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					For more info call Angie Donohue @ 281-933-7204 or

                                   Mineral Treatment
With Glimpse™ Mineral Treatment you will experience topical skin nutrition and flawless
coverage with our triple milled blend of pure minerals. Applied wet or dry, our
extraordinary Mineral Treatment instantly infuses your skin with energy, increasing clarity
and luminosity. BioActive™ X3 Complex, in harmony with zinc oxide, oat protein
powder, silk powder, bio-chelated minerals and our Energizing Gemstone Complex, work
together to naturally enhance your skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and
minimizing the appearance of pores. Protect your skin, guard your health and benefit our
planet with our perfect blend of nature.

Features and Benefits

      Purely and effectively protects from environmental stressors
      Combats the signs of aging revealing brighter, more radiant, healthier-looking skin
      Contains no harmful chemicals commonly found such as Titanium Dioxide, Talc,
       Oxychloride Bismuth, Parabens, Phthalates and Silicones
      Blends beautifully with Glimpse Moisturizers or Pericarp Oil for a flawless wet
      Available in four shades: sheer, light, medium and deep

Dry Application

   1. Sprinkle a small amount of Mineral Treatment to the lid of the jar.
   2. Take your Glimpse brush (Kabuki brush or Dry foundation brush) and pick up the
      powder with the brush.
   3. Tap off excess powder from the brush and apply to face in circular motion.
   4. Apply more powder for desired coverage.

Wet Application

   1. Mix a small amount of Mangosteen Pericarp Oil or Glimpse Moisturizer with your
      Mineral Treatment to create a hydrating creamy foundation.
   2. Apply with Glimpse wet foundation brush.
   3. Apply more powder for desired coverage.

Glimpse Mineral Treatment Brush Set

The Glimpse Mineral Treatment Brush Set includes 4 premium taklon-fiber brushes
secured to solid bamboo handles. These elegant Glimpse-branded brushes simulate

For more info call Angie Donohue @ 281-933-7204 or
For more info call Angie Donohue @ 281-933-7204 or

the softness and saturation of the finest natural-hair fibers without harming animals or
exposing you to their allergens. Each set comes in a free Glimpse Brush Set bag and
features 4 distinct brush styles.

For more info call Angie Donohue @ 281-933-7204 or

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