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									Fixed Wireless Solutions

 Product Introduction

 Solutions
            Fixed Wireless Product Series

Wireless PBX and FWT           Single/Multi-Channels FWT



          Fixed Wireless Products Deployment
100,000 ports
China Unicom:   China Mobile:
Liaoning        •Hebei
Fujian          •Gansu
Sichuan         •Zhejiang
Guangxi         •Neimeng
Shanghai        •Hubei

 International Deployments:
 •Africa (Ghana, South Africa)
 •Latin America(Brazil, Peru)

Wireless Trunk   Main Board RJ45   FXO         FXS

        Key Technologies:
        1、TDM+IP Platforms
        2、GSM/CDMA, 3G, PSTN, IP convergence
        3、Voice, SMS, Fax and Data
                   WPBX Specifications
Structures    Structure      WPBX200:3U, 19 inches,swappable,total 9 boards: 1
                             main board,4 wireless boards,8 FXO/FXS boards
                             WPBX100: 1U, 19 inches. Fix configuration
              Dimension      WPBX200:3U : 483mm X 320mm X135mm
                             WPBX100:1U : 483mm X 320mm X45mm

Ports         Trunks         WPBX200:2-8 GSM/CDMA/3G: 2 wireless channels/board,
                             up to 8 wireless channels;2-16 FXO;
                             WPBX100:2 GSM/CDMA channels,1 FXO;

              Ports          WPBX200:6-10 port/Board,up to 80 ports (connect up
                             to 80 phones);Support wireless Fax;
                             WPBX100:4/8 extensions;

              IP Ports       WPBX200:1 RJ45

Power         Power Supply
                             AC 220V/110V


Environment   Frequency      WPBX200:GSM:850/900/1800/1900M;CDMA:450/800/1900M

              Humidity       Temperature:-15-50 degree;
 Product Introduction

 Solutions
     Solution I:Enterprise Wireless PBX

Deployment Network
           Solution I: Overview

For new companies without any PBX investment

In addition to traditional PBX functions, it also offers Least Cost Routing

When company’s business growth, it is very easy to expand the capacity
 Solution I:Case Study

A new startup in Ghana, africa, just started and a local Wavetramp’s local
distributor recommended WaveTramp’s WPBX-G4420

While having all the major traditional PBX functions, it also can enjoy the
saving from intelligent call routing features provided by wireless interfaces.

The web-based management console allow the office manager to configure the
calling rules such as priority line, restricted # etc.
    Solution II:Multi-Carriers Wireless Access

Deployment Network
        Solution II:Overview

Wireless Carriers in certain countries offer free in-network calls

By evaluating the outgoing #, the device can resolve the carrier for the

The device can route the calls to the same carrier if possible.

You can install SIM cards on multiple carriers (CDMA or GSM)
          Solution II:Case Study

There are multiple wireless carriers in Taiwan, in-network calls are either free
or much less expensive than out-network calls

A global fast food franchisee has about 500 stores in Taiwan. A significant
portion of the business are through phone order. Average phone cost each
month per store is about $1,000
WPBX4412 are deployed with four different wireless carriers.

On average, with the new deployment, the phone bill reduce by up to 40%
     Solution III:GSM/CDMA VOIP Gateway

Deployment Network
  Solution III:Overview

VOIP offers an affordable option for long distance communication, specially
international calls.

Typical termination to VOIP calls are PSTN

In certain regions, PSTN to mobile or out-network mobile to mobile calls are
more expensive than in-network mobile to mobile

WaveTramp’s WPBX can serves as a nature mobile extensions to VOIP
terminations, by working side by side with normal PSTN termination.
           Solution III: Case Study

A USA-based small trading company do a lot of business with philippine

Staffs from both countries works in the fields most of time and need constant

The company bought the same mobile calling plan for its employees

The an employee in one country call other employee in other country, the calls
will be routed by WPBX to VOIP network, then on the receiving side, the call
will be terminated into a mobile network by another WPBX.

All the calls between employee and WPBX are free since they belong to the
same mobile network. They only need to pay for the VOIP calls with is
unlimited plan offered by a local VOIP carrier for a small monthly fee.
 Solution IV: Multi-channels CDMA/GSM Gateway

Deployment Network
Solution IV:Overview

 WaveTramp's WPBX product can work as a Fixed Wireless device on GSM or
 CDMA network. Most of enterprise might already invested in their PBX solution,
 and what they really need is a multi-channel mobile extensions

 When use WPBX as a mobile extension, comparing with traditional multi-channel
 FWT, WPBX200 offers more flexibilities. For example, you can mix both GSM
 and CDMA cards on the same devices, this will be useful if your region has both
 network (common in Asia Pacific, North America and Africa)
    Solution IV:Case Study

A travel agency in Thailand makes lot of outgoing calls each week. A major portion
of the calls are on CDMA network provided by Hutchison CAT

Even they have already had a PBX, but it does not has any LCR feature.

They purchased a WPBX4012 from a local WaveTramp reseller and directly
connect WPBX to their existing PBX to take advantage of the LCR feature without
replacing their existing PBX investment.
Others:Construction Site/Exhibitions/Hotels

   Onsite communication      Conference/Exhibition     Public Phone

                           Temporary Communication (Conferences)
    Construction Site

Communication on Boat
                                         Field Communication
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