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					                        Professor Eli Lawental
Year               Awarding Institute                  Degree

1993-1994          Johns Hopkins University Drug       Post Graduate Diploma
                   Abuse Treatment and Prevention      (1994)
                   and Mental Health Services

1982 & 1985-1987   University of Pennsylvania Social   D.S.W. (1987)

1975-1982          University of Haifa Philosophy      MA (1982)
                   and Social Work

1976-1978          University of Haifa                 B.S.W. (1978)
                   Social Work

1971-1974          University of Haifa                 BA (1974)
                   Political Science and Philosophy.

Academic Ranks and Tenure in Institutions of Higher Education
Dates               Name of Institution & Department         Rank

2006-               Tel-Hai College Department of Social     Associate Professor
                    Work                                     (Expert Track)

2004- 2005          Tel-Hai College Department of Social     Senior Lecturer (Expert
                    Work                                     Track)

1995-2004           University of Haifa, School of Social    Senior Lecturer (Expert
                    Work                                     Track)

1994-1995           University of Haifa, School of Social    Fellow

1994-1995           Tel-Aviv University, School of           Extra Mural Lecturer

1993-1994           University of Pennsylvania, School of    Visiting Professor
                    Social Work

1988-1992           University of Haifa, School of Social    Lecturer and Academic
                    Work - Advanced Study Division           Coordinator
                    (Diploma In Drug Abuse)

1987-1993&          Tel-Aviv University, School of Social      Extra Mural Lecturer
1994-1995           Work

1987-1993 &         Ministry of Welfare - Central School       Senior Lecturer
1994- 1996          for Workers in Social Services

1987-1989           Bar-Ilan University, Department of         Extra Mural Teacher

1985-1987           University of Pennsylvania, School of      Research and Teaching
                    Social Work                                Assistant

1980-1981           University of Haifa, School of Social      Field Supervisor

Offices in University Academic Administration
Year          Position                       Institute
Since 2010    Chairperson, Department of     Tel-Hai College
              Social Work
2006-         Member Internal Academic       Tel-Hai College
              Head Students Affairs
              Committee (till 2008)
              Member MA committee.
              Member Teaching
              Head substance abuse
              prevention and treatment
              Member Helsinki

2002 -2004    Member of the physical         University of Haifa
              development committee

1998 -2004    Head of Field Studies          University of Haifa School of Social Work

1998- 2004    Head of the Law and            University of Haifa School of Social Work
              Corrections Track in the
              MA program

1998-2004     Member of Field studies        University of Haifa School of Social Work
              committee (chairman), BA
              committee, MA committee,
              Position holders committee

1989-1994     Practicum Supervisor (MA)      Tel-Aviv University


1988-1992          Academic Coordinator            University of Haifa School of Social Work
                                                   Advanced Study Division – Diploma Course in
                                                   Drug Abuse Treatment

Courses Taught in Recent Years
Title                                      Year            Type            Level
Courses taught at Tel-Hai College, Department of Social Work:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy                     2008-         Seminar     MA

Management in Social Work                        2009-         Seminar     MA

Clinical Supervision in Social Work              2009-         Seminar     MA

International Social Work                        2006-2007     seminar     BA

Advanced Intervention Methods                    2005 -        Seminar     BA

Social work in correction and addictions         2004 -        Seminar     BA

Social deviation                                 2004 -        Lecture     BA

Courses taught at the University of Haifa, School of Social Work:

International Social Welfare                     2001-2004     Seminar     MA

Interdisciplinary team-work                      2001-2004     Seminar     MA

Addiction - Advanced Theories and                1998- 2002    Seminar     MA
treatment aspects

Social Policy                                    1998 – 2000   Lecture     BA

Fundamentals of Intervention in Social           1996 –1998    Lecture     BA
Work                                             & 2002-

Diagnosis and treatment of substance             1995 - 2004   Lecture     MA

Addiction - Theories and treatment aspects       1995 - 2002   Seminar     BA

Research Seminar                                 1995- 2000    Seminar     BA

Task centered treatment                          1995 – 1998   Seminar     BA

Welfare Economics.                               1990 – 1991   Lecture     BA


Title                                           Year          Type          Level
Clinical treatment for substance abusers        1988-1992     Continued
                                                              & Diploma
Field Study Supervisor of Social Work        1980 –1981                     BA
Courses taught at University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work:

Advanced Research Methods                       1993-1994     Lecture       DSW/PhD.

Introduction to History and Philosophy of       1993-1994     Lecture       MSW
Social Policy

Social Policy and the Workplace                 1993-1994     Lecture       MSW

Courses taught at Tel- Aviv University:

The Use and Abuse of Psychoactive               1993 -1994    Lecture       BA & MA

Theoretical Aspects of Organizations and        1992-1993     Lecture       B.S.W

Practicum on Addiction                          1990-1993     Supervisor    MA

Drug Addiction: Policy and Intervention         1988-1995     Seminar       MA. &
Planning                                                                    Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork                      1987-1993     Lecture       BA & MA

Intervention Planning and Evaluation            1987-1988     Lecture       BA

Courses taught at Bar-Ilan University, Department of Criminology:

Clinical Treatment for Substance Abusers        1987-1989     Lecture       Diploma

Teaching in Non-Academic Institutions
Reality Therapy course as part of the Diploma course of the Israeli Association of
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Supervision of Graduate Students
Year                  Institution                Subject              Degree Level
2005-2010             Hebrew University          Member Doctoral      Ph.D.
                      School of Social           Committee
2000-2004             Haifa University           Supervision and      MA


                    School of Social         Guidance of 4 MA
                    Work                     Thesis Work
2003-2004           Sophia University,       Guidance of           Ph.D.
                    Bulgaria                 Dissertation
1998-               Tel-Aviv and             Evaluation of         Ph.D.
                    Jerusalem                Dissertations

Scholarships, Awards, and Research Grants
Year     Subject                                       Source
2010     Evaluation and Treatment of Cognitive         The Israeli Drug Authority
         Impairments with Computerized System for
         Substance Abusers
2009     Pain Mechanisms, Personality traits and       The Israeli Drug Authority
         Drug Addiction, With Dr. Dorit Pod
         (Additional Research)
2007     Prevention and Treatment Project and          Rashi Foundation
         Evaluation In Tel-Hai College(3 Years)
2007     Life Time Achievement Award                   The Israeli Drug Authority –
                                                       Prime Minster Office.
2006     Substance Abuse Treatment In Women            The Israeli Drug Authority
2004     Pain Mechanisms, Personality traits and       Research Grant from the
         Drug Addiction, With Dr. Dorit Pod            Israeli Drug Authority
2002     Dissociative thinking of substance abusers in Research Grant from the
         Israel, With Prof. Eli Zomer                  Israeli Drug Authority
2000     Grant for publishing a book in Hebrew,        The Israeli Drug Authority
         Cognitive approaches of Substance Abuse
1998 –   1. Establishing a system for monitoring       Research Grants from the
1999     the developments in the substance abuse       Israeli Drug Authority
         treatment seen in Israel.
         2. Substance abuse among new
         3. Evaluation research – Ultra rapid
         detoxification vs. traditional programs
         4. Short term family intervention at the
         initiation of treatment of the substance
         abuser – Is it effective?

1998     Substance abuse among new immigrants          Research Grant from the
                                                       office of the chief researcher
                                                       in The Ministry of
1994     The Intake Process in Drug Abuse              Research grant from the
         Treatment Programs, with Dr. A. Lazar         Israeli Drug Authority
1993     Drug Abuse in the Workplace & Cost-           Research grant from the
         Effectiveness of Drug Abuse Treatment for     American Veterans'
         the Addict's Family, with Dr. T. McLlelan     Administration


  1993      Humphrey/NIDA Fellowship for studies and research at Johns Hopkins
  1986      Gondarken Foundation (USA) Scholarship for doctoral studies

  1985      Crime Prevention Association (USA) Scholarship for doctoral studies

Active Participation in Scholarly Conferences

Conference                        Place and Date          Type and Title of Presentation

NIDA/CPDD Conference              Scottsdale, June 2010   Long-Term Residential Treatment for
                                                          Women: Lessons Learned from Israel

Youth Substance Abuse             Tel-Hai College         Substance Abuse Prevention and
                                                          Treatment Project in an institution of
                                                          Higher Education – Preliminary

NIDA/CPDD Conference              Reno, June 2009         1.Group Reality Therapy: Is it an
                                                          affective tool in working with young
                                                          adult Methadone maintained patients?
                                                          (With Schori M. Altus L. Gur, M.)
                                                          2. Description of and preliminary
                                                          statistical data from the first substance
                                                          abuse prevention and treatment project
                                                          at an Institute of Higher education in
                                                          Israel. (with Schori M.
                                                          3.Crisis intervention in a Methadone
                                                          clinic in south Israel during the war
                                                          with Hamas in Gaza. (with Levit S,
                                                          Schiff M, Schori M..

Israel Society for Biological     Hagoshrim, Israel,      Prolonged Stress and Substance Abuse
Psychiatry Conference             March 2009

NIDA/CPDD Conference              Puerto-Rico, June       The correlation between intake
                                  2008                    procedures to methadone maintenance
                                                          treatment and variables in the
                                                          treatment process – entry,
                                                          retention/dropout and urine testing
                                                          (with M. Schori)

Israel Society of Addiction       Tel-Aviv, December      Social Work in Addiction Treatment


Conference                          Place and Date         Type and Title of Presentation

NIDA/CPDD conference                Quebec, Canada, June   1. Factors Associated with Anxiety
                                    2007                      Levels Following the Second
                                                              Lebanon War Among Methadone
                                                              Maintained Patients in Israel
                                                           2. Description. Treatment
                                                              Characteristics and Treatment
                                                              Outcomes of Adolescent substance
                                                              Abusers in Israel

NIDA/CPDD conference                Scottsdale, Arizona,   Description of IDUs in an HIV Pre-
                                    June 2006              epidemic Setting

Bi-national ISAM conference         Slovenia, September    Opioids and Abnormal Pain
                                    2005                   Perception: New Evidence from A
                                                           Study of Chronic Opioid Addicts And
                                                           Healthy Subjects

NIDA/CPDD conference                Orlando, June 2005     Reaction to Pain and Motivation for
                                                           change in Stabilized and Non-
                                                           stabilized Methadone Maintained

National conference of the          Haifa, Israel,         Innovations in treatment of addiction
prisoner rehabilitation authority   September, 2003        and infectious diseases among
                                                           substance abusers

NIDA/CPDD conference                Miami, June 2003       Musical Preferences of In-Treatment
                                                           Substance Abusers – Pilot Study.

NIDA/CPDD conference                Miami, June 2003       Women Substance Abusers in Israel -
                                                           Special Treatment Issues.

NIDA/CPDD conference                Quebec, Canada, June   HIV and HCA among Israeli substance
                                    2002                   abusers – epidemiological and
                                                           treatment issues.

ISAM conference                     Jerusalem, September   25 years of Methadone treatment in
                                    2001                   Israel.

NIDA/CPDD conference                Scottsdale, Arizona,   Study of low voucher contingency
                                    June 2001              management in a methadone
                                                           maintained client population.


Conference                           Place and Date           Type and Title of Presentation

NIDA/CPDD conference                 Puerto-Rico, June        Comparing out of treatment new
                                     2000                     immigrants to Israel from the states of
                                                              the former Soviet Union to new
                                                              immigrants that seek treatment

National conference of               Westerner Gallile        Interdisciplinary teamwork as a base
substance abuse professionals        College, Acre, Israel,   for substance abuse treatment.
                                     June 2000.

The 4th conference on Mental         Jerusalem, December      Inpatient detoxification as a part of the
Health                               1999                     treatment chain.

ICAA conference                      Vienna, August 1999      Cultural aspects of substance abuse:
                                                              The case of new immigrants from the
                                                              states of the former soviet union to

Towards 2000 An International        Jerusalem, July 1999     Substance abusing new immigrants
conference. Mesidu and the                                    from the states of the former soviet
Israeli Drug Authority                                        union as a challenge to the treatment
                                                              system in Israel.

Migration, Culture and Crime         Jerusalem, July 1999     Treatment characteristics of substance
                                                              abusing new immigrants from the
                                                              states of the former soviet union to

The treatment of substance           Rambam Medical           Substance abusing new immigrants
abusing new immigrants from          Center, Haifa, January   from the states of the former soviet
the states of the former soviet in   1999                     union as a challenge to the treatment
Israel                                                        system in Israel

ICSW conference                      Jerusalem, July 1998     Treatment characteristics of substance
                                                              abusing new immigrants from the
                                                              states of the former soviet union to
                                                              Israel – Pilot study findings.

NIDA/CPDD conference                 Scottsdale, Arizona, 1. Comparing five countries on
                                     June 1998               substance abuse related issues.
                                                          2. Is initial Methadone treatment
                                                             influencing detoxification?

NIDA/CPDD conference,                Nashville, Tennessee,    Partnership between the workplace
Building International Research      June, 1997               and drug abuse treatment programs is
in Drug Abuse.                                                it effective?


Conference                         Place and Date           Type and Title of Presentation

Innovations in research and        Rambam Medical           Coerced treatment for substance abuse
treatment of substance abuse       Center, Haifa, Israel.   problems detected through workplace
                                   April, 1997              urine surveillance - Is it effective?

Annual conference of the           Natanya                  1. The social worker in
addiction section of the Israeli   June 1996                interdisciplinary teams.
Association of Social Workers.                              2. Treatment approaches in the
                                                            addictions a panel discussion.

Schools of Social work Annual      Hebrew University,       Teaching "Addictions" in the Schools
Conference.                        Jerusalem                of Social Work in Israel. (The abstract
                                   October, 1995.           was published in the Conference

H. Humphrey Fellows                Minnesota,               Proposal for the development of a
International Conference.          June, 1994.              center for international cooperation for
                                                            substance abuse reduction.

Drug Abuse Researchers             Van-Lir Institute        Research for improving the methods
Conference, The Israeli Drug       Jerusalem,               of addiction treatment.
Authority.                         May, 1993.

Schools of Social Work Annual      Bar Ilan University,     Drug abuse treatment, An educational
Conference.                        June, 1992.              challenge for the social work schools
                                                            in Israel.

The 2nd Conference on Group        Ben Gurion               Group work with drug addicts.
Work.                              University,
                                   June, 1991.

Inaugural National Methadone       Boston, USA,             Effectiveness of methadone treatment
Conference.                        March, 1991.             in Israel.

The 3rd National Social Work in Bar Ilan University,         (1) The Importance of psycho-social
Health Care Conference.         February, 1990.             diagnosis in the treatment of drug
                                                            (2) Leadership style and inter-
                                                            disciplinary teamwork in health care.

US-Israel Bi-national              Tel-Aviv,                Methadone maintenance treatment
Symposium on Substance             November, 1989.          outcome in Israel.

The 3rd National Conference on     Tel-Aviv University,     (1) National model for drug abuse
Drug and Alcohol Abuse.            April, 1989              treatment.
                                                            (2) Recent studies on effectiveness of
                                                            addiction treatment.


Conference                        Place and Date         Type and Title of Presentation

The 2nd World Congress on         Tel-Aviv,              Evaluation research: Treatment
Drug and Alcohol.                 June, 1988.            effectiveness of a program combining
                                                         methadone with psycho-social

The 11th National Conference      Jerusalem,             Rights of drug addicts.
of the Israeli Social Work        May, 1988.

Schools of Social Work Annual     Hebrew University,     Leadership style for interdisciplinary
Conference.                       Jerusalem,             teamwork.
                                  May, 1988.

The 10th National Conference      Jerusalem,             Treatment for drug addicts – Issues in
of the Israeli Social Work        September, 1987.       debate.

 Colloquium Talks and Other Invited Addresses (since 1994)
 Conference                     Place and Date         Type and Title of Presentation

 Innovations in Pain            Rambam Medical         Pain and Opiate Addiction
 treatment                      Center, Haifa,
                                December 2009

 Israel Association. of Pain    Maalot, November       Pain and Opiate Addiction

 ALSAM                          Ramat-Gan September Research Work-Shop:
                                2008                Effectiveness of Youth Substance
                                                    Abuse Treatment

 Family Medicine                Kitiat Motzkin         Addictions and Public Health
                                December 2006
 Rambam Medical Center –        Haifa, May 2006        Treating the hospitalized substance
 Nurses forum                                          abuser.

 Rambam Medical Center –        Haifa, January 2006    Substance abuse as a major health
 Public Forum                                          public issue.

 Al-Sam                         Tel-aviv, September    Description. Treatment
                                2006                   Characteristics and Treatment
                                                       Outcomes of Adolescent substance
                                                       Abusers in Israel

 Public defenders meeting       Haifa, September       Special consideration for the
                                2005                   treatment of substance abusers in


Conference                     Place and Date          Type and Title of Presentation

                                                       the legal system.

Israeli Anti-Drug Authority    Israel, March, 2004     Understanding addiction and issues
                                                       in treatment

Conference of the Israeli      Tel-Aviv, Israel,       Doctors and drug use
society of                     December, 2003

Israeli Anti-Drug Authority    Israel, October, 2003   The correlation between ADHD
                                                       and substance abuse

prisoner rehabilitation        Haifa, Israel,          Innovations in treatment of
authority                      September 2003          addictions.

Students orientation day       Haifa University, May   Social work with substance abusers.

Haifa Municipality counsel     Haifa, March 2003       Basic concepts of substance abuse
– Health, education and                                treatment and current trends.
welfare Committees

Israeli society of addiction   Tel-Aviv, February      Psycho-social aspects of Naltrexone
medicine                       2003                    treatment.

Court system education         Neve-Ilan, February     Substance abuse – definition and
seminar                        2003                    implications for treatment.

National conference-      Sheraton city tower,         Existing Vs required services for
Combined treatment of HIV Tel-Aviv, October            the HIV positive substance abuser
positive and substance    2000.                        in Israel.

Ministry of Health,            Yahod, Israel, June     The theoretical base of
Directors of mental health     2000                    interdisciplinary team work.
clinics conference

Faculty of Law, Haifa          Public Trial, Haifa     Compulsory treatment for
University                     Israel, May 2000        substance abusers

Department of Science          The Israeli Technical   Bio-psycho-social components of
                               Institute (Technion),   the addiction definition
                               Haifa Israel, April

Kupat Holim Klalit             Haifa, May 2000          Current substance abuse treatment
(H.M.O)                                                in Israel


Conference                     Place and Date           Type and Title of Presentation

Conference of Community

Social Work with substance     Jerusalem, December      Social workers' roles in treating
abusers in the mental health   1999                     substance abusers in the
system – A Ministry of                                  Ministry of Health substance
Health conference                                       abuse treatment system.
                                                        Guiding a nominal group
                                                        process on the subject.

Ministry of Welfare Social     Central School for       Treatment approaches focusing on
Workers – Graduation           Workers in Social        the here and now.
Ceremony.                      Services, Tel-Aviv,
                               Israel, November

The Jewish Agency – Youth Manoff Center – Acer, Treatment for substance abusing
Boarding Homes Staff.     Israel, July 1999     adolescents.

Youth & Children Workers       Nahariya Hospital,       Addiction redefined, implication
Conference.                    Nahariya, Israel, May    for treatment and prevention of
                               1999                     adolescents and children.

The Jewish Agency Social       Haifa, Israel , May      Treatment for substance abusing
Workers National               1999                     new immigrants – Implications of a
Conference                                              recent pilot study.

Ministry of Health -           Tel – Aviv, Israel,      Treatment of substance abusers in
Hospital and departments       May 1998                 Northern Israel,
directors National

Afula Hospital Psychiatric     Afula, Israel, May       Implications of recent research
Department Seminar.            1998                     findings on the treatment of
                                                        substance abusers in the mental
                                                        health system.

Ministry of Welfare Social     Central School for       Bio-psycho-social aspects of
Workers – Opening              Workers in Social        substance abuse.
Ceremony.                      Services, Tel-Aviv,
                               Israel, March 1998

Rambam Medical Center-         Rambam Medical           Reality Therapy and Substance
Psychiatric Division           Center, Haifa, Israel,   Abuse Treatment.
Seminar                        January 1998

Kupat Holim Klalit             Nahariya, Israel,        The substance abuser as a client of


Conference                     Place and Date          Type and Title of Presentation

(H.M.O)                        January, 1998           the health services system.
Conference of Community

Methadone treatment in the     Tel Aviv                Is initial methadone treatment
Israeli Prison System          December, 1997          influencing detoxification in thirty
                                                       days inpatient programs?

Depravations and rewards.      University of Haifa     Emptiness and addiction.
                               The Faculty of Social
                               Welfare & Health
                               Studies, Extension
                               November, 1997

Lecture for the Hubert H.      Johns Hopkins           The implication of the new Israeli
Humphrey seminar               University School of    national health insurance law to the
                               Public Health           treatment of drug addicts.
                               September, 1996

Lecture at the Graduation      Western Galilee         The "Addicted" to the addicts - the
Certification Award            College,                professional workers.
Ceremony of the course for     July, 1995.
Drug Abuse Counselors.

Lecture for the members of     Zichron Yaacov,         Addictions redefined, implications
the addiction section of the   Israel,                 for practice.
Israeli Assoc. of Social       June, 1995.

Presentation for the Faculty   Howard University,      Philosophy of the Israeli Social
Club.                          Washington,             Welfare System.
                               March, 1994.

Scholarly Positions and Activities Outside the University
Full-Time Positions
Years               Job description
1983 - present      Director of the Haifa Drug Abuse Treatment center, Israel. The
                    work included the development of the center. Since 1983 (when
                    the center had a methadone maintenance program with only 80
                    clients and 4 employees) the center gradually developed, and
                    now employs 65 staff members and offers diverse treatment
                    programs and services to over 1,500 clients per year. The
                    HDATC offers an outpatient service (450 treatment slots), an
                    inpatient detox unit (45 beds for drug and alcohol abusers), a
                    therapeutic community for women, and a newly established


                      workplace urine testing program, which is the first to operate in
                      Israel. The center's staff is comprised of social workers,
                      physicians, nurses, psychologist, drug counselors, administrative
                      staff etc. The center is also involved in establishing new
                      treatment services in Israel, educating professionals and students
                      and involved in extensive research work. (From 1985 to 1987 –
                      a leave of absence for Doctoral studies in the U.S.A, and from
                      1993 to 1994 a leave of absence for Humphrey/NIDA
1994 - 1995           Worked for the Israeli Drug Authority. Responsibility for
                      developing a plan for the first therapeutic community for youth
                      in Israel.
1985 - 1987           Program Director, Crime Prevention Association, Philadelphia,
                      PA. Work included supervision of 7 social workers treating 80
                      multi-problem families, concentrating on providing services to
                      children in their own homes.
1981 - 1982           Director, Boarding Home for Children with ADHD (Attention
                      Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder) and emotional problems.
                      Zichron Yaacov, Israel. Staff of 60 workers serving 110 children
                      (ages 6-14).
1975 - 1981           Head of Multidisciplinary Department of Treatment for Youth
                      in Distress. Municipality of Nesher, Israel. 15 staff members and
                      200 clients.

Part-Time and Consulting Positions
Years             Job description
2004-             Teaching a course on Reality Therapy and clinical supervision in
                  a diploma program of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – The
                  Israeli association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ITA).
2000 - 2003       Expert for evaluating substance abuse research proposals
                  submitted to the European Commission
1987 - 1993       Psychotherapist, private practice
1987 - 1993       Consultant to several municipalities in Israel in developing and
                  implementing in-home detoxification treatment programs for
                  drug addicts. Work included the development of the program as
                  well as ongoing supervision of its staff
1980 - 1981       Social worker, Big Brothers Association, Haifa
1975 - 1982       Supervisor of social workers dealing with street gangs for the
                  Ministry of Welfare

Professional Certification and Membership in Professional
1. Registered social worker
2. Certified clinical supervisor.
3. Senior expert in substance abuse treatment (the track is currently under the process
   of certification by the Israeli Association of Social Workers).
4. Member College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD).


5. Member Israeli Society of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ITA).
6. Board member Israeli Society of Addiction Medicine and Treatment (ILSAM)
Community Service
Years          Title
2003 -         Chairperson, Nofim Association for the advancement of treatment of
               children in boarding homes, elderly in nursing homes and hospice care
1999 -         Founding member and board member of The Israeli Society of
               Addiction Treatment and Medicine
1998 -         Member of the treatment and rehabilitation committee of the Israeli
               Anti Drug Authority in the Prime Minister Office
1998 -         Chairperson, Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association
1995 -         Member of the professional Committee, Big Brother Association
1993 -         Founder and member of the expertise committee and chairperson of the
               certification committee - Israeli Association of Social Workers,
               addiction section
1991 -         Chairman, Treatment and Rehabilitation Committee of the Haifa Area
               Drug Authority
1990-1998      Chairman, 2nd Generation Board, Theresienstadt Martyrs
               Remembrance Association
1990-1993      Chairman of the professional committee, Big Brother Association
1988-1996      General-Director, Association for the Advancement of Drug Abuse
1998-1989      Member, Board of Directors, Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance
1976-1979      Founder and co-chairperson, Israeli C.I.S.V Association (Children
               International Summer Villages).
1971-1989      Member of the professional committee, Big Brother Association

D.S.W. Dissertation
Lawental, E Leadership Styles and Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Drug Abuse
Treatment Programs, 1987, in English. Supervisor: Prof. J. Soffen.
Books and Booklets
1. Lawental, E., Yaakobi, Z (2009), Youth Substance Abuse, Haifa Anti Drug
   Authority. (Hebrew)
2.   Lawental, E., Yaakobi, Z., & Shapiro, O. (2007). Diagnostic Challenges in the
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8.   Lawental, E.(Ed.) (1988). The importance of diagnosis in drug abuse treatment.
     Kupat Holim. Haifa, Israel. (Hebrew)
Articles in Refereed Journals
1. Schiff, M., Levit, S., Lawental-Schori, M & Lawental, E. (In Print), Anxiety Symptoms
    of Israeli Methadone Patients during the War in Gaza: Exploring Gender Differences,
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Other Publications
1. 1989 - Topic: "The Cultural and Artistic Activity of the Ghetto Terezin
   Prisoners". (Editor). Published by Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance
2.   1988 - Topic: "Ghetto Terezin: Aspects of Self-Management by the Prisoners
     during the Holocaust" (Editor). Published by Theresienstadt Martyrs
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3.   1987 - Fear of Reality, Anxiety of Thought; Traklyn, Tel-Aviv, in Hebrew
4.   1977 - Absurd Poems, Traklyn, Tel-Aviv, in Hebrew (poetry).
Publications In Preparation
1. Introduction to Social Work, editor with Hovav, M and Katan, J. & and author of
   3 chapters with Hovav, M and Katan, J. (Social work Therapy, Interdisciplinary
   Team-Work, Social Work with Substance Abusers)
2.   Evaluation study of a prevention and treatment project with college students
3.   Study on Pain and Substance Abuse
4.   Study on Youth Substance Abuse Treatment in Israel
5.   Study on computerized intervention on cognitive functioning of opiate abusers in
     methadone treatment
Additional Scientific Activities
 Chairperson of a research team on youth substance abuse for ALSAM
    Team member of the founding team for building the internet knowledge
     community in the addiction for the ministry of welfare.
    Member of the editorial board – MIDAOS (The official journal of the Israeli
     social work association)
    Referee of Articles for Society and Welfare, Megamot, Social Security and The
               Open Aids journals.
    Editor – Haifa Forum for Social Work Journal, School of Social Work,
     University of Haifa. 2003-2004