Registration with PhilHealth

					                              Registration with PhilHealth

According to Ms. Chato Noche, Officer at the Contribution Section of the Quezon
Avenue Branch of PhilHealth, registration with PhilHealth is autonomous from registering
with SSS and that registration with both NGAs may be done simultaneously.

Procedures in registering with PhilHealth are as follows:

   1. If employees are not yet members of PhilHealth, each should accomplish form
      M1-A (Member Data Record - For Employed Sector) first. Employers must
      accomplish forms ER1 (Employer Data Record) and ER2 (Report of Employee-
      Members). All forms may be downloaded from the PhilHealth Website.

   2. Submit all forms and other requirements (SEC and BIR Registration as well as
      Copy of Business Permit) for processing at Membership Window. Employer shall
      get the receiving copy of all the forms as proof of submission of all necessary

Ms. Noble mentioned that it takes 3 months before they could release the PhilHealth
Numbers to the employer and its employees. Although this may be the case, once the
employer has submitted all the necessary supporting documents and forms, they are
already considered members of PhilHealth and can enjoy its privileges 3 months after
(which they consider as the waiting period).

The procedure mentioned above is the common practice for all PhilHealth Branches.
For the cities covered by DB Subnational, there are seven (7) PhilHealth Branches
where the employer can register. Payment for PhilHealth Contribution may be done
directly at the PhilHealth Branches or accredited banks of PhilHealth (see next page for
complete list of banks).

      Head Office – Pasig
      NCR North – Manila
      NCR Central – Quezon City
      NCR South – Las Pinas
      PhilHealth Regional Office IV-B – Tanauan City, Batangas
      PhilHealth Regional Office VII – Cebu City
      PhilHealth Regional Office XI – Davao City

Each branch may accept registration to PhilHealth regardless of the location of the
company. So there is no specific PhilHealth Branch servicing to specific cities.

Universal Banks

      Allied Banking Corp.
      Banco de Oro- EPCI, Inc. (BDO merged with EPCI as of May, 2007)
      China Banking Corp.
      Development Bank of the Phil.
      Land Bank of the Phil.
      Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
      Philippine National Bank
      Rizal Commercial and Banking Corp.
      Union Bank of the Phil.(Over-the-Counter & E-Pay)
      United Coconut Planters Bank

Commercial Banks

      Asia United Bank Corp.
      Bank of Commerce
      Export & Industry Bank
      Maybank Philippines, Inc.
      Phil. Veterans Bank

Thrift Banks

      Asiatrust Development Bank
      Bank One Savings and Trust Corp.
      Century Savings Bank
      CityState Savings Bank, Inc.
      Malayan Bank Savings and Mortgage Bank
      Merchants Savings and Loan Association, Inc.
      Philippine Business Bank, Inc.
      Phil. Postal Savings Bank
      Planters Development Bank
      Premiere Development Bank
      RCBC- Savings Bank, Inc.
      Robinsons Savings Bank Corp.

Rural Banks

      Bangko Pasig
      Bangko Kabayan (A Rural Bank), Inc.
      Bukidnon Cooperative Bank
      Cantilan Bank, Inc.
      Country Rural Bank of Taguig, Inc.
      Enterprise Bank, Inc.
      Green Bank, Inc. (A Rural Bank)
      Golden Seven Bank (Rural Bank of Nabua), Inc.

   Gulf Bank (Rural Bank of Lingayen, Inc.)
   One Network Bank, Inc.
   Peninsula Rural Bank, Inc.
   People's Bank of CARAGA
   Producer's Rural Banking Corp.
   Rural Bank of Porac (Pampanga), Inc.
   1st Valley Rural Bank