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									     Project Management Institute (PMI)
         Upstate New York Chapter

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
          Project Management
            A Practical Guide

          Presented by Stewart Feller
               September 19, 2007

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   The Growth and Change of Human Resources (HR)

   Introduction to Human Resources Information
    System (HRIS)

   Project Management of HRIS Implementations

   Preparing for and Living with the New HRIS

   Questions & Answers

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HRIS Implementations - a Practical Guide

     What is an HRIS and why do we need one?
     Who are some of the vendors?
     What other types of systems do they replace?
     Who needs to be involved in the
      implementation of such a system?
     What impact does the the deployment of an
      HRIS have on an organization?
     What are the current industry trends?

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The Growth OF Human Resources (HR)

    Personnel Departments became Human Resource
    Human Resources became Human Assets and now
     have become Human Capital
    “Doing more with less” HR technology has pushed
     administration down to the front line. “HR
     Productivity Tools-Internet”
    Occupational Shifts-Women in the workforce
    Globalization and the Contingent workforce
    Technology for all the HR Disciplines

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Technology and Business Changes
Drive Need for HR Change

           Old HR Model                   New HR Model
                   10%                             10%
          Admin        Delivery               Delivery      Strategy
                                  30%   30%

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HRIS Basics
              HRIS vs. HRMS
              ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning
              Integrated systems (HR/PR/T&A)
              ASP-Application Service Provider
              BPO-Business Process Outsourcer
              HRO-Human Resource Outsourcing
              Service Bureau (ADP, Ceridian, Paychex)
              ATS-Applicant Tracking Systems
              TPA-Third party administrator (benefits)
              T&A-Time and Attendance systems
              (workforce management)

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Rainbow of Choices-HRIS/Payroll

       Low End-Payroll               HRIS-ASP           Enterprise HRIS

 Access/Excel   Bureaus, Software      ASP-SaaS, SW       ERP’S, HRO’s

    Non networked               HRIS and Payroll,     Enterprise systems
    software systems,           very often            very often part of
    service bureaus-            integrated along      larger company
    mostly Payroll              with Time and         wide systems or
    oriented Ex. HR             Attendance and        HRO, BPO
    Track, HR office,           reporting Ex.         offerings, Ex.
    Spectrum, Abra,             Humanic,              Oracle/PeopleSoft,
    Paychex, PEO’s              Ceridian, Ultimate,   SAP, Accenture,
                                ADP HRB,              Lawson
                                Kronos, Genesys

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Why do we need an HRIS?
    Store Master file
    Ensure organization is compliant (Gov’t, employee policy and
     possibly unions)
    Administer benefits
    Administer attendance
    Track applicants
    Manage pay (jobs, positions, Org)
    Sustain employees (appraisals, career path, succession
    Administer Training
    Front end to payroll
    Much More

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Implementation is a series of
Interdependent Phases
      Initiation
      Discovery - Requirements Definition
      Design
      Construction
      Testing
      Rollout Planning
      Turn-Over
      Post-Implementation Support

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Project Manager Roles
   Vendor                             Client
    Serves as primary contact with    Serves as primary contact with
     Client                              Vendor
    Oversees Project & Budget         Oversees the Project
    Assists in Planning               Assists in Planning
    Ensures timely completion of      Ensures timely completion of
     tasks                               tasks
    Conducts Status Meetings          Conducts Status Meetings
    Works with Project Leads          Assigns responsibilities
    Prioritizes and escalates         Prioritizes and addresses
     outstanding issues                  outstanding issues

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HRIS Implementations – the real questions to ask
    Why are they asking who is managing this project, don’t they
     know it’s me?
    Policy vs. Practice: how do I avoid this struggle or the sales guy
     said it could do that, why can’t you get it to work?
    HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance rules should not rule you!
    The invisible executive sponsor
    The alphabet soup of compliance or I need to know what
     HIPAA means?
    I have to understand employee benefits to work on this project?
     I can’t even get my own doctor bills paid!
    Oracle database and Internet Application Server (IAS) pricing
     for dummies. What do you mean we don’t have that license?

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Preparing for a New HRIS
    Choose the right vendors and understand all costs
    Form the project team at the time of evaluation
    Establish Executive Sponsorship and SME
    Solicit IT input and support
    Consider in-house software license-Database, IAS,
    Analyze HR Workflow, Policy and Practice
    Conduct Workforce Surveys
    Examine Shadow systems
    Address the “I already work sixty hours a week”
     response, upfront

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Recent HRIS Project Management Changes
    ASP & SaaS has changed the IT Dynamic for the
     HRIS Project Manager
    Workflow functions that did not exist five years ago
     require a great deal of stakeholder management
    Project Managers must “bound” the project or scope
     creep is never ending with a system that touches
     every employee
    Customization-what’s that?- It’s all about the tool set.
    Object oriented programming-It must be a new

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Preparing the Organization & Implementing

   Communicate at all levels-Get marketing involved!
    The HR and Payroll Towers-don’t fall into the mote!
    What’s in it for me?
    Line Managers are critical to your success
    This is the perfect time for HR to get their house in

   Get the Technology stuff right!
    To convert or not to convert - that is the question!
    Workflow for all
    Consultants-Who do we need and why?

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Living with the New HRIS

    Depending on the system-features for everyone
    I view the data set that is pertinent to me!
    Web Based Self-Service
    Employees & Managers have their view into the HRIS based on
     workflow and rights
    Employee Portal-online benefit open enrollment, PTO request
    Line Manager Portal-PTO approval, online employee reviews,
     recruiting workflow, employee change administration
    HR Tool-Single source for all HR data, compliance reporting,
     benefit administration and report analytics

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Thank You!

                Stewart Feller
                (201) 408-3704

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