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                                     DATE                6 OCTOBER, 2010
                                     COMMITTEE HR & PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS
                                               IAN MCBRIDE, HEAD OF THR
                                     TEL NO    0115 9672915

                                          Transforming HR Project


1.    To provide the Committee with an update on progress of the Transforming HR Project


2.   Members to note the report


3.   The Transforming HR project will fundamentally change the nature and shape of the
     Nottinghamshire Police HR service and the Committee need assurance that the changes
     are being managed in accordance with agreed standards and good practice.


4.1      A response to the challenge made by the HR & Professional Standards Committee at
          their September meeting on the savings target agreed by the Force will be submitted to
          the November meeting.

         Verbal agreement has been reached with UNISON on the application of the new
          Management of Change policy as presented at last months HR & Professional
          Standards Committee meeting. The policy should be formally agreed with UNISON
          following their Executive meeting on the 8th October.

         Proposals for a new accommodation site for the majority of HR staff have been
          submitted for approval to Chief Officers Team and Programme Board.

         The HR Management Review has been affected by the delay to the agreement on the
          new Management of Change policy and the challenge to the projected savings target.
          A revised timetable has been developed with a view to achieving the staffing changes

           within the original timescale (i.e. by end of 2010/11 year for application in 2011/12 and
           2012/13). A summary of comments raised by HR managers in the consultation process
           and responses made is attached in the appendix to this report.

          The review of the HR Policy portfolio is underway. The redrafting of policies will be
           carried out as part of operational HR work with progress reported in line with agreed
           operational arrangements.

          Work is continuing to review and develop HR operational processes to support the
           move to a new single site shared services centre.

          Work is continuing with the People Academy to review and improve learning and
           development services and processes.

          A series of briefings for HR staff and senior managers will take place in October.


5.   The savings target of 17.5% has been challenged by the HR & Professional Standards
     Committee. A response will be made to the November Committee meeting.


6.    The project will include a review of the current HR policy portfolio. Details are given above.


7.   N/A


8.   Transforming HR reports; June, July, August, September 2010. Presentation given to June
     HR & Professional Standards Committee.



  Transforming HR Management review - Summary of comments raised by HR managers to the new
                        draft structure proposals and responses given.

Managers issues                                            Summary response
1. Concerns about whether there are too many jobs          The proposed structure represents a fundamentally
in the new structure and what the implications will be     different model of delivering HR services. This new
for jobs lower down the structure given the need for       model will require a completely different skill set and
savings.                                                   staffing structure. The shape of the structure will
                                                           change as we move to an integrated, centrally
                                                           managed service that incorporates all HR functions
                                                           under a new single management structure. The
                                                           structure is based on the business case for change
                                                           (Transforming HR) as given in presentations to HR
                                                           staff (April and July), managers, reports to COT,
                                                           Project and Programme Board etc.

2. Concerns from staff in Learning & Development           The draft structure aims to break down professional
about a greater reduction of jobs compared with the        demarcation and ‘silo management’ to help support
rest of HR.                                                the principle of ‘centrally managed and locally
                                                           delivered HR services designed to deliver agreed
                                                           outcomes. Therefore learning and development will
                                                           feature in areas other than just the People Academy.

3.Concerns from staff in Employment Relations &            The draft structure is fundamentally different to that
Equalities section about the proposed removal of the       which exists at the moment in response to the
section in the new proposals                               business case for change. A number of current stand
                                                           alone specific areas are affected by the proposed
                                                           changes e.g. all divisional HR teams. Under the
                                                           current proposals, Employee Relations will be a
                                                           functional responsibility of the Organisational
                                                           Change and Development team in areas such as
                                                           consultation and communications with trades unions
                                                           and staff associations along with employee
                                                           engagement strategies. Depending on your definition
                                                           of Employee Relations, functional responsibilities will
                                                           exist in a number of jobs in the draft structure.

4.Concerns about the generic nature of some of the         Noted. Initial feedback from Hay has also suggested
jobs                                                       that we may need to look at this issue further.

5. Concerns that some posts may be subject to              There is a broader range of functional roles and
external advertisement                                     responsibilities required at the senior management
                                                           level that will require different skill sets to what is
                                                           required by jobs in the current structure. There is
                                                           also a business requirement to deliver the new
                                                           staffing structure as soon as possible. Staff will be
                                                           either matched to jobs in which case they will be
                                                           given the new job or be subject to ‘Prior
                                                           Consideration’ where they will be assessed and a
                                                           decision taken on whether they meet the job
                                                           requirements before any other non Prior
                                                           Consideration candidate is considered.
6. Concerns about the use/non use of professional          Agreed to review the use of qualifications for all jobs
qualifications in some of the person specifications        but made the point that qualifications should not be
                                                           over used to assess job/person suitability
7. Concerns and questions about the process for            Detailed responses given to particular points.
managing the proposed staffing changes                     Subsequent proposals to change proposals to
                                                           accommodate some concerns agreed with Unison.


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