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					Issue 2010.02                                                                         February 16, 2010

Annual Meeting Program Nearly Set

The program for AAGIWA’s annual meeting on April 25-27,
2010 in Las Vegas is now nearly set. Confirmed guest
speakers include:
     Bill Eilbracht, general director-logistics, Agricultural
        Products Group, Union Pacific Railroad
     Nick Friant, grain handling coordinator, Cargill, Inc.
     Elwin Hermanson, chief commissioner, Canadian
        Grain Commission
     Dr. Charlie Hurburgh, professor, Ag and Biosystems
        Engineering, Iowa State University

The meeting begins with an opening reception on Sunday
evening, April 25, and continues with sessions on Monday morning, April 26, and all day on Tuesday,
April 27. The annual banquet will be held the evening of April 27. The AAGIWA Board meets on
Wednesday morning, April 28.

The meeting will offer several opportunities to interact with key FGIS personnel.
    1. The Tuesday afternoon, April 27, session will be devoted to
       an update on various FGIS issues as is the tradition at the       REGISTER NOW!
       AAGIWA annual meeting.
    2. New to the meeting format will be an opportunity to               For information on the 2010
       schedule one-on-one meetings with key FGIS personnel              Annual Meeting click here:
       during the open time on Monday afternoon, April 26. This
       session is still in the planning stage, but we expect FGIS        -Annual-Meeting.aspx.
       Deputy Administrator Randall Jones and his senior
       management team will be on hand for both this and the                 See you in Vegas!
       Tuesday session.

The meeting will be held at the Paris Hotel and Casino, one of the premier locations on the famed Las
Vegas “strip.” AAGIWA has secured sleeping rooms at both the Paris Hotel and next door at the Bally’s
Hotel. The room rate at the Paris Hotel, where the meeting functions will be held, is $99 per night and
Chaff Issue 2010.02                                                                        February 16, 2010

the room rate at Bally’s is $79 per night. AAGIWA has reserved a limited number of rooms at these
negotiated rates which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration for the meeting is now open. Members may register via the AAGIWA web site,, or they may download a registration form from the same location to mail in to the
AAGIWA office.

Board Plans FGIS Meeting to Discuss Key Issues

                        AAGIWA Board members will meet with FGIS Deputy Administrator Randall Jones
                        on February 24 at the Tech Center in Kansas City to discuss a variety of issues of
                        concern to the association. With the rapid pace of retirements from FGIS,
                        AAGIWA President Larry Kitchen said “we are pleased Mr. Jones will meet with us
                        to discuss plans for the agency’s future direction – we all have a vested interest
                        in a smoothly functioning, professional inspection system.”

                        Kitchen said the meeting would also afford an opportunity for an update on
                        initiatives connected with the new FGISOnline system including Inspection Data
                        Warehouse (IDW), Quality Assurance and Control (QAC), Licensing, and
                        Inspection, Testing and Weighing (ITW). Many of the topics will likely serve as a
     Randall Jones      prelude to more extensive discussions at AAGIWA’s annual meeting. Kitchen
noted some AAGIWA members are concerned whether FGIS has sufficient resources – both financial and
personnel – to successfully implement the programs envisioned with the FGISOnline initiative. (To view
the January 11 letter from AAGIWA to FGIS requesting the meeting click here:

                                    Inspection Issues
FGIS Personnel Changes

FGIS Deputy Administrator Randall Jones told the Grain Inspection Advisory Committee in November
that 35 percent of the agency’s workforce was eligible for retirement. And, it sometimes seems
retirements in key positions come in waves. These are some key changes that have taken place over the
last 60 days.

       John Sharpe, director, Technical Services Division, went on extended leave on December 17,
        2009 until his retirement in the spring of 2010. Don Kendall was named acting TSD Director.
       At the Board of Appeals and Review, Mike Eustrom, Chairman, and Dale Phetteplace have both
        retired. David Lowe, a 30-year veteran of the agency, has been named as the new BAR chair.

FGIS is taking steps to fill the vacancy created by John Giler’s retirement last year as director of the Field
Management Division. On February 9, the agency re-posted the vacancy and is accepting applications
through March 8, 2010. The GS-15 position carries a salary range of $123,758- $155,000 per year. The
position announcement may be seen by clicking here: Robert Lijewski continues as
acting director of FMD.

Chaff Issue 2010.02                                                                       February 16, 2010

FGIS Topics

FGIS is poised to roll-out a number of applications developed for            Missouri Seeks
the new FGISOnline platform. The following updates are                       Applicants for
courtesy of the Field Operations and Support Staff (FOSS)                Program Administrator
                                                                        The Missouri Department of
        FGIS Official Licensing (FOL): This application is             Agriculture is seeking a Grain
         scheduled for release on March 1, 2010. The program            Inspection Services program
                                                                        administrator. The program is
         will allow people to take their written tests online,          the official USDA designated
         enable the proctor to enter practical results online and       agency for grain inspection in
         receive immediate notification of pass/fail, notify people     all of Missouri. This position
         of license renewals, and more. The training for FOL will       will work directly with current
         continue through February.                                     program administrator Larry
                                                                        Kitchen through a transition
                                                                        period of 18-24 months.
        Quality Assurance and Control (QAC): This program is
         also scheduled for release on March 1, 2010, and its goal      Responsibilities include total
         is to help strengthen the results of the entire official       management of the program
         system. Service providers should have the opportunity          including five field offices and
         to learn QAC on the staging server.                            approximately 60 employees.
                                                                        To be considered, candidates
                                                                        must have the ability to obtain
        Inspection Data Warehouse: FOSS has been testing the           USDA/FGIS licenses to sample
         supervision fee billing function. Staff is still making some   and grade grain and to perform
         minor modifications, but expect the application to soon        technician       functions    and
         be ready to run on actual data records on the production       USDA/AMA licenses to sample
         server. Staff will perform parallel testing with the           processed grain commodities
                                                                        within established timeframes.
         supervision fee billing generated from the FGIS-922            Substantial supervisory and
         forms for several months to ensure it is working               management responsibility in a
         properly.                                                      grain inspection service point or
                                                                        grain    business       is  highly
        Inspection Testing & Weighing (ITW): Export field offices      desired. Salary commensurate
         have been testing and training on creating Cusum logs          with experience. For more
                                                                        information and to apply click
         for shiplots on the staging server. Tentative                  here:
         implementation for shiplots only is to-be-determined.
         After completing deployment to all export port locations, Mary Vick will begin gathering
         requirements for ITW to support Cusum inspections of unit trains.

In addition, the FOSS newsletter listed those items that are being reported as minor or major non-
compliances in the Compliance Review reports. The following were identified in recent reports from
around the country:

    1.   Weigher was absent during the taking of the tare and gross weights.
    2.   Official samples were not stored in a secure manner.
    3.   Worn dust seals on the primary sampler.
    4.   Security seals missing from primary & secondary samplers.
    5.   Cracked sieve in dockage tester.
    6.   Pan ticket errors consisted of write-overs and corrections not initialed.

Chaff Issue 2010.02                                                                      February 16, 2010

    7. No written lockout procedure for D/T samplers.
    8. Primary sampler not sealed, pelican was out of tolerance, and inspection door was missing on
        the secondary sampler.
    9. Incorrect procedures for sieving for insects and checking odors at barge sites.
    10. GAC 2100’s had outdated K values for grains not graded.

Stowage Licensing Process

With the new software for FGIS Official Licensing (FOL), there are inevitable questions about the new
process. Susan Fall, FOSS Licensing Program Manager, FGIS, offers this clarification on the stowage
license process.

        Agencies will be able to proctor the stowage tests under USGSA if the agency uses
        someone who has a stowage license as a proctor. In the FOL computer, when one
        selects a proctor for a stowage exam, the computer will scan the licenses and add
        everyone from the agency who has a license for the function to the proctor list. Any one
        of these can be used as a proctor. (The stowage license is now divided into three
        licenses; all containers, land containers and water containers.) If a person has a license
        for all containers they can proctor all tests. If they have a license for just land or water
        containers, they can only proctor the type of stowage license that they have. (They will
        not show up in the proctor list if they do not have a license for a function.)

        The Stowage license under AMA is new. Stowage is one of the functions where the test
        can be waived under AMA if a person has a license under USGSA. If a person has a
        stowage license under USGSA the agency can request a waiver of the AMA test to get an
        AMA license for that person. If the agency does this through the FOL program, it will
        need to put the reason for the waiver in the comments section of the request. The
        request should go to the appropriate Field Office for approval. Once an agency has one
        person licensed for stowage under AMA, it can use that person as a proctor for
        additional stowage tests. (They will show up on the proctor list.)

        On another proctor matter – As it is now, the program does not recognize an inspector
        as having a license for test weight, moisture, etc. It will take some programming to fix
        this so, a temporary fix in the next version of the program is to automatically add the
        inspector to the proctor list. The inspector cannot automatically be chosen as a proctor,
        even though they are on the proctor list. They must have a license for the function
        being licensed.

Mileage Rate Declines

                      The Internal Revenue Service has announced that effective Jan. 1, 2010, the
                      standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will
                           50 cents per mile for business miles driven (down from 55 cents)
                           16.5 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
                           14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations

Chaff Issue 2010.02                                                                    February 16, 2010

The new rates for business, medical and moving purposes are slightly lower than last year’s. The IRS said
the mileage rates for 2010 reflect generally lower transportation costs compared to a year ago. Further
information may be found online at:

Dues Renewal Time

AAGIWA Secretary-Treasurer Dave Reeder reports members are renewing their
memberships at a brisk pace. The following active and associate members have
already renewed their memberships.

        Agencies                                            Representative
        Aberdeen Grain Inspection                           Mike Hoesing
        Alabama Department of Agriculture                   John Johnson
        Cairo Grain Inspection Agency                       Keith Fronabarger
        Central Iowa Grain Inspection Corp.                 Kevin Bredthauer
        Champaign-Danville Grain Inspection Dept.           David Ayers
        Columbus Grain Inspection                           Ray Anderson
        DR Schaal Agency                                    Lewis Schaal
        Eastern Iowa Grain Inspection and Weighing          David Slater
        Enid Grain Inspection Company                       Barry Hibbits
        Fremont Grain Inspection Dept                       David Reeder
        Grain Inspection (Jamestown)                        Jack Trautman
        Hastings Grain Inspection                           Ted Hoelck
        Kankakee Grain Inspection                           Michael Fegan
        Kansas Grain Inspection Service                     Tom Meyer
        Lincoln Inspection Service                          Mark Fulmer
        Louisiana Department of Agriculture                 Len Sanders
        Mid-Iowa Grain Inspection                           Thomas Sloan
        Midsouth Grain Inspection                           Joseph Cupples
        Minot Grain Inspection                              David Thom
        Missouri Department of Agriculture                  Larry Kitchen
        Montana Department of Agriculture                   Jeff Rumney
        North Plains Grain Inspection (Grand Forks)         Paul Bethke
        Northeast Indiana Grain Inspection                  Neil Reynolds
        Ohio Valley Grain Inspection                        Linda Meny
        Sioux City Inspection and Weighing                  Tom Dahl
        Tri-State Grain Inspection                          Damon Samson
        Washington Department of Agriculture                Randall Deike

        Associate Members
        AgTrax Technologies                                 Jeff Jackson
        Foss North America                                  Mark Host
        Gamet Manufacturing                                 Mark Olson
        Neogen                                              Paul Pfieffer
        R-Biopharm Inc.                                     Kurt Johnson
        Romer Labs                                          Charlie McGuill
        Seedburo Equipment Co.                              Tom Runyon
        Waters Corp. (Vicam)                                Patricia Jackson

Chaff Issue 2010.02                                                                       February 16, 2010

Inspection People
GIPSA Administrator Visits PNW

GIPSA Administrator J. Dudley Butler and Deputy                                   Editor
                                                                          Bob Petersen, AAGIWA
Administrator Randall Jones visited the Washington State
Department of Agriculture Grain Inspection Program on                        Assistant Editor
January 5. They made stops at Louis Dreyfus Corporation                  Erica Venancio, AAGIWA
in Seattle, Tacoma Export Marketing Company in
Tacoma, the Federal/State Cooperative Office in
Tumwater, the Bunge/Itochu Export Grain Terminal                                 President
project in Longview and Kalama Export Company in                               Larry Kitchen
                                                                       Missouri Dept. of Agriculture

The GIPSA officials also made time to have lunch in                           Vice President
Olympia with WSDA Director Newhouse, Deputy Director                            Mark Fulmer
                                                                      Lincoln Inspection Service, Inc.
Gore, and Assistant Director Harden. The EGT project is    
slated for completion in the late spring of 2011,
approximately 6 months ahead of the original completion                 Secretary-Treasurer
                                                                            Dave J. Reeder
estimate. When completed, EGT will have a storage                  Fremont Grain Inspection Dept, Inc.
capacity of 130,000 MT, rail loops that will accommodate         
up to 4 - 110 car unit trains at a time, a barge berth with                    -----------
an unloading capacity of 1,000 MT per hour, and a vessel                     Board of Directors
loading capacity of 3,000 MT per hour.                        (in addition to the president and vice president)

                                                                            Dave Ayers
                                                                  Champaign-Danville Grain Inspection
Washington State Names Inspection                               
Division Leader
                                                                            Joseph Cupples
                                                                    Midsouth Grain Inspection Service
WSDA Deputy Director Bob Gore has announced that                
Brad Avy, a policy assistant to Director Dan Newhouse,
will take over as assistant director of the Commodity                           Tom Dahl
                                                                  Sioux City Insp. and Weighing Service
Inspection Division on March 16.                                  

Avy joined WSDA in December 2008, coming from the                             Barry Hibbets
                                                                   Enid Grain Inspection Company, Inc.
Office of Program Research in the state House of              
Representatives where he was a senior research analyst
and committee coordinator.                                                    Greg Hoelck
                                                                      Hastings Grain Inspection, Inc.
As head of the Commodity Inspection Division, Avy joins
the agency’s Executive Leadership Team. The division              Comments, suggestions, submissions:
includes the Fruit & Vegetable Inspection, Grain                            Bob Petersen
Inspection, Grain Warehouse Audit and Seed Inspection                      (816) 628-1287

Chaff Issue 2010.02                                                                     February 16, 2010

Canizares Leaves VICAM

Tim Canizares resigned his position with VICAM on January 7 to pursue a new business endeavor.
Patricia Jackson reports the company is still in the decision-making process on a successor to Canizares.
In the meantime, customers should feel free to contact Patricia at (816) 591-7774 with questions or
customer service needs.

AAGIWA Welcomes Member News
AAGIWA welcomes member information about new products, business changes, personnel changes and
other items that may be of interest to AAGIWA members. Please let us know what is new in your
business. Send your information to:

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