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9/1/09 -

  Name        Age   Hometown      County         Wishes To...
  Rebecca     18    Turner        Androscoggin   Go to Hawaii
  Jasmine     16    Lewiston      Androscoggin   Have a Sweet 16 Party
  Jonathan    6     Greene        Androscoggin   Have a Adaptive Play set
  Leif        9     Littleton     Aroostook      Have a Tree House
  Alex        12    Bridgton      Cumberland     Go to Japan
  Anonymous   20    Portland      Cumberland     Meet Nickelback
  Amber       14    Freeport      Cumberland     Go to Walt Disney World®
  Samantha    5     Naples        Cumberland     Meet Princess Ariel at Disney World®
  Samuel      4     Portland      Cumberland     Be a Helicopter Pilot on My Birthday
  Travis      18    S. Portland   Cumberland     Go to Atlantis
  Demitria    17    Portland      Cumberland     Go to Greece
  Evan        14    Portland      Cumberland     Have a Private Yacht Cruise
  Anonymous   14    S. Portland   Cumberland     Go to Walt Disney World® on my Birthday
  Ayden       7     East Wilton   Franklin       Go to Walt Disney World® on Star Wars Weekend
  Victoria    8     Hancock       Hancock        Go on a Walt Disney® Cruise
  Quinton     16    Ellsworth     Hancock        Meet John Cena
Name           Age   Hometown     County      Wishes To...
Christopher    14    Waterville   Kennebec    Go to Walt Disney World®
Connor         8     Sidney       Kennebec    Go to Walt Disney World®
Kayla          11    Oakland      Kennebec    Have a Shopping Spree
Eben           15    Albion       Kennebec    Have a Snowmobile
Paige          7     Vassalboro   Kennebec    Go to Walt Disney World®
Hope           17    Monmouth     Kennebec    Surf in Australia
Brandon        18    Manchester   Kennebec    Go to Celtics vs. Cavs game in Cleveland
Amelia         6     Gardiner     Kennebec    Go to Walt Disney World®
Dennis         17    S. China     Kennebec    Have Cable TV to Watch the Red Sox
Christopher	   12	   Readfield	   Kennebec	   Go	to	Australia	
Rachael        12    Rome         Kennebec    Attend World Cup Finals in S. Africa
Makayla        12    Mexico       Oxford      Go to Walt Disney World®
Rebecca	       20	   Dixfield	    Oxford	     Go	to	Australia	
Abigail        10    Rumford      Oxford      Go to Hawaii
Logan          12    Rumford      Oxford      Go to Walt Disney World®
Tyler          11    Bethel       Oxford      Go to Atlantis
Abigail        7     Norway       Oxford      Meet Taylor Swift
Janis          9     Holden       Penobscot   Meet Dolly Parton
Anonymous      16    Glenburn     Penobscot   Have a Shopping Spree
John           16    Hampden      Penobscot   Go to Hawaii
Jeffrey        16    Hermon       Penobscot   Meet Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Name        Age   Hometown      County          Wishes To...
Cody        18    Medway           Penobscot    Have a Shopping Spree
Anonymous   19    Bangor           Penobscot    Go to England
Cole        5     Orrington        Penobscot    Go to Walt Disney World®
Ericka      16    Hampden          Penobscot    Go to Hawaii
Chris       10    Barnard Twp. Piscataquis      Meet John Cena
Jonathan    8     Dover Foxcroft Piscataquis    Go to Walt Disney World®
Katelyn     5     Topsham          Sagadahoc    Go to Walt Disney World®
Jordan	     3	    Fairfield	       Somerset	    Have	a	Pop-up	Camper	
Zachery	    18	   Pittsfield	      Somerset	    Have	a	Shopping	Spree	
Anonymous   4     Cornville        Somerset     Spend a Week at the Beach in NC
Ashley      16    Concord Twp. Somerset         Swim with the Dolphins
Miranda     13    Lincolnville     Waldo        Go to Walt Disney World®
Anonymous   5     Searsport        Waldo        Go to Walt Disney World®
Derrik      16    Stockton Springs Waldo        Have a Mall of America Shopping Spree
Jordan      6     Searsport        Waldo        Go to Walt Disney World®
Katherine   17    Liberty          Waldo        Go Someplace Warm
Robert      12    Princeton        Washington   Go to Walt Disney World®
Kelly       18    Perry            Washington   Meet Milan Lucic
Ashley      18    Perry            Washington   Have a Shopping Spree
Name         Age   Hometown         County         Wishes To...

Ryan          6     Berwick         York           Meet Rascal Flatts
Stephen       6     Lyman           York           Go to Walt Disney World®
Anonymous     8     Hollis Center   York           Have an Ultimate Princess Day and Sleepover
Abigail       11    Limington       York           Go to Walt Disney World®
Hayley        8     Saco            York           Go to Walt Disney World®
Ethan         6     Biddeford       York           Go to Hawaii
Chelsea       5     Biddeford       York           Go to Walt Disney World®
Olivia        7     Kennebunk       York           Go to Walt Disney World®
Joseph        4     Kittery         York           Go to Walt Disney World®
Carina        8     Kittery         York           Go to Walt Disney World®
Nicole        3     Lebanon         York           Have an Above Ground Swimming Pool
Brianna       7     Old Orchard     York           Search for the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland

Today is my son’s wish day. There are not enough ways to say thank you and our day hasn’t
even started yet. We have been up since 4:50a.m.; our emotions are very high. My favorite thing
about MAW is that you don’t try and ‘fix’ things. You don’t pretend everything will be all right.
You come in to our homes and you listen to our children - you truly listen to their hearts, their
dreams and you work so hard to bring life to those dreams. You honor the journey the children
and their families have been on and for that I am extremely thankful.” -Troy’s Mom
                                   Volunteers bring the mission of the Foundation to life. From Aroos-
                                   took to York County and everywhere in between, volunteers visit

                        9/1/09 -   with children and families to determine their greatest wish, and
                                   then go to great lengths to ensure that the reality of a child’s wish
                                   surpasses their wildest dreams. Volunteers are also an indispens-
                                   able part of our fund-raising - organizing walks, bake sales, auc-
                                   tions, and numerous other events that they create on their own.
                                   The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine exists due to the work of
                                   hundreds of volunteers statewide.
                                   Alicia Alexander          Caroline Bowman            Brenda Gammon
                                   Paul Allen                Deborah Brann              Martha	Garfield
                                   Hannah Ames               Teresa Canty               Katherine Garofalo
Wish Granter                       Lois & Carl Anderson      Marilyn Carey              Cindy Gish
Heather Beaulieu                   Stacey Anderson           Aaron & Michelle Carlson   Bobbi Godin
                                   Karen Anderson            Dawn & Daniel Carter       Lois Goldthwait
with wish child Colby
                                   Mary Andrews              Gale Caruso                Sue Gosselin
at his wish party.
                                   Kate Bachman              Donna Chambers             Jackie Goulet
                                   Jim Bahoosh               Stephanie Collins          Elizabeth Goulette
                                   Dorothy Baillargeon       Amy Cooper                 Brenda Gray
                                   Jaime Baillargeon         Jeff Corbin                Stephanie Guerry
                                   Cathy Baillargeon         Alicia Cummings            Ron & Joanne Hamilton
                                   Morgan Baker              Nathan DeLois              Tracey Hansen
                                   Theresa Bartick           Kayt DeMerchant            Jodi Hanson
                                   Heather Beaulieu          Heidi Donnelly             Lisa Harvey
                                   Jennifer Beaumont         Stacy Duffy                Becki Hatch
                                   Rick Beaumont             Stephanie Duggan           Jodie Heal
                                   Mark & Tracy Beauregard   Jennifer Dumas             Sharon Hext
                                   Amanda Bel                Carolyn Dupre              Gayle Hichborn
                                   Jennifer Bell             Marlene	Edwards-Richards   Christine Hill
                                   Danette Benoit            Rebecca Engle              Janet Hooley
                                   Deborah Bergeron          Ginny & John Fletcher      Lindsey Howland
                                   Connie Bilodeau           Scott Freeman              Dan & Sharon Howland
                                   Donna Boudreau            Janna Gallant              Kathryn Hunter
                                                       Wish Granter Connie
Kelli Hurley              Sabrina Plante               Bilodeau with wish child
Linda	Jackson-Phillips    Veronica Pratt               Jonathan on new his play set.
Elinor Jones              Jennifer Ranger
Bobbi Kimball             Kathy Richardson
Karen King                Teresa Robbins
Kim Kruger                Suzanne Rodrigue
Catherine Langlais        Diane Rogers
Jennifer	Laroche-Albert   Alaine Roselle
Shay Lattari              Sue Ross
Vicky LeClair             Terri Rossignol
Emma Leeman               Linda Seeley
Peter & Kristina Lento    Miranda Sepulveda
Tammy Light               Joe & Terry Shelton
Shannon Lord              Joe Simpson
Barb & Kevin MacDonald    Jayson Smith
Tammy Madore              Heidi Soper
Michele McNelis           Diana & Michael Spofford
John McVey                Karen St. Pierre
Florence McWilliams       Brandi Stevenson
Gary & Shasta Minery      Christen Stewart
Ellen Minnehan            Carol Stoutamyer
Valerie & Edward Moran    Mark Strong
Cheryl Morgan             Noreen Sturtevant
Sara Morin                Nancy Thibodeau
Michele Morrow            Julie Tibbetts
Shannon Mulkern           Rebekah Timms
Danielle Mulkern          Jeff Totman
Margaret	Murphy-Mooers    Laurie Turner
Lisa Norton               Donnaleen	Vanorse-Dinapoli
Mary O’Brien              Becky Varnum
Vicki Parker              Tena Wallace
Glenice Parkinson         Jannette White
Michelle Peaco            Ronelda Whitmore
Michelle Philbrook        Jessica Woodcock
Kathy Pierce              Janine Young
                                            The Circle of Angels is a giving       in 2002 to travel to New York City
                                            club recognizing individuals and       to give specially designed guardian
                                            businesses who donated $1,000 or       angel pins to children who lost their
                                            more to the Make-A-Wish Founda-        parents in the September 11 attacks.
                                            tion of Maine through annual gifts     She handed out more than 1,000 pins
                                            and/or in-kind donations. Circle of    to children who lost parents, as well
                                            Angels is inspired by eighteen-year-   as to firefighters and police officers
                                            old Brandi, of Sidney, who wished,     who lost colleagues.

                                                                                                                 Due to space
We are very grateful for support            Eastern & Northern Maine Angels        Greater Portland Angels
from these Angels in fiscal year            Bank of America – Orono                Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield    we could not
2010 (Sept. 1, 2009 - Aug. 31, 2010).       Lindsay Beauregard                     Alexandra	&	Scott	Caulfield include donors at
                                            Chi	Omega	-	Xi	Beta	Chapter            Gina & Mike Celeste
  = Wishmaker® gifts of $6,000 or more.                                                                          each giving level.
                                            Clay Good Construction and Design      Cozy Harbor Seafood, Inc.       View full list at
Western & Central Maine Angels              Vicki & Fred Gagne                     Cumberland Farmers Club
Androscoggin Savings Bank/MainStreet Fdn.   Hartt Transportation Systems, Inc      Theresa & Charles Gendron
Associated Grocers of Maine                 Hollywood Slots Hotel & Raceway
                                            Kiwanis	Club	of	Dover-Foxcroft
                                                                                   Gayle & John Hichborn
Terry & Don Borman                                                                 Kepware Technologies
                                            Lee Credit Now – Ellsworth
Cambridge Cruisers ATV Club                 Maine Chauffeured Services             Kim Kruger
Cianbro Charitable Foundation               Maine Maritime Academy                 LL Bean
Ellen & Jim Curtiss                         Noretta & Mike Peterson                Mary & Michael Major
Eagles	Club	of	Augusta-	#3137               Colette & Iyad Sabbagh                 Becky & John Marr
Elks	Club	of	Augusta	-	#0964                Nancy & Jim Thibodeau                  Martin’s Point Healthcare
Royden Lewis                                Winterport Dream Walkers               Memorial Middle School: Project Reach
                                            Ann & Elmer Zimmerman                  Michael’s Limousine
Maine Wool & Design
                                            York County Angels                     Hannah & Daniel Ostrye
Northeast Limousine Services
                                            Suzanne & Ralph Austin                 Randall Orchards
Northeastern Insulation Services                                                   Rejuvenation’s Day Spa
                                            Susan Christmas & Jim Bartlett
Pleau’s Market                                                                     Sable Oaks Golf Club
                                            Mirimac Fund, Inc.
Sunday River Skiway Corp                    Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution   Beth & Ben Shissler
TGI Friday’s                                Weathervane Seafoods, Inc              Spectrum Medical Group
United Bikers of ME Kennebec Cty            William J.J. Gordon Foundation         Stantec Consulting, Inc
VFW	Fairfield	                              Southern Maine Garden Tractor Club     Woodin & Company
Midcoast Maine Angels                                                           Additional Angels
Susan Akers & Ralph Hamill            Meredith & Bruce Leiter                   Sally & Paul Aldrich
Siobhan & Scott Andrews               Maine Escapes                             Applebee’s
AthenaHealth Inc                      Karen & David Matthews                    Avis
Max & Jake Barbour                    Debbie & Bob McClean                      Bank of America Charitable Fdn, Inc
Bank of America – Belfast             Meadow Auto Body                          Best Buy Children’s Foundation
Bath Savings Institution              Messler Family Foundation                 Betty Crocker
Black Bros Builders Inc.              Michael Good Designs                      Brooks Brothers
Boston Financial Data Services        Caroline & Wayne Morong                   Delta Airlines
Ann & Rick Bresnahan                  Nadine & Greg Mort                        Disney Hand
Lynne & Barrett Brown                 Christine & Jeff Nathan                   ESPN
Victoria & John Bryant                Karla & Tim Nightingale                   Gap Foundation Gift Match Program
Camden Jewelry                        OB Wish Team                              Give Kids The World
Camden National Bank                  O’Hara Corporation                        GMRI, Inc.
Cellardoor Winery                     Michelle & Tom Peaco                      Helen Quimby Trust
Central Exterminating Services        Pen Bay Women’s Imaging Specialists LLC   Hilton Hawaiin Village
Heather & Jim Christie                Etienne Perret                            Hilton Waikoloa Village
Karan & Gerry Cushman                 Phi Home Designs                          Hyatt Regency Waikiki
Tracy & Tom Cyr                       Prock Marine Company                      Jeff Gordon Foundation
Doreen & Greg Dufour                  Reny’s Charitable Foundation              Jan Lipson
Ed Hamilton & Co.                     Carol & Jenness Robbins                   Macy’s
Fixtures…Designer Plumbing Showroom   Rockport Steel                            Maine Auctioneers Association
David Flanagan                        Tracy & Chip Rossi                        Mattel Children’s Foundation
Erin Flanagan                         Samoset Resort                            Mattina R Proctor Foundation
Maureen Flanagan & Mike Bridges       Schooner Mary Day                         Order of the Eastern Star/Grand Chapter of ME
Susan & Shane Flynn                   Patricia Shea                             Sheraton Hotels
Emily & Paul Frantz                   Mrs. Stuart Symington                     Sunsail Sailing Vacations
Frantz Furniture & Bedding            Julie Tweedie & James Pietkiewicz         Sunshine Helicopters
Kathy & Ronald Frontin                United	Mid-Coast	Charities,	Inc.          Things Remembered
Becky & Bruce Gamage                  Unity Foundation                          Time Warner Cable
Linda Greenlaw                        Connie Vickery                            Trowbridge Foundation
Betsy & Peter Guistra                 Viking Lumber Inc.                        UnitedHealthcare
Robin & Scott Horty                   Paula & Neal Williamson                   VIP Parts, Tires & Service
Barbara Jones Peabody                 Clayton Witham                            Wal-Mart	Foundation
Candace Keene                         Donni & Bert Witham                       Christine & David Watson
Knox Machine Company                  Jamie Wyeth                               Windstar Cruises
        mike wil
                                              Honorees                                              mike willia
           society                                                                              Recognit
                   n of those                                                                            ion of tho
        Recognitio           ast                                                               who hav               se
                given at le                                                                            e given a
       who have             or                                                                  300 hours        t least
                     f time
         300 hours o ishes.                                                                     granted
                                                                                                          of time o
          granted 15 w                                                                                   15 wishes.

medical advisor jon donnelly                                                 wish granter ginny fletcher
Dr. Jon Donnelly of Pediatric Cardiology Associates in Port-        Since becoming involved in 2006, Ginny has
land has been our Medical Liaison for the past three years,        brought hope, strength and joy to more than 10 kids
helping our staff with the important task of determining          as a volunteer wish granter. She’s helped grant wishes
eligibility of our wish kids. In addition to helping us            for everything from travel to entertainment centers
locally, he has been one of six physicians across                    and has been involved with several wish assists.
the country whose expertise was called upon by                         She brings great enthusiasm and creativity and
our	national	office	to	help	develop	an	interac-                        has	recruited	co-workers	and	even	her	husband,	
tive Medical Guide for physicians to aid them in                      John, to join the wish granting ranks. In addition to
determining eligibility. Prior to offering his services as           fulfilling	 her	 role	 as	 a	 magical	 wish	 granter,	 Ginny	
Medical Liaison, Dr. Donnelly served on our Board of               has helped with several fundraising events in the last
Directors	for	three	years	and	co-chaired	our	Fantasy	             four years, including the annual Walk for Wishes, and
Auction in 2005. We deeply appreciate Dr. Donnelly’s            she was one of the driving forces behind the 1st An-
commitment to our Maine wish children.                         nual	Tee-it-Up	for	Wishes	Ladies	Golf	Tournament	which	
                                                               raised over $6,000 in its inaugural year. Ginny is a loyal
                                                                       and passionate ambassador for the Foundation.
          comm ard
          spirit a
                                                    Honorees                                         orga
                                                                                                              spirit munity
                     nition o                                                                             n         g
             Recog r individuals                                                                    outsid izations o n of
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      organiz Make-A-Wish                                                                             signifi Make-A-
                                                                                                             cantly       Wish
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         sig nific              .                                                                               r cau           e
                 to our                                                                                                se.

burger king® in rockland                                                        s. maine garden tractor club
The Rockland Burger King has organized a paper star campaign          For three years, the Southern Maine Garden Tractor Club
each year for their local Walk for Wishes® event. The Manage-       has blessed wish kids with a “Make-A-Wish® Day,” where
ment and staff encourages customers to support the Walk by         children take center stage, drive tractors in a real tractor
making a donation and putting their name on a star to be            pull and receive trophies that are often as tall the children.
put up in the window. This project raises both money and               The	 event	 is	 the	 brain-child	 of	 club	 member	 Ernie	 Lowell	
awareness. Each year their enthusiasm and donations                      and is supported enthusiastically by all members. With
continue to grow!                                                         each year, the club has increased its contribution to
                                                                          the Foundation, with 2010’s contribution of over $9,000.
vip parts, tires & service
For the past three years, VIP Parts, Tires & Service has                give kids the world®, kissimmee, fl
supported	the	Make-A-Wish	Foundation	of	Maine	through	               Maine families on Disney wishes enjoy the hospitality of Give
their paper star campaign and with our annual Fantasy               Kids the World (GKTW), a resort complete with entertainment
Auction. All of their stores participate in the star campaign,    attractions,	whimsical	venues,	and	fun	specifically	designed	for	
which has raised enough funds to grant wishes to four Maine      children	 with	 life-threatening	 illnesses	 and	 their	 families.	 From	 all-
kids annually for the past three years!                          you-can-eat	ice	cream,	to	Mayor	Clayton	(the	6'	bunny	who	tucks	
                                                                  everyone in at night), GKTW is truly an amazing place. The staff
                                                                   and volunteers welcome our wish families and provide a week
                                                                     of magical memories that extend beyond the walls of the
                                                                                                           theme parks. We are lucky and
                                                                                                               grateful to have GKTW as a
                                                                                                                  partner in wish granting!