 v)       Self-Financing (Non-Minority)

vi)     Any other (Please specify)

  5.        Information on Establishment of the Institution

      i)   Year of Establishment                                1856 as B E College & from
                                                              20.02. 1992 as Deemed University.
                                                              From 02.09.2004 recognized as full
                                                         fledged University under Section 2(f) and 12 (B)
                                                                        of UGC Act. 1956

  ii)       Date on which first approval was accorded
            by the Council                                                          1995

                                                                     24th November, 1856
  iii)      Year of Commencement of the first batch

  iv)       Details of Last extension letter with year of approval        F.No. 750-80-101(E)/ET/95
                                                                             Dated 22 July 2008
                                                                       (Period of Approval 2008 – 10)

  6. Whether there is any change of Name of the Institution, Society / Trust and Location of the
  Institution after AICTE approval? If yes, enclose details

             Whether the name of the Society has been changed If
 i)                                                                          Yes        √           No
             yes, give details ( Refer 2 ii & 5 i )

             Whether the composition of the Society has been
ii)                                                                          Yes        √           No
             changed, If yes, give details (Refer 2 ii)

             Whether the name of the Institution has been changed, If
iii)                                                                         Yes        √           No
             yes, give details (Refer 5 i)

             Whether the Institution is functioning at temporary site,
iv)                                                                          Yes                    No      √
             If yes, give details
             Whether the Institution has changed its permanent
v)                                                                           Yes                    No      √
             location, If yes, give details

7. i)       Whether there is any Court Case filed by the Institution against AICTE which is in
             (Please tick () appropriate box)
                                                  Yes            No          

If yes, then give details with name of the Court, Writ Petition No. Subject Matter and Latest Status.
Does not arise.
   7.ii)   Whether there is any case of Malpractices / Complaints/ or being penalized on account of

non- submission of compliance within the cut-off-date, making excess admissions etc. against the
Institution ? If yes, provide details
                                      Does not Arise
8. Name and Address of the Affiliating University
 Name                    Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur
 Address                 P.O: Botanic Garden, Shibpur, Howrah -711 103
 Pin Code                711 103                            Period           of Permanent
 STD Code                033                                Phone No.               2668-1503
 Fax No.                 91-033-2668-2916                   E-Mail/ Web site

9. i)      AICTE approved existing course(s) of study during academic year 2008-2009
                         AICTE Approved Intake during last 4 years
 Courses        1st Year of    2008 -2009          2007-2008           2006-2007             2005-2006             Status
                approval                                                                                           of
                by AICTE                                                                                           Accredi
                (give                                                                                              tation
                approval                                                                                           (Validi
                ref. no. &                                                                                         ty
                date)                                                                                              period)

 F.NO.750       –   80     –   Sanctio   Actual    Sancti    Actual    Sanctio     Actual    Sanction    Actual
 101(E)/ET/95                  ned       admissi   oned      admissi   ned         admissi   ed          admissi
 dt. 22.07.2008                intake    ons       intake    ons       intake      ons       intake      ons

 UG         Civil              90        89        90        90        90          90        90          91        5 Yrs
 (FT)       M.E.               60        60        60        62        60          62        60          60        3 Yrs
            E.E.               60        58        60        61        60          59        60          61        3 Yrs
            Met.               30        30        30        29        30          30        30          32        5 Yrs
            Mining             30        28        30        29        30          32        30          29        3 Yrs
            Architecture       20        22        24        20        20          21        24          23        3 Yrs
            E.T.C              40        40        60        41        60          43        60          40        3 Yrs
            CST                60        60        60        37        30          30        30          31        3 Yrs
            I.T.               60        57        60        58        60          60        60          61        3 Yrs
 UG         C.E.
                               -         -         50        50        50          45        50          50
 (PT)       (Even)
 Lateral    8   Branches 43              40        43        43        36          36        30          30
            (2nd Year)
 (FT)       Civil              52        15        52        28        52          26        65          40        5 Yrs
            E.E                24        23        24        24        16          15        46          23        AF
         Met.            19    -     19    -     19    7     19   4
         Mining          18    -     18    -     18    3     18   4
         Mechanical      31    16    31    31    31    16    31   16   AF
         MTRP            16    11    16    2     16    7     10   6    AF
         E.T.C           16    9     16    12    16    12    16   15   AF
         CSE             16    16    16    15    16    15    16   16   AF
         M.Tech(IT)      40    40    40    41    40    40    36   25   AF
                         18    0     18    8     18    8     18   7    AF
                         25    25    30    28    30    29    30   26
                         25    25    30    28    30    33    30   29
                         25    32    25    27    30    26    30   25
                         25    16    25    20    20    7     20   12
         MBA             120   123   120   110   120   104   60   64
         Met.      Sci.
 PG                      18    8     18    21    18    9     18   13
         MCA             30    29    30    30    30    30    30   30
         M.Tech.     in
                         18    12    18    12    18    13    -    -
                         50    35    50    26    50    18    50   19
                         30    16    30    24    -     -     -    -
                         25    24    30    27    -     -     -    -
         Nutrition Sc.
         M.           E
         and             18    17    18    16    -     -     -    -    AF
         ion Engg.)
         M.Tech.     in
         Safety      &
                         30    26    -     -     -     -     -    -    AF
FT: Full Time, PT: Part Time

9. ii) Whether any excess admissions over and above the sanctioned strength are made ? If yes, give

 S. No.             Courses                               Sanctioned         Actual         No. of Excess   Reasons
                                                          Intake 2008-2009   Admissions     Admissions
                                                                             2008 - 2009
                    UG             PG                     UG       PG        UG        PG   UG     PG       UG        PG
                    Civil          Civil                  90       52        89       15    None   None     Nil       NIL
                    M.E.           E.E.                   60       24        60       23    None   None     Nil       NIL
                    E.E.           Met.                   60       19        58       -     None   None     Nil       NIL
                    Met.           Mining                 30       18        31       -     None   None     Nil       NIL
                    Mining         Mechanical             30       31        28       16    None   None     Nil       NIL
                    Architecture   MTRP                   20       16        22       11    None   None     Nil       NIL
                    E.T.C          E.T.C                  40       16        40       9     None   None     Nil       NIL
                    CST            CSE                    60       16        60       16    None   None     Nil       NIL
                    I.T.           M.Tech (IT)            60       40        57       40    None   None     Nil       NIL
                                   Engg. Mechanics        -        18        -        0     None   None     Nil       NIL
 UG                 C.E.           Applied Physics        50       25        *        25    None   None     Nil       NIL
 (PT)               (Even)

 UG Lateral Entry   8 Branches     Applied Chemistry      43       25        40       25    None   None     Nil       NIL
                    (2nd Year)
                                   Applied Math.          -        25        -        32    None   None     Nil       NIL
                                   Applied Geology        -        25        -        16    None   None     Nil       NIL
                                   MBA                    -        120       -        123   None   None     Nil       NIL

                                   Met. Sci. Engg.        -        18        -        8     None   None     Nil       NIL
                                   MCA                    -        30        -        29    None   None     Nil       NIL
                                   M.Tech. in VLSI        -        18        -        12    None   None     Nil       NIL
                                   Civil(Even)            -        50        -        35    None   None     Nil       NIL

                    .              M.Tech                 -        30        -        16    None   None     Nil       Nil
                                   PG.Diploma        in   -        -         -        -     None   None     Nil       Nil
                                   Food     Processing    -        25        -        24    None   None     Nil       Nil
                                   and Nutri-tion SC.
                                   M.E. (Information      -        18        -        17    None   None     Nil       Nil
                                   and Com. Engg.)
                                   M.Tech. in Safety &    -        30        -        26    None   None     Nil       Nil

9. iii) Is the Institution offering M. Phil or a Doctoral programmes ?if yes, give details (02-09) upto
     S.     Program                         Specialization                 Ph.D. Produced       Limitation
     1      Civil                                                          7 +1
     2      E.E.                                                           10 + 1
     3      Met.                                                           11 + 1
     4      Mining                                                         5+2
     5      Mechanical                                                     5
     6      MTRP(Architecture)                                             -
     7      E.T.C                                                          1
     8      CST                                                            13 + 1               No Limitation for       Ph.D.
     9      Material Science & Engg.        Specialization        in       1+2                  Research      Work      under
     10     Information Technology          respective discipline          -                    regulation of PhD
     11     Engg.       Mechanics(Applied                                                       Committee
                                                                           12 + 1
            Mechanics & Drawing)
     12     Applied Physics                                                -
            Applied Chemistry                                              13 + 1
            Applied Mathematics                                            7+4
            M Tech (IT)                                                    1
            Geology                                                        1
            School of Management Science                                   3
            Total                                                          85 + 19 = 104        As on 28.02.2009

1. No of Ph.D. Students enrolled for Registration(08 – 09) – 89.( Male -74, Female – 15) as on 15.06.2009
2. Total number of Ph.D. Students Registered in last five years (02-07) – 196.(Male – 160, Female – 36 as
on 3.08.07) and (08 – 09) – 89 of which 74 are Male and 15 are Female.
3. Total number of Ph.D. produced from (2002 - 09) – Engg. & Tech. 75, Applied Sci. – 26,
      Management Sc. - 03 = 104

10. i)        Whether the Institution is sharing its facilities / premises with
              any other Institution or running any unapproved Programmes?             Yes          No
              If yes, give details.
              A. Name of the other Institutions, which are sharing the facilities : N/ A
          B. Course(s) functioning in the University premises, its duration and intake( waiting for approval.)
Sl.                         Approving    Affiliating                         Duration      Sanctioned        Actual Admissions
           Courses                                       Diploma /
No.                         Authority    Body                                (Years)       Intake            during 2008-09
                            BOM/AI                       PG Degree
1.         PG Civil(PT)                  FC                        3 Years                 50                35
                            CTE                          (ME)
                                                         Degree        (
2.         UG Civil(PT)     BOM          AC                                  5 Years       50                26

         M.Tech(VLSI      BOM/AI                  PG Degree
 3.                                 FC                          2 Years      18              12
         Design)          CTE                     ( M. Tech)
         M.Tech      in
                                                  PG Degree
 4.      Met. Sci. and    BOM       FC                          2 Years      18              8
                                                  (M. Tech)
         Safety    and
                                                  PG Degree
 5.      Occupational     BOM       FC                          2 Years      30              26
                                                  (M. Tech)
                                                  PG Degree
 6.      and              BOM       FC                          2 Years      25              24
                                                  (M Sc)
         M.E         in
         and                                      PG Degree
 7.                       BOM       FC                          2 Years      18              17
         Communicati                              (M. Tech)
         M.Tech      in                           PG Degree
 8.                       BOM       FC                          2 Years      30              16
         Mechatronics                             (M. Tech)

N.B.- AC = Academic Council
  BOM = Board of Management
FC = Faculty Council for Engg. & Technology / Social and Management Science

10 ii)    Whether admissions under PIO / Foreign Nationals quota has been approved for your
institution by the AICTE? If yes, give details.

 S. No.     Courses        Sanctioned Intake 2008-2009         Actual Admissions
            Under          As required                         BArch, FQ (M -1), CE –FQ (M-3),CST FQ
                                                               (M -1) admitted in 08 – 09.

11.        Status of Compliance of Specific Conditions/Deficiencies Communicated in the Last
      Approval/Extension of Approval by AICTE.

 S. No      Deficiencies Communicated /                  Compliance Report
            Specific Conditions
            Specific conditions and deficiencies are     Submitted Compliance Report (09—10) given in
            gradually improved through the process       website
            of infrastructure development, raising
            funds and faculty and staff development

12.   (i) Particulars of the Full Time Vice-Chancellor of the institution

Name                                                       :   Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray

Date of Birth                                          :       26.02.1954

Academic qualifications (with field of specialization):         M. Tech, PhD (IIT, Kharagpur)

Details of Experience (Academic / Industrial)

Academic                                           :           30 years of Teaching & Research in IIT,


Industrial                                         :
Date of the appointment in the present institution : 01.03.2009

12       (ii)         (a)   *Faculty Position for the existing programme(s) (Programme-wise)
Name of the          Total          Total          Details of Faculty Available                                  Nature of Appointment
Programme            Sanctioned     number of
(UG & PG)            Intake (last   Faculty        Profess       Assistan       Lectur    Total                  Total        Total
                     4 yrs. for     required       ors           t              ers                   Others/    number       number
                     Engg./Arch     as      per    (Rs.          Professo       (Rs.800               visiting   of faculty   of faculty
                     ./ HMCT/       norms          16400-        rs/            0-                    faculty    Permanen     on adhoc
                     Pharmacy/      (column 2      22400         Readers        13500)                           t       &    Basis/Con
                     Applied        divided        scale)        (Rs.           (Pre                             Approved     tractual
                     Arts etc. ,    by 15)         (Pre          12000-         revise                           by
                     last 3 yrs.                   revised)      18000)         d)                               Universit
                     for MCA                                     Pre                                             y
                     and last 2                                  revised
                     yrs.     for
1                    2              3                   4          5            6         7           8          9            10
UG              PG            UG        PG    UG    PG      A          B    A             B       *=PhD
C.E.            C.E.          360       260   24    17      10         -    6             4           3+7*       30           30
M.E.            M.E.          240       112   16    8       10         -    3             1       8+2*           24           24
E.E.            E.E.          240       96    16    7       9          2    6             2       2+5*           26           26
E.&T.C          E.&T.C        160       40    11    3       3          1    3             -       4+2*           13           13
M.E.T.          M.E.T.        120       76    8     5       5          -    1             2       02             10           10
MIN             MIN           120       72    8     5       3          -    2             1       2+1*           09           09
CST             CSE           180       64    12    5       4          -    3             3       7+2*           19           19
IT              IT            240       32    16    2       1          -    1             1       5+1*           09           09    (Lect

ARCH.           MTRP          92        64    7     5       2          3    1             2       04             12           12

                Mechan        -         72    -     5       6          -    12            -       02             20           20

                              -         100   -     7       3          -    1             -       05             09           09

                Chemist       -         100   -     7       5          -    3             -       2*             10           10
                HRM           -         -     -     -       -          1    -             -       -              01           01

                Activitie     -         -     -     -       -          1    -             -       -              01           01
                Instruct      -         -     -     -       -          -    -             -       1+1*           02           02
                op            -         -     -     -       -          -    1                     -              01           01

1                               2           3               4            5        6        7     8     9      10

UG          PG                  UG    PG    UG   PG     A       B    A       B
            Applied Math.       -     100   -    7      4       -    8       -    2+1*     15          15
                                -     50    -    4      1       -    1       1    -        3           3
                                                                                                              1 (Prof.) +
            MBA                 -     240   -    16     -       -    -       -    -        -     -     -
                                                                                                              8 Lect.
                                                                                                              2 (Lect.)
            Met. Sci. Engg.     -     72    -    4      1       -    -       -    -        1     -     01
                                                                                                              1 AP
            MCA                 -     90    -    6      -       -    -       -    -        -     -     -
                                                                                                              2   +     2
            M.Tech.        in                                                                                 Faculties
                                -     72    -    3      -       -    -       -    -        -     -     -
            VLSI                                                                                              are
            Civil(Even)         -     195   -    9      -       -    -       -    -        -     -     -
            HUM                       -     15   -      2       -    -       2    1        5     -     05
*Included 2nd year Lat. Entry & P.T.UG (Civil)                               Total no. of Faculties -220
UG – Under Graduate Courses                                 1) Regular PhD Male Faculty member- 142
PG – Post Graduate Course                                   2)Regular PhD Female Faculty member -27
A – Ph.D., *= PhD Degree Holder                             3)M.E./M.Tech Faculty member _ 51
B – Non PhD
Professor = 77, Asstt. Professor = 71, Lecturer = 72 ( Sr. Lect. 25 , Slect. Grd Lect. 02 & Lecturer 45)
*NOTE: The institution should clearly give information about the faculty in each approved course(s)
separately without any ambiguity.

12    ii) (b) Details of the Full Time Teaching Faculty (Programme wise).

 Name         S/      Name (s)    Designatio Qualifications with field of Date of Experience          Date of    Gross     total
 of  the      .No     of      the n           specialization              Birth       a) Teaching     Joining   salary as on
 Course       .       Teaching    (Lecturer/                                          b) Industry     the       date with scale
                      Faculty     Asst.                                               c) Research     Instituti &
                                  Professor/                                                          on        Basic pay.
                                  Professor)  UG PG          Doctorate                    a     b   c
 UG                   Department wise Full Time Teaching Faculties are given in enclosure VA & VB and refer our website
 Level       (Departments & Schools Faculty details with area of interest and photograph)
 PG                   Do
 Humani               Do
 ties   &

Important Note:
1. The Institution is required to submit:
(i) A statement signed by each faculty member stating that he/she has been appointed and is working exclusively
for the AICTE approved programme in the Institution.
(ii) An affidavit from the Chairman of the trust/Society/Director of the Institution stating that faculty members.
2. The faculty in Humanities & Sciences / General Subjects should be specifically mentioned.
(ii) (c) Information about stability of the Faculty (separately for each Programme).
                                                           Period of appointment
               Program                                                  Between
  S. No.                   Category                        Less than               Between 2 More than Total
               me                                                       6 Months
                                                           6 Months                to 3 years    3 years
                                                                        to 1 year
                           P        AP         Lect.
 1           C.E.          10       10         10         -            -            6              24           30
 2           M.E.          10       4          10         -            -            4              20           24
 3           E.E.          11       8          7          -            -            1              25           26
 4           E.&T.C        4        3          6          -            -            5              8            13
 5           MET           5        3          2          -            -            4              6            10
 6           MIN           3        3          3          -            -            3              6            9
 7           CST           4        6          9          -            1            3              15           19
 8           IT            1        2          6          -            -            2              7            9
 9           Arch.         5        3          4          -            -            2              10           12
 10          AM & DR.      6        12         2          -            -            5              15           20
 11          HUM           2        2          1          -            -            -              5            5
 12          Geology.      1        2          -          -            -            -              3            3
 13          Physics       3        1          5          -            -            1              8            9
 14          Chemistry     5        3          2          -            -            2              8            10
 15          Math.         4        8          3          -            -            2              13           15
             Met.Sc. &                                    -            -            -              1            1
 16                        1        -          -
 17          HRM           1        -          -          -            -            -              1            1
             Student                                      -            -            -              1            1
 18                        1        -          -
             Physical                                     -            -            -              2            2
 19                        -        -          2
             Workshop                                     -            -            1              -            1
 20                        -        1          -
   Total                    77        71        72           -            1           41              178           220
12 ii) (d) Mode of selection of faculty and staff : Written test and interview including trade test for technical staff.
          Mode of selection of faculty through interview.
Name of the news papers in which advertisement are placed and their circulation status.
Leading All India News papers/Dailies
Constitution of the selection committee
Constitution of the selection committee for faculty, Officers and Staffs were constituted as per Act, Statute,
Ordinance and Regulation duly approved by the Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal, Bikash
Bhawan, Salt Lake, Laws are enacted through legislative assembly, West Bengal.

      Whether University representative and concerned                               
      Subject expert is invited in the selection                             Yes              No
       Committee meeting.

 12 ii) (e)          Details of Technical / Administrative / supporting Staff
 S. No               Category Staff                                                       Number
 1.                  Technical Supporting Staff
                     a) Workshop attendant                                                2
                     b) Workshop Technician                                               40
                     c) Laboratory Assistant/Technical Assistant                          118
                     d) Librarian/Deputy Librarian                                        1/1
                     e) Assistant Librarian                                               4
                     f) Programmer                                                        1(Cont.)
                     g) Systems Analyst                                                   1(Cont)
                     h)   Others (Computer Lab In-Charge, Lab Attendant etc)              4
 2                   Administrative Staff
                       a) Administrative Officer                                          19 + 5=24
                       b) Accounts Officer/Assistant Account Officer                      1
                          c) Sr. Assistant, Jr. Asstt. and others Non-Technical 92
                          d) staff Group D
                             Others                                             194
13. Strengths & Weaknesses of the institution in terms of Teaching Methodology/Transaction of
Syllabus /Innovations /best practices (if any)/ industrial project / Industrial consultancy / research
taken up for industry and amount granted there by:
See Enclosure - I
14. Students data and pass % since last three years.
S. No.     Course     Year Sanctioned Students   Students       % of            % of             % of         % of
                             Intake Admitted Passed out in Students           Students         Students     Students
                                               first attempt passed in       passing out       with 1st     with IInd
                                                                first           with           Division     Division
                                                              attempt         Honours
      1              04 - 05   UG- 434    UG- 422    UG- 387    UG - 93.48    UG - 1.29        UG -81.40    UG - 17.31
      2      9UG               PG - 383   PG - 368   PG - 279   PG – 80.87    PG – 2.51        PG –85.30    PG – 12.19
      3   Courses & 05 - 06    UG- 434    UG- 428    UG- 418    UG - 97.66    UG - 2.15        UG – 87.56   UG - 10.29
      4     21 PG              PG - 528   PG - 397   PG - 287   PG – 79.94    PG – 2.09         PG- 88.85   PG – 9.06
      5    Courses 06 - 07     UG- 479    UG- 427    UG- 422    UG - 98.65    UG - 1.83        UG – 85.13   UG - 13.04
      6                        PG - 588   PG - 435   PG - 308   PG – 80.42    PG – 1.62        PG – 78.25   PG – 20.13
      7   Passed out 07 - 08   UG- 567    UG- 510    UG- 417    UG – 82.00    UG – 3.00        UG – 81.00   UG – 16.00
            Batch              PG - 804   PG - 462   PG - 322   PG – 70.00    PG – 4.00        PG – 61.00   PG – 35.00
           June 07
      8   Passed out 08 - 09   UG - 493   UG - 485   UG - 479   UG – 98.76    UG – 1.80        UG – 80.46   UG – 17.74
          Batch June
            08 -09             PG - 702   PG - 509   PG - 430   PG – 84.48     PG - Nil        PG – 87.91   PG – 12.09

         NOTE:         Average result of two Semesters in case of Semester system
         15. i) Total no. of students placed by the Institution through its Placement Cell (Discipline wise)
        Year    Discipline                                   Total no. of students passed   Total no. of students placed through
                                                             out                            placement cell
                                                             (last 3 years)                 (last 3 years)
        04 -    CE, ME, EE,MET,MIN,E&TC, CST,IT,Arch, +      UG– 387                        UG– 340
        05      PG Courses
                                                             PG - 279                       PG - 39, MCA-7
                Refer – 12(II) (a)

        05 -    CE, ME, EE,MET,MIN,E&TC, CST,IT,Arch, +      UG - 418                       UG- 375
        06      PG Courses Refer – 12(II) (a)
                                                             PG - 287                       PG - 62, MCA-16
        06 -    CE, ME, EE,MET,MIN,E&TC, CST,IT,Arch, +      UG - 422                       UG - 348
        07      PG Courses Refer – 12(ii) (a)
                                                             PG - 308                       PG - 75, MCA-19
        07 -    CE, ME, EE,MET,MIN,E&TC, CST,IT,Arch, +      UG - 417                       UG - 335
        08      PG Courses Refer – 12(ii) (a)as on 22.2.08
                                                             PG - 322                       PG – 64, MCA-14

        08 -    CE, ME, EE,MET,MIN,E&TC, CST,IT,Arch, +      UG - 479                       UG - 299
        09      PG Courses Refer – 12(ii) (a)as on 22.7.09
                                                             PG - 430                       PG – 14, MCA-05

       Average Salary – Rs. 2.0 Lakh/Annum
       Range – Rs. 2.0 Lakh/Annum to Rs. 5.06 Lakh/Annum
15 . ii) Provide details of companies/Industries, which visited the institute for placement since the
         last three years.
   S.N         Year      Name of the Company/Industry                                           Number           of     Total
   o.                                                                                           Students placed
   1           2004-     TCS,TCE,Infosys,WIPRO,CTS,IBM,                                         UG – 340
                         SATYAM,SIEMENS, L &T, DCPL and others                                  PG - 39, MCA – 7        386
   2           2005-     TCS,TCE,Infosys,WIPRO,CTS,IBM,                                         UG - 375
                         SATYAM,SIEMENS, L &T, DCPL and others                                  PG - 62, MCA – 16       453
   3           2006-     TCS,TCE,Infosys,WIPRO,CTS,IBM,                                         UG - 348
                         SATYAM,SIEMENS, L &T, DCPL and others                                  PG - 75, MCA – 19       442
   4.          2007-     Ashok Leyland,ITC, Maruti Udyog,Coal India, Vedanta, HPCL,L
               2008      & T, ABB, TATA Motors, CTS, IBM, Samsung, ITC Infotech,                UG - 335
                         TATA steel, DCPL, Ambuja, NMSEZ, AVTEC, ICICI Bank, Orient                                     413
                         Bank, Maheswari Mining, Manjusree Infotech and many other                                      As    on
                                                                                                PG - 64, MCA – 14
                         companies visited our Institution. Viz*                                                        22.2.08
               2008-     Tata Steel (PPO), ABB Ltd., L & T Ltd., CES, IOCL, JUSCO (Tata
               2009      Steel), Vedanta Resources, Wipro, MN Dastur,                           UG - 299
                         Cummins, Coal India Ltd., Shapoorji Palonji, Cosmic Circuits P.                                318
                         Ltd, BOC, Froster & Wheeler, Tech Mahindra, Froster & Wheeler                                  As    on
                         (Bng), Mcnally Bharat, L & T – ECC, ITC Infotech,*                     PG - 14, MCA – 05       22.07.09
        * Shankalp Semicond, CESC, TCE, CES, Jindal Stainless, Essar, Areva T& D, Telcon, GS & ES, Lurgi, IBM, BASF
        Ltd, Gammon India, Ericsson, Samtel Color, Metalogic Systems, ITD Cementaion, HNG (I) Ltd., Esab India Ltd., C
        E Testing, BRG Group, JaiBalaji Group, Punj Lloyd, Simplex, WAPCOS, S. K. Mitra & Asso. ARCL, Schwing
        Stetter, Easterm Spinning Mills, Novatium Solutions, Signotron India Ltd.

16. Utilization status of grants received under various schemes of AICTE (R&D, MODROB, Faculty
    development, IIPC etc for the last three years).
         S.No     Name    of        the   Grant sanctioned           Grant utilized     Whether       utilization   Major impact
                  Scheme(s)               (Amount & Date)                               certificate submitted, if
                                                                                        yes amount for which

                            See Enclosure II

17.    Library facilities

 A      Total area of the library                   : 90,000 sqft.
 B      Seating capacity of the library             : 250
 C      Reprographic facility (yes / No)            : Yes
 D      Working hours of library                     : 8AM to 8PM

 E      Library Networking facility (yes / No) : Yes, Introduced INDEST and INFL1BNET, subscription
                                                   of e – journal in the Library as well as digitalization of old
                                                    question papers progressing during the year.
       Usage dat Usage data a of the library (in terms of: Faculty - 1-20, Students – 500 /day used to the faculty & students etc.)
       Annual library budget
       (% of annual student fee collected)      :      21 Lakh for Books, 40 Lakh for Journal and
 G                                                       Grants received from different sources.

                   Details of the library staff with qualifications and pay scales
 H                  Designation                            N
                                                      Qualification                    Pay Scale
                    1                                      1
                                                      M. Lib. ,PhD                     Rs. 16400 – 22400 /-*
                    Dy. Librarian
                    2                                      1
                                                      Ph.D. in Library Science         Rs. 12000/- - 18400/-
                    Asst. Librarian
                    3                                      4
                                                      M.Lib.                           Rs. 8000/- - 13500/-
                    Library Asst.
                    4                                      1
                                                      B.Lib.                           Rs. 4125/- - 9700/-
                    5                                 H.S. 1                           Rs. 4000/- - 8850/-
                    Stag Attendant
                    6                                 Eight5Pass                       Rs. 3150/- - 5680/-
                    7                                 Eight1Pass                       Rs. 3000/- - 5230/-
                    8                                 Eight1Pass                       Rs. 3150/- - 5680/-
                    Junior Peon
                    9                                 Eight1Pass                       Rs. 2850/- - 4400/-
                    Bearer                            Eight2Pass                       Rs. 2850/- - 4400/-
                    Helper GradeIII                   Eight2Pass                       Rs. 2850/- - 4400/-
                    Peon                              Eight2Pass                       Rs. 2850/- - 4400/-

* To be filled up shortly.

Details of the library facilities

                     Number of titles of the                          National               International
  Course(s)                                    Number of volumes                              e-Subscriptions   Print-
                     books                                            (Print-Subscription)
                     02 – 03 – 2239            As required by the     02- 03 - 53            204                85
                     03 - 04 – 2588            respective             03- 04 - 51                               89
                                               Department       and
                     04 - 05 – 2899            Schools for Research   04- 05 - 52            659                93
                     05 - 06 – 2304            and      Development   05 - 06- 52                               60
9UG Courses &                                                                                650
              06 – 07 - 8314                   works.
21 PG Courses                                                         06- 07- 52             650                60
              07 – 08 - 880
                                                                      07- 08- 55             650                62
                     08 – 09 - 7296
                                                                      08 – 09 - 55           650                62
                     As on 31.03.09

 18.          Details of Laboratories & Workshops
                                                                          Total Area                  Major
                                                                          of                          equipment
          S. No      of the           Name of the laboratory/workshop
                     Refer            Ref. Vol.-I of Compliance Report Varies                         Refers 12(II)(a)
                     12(II)(a)        (2006-2007)     Serial       No-XV- 2000sqft to                 Col-I
                     Col-I            infrastructure.                     8000sqft.                   And volume I of
                                      Workshop: -                                                     compliance
                                       1. Carpentry Shop – MET Dept.                                  report 06-07 sl no
                                       2. Fittings Shop - ME Dept.                                    XV-
                                       3. Smithy Shop – ME Dept.
                                                                                                      infrastructure &
                                       4. Welding Shop – ME Dept.
                                       5. Forging Shop – MET Dept                                     refer Enclosure
                                       6. Electric Shop – EE Dept                                     VC
                                       7. Foundry Shop – MET Dept
                                       8. Plumbing Shop – ME Dept
                                       9. Machine Shop - ME Dept
                                       10. Masonry Shop - MET Dept
                                       11. Pattern Shop – MET Dept
                                       12. Moulding Shop – MET Dept
                                       13. Automobile Shop – ME Dept

Laboratories under different Departments
The following Laboratories have been set up: Fluidics & Fluid Control Bio-Engineering; Structural Model
Analysis Geotechnical Engg; Power System Simulation Power Electronics;      Opto Electronics Microwave
Engg; Powder Metallurgy; Computer Graphics; Numerical Analysis DTP Lab; CAD workshop Tribology;
Computer Graphics, etc. Structural Laboratory, Concrete laboratory, Structural Dynamics laboratory, Geo-
Synthesis Laboratory, Water Resource Engineering Laboratory, Geo - Informatics Laboratory,
Environment Engg. Laboratory, Highway Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Survey Laboratory, Power
Quality Management Laboratory, Bio- instrumentation Laboratory, Embedded Technology Lab, Condition
monitoring   Laboratory, Electrical System and Simulation Laboratory.    Computer aided Design      and
Analysis Laboratory,   Composite   Materials Laboratory, Dynamic Vibration     and Control Laboratory,
Tribology and Terotechnology Laboratory, Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation Laboratory, CFB and
Heat transfer Laboratory, Thermal power Laboratory, Boiler and Prime Mover Laboratory, Measurement
Laboratory, Manufacturing Science Laboratory, Machino Tools Laboratory, Solar Thermal Laboratory, Non
- traditional Machine Lab, Quality and Reliability Lab, Material Testing Lab, Basic Electronics    Lab,
Electronic Circuits Lab, Micro Electronics Lab, Communication Lab, Computer Programming Lab, Micro
Processor Lab, Transmission Line Lab, Audio and Video Engineering Lab, Control Engineering Lab,
Digital Signal Proc Lab, VLSI Design Lab, Computer Networking Lab, Bio - Medical Engineering Lab,
Computer Science Lab with 150 personal Computers and 5KVAUPS, Mine                  Survey Lab, Mining
Machine Lab, Rock Mechanics Lab, Computer Laboratory, Mine Ventilation Laboratory, General
Mining Laboratory, Mine Environment Engineering Lab, Mine System Design Lab, Open Cast Mine
Planning Lab, Computer Software 15.50 , Computer Hard Ware &         Microprocessor 15.75,    Computer
Graphics 15.50,   Computer     Design 15.50, Communication Laboratory 15.75, Multimedia Simulation
Laboratory, Auto CAD - 2007, Energy Environment Lab to be set up, Augmentation of Building
Construction & Material Testing labs to be set up. Instrumentation, Mechatronics, Sensor Integration and
interfacing, Data acquisition and Control, Hardware upgradation and Software development. UG
Engineering Lab, PG Advanced Lab, Molecular Recognition and Organic Synthesis Lab, Co - ordination and
Bio- Inorganic Chemistry Lab, Electrochemistry, Corrosion & non conventional Energy Lab, Thin Film and
Solar Photo Voltaic Lab, Synthetic organic and organometalic chemistry Lab, Theoretical Chemistry Lab,
Carbohydrate Chemistry Lab, Research Laboratory in Mathematics Department, Petrology Laboratory,
Paleontology Laboratory, Computer Laboratory.

Central Computer Centre
Most of the departments have their own computer facilities with Central Computer providing sophisticated
computing for research and industrial projects.

      19. Computer Facilities for the existing programme(s)
                                                        Requirements as per Norms (1:4 for Engg., 1:6
              Particulars                               for Pharmacy/ HMCT/Arch./ Applied Arts and Avail-ability
                                                        1:2 for MBA/MCA)
  1.          No of Computer terminals                  1000                                                       800
  2.                                                    Intel P-IV/Dual Core, 1 GB RAM                             P-III/P-IV
              Hardware Specification                                                                               256/512           MB
  3.          No of terminals of LAN/WAN                1000                                                       800
                                                        (a) Application  (b) System                                4.(a)     4.(b)
                                                          Corel    Draw, MS Windows,                 XP/Vista,
  4.          Relevant Legal Software
                                                        MS Office, MAT Linux.
  5.          Peripheral(s)/ Printers                   Visual Studio, FE Method, 100 (printer/Server)
  6.                                                    10240KBPS, 24 Hours                                        2048KBPS
              Internet Accessibility (in kbps &                                                                    24 Hours
              hrs)                                                                                                 Order placed for

      Whether the computer facilities are suitable for the existing                Yes                 No

20.      Building
               1. Available Built up area per student     ____________________
               2. Total Built up Area for the existing programme(s)

                                                           Building with           Total      sanctioned
                                             Building                              intake (last 4 yrs. for                   Total
                                required                   Sheet Roof
                                             with RCC                              Engg./ Pharmacy/          Built up area   Area
      Particulars               as    per                  (if    suitable   for
                                             Roof                                  HMCT/ Arch. etc. 2        per student     Avail-able
                                norms                      Educational
                                             (Sq.M)                                yrs. MBA and 3 yrs.                       (Sq.M)
                                (Sq.M)                     Institution) (Sq.M)     for MCA)
      Instructional      Area
      (Carpet Area)
      Administrative     Area
      (Carpet Area)
                                See Enclosure III
      (Carpet Area)
      Circulation & Others

21.         Instructional Area for the existing programme(s)
                          Number of rooms                             Carpet area of each room

       Particulars        Requirement as per Available in the         Requirement     as Available     in the
                          norms              institution              per norms          Institution (Sq. M)

       Class Rooms
       Tutorial Hall
       Drawing Hall (*)
       Computer Centre                                      See Enclosure III
       Laboratories & workshops

             Whether any academic activity is being carried out in the
          basement If yes, give details.                                Yes                No    

            Whether a barrier free environment has been created in             Yes        No
       the building for Physically challenged persons.

             Whether the Classrooms, Tutorial hall, Drawing hall,              Yes        No
          Computer centre, Library, Laboratory and workshops
          are well equipped for the existing courses.
       22. Land Availability
           Land                Category
                                            Area required
           (Rural/ District Head Quarter/                                Total Area available
                                            as per Land      Category
           State Capital/ Metropolitan                                   (Acres)
           Urban, District HQ -             Depending on Expansion 121 Acres of land + possession of
           Howrah                           and Extension of the 38.5 kotha land at Salt Lake, Sector
                                            Programmes.            V

            (a)   Whether the said land is demarcated by fencing/ boundary wall for       Yes       No
                  the institution (Tick  appropriate box)
            (b)   Whether the land is contiguous (Tick  appropriate box)                 Yes       No
                  If Not, Number of                  Distance between the plots (Sq.
                  plots                              M)
            (c)   Whether the surroundings of the institution are suitable for Yes                  No
                  educational purpose.

        23. Availability of other facilities:

S. l.    Parameter                                                               Availability
1                                                                              Yes, Metalled road
         All Weather Approach Road (cemented / kuchha)
                                                                               Yes
2        Potable Water Supply System (own bore well/municipal
3        Electrical Generator (5kv, 5-10 kv, 10-15 kv, more than 20 kv)          Yes, 750 KV backup power of generator
                                                                                 driven by two generator 120KW.

4        Students‘ Canteen                                                       Yes
5        Students‘ Common Room (Boys / Girls)                                       Yes, present in each Hall/Hostel
6        Hostel                                                                     Boys          12UG+1PG Hostel
                                                                                    Girls         2+1 Hall for PG Girls Students
         If no hostel facility is available, whether arrangements have been made for boarding and lodging of students near
         to the institution, if yes mode of travel from the place of stay to the institution: Hostel Facility available

7        Principal‘s Quarters/Vice-chancellor's Quarters                               Yes
8        Digital Library/Video Conference facility centre
9        Quarters for Faculty                                                          Yes (Shortage)
10       Guest House                                                                   Yes
11       Parking facilities                                                            Yes
12       Medical facilities (full time / part time doctor / dispensary)                Yes, 2 FT Doctors and other nursing
13       Insurance facilities                                                          Group Insurance and group Mediclaim
                                                                                       Facilities are given (Cashless or Claim
14       Telephone booth                                                               Yes
15       Gymnasium /indoor / outdoor stadium                                           Yes
16       Rainwater-harvesting facilities are available                                 N/A
17       Post office facility                                                          Yes
18       Bank facility                                                                 Yes
19       Transport facility for day scholars                                           Public transport facilities are more
20.      Reprographic facilities in the Institutions.                                  Yes
21.      Barrier free environment for physically challenged.                           Yes
Other Facilities
22.       Development of campus selection facilities by HRM Dept.                                        Yes
23.       Computer Center and Network Server connected through fibre optic backbone                      Yes
          throughout the campus.
24.       24 Hours University Ambulance Service                                                          Yes
25.       Common Room for Male and Female Staff.                                                         Yes
26.       Play Grounds ( Oval and Lords)                                                                 Yes
27.   Place for Indoor Games ( Netaji Bhawan)                                                   Yes
28.   Recreation Club for Faculty and Staff
29.   City Office of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur at Loudon Street,       Yes
30.   Office of the Global Alumni Association                                                   Yes
31.   New canteen for students‘ faculty and staff opened and operated by female self help       Yes
32.   New Library Building has been completed.
33.   Setting up of State of the Art Communication laboratory
34.   Formation of Special language lab for students under the control of SMOCS
35.   Band – width of 4mbps is available but is not adequate and provided Wire less internet
      connection in each hostel/halls.
36.   Launching of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) at BESUS under HRM Dept is
      in progress.
37.   Central Computer Centre located at Prof. A. K. Seal Hall, BESUS
38.   UGC scheme of Day Care Centre, Equal opportunity Cell and Remedial Coaching Centre
      for SC/ST/OBC and others is going to be implemented / developed shortly under the
      control School of community Science and Technology subject to availability of funds and
      building spaces.
39.   Students Cheep stores (Two) available                                                     Yes
40.   Students activity Centre is going to start shortly at Slater Hall
41.   Formation of centre for Creative Expression and Liberal Art to be opened shortly.
42.   Formation of centre of Innovation and Ideas to be opened shortly.
43    Formation of Cell for International Relation and BESU Foundation to be opened shortly.
44.   Formation of Cell for sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy to be opened
45.   Formation of Cell for Campus Network be opened shortly
46.   Proposal of Jubilant First Thrust for management and upgradation of existing Health
      Care facility at BESU is under consideration.

24. Fees Structure of the Institution

                             CET quota                                             Management quota
                             Fixed by the                                          Fixed by the
S.No.   Category                                                                                  charged by
                             State    Fee   Being charged by the Institution       State     Fee
                             Committee                                             Committee
1       Admission Fee                       UG              PG
                                            Rs.200/-        Rs.200/-
2       Tuition Fee p.a                     B.E.            M.E.         /MTRP
                                            Rs.12000/-      Rs.12000/-
                                            B.Arch.         M. Tech(Met Sc &
                                            Rs.12000/-      VLSI Rs. 15000/-
                                            IT.             M.              Tech
                                            Rs.12000/-      (Mechatronics)
                                                            Applied Sciences
                                                            Chemistry and Food
                                                            Processing       and
                                                            Nutrition Science
                                                            Rs.16000/-     ( Per
                                                            Semester Rs. 8000/-

3       University     fee                  Rs. 500/-       Rs. 500/-
        Examination fee,
        Per       Semester
        Registration fee                    Rs. 200/-       Rs. 200/-
4       Hostel fee (Rent                    Rs. 3800/-      Rs. 3800/-
5       Laboratory fee                                      Chemistry and Food
                                                            Processing       and
                                                            Nutrition Science
6       Library fee
7       Any                                 Rs. 100/-       Rs. 100/-
        activities) pa                      Rs. 2000/-      Rs. 2000/-
        Development p.a.
Total Fee

        25. Financial Position

        (i)    Whether applicant has opened a bank account in the name of the
               Society/ Trust for the existing institution                    Yes                       

    (ii)       Source of income & expenditure during the last year          See Enclosure IV

    S.No.       Source of Income                       Rs.(in Lakhs)   Expenditure during the Rs.(in Lakhs)
                                                                       last year
    1.          Central Government                                     Salary of Full time Faculty
    2.          State Government                                       Salary                   for
                                                                       Visiting/Adjunct faculty
    3.          University Grants Commission                           Salary of Non-Teaching
    4.          Other Central/State Govt. Bodies                       Library
    5.          Private Trust                                          Computer Centre
    6           Donations                                              Equipments Labs and
    7.          Students Fees                                          Building
    8.          Internal Revenue Generation                            Others (please specify)
    9.          Others (please specify)

           Details of Operational funds

    S.No. Name of Bank with Account                Cash Balance         FDR, if any Total Amount
          Branch & Full Address No.                (in Lakhs)           (Excluding joint (in Lakhs)
                                                                        FDR submitted
                                                                        to AICTE)
               United Bank of India
               BE    College     Extn. NA          -                    -                 -
               BE College


     It is certified that:
a)       Existing Courses are being conducted as per norms, standards and guidelines of the AICTE.
b)       All the physical deficiencies stated in the last approval letter have been complied with.
c)       The AICTE pay scales are being paid to the faculty members.
d)       The admissions are made on merit and no capitation fee or donation of any kind is charged for
e)       The teaching faculty has been recruited as per qualifications and experience laid down by
f)       The tuition and the other fees are being charges as prescribed by regulation/ the Competent
g)       No new course has been started (since the last approval by AICTE) without prior approval of
h)       The institution is not running any courses not approved by AICTE in the premises of the AICTE
         approved institution.
i)       The intake in any of the AICTE approved course has not been increased beyond the sanctioned
         intake, without prior approval of AICTE.

I/We solemnly declare that no information has been withheld and all the information provided in
this Compliance Report is correct. If any information is found to be incorrect or false, I/We
understand that proposal shall be liable for rejection.

                                                      (Amit Kumar Das)
                             Dean of Faculty Councils for PG & UG Studies in Engineering & Technology
                                            Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur
                                                           Howrah – 711 103

Date: 10.08.2009
                                                      Name and Signature of the Authorized
                                                       Signatory of the institution with seal
Place: BESU,Shibpur, Howrah -711 103

                                                                                Enclosure – I
Teaching Methodology :

Teachers-student ratio on the University is close to what is followed in IITs. Up-gradation of
laboratories and workshops is carried out by removing obsolescence and implementing
modern trend . Enhancement of quality is also initiated by induction of teaching aids and use of
e-learning facilities. Remedial classes for weaker students are also arranged. Teachers
assessment is carried out throughout the semester through class tests, quiz, home assignments
mid-term examination etc. Development of teachers is done on a regular basis through out the

The teaching load is as per UGC / AICTE rules. The balance of the hours for teachers is spent
through participation in research, development activities, project interactions, assessment
works and counseling of the students.

    Procurement of teaching resources through already procured 39 learning resources
comprises of 15 e-books and 24 multi-user software packages and tools.

     Equipped Communication skill upgradation laboratory with unique facility of
simultaneous training of 30 students is in function

     Separate book bank with 4863 number of text books.

     14 Nos. Cells equipped with necessary equipment are created for remedial teaching.

      Procurement of books and journals University has procured 7562 Books from TEQIP
fund, new library building being constructed by the University out of fund from other sources
there by augmenting space of 3100 sq. m.

     Procurement of state of the Art equipment for promoting research and teaching such as

a)           Vector network Analyzer.
b)           Power Analyzer
c)           Sex component Dynamo actor for machine tools
d)           Compressible Flow Bench
e)           Atomic Force microscope
f)           Scanning Electron Microscope with EBDS & EDS
g)           High voltage testing equipment

h)           Numerically controlled machines

Transaction of Syllabus :
Curriculum is modified every 5 years through participation of members of different
statutory bodies. There is also an inbuilt flexibility by which a teacher can update and
modify the syllabus to the extent of 25%. Model curriculum is followed in some areas like
courses on human development.

Innovations / Best Practices :

Information on joint activities with output impact. Best practices Innovative practices.

     IISC, ACRC Bangalore – ETO Calculus (2003 – 2004)
     University of California, San Diego. US-Energy efficient wireless web access ( 2003 –
     University of IOWA, US Sensor network ( 2004 – 2005)
     IBM Kolkata – RFID (2005 – 2006)
     Project with Tata Steel, Infosys, DRDL, CPRI, TCS.
      Module based short term refresher courses for Engineers and Technology of          M/s
Stewarts and Lloyds of India Limited. Each course design in four modules covering 14 subjects
of Engineering interest is organized every week end to suits the need of the Industry, Started
on 5th August 2005 and continuing IPR policy is under process. Industry Institute partnership
cell has been in operation.
      Nano-Technology Centre and School of Art will be opened shortly.
      Collaborative research with Lehigh University (USA)
     Water for people, USA
     UNICEF
     Arsenic Project, Govt. of Japan
     Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, USA
     Rotary International
     CANMET, Canada
     Technical University of Bari, Italy
     Dalhousie University, Canada
     IIT, Kanpur
     BRNS, Dept. of Atomic Energy
     Tata Steel
     Queen‘s University, Belfast (QUB), UK – Arsenic Pollution in Ground water: Remedial
Measure as a part of the DELPHE project.
      Signing of MOU for Academic and Cultural Collaboration between Queens University,
Belfast & Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah on 20.11.2008 at BESUS.

     Proposal for signing of MOU between M/S Intellectual Ventures with BESU, Shibpur
was accepted in principal by the Executive Council meeting held on 24.04.2009 is under

     Proposal for signing of MOU between Earthquake Engineering Research Centre,
University of Bristol and School of Disaster Mitigation Engineering, BESU, Shibpur is under

Research Areas / Consultancy :
     Environmental Engineering
     Geotechnical Engineering
     Structural Engineering
     Transportation Engineering
     Water Resource Engineering

Application of Jute Geotextiles :

     Checking soil Erosion & River Bank Protection
     Promoting Efficient use of Jute Geotextiles in W.B., Himachal Pradesh, Bhutan etc.
     Contributions in Preparing the Mannual for Application of Jute Geotextiles in Civil

Water Pollution Control :

       Development & Installation of a highly successful and socially accepted " Amal Aresenic
Filter" at several Arsenic affected villages in W.B. and Bangladesh.
       Review of Defluoridation, Desalination and Iron removal programme, funded by Rajiv
Gandhi National Drinking Mission.

Nature Hazard Mitigation :

      Development of a GIS based Network model for the sewerage Network of the entire
kolkata city to monitor stormwater runoff.
      Development of a software for Real Time Operator of Kangsabati Reservoir during
      Development of a complete software for optional design and layout of Irrigation canal
network for an Arid Country.

Implementation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojona (PMGSY) :

     Appointed as State Technical Agency (STA) for W.B. by NRRDA
     Independent Monitor for quality control of roads, at several places in West Bengal

Structural Quality Control and Advanced Analysis

Quality Audit of Civil Engineering works in Kolaghat and Bakreswar Tharmal Power plants,
West Bengal

Development of a new reliability analysis format for Hybrid Uncertain Systems.

Development of a compliant liquid column damper for seismic vibration control of short period

Pilot Project for identification of the numbers and types of vehicles passing through a lane in
the total plaza of Vidyasagar Setu – HRBC .


1.    Access:

     Increase in intake at both UG and PG levels is envisaged in XI Plan.

      It is proposed to make education attractive, affordable and more accessible to the
students of various parts of our country by way of increasing intake in courses like Computer
Science and Technology, Electronics and Communication and Information Technology.

     For enrolment of international students, creation of supernumerary seats is proposed.

     Strengthening of training and placement departments to facilitate attractive placement of
outturns of the university is proposed.
     Creation of upgraded infrastructural ambience and introduction of up-to-date
programmes will be conducive to attract access of brilliant faculties and students.

     A target of 20% increase in the access to the university is possible within XI Plan.

2.    Equity:

      This University is under the administrative control of Higher Education Department,
Government of West Bengal and hence committed to follow the policy of reservation of
different categories for student admission and faculty recruitment.

      The transformation of the University to an institute of national importance in the form of
IIEST is under way. Once it is materialized, the institute will be amenable to the opportunity of
capacity building under the scheme of Government of India to accommodate OBC and others.

     Support from Government of India will be available for creation of new infrastructure.

    The concurrent augmentation of human and material resources under the support of
Government of India will drive the equity to its desired level.

3.    Relevance:

     In consideration of the rapidly dwindling half lives of technology, it is proposed to
evolve means to acquire and retain the capacity for dynamic change.

      Sustenance of the University has a socially relevant educational institute of excellence
by way of    introducing flexibility in programmes as well as the mindset of the stakeholder. It
is proposed to continue      the practice of curriculum modification every 3 years with the
incorporation of in-built flexibility for demand driven modification of syllabi by the faculty

     Evolution of appropriate means to induct participation of industries in major
programmes of the University     for the development of tailored manpower for the present
day industries. This would make technical education more relevant to the nation‘s need.

4.    Quality and Excellence:

      In order that the outturn of the University can meet the demand of hi-tech industries, the
University will put special endeavour for inculcating skills for development of innovative
technologies among the students. The University proposes for augmentation of man power in
order that the quality of technical education can be kept continuously improving. For this
purpose the following steps are contemplated.

     Introduction of administrative and managerial reforms.
     Practice of innovative techniques for evaluation of students and appraisal of teachers.
     Augmentation of e-learning resources.
     To adopt and implement programs for continuous improvement in the quality research
by way of networking and collaboration with international partners.
     Improvement of quality of education shall be done through extensive international
network, consortia.

5.    University Administration:

     Extensive use of intranet in administration
     Documentation cell with dedicated manpower and necessary infrastructure
     Public relation and dissemination cell
     Strengthening of RTI cell
     Reform and modernization of examination cell

6.    Development of Teachers:
     Full utilization of TEQIP grant
     IPR facilitation centre
     Faculty development programme
     In-house annual research grant for faculty members

7.    Facilities for students:

     Centre for language learning is being augmented.
     Student amenities shall be made more abundant.
     Accommodation shall be made more comfortable by upgrading the standard of living in
     Supports will be provided for postgraduate and Ph. D students for attending seminars,
conferences etc.
     Health care systems will be made much more effective.
     More number of fellowships shall be created.

8.    Other plans of the University :

      To develop stronger linkage with the industries by accelerating intellectual resource
      To achieve self reliance in respect of funding for development programs for which
special thrust will be given for earning revenue by way of using the spare capacities of use of
sophisticated instruments for industrial work.

     The University is poised for projecting itself as a socially relevant association. It will
continue to stress on development of appropriate technologies for improvement of lives.

     It contemplates such acts of advocacy which enables to meet the causes of
technologically sustainable society.

Important Activities and Achievements of Bengal Engineering & Science University,
Shibpur; 2008 have been highly eventful for the institution. Some of such major events
organised by the University are:
1)    International Seminar on Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm in material Science
and Engineering.
2)    West Bengal State Science & Technology Congress.
3)    Students visit to Queens University, Belfast.
4)    Indo – US workshop on Materials Design, Measurement, Modeling and Informatics.
5)    Indo – US Workshop on Fabrionics.
6)    Signing of MOU with Queens University, Belfast and Special Convocation on 20.11.2008.
7)    NBA Accreditation visit for UG Courses.
8)    NBA Accreditation visit for PG Courses.
9)    UGC Assessment visit for 11th Plan.
10)    AIU student Research Convention.
11)    Opening of new Courses: ICT (PG).
However, amidst such hectic activities throughout the year, the University has continued to
record significant progress in academic pursuits by way of its programme of activities.

In the 11th Convocation 380 UG students, 430 PG students and 19 PhD fellows were awarded
certificates who have completed their studies and passed the examination during the academic
session 2007 – 08. 3 UG students, 19 PG students, 6 Memorial Medals are awarded to the
candidates who secured highest marks in different disciplines. President Medal was awarded
to the top scorer among the Under Graduates of all 9 Engineering disciplines taken together.
Out of 19 PhD scholars 10 scholars belonging to Engineering faculty, 6 scholars are belonging to
Applied Sciences and rest 3 scholars belonging to Management Sciences.

Post Graduate and Doctoral Research Programme:
The University enjoys a good reputation for excellence in research and development
considering our academic departments, the University can boost of the commendable
Performance of its faculty members, particularly their quality research out put which is
reflected by a good number of publications peer – reviewed National and International
During the last year, a significant number of research projects have been obtained from various
prestigious organizations like AICTE, DST, DRDO, UGC, CSIR, DAE etc by the faculty
members of this University.
Besides the Conventional fields of technology and Sciences, the University in recent years has
brought many frontier areas of Science and Technology under the purview of its research
activity. Some of such areas where research activities are underway are:
       Image Processing
       Development planning.
       Space Technology and Navigation Research.
       Intelligent Motion Control.
       Fuel Cell Technology.
       Earthquake Engineering.
       VLSI design.
       Mechatronics and Robotics.
       Computational Materials Science.
       Multiphase Steel.
       Tribology and Terro Technology.
       Application of GIS and Remote Sensing.
       Ergonomics.
       IT Enabled Competency Management.
       Significant activities already taken up during the year 2008 – 09 under TEQUIP
Programme are in the areas of
       Institutional Reform: Introduction of University Management Information System for
institutional Resource planning solutions it has already been started with admission in Post
Graduate and Under Graduate as first phase of computerization through Modular approach.
Application areas are Human Resource (HR), Establishment Matters, Student Admission &
Registration, Student Affairs and Collection from Students, Hostel Management, Academic
Affairs, Examination Affairs, Project Management, Financial Matters and any other matters
relating academic and administrative Affairs of the University.
      Academic Excellence.
      Faculty and Staff Development.
      Formal and informal Networking.
      Services to Community and Society.
  Some of the achievements under TEQIP and other programmes during the year (2008 – 09)
are as follows:
      Procurement of books, journals and teaching learning resources.
      Arranging training of Faculties, Officers, Staff members and Technical staff including
training for augmentation of management capacity.
      Capacity augmentation for campus – wide net working with fibre optic backbone &
internet access with increased band width.
      Construction of new 3 storied Central Library, 4 storied Girls Hostel, 8 storied Academic
cum Administrative Building (2nd phase) has been completed.
      A new Student cum Staff – Faculty canteen made operational during the year (2008 – 09)
with the help of Women‘s self help group.
      Unveiling the Bronze bust of professor S. N. Bose laying the foundation stone of the
proposed 3rd 8 storied Academic building.
      A good number of Members of Faculty had highly acclaimed participation in
International Conference and Symposia abroad during (2008 – 09). Officers particularly one
Assistant Librarian has attended National and International Conference related to Library

Other Important Programmes:
1)      School of Materials Science and Engineering Department of Information Technology and Purabi
Das School of Information Technology organized Pre-Conference tutorial on ―Different soft computing
techniques‖ on January 7 & 8, 2008 for International Conference on Neural Network and Genetic
Algorithm in Material Science & Engineering, NGMS 2008, on 19-11 Jan, 2008 under the assistance of
TEQIP at alumni seminar hall, science & technology building, BESUS campus.
2)      Department of Computer Science and Technology, BESUS organized inaugural ceremony of
silver jubilee celebration of the Dept. at seminar hall, Electrical Engineering Department BESUS on 12th
Jan, 2008. Professor Debesh Das, Minister in charge, IT, Govt. of West Bengal deliver his inaugural
address and key note address was delivered by Professor Barrett Bryant on ―Object-Oriented
Computing‖. Colloquium- recent trends in computing (RTCOM‘08) also discussed in the seminar.
3)      Closing ceremony of the Sesquicentenary celebration of the University was held at University
Campus on the 17th Jan, 2008 at 16:00 Hrs. Professor M. Hamid Ansari, Hon‘ble Vice President, Govt.
of India as Chief Guest and Shri Gopal Krishna Gandhi, Hon‘ble Governor, Govt. of WB and Chancellor
of this University presided over the programme.
4)      15th West Bengal State Science and Technological Congress was jointly organized by Science and
Technology Council and Department and Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur during
28th and 29th February 2008.
5)      Bengal Engineering and Science University Women Studies and Research Cell and School of
Community Science and Technology observed ―International Women‘s day‖ and inauguration of
University Canteen maintained by Women Self help Group on 10th March, 2008.
6)      Second phase of the training under National Programme for Capacity Building of Engineers in
Earthquake Risk Management on Monday March 24, 2008 was organized by Civil Engineering, Dept. of
7)      5 Day workshop on ―Challenges in VLSI Design: Cutting- edge perspective‖ organized by
Department Of Information Technology in collaboration with School of VLSI Technology, BESUS, How-
3 between July 21-25, 2008 sponsored by TEQIP.

8)      A seminar ― Scientific Space Exploration 50 Years after Sputnik-1‖ delivered by Professor
Supriya Chakraborti, Boston University, USA and another talk on ― Optimization of VLSI Architecture‖
delivered by Dr. Anindya Sundar Dhar, Professor, Dept of ECE, IIT KGP was organized by Department
of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, BESUS and IEEE, Kolkata Chgapter held on 31st
July, 2008.

9)     Organized Sesquicentenary lecture on ‗Science in the Future of India by Professor C.N.R.Rao,
FRS, on Friday, December 21, 2007 at 10.00 hrs at Institute Hall of University Campus.

10)   Signing of MOU for Academic and Cultural Collaboration between Queen‘s University, Belfast
& Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah on 20th November 2008, BESUS.

11)   Inauguration of School of Water and Environmental Research in Collaboration with Queen‘s
University Belfast, 20th November 2008, BESUS.

12)   Conferring Degree of D Sc (Honoris Causa) to Professor Peter J. Gregson, Vice Chancellor,
Queen‘s University, Belfast and Shri Daljit Singh Rana Former President, Northern Ireland Chamber of
Commerce at a Special Convocation held at Institute Hall on 20.11.2008 at 11 am.

13)     Inaugural Function of the short term Course on Soft Soil Engineering on Saturday May 31, 2008
at the Seminar Hall. Department of Civil Engineering, BESU, Shibpur. Dr. N. R. Banerjea, Dr. Gautam
Bhattacharyya and Dr. Manju Halder were present in the occasion.

14)    Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser Govt. of India and DAE – Homi Bhaba
Professor delivered 10th Convocation Address on 16th February, 2008 at the University Campus.

15)    Professor M. Hamid Ansari hon‘ble Vice President of India, Shri Gopal Krishna Gandhi,
Hon‘ble Governor of W.B. and Chancellor of the University, Professor N. R. Banerjea Vice –Chancellor
of BESU, Professor Sudarshan RoyChowdhury Minister – In charge, Higher Education, Govt. of W.B.,
Shri Basudeb Acharia, MP and Shri Md Salim, MP were present in the closing ceremony of the
Sesquicentenary celebration of the University and grace the occasion on 17th January 2008 at 16.00 hrs.
16)    Linux System Administration and Documentation using Latex (2nd ) on 18th December to 24th
December 2008, organized by Department of Electrical Engineering, Bengal Engineering and Science
University, Shibpur, Network Implementation Committee TEQIP.

17)    Engineers Day celebration was observed by BESU at University Institute Hall on 15th September
2008 at 4 pm. Professor Sankar Kumar Sen, Former V.C. of Jadavpur University inaugurated the
ceremony. Professor Debesh Das Hon‘ble Minister in Charge of IT and Dr. N.R. Banerjea V.C. of BESU
presided over the function.

18)    A Roving Team was formed along the 3 sub – teams on 30.07.2008 to visit 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd
Year & 4th Year students‘ hostel and interact with students for the betterment of the social development
and to protect from menace of ragging.

19)    The progress in training and placement achieved by the University during the recent years has
been sustained for which we are grateful to Business and Industry.

20)     The support received from our alumni spread all over the globe is a source of strength and
inspiration for the University. Several lectures by distinguished alumni have been organized. During the
current year more than 60 scholarships, Books grants, admission grants sponsored by the alumni have
been awarded to our students. We gratefully acknowledge their assistance.
21)    One day Indo – US Seminar on Micro Fluidics & Fabrionics at the Conference Hall on January 08,
2009, organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bengal Engineering and Science University,

22)    Indo – US workshop on Materials Design, Measurement, Modeling and informatics, January 5 –
7, 2009 at Taj Bengal, Kolkata, organized by School of Material Science & Engineering of Bengal
Engineering and Science University, Shibpur in collaboration with Combinational Sciences and
Materials informatics collaborator Iowa State University, USA. COSMIC with the support of Tata Steel,
Jamshedpur Stanley Foundation USA.

23)     School of Management Sciences and Assessment Tomorrow ( UK) jointly organised a seminar on
‗e – Assessment‘ at Alumni Seminar Hall, Science Technology Building, 1st Floor on 12th February 2009
at 10-30 am to 1-30 pm. Speakers were included – Mr. Jeff Ross, Director Assessment Tomorrow UK. Mr.
Dhirendra CEO Eduquity, Col. Dutta, Eduquity, Kolkata, Mr. Siddhartha Goyal, CEO Times Vision
Infotech, Mr. Sougata Mukherjee Regional Director, Confederation of Indian Industry.

24)     Organised Short term Course on Ground Improvement Techniques on 27 – 28 March 2009 at the
Seminar Hall, Department of Civil Engineering BESU, Shibpur. Dr. Ajay Kumar Ray Vice Chancellor,
BESU, Shibpur inaugurated the programme. Dr. N. N. Som, Renowned Consultant and Ex- President,
Indian Geotechnical Society, delivered key note address. Dr. A. K. Das, Dean Faculty of Engineering and
Technology BESU, Shibpur and Dr. D. Ghosh, Director, Research Consultancy & Industry Institute
interaction BESU, shibpur were present.

25)     Anveshan – 2009, 2nd National Students Research Convention ( Association of Indian University
) organized by Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Held on 23.02.2009 at Institute Hall
of the University at 10-30 am. Professor Debesh Das inaugurated the occasion. Dr. Bichitra Kumar Guha
Dean, Faculty Council for UG & PG Applied Science played key role for organizing this Convention.

26)      Organized Lecture on a popular aerospace topic ―Navigating a Launch Vehicle to inject a
satellite into an orbit‖ on 29th January 2009 at 2-30 pm in the Seminar Room of Aerospace Engineering
and Applied Mechanics Department by Professor Amitava Bose, Former Director of Indian Space
Research Organization ( ISRO) and INAE Distinguished visiting Professor.

27)    Dr. M. Anandakrishnan, Chairman, Board of Governors IIT Kanpur delivered Convocation
Address at the eleventh annual Convocation at 10:30 AM on Monday 16th February 2009 at the
university campus under the court of the Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, in
Presence of Professor Sudarshan Roychowdhury, Minister-in-charge of Higher Education.

28)   BESU organized a seminar on sustaining Excellence in Technical Education at 2:30 PM on
Monday, the 16th February 2009 at the University Institute Hall. Prof. Amiya Kumar Bagchi, Prof.
Amitava Ghosh, Prof. M. Anandakrishanan, Prof. Subir Chowdhury were the speakers of the seminar.
29)    B.E. College Alumni Association (67in/72out) organized a Technical summit ―Is India ready to
become a Manufacturing Power House by 2020?‖ on 21st February 2009 at BESUS Premises. In this
summit Mr. S. B. Ganguly, Chairman Emeritus, Exide Industries Limited; Dr. N.R. Banerjea, Vice
Chancellor BESUS; Sri Nirupam Sen, Honourable Minister in charge Dept. of Commerce & Industries
PE/IR, Development and Planning, Govt. of WB; Prof. Sankar Kumar Sen were present and addressed
the summit.

30)     School of Safety and Occupational Health Engineering BESU organized a seminar of ―Industry
Academicia Partnership on Health & Safety at workplace on Thursday, February 26, 2009 at the Alumni
Seminar Hall, Science & Technology Building BESUS. Dr. N.R. Banerjea, Vice Chancellor BESUS; S.P.
Mukherjee, Former Professor Calcutta University, President IAPQR, Chairman Steering Committee
NSSO; Shri S. K. Saxena, Directorate General of Factory Advisor & Labour Institute, Govt. of India and
Sri R. P. Chakraborty, Chief Inspector of Factories, West Bengal were addressed the occasion.
31)     Department of Computer Science and Technology, BESU and IEEE EDs chapter Kolkata with
the assistance of Network implementing committee, TEQUIP BESU, Shibpur jointly organised a special
lecture on ―Road map for integrated circuits Technology for 22 nm and Beyond‖ on 05.03.2009 at 4 pm
in the Seminar Hall of CST Department BESUS. Dr. Hiroshi Iwai, Frontier Research Centre, Tokyo
Institute of Technology Yokohama, Japan delivered lecture on the issue.

32)    Short term Programme for Management Capability Building for Academic and Management
personnel at BESUS under TEQUIP Faculty and Staff Development Scheme held on 26, 27, 30, 31March
2009 organised by Department of Human Resource management, BESUS.

33)    Launching of Entrepreneurship Development cell (EDC) at BESUS on 31.03.2009 at 10 hrs in BESUS
under the control of Professor Manas Kumar Sanyal, HOD, HRM Department and Dean Faculty of Social
and Management Sciences.
34)    One day Seminar ‗Darwin‘s Legacy‘ held on April 08, 2009 at 9-30 hrs in the Alumni Seminar
Hall, Science & Technology Building organised by Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences BESU,

35)     Workshop on Geographic information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global
Positioning System (GPS) held on 25th and 26th March 2009 at seminar Hall of Science and Technology
building, organised by Department Mining Engineering BESU under TEQIP Faculty Development
Programme. Mr. A. Bhattacharyya Ex Deputy Director (GIS) NRSA delivered lecture on GIS AND RS
application on Natural Resources Management. Mr. A. Rah, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Govt.
of W.B. delivered lecture on GIS and RS application on Management Forest. Mr. P. S. Chakraborty,
Principal Scientist DST, W.B. delivered lecture on GIS & RS application on Watershed management. Dr.
P. K. Pal, Professor BESUS delivered his lecture on ―Development in RS and its application‖. Finally Dr.
P. Dutta Assistant Professor of BESUS delivered his lecture on ―Hands on training on GPS‖.
36)    Tech Fest organised under the leadership of Professor Arindam Biswas along with students of
BESUS held on 11th &12th April 2009.
37)    School of Management Science BESUS organised Annual Business Meet (AURORA -09) on 18th,
19th April 2009 at Institute Premises.

38)    REBECA organised by Alumni students of BESUS from 30th April to 3rd May, 2009.

39)      C. K. Majumder Memorial Summer Workshop on Experimental Physics 2009, from June 16 – 23,
2009 organised by Indian Association of Physics Teachers        (Regional Council 15), Department of
Physics of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah. Inauguration on 16 th June 2009
at 10:00 AM, Venue Alumni Seminar Hall, BESUS.

40)     Workshop on Arsenic Pollution in Groundwater: Remedial Measures as a part of the DelPHE
Project (Capacity building for technological solution and training to improve groundwater resources
management in arsenic affected areas of eastern India) organised by Department of Civil Engineering,
BESUS in association with Queen‘s University, Belfast, UK, and Institute of Environment Management
and Studies, Jamshedpur on 26.06.2009 at 10:30 AM in the seminar Hall of the Civil Engineering

41)    An Open forum 2009 – 10 for 1 to 1500 rank holders of WBJEE Candidates along with their
Guardians was organised by Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur on 07.07.2009 to attract
new Courses for admission to 1st year BE Engineering Courses.

42)     Conducted Short Term Courses on Power Electronics jointly organised by Department of
Electrical Engineering, BESU, Shibpur & IEEE Industry Application Society (IAS) Calcutta Chapter
under the aegis of The National Mission on Power Electronics Technology (NaMPET) on July 16 – 22,

43)   Open Source workshop held on July 27 to 29. 2009 in the Department Information Technology,
BESU, Shibpur, organized by Department Information Technology, BESU, Shibpur, and Institute for
open Technology and application (IOTA), a society under Department of IT, Govt. of W.B.

44)     4th University – Industry Council Symposium on Industry Academia Collaboration for quality
Human Resource and R&D towards Sustainable Economic and Social Development held on July 31st
and 1st August, 2009 at BESU premises, Shibpur, Howrah-03, W.B. organized by Confederation of Indian
Industries and BESU, Shibpur, B E College 1984 Batch.


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