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					World Cancer Declaration 2008
Debriefing on Targets, Action Plan and
Priorities for Cancer Treatment
Alina Pawlowska, UICC
           Cancer Burden

• Each year, more than 11 million new
 cases of cancer are diagnosed, and close
 to 8 million people die from cancer –
 over 70% of them in low-and middle-
 income countries

• Deaths from cancer world will soar to an
  estimated 12 million deaths in 2030
  while new cases of cancer are expected
  to jump from 11 million to almost
  16 million in the same period

UICC’s vision is of a world where
cancer is eliminated as a major
life-threatening disease for
future generations
      UICC Mission is to:

• Share and exchanging
• Transfer scientific findings to
  clinical and patient settings
• Reduce disparities in
  prevention, early detection,
  treatment and care, and
• Deliver the best possible care
  to all cancer patients.
      UICC Members:
328 cancer organisations in
       103 countries
       Global Cancer Control

A global community of professionals and
volunteers working in cancer control
Members of the UICC Community can:
   connect with peers, colleagues and
   receive the Global News Alert
    newsletter & Daily cancer news
   be informed about training
   participate in Ask the Expert sessions
Registration at
To promote training opportunities specifically in
       resource-constrained countries
(75 – 80 % of all awards support fellows from these countries)

Target audience:
• investigators, clinicians, pathologists,
 epidemiologists, nurses, public health professionals
 and volunteers.
• 12 , 3, 2, 1 month and 1 week.
• pre clinical, clinical, epidemiological,
  psychosocial, behavioural health services,
  health policy and outcomes, cancer control.
• ~200 awards, totalling ~ US$ 1.3 Million per year.
        Cancer staging

TNM prognostic factors project


 •TNM classification
    •6th edition available in 15 languages
 •TNM Supplement
 •Prognostic Factors in Cancer 3rd edition
 •TNM on-line
 •TNM Palm edition
 •TNM Atlas
 •Website, FAQs, Glossary, Helpdesk
 •Manual of Clinical Oncology
15th UICC Reach to Recovery International
    Breast cancer support conference
   Brisbane, Australia, 13-15 May 2009

           “One Journey Many People”,
           Reach Down Under

           Promotional DVD available, postcards
           and banners

           Organizing committee met in October

           UICC promoting the conference through
           its website, e-newsletters to UICC
           members, at World Cancer Congress and
           at other conferences

             World Cancer Declaration 2008
               Background Information

•A global call to action to bring the global cancer crisis to the
attention of policymakers worldwide

•Represents a consensus of all stakeholders committed to
eliminating cancer as a major threat

•Formally presented during the 2008 World Cancer Congress in
Geneva, Switzerland

•Unanimously adopted at the World Leader’s Summit of more
than 60 high-level policymakers, leaders and health experts
           World Cancer Declaration 2008
           Background Information (con't)

•11 time-bound targets for delivery of effective cancer
prevention, early detection, treatment & palliative care

•Key experts involved in drafting WCD 2008 – Franco Cavalli &
Kathy Redmond

•UICC “custodians” of the WCD 2008 and prioritizes
development of a comprehensive and pro-active response
       World Cancer Declaration 2008
                Targets 1-5

Target 1
Ensure Effective Delivery Systems in all Countries

Target 2
Significantly Improve Measurement of Cancer Burden

Target 3
Decrease Tobacco, Alcohol Consumption & Obesity

Target 4
Universal Coverage of HPV/HBV Vaccine

Target 5
Dispel Damaging Myths & Misconceptions
          World Cancer Declaration 2008
                  Targets 6-11

Target 6
More Cancers Diagnosed via Screening & Early Detection

Target 7
Improve Access to Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehab & Palliative Care

Target 8
Universal Availability of Effective Pain Control

Target 9
Improve Training Opportunities for Cancer Control Professionals

Target 10
Reduce Emigration of Healthcare Workers Specialized in Cancer

Target 11
Major Improvements in Global Cancer Survival Rates
 World Cancer Declaration 2008
  4 Areas for Priority Actions

Health Policy

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

Cancer Treatment

Cancer Research
       World Cancer Declaration 2008 Priority Actions
                   for Cancer Treatment

•Develop and use cancer treatment guidelines relevant to local
needs and resources

• Ensure sufficient treatment, supportive care, rehabilitation and
palliative care facilities and well-trained staff are available to
meet cancer patient needs

• Work with governments to address the over-regulation of pain
medicines. Cooperate with international organizations to ensure
drug control conventions do not interfere with legitimate access
to pain medicines
        World Cancer Declaration 2008 Priority Actions
                 for Cancer Treatment (con’t)

•Work with pharmaceutical industry to increase access to
affordable and high-quality cancer medicines

•Increase number of health professionals with expertise in cancer
control by providing specialist training and fellowships

•Raise awareness of the impact of health worker emigration on
the ability to provide adequate levels of cancer care and work
collectively to address global and national health workforce
          UICC’s Commitment to
              the WCD 2008

•Work with members to promote partnerships &
international collaboration to accelerate progress on the
2020 targets

•Encourage members to use the WCD as a template to
develop regional or national cancer declarations to better
reflect local needs and priorities

•Provide oversight and leadership of World Cancer
Declaration Task Force to develop a framework for
stakeholder action

•Develop global advocacy and communication activities,
monitor and evaluate progress & publish reports

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