3Com Solutions and Promotions
for the True Value Added Reseller

    TechSelect Partner Event   August 24th, 2006

    Rudy Roble- 3Com National Account Manager
    Reggie Johnson-3Com Systems Engineer
                AGENDA: WHY ARE WE HERE TODAY?

                >During this Session we will:
                  — Articulate the 3Com Product Value Propositions
                      > Voice
                      > Wireless
                      > Data Switches

                  — Give you a Basic Overview of the new features, applications
                    and hardware associated with these products

                  — Share Existing Promotions and Rebates to assist you in
                    recommending our product

                  — Show you how to become a 3Com Valued Partner

Conf idential                                                                     2

                       1998                                     2006

                > October 31, 1998 – NBX      > Eight years later, can still
                  100 became 1st                run updated software on
                  commercially available IP     same hardware!
                  phone system
                                              > Still designed with ease of
                > Ease of installation          installation, maintenance,
                > Ease of maintenance           and usability

                > Ease of use                 > Best SMB Scalability story
                                                in marketplace
                > Highly Scalable
                                              > Robust Call Control
                > Robust Call Control

Conf idential                                                                  3

                Sampling of Converged PBX Vendors from CMP Buyer’s Guide
                (Circa 1999-2000)

                                                     Where are they now?
                                                      Out of business
                                                      Out of business
                                                      NBX Release 6.0
                                                      New platform: NEC Aspire
                                                      Out of business

                                                      Out of business
                                                      Out of business
                                                      Out of business
                                                      Exited telecom business - 2001
                                                      Absorbed by Cisco
                                                      New platform: HiPath

Conf idential                                                                          4
                WHY 3COM NBX TODAY . . .

                > Ease of Installation
                > Browser-based Administration
                > Embedded Applications (AA / VM / Email Integration)
                > Open architecture for connecting 3Com & 3rd-party applications
                > Array of 3Com IP phones options available
                > Secure, Stable Platform (VxWorks OS)
                > Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop
                > End-to-end Single Source Secure Voice & Data Solutions

Conf idential                                                                      5
                3Com NBX Architecture
                3 Price/Performance Platform Choices

                P S TN
                                        WA N           Gateways
                                                       >PSTN Gateways
                                                       >IP Networking: Multisite & Teleworker
                                                       Worktop Family
                                                       >Range of 3Com IP phones
                                                       >Attendant Console & CAS
        NBX 100           NBX V3000      NBX V5000
       200 Devices       1500 Devices   1500 Devices   >pcXset NBX softphone
                                                       >Desktop Call Assistant (TAPI App)
                                                       >Analog / FAX support
                                                       Platform Software
                                                       >VxWorks Secure Real-time O/S
                                                       >Robust PBX Call Control
                                                       >Built-in Applications & Open APIs
                Gigabit                                >Supports up to 1500 devices
                                                       >Web Administration Services
                                                       >V5000 offers redundancy
Conf idential                                                                                   6

                       Ideal for                Ideal for                 Ideal for
                    2 – 200 Users            40 – 400 Users           400 – 50K Users

                               V3000                     V5000                      V7000

                  Complete IP Solution      Redundancy a Must       Enterprise Solutions
                > NBX standard            > NBX standard            > VCX standard
                  applications              applications              applications
                > Ideal for key system    > Dual 10/100 uplinks     > System-wide
                  replacement             > Optional redundant        survivability for
                > 4 CO line & 1 analog      power supply & disk       hardware and
                  phone port standard       mirroring                 applications
                > 4 ports by 400 hours    > 4 ports by 400 hours    > Superior architecture
                  Voicemail standard        Auto-Attendant/           affords superior
                > Includes 15 phone         Voicemail standard        solutions
                  licenses                > Supports T1/E1          > One or many sites,
                > Supports T1/E1          > Supports 12               seamlessly connected
                > Supports 12               Languages                 & managed
                  Languages               > 100Mbs backplane        > Centralized system
                > 100Mbs backplane        > 1,500 device capacity     administration,
                > 1,500 device capacity                               operation, & reporting
Conf idential                                                                                  7
                Primary Features

          Calling Groups                                                  Hunt Groups

    Automated Attendant                                                    Voice Mail

                Paging                                                    Conferencing

  Device Auto Discovery              Hybrid PBX     Prioritization     Web Based Admin

                         Offsite Notification           Call Detail Reporting

                                   Computer Telephony Integration
Conf idential                                                                            8
                NBX Login Screen

Conf idential                      9
3100 Series Phones
and 3rd Party Phone support
                3Com Phone Portfolio

                                              NBX 4-Port ATA
                                NBX 1-Port    Legacy Link –
                Legacy Link -     ATA        16-Port Analog
                 Norstar and
  3Com            Meridian
Conf idential                                                           11
What’s new in 6.0
                WHAT’S A ―SIP‖?

                >SIP is just a language, like English or Spanish
                  — It is not a question of which language is better, it is the value of a
                    common language that leads to better communication
                >Adds to the Value of NBX and its options for standards based call
                  — Access to 3rd party software and hardware
                  — Access to new standards based applications like IM, conference and
                    centralized voice mail
                  — New ways of connecting wireless devices such as 802.11 phones
                       > 3Com 3108, RIM 7270 or dual mode phones
                > NBX offers a set of productivity tools for their organization and those tools
                  will be standards based. Customers are buying more than ―SIP.‖
                > The next tool they buy will be able to communicate better - just like when
                  multiple people can speak a common language

Conf idential                                                                                     13

                >SIP is just part of the 3Com NBX story, not a new story
                >In 1998 NBX was introduced to change the value equation for SME
                  — Dramatically simplify telecom system installation and administration
                  — Leverage one standards based network, Ethernet
                  — Reduce the cost and enhance connectivity for telecommuters and
                    multiple sites
                  — Offer new, productivity enhancing, applications
                  — Leverage industry standards for 3rd party connectivity
                  — Dramatically reduce total cost of ownership
                >SIP is a proof point that NBX is still true to that heritage
                >Provides an elegant migration strategy for customers
                >Since 1998 the NBX platform has continued to provide more value
                 to customers
Conf idential                                                                              14
                HOW DO YOU WIN WITH SIP?

                 >We offer a various levels of SIP support
                   — SIP trunking
                   — SIP endpoints Support
                   — SIP applications
                 >Our strength is in having a solution that is completely SIP ready
                   — Support for a dual mode cell phone (WiFi and GSM/CDMA) from any
                     cell phone vendor?‖
                   — Support for a SIP application or product from a 3rd party?‖
                   — We’re ready for the future
                       > ―Will others be ready to support your changing needs in 2 years when the
                         world has changed?‖

Conf idential                                                                                       15

>3108 Wireless phone             > DCA multi-site capability      > pcXset install enhancements
                                                                    and G.729 support
>3Rd Party Sip phones,           > File system replacement
gateways & applications                                           > SIP support on platform
                                 > IP Conferencing support
>508 Compliance                                                   > SIP Trunking
                                 > IP Messaging support -
>ACD routing enhancements          centralized                    > Secure SNMP-V3 support
>ACD desktop statistics          > License back included with     > SNTP for time synchs
application                        system back-up
                                                                  > Syslog
>BRI Card – next gen             > Localization of NetSet user
                                                                  > V3000 BRI – New platform &
hardware platform                  portal (per user – 6
                                                                    new appearance
                                                                  > V3001R – New platform &
                                 > Media driver enhancements &
>Camp-on                                                            new appearance
                                   install upgrades
>CAS R6 feature                                                   > VCX - NBX interoperability
                                 > Monitor, whisper & barge-in
                                   for all users                  > Whisper Page
>CAS multi-site capability                                          (boss/secretary)
                                 > NetSet – Every screen is new
>CDR format upgrade (XML)                                         > Wideband Audio
                                 > Next generation phone
>Desktop Call Assistant R6         support (―B‖ series)
feature enhancements
Conf idential   Market understanding, planning, resources & execution = COMMITTMENT              16
                NBX R6.0 ROLLOUT

                > Pricing
                  — R6.0 Upgrade SRP: TBA in Book Open
                  — NOT covered under GSO Contracts as it’s a major upgrade!

                > Key Dates
                  — Upgrade Entitlement Announcement: April 14, 2006
                       > New Disti purchases after this date should be R6 keycode enabled.
                       > If NOT, please work with OM as we did to get R5 upgrade keycodes
                  — Books Open: June 1, 2006
                  — First Ship to Stock (FSS) - Post Software to Partner Access: August, 2006
                > Demo Unit Policy:
                  — Dealer Demo Upgrades SRP: $50 cost, orderable 6/1/06

                > More Information at
                  — http://pa.3com.com

Conf idential                                                                                   17
New Hardware
                3108 WIRELESS PHONE

                >A SIP only device for NBX & VCX
                >Flip phone form factor – cell phone style user interface
                  — Polished look and feel
                >Color display (1.8 inch CSTN)
                >802.11 b/g capable
                >WPA2 and WMM compliant for security and roaming
                  — Operates with SIP considerations on NBX
                  — Stand-alone phonebook
                  — 2 hour talk time
                      > WiFi phones consume battery power faster than cell phones

Conf idential                                                                       19
                V3001R REDUNDANT PLATFORM (3C10602A)

                >New platform offering enhanced redundancy
                  — V3001R replaces the V5000 in our lineup
                  — Resilient 10/100 uplink ports
                  — Redundant PSUs are hot-swappable (base
                    unit ships with 2 PSUs standard)
                  — Optional Redundant Raid 1 disk drives
                  — 512 MB RAM standard
                  — Feature Set
                      > Same call processing feature set as the V5000
                      > NBX Voicemail offers 4 AA/VM ports standard,
                        upgradeable to 72 ports
                      > NBX SIP mode standard
                      > 250 devices standard, keycode upgrades to
                        1500 total
                      > NO built-in phone licenses, must be purchased
                      > NO built-in PSTN trunks or ATA ports like
Conf idential                                                           20
                SIP ENDPOINTS
                CUSTOMERS CHOICES

            3Com will be testing key vendor’s SIP phones with NBX

            Look for more details: http://www.3com.com/voip/interoperability-tested.html

Conf idential                                                                               21
Authorization and Training
                NBX 6.0 TRAINING

                > NBX Technical Training for Release 6
                  — Updated version of NBX Advanced Technical Training
                  — Requirement for NBX Authorization
                  — Courses held in major cities world-wide
                  — 4-Day Course

                > NBX Technical Update Training for R6
                  — New 2 Day Course for individuals holding current
                       > For Certified Individuals that do not need 4 days of training!

                > NBX SIP Integration
                  — New 3 Day Course for individuals holding current IP
                    Telephony Certification
                  — Starts where the NBX 2 day and 4 day courses end
                  — Includes IP Messaging and IP Conferencing Training
Conf idential                                                                             23
                NBX Promos

                3Com V3000 Digital Bundle Promotion
                Promotion ID: 004476
                June 5, 2006 – September 1, 2006
                Starting June 5, 2006 through September 1, 2006, 3Com® NBX® authorized resellers receive a $1,000 instant
                rebate when purchasing the 3Com V3000 Digital Bundle on one invoice. The bundle consists of one (1) NBX
                V3000, one (1) SuperStack® 3 NBX Gateway Chassis, and one (1) NBX T1 or one (1) NBX E1 card. Resellers
                must purchase a minimum of 1 unit of SKU 3C10600A, 1 unit of SKU 3C10200B, and 1 unit of SKU 3C10116D
                or 1 unit of SKU 3C10165D to qualify for rebate. All items must be on one invoice. Invoice must be submitted
                with claim form to be valid.
                All sales-out for products (e.g. 1 unit of 3C10600A, 1 unit of 3C10200 and 1 unit of either 3C10116D or
                3C10165D) in the same Bundle must be reported in the claim form. The unit rebate should be total rebate
                divided by total quantities (USD1000 / 3 units = USD333.33 per unit).
                1 3C10600A NBX V3000 IP Telephony Solution $277
                1 3C10200B SuperStack 3 NBX Gateway Chassis $208
                1 - choice 3C10116D NBX T1 Card or
                3C10165D NBX E1Card $515

Conf idential                                                                                                                  24
                NBX Promos (cont.)

                 3Com 3103 Manager Phone Rebate
                 Promotion ID: 004477
                 June 5, 2006 – September 1, 2006
                 Starting June 5, 2006 through September 1, 2006, we are offering a $35 instant
                 rebate on our 3Com 3103Manager Phone (3C10403A) via 3Com’s Authorized
                 Voice Solution Distributors. This $35 instant rebate on the 3103 Manager Phone
                 effectively reduces the list price from $365 to $330. Why not up sell NBX or VCX™
                 customers from our 3102 Business Phone, it is only an additional $75! The $35
                 instant rebate is provided front-end to the reseller by any of our 3Com Authorized
                 Voice Solution Distributors. Product must ship by September 1, 2006. No back
                 orders will be honored .

Conf idential                                                                                         25
3Com Wireless Mobility
                Selectable Approaches for
                Different Requirements

                                                                          802.11a/b/g Mbps
                > From smaller networks with limited                      WLAN PC Cards
                  budgets to large scale enterprises                        & Client S/W

                > 3Com has an approach for each
                  deployment need
                > Offering a variety of security options,
                   — Multiple options for Authentication &   Workgroup
                     Encryption, including both local or     & Building
                     centralized server authentication
                                                              Bridges          Single & Dual
                   — AES encryption - available today
                                                                               Radio Access

                > But which WLAN architecture is right for
                > And do you need a WLAN switch?                  Switch

Conf idential                                                                                  27
                 Wireless Switch

                     Today                                                       Tomorrow
     ‘Fat’ APs                                                    ‘Fit’ APs
                       802.11 a/b/g
                                                                                     802.11 a/b/g
                        Encryption            Lower Cost APs                         Encryption
                      802.1x, TKIP,
                 802.11e, 802.11f, 802.11h

                  Mobile IP, IPSec, Certs

      Layer 2                                                     Wireless
      Switch                                                      Switch
                                                                              Rogue Wireless Protection
                                                                    Site Surveys             Per-user Firewall
                                              More Managed              Self-Healing        RF Management
                                             Wireless Solutions
                                                                                   802.1x, TKIP,
                                                                              802.11e, 802.11f, 802.11h

                                                                                Mobile IP, IPSec, Certs

                       Corporate                                                    Corporate
                       Network                                                       Network
Conf idential                                                                                                    28
                  Differences Between Most
                  Access Points

                   Fat AP                               Fit AP
                Lots of Software                   Minimal Software
                 -Antenna/Radio                     - Antenna/Radio
                 -Authentication                    - Some even have
                 -802.1X                              no processor to
                 -Encryption                          receive instructions
                More Expensive               - Encryption & Authentication
                                                moved to Wireless Switch

Conf idential                                                                29
                3Com Wireless Mobility Portfolio

                                  3WXM – 3CWX10A                           3CWXMUPA
                                  > Manages up to 10 WXs in any            > Upgrades 3CWX10A to support
                                    combination                              unlimited WXs

                                  WXR100 – 3CRWXR10095A
                                  > 1 10/100 & 1 PoE 10/100 Ports   New
                                  > Maximum 3 MAPs

                                  WX1200 – 3CRWX12095A                     WX4400L24 – 3CWX4400L24A
                                  > 2 10/100 & 6 PoE 10/100 ports          > 24 MAP Upgrade licence for the WX4400
                                  > Maximum 12 MAPs                        > Maximum 4 Licences
                                  WX4400 – 3CRWX440095A                    WX4400RPS – 3CWX4400RPSA
                                  > 4 x 1000 Copper/GBIC ports             > Spare power supply for the WX4400
                                  > Standard configuration up to 24 MAPS
                                  > Can be expanded to 96 MAPS

                       AP2750 – 3CRWX275075A                               > Legacy AP Support
                       > Managed AP (MAP) used with any WX                 > AP7250, AP8250 & AP8750 supported
                         model                                             > New firmware loaded into the APs turns
                       > 1 IEEE802.11abg radio                              them from FAT APs to MAPs
                       > Can operate as 1 x 11bg or 1 x 11a radio
                       > Also acts as a sentry sweep device                      >Controls third party AP’s
                       AP3750 – 3CRWX375075A                                          >Cisco Aironet 350,1100 and
                       > Managed AP (MAP) used with any WX model                        1200 APs
                       > 2 IEEE802.11abg radios                                         >Proxim Orinoco 4000 and
                       > Can operate as 1 x 11bg and 1 x 11a radio New                  2000 APs
                       > Also acts as a sentry sweep device                             >D-Link Model DWL-2100AP
Conf idential                                                                                                         30
                Mobility System Software Features

                  — Telnet Server/Client, Web Access using HTTPS
                  — SSL, XML interface to WXM
                  — SSH v2,SNMP v1, v2, v3
                  — Load Share Redundant Links
                  — Spanning tree and per vlan spanning tree
                  — N:1 redundant Switch Capabilities
                >Configures and Controls FAT APs
                  — 3Com AP2750, 3750, 8250 & 8750
                  — Controls third party AP’s
                      > Cisco Aironet 350,1100 and 1200 Access Points
                      > Proxim Orinoco 4000 and 2000 Access Points
                      > D-Link Model DWL-2100AP
Conf idential                                                           31
                Mobility System Software Features

                > Authentication                    > VOIP Support
                  —Built in Radius Server             — WMM (WiFi Multimedia)
                     > PEAP                           — Spectralink Voice Priority
                     > Web Authentication             — Per User and/or per priority
                     > Load Share across multiple
                       swiches                      > Ease of Implementation
                  —External                           — Auto tuning
                     > TLS                            — Auto Channel
                     > TTLS                         > Secure Environment
                  —Radius Accounting                  — Rogue Detection
                > Security                            — IDS (intrusion Detection)
                  —WEP 64/128 (40/104)                — RF Countermeasures
                                                      — Encryption: AES, WPA2,
                  —WPA (TKIP)                           WEP,TKIP etc
                  —WPA2 (AES)                       > Multicast Support
                                                      — IGMP Snooping
Conf idential                                                                          32
                Wireless Switch Manager Overview

                >Floor plan integration
                >Coverage and
                capacity planning
                >Wireless planning tool
                >Offline and online

                 Demo and 30 Day Free Trial

Conf idential                                      33
                Why 3Com Wireless?

                >3Com Wireless Mobility Systems offer the best site management
                 and RF planning tools in the industry
                  — Our RF Management and Site planning is more powerful than Aruba
                    and Cisco offering
                  — Cisco has inferior wireless IDS
                  — WXR100 is our new, remote office wireless switch that offers plug-n-
                    play deployment
                >3Com provides enterprises secure, converged end-to-end
                 solutions which include wireless/APs, switches, voice, routers, etc.
                >3Com offers a channel-friendly bundled wireless switch solution
                 that is easier to order and deploy
                  — Aruba and Cisco require many different SKUs, bundles which causes
                    customer and reseller confusion

Conf idential                                                                              34
                Where Can You Learn More?

                  —3Com Wireless Switch Manager Demo/Tutorial
                    > Flash Demo that include site planning, configuring APs, managing group
                      profiles and troubleshooting
                  —Download 3Com Wireless Switch Manager
                    > Full featured 30-day software licence
                    > Import CAD drawings and plan your network
                  —Download White Papers
                    > Assuring Enterprise Security and Identity Awareness for Wireless LANs
                    > Wireless Switching – System Level Deployment
                    > Wireless LANs – The Next Generation Business Case ROI
                    > Mitigating Risks in a Wireless LAN Deployment
                    > And more…

Conf idential                                                                                  35
                PRODUCT OVERVIEW
                3Com Wireless 7760 11a/b/g PoE Access Point

                >11a/b/g PoE Access Point for the SMB                         New
                 market                                                      Product
                  — Delivers enterprise class features for SMB
                    wireless networks
                  — PoE found in many new small business
                    switches (both 3Com and competition)

                >High-Level Features
                  — PoE, 802.3af compliant
                  — User configurable single radio can support
                    either 11a or 11b/g
                  — Multiple SSID and VLAN support
                  — WDS Bridging
                  — WPA2 / WMM Certified                             7760 11a/b/g PoE AP
                  — Sleek, wall or ceiling mountable form factor   3CRWE776075 – List $249
Conf idential                                                                                36
                TARGET CUSTOMER

                > The key target market is Small
                and Medium Business
                  — In need of secure high speed
                    wireless access
                  — Looking for the flexibility to
                    support either 11a or 11b/g with a
                    single device
                  — Searching for a cost-effective
                    PoE AP with enterprise-class

                > While the 7760 is target at SMB,
                the rich feature set makes it suitable
                for enterprises of any size

                                                         3 year Hardware Warranty with
                                                         Advanced Hardware Replacement

Conf idential                                                                            37

                3Com Wireless 7760 11a/b/g PoE Access Point
                SKU          Description                List     Discount     Books       First
                                                        Price    Category     Open      Customer

                3CRWE77607   3Com Wireless 7760          $249        F        May 17,    May 24,
                5            11a/b/g PoE Access Point                          2006       2006

                 > 3 year Warranty with Advance Hardware Replacement
                 > Package contents:
                        > 7760 PoE AP
                        > PoE power injector
                        > Printed Quick Start Guide (translated into 7 languages)
                        > CD with WIDMan Discovery Application and User Guide

Conf idential                                                                                      38
                Product Overview
                3Com Wireless 8760 Dual Radio 11a/b/g PoE Access Point

                >Dual Radio 11a/b/g PoE Access
                Point for Businesses of any size
                  — Delivers enterprise class features for
                    SMB wireless networks                                  Product
                  — PoE found in many switches today
                    (both 3Com and competition)

                >High-Level Features
                  — PoE, 802.3af compliant
                  — Dual radios support 802.11b/g and
                    802.11a simultaneously
                  — Multiple SSID and VLAN support
                  — WDS Bridging
                                                             8760 Dual Radio 11a/b/g PoE AP
                  — WPA2 Certified
                  — Wall or ceiling mountable form factor      3CRWE876075 – List $399

Conf idential                                                                                 39
                TARGET CUSTOMER

                > The target market is businesses of
                all sizes which are:
                  — In need of secure high speed
                    wireless access
                  — Looking for the flexibility to
                    support both 11a and 11b/g with
                    a single device
                  — Searching for a cost-effective
                    PoE AP with enterprise-class

                > The AP 8760 is targeted at
                enterprises of any size because of
                it’s rich feature set and low cost
                creating a outstanding value for
                deploying a wireless network           3 year Hardware Warranty with
                                                       Advanced Hardware Replacement

Conf idential                                                                          40

                3Com Wireless 8760 Dual Radio11a/b/g PoE Access Point
                SKU             Description              List    Discount     Books       First
                                                         Price   Category     Open      Customer

                3CRWE876075     3Com Wireless 8760       $399        F        May 30,    July 15,
                                Dual Radio 11a/b/g PoE                         2006       2006
                                Access Point

                 > 3 year Warranty with Advance Hardware Replacement
                 > Package contents:
                        > 8760 PoE AP
                        > PoE power injector
                        > Printed Quick Start Guide (translated into 7 languages)
                        > CD with WIDMan Discovery Application and User Guide

Conf idential                                                                                       41
                54Mbps 11g Building-to-Building Bridges

                > Indoor and Outdoor versions
                   — Provides good pull-through for
                     other 3Com products
                > Span distances of up to 10
                > Reliable way to extend the
                  network to multiple buildings
                   — Point to point
                   — Point to multipoint
                > Cost effective:
                   — $3K cost (outdoor version) vs.
                     several thousands in cable
                   — One time $3K cost (outdoor
                     version) vs. monthly T1 or E1 line
                                                             3CRWE920G73 (indoor)- $990
                                                          3CRWEASYG73A (outdoor)- $1599

Conf idential                                                                             42
                Why WLAN Bridging

Indoor                                                 PSTN                                            WLAN
WLAN                          T1/E1                                                                    Bridge
Bridge                                                                     T1/E1


                                                              Concerns with Fiber
 Concerns with T1/E1
 >Cost – Monthly expense of US$500 - US$1000+                 > Cost –
 >Speed - 1.5Mbps throughput (or less if fractional)              — Additional infrastructure to support fiber

 >Security – Data sent across public telephone network            — Cost of fiber cable
                                                                  — Trenching

                                                              > Expertise - Specialized tools for connectors,
                                                                training for working with fiber
                                                              > Time & Paperwork - Right of way / zoning issues
Conf idential                                                                                                    43

                >Wireless bridging is an enabling solution for larger 3Com VoIP and
                 data solution opportunities
                  — XYZ County School District
                      > 26 Bridges for 13 links
                      > In support of $2.5M VoIP, Router and Switch opportunity
                  — Syracuse NY Car Dealership
                      > 4 Bridges – Link remote office to dealership HQ
                      > In support of NBX and Switch opportunity
                  — Atlanta, GA Enterprise Customer– 5 Bridges
                      > In support of VCX opportunity - $100k+
                  — Other installs in AK, CA, TX, UK etc.. are all in support of significantly
                    larger 3Com VoIP and Data infrastructure solutions

Conf idential                                                                                    44
                Complete Breadth of Wireless Solutions
                SOHO, SMB to Enterprise

                                                                              3 CRWX

                                                                             Enterprise RF
                                                                         Management, Security
                                                                         and Deployment Tools

                                               Enterprise 11a/b/g WLAN
                                                & Switching Solutions
                        Building to Building
 SOHO and SMB           Wireless and Client
 Connectivity with            Bridging
 WLAN products

Conf idential                                                                               45

                 3Com Wireless Switch Bundle Promotion
                 Promotion ID: 004503
                 June 5, 2006 – September 1, 2006
                  Starting June 5, 2006 through September 1, 2006, 3Com resellers receive a $400 instant rebate
                  when purchasing the 3Com Wireless Switch Bundle Promotion. The bundle consists of one (1)
                  3Com WXR100 Remote Office Wireless LAN Switch and two (2) 3Com Wireless LAN
                  Managed Access Point 3750. Resellers must purchase a minimum of 1 unit of SKU
                  3CRWXR10095A and 2 units of SKU 3CRWX375075A to qualify for rebate.

                 1 3CRWXR10095A 3Com WXR100 Remote Office Wireless LAN Switch see below
                 2 3CRWX375075A 3Com Wireless LAN Managed Access Point 3750 see below
                 Total Instant Rebate $400
                 Invoices must show single bundle purchase or multiple bundle purchases of one (1) WXR100 and
                   two (2)
                 AP3750s together on the same invoice.
                 For full details on any of these promotions, visit http://www.3com.com/partners/promotions 5

Conf idential                                                                                                   46

                3Com Wireless Bridge Rebate
                Promotion ID: 004505
                June 5, 2006 – September 1, 2006
                  Between June 5, 2006 and September 1, 2006, sell the eligible 3Com wireless bridge products
                  and qualify for arebate. The 3Com 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless LAN Indoor Building-to-Building
                  Bridge and 3Com 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless LAN Outdoor Building-to-Building Bridge create
                  secure wireless connections at one tenth ofthe cost of fiber cabling installations, or completely
                  eliminate T1 lines charges which can total more than US$600 per month.
                3CRWEASYG73-US 3Com 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless LAN Outdoor Building-to-Building Bridge
                3CRWE920G73-US 3Com 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless LAN Indoor Building-to-Building Bridge *

Conf idential                                                                                                         47
                SWITCH 4500 PRODUCT OVERVIEW

                > The NEW 3Com Switch 4500 Family at a glance:
                  — Low-Cost, High-Value Managed 10/100 Switches
                  — 26-port and 50-port Models Available
                  — Available with Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE)
                  — Stackable Up to 8 Units (384 10/100 ports)
                  — Extensive Layer 2 Switching Functionality
                  — Basic Layer 3 IP Routing
                  — Easy to Use and Manage

                  — Strong Value Proposition for Small to Medium Enterprise
                     > High Performance; Security; Convergence-ready … at an Attractive Price
                  — Competitively Positioned in both Features and Price!
                     > Particularly HP ProCurve 2600 Series, D-Link DES-35xx Series

Conf idential                                                                                   48
                SWITCH 4500 PRODUCT OVERVIEW

                > Four Fixed-Configuration Models:
                  — 24 x 10/100 Ports + 2 x Combo Gig Ports
                  — 48 x 10/100 Ports + 2 x Combo Gig Ports
                  — 24 x 10/100 Ports (PoE) + 2 x Combo Gig Ports
                  — 48 x 10/100 Ports (PoE) + 2 x Combo Gig Ports

                > User-configurable Gigabit Ports
                  — Provide Media Flexibility
                  — Choice of 10/100/1000 (RJ45) or SFP Interfaces
                     > SFP Interfaces Enable Multimode or Singlemode Fiber Connectivity
                     > Same SFP Transceivers as for Other Products Supporting SFP’s

                > Compact Enclosure (1 RU High)
                > -48V DC Supplemental Power Option (PoE Models)
                  —Supplemental PoE Power and/or Power Redundancy

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                         Switching Solutions for Secure Converged Networks

                    3Com VALUE Switching                    3Com PREMIUM Switching
                   VALUE Switching Products Target         PREMIUM Switching Products Target
                     Enterprises That Want a Good           Enterprises That Require the Very
                       Security and Convergence                  Best in Their Security and
                   Infrastructure, But Are Very Cost-      Convergence Infrastructure, And Are
                   Conscious In Their IT Purchases.         Willing to Pay a Premium in Price.

                            “Network is Cost”                       “Network is Critical”
                  —Lower Initial Investment                —Greater Investment Protection
                  —Strong Performance & Resiliency         —Superior Performance & Resiliency
                  —Security, QoS, and Management           —Premium Enterprise Security
                  Capabilities Suitable to Non- ―Mission
                                                           —Granular QoS & Management
                  Critical‖ Environments

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                Switch 4500

                Buy a 3Com Switch 4500 and Get a FREE Access Point instantly!
                Promotion ID: 004507
                June 5, 2006 – September 1, 2006
                Resellers who buy a 3Com Switch 4500 PWR model from a 3Com Authorized Distributor can get one or two
                FREE 3Com 11a/b/g Access Points instantly. Offer is good for either Switch 4500 Power over Ethernet model
                listed below, while supplies last. Contact your distributor for availability of the free 3Com 11a/b/g Access Point.
                (Buy) 3CR17571-91-US 3Com Switch 4500 PWR 26-Port $1,795
                (Get Free) 3Com Wireless 7760 11a/b/g PoE Access Point One (1) - $249 Value!
                (Buy) 3CR17572-91-US 3Com Switch 4500 PWR 50-Port $3,295
                (Get Free) 3Com Wireless 7760 11a/b/g PoE Access Point Two (2) - $498

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Become 3Com Partner
                 3Com Partner Communication Vehicles

                > Partner Access
                    — pa.3com.com
                    — Simple on-line enrollment for
                      Resellers into Focus Program

                    — Area covering all Product
                    — Weekly updates

                > Focus Partner Newsletter
                    — Bi-monthly, with content
                      tailored to your interests as
                      defined in your Partner Focus
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                Additional Resources in Sales Toolkit

                                                        >   Collateral: Brochures, Data
                                                            Sheets, Sales Briefs, etc.
                                                        >   Product Administration and User
                                                        >   Reseller and End User Sales
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                                                        >   Software Downloads, and much

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