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									                              CALGARY DOLPHINS SWIM CLUB

                                       BY LAWS
By-Law 1: Name and Affiliation
1.1 This organization that is incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of
Alberta shall be called the "Calgary Dolphins Swim Club", (hereinafter referred to as
"The Club").

1.2 The Club shall be affiliated with, and form part of the Canadian Amateur Swimming
Association and the Alberta Summer Swimming Association (A.S.S.A.), and shall adhere to
the rules and regulations of these bodies governing the registration of swimmers,
conduct of meets and related matters.

By-Law 2: Membership
2.1 The membership of The Club shall consist of youths and young adults with Down
syndrome who are concerned with and interested in, competitive swimming.

2.2 Membership in The Club shall be classified as follows:
2.2.1 Active memberships are swimmers or their parents or guardians if the swimmer has
not achieved the age of majority.
2.2.2 Honorary Members.

2.3 The membership at large shall consist of 2.2.1 and 2.2.2.

2.4 To maintain membership, 2.2.1 must pay fees, dues, and assessments when such are

2.5 Membership shall be revoked for the following causes:
2.5.1 Non-payment of fees, dues and/or assessments;
2.5.2 Deliberate breach of the by-laws of The Club, especially by-law 3;
2.5.3 Willful or malicious assault on a member or members of The Club, or an official of
A.S.S.A. acting in his capacity.
2.5.4 Reinstatement may be granted by the executive committee under certain
circumstances; i.e. 2.5.1 - payment of fees, dues, and/or assessments; 2.5.3 - letter of
apology to the offended member; and 2.5.2 - would have to be taken under advisement.

2.6 A member may withdraw at any time from The Club without prejudice. Notice in writing
must be submitted to the executive. Refunds will be governed as per by-law 9.

2.7 Membership in The Club will cease on the following:
2.7.1 A transfer to another swim club as governed by the by-laws of A.S.S.A.
2.7.2 Non-renewal of membership in The Club.

2.8 An honorary membership is awarded to a person or family who contributes in a
significant fashion over a number of years to the advancement of the Calgary Dolphins
Swim Club and to competitive swimming.

2.11 Rights of members
2.11.1 To attend meetings and participate in the operation of The Club;
2.11.2 Each active membership has the right of one vote on any motion or matter
requiring a vote at any meeting of the general membership;
2.11.3 Active swimmers have the right to participate in activities as outlined by the
coach, attend A.S.S.A. sanctioned swim meets, and participate in fundraising and other
2.11.4 Swimmers who have attained the age of majority shall be entitled to vote at the
general meetings.
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2.11.5 Voting is limited to one per active membership.
2.11.6 Active members must be present to vote on club issues.

By-law 3: Code of Conduct
3.1 The term "member" shall apply to all classes of membership as defined by By-law 2.

3.2 A member shall not use The Club for personal gain or allow or cause the assets of
The Club to be used for personal gain.

3.3 Each member shall be fair, honest, loyal, and impartial in all matters concerned
with competitive swimming.

3.4 No member shall use his position or influence to favor or to hinder a member or
group of members.

3.5 Each member shall endeavor to co-operate in all matters of The Club, which promote
and further the objects of The Club.

By-law 4: Organization of the Calgary Dolphins Swim Club
4.1 The affairs and operation of The Club shall be invested in the following levels of
4.1.1 Officers of The Club
4.1.2 The Executive Committee
4.1.3 Coaching Staff
4.1.4 Standing Committees
4.1.5 Member at large (1)
4.1.6 Membership at large

4.2 The Officers of The Club shall consist of:
4.2.1 President
4.2.2 Vice President
4.2.3 Treasurer
4.2.4 Secretary
4.2.5 Member at large (1)

4.3 The Executive Committee shall consist of:
4.3.1 Officers of The Club
4.3.2 Past President

By-law 5: Election of Officers of The Club
5.1 Each Officer of The Club shall be voted into Office by the Membership at Large at
the Annual Meeting of The Club.

5.2 Candidates for office may be selected from the Membership at Large by a nominating
committee appointed for this purpose, or candidates may make their intentions known at
the Annual Meeting. Candidates selected by the nominating committee shall be presented
and identified by the committee at the Annual Meeting.

5.3 Majority requirement of election:
5.3.1 A majority of fifty point one percent (50.1%) of the votes cast by the voting
membership is required before a candidate is elected to office.
5.3.2 When three or more candidates are contesting the same office, and no candidate has
more than 50.1% of the votes, then the candidate with the least number of votes must
withdraw from the election and the vote continued until a candidate receives more than
50.1% of the votes.
5.3.3 Defeated candidates shall have the right to announce their candidacy for any other
position on the executive committee.

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January 2005
5.4 The term of office of the President, Vice President and Treasurer shall be two
years. The President's, Vice President’s and Treasurer’s term shall run from the Annual
meeting at which he/she is elected, to the Annual Meeting two years later. Elections for
the President and the Treasurer and Vice President shall be held on alternate years;
e.g. the President on even numbered years and the Treasurer and Vice President on odd
numbered years. The term of office for the Secretary and Member at large (1) shall be
one year, from one Annual Meeting to the next. During start up of the Club, one/some
positions may only service a one year term to begin with.

5.5 If the President is unable to complete his/her term of office, he/she will be
automatically replaced by the Vice President for the remainder of the term. Should a
vacancy arise, for any reason, in any other position, the Executive Committee shall
appoint, from The Club membership, someone to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the

5.6 Votes shall be counted by the Past President, or in their absence, the most senior
member of the outgoing executive who has chosen not to seek re-election, plus the most
senior member of the nominating committee. The position will be established at the start
of the Annual Meeting.

5.7 Any Officer of The Club may be removed, with or without cause, at any general,
annual or special meeting of members, which stated in its notice that such action was
contemplated, by majority vote of members present.

By-law 6: Duties of the Officials
6.1 The Officers of The Club are The Club's official representatives and are responsible
for the image and presence of The Club at all meetings, and functions in which The Club
has an interest.
6.1.1 Delegates may be appointed by the Officers of The Club to attend meetings and
functions in which The Club has an interest.

6.2 The President is the Chief Officer of The Club. He/she shall preside at all meetings
of The Club and of the Executive Committee; shall prepare the agenda and call such
meetings; shall be an ex-official member of all club committees; and in conjunction with
the Executive Committee, shall appoint any committees that may be deemed necessary.
6.2.1 Should a tie occur during the voting on a motion, a By-law, or an amendment, the
President shall cast a second vote to break the tie.

6.3 The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the latter's absence;
and shall perform other duties as assigned by the President and/or the Executive.

6.4 The Secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings of The Club and of the
Executive Committee, and shall deal with all the correspondence subject to the approval
of the President or the Executive Committee. In addition, the Secretary will give, or
cause to give, notice of all meetings and shall have charge of all official documents of
The Club. The Secretary will prepare all minutes.

6.5 The Treasurer shall receive monies payable to The Club and shall be responsible for
the same in the name of the Club, with a bank in the City of Calgary, to be approved by
the Executive. The Treasurer shall properly account for the funds of The Club and keep
such books as may be directed. The Treasurer shall present a fully detailed account of
all receipts and all disbursements as required, and shall prepare a statement, duly
reviewed, setting forth the financial position of the club at the end of the fiscal

6.6 The Executive Committee of The Club shall conduct the day-to-day business of The
Club and shall meet as often as deemed necessary.

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January 2005
6.7 None of the above named Officers or the Executive Committee members shall receive
remuneration for the performance of his/her duties and services.

6.8 The Executive Committee of The Club shall be deemed to have assumed office on the
express understanding and Agreement and condition the Executive Committee of The Club
and his/her heirs, executors, and administrators and estate and effects respectively
shall from time to time and at all times be indemnified and saved harmless out of the
funds of The Club from and against all costs, charges, and expenses whatsoever which
such Officer sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit or proceedings which is
brought, commenced or prosecuted against him/her for or in respect of any act, deed,
matter, or thing whatsoever made, done or permitted by him/her or any Officers in or
about the execution of the duties of his/her office or their office, and also from and
against all costs, charges and expenses which he/she sustains or incurs in or about or
in relation to the affairs thereof except such costs, charges or expenses as are
occasioned by his/her own neglect or default.

6.9 The Executive Committee shall appoint or contract a Head Coach and/or assistant
coaches as deemed necessary for the period from September 1st to August 31.
6.9.1 The Head Coach shall be responsible for the complete organization of the Training
systems, methods, and coaching staff necessary for the training, discipline, and
motivation of the swimming members of The Club. The Head Coach shall be responsible for
maintaining current records of all the competitors in the Club, and for application of
all standard awards.

6.10 The Membership at large shall attend all meetings and Club activities to assist in
the proper management of The Club.

6.11 Each official shall carry out his/her duties to the best of their ability and shall
resign if unable to do so.

6.12 The President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary have authority to sign on
behalf of The Club. Two of the above will sign cheques.

By-law 7: Meetings
7.1 General Meetings of The Club membership shall be held as deemed necessary by the
Executive committee. All notices of meetings of members shall be sent by letter or
email at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

7.2 Executive Committee meetings shall be held whenever required to conduct the day to
day business of The Club.

7.3 The Annual Meeting shall be a scheduled October meeting. Notification will be by
letter or email at least 7 days in advance of the Annual Meeting.

7.4 A special meeting may be called on the instructions of the active membership, if 10%
of the active membership request the President in writing to call such a meeting, and
state the business to be brought before the meeting. The Membership at large shall be
notified by letter or email at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

7.5 Quorum
A quorum for any general, annual, nomination or special meeting shall be defined as
7.5.1 The President or his delegate, and ten (10) members; or
7.5.2 If the number of swimmers is greater than 100, the President or his delegate, and
ten percent (10%) of the membership.

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By-law 8: Standing Committee
8.1 The Chairperson of each of the Standing Committees shall be appointed by the
Executive Committee, from amongst the active members of The Club, for one year terms
beginning September 1st and shall hold office until successors are duly appointed.

8.2 The committees are:
8.2.1 The nominating committee may consist of the Past President and/or three members
appointed by the Executive Committee.
8.2.2 Fund Raising Committee: The Fund Raising Committee shall be responsible for the
planning and implementation of such projects as approved by the Executive Committee.
8.2.3 Membership Committee: The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the proper
registration of all members, the introduction of new members to The Club, maintain a
current roster of voting members and provide such a list at all meetings.
8.2.4 Communication Committee: The Communication Committee shall be responsible for
communicating to all members, any information or notices as may be required for the
proper operation of The Club. The Communication Committee shall act as liaisons between
the Coaching Team and the membership i.e. reporting swimmers absent or schedule changes.

8.3 All committees shall report to the Executive Committee.

8.4 Special Committees may be appointed by the Executive Committee as deemed necessary
by the Executive Committee or The Club.

By-Law 9: Fees, Dues and Assessments
Fees, dues and assessments are the means by which The Club obtains the monies necessary
to finance the operation of The Club. The Executive Committee shall set an operating
budget, breaking down expenses and disbursements. The Executive Committee shall then set
the fees, dues and assessment structure in order to, as nearly as possible attain a
balanced budget.

9.1 Fees are defined as swimmers registration, and other fees as charged by ASSA and the
Club. Fees are non refundable and are paid upon registration with The Club. Fees or
partial fees/dues may be refunded due to special circumstances, but require a review by
the Executive Committee.

9.2 Payment of fees dues and assessments are due upon registration or by alternate
payment as per a defined schedule.

By-law 10: Amendments
10.1 The By-laws of The Club may only be amended, rescinded, or added to, by “special
resolution” of the members.
10.1.1 “Special resolution” means a resolution passed at a general meeting of which not
less than 21 days’ notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution has been
duly given, and by the vote of not less than 75% of those members who, if entitled to do
so, vote in person or by proxy, or a resolution proposed and passed as a special
resolution at a general meeting of which less than 21 days notice has been given, if all
the members entitled to attend and vote at the general meeting so agree, or a resolution
consented to in writing by all the members who would have been entitled at a general
meeting to vote on the resolution in person or, where proxies are permitted, by proxy.

10.2 No By-law may be introduced or changes, amendments, or rescindments, that negate or
contradict the objective of The Club.

By-Law 11: Motions
11.1 From time to time, motions may be required to carry out the business of The Club.
Such motions may be made in the Executive Committee meetings, or General Meetings. Such
motions shall be identified by meeting, date, and number, consecutively.
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By-Law 12: Finances
12.1 The operations of The Club shall be financed by membership fees, dues assessments
and fundraising. Fees, dues and assessments are defined in by-law 9.

12.2 The Club may participate in all forms of fundraising activities to help finance
operations including donations, grants and bursaries.

12.3 In the event of dissolution or wind-up of The Club all of its remaining assets
shall be distributed to recognized similar minded charitable organizations in Alberta,
Canada as determined by the outgoing Executive Committee.

By-Law 13: Borrowing Powers
13.1 The Club shall not borrow monies.

By-Law 14:Review
14.1 The books, accounts and records of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be reviewed at
least once each year by two (2) members of the society appointed by The Officers of The
Club for that purpose or by a duly qualified accountant, selected by the Executive
Committee. A complete and proper statement of the standing of the books for the previous
year shall be submitted by such reviewer(s) within three months of the end of the fiscal
year. June 30th of each year shall be the end of the fiscal year of The Club.

14.2 The books and records will be available for perusal by the members of The Club at
any time and up-to-date financial statements shall be presented to the members at each
meeting of the Executive Committee or General meeting.

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