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					                              LITERACY IN MOTION!
                      The Animated Literacy Workshop
               By Jim Stone, teacher and author of the program
                                      HELP YOUR STUDENTS…
     avoid the “4th grade slump” by exposing them to a vocabulary-rich environment in
      preschool, kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2.
     improve their reading and spelling by strengthening their phonological awareness
      skills and letter pattern recognition.
     who have weak speech and language skills, English as a second language and/or
      reading and spelling problems.

    THE ANIMATED LITERACY PROGRAM is an integrated, multi-sensory
           approach that is easy and fun to teach to an entire class,
                  in small groups or to individual students.
   It is supported by current BRAIN, LANGUAGE and READING research.

                  EDMONTON, AB                                            WINNIPEG, MB
   WHEN:           November 16 & 17, 2009                 WHEN:          November 19 & 20, 2009
   WHERE:          Chateau Louis Hotel                    WHERE:         Victoria Inn Winnipeg
                   780-452-7770                                          204-786-4801
                                 Cost: $ 285.00 + GST = $ 299.25
                Time: Doors Open: 8:00 a.m. Workshop: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day
                   LUNCH REFRESHMENTS DOOR PRIZES                ALL INCLUDED!
This two day workshop will present classroom tested strategies and materials along with the methods that have
made Animated-Literacy popular and successful! Participants will learn how to integrate phonological awareness,
vocabulary/comprehension and phonics/letter pattern recognition using literature, singing, storytelling,
movement, sound play, drawing, labeling and manipulatives. Gestures for teaching and reinforcing the 42 sounds of
English will be modeled. Sound and word substitution activities that develop decoding skills, word recognition,
fluency, vocabulary and writing skills in context with songs and stories will be demonstrated over the 2 days. The
updated, expanded content of this workshop includes new ideas and materials that reinforce reading and writing
skills through both teacher-guided and independent work. Added support for the systematic introduction of high
frequency words in context with decodable labels from the drawing and „toy box‟ lessons are included in this
workshop. It is an approach that can be used on its own or will easily complement other literacy programs such as
Balanced Literacy and Joly Phonics.
Jim Stone, the author of the program, is a very dynamic and entertaining speaker. These workshops will give you
practical, “hands-on” activities to take back to your students and classrooms. One teacher‟s comment after Jim‟s
workshop – “This is the best workshop I have ever been to!” One child‟s excited comment while learning the
Animated-Literacy program – “I can read and I‟m only in kindergarten!”

     Learn how the Animated Literacy program can make learning fun, fast-paced and easy in a
                  playful, interactive environment! IT’S LITERACY IN MOTION!
 For more information, contact Bonnie Chappell at 780-464-3897(p), 780-464-1068(f) or at
                             REGISTRATION FORM FOR THE
                     Literacy in Motion…Animated Literacy Workshop

 Name:__________________________________ Position:___________________________

 Phone: day (          ) ___________________evening (         )____________________________

          fax (        ) __________________e-mail _____________________________________
                  (for prompt confirmation of registration, please include fax number, if available)

 Workplace Name:____________________________________________________________

 Mailing Address                                         Postal Code
     I will be attending the following “Literacy in Motion…Animated Literacy Workshop”:
 □    Monday & Tuesday, November 16 & 17, 2009 –in Edmonton, AB
        at the Chateau Louis Hotel – 780-452-7770

 □    Thursday & Friday, November 19 & 20, 2009 – in Winnipeg, MB
        at the Victoria Inn Winnipeg – 204-786-4801

                                  COST: $ 285.00 + GST = $ 299.25

           Doors Open at 8:00 a.m.          Workshop goes from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

          Mail registration form with a CHEQUE made payable to “Phonetically Speaking”,
                      26, 52555 Range Road 225, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5S8
        FAX (780-464-1068) this form with a Purchase Order # ______________________ or
                 use your VISA by registering and paying on-line at
           (Click on Events and scroll down to the “Seminars and Conferences‟ heading)

     Register early as space is limited! We are UNABLE to accept post-dated cheques.
 Receipts will be issued at the workshop. We are UNABLE to issue refunds or credits but you
                             may send another person in your place.

                         For more information, please contact:
           Bonnie Chappell R.SLP at 780-464-3897 (phone), 780-464-1068 (fax) or

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