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					The Quantum Composers laser division provides expertise in developing complex
laser systems and laser beam manipulation modules for both medical and industrial appli-
cations. We are able to provide solutions for monitoring and regulating the energy output,       LASERS
beam size and shape, separation or blending of wavelengths and precise timing of the laser       ELECTRO-OPTICS
output of laser systems. Our laser products provide simple, robust solutions to the most         TEST AND MEASUREMENT
complex and demanding applications, either as full turnkey systems or individual optical         DESIGN AND ENGINEERING
modules. Our modules include high speed shutters, energy attenuators, motorized slit aper-
tures, filter wheels, and motorized lens tubes.
Our high speed shutters complete an open/close cycle in less than 40ms. These shutters
can be used by customers that need to pick off individual pulses of lasers firing at 25Hz or
slower. This aids in applications where shot to shot stability of single shot laser output is
important and startup variation of the laser output need to be avoided.                    Toll Free: 800-510-6530
The motorized energy attenuators designed by our laser division can be used for accurately Phone: 406-582-0227 x120
adjusting the output energy of multiple or individual wavelengths from 0 to 100% attenua- FAX: 406-582-0237
tion, with residual energy of blocked wavelengths at 0.25% or less. These attenuators prom-
ise linearity of R^2 of 0.998 or better for exact control of laser energy.
Many applications demand a specific size and shape of the working laser beam. Our mo-
torized slit apertures can provide a square beam that controls the X axis, Y axis, & Theta
rotation, though circular apertures are also available. Standard X and Y ranges are from 0        CORPORATE
to 2.5mm with 90 degree theta rotation; however larger slit sizes can be accommodated.
                                                                                                  212 Discovery Drive
All movements of our slit are completed in less than 1 second, providing slit solutions at
production speeds.                                                                                Bozeman, MT 59718
                                                                                                  Toll Free: 800-510-6530
If your application calls for a wide range of energy levels, our filter wheel can be used to help
                                                                                                  Phone: 406-582-0227
provide higher resolution steps in energy. This module is a simple, straightforward design
that can be loaded with different filters for your specific wavelengths and the variety of        FAX: 406-582-0237
filters is virtually limitless.
For applications that have multiple focus points our motorized lens tubes provide an elegant
solution that allows the user to quickly and easily change their setups. This module is an
excellent addition to test beds that require multiple objectives with different focal lengths.         ON THE WEB
All of these modules represent a fraction of the capabilities that Quantum Composers can
provide in a full turnkey system. Our laser division has designed systems that include precise
energy monitoring, video microscopes, and software controlled energy
compensation packages.