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									      Attention: If you or someone you love is suffering from liver cirrhosis then this is the most
important letter you will ever read

 "Announcing - One of the 3 most Renowned Liver
 Experts in The World Of Holistic Medicine teaches
you how to invigorate your Cirrhotic liver and avoid
   terrible Disfiguring Transplants the way 1000s
                    Already Did."
From the desk of Debra Elkin, former liver disease sufferer and health consultant:

My fellow liver cirrhosis sufferer,

 My name is Debra Elkin and I am a mother of two and a grandmother
of three. My children and grandchildren are the joy of my life and I am
so thankful I can watch them grow. But a couple of years ago it seemed
that my time is up and I will have to say my goodbyes as I was
diagnosed with advanced fatty liver followed by inflammation. My liver
was so heavily impaired that my doctors predicted imminent liver
cirrhosis or cancer.

This website is where I share the story about how I got back from the
verge of "the other side" and how thousands of people are doing it every
year following the principles of the holistic breakthrough protocol
known as the Ezra protocol.

                                                                           Dr. Alfred Pischinger, head
                                                                           of the University of Medicine
                                                                                in Graz 1936-1945
   The Ezra Protocol is the only Holistic protocol in existence proven
     to Shift the Underlying Chemical Triggers Of Liver Damage.

   The man on the picture on the above right if Dr Alfred Pischinger and his work is crucial for what is today
    known for as the Ezra protocol. The man who I have to thank for my blessed salvation, Mr Jacob Ezra
 implemented a lot of the principles Dr. Pischinger's work into his holistic protocol for liver cirrhosis reversal.
  Before I found out about Mr Jacob Ezra and his little practice in Reims specializing solely in liver disease I
suffered for years failing with every doctor that tried to help me with my terrible liver condition and the obesity.
                                   Later on I will share more about my story...

                            I tried everything. Nothing worked.

I suffered for years, trying pretty much anything you can think of. I would get my liver enzymes under control,
  loose some weight but then this thing would come back with a vengeance. I was desperate. I felt alone and I
 thought nobody understands. I felt them thinking that my obesity is because of the weak will power and to be
honest " I just felt as a fat cow...". I am disgusted of even thinking about that period of time. But now I know...

                  It wasn't my fault and it's not your fault, either.

         But then, something amazing happened. On a day like any other, I found my blessed salvation.

   I met and old friend at the bank and as always, I monopolized the conversation with my liver and obesity
   problems. Then she said "My sister in law from Reims had the exact same problems and this man, Jacob,
                             helped her. I think she lost something like 35 pounds..."

    She continued to tell me that the man's full name was Jacob Ezra and that he is an alternative medicine
    practitioner specializing solely in liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. She said that he deals only with liver
          disorders and has 27 years of experience of working with people with severe liver problems.

Long story short, Mr Jacob Ezra was my blessed salvation. I scheduled my first appointment for the first thing
                                               next week...

    Within two months i was completely free of symptoms, my liver
  enzymes were normal, I lost 17 pounds and I was vibrantly healthy.

  This website is all about spreading the word about the Ezra protocol, by this moment effectively used to get
                                 liver cirrhosis to remission in 1000s worldwide.
                            What is the Ezra protocol?

  It is a holistic, multidimensional, 5-Step plan for reversing liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. It utilizes the vast
knowledge and experience of Mr Jacob Ezra and it's based on 27 years long research, trial and error and proven
  by healing tens of thousands of people worldwide. Later on, I'll present undeniable proof and testimonies.

   You will see testimonials of many people that used the principles to regain their health, avoid cancer and
 change their bodies. You'll also see photos from our annual gatherings and seminars. I hope some time soon,
you will join us on the annual conferences. It's great seeing people that have beat illness and came our stronger
                                                    than ever.

The Ezra protocol is backed with over 50.000 hours of nutritional expertise and most importantly centered on a
groundbreaking research about underlying causes of liver cirrhosis (and I am not talking about eating wrong). It
        is also proven by over 250 case recovery studies officially submitted and approved as legit!!!

     There are over 10.000 pages of documentations providing iron clad evidence that this is the real deal.

     The only protocol in existence officially proven to Induce Liver
                          Cirrhosis Remission.

The Ezra protocol is now socially proven in 22 countries and if you give me a couple of minutes of your time
                        by the end of this page I will show you how you can use it to:

       First, eliminate the 4 chemical triggers that make it impossible to initiate the
       cleansing process

       Second, flush the fat from your liver, unclog the sluggish cells and rejuvenate the
       liver to make it work like you were 20

       Reverse the processes of toxic build-up that might be leaving 30 billion dead cells in
       your body every day while your liver is impaired
       Reverse the chemical imbalances in your liver that put you at risk of developing that
       first cancer cell even while you are reading this

       Tone and invigorate your liver using precise breakthrough techniques you cannot
       learn anywhere else

       Awake and boost your metabolism that is dormant due to the fibrin build up in your
       blood caused by your impaired liver function

       Start burning that fat like you never thought possible and get the body you always
       dreamt of. Your liver and your adrenal gland is all that is stopping you from doing
       this. It's the best kept secret of the fitness and weight loss industry.

       Clean your arteries that are clogged due of the protein build-up (the blood of a liver
       cirrhosis sufferer is often as thick as yoghurt) and eliminate the risk of a heart attack
       or stroke that comes with the thick blood

       Feel that vibrant health that you so desperately pursue. You have no chance of this
       while your liver is congested and impaired.

       Eliminate the side effects of the liver cirrhosis such as the rashes, skin discolorations
       and fatigue

       Experience the new found hope. When I resolved my liver problems I literally felt

       Forget all about the misery your liver cirrhosis brought or will bring upon you (if you
       fail to react) and NEVER LOOK BACK.

   Your liver is Dying because you are clogged up With toxic Debris,
                   poisons and Billions of dead cells.

This clutter is building up inside you as we speak if you have liver cirrhosis. Liver is the chemical lab of our
bodies. In fact, I like to think about the liver as a small city with its facilities and recycle centers, with tiny
workers working day and night to cleanse or bodies of all the poisons that would otherwise kill us within hours.
Can you imagine that the liver has over 500 functions in our body?

The most important functions of this amazing hard worker are:

      Transform nutrients into chemicals that regulate numerous processes in our bodies
      (albumin, blood clothing chemicals, bile, urea...)

      Removing toxins and bacteria debris

      Building protein

      Blood sugar regulation

      Removing cholesterol from the body (the only organ in our body that can break down

      ...and 500 other crucial processes...

             Liver is the second most important organ in our body
                                - after the brain.

This means that if your liver is impaired you have zero chance of being healthy. That's the simple and harsh

But with our way of life, the fast tempo and the trash we eat or better to say the trash we are served with, liver
disease is going through the roof these days. The grim truth is that most of the people don't even know it.

Liver is sensitive and fragile that way because if your tooth is damaged it will hurt because of the nerves in it. If
you break a leg, you will experience excruciating pain. If there's a problem in your head you'll experience
headaches, but...
Liver does not have Enough nerve endings to raise the Pain alarm !!

Think about that for a second. Stop and absorb this fact.

But what does that mean?

That means that you might be on the verge of liver failure and you might merely experience discomfort and no
real pain at all. That is why if you suspect that you might have liver cirrhosis or another liver disorder, it is
crucially important that you react right away. Another reason to do so lies in the fact that the processes that
caused the liver cirrhosis work in a kind of downward spiral.

When I say this I mean that it's so hard to break loose. Your liver is impaired and the toxins build up because it
is unable to process them. The toxins clog the liver even more. the end result is that the liver is doing the exact
opposite of what it's supposed to do.

        Instead of keeping your healthy, your liver is poisoning you

        Instead of burning the fat, your liver is making you obese

        Instead of eradicating pre cancerous cells, your liver is causing the mistakes in the
        extracellular matrix that lead to cancer

In fact...

That first cancer cell might be forming in your liver right now.

Every next second increases the risk. Pause, take a deep breath and think about this.
I apologize for being so harsh, but this is a wake up call. When I saw Mr Ezra for the first time, he said that the
patterns in my liver enzyme levels indicate exactly the kind of behavior that is the road map for developing
liver cancer. In fact he said that he estimates that...

     If I didn't do something about it, my chances of developing liver
              cancer or Dying from Cirrhosis were over 70%.

Fatty infiltrations induced cirrhotic liver

Now imagine what something that looks like this can do. You're right - NOTHING.

I was scarred and shocked about all the things I learned. I was so mad at my previous doctors. they were just
shooting in the dark.

But there's good news...

        liver Cirrhosis is Not a death sentence and can be brought to

But that just isn't true if you are sticking to the conventional approach that is just masking the symptoms and
never truly heal your body. Jacob told me everything about how misunderstood this condition is and how
simple and easily reversible it is once the chemical obstacles are removed.

Yes, liver cirrhosis is anything but a death sentence. And 1000s of people now that now because they have
healed their decomposing livers and changed their lives forever. Here are a couple of testimonials that I found
especially striking. These are all completely unsolicited:
I remember that day in his small practice in Reims.

What this man was saying was so precise and clear. So right to the point. To the source of the problems and
not vague general statements like "healthy diet" and so on. In fact, he explained that everybody that does not
have access to some of the crucially important information is putting their life at risk, not to mention the fact
that he has virtually zero chance to reverse liver cirrhosis.

He explained that...

Some practices used in liver Cirrhosis diets and conventional
treatment make it chemically impossible to beat the disease.


He explained that what is generally healthy can be a disaster for people with liver cirrhosis. Does it sound like
I am exaggerating? Well, let me give you a little pre-taste of what I am talking about...

Let me give you a little test.

Think of 10 best foods to eat to fight your liver disease. Take a moment and actually do this.


Now tell me - do you have Fruit on the list?

If you don't, I salute your knowledge and you might not need my help and you are probably OK to leave this
website and go take a nice walk.

But if you do have FRUIT on your list, you desperately need help because you have been thought wrong. I can
hear you saying, "Are you insane, fruit is the healthiest food. My doctors says so...".
Generally, you are right.

But, if you are fighting liver disease YOU CANNOT BE MORE WRONG.

Wrong kinds of fruit in the wrong time are for liver Cirrhosis sufferer
An equivalent of bacon with chocolate topping.

I know that it sounds a little "out there", but bear with me for just a second and keep an open mind while I
explain everything and then make up your mind. If it doesn't make sense just say "Debra, you are talking
rubbish" and move on. If it makes sense just keep reading because this is just the tip of the iceberg...

General statement of a healthy diet would be: “Eat more fruit and vegetables that are rich in nutrients.” But is
not so simple with the liver cirrhosis sufferers. Why?

Because of the fructose in the fruit.

To grossly simplify things, fructose is much more readily transformed into fat in the liver than glucose. I bet
you are shocked right now but I can tell you right away that eating diets packed with fruit is probably the
number one reason why people fail in loosing weight. Let me explain…

You can find many experts that will tell you that fruit is great for fat loss because it has a low glycemic index.
But the fruit is sweet and obviously packed with sugar, so how can it have a low glycemic index.

The answer is simple yet alarming...

Most of the sugar from the fruit is readily turned into fat in the liver and goes out of the liver in the form
of fat and as such it does not have the potency to induce insulin spikes.

Make no mistake, fruit is healthy and has a lot of fiber and vitamins but it’s not the best ally if you want to
loose weight and eliminate the fatty deposits from the liver.
This is perhaps the most widely misunderstood aspect of eating well to
                         Stop liver Cirrhosis.

But where is the problem with fructose?

The problem lies with the fact that our body does not have the necessary enzyme machinery to efficiently
metabolize fructose and turn it into glucose, so the fructose is a liver-congesting agent. Fructose just passes by
the enzyme that is responsible for turning carbs into energy (Phosphofructokinase-1 or PFK-1). Fructose
literally skips this control point that decides whether the carbs are deposited as glycogen or fat. Complex carbs
such as rice and oats turn into glycogen until the reserves are full. On the other hand, large chunk of the
fructose is just transformed into fat even if the glycogens deposits are empty. Part of the fat remains in the liver
and a bigger part is pumped into the blood.

But the damage doesn't stop here. Part of the fructose that managed to get to glucose form is deposited in the
liver. Otherwise, the liver is the last part to be filled with glycogen. When the liver is full of carbs, this is a
signal for the body to transform any additional carbs into fat (fructose or not fructose). Fructose fills the liver
with glycogen and thus puts it into “fat storing” mode. At this point, our liver transforms even complex
carbs into fat.

 The result - a true carbohydrate nightmare.

Nevertheless, I am not saying that fruit has no place on the menu of a person trying to stop liver cirrhosis.
It most certainly does. But the truth is very precise and clear and it most certainly is not in general vague
statements as "eat a lot of fruit" way...

You have to know what fruit to eat and when to eat it.

Get this wrong and you have zero chance of beating Liver Cirrhosis.

And this is just one out of the hundreds of similar facts that you might get wrong and forever ruin your chances
of happiness and recovery. In Ezra protocol program, you get access to the cutting edge and little known cover
information about liver cirrhosis. Tens of thousands of people have gone through Jacob's practice healing their

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