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					YEP Calgary Board of Directors
Tania Baxter
Tania is a water quality specialist with Golder Associates Ltd. in Calgary. She obtained
her B.Sc. in Biological Science (1995) and her Ph.D. (1999) in
Environmental Studies from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. Tania has done
environmental consulting for over 6 years and is currently involved in the design,
execution and interpretation of municipal and industrial water quality assessments,
including environmental baseline studies, environmental impact assessments and
cumulative impact assessments. As manager of the water quality group in Golder
Associates, Calgary, she is also responsible for a 21 person business unit.

Patrick Cloutier
A graduate of the University of Calgary, Patrick received a Bachelor of Arts in
Communication and Culture in 2001. Since 2002, Patrick has worked at several
positions at the Environmental Careers Organization of Canada, formerly known as the
Canadian Council for Human Resources in the Environment Industry, a not-for-profit
organization funded by the federal government. Now the Director of Certification with
the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) within ECO
Canada, Patrick is responsible for the ongoing development and administration of web-
based certification programs for environmental professionals in Canada and maintaining
CECAB’s ISO accreditation. Specifically, CECAB offers the following designations to
qualified applicants: CCEP, CEPIT, CEA, CEA(SFM), CEAS, EMS(A) and EMS(LA).
Patrick has been a member of YEP since 2002 and is a previous speaker for the YEP
Calgary group.

Simon Geoghegan
After completing an MSc studying freshwater oil pollution impacts, Simon became
interested in the application of environmental management principles in the energy
industry. He joined Suncor Energy in as an environmental specialist, helping research
environmental legislations and prepare regulatory applications for new oil sands
projects. Simon's active interest in Sustainable Development grew into a new position
with Suncor as Sustainable Development advisor, where he developed policy, strategy
and projects in community development and environmental management. In 2004 Simon
joined Enmax Energy Inc as an energy and emissions management consultant where he
works on energy management & environmental strategy with large commercial and
industrial customers. As YEP chapter leader he hopes to increase the sharing of local
innovation and action in environmental management and grow YEP's reputation as the
Calgary's leading association of environmental professionals.

Sarah Jordaan
Sarah is a PhD student at the University of Calgary in Environmental Design. Her
research interests lie in energy and environmental systems analysis; more specifically,
assessing land use of energy developments from a life cycle perspective. After
graduating with a BSc in Physics from Memorial University of Newfoundland, she
travelled to Romania to work on a wolf conservation project on an internship funded by
the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy. There, she worked in
ecotourism, environmental education, and recycling infrastructure of local communities.
 She has held a research assistantship in environmental design at the University of
Calgary and two at Memorial University in marine ecology and astrophysics. Most
recently, Sarah worked at Shell Canada benchmarking environmental and social
performance. She has volunteered at a wide variety of organizations, such as: Balkan
Wildlife Society in Bulgaria, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, the Environmental
Design Student Association, and the United Nations Association Canada, Calgary

Nathan Maycher
Nathan’s professional focus is on the development and management of projects that
mitigate the release of greenhouse gases and other air emissions. He currently serves
as a Director with Enwest Inc., an environmental consulting firm focused on delivering
pragmatic solutions to the energy sector in the areas of greenhouse gas and air
emissions, water management and environmental strategy. Prior to founding Enwest in
2001, Nathan worked for TransAlta's Sustainable Development Group and Offsets and
Strategy Group. With the former, he was a key person in the development of TransAlta's
Sustainable Development report. In 2000, he became the Portfolio Manager for
TransAlta's well-recognized portfolio of greenhouse gas offset projects, a role he
continues to provide under Enwest. In this role, his responsibilities include the oversight
of TransAlta's offsets projects and related contracts, acquisition due diligence, as well
supporting the development of TransAlta's corporate climate change and air emissions
strategy. Nathan has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering Co-op from the University of

Matt McCulloch
Matt is the co-Director of the Pembina Institute's Corporate Eco-Solutions Group.
Matt's main area of focus is on corporate sustainability, where he works closely with
industry and small-to-medium size enterprises (SME’s) integrating sustainability
concepts into their strategies and operations, including developing metrics to measure
progress. This includes facilitating triple-bottom-line thinking into their decision making
and project design processes using a systems approach. He also helps to identify and
characterize sustainable energy business opportunities for companies, and provides
turn-key services for greenhouse gas reduction (offset) project development in Canada
and abroad.

Jon Mitchell
Jon is a Business Analyst in the Corporate Responsibility and Corporate EH& division of
EnCana Corporation based in Calgary. He is responsible for providing advice and
guidance to Business Units and Corporate Groups on the continued practical
implementation of Corporate Responsibility, including issues such as climate change,
ethics and integrity, sustainability reporting, management system implementation, and
integrated landscape management. After an undergraduate degree at the University of
Guelph, and while completing a Masters degree at the University of Calgary, Jon worked
in the fields of environment, health and safety management systems; stakeholder
engagement; loss control; species at risk; and greenhouse gas management. Prior to
joining EnCana, he provided consulting advice to companies in the oil and gas, power,
and alternative energy sectors including Suncor Energy, BP Canada, BHP Billiton,
Ballard Power and TransAlta,. Jon has been involved in the Calgary chapter of Young
Environmental Professionals since its inception in 2001.

Mel Wilson
Mel is a Senior Manager within PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Sustainability Practice in
Calgary, Alberta, where he specializes in environmental, health & safety, and social
responsibility assurance services, ranging from compliance and management system
auditing to design, development, and external assurance on corporate sustainability
reports. He has worked with large companies across many sectors, including petroleum,
utilities, transportation, agriculture, and high tech. His recent clients have included
Nexen Energy, Suncor Energy, TransCanada Ltd., Talisman Energy, TransAlta Utilities,
EPCOR Inc., Office Depot Inc., Westco Fertilizers, and Canadian Pacific Railway.
Mel is a Professional Biologist, a Certified Environmental Auditor, trained ISO
14001 Auditor a Certified Management Consultant, a graduate-level instructor at the
University of Calgary, and is formerly a Director and Vice President of the Canadian
Environmental Auditing Association. Mel holds a B.Sc. in Biology (1988), and a Masters
in Environmental Design (1992). In 2003 he received his PhD from the Faculty of
Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. His doctoral research focused on
current trends and practices in the provision of independent assurance on corporate
sustainability reports.

Dianne Zimmerman
As co-founder of YEP, Dianne has been committed to providing a forum for dialogue and
networking since 1997, leading first the Toronto chapter until moving in 2001 and
starting the YEP Calgary chapter. Dianne is a manager at Suncor Energy Inc. working
on initiatives and policy reform in the areas of climate change, air quality, boreal habitat
protection and water management. Prior to moving west, Dianne was principal of DNH
Environmental Consulting, program director of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance,
and a consultant for the Summerhill Group and Pollution Probe. Dianne is a masters
graduate from York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies program, is an active
board member with Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and co-chairs Mount Royal College's
Industrial Ecology Advisory Committee. She is committed to reducing her own footprint
by powering her home with 100% green power, purchasing energy efficient appliances
including a furnace, busing and walking to work, composting and recycling.